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Chad and Stephanie almost had sex. Allie and Chanel had a threesome with Alex. Ava told the truth about her non-marriage and left Salem. Johnny warned Stefan not to trust E.J. Gabi pleaded with Stefan to remember their love. Paulina refused to pay her blackmailer. Wendy and Johnny teamed up to investigate Li. Li blackmailed E.J. with control of Stefan. E.J. was elected CEO. Kate and Roman remarried. Sami and Belle reconciled. Joey and Tripp arrived. Kristen offered the serum to Brady in exchange for a life with him and Rachel.
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Kristen offered up a cure with a catch. Chanel, Allie, and Alex had a threesome. Li Shen's little sister, Wendy, arrived in Salem. Roman and Kate were married.
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Johnny and E.J. argue about Ava

Johnny and E.J. argue about Ava

Monday, October 10, 2022

by Mike

Paulina, still alone with Sloan at Team Price's gubernatorial election campaign headquarters, advised the lawyer that it was impossible to blackmail a person with information concerning their daughter when that information was already a matter of public record. "Lani killed Ray Coates -- and not only do I not back away from that, I am committed to exposing and dealing with the pandemic of domestic abuse in this country!" Paulina stressed before warning Sloan that attempting to misrepresent that stance as an endorsement of vigilante justice would also be a waste of time.

Sloan clarified that Paulina had jumped to the wrong conclusion. "I'm talking about your other daughter --" Sloan began to elaborate, drawing a scoff from Paulina. "If this is about her being bisexual, the days when that was a scandal are, thank God, long over, and I stand with my daughter, as I stand with the entire LGBTQ community! Now, maybe, perhaps, it's a little scandalous that she's now with the twin sister of the man she just divorced --" Paulina protested, ignoring Sloan's many attempts to interrupt. "I'm talking about an incident that happened while she was at college," Sloan finally managed to conclude before handing Paulina a folder.

Paulina read the enclosed document then demanded to know what Sloan wanted. "I'm here on behalf of my client -- this is obviously about what they want," Sloan responded before hinting that the client wanted money then adding that Paulina didn't need to know the person's identity. "What's it like down there at the bottom of the barrel?" Paulina wondered before refusing to cave to Sloan's blackmail attempt. "Think what could happen to Chanel -- and her freedom -- should this information become public," Sloan advised before encouraging Paulina to spend the night pondering the matter.

Alex entered the Horton apartment and settled on the couch while insisting that Allie and Chanel hadn't reached out at a bad time and that Sonny hadn't minded the interruption.

Alex was soon sandwiched between Chanel and Allie, sipping wine while waiting for the couple to explain what was going on. Allie tried to get Chanel to do the honors, but Chanel punted the responsibility back to Allie while explaining to Alex that it would be best to hear from the person who had set everything in motion earlier that night.

Chanel laughed during Allie's first few awkward attempts to clarify the situation for Alex. "Chanel and I would like to take you up on your offer," Allie eventually managed to explain. "You want to take the drive to the Wisconsin Dells? I mean, it's a little bit after the season, but..." Alex excitedly responded before starting to take a sip of wine. "Seems to me that if you can't bring yourself to use the word 'threesome'...then maybe you're not quite ready for one," Chanel bluntly challenged Allie, causing Alex to choke on the drink. "That offer..." Alex squeakily mused after recovering.

Alex wondered why Allie and Chanel were suddenly interested in the idea after having initially laughed it off. Chanel again saddled Allie with the responsibility of giving Alex a response. Allie admitted to Alex that things with Chanel had been a bit tense lately and that having a threesome might spice things up a bit. "Really, it's not so much about the other person -- really, not at all -- but more so about the two of us sharing something together," Allie summarized while grasping Chanel's hands. "'Not about the other person at all'... Noted... That is flattering..." Alex declared with a groan. "Not about the other person emotionally," Allie clarified, and Chanel elaborated that it was important for them to experiment with someone who was single and could be trusted to not get attached. "That's why we thought of you," Allie explained. "Because I'm so shallow..." Alex grumbled.

Chanel and Allie took turns stressing that they would understand if Alex was still hoping for a serious relationship with Stephanie and had therefore lost interest in having casual sex. "I went by Julie's Place, and I saw the Ice Princess, Stephanie, pretty much sitting on Chad DiMera's lap, so...since it looks like she and Chad are gonna make a night of it, if you two want to take me up on my offer, I say...'Hell, yeah -- let's do it,'" Alex responded before predicting that Allie and Chanel would enjoy the experience so much that it wouldn't just be a one-time thing. "Pretty sure of yourself," Chanel teased. "I didn't necessarily mean repeated with me," Alex clarified before advising Chanel and Allie to trust the only person in the apartment who had already had a threesome. "Millions of times," Alex stressed. "All right, twice -- but it was amazing both times, and I got a feeling this time is going to be even better," Alex backpedaled.

Alex, Chanel, and Allie finished drinking wine then did a round of tequila shots. " do we start?" Chanel wondered. "Like this," Alex answered before kissing Chanel then kissing Allie. "Was that okay?" Alex prodded Allie and Chanel afterward. Chanel and Allie took turns assuring Alex that it had indeed been okay. Alex watched with wide-eyed, open-mouthed excitement as Allie and Chanel kissed each other. Chanel and Allie eventually separated then started leading Alex into one of the bedrooms. Alex glanced at the ceiling and mouthed an expression of gratitude while following Allie and Chanel.

Alex, Chanel, and Allie all agreed later that their threesome had been "hot" but had left them feeling dehydrated. Alex rushed off to the kitchen to fetch three glasses of water, promising Allie and Chanel that a second round of sex was imminent. Once the coast was clear, Chanel and Allie took turns assuring each other that they were okay with what had just happened.

Stephanie and Chad used a rideshare service to get to the Brady-Johnson townhouse then continued drinking and kissing there, feeling confident that Steve would be spending the night with Kayla at the hospital, and eventually began awkwardly trying to undress each other. "I'm sorry -- I can't do this," Chad declared before any articles of clothing had been fully shed, prompting Stephanie to dismiss the concern and agree that it would have been a bad idea for them to sleep together while they had both been drunk and desperate to forget their respective troubles. "On the very first day I hired you," Stephanie added with a laugh before assuring Chad that what had happened wouldn't change things for them -- on a personal or professional level.

Chad used a rideshare service to get to the Horton house then sighed while staring at a framed photograph of Abigail. Meanwhile, Paulina recorded an urgent voicemail message for Stephanie, whose cell phone was in silent mode.

Johnny was quick to object when E.J. started accusing Ava of fraud during their conversation at the DiMera mansion. "You inherited that guy's contact list -- you could have hired a 'team of experts' to conclude that the earth is flat," Johnny argued while pointing at Stefano's portrait. "But I didn't," E.J. countered with a shrug before offering the name of an expert who was willing to testify against Ava. "You got his grandkids locked away in a DiMera dungeon somewhere?" Johnny guessed, annoying E.J. and amusing Ava.

Johnny admitted that E.J.'s power move shouldn't have been a surprise. "It's always a warning sign when you start acting like an actual human being," Johnny spat before wondering if E.J. had any other bombs to drop at that time. "A hell of a lot more," E.J. confirmed before revealing that someone at City Hall had determined that Ava and Jake's marriage license hadn't even been created until after the shooting. Johnny still had doubts, but Ava confessed that E.J. was right then explained what had really happened on that fateful day.

"So, Gabi put you up to it -- why am I not surprised..." E.J. muttered during Ava's tale, annoying Johnny, who grew even more annoyed with each snide comment that followed. "I could see how upset you were about my Uncle Jake -- I could see how much you loved him. So, you let me believe that you married him -- you never lied to me about anything else...and that, in this house, is a very rare thing," Johnny declared at the end of the tale, adding that it wasn't necessary for Ava to apologize for the deception because E.J. had done much worse things over the years.

E.J. produced a cell phone with the intention of reporting Ava's crime to the police, but Johnny insisted that wasn't necessary. "Son, you can't get emotional about things like this! Look, I know that you care about --" E.J. argued. "You like to call me 'son' -- you like to tell me how much you love me... Well, if you love me as much as you say you do, you will put that phone down!" Johnny countered.

E.J. sighed then agreed to humor Johnny. "As long as she leaves Salem immediately -- and never returns," E.J. added, horrifying Johnny, who started to object then fell silent when Ava accepted the deal. E.J. grabbed the framed marriage license with a smirk of satisfaction then started to rush off so Ava and Johnny could say goodbye to each other. "Not arrivederci," E.J. warned Ava before disappearing from view.

Johnny tried to talk Ava out of letting E.J. win. "My dad can't just drive you out of town -- he's not the sheriff," Johnny argued. "No, but he won't have any problem talking to the police commissioner, who's not exactly my biggest fan," Ava countered.

"Besides, there's nothing left for me here," Ava added, drawing a sigh from Johnny. "Almost nothing," Ava backpedaled before apologizing to Johnny for the unfinished business between them. "Maybe I should come with you," Johnny suggested, but Ava rejected the offer, arguing that it would be better for them to just part ways while they still had nothing but good memories of their time together. Ava gave Johnny a kiss on the cheek then exited the mansion.

E.J. rejoined Johnny seconds later. "I see the viper's slithered off to find a new nest," E.J. observed. "I bet you're pretty pleased with yourself...but I will make you pay for this, if it's the last thing I do," Johnny countered.

E.J. tells Gabi about Ava's betrayal

E.J. tells Gabi about Ava's betrayal

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Alex dreamed he woke up in bed next to Stephanie. "I saw you with Chad last night. I thought you were into him or something," Alex said. "Who says I'm not?" Stephanie countered. Stephanie smiled and looked past Alex at Chad, who was also in bed with them. "That was some night, huh?" Chad said.

When Alex woke up, he was snuggled in bed between Allie and Chanel. The women stirred awake. "You two were out cold," Alex said. "It was quite a night," Allie said. "We didn't get much sleep," Chanel added. With a chuckle, Alex said he felt like he was still dreaming. "What did you dream about?" Allie asked. "A threesome. And lucky for me, my dream came true!" Alex said. The three cuddled close, and Allie and Chanel asked for details. Alex announced that he needed to leave, and he crawled out of bed.

While Alex was in the shower, Allie and Chanel chatted about why Alex had been so eager to get out of bed. "He's in love with us," Chanel said. Allie laughed. "Love is a human emotion, and I don't think our pal Alex has any of those," Allie joked. Chanel argued that she had seen love in Alex's eyes.

After Alex showered, Chanel asked him if he was still in a hurry to leave. "That was a bit awkward," Alex admitted. "You just seemed a bit overwhelmed, as if in the grips of a powerful emotion," Chanel said. Alex assured Allie and Chanel that he had had a great time with them. With a sigh, Chanel reminded Alex that their threesome had been a one-time thing.

"And where is this coming from?" Alex asked. "One of us thinks there might be something more," Allie said. Alex raised an eyebrow. "Trust me. I'm into you both, truly. But that is not something any of us need to worry about," Alex said. After a moment, Alex confessed that his eagerness to leave had been because he had dreamed about Chad. Allie and Chanel shared a look.

"Last night I had a dream that [Stephanie] was with Chad DiMera," Alex explained. Alex clarified that the dream was not about a threesome, but that Chad was capable of taking Stephanie from him. "But you don't have her," Chanel noted. "And you don't know that Chad has her either," Allie added. Chanel and Allie teased Alex about his dream, and he laughed.

"I'm sorry if it seemed a little weird right there, but I care about you both a lot. I had an awesome time hanging out. You're amazing," Alex said. Chanel and Allie kissed Alex on the cheek, and he left. Over morning coffee, Allie asked Chanel if they were okay. "You said last night that you thought that it might make us closer. I think it worked," Chanel said with a grin. Chanel and Allie agreed that although the night had been fun, they preferred the company of one another.

Alex returned home to the Kiriakis mansion, and he grabbed his tablet to read the news. When Alex saw the press release that Chad had joined Stephanie's PR firm, Alex sighed.

At the penthouse, Stephanie prepared to see Paulina for an urgent meeting. Stephanie popped aspirin for her hangover, and she checked her makeup. "At least I don't look too hungover," Stephanie muttered. As Stephanie opened the door to leave, Chad was in the hallway. Chad apologized for having shown up unannounced. "It's okay. You just surprised me," Stephanie said.

"I'd like to apologize for last night," Chad said. Stephanie told Chad that they had both had too much to drink. "Last night, reality, which I hate, had beaten us both up, real good. We were trying to blot it out," Stephanie said. Stephanie added that the nightcap at the penthouse had been a mistake, and she thanked Chad for having put the brakes on their make-out session.

"Yesterday, I really enjoyed working with you. And I really enjoyed talking to you. And I really don't want to screw that up," Chad said. "Let's agree that we simply can't remember a thing that happened since we left Julie's Place," Stephanie said. Chad joked that Stephanie was great at PR spin. With a chuckle, Stephanie noted that she was on her way out to meet with Paulina. "It sounds like an asteroid is about to hit Salem," Stephanie said. Chad offered to go with her.

When Stephanie and Chad arrived at Price headquarters, Paulina was alarmed to see Chad. "You were the one that recommended Stephanie hire me. I thought that was because you trusted me," Chad said. Chad offered to wait outside, but Stephanie interrupted to suggest that Chad could sign an NDA. "If this is as serious as you say it is, I could use some help," Stephanie said. Paulina apologized.

"I trust you. God knows I need to trust someone," Paulina said. After Chad signed an NDA, Paulina told Stephanie and Chad about Sloan's visit. Stephanie and Chad read the file Sloan had given to Paulina. "I can see why you're concerned," Stephanie said. "Even if you did pay [the blackmailer], there is no guarantee they won't keep asking for more," Chad said. Paulina added that the blackmailer could still release the information before the election.

When Stephanie and Chad returned to the penthouse, they started to work on Paulina's problem. Chad encouraged Stephanie to take a break to visit her mother. "I'll get all the preliminaries in place. I won't make any decisions," Chad promised. There was a knock at the door, and Stephanie braced to confront Sloan. It was Alex. "What are you doing here?" Stephanie asked. "I'm here to tell you that you are the biggest hypocrite I have ever met," Alex said.

After Chanel heard Paulina's voicemail, she went over to the election headquarters. "I got your message. You sounded terrible. Everything okay?" Chanel asked. Paulina gripped the blackmail file in her hands.

Outside Gabi's office at DiMera Enterprises, she yelled on the phone at security to find Rolf. When Gabi entered her office, she was dismayed to see E.J. behind the desk. Gabi ordered E.J. to leave. "I'm just trying [the seat] on for size. Squeaks a little. Needs to be replaced, like a lot of things around here," E.J. said. When Gabi argued that E.J. had no right to be at her desk, E.J. countered that he could say the same about her.

"We currently sit at a tie, which means I remain in place [as CEO]," Gabi said. E.J. pointed out that Ava was not at work. "Jake doesn't have a widow. That marriage was a fraud," E.J. said. "That's not true. They loved each other," Gabi said. With a smirk, E.J. argued that love was irrelevant because the marriage was a legal fraud.

"Ava has a valid marriage license," Gabi said. With a chuckle, E.J. informed Gabi that Ava had told him the truth about the forgery. "She sold you down the river, and then she said it was all your idea," E.J. said. Gabi noted that Ava was not a reliable witness. E.J. said that his priority was to remove Gabi from office and that Jake's shares would revert to Vivian.

"[Vivian] can't vote. She's incarcerated," Gabi said. E.J. reminded Gabi that Vivian had a right to sign a proxy for her vote and that he had sent someone to the prison to retrieve one from Vivian. "You're out of moves, Gabi. That's checkmate. I wonder if you have any idea how much Stefan is going to enjoy being the deciding factor that gives you the boot," E.J. said. With a grin, E.J. walked out.

Johnny walked into the DiMera living room as Stefan poured a cup of coffee. "Your dad told me you moved back in last night," Stefan said. "We'll see how long that lasts," Johnny muttered. Johnny told Stefan that he was glad to hear that Stefan was alive. "Me too," Stefan said. Stefan noted that E.J. had already left the house.

"Your dad told me what Ava Vitali did," Stefan said. With a nod, Johnny argued that Ava had made a mistake and that E.J. had overreacted. "[Ava] faked a marriage so she could steal her dead boyfriend's stock shares. No wonder he's furious," Stefan said. Johnny laughed. "[E.J.] is delighted. He's found a way to get his mitts on even more money that he doesn't need. He doesn't give a rat's ass about right or wrong. He would have done exactly what Ava did in a heartbeat," Johnny said. Stefan disagreed.

"This isn't about money. This is about making sure that that scheming swine, Gabi Hernandez, gets kicked to the curb," Stefan muttered. Confused, Johnny reminded Stefan that Gabi was Stefan's wife. "Not for long. Thank God," Stefan said. "But everybody said how happy you were together, how crazy you were about her," Johnny said. Annoyed, Stefan yelled that Gabi would get what was "coming to her." Johnny frowned, deep in thought.

"What exactly did Dr. Rolf do to you, anyway?" Johnny asked. Defensive, Stefan argued that Rolf had not done anything to him. "You can't make a person hate someone," Stefan said. "So, you hate Gabi?" Johnny asked. Stefan stressed that he did not love Gabi. With a shrug, Stefan said he did not know why he had fallen for Gabi. "If I did," Stefan added.

"Surely I'm not the only one that thinks that's a pretty weird about-face," Johnny said. Stefan muttered that he was tired of everyone telling him how he felt about Gabi. "Let me get this straight. Everybody's saying one thing, and you're saying the opposite. Doesn't that make you wonder why that is?" Johnny countered. Frustrated, Stefan said he did not know why everyone was surprised, when his relationship with Gabi had originally evolved out of hatred.

"So, maybe I sat there, and I convinced myself that there was more to this relationship than there actually was," Stefan said. Johnny wondered aloud if Rolf was a fan of The Manchurian Candidate. "This has nothing to do with Rolf!" Stefan yelled. Stefan took a deep breath to calm down. "What would Rolf have to gain by making me hate Gabi?" Stefan asked.

"Wouldn't be the first time that a DiMera has asked [Rolf] to do something that can't be done," Johnny said as he looked at Stefano's portrait. When Stefan noted that Stefano was dead, Johnny countered that E.J. had his father's playbook. "If you and Gabi are still together, she's got an iron grip on DiMera. But if you side with my dad against her, she doesn't stand a chance," Johnny said.

"E.J. would have had to have been working with Rolf long before I was revived. But E.J. didn't know I was alive until Gabi told him," Stefan said. With a smirk, Johnny noted that E.J. was an accomplished liar. Stefan argued that Johnny was upset over Ava. "It sounds to me like you're having a hard time accepting what she did," Stefan said. Stefan accused Johnny of grasping at theories.

"If I loved Gabi, even if it was buried deep in my subconscious, believe me, I'd know," Stefan said. Johnny urged Stefan to think about the possibilities. "Trust me, you can't just believe everything my dad says," Johnny stressed. "I see you two have finally met," E.J. said as he walked in. "We were just getting to know each other," Stefan confirmed. Johnny told E.J. that he had warned Stefan not to trust E.J.

"You're still angry about Ava, but we'll have to talk about that later. Gabi and I are now in endgame," E.J. said. "Good," Stefan whispered. E.J. told Johnny to be thankful because the company would soon be more financially robust. "I am upset that you treated [Ava] like dirt, Dad," Johnny grumbled.

"In time, you will see that I did what was best for all, including you," E.J. countered. "But mostly you," Johnny said. E.J. advised Johnny to find a more age-appropriate love interest. With a smirk, E.J. asked Stefan if he wanted to torment Gabi. "I'd love nothing more," Stefan said.

Li paced his Salem Inn room as he left an angry voicemail for Dr. Rolf. "Gabi has the mayor's security looking for you. She's already suspicious that you did something to Stefan to make him hate her. You better be in your lab when I get there. I'm not about to lose her to that bastard!" Li growled. When Li opened the door to leave, he ran into his sister, Jing-Wen.

"What's it about this time?" Li asked. "It's about a promise that was made to me about my 'dream job.' So where is it?" Wendy asked. Annoyed, Li told Wendy that she had arrived at a bad time. Li argued that Wendy was the head of IT in Fairbanks. "There's only so much moose a girl can eat," Wendy said. Li told Wendy to talk to their father, but she complained that their father was sexist.

"I told you this isn't a good time," Li growled. "I'm going to keep driving you crazy until you get me my dream job in Salem, the center of all things DiMera," Wendy growled. Wendy argued that Li had leverage because he was engaged to the CEO. "Or have you screwed that up, too?" Wendy asked. Li insisted that his relationship with Gabi was solid. Wendy asked Li why he had been yelling about Stefan before Li had opened the door.

When Li noted that Stefan had no interest in Gabi, a suspicious Wendy asked Li why he had been panicking. "I wasn't panicking!" Li yelled. As Li took a moment to calm down, Gabi called. "Where are you? I need you," Gabi said. "What's wrong?" Li asked. Gabi asked Li to rush over, and he agreed. Wendy wanted to go with Li, but he refused to take her with him as he stormed out.

"So, why are you so freaked out about Stefan DiMera?" Wendy wondered aloud. Wendy noticed that Li had left his laptop behind, and she guessed his password. "This is all personal junk. Leave it to Li to use two separate laptops," Wendy said. After a cursory look, Wendy slammed the laptop shut. "I need to figure out why Li is so freaked out about Stefan DiMera," Wendy whispered.

After E.J. left with Stefan, Johnny paced the DiMera living room and complained about his father. "Find yourself someone more age appropriate," Johnny said in an imitation of E.J.'s voice. When Johnny opened the front door to leave, he saw Wendy on the front porch.

At DiMera Enterprises, Gabi told Li about her conversation with E.J. "I don't see any moves left," Gabi said. "Are you sure he's not bluffing?" Li asked. Gabi noted that Ava had not shown up for work, and she had not answered her phone. "[E.J.] was laughing at the idea of Stefan casting the deciding vote against me," Gabi said. Gabi hugged Li, and she said, "You're the only one I can trust."

After a moment, Li told Gabi to have faith. "I keep telling you, [E.J.] absolutely thinks he has won. And he's so enjoying using Stefan as his hatchet man," Gabi said. E.J. and Stefan wandered in with smiles plastered across their faces. "So, this is what fear smells like," E.J. said. "Watch it," Li growled. E.J. held up an envelope, and he announced that it had Vivian's power of attorney to secure her proxy vote. E.J. explained that Jake's shares would go to Stefan.

E.J. suggested that Stefan could give Gabi a job reference because he knew her best. "I wish I didn't. I wish I never laid eyes on her," Stefan whispered. Frustrated, Gabi asked Stefan why he hated her so much. "We loved each other! There must be some part of you that still remembers that, no?" Gabi asked. Gabi stepped close to Stefan, and she asked him to look into her eyes. Close to tears, Gabi pleaded, "There must be something in there. Where is it?" Stefan looked into Gabi's eyes, and he remembered when he had confessed his love for Gabi in the tunnels.

Johnny and Wendy realize that they have similar goals

Johnny and Wendy realize that they have similar goals

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

by Mike

Chanel was horrified when Paulina explained why they were meeting in private at Team Price's gubernatorial election campaign headquarters. "How do they even know about this?" Chanel wondered. "I don't know -- it happened so long ago, I was sure that it would never come out," Paulina responded.

Chanel broke down while apologizing to Paulina. "This is all my fault -- your campaign could be ruined because of some stupid mistake I made in college!" Chanel fretted. "Forget the campaign -- that is the last thing that is on my mind right now; all I care about is protecting you," Paulina stressed.

Sloan arrived while Paulina was assuring Chanel that everything was going to be okay. "This is a lawsuit waiting to happen -- one with a very unpleasant discovery process...and, oh, what there is to discover..." Sloan stressed before advising Chanel to convince Paulina that it would be best to just settle the matter privately instead of getting a PR firm involved.

Paulina assured Chanel that Sloan was aware that it was common for a PR firm to handle such delicate situations. "But, hey, if you prefer, you know, I can handle you myself -- roughly," Paulina warned, prompting Sloan to wonder if that was supposed to be a threat. "Oh, honey, that's a promise!" Paulina clarified before ordering Sloan to leave at once.

"I have more important things to deal with than the likes of you," Paulina declared. "I am, by far, the most important thing that you have to deal with -- and if you haven't discovered that by now, you soon will...'honey'!" Sloan countered. Paulina maintained that Sloan needed to go through the PR firm. Sloan shrugged then warned that Paulina would be getting another visit if the meeting with the PR firm didn't go well.

After Sloan left, Paulina apologized to Chanel for what was happening. "It never occurred to me running for governor could mean they'd dig this up -- my past, my skeletons, yes...but yours? Ugh, politics is a nasty business -- I should have known..." Paulina fretted before adding that Chanel had worked really hard to move past what had happened years earlier.

Paulina wanted to drop out of the gubernatorial election and hope that doing so would resolve the matter, but Chanel didn't like that idea. "I know how much this means to you!" Chanel argued. "Oh, my sweet child, you mean infinitely more -- you mean everything!" Paulina countered. Chanel was willing to just pay the blackmailer with the profits from a record quarter of sales at Sweet Bits, but Paulina predicted that doing so would only ensure that the blackmail would never stop. Paulina decided to compromise with Chanel, promising to hold off on making a final decision for the time being in the hope that Stephanie and Chad would be able to think of a way out of the mess.

Alex barged into the Brady-Johnson townhouse while continuing to lash out at Stephanie, ignoring Chad's attempt to intervene. "You said you would only continue working for Titan if I respected all of your boundaries -- you called it 'sexual harassment' if I were to do as much as ask you out for a froyo -- so I have been trying to keep it strictly professional and only business --" Alex reminded Stephanie, prompting Chad to sarcastically agree that showing up unannounced at someone's home was a great way of respecting boundaries.

Alex ignored Chad's point and continued confronting Stephanie. "But sleeping with the new guy you just hired is okay? Is that not a violation of your precious rules? Or do you just make an exception for somebody named 'Chad DiMera'?" Alex challenged Stephanie before glaring at Chad.

Stephanie wondered why Alex believed that Chad was more than just an employee. "Because I'm not an idiot -- because I was at Julie's Place last night, and I saw you two canoodling over a bottle of Champagne!" Alex explained before advising Stephanie to drop the act and admit the truth about Chad.

Chad joked that canoodling was an Olympic sport, and Stephanie clarified that the Olympic sport was canoeing, but Alex wasn't amused. "I thought you said you weren't an idiot," Chad teased, further annoying Alex, who only softened after Stephanie insisted that nothing else had happened the previous night.

Chad argued that Stephanie wasn't a hypocrite and that Alex was "a complete jackass" for having suggested otherwise. "What happened between Stephanie and me was consensual," Chad stressed to explain why only one of the potential workplace romances could be considered appropriate, and Alex conceded the point after some thought then apologized for having continued pursuing Stephanie after being told to back off. "You're not into me -- you never were -- and you have found somebody else that you are into, and I need to accept that...and I'm a big boy, so I will," Alex declared with a sigh before changing the subject, acknowledging that Kayla was sick then offering Stephanie a few words of comfort.

Chad waited until the coast was clear then wondered if Stephanie was happy that Alex was moving on. Stephanie dodged Chad's question and tried to change the subject, pointing out that Paulina's crisis still needed to be handled -- and, as if on cue, Sloan knocked on the townhouse door just then.

Sloan handed over a settlement offer, and Stephanie promised to have the money ready soon. Sloan rushed off with a nod of satisfaction, clearly surprised that the negotiation had gone so smoothly, and Stephanie waited until the coast was clear then explained to Chad that the agreement had been a stall tactic.

Johnny eyed Wendy suspiciously then warned that peddlers weren't welcome at the DiMera mansion. "I'm not selling anything -- I'm looking for Stefan DiMera," Wendy clarified before shoving past Johnny and stepping into the living room. "My uncle's not here," Johnny revealed before threatening to call security and report that Wendy was trespassing.

Johnny softened a bit after exchanging names with Wendy. "I heard you kicked some serious ass at the DiMera gala in Hong Kong," Johnny recalled before probing for more details about Wendy's unexpected visit to the mansion. "None of your business," Wendy snapped at Johnny before exiting the mansion while vowing to return sooner or later.

Wendy headed over to the town square and claimed a table then produced a tablet computer and started trying to hack into Li's business email account. "Dude, I've been lecturing you forever about adding another layer of security, and you do it now? Ugh! Damn it, Li, what are you trying so hard to hide..." Wendy grumbled -- just as Johnny jogged through the area.

Johnny observed that Wendy seemed to be trying to hack into a DiMera Enterprises account. Wendy laughed off the accusation and clarified that Johnny was looking at the woman who was in charge of the company's IT department in Fairbanks. "Alaska? What'd you do to get banished there?" Johnny wondered. "Got better test scores than Li my whole life, better grades, summa to his magna and all that...which should have put me in first position, but the Shins can't have the baby sister showing up the firstborn son, so it was off to the tundra for me," Wendy grumbled before vowing to soon find a way to settle the score.

Johnny translated that Wendy was trying to hack into Li's business email account to find a way to get the upper hand and secure a better job. "I know it sounds sketchy, but this is how my family rolls," Wendy explained to Johnny, who understood but was quick to warn that working at Salem's branch of DiMera Enterprises might not be the best idea. "Everyone who works there is a two-faced liar, there's a new CEO every other week -- trust me, it's toxic," Johnny elaborated, but Wendy was willing to take the risk. Wendy and Johnny started comparing notes and soon realized that Li might have gotten Rolf to eradicate Stefan's love for Gabi -- although E.J. was also still a suspect.

Johnny promised not to tell E.J. about Wendy's investigation. "He's a condescending control freak who treats me and everyone I care about like dirt, so if he's trying to screw over my Uncle Stefan, I want to do something about it," Johnny explained before offering to help Wendy figure out what was going on. "Let's do this," Wendy agreed after some thought before sealing the deal with Johnny through a handshake.

E.J. and Li each noticed a slight change to Stefan's demeanor during Gabi's impassioned speech at DiMera Enterprises. Li and E.J. took turns wondering if something was wrong, each concerned about Stefan's sudden thaw toward Gabi. "What's wrong is...this conniving little bitch has stolen my job -- and I want it back," Stefan responded while glaring at Gabi, drawing sighs of relief from E.J. and Li.

Li predicted that E.J. would double-cross Stefan as soon as Gabi was removed from the company. Stefan laughed off Li's warning and insisted that E.J. was fine with sharing the CEO title because that was better than leaving all the power in Gabi's hands. Li vowed to find a way to protect Gabi, prompting E.J. and Stefan to take turns clarifying that more than one outsider was about to be kicked out of the company. "My father's chairman of the board -- you can't oust me," Li argued before continuing to offer Gabi words of comfort, but Stefan and E.J. both maintained that the company would lose two employees before the end of the day.

E.J. rushed off to make the changes official, and Li followed, leaving Gabi and Stefan alone together in the CEO's office. Gabi tried to get through to Stefan again but wasn't successful.

Meanwhile, Li dragged E.J. into a conference room and shut the door. "If you try to get rid of me, I'll make your brother flip on you so fast your head will spin," Li warned E.J. before revealing that Rolf was responsible for Stefan's sudden change of heart toward Gabi. "And I had it done -- and I can have it undone," Li stressed, prompting E.J. to point out that Stefan and Gabi would reunite if such a change occurred. "You're willing to dump the woman you love to retain your position here?" E.J. wondered. "This company is my life," Li explained. E.J. was still skeptical, but Li advised that it would be foolish to try to test the claim that DiMera Enterprises was more important than Gabi.

Later, Li rejoined Gabi in the CEO's office and explained that only one of them would be ousted, after all -- then promised again to continue trying to undo the damage that had just been done. "I feel like I've lost everything...but I haven't -- I have you, I have your love, your loyalty... I don't know what I would do without you," Gabi raved before giving Li a hug.

Meanwhile, E.J. broke the news to Stefan while they were alone together at the DiMera mansion. "You'll be given a high-level executive position," E.J. promised. "But you and Li will be running things," Stefan grumbled. E.J. claimed that Wei Shin, Li's father, didn't trust Stefan yet and wasn't willing to betray Li for a wild card. E.J. promised to fix the problem as soon as possible, and Stefan responded with a nod of skepticism.

Roman proposes to Kate

Roman proposes to Kate

Thursday, October 13, 2022

by Mike

Rolf entered the auto repair shop and found Kristen in the upstairs apartment. "What happened, Rolfie -- Igor bring you the wrong brain again?" Kristen teased after realizing that Rolf was upset about something. "The police showed up with a search warrant for my lab, and they're tearing it apart as we speak!" Rolf explained to Kristen with a wail of despair.

Kristen found it odd that Rolf was so concerned about the "little shop of horrors" being raided, since they both knew that the police were looking for something that was no longer there. "Is there anything...less than legal...lying around?" Kristen challenged Rolf. "I managed to move my most sensitive projects to an undisclosed location," Rolf assured Kristen.

Kristen was still suspicious because it was obvious that Rolf viewed the investigation as a big deal. "Watching those Salem P.D. cretins bull their way through my lab -- so disrespectful to the brilliance that is my life's work!" Rolf reasoned with a shake of the head before sighing then changing the subject, observing that Kristen seemed to be taking good care of the rare orchid.

Kristen expressed a fondness for the plant and hinted at the possibility of making it a permanent fixture in the otherwise drab apartment, but Rolf wasn't convinced. "If you were going to let those women die, you would have destroyed that rare orchid by now -- instead, you're leaving it to chance that someone might discover it and take it from you... So, if this isn't about spite or revenge, what is your real plan?" Rolf challenged Kristen.

Kristen dodged the question, but Rolf thought the answer was obvious. "You had me condition your resurrected brother Stefan to pursue Chloe Lane in the hope that he would woo her away from Brady Black...but it didn't work, so I suspect withholding the orchid is plan B," Rolf summarized with a hint of disgust. "My motives are not your concern! Did you question my father like this when he assigned a task?" Kristen countered.

Rolf wistfully assured Kristen that Stefano had never shied away from a spirited debate about the right way to handle a situation. Rolf was quick to add that it had always been easy to trust and defer to Stefano's judgment, implying that the same could not be said about Kristen. "I am certain Stefano would not approve of putting his beloved Marlena at risk so that you can have your husband back," Rolf advised with a shake of the head. "Careful, doctor -- you're forgetting your place," Kristen warned with a scowl. "My place is to protect your father's legacy," Rolf countered with a shrug.

Kristen wondered why Rolf was so concerned about Marlena's well-being. "You have a stash of clones at the ready," Kristen recalled, referencing a project from Rolf's glory days with Stefano. "I have no idea to what you are referring," Rolf insisted before changing the subject, wondering if Kate and Kayla were just going to be collateral damage in Kristen's plan to use Marlena to get the upper hand with Brady. Kristen teased that someone seemed to be developing a conscience at long last, prompting Rolf to clarify that it would be more accurate to describe the concern as self-preservation. Rolf refused to take responsibility for any potential consequences of Kristen's decision to withhold the cure from the deathly ill trio of women.

Belle and Eric bombarded John with questions about Marlena's prognosis while the four of them were together at the hospital. "I hope nobody's giving up on me just yet," Marlena, who had been asleep, interjected while John was admitting to Eric and Belle that the police had scoured Rolf's lab but had not been able to find even a trace of the rare orchid.

Marlena urged Eric to spend some time with Roman and Kate. "Belle is here, and John would rather be trampled by elephants than leave my side," Marlena assured Eric before adding that it was rude to argue with a deathly ill woman. "That's pretty low, Mom!" Belle objected, and Marlena agreed with a shameless shrug then continued chasing Eric off.

Marlena soon received a phone call from Sami. "I'm much better now that I've heard your voice," Marlena whispered to Sami during their conversation. "I understand -- it's important that you be there for that...situation...with Sydney," Marlena agreed after learning the reason for Sami's absence. "There is something you could do that would make me feel a lot better -- you could talk to your sister," Marlena requested when Sami presented the opportunity.

Belle gave Marlena a look then accepted the cell phone and greeted Sami with a hint of nervousness. "Yeah, I will -- Eric and I are gonna take care of Mom for all of us," Belle assured Sami while fighting back tears. "I love you, too," Belle stressed before saying goodbye to Sami then ending the call. "Sami was...very kind," Belle informed Marlena and John. "Sometimes there's no limits to God's miracles," John managed to joke, drawing slight smiles from Marlena and Belle.

Belle eventually stepped out of the room for a moment, prompting John to assure Marlena that it was safe to drop the brave front. "I feel awful -- everything hurts," Marlena admitted between sobs, drawing a nod of understanding from John.

Sarah ran into Rex at the nurses' station and asked for an update on the search for the rare orchid then offered a few words of comfort after learning that there was still no sign of the plant anywhere. Rex seized the opportunity to clear the air with Sarah. "I hope you know that I just want you to be happy and have a good life. I messed up with us -- badly -- but I'm grateful for the time that we had," Rex stressed, and Sarah returned the sentiment before walking away.

Sarah delivered an orchid to Marlena and John later that day. John and Marlena exchanged hopeful looks as Sarah reported that a messenger had dropped off the plant. John's mood changed after opening the attached card, prompting Marlena and Sarah to guess that something was wrong. "Although this is not the orchid you are looking for, doesn't its beauty just take your breath away? Sorry -- poor choice of words, since it won't be long until you draw your last breath! I find great solace in knowing that as it wilts and dies, so will you... Orpheus," Marlena read aloud from the card for Sarah's benefit while John was fuming over the taunt.

Roman was alone with Kate in their bedroom above the Brady Pub when Rex called to ask for an update. Roman reported that Kate was asleep for the time being but still had a high fever that was causing waves of discomfort, prompting Rex to release a sigh then admit that there was nothing more that could be done about that issue. Rex ended the call after promising to visit Kate and Roman later that day.

Kate woke up a short time later and greeted Roman. "I am so tired of feeling like this -- I have to fight to keep my eyes open..." Kate confessed while Roman was handing over a glass of water. "Don't you give up," Roman demanded before producing a jewelry box and hoping that Kate wouldn't be able to look away from the diamond ring it held. "That is a stunner..." Kate agreed after Roman got down on bended knee and proposed. "You outshine any diamond," Roman stressed before begging Kate to take pity on old knees and answer the lingering question right away. "I'm sorry -- I have to say no," Kate whispered, disappointing Roman.

Roman stood then asked Kate for an explanation. "Look where we are!" Kate reasoned, prompting Roman to point out that traveling to a more appropriate engagement destination wasn't really an option for them at that time. "That's not what I mean -- and you know it," Kate countered with a shake of the head before reminding Roman that they couldn't travel at that time because one of them was bedridden due to being in a losing battle with a deadly disease that had no known cure. "We both know what that means -- and I've been close to death before, but not like this..." Kate fretted while fighting back tears, earning another lecture from Roman on the dangers of giving up.

Kate thanked Roman for the advice then admitted to being filled with regrets. "All the time I wasted making bad choices -- all those years that you loved me, and I was either too stupid or too proud to admit that I loved you back..." Kate elaborated while still struggling to stay composed, prompting Roman to dismiss the concern with a shrug. "That doesn't matter anymore -- I got you now, and I have no intention of letting you go; every moment, every second with you is precious, and every one of those seconds, I want you and the world to know that you're the only one for me, that you're my wife, my forever!" Roman declared with finality, causing Kate to finally break down.

Kate soon recovered then gazed at Roman in awe. "I have done a lot of questionable things in my life, but I must have done one right thing..." Kate mused before accepting Roman's proposal.

Lucas phoned from Statesville a short time later, and Kate seized the opportunity to brag about having just gotten engaged. Kate also gushed about being proud to have Lucas as a son, as if they were never going to speak again and therefore couldn't afford to leave anything unsaid between them. "I couldn't tell him the truth -- he's suffering enough," Kate explained to Roman after ending the call.

Kate was stunned when Roman suggested that they should track down an officiant and a witness then get married right away -- and, as if on cue, Eric and Rex arrived just then.

Rex helped Kate put on some makeup while Roman was fetching some wildflowers for a bridal bouquet, then Eric performed a quick ceremony once everything was ready.

Brady was taken aback when Chloe made a random joke right after they finished having sex in their room at the Salem Inn. "It's no joke," Chloe clarified before again telling Brady that they needed to break up right away -- then reasoning that their relationship was hurting Rachel. "If we do that, then you are just giving Kristen exactly what she wants," Brady protested, but Chloe insisted that Rachel's needs were all that truly mattered.

Kristen summoned Brady to the auto repair shop later that day so they could have an important conversation. Brady seized the opportunity to demand an explanation for the typed note that had somehow made its way into Rachel's lunch box, but Kristen insisted that someone else was responsible. "Kristen, I'm not playing games with you right now -- I don't have the time; Marlena is dying --" Brady skeptically snapped. "Well, maybe, Brady, that doesn't have to happen..." Kristen cryptically countered.

Kristen makes a deal with Brady

Kristen makes a deal with Brady

Friday, October 14, 2022

An emotional John threw Orpheus' orchid plant to the ground. "Damn you, Orpheus!" John screamed as Stephanie exited the elevator. "That's the orchid we've been waiting for. Are you out of your mind?" Stephanie yelped. In tears, Stephanie stared at the shattered plant until John grabbed her shoulders.

"It's not that orchid!" John said. John told Stephanie that the smashed orchid was a regular one sent from Orpheus. "He's twisting the knife," Stephanie said. "He said he's enjoying knowing how helpless we are and that Doc is going to wilt and die just like this damn orchid. And I just lost it," John said. John and Stephanie apologized to one another.

"My poor mom. What is she going to do?" Stephanie said. John hugged Stephanie. When Stephanie calmed down, she told John that she regretted how she had reacted to Steve and John's efforts to protect her from Orpheus. "Who the hell did I think I was?" Stephanie muttered. "Your old man had Orpheus pegged the second he came back into town. Me, I was hopeful that maybe he had mellowed, but Steve knew better," John said.

In Kayla's hospital room, Steve felt Kayla's forehead. "I'm not going anywhere," Steve whispered. "We're here, too," Tripp said as he walked in with Joey. "What are you doing here?" Steve asked. Joey rushed over and hugged his mother.

"I missed you so much," Kayla whispered. "I missed you, too," Joey said. When Kayla asked why Joey and Tripp were home, Tripp argued, "We didn't tell you guys we were coming because we were afraid you'd try to talk us out of it." Joey explained that Stephanie's vague texts had worried them.

"Tell us what's going on," Tripp said. Steve and Kayla shared a look. "It's time they knew," Steve said. After a moment, Kayla explained that she, Marlena, and Kate had been poisoned. "What about an antidote?" Tripp asked. Kayla and Steve confirmed there wasn't one. Worried, Tripp demanded to see Kayla's lab work. Steve promised to introduce Tripp to Dr. Patel.

"I'm not getting better," Kayla confessed. "I wish we had known that it was this serious," Tripp whispered. Kayla said she had not wanted to tell the boys, but she was glad they were there. "You will get better, okay? I know you will," Joey said. Joey asked Kayla what they could do to help. "Just having you and your dad here, that's all I need," Kayla said. Steve left to check on Marlena.

"So, Orpheus did this to you to get back at Dad? Or maybe you don't want to talk about it. Sorry," Joey said. "No, it's okay. He also did it to Roman and John to get even with them," Kayla said. With tears in her eyes, Kayla asked Joey and Tripp to prepare for a worst-case scenario.

"You are the strongest woman I know. If anyone can get through this, it's you," Tripp stressed. "I've been trying to convince myself of that every day," Kayla said with a sad smile. Tripp said he regretted that he had wasted so much time being angry with Kayla. Kayla shook her head, and she assured Tripp that it was "all in the past." "I'm so proud of the men you've become," Kayla said. "I wouldn't have even tried to become a doctor if it hadn't been for you," Tripp said.

"You and Dad saw me through the toughest time in my life. I just wish there was something more we could do for you now," Joey said. "You've already done it, by just being who you are," Kayla whispered.

In the hallway, Steve hugged his daughter. "How's Mom?" Stephanie asked. Steve told Stephanie that her brothers were with Kayla. "I know Mom didn't want them to see her like this," Stephanie said. "Well, she changed her mind about that," Steve countered. Steve asked John about Marlena. "She's getting weaker and weaker," John said.

While Stephanie went into Kayla's room to join her brothers, Steve sat down with John. "You were so right about [Orpheus]," John said. "What are you talking about?" Steve asked. John reminded Steve that after Orpheus had left prison, Steve had argued that they should kill Orpheus. "And I talked you out of it," John said. "Don't do this now," Steve said. Furious, John vowed to kill Orpheus if Marlena, Kayla, and Kate did not survive.

After a moment, John asked Steve if anyone had sent an orchid to Kayla. Steve said no. "Orpheus sent it to Doc," John said. "What?" Steve yelped. With a rueful laugh, John explained that Orpheus had wanted to taunt them. "Did Marlena see that thing?" Steve asked. When John said yes, Steve started to storm off after Orpheus. John grabbed Steve's arm, and he reminded Steve that Marlena and Kayla needed Steve at the hospital.

"Just sit with me," John said. Reluctantly, Steve sat back down next to John. "[Orpheus] said it. He wants us to watch them die," Steve said. John vowed not to give up. "But what can we do?" Steve asked. John admitted that he felt helpless.

"I feel like such a fool. All the years I spent away from Kayla," Steve said. "I know what you mean," John said. "I can't do it again," Steve whispered. John put his arm around Steve as Steve teared up. "The odds are stacked against us," Steve said. "We are just going to treasure every damn second that we can," John stressed. Steve nodded in agreement.

In Kayla's room, Stephanie apologized to her brothers. "Did you think we couldn't handle it?" Joey asked. "We could have been here the whole time," Tripp added. Before Stephanie could respond, Kayla asked the boys not to blame their sister. Kayla explained that she had asked Stephanie to keep Joey and Tripp in the dark about the seriousness of her illness.

"I didn't want you guys to come. I wanted to call you and tell you that I was better," Kayla said. "We're not kids, Mom," Joey said. Kayla smiled. "Stephanie wanted you here, and she was right. I'm so happy you're here," Kayla said. Steve slipped into the room. "So am I," Steve agreed. Kayla smiled as she looked around the room at her family. Joey choked back tears as he told Kayla not to cry.

"I hate seeing you upset," Joey said. With a tired chuckle, Kayla noted that she should be at home, cooking for the family. "Well, you're gonna do that when you get better," Steve said. Tripp suggested that they have a family dinner in Kayla's room. "Please not cafeteria food," Kayla joked. Tripp and Joey went to get food. While Kayla napped, Stephanie and Steve talked quietly.

"[Kayla] has been over the moon since you came back home," Steve said. "All I want is more time with her," Stephanie said. Steve cautioned Stephanie not to give up hope. "We have to try and make every second we have with her as full of joy as we can," Steve said. Joey and Tripp returned with pizza from their favorite place. Kayla stirred awake. "It smells so good," Kayla whispered. Steve fed a piece to Kayla, and she grinned. Tears streamed down Kayla's face. "I've never been happier than this very moment," Kayla stammered.

Brady went to Kristen's apartment to confront her about her interference with his custody of Rachel. Kristen hinted that she could help with Marlena. "Are you trying to say that you can cure Marlena when her doctors can't?" Brady asked. "And Kayla and Kate, too," Kristen said. When Brady noted that the only orchid was extinct, Kristen informed Brady that one existed.

"Are you trying to tell me that you have it?" Brady asked. "What if I am?" Kristen countered. Brady called Kristen a liar. Kristen reminded Brady that Rolf had previously recovered the orchid. "But due to climate change, the orchid is now extinct. And your pal Dr. Rolf claimed that the antidote could not be duplicated as a result," Brady said. "And we all know how honest Dr. Rolf is," Kristen said. Kristen explained that she had relocated the orchid before the police had searched the lab.

"You're playing with me. Don't do that," Brady growled. Kristen explained that Rolf had grown a new plant from seedlings. "If you have the orchid, where is it?" Brady asked. Kristen assured Brady that the orchid was safe. "You're just loving this, aren't you? I can see it in your eyes. You couldn't break Chloe and me up, couldn't get custody of Rachel, so this is your new game?" Brady said. Brady argued that the orchid did not exist.

"I'll prove that I'm not bluffing," Kristen said. Kristen showed Brady a photo of her with the orchid, and she encouraged him to compare it to pictures of the needed one. "I'm just going to take your word for that, okay?" Brady said mockingly. Kristen warned Brady not to be cavalier about something so important.

"The serum is being formulated as we speak, and I hear that Marlena and company are fading fast," Kristen added. "I bet you're loving that, aren't you?" Brady said. Kristen stressed that she was acting to help the women and that Brady was wasting time. "What is it you get in return?" Brady asked. Brady guessed that Kristen was after shared custody of Rachel.

"What if that was the deal?" Kristen asked. "If that was the deal, then I would say that I don't want Marlena, Kate, and Kayla to die," Brady said. Kristen reminded Brady that he had called her the devil in court. "Let's stop wasting time! Give me the orchid, and I will give you what you want," Brady growled. Kristen told Brady that she did not want shared custody.

"I want you to break it off with Chloe," Kristen said. Brady refused. "You are wasting time again. You want to save Marlena's life, you dump Chloe. And then you get back together with me," Kristen said. Brady argued that everyone would know that Kristen had blackmailed him for the orchid.

"No, they won't, because you're not going to say anything about it. Because if you do say something, this whole thing is off," Kristen said. Brady argued that Chloe would never believe that he wanted to dump her for Kristen. "Nobody in this town is going to go for it," Brady added. Kristen argued that everyone would understand that Brady wanted the best for his daughter, and she argued that Rachel hated Chloe.

"You made sure of that, didn't you?" Brady said. When Kristen argued that Rachel had been through enough pain, Brady countered that it was all because of Kristen. "Just think about what you're giving her. Think about the opportunity to grow up in a home with a mother and father who love her dearly, who would put her happiness first," Kristen argued. Kristen stressed that Chloe would understand that it was the best thing for Rachel.

"You're a monster," Brady muttered. "No! I am a mother who loves her child. There is no hope for you and Chloe. So, why don't you do the kind thing and end it with her now," Kristen said. Kristen insisted that to get the serum, Brady needed to promise to be a family with her and Rachel. "And don't you dare think you can just turn around and dump me after they're all cured," Kristen added. Kristen explained that the three women would need a second dose of the serum in a few months.

"You and I are in it for the long haul, Brady," Kristen said. "That serum better work," Brady grumbled. Kristen urged Brady to make a decision. "What's to think about? I walk away, and three women die. I'm in," Brady said. Brady added that he was concerned Kristen would not honor the agreement. "I'm not gonna say a damn word to Chloe until that first dose is administered and I have proof that it's working, okay?" Brady countered. Kristen agreed.

"You may have succeeded in using our little girl and three innocent women to get what you want, but you need to know that there is no way on earth that you are ever gonna make me love you. And you're gonna find that you're going to be a hell of a lot more lonely in a loveless relationship than you ever were on your own," Brady said. "Time will tell," Kristen said. Kristen promised that the serum would be delivered to John. "I hate you for doing this," Brady growled. "The thin line between love and hate," Kristen said.

At the café in the square, Chloe complained to Nicole about the difficulty of keeping her distance from Brady. "But I know that I have to try because Rachel can't stand the sight of me right now," Chloe said. "Does Rachel need to know that you and Brady are together?" Nicole asked. Chloe said she did not want to sneak around. When Chloe talked about her concern for Brady's pain over Marlena, Nicole said she understood.

"I would do anything to be there for Eric right now," Nicole admitted. Nicole told Chloe that Eric had been the one to tell her about the poisonings. "[Eric] was so broken up, I wasn't even thinking, I just pulled him in my arms, and that's when Rafe and Jada walked in on us," Nicole said. Chloe grimaced, and she asked how Rafe and Jada had reacted. Nicole said it was fine after she had explained the situation.

"But Jada kind of staked her claim. I mean the message was loud and clear without saying a word. She is Eric's girlfriend, and it is her job to comfort him," Nicole said. "Did you get the message?" Chloe asked. Nicole stressed that she was happily married. "But the truth is, Marlena is in critical condition. And when Eric is hurting, I just want to be there for him," Nicole confessed. Nicole noted the look of disapproval on Chloe's face.

"His mother may be dying. It makes sense for me to want to be with him," Nicole said. "You're with him all the time," Chloe pointed out. Nicole defended her decision to hire Eric as a photographer. "I want you to be happy," Chloe said. Relieved, Nicole thanked Chloe for her friendship. Nicole told Chloe that she was there for her, too. "Good, because I have a feeling I'm gonna need [a friend]," Chloe said.

In Kristen's apartment, she stared at a photo of her, Rachel, and Brady. "I'm not a horrible person. I am doing a good thing. I'm saving lives," Kristen said. Kristen noted that everyone would be grateful to her. "No matter what Brady thinks now, he'll learn to love me again," Kristen said. Chloe knocked, and Kristen laughed when she opened the door. "I was just thinking about you," Kristen said.

At the Brady Pub, Eric talked on the phone with Billie, and he asked her to update Austin and Carrie about Marlena, Kayla, and Kate. As Eric ended his call, Jada walked into the pub. Jada explained that the police search of Rolf's lab had not recovered an orchid or an antidote. "How's your mom?" Jada asked. Furious, Eric yelled that he did not believe Rolf could not help.

"We're not giving up," Jada assured Eric. When Jada reminded Eric that Rex was working on a cure, Eric explained that Rex had taken a break to attend Roman and Kate's wedding. "That's so sweet and so sad," Jada said. "My dad decided to get married. And Rex became a witness, and I performed the ceremony," Eric explained. With a chuckle, Eric noted that Roman and Kate had a long-standing on-again, off-again relationship.

"And right when they find their way back to each other," Eric whispered. "At least you were able to marry them. Bring them some happiness. They'll always have that, no matter what happens now," Jada said. Over coffee, Eric told Jada about how Kate could barely hold up her head. "But my dad and Kate, they were all smiles," Eric said. Eric added that he could see how scared his father was of the situation.

"[Roman] could not only lose his wife, but he could lose his little sister and the mother of two of his children," Eric said. "All because of one man," Jada said. Jada lamented that she could not have done more to help Marlena, Kayla, and Kate. "And I wanted to be able to come to you and tell you that I did it for you. Does that sound bad that I wanted to be your hero in this?" Jada added.

"I know you're not in it for the glory. You're trying to help three women who need a miracle," Eric said. Jada announced that she would go into the station and see about an update. Eric told Jada she was a person he could count on, and he kissed her goodbye. After Jada left, Eric stepped outside the pub to talk to Sami on the phone.

"I know you're scared. So am I," Eric admitted. Eric told Sami that Marlena would want Sami to stay with Sydney. "Of course, I'll tell Dad you love him," Eric said. Nicole rounded the corner, and she stopped when she saw Eric. "Times like this, you got to get your strength from the people you love," Eric said. Eric looked at Nicole.

At the hospital, Jada rushed over to John in the waiting area. "This was just delivered to the police headquarters. The vial is full of the serum from the orchid," Jada said as she held up a bottle. John grabbed the bottle, and Jada handed him a note. "It says it can save my wife's life. And Kate and Kayla Johnson, too. Damn him! It's another one of his tricks!" John yelled. Jada asked John what he meant. John started to throw the bottle to the ground, and Brady yelled, "No!"

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