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Xander asked Jack for a job. Will returned to L.A. Leo attempted to blackmail Jack. Craig and Nancy returned to New York. Gwen promised Jennifer that she would not tell the police that Jennifer had hit her. Mike took Jennifer to rehab. Stephanie hired Chad. Kristen asked Marlena for a favor. Rolf gave his orchid to Kristen. John and Rex asked Rolf for help. Sonny urged Alex to get over his obsession. Chad kissed Stephanie. Allie convinced Chanel to have a threesome with Alex. Sloan blackmailed Paulina.
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Jennifer headed to rehab, and Gwen promised she would not tell the police Jennifer had hit her. Craig and Nancy returned to New York. Allie convinced Chanel to have a threesome with Alex. Sloan blackmailed Paulina.
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Jack wonders if Jennifer caused Gwen's injuries

Jack wonders if Jennifer caused Gwen's injuries

Monday, October 3, 2022

by Mike

Will entered Sonny's hospital room and joked that it looked like "a veritable art gallery" because of Arianna's recent visit. Sonny and Will agreed that Arianna's stated mission of "brightening" the room had been accomplished.

"Unfortunately, you're gonna have to take them all down soon," Will warned with a sigh while Sonny was admiring Arianna's drawings. "I just saw Sarah, and she told me..." Will continued with a shake of the head after Sonny incredulously demanded to know why having Arianna's artwork taped to the walls was a problem for the hospital. "That you are healing so well that you're gonna get out of here today or tomorrow!" Will concluded while cracking a smile, drawing a laugh and a sigh of relief from Sonny, who translated that Sarah had finally gotten sick of having a patient who was constantly complaining about suffering from cabin fever.

Will argued that Sarah's underlying motivation didn't matter as long as Sonny's discharge was the end result. Will added that Sonny was out of the woods in more ways than one, since Clyde was en route to Statesville yet again.

"We can finally put this whole nightmare behind us," Will assured Sonny, who smiled and nodded in response -- and, as if on cue, Leo burst into the room just then, carrying a bouquet of fresh fruit, and started bragging about having just been released from police custody. "Aren't you gonna congratulate me?" Leo eventually prodded Sonny and Will, who exchanged looks of exasperation instead. "I came to say...thank you," Leo explained, practically choking on the words, before setting aside the bouquet while adding that Will's amateur hypnotherapy and Sonny's "preternaturally excellent powers of olfactory retention" had saved the day.

Leo soon changed the subject, asking to return to Titan as an assistant, and Sonny and Will each responded with a snort of stifled laughter before realizing that the request was serious. Will and Sonny took turns recounting what had happened during Leo's previous stint at the company. Leo dismissed the sexual harassment lawsuit as an incident that had occurred so many years earlier that it was difficult to still remember anything about it, but the innocent act failed to charm Sonny and Will into considering the possibility that the "conniving little creep" might deserve a second chance.

Sonny somewhat bitterly advised that, in any case, Leo needed to be talking to Titan's actual CEO about potential job openings at the company. "You mean the super sexy, very handsome, vaguely familiar, 'looks like someone, but I can't quite put my finger on it' guy who hates my guts, tried to beat me up, and threatened to kill me?" Leo translated, drawing a nod of confirmation from Sonny.

Leo released a groan of disappointment then shrugged and said a quick goodbye to Sonny and Will before starting to rush off. "By the way, you two really are an adorable couple, you know that? Especially Sonny -- but I have always been partial to brunets, especially ones with big, soulful brown eyes..." Leo added while pausing to steal a couple chocolate-covered strawberries from the bouquet.

Will received a business call a short time later, and Sonny heard enough of the phone conversation to know that something weird was going on. "Infuriating, actually -- the star of our project won't sign unless his goldendoodles give me their stamp of approval," Will explained to Sonny after ending the call, adding that the dogs apparently couldn't read a person's energy over a videoconference.

Sonny laughed then encouraged Will to head back to Los Angeles -- and not just for that particular meeting. "I'm not leaving while you and my grandmothers are in the hospital --" Will tried to protest. "I'll be okay, all right? And this movie's not gonna write and direct itself," Sonny interjected before adding that Marlena and Kate were in good hands and wouldn't want their shared health crisis to cause Will's life to be put on hold indefinitely. "Yeah, but...Sonny, I'm working on, like, a couple projects, you know? So, if I go out there, I might have to be out there for a while, and if you're in, what does that mean for us?" Will worriedly argued. "It's not like you're shipping off to war," Sonny teasingly countered.

Will conceded Sonny's point with a laugh. Sonny assured Will that they could take turns making trips to each other's base of business operations. "The whole reason I stayed here in Salem was so that I could follow my dreams of becoming the CEO of Titan, and now you have to follow yours, okay? And no matter how long these projects do take, it's not gonna be forever!" Sonny excitedly argued. "So, I should just wish for a speedy cancellation, then?" Will jokingly translated. Sonny laughed then added that Will had waited many years for such opportunities and needed to make the most out of them whenever they were available. "And when it's all said and done, Ari and I will be right here waiting for you," Sonny concluded.

Will gave the matter some thought then thanked Sonny for being so understanding and supportive. "I love you...and I wish you were out of this bed and back into ours!" Will declared after kissing Sonny, who echoed both sentiments. Will reiterated that Sonny would be released from the hospital soon. "And then I can get my company back from my snake of a brother," Sonny spat -- and, as if on cue, Alex entered the room just then.

"Speak of the devil..." Sonny grumbled before starting to lash out at Alex, who responded in kind. Will eventually interrupted to point out that Sonny and Alex were arguing with each other about "meaningless bull" from a hospital room that should be serving as a reminder to both of them that life was short. "Get over yourselves and call a truce already!" Will advised -- and Sonny and Alex hesitantly complied.

"Just so you know, I really did come over here to try and make things better -- I was just in a pissed-off mood," Alex started to explain afterward before venting about an earlier argument that Stephanie had started for no apparent reason, prompting Sonny and Will to take turns clarifying that it was a really tense time for the Johnsons because Kayla was in the hospital and was battling a very serious illness.

Sarah entered Gwen's room while fiddling with a tablet computer. Sarah somewhat cheerfully announced that Gwen was scheduled to undergo a battery of tests later that day for precautionary purposes -- then somewhat angrily added that they first needed to talk about what had happened on the night of Abigail's murder. "What do you want me to say? Yes, I did everything in my power to keep Xander away from you! But you got everything you wanted in the end, didn't you? You got the ring on your finger -- you got the happily ever after -- while I am here alone in this bed, lucky to be alive," Gwen declared before congratulating Sarah on the victory.

Gwen tried to apologize for having posed as Sarah on the night of Abigail's murder, but Sarah doubted that Gwen was truly sorry for the frame-up scheme. "I will stay away from you and Xander until the end of time," Gwen promised. "You damn well better," Sarah warned. Sarah walked away after cheerfully reiterating that Gwen had a lot of tests to look forward to that day.

Leo arrived a short time later and started asking Gwen questions about what had happened the previous night. Gwen realized, while answering Leo's questions, that Jennifer was the hit-and-run driver. "Do you think that she did this on purpose?" Gwen wondered. "Of course!" Leo responded.

"I don't care that she's a Horton and that everybody worships her angelic little ass; now that she has run you over, Gwenny, you and I are gonna expose that woman -- this is gonna be hard to say, but bear with me -- for the vehicularly homicidal pill popper that she is!" Leo declared.

"I have legal bills, you have medical bills, neither one of us has a job -- you ask me, we're killing three birds with one blackmail," Leo reasoned -- and Gwen didn't get a chance to respond before a nurse arrived to announce that it was time for a CT scan. Leo rushed off after pointedly noting that the test sounded very expensive.

Chad entered the Horton house while Jennifer was wrapping up a phone conversation with Mike. "I couldn't help overhearing -- are you going somewhere?" Chad wondered. "Yeah -- I'm going to rehab," Jennifer responded. "My brother Mike is affiliated with a facility in New York -- they're saving a room for me," Jennifer, who was planning to leave later that day, elaborated.

Chad felt at least partially responsible for Jennifer's relapse. "I can't help but think of everything I've put on you since Abby's death, and all the times I've asked you to watch the kids, and... I leaned on you -- maybe too much -- and I was selfish, and I didn't even know you needed help..." Chad fretted, but Jennifer dismissed the concern.

Jennifer soon changed the subject, telling Chad that it was a relief to finally know the truth about Abigail's murder. Jennifer was also relieved to learn that Chad had experienced a vision of Abigail after the truth had been revealed. Jennifer admitted to having also had a vision of Abigail then hoped that it had been real, like Chad's, instead of a result of pain medication.

Chad passed by Julie's Place later that day and saw that Stephanie was sitting alone at one of the restaurant's outdoor tables. Stephanie was extremely busy with work but had heard about Clyde's arrest and was eager to talk to Chad about how it had played out. Joey called just then, and Chad heard enough of the phone conversation to realize that something was wrong. Stephanie repeated the cover story to Joey then hung up and told Chad the truth about what was going on with Kayla, Marlena, and Kate. Chad offered to help Stephanie finish the work. Stephanie gratefully agreed, raving that Chad had practically just provided a drowning woman with a life preserver.

Xander entered the Brady Pub and saw that Jack was sitting at the bar, staring at a tablet computer that was displaying the Spectator's online article about the Salem Police Department's search for the hit-and-run driver who had struck Gwen. Xander started asking questions about the investigation, prompting Jack to report that the police didn't have any surveillance footage of the crime because some of their security cameras needed repairs that were beyond the scope of their current budget. "Leave it to the Salem P.D. to foul up a crime on their own doorstep..." Xander muttered, drawing a nod of agreement from Jack.

Xander admitted to knowing a thing or two about budget problems then seized the opportunity to ask Jack for a job, hoping to avoid having to take the same request to Roman. "I think Jennifer's the one who hit Gwen," Jack blurted out during Xander's pitch. Jack shared the whole story with Xander then guessed that Jennifer didn't even remember what had happened. Jack decided to talk to Jennifer about the matter right away. Xander promised to keep Jack's suspicion a secret, and Jack vowed to consider Xander's job request. Jack rushed out of the pub, leaving Xander in charge of delivering takeout food to Gwen.

Jack burst into the Horton house a short time later and found Leo lounging in the living room. "The door was open -- I hope you don't mind that I let myself in," Leo began with a shameless shrug. "I mind very much!" Jack snapped before demanding to know the reason for the intrusion. "Your addict wife got behind the wheel and plowed into my best friend -- and if you want me to keep my big mouth shut, you are going to write me a very large check," Leo explained to Jack with a wink.

Jennifer, who had just remembered everything a few minutes earlier, entered Gwen's hospital room while fighting back tears. "Come to finish me off?" Gwen guessed.

Gwen and Jennifer discuss the accident

Gwen and Jennifer discuss the accident

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Nancy looked in the Kiriakis living room mirror at the hair bonnet on her head. "Thank God no one can see me now. How ridiculous do I look?" Nancy said. Behind Nancy, Craig walked in with a bouquet of flowers and a smile.

"Bonnie thought that a new look would perk me up, and Bonnie doesn't take no for an answer," Nancy said. "I'm sure your hair is going to look just beautiful when it's off," Craig said. Confused, Nancy asked Craig why he was there. Craig explained that Bonnie had called him.

"I am here because Bonnie thought you needed another friend to talk to besides her. I still am your friend, aren't I?" Craig asked. Nancy said she was not sure. "I'm sorry that you don't think that we can still be friends," Craig said. Craig turned to leave, and Nancy asked him to stay.

"What I meant to say is, I don't think a good friend would have paraded her fiancÚ around and waved her engagement ring under the nose of a friend who had just had his heart broken," Nancy said. Craig said he understood. "I made you feel like nobody wanted you. And, well, you wanted me to know that somebody did," Craig said. Nancy told Craig that Clyde had admitted that he loved her and that she had been good for Clyde.

"I wasn't good enough to keep [Clyde] from doing all the terrible things that he did," Nancy lamented. Craig chuckled. "You can't love a man and change his nature," Craig said. Nancy agreed. Nancy thanked Craig for his visit. "You were one of the first people who came by and held my hand when Leo broke my heart. I just wanted to return the favor," Craig said. Craig kissed Nancy's hand.

"I just had the craziest thought," Nancy said. "You're thinking what if we get back together," Craig said. "What if we did? I know it wouldn't be a romantic relationship, but there's more about being together than just sex, right?" Nancy suggested. Craig agreed that he and Nancy knew each other well.

"You'll never be anything but beautiful to me, Nancy. We care for each other, and we know how to take care of each other," Craig said. "It would be so much safer than being with somebody new," Nancy added. After a moment, Nancy and Craig agreed that neither one of them wanted to give up on romance.

"We both deserve a chance at real love again," Nancy said. "You have always been my friend. And I want you to have the happy ever after," Craig said. Nancy said she wanted the same for Craig. With a sad smile, Nancy promised to remain friends with Craig.

In the cemetery, Julie laid a bouquet of flowers on Laura's grave. "We miss you so much," Julie said. Julie joined Doug on a bench, and she thanked him for having suggested that they visit Laura and Abigail's graves.

"Two beautiful women with still so much to live for," Doug said. With a sigh, Julie noted that she was comforted a little by Clyde's return to prison. Julie grumbled that she would have to wait longer for Gwen to see justice "for what she did to Laura." Doug reminded Julie that Laura's death had been an accident, but Julie argued that Gwen was a liar.

"Laura meant so much to those people who loved her," Doug said. "Truer words were never spoken," Mike Horton said. Julie looked over, and she saw Mike. "Michael!" Julie yelled as she jumped to her feet to hug him. Mike said he had stopped by the cemetery to pay his respects at the graves of his mother and Abigail.

"Does your sister know you're here, or is this a surprise?" Julie asked. "Jennifer asked for my help," Mike said. Mike announced that he had secured Jennifer a spot in a rehab facility. "I'm so relieved that she'll be getting help," Julie said.

"[Jennifer] also told me how much your love and support meant to her," Mike said. "You know we'd do anything for you and Jennifer Rose," Doug said. Julie suggested that they head home for lunch. "I'll meet you there. It's been awhile since I spent some time with Mom," Mike said.

At the Horton House, Leo told Jack that Gwen had remembered that Jennifer had hit Gwen with the car. "It wasn't hard to make [Gwen] realize that Jennifer did this on purpose," Leo said. "I bet you gave it a really hard sell," Jack growled. Leo demanded money to keep silent. "Is Gwen on board with this blackmail scheme of yours?" Jack asked. Leo said he was after "a settlement." Jack asked Leo if Gwen had agreed to allow Leo to act on her behalf.

"We had begun to discuss that possibility. And we were interrupted," Leo said. "So, she doesn't know you're here," Jack said. Leo said he had decided to seek a resolution to help "all parties involved." Jack told Leo that he did not believe Gwen would agree with Leo.

"It was a hideous act with malicious intent," Leo said. "It was an accident!" Jack screamed. Leo smiled. "My wife and I buried our daughter a few weeks ago. We are doing our best to take care of her two young children," Jack growled. "I know you've been through a lot. And I'm sure you're worried sick about Gwen, which is why it would be awful to lose your wife, too," Leo said. Angry, Jack asked Leo what he meant.

"You called what happened to Gwen an accident. By which you're admitting your wife's liability," Leo said. Leo asked if Jennifer had confessed. "No. I was speaking hypothetically. If Jennifer had done something like that to another person, it would not have been intentional," Jack said.

"What's your cut of this settlement that you're pushing for?" Jack asked. "You can write a check for, say, a million bucks," Leo said. When Jack said no, Leo said that he would have to tell the police and the rival paper about what Jennifer had done. Jack clarified that he could not write a check, but he could arrange for a bank transfer. "You're doing the right thing, Jack. For your wife, for your family," Leo said.

Gwen was in her hospital bed when Jennifer walked in. "Come to finish me off?" Gwen asked. Gwen thought about the hit-and-run. "You look a bit like a deer caught in headlights. Is that how I looked just before you pressed the gas pedal down to the floor?" Gwen asked. Jennifer closed the door. Gwen told Jennifer that she had remembered that Jennifer had hit her.

"The person that tore into me and left me there for dead, that was you," Gwen said. Jennifer reached toward Gwen, and Gwen shrank away. "Stay away from me," Gwen said. Jennifer stressed that she was there to apologize. "Having second thoughts about trying to kill me?" Gwen asked. Jennifer explained that she had not deliberately hit Gwen with the car.

"I swear I didn't even see you until it was too late!" Jennifer said. "You didn't see me? You knew you hit me with your car, and you still didn't stop to help me!" Gwen yelled. "I wish I could tell you why I left. I just can't. But I didn't even remember until like an hour ago. And as soon as I remembered, I had to see you," Jennifer explained. Gwen's eyes went wide.

"You're telling me you have no memory of hitting someone with your car?" Gwen asked. Jennifer shook her head no. "I was high," Jennifer confessed. Gwen asked Jennifer why she had driven her car while she had been high. "I was hallucinating that Abigail was in the car with me. It was an accident. I swear! And I am so, so sorry," Jennifer said.

"You didn't come here to say you're sorry. You came here to save your ass!" Gwen argued. Gwen accused Jennifer of having hit the gas before she hit Gwen. Jennifer told Gwen that she had not realized that she had hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. With a sigh, Gwen reminded Jennifer of their last conversation.

"You told me that if I went to Jack and told him that you were using that I would be very sorry," Gwen said. Jennifer said she had not known that Gwen had talked to Jack. "But now that he knows, and I'm no longer in denial, I am glad that you told him, because I need help. And now I'm going to get it," Jennifer said. Gwen shook her head no.

"I've heard this all before from my dear old mum," Gwen said. Gwen told Jennifer that she had learned that addicts were cunning liars. Jennifer nodded in agreement. "I've said those same things to the people I love. I mean, there is no reason in the world that you should believe a word I say. Look, you did the right thing telling Jack about me. And I'm going to do the right thing, too," Jennifer said. Jennifer announced that she would turn herself in to the police.

"I am so terribly, terribly sorry for everything," Jennifer said. As Jennifer turned to leave, Gwen asked, "Don't you want to get clean?" "I'm sure they have programs in prison," Jennifer said. Gwen muttered that Jennifer would not last a week in prison. "I'm stronger than you think," Jennifer said. As Jennifer walked to the door, Gwen asked Jennifer not to go to the police.

"Isn't that what you want?" Jennifer asked. "I thought it was. I look at you now, I can see how much you've suffered. You've done your penance. Your mother died suddenly, and your daughter was brutally murdered. It's no wonder why you turned to something to stop the pain," Gwen said. "But because I did that, I almost killed you," Jennifer said.

"I care about you, Jennifer. I mean, that's just as much a surprise to me as I'm sure it is to you. I wish someone would have told my mom they cared about her. Someone like Jack. It was just she and I when we were growing up, and I was so needy, I wasn't up for the job. But I'm up for it now. Don't go to the police. I'm going to tell them that I have no idea who hit me," Gwen said. Stunned, Jennifer asked why Gwen would cover for her.

"Well, I have two reasons. The first one is my mum. I want to see you do what she never managed to do," Gwen said. "And the other reason?" Jennifer asked. "After everything I've done to your family, you still allowed me to be a part of Jack's life. I know you didn't do that for me. You did that because you love him, and you want him to be happy," Gwen said. Gwen said she felt the same way about Jack.

"I can see that [Jack's] heart is completely broken after he lost Abigail. I can't take you away from him, too. It would absolutely destroy him. I won't let that happen," Gwen said. "You won't let what happen?" Jack asked from the doorway. As Gwen and Jennifer exchanged a look, Jack told Gwen that Leo had visited him at the house.

"[Leo] didn't tell me he was going to do that," Gwen said. "He said you'd remembered the accident. And he's demanding a million dollars in exchange for your silence," Jack muttered. "He didn't," Gwen said. Jennifer looked at Jack. "So, you know what I did?" Jennifer asked. Jack nodded yes. "Leo made sure of that," Jack said. Jennifer explained that she had blacked out the accident. "I just remembered it this morning. And once I did, I came straight here," Jennifer stressed.

"I believe Jennifer. It was an accident. I'm going to tell the police I don't remember what happened to me," Gwen confirmed. Jack argued that Leo would go to the police. Gwen rolled her eyes. "[Leo] wasn't there, and without me, he's got nothing. Don't you give him a penny!" Gwen said. Jack asked Gwen why she wanted to help. "Because she's your daughter, and she loves you," Jennifer said.

When Julie returned home, she saw Leo in the living room. Julie demanded to know why Leo was there. Leo argued that Jack had okayed it, and then Leo reminded Julie that he had not murdered Abigail.

"No, you're just the guy that broke into her bedroom and pried open her jewelry case to get what was inside and left behind the knife that killed her!" Julie shouted. "Enough about me. Let's talk about what Jennifer did," Leo countered. When Julie asked for details, Leo refused. Jack marched in. "This twit friend of yours says he got in the house with your permission," Julie said. "He did, but he'll be leaving soon," Jack said. Frustrated, Julie left.

"I assume you meant I will be leaving with a big, fat check," Leo said. Jack told Leo that he had settled the matter with Gwen, the only eyewitness to the accident. "[Gwen] is not going to say a word about who hit her. So, get the hell out of here!" Jack yelled. Reluctantly, Leo left.

When Jennifer arrived home, she apologized to Jack for having lied and driven while high. "You already lost one daughter, and I could have killed your other one. Can you ever forgive me?" Jennifer asked. "Don't talk like that. How many times have you forgiven me? I am so sorry. You were suffering with all of this alone, and I never saw it," Jack said. Jennifer shrugged. "What do I do now?" Jennifer asked. "Whatever it is, you won't be doing it alone," Jack said.

Outside the pub, Leo called Gwen at the hospital to apologize. "I assumed you'd want me to make the most out of this opportunity," Leo said. "Well, you assumed wrong, you bloody little tosser," Gwen grumbled. Gwen noted that Leo knew how she felt about Jack and that Leo's actions had nearly ruined her relationship. "I get it now, okay?" Leo said. With a sigh, Leo complained that he had unpaid bills and no money. Craig rounded the corner, and he and Leo stared at one another.

In the square, Mike talked to the plaque of Alice and Tom Horton. "Looking forward to seeing some of the people I haven't seen in so long," Mike said. As Mike turned to walk away, he ran into Nancy.

While Stephanie worked at a restaurant patio table, Chad helped her rewrite a press release. "You really made this better," Stephanie said. "I've only read about 10,000 corporate announcements in my lifetime," Chad said. Stephanie thanked Chad for his help. "I've been so worried about my mom that I'm finding it really hard to concentrate," Stephanie admitted. When Stephanie worried aloud that she would lose clients if she did not get her work-life balance under control, Paulina stomped over.

"And the first one will be me," Paulina said. Paulina reminded Stephanie that the election was one month away. "And do you know that my polling numbers, they're going down?" Paulina asked. Paulina added that the mailer that Stephanie had promised had not gone out. Stephanie apologized. "They got held up at the printers. I was going to follow up, but--" Stephanie started. Paulina interrupted to demand assurances that Stephanie was focused on Paulina's campaign.

"I want you to get those mailers out by today, and I want you to set up a press conference, the kind that makes me national news. And if this doesn't happen by the end of business today, then I'm going to have to--" Paulina said. Chad interrupted. "[Stephanie's] mother is in the hospital right now, so maybe you could cut her a break," Chad said. Paulina apologized.

"But if you can't do the job, Stephanie, then why are you not delegating someone else in your firm? And you could have at least informed me that you are dealing with a family emergency," Paulina noted. Stephanie agreed, and she promised to do as Paulina had asked. Paulina thanked Stephanie. "I'm praying for [Kayla]," Paulina said. "I appreciate that. I will call you when those mailers have gone out," Stephanie said. Paulina suggested that Stephanie should let her assistant pick up the slack.

"He's not my assistant. This is my friend Chad DiMera," Stephanie said. Paulina raised an eyebrow. "I came with a head of steam and didn't take the time to find out who you were. Mr. DiMera, you have my sympathies," Paulina said. Paulina said she was relieved that police had caught Clyde.

"I couldn't believe that our current governor turned that gang of violent criminals loose. You have my word, that won't happen on my watch," Paulina said. Paulina asked Stephanie to convince Chad to join her election committee. "His experience could be a big help," Paulina said. Stephanie promised to hire any staff that would be needed.

After Paulina left, Stephanie confirmed that the mailers were ready. Chad urged Stephanie to take a break. "Call the hospital. See if there is any news on your mom," Chad said. "I have to get Paulina calmed down first," Stephanie said. With a grin, Stephanie said that she liked Paulina.

"I'm sorry if I shot my mouth off when she was here," Chad said. "I'm sorry she thought you were my assistant," Stephanie countered. Chad noted that he was unemployed, and he pointed out that Stephanie needed staff. Chad suggested that Stephanie should hire him. "This is only a month, so I won't be shortchanging my kids. And honestly, I believe Paulina Price is the best candidate for governor," Chad added. Stephanie welcomed Chad to her company.

Rex gives John bad news about the orchid

Rex gives John bad news about the orchid

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

by Mike

Nancy greeted Mike like an old friend when they ran into each other in the town square. Mike wondered if Nancy had forgotten that they were actually old enemies. Nancy was disappointed to hear that Mike still harbored a grudge after so many years. Mike clarified that the grudge against Nancy had just resurfaced earlier that day. "I was looking at Abigail's grave, thinking about the man who put her there...which led, of course, to thinking about you, and then I was reminded about something from the past -- how you were Craig Wesley's partner in crime, his Lady Macbeth... So, what about it, Nancy -- were you and Clyde Weston in on this together?" Mike spat.

Nancy denied the accusation then told Mike about what had happened with Clyde -- and Craig, too. "So, if you want me to pay for the things that I've done, rest assured -- I have paid, and I am paying," Nancy concluded while fighting back tears, causing Mike to soften. "When I was a teenager, there was a time when I thought maybe I was gay... I'm not, but back then, I was terrified of the thought of it... Thank God times have changed," Mike declared, and Nancy echoed the sentiment.

Nancy soon changed the subject, wondering when Mike would be returning to Boston. "New job, new city," Mike clarified for Nancy, who was surprised to learn that the new city was actually New York City. "I'm going back to New York, too!" Nancy revealed before offering to show Mike around the area sometime. Mike accepted the offer and exchanged phone numbers with Nancy.

Jennifer grew antsy while waiting for Mike to arrive at the Horton house, prompting Jack to suggest a review of the items that had been packed earlier that day. Jennifer was surprised to learn that Jack had packed with the assumption that they would both be living in New York City for a while. Jennifer insisted that Jack needed to continue living in Salem, at least for the time being, if only for Gwen's sake. Jennifer shared a tearful goodbye with Jack before leaving with Mike.

Leo said a quick goodbye to Gwen then ended their phone conversation and invited Craig inside the Brady Pub for a round of drinks as a way of apologizing for having jumped to the wrong conclusion about Abigail's murder and Sonny's stabbing. Leo explained that "Sorry I Accused You of Murder" cards were difficult to find, prompting Craig to advise that they were usually stocked alongside "Sorry I'm a Gold-Digging Bigamist" cards.

Craig reluctantly agreed to the earlier offer of a round of drinks, but it took Leo quite a while to start apologizing. "I convinced myself you were so devastated -- shattered, really -- over losing me that you had a psychotic break --" Leo eventually began to explain, drawing a scoff from Craig. "I dumped you," Craig clarified before wondering when Leo was going to get around to saying something that actually counted as an apology. "Okay! I'm...sorry...that I doubted the man I loved -- love..." Leo declared before fishing for Craig's reaction to the amendment. "You were the first man I ever fell in love with, and what we had together will always be special to its way..." Craig admitted to Leo.

Leo was excited at first but grew nervous after realizing that Craig had more to say. "I was outside and heard you on the phone with Gwen -- I know what you said to her," Craig revealed, drawing a groan from Leo, who admitted to having tried to blackmail Jack earlier to secure the money to pay off a lot of legal fees. "You want me to be your sugar daddy!" Craig snapped at Leo, suddenly seeing their entire conversation in a new light.

"You hate me," Leo guessed with a dramatic sigh, believing that was the only explanation for Craig's hurtful accusation. "That would be so much easier...but I'm like your own personal Pied Piper -- I just want to follow you everywhere you go, and clean up your messes, and pay your bills, because you can be more fun than anyone I've ever met..." Craig, who seemed skeptical of Leo's innocent act, clarified with a shake of the head. Craig declared Nancy a safe option and Leo a dangerous option then hoped to eventually find someone who was right in the middle of those two extremes. Leo asked Craig if they could at least keep in touch. Craig agreed then paid for the drinks, realizing with a scoff that Leo had never really intended to cover the bill.

Brady and Chloe surprised Rachel with an after-school tea party at the Salem Inn. "I don't want to have a tea party -- not with her!" Rachel declared before throwing a pastry at Chloe's face, earning a scolding from Brady. "I hate her -- she's the reason I can't see Mommy!" Rachel explained to Brady after refusing to apologize to Chloe.

Brady tried to defend Chloe, but a typed note had somehow made its way into Rachel's lunch box that day, and the child was more inclined to believe the anonymous author of that note. "It's Chloe's fault your mommy can't see you," Brady read aloud to Chloe before attempting to do damage control, but Rachel refused to listen then retreated to the bathroom and locked the door.

Brady and Chloe guessed that Kristen was responsible for the note. Brady tried to apologize for what Rachel had said earlier, but Chloe dismissed the concern. "I understand -- there was a long time where I talked to everyone like that, because I was young, and I was angry and lost," Chloe reminded Brady before advising patience with Rachel.

Brady arranged for Rachel to spend the rest of the day with a friend. Rachel emerged from the bathroom after hearing the news then followed Brady out of the hotel. A short time later, Chloe received a visit from Nancy, who handed over a belated birthday gift then apologized for having forgotten the occasion. Chloe told Nancy about what had just happened with Rachel. "I was going back to New York, but I can't go now -- I mean, you need me here!" Nancy decided, but Chloe insisted that returning to New York City and moving on with life was a better idea.

John entered the hospital with a coffee-flavored milkshake from Buddy's Burger Barn then ran into Rex while en route to Marlena's room. "Doc's losing her appetite," John explained to Rex with a sigh before hoping that Marlena's sweet tooth could still be tempted.

Rex informed John that they were dealing with a disease that was so rare that Roman was apparently the last known person to have contracted it, meaning that nothing new had been learned about it since then. Rex started to say something else, but John interrupted.

John summarized that, in other words, the rare orchid that grew in the Amazon was still the only known cure for the disease. "Steve and I are flying down there this afternoon," John revealed as Rex continued trying to share additional information. "That orchid no longer exists," Rex finally managed to announce. "Okay, maybe that orchid is gone -- maybe it is extinct -- but I know for a fact that Dr. Rolf is not the kind of person that ever throws anything away, let alone a life-saving cure, so if we can find him, it's possible that we could get the cure from him," John countered after some thought. Rex guessed that Kristen knew Rolf's whereabouts, and John agreed but predicted that Stefan would probably be more willing to help.

Kristen entered Marlena's room and asked for an update. "I'm fine -- well, I'm alive, anyway..." Marlena responded in a hoarse whisper, prompting Kristen to start making not-so-subtle taunts about the severity of the situation.

Marlena wondered how Kristen knew so much about what was going on. Kristen claimed to have overheard some nurses talking about the matter then argued that it was silly of Marlena to be so secretive about the disease.

Marlena hinted that it was time for Kristen to leave. "Yes, of course -- I just wanted to come by to wish you well," Kristen responded. "Wow -- that's new..." Marlena countered.

Kristen conceded Marlena's point, summarizing that they hadn't always seen eye to eye on everything. "To say that's an understatement would be a colossal understatement," Marlena clarified.

Kristen shrugged then started to ask for a favor, drawing a laughing fit from Marlena that turned into a coughing fit. "To say that you are self-absorbed would be like...I don't know, saying that the Titanic had taken on a little bit of water," Marlena mused, annoying Kristen, who insisted that the favor was for Rachel's benefit. Marlena refused to lobby for Brady to let Kristen see Rachel so soon after the custody hearing. Kristen glared at Marlena then shrugged again.

"Good luck with the orchid hunting -- it would be a shame to the people you love if you were to die..." Kristen whispered before exiting Marlena's room -- and overhearing part of Rex's phone conversation with Stefan about Rolf's location.

John entered Marlena's room a short time later. Marlena had already dozed off but woke up long enough to refuse John's offer of a coffee-flavored milkshake then shared the details of Kristen's visit. "I think she wanted to make sure that I was at death's door," Marlena explained before dozing off again, leaving John even more concerned about the direness of the medical crisis.

John rushed off, and Brady arrived a short time later with a scone for Marlena, which was also refused. Marlena and Brady took turns catching each other up on Kristen's latest moves. Marlena advised Brady to document everything, just in case.

John and Rex found Rolf's lab with Stefan's help. Rolf pretended to be hearing about Orpheus' stunt for the first time. John and Rex offered to pay "handsomely" for the cure, but Rolf claimed to be unable to help.

Meanwhile, Kristen smirked while watering the orchid, which had been moved to the apartment above the auto repair shop.

Allie confides in Will about recent fights with Chanel

Allie confides in Will about recent fights with Chanel

Thursday, October 6, 2022

by Mike

Nicole ran an errand then rejoined Eric in the CEO's office at Basic Black and realized that something was wrong. Eric explained that Roman had phoned to deliver bad news while Nicole had been gone. Nicole was horrified to learn that Marlena, Kate, and Kayla had all been given a deadly disease and that the only known cure no longer existed. "They must be able to synthesize it or something," Nicole assured Eric before offering a hug of comfort -- and Rafe and Jada burst into the office with takeout food just then. Eric and Nicole separated then offered Jada and Rafe an explanation for the embrace. Eric said a quick goodbye to Nicole and Rafe then rushed off with Jada.

"I'm just glad that Nicole could be there for you when you needed someone to comfort you, to calm you down...but I will admit that I'd like to be that person," Jada confessed to Eric while they were alone together at the Brady Pub later.

Stefan joined E.J. in the living room of the DiMera mansion and realized that something was wrong. E.J. reminded Stefan that they couldn't reclaim control of DiMera Enterprises without at least one more shareholder on their side then complained that neither Johnny nor Ava had taken the bait yet. E.J. assured Stefan that Ava and Johnny would both cave sooner or later. "And then, we can finally kick Gabi's ass out of the CEO's chair -- a very perfect and sexy ass, eh?" E.J. concluded.

E.J. was surprised when Stefan didn't immediately agree with the crass comment about Gabi's body. Stefan conceded that E.J.'s observation was undeniable but added that the thought of being with Gabi was almost nauseating. "If you're so disgusted by her, then why are you still wearing your ring?" E.J. challenged Stefan, who didn't know how to answer the question. "Perhaps there are some subconscious, unresolved feelings there," E.J. suggested, but Stefan disagreed.

While passing through the town square, Chanel spotted Johnny, who was hunched over on a bench and was holding out a coffee cup. Chanel was just about to call out a greeting when someone approached Johnny and tossed a few coins in the coffee cup then rushed off. "Hey!" Johnny snapped in vain as the stranger disappeared from view. "Oh, my God, Johnny -- you're homeless?" Chanel sputtered once the coast was clear.

Johnny tried to respond, but Chanel forged ahead, promising to convince Allie that the three of them could coexist at the Horton apartment for a while longer. "I'm not homeless, okay? That woman just ruined a perfectly good cup of coffee! I'm fine, really -- in fact, I have two offers on places to live; I'm just...undecided," Johnny clarified when Chanel finally finished speaking.

Chanel couldn't believe that anyone would need time to decide whether to go back to living in a mansion, but Johnny was more interested in following Ava's lead. Chanel translated that Johnny had not yet closed the door on the possibility of a romantic relationship with Ava. "I think you already have your answer -- I just think maybe it's not the one you want," Chanel advised.

Will headed over to the Horton apartment in search of Allie but didn't get a warm reception. "I thought you were Chanel," Allie explained after apologizing to Will for the slight.

"I hope you're even more disappointed when you hear my news," Will joked before elaborating that Allie was a stop on a farewell tour. Allie wondered how Will could even consider returning to Los Angeles while Marlena and Kate were both battling a deadly disease. Will was quick to remind Allie that Sonny's recent near-death experience was even more incentive to stay in Salem. "The timing's the worst...but I don't have, really, many options -- I have meetings to go to, and I have to be there in person, and I'm writing, and we're going into preproduction on this project I'm directing --" Will reasoned. "Okay, Mr. Big Shot -- all right, we get it," Allie teased.

Allie wondered if Sonny could accompany Will to Los Angeles and finish recovering there. "I wish...but, no, he's staying -- and I'm not thrilled about the whole long-distance thing, but we talked about it, and our relationship can withstand it," Will responded. "I wish I had that kind of confidence..." Allie admitted.

Allie provided a quick summary of everything that had happened with Chanel recently then produced a note to explain why finding Will on the other side of the apartment door earlier had been such a big disappointment. Will read the note then gave Allie a shrug of confusion, failing to see the problem. "This says she's glad you made up," Will stressed. "Yeah -- as a P.S., like an afterthought," Allie countered before adding that the main point of the note was that Chanel was running errands and would be back sooner or later. "You're coming off as a little insecure," Will warned.

Allie conceded that there was probably some truth to Will's observation. "I'm obviously very new to this bisexual thing, and I know that I'm still attracted to men, so I know that Chanel is definitely still attracted to men, and...I don't know, I'll admit it worries me -- I feel like maybe Chanel wants something that I can't give her," Allie explained. Will pointed out that Chanel had ultimately chosen Allie over Johnny. "It took her long enough..." Allie grumbled. Will sensed that Allie might be holding something back. "Are you missing guys?" Will wondered, drawing a shrug from Allie.

"I think about Tripp sometimes, and how great that was -- for a while, anyway..." Allie confessed. "But I love Chanel, and Chanel is who I want to be with, and I just want to make her happy and satisfied -- which is why I've been thinking more and more about something that Alex Kiriakis mentioned..." Allie continued. "I was kind of appalled, but I could tell Chanel was interested," Allie continued. "So, maybe what Alex suggested, maybe that's exactly what she needs, you know? And it would be something that we would be still doing together as a couple, but she would be able to be with a guy," Allie concluded.

"There's logic in there...somewhere..." Will responded. Allie wondered if Will and Sonny had ever had a threesome. "I'm sorry -- I'm not comfortable discussing that without Sonny present, because it just wouldn't feel right," Will answered. "I'm talking about it without Chanel present," Allie protested. "But that is your choice, and maybe I'm just more private than you are," Will countered. Allie conceded the point then asked if Will would at least be willing to provide an opinion on whether threesomes were morally wrong. "Of course not -- I mean, as long as everyone is consenting, you know, and fine with it," Will declared before stressing that Allie couldn't agree to a threesome just for Chanel's sake.

Will soon rushed off, and Chanel returned a short time later and started complaining to Allie about Johnny's continued interest in a romantic relationship with Ava. "It just doesn't make sense!" Chanel eventually concluded before asking for Allie's thoughts on the matter. "I think we should have a threesome with Alex Kiriakis," Allie blurted out after gulping down a full glass of wine.

Ava received a text message while working with Gabi in the CEO's office at DiMera Enterprises. Ava didn't even glance at the text message, prompting Gabi to wonder how anyone could ever resist the lure of a cell phone's chime. "I know who it is -- don't want to deal," Ava explained with a shrug, leaving Gabi desperate for more details.

Ava informed Gabi that E.J. had extended an olive branch the previous day and wanted a response. Gabi argued that E.J. was a "psychopath" who had tried to make Ava look like a "mentally unstable ghost whisperer" and that moving back in with such a person would be a big mistake. Gabi snatched Ava's cell phone and started to send E.J. a colorful answer.

Ava reclaimed the device before Gabi could finish telling E.J. off. "I will make my own decisions, thank you!" Ava snapped, worrying Gabi, who suspected that E.J. had an ulterior motive for making the DiMera "nuthouse" available to an outsider once again. Gabi predicted that E.J. would find a way to flip Ava if given enough time and space to do so. "I know you're savvy, I know you're strong...but E.J.'s savvier and stronger!" Gabi reasoned. "Now I want to move back in just to prove you wrong," Ava countered. Ava warned that E.J. was also trying to convince Johnny to move back into the mansion, prompting Gabi to take back the earlier advice about staying away from the place.

Gabi insisted that Ava needed to follow Johnny's lead because the alternative could be seen as a rejection. Ava reminded Gabi that Johnny's advances had already been rejected more than once. Gabi wondered if Ava had rejected Johnny in the hope of starting something with E.J. instead. "I have an amazing sexual-tension meter -- it's kind of like a superpower of mine," Gabi warned when Ava tried to deny the accusation. "You're just projecting out of frustration," Ava argued before elaborating that Gabi was trying to move on with Li but really wanted to be with Stefan instead. Gabi was annoyed at first but eventually confessed that Ava was at least right about the situation being complicated.

Ava soon rushed off, and Gabi contacted someone once the coast was clear and ordered the person to step up the search for Rolf. "That bastard did something to Stefan, and I'm gonna figure out what," Gabi grumbled after ending the call -- just as Stefan arrived. "I don't want any more reminders of our marriage -- or of you," Stefan spat before slamming his wedding ring down on Gabi's desk then storming off.

Ava ran into Johnny while en route to the Salem Inn. Johnny admitted to having just decided to move back into the DiMera mansion, prompting Ava to confess to having just made the same decision.

Allie suggests a threesome to Chanel

Allie suggests a threesome to Chanel

Friday, October 7, 2022

To E.J.'s surprise, both Johnny and Ava decided to move back into the DiMera mansion. "Aren't you excited to welcome your son and your sister-in-law back?" Ava asked. "I'm delighted to have you both here where you belong. If I seem surprised, it was only because I didn't hear from either of you about my offer," E.J. said. With a shrug, Johnny explained that they had decided, "Why not?"

E.J. admitted Johnny and Ava inside, and he asked them to leave their bags for Harold to take to their room. "Please ask Harold to get two rooms ready, because Johnny and I won't be sharing," Ava said. E.J. stressed that he had adjusted to the idea of Johnny and Ava as a couple. "It seems a bit sophomoric to keep up the pretense of separate rooms," E.J. said. When Johnny argued that E.J. was wrong, E.J. interrupted to note that the family had a history of unusual couples.

"Gabi has diligently worked her way through most of the men in this family. I think Tony and I are the only ones left standing," E.J. said. E.J. then rattled off Kate's dating history. "I'm telling you that your May-December quasi-incestuous involvement is par for the course," E.J. said. "Ava and I are not sleeping together, and that is not going to change," Johnny stressed. "Johnny and I are friends. That's it," Ava said.

"I don't understand," E.J. said. E.J. asked why he had found Johnny and Ava in bed together if they were only friends. "Dad, nothing happened," Johnny stressed. "Because I interrupted you," E.J. countered. Ava scoffed, and she noted that not everything was related to E.J. "I'm the one who put the brakes on it. You may have forgotten, but I recently lost my husband. So, I'm not ready to move on with anyone just yet," Ava explained. E.J. apologized for having jumped to the wrong conclusion.

"You're right, but I sort of can't believe you're saying it," Johnny said. "I should have known that a principled young man like yourself would never take advantage of a woman in Ava's situation," E.J. said. E.J. announced that he would retrieve a special bottle from the wine cellar. "Don't let yourself get locked in that secret room I've heard so much about," Ava joked. "Don't believe everything you hear," E.J. said as he went into the tunnels.

"Are you buying all this friendliness from him?" Ava asked. Johnny noted that E.J. did not do anything unless it helped E.J. "That's what I'm worried about," Ava said. "I've got your back," Johnny assured Ava. Johnny added that although he understood why Ava had said no, he still believed that he and Ava would be great together.

"You take all the time you need to grieve for Jake. But if and when you're ready, I'm here," Johnny said. "That's good to know," Ava whispered. E.J. returned with the wine and a present. E.J. handed the box to Ava. "Well, it isn't ticking, so that's encouraging," Ava said. Ava opened the present, and her smile fell away. "It's my marriage license," Ava said. "I took the liberty of having it framed for you," E.J. said. With a smirk, E.J. noted that the signature on the license was not Jake's signature.

"Are you starting with that nonsense again? You're still trying to prove that my marriage to Jake wasn't real," Ava said. "Ava married Jake. That has to be his signature," Johnny argued. E.J. explained that he had hired a group of handwriting experts. "A very almost flawless forgery," E.J. said. E.J. called Ava a liar. "I have it on good authority that [Ava] is not a DiMera," E.J. growled.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny lay on the couch in the living room and talked to Will on the phone. Sonny promised to visit Will in L.A. as soon as Sarah cleared him for travel. Alex walked into the room, and he poured a drink from the bar cart. When Sonny ended his call, Alex noted that Sonny was almost recovered. Sonny snapped at Alex, then he apologized.

"Almost dying, losing everything that I care about, and then Will has to just leave so quickly. I don't know. It's making it harder, this separation. Even though it is temporary," Sonny said. "You're a lucky guy, Sonny. You and Will. You got each other. You got Ari," Alex said. Alex asked for dating advice. After Alex told Sonny about his latest interactions with Stephanie, Sonny said that Alex was obsessed.

"Which is not only a turnoff for her, it's not very healthy for you," Sonny advised. "I don't need a shrink. I just need you to help me get through to her," Alex said. Sonny told Alex to get over his obsession. "Not only is [Stephanie] not interested in you, but from what you tell me, she actively dislikes you and wants you to leave her the hell alone," Sonny said.

"I have to do something. I told you, I was a jerk to her when I saw her at the hospital," Alex grumbled. Sonny reminded Alex that Stephanie already believed that Alex was a jerk. Alex protested that it was different because he had not known that Kayla was sick. "I have to do something to make up for it," Alex stressed. When Alex suggested sending flowers, Sonny warned Alex not to bother.

"I got it!" Alex said. "I'm terrified," Sonny muttered. "Stephanie's whole problem is that she doesn't want to date somebody like me because we work together. So, I'll fire her," Alex said. Alarmed, Sonny reminded Alex that he could not fire Stephanie. "That is literally textbook sexual harassment, Alex! You dumbass!" Sonny yelled. After Alex grumbled about his feelings, Sonny warned Alex that "a hard no does not mean maybe."

"Maybe you're right, Sonny. You know firing Stephanie would be wrong on many levels. So, I'm going to quit," Alex said. Sonny groaned as he melodramatically grabbed his head in frustration. When Alex argued that someone could temporarily take over, Sonny reminded Alex that another CEO change would cause company instability.

"You're going to have to stay put until I am well enough to come back," Sonny said. "And what about my feelings for Stephanie?" Alex asked. Frustrated, Sonny yelled at Alex to get over his obsession. "Back off, all right?" Sonny screamed. Alex agreed.

"You're just feeling a little rejected right now, and I'm feeling a little lonely. So how about we soothe our aching hearts by filling our empty stomachs?" Sonny suggested. Alex offered to pick up chili dogs from Julie's Place.

On the patio at Julie's Place, Stephanie and Chad wrapped up work. "How did you like your first day at SJPR?" Stephanie asked. "Watching you work is exhausting," Chad said. Stephanie thanked Chad for all his help on Paulina's campaign. With a grin, Stephanie noted that DiMeras' loss was her gain. "You're a good teacher," Chad said.

"You have great ideas. And I know our deal was that you were only going to work until the election, but I might be trying to change your mind about that," Stephanie said with a grin. "We'll see about that," Chad said with a chuckle. Stephanie suggested that they celebrate with a Champagne toast. After Chad and Stephanie finished a bottle of Champagne, Chad asked about his official title.

"SJ hasn't figured that out yet," Stephanie admitted. Stephanie's phone beeped, and she frowned. Chad asked if Paulina had written back about the material Stephanie had sent her. With a shake of her head, Stephanie noted that Tripp had texted her.

"I wish [Kayla] would just let me tell [Tripp and Joey] how sick she is," Stephanie said. "Maybe she figures it would be too hard on them, since they're so far away," Chad suggested. Stephanie noted that proximity to Kayla did not make the situation easier. With a sigh, Stephanie apologized for being a buzzkill.

"No. I know your mom is on your mind around the clock. You shouldn't feel guilty about taking time for your own life," Chad said. "She just, she doesn't get any better," Stephanie whispered. Chad assured Stephanie that Kayla was beloved by the hospital staff. "They're going to pull her through this," Chad said. "I wish I had your faith," Stephanie said. Stephanie reminded Chad that she had believed for years that her father had died.

"It must have felt like a miracle when he came home," Chad said. "It did. But during all those years before the miracle, my mom was my rock. My world was still okay because I knew I had her. I can't lose her," Stephanie said. Chad told Stephanie that he understood, because Kate had been like a mother to him since his own mother had died.

"I'm scared for [Kate] now," Chad said. "And you're still grieving Abigail," Stephanie noted. With a sigh, Chad said that the job was the perfect distraction. "For me, too," Stephanie said. Stephanie placed her hand on Chad's. As Chad and Stephanie looked into one another's eyes, Alex walked up to the restaurant. When Alex saw Stephanie with Chad, he walked away.

"How have you been coping?" Stephanie asked Chad. After a moment, Chad admitted that he had hoped he would have felt better when Clyde was arrested, but he still felt terrible. Chad explained that the hunt for Abigail's killer had given him a purpose. "I felt kind of lost until you threw me a lifeline. So, thank you," Chad said. With a shake of her head, Stephanie countered that Chad had saved her.

"If you hadn't walked in when you did this morning, I'm telling you, Paulina would have canned me," Stephanie said. Chad shrugged sheepishly. "And just firing me wouldn't have been enough. She would have tried to ruin my career," Stephanie said. "You're giving me too much credit. I was just following your lead," Chad said.

When Chad mentioned that he had run into Stephanie at the restaurant after he had left Abigail's grave, Stephanie nodded sympathetically. "I imagined seeing [Abigail]," Chad confessed. Chad told Stephanie that Abigail had urged him to move on with his life. "If only it were that easy," Chad whispered. Stephanie advised Chad to give himself time to grieve.

With a shake of his head, Chad said he wanted to skip ahead. Confused, Stephanie asked Chad what he meant. "Maybe what Abby was trying to say was I should try being with someone else. Someone that I already like. A lot," Chad said. Chad looked in Stephanie's eyes, and he kissed her.

At Paulina's campaign headquarters, she reviewed the information that Stephanie had emailed to her. "This is more like it!" Paulina said. "Someone sounds very happy," Abe said as he walked in. With a smile, Paulina noted that she was always happy to see Abe walk through her door. After a quick kiss, Paulina showed Abe the new progress report from Stephanie. Paulina told Abe that she hoped Stephanie would take her advice and hire Chad to help.

Over drinks, Abe told Paulina about Marlena's illness. Paulina mentioned that Kayla was sick, too. "Maybe there is some bad bug running around," Paulina said. Abe told Paulina that Orpheus had poisoned Kayla, Marlena, and Kate. "[Orpheus] seems determined to kill the partners of his three greatest enemies," Abe explained. Paulina suggested that they go to the hospital, but Abe said it was too late for visitors.

"Kate checked herself out of the hospital," Abe added. "The hospital let her do that?" Paulina said. Abe chuckled. "When Kate wants something, it is hard to change her mind," Abe said. Paulina joked about Roman living with a stubborn woman, and Abe made a face. "That was a joke," Paulina said. With a grin, Abe suggested they visit Kate. As the couple rose to leave, Sloan knocked on the door.

"What do you want?" Abe asked. "I'm here to see your wife," Sloan said. Paulina told Abe that she would meet him at the pub. "Give my love to Roman and Kate," Paulina said. Abe warned Sloan to be nice to his wife, then he left. "What is this about?" Paulina asked. Sloan explained that she had a client with sensitive information.

"Should that information become public, your nascent political career would be over before it begins," Sloan said. Paulina called Sloan an "ambulance chaser." Annoyed, Paulina argued that she had no secrets and that she would not pay any blackmail. "I wasn't talking about you, Miss Price. I was talking about your daughter," Sloan said.

At Allie's apartment, a stunned Chanel asked Allie, "Did you really just suggest that we have a threesome with Alex Kiriakis?" Allie nodded yes. "Where is this coming from? How long have you been thinking about us sleeping with Alex?" Chanel asked. Allie said she did not know.

"Does this have something to do with Johnny?" Chanel asked. "Ew! What? No!" Allie said. Chanel noted that she and Allie had been fighting about Johnny before Allie's change of heart about a threesome. "Is that what this is about? Because you're still worried about my past with Johnny, and you think that a threesome will solve that?" Chanel asked.

"You really think that I would suggest a threesome with Alex because I am still scared of you being into Johnny?" Allie asked. With a sigh, Chanel said she was confused. Allie explained that she had believed it was something they could do together. "From the get-go, you have been very open about being sexually fluid," Allie said. "Okay, and you're bi. So, what does that have to do with anything?" Chanel countered. Allie noted that they were both attracted to men.

"So, are you saying that you miss having sex with them?" Chanel asked. Allie said no. "This is not about missing anything. I just think it could be fun," Allie said. With a nod yes, Chanel countered that a loving, monogamous relationship was fulfilling. "And I thought that you were happy, too," Chanel said. Allie confirmed that she was happy.

"The last thing that I would ever want to do is cheapen what we have. I just think that this is something that we could share, you know, as a couple," Allie said. "Bringing a guy like Alex into our relationship?" Chanel said. Allie clarified that Alex would only be in their bed, not their relationship. "This is just about sex," Allie stressed. Allie explained that Alex was the perfect candidate, because neither of them would fall for him.

After a moment, Allie asked Chanel what she thought of the proposition. "I am still a little thrown by this whole thing," Chanel admitted. Chanel said that she was concerned that Allie had not thought things through. "It's just sex," Allie said. "That sounds like the famous last words from a love triangle thriller, and then the next thing you know, somebody's bunny is getting boiled," Chanel grumbled. Allie admitted that Chanel's attraction to Johnny bothered her.

"But Johnny is not the reason that I think we should be with Alex. I still remember what I had with Tripp, and I remember how much I enjoyed it, and how hot it was," Allie said. "So much so that you cheated on him with me," Chanel countered. Allie noted that she and Chanel had chemistry with one another and the men in their lives. "I don't want either one of us to miss that and then mess up what we have," Allie said. Chanel asked Allie if Alex was the answer. With a grin, Allie said, "It might be fun to figure out."

"Before we take this any further, I have to make something clear. Being fluid doesn't mean that I'm always missing men. I am in a happy, committed relationship with the woman I love," Chanel said. "I feel exactly the same way about you," Allie agreed. Allie and Chanel sipped their wine in silence for a moment. "So, if I were to say yes to this, what would we do next? How do we make it happen?" Chanel asked.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Alex returned home with takeout from the Brady Pub. Sonny stirred awake on the couch. "I thought you were getting Julie's?" Sonny said. "They were all out of chili dogs, so I swung by the pub and grabbed some burgers," Alex said somberly. Sonny grabbed a burger, and he asked if Alex was okay. "Yeah," Alex whispered. Alex's phone beeped. "It's Allie and Chanel. They want me to come over," Alex said.

Allie and Chanel sipped wine in their living room as they waited for their visitor. "I cannot believe we are really doing this," Chanel said. "Well, we won't be doing much of anything until Alex shows up," Allie countered. With a smile, Chanel wondered aloud if it would be a bad thing if Alex did not show. "I thought you were up for this?" Allie asked. Before Chanel could respond, Alex knocked on the door. Allie and Chanel answered it together. "What's up?" Alex asked.

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