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Chad forced Clyde to confess to the details of Abigail's murder. E.J. shot Clyde when Clyde attempted to choke Chad. Bonnie consoled Nancy. Gwen told Jack about Jennifer's pills. Jennifer talked to a drug-induced vision of Abigail in her car. Gwen was injured in a hit-and-run. Jennifer opened up to Julie. Chad spoke to Abigail's ghost. Ava asked Johnny to move in. Stefan took back his shares and filed for divorce. Chloe agreed to be friends with Stefan. Rex discovered the cause of Kate's illness. Rolf worked on a cure.
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Chad forced Clyde to confess to the details of Abigail's murder. Chad spoke to Abigail's spirit. Bonnie consoled Nancy. Rex discovered the cause of Kate's illness.
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Chad gets an unexpected confession out of Clyde

Chad gets an unexpected confession out of Clyde

Monday, September 26, 2022

by Mike

Justin returned to the Kiriakis mansion after a long day of work and greeted Bonnie, who was eager to share "the most wonderful news" -- that Nancy was planning to marry Clyde later that evening. "And it's all because of me!" Bonnie bragged before telling Justin about having helped Nancy find Clyde on a dating website a few months earlier.

Justin didn't share Bonnie's excitement about the impending nuptials. "Sorry to rain on your parade, but this wedding is nothing to celebrate," Justin insisted before informing Bonnie that Nancy was about to marry a dangerous criminal whose lengthy list of known crimes wouldn't be complete without mention of Sonny's stabbing. "No, Leo stabbed Sonny! Unless... You think he and Clyde were in cahoots?" Bonnie sputtered, prompting Justin to clarify that Clyde had put a hit out on Sonny several years earlier as a way of settling a score with Victor.

Bonnie was still processing the revelation when Alex phoned Justin in a panic and admitted to having done something that Sonny had found out about earlier that day and was viewing as a betrayal. Justin agreed to play peacemaker for Alex then ended the call and explained the issue to Bonnie before stepping into another room to contact Sonny.

Henderson let Nancy into the mansion a short time later and advised her that Bonnie was in the study. Nancy rushed off in that direction, desperate for Bonnie's help with last-minute wedding preparations. Bonnie loaned Nancy a brand-new outfit and some vintage accessories then fetched fresh flowers from the garden and tied them together with a blue ribbon, covering all four of the special items a bride was supposed to have on hand during the nuptials. Nancy expressed appreciation for the help then hoped that Bonnie and Justin would be able to attend the wedding.

Justin returned while Bonnie was accepting Nancy's invitation. "I don't know how to say this except to just say it -- Clyde was the one who stabbed Sonny," Justin announced, confusing Nancy and horrifying Bonnie, who didn't think it was the right time to be dredging up ancient history. "I'm not talking about that incident -- I'm talking about the stabbing that just happened," Justin clarified while Bonnie was telling Nancy about what had occurred several years earlier. "And Clyde didn't just stab my son -- he also murdered Abigail DiMera," Justin revealed while repeating the rest of the story that Sonny had just shared.

"Sonny's in the hospital, being pumped full of drugs -- you can't trust anything he says!" Nancy protested at the end of the tale before storming off in tears while making it clear that Bonnie and Justin were no longer welcome at the wedding. "Nancy's right -- Sonny's on a lot of painkillers -- and I'm telling you, I saw elephants in pink tutus when I was on those things!" Bonnie agreed before deciding to give Clyde the benefit of the doubt, knowing how it felt to be punished in the present for past misdeeds. "I was a rotten person, but I changed -- maybe Clyde's changed, too," Bonnie reasoned, adding that love had that effect on people. Justin was skeptical but hoped, for Nancy's sake, that Bonnie was right.

Clyde ran into Belle while passing through the town square. "How's your client doin'? You know -- my old buddy and partner in crime, E.J. DiMera," Clyde casually wondered, prompting Belle to somewhat suspiciously report that E.J. had seemed fine when they had last spoken to each other. "Give him my best, will ya?" Clyde sweetly requested after Belle nervously tried to end the conversation.

Clyde stepped aside while bragging that Belle wasn't the only person who was in a hurry to get somewhere. Belle was stunned to learn that Clyde was en route to City Hall to marry Nancy. "You act so surprised, counselor! Isn't that the way the criminal justice system is supposed to work -- I do my time, I get a second chance? Well, my second chance comes tonight," Clyde reasoned.

E.J. entered the DiMera mansion just as Chad finished closing the wall safe in the living room. "I just came by to pick something up," Chad explained before trying to rush off, but E.J. blocked the exit after sensing that something was wrong. "Leo isn't the one who killed my wife. It was Clyde Weston -- and now I'm gonna make damn sure that he pays," Chad revealed before ordering E.J. to move.

E.J. stayed put and reminded Chad that Clyde had an airtight alibi for the night of Abigail's murder. Chad decided not to provide E.J. with any additional information, having already seen enough of the brother who had known all along that Clyde was a danger to their family but had said nothing about the threat until after Abigail's murder. "Go to hell," Chad spat before shoving past E.J. and storming out of the mansion. E.J. failed to notice that a gun was tucked behind Chad's shirt and waistband.

Belle entered the mansion a short time later and told E.J. about what had just happened with Clyde. "I thought you should know, since he asked about you in a way that was very unsettling," Belle explained before changing the subject, informing E.J. that Clyde was about to marry Nancy. "We can't let Nancy marry a guy who put a hit on you and left you to die!" Belle fretted, prompting E.J. to repeat Chad's claims about Clyde's more recent crimes.

Belle wanted to get the police involved, but E.J. was more inclined to handle the situation personally. "I should have put that animal down the minute I remembered he was the one who had me shot," E.J. insisted while stepping over to the wall safe. "I lost everything because of him!" E.J. continued while unlocking the safe, ignoring Belle's objections. "Abigail is dead because of me, because I kept quiet about what I knew -- I brought this hell upon my family, and now I intend to make things right," E.J. continued while opening the safe, still ignoring Belle's protests. "This ends now -- no more!" E.J. concluded before reaching inside the wall safe to retrieve a gun that had once belonged to Stefano -- then realizing that it was missing.

E.J. deduced that Chad had taken the gun earlier and was planning to use it on Clyde, prompting Belle to reiterate that it would be best to get the police involved. "Chad is not experienced with guns, and Clyde is -- what happens if he gets the gun away from Chad and uses it on him? Are you ready to deal with that?" Belle reasoned, forcing E.J. to concede the point.

Clyde was standing outside City Hall when Chad approached from behind with a gun drawn. "Don't make a scene. I want you to pretend like everything is normal and come with me -- or I will kill you right here, right now," Chad whispered while pressing the barrel of the gun against Clyde's back.

Chad led Clyde to Abigail's grave then demanded answers. Clyde feigned innocence at first, sticking to the story about having an airtight alibi for the night of Abigail's murder, but Chad had received a voicemail message from Rafe earlier and therefore knew that the alibi had just been proven false. Clyde dropped the act after learning about that development, agreeing to tell Chad everything. "Belle's the one I was after," Clyde began before confessing to having planted a listening device inside the DiMera mansion months earlier as a way of staying one step ahead of E.J. -- and having later learned, with the help of that bug, that Belle knew their secret and wanted to share it with the police.

Craig headed over to City Hall, determined to support Nancy's decision to marry Clyde, and Chloe followed with Brady, still desperate to find a way to stop the nuptials. Nancy arrived at City Hall while Craig and Brady were both trying to convince Chloe that it was time to admit defeat. Rafe and Jada arrived seconds later, drawing a groan from Craig, who again denied being responsible for Abigail's murder and Sonny's stabbing. Jada and Rafe took turns clarifying that they were looking for Clyde, and Nancy scoffed in response, guessing that they had heard Sonny's tale. Rafe and Jada were both surprised to learn, during Nancy's retelling of the story, that Sonny had recalled seeing Clyde's reflection at Titan.

Jada and Rafe took turns informing Nancy that Clyde's alibi had just been proven false. Nancy ran off in tears, refusing to accept comfort from Chloe or Craig, and headed over to the Kiriakis mansion to confide in Bonnie about what had just happened. Meanwhile, Rafe and Jada continued searching for Clyde, who was telling Chad about having sneaked into the DiMera mansion on the night of Abigail's murder and having then realized that neither Belle nor E.J. was around. Clyde tried to stop the story at that point, warning that it wouldn't be helpful to know the rest, but Chad wasn't satisfied yet. "You know, I saw a freshly dug grave over there -- why don't we try that on for size?" Chad suggested when Clyde continued stalling.

Clyde tells Chad about Abigail's murder

Clyde tells Chad about Abigail's murder

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

In the Horton living room, Jennifer hesitated before she took a pain pill. The front door opened, and Jennifer hurriedly shoved the pill bottle in her pocket. "I didn't expect you back so soon," Jennifer said as Jack walked in. "I had to see Leo Stark. I had to hear his denial in person," Jack said. Jack admitted that he believed Gwen had been right about Leo.

"I don't think he did it," Jack said. Frustrated, Jennifer yelled that the police had repeatedly arrested the wrong person. Jack explained that Leo had used a steak knife to open up the jewelry box, and he had left the knife behind in the room. "Why would [Leo] hold back something like that from the police?" Jennifer asked. Jack shook his head.

"It would have put Leo in Abigail's bedroom with the knife," Jack noted. "This is just too much," Jennifer said. Shawn called Jack's phone. "I don't think [Leo] did it," Jack started. "We're way ahead of you. I'm calling to let you know that we put out an APB on Clyde Weston," Shawn said. Shawn explained that Clyde's alibi had fallen apart.

After the phone call, Jack told Jennifer about Clyde. "They're absolutely certain about someone they cleared months ago?" Jennifer mumbled. Jack told Jennifer that he understood how she felt. With tears in her eyes, Jennifer complained that Abigail's killer was still on the loose. Jack suggested that they go to the police station to get details about the case rather than wait around the house.

"No, you go. I'm not feeling so well," Jennifer said. "I'm not leaving you alone if you feel sick," Jack said. Jennifer reminded Jack that Doug and Julie were upstairs. "This is just a lot. A lot to take in. I think it would just make things worse, sitting around the police station," Jennifer said.

After Jack left, Jennifer clutched the bottle of pills, and she looked at a photograph of Abigail. "Do you remember when we were in Boston together at your Grandma's house? And we talked and we talked, and it helped both of us so much? Who am I going to talk to now about how much I miss you?" Jennifer said. As Jennifer broke down in tears, a vision of Abigail touched her shoulder.

"You look like an angel. Is that what you are?" Jennifer asked. Abigail remained silent. Jennifer asked Abigail why she was there. "I know what you are! You're the answer to my prayers. You'll listen. Like you used to. You'll understand the hell I've been living in since I lost you," Jennifer whispered. Jennifer told Abigail that she missed her every day.

"People keep talking to me about closure. But I feel like there is this part of me that's just been ripped out. How do you close a wound like that?" Jennifer asked. Jennifer looked down at the pill bottle in her hand. "I started taking these again just to get through the day. I really don't want to," Jennifer confessed. Jennifer said she did not know how to go on without Abigail.

"I just wish I understood why! I need that! I just need that so much. Is that why you're here?" Jennifer said. Abigail opened her mouth as if to speak, and Jennifer gasped. Abigail looked down at her bloody stomach wound. Jennifer attempted to hug her daughter, but the vision disappeared. Jennifer cried out in despair. "Abigail, my baby! Come back!" Jennifer screamed.

Leo sang in his jail cell. "I thought someone was torturing a cat," Gwen said as she walked in. Furious, Leo yelled at Gwen for gloating instead of helping him. "I'm here to tell you that you were wrong about Craig Wesley setting you up," Gwen said. Gwen told Leo that Clyde had framed him. "Nancy's new boyfriend?" Leo said. Leo noted that Clyde had not needed to stab Sonny because Clyde had had an alibi for Abigail's murder.

"He didn't just stab Sonny. Clyde also killed Abigail," Gwen said. "So, it's been Clyde Weston from the beginning?" Leo whispered. "They finally found the right man," Gwen said. As Leo paced, he wondered aloud why Clyde had wanted to kill Abigail. Gwen told Leo not to think about it. "You're gonna be let out of here in a few hours, anyway," Gwen said. Curious, Leo asked Gwen why she was there to give him the good news.

"Now we're even! Because it wasn't too long ago that I was on the other side of those bars, because you couldn't shut your big mouth," Gwen said. "Are you still playing me?" Leo asked. Gwen shrugged. After a moment, Leo gasped. "He's on the run with Nancy, isn't he? I could see it now, the two of them cutting a swath across the Midwest on a crime spree, like a nouveau Bonnie and Clyde," Leo said.

As Gwen started to leave, Leo said, "I'm sorry I told the police you did it." After a moment, Gwen said, "And I'm sorry I told them where to find you." Leo admitted that he had deserved it. "Anything I can do to make it up to you?" Leo asked. With a sigh, Gwen asked for advice. Gwen told Leo about her interaction with Jennifer about the pills.

"I really progressed in my relationship with Jack. I don't want to ruin that. And he really cares about Jennifer. He deserves to know what she's doing to herself. Maybe he can help her," Gwen said. Leo reminded Gwen that she needed to look out for herself.

"Telling daddy about his wife's drug problem isn't going to get you squat. In fact, it might get you less than squat. So, we're gonna take that off the table," Leo said. Leo suggested that Gwen keep quiet. "Jennifer's pill habit is Jennifer's problem, not yours," Leo said.

After Gwen left Leo's jail cell, she returned to the bullpen of the police station as Jack arrived there. Jack said he was there for an update on the search for Clyde. "I've just told Leo," Gwen said. With a nod, Jack announced that he should return home to Jennifer. "You left her home alone?" Gwen said. "Doug and Julie are there, why?" Jack said. Gwen lied and said she was jumpy about Clyde.

"I've gotten to know when you're not telling me the whole truth," Jack said. After a moment, Gwen said, "There's something that you need to know about Jennifer." Gwen told Jack that Jennifer had been taking pills. "How do you know?" Jack asked. Gwen explained that when she had returned to the house to pick up her purse, she had found Jennifer with the bottle of pills in her hand. When Jack asked Gwen if she was sure, Gwen reminded Jack that she was familiar with the pills from when the doctor had blackmailed her the previous year.

"You can't be right. I mean, yes, she had a problem before, but she wouldn't get back into that stuff again. She's stronger now," Jack argued. "Strong enough to deal with the brutal murder of her only daughter?" Gwen countered. Jack shook his head no. With a sigh, Gwen told Jack that she had confronted Jennifer.

"She threatened to turn you against me if I said anything," Gwen said. "Oh, my God," Jack whispered. "You have to help her," Gwen said. With a shake of his head, Jack walked out. When Jack arrived at home, Jennifer was not there, but there was a pill bottle on the floor.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Bonnie comforted Nancy. Nancy told Bonnie that Clyde had stabbed Sonny and murdered Abigail. "I'm so sorry," Bonnie said. Nancy told Bonnie that she had argued with the police about Clyde's guilt.

"I had this little voice inside of me saying to me 'Are you arguing because you think you're right, or are you arguing because you're terrified that you're wrong?' Oh, Bonnie!" Nancy said through tears. Bonnie noted that Clyde had not shown up at City Hall. "He probably knew that the cops were after him," Bonnie said. Chloe called Nancy's phone. Nancy was overwhelmed, so Bonnie answered the call for her.

"Your mom is with me. She's okay, she just really can't come to the phone right now. She's going to stay with me awhile, and she'll call you when she's feeling better, okay? You don't have to thank me. She's my friend" Bonnie said. Nancy and Bonnie smiled sadly at one another. After Bonnie ended the call, she told Nancy that Chloe was worried about her.

"Why wouldn't she be? I don't know whether I'm desperate or just stupid! Maybe I'm a combination of both," Nancy said. "Don't you dare do that!" Bonnie said. Nancy noted that she had only wanted someone to love her. "And all Clyde wanted was a warm bed and somebody to vouch for him. A needy broad who could make him legit after his time in prison," Nancy grumbled. Bonnie advised Nancy not to blame herself.

"What's wrong with believing in love? We should all be as open-hearted as you," Bonnie said. When Nancy noted that Bonnie had Justin, Bonnie nodded yes. "For my entire life, I didn't think I deserved what I have now," Bonnie said. Bonnie told Nancy that things would get better. "You learned a hard lesson. You don't let your guard down until you know everything there is to know about a man, right?" Bonnie said. Nancy nodded yes.

"You need to believe in yourself. Don't you dare let Clyde or Craig take that away from you," Bonnie said. Bonnie hugged Nancy and let Nancy cry on her shoulder. After Nancy was able to calm down, she noted that everyone would point and whisper about her. "If I had to worry about stuff like that, I'd have to live in a desert on Mars," Bonnie said. With a laugh, Bonnie noted that she was judged in her own home every morning.

"But not by Justin Kiriakis. I live a life with the man I love, and that makes it all worth it. And you, my dear, you are going to have that, too," Bonnie said. Bonnie asked Nancy to promise her that she would never stop believing in love. "Thank you," Nancy whispered.

At City Hall, a worried Belle, E.J., and Shawn looked around for Clyde. "Was the wedding called off? Was it even here?" E.J. said. "Nancy was," Belle said as she picked up Nancy's bouquet. "There's no way that Clyde could have seen this arrest coming," Shawn said. Reluctantly, Belle told Shawn that Chad had likely gone after Clyde with a gun.

"All I told Belle was that the gun wasn't in the safe. That doesn't mean that Chad has it. I don't even know if the gun was in the safe," E.J. said. "That's not what you said before," Belle protested. "I was mistaken," E.J. argued. Frustrated, Shawn left to check with building security. When Shawn returned with security footage, he reviewed it with Belle and E.J. One of the cameras had captured video of Chad absconding with Clyde.

While Belle and Shawn stared at the screen, E.J. slipped out of the room. Shawn chased after E.J., but he was unable to catch him. When Shawn returned to Belle, he grumbled that he needed to track down a murderer and two murderous DiMera brothers.

In the cemetery, Chad held Clyde at gunpoint, and he demanded the truth about Abigail. "I went over there, looking for Belle Brady. I was wearing gloves because I was going to send a message to E.J.," Clyde confessed. Clyde said that he had given up, but he had run into Abigail on the way out of the house.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Abigail had said to Clyde in the hallway. Clyde told Chad that he had lied to Abigail about a meeting with Chad, but Abigail had been suspicious. "Did you think I wouldn't notice that you're wearing gloves in the middle of June?" Abigail had said. "If only she had just not started in with all those damn questions!" Clyde muttered.

"You broke into a woman's house, and you didn't want her asking you questions? You just didn't like that she was onto you, you stupid bastard!" Chad shouted. Clyde asked Chad if he was sure that he wanted to hear the details of Abigail's death. Chad screamed at Clyde to talk or die.

Clyde explained that he had told Abigail that he had been wearing the gloves to cover the hand lotion he had been wearing to soothe burns on his hands from work. Abigail had ordered Clyde to remove his gloves. "I don't see any need to do that," Clyde had said. "That's what I thought. Why is it that every crook I know decided to stop by tonight?" Abigail had said. Clyde had asked her what she had meant. Abigail had told Clyde that her sister had broken out of prison to visit her that night, as well.

"I tell you what, why don't you come up with a more believable story? I'm going to go call the police," Abigail had said. When Abigail had gone into her room to grab the phone, Clyde had followed her. "Get your hands off me!" Abigail had yelled. Clyde had noticed the steak knife on the dresser that Leo had left behind.

As Chad shook with tears and rage, Clyde offered to stop talking. "The rest is going to be even harder on you. You probably don't even want to see me anymore," Clyde said. As Clyde turned to leave, Chad screamed, "Don't move!" Chad demanded to hear the rest of the details.

"When I saw that knife on the table, I saw a way out of the mess I was in," Clyde said. Clyde recounted that he had closed the door to the bedroom, grabbed the knife, and ordered Abigail to put down the phone. "You really think you're going to get away with threatening me?" Abigail had said. "Everything is falling into place for me right now. And I swore I'd never go back to prison, so I'll be damned if I let you ruin my life like you ruined my son's," Clyde had said.

"Are you blaming me for Ben's problems?" Abigail had asked. Abigail reminded Clyde that he had beaten Ben as a child. "And we were working through that, and he was doing just fine until he got tangled up with you," Clyde had said. Clyde had yelled about Abigail's affair and pregnancy. "I thought that I was telling the truth about the baby because you changed the paternity results," Abigail had countered.

"All I know is my boy ended up in a psych ward, and you ended up here!" Clyde had yelled. When Abigail had asked Clyde if she'd deserved to be threatened based on her past, Clyde had confirmed that he'd been there because of E.J. "[E.J.] suddenly remembered it was me who got him shot," Clyde had explained. Clyde had told Abigail that he'd been there to kill Belle because E.J. had told Belle about the shooting.

"Well, unfortunately for you, E.J. and Belle aren't here," Abigail had said. "I told E.J. that if he did blab his mouth, I was coming after his family. And sisters-in-law, they're family, right?" Clyde had said. Clyde had brandished the knife in Abigail's face. When Abigail had run for the door, Clyde had grabbed her. Abigail had slapped Clyde across the face, and he had stabbed her.

"I took our kids to a movie. We were eating popcorn and laughing while you were doing that to her?" Chad said through tears. Chad asked Clyde if he had enjoyed murdering Abigail. When Clyde remained silent, Chad asked him why he had stabbed Sonny. Clyde explained that he had stabbed Sonny in order to frame Leo for Abigail's murder.

"[Nancy] had told me [Leo] had made a list of all the people he was going to get even with. I knew all I had to do was get a hold of that list. Took it right out of his bag when he wasn't looking," Clyde said. Clyde explained that he could not cross Chloe or Brady off the list, so that had only left Sonny or Chad as an option. "I guess you lucked out," Clyde said. Clyde asked Chad if he had heard enough details about the crimes.

"I'll be satisfied when you're dead," Chad stammered. "You keep saying that, but you haven't pulled the trigger yet, have you?" Clyde said. Clyde noted that Chad did not have the guts to shoot him. Chad's arm shook. "Shut up!" Chad screamed. Clyde swatted at Chad's arm, and they struggled for control of the gun. The gun flew off into the bushes. Clyde and Chad started to take swings at one another. Clyde pinned Chad to the ground and choked him.

"You'll be with Abigail soon now, Chad," Clyde growled. A gun fired. Clyde grabbed at his back, and he fell over. As Clyde stared at his bloody hand, Chad rubbed his neck. E.J. stood across the clearing with the gun in his hand.

On a darkened road, Jennifer drove her car as she sobbed. In the passenger seat was Abigail. The blood from the stab wound had blossomed across Abigail's dress. "Look what they've done to you!" Jennifer cried out. Jennifer vowed to make Clyde pay. "Anyone that even thought about hurting you, I swear they can pay," Jennifer whispered. Jennifer promised Abigail justice. Gwen exited the police station. The headlights of a car shone in her face.

Clyde and Gwen are both rushed to the hospital

Clyde and Gwen are both rushed to the hospital

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

by Mike

Shawn rushed out of City Hall after receiving an alert about reports of gunfire at the cemetery -- and Belle insisted on tagging along.

Clyde collapsed beside Abigail's grave while E.J. was checking on Chad. "I'm fine -- just tell me that son of a bitch is dead," Chad managed to choke out between gasps for breath, prompting E.J. to kick Clyde, who groaned in response. "Too bad," Chad grumbled before stumbling toward E.J. to get a better look at Clyde's gunshot wound.

Clyde begged Chad and E.J. to call for an ambulance, but they both pretended that they hadn't heard the wounded man's desperate request. "How does it feel to be the one bleeding out on the grass this time? That is what's called 'poetic justice' -- I'm glad I could provide that for you," E.J. whispered to Clyde. "Go to hell," Clyde spat at E.J.

Chad and E.J. delighted in watching Clyde slowly die. "" Clyde muttered before passing out -- but Chad and E.J. kept waiting, still able to detect signs of life. "I wish he'd bloody hurry up -- I have a Liverpool game on the DVR," E.J. complained after checking the time. "I am in no rush at all," Chad responded.

Shawn and Belle arrived a short time later, prompting Chad and E.J. to casually back away from Clyde, who was still alive. Belle warned E.J. and Chad not to say anything about what had happened, ignoring Shawn's protests. E.J. was willing to take Belle's advice, but Chad promised to talk to Shawn, claiming to have nothing to hide.

Shawn, Belle, and E.J. were all stunned to learn, during Chad's interview at the police station, that Abigail hadn't been Clyde's original target. Shawn started lashing out at E.J. for having put Belle in Clyde's crosshairs. Belle interrupted to try to convince Shawn that E.J. couldn't possibly have anticipated that Clyde would be eavesdropping on conversations that were occurring inside the DiMera mansion. Belle apologized to Chad, feeling guilty about what had happened to Abigail.

Shawn rushed off to the hospital at the end of Chad's story, wanting to check on Clyde, and E.J. pulled Belle aside as soon as the coast was clear so they could talk about the possible legal consequences of the shooting. E.J. was relieved to hear that Belle felt confident about being able to convince Trask that the shooting had been justified. Belle rushed off to talk to Trask, leaving E.J. alone with Chad, and the brothers seized the opportunity to settle their differences. Belle eventually returned and informed Chad and E.J. that Trask was already gone for the night -- and that Clyde was going to make a full recovery. "That's a disappointment..." Chad grumbled before conceding that it was a relief to finally have justice for Abigail.

Julie found Jack in the living room of the Horton house and realized that something was wrong. Jack wondered if Doug still needed medication to dull the pain of a shoulder injury that had occurred during a racquetball match. Julie insisted that Doug's last use of the pain medication in question, like the injury that had led to its prescription, had occurred the previous year. Jack accepted the answer with a sigh then showed Julie the prescription pill bottle that had been lying on the floor earlier. Jack explained that the bottle, with its prescription label that showed that it had recently been issued, seemed to back up a claim about Jennifer that Gwen had made earlier that night.

Julie thought that Jack's news was concerning but not surprising, since Jennifer had lost a mother and a daughter in the span of two years, and that was more than enough to jeopardize any recovering addict's sobriety. Jack conceded Julie's point then started to rush off in search of Jennifer, who staggered into the house just then and plopped down on the couch in anticipation of a fainting spell.

Jack wondered why Jennifer hadn't been answering phone calls. Jennifer shrugged and apologized for having worried Jack then started talking about having received a visit from Abigail earlier. "You know that's not possible...right?" Jack protested. "Yes, of course -- I meant I imagined speaking to Abigail," Jennifer backpedaled.

Jennifer forged ahead, talking about having decided to help the police search for Clyde -- and Jack interrupted to clarify the statement for Julie, who had not yet heard that the police had finally figured out who was really responsible for Abigail's death and Sonny's stabbing. Jennifer continued the story, explaining that the trip to the police station had been cut short due to a sudden dizzy spell -- and Jack interrupted again to stress that it was dangerous to drive a vehicle while impaired, but the point was ignored. Jennifer tried to finish the story but gave up and retreated to an upstairs bathroom to vomit after Jack and Julie started asking questions about the prescription bottle.

Jennifer eventually returned to the living room, where Julie explained that Jack had just rushed off after Rafe had phoned to report that Gwen was in the hospital. "He must be so worried... I hope that she's all right..." Jennifer declared with a hint of shiftiness. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Rafe waited for an update with Xander, who had been visiting Sarah at the time of Gwen's arrival. "Poor guy -- I mean, after Abigail... I don't know what he'll do if he loses another daughter..." Xander fretted.

Sarah soon approached and informed Xander and Rafe that Gwen definitely had some broken bones and probably also had a concussion but didn't have internal bleeding or damage to major organs and might therefore be able to avoid surgery. Sarah led Xander to a recovery room after they decided that Jack wouldn't want Gwen to be alone. Rafe stayed behind to talk to Shawn, who had just arrived, and Jack eventually interrupted their conversation. Rafe updated Jack on Gwen's condition then revealed that Clyde had also been admitted to the hospital that night. Jack insisted on confronting Clyde, so Shawn offered to chaperone the meeting, and Rafe agreed after some thought.

Jack stormed into Clyde's room, with Shawn close behind, and demanded answers. "I don't know what you've been told, Mr. Deveraux, but I never harmed a single hair on your daughter's pretty little head," Clyde responded before turning to Shawn and refusing to say anything else without a lawyer present.

Jack started lashing out at Clyde for having murdered Abigail. "You're better off without her," Clyde argued once Jack was finished. "She's no angel, Jack -- that little slut cheated on my boy!" Clyde reasoned, prompting Jack to lunge forward in anger. Shawn intervened, dragging Jack out of Clyde's room.

Shawn returned a short time later and admitted to being aware that Belle had been Clyde's original target. "I'm never gonna rest until you're back in Statesville -- and this time, you're never getting out," Shawn warned Clyde, who just smirked in response and again refused to say anything without a lawyer present.

Rafe joined Sarah and Xander in Gwen's room. Gwen, who had just regained consciousness seconds earlier, agreed to talk to Rafe about what had happened, prompting Xander and Sarah to leave the room. Jack arrived just as Rafe was about to start questioning Gwen. "I was walking to the car park at the station, and this car came speeding towards me..." Gwen recalled, leading Rafe and Jack to conclude that the incident might not have been an accident. "I didn't see the driver -- the headlights, they blinded me..." Gwen continued with a sigh of frustration. "Who would do something like this and then just drive off -- and outside of a police station?" Gwen concluded, prompting Jack to think about what Jennifer had said earlier.

Jennifer tried to rush out of the Horton house in search of Jack, but Julie insisted that wasn't a good idea. Jennifer continued to deny having relapsed, but Julie wasn't convinced. Jennifer eventually broke down and confessed, prompting Julie to offer a hug and words of comfort. Jennifer apologized for having worried Julie earlier. "I'm just so glad that you're back home, safe and sound -- you know, you're very lucky that you didn't hurt yourself," Julie declared. "Or anyone else..." Jennifer responded.

Chad says a final goodbye to Abigail

Chad says a final goodbye to Abigail

Thursday, September 29, 2022

by Mike

Nancy headed over to the hospital to confront Clyde, who was under the supervision of a police officer.

"Was anything between us ever real? Did you ever really love me?" Nancy began. "You killed Abigail DiMera, and you tried to kill Sonny Kiriakis... Clyde, would I have been next?" Nancy added.

"I never claimed to be one of the good guys...but I swear I wanted to be a better man for you, and I want you to know you're a special person -- in fact, since I've been lyin' here in the hospital, you're the one I think of most," Clyde responded.

Clyde requested Nancy's forgiveness. "If you want forgiveness, you need to ask it from them, from their families -- from Abigail's family, from Sonny and his family... But I will pray for you, Clyde -- everyone deserves at least that," Nancy answered. Clyde thanked Nancy for being willing to do that much. Nancy said goodbye to Clyde then rushed off in tears.

Li passed by Chloe and Brady's room while exiting the Salem Inn and decided to knock on the door, having heard about what had happened with Nancy and Clyde the previous night. Brady was already gone for the day, but Chloe was still inside and appreciated Li's concern. "Now that Gabi and I are engaged, I have to admit that every time I hear a nightmare wedding scenario, I break into a cold sweat -- especially now that we've learned that Gabi's dead husband, Stefan, is alive," Li revealed before casually probing for Chloe's thoughts on Stefan's return -- perhaps the real reason for the visit.

Chloe declared that Stefan was a cheater and that things were great with Brady. "If you're thinking that I can keep Stefan away from Gabi, then...that's not gonna happen," Chloe concluded, drawing a nod and a forced smile from Li, who expressed appreciation for the honesty then rushed off. Chloe waited until the coast was clear then started pondering Li's true motives.

Stefan found E.J. in the living room of the DiMera mansion, preparing a cup of coffee at the bar as a way of coping with sleep deprivation.

Stefan was outraged to learn that the police had needed an entire night to determine that Clyde's shooting had been justified, but E.J. was willing to admit that refusing to call for an ambulance had complicated the matter. Stefan dismissed the point with a scoff, even more outraged that the police had dared to question why E.J. hadn't shown Clyde any mercy. "Chad and I may not be on the best of terms right now, but he's still a DiMera -- and last night, you saved his life, and you brought Abigail's killer to justice...and for that, I am profoundly grateful," Stefan declared, implying that the police should be grateful, as well.

E.J. acknowledged that Abigail had meant a lot to Stefan. "I thought I loved her once -- turned out it was just an obsession..." Stefan confessed with a shake of the head. "You know what? I didn't know what love was 'til I met Chloe Lane," Stefan added after some thought. Stefan scowled while blaming Gabi for what had happened with Chloe years earlier, and E.J. seized the opportunity to reiterate that seizing control of DiMera Enterprises from the "duplicitous lowlife" would be the perfect revenge. Stefan recalled that E.J. had previously expressed concern that they wouldn't have enough votes to pull off the takeover. E.J. gave Stefan a sigh of frustration then admitted that the issue hadn't been resolved yet.

Stefan was stunned to learn that E.J.'s own son was on Gabi's side. "He's in Ava Vitali's thrall -- and, as much as it galls me, my threats have only driven him further into her arms," E.J. explained before vowing to visit Johnny and Ava later that day and flip them both with heartfelt apologies. "You're gonna lie," Stefan translated. "Exactly!" E.J. confirmed.

E.J. soon changed the subject, wondering why Rolf had waited such a long time to return Stefan to the land of the living. Stefan shrugged and guessed that it had just been difficult for Rolf to find a suitable heart donor. E.J. challenged Stefan to try to recall if anyone had been helping Rolf -- other than Kristen, of course. Stefan shrugged again -- but seemed to be giving the question some serious thought.

Gabi was alone in the CEO's office at DiMera Enterprises, staring wistfully at Stefan's wedding ring, when Ava burst in and admitted to having just heard the news. "About Clyde Weston? Yeah, it's crazy..." Gabi responded while hiding the ring beneath some documents. "No -- about Stefan DiMera," Ava clarified before wondering if the news was true.

Gabi nodded then started telling Ava about what had happened at the DiMera crypt on the day of Jake's memorial service. "So, when I thought that I was hallucinating my dead husband, I was actually seeing your dead husband, who turns out not to really be dead, after all -- which means I'm not crazy!" Ava summarized. "I'm not so sure about that..." Gabi protested.

Gabi explained that Li had denied having seen anything out of the ordinary on the night that Ava had fainted at the DiMera mansion. Gabi took Li's claim as support of the hallucination theory, but Ava found it quite difficult to believe that Jake's imagined return from the dead and Stefan's actual return from the dead could have just coincidentally occurred right around the same time. "Look, whatever really happened, it's better for both of us if you're not crazy," Gabi conceded before reasoning that Ava's voting privileges needed to be restored right away because E.J. was once again plotting to regain control of DiMera Enterprises.

Ava was stunned to learn that Stefan was on E.J.'s side and no longer had any interest in Gabi. "Don't worry -- I still have six votes, with you and Johnny --" Gabi began to assure Ava, who interrupted to clarify that Johnny's support was no longer a sure thing. "I wish I could have seen E.J.'s face -- I mean, thinking that you and his renegade son had done the nasty..." Gabi mused after Ava shared the whole story.

Ava assumed that Johnny wasn't angry about the way in which their flirtation had ended. "The truth is, when I kicked him out, I felt really bad -- and I actually miss him," Ava admitted with a sigh. "Fantastic -- then go find him and wrap your arms...and everything else...around him, and then tell him that you've changed your mind and that you actually do want to sleep with him!" Gabi begged, desperate to keep Johnny's vote.

Ava soon rushed off, and Gabi went back to staring wistfully at Stefan's wedding ring once the coast was clear -- then hid it beneath some documents again when Li entered the CEO's office. "I missed you last night," Li stressed. "I stayed at Rafe's," Gabi revealed. Li nodded then promised to continue giving Gabi time and space to process Stefan's return.

Stefan arrived just then, with E.J. close behind. Li was stunned to learn that E.J. had helped Stefan regain control of the shares of DiMera Enterprises that had been in Gabi's possession for years. "It would be wise for you to move on with your life, just like I intend to move on with mine -- and, to that end, I will be filing divorce proceedings as soon as possible," Stefan warned before demanding Gabi's stock certificates then vowing to find a way to win Chloe back. Gabi ordered Stefan and E.J. to vacate the premises immediately, pointing out that neither of them had actually regained control of the company just yet.

Stefan left DiMera Enterprises then bought a bouquet a flowers and some other items before heading over to the Salem Inn to see Chloe.

Johnny was at the Horton apartment, sleeping on the couch and wearing only a pair of boxer briefs, when Chanel emerged from Allie's bedroom in search of coffee and seized the opportunity to admire the view. Johnny soon woke up and caught Chanel staring. Chanel stammered that Johnny's blanket had fallen to the floor at some point during the night. Johnny clarified that the blanket had been tossed aside because it wasn't needed when living with Allie, who didn't believe in the concept of air conditioning. Johnny donned the blanket for Chanel's sake -- and Allie entered the living room just then and eyed them both suspiciously.

Allie unceremoniously announced that it was time for Johnny to find somewhere else to stay, prompting Chanel to object that they could surely all coexist for a few more days. "Unless, of course, you are worried that Chanel might succumb to the powerful sexual chemistry that the two of us have always had..." Johnny teasingly challenged Allie, who denied the accusation then reiterated that it was time for them to stop living under the same roof.

Johnny sighed then ducked into another room to shower, leaving Allie alone with Chanel, who maintained that the tension between the three of them was unnecessary. "I made my choice, and I'm not looking back -- but it's difficult for me when it seems like you don't trust me," Chanel stressed, convinced that Allie was jealous. "It's Johnny that I don't trust," Allie clarified, but Chanel seemed skeptical.

Johnny soon returned, dripping wet and wearing only a towel. Allie started lashing out again, complaining about how annoying it was to live with such an inconsiderate guest. Johnny sarcastically thanked Allie for the hospitality then started to duck back into another room to get dressed. Chanel wondered if Johnny had anywhere else to stay. Johnny gave Chanel a shrug then vowed to find shelter one way or another. Allie stewed while listening to the exchange.

Johnny rushed off a short time later, and Chanel tried to smooth things over with Allie once the coast was clear. "My mama says that you should never go to bed mad, and we've done that for the past two nights now," Chanel noted before suggestively offering to prove to Allie that Johnny wasn't a threat to their relationship.

Johnny ran into Ava while passing through the town square. "That's not very sisterly of her," Ava argued after Johnny explained what had just happened with Allie. "Yeah, well, I think you know my family well enough by now to know that we are...complicated," Johnny responded with a shrug.

"I guess I should probably find an apartment, get a job, get a life -- not necessarily in that order..." Johnny conceded with a laugh, prompting Ava to suggest that they could give their recent living arrangement another try. Johnny assumed that there was a catch, but Ava insisted that wasn't the case. "It feels like fate that I just ran into you now," Ava reasoned before admitting that kicking Johnny out had been an overreaction. Johnny accepted Ava's invitation after some thought.

Ava and Johnny ran into E.J. while en route to the nearby Salem Inn. E.J. apologized to Johnny and Ava for everything then invited them to move back into the DiMera mansion, claiming that what had happened the previous night had reinforced the importance of family. "We'll talk about it," Ava responded after conferring with Johnny.

Chad left the police station then purchased a bouquet of flowers and returned to Abigail's grave. Chad had a vision of Abigail during the visit -- something that had apparently never happened before. "Why are you here now?" Chad wondered between sobs. "Because, after all these months of trying to find my killer, you finally have -- and I'd like to know how you feel," Abigail explained with a shrug.

"I feel empty inside," Chad confessed with a heavy sigh. "I don't know what I'm living for," Chad added with a shake of the head. "I don't know how to go on -- I don't think I can..." Chad concluded, fighting back another wave of tears.

Abigail insisted that Chad needed to stop feeling guilty about what had happened and move on with life, if only for the sake of their kids. "The greatest gift that you could give to me is to live your life -- to find joy again, to find love again --" Abigail advised. "There is never gonna be anyone else. There's only you," Chad protested. Abigail predicted -- and hoped -- that Chad would eventually stop feeling that way.

"Just because you give your heart to somebody else, that doesn't mean you have to stop loving me -- I know you never will, just like I will never stop loving you or our children," Abigail stressed before requesting one last dance with Chad, during which they could talk about their kids. Chad granted Abigail's wish, and they kissed at the end of their dance. Abigail disappeared when the kiss ended, and Chad broke down then recovered and sighed.

Rex makes progress on the toxin

Rex makes progress on the toxin

Friday, September 30, 2022

At the Salem Inn, Stefan visited Chloe with flowers and bags of gifts. Chloe blinked, unsure what to say. "Bad time?" Stefan asked. "What are you doing here? I told you I'm with Brady now. Why would you stop by with no reason?" Chloe asked. "I have a reason. I came here to wish you a happy birthday," Stefan said. Stefan walked past Chloe into her hotel room. Stefan rattled off the complimentary attributes of a Libra to flatter Chloe.

"These are for you. Some of your favorites, if I remember correctly," Stefan said as he held up the bouquet of flowers. Chloe nodded yes, and she thanked Stefan. Stefan asked Chloe if she had any plans for her birthday. "Don't tell me no one remembered your birthday?" Stefan asked. With a chuckle, Chloe said, "Actually, no one did." When Stefan smirked, Chloe noted that she was fine.

"My father just went through a horrible divorce and a break-up, and my mother almost married a murderer, so she is obviously a mess," Chloe said. "I'm sorry about that," Stefan said. Chloe confessed that she was relieved that her mother had learned the truth about Clyde before the wedding. With a shake of her head, Chloe noted that Clyde's crimes were horrific. "Thank God E.J. shot him. Saved my brother's life," Stefan said. With a shrug, Chloe argued that it was understandable that her family had forgotten.

"But what's Brady's excuse?" Stefan asked. Chloe explained that Brady was at the hospital with John because Marlena was ill. "I didn't know," Stefan whispered. "And you probably didn't know that [Brady] went through a brutal custody battle with your sister, and thank God it is over now, but it was very stressful for him," Chloe said. Chloe confirmed that Brady had secured custody. With a nod, Stefan promised to pray for Marlena.

"[Marlena] has always been very kind to me, which is especially generous because I have not been kind to her," Stefan said. Chloe asked Stefan if he was referring to when he had locked Marlena up in a room. "Not my finest moment, and I deeply regret it," Stefan said. Chloe started to speak, but Stefan cut her off. Stefan noted that Chloe had made it clear that she was in love with Brady, and he said he would not push her on a reconciliation.

"No more pop-ins. And I apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable," Stefan said. "I'm sure that you're uncomfortable, as well. I'm sure it's not easy coming back after four years. I do feel for you," Chloe admitted. "Just not the same way I feel about you. And that's okay," Stefan countered. Stefan promised to get over Chloe, and he asked if they could remain friends.

Roman checked on Kate in her room at the pub. Kate admitted that she was not feeling any better at home. With a grin, Roman escorted Rex into the room. Kate gave a tired smile as Rex sat on the bed next to Kate and gave her a hug. "I came as soon as I heard," Rex said. Rex encouraged Kate to return to the hospital, but she argued that there was nothing the hospital could do to treat her illness.

"We're going to figure out what is making you sick, and we're going to find a cure. And I'm going to be by your side until we do," Rex said. Kate admitted that she was not optimistic because she felt worse. Rex told Kate that he had reviewed her tests and that he did not believe her illness was a naturally occurring pathogen.

"You're saying you think this could be man-made by Orpheus?" Roman asked. "I think Orpheus created this in a lab," Rex confirmed. When Rex wondered aloud about lab space, Roman noted that Orpheus had been pardoned the same day as Rolf. "You think that crazy bastard is involved in this?" Rex asked. Roman noted that Rolf and Orpheus had previously teamed up together.

"Rolf is known to engineer things. Like, say, twins," Rex said with a grin. "His most phenomenal achievement, no doubt!" Roman agreed with a chuckle. Rex reminded Roman of when Roman had been similarly sick in South America in the 1990s. "I'm wondering if Mom, Marlena, and Kayla could have the exact same illness," Rex said. Roman noted that the circumstances were different, but Rex argued that the illness was similar.

"Orpheus' vendetta started with you," Kate pointed out. "In [Orpheus'] sick, twisted head, using the same illness to kill the women that you love, I mean, that would be poetic justice," Rex said. Roman asked Rex the plan. Rex explained that he wanted to compare Roman's medical records from the South American illness with Kate's illness. With Kate and Roman's blessing, Rex left for the hospital.

At the hospital, an angry Stephanie yelled at Steve for having kept Kayla's illness a secret from her. "I just didn't want to worry you," Steve said. "I'm not a child! My God, I had to hear about this from Eric, who thought I already knew," Stephanie said. Stephanie asked if Kayla, Marlena, and Kate would survive. "Right now, we just don't know," Steve admitted. Steve explained that he and Kayla had wanted to get a better idea of the situation before they talked to Stephanie.

"The first round was inconclusive, so they have to run everything again," Steve said. "And you didn't think I'd want to know all that?" Stephanie countered. Steve told Stephanie that Orpheus had poisoned Kayla. Worried, Stephanie accompanied Steve into Kayla's room. As Kayla sneezed, Stephanie rushed to her mother's side.

"I was just going to check on Marlena," Kayla said. "Your only job is to take care of yourself," Stephanie said. Steve offered to talk to Dr. Patel about Marlena's status on Kayla's behalf. After a moment, Kayla agreed to stay in bed. While Steve went to check on Marlena, Stephanie stayed behind to keep her mother company. "Having you here is really lifting my spirits," Kayla said. Stephanie wanted to call Joey and Tripp, but Kayla was hesitant. Kayla convinced Stephanie to call her brothers and use her PR skills to assure them that they did not need to fly home.

When Joey asked to talk to Kayla, Kayla shook her head no. Stephanie lied and said that Kayla's doctor was busy with Kayla and that she could not talk on the phone. "I can't put them off forever," Stephanie said to Kayla after the call ended. Stephanie asked Kayla why she had refused to talk to Joey. "He would hear it in my voice, and I just feel like I need to be strong for him and for your dad," Kayla said. "You don't have to be strong for me," Stephanie said. Stephanie hugged her mother.

Stephanie and Kayla reminisced about all the times that Kayla had taken care of Stephanie when she had been sick. As Stephanie rubbed Kayla's neck, she noted, "A rare opportunity for me to take care of you. I love you, Mom. So much." "I love you, baby," Kayla whispered.

In the hospital chapel, John prayed for Marlena, Kayla, and Kate. Brady walked in and told John that Marlena was asleep. "The woman I love is suffering, son, and there's not a damn thing that I can do except pray," John said. John hugged his son. After a moment, John told Brady about Marlena's failing health.

"What we need is a cure, and there is no way we're gonna find a cure unless we can figure out exactly what that psycho did to them," John said. Brady asked about the ISA, and John complained that the ISA had no clue. John changed the subject to the custody case. "I still have custody," Brady confirmed. Ecstatic, John congratulated Brady. "I have Chloe to thank. She went to bat for me with the judge," Brady said. John told Brady that he and Marlena were happy that Brady was back together with Chloe. Brady smiled.

After John and Brady left the chapel in search of Dr. Patel, they ran into Steve at the nurses' station. Steve informed John and Brady that Dr. Patel had said that there was nothing to do but treat the symptoms. "Give us a break!" John yelled. Furious, John announced that he wanted to pay a visit to Orpheus. "I went down there yesterday. Almost killed him," Steve said. Brady asked what had happened.

"He pushed my buttons until I lost it. If you go down there now, same thing will happen. It won't help," Steve advised. Steve added that he believed someone would "crack the case." As if on cue, Rex exited the elevator. "I have a hunch about what's going on with my mom, Kayla, and Marlena. I just need to jump on a computer and take a look at some old medical records," Rex said. Steve invited Rex to use Kayla's office for his research. "Anything that we can do?" John asked. "Stick around. Because if my hunch is correct, I might need your help," Rex said.

At the Salem Inn, Stefan asked Chloe if he could give her birthday gifts as a friend. Chloe took the bags from Stefan. In the first bag was a bottle of Champagne. "Should we have a toast?" Stefan asked. Chloe noted that it was early. Stefan removed a bottle of orange juice from a second bag for mimosas. While Chloe grabbed glasses, Stefan opened the bottles.

"A toast to the most extraordinary woman I've ever met," Stefan said. As Stefan and Chloe sipped their drinks, Brady returned home. "What the hell is going on here?" Brady asked. "It's okay. Stefan knows that you and I are in a committed relationship, and we were just establishing that we are friends," Chloe said. Stefan explained that he was there to wish his friend a happy birthday. Brady blanched, and he apologized.

"I'd ask you to join us in a toast, but you're still not drinking?" Stefan asked. "Still not drinking," Brady confirmed. Stefan offered Brady orange juice, but he declined. "What I would like is some alone time with my beautiful girl here," Brady said. With a nod yes, Stefan wished Chloe a happy birthday, and he left. Brady picked up the bouquet, then threw it down on the counter.

"So, the guy just showed up? He didn't even call?" Brady asked. Chloe confirmed that Stefan had stopped by unannounced to wish her a happy birthday. "I'm sure he was very happy that I wasn't here. And even happier knowing that I forgot your birthday," Brady said. "You have so much going on. How is Marlena doing?" Chloe asked. Brady admitted that the news was not good.

When Stefan returned to the DiMera mansion, he talked to Stefano's portrait. "I'm making progress, Father. Taking it one step at a time. Slow and steady wins the race, right? And make no mistake, I will win. See, like you, whenever I want something, I go after it with a vengeance. And I want Chloe Lane. And I will not stop until she is mine," Stefan said.

After Rex reviewed the medical records in Kayla's office, he showed the results to John and Steve. Rex noted that the symptoms were slightly different, but in both cases, the illness had been caused by a rare toxin. "I think the best way to treat this illness is the same way that we treated my dad's. And pray that it cures them," Rex said. John explained that Rolf had created the previous cure from a rare orchid in the jungle. "So, what we need to do is get our hands on one of those orchids," Steve said.

In Kate's room at the pub, Roman told her that Rex had accessed the medical records. "[Rex] is so determined, and he loves you so much. Look, I have total confidence that he is going to be able to help you," Roman said. "I hope so. I don't know how much longer I can hold on," Kate said. Roman asked Kate not to give up. "I love you way too much to let you do that," Roman said.

Rolf was working in his lab when Kristen burst into the room. Startled, Rolf nearly dropped his beaker. "Do you have any idea how rare this is? I might never have been able to replace it," Rolf grumbled. Rolf told Kristen that he was working on his "most important project ever." Kristen told Rolf that she had a new project for him.

"You're going to have to put that one on hold and get on mine right away," Kristen said. With a scowl, Rolf asked Kristen what she wanted. "I need you to fry Chloe's brain," Kristen said. Rolf scoffed at the idea. "Please go, I'm very busy," Rolf said. Kristen yelled that she could not let Chloe get away with her interference in Kristen's custody case.

"I was so close to victory, I could just taste it. And then, all of a sudden, the judge ruled against me," Kristen said. "I'm sure she had her reasons," Rolf said. "The reason was Chloe!" Kristen grumbled. Kristen ordered Rolf to help her stop "that homewrecking whore once and for all." Kristen asked Rolf to kidnap Chloe and brainwash her.

"Out of the question," Rolf said. Kristen demanded to know why Rolf would not alter Chloe's brain the way Rolf had altered Stefan's. "Have you forgotten that we were both recently pardoned?" Rolf asked. "But I'm the one who got you the damn pardon," Kristen countered. Rolf told Kristen that he was grateful, but he had already risked his freedom with his work on Stefan.

"No one knows about that. All they know is that you kept my brother alive for four years," Kristen said. Rolf said he wanted to keep the DiMera family happy, but he also wanted to play by the rules. "I strongly suggest you do the same," Rolf said. "So, in other words, sit back and let Chloe steal my life?" Kristen growled. Rolf argued that if Kristen kidnapped Chloe, she would go back to jail. Kristen scoffed at the idea that the Salem PD could capture her.

"Then you'll end up on the run, just as you did before. And you'll never see Rachel again," Rolf said. Kristen sighed deeply to tamp down her anger. "Brady won't let me see her now, because that manipulative girlfriend convinced him to cut me out of the picture," Kristen complained. Kristen vowed to get her family back. Rolf stressed that he would not jeopardize his freedom.

"You'll have to [kidnap and brainwash] Chloe without me," Rolf said. Kristen asked Rolf to be reasonable. "I've done enough for you already. Now, I beg you, leave me to my work," Rolf said. Kristen offered to give Rolf additional money if he helped her, but Rolf said no. Frustrated, Kristen told Rolf that he was dishonoring Stefano's memory.

"Or perhaps he would respect that I have far more important things to deal with than your love life," Rolf countered. Kristen asked Rolf what was more important. Rolf explained that Orpheus had stolen a deadly toxin from his lab. "So what? He's back behind bars. It's not like he can do anything with it," Kristen said. Rolf told Kristen that Orpheus had poisoned Marlena, Kayla, and Kate.

"Is it really that bad?" Kristen asked. "You, of all people, should not be surprised at the severity of their illness. You've seen it before when it almost killed Roman Brady," Rolf said. Kristen gasped. Rolf argued that he could be blamed for any deaths because Orpheus had stolen the toxin from him. "Now you understand why I don't have time for your ridiculous obsession with Chloe Lane," Rolf snapped. Rolf noted that he would be in trouble if the toxin was traced back to him.

"What the hell were you doing with it, anyway?" Kristen asked. "Preserving it for research purposes. I never meant to hurt anyone," Rolf said. Kristen reminded Rolf that Marlena was Rachel's grandmother. "If anything happens, I mean, Rachel would be devastated. You saved Roman once. My father instructed you to come up with a cure," Kristen said. With a chuckle, Rolf noted that Stefano had traded the cure for his freedom from prison.

"I remember when we brought John and Hope to the lab that my father set up for you," Kristen said. Rolf noted that his work with Stefano had started then. "When you arrived, I had not yet perfected [the cure]," Rolf said. "But you did. You cured this disease once before. Can you do it again?" Kristen asked. Rolf grimaced. Rolf retrieved a potted plant from another room, and he explained that it was the key to saving the lives of Marlena, Kate, and Kayla.

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