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Gabi met with Saxton's about a fashion line. Nicole plotted to trick Stefan. Sloan urged Eric to open a gallery. Jada was shocked that Talia intended to work as a baker instead of a doctor. Belle got Paulina's civil suit dismissed. Leo double-crossed Chloe. Xander and Alex fought. Brady blackmailed Kristen. Someone trashed Paulina's office. Kate's last words spurred Bo to escape Megan. Ciara learned she was pregnant. Harris' regained memories helped John and Steve find Megan's hideout. Ciara interrupted a kiss between Harris and Hope. Bo ran into Kayla. John found Marlena.
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Brady blackmailed Kristen. Ciara learned she was pregnant. Harris underwent shock treatment to regain his memories. Bo ran into Kayla. John found Marlena.
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Hope takes a big risk to get answers from Harris Michaels

Hope takes a big risk to get answers from Harris Michaels

Monday, March 20, 2023

by Mike

Bo warned that shooting Kate inside Megan's lab would create a big mess. "Excellent -- kill her outside and then leave her to rot," Megan encouraged Bo, ignoring Kate's attempts to negotiate a compromise.

Marlena and Kayla continued trying to determine the identity of the person who had once been stored in the lab's upright cryogenic chamber -- and Rolf decided to answer the question after the women took turns pointing out that they weren't exactly in a position to blab the secret to anyone else at that time. "I have brought people back from the dead, of course, but in this case...well, I think you will be awestruck -- as well as jubilant -- when I tell you that the person in question is --" Rolf bragged -- but Megan returned before anything else could be said. "Kate refused to cooperate, so...she's gonna suffer a different fate now," Megan teased.

Megan soon rushed off with Rolf -- and, hours later, Kayla and Marlena were still waiting for the dastardly duo to return. Kayla was concerned about Megan's new plan for Kate, but Marlena predicted that their companion would find a way to outwit their captor. Marlena and Kayla each hoped that the mystery patient would turn out to be a friend instead of a foe.

Rolf wasn't convinced that killing Kate was a good idea, but Megan argued that using either Kayla or Marlena as the designated test subject for the experimental serum would be just as effective. Megan hoped that Rolf would be able to make another batch of the serum right away so they could finally begin Phase Two of their plan. Rolf seized one of the orchid's petals while assuring Megan that the plant would continue to provide them with the key ingredient for the serum as long as it remained alive and well. Megan began venting to Rolf about the many complications that had arisen since Bo's brain tumor had been cured the previous July.

Rolf had been busy with Stefan's resurrection when Megan had called the previous August to complain that Bo was obsessed with the idea of escaping the lab and reuniting with Hope.

Rolf had traveled to Megan's lab right away to begin Phase One of a plan to cure Bo of that obsession -- and the procedure had been completed sometime the previous September.

Bo had lost interest in Hope after the procedure but had never regained interest in Megan, so Rolf had been summoned back to the lab the previous November to answer questions about a miraculous orchid that had been mentioned in a story on the Spectator's website. Megan had been hopeful that the orchid could reverse the aging process, and Rolf had been eager to test the theory, so Bo had been sent to Salem the previous December to steal the orchid from the DiMera mansion.

Kate, Kayla, and Marlena had each been whisked away to the lab the previous January, after Megan had learned that they had relapsed, and Bo had discovered the women the previous February but had never shown much interest in them due to Rolf's procedure. Rolf had been working on the new serum for a few weeks at that point and soon had a dose ready for testing -- with the hope that it would revert Megan and Bo to their teen years, when they had been in a relationship with each other.

Megan and Rolf continued discussing Phase Two while waiting for Bo to finish killing Kate and disposing of the body. Bo was holding Kate at gunpoint somewhere outside the lab at that moment but had not yet pulled the trigger. Kate began providing updates on Bo's loved ones -- including Chelsea, who was living with Max in London at that time -- in an effort to break Megan's spell. Bo mocked Kate's strategy -- especially the mention of Chelsea, who was responsible for Zack's death -- then prepared to shoot. Kate started taunting Bo for having accepted the role of Megan's lapdog after decades of life as a proud rebel who had been determined to take down people like the DiMeras.

Megan, Rolf, Marlena, and Kayla all heard a gunshot at some point, and Bo returned to the lab alone a short time later. Kayla and Marlena started worrying about Kate again -- just as Bo rejoined Megan and refused to obey any future orders.

John and Steve returned to Salem and rushed over to the Brady Pub to update Roman, who was surprised to learn that Hope had decided to talk to Harris Michaels without any backup. Steve and John explained that Megan had supposedly brainwashed Harris and that Hope was going to try to break the spell, but Roman was skeptical about the plan because true love seemed to be the only cure. Roman argued that Harris had never really loved Hope, but John and Steve countered that there were no other options available at that time. Steve and John advised Roman to trust Hope's instincts.

Roman eventually got around to complaining that Kate hadn't tried to reach out through the urn lately, prompting Steve to report that there had been no further communication from Kayla -- and John admitted that Marlena had never reached out at all.

It was windy when Roman walked Steve and John out of the pub a short time later. John and Steve headed off in opposite directions after saying goodbye to Roman. "Don't give up on me," Marlena whispered just then. "Just the wind," John assumed.

Hope entered the ISA facility in Frederick, Maryland -- where Harris was being held in the PsyOps unit -- and requested access to the prisoner's cell. An agent warned that Harris had been refusing Kim's psychiatric treatment and had sent three other agents to the hospital, but Hope insisted that it would be easier to get through to the prisoner from inside the cell. The agent provided Hope with a panic button then unlocked the cell and walked away.

Harris reminded Hope that they had last seen each other the previous July and that they hadn't exactly parted ways as friends. Hope argued that Harris wasn't responsible for what had happened back then. Harris denied having been brainwashed into getting involved with and trying to kill Hope, who dismissed that as the sort of thing someone who was still brainwashed might say to save face.

Hope leaned in to kiss Harris in an effort to prove that they had developed real feelings for each other at some point during their respective cons. Harris wrapped a hand around Hope's neck instead of allowing the kiss to occur. "Do not try to play me again -- you know I could snap your neck in an instant," Harris warned. "But you won't -- you can't, any more than you could bring yourself to pull the trigger on our wedding day," Hope countered.

Harris gave the matter some thought then released Hope and promised to cooperate the next time Kim offered psychiatric treatment.

Gabi agrees to Li's meeting

Gabi agrees to Li's meeting

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Rafe visited Stefan at the DiMera mansion with paperwork. "I still think you're making a mistake, but if you want to drop the charges against Brady and Eric, you're gonna need to sign on the dotted line," Rafe said. Stefan admitted that he had hated what had happened, but he was pleased with the result.

"Yeah. You made that clear," Rafe said. Curious, Stefan asked Rafe why he had delivered the paperwork in person. "I'm also here about my sister," Rafe said. Rafe asked Stefan if he was also bothered by Gabi's cohabitation with Li. "I hate it," Stefan said. Rafe admitted that Gabi had not told him the details of the agreement.

Rafe asked Stefan if he had given up on Gabi. Stefan refused. "I don't think [Li] really likes competition," Rafe said. "I'm not competition to Li Shin. I'm gonna blow that son of a bitch out of the water," Stefan promised.

In E.J.'s bedroom, E.J. told Nicole that he had an update for her about his feud with Stefan. "Yes, Stefan and I hashed things out. But that doesn't mean that everything is settled," E.J. said. E.J. explained that he was more committed than ever to take down Stefan and that he was sure Stefan was just as committed to do the same to him.

"It's obvious [Stefan] wants what he has always wanted: Li out of the way, Gabi in his life, and the two of them running DiMera, which I am not going to allow to happen," E.J. said. "And how are you going to accomplish that?" Nicole asked. E.J. explained that he had created his own partnership with Li Shin. "[Li] knows that I'm fully committed to his reconciliation with Gabi, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen," E.J. said. Nicole asked about the partnership. E.J. told Nicole about Li's plan.

"So, Gabi might have a new fashion line through Saxton's department stores," Nicole noted. E.J. nodded yes. "So, while Stefan is forced to sneak around, trying to snatch a few stolen moments with Gabi, she'll be going to bed every night just a few feet from the man who revived the artistic side of her career," E.J. said.

"But Gabi is in love with Stefan. She's mourned him for years. She's never gonna be able to stay away from him," Nicole said. With a chuckle, E.J. told Nicole about the fidelity clause in Li's agreement. Nicole warned E.J. to be careful. "I like taking risks," E.J. said. "I guess it depends on what that risk is," Nicole countered.

In Wendy's apartment, a towel-clad Li spoke to Mr. Saxton on the phone about Gabi. Gabi eavesdropped from the hallway. "I'm very confident that you'll be impressed with my wife," Li said. Li heard Gabi, and he wished her a good morning. Li ended his call, and he asked Gabi what she had heard. Gabi told Li she had heard his compliments about her.

"You want this fashion deal to go through at Saxton's, don't you?" Li asked. "No! I haven't even agreed to go in and pitch them, and here you are setting it up," Gabi complained. Li reminded Gabi that she had taken the paperwork to bed with her. "Just curious, that's all. It doesn't mean I'm ready to make a deal," Gabi said. Li stressed that it was only an initial meeting.

"I want you to have an outlet for this incredible creativity of yours," Li said. Li offered to cancel the meeting. "Don't cancel the meeting. It won't look good on either one of us if I bail now," Gabi said. Li said he was confident that Gabi would impress Saxton. Li noted that he would get ready for the meeting, and he removed his towel. Gabi averted her eyes as Li dressed. When Gabi expressed displeasure, Li reminded Gabi that the living room was his bedroom.

"Unless you want to change our sleeping agreement," Li said. Gabi shook her head, and as she retreated to her bedroom to dress. Gabi's phone rang, and Li answered the call. "Li, what the hell are you doing answering Gabi's phone?" Stefan asked. Li explained that his wife was too busy to talk.

"[Gabi] is getting dressed for a very important meeting," Li said. "What meeting?" Stefan asked. Li argued that it was not his place to speak for Gabi. "The clock is ticking on that little six-month deal you have," Stefan growled. Li warned Stefan to stop calling Gabi or tempting her with a secret rendezvous.

"The thought of that scares you to death, doesn't it?" Stefan asked. "It should scare Gabi to death. Because if she fails to resist you, she'll lose all her DiMera shares. And she'll have you to thank for that, because you couldn't keep it in your pants," Li said. Li urged Stefan to stay away from his wife.

In the DiMera living room, a furious Stefan threw his phone across the room and past E.J. as he walked in with Nicole. "Is there a problem, brother?" E.J. asked. "Li just told me that Gabi was too busy to talk, because she was headed to some important business meeting," Stefan grumbled. Stefan argued that Li had clearly lied.

"Maybe it wasn't made up," Nicole said. Nicole noted that she had heard that Saxton's had been interested in starting a new fashion line with Gabi. "I hear things at Basic Black. It's part of my job," Nicole explained. "If that were true, Gabi would have told me about it," Stefan said. E.J. said that it appeared that Li wanted to refocus Gabi on a new business opportunity in order to lose interest in the DiMera shares.

"And by extension, you," E.J. added. "No way that's gonna happen. Gabi loves me, and she wants nothing more than to be back together," Stefan said. "But if she gives in to her feelings for you, she could lose her DiMera shares," E.J. argued. Suspicious, Stefan asked E.J. how he had known about Li's deal with Gabi. E.J. explained that Wendy had mentioned the morals clause.

"I'm surprised that Li would share that information with her and that she would just impart that knowledge onto you," Stefan said. "No one has ever accused Wendy of discretion," Nicole joked. E.J. apologized for having mentioned the clause. E.J. told Stefan that he did not envy Stefan's "tricky situation." With a sigh, Stefan admitted that he did not know how to get around the clause.

"Maybe I can help," Nicole said. Nicole offered to set up a private meeting with Gabi. Stefan thanked Nicole for the kind offer. "I'm a romantic at heart. I really want you and Gabi to be happy together. And since you two boys have made peace, I'm on your side as much as E.J. is," Nicole said. Nicole promised to tell Stefan when she had a plan.

"I'm very grateful to you. And I know Gabi will be, too," Stefan said. After Nicole and E.J. walked out, they talked in the foyer. "Now all we need is for Li to catch Stefan and Gabi in the act, and it's bye-bye shares, Gabriela, and control of DiMera," E.J. said.

At Wendy's apartment, Gabi exited the bedroom, and Li smiled at her. "Saxton's is about to be deluged with women who wanna look exactly the way you do now," Li said. Gabi told Li to turn down his flattery. "Why are you dressed up? You don't think you're coming with me, do you?" Gabi asked. Li noted that he had been the go-between.

"But it's my pitch. I can do it myself. I don't need help with that," Gabi said. "They are expecting both of us," Li noted. Gabi waved her hand dismissively at Li as she picked up her phone. "Wait. Stefan called?" Gabi said. Li explained that Gabi had seen the notification before he had been able to tell her. "It was a very brief call," Li said. Li explained that he had told Stefan that Gabi had been busy preparing for a meeting.

"I don't need a secretary, nor do I need you answering my phone without my permission," Gabi said. Li apologized, and he encouraged Gabi to call Stefan back. With a groan, Gabi reiterated that only she needed to go to the meeting.

"I wouldn't want them wondering why I didn't show up. That would be an unnecessary distraction, and I wouldn't want to spoil your pitch," Li said. With a sigh of resignation, Gabi agreed.

Chanel removed the help wanted sign from her bakery as Paulina walked over. Paulina apologized for having forced Chanel to freeze all new hires. "The court won't let you hire anybody," Paulina said. "I already did," Chanel confessed. Paulina reminded Chanel that they could not spend any money.

"I can't believe that Sloan Petersen got a judge to sign off on a plan like this. Please tell me that Belle is working on getting that freeze on our accounts reversed," Chanel said. Paulina stressed that they needed to be realistic.

"[Belle] is a lawyer, not a miracle worker," Paulina said. "Neither am I! And I can't run a successful bakery without any help," Chanel argued. Paulina suggested that Chanel could hire Talia as an unpaid intern, but Chanel declined. "I have to offer her a competitive salary, or else someone else in Salem is going to snap her up in no time," Chanel said. Paulina argued that the judge could use Talia as a justification to find against them in the civil case.

In the Brady Pub, Jada ate breakfast with her little sister. Jada urged Talia to find her own place to stay. "I don't plan on sharing my bed with my little sister forever," Jada said. "Why not? It's not like you're sharing it with anybody else," Talia countered. Jada bristled at the joke. "You're too sensitive," Talia said. Talia noted that she was single, too, and that there was nothing wrong with being alone.

"Me and you, we're independent women, right? We do just fine on our own," Talia said. Jada agreed, and they toasted to "flying solo." With a grin, Talia asked Jada how long she had been single. Reluctantly, Jada told Talia that she had broken up with someone a few months before. "My breakup was pretty recent," Talia said. Talia asked Jada if there were any prospects in her life.

Jada looked over at the door as Rafe walked into the pub. Talia noticed the look, and she smiled at her sister. Rafe walked over and said hello. "You enjoying your time in Salem so far?" Rafe asked Talia. Talia explained that she had been happy until Jada had asked her to move out. Curious, Rafe asked what Jada and Talia had been talking so intensely about when he had arrived at the pub.

"It's funny you should ask," Talia started. Jada interrupted to tell Talia to leave for her new job. When Talia noted that the bakery job required an early start, Jada was surprised. "What's wrong with that?" Rafe asked. "Talia isn't a baker. She's a doctor," Jada said. Talia admitted that she had a medical degree. Annoyed, Jada noted that Talia had been in the top ten percent of her class at one of the best medical schools in the country.

"Top five percent, actually," Talia corrected. "How is working at a bakery using any of your talents?" Jada asked. Confused, Jada asked Talia if it was no longer her dream to be a doctor. "No. It was Daddy's dream to have me follow him into medicine," Talia stressed. "But you've worked so hard," Jada said. Talia announced that she needed to leave for work, and she walked out.

Rafe took Talia's vacated seat, and he sipped coffee as Jada wondered aloud what had happened. "[Talia] is trying to change her life, pursue her dream," Rafe said. Jada explained that Talia had been a driven overachiever her whole life. "You heard how she corrected me about Stanford. I mean, who does that if they're not proud of their achievement?" Jada argued. Rafe agreed. When Jada noted it was pointless to argue with Talia about her choices, Rafe said he understood.

"Dario and Gabi? They have made some curious choices over the years, despite my excellent advice," Rafe said. Rafe joked that as the older sibling, it was his job to be ignored. "Disrespected," Jada added. "And resented," Rafe said. With a grin, Jada noted, "But we love those resentful young ones, anyway, don't we?" Rafe said yes, and they agreed that they would never stop attempting to save their siblings from themselves.

Rafe asked Jada again about the conversation she had been having with Talia when he had arrived. "I mean, it's none of my business," Rafe added with a shrug. "What?" Jada asked. "It's just the look on your faces when I came up," Rafe said. When Jada stared at Rafe with a look of confusion, he told her "never mind" as her phone rang. Jada explained that it was Shawn on the phone, and she told Rafe to go on to the precinct without her.

In Sloan's apartment, Eric and Sloan were kissing in bed. An alert on Eric's phone interrupted them. Eric explained that he had set up alerts on his phone to notify him of any job opportunities for photographers. With a groan, Sloan told Eric to cancel the alerts on his phone.

"You're a wonderful photographer, Eric. So, who needs a boss? You should be your own boss," Sloan said. Sloan suggested that Eric should open his own gallery. Eric laughed in disbelief. "What you need is to take charge of your career," Sloan said. "I appreciate your support," Eric said. Eric added that it was a lot of work and money to open a gallery.

"I have the perfect place. It's called 'Sweet Bits,'" Sloan said. Confused, Eric asked if the bakery was going out of business. "Chanel and Paulina, they may not know that yet, but yes. And once I win my case against them, the space is mine," Sloan said. "Are you sure about this?" Eric asked. Sloan told Eric that she understood that Eric did not want to take away Chanel's business.

"And you won't be! You know, that's my job. And believe me, I'm really looking forward to doing it," Sloan said. Sloan added that with the judgment money, she could be an investor in the gallery. "Me with my own gallery," Eric whispered in disbelief. Sloan urged Eric to say yes, and then she kissed him passionately. Sloan's phone rang, and she answered it. "What?" Sloan yelped.

In the town square, Belle called Paulina's phone as Paulina was talking to Chanel. Paulina frowned, and she ended the call. "What did Belle say?" Chanel asked. "I don't know what we're gonna do. Since we got all this free time since Belle got the case thrown out!" Paulina said. Chanel yelped with joy, and she hugged her mother.

"So, this means now I don't have to fire Talia," Chanel said. With a chuckle, Paulina noted that Belle had outstrategized Sloan. "I wonder how that witch is taking it," Paulina said.

At Sloan's apartment, Sloan threw items around her apartment in frustration. Eric enveloped Sloan in his arms, and he told her to breathe. In tears, Sloan yelled, "They're murderers, and they've won again!"

"It was just a civil case, right? No one was going to prison. It's about money. You have money," Eric said. "It was never about the money. They tore my family apart, and they just keep getting away with it," Sloan argued. Sloan yelled that everyone loved Paulina and Chanel, and those same people saw Sloan as a "soulless ambulance chaser."

"God forbid I forget about my mother being pushed off of a roof to her death. It's just like whatever happens to me, whatever I get taken from me, you know, oh, I deserve it," Sloan said. Sloan broke down in tears. "I'm on your side, and I'm sorry if I made it sound like your case was unimportant," Eric said. Sloan explained that the civil suit had been her last shot at justice for her mother. Eric hugged Sloan. After Sloan left, Eric reviewed the photos in his portfolio, and he stared at one of Nicole.

Outside the bakery, Chanel worked on the budget for her bakery as Paulina thanked Belle on the phone. "With Talia, I'll be able to add back some of the popular items to our menu. And thanks to Belle, I will actually be able to pay my new employee," Chanel said. "I didn't know that was an issue," Talia said as she entered the square. Chanel introduced Talia to Paulina.

"Any relation to Detective Jada Hunter?" Paulina asked. "She's my sister. You know her?" Talia asked. Paulina explained that Jada's partner Rafe had arrested her once. As Paulina questioned Talia, Talia admitted that she had not gone to culinary school. "Actually, I had a different focus. But baking is just something I know," Talia said.

"Do you also know that you're talking to a couple of criminals?" Sloan asked as she walked up. Furious, Sloan asked Paulina and Chanel if they believed they had won. "I am not giving up on making you two bitches pay for what you've done," Sloan growled. Talia stepped between the women, and she cautioned Sloan not to yell at Paulina and Chanel.

"This one's a murderer. And this one covered it up," Sloan said. Paulina told Sloan that she had lost and to move on. "Maybe I don't need court to get my revenge. Ever think of that?" Sloan said. Without another word, Sloan stalked off.

Brady believes he can con Kristen

Brady believes he can con Kristen

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

In Leo and Gwen's room at the Salem Inn, Gwen told Alex that she had no regrets about having spent the previous night with him. Gwen complimented Alex on his performance in bed. Alex proceeded to perform oral sex on Gwen, and the two had sex again in the shower.

At Horton Town Square, Leo gloated to Xander that Gwen's sex life with Alex had kept Leo awake the previous night. Xander pouted that Alex had defied Xander's order to stay away from Gwen. Leo paraphrased Beyoncé's song, "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)," and he said that Xander had had his chance with Gwen.

Leo left, and Gwen and Alex appeared a short while later. Xander spotted the two kissing, and he and Alex started to trade insults. Xander called Alex a "man-slut" who was "lapping up a hot serving of my sloppy seconds." Alex put a hand to Xander's face, and Xander responded by punching Alex in the face.

Gwen stood between Alex and Xander, and she told Alex that he was already late for work at Titan. Alex reluctantly agreed to leave. Afterwards, Gwen lashed out at Xander for having punched Alex. Gwen reminded Xander that he had referred to her as "sloppy seconds," and she added that what she did with Alex was none of Xander's concern.

At Titan, Brady brought flowers to Maggie, and he complimented her on her promotion to CEO. Brady admitted that he had been struggling to stay sober, given his situation with Chloe. Brady added that he hadn't been attending A.A. meetings, but he promised he would. Maggie hugged Brady.

Brady said that he and Chloe were further apart than ever because Rachel "despised" Chloe. Maggie and Brady agreed that Kristen would stop at nothing to keep Brady and Chloe apart, including turning Rachel against Chloe.

Later, Alex appeared in Maggie's office. Maggie scolded Alex for being late, and she asked what had happened to Alex's face. Alex told Maggie about the fight with Xander. Maggie refused to allow Alex into an important meeting that had been scheduled. Before Maggie left for the meeting, she said the two would have a serious conversation about Alex's future at Titan when she returned.

Gwen visited Alex in Maggie's office. Gwen apologized that Alex had found himself in trouble over her, and she wondered if she and Alex should "call it quits." Alex said that Xander wouldn't scare him away from Gwen, and the two kissed.

Outside her penthouse, Chloe received a call from Kristen at Statesville. Chloe and Kristen traded barbs, and Kristen told Chloe to stay away from Brady. Kristen bragged that Rachel couldn't stand the sight of Chloe, who referred to Rachel as "a little monster" who could grow up just as "deranged' as Kristen.

Unbeknownst to Chloe, Leo had sneaked up behind her, and he overheard Chloe's words. Chloe apologized to Kristen for what she had said about Rachel, and she told Kristen to never call her again. Chloe turned around, and Leo gloated that he would use Chloe's words about Rachel in his next Lady Whistleblower column.

Later, Chloe confronted Leo in his and Gwen's room at the Salem Inn. Chloe pleaded with Leo to not print the column, and she said that she was "desperate." Chloe tried to bribe Leo with cash, but Leo refused to accept the money. Chloe asked what would buy Leo's silence. Leo told Chloe to use her friendship with Nicole to bring him expensive clothes that were exclusive to Basic Black. Chloe agreed, and she left.

Afterwards, Chloe saw Xander in the town square. Chloe said that Leo had blackmailed her, and she told Xander about Leo's threat to expose her in the Spectator if she didn't give him thousands of dollars in Basic Black merchandise.

Chloe was relieved to receive a call from Nicole, who shared that Leo's merchandise had been delivered. Chloe thought that she had been saved from Leo's latest column, but Xander groaned as he stared at his phone. Xander remarked that Leo had just posted his latest column, and he handed his phone to Chloe.

Chloe called Leo a "double-crossing snake," and she worried that Leo had jeopardized her future with Brady. Chloe grew emotional, and she started to cry before she fell into Xander's arms. Xander comforted Chloe.

At Statesville prison, Kristen received a visit from Brady. Kristen told Brady what Chloe had said about Rachel during their phone call earlier. Brady flashed a picture that Rachel had drawn for Kristen, and he said he wanted Kristen to tell Rachel to ease up on Rachel's hatred for Chloe before Brady would give Kristen the picture.

Kristen refused, and Brady said that he could withhold more than just a drawing. Brady demanded that Kristen write a letter to Rachel that stated Kristen no longer held any animosity toward Chloe and that she was fine with Brady and Chloe being together. "If you don't, you're not going to see Rachel ever again," Brady warned.

Kristen agreed to write the letter to satisfy Brady, who produced a sheet of blank paper. "Make it glowing," Brady instructed.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad brought breakfast in bed to Stephanie, and the two celebrated their first official sleepover. Chad kissed Stephanie, who received a call from Paulina. Paulina asked Stephanie and Chad to meet her at the Brady Pub.

At the Brady Pub, Paulina had told Abe that Belle had gotten Sloan's case against Paulina and Chanel dismissed. Paulina boasted that Sloan was out of their lives forever. Abe said he was relieved that Sloan's case had been dismissed, but he added that Sloan's threats afterwards had been nothing to scoff at.

Chad and Stephanie entered, and they joined Abe and Paulina at their table. Paulina told Stephanie and Chad that Sloan's lawsuit had been thrown out, and Paulina asked Stephanie to put out a press release that touted Paulina's triumph over Sloan. Stephanie agreed, and she left with Paulina.

Chad and Abe stayed behind, and Abe noted that Stephanie seemed to make Chad happy. Abe and Chad agreed that they were both lucky to have found love after having lost Lexie and Abigail, respectively.

Outside Paulina's office, Paulina surmised that Chad was the reason that Stephanie seemed happy. Stephanie admitted that Chad made her happy, and Paulina was happy for both of them. "You have yourself a winner now. Just like my Abraham. Oh, I'm telling you, Stephanie, everything is coming up roses for me and for..." Paulina said as she opened the door.

Inside the room, Paulina and Stephanie gasped when they discovered that Paulina's office had been trashed.

Bo has a series of flashbacks about his life

Bo has a series of flashbacks about his life

Thursday, March 23, 2023

At the Brady Pub, Chad told Abe that he was worried how Thomas and Charlotte might react if they grew attached to Stephanie, and Chad and Stephanie's relationship soured. Abe encouraged Chad to not think about the what-ifs.

Steve entered, and he said he had an update for Roman on the search for Megan. Abe and Chad asked Steve to share their update with them, and Steve said that Harris had agreed to help them track down Megan.

Steve said that Kimberly believed Harris' feelings for Hope had overpowered Megan's brainwashing. Later, Chad left to find Stephanie.

Steve grew incensed at the thought of Megan walking around free. Steve noticed that Abe had been staring at him, and he asked why. Abe said he believed that Steve had let the quest to find Megan take over his life. Steve responded that the search for Megan was the only thing getting him out of bed.

Abe sympathized with Steve, but he said that eventually, Steve would have to adjust to a life without Kayla. Steve's phone rang, and he answered a call from Hope. Hope shared that she might have a general location of Megan's whereabouts. Steve said that he and John would catch a flight to meet Hope.

In Paulina's office, Paulina said that Sloan had to have been the one to trash the office. Stephanie cautioned Paulina not to confront Sloan and to call the police instead. Paulina bristled that if she called the police, "that gossip monger, 'Lady Lawnmower'... whatever" would publish another scandalous column about her.

Chad appeared, and Stephanie mentioned that she had a plan but that Paulina would have to agree first. A short while later, Shawn appeared. Shawn remarked that there had been no sign of forced entry and that nothing was missing. Shawn said he wanted to dust for prints. Paulina remained certain that Sloan had been the person behind the incident, and she told Shawn to arrest Sloan.

At an ISA facility in Frederick, Maryland, Harris vowed to find Megan and to bring her to justice. A short-haired brunette entered, and she introduced herself as Dr. Frankel, a psychiatrist for the ISA. Dr. Frankel said that electroconvulsive therapy could help deprogram Harris, who said that he wanted to start the therapy.

After the electroconvulsive therapy ended, Harris opened his eyes, and he said that he remembered something. Dr. Frankel asked what Harris had remembered, and he recalled being in a lab with Megan and Rolf. Harris said there had been a tube-like container in the lab and that a person had been inside the tube.

Harris said the glass had been obscured by fog and that he hadn't been able to see who the person in the tube was. Harris added that there had been coordinates to what he thought was a nautical map on the wall of the lab. Hope handed Harris a notepad, and he sketched something on it that he said might lead to Hope finding Megan. "And whoever else she might be keeping," Harris said.

After Hope phoned Steve, Harris grew weak, and he collapsed onto the floor.

Nearby in the lab, Rolf touted his accomplishments, and he noted that he had made a new batch of serum in record time. Rolf spoke to a caged rat, and he said the rat had been an excellent test subject. "Now, to see how the humans do," Rolf chuckled.

Megan entered, and she said that Bo hadn't been as loyal to her as Rolf had promised. Megan said that Bo had killed Kate and then "gone rogue" afterwards. Megan added that Bo had locked himself into a lab and wouldn't speak to her. "How could you have let this happen?" Megan screamed at Rolf.

Rolf said that Bo was a strong and independent person, and he added that he could only change people so much through his brainwashing skills. Megan groused about Hope, and she wondered what all the men in Hope's life had seen in her. Rolf said he thought that Bo no longer saw anything in Hope, but Megan was skeptical.

Megan asked Rolf to use the serum to make sure that Bo stayed devoted to her. Rolf said that Bo would have to either be cooperative or coerced. Megan told Rolf to continue working on the serum, and she retrieved a syringe from a drawer.

Nearby, in the lab, Bo wandered alone in one of the rooms, and he rummaged through drawers until he found a file with his name printed at the top.

Bo stared at a page that listed his parents and other family members, and he recalled a conversation many years earlier when Victor had told Bo that he was proud to have Bo for a son. Bo then saw a photo of Hope in the file, and he read a detailed description that Rolf had written in the file about Bo's love for Hope.

Bo flashed back to a series of memories of his time with Hope, including one of their first kisses. Bo continued to read what Rolf had written, including a paragraph stating that Bo had loved other women besides Hope, such as Megan.

"It comes down to an age-old question: nature versus nurture. Bo was raised as a Brady, to be a solid and decent member of the community. But by blood, he's Victor Kiriakis' son," Bo read aloud.

Bo flashed back to another conversation many years earlier when Victor had told Bo that he couldn't have asked for a better son. "I look at you, and I see the good parts of me," Victor had told Bo.

Bo continued to read Rolf's written words, including a part where Rolf stated that he intended to tap into Bo's "dark side." Bo continued to have flashbacks of Victor and Hope, and he later recalled the words that Kate had spoken to him, moments before he's shot her, about the man Kate had known Bo to be.

Bo flashed back to a series of tender moments with Hope, including Hope's final words to him in which Hope had pleaded for a dying Bo to not leave her.

Rolf had written that a side of Bo had once been drawn to Megan. Rolf's notes added that under the "right circumstances," Bo might open his arms to Megan again. Just then, Megan entered. With the syringe behind her back, Megan stared at Bo.

Bo finds Kayla

Bo finds Kayla

Friday, March 24, 2023

In Maryland, Ben and Ciara stared lovingly at their baby. Ben marveled that baby Bo had slept through disembarking from the boat and checking into the hotel. "You'd think that after 285 days at sea, he would be just as happy as we are to be back on terra firma," Ciara said. Ciara suggested that they fly home to Salem for a visit for Bo's first birthday.

"It would be really great to see everybody again," Ben said. "But?" Ciara asked. Ben noted that a visit home would not be the same without Marlena. Ciara agreed that Marlena had done a lot for Ben and their relationship. Ben added that the death of Kayla and Kate had made the situation even more sad.

"It all just seems so unreal," Ciara said. "We missed all the funerals. I guess that's why I'm having a hard time believing that Dr. Evans is really gone," Ben said. Ben lamented that he had not been able to say goodbye to Marlena and that he was unsure what to tell the widowers. "Just let them know that our hearts go out to them," Ciara said.

Ben told Ciara that he had dreamed about Marlena. "All I remember was that I was desperately trying to save her life like she saved mine," Ben said. Ben told Ciara that Marlena had smiled at him and survived. "I hated waking up from that dream," Ben said. Ben noted that without Marlena, he would not have had Ciara or baby Bo. "[Marlena] saw the person you really are," Ciara said. Ciara added that Marlena had seen how happy Ciara and Ben were.

As Ciara put her head on Ben's shoulder, she groaned. Ciara said she felt like she was seasick. Ben noted that it was normal not to be acclimated yet. As Ben talked about ordering room service, Ciara ran into the bathroom and vomited.

When Ciara returned, she noted that she felt better. Ben laughed at the idea that Ciara was seasick on land. "I'm not seasick," Ciara said. Ben suggested that they postpone their trip to Salem in favor of a doctor visit instead. "I didn't want to say anything until I knew I was sure, but a week ago, I realized that I was late," Ciara confessed. Ciara told Ben that she thought she was pregnant.

Ben rushed out to the drugstore for a pregnancy test, and then Ciara took it. While Ben and Ciara waited for the test results, they chatted nervously about her nausea. "Are you this nervous because you think this is a good thing or it's a bad thing? I mean we didn't really plan for this, and Bo is not even a year old," Ciara said. "It's not a good thing. It's a great thing," Ben said. Ciara looked at the test strip, and she confirmed that she was pregnant.

"You're actually happy about this, right?" Ciara asked. Ben said he was thrilled. When Ciara wondered aloud if it was too soon, Ben said no. Ciara admitted that she liked that Bo would have a sibling close to his age. "You're gonna be a big brother," Ben said to baby Bo. "Big brother! I have to call Shawn!" Ciara exclaimed. Ben reminded Ciara that it was too early to tell everyone.

"I am not gonna tell him about the baby. I'm just gonna tell him we're coming," Ciara explained. "What about your mom?" Ben asked. Ciara promised to call Hope next. When Ciara reached Shawn, he told her that Hope was at ISA headquarters near Ciara.

In an ISA lab, Harris collapsed to the floor after his deprogramming. When Harris woke up, he was in the ISA infirmary with Hope at his bedside. "You collapsed. I was really worried the treatment had caused some kind of permanent damage," Hope said. Hope assured Harris that he was fine. "That's good to know," Harris whispered. Harris thanked Hope for having stayed with him.

"You scared me," Hope admitted. "I feel better now. Obviously," Harris said. As Hope poured Harris a glass of water, she talked about the shock treatment therapy. "I can't even imagine how hard it was to actually experience it," Hope said. With a smile, Hope told Harris that he had been able to give them coordinates to Megan's possible hideout. Harris encouraged Hope to leave and pursue Megan.

"No, I'm not going anywhere," Hope said. Confused, Harris asked, "Don't you want to find Megan?" Hope told Harris that she wanted to make sure he did not collapse again. "You just said the doctor said I was going to be fine," Harris countered. "You were in a lot of pain. Even the doctor wanted to stop. But you insisted she keep going," Hope said. Harris warned Hope not to paint him as a hero.

"I did it because I don't want Megan to get away with it. She brainwashed me. She used me to hurt people. I want to bring her down as much as you do," Harris explained. Harris argued that if the treatment gave him his memories back but also killed him, it would still have been worth it.

"This is the first time in a long time that I feel Iike [I might get my life back]," Harris said. "Have you thought about what you might do with that life?" Hope asked. Harris said he was unsure. "The Navy is my life. I mean, I'd like to get my career back, but considering how I was compromised, I don't think the feeling would be mutual," Harris said. Hope shrugged, and she offered to pull some strings for Harris.

"I appreciate that. But here's what I do know. I'd like to spend more time with you," Harris said. Harris noted that even though he and Hope had spent a year together, he had never gotten to know her. "I want to get to know the real you. I want you to get to know the real me," Harris said. Harris noted that he understood if Hope had not felt the same way.

"I know I put you through hell. Terrorized your family. You probably want nothing to do with me," Harris said. "Yesterday, I told you that during our time together some of the moments were real. And they were. I did feel something for you, Harris," Hope said. Harris admitted he had not been sure that Hope had meant what she had said to him.

"I know how important it is for you to find Megan. And I was your last lead. And I figured you would say anything to convince me to agree to be deprogrammed," Harris said. Hope smiled, and she noted that most people were not trained to second-guess everything and everyone in their lives. Hope said she understood why Harris would have believed that she had been working an angle on him before the deprogramming.

"Even if I was, I'm not right now," Hope said. "Do you really mean that?" Harris asked. Hope said yes. "We have to take it one step at a time. Take it slow," Hope said. Harris agreed, and he caressed Hope's face. As Harris and Hope kissed, Ciara ran into the room. "What the hell is going on here?" Ciara asked.

On a plane to the Mediterranean, Steve told John about the facility that Harris had remembered after his treatment. Steve showed John the map of the area, and they worked to narrow down the islands to check.

"It doesn't look like Stefano bought any property in this region," Steve noted. "Nah, it couldn't be that simple," John said. Steve eliminated the hard-to-access islands. "Wherever this lab is, it has to be housed in a fairly large facility. Most of these islands couldn't support that," Steve said. Steve noted that there was only one island that had the infrastructure to support a sizable lab, and it was a military base.

"Not a bad place to look for a lab, considering Harris was ex-Navy, so what do you think?" John asked. "The place is deserted now," Steve said. Steve confirmed that the facility had been abandoned as a research facility in the 1950s. "We just found a needle in a haystack," John said. John suggested that they land on a nearby island to preserve the element of surprise.

In Megan's lair, Kayla and Marlena slumbered in their cryogenic tubes as Dr. Rolf stared at them. "So, since Kate is dead, which of you will be my next guinea pig?" Rolf said. After a moment, Rolf decided to use Kayla as a test subject, and he woke her up.

"You're coming out of the effects of a very strong sedative. Your limbs won't be fully functioning for some time yet," Rolf said. Kayla groaned. As Kayla noticed that Marlena was still asleep, Rolf announced that it was Kayla's lucky day. Rolf showed Kayla the vial of his new serum.

"I cannot prove [the serum's] effectiveness without a human trial," Rolf said. Rolf explained that when Kate had refused to participate in the trial, he had been forced to eliminate her. Kayla gasped. "Kate is dead, and the takeaway is that it is not a good idea to resist," Rolf stressed. Rolf explained that after Kate had destroyed his first batch, he had recreated and improved the serum for the second batch.

"And so, soon, I'm sure you will be asking for another dose, because this is going to give you quite a refresher," Rolf said. "And what is that that is going to refresh?" Kayla asked. Rolf explained that his serum was a fountain of youth. Kayla said she did not want to be young again.

"What if that serum doesn't work?" Kayla asked. "I'm afraid it won't be pretty, but I have every confidence that won't be the case," Rolf said. Rolf added that Megan required Rolf to prove that a human subject could survive the injection of the serum. "So, Megan wants to recapture her youth," Kayla said. "Most of us do, with the rare exception of you, apparently," Rolf joked. Rolf added that Megan was not vain.

"[Megan wants the serum] in the hopes of recapturing a lost love," Rolf said. "But the only love of hers I know about is my brother Bo, and he's dead," Kayla said. Rolf stifled a smile. Kayla asked if Bo had been the person in the other cryogenic tube. Rolf played stupid. "Who else would Megan want to revive?" Kayla asked. Kayla argued that if the person had not been Stefano, it had to have been someone that Megan would have gone to great lengths to revive. Rolf told Kayla that she had a vivid imagination.

"Bo died in Hope's arms," Kayla said. "And you died in Steve's. And Marlena died in John's," Rolf countered. Kayla asked Rolf if Bo was alive, but Rolf avoided the question. As Rolf started to uncap the syringe, Kayla grabbed his wrist to stop him. Rolf noted that Kayla should not have the strength to fight him.

"You should have given me a bigger dose!" Kayla yelled. Kayla shoved Rolf to the ground, and she jumped out of her cryogenic tube. Kayla kicked Rolf as she ran out of the room. "Damn you, tenacious Brady!" Rolf yelled. Rolf chased after Kayla.

Down the hallway, Megan entered the lab room where Bo had holed up. Behind Megan's back was a syringe. When Bo turned away from Megan to finish reading his file, she placed the syringe on the counter, and she walked over to him. "What are you looking at?" Megan asked. "Rolf's notes on me," Bo said. Megan told Bo not to bother with the scientific "mumbo jumbo." Bo admitted that the file had been an interesting read.

"Your past is long gone. We need to focus on your future. Our future together," Megan said. When Megan reached for the file, Bo pulled it away. "Now that I've finished reading it, it's on the hard drive. I won't forget it," Bo said. Megan smiled nervously.

"The bit about how I saved your life?" Megan asked. "No. The bit about who I was. What I wanted. Who my father is," Bo said. Megan noted that Bo's lack of introspection had been one of his most attractive traits. As Megan encouraged Bo to forget the file, he slammed it down on the table.

"Is that an order?" Bo said. "It's just a suggestion. Knowing how you feel about orders, it would've been counterproductive of me to issue one," Megan said. Bo smirked. "Cause you're always looking out for me, all in my best interest," Bo growled. Megan reminded Bo that she had gone to great lengths to save his life and that she did not understand why he wanted to question her motives. Bo scoffed.

"You ordered me to kill," Bo said. Bo argued that Megan had a sinister agenda. Megan claimed that she had only suggested that Bo should kill Kate. "I didn't want you and I to have any distractions," Megan said. When Bo snapped at Megan, she noted that the file had made him antagonistic. Bo caressed the cover of the file while deep in thought.

"I was just hoping that we could talk," Megan said. "I'm leaving," Bo said. Confused, Megan asked Bo where he planned to go. Bo said he could not stay in that "hellhole" any longer. "You've been here for years. That's why you're still alive," Megan stressed.

"I'm not going to find what I'm looking for stuck in here!" Bo shouted. "And what is that? I have given you everything that you could possibly want," Megan argued. Bo admitted that he did not know what he wanted. "I have a lot of questions about who I am, so I just got to get out here so I can find myself," Bo said. Megan rolled her eyes. Bo warned Megan not to mock him. Megan called Bo self-indulgent.

"I don't want to be here," Bo grumbled. Bo explained that he needed to leave so that he could figure out what he wanted. "I can tell you anything you want to know," Megan said. Bo disagreed. "I'm the only one who can answer these questions, so I'm leaving you," Bo said. As Bo started for the door, Megan blocked his path.

"I'm afraid I cannot let you do that," Megan said. "I'm done following your orders," Bo said. Megan told Bo that he could not leave yet because Rolf had finished a new batch of his serum. "The serum is going to give us back all those years that were stolen from us. All of the years that we were apart," Megan said. Megan asked Bo if he wanted a chance to live the life that they had been meant to live together if not for the interference of Megan's mother.

"I'm not going back to that. I have to look forward to my future," Bo said. "With me," Megan countered. Bo warned Megan that he would not let her decide his future. "You ingrate!" Megan yelled. Bo put his hands on Megan's shoulders, and he told her that he appreciated all she had done for him. "But what you're asking of me? I'm sorry, I cannot give," Bo said. Megan nodded yes, and she said she understood.

"What about you just stay tonight? And we can have one last dinner," Megan suggested. "Best for both of us if I leave now," Bo said. Megan said she had one last order for Bo, and she picked up the syringe. Bo refused to take the serum. Megan explained that the syringe had a sedative, not the serum.

"Not gonna happen," Bo stressed. Megan told Bo that Rolf needed to give Bo a slight attitude adjustment. "When [Rolf] is done, you and I will be on the same page," Megan said. Megan told Bo that Rolf would help Bo understand what he could have with her if he remained on the island. "I don't want any part of it," Bo said. "You will want me as much as I want you," Megan said. Megan lunged for Bo, and he easily grabbed her.

"I don't want to hurt you," Bo said. Megan struggled to push the syringe into Bo's arm, but he held her back. "Don't you want us to be together?" Megan asked. Megan reminded Bo of all the things she had done to save and protect him. "What we had ended years ago. We were never meant to be together," Bo said. Megan yelled that she would not let Bo reunite with Hope. As Bo struggled with Megan, he injected her with the sedative. Bo gently placed Megan on the floor.

Outside Megan's facility, John and Steve looked for a way in. Inside the building Kayla ran through the maze of hallways, and she just missed Steve and John as they entered the facility. John and Steve agreed to split up to search the building.

When John entered the room with the cryogenic tubes, he was startled to see Marlena in the last one. "Doc?" John whispered. Down the hallway, Bo exited his room, and he ran into Kayla in the hallway. "Oh, my God. Bo," Kayla said.

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