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Jack gave Gwen an ultimatum. Xander threatened Leo. Li ordered a hit on Rolf. Rolf attempted to deprogram Stefan. Stefan woke up in love with both Gabi and Chloe. Sarah convinced Xander to sign divorce papers. Jack urged Chad to pursue Stephanie. Alex saw Stephanie kiss Chad. Sarah was heartbroken that Xander had sex with Gwen. Stephanie and Chad slept together. Chanel found Alex's underwear in Allie's couch. Allie warned Wendy not to date Johnny. Steve, John, and Roman agreed to kill Orpheus. Marlena, Kayla, and Kate unwittingly signed papers for the devil.
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Rolf attempted to deprogram Stefan. Sarah convinced Xander to sign divorce papers. Marlena, Kayla, and Kate unwittingly signed papers for the devil.
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A private encounter with Xander leaves Leo breathless

A private encounter with Xander leaves Leo breathless

Monday, January 30, 2023

by Mike

Li started lashing out after catching Gabi fleeing from the Salem Inn. "You sent me into the shower so you could snoop!" Li realized before checking the burner phone and finding some recent activity in the call log that only Gabi could have initiated. "I talked to Rolf -- not only has he agreed to get Stefan back to how he was, but he's on the way to Salem as we speak!" Gabi bragged. "Stefan doesn't want to love you -- he keeps telling you, over and over, that you make him sick and that he has no interest in being deprogrammed --" Li argued. "Who says I'm giving him a choice?" Gabi interjected. "You...aren't?" Li sputtered. "Figure of speech," Gabi claimed before storming off while adding that taking away a person's free will was Li's specialty.

Li waited until the coast was clear then dialed a number on the burner phone. "I need you to make sure Dr. Wilhelm Rolf stays away from Salem -- permanently!" Li ordered the person who answered the call.

Stefan, still bound and gagged somewhere within the secret tunnels of the DiMera mansion, tried to retrieve a cell phone from a pants pocket after realizing that Gabi had neglected to confiscate the device -- but it fell to the floor during his struggle.

Stefan kicked off a shoe and a sock in the hope of using the toes of a foot to operate the cell phone's touch screen -- and the device started ringing just then, announcing a call from someone at Statesville.

Stefan shook off the gag then activated the speakerphone setting and begged the caller for help. "Why should I lift a finger to help such an ungrateful son?" Vivian wondered. "I tell you that your son has been abducted by a crazy person, and you're not even the least bit concerned?" Stefan protested. "Where was your concern for your grieving mother when you rose from the dead? How many months now, and you haven't visited me even once?" Vivian countered. "You're right. I am sorry. It's just that I've been --" Stefan tried to explain. "Busy?" Vivian guessed. "You sent your attorneys to have me sign your late brother Jake's DiMera Enterprises proxy over to you," Vivian recalled. "Plenty of time for that, am I right?" Vivian snapped.

Stefan apologized again then continued begging for help and even promised to get Vivian released from prison as a way of returning the favor. "I'll take it under consideration," Vivian responded before starting to hang up on Stefan.

Gabi returned while Stefan was trying to convince Vivian to continue their conversation. Gabi seized Stefan's cell phone and deactivated the speakerphone setting then began chatting with Vivian. "Always so dramatic!" Gabi explained with a laugh when Vivian repeated Stefan's claim about having been kidnapped. "He's had plenty of time to take Chloe to New York for Christmas -- and Miami for New Year's!" Gabi stressed after realizing that Vivian was upset with Stefan for having neglected to visit since returning from the dead. "Rolf brainwashed Stefan to hate me and love Chloe. Maybe he did something to make him stop caring for you, too!" Gabi declared with a gasp before promising Vivian weekly visits once Stefan was back to normal again.

Gabi ended the phone conversation with Vivian then gave Stefan a shake of the head. "Nice try, but funny story -- Mommy Weirdest is Team Stabi," Gabi informed Stefan -- just as Rolf arrived.

Jack entered the Horton house while Gwen was wrapping up a phone conversation with the Spectator's webmaster. "This new exposť on the Salem Police Department's gonna send our online subscriptions soaring -- yes, I'm talking rampant corruption, gross incompetence, and personal vendettas --" Gwen teased, prompting Jack to interrupt with a cough.

Gwen said a quick goodbye to the webmaster then ended the call and greeted Jack with a hug. "I didn't know you were coming in, but it's really lovely to see you!" Gwen declared. "I don't suppose you'll feel that way when you find out why I'm here," Jack countered before revealing that Rafe had recently phoned to share a theory about Gwen's involvement in Xander's latest crime spree. "You're disappointed --" Gwen tried to summarize. "Sweetheart, we have graduated from 'disappointed' to 'disgusted' -- about three schemes ago!" Jack responded. "I was helping a friend," Gwen explained with a shrug. "A guy who's in love with another woman!" Jack pointed out with a shake of the head.

Gwen refused to turn on Xander simply because they were no longer in a romantic relationship. "He's your friend, too!" Gwen reminded Jack. "But I will not throw my life away for him!" Jack insisted. "Are you saying that you can't forgive me for helping Xander?" Gwen wondered. "I've lost track of all the things that I have forgiven you for," Jack grumbled. "Losing Abigail has changed everything for me -- my relationship to life, to family, to the preciousness of time," Jack continued. "I want to spend the time I have left making Jennifer as happy as I can, honoring the legacy of our daughter, spending time with J.J. and the grandkids -- I don't want to lose you, but I can't keep dealing with the negativity and the drama that you bring!" Jack concluded.

Gwen flinched at the criticism then guessed that Jack was simply blowing off steam. "I can understand why you would be skeptical after all the times that I have threatened to disown you, only to bring you right back into my life and into my heart," Jack conceded. "If I could have been a father to you when you were a little girl, perhaps I could have taught you the difference between right and wrong," Jack continued. "Do the right thing -- go to Rafe and tell him everything you know about Xander -- or you will lose not only the roof over your head and your job at the Spectator but me as a father!" Jack concluded. "Dad, we can fix this --" Gwen tried to object, but Jack interrupted and demanded an answer.

Xander was alone at the roach-infested motel, drinking whiskey and watching a movie about a bad man who was trying to win the heart of a good woman, when Leo arrived to deliver a warning. "I'm...kind of, sort of...testifying against you to a grand jury," Leo confessed with a sheepish shrug while ogling Xander's nearly naked body. "So, because your shabby little love triangle blew up in your face, you're gonna sell me out?" Xander snapped after Leo explained why keeping quiet about their recent partnership was no longer a priority. "It's nothing personal, big guy -- I just have to look out for my own interests," Leo reasoned, giving Xander another shrug.

Xander wrapped an arm around Leo and led the way to the bed. "What if I offered you another incentive?" Xander whispered. "What are you proposing?" Leo sputtered. "I can remember a time when getting me into bed was at the very top of your agenda," Xander elaborated while rubbing Leo's right thigh. "We have a deal -- take me now!" Leo agreed after some thought, prompting Xander to reach for another body part.

Xander wrapped both hands around Leo's neck and started squeezing. "I like it rough, word, safe word!" Leo managed to choke out, but Xander waited a few more seconds before finally letting go. "You nasty little bottom-feeder -- what made you think you could waltz in here and threaten me with no repercussions?" Xander snapped as Leo backed away. "Have you forgotten who I am? What's to stop me from snapping your neck like a twig?" Xander continued before starting to choke Leo again. "I've already lost Sarah -- most people would say that she was my conscience, the only thing keeping me from turning into the worst version of myself," Xander concluded before releasing Leo again.

Leo started to flee from the motel room while begging Xander to stay away. "Make no mistake, Stark -- if you tell the cops that you helped me, I will make sure that you join Susan Banks in the afterlife!" Xander called out as Leo disappeared from view.

Sarah entered the study of the Kiriakis mansion while Justin was telling Maggie about Bonnie's change of heart toward Xander. "Bonnie convinced you to give Xander another chance?" Maggie summarized, drawing a nod from Sarah. "Unfortunately, it didn't stick," Sarah revealed, prompting Maggie to release a sigh of disappointment.

Sarah began venting to Maggie and Justin about having caught Xander with Gwen in a state of undress. "Are you sure that you didn't misunderstand the situation?" Maggie wondered at the end of the tale. "Does it really matter?" Sarah countered with a shrug. "Even Bonnie was willing to give Xander another chance -- surely you can, too!" Maggie argued. "Maybe he is telling me the truth this time, but seeing him like that -- with that woman -- just proved to me that I'm never going to be able to trust him again," Sarah explained. "But he's not a bad person --" Maggie insisted. "Mom, I know you mean well, but my mind is made up. It's over between Xander and me. I mean, once the trust is gone, there's nothing left," Sarah maintained.

Maggie grew even more upset when Justin sided with Sarah. "I went along with Bonnie's decision to give Xander a second chance, but I don't think I'll ever be able to overlook what Xander did to Bonnie and Susan," Justin admitted. "I'm really glad to hear you say that. Maybe you could draw up the divorce papers?" Sarah responded. "So soon?" Maggie sputtered. "Are you not listening to me? I am ready to move on from this marriage!" Sarah declared with finality, prompting Maggie to drop the subject with a sigh of defeat then fight back tears while listening to Justin promise that it wouldn't take long at all to create divorce documents for a couple who shared no children and very few assets.

Leo ran into Gwen while passing through the town square. "I've decided not to testify against Xander -- turns out telling the truth may be hazardous to my health," Leo revealed. "That makes two of us who decided not to turn on Xander today," Gwen muttered. "I thought you'd already made up your mind not to cooperate with the police," Leo admitted, prompting Gwen to begin explaining how that decision had been put to the test earlier. "I'm on my own again. Jack made good on his threat -- he kicked me out of the house, fired me from the Spectator, and said I no longer have a father," Gwen concluded while Jack was numbly ridding the Horton house of photographs they had taken together.

Justin apologized for having gone against Maggie in the earlier debate about whether it was time for Sarah to divorce Xander. "He loves her so much -- you know he's not gonna take this well," Maggie fretted, drawing a nod from Justin.

Xander was still drinking whiskey and watching a movie when Sarah stopped by the roach-infested motel to drop off the divorce paperwork.

Xander signs divorce papers

Xander signs divorce papers

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Stephanie sat at home and listened to Alex's voicemail apology on her phone. "You're right, Alex. There's nothing left to say," Stephanie whispered. Stephanie deleted the voicemail. As Stephanie started to type up a eulogy on her laptop for Kayla, Steve returned home.

"[Joey and Tripp] are talking to somebody about donating your mom's body to science. Your mom always wanted to be an organ donor, but now, thanks to Kristen, we can't even grant her last wish," Steve said. Stephanie told Steve that she had been struggling with Kayla's eulogy. "The right words will come to you at the right time," Steve said. Stephanie admitted that she could not stop obsessing over having missed saying goodbye to Kayla.

"You have to let go of that, Stephanie. Your mother knew how much you loved her," Steve said. "I should have been there with her," Stephanie said. Steve urged Stephanie not to blame herself. "It was not your fault," Steve said. Stephanie blamed Alex.

"Has there ever been anyone as self-consumed and narcissistic as Alex Kiriakis?" Stephanie said. Stephanie yelped that she was angry that she had trusted Alex. "Your mom knew how much you loved her, okay? And at the end, she was at peace. She would want you to be at peace, too," Steve said. Stephanie sniffled back tears and whispered, "If only I could be." When Stephanie fussed about Steve not eating, he noted that she sounded like her mother.

"Isn't that why you call me Little Sweetness?" Stephanie asked. "As much as I know you hate it," Steve said. Stephanie told Steve that she had changed her mind. "I want to be like [Kayla] now. Just like her. I want to help people like she did," Stephanie said. "You do, baby girl. Just by being you. You sure do lift my spirits. And I am so proud of you," Steve said. Steve hugged Stephanie.

Over dinner, Steve picked at his food. Stephanie put Steve's food back in the fridge. With a smile, Stephanie asked Steve to have a few bites of Kayla's pie. "Dessert before dinner? Your mother would not approve," Steve joked. With a laugh, Stephanie told Steve that when Kayla had been in medical school, she and Kayla had eaten pie for dinner every Friday. Steve smiled sadly.

"Your mom didn't talk to me too much about that time. But I'm pretty sure the two of you got along just fine without me," Steve said. "It wasn't fine. But we managed," Stephanie said. "Because you had each other," Steve countered. Stephanie nodded yes.

"We are going to get through this. Mom would never forgive us if we didn't," Stephanie said. Steve agreed. Stephanie apologized for having been wrapped up in her personal problems. "I haven't appreciated how lucky I've been. Not just in having Mom for as long as we did, but finding that pie, and a note from her. It was like she got to say goodbye to me, even if I didn't have a chance to say goodbye to her," Stephanie said. "That's a beautiful way of looking at it," Steve said. Stephanie noted that they would be okay because they had one another. "Yes, we do," Steve said.

In the Kirikias living room, Paulina interrupted Alex's workout. After Alex confirmed that Justin was out, Paulina yelled at Alex about Stephanie's phone. "There is nothing you could say to me right now that Stephanie hasn't already said," Alex said.

"Good. You deserve every insult that she could throw at you," Paulina said. Alex noted, "I'm beating myself up more." Alex explained that if he had known why Chad had called, he would not have turned off the phone. "What I did was wrong, I did it for the wrong reason, and I admit that. But I can't take that back now," Alex said. Alex noted that he did not expect Paulina to understand what it felt like to make a huge mistake. Paulina told Alex about her history with Lani.

"But in the end, much to my amazement, and with profound gratitude, my precious daughter, she was able to forgive me," Paulina said. Alex noted that it gave him hope that Stephanie might forgive him one day. Paulina noted that there was no way to know what the future held.

"I can't even get her to talk to me," Alex said. Paulina counseled Alex to talk to Stephanie in person. After Paulina left, Alex sat down and wrote a letter to Stephanie.

At the Horton house, Chad welcomed Jack home. "Is everything okay?" Chad asked. "I just cut Gwen out of my life. For good," Jack said. Jack told Chad about his conversation with Gwen. "And she still chose to cover for Xander?" Chad said. "She walked out the door. And now I've lost both my daughters," Jack said. Jack noted that he had given Gwen multiple chances because Jack's family had given him multiple chances for his screw-ups over the years.

"But Abigail went through such hell because of her. I blame myself for that," Jack said. "I blame myself, too. I believed Gwen's lies," Chad said. Jack reminded Chad that Chad and Abigail had worked through their issues. "You made [Abigail] so happy," Jack said. "She made me happier than I could have ever dreamed," Chad said. Jack stressed that Chad had been strong for the kids and allowed them to remember their mother and feel joy.

"I hope you find love again. And I think Abigail would feel the same way," Jack stammered. Chad noted that he could not look for love when his heart was still with Abigail. Chad told Jack that he had imagined he had spoken to Abigail on Christmas Eve about his future.

"I believe that was your subconscious trying to give you permission to move on. Because deep in your heart, you know that that's what Abigail wanted, too," Jack said. When Jack noted the connection between Chad and Stephanie, Chad admitted there had been a spark. "But I put a stop to it. Because I realized I wasn't ready, and I didn't know if I ever would be. Stephanie understood," Chad said. Jack asked if Stephanie was willing to wait.

"I'm not going to hold her back. She moved on with Alex," Chad said. With a smirk, Jack noted that Alex had not seemed like Stephanie's type. "He might not be, after all. They broke up," Chad said. Jack advised Chad to make a move. "I can't get involved in a relationship," Chad said. Jack noted that there would never be a good time to move on.

"And it doesn't mean the memories of Abigail are going to be any less important. And it doesn't mean that you're gonna love her any less. It just means that you're gonna find room in your heart. It's gonna grow so there is space for you to live the full life that you deserve. That Abigail would want you to have," Jack said. Jack encouraged Chad to talk to Stephanie.

When Chad was reluctant to bother Stephanie, Jack argued that Stephanie needed to talk to people that cared about her. "You sound like a shrink," Chad said. "Years of therapy will do that to you," Jack said. Jack noted that after all the losses, they needed to live as well as grieve. Jack said that he believed Abigail would support Chad exploring his connection to Stephanie. "I will support you," Jack added. Chad left to visit Stephanie.

Jack went to the pub to pick up food, and he ran into Steve. "I'm so sorry about Kayla," Jack said. Jack hugged his brother.

In the square, Gwen told Leo about Jack's ultimatum. "You chose Xander over your job, your home, and your relationship with your father?" Leo asked. Gwen said yes. Leo asked Gwen if Xander was worth the sacrifice. Gwen noted that the closeness with her father had developed out of his guilt over her childhood. "I mean, that's how he was able to be so kind, so forgiving. And how did I reward him? By giving him trouble at every turn," Gwen said. Leo cautioned Gwen not to be so hard on herself.

"I can't seem to break that pattern: hurting him, disappointing him. You know, this last time, [Jack] was so upset with me that I just accepted the fact that he would probably be better without me in his life. Because I love him so much, I decided to just do the unselfish thing and let him go, which is what I ultimately had to do with Xander," Gwen said. Leo disagreed.

"You did it because you can't quit Xander. You know that's the reason," Leo said. Gwen admitted that was true. Leo told Gwen that it was better to preserve her relationship with her father. Gwen said she could not bear the thought that her testimony might send Xander to prison for the rest of his life. "I'm still in love with him. Even if he doesn't love me back," Gwen confessed.

"I get that you still love him. Which makes it impossible for you to, well, you'd pretty much [ruin] his life," Leo said. Gwen noted that she could not hurt Xander, even though there was no chance to be together. "But [Sarah] wants nothing to do with him," Leo said. Leo explained that Xander had told him he had lost Sarah.

"[Xander] is sitting in his room, drunk, vulnerable, half naked. If it were me, I would skedaddle on over there and let him know about the sacrifice you have made," Leo said. Leo suggested that he and Gwen get a room at the Salem Inn. "While I take care of our lodgings, you go over to Xander's motel room, and you claim your prize," Leo said.

Sarah delivered divorce papers to Xander at his motel room, but he refused to sign them. "I love you with all my heart," Xander said. "Then don't fight me on this. Just do the right thing for once. Let me go," Sarah said. Xander begged Sarah to let him explain what she had seen on her last visit. "I know what I saw. You were here with Gwen, and you were both half naked," Sarah said. Xander explained that Gwen had shoved him into the shower to sober him up.

"And?" Sarah said. "And nothing. There was absolutely nothing romantic going on," Xander said. Xander begged Sarah to believe him. "It doesn't matter if I believe you or not," Sarah said. Curious, Xander asked Sarah why she had visited the motel the previous night. Sarah explained that Justin and Bonnie had convinced her to give Xander another chance. "But then you changed your mind because you saw Gwen and I together?" Xander asked. When Sarah nodded yes, Xander stressed that it was a misunderstanding.

"Every time I give you another chance, you make me regret it. And then you ask me for another one," Sarah said. Sarah noted that it did not matter what had happened with Gwen. "You two have a connection that you and I don't," Sarah said. Confused, Xander asked Sarah what she meant.

"You're the woman I love," Xander said. "You loved Gwen, too. Even after she helped having me kidnapped. And even though she fried my brain, you went out and did capers with her," Sarah argued. Sarah noted that while Xander had plotted with Gwen, he had lied to her. Xander apologized. "Sorry won't cut it. Not this time," Sarah said. Sarah said she knew that Xander had not wanted anyone to get hurt, but they had.

"Susan is dead. Bonnie is traumatized for life. So, please, don't make me say this again. It's the last time I'm going to say it. You are not the man that I fell in love with. And I don't want to be married to you anymore," Sarah said. Xander looked at the papers. "I tried so hard not to let you down," Xander said. When Xander reached for Sarah's hands, she yanked them away. "Don't you dare try to put this on me!" Sarah said. Sarah argued that Xander had had options other than crime.

"You wouldn't take [Maggie's] support because of your ego!" Sarah yelled. Sarah reminded Xander that she had never asked him to support her financially and that she had only wanted to be with the man she loved. "And who is that?" Xander asked. "The man I thought you were," Sarah said. Xander shook his head.

"You knew exactly who I was when you married me. I mean, sure, yeah, every now and then I'd try and turn over a new leaf, but it never worked, did it? I always failed, as you keep reminding me. And you, you admitted that part of what drew you to me in the first place was [that] I was a bad boy. That you were drawn to the side of me that breaks the rules. That is the man you fell in love with. You know it's true," Xander said. Sarah and Xander leaned close to one another, and Sarah admitted it was true.

"There's an element of danger being with you that part of me liked," Sarah whispered. As Xander stared into Sarah's eyes, he edged closer to her. "I thought that I could soften your rough edges. But instead, the other way around happened," Sarah said. Xander raised an eyebrow. "We changed each other, Sarah. That's how love's supposed to work, isn't it?" Xander countered. Sarah agreed.

"But not when one person keeps lying to the other and commits crimes and betrays your trust. That is not how love works," Sarah said. Xander shook his head, and he stepped away. "Here we go again. I mean, you lecture me on how I'm not good enough for you. Then you leave. But then you come back," Xander said. Sarah stressed that she would not return this time.

"So, you might as well sign the papers," Sarah said. With a nod, Xander grabbed the papers, and he signed them. "Satisfied?" Xander said. "Yeah," Sarah whispered. Sarah walked out. Xander collapsed on the bed in despair. When Gwen knocked on Xander's door, he grabbed her and kissed her passionately.

As Sarah walked through the town square, she ran into Leo and dropped her divorce papers. "I see Xander finally signed the divorce papers," Leo said with a grin. "It's none of your damn business," Sarah growled.

In the wine cellar of the DiMera tunnels, a restrained Stefan struggled to break free. Gabi walked in with Rolf. "Our one and only genius deprogrammer," Gabi said. Gabi reminded Stefan that she had promised to find Rolf. "And now he can put you back to the way you were before. When I was the only woman you loved," Gabi whispered to Stefan. Confused, Stefan asked Gabi where she had found Rolf.

"Turns out it was another thing [Li] lied to me about. He's been bankrolling Rolf the entire time," Gabi explained. Stefan asked Gabi how she had learned the truth, and Gabi told Stefan about how she'd tricked Li. "But Rolf was already on the way over here. It seems that fate wants us to be together," Gabi said. Stefan noted that Rolf did not have any equipment.

"There's nothing down here but cobwebs, wine, and psychosis," Stefan grumbled. Rolf confirmed that he had stashed equipment in the tunnels. "Why are you going along with this, anyway?" Stefan asked. "Because it's what Stefano would want," Gabi said. Gabi noted that Rolf was devoted to Stefano and his wishes. With a nod, Rolf left to retrieve his equipment.

"I hate you," Stefan muttered. "Once your real feelings for me come back, you're going to thank me. I promise," Gabi said. "I promise, I won't," Stefan countered. Stefan told Gabi that he had remembered his life with Gabi, and it had not been good. "It was at the end, just before I lost you. That's what makes this so devastating. Things were wonderful between us before," Gabi said. Gabi argued that Stefan's feelings for her would not stay buried.

"If you really believe that, then why not just let the feelings resurface on their own?" Stefan asked. Rolf returned with a cart full of electronic devices. "There will be a bit of improvisation involved. And I have to warn you, there are always risks when one is expanding the course of science," Rolf said. Stefan asked Gabi if she wanted to risk his brain to Rolf's tinkering. Concerned, Gabi asked about the risks.

"The usual: amnesia, aphasia, nausea, death," Rolf said. "What?" Gabi and Stefan yelped in unison. "I sense some doubt?" Rolf said. Rolf asked Gabi if she was sure that she wanted him to proceed with the deprogramming. "My God, Rolf. You didn't tell me that deprogramming could kill him," Gabi said. "You didn't ask," Rolf noted. Rolf added that the risk was negligible. "I am not willing to risk it, okay?" Stefan yelled. When Stefan turned to Gabi, she paused.

"I like the odds. Just do it, Rolf," Gabi said. "You psychotic, selfish bitch! Help!" Stefan screamed. Gabi gagged Stefan, and Rolf slipped a pair of headphones onto Stefan's head. Once Stefan was unconscious and the equipment was hooked up, Rolf started to speak to Stefan. Stefan thought about when he had professed his love to Gabi in the tunnels for the first time. Stefan started to smile.

"It's working," Gabi said. Sparks flew off the equipment, and Stefan started to shake violently. "What's going on?" Gabi yelled. "The equipment is a bit older than is ideal," Rolf said. Stefan continued to shake, and then he slumped over. Panicked, Gabi dropped to her knees next to Stefan. "Are you alive?" Gabi pleaded. Stefan roused awake. "Can you hear me?" Gabi asked. "Gabi," Stefan whispered.

Rolf's attempt to deprogram Stefan has unexpected results

Rolf's attempt to deprogram Stefan has unexpected results

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

by Mike

Xander tried to undress Gwen as they continued kissing at the roach-infested motel. Gwen pulled away from Xander in shock and wondered what was happening. "I need to know if you're wearing a wire," Xander explained with a shameless shrug before giving Gwen the option of voluntarily disrobing instead. "What in bloody hell are you talking about?" Gwen sputtered, prompting Xander to clarify that it was quite difficult to believe that it was simply a coincidence that two accomplices had visited within hours of each other that day. "Here to finish what Leo started -- get Melinda Trask what she needs?" Xander guessed, earning a slap from Gwen.

Xander was stunned to learn the real reason for Gwen's unexpected visit. "Are you crazy?" Xander wondered. "I love you, you big knob -- I mean, don't you get that? I suppose, though, what is crazy is all that I have done for you with no hope of it ever amounting to anything," Gwen responded. "You think Sarah and I are gonna patch things up," Xander translated. "If history is any indication," Gwen confirmed.

Xander informed Gwen that Sarah had also visited that day and had left with signed divorce documents. "Sarah and I are totally, irrevocably over. And I'm not just talking about her feelings -- I'm talking about mine," Xander declared. "Why would I want to be with somebody who's just always moving the goalpost?" Xander continued. "Meanwhile, there's you -- who, instead of throwing me under the bus like I so richly deserve, would throw away a chance at a relationship with your dad. And for what? You had no guarantee that would get you anywhere with me -- you only did it because you care, because you have faith in me, because you don't judge me. Let me show you how that makes me feel," Xander concluded before kissing Gwen.

Sarah entered the Kiriakis mansion and found Bonnie in the study. "I'm just trying to figure out what to say at Kayla's funeral," Bonnie explained with a sigh before asking to hear what Sarah had written. "These aren't notes for a eulogy," Sarah clarified while holding up the divorce documents Bonnie was eyeing. "You're rushing things," Bonnie argued before snatching the paperwork from Sarah. "You can delay this whole thing with your shenanigans, but you cannot stop it," Sarah insisted, drawing a sigh of defeat from Bonnie. "I'll have you know I was standing up for true love!" Bonnie reasoned before handing over the documents then storming off, and Sarah waited until the coast was clear then signed them while fighting back tears.

Alex ran into Allie while passing through the town square. "For me? Oh, you shouldn't have!" Allie teased while eyeing the bouquet of pink roses Alex was carrying.

Allie guessed that Alex had actually purchased the flowers for Stephanie. "Do you think I have a chance? Or am I just, like, deluding myself here?" Alex wondered. "I'd definitely consider forgiving you," Allie responded.

Alex thanked Allie for the support then begged for an update on the situation with Chanel. "We're on a break -- she moved out," Allie grumbled, prompting Alex to suggest a unique version of couples therapy as a solution. "I am obviously not a pro, but I have read a lot of articles on relationships lately, and I did take a psychology class in college," Alex bragged, drawing a laugh from Allie. "I love you for trying to help...but this is between me and Chanel," Allie argued, and Alex conceded the point.

Chad requested permission to enter the Brady-Johnson townhouse then backpedaled to first make sure that it was a good time for a visit, prompting Stephanie to step aside while reporting that they were alone for the time being. "I'm a little nervous," Chad admitted before taking a deep breath then forging ahead. "Jack and I just had a long talk, and he had some advice," Chad continued. "I know that I told you that I didn't know if or when I would be ready to move on from Abigail, and I said that it would probably be never...but I'm hoping now -- really hoping -- that you and I can have a future," Chad concluded.

Stephanie gave Chad a scoff of disbelief. "Oh, shoot -- you're mad," Chad realized before guessing that blindsiding Stephanie with the change of heart had been a mistake. "You think?" Stephanie snapped. "I gave in to Alex, who was relentless about us getting together, and now you're telling me that I didn't have to -- that it could have been you and me this whole time?" Stephanie continued. "Thank God you didn't wait another minute!" Stephanie concluded before kissing Chad -- and Alex approached the open townhouse door just then but backed away with a sigh after seeing what was happening inside.

Alex placed the flowers and a card beside the townhouse door then continued walking away -- and Stephanie heard a noise but continued kissing Chad after failing to immediately identify the source. "I should go," Chad eventually decided, remembering that Stephanie had just suffered a tragic loss. "There's never going to be a right time," Stephanie reminded Chad before seizing another kiss then leading the way to a bedroom.

Allie was still at the town square when Alex passed through the area again. "I just pushed the woman of my dreams into the arms of another man," Alex fretted before telling Allie about what had just happened. "I feel like if I had gone to see Chanel, I probably would have witnessed something similar," Allie grumbled at the end of Alex's tale. "Aren't we the pair?" Alex mused before offering to buy Allie a drink. "I thought you'd never ask," Allie admitted while linking arms with Alex.

Chloe entered the DiMera mansion and found Anna in the living room. Chloe called out a greeting, and Anna jumped in response. Chloe apologized for the scare then guessed that Anna hadn't heard the doorbell ring a few seconds earlier. "I was just working on my eulogy for Marlena," Anna explained while fighting back tears, prompting Chloe to offer another apology to cover the interruption.

Chloe looked around while wondering if Anna knew where Stefan was hiding. "I heard the two of you had gotten involved," Anna teased. "Circumstances have changed -- I'm actually here to tell Stefan that I think that he and I shouldn't see each other anymore," Chloe responded. "He didn't cheat on you, did he?" Anna sputtered. "I just don't know if he truly knows what he wants," Chloe clarified.

A phone started ringing just then. "Who even has these anymore?" Anna grumbled to Chloe after realizing that it was one of the mansion's landline phones.

Rolf fretted over damaged equipment while Gabi was tending to Stefan in the secret tunnels. "Where are we -- and why am I tied up?" Stefan demanded to know, prompting Gabi to start lashing out at Rolf. "You were supposed to bring his memories back, not take them away!" Gabi snapped. "It's not my fault I didn't have access to better --" Rolf countered. "I still don't get any of this!" Stefan interjected.

Gabi summarized that Rolf had done something to Stefan months earlier and was trying to repair the damage. "And it was intense, which is maybe why you're confused right now, but...just look at me and just tell me what you feel right now," Gabi whispered. "I I love you, Gabi -- I love you with all my heart," Stefan responded. "He may be faking," Rolf argued. "How do I know?" Gabi fretted. "Kiss me," Stefan suggested.

Gabi took the advice then assured Rolf that Stefan was definitely back to normal -- and Anna and Chloe burst into the room just then, following a lead they had received during their earlier phone conversation with Vivian. "Chloe, you're too late -- Stefan loves me again!" Gabi bragged. "But I love you, too!" Stefan assured Chloe. "You didn't undo his feelings for Chloe?" Gabi challenged Rolf. "There's nothing more I can do -- I'm afraid Stefan's current state of mind is...immutable," Rolf declared with a shrug, drawing a scoff of disbelief from Gabi. "Nothing is 'immutable' -- not even death!" Gabi reminded Rolf, who maintained that nothing more could be done without new equipment.

Anna started removing Stefan's bindings while arguing that, in any case, the secret tunnels were probably the most uncomfortable area of the mansion to be using for a debate about what to do next. "There's nothing to figure out. I'm in love with the two most beautiful women in the world. How lucky am I?" Stefan countered while eyeing Gabi and Chloe lecherously.

Alex's underwear goes missing after a wild night with Allie

Alex's underwear goes missing after a wild night with Allie

Thursday, February 2, 2023

by Mike

Allie walked Alex to the front door of the Horton apartment while Wendy was asleep on the living room couch. "Are you as hungover as I am?" Allie whispered. "I think I'm worse," Alex grumbled.

Allie and Alex agreed that the previous night probably should have featured less alcohol but had otherwise been fun. "Sorry that your underwear went missing," Allie fretted. "There's plenty more where that came from," Alex responded.

Allie said goodbye to Alex then shut the front door and saw that Wendy was no longer asleep. "Sounds like you two had quite a night," Wendy teased. "Neither one of us was in any shape to drive home, so he just came over and crashed here. In the office. Nothing happened," Allie explained. "Then how did he lose his underwear?" Wendy countered. "I don't know! You know, the man sleeps in the nude! But he did sleep alone!" Allie snapped. "Sorry -- it's none of my business --" Wendy acknowledged. "No, I'm sorry -- I understand that you probably thought I was sneaking him out. But I wasn't -- we were only being quiet because we didn't want to wake you," Allie backpedaled, drawing a nod of skepticism from Wendy.

Wendy grew even more suspicious after Allie revealed that Chanel had moved out of the apartment. "I knew you two were fighting after I left yesterday, but I didn't know it was that bad," Wendy admitted. "I just want her to own up to what almost happened with Johnny so that it doesn't happen again!" Allie declared. "Yeah -- I wouldn't mind that myself," Wendy muttered.

Allie seized the opportunity to ask for an update on the situation between Wendy and Johnny. "He told me that what happened at the hospital with Chanel was just a weird moment -- and I'm the one he's interested in," Wendy summarized. "Going after Chanel is not out of character for Johnny, so if it was 'a weird moment'...then he's been having 'weird moments' since puberty," Allie warned. "I think you should know this -- Johnny has always had trouble with boundaries and impulse control, especially with women," Allie continued. "I'm not telling you that you should find somebody else...but if I were you, I would at least see who else is out there," Allie concluded.

Steve joined Tripp in the kitchen of the Brady-Johnson townhouse and wondered where everyone else was hiding. "Joey just went for a run," Tripp answered. "And what about Stephanie?" Steve repeated. "Sleeping in?" Tripp guessed.

Steve hoped that Tripp was right about the reason for Stephanie's absence. "This isn't easy for any of us...but because she wasn't there with her mom when she passed, she's having a really hard time," Steve explained to Tripp.

Steve suddenly noticed a bouquet of flowers and a card that were lying next to each other on the coffee table in the living room, prompting Tripp to dismissively clarify that they had been found outside the townhouse the previous night. "She didn't get to say goodbye to her mother because this guy was playing God with her life, and he just thinks that flowers are gonna get her to forgive him!" Tripp elaborated. "At least now she knows what a self-centered creep he is," Steve noted. "Let's hope she does better next time around," Tripp declared before apologizing to Steve for having to interrupt their conversation to answer a phone call.

Tripp ended the call after a brief conversation with someone then wondered if Steve was hungry. "Bayview?" Steve guessed, seeing through Tripp's attempt at a distraction. "The last thing you need to be worrying about right now is her, all right? After everything she did to Kayla --" Tripp argued. "Your mom matters to you, so that means she matters to me, too," Steve countered, drawing a nod of appreciation from Tripp, who rushed off to the psychiatric facility after agreeing to support the adoption of a new family rule about the townhouse being treated as a place where secrets were never allowed.

Stephanie woke up and caught Chad staring at the ceiling. "Is that look what I think it is?" Stephanie wondered. "Regret? No!" Chad responded.

Stephanie gave Chad a look of skepticism. "It's wake up next to someone who's not Abby," Chad explained. "I get that -- it's been a long time since you did," Stephanie conceded. "Not as long as you think," Chad admitted.

Chad told Stephanie about what had happened a couple years earlier. "So, this morning, I was thinking about Gwen and how that was a mistake...but this is not," Chad summarized, and Stephanie echoed the sentiment.

Stephanie tried to sneak Chad out of the townhouse, but they ran into Steve in the living room. "Morning, Mr. Johnson," Chad muttered. "Morning, Mr. DiMera," Steve responded. "I'm gonna leave --" Chad announced. "Stick around," Steve objected.

Stephanie and Chad shared an awkward breakfast with Steve then parted ways. "I'm sorry --" Stephanie began once the coast was clear. "Why? This is your house, too!" Steve protested. "Yeah, but I don't think you needed a surprise this morning -- and I'm sure you can guess that wasn't planned," Stephanie explained. "I vaguely remember how those things can happen spontaneously," Steve teased.

Steve soon changed the subject, directing Stephanie's attention to the flowers and the card. Steve offered to leave the townhouse for a while, but Stephanie insisted that wasn't necessary then tossed both items in a trash can.

Wendy spotted Tripp while passing through the park and realized that something was wrong. "Is it about your mother?" Wendy guessed. "She wasn't as manic this time...but, somehow, she was worse -- just catatonic, stared off like I wasn't even there, like there was nothing inside," Tripp fretted. "No one should have to go through what you're going through," Wendy declared before giving Tripp a hug.

Wendy made it clear that Tripp wasn't allowed to return to Seattle after Kayla's funeral without first saying goodbye to a certain friend who was going to miss their random encounters. "Actually, I'm not going back right away -- I mean, given everything with my mom, I just don't think I can leave," Tripp clarified. "Well, the reason sucks...but it will be nice to have you around," Wendy admitted.

Paulina was preparing breakfast at the Price condominium when Chanel emerged from a bedroom with a yawn. "I don't really have an appetite --" Chanel announced. "Not relevant," Paulina countered.

Paulina insisted that Chanel was going to eat regardless. "You're going to need your strength to get through this grilling I'm about to give you," Paulina warned, confusing Chanel.

Paulina served Chanel some food then demanded to know what was going on with Allie. "You were too upset to talk when you got in here last night -- so, fine, I gave you your space...but the break's over, child," Paulina stressed.

Chanel ignored the meal while telling Paulina about the recent drama with Allie. "No wonder you don't have an appetite -- I'm feeling a bit bilious myself," Paulina muttered with a shake of the head at the end of the tale. "Nothing happened -- Johnny was just in pain, and he needed someone to --" Chanel tried to reiterate. "Make out with?" Paulina concluded with obvious disapproval. "Why does it feel like you're taking her side?" Chanel grumbled. "'Cause I remember when she took up your side when you were at rock bottom, facing murder charges!" Paulina explained. "I should have known you would be like this!" Chanel snapped. "You did know," Paulina argued.

Paulina theorized that Chanel had stayed at the Price condominium the previous night instead of the Salem Inn because only one of those places featured someone who wasn't afraid to dish out tough love when necessary. "Books and movies lie -- grief isn't throwing yourself onto the casket and sobbing. It's a cold icicle piercing your heart -- it's despair and anger and emptiness...and no faith that you'll ever get past it. And until you go through it, you don't have any idea how strong it is. Now, the way Allie treated you was so unfair, and you love her so much that it hurt like hell, and I'm just so sorry you had to go through it...but --" Paulina advised. "I'm the one that has to get over it," Chanel realized.

Chanel headed over to the Horton apartment in search of Allie. "Are you okay? You look --" Chanel began. "Hungover? Alex and I, we went out drinking last night -- and we hit our limit, and then we just kept right on going," Allie explained.

Chanel acknowledged that Allie had a good excuse for the binge. "I've been thinking, and...I was hurt, and that kept me from seeing how much I had hurt you, and then I kept making things worse by trying to tell you that you were overreacting, and it is not my place to tell you how to feel," Chanel declared. "You really mean that?" Allie wondered.

Chanel nodded in response, prompting Allie to seize a hug and echo the feelings of regret about their recent fights. "It's just...when I saw you and Johnny together, I got, like, so crazy --" Allie tried to explain while pulling away from Chanel, who had spotted something during the embrace. "Is that what you call it?" Chanel snapped while picking up a pair of boxer briefs Allie had found and set aside earlier. "Nothing happened --" Allie insisted. "Oh, and I'm supposed to just take your word for it -- I'm supposed to trust you, the way you trusted me when I told you that nothing happened between Johnny and me?" Chanel countered before storming back out of the apartment with a shake of the head.

Alex entered the Kiriakis mansion and found Sarah in the study. "You look like I feel. Did you tie one on last night, too?" Alex muttered. "No -- but I would have been justified if I did," Sarah responded.

Alex started to trudge off to another room, assuming that Sarah wanted to be left alone for a while. "Misery loves company," Sarah objected, stopping Alex.

Sarah sought comfort in a plate of pastries while chatting with Alex. "Were you partying?" Sarah guessed. "More like trying to forget," Alex clarified. "Did it work?" Sarah wondered. "Not at all -- in fact, I should get my money back," Alex grumbled.

Alex and Sarah confided in each other about their respective romantic disappointments. "You got a cure for a hangover?" Alex eventually begged. "Yes -- don't get drunk in the first place," Sarah teasingly responded.

Xander awoke with a start at the roach-infested motel then tried to assure Gwen that everything was fine. "I'm just a bit hungover," Xander claimed. "You looked like you were having an intense dream," Gwen argued. "Weird," Xander muttered before shrugging off the matter then attempting to change the subject, prompting Gwen to warn that it was quite obvious that a hangover wasn't the only issue. "You were dreaming about Sarah," Gwen realized. "She showed up at the door and told me she made a terrible mistake, then she tore up the divorce papers, and we started to --" Xander explained. "I can guess," Gwen interjected. "It was just a dream, Gwen -- Sarah and I are done," Xander stressed.

Gwen insisted that Xander didn't need to soften the blow. "I'm not stupid -- I didn't expect anything to come out of this," Gwen declared. "But when I think about what you did -- what you gave up for me --" Xander fretted. "That was my choice -- my decision -- and I don't expect a thing from you in return. And if you want to pretend like last night didn't happen...well, believe me, that is fine by me," Gwen maintained.

Xander refused to take the out, but Gwen remained convinced that their relationship wasn't going to go anywhere. Gwen tried to rush off, but Xander objected that there was no reason for them to avoid each other. "If you need a place to stay --" Xander suggested. "No, that's all right -- Leo has offered to share a room with me at the Salem Inn, so I am just peachy," Gwen responded. "Then why don't I take you out for breakfast," Xander decided before remembering that would require money. "I'll get you next time," Xander continued before realizing how that sounded. "I'm gonna put on some clothes," Xander concluded before ducking into the bathroom, and Gwen waited until the coast was clear then grumbled that "next time" was simply a fantasy.

Xander made good on the promise to treat Gwen to breakfast after finding some money tucked between couch cushions at the roach-infested motel -- and Sarah ran into them outside Sweet Bits.

Gwen admitted to having heard about Sarah's decision to divorce Xander. "I'm sorry --" Gwen declared. "No, you're not -- you're trying your very hardest not to do a happy dance while you're waiting to worm your way back into Xander's bed," Sarah guessed. "Actually, Xander invited me," Gwen bragged. "You and Xander slept together last night? I don't believe it --" Sarah protested. "Well, believe it -- except...there wasn't much sleeping going on," Xander teased.

Alex ran into Chad outside the Brady Pub. "I saw you last night with Stephanie -- I came by to drop something off," Alex revealed, prompting Chad to recall that the townhouse door had been left ajar for a while. "I'm sure it just slipped your mind in the heat of the moment, right? And you are, in the same clothes as last night," Alex continued, prompting Chad to confirm the meaning of that clue. "I guess there's really nothing left to say, then,'re a lucky man," Alex concluded before walking away while Chad was conceding the point -- and, at that same time, Stephanie had a change of heart and decided to read Alex's card.

Steve asks John and Roman to kill Orpheus

Steve asks John and Roman to kill Orpheus

Friday, February 3, 2023

In the town square, Gwen told Sarah that she had spent the night with Xander. Sarah said that she did not believe Gwen, but Xander confirmed it when he exited the bakery. "The ink on our divorce papers isn't even dry yet, and you already slept with that horrible woman?" Sarah said. "I'm right here," Gwen complained. Xander reminded Sarah that his life was no longer her business, and he asked her not to insult Gwen.

With a scowl, Xander noted, "You couldn't wait to be rid of a criminal like me. What do you care how I spend my nights?" Sarah said that she felt like she did not know Xander. Xander scoffed. "Seemed to have me sized up the other day. I'm just a lying, kidnapping thug, isn't that right?" Xander said. Sarah asked Xander if he denied that he had been responsible for Bonnie's trauma or Susan's death. Xander lowered his eyes with shame.

"I shouldn't be surprised that the night that our marriage ended, you slept with someone else. But of all the women in the world, did it have to be her?" Sarah said. Sarah noted that if Xander had wanted to hurt her, he had succeeded. "You slept with the heartless bitch that left me wasting away on Kristen's private island," Sarah grumbled. "Here we go again," Gwen muttered. Annoyed, Sarah asked Gwen if she was tired of hearing about her misdeeds.

"Did it slip your memory that [Gwen] worked overtime to convince you that I didn't love you anymore? All while knowing I was wandering around Kristen's creaky old mansion, thinking I was some dead heiress?" Sarah asked. Xander said he remembered. Sarah asked Xander if he also remembered that Gwen had almost given her brain damage with a second dose.

"But it didn't, did it? Because you're able to recall every single thing that I've done wrong," Gwen grumbled. Sarah noted that Xander having sex with Gwen was the perfect way to get back at her for the divorce. As tears glistened in Xander's eyes, Gwen shoved him aside.

"You holy Hortons, you just have no problem looking down on us and passing judgment, but then you turn the other direction when it works for you," Gwen said. Gwen argued that Sarah had been willing to overlook Xander's crimes for years. "I believed he wanted to change," Sarah said. "He didn't want to kidnap Susan or Bonnie. Do you know why he did it? For you. For the money. So that he could support you and the lifestyle that you're so very used to," Gwen said. As Gwen started to call Sarah names, Xander intervened.

"No, I'm glad she said it. It explains everything. You would think kidnapping for hire is a perfectly acceptable way to make a living, even if one of the victims dies," Sarah said. "Have you said everything you wanted to say or is there more?" Xander asked. With a shake of her head, Sarah told Xander that they did not need to ever speak again. "Once Justin files those papers, you and Gwen will be free to spend the rest of your lives doing what you do best: bringing misery," Sarah said. Sarah slapped the bakery box out of Xander's hands as she walked away.

"What I said to Sarah, I know it was a bit harsh," Gwen admitted. Gwen said she had been unable to let Sarah's comments go unanswered. "[Sarah] provoked you," Xander said. Gwen noted that Xander had never defended her to Sarah before. "Well, you had my back when the whole kidnapping thing blew up in my face. When I think about what that cost you," Xander said with a shrug. "I don't regret a single thing," Gwen said. "Neither do I," Xander confessed. Xander told Gwen that he felt good.

"I'm sick of apologizing for who I am," Xander said. "Right. I mean, why should we have to go around town, holding our little hats to people like my father and Sarah?" Gwen said. Xander noted that it was pointless because everyone assumed the worst of them regardless. "I say we prove them right. I say we take the good people of Salem for everything we can get," Xander said. In the park, Sarah sat on a bench and cried as she looked on her phone at a photo of her with Xander.

At the Brady Pub, John watched a couple at a nearby table laugh together. John grimaced as he thought of Marlena. Roman walked over. John explained that he was there to meet with Steve. Roman said he believed that once the funeral arrangements were done, they would be able to start to move on with their lives.

"I hope you're right about that, Roman. Without Doc by my side, I don't think anything is gonna ever be easy again," John said. When Steve arrived, he asked the couple in the pub to leave. "You want us to just go?" the woman asked. "Yeah. You can come back tomorrow for breakfast. Breakfast will be on Roman, by the way, but you have to go now," Steve said. Steve escorted the confused couple out of the pub.

"What the hell was that all about?" Roman asked. "Something tells me that this meeting is not about funeral arrangements," John said. "We have a new case," Steve announced. John reminded Steve that they were on bereavement leave. "Not anymore," Steve said. Roman sighed. "I'm running a business now, Steve, and you're costing me paying customers," Roman said.

"What is it about this case that's got you so jacked up, partner?" John asked. "The three of us are going to kill Orpheus," Steve said. John and Roman exchanged a look. Steve argued that killing Orpheus was a service to humanity. "Maybe so, Steve, but I'm a retired police commissioner. I shouldn't even be hearing this," Roman said. Steve argued that they had failed their wives.

"There's a very good chance that Orpheus could end up on death row. You don't have to go rogue. Let the system take care of it," Roman stressed. Steve scoffed at Roman. "We're the ones he's after. We're the ones who need to end him," Steve yelled. "So, this is about payback?" Roman asked. Steve explained that in order to protect their families, they needed to act in a manner that Orpheus would not predict.

"[Orpheus is] never going to stop making us pay for his wife's death," Steve said. Roman told Steve that he still believed in the justice system and that he would not take the law into his own hands. "I want the three of us to do that," Steve said. Roman asked John to talk sense into Steve.

"I agree with Steve. Let's get that bastard," John growled. "John, you really can't believe that killing Orpheus is the answer?" Roman asked. John told Roman that Steve had previously talked to him about Orpheus after the pardon.

"[Steve] told me that he wanted to take Orpheus out before he hurt or killed anyone. And I talked him out of it. And I used the same argument you just used. Now, if I hadn't done that, we would probably be having breakfast with our beautiful wives right now. So, I got to side with my partner," John said. Steve told Roman that they could pretend the conversation had never happened.

"No. If you're gonna do this, it's got to be all or nothing," Roman said. "What are you saying?" John asked. Roman confirmed that he was in. "Let's make damn sure that Orpheus never hurts another living soul," Roman said. Steve put his hand on the table, and John and Roman each put one of their hands on top of Steve's.

In the afterlife, "Susan" encouraged Marlena to eat some food. "All I want is information. Where is Kayla?" Marlena said. "She's in the good place, too, just like you are," "Susan" said. Relieved to hear Kayla's fate, Marlena sat down to eat. "I think I'm gonna need a friend, and so will she," Marlena said. "Susan" told Marlena that Kayla was scheduled to see a familiar face first.

"What about Kate?" Marlena asked. "Susan" reluctantly checked her list for Kate's name. "Well, I'll be. Here she is," "Susan" said. Marlena smiled. "Kate made it to heaven," Marlena said. "Not exactly," "Susan" said. "Susan" told Marlena that Kate would be judged. "I hope Kate's judge will be fair and unbiased," Marlena said. "Susan" assured Marlena that everyone there was fair and unbiased.

"You need to start thinking about how you want to spend eternity," "Susan" said. "I have. I would like to see the people that I've lost. I'd like to see my baby D.J. And my twin sister, Samantha. And it would be so good to see Tom and Alice Horton again. And Shawn and Caroline," Marlena said. "Susan" noted that Marlena would see everyone. "But first, you need to sign your release paper," "Susan" said. "Susan" explained that the paper would release Marlena to the next level of heaven. Marlena signed the paper.

In a locked room in the afterlife, Kayla banged on a door and cried for help. "Hello?" a voice from the next room said. "Kate?" Kayla whispered. Kayla called out to Kate, but there was no answer. "It's been weeks! Somebody, anybody, get me out of here!" Kayla yelled. "We don't usually cuss up here," a woman said. Kayla turned around and gasped.

"Adrienne?" Kayla said. "I was so surprised when they told me you were here. I thought for sure they'd made a mistake," Adrienne said. Relieved to see a friendly face, Kayla hugged Adrienne fiercely. "We have all missed you so much," Kayla said. When Adrienne noted that she was sad that her sudden passing had been traumatic for the family, Kayla said that she had the same concern for her family.

"I always assumed that people in heaven didn't have a care in the world. But I'll tell you something, I am so worried about Steve and how much pain he must be in," Kayla said. "Your husband is going to be okay with a little help from his friends," Adrienne reassured Kayla. Frustrated, Kayla noted that everyone in Steve's support system was also grieving.

"I just think that I'm the only one that really knows [Steve]. I mean you do, of course, but you're not there, either," Kayla said. Kayla worried aloud that Steve would go to a dark place in the midst of his grief. "And you were always there to talk him down," Adrienne said. "I am just so worried about what kind of trouble Steve is going to get into now," Kayla said. Adrienne cautioned Kayla not to worry.

"How can I not? He's my husband. The love of my life," Kayla said. "But Kayla, your life is here now. In paradise," Adrienne said. Adrienne handed a paper to Kayla to sign. "[This] is your way out of this room and into the afterlife," Adrienne said. "What is it, exactly?" Kayla asked. Adrienne explained that the paper was a pledge to sign over her immortal soul to God. "Can't I have a lawyer look at it?" Kayla asked. "We don't get too many of those up here," Adrienne joked. Adrienne asked Kayla to trust her. "I always have," Kayla said. Kayla signed the paper.

"Your destiny is waiting for you," Adrienne said. Adrienne gestured toward the door. "You're coming with me, right?" Kayla asked. "I'm afraid you have to take this next step on your own. But we'll have plenty of time together," Adrienne promised. Kayla hugged Adrienne goodbye. Kayla walked through the doorway. With an ominous smile, Adrienne spoke with the devil's voice. "You are so gullible," "Adrienne" said with a laugh.

On the other side of the door, Kate walked down a staircase, and she called out for help. As Kate got to the bottom of the staircase, she saw Jordan. "Welcome to purgatory, honey," Jordan said. Kate shook her head in disbelief.

"If I'm stuck with you, then that means I died and went straight to hell," Kate said. With a groan, Kate noted that it was her punishment for a life of "sin and shame." Jordan called Kate melodramatic. "We call this the in-between place. It's not as majestic as heaven, not as sweltering as hell," Jordan said. "How long will I have to be here?" Kate asked. Jordan explained that the souls in the in-between needed to be judged to determine if they were worthy to move forward or go on to hell.

"Who is going to judge my case?" Kate asked. Jordan announced that she was Kate's judge. "I don't see how that's fair. You see, when we were alive, you hated my guts," Kate complained. "And you don't think I had good reason? I mean, besides the fact that you are a miserable excuse for a human being?" Jordan said. Jordan reminded Kate that Kate had sabotaged Jordan's relationship with Rafe.

"Talk about holding a grudge," Kate said as she rolled her eyes. "This is hatred for all of eternity," Jordan growled. Kate argued that she had not known Jordan's history with Clyde when she had told Clyde where to find Jordan. "You brought the man who molested me back to Salem, thereby ruining my life! And now, it is finally coming back to haunt you," Jordan said. Jordan asked Kate to give her a reason why Kate did not deserve to go to hell.

"Here you are in the afterlife, and you still can't find it in your heart to forgive an innocent mistake?" Kate asked. "You call subjecting the good citizens of Salem to a sick, homicidal predator who molested his stepdaughter, who killed a mother of two in cold blood, an innocent mistake?" Jordan countered. Jordan argued that Kate's actions had been indefensible.

"Are you blaming me for Abigail's death?" Kate asked. Jordan argued that Kate was to blame because she had invited Clyde to Salem. With a shake of her head, Kate countered that Clyde would have found Ben and Jordan eventually. "When I did find out how he had abused you, I felt horrible," Kate said. "So horrible, in fact, that you did nothing," Jordan argued. Kate admitted that she had not acted quickly enough to cut off Clyde.

"And I'm sorry for that," Kate said. "You're sorry now that I have your soul in my hands," Jordan said. Kate noted that the timing was bad, but the apology was sincere. After a moment, Kate stressed that she was not all bad. Kate argued that she had supported her children to a faul and that a good man like Roman had loved her.

"Considering that, don't you think possibly I have a soul that could be saved?" Kate asked. When Jordan remained silent, Kate admitted that Jordan had legitimate grievances. "I have changed. Roman really brought out the better side in me," Kate said. With a nod, Jordan asked for proof.

"You can sign a document that confirms your genuine contrition," Jordan said. Kate agreed. "If you are lying, the document will burst into flames immediately, and you will be doomed for all of eternity," Jordan warned. "I will sign it," Kate confirmed. Jordan handed a clipboard to Kate, and Kate signed the papers on it. "No flames," Kate noted. Jordan reluctantly admitted that Kate's apology was sincere.

"Thank you so much for coming around the way that you did. So maybe now we can fast-track this transfer to heaven," Kate said. "Not so fast," Jordan said. Jordan explained that she provided a recommendation on Kate's movement, but someone else decided whether Kate moved on to heaven. "This document certifies that you have completed arbitration with me," Jordan said. Jordan handed the clipboard to Kate, and she told her to move on to the next round. Kate thanked Jordan. "You are an angel," Kate said as she hugged Jordan. "Hardly," Jordan muttered. Jordan directed Kate to climb the stairs. Kate thanked Jordan again, then she climbed the stairs. Jordan's eyes glowed yellow. In the devil's voice, "Jordan" said, "No, Kate. Thank you."

As Marlena waited in a room in the afterlife, Kayla walked in and joined her. "What are you doing here?" Kayla asked. "I succumbed to the virus, same as you and Kate," Marlena said. Kayla groaned. "It's okay. I'm where I'm supposed to be," Marlena said. Kayla hugged Marlena. Kate walked into the room. "You're here, too. Where are we?" Kate asked. Marlena said she was relieved that Kate had made it to "the good place."

"I was a little worried myself. Luckily, weirdly, Judge Ridgeway took it easy on me," Kate said. "Judge Ridgeway?" Kayla said. Kate confirmed that Jordan had judged her fate. Kayla noted that she had been locked in a room. "That doesn't sound very heavenly. And I thought purgatory was bad," Kate said. "Susan" returned to the room, and she asked for the papers.

"You had to sign papers, too?" Marlena asked. "Adrienne brought them to me," Kayla said. Kate confirmed that Jordan had asked her to sign papers, as well. "I'm so sorry, ladies. There's been a bit of a confusion," "Susan" said. Confused, Marlena asked what was wrong. "Susan" confirmed that Kate had not talked to Jordan and that Kayla had not talked to Adrienne.

"I also hate to inform you that I am not your dimwitted Susan Banks," "Susan" said. "Then who are you?" Marlena asked. "Susan" took off her disguise. "It's you," Marlena whispered.

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