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Rafe fought with Nicole about Eric. Kristen rejected Chloe's truce. The serum healed Marlena, Kayla, and Kate. Brady dumped Chloe. Tripp punched E.J. E.J. promoted Wendy. Stefan gave Gabi divorce papers. Tripp and Joey flirted with Wendy. Gwen refused to spy for Ava. Jack declined to hire Xander. Johnny spied on E.J. Nicole fired Eric. Stefan asked Kristen if she had brainwashed him. Li planned Rolf's escape. Kristen moved into the penthouse.
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The serum healed Marlena, Kayla, and Kate. Tripp and Joey competed for Wendy's affection. Stefan gave Gabi divorce papers. Kristen rejected Chloe's truce.
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Rex tries to determine if the antidote is legitimate

Rex tries to determine if the antidote is legitimate

Monday, October 17, 2022

by Mike

Shawn gave Rex a heads-up about the supposed antidote that had just been delivered to the police station, then they headed over to the hospital together to see for themselves if there was finally hope for their deathly ill loved ones -- and they arrived while John was explaining to Brady and Jada that Orpheus was just playing mind games again.

Jada helped Brady talk John out of destroying the supposed antidote, then Rex rushed it off to the lab so it could be analyzed. John led Shawn to Marlena's room so they could update Belle -- and Jada waited until the coast was clear then observed that Brady seemed certain that the supposed antidote was legitimate. Brady dodged Jada's questions then chased after Rex.

Marlena woke up while Shawn and John were updating Belle. "I'm sorry I haven't been here until now," Shawn declared while taking a seat at Marlena's bedside. "He's been working around the clock to try to help you," John explained to Marlena. "Thank you, Shawn... Promise me you'll take care of Belle..." Marlena responded in a whisper, prompting Belle to turn away and fight back tears.

Kristen was amused to learn that Chloe had stopped by the auto repair shop to propose a truce. "If you let Rachel know that it's important that the three of us get along, then I could convince Brady to let the judge know that you should have some visitation rights with Rachel -- that's what's best for her, the three of us working together on her behalf --" Chloe reasoned. "What is best for me and Rachel is that you are out of our lives for good," Kristen countered.

Chloe seized the opportunity to stress that there were some lines that should never be crossed -- like sneaking anonymous notes into a child's lunchbox as a brainwashing technique -- but Kristen insisted that someone else was responsible for that particular incident. "Anyone who heard about the judge's insane ruling would be horrified to see a mother's rights get trampled on," Kristen argued before guessing again that the unexpected outcome of the custody hearing was Chloe's fault. "You're damn right it was," Chloe confessed. "And Brady thinks you're such a saint..." Kristen mused before threatening to expose Chloe's machinations. "I told him everything...and you know what? He was thrilled -- he loved me for it," Chloe bragged.

Kristen suggested that if Chloe truly cared about Rachel's well-being, the best way to prove that would be to break up with Brady. "I tried that earlier today, actually, and he wouldn't hear of it --" Chloe began to reveal. "I have a feeling he might just change his mind..." Kristen interjected. "He said it would be playing right into your hands, and he couldn't let you win," Chloe concluded.

Kristen teased that Brady might be lying about the reason for turning down Chloe's offer. "Maybe he didn't want you to be the one to end things -- maybe he wanted to do that himself," Kristen elaborated with a wink. "You are truly deluded," Chloe countered before exiting the auto repair shop while acknowledging that proposing a truce with Kristen had been a waste of time. "Your bad day is just beginning..." Kristen muttered once the coast was clear.

Nicole lingered outside the Brady Pub, waiting for Eric's phone conversation with Sami to end, then apologized for the interruption. "I just started walking -- I didn't make a decision -- and I just ended up here..." Nicole explained with a shrug. "You always seem to show up when I need you the most," Eric responded with a shake of the head.

Eric admitted to Nicole that Marlena, like Kate and Kayla, was in really bad shape. Nicole swooned when Eric added that there was, however, some good news to report. "Roman and Kate have been through their ups and downs, been with other people...but it's like they're each other's destiny," Nicole mused. "Some couples are just like that," Eric noted.

Eric was reluctant to head back to the hospital and continue witnessing Marlena's deterioration, so Nicole offered to tag along for moral support. Eric accepted the offer with a sigh of relief then thanked Nicole with a hug -- just as Rafe arrived to share the news about the supposed antidote that had just been delivered to the police station. Eric rushed off after hearing about the development, leaving Rafe alone with Nicole, who hoped that the supposed antidote would cure the deathly ill trio of women. "Yeah, that'd be great -- and then maybe I could stop finding you in Eric's arms," Rafe responded with a forced smile.

Nicole tried to get Rafe to understand why each embrace had occurred. "There's always an explanation -- or maybe I should say 'an excuse'..." Rafe grumbled before making a point of stressing that Nicole was a married woman.

Rafe suggested that Nicole had gotten married for the wrong reasons. "You thought if you hurried up and married me, then you would stop pining for Eric," Rafe elaborated, drawing a scoff from Nicole. "If I was 'pining for' anyone, it was you!" Nicole countered, reminding Rafe that their romantic relationship had begun as a forbidden affair of sorts. "Then why didn't you come to me and ask me how I felt before you hired him?" Rafe wondered before adding that Nicole's love story with Eric had started through photography and that it felt like they were trying to recreate that magic with their new business partnership.

Nicole insisted that wasn't a fair comparison then summarized that Rafe felt insecure about having a wife who still had a good relationship with an ex -- and Jada approached just then, en route to the pub to let Roman and Kate know about the supposed antidote, and started eavesdropping while hidden from view. "When did you become a caveman?" Nicole wondered before reminding Rafe that spouses were supposed to trust each other. "I guess I don't," Rafe admitted with a shrug before storming off, ignoring Nicole's objections.

John, Eric, Belle, and Shawn were together in Marlena's hospital room when Brady arrived with Rex. "I had the serum analyzed, and the chemical makeup is very close to what cured my dad -- I'm, like, 95% sure that this is the real deal," Rex announced. "Give me the medication -- and if it improves my situation, then we give it to Kate and Kayla," Marlena, who had woken up just in time to hear the news, suggested.

John still had concerns but deferred to Marlena. "If this doesn't go well, I'd like to receive last rites," Marlena whispered to Eric, who nodded in response as John, Belle, and Brady each choked back tears. "You're the one great love of my life," John reminded Marlena while Brady, Eric, Belle, and Shawn were clearing the room so Rex could administer the supposed antidote.

Chloe arrived a short time later and joined Brady at the nurses' station. Brady updated Chloe then stepped aside to take a phone call from Kristen while claiming that Paul was the caller. "Get ready to give Chloe the bad news," Kristen advised Brady.

Kayla's heart stops beating

Kayla's heart stops beating

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

In Kate's room above the pub, Kate called Austin to let him know that she had remarried Roman. "I don't want you to come out. I mean, there's nothing you can do," Kate said. Kate explained that she needed a miracle. "We just might have a miracle," Roman said as he entered the room. Roman told Kate about the serum and that Marlena had volunteered to take it.

"And she got sickest the fastest," Roman added. "So, she has the least amount of time left," Kate said. Kate urged Roman to go to the hospital to spend time with Marlena and Kayla. Roman promised to leave once his relief arrived. Chad poked his head into the room. "What's up, newlyweds? What happened to my invitation? Did it get lost in the mail?" Chad said with a grin. Kate laughed.

After Roman left, Kate told Chad that her wedding had been a spur-of-the-moment event. "I know that. I'm happy for you, and I'm sorry I didn't come sooner," Chad said. "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, either," Kate said. When Chad asked Kate what she meant, Kate said she should have known that Clyde had not changed. "There's no way that you could have known what would happen," Chad said.

With a sigh, Chad argued that it was unfair that Dr. Rolf had revived E.J., but he had been unable to save Abigail. "I can't believe that I ever thought that Clyde was a decent man. I sure know how to pick 'em," Kate grumbled. Chad noted that Kate had done well with Roman. Kate smiled.

"Roman is the most loyal, most caring man that I've ever known," Kate said. Kate told Chad that she wanted to stay positive. "I beat stage 4 cancer, and if I get the serum, I'm gonna beat this, as well," Kate said. "You're damn right you are. You're Kate freaking Roberts. You are a certified badass," Chad said.

After Rex administered the serum to Marlena's I.V., Rex informed Marlena and John that the next step was to monitor her vitals and wait. Rex confirmed that he would give the serum to Kayla and Kate if it worked on Marlena. The monitor started to beep. "My heart, it feels like it's racing," Marlena said. Rex asked Marlena to take deep breaths. "I can't breathe," Marlena gasped.

"What's happening here?" John asked. Marlena continued to gasp for breath. "Stay with me. Focus on me," John said softly. John coached Marlena to breathe until she calmed, and her vital signs evened out. "How do you feel?" Rex asked. "I feel better," Marlena said. Rex noted that her vital signs were improving. With a smile, Marlena said, "I can feel it. It's working." Rex left to run tests while John stayed behind with Marlena.

"I can see you're getting a little color in your cheeks, and you got a lot of hope in your eyes," John said. Marlena chuckled. "I'm afraid you're going to have to put up with me awhile," Marlena said. With a laugh, John said, "To infinity and beyond."

In Kayla's hospital room, Steve, Joey, and Stephanie surrounded a feverish and weak Kayla. Kayla reiterated that she was glad that Joey and Tripp had returned home. "Like we'd be anywhere else," Joey said. Steve promised that Tripp would be back from the lab after he checked on the status of the mystery serum.

"John said he thought it might be a trick," Kayla said. "I'm banking on him being wrong about that," Steve said. Kayla told Stephanie that she wanted Stephanie to have Caroline's bracelet. "But you almost never take it off," Stephanie said. "And now you'll wear it, and you'll remember both of us," Kayla said. Kayla explained that Shawn Sr. had given the bracelet to Caroline on their wedding day. "And she gave it to me on mine," Kayla whispered. Stephanie refused to take the bracelet, but Kayla insisted.

"You know better than to argue with your mom," Steve said. "Okay, but I'm giving it back to you as soon as you get better," Stephanie said. Steve put the bracelet on Stephanie. Tripp returned with an update. "They are testing [the serum] on Marlena as we speak to make sure she doesn't have any adverse side effects," Tripp said. Tripp promised that Kayla and Kate would get the serum if Marlena responded well to it. Kayla started to lose consciousness.

"Come back to us," Steve said. "We love you, Mom," Stephanie added. "This is the normal course of the illness. We were hoping not to get to this stage," Tripp said. Roman rushed into the room to announce that Marlena was recovering. "We're running out of time. [Kayla] needs that drug now!" Steve said.

At Kristen's apartment, she lounged on her bed as she talked to Brady on the phone. "I gave the police enough serum for the first dose," Kristen said. Kristen warned Brady to hold up his end of the bargain "You, Rachel, and I can be a family again," Kristen said. Kristen reminded Brady that if he did not dump Chloe, he would not get future doses of the serum. Brady argued that there was no proof that the first dose had worked. Kristen encouraged Brady to be more hopeful.

By the nurses' station at the hospital, Brady ended his call with Kristen. "What was that all about?" Chloe asked. Brady lied and said he had been talking to Paul. Rex rounded the corner, and Brady asked for an update on Marlena. "I want to run some labs to make sure she's not having any adverse reactions, but I'm cautiously optimistic that we have the antidote. And that it will also work on Kayla and my mom," Rex announced. Brady sighed with relief. Rex asked Brady to inform Belle and Eric, and Rex rushed off to the lab. Chloe hugged Brady.

"You must be so relieved," Chloe said. "I am relieved," Brady whispered. Concerned, Chloe asked Brady if he was sure that he was okay. Brady nodded yes. "I'm just so thankful that you were here. For me and for my family. And I'm really lucky to have you," Brady said. Brady kissed Chloe. Down the hallway, Kristen watched Brady with Chloe.

"I really love you," Brady said. "I love you, too," Chloe said. With a nod, Brady headed to the chapel to update his siblings. Kristen walked over to Chloe, and she grinned at her. "What are you doing here?" Chloe asked. Kristen said she was there to check on her daughter's grandmother.

"Well, they seem to have found a treatment that is working. But since you were furious with Marlena, I'm pretty sure you don't give a damn how she is doing. So, what are you really doing here?" Chloe countered. With a shrug, Kristen admitted that she had an ulterior motive. Chloe feigned surprise. Kristen argued that Chloe was on a mission to keep Kristen from Rachel.

"I don't know what you want from me. I already offered to end my relationship with Brady for Rachel's sake, and he refused," Chloe said. "Instead of offering, maybe you could just do it yourself," Kristen countered. Brady returned from the chapel, and he asked Kristen why she was there.

"If Rachel is upset, then she should have called me. I can go pick her up right now," Brady said. Kristen argued that Brady would make things worse. "When are you going to get that this is an untenable situation?" Kristen said. Kristen stressed that Rachel hated Chloe. "Every day that you two are together, she is pulling further away from you," Kristen argued. Brady stressed that he would never do anything to hurt his daughter.

"You being in this relationship is hurting [Rachel]. How can you be so selfish?" Kristen growled. "Oh, you're calling him selfish?" Chloe yelled. With a groan, Kristen announced that she would leave Brady alone with Chloe to discuss things. "And Brady, please give Marlena my best. And I do hope she has a full and lasting recovery," Kristen said.

After Kristen walked away, Chloe groaned in frustration. Brady assured Chloe that the situation with Rachel was not Chloe's fault. "But now, I have no choice but to do something about it," Brady said. Brady asked Chloe what Kristen had said to her. "She suggested that I offer to break up with you again or that I just end it myself and not give you a choice," Chloe said. Brady sighed, and he escorted Chloe over to the waiting area to sit.

"What are you doing?" Chloe asked. "I was just thinking that you may be right, Chloe. I mean, we can't go on like this," Brady said. "What?" Chloe stammered. Brady told Chloe that he loved her, but he also loved his daughter. "[Rachel] is not well. She's miserable. And you always keep reminding me that I have to put my little girl first," Brady said. Chloe shook her head in disbelief.

"Are you breaking up with me?" Chloe asked. "I'm sorry," Brady whispered. Chloe looked away, but Brady asked her to look at him. "You have to believe me. I never wanted it to come to this, and I believe one day --" Brady said. Chloe jumped to her feet, and she assured Brady that it was fine. "I'm the one who told you that there was no choice. So, I should go," Chloe said through tears. "Please," Brady pleaded. Chloe asked Brady to send her love to Marlena, and she ran off.

Rex walked into Kayla's room. "She needs [the serum] now! I don't care if you haven't finished running your tests. You need to give it to her now," Steve pleaded. Rex administered the drug. "The effects on Marlena were almost immediate. Her heart raced for a few minutes, but everything started to improve shortly after," Rex explained. Steve, Stephanie, Tripp, Joey, and Roman watched Kayla, and they waited for a response.

"Kayla, can you hear me?" Steve pleaded. Kayla opened her eyes. "Pop," Kayla whispered. The monitor alarms beeped. "She's coding!" Rex said. While Tripp and Rex performed CPR, Tripp asked everyone to leave the room. Steve refused to leave Kayla's side. When Rex regained a pulse, Kayla stirred awake. Steve caressed Kayla's face.

"You got the serum. You're gonna get better," Steve whispered. Concerned, Stephanie and Roman asked questions about the flatline, and Tripp noted that there was no way to know if the serum had caused the issue. "Is it safe to give that drug to your mom or not?" Roman asked Rex. Rex noted that there was a risk to the drug.

"It's possible the drug made Aunt Kayla worse," Rex noted. "Or a cardiac arrest could have been a result of the illness itself," Tripp added. Across the room, Kayla slept as Steve held her hand. "Why isn't she waking up?" Joey asked. Kayla stirred awake and looked at her family. "Hi," Kayla whispered. Kayla saw Roman at the foot of her bed.

"You should be with Kate," Kayla said. "She's been awake ten seconds, already telling me what to do," Roman joked. Kayla told Roman not to blame himself for Orpheus' actions. "It wasn't your fault," Kayla said. "I just want you three to be okay," Roman said. Tripp asked Kayla how she felt, and she confirmed that she felt better. "Like maybe I won't be going anywhere anytime soon," Kayla said. Rex nodded at Roman, and he announced that he would administer the drug to Kate.

After Rex and Roman left, Stephanie put Caroline's bracelet back on Kayla's wrist. "That is where it belongs, and where it will stay," Stephanie said. "It will be yours someday," Kayla said. With a smirk, Steve said, "I don't know who is more stubborn, you or your mom." Joey indicated that Steve was the most stubborn.

"The last time our whole family was together like this was when your father was kidnapped and brainwashed and nearly killed," Kayla said. "Good times," Steve joked. Kayla asked her family to promise not to wait until someone was on their deathbed before they gathered together again. Everyone agreed. After everyone left, Steve held Kayla's hand, and he looked into her eyes.

"Sweetness, my love. Not that I don't always appreciate how lucky I am to have you, but thinking that I could have lost you, please don't ever scare me like that again," Steve said. "I won't. I promise. But you've got to make the same promise," Kayla countered. Steve nodded yes. "From now on, we're gonna both stay healthy and safe, and I am going to tell you every single day how much I love you and how much you mean to me," Steve said. "And I'm going to do the same to you," Kayla agreed.

In Marlena's hospital room, she asked John if he had an update on Kate or Kayla. "Still waiting," John said. "We should have heard something by now," Marlena said. John assured Marlena that if the serum had worked for Marlena, it would work for the others. John encouraged Marlena to focus on her recovery.

"I'm sure we'll have good news about them soon enough," John said. As John and Marlena kissed, Kristen walked into the room. "Someone is looking better," Kristen said. The smiles fell from John and Marlena's faces. "What the hell do you want?" John asked. "I heard the wonderful news of Marlena's recovery, and I had to come by," Kristen said. Suspicious, Marlena asked Kristen why. Kristen told Marlena that she forgave her.

"What for?" John said. "I asked you to intervene on my behalf in the situation with Rachel's custody, and you refused," Kristen said. "It wasn't my place," Marlena stressed. Kristen admitted that she had taken the refusal poorly. "The spiteful side of me might have briefly hoped that you maybe suffered a little, possibly even died," Kristen said. Annoyed, John asked Kristen, "What the hell is the matter with you?" Kristen assured John that she had more to say.

"In those dark moments, I reminded myself that God is all forgiving. He miraculously intervened to save you, and I believe that you will intervene in my situation, as well," Kristen said. John asked Kristen to stop talking in riddles. "I believe you understand me perfectly well. You're welcome," Kristen said as she walked out. John was suspicious, but Marlena asked John not to let Kristen sour their happiness. "I hope it's finally over," John said.

As Kristen walked toward the elevator, she saw an emotional Brady in the waiting area. "I knew you could do it," Kristen said. "You are not going to get away with this," Brady said. "But I already have. [Chloe's] a big girl, Brady. She is going to be just fine until she finds out that you've thrown her over for the likes of me, which will put a stake in your so-called love story. You're welcome," Kristen said.

Kate and Chad talked in her bedroom about his new job with Stephanie. "I'm enjoying the work. Professionally, it's fine," Chad said. "Personally?" Kate asked. Chad admitted that he might have crossed a line. Kate encouraged Chad to open up. "It's a distraction to me," Kate said. Chad smiled.

"The other night, Stephanie and I, we had too much to drink. You know, she was upset about her mother, and we were both in an emotional place," Chad said. "And?" Kate asked. Chad confirmed that nothing had happened. "I just realized I'm not ready to be with somebody else, because Abby is still with me," Chad explained. Chad confessed that he did not think he would ever be able to let go of Abigail.

"I know you feel that way now, but Chad, I would never push you to do something that you're not comfortable with. You know? I would just say, take it day by day," Kate advised. Kate started to weaken, and she fell unconscious. "Kate? What's wrong?" Chad said. Kate did not respond. Chad gently shook Kate, and he asked her to open her eyes.

"Stay here. Just sit next to me," Kate murmured. When Kate didn't open her eyes, Chad asked her to stay with him. "I'm going to be totally selfish here, but I can't lose you, too," Chad said. As Chad shook Kate, Roman and Rex returned. "What's going on?" Rex asked. Chad explained that Kate had drifted off mid-conversation. Rex injected the serum into Kate. Kate's vital signs stabilized.

"I can feel it. I actually feel better already," Kate said. "She's experiencing a rebound of her vital signs, just like Marlena and Kayla did but without the side effects," Rex noted. "Thank God," Chad said. Kate thanked Rex for having saved her life. "Now the two of you get lost," Kate said. Kate reminded Rex and Chad that it was her wedding night. "Say no more. See you tomorrow!" Rex said. "I love you, too!" Kate yelled.

After Chad and Rex left, Roman climbed into bed with Kate. "Mrs. Brady," Roman said. "A couple of hours ago, I thought my wedding night was going to be my funeral night. But now," Kate said with a grin. "Are you sure you are feeling up to that?" Roman asked. "Why don't you try me?" Kate said. Kate kissed Roman.

In the hospital lounge, Stephanie talked to Chad on the phone. "I just heard about your mom. And I'm really happy for you and your family," Chad said. "How's Kate?" Stephanie asked. Chad confirmed that Kate was better. Chad offered to run the office so Stephanie could spend time with her family, but Stephanie assured Chad that she would be at work in the morning. "Looking forward to it," Chad said.

Tripp finds out about Ava's recent actions

Tripp finds out about Ava's recent actions

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

by Mike

Sarah finished an all-night shift at the hospital then headed over to the Kiriakis mansion to see Maggie and discovered that Xander was also there. "I swallowed my pride and asked Uncle Vic if we could move back in," Xander explained to Sarah before elaborating, for Maggie's benefit, that there were no other viable options at that time.

Maggie was surprised to learn that Sarah and Xander were having financial trouble. "I've racked up a...fair amount...of debt at the Salem Inn, and I have no way to pay it off," Xander confessed. "And I'm still on probation -- not full-time yet," Sarah grumbled. "But I just asked Jack for a job!" Xander stressed before starting to admit that Jack had not yet made a decision about the request. "Jack was distracted by...?" Sarah wondered after Xander fell silent mid-sentence. "Gwen's accident," Xander responded, relieved to have stopped short of blurting out anything about Jennifer's involvement in the hit-and-run incident.

Jack entered Gwen's hospital room with a bouquet of flowers then realized that it might be a bad time for a visit. "I can come back if I'm interrupting..." Jack, who had caught Gwen making out with a pillow, offered with an awkward shrug.

Jack joked that Gwen was a grown woman and was therefore free to make out with anything that gave consent. "I was dreaming," Gwen explained to Jack with a cringe of embarrassment. "The pillow was a stand-in for Xander?" Jack guessed. "I know that he's married to Sarah, and I know that they seem to be happy together, and I know that I said that I would let him go, but..." Gwen responded before starting to rave about how Xander had reacted to the news of the hit-and-run incident.

Jack agreed with Gwen's conclusion that Xander still cared. "But I don't want to see you wasting your time pining away for someone who's not gonna return your feelings -- you deserve happiness," Jack stressed. "Do I? After what I did to Sarah and to Abigail?" Gwen wondered. "We all make mistakes," Jack reasoned before advising Gwen to focus on the future. "What future? I mean, I don't even have a job, I don't have a home --" Gwen fretted, prompting Jack to offer up the Horton house as a temporary solution to the second problem.

Johnny was at the DiMera mansion, recording a voicemail message for Wendy, when Tripp arrived for a visit with Ava. "I didn't know you were in town," Johnny admitted. "I'm just here for a while," Tripp explained.

Tripp reminded Johnny that Kayla had been infected with the same deadly illness that Marlena had been battling. Johnny breathed a sigh of relief after Tripp added that Marlena and Kayla were both on the mend.

Tripp was taken aback when Johnny reported that E.J. had not only driven Ava out of the mansion but also out of town. "I guess she didn't tell me because she was...ashamed?" Tripp mused after Johnny explained how E.J. had managed to force Ava's hand. "I'm sorry. For what it's worth -- I tried to talk him out of it; I really like your mom," Johnny stressed, confusing Tripp. "She tried to scam your family," Tripp acknowledged. "Eh, that's just business," Johnny reasoned.

Tripp grew even more confused when Johnny gushed that Ava was worth far more than the "pocket change" the DiMeras could have lost over time through the scam. "Just how close did you and my mom get?" Tripp demanded to know, drawing an awkward laugh from Johnny. "Well, there was that time we saw each other naked -- but that was not what you think... And then, you know, my dad caught us in bed --" Johnny tried to explain, prompting Tripp to throw a punch.

Tripp calmed down and apologized while Johnny was preparing an ice pack at the bar. "Eh, I probably would have done the same thing if I thought you slept with my mother, so..." Johnny admitted before assuring Tripp that the situation with Ava had never progressed to that point. "We just gave each other a shoulder to cry on," Johnny clarified, drawing a sigh of relief from Tripp, who apologized again then rushed off to try to figure out where Ava had ended up after leaving Salem.

Wendy stopped by Li and Gabi's room at the Salem Inn to continue lobbying for a better job within DiMera Enterprises. Li was already at work, but Gabi was still around, and Wendy realized that taking the request directly to the company's CEO might be the better course of action. Gabi apologetically revealed that Wendy was going to have to look elsewhere for help because there had just been a transfer of power. "Of course -- another entitled straight white guy..." Wendy grumbled when Gabi identified E.J. as the new top dog. "Considering my father's rather retrograde ideas about women, having a female CEO at DiMera actually gave me hope about moving up..." Wendy added with a sigh.

Gabi stressed that Wendy still had an ally within DiMera Enterprises for the time being. "Your father and the board, they had some concerns about Stefan's cognitive abilities -- I mean, the man's been in a coma for four years..." Gabi explained without a hint of suspicion, unaware that Wendy was pondering whether there was another reason that Li had edged out Stefan as E.J.'s second in command.

Wendy probed for more information about Stefan's return from the dead, prompting Gabi to complain that it was playing out like a nightmare instead of a dream. "It's like a switch was flipped in his brain, and now he hates me," Gabi elaborated before starting to tell Wendy about Rolf's history. "He turned my husband against me!" Gabi concluded.

Wendy wondered if Rolf would brainwash someone just for fun. "Rolf's never liked me!" Gabi began to clarify. "But...yeah, no -- to go through that much trouble just to make me miserable doesn't make sense," Gabi backpedaled after some thought. "There's always some larger purpose behind his experiments," Gabi acknowledged before dropping the matter, unable to think of another explanation.

Wendy asked if Gabi and Li had set a wedding date yet. Gabi, who hadn't even known that Wendy was in town and angling for a promotion, joked that Li's sister might end up literally being the first to find out once the decision was made. "You deserve better," Wendy declared. "Than your brother?" Gabi translated. "I mean about the job..." Wendy clarified with a hint of shiftiness before saying goodbye to Gabi then rushing off.

Stefan entered DiMera Enterprises and found E.J. and Li in the CEO's office. Li and E.J., who had been discussing Stefan's brainwashing, each breathed a sigh of relief after realizing that they hadn't been overheard. Stefan sensed some tension, so E.J. claimed to have been reminding Li that their partnership was only temporary. "I wouldn't have stepped in if my father hadn't expressed his doubts about your mental competence," Li explained to Stefan with a shrug of feigned disinterest before forcing a smile and hoping that the issue would soon be resolved so E.J.'s rightful co-CEO could seize the reins.

E.J. warned that, in the meantime, Li would be expected to keep certain things from Gabi. "Thanks to her long-overdue dismissal, she's a wounded animal, and that makes her extremely dangerous -- the last thing we want is to give her an opening," E.J. reasoned, drawing a smirk from Li, who insisted that keeping certain things from Gabi wouldn't be a problem. "You don't talk in your sleep?" E.J. teasingly challenged Li.

E.J. recommended that it would actually be best for Li to just find a more suitable mate. "She may dress in nice clothes, but Gabi Hernandez is a feral cat who used our family business to give herself respectability -- as if that were possible... The woman is trash, a low-rent schemer -- she did nothing for this company but taint its good name with her nasty, pathetic --" E.J. spat. "That's enough!" Stefan interjected.

E.J. gave Li a look of concern then wondered why Stefan was defending Gabi. "I just believe that speaking ill about a man's fiancée to his face is...uncouth, to say the least," Stefan clarified before saying a quick goodbye to E.J. and Li then rushing off to take care of something. "It might be time to send ol' Stef back to the good doctor for a tune-up," E.J., who had been testing the strength of Stefan's brainwashing all along, advised Li once the coast was clear. "Eh, Rolf's just gonna assure you that his 'conditioning' is holding up just fine," Li predicted before warning E.J. to refrain from badmouthing Gabi in the future. "Or what?" E.J. demanded to know while getting right in Li's face.

Tripp stormed into the office just then, putting a stop to whatever had been brewing between Li and E.J. "Who the hell do you think you are?" Tripp snapped at E.J. "What's with everyone throwing temper tantrums today?" E.J. grumbled before ordering Tripp to leave. "Johnny just told me everything -- I know that you forced my mom to leave town!" Tripp revealed, ignoring E.J.'s command.

Tripp tried to defend Ava's actions as lapses of judgment that Jake's death had triggered, but E.J. was quick to tease that the mourning of that loss had almost immediately taken a back seat to the allure of a roll in the hay with Johnny. "If you're trying to shock me, you're too late," Tripp countered before reiterating that Johnny had shared everything. "And how did you react?" E.J. wondered, prompting Tripp to throw a punch as a way of answering the question.

Li stifled a laugh while E.J. was recovering from Tripp's hit. "I hope that was worth spending the night in jail -- not to mention blowing your medical career after you're charged with assault and battery --" E.J. snapped at Tripp. "Let's show the guy some leniency," Li interjected, warning that it wasn't the best time for any bad publicity. "Get the hell out of here before I call in security and have them drop you off the roof 'accidentally'!" E.J. backpedaled, snarling at Tripp.

Tripp glared at E.J. for a few seconds then thanked Li for the support before storming off. Li, who was grateful to Tripp for having saved Wendy's life a few months earlier, stifled another laugh while E.J. was nursing a bloody nose. E.J., who hadn't caught either hint of Li's amusement, hoped that Wendy would appreciate how Tripp had just been rescued as payback. "I doubt it -- we're not exactly on the best of terms," Li admitted before informing E.J. that Wendy had just arrived in town the previous day. Li said she was desperate for a promotion but had been shot down. "Perhaps you should reconsider," E.J. declared, more as an order than a suggestion, after Li confirmed that Wendy was a highly skilled coder.

Stefan entered the Salem Inn and rushed up to Gabi and Li's room. "Here to rub it in my face that you voted me out? I bet you've been wanting to do that, right? Isn't it great -- you voted me out of your life, and now you've voted me out of your company, too!" Gabi snapped, ignoring Stefan's attempts to interrupt. "Actually, I came here to give you these," Stefan clarified before handing divorce documents to Gabi.

Stefan reasoned that Gabi wouldn't be able to get married to a new flame without first getting divorced from an old flame. Gabi challenged Stefan to make the first move. Stefan agreed then started to sign the paperwork but froze before managing to write anything, prompting Gabi to conclude that there was still hope for a happy ending to their love story. Li arrived while Gabi was trying to get through to Stefan.

Wendy ran into Johnny while passing through the town square. "I just got your message -- and I have something important to talk to you about, too --" Wendy began, prompting Johnny to suggest a move to a more private location.

Johnny led Wendy to Julie's Place, where they settled at an outdoor table then resumed their conversation and soon realized that they both had the same information to share about the recent upheaval at DiMera Enterprises. "If this doesn't prove that Li and E.J. have been in cahoots all along, I don't know what does!" Wendy argued, but Johnny countered that they still didn't know everything they needed to know about the partnership.

Johnny wondered what Wendy would need to finish hacking into DiMera Enterprises. "All it would take is any of the high-level DiMera passwords -- then I could work my way in through a back door," Wendy answered. "I don't have a high enough clearance level," Johnny grumbled.

Johnny rushed off to DiMera Enterprises after explaining to Wendy that E.J. had suffered major injuries a few years earlier and had started writing down everything afterward, including sensitive information like passwords, due to concerns about lingering memory issues. Johnny sneaked into the CEO's office and started searching the desk then froze when E.J. interrupted.

Tripp passed by Julie's Place and called out to Wendy in shock. Wendy gasped then greeted Tripp with a hug. Tripp and Wendy took turns questioning each other's presence in Salem. Tripp answered first, telling Wendy about Kayla's recent health scare. Wendy breathed a sigh of relief when Tripp reported that Kayla was on the mend. "But now I just found out that my mom disappeared," Tripp added, drawing more concern from Wendy.

Ava sneaked into Gwen's hospital room while wearing a headscarf and oversized sunglasses. "I need your help," Ava admitted to Gwen.

Tripp and Joey compete for Wendy's affection

Tripp and Joey compete for Wendy's affection

Thursday, October 20, 2022

by Mike

Xander tracked down Jack at the hospital and continued lobbying for a job. "We talked about this, remember? But then we got sidetracked when you realized Jennifer was the one who plowed down Gwen --" Xander reminded Jack while they were standing near the nurses' station. "Keep your voice down!" Jack begged in a whisper, and Xander agreed with a nod then apologized for the blunder. "I guess if I'm gonna work in the newspaper biz, I need to be a bit more discreet," Xander acknowledged before resuming the pitch, assuring Jack that even an entry-level position at the Spectator would suffice.

Jack turned down Xander's request then started to provide an explanation. "I'm just not good enough -- I mean, I know I have some of the skills I might need to help you, but I lack the integrity, the decency, the ethics... I mean, you know, if you need someone to clean out your gutters or smuggle some diamonds, I'm your man, but to sully the hallowed halls of the Spectator by hiring a scoundrel like me -- I mean, it'd be an insult to the entire Third Estate, wouldn't it?" Xander summarized for Jack. "The press is known as the Fourth Estate," Jack clarified. "See? On top of everything else, I'm ignorant, too!" Xander fretted.

Xander admitted with a sigh that asking Jack for a job had been a stupid idea. Jack disagreed then assured Xander that they were simply dealing with a matter of bad timing. Xander was surprised to learn that Jack had agreed to give Gwen a job just a few minutes earlier. "It's a huge operation -- there must be more than one opening," Xander argued. "My newsroom would turn into a fight club," Jack countered.

Xander promised to keep things professional, but Jack was also concerned that it might be painful for Gwen to work with an ex. Xander decided to drop the matter, conceding that Gwen needed to be Jack's top priority. Xander gave Jack a hug to make it clear that there were no hard feelings between them. Jack offered to loan Xander some money to lessen the stress of the job search. Xander thanked Jack for the kind gesture then refused to accept the handout. "I'll figure it out -- I always do," Xander declared before saying goodbye to Jack then rushing off.

Ava shut the door to Gwen's room then breathed a sigh of relief. "I've been banished from Salem," Ava revealed before telling Gwen the whole story.

Gwen didn't even bother to get the details of Ava's revenge scheme before refusing to help with its execution. "What do you have to lose?" Ava protested. "My father," Gwen answered.

Gwen wished Ava luck. "Now what?" Ava grumbled after exiting Gwen's room -- and Xander passed by just then, focused only on a phone conversation with someone at the Salem Inn. "Legal action?" Xander sputtered before begging the person for a bit more time to secure the money to pay off the massive hotel bill. "Problem solved," Ava declared with a smirk after Xander disappeared from view.

Jack entered Gwen's room with discharge paperwork and announced that it was time for a change of scenery. Gwen agreed then promised to start being a better person for Jack's sake.

Tripp claimed the empty chair at Wendy's table outside Julie's Place then continued fretting about Ava's disappearance. "Sorry -- I got distracted picturing you going all Anderson Silva," Wendy confessed after zoning out while Tripp was admitting to having thrown a couple punches while defending Ava that day. "Just when I thought I couldn't like you any more..." Tripp raved, stunned that Wendy was a fellow MMA fan.

Wendy was surprised to learn that Li had talked E.J. out of pressing charges against Tripp. "To show his gratitude for what I did over the summer in Hong Kong," Tripp explained. "You can say it -- you saved my life," Wendy responded.

Tripp dismissed the praise with a shrug then finished telling Wendy about what had happened earlier. "Maybe he really does care about me..." Wendy mused afterward before adding that Li just didn't care enough to grant one simple request.

Wendy confided in Tripp about having to contend with Li's desire for a sister who was less ambitious and more willing to conform. "Don't change for anyone, okay? You are amazing exactly the way you are," Tripp declared, making Wendy smile.

Tripp apologized after realizing just how rampant sexism was in Wendy's family, fearing that what had happened a few months earlier might have seemed like yet another case of a man making decisions for a woman. "Of course not -- you saved my life, and I am so grateful," Wendy insisted before recalling that Tripp had also been in the news a few months earlier for having saved another woman's life. "I guess I'm a little old-school like that -- always wanting to be the knight in shining armor," Tripp confessed. "I guess I'm a little ashamed to admit I find that kind of hot," Wendy responded.

Wendy reached for Tripp's right hand to get a closer look at the damage it had sustained that day. "Relax, Lancelot," Wendy warned, not wanting Tripp to get the wrong idea about the gesture -- and, as if to illustrate how common it was for people to misinterpret things, Joey approached just then and wondered why they were holding hands.

Joey breathed a sigh of relief after Tripp and Wendy clarified the matter. Joey made a show of greeting Wendy with a hug so Tripp would also have to deal with a moment of jealousy. Wendy was soon sandwiched between Joey and Tripp, getting a reminder of their sibling rivalry. Joey was quick to pounce after finding out that Wendy's living situation was still up in the air, but Tripp argued that there was no room at the Brady-Johnson townhouse. "You can move in with Steph, and Wendy can bunk with me," Joey suggested. "You know Steph way more than I do, so it'd actually make more sense if you move in with Steph, and Wendy bunks with me," Tripp countered. "Or I could just bunk with Stephanie," Wendy pointed out, but Joey and Tripp didn't even acknowledge that option.

Tripp and Joey continued arguing until Wendy settled the matter for them, deciding to just find another place to stay. Joey and Tripp started a new argument right away, blaming each other for Wendy's disappointing decision. Wendy eventually ordered Tripp and Joey to take their sibling rivalry elsewhere, preferring to get back to work instead of staying caught between them. Wendy gave Joey a farewell kiss on the cheek then gave Tripp a farewell kiss of the cheek. Tripp and Joey traded smug looks while still flanking Wendy, who eventually reiterated that they needed to leave. Joey and Tripp reluctantly walked away together, and Wendy reflected on the whole interaction with a laugh and a shake of the head once the coast was clear.

Tripp and Joey headed over to the Brady Pub for a round of drinks and soon started arguing about Wendy again. Tripp eventually paused to read a text message from Ava then breathed a sigh of relief and informed Joey that everything was fine. "Now that we know both of our moms are okay, we can head back out to Seattle," Tripp declared. "Man, you're pretty anxious to get back, aren't you? Because you know if we stay, Wendy will choose me!" Joey teased. "I'm actually just saving you the humiliation -- I don't want everyone to see my little brother crying," Tripp countered. "To Wendy picking the best Johnson," Joey suggested while raising a beer bottle, prompting Tripp to stifle a laugh. "You know what I mean," Joey backpedaled after recognizing the double entendre, and Tripp nodded then completed the toast.

E.J. demanded to know what Johnny was doing at DiMera Enterprises. "I came here to apologize," Johnny claimed, surprising E.J. "I've had some time to think, and I've realized that you were right about Ava," Johnny continued while E.J. was relishing the moment. "I feel like a total idiot for buying her act," Johnny concluded with a sigh before letting E.J. gloat for a while.

E.J. eventually grew suspicious of Johnny's sudden change of heart. Johnny coolly assured E.J. that it was legitimate then added another element for good measure. "It's time for me to grow up and learn the family business," Johnny declared before casually requesting the password to E.J.'s computer, claiming to be eager to start helping out right away. "You don't belong behind a desk -- you're an artist," E.J. responded before apologizing for having taken so long to start supporting Johnny's passion. "The last vision I tried to bring to life didn't turn out so well," Johnny grumbled. "You're not going to let a little thing like demonic possession stop you from achieving your dreams, are you?" E.J. countered.

E.J. chased Johnny off, wanting to get back to work. E.J. waited until Johnny was gone then phoned an employee. "I want tighter security on all of DiMera's devices," E.J. informed the person.

Johnny returned to Julie's Place and told Wendy about what had just happened with E.J. "Does he know you're onto him?" Wendy wondered. "Not a chance," Johnny responded.

Li was surprised to find Stefan with Gabi at the Salem Inn. Gabi explained to Li that Stefan had stopped by to drop off divorce documents. Li scoffed then informed Gabi that Stefan was supposed to be working at that moment but had made up an excuse about needing to take care of something. Stefan claimed to have unexpectedly received the paperwork while running an unrelated errand, but Li clearly had doubts about the story.

Li reviewed the divorce documents then assured Gabi that it was safe to sign them, but Stefan insisted on going first. "I cannot wait to be rid of you once and for all," Stefan spat while signing the paperwork. "I don't care what Rolf says -- you don't have a heart anymore!" Gabi countered before also signing the paperwork.

Stefan rushed off to file the divorce documents, and Li tried to provide comfort once the coast was clear, but Gabi insisted that everything was fine. Li promised to help Gabi get revenge against Stefan and all the other DiMeras. "Then it'll just be you and me -- Shin-Hernandez Enterprises," Li stressed. "Hernandez-Shin -- I like to be on top," Gabi countered. "Oh, believe me -- I know," Li raved before starting to make out with Gabi.

Gabi succumbed to Li's distraction for a while but eventually got around to mentioning Wendy's earlier visit. "I would hire her in a heartbeat -- your sister's a rock star," Gabi declared. "You're not the first person today to remind me of her talents -- maybe I do need to reconsider," Li responded. "Unless you're intimidated by powerful, strong women," Gabi teased, drawing a forced smile from Li.

Li sent a text message to Wendy, who was still with Johnny outside Julie's Place. "He just offered me a position at DiMera here in Salem -- a good one!" Wendy bragged to Johnny. "Congrats, you got what you wanted -- but I guess that means we won't be working together anymore," Johnny responded. "If my brother and your dad got this Dr. Rolf guy to mess with Stefan's head, I want to know about it...and my new job puts us one step closer to finding out the truth," Wendy clarified.

Stefan confronts Kristen about brainwashing

Stefan confronts Kristen about brainwashing

Friday, October 21, 2022

Kristen read the news in her apartment as she sipped Champagne. "To your health, ladies. You're welcome. And little do you know what your miraculous recovery has given me," Kristen said. Stefan knocked on the door. When Kristen opened it, Stefan walked past her into the room. "Did you mess with my brain?" Stefan asked. "I beg your pardon?" Kristen said. Stefan told Kristen that he was grateful for all that Kristen had done to save his life, but he felt like his emotions were off.

"Why do I hate Gabi so much?" Stefan asked. Kristen sat Stefan down, and she made him a cup of tea. "I'm not your enemy. You are my brother, and I love you. And if I can help you, I will," Kristen said. Kristen argued that even if she could manipulate Stefan's feelings, she had no motive to do so. "[Gabi] and I were allies when I backed her against E.J. at the company. So, if you two were together, I would love that. I'd be happy for you," Kristen said. Stefan noted that there was another way to look at the situation.

"Maybe you're not anti-Gabi. Maybe you're just pro-Chloe," Stefan said. Kristen chuckled. "You think I spent all this money, time, and effort to play matchmaker for Chloe?" Kristen asked. "For Brady," Stefan countered. Stefan noted that he knew Kristen was obsessed with Brady.

"And then I miraculously, coincidentally, wake up from this four-year-long nap with this intense disgust for Gabi and an equally as intense longing for Chloe. So, yes, that's the only way I can explain it," Stefan said. Kristen agreed that Stefan's theory made sense. With a smirk, Kristen argued that the hole in the theory was that Brady and Chloe had broken up without Kristen's help. "In other words, [Chloe] is free," Kristen said.

Stefan jumped to his feet, and he started to pace. "How do you know this?" Stefan asked. "Good news travels fast in Salem. It just proves my point. Chloe and Brady were a ticking time bomb," Kristen said. Kristen chalked up Stefan's nervousness to the news about Chloe's breakup.

Kristen argued that while Stefan had slept, his brain had spent that time comparing Chloe to Gabi. "And then when you woke up with this new sense of purpose. Yeah, you finally figured it all out. And now, you are finally going after what you truly want," Kristen said. Kristen advised Stefan to trust his gut. "I'm sorry for bursting in here like this," Stefan said.

After Stefan left, Kristen muttered, "Sorry, little brother. I do feel a little bad for you, but I don't need you to come between Brady and Chloe anymore. I guess it's better safe than sorry."

At the police station, Rafe talked to Gabi in his office about the fight he had had with Nicole. Rafe pointed out that Eric and Nicole's marriage had ended dramatically. "It is completely understandable that [Eric and Nicole] still have these unresolved feelings," Rafe said. "And you just got more and more frustrated, right?" Gabi countered. Rafe nodded yes.

"That's why I exploded in a rant," Rafe admitted. Rafe told Gabi that he had slept at the office. "Wherever Nicole is, that's where you should be. Trying to fix this. Together," Gabi advised. "That's a bad idea," Rafe said. Rafe argued that he had let the situation go on too long.

"You were hoping things would change. You were hoping that you were overreacting, and you were giving Nicole the benefit of the doubt, which is what Li has been doing with me," Gabi said. "Since Stefan came back?" Rafe asked. Gabi told Rafe that Stefan had given her divorce papers. "And I love Li, so," Gabi said with a shrug. Gabi admitted that she had never expected to see Stefan alive again.

"But for [Stefan] to be alive and hating me, you know, I just need to get over it," Gabi said. Gabi noted that Stefan found her repulsive. "That's crazy!" Rafe said. Rafe complimented Gabi's beauty and success. "[Stefan] was damn lucky to have had you," Rafe stressed. With a chuckle, Gabi noted that Rafe was a loyal brother.

"I just can't get rid of that nagging feeling that that quack Rolf did something to Stefan, something to make him feel this way," Gabi said. Gabi told Rafe that she had been unable to locate Rolf to question him. Rafe told Gabi about the lab in the DiMera tunnels. Gabi rose to leave, then stopped. "I've just wanted answers since the minute that Stefan showed up and rejected me, Rafe. And I'm kind of overwhelmed thinking that I might get the truth," Gabi confessed.

In Dr. Rolf's lab, Rolf cleaned up the mess left by the police from their search. As Rolf muttered under his breath, Li walked in. Li urged Rolf to leave the mess alone. "What you need is a new lab. Clean and orderly, state-of-the-art," Li said. "Shall I write to Santa Claus?" Rolf joked. "Ho, ho, ho," Li countered. Li promised to provide a new lab to Rolf's specifications. When Rolf asked to see the space, Li explained that the new lab was in Jakarta.

"You're just trying to get rid of me," Rolf complained. "We both stand to gain from this," Li said. Rolf disagreed. Li argued that the police suspected that Rolf was connected to the virus. "Salem is no place for you to be right now," Li said. Reluctantly, Rolf agreed. Li informed Rolf that the jet was ready once Rolf was packed up.

"I still feel like I'm running," Rolf said. "That's because you are, doctor. But there's no shame in it. And the police are not your only concern. Gabi is trying to find you. She wants to know if you brainwashed Stefan into hating her. You may not sweat under the police lights, but Gabi is a whole other beast," Li warned. Rolf scoffed at the idea that Gabi could intimidate him. "Unlike you, I can handle her," Rolf said with a chuckle. Li disagreed. Li added that the other benefit of the new lab was that it was out of Rafe's jurisdiction. Rolf sighed with resignation. "You're doing the right thing," Li said.

Eric was in his room, cleaning his camera equipment, when Jada visited to ask him out to lunch. "I would love to, but I have a shoot this afternoon," Eric said. "I thought you were still taking some time off?" Jada countered. Eric explained that with Marlena, Kate, and Kayla on the mend, he no longer needed to step away from work. Eric's phone beeped with an email, and he frowned.

"I just got fired," Eric said. "Why?" Jada asked. Eric read the email aloud, which pointed to budgetary restraints. "But that doesn't make any sense. They just hired you," Jada said. Eric argued that since E.J. had taken over the company, the release was likely due to the change. "Is the email from [E.J.]?" Jada asked. Eric looked at the email, and he noted it was from Nicole.

"Maybe E.J. forced her hand. Maybe it wasn't about budget, after all," Eric said. With a sigh, Eric noted that he might have lost his touch as a photographer. Jada thought about the fight that she had witnessed between Nicole and Rafe about Eric. "I think I know why this happened," Jada said. Jada told Eric that she had overheard Rafe object to Nicole's decision to hire Eric.

"So, he's jealous of me," Eric said. "Of Nicole's feelings for you, yeah," Jada said. Eric nodded. "So, she fired me to save her marriage," Eric whispered. Eric thanked Jada for telling him what she had overheard. "It looks like I'm not going to a shoot, after all," Eric said. Eric asked Jada out to lunch. With Jada's lunch break almost over, she suggested they meet for dinner instead. "It's a date," Eric said.

At Basic Black, Chloe walked into the office and apologized to Nicole for having arrived late. When Nicole said she had assumed that Chloe would be out late at the hospital with Brady, Chloe started to cry. "[Brady] dumped me," Chloe said. Chloe explained that Brady had decided that a breakup was best for Rachel. "But he kept saying he doesn't have a choice," Chloe added.

"I just can't believe that Kristen is using her daughter like this," Nicole said. "Things were so good for Brady and me this time around. Things were great, and it ended just as quickly," Chloe said. Nicole told Chloe that she understood how Chloe felt. "I think I might be next. And it's my own damn fault," Nicole said. Nicole told Chloe about her fight with Rafe.

"I've never seen Rafe so upset or so angry," Nicole said. Nicole told Chloe that she could not stop thinking about the day of her dream about Eric. "My reaction to that dream, and all the feelings it stirred up, that is the sole reason Eric started working here. But now that is taken care of," Nicole said. Nicole informed Chloe that she had fired Eric by email.

"Were there no carrier pigeons available?" Chloe joked. Nicole admitted that she had taken the easy way out. "It was the right thing to do. I mean Rafe was so upset about Eric, and he was so brutally honest about it. I didn't have a choice," Nicole said. Chloe raised an eyebrow. Chloe asked Nicole if her guilt over her lie was the only reason that Nicole had taken action.

"Do you want to get back on track with Rafe? Do you want your marriage to work?" Chloe asked. Nicole shrugged. "I'd like to hear the answer to that myself," Rafe said from the doorway. Chloe excused herself and left.

"I'm glad you're here," Nicole said. Rafe apologized. "I lost my temper, and I said things that I shouldn't have said," Rafe said. "I should be the one apologizing. I pushed back on everything you said last night. And I wasn't listening. And I didn't understand your feelings," Nicole admitted. Rafe explained that he had wanted to tell Nicole how he had felt.

"That's not how I wanted to handle it," Rafe said. Nicole urged Rafe not to blame himself. "It was too much to ask, you know, me still being so close to Eric. And Jada is his girlfriend, and it's her place to console him if things go bad or get bad for him," Nicole said. Nicole added that Eric did not need a job at Basic Black.

"I wanted you to know I heard you loud and clear last night. You said that Eric working here was a terrible idea. So, I did something about it," Nicole said. "What?" Rafe asked. When Nicole said she had fired Eric, Rafe shook his head. "You shouldn't have done that," Rafe said. Confused, Nicole said, "I thought I did the right thing."

"I don't want you to fire Eric on account of me," Rafe stressed. "Then what do you want? I did what I did to help fix us, but it hasn't obviously," Nicole said. Nicole asked Rafe what he wanted. "I want us to be okay," Rafe whispered. Nicole agreed. "But after last night, is that even possible? I mean, you didn't even come home," Nicole said. Rafe apologized again.

"[I was afraid] that was just gonna make things worse," Rafe said. "Or maybe we could have worked things out and had incredible make-up sex," Nicole said with a grin. Rafe smiled. "See? Why didn't I think of that?" Rafe said. Nicole told Rafe she had missed him. "I missed you, too," Rafe whispered as he leaned in to kiss Nicole. Rafe's phone beeped with a message from the station. Rafe promised to go home after work, and he kissed Nicole goodbye.

Rafe returned to his office and met up with Jada. "This is kind of awkward, but I accidentally heard some of the fight between you and Nicole last night," Jada confessed. "Yeah. Not my best moment. I'm sorry you had to hear that," Rafe said. Jada admitted that she had told Eric about the fight.

"Surprised to hear you say that," Rafe said. Jada explained that she had been with Eric when he had been fired. "He was so confused, and I just didn't know how to help him, so I just felt he should know," Jada said. Rafe said it was fine. "I want you to know that I never told Nicole to fire Eric. In fact, I told her that it was a mistake, and she should rehire him. You know, I gotta be able to trust my wife," Rafe said.

After Nicole's conversation with Rafe, she went to Eric's room at the pub. "I wanted to explain the email that I wrote earlier. Even though it says that we're reassessing the budget and making cuts," Nicole said. Eric told Nicole that he knew that was not why she had fired him. "I know it's about your marriage," Eric said.

At the penthouse, Brady stared at a picture of Chloe on his phone. John returned home to pick up files for Marlena. "God forbid she should take off one day from work while she is recovering," John grumbled. John mentioned that the arrival of the serum had been a lucky break. "No, we got lucky on that one," Brady agreed. John asked Brady if he was okay. Brady insisted he was happy that all three women were cured. John was not fooled.

"What's going on?" John asked. Brady explained that he had broken up with Chloe to protect Rachel. "I can't put that little girl through much more," Brady said. Brady admitted that the breakup had not been fair to Chloe but that his daughter had to be his priority. "I get all of that, but it is just so out of the blue," John said. John asked why Brady had decided to take such a drastic step.

"It was only sudden to you because you've been preoccupied," Brady said. John argued that Brady had not thought through his decision. "That's where you're wrong, Dad. I've thought it through. I don't have a choice," Brady said. John raised a suspicious eyebrow. When John argued that Brady always had a choice, Brady said he had misspoken.

"Obviously, my emotions are a little hot on this topic right now, but what I meant to say was, when it comes to your children's welfare, you do what's best for them, right? No matter what. End of story," Brady said. John reluctantly nodded in agreement. "I respect your devotion to your daughter. I'm just sorry to see Chloe go," John said. John apologized for having grilled Brady about his relationship.

As John collected Marlena's briefcase and files, he paused. "I know you don't need me or anybody else twisting your arm to do what you think is right," John said. Brady thanked John, and he asked about Marlena. "It's a miracle. No other word for it," John said. Brady said he was relieved.

"In reality, we both know that that serum didn't just drop from the heavens," John said. "No, it didn't," Brady agreed. John said he would not question the source as long as the serum worked. "I'm gonna stay optimistic," John said. "My gut tells me that everything is going to be just fine. If that serum is working, it doesn't matter where it came from," Brady said.

When John opened the door to leave, Chloe was about to knock. "Am I interrupting?" Chloe asked. "No, I'm just heading back to the hospital," John said. Chloe asked about Marlena. John explained that Marlena was healing fast. "I don't even want to think what would have happened if that serum hadn't just dropped from the heavens," John said. John looked pointedly at Brady.

After John left, an emotional Chloe explained that she was there to pick up her things. "Go ahead," Brady said. As Chloe walked past and sniffled back tears, Brady stopped her. "I feel really terrible. You know that, right?" Brady said. "Yeah. That makes two of us. But I know why you did what you did," Chloe said. While Chloe was in the bedroom, the doorbell rang. Kristen was at the door with a suitcase.

"What are you doing here?" Brady asked. "Come on now. We talked about this," Kristen said. Brady reminded Kristen that he had broken up with Chloe the night before. "I need some more time, damn it!" Brady growled. Kristen walked past Brady into the penthouse. "I helped you dodge a bullet, Brady. So, the sooner you realize that, the better," Kristen said.

Chloe emerged from the bedroom hallway with a boxful of things, and Kristen cheerfully said hello. Chloe noticed the suitcase. "What is this?" Chloe asked. "I guess he didn't have the chance to tell you. I'm moving in," Kristen said. Chloe's lower lip quivered.

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