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E.J. and Stefan declared war on one another. Wendy grew closer to Tripp. Johnny apologized to Tripp for interfering with his job. Maggie contemplated hiring Xander. Gwen and Alex slept together. Xander warned Alex to stay away from Gwen. Stefan agreed to help get the charges against Eric and Brady dropped. E.J. offered to help Li keep Gabi. Paul and Andrew reconnected. Steve and John ran into Hope in their search for Megan. Marlena and Kate questioned Rolf about the unknown captive. Bo thwarted Kate's escape.
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Gwen and Alex slept together. E.J. and Stefan declared war on one another. Steve and John ran into Hope in their search for Megan. Kate's escape was thwarted by Bo.
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Alex and Gwen help each other put a bad day to bed

Alex and Gwen help each other put a bad day to bed

Monday, March 13, 2023

by Mike

Li tried to chat with Gabi while they were waiting for menus at the Bistro. "You had fun at the museum?" Li assumed. "So much beauty in one place," Li continued. "The art was pretty good, too!" Li concluded.

Gabi groaned at the joke then reminded Li that their original plan for the day had not included dinner for two at a fancy restaurant. "Come on -- you love the steak here, just like you loved the exhibit --" Li argued. "And by the time our six-month deal expires, I'm gonna...what, just let go of Stefan and love you again, too?" Gabi summarized. "Right -- except...I think it's gonna happen a lot sooner than that," Li responded. "You're starting to sound delusional," Gabi warned. "Hopeful," Li clarified.

Johnny feigned ignorance for Wendy's benefit while Tripp was lashing out at the Shin apartment. "Can't dodge this one -- because I have the receipts!" Tripp warned Johnny before getting Wendy up to speed on what was being discussed.

Wendy was stunned to hear that Johnny had used Tripp's hospital badge to gain access to confidential medical records. "He put my good name and reputation at risk -- all because he and his family always think they're above the rules!" Tripp stressed. "When I asked you how you got those lab results, you said you have your ways --" Wendy reminded Johnny. "Because he knew how you would react, and he's too much of a coward to be honest," Tripp guessed.

Wendy wondered if Johnny had anything to say to Tripp. "I needed answers -- Wendy and I are trying to help someone --" Johnny explained. "Are you actually throwing her under the bus?" Tripp protested. "That's not what I was doing," Johnny insisted.

Tripp pointed out that what Johnny had done was illegal, and Wendy agreed. "I asked you for your help. You didn't want to give it to me. So, I borrowed your badge for, like, ten minutes --" Johnny dismissively summarized. "No, you didn't 'borrow' Tripp's badge -- you stole it," Wendy disapprovingly clarified before ordering Johnny to leave.

Johnny laughed off Wendy's demand. "I'm serious, Johnny! What do we have if I can't trust you?" Wendy argued, drawing a sigh from Johnny. "I'll text you tomorrow. Once you've had time to think about this, you'll understand," Johnny assured Wendy.

Tripp waited until Johnny was gone then wondered if Wendy was okay. "Allie warned me about how impulsive and selfish Johnny can be. I guess I'm still trying to learn what that means," Wendy fretted to Tripp.

Tripp started venting to Wendy about what Johnny had done. "It was my first day back at the hospital, you know? And I wanted everything to be perfect, 'cause...I don't know, I feel, like, such a responsibility to honor Kayla's memory --" Tripp admitted. "I'm sure she'd be proud," Wendy interjected. "I know I'll never be as good a doctor as she was, know, it's important to me that I don't do anything that will stain her reputation or even disappoint my dad while he's still grieving --" Tripp continued. "You did nothing wrong today," Wendy stressed while grasping Tripp's hands.

Tripp and Wendy locked eyes and started inching toward each other -- but Gabi and Li entered the apartment just then. "We interrupting something?" Li wondered. "We were just...talking," Wendy responded.

Gabi retreated to a bedroom to change clothes, and Li seized the opportunity to try to convince Tripp to start sleeping on the couch, but Wendy insisted that there was no reason to change the existing arrangements. "I love having you here. My brother's just gonna have to get used to the couch. He made it -- now he gets to lie in it," Wendy assured Tripp, drawing a sigh of defeat from Li.

Gabi returned a short time later and saw that Tripp and Wendy were no longer around, prompting Li to explain that they had both stepped outside to get some air. Gabi, who was wearing a robe, seized the opportunity to reveal the lingerie that was hidden underneath, wanting to torture Li with the image. "That contract that I signed -- I know that I can't be with Stefan, but...I mean, there's nothing in there that says I can't dream about him," Gabi warned Li before retreating to a bedroom again.

E.J. pulled Nicole into the foyer of the DiMera mansion while Stefan was pitching an idea to Wei Shin in the living room. Nicole expressed concern that Stefan was earning points with Wei, but E.J. was certain that the effects of the spiked drink would soon kick in and change the course of the evening. "I love a good train wreck!" Nicole whispered to E.J. as they rejoined Stefan and Wei.

E.J. stumbled while walking around the living room, prompting Nicole to quietly advise that pretending to be drugged for Stefan's benefit while in Wei's presence was a risky move. Stefan continued pitching an idea to Wei, interrupting E.J. and Nicole each time either of them tried to join the conversation. "Stop talking!" E.J. eventually shouted. "Mr. Shin heard you the first time -- for God's sake, the man is old, not deaf!" E.J. bluntly added before calming down and apologizing for the outburst then checking the time and guessing that dinner would be ready soon. "Are you sure that you switched the correct drinks?" Nicole wondered after Stefan led Wei to the living room, drawing a dismissive laugh from E.J.

Stefan and Wei returned to the living room with E.J. and Nicole after dinner. Stefan offered to prepare cups of coffee for everyone, and Nicole and Wei each declined, but E.J. took the bait in the hope that a second dose of the drug would make things more interesting. E.J. found an opportunity to switch the two cups of coffee, then Stefan found an opportunity to switch them again.

Johnny soon entered the mansion, prompting E.J. to make a few grand declarations about the future ruler of DiMera Enterprises then joke that there was nothing in the company's bylaws that prevented the CEO title from being given to a person who had a history of demonic possession -- and Nicole and Stefan each recognized that the scene was making Wei uncomfortable.

Nicole and Johnny each tried to intervene, but E.J. refused to listen to either of them then got violent when Stefan decided to feign concern for Wei's benefit. Stefan laughed off the shove instead of retaliating, knowing that Wei was watching, and Nicole explained it away as a symptom of exhaustion then asked Johnny for help escorting E.J. to an upstairs bedroom. Stefan waited until the coast was clear then started fretting to Wei about what had just happened -- and E.J. and Nicole, meanwhile, struggled to figure out how their revenge scheme had blown up in their faces, drawing a groan of guilt from Johnny.

Maggie and Xander continued chatting in the CEO's office at Titan. "I really did think that, you know, once I saw the final divorce decree in my hands, I would finally accept that Sarah and I are over for good," Xander explained. "I don't think it works that way," Maggie advised. "No -- my feelings didn't miraculously disappear," Xander grumbled. "You have got to get over her...or you are gonna end up alone," Maggie warned.

Xander sighed then changed the subject, fretting to Maggie about being unemployed once again. "Don't worry -- I'll find some...non-illegal...way to fill my hours," Xander promised. "Maybe you could fill in here at Titan," Maggie suggested, drawing a laugh from Xander. "Doing what?" Xander wondered after realizing that Maggie was being serious. "Taking over for Alex? I wouldn't complain!" Maggie responded.

Maggie vented to Xander about what had happened earlier. "You can't have insubordination in your ranks!" Xander declared. "Fire the only other Kiriakis in the company -- on my first day?" Maggie translated. "Yeah, that would be a bad look," Xander conceded. "I wish I had a Kiriakis I could count on!" Maggie fretted. "It is fun to imagine -- you know, the two of us taking on the corporate world and defying expectations -- but we both know Victor would never sign off on it, so --" Xander muttered. "I'm CEO, Xander -- Victor doesn't get a say," Maggie stressed. "Now you just need a good answer for the other 10,473 reasons why it would be a terrible idea for you," Xander joked, but Maggie still wasn't deterred.

Gwen was quick to draw Alex's attention to the tables at Small Bar that were unoccupied. "Why are you here?" Gwen stressed. "Because us members of the Bad Day Club have to stick together," Alex reasoned.

Gwen gave the argument some thought then shrugged and agreed to share a table with Alex. "I would say 'nice to meet you'...but we have so many people in common, it's almost as if we're old chums," Gwen noted while shaking Alex's hand.

Alex ordered several tequila shots in an effort to catch up to Gwen, who also began ordering tequila shots after finishing a second martini. Gwen and Alex continued drinking as they took turns venting about what they had each endured that day.

Leo was nowhere to be found when Gwen returned to the Salem Inn with Alex later that night. "A nightcap -- that's what we came here for --" Gwen remembered. "Is that the only thing we came here for?" Alex countered before leaning in to kiss Gwen. "Maybe we should just enjoy the drinks," Gwen protested. "Can't blame a guy for trying, right?" Alex argued, drawing a nod from Gwen.

Gwen received a text message from Xander just then -- nothing more than the standard sort of apology friends might exchange after a minor argument -- and Alex never saw it but could tell that it was somehow upsetting. "Are you okay?" Alex wondered. "No, I'm not okay -- let's change that up, shall we?" Gwen responded before ripping open Alex's dress shirt and seizing a kiss.

Belle and Sloan team up

Belle and Sloan team up

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Eric returned to his room above the pub with breakfast in bed for Sloan. "Was last night the best sex of your life?" Sloan asked with a grin. Eric warned Sloan not to take Leo's gossip column too seriously. Sloan asked Eric again.

"I told you it was great, remember?" Eric said. "But not the best," Sloan noted. "I don't kiss and tell," Eric said with a grin. Sloan argued that if she had been the best sex of Eric's life, he would have told her. "Don't make this a competition," Eric said. Sloan argued that Leo had reported that Eric was the best sex of her life, but not vice versa.

"And for the record, I never said that [you were the best sex]," Sloan stressed. Eric jokingly asked Sloan if she wanted to question Leo's integrity. "I demand another shot," Sloan said. Sloan promised to prove Nicole wrong. "Please do," Eric whispered.

After sex, Sloan announced that she would not worry about Nicole or Leo's column anymore. "What changed your mind?" Eric asked. "I realized that it's incredibly demeaning for me to compete with any of your exes," Sloan confessed. Sloan said that she knew that she was the best sex of Eric's life.

"I admire your self-confidence," Eric said. "I admire you for your impressive staying power," Sloan purred. Sloan joked that Eric had earned a discount on her legal services. Sloan added that she was confident that she could get the charges dismissed. Eric asked about the kidnapping charge. "I think I can cut a deal," Sloan said. Sloan's phone beeped with a message from Trask.

"It's bad news," Sloan said. Sloan explained that Trask intended to charge Eric with attempted murder. "How is this possible?" Eric asked. Sloan told Eric that the charge stemmed from when Stefan's heart had stopped. "I wasn't even here for the zapping!" Eric argued. Sloan noted that Trask had piled on other charges.

"How is this even possible?" Eric wondered aloud. Sloan admitted that it might be her fault. "How?" Eric asked. Sloan explained that when she had still been angry with Eric, she had ranted in front of Trask. "Who knew I held such influence with that woman?" Sloan said. When Eric asked Sloan to talk to Trask, she noted that Trask would not back off. "I'm screwed," Eric said. "Not necessarily," Sloan countered.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. groaned and grabbed his head as he woke up in bed. Nicole walked in with Susan's hangover cure. "Uh-oh, Elvis has not left the bed," Nicole quipped. "I feel like I've been punched in the head a thousand times," E.J. complained. E.J. gagged at the sight of the glass, and he reminded Nicole that he was not hungover. E.J. said he was certain that Stefan had switched the cups a second time.

"Stefan must know you're onto him," Nicole admitted. Nicole recounted the things that E.J. had done in front of Wei Shin. "It was pretty hard to watch," Nicole said. With a sigh, E.J. noted that he would have to express contrition for Wei.

"It is time for you to confront Stefan once and for all," Nicole suggested. E.J. agreed. "I'm not afraid of [Stefan]. I just don't want you being pulled into this mess any deeper," E.J. said. Nicole reminded E.J. that she could take care of herself.

After sex with Nicole and a shower, E.J. dressed. Nicole offered to accompany E.J. to confront Stefan. "This is not your fight," E.J. said. Nicole argued that they were a team. "Now, let's go kick your brother's ass," Nicole said.

In the DiMera living room, Stefan talked to Wei Shin on the phone about E.J.'s behavior at dinner. "I agree, Mr. Shin. Totally unacceptable," Stefan said. Stefan asked about E.J.'s status with the company, and Wei Shin promised to let Stefan know when he had decided whether to relieve E.J. of his position.

"Wow. You really are an ass," Johnny said. Stefan turned around and saw his nephew staring at him. Johnny asked Stefan if his goal was to get E.J. fired. "That's your father's goal," Stefan corrected. Stefan argued that E.J. had been a mess. "Because you drugged him!" Johnny yelled. Stefan reminded Johnny that he had called and told Stefan that someone had planned to drug Stefan.

"And now you're accusing me of drugging my brother. Which is it, Johnny?" Stefan asked. "I'm guessing both," Johnny said. Johnny reminded Stefan that he was a DiMera and not easily fooled. Stefan smiled. "After I tipped you off last night, you decided you wanted to get back at my dad, so you pulled the old switcheroo," Johnny argued. "It depends on if it was, in fact, your father who was drugging me," Stefan said. Stefan asked Johnny if E.J. had been plotting against him.

"You think I don't see through you? Quit playing the victim here," Johnny said. "I am the victim! The cup that E.J. drank from was meant for me," Stefan argued. "So, you did switch the cups," Johnny noted. Stefan asked Johnny if he should have let E.J. sabotage him in front of Wei Shin. Johnny ordered Stefan to make peace with his brother.

"You really think you should be lecturing me on brotherly love?" Stefan asked. Stefan noted that Johnny had destroyed Allie's relationship. "Allie and Chanel didn't break up because of me. They broke up because Allie decided to have a one-night stand with Alex Kiriakis!" Johnny yelled. After a cleansing breath, Johnny calmly told Stefan that he loved his sister.

"And I can't believe I'm about to say this out loud, that I even have to, but you don't drug your sibling to sabotage their career!" Johnny said. "I know you mean well, but this is between me and your father," Stefan said. Johnny argued that the war had affected the entire family. "Not to mention the company. Seen the stock lately? It's in the dump," Johnny added. Stefan promised to get the situation under control. Johnny urged Stefan to hash out the situation with E.J. Stefan's phone rang.

In the Brady Pub, Brady and Belle talked over breakfast about his case. "It's good for me to be busy right now," Belle said. Brady noted that he missed Marlena every day, and he noted that Marlena would be unhappy about the rift between Belle and Eric. Belle muttered that she wanted to eat her breakfast.

"You and Sami, I get. That's almost normal. But you and Eric? You've always gotten along," Brady said. Belle called Eric a moody jerk. Brady argued that Eric was experiencing a rough patch and that he needed compassion. Belle refused to represent Eric. "[Eric] has a lawyer," Brady said. Belle gasped. "That horrible, heartless bitch?" Belle asked. Brady confirmed that Sloan was Eric's lawyer. Confused, Belle asked why Sloan would help Eric.

"Apparently, she forgave him," Brady said. Belle groaned. "I just don't understand how Eric and her got together in the first place," Belle said. Brady admitted that he did not think that Sloan was good for Eric but that Sloan had been supportive of Eric. As Belle rolled her eyes, Brady noted that he could not judge Eric, given Brady's history with Kristen.

Belle said that she hoped Eric would keep the relationship professional with Sloan "this time." Belle informed Brady that Trask intended to play hardball with the charges. "I was just trying to help [Stefan]!" Brady protested. Sloan approached the table with Eric in tow. With a raised eyebrow, Belle noted that Sloan had missed a button on her shirt.

"So much for keeping it professional," Belle said. "You gave me no other choice, sis" Eric muttered. "I don't want to fight, and I actually do think it would be better for all of us to work together on this," Belle said. Sloan agreed. Belle suggested that they should call Stefan. With a smirk, Sloan told Belle that she had already made contact. Stefan walked into the pub.

"Well, if it isn't the Brothers Grimm," Stefan said. Stefan joined Belle and Sloan at a table while Eric and Brady stood at the bar nearby. "I realize that [Eric and Brady's] methods were reckless," Sloan started. "You think? They kidnapped me, knocked me out, tied me to a bed, so a madman could experiment on me," Stefan said. Belle noted that the experiment had been a success.

"You're back to the man you once were," Belle noted. "Because I was lucky. That was a hell of a risk. One that they took without my consent," Stefan said. "You're one to talk about consent?" Brady muttered. Belle warned Brady to be quiet. "I admit that our clients were extreme. But everything worked out for the best," Sloan said. Sloan asked Stefan not to press charges.

"What they did was unconscionable. But, as much as I hate to admit it, in the end, they did me a favor," Stefan said. "So, you'll talk to Trask?" Sloan asked. "Consider the charges dropped," Stefan said. Belle and Sloan sighed with relief. Brady and Eric thanked Stefan. "Thank your lawyers," Stefan muttered before he walked out. Belle and Sloan looked at one another, and they agreed they still disliked one another and that their truce was over.

When E.J. and Nicole walked into the DiMera living room, Johnny was alone. "How you feeling, Dad?" Johnny asked. E.J. thanked Johnny for having helped him the night before. "It's probably no surprise to you that Uncle Stefan is pushing for [Wei Shin] to fire you," Johnny said. "No, it's not," E.J. said. Johnny noted that Stefan had left. Johnny apologized for having warned Stefan.

"But it's like [Stefan] said, he just gave you a taste of your own medicine," Johnny said. "You don't understand. This whole drugging business, I wasn't the one who started it. It was your Uncle Stefan," E.J. explained. E.J. updated Johnny on the drugging history.

"Why is he doing all this in the first place?" Johnny asked. "I suspect he secretly holds a grudge against me for not telling him about the brainwashing," E.J. said. Johnny argued that E.J. and Stefan could "call it even." E.J. informed Johnny that he planned to confront Stefan.

Johnny escorted Nicole to work, and they walked through the town square together. Nicole apologized for having not told Johnny about the situation with Stefan sooner. "So, you and [my dad] are getting pretty close, huh?" Johnny asked. "I guess we are," Nicole admitted. Johnny asked Nicole if she was over Eric. Before Nicole could answer, she saw a laughing Eric walk through the far side of the square with Sloan. "I'm getting there," Nicole said.

In the DiMera living room, E.J. looked at Stefano's portrait. "I'm certain you don't approve of all this infighting, Father. But whether you like it or not, there is going to be a reckoning between my brother and me," E.J. said. Stefan walked into the room.

At the Spectator, Leo slept at his desk as Xander walked in. "Why are you sleeping in the office?" Xander asked. "I was giving you and Gwennie your privacy," Leo said. Confused, Xander asked Leo what he meant. Leo told Xander that he had seen the "Do Not Disturb" sign on Gwen's hotel door.

"I didn't want to interrupt your steamy reunion," Leo said. "There was no reunion, Leo. Gwen and I didn't get back together," Xander said. Confused, Leo asked Xander why he had not reunited with Gwen, since Xander's divorce was final.

"I'm still in love with Sarah, and I can't fully commit to Gwen, can I?" Xander said. "Please tell me you didn't say that to her," Leo countered. Xander said he had needed to be honest. "The point in lying would have been to protect her feelings, you insensitive jerk!" Leo yelled. Xander argued that he cared too much about Gwen to lead her on.

"[Gwen] deserves better than that," Xander said. "You're damn right she does," Leo agreed. Leo yelled that he needed to head home to comfort Gwen, but then he wondered aloud why the sign had been on the door. With a shrug, Xander suggested that Gwen had needed time alone. Leo noted that he thought he had heard moaning through the door.

"You treat Gwen like she is a damned afterthought. Like she can never measure up to your standards," Leo said. Leo added that Xander's standards were ridiculous, considering his morals. Leo marched out of the office to check on Gwen.

At the Salem Inn, Gwen turned off her alarm and groaned. "Matty, how much did we drink last night?" Gwen asked. "Matty? Should I be jealous?" Alex asked. Gwen looked over at Alex naked in bed next to her. "What are you doing in my bed?" Gwen exclaimed. Alex told Gwen that he was not offended that she had forgotten his name.

"It happens to the best of us. I'm Alex, by the way. But I will be offended if you say you've forgotten our night of passion," Alex said. "Our night of what?" Gwen countered. Gwen looked under the blanket and saw that she was also naked. "Oh, my God," Gwen groaned. After a moment, Gwen said she remembered their night together.

"Apparently, I precede my legend," Alex said with a smirk. Gwen started to recount the details of the previous night. Alex put his arm around Gwen, and he told her that it was the first time he had had sex with a British woman. "Technically, I am an American," Gwen said as she removed Alex's hand from her thigh. "You really, really turn me on," Alex said. As Alex kissed Gwen's shoulder, she pulled away and yelled that sex had been a mistake.

"We are practically strangers," Gwen pointed out. "So, you've never had a one-night stand before?" Alex asked. Gwen said she had, but she was in love with Xander. Alex reminded Gwen that Xander was still in love with Sarah. "So, you used me to get back at him," Alex said. Gwen objected, but after a moment, she admitted that Alex was right. "I'm sorry," Gwen said. Alex told Gwen not to worry.

"I'm still trying to get over Stephanie Johnson. She's with Chad, so I have no reason to feel guilty, either. And neither do you," Alex explained. Alex reminded Gwen that they were consenting adults. "You're right. I don't owe Xander anything," Gwen agreed. Alex caressed Gwen's face.

"So, we are free to have all the earth-shattering sex we want with no regrets?" Alex asked. Gwen grinned. "It was pretty great, wasn't it?" Gwen said. Alex suggested an encore. After Alex and Gwen had sex, Alex asked her if she still had regrets. "Only that we can't have a go at round three," Gwen whispered. Alex kissed Gwen again, until she squirmed away. Gwen announced that she needed to get ready for work.

While Gwen was in the shower, Alex made coffee in the nude. As Leo entered the room, he ranted about Xander. "The man is a total ass!" Leo said as he stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of Alex. As Alex turned to face Leo, Leo dropped his coat on the floor. Alex pulled on his underwear as Leo gaped at him.

"You okay there?" Alex asked. "I'm fine. I just need to catch my breath. What are you doing here, anyway?" Leo asked. After a moment, Leo surmised that Alex had been Leo's granted wish. "I'm not here because of you," Alex said. "Why are you here?" Leo asked. "Who else is staying in this room?" Alex countered. Gwen exited the bathroom in a towel, and Leo gasped.

While Alex showered, Gwen confirmed that she had slept with Alex. Leo told Gwen that he had run into Xander at the paper. "[Xander] told me what happened between you two, so I raced over. I thought you'd be holed up in here, crying your widdle eyes out. Licking your widdle wounds. Turns out, you were licking something else entirely," Leo said with a grin. Gwen smirked.

"Bagging two of the hottest guys in Salem? First Xander, now Alex. You are a Queen! I both hate and respect you at the same time," Leo said. Leo asked for details. Gwen obliged as she got dressed. When Gwen got to the juiciest bits, her phone beeped with a message from work. "You better give me all the details later, missy. This is going to be great stuff for the Lady Whistleblower column," Leo said. Gwen warned Leo not to write about her tryst with Alex.

After Alex showered, he was surprised to see Leo was alone in the room. Leo explained that Gwen had gone into work. "Good. I wanted a moment alone with you," Alex said. "Me, too," Leo said with a grin. Alex told Leo that he had ruined Alex's career.

When Gwen arrived at the office, Xander was working at his desk. "I didn't think you were coming in today," Xander said. Gwen explained that there had been a problem with one of the advertisers. "I was just about to take care of it, actually," Xander said. Gwen told Xander not to bother. Xander urged Gwen to take the day off.

"Why would I do that?" Gwen asked. "You don't have to put up a front with me. Leo was just here. I feel terrible that you spent the night in your room all alone, crying," Xander said. Gwen scoffed. "I wasn't alone. I was busy hitting the sheets with your cousin Alex," Gwen said as she looked Xander in the eyes.

E.J. and Stefan's feud spikes up a notch

E.J. and Stefan's feud spikes up a notch

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

by Mike

Gwen continued bragging to Xander while they were alone together at the Spectator office. "I know I hurt you and you want to get back at me, but you might want to come up with something I might actually believe," Xander advised. "You think I'm lying," Gwen translated. "Trying to stick it to me," Xander reasoned. "Wow, you really do think that you're God's gift, don't you? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, darling...but Alex did 'stick it to' me -- all night long, in fact," Gwen maintained. "So...I tell you that I'm not over Sarah, and you seek out my cousin to get revenge?" Xander sputtered. "If only your brain were as massive as your ego," Gwen countered.

Xander listened in disbelief as Gwen clarified that a chance encounter with Alex at Small Bar had led to a drunken one-night stand. "Classy," Xander grumbled. "You want to talk to me about morality?" Gwen protested.

Xander warned that Alex had used Gwen. "He was in the mood, and you were there. You know, he's shagged half the girls in town since he came back to Salem. You're just another notch on his bedpost," Xander explained. "Oh, really? What should I do, then -- go have a little cry, should I? Don't you confuse me with Sarah!" Gwen responded. "That will never happen," Xander spat. "You know what? We really hit it off -- we were in bed all night long together, and I didn't even think about you once!" Gwen declared. "I know that tough act -- it's what you pull when you don't have anything else," Xander noted before fretting that Alex was a player and would only hurt Gwen.

Gwen scoffed and translated that Xander wanted exclusive rights to that honor. Xander seized the opportunity to apologize again for having hurt Gwen but was shot down and ordered to leave. "You said that I should be running the paper," Gwen recalled. "I still have half an interest, and I'm gonna protect that --" Xander explained. "You can do that without breathing down my bloody neck -- and from now on, you don't get to ask me what I do in my off-hours!" Gwen countered. "Fine! You know what? I'm gonna work from my motel room -- the last thing I would ever want to do is breathe down your neck!" Xander declared before storming off -- just as Gwen hurled a stapler across the office.

Alex continued lashing out at Leo while they were alone together at the Salem Inn. "Because of you and your stupid little column, I didn't get made CEO of Titan!" Alex snapped before threatening to make Leo pay for the interference. "I wanted my very first column to be clickbait," Leo explained. "You're lucky I don't use you as bait," Alex countered. "Does that mean you're no longer feeling homicidal?" Leo wondered. "Keep my name out of your mouth and out of your skeevy little column, and maybe I will let you live," Alex advised before shoving past Leo and stepping into the bathroom to get dressed.

Alex soon emerged from the bathroom and started to leave the hotel room, but Leo objected then warned that hurting Gwen would be a bad idea. "Leo Stark actually gives a damn about something besides himself?" Alex sputtered. "Don't let that get around -- I have an image to maintain," Leo responded. "Your secret's safe with me, pal -- and so is Gwen, because we're just friends," Alex insisted.

Alex ran into Xander while passing through the town square a short time later. "Stay away from Gwen -- or I'll make you pay," Xander warned. "You gonna dress up like a clown again and drag me off into Uncle Vic's gardening shed? Oh, wait -- you only do that to women who can't defend themselves," Alex countered. "Look, you spoiled, cocky little pissant -- I happen to care a lot about Gwen, and I've seen the way you treat women --" Xander snapped. "As opposed to you?" Alex teased. "This is your last warning," Xander declared before shoving past Alex and continuing the journey to the roach-infested motel.

Leo headed over to the Spectator office to see Gwen. "You are now in the perfect position to use one Kiriakis to make the other Kiriakis crazy with jealousy!" Leo advised. "I'm not interested in making Xander jealous," Gwen protested. "Okay, fine -- then how about we make him suffer?" Leo suggested.

E.J. and Stefan glared at each other while they were alone together in the living room of the DiMera mansion. "This is war?" E.J. guessed. "Damn right it is," Stefan responded.

Stefan argued that E.J. was the one who had started their feud. "I wonder what our father would say if he knew that you fell in with a creep like Li Shin against your own brother," Stefan mused, drawing a scoff from E.J.

E.J. teased that anyone who had actually known Stefano for any length of time would have no trouble solving that riddle, prompting Stefan to counter that knowing Vivian was the next best thing. E.J. wondered if the conditions at Statesville had improved yet, but Stefan ignored the dig and elaborated that Vivian had described Stefano as a man who had been flawed in many ways but had always made a point of putting family above everything else and would want that practice honored.

E.J. laughed off the implication that Stefan had a better track record of living up to Stefano's example. "Where was your sense of family values when you seduced Chad's wife?" E.J. protested. "You really want to go there?" Stefan warned. "They weren't married when I had my affair with Abigail. And she was also right in the mind," E.J. stressed. "For what it's worth...what happened with me and Abigail, I'm not proud of it," Stefan muttered. "I know what it is to regret your actions," E.J. admitted. "And what you did to me and Gabi -- is that on your list of regrets?" Stefan responded. "Absolutely not," E.J. clarified.

E.J. argued that Li and Rolf's efforts to drive Stefan away from Gabi had been a favor. "She will do anything for power -- you keep that in mind," E.J. advised. "You just resent her because she's made it on her own -- she built her business from nothing, while you were born on third base and walk around in this world like you hit a triple," Stefan objected. "Hmm. It will be amusing to watch from the sidelines if the two of you manage to take over DiMera Enterprises. I wonder how long it will take before Gabi starts viewing you as the obstacle to her success," E.J. teased. "The only 'obstacle' in the way is you!" Stefan declared.

E.J. and Stefan continued arguing for a while longer but eventually decided to consider themselves even and agree to a truce as a show of respect for Stefano's memory. "Stefan thinks he has his guard up now, but I can still destroy him...and he'll never see the fin break the water, because he wasn't taught by the best," E.J. bragged to Stefano's portrait after Stefan exited the mansion.

Li cooked breakfast for Gabi while they were alone together at the Shin apartment. "After six months, I'm gonna weigh a ton -- you need to cut down on these fattening breakfasts," Gabi snapped at Li after they finished eating.

Li bragged about having "other talents" that could burn calories, but Gabi ignored the hint and tried to leave. "Where are you off to?" Li wondered. "Track my phone and figure it out yourself," Gabi answered. "I'm assuming you turned it off," Li grumbled.

Gabi dismissed Li's concern that a rendezvous with Stefan was in the works. "Stefan and I waited four long years -- we can wait another six months, especially if it means that we'll be running DiMera together," Gabi declared.

Gabi opened the apartment door and found Johnny standing on the other side of it. "I just came by to see Wendy," Johnny explained. "She was up and out pretty early -- I think she was headed to the office," Gabi reported.

Li clarified that Wendy was at the hospital. "She said she had to talk to Tripp -- I guess the two of them have gotten pretty close since he moved in here," Li teased before advising that it would be best to give Wendy privacy.

Gabi encouraged Johnny to ignore Li's advice. Johnny gave Gabi and Li a look of confusion then shrugged and exited the apartment. Li explained to Gabi that it had been necessary to interfere because Johnny was trouble. "I have a duty to look out for my sister," Li argued. "Wendy can look out for herself. Oh, wait, that's right -- that's not how you do things. So, why don't you just call your buddy Rolf and have him brainwash Wendy out of caring about Johnny!" Gabi countered.

Gabi tried to leave yet again, but Li objected while producing a gift box. "I don't hear any ticking -- wait, you went shopping at Saxton's?" Gabi sputtered. "It's your favorite store," Li acknowledged. "Don't tell me -- it's that purse that I was going crazy about over dinner!" Gabi raved before snatching the gift box from Li then opening it and sighing at the stack of documents inside. "Word on the street is that the CEO of Saxton's is looking to partner with a fashion brand for an exclusive collection," Li explained. "This is not funny -- I lost Gabi Chic --" Gabi protested. "E.J. may have taken away your company, but he couldn't take away your talent," Li declared.

Li expressed confidence that Gabi could launch another company and make it even more successful. "You think that you can just dangle something shiny in front of me, like a whole new company of my very own, and then I'm just gonna forget about the CEO position at DiMera -- and if you keep me busy enough, I'm gonna just forget about Stefan and run back into your arms, too? Well, forget it --" Gabi snapped. "That is not what I am doing, damn it -- I'm on your side! E.J. swindled you out of Gabi Chic, and he's gonna make sure you don't get within a mile of DiMera Enterprises! And I can't get you back what you lost, okay? But I can do everything in my power to help you reclaim yourself as an entrepreneur --" Li countered before cutting the conversation short to read a text message that had just arrived -- then rushing off after advising Gabi to at least give the idea some thought.

Gabi was only able to ponder the idea for a few seconds before receiving a visit from Stefan, who didn't even bother to enter the apartment before seizing a kiss. Gabi pulled away and started to object, prompting Stefan to point out that they were alone. Stefan admitted to having been watching the apartment for a window of opportunity to update Gabi on the latest development in their plan to take over DiMera Enterprises.

Johnny entered the hospital and caught Wendy wiping away a crumb of food that was stuck to Tripp's lips. Johnny greeted Wendy and Tripp then apologized for what had happened the previous day. "All I got was a slap on the wrist, all right? It'll die down -- unless you go and speak to my supervisor and stir it all back up again," Tripp insisted.

Tripp soon rushed off, and Johnny waited until the coast was clear then gave Wendy a sigh. "He's definitely not over this," Johnny guessed. "I do appreciate you trying to make things right," Wendy stressed. "It was the least I could do," Johnny acknowledged. "You admitted you were wrong, and you were ready to take the blame -- a lot of guys wouldn't do that. You made me proud," Wendy raved.

E.J. sneaked Li into the DiMera mansion through the terrace in an effort to keep their meeting a secret. "You and I need to come up with a plan to ensure that you remain married to Gabi -- permanently," E.J. declared. "What's in it for you?" Li wondered. "The satisfaction of knowing that I have finally succeeded in prying her grubby little fingers off my brother -- and off our family fortune," E.J. clarified.

Kate is stunned by who she runs into in the secret lab

Kate is stunned by who she runs into in the secret lab

Thursday, March 16, 2023

At Statesville Prison, Roman visited Lucas. Roman shared that Megan had taken the orchid. Lucas asked who Megan was. Roman recalled that Megan had been presumed dead for 40 years. "How Salem of her to appear to die," Lucas quipped.

Roman said that he thought Kate might have mentioned Megan to Lucas at some point, but Lucas said he had never heard of Megan. Roman added that he didn't think Kate had been Megan's initial target. "From what I can tell, the bitch was after Kayla and Marlena," Roman said of Megan.

Lucas asked how Roman was coping with Kate's death. Roman shared that he was angry at how much time he and Kate had wasted. Lucas said he felt the same way about Sami, and he complained that he would likely never get the chance to earn Sami's forgiveness.

Roman noted that Kate had forgiven Lucas, and he said the two men talking to one another was a good way to honor Kate's memory. Roman stood up to leave, and he promised to keep Lucas posted on what he learned.

Hours later, after nightfall had descended over Salem, Roman appeared behind the bar of the Brady Pub. Roman spoke to the urn that he thought contained Kate's ashes. Roman said he hoped that Kate would find a way to speak to him again soon.

At the ISA headquarters in Washington, Steve found Andrew in an office. Steve said he needed Andrew's help to find Megan. Andrew countered that he couldn't answer Steve's questions and that Steve and John didn't have proper clearance. Steve took offense when Andrew said the agency believed there was a chance that Steve and John had been compromised.

Andrew recalled that Steve and John had been brainwashed by Megan the previous summer in Hong Kong. Steve scoffed when Andrew added that his superiors were concerned that Steve and John might still be under Megan's control.

Steve grew angry, and he accused Andrew of playing strictly by the ISA's rules. Steve started to leave, but Andrew asked him to wait. Andrew used his laptop to pull up the agency's confidential file on Megan, and he left the room long enough so that Steve could view the file.

In San Francisco, Paul was happy to receive a surprise visit from John. Paul invited John to stay in town to help coach Paul's Triple-A baseball team. John said that he hadn't intended his visit to be a social call, and he added that he and Steve were involved in a special case.

John said that he and Steve hoped Andrew could help them track down Megan. Paul revealed that he and Andrew were no longer speaking, and John wondered what had happened. Paul said that he and Andrew had separated because of the challenges of a long-distance relationship.

A frustrated John chided Paul and Andrew for having given up on their relationship, but he quickly apologized for his outburst. Just then, John's phone rang, and he accepted a call from Steve, who shared that he had a possible lead on Megan. Steve asked how fast John could get to the airport.

Paul offered to fly with John, but John said that he and Steve needed to undertake their mission alone. As John started to leave, he teared up when Paul said that he loved John. John wished Paul good luck on his team's upcoming series, and he left.

Hours later, Paul stared at a photo of Andrew on his phone, and he flashed back to the last time the two men had kissed. Paul heard a knock at the door, and when he opened it, he was surprised to see Andrew.

In the secret DiMera lab, Marlena, Kayla, and Kate were asleep in their respective pods when Megan entered. Megan produced a syringe, and she said that it was time for the three women to wake up.

Moments later, when Marlena and Kayla awoke, they noticed that Kate was gone. Kayla wondered if Kate had found an escape, but Marlena was skeptical. Marlena wondered what Megan had meant when Megan had spoken of her "plan" earlier, and Marlena said that she, Kayla, and Kate needed to find a way out.

Marlena spotted a curtain nearby, and she pulled it open. Marlena and Kayla noted the presence of another cryogenic cylinder -- one that was empty. Marlena and Kayla wondered who had been in the cylinder. Marlena noted that the cylinder looked much older than the ones she, Kayla, and Kate had been in.

Kayla said she thought she knew who had been in the cylinder, and she cringed. Kayla revealed that she thought the person had been Stefano, but she and Marlena quickly deduced that it had to have been someone else.

Marlena and Kayla agreed that the most important thing was to escape. Kayla recalled that Steve had once taught her how to pick a lock, and she produced a wire that she had taken from the empty cryogenic chamber nearby.

Kayla started to pick the lock. Unbeknownst to Kayla or Marlena, Steve and John had flown to the lab from Washington and San Francisco, respectively. The two men appeared in a darkened corner not far from Kayla and Marlena. Steve and John tried to pick a lock to a door.

Kayla said she thought she had picked the lock. At the same time, John told Steve that he thought he had heard a lock click. Kayla reached for the door, but she paused. Meanwhile, Steve and John entered a room with their guns drawn.

Elsewhere in the secret lab, Kate awoke in a chair with her hands tied behind her back and a gag in her mouth. Megan removed the gag, and she said cryptically that "phase two" of her plan was about to begin.

Kate said that Megan needed to get Kate, Marlena, and Kayla back home to their husbands. Megan reiterated that the second phase of her plan was about to start, and she referred to Kate, Marlena, and Kayla as pawns in someone else's game.

Megan produced the orchid, and she said that she had used it to counter the effects of the toxin that Orpheus had given Kate, Marlena, and Kayla. Megan noted that the flower's healing power wasn't restricted only to what had ailed Kate, Marlena, and Kayla, and she said she had also needed it to remedy her own condition. "And that of someone who is very dear to me," Megan added.

Kate and Megan started to bicker. Afterwards, Megan said that Kate had erased any hesitation Megan might have had. Kate asked what Megan had meant. Megan said that she planned to use Kate as a "guinea pig." "Someone has made me a little serum, only it came with a caveat that what doesn't make me stronger might, in fact, kill me," Megan said, and she left to retrieve the serum.

When Megan returned, she taunted Kate by saying that she planned to use Kate as a "trial run" for the serum. Kate asked if she could say something. "Final last words. Make it snappy," Megan instructed.

Kate stood up quickly. "The rope on my hands wasn't tight, you dumb bitch!" Kate exclaimed, and she punched Megan in the face. Megan fell to the floor.

Afterwards, Kate stepped out into the hallway, and she was startled when she encountered a man just outside the room. Kate's mouth fell open when she saw who the man was. It was Bo Brady.

Bo thwarts Kate's escape

Bo thwarts Kate's escape

Friday, March 17, 2023

In a hallway of Megan's suspected hideout, Steve picked a lock to a door. As Steve opened the door, he and John pointed their guns inside. "No freaking way," Steve said. Inside the room, Hope smiled as she lowered her gun. "What the hell are you doing here?" John asked. Hope explained that she had been looking for Megan Hathaway. Relieved, Hope hugged John and Steve.

"I can't believe you're here!" Hope said. "We heard that this is where Megan Hathaway was hiding out," John said. Hope noted that the ISA had only recently discovered the hideout, and they had kept it classified. "How did you pry it out of Shane?" Hope asked. "We didn't," Steve admitted. John explained that the ISA had been concerned that he and Steve were still under Megan's control.

"But we're definitely not!" Steve stressed. Steve asked Hope how she had learned about the hideout. "[Megan] didn't mess with my head, so the agency didn't have the same concerns," Hope explained. Steve noted that the information was still classified. With a smirk, Hope noted that she still had a few friends in high places.

"No matter how we all got here, I'm so happy to see you both," Hope said. John agreed. "When we opened that door, the last thing we expected to see was a friendly face, especially one as pretty as you," Steve said. "You looked like you were ready for a fight," Hope said. John swore to take down Megan, and Hope told John and Steve that she did not blame them for seeking justice.

"That woman deserves what's coming her way," Hope said. Steve told Hope that they wanted to punish Megan for more than her brainwashing antics. Steve explained that he and John believed that Megan had stolen the orchid. "It was the only thing that could have cured Kayla, Marlena, and Kate," Steve said. "Hathaway is responsible for their deaths," John added. Hope gasped.

"Oh, dear God. I'm so sorry," Hope whispered. Hope gave her condolences to her friends. "Megan is behind it? After all these years, she is still causing so much destruction and pain to the people I love. I'm so sorry," Hope said. Steve noted that Megan was as vindictive as ever. "It all started with her obsession with Bo, you know," Hope said. Hope explained that Megan had never gotten over her obsession with her high school sweetheart.

"So, this all goes back to Megan and Bo going steady in high school?" Steve asked. Hope explained that Megan's mother had manipulated Bo and Megan into believing that they had dumped one another. "When Megan found out, she lost it. She, I don't know, something broke inside of her. That's when she became obsessed with Bo. And desperate. Really desperate to get him back," Hope said. With a shrug, John said he was not interested in Megan's motivations.

"We just want to track her down and make her pay," John said. Steve asked Hope if she had found any information on site. "There's no sign of her," Hope said. "Damn," John muttered. Steve refused to accept that there were no leads. "Maybe there is," Hope said.

Andrew visited Paul at his apartment to talk. "[John] said that Steve had a potential lead on Megan Hathaway. I'm guessing that you gave that to him?" Paul asked. When Andrew did not respond, Paul asked Andrew if he believed that John and Steve had a good chance of locating Megan. "I'm not allowed to discuss anything," Andrew said. Paul rolled his eyes.

"Secret information, I get it," Paul said. Andrew stressed that the situation was personal for him, too, and he assured Paul that the ISA had made the hunt a top priority. "Do you trust me on that?" Andrew asked. Paul nodded yes. "Good. Because I'd really like to talk about something other than intel," Andrew said. Andrew said he wanted to talk about "us."

"I didn't think there was an us," Paul said. Paul reminded Andrew that they had not talked recently because of logistics. "Thing is, I've missed you," Andrew said. "I've missed you, too," Paul agreed. Andrew admitted that although their relationship had petered out, he had been unable to forget his time with Paul. Paul and Andrew reminisced about their summer adventure.

"You know, I thought about that kiss many times. It felt like the start of something," Paul confessed. "Sometimes, when I'm sitting at my desk, working late, I think about that moment. And how I wish we could go back to it," Andrew said. Paul took Andrew's hand in his. "Maybe we could," Paul said. Paul leaned in and kissed Andrew. After a moment, Paul pulled away.

"What's wrong?" Andrew asked. "Nothing. I'm just wondering if maybe this is not a good idea," Paul said. Paul admitted that he wanted to sleep with Andrew. "I'm worried that if we do, we'd just be setting ourselves up for more disappointment," Paul explained. "I see your point," Andrew agreed. Paul told Andrew that he wanted to explore their connection, but he was worried that they did not have space for one another in their lives.

"It would be smart if we just cut our losses now," Paul said. "Probably right. I mean, we live so far apart. Our lives are so busy. I mean there is a really good chance this won't work. But there is a chance that it might. That's a chance I'd like to take. Would you?" Andrew said. Paul smiled. Andrew kissed Paul, and they had sex on the couch.

"That was --" Paul said. "Perfect," Andrew finished. Andrew asked about what happened next. "We probably should [discuss that], but not right now. I just want to enjoy this perfect moment with you," Paul whispered. Andrew's phone rang. With a tired sigh, Paul encouraged Andrew to answer the call. Hope called to ask about a visit to see Harris Michaels.

In the Salem police bullpen, Belle asked Shawn if he was okay. Shawn explained that he was worried about his mother because he had not heard from her. "I'm sure she is just busy," Belle said. "Yeah. I hope that's all it is," Shawn agreed. Belle asked Shawn if he had reason to believe that Hope was in trouble. With a shake of his head no, Shawn admitted he was just frustrated by the lack of a response.

"I want to give her an update on the Megan Hathaway case," Shawn explained. Belle admitted that she was stunned that a supposedly dead woman had upended their lives. "And for what? Some ancient grudge?" Belle said. Shawn reminded Belle that Megan was Stefano's daughter. "Resurrection and vengeance is what DiMeras do best," Shawn said. Shawn promised Belle that Megan would not get away with her crimes.

"Have you heard anything from your dad since he left?" Shawn asked. Belle said no but that she knew John would call when he had an update. "There aren't two people more motivated on this planet to find Megan," Shawn said. Belle lamented that she could not be more productive and avoid her grief. "Even if they do find Megan and she does end up behind bars forever, it doesn't really change anything for me," Belle admitted. Belle noted that she would never have more time with her mother.

"Not that I have to tell you this," Belle added. Shawn said he understood. "Having gone through this with my dad," Shawn said with a shrug. Belle noted that Bo would be proud of Shawn and his accomplishments. "I can't help but to think about all the things that he's missed out on. I mean, like another chance with my mom. Seeing Claire grow up. Not being able to spend time with Ciara and her new baby," Shawn said. Shawn noted that Bo had missed countless milestones and holidays.

"They should both be with us. Your dad and my mom," Belle said. "There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him. But I made peace with the fact that he is gone. And I think a big part of me being able to do that is that I understand it," Shawn said. Shawn noted that unlike Marlena's death, Bo's death had made sense. Shawn lamented that he could not ease Belle's pain.

"Thank you for always knowing exactly what to say," Belle said. "I don't always. I don't even think I do most of the time. But I think I do in this case because I've been there," Shawn said. Shawn told Belle that she would never stop missing her mother. "But time? Time definitely helps," Shawn counseled. Belle started to cry as Shawn talked about his grief, and he noted that memories of his father helped to comfort him.

"You know what else helps? It's when I remind myself just how blessed I am to share my life with someone like you. Someone who is so kind, so wonderful, who I just happen to love with all my heart," Shawn said. Belle smiled. "I love you with all my heart. And I need you so much right now," Belle said. Shawn told Belle that she would always have him in her corner. Shawn added that they had their daughter and a large family to lean on, too.

In Megan's lair, a captive Kayla picked the lock to the door of her room as Marlena watched. "I think it worked," Kayla said with a smile. The doorknob rattled as someone turned it and opened the door. "Hello, ladies. Welcome back to the land of the living," Dr. Rolf said. Rolf closed the door behind him.

"We should have known you were gonna show up. I mean, how did we think we were going to wake up from the dead without you?" Kayla said. "How indeed," Rolf said. Kayla muttered that she was not surprised that Rolf had decided to take orders from someone that was "evil and unhinged." Rolf reminded Kayla and Marlena that he served the DiMera family.

"[Megan] is the daughter of a man who caused pain and suffering to everybody he ever met," Marlena said. "Untrue! Stefano DiMera was a legend lost to us far too soon," Rolf countered. Rolf argued that it was his pleasure to honor the requests of Stefano's children. "[Megan's] wish, as they say, is my command," Rolf said. Marlena demanded to know Kate's fate.

"Such anger," Rolf said. "Damn right, we're angry! And we're worried about our friend!" Kayla shouted. Rolf told Kayla and Marlena not to worry. "Why is that?" Marlena asked. Rolf explained that Kate had been his guinea pig. "In legitimate medicine, the test subject volunteers," Kayla stressed. "[Kate] was fortunate enough to be chosen," Rolf countered. Rolf explained that Kate was the recipient of his new serum.

"What serum are you talking about?" Marlena asked. "The details are not for me to disclose," Rolf said. Rolf told Kayla and Marlena to direct all questions to Megan. "But trust me when I tell you, it will be life changing. And not just for her," Rolf said. Worried, Marlena asked Rolf what he meant.

"So many questions," Rolf said. "And do the answers have anything to do with that?" Marlena asked as she pointed at the empty cryogenic chamber in the corner. "Is it also going to change the life of whoever the former occupant of that tube was?" Kayla asked. With a grin, Rolf noted that it was one of his earliest prototypes. "The technology was far more limited back then. And yet, it was a very successful project," Rolf said. Rolf explained he had kept the subject in a cryogenic state for over a decade. Marlena and Kayla shared a shocked look.

"Who was it?" Kayla demanded. Kayla noted that person had to have been important to Rolf. "I can't stop thinking about who it might be," Kayla said. "I can't stop thinking about it, either," Marlena agreed. Kayla wondered if the person had been famous. "Maybe we're on the wrong track. Maybe it's somebody who was, I don't know, closer to home," Marlena suggested. "Maybe somebody from Salem. Somebody that we all knew," Kayla agreed. Rolf refused to answer

"We are pretty sure it wasn't Stefano, because you took his essence and put it in Steve," Kayla said. "Another hugely successful experiment of mine, ruined by Stefano's well-meaning but misguided children. It was a tremendous loss when Chad and Tony destroyed that microchip," Rolf said. Frustrated, Kayla demanded to know who had been in the tube. Rolf smiled.

Down the hallway in Megan's complex, Kate knocked Megan out. "Night night, golden girl," Kate said. Kate rushed out of the exam room she had been locked in and into the hallway, and she gasped. "Bo? Is that you?" Kate asked. "Yeah. Long time no see," Bo said. Stunned, Kate asked Bo how he was alive. Kate sighed as she realized what had happened.

"The prisms, right? We assumed that she wanted the prisms because she wanted her father back, but she wanted you. She wanted to bring you back," Kate said. "She succeeded," Bo confirmed. Kate asked Bo if he had been imprisoned since he had "died." "I've been here awhile," Bo confirmed. Kate said Megan had imprisoned her, Marlena, and Kayla.

"I have no idea why she did it, but Megan had all three of us on ice here against our wills," Kate explained. Kate noted that Kayla would be thrilled to see her brother. "We have to find them. We have to free them. And then all four of us are going to get the hell out of here, right? Come on," Kate said.

"We can't do that," Bo said. Kate explained that she had knocked out Megan and that they did not have a lot of time to escape. "Where did this happen?" Bo asked. Kate pointed to the room she had left. Bo argued that they needed to enter that room, and then he rambled about locked doors. Confused, Kate asked Bo what he meant.

"We have to go back in there and get Megan's keys," Bo explained. With a sigh, Kate walked back into the room, with Bo right behind her. "There she is. Right where I left her," Kate said as she pointed at the still unconscious Megan. "What did you do to her?" Bo asked. Kate reiterated that she had knocked Megan out. Bo went over to Megan, and he attempted to wake her up. Kate urged Bo to grab the keys. As Bo continued to shake Megan, Kate offered to search for the keys.

"Stay where you are!" Bo said. "You said we needed to get the keys to escape," Kate noted. Bo yelled, "Just shut up!" Bo roused Megan awake. "What happened?" Megan asked. "You got cold-cocked. You all right?" Bo asked. Megan said she was fine. "No thanks to her," Megan grumbled. Bo looked at Kate. "I think she's figured out that she got played," Bo said. As Megan laughed, Kate appeared taken aback.

"Are you sure you're all right?" Bo asked. Bo cradled Megan in his arms as she lay on the ground and smiled up at him. "I'm fine," Megan said. Bo helped Megan to her feet. Megan glowered at Kate. As Kate started to back away, Bo pulled out a gun and pointed it at Kate. "You're not going anywhere," Bo said. Kate asked Bo to lower the gun.

"We're leaving," Kate said. "Push me, you'll regret it," Bo muttered. Megan warned Kate not to test Bo. "Clearly, you've been through something. And you don't even know what you're saying," Kate said. Kate asked Bo to trust her. "Let me help you. Please," Kate said. Bo chambered a round in his gun. Kate reminded Bo that they had known one another for years.

"We're family. I was married to Victor. You were married to my daughter," Kate said. "Bo doesn't need a history lesson," Megan muttered. Megan noted that it was time for phase two. Kate pleaded with Bo to leave with her. "I find your lack of gratitude very disappointing," Megan said. Megan reminded Kate that Megan had saved her life.

"And I've chosen you to be the recipient of my new serum," Megan added. "Well, I choose not to be the recipient for a possible fatal drug," Kate stressed. Megan told Kate to relax. "It might not kill you, but it does need to be tested. So, let's stop wasting time and get on with it," Megan said. Megan looked around the room for the vial. Kate spotted it and grabbed it off the floor.

"Hand it over," Bo demanded. "Do you really think you're going to be able to make it out of here without Bo shooting you dead?" Megan asked. "Bo, please," Kate whispered. Megan noted that whatever connection Kate had with Bo was long gone. Kate dropped the vial on the floor, and it shattered. With a smirk, Megan told Kate that the only reason she had kept Kate alive was to serve as a test subject for the serum. "You're of no further use to me," Megan said. Megan told Bo to kill Kate.

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