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Rolf used the serum to wake up Marlena for John. Bo forced Kayla to leave Marlena. Stefan and Gabi foiled E.J.'s trap for them. Sloan helped Eric look for gallery space. Rafe questioned Sloan about vandalism. Chanel and Talia told one another their secrets. Paulina received a threatening note. Rachel sneaked out to see Kristen. Kristen told Rachel to give Chloe a chance. Xander omitted Chloe from Leo's column. Leo photographed Xander hugging Chloe. Tripp fantasized about Wendy. Bo took Kayla to Greece to work on Rolf's serum. Kayla and Marlena's families learned they were alive. Steve made a deal with Megan.
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Rolf used serum to wake up Marlena. Kristen told Rachel to give Chloe a chance. Rafe questioned Sloan about vandalism. Stefan and Gabi foiled E.J.'s trap.
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John and Steve reunite with Marlena

John and Steve reunite with Marlena

Monday, March 27, 2023

by Mike

Eric emerged from the kitchen of the Brady Pub and approached the bar, where Roman was wrapping up a phone conversation. "Just giving Lucas the latest on the search for Megan Hathaway," Roman explained to Eric after ending the call.

Roman repeated the information for Eric's benefit, revealing that John and Steve were following a lead on Megan's whereabouts that Hope had received from Harris Michaels. "After all the damage this Harris guy did last summer...I mean, do you really believe there's anything he says that we can trust?" Eric protested. "The ISA has got him back in his right mind," Roman clarified.

Eric found it odd that Roman had opted out of the search for one of Kate's killers. "I've got another job to do," Roman informed Eric before gesturing to the urn that supposedly contained Kate's ashes. "Before Kate got sick again, we talked about taking a Ireland," Roman continued. "I suggested Paris, Rome, Rio...but her heart was set on the Emerald Isle," Roman concluded.

Eric wondered if Roman knew the reason for Kate's choice. "Might be hard to believe, but Kate admitted to me that she liked being a Brady!" Roman marveled. "What's not to like?" Eric countered. "Well...we don't live in mansions -- and we don't run billion-dollar companies!" Roman fretted. "But we do have people -- and she wanted to know where they came from," Roman added.

Eric offered to tag along for moral support -- as both a son and an ex-priest -- but Roman insisted that someone needed to stay behind to keep an eye on the pub. Roman assured Eric that both Billie and Austin would be in attendance -- and that Carrie, by extension to the latter of the two, would also be present. "Lucas wishes he could be there, too, but he does understand I can't wait for him to get out -- I'm not about to carry this urn around, like Anna did for years," Roman declared. "We will scatter Kate's ashes in a special place," Roman continued. "Then find an Irish pub that serves a good martini," Roman concluded. "I think that's really beautiful," Eric raved.

Eric predicted that Megan would be in police custody by the time Roman returned to Salem. "I hope so...'cause whoever killed Kate, I want to look them in the eye and let them know that they're very lucky I don't tear them limb from limb," Roman spat.

Hope pulled away from Harris in shock then wondered how Ciara had managed to gain access to a secure ISA facility. "Well, I am my mother's daughter, after all," Ciara teased before admitting to having enlisted Andrew's help. "Turns out I did it just in time -- guess I'm here to stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life," Ciara added while glaring at Harris.

Harris tried to explain the situation to Ciara, who interrupted to stress that Hope was supposed to be hunting down a killer instead of making out with one. "Daddy would be rolling over in his grave if he could see you right now!" Ciara admonished Hope.

Hope informed Ciara that Harris had recently been deprogrammed and had since begun helping with the search for Megan. "Just because he got zapped a couple times, that doesn't mean that he's changed -- I mean, do you know what Navy SEAL training entails? He can withstand anything!" Ciara warned Hope. "As stubborn as her father was," Hope explained to Harris.

Harris admitted to Hope that Ciara was right to be concerned. Harris apologized for everything that had happened the previous summer then took full responsibility for all of it, prompting Hope to respond with a nod of satisfaction then give Ciara a pointed look. "Remember how people reacted when you first got together with Ben? Everyone thought -- well, especially me -- that there was absolutely no way he could ever change, but you believed he deserved a second chance...and I believe Harris does, too," Hope stressed -- and Ciara conceded the point after some thought then acknowledged that Harris at least deserved credit for having undergone a dangerous procedure just to avenge the deaths of three strangers.

Hope accepted the compromise then changed the subject, desperate for updates on Bo's namesake -- and Ciara seized the opportunity to reveal that the child would soon have a sibling. Hope expressed remorse for having been absent during Ciara's first pregnancy then promised not to make the same mistake again. Ciara thanked Hope for the commitment. Hope arranged to treat Ciara's family to dinner later.

Harris waited for an opening then congratulated Ciara and Hope. "Guess I'll see you later," Ciara responded. "If it's okay with your mom," Harris agreed. "I'd like that," Hope confirmed.

Ciara gave Harris a slight smile then hugged Hope and rushed off. "Brady women are not usually easily swayed -- I have to say, I'm pretty impressed that you were able to win over Ciara," Hope raved to Harris once the coast was clear.

Harris reiterated that Ciara was right to be concerned about Hope then fretted about the possibility of a relapse. "I would have thought you would have learned by now -- I'm more than capable of taking care of myself just fine," Hope assured Harris.

Megan regained consciousness at the lab and threw a tantrum over Bo's betrayal then started to storm off in search of the "bad boy" -- just as Steve approached, having heard the commotion. "I was just on my way out," Megan explained, prompting Steve to raise a gun while nodding in agreement. "You killed my wife -- and now you're gonna pay for that," Steve declared.

Steve spat that Megan was "a psychotic bitch" who had caused the deaths of three women. Megan tried to deny the accusation, but Steve insisted that it was valid because all three women could have been saved if the orchid had not been stolen. "I didn't steal the orchid in order to kill them -- I took it to save them," Megan clarified. "I don't know what the hell you're talking about, but I'm done listening --" Steve warned. "Your 'Sweetness' is alive," Megan elaborated.

Steve guessed that Megan was simply trying to stall in the hope that a goon would arrive sooner or later to save the day. "She's in a grave -- I stood there and watched with our children while they lowered her into the ground --" Steve argued. "Look, I know you have no reason to believe me when I say that your wife is still amongst the living, but don't you want to see for yourself? Because Kayla's here! I can prove it -- I'll take you to her right now," Megan countered.

John tried to pry open Marlena's cryogenic chamber then deduced that one press of a wall-mounted emergency button would disable the lock. John observed that Marlena was breathing. John attempted to rouse Marlena but didn't get a response.

John started to rush off in search of Steve's help -- just as Rolf entered the room. "Why am I not surprised to find you here," John muttered while grabbing Rolf.

Rolf apologized for having interrupted John and Marlena's joyous reunion. John raised a gun while clarifying that the celebration could not begin until Marlena regained consciousness -- and that Rolf needed to make that happen right away.

Rolf shrugged then produced a syringe and approached Marlena's cryogenic chamber, causing John to start worrying about the possibility of a trick. "That better not hurt her -- because if it does, I'm gonna splatter your gray matter all over your lab," John warned. "'Hurt'? No! After I give this injection to Dr. Evans, she is going to make a full recovery -- she will be a living testament to my scientific genius!" Rolf promised.

Rolf plunged the needle of the syringe into Marlena's right arm -- and nothing happened in the seconds that followed, leaving John even more concerned. "You're a dead man if she doesn't start --" John snapped at Rolf -- and Marlena began stirring just then. "Am I dreaming?" Marlena wondered after spotting John. "If you are, I'm in it, 'cause I'm right here with you, baby," John responded before hugging Marlena. "Seems I am the third wheel," Rolf muttered while creeping out of the room -- and John didn't bother to object. "I lost you," John fretted to Marlena. "You should know by now that's impossible," Marlena advised John.

John asked about the other cryogenic chambers, prompting Marlena to explain that Kayla was also still alive -- and that Kate had been until recently, when a distant gunshot had apparently changed that.

John assured Marlena that Steve was searching the opposite end of the lab and had probably already found Kayla and Megan -- and, as if on cue, two of the three missing people entered the room just then.

John kept an eye on Megan so Steve could hug Marlena, who confirmed that Kayla was still alive. "Told you!" Megan snapped at Steve. "Where the hell is she?" Steve demanded to know while lunging at Megan. "Last I knew, she was here. Maybe she got restless, found a boat, sailed away --" Megan answered. "No -- Kayla would never leave me here," Marlena protested.

Steve started to rush off in search of Kayla, prompting John to warn that Rolf was also somewhere within the lab or the surrounding property. John and Marlena continued celebrating their reunion while waiting for Steve to return, and Megan watched the couple with a hint of jealousy. "You two would do whatever you had to do to find your way back to each other, wouldn't you? To be reunited with your one true love? Then I'm no different from you! Everything I did was for love!" Megan declared. "Spare us," John countered. "Regardless of what you think, I didn't set out to hurt anyone -- I was just trying to mend my broken heart," Megan insisted. "You don't have a heart -- you proved that when you killed Kate," Marlena argued.

Megan denied being responsible for Kate's death. "Are you saying Rolf pulled the trigger?" Marlena translated. "He couldn't shoot a fruit fly, let alone a human being!" Megan responded.

John played along with obvious skepticism, requesting the identity of Kate's true killer. "Wouldn't you like to know," Megan teased.

Kayla followed Bo out of the lab while repeatedly protesting that they needed to find Marlena. "We don't have time -- she's on her own!" Bo eventually snapped at Kayla, fearing that Megan had already regained consciousness.

Kayla refused to leave Marlena at the mercy of Megan, who had already killed Kate. "I shot her," Bo clarified without a hint of shame.

Kayla realized that Bo was being serious. "How could you?" Kayla objected. "Why do you care?" Bo responded. "Because you took someone's life -- your brother's wife!" Kayla fretted. "Yeah, she told me she got her hooks back into him," Bo grumbled. "She made him incredibly happy!" Kayla declared. "Oh, come on! She's a conniving, manipulative snake who never shut her damn mouth -- if you ask me, I did Roman a favor!" Bo argued.

Kayla gave the matter some thought then guessed that Megan had brainwashed Bo at some point. Kayla informed Bo that Megan had done the same thing to Steve and John the previous summer and that Marlena would be able to break the spell. "I don't need Marlena -- I don't need anyone!" Bo insisted. "What about Hope?" Kayla countered.

Bo started squirming as Kayla continued talking. "I can't even imagine what you went through here...but you survived, and I'm sure that a lot of what drove you was your feelings for Hope --" Kayla theorized. "Oh, come on -- it had nothing to do with her!" Bo protested. "Megan saved me -- she put me on ice and cured my tumor!" Bo continued. "But the downside from all of that is that she has this crazy-ass fantasy that we belong together," Bo concluded.

Kayla stressed that Bo belonged with Hope. "Ancient history," Bo muttered. "Then I know for sure that Megan is in your head, because the Bo that I know would move heaven and earth to get back to Hope and his kids," Kayla responded. "You're wasting your breath --" Bo advised. "Oh, really? Are you telling me that you don't care at all about Ciara? Or Shawn-Douglas? Or Chelsea? What about Claire, your granddaughter? What about your grandson?" Kayla objected. "I have a grandson?" Bo sputtered. "Don't you want to meet him? Don't you want to hold him?" Kayla wondered before sharing a few details about Bo's namesake.

Bo scoffed then informed Kayla that Kate had tried a similar tactic. "She went on and on and on about how 'the real Bo' was devoted to family and would want another chance with them," Bo grumbled. "I don't want to see any of those people -- and they sure as hell don't want to see me!" Bo continued. "They've moved on with their lives -- they're better off thinking I'm dead," Bo concluded. "That is not true --" Kayla protested, drawing a scream of frustration from Bo.

Bo ordered Kayla to stop talking and start cooperating so they could escape from the island while they still had a chance to do so. "Leave if you want, but I am staying -- I am going to find Marlena!" Kayla maintained before starting to head back inside the lab, prompting Bo to draw a gun and again demand cooperation. "I'm not leaving you here so Megan can use you as her guinea pig," Bo explained. "Oh, so I should just let Marlena be used as a 'guinea pig'? I'm not doing it! If you have to go, go! But I am staying here!" Kayla countered. "You are as stubborn as Ma ever was!" Bo spat. "Oh? Well, that makes me proud," Kayla responded before wondering if Bo was prepared to kill again to solve the problem.

Steve eventually exited the lab and found Kayla's necklace and anchor pendant. "You really are alive!" Steve raved while clutching the necklace. "Don't worry, baby -- I'm coming!" Steve added before continuing the search.

Bo ignored Kayla's latest objections while preparing a docked boat for their departure. "You'll change your tune once you see where we're going," Bo teased before escorting Kayla onto the boat.

Bo left some items near the dock, planning to return and collect them once Kayla was settled on the boat -- and the orchid was one of those items.

E.J. and Nicole manipulate Stefan and Gabi

E.J. and Nicole manipulate Stefan and Gabi

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

As Chanel and Talia left the bakery, Talia told Chanel that she had enjoyed her first day on the job. Chanel turned to leave, and Talia asked why Sloan hated Chanel. "It would take awhile to explain," Chanel said. Talia apologized for having been intrusive. "It's just that she threatened you today," Talia said. Chanel told Talia that she understood that Talia was curious.

"You're going to be working for me, and there is no telling what that woman is capable of. I don't want you to get hurt by this," Chanel said. When Talia cracked a joke, Chanel warned Talia that the situation was serious. Chanel and Talia sat on the bench, and Chanel told her the whole story about Sloan.

"The mother's death was ruled an accident. And I thought the whole thing was over. But then, Sloan got her father's letter, and then she tried blackmailing me," Chanel said. Chanel talked about Sloan's efforts since then. "And she still didn't get the message?" Talia said. "She'll never get it," Chanel said. Chanel blamed herself for having gotten involved with the professor.

"Yeah, but the professor was the adult in this situation. You shouldn't feel bad about any of this," Talia said. "Two people are dead, and their psychopath daughter is obsessed with making me pay," Chanel said. Chanel asked Talia if she had second thoughts about working at the bakery. Talia said no. "[Baking today] was the most refreshing and rewarding feeling I've felt in a very long time. So, trust me, I'll be back tomorrow," Talia said. Chanel smiled as she wiped the tears from her cheeks.

"I really appreciate your honesty. It just makes me feel bad," Talia said. "Why?" Chanel asked. Talia explained that she had not been honest with Chanel. Talia told Chanel that she was a doctor. Confused, Chanel asked Talia why she wanted to work in a bakery instead.

"I became a doctor because my father was one," Talia said. Talia explained that once she had started working as a doctor, she had been unhappy. "You did say today was one of the most rewarding days in a long time," Chanel said. "I love baking, and when I saw that sign in your window, I thought it was fate stepping in and nudging me," Talia said. Confused, Chanel asked about Talia's application. Talia admitted she had lied about her experience.

"So, you were conning me?" Chanel asked. "Not exactly," Talia said. Talia told Chanel that she had spent a lot of time baking on her own. Talia asked if she was fired. Chanel looked at the menu items from the patisserie in New York that Talia had claimed to have worked for, and she quizzed Talia on whether she could make the items. Talia admitted that she had been able to reverse engineer all the items but one.

"Does that mean that I'm fired?" Talia asked. "I hate to break it to you, but you are way too talented to let go. And you got guts," Chanel said. Chanel told Talia that she was stuck with her. Elated, Talia hugged Chanel.

In the police precinct, Rafe handed Jada information about an apartment for Talia. "One of our uniforms moonlights as a Realtor," Rafe explained. "Well, you still went out of your way for my sister," Jada said. With a shrug, Rafe admitted he had done it for Jada. "You did say that sharing a bed with your sister was killing your back," Rafe noted. Jada thanked Rafe. Paulina marched in.

"Why aren't you getting Sloan Petersen off the streets?" Paulina asked. Confused, Rafe noted that Sloan's case had been thrown out. Paulina explained that Shawn knew the whole story. Rafe and Jada confirmed that Shawn had not said a word about a new case with Paulina or Sloan.

"Our detectives are not in the habit of conducting private investigations," Rafe said. Paulina told Rafe and Jada about the break-in and the new threats from Sloan. "I told [Shawn] to arrest Sloan, but he didn't," Paulina said. "Because there weren't any witnesses," Rafe noted. Paulina said she was certain that Sloan was to blame.

"We have to have proof before we can charge Sloan Petersen," Jada said. "So, the law protects her and leaves Chanel and me to fend for ourselves?" Paulina asked. Jada stressed that theories were not enough. Paulina remembered that Talia had been in front of the bakery when Sloan had made threats. "That gives us something to go on," Rafe said. Paulina recited all the stuff that Sloan had done previously.

"I'm scared of what she is going to do next," Paulina said. "She threaten you directly?" Rafe asked. "She got right up in my face and said she doesn't care what the court of law says," Paulina clarified. Paulina asked for help to protect Chanel. "You do have a legitimate complaint," Jada confirmed.

After Paulina left the police precinct, she walked over to the square to find Chanel. Paulina hesitated to explain why she had talked to the police, but Chanel confirmed that she had already told Talia about their history with Sloan. Paulina told Chanel that Sloan had trashed her office, and she warned Chanel to take Sloan's threats seriously.

"That crazy woman, she is still trying to get us, and now she doesn't care what the law says," Paulina said. Paulina told Talia that she had convinced Rafe and Jada to understand that Sloan was a danger. "Sloan went through my office, looking for something to use against us," Paulina said. "What did Rafe say he was going to do?" Chanel asked. Paulina explained that Rafe planned to question Sloan.

At the Brady Pub, a shaken Sloan walked in at closing time. Eric asked her if she was okay. "You've been banking everything on that wrongful death suit," Eric said. "If Paulina Price and that little slut daughter really think that I'm through with them, they're dreaming. I'll see those two bitches in hell first," Sloan grumbled. "You're kind of running out of options, aren't you?" Eric asked. Sloan sighed.

"Pay no attention to me. I get this way when I'm frustrated," Sloan said. Sloan explained that she was frustrated that she would no longer be able to help Eric open his gallery. Eric said it was fine. Sloan told Eric that he was talented and deserved to have his own gallery.

"Stop worrying about it," Eric said. "It's not just that I don't like giving up that easy. I don't like giving up on you," Sloan said. Sloan suggested that Eric should hang photographs in the pub for sale. "My customers come for clam chowder. Not to mention, then I have to talk to my dad about this whole idea. And then he'd be involved, and it wouldn't be my gallery," Eric said. Sloan shrugged.

"If it wasn't for you, I would spend 24 hours a day just obsessing over [Chanel and Paulina]," Sloan said. Eric urged Sloan to let go of her vendetta. "I can't. I know that makes me complicated to deal with," Sloan said. "I can do complicated," Eric said. With a smile, Sloan kissed Eric, then they sat down in front of the computer to look at real estate for a gallery. Sloan and Eric picked out two locations to tour. "We really doing this?" Eric said. Sloan squealed. "Yeah. We are," Sloan said. Eric thanked Sloan for having pushed him to think about a gallery. Sloan suggested that they celebrate in her apartment.

As Sloan and Eric rose to leave, Rafe and Jada walked into the pub. "I thought Stefan had dropped the charges," Eric said. "This isn't about you," Rafe confirmed. Rafe asked Sloan to accompany them down to police headquarters.

In the DiMera living room, E.J. asked Nicole if she had booked the room at the inn for Gabi and Stefan. "It took a little doing to keep it anonymous, but yes, I did," Nicole confirmed. "Now, all we need is for Li to catch them in the act," E.J. said. "Who's getting caught in the act?" Stefan asked as he walked into the room.

"We were talking about Li catching you in the act with Gabi. The very last thing any of us here wants," E.J. said. "Then why do you two seem so happy talking about it?" Stefan asked. Nicole explained that she was happy because she had executed her promise to provide a private meeting place for Gabi and Stefan. "So, you two will have to be discreet," E.J. said. "So, you're helping us out?" Stefan asked. Nicole explained that she had rented a room anonymously at the Salem Inn.

"The point is, it's all set," E.J. said. Nicole offered to cancel the room if Stefan had second thoughts about meeting up with Gabi. "It's up to you," Nicole said. Stefan noted that everyone in town stayed at the Salem Inn. Nicole stressed that she had made arrangements with the manager so that no one would see Stefan and Gabi.

"The room will be paid for through a subsidiary of DiMera Enterprises," E.J. said. "And you and Gabi will have access to a back entrance," Nicole added. When Stefan hesitated, E.J. noted that Stefan did not trust them. "Gabi has everything to lose here," Stefan said. Stefan argued that he could wait five months for Gabi.

"That's a long time to wait for a couple who's wanted to be together as long as you and Gabi have," Nicole said. "That may be true, but if Li catches us in that room, Gabi gets nothing," Stefan said. E.J. argued that Stefan and Gabi had already lost enough time together because of Rolf's experiment.

"It's the reason Gabi married Li," Stefan muttered. "I want to make it up to you," E.J. said. With a sigh, Stefan told E.J. that he was tempted. E.J. encouraged Stefan to talk through the details. "But no one is doing anything until you say the word," E.J. stressed. Stefan paced the room for a moment, and then he told Nicole to proceed. With a nod, Nicole walked out.

"You're doing the right thing," E.J. said. "God, I hope so," Stefan whispered. E.J. urged Stefan to trust Nicole. With a shake of his head, Stefan explained that he had been thinking about Gabi. "I could be with her for the first time in forever," Stefan said. "This is what you and Gabi deserve," E.J. said. Stefan agreed.

"But what if [Gabi] hates the plan?" Stefan asked. Stefan argued that Gabi was unlikely to trust Nicole. "Why not?" E.J. said. "Nicole married Rafe and then dumped him. Gabi loves her brother. She's probably going to throw Nicole out," Stefan said. While Stefan's back was turned, E.J. rolled his eyes.

"I don't know why I agreed to this in the first place. Gabi is gonna become suspicious the moment Nicole shows up at her door," Stefan said. Stefan wanted to text Gabi, but E.J. counseled Stefan not to in case Gabi was with Li. "I anticipated this. Use this phone whenever you contact Gabi to catch up," E.J. said. E.J. presented a burner phone to Stefan. "You really did think of everything," Stefan said. "I'm on your side now, Stefan. I want this for you," E.J. said.

Gabi returned home, and she was annoyed to see Li in the living room with a romantic dinner. "Welcome home, dear. How was your day?" Li asked. Li poured Champagne, and he told Gabi that he wanted to celebrate her triumphant pitch to Saxton's. "They're dying to be in the Gabi Shin business now," Li said. "I guess it went pretty well," Gabi admitted. Li presented a glass to Gabi, and he told her that she was on her way to building a second fashion empire.

"To my beautiful, talented wife," Li said. Suspicious, Gabi asked Li if he was up to something. "Can't I just be happy for you?" Li asked. "You don't do anything just for me. There's always something in it for you," Gabi said. Li denied that he had any ulterior motives.

"I admit, I'm hoping that this opportunity changes the way you feel about me. I've never denied that that's what I want, but there is something else motivating me. I'm pulling for you, Mrs. Shin," Li said. Gabi admitted that she was excited about the deal. "I fought it all the way because it was your idea," Gabi added. Li laughed.

"I didn't know I wanted this deal so bad. I only figured it out when I was talking to those execs and they were eating out of the palm of my hand," Gabi said. Gabi thanked Li for the opportunity. "Even if I had an ulterior motive?" Li asked. "Even if you did," Gabi said. Gabi clinked her Champagne glass with Li's. Nicole knocked at the front door.

"Is this a bad time?" Nicole asked as she looked at the glasses of Champagne. "What are you doing here?" Li asked. Nicole asked Gabi about her meeting with Saxton's. "Word gets around fast," Gabi muttered. Nicole told Gabi that she wanted to pitch Basic Black as an alternative. "You want to go into business with me?" Gabi asked. Li argued that since DiMera Enterprises owned Basic Black, E.J. would likely be involved.

"E.J. doesn't have a say in this. Brady and I have carte blanche to run Basic Black our way," Nicole explained. "I might believe that if I didn't know that you and E.J. are having an affair," Gabi said. Nicole stressed that she and E.J. knew how to keep business separate from their personal lives. Nicole suggested that she and Gabi could discuss her proposal over a drink.

"You're too late," Li said. Li added that he knew that Basic Black's budget would not be able to match Saxton's offer. "You really want me to believe that they gave her a firm offer already?" Nicole asked. Gabi's phone beeped with a text that read, "Listen to Nicole." Li asked about the text.

"Nothing important," Gabi muttered. Gabi said she wanted to hear Nicole's offer. Worried, Li warned Gabi about how it would look to Saxton's. Nicole argued that if Saxton's learned about Gabi's meeting with Nicole, it could drive up the price for Gabi.

"I stuck my neck out to make Saxton's commit on paper. If they think you're playing them, Gabi --" Li growled. "What's wrong with getting the best possible deal? Don't you want that for me?" Gabi asked. "Of course, I do," Li said. Gabi asked Li to keep dinner warm. After Gabi left with Nicole, she asked Nicole, "This isn't about a fashion deal, is it?" Nicole said she was there on behalf of Stefan.

As Stefan paced nervously in the DiMera living room, E.J.'s phone beeped with a text. "Nicole has Gabi, and they're on their way to the inn," E.J. said. "Then, so am I," Stefan said. Stefan worried aloud that Li had a tail on him. E.J. assured Stefan that his security detail would handle any interference. E.J. told Stefan to take the car out front instead of his own car.

As Stefan started to leave, E.J. stopped him. E.J. suggested a toast. With hesitation, Stefan took the glass that E.J. offered. "To you and Nicole. Thanks for making this happen," Stefan said. "No thanks necessary. Entirely our pleasure," E.J. said.

At the Salem Inn, Nicole escorted Gabi to her room. "Who put the rose petals on the bed?" Gabi asked. "Me. And there's Champagne in the bucket, and bath bubbles by the tub," Nicole said. Gabi looked around the room. "Stefan's really on his way here?" Gabi said. Nicole nodded yes.

"I'm having a hard time believing that E.J. is down with this," Gabi said. "It's like I told you. E.J. feels really bad about keeping Stefan in the dark about what Rolf did, and Stefan will confirm that when he gets here," Nicole said. Gabi asked Nicole what she got out of the arrangement. Nicole said she was a romantic. Gabi hugged Nicole and thanked her.

"Stefan and I want to be together so much, and you're making it happen for us. You're the answer to our prayers," Gabi said. Gabi hugged Nicole again, and a look of guilt crossed Nicole's face. Stefan knocked on the door, and Gabi ran to answer it. "I can't believe this is happening," Gabi said as she ushered Stefan into the room. Stefan thanked Nicole.

"Enough of the thank yous. You two just enjoy each other," Nicole said. Nicole grabbed the Do Not Disturb placard as she left, and she placed it on the outside of the door. Once alone, Gabi hugged Stefan. "I cannot believe this is happening. Finally," Gabi said. "We are really finally alone," Stefan said. Stefan kissed Gabi.

At Wendy's apartment, Li downed his glass of Champagne as E.J. knocked on the front door. Li invited E.J. into the apartment. "Did I interrupt a celebration?" E.J. asked. "It's already been interrupted," Li said. Li urged E.J. to talk fast and leave before Gabi returned home.

"I meant it when I said I wanted to help you reconcile with her. I want Gabi far away from my brother and my family's fortune. As soon as possible," E.J. said. E.J. asked if Gabi had left with Nicole. "You know about her offer from Basic Black?" Li asked. "There is no offer. I'm afraid you've been set up, old boy," E.J. said. E.J. explained that Stefan was with Gabi. "You're lying," Li growled. "I'm not. Care to do something about it?" E.J. asked.

Paulina makes another startling discovery in her office

Paulina makes another startling discovery in her office

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

At the Brady Pub, Rafe and Jada told Sloan that she had been accused of trashing Paulina's office. Sloan denied the allegation, and after some grumbling, she agreed to a formal interview with Rafe and Jada at the Salem Police Station.

In Horton Town Square, Paulina told Chanel that Sloan had trashed Paulina's office. Paulina started to hyperventilate, and she said she didn't feel well. Chanel asked Paulina what was wrong. "I think I'm having a heart attack," Paulina said.

Chanel panicked, but Talia asked Paulina to close her eyes and to take several deep breaths. Afterwards, Paulina said she felt better. Talia surmised that Paulina had suffered a panic attack. Chanel mentioned that Talia had studied medicine, and Paulina wondered why Talia had given up a career in medicine to work at a bakery.

Talia brought a cup of chamomile tea to Paulina, and she said she wanted Paulina to see a primary care physician. Talia added that Paulina could also benefit from seeing a therapist. Paulina said that her anxieties would melt once Sloan was behind bars.

Talia said that panic attacks normally didn't go away on their own. Paulina said she had survived much worse in life. Talia said that she had seen plenty of Black women suffer in silence because of what Talia said was their need to remain strong at all times. Chanel vowed to make sure that Paulina followed up with Talia's suggestions.

In the interrogation room at the Salem Police Station, Sloan swore that she'd had nothing to do with Paulina's office being trashed. Trask burst in, and she demanded a word in private with Rafe.

Outside the room, Rafe told Trask that Sloan was suspected of vandalizing Paulina's office and that Sloan's animosity for Paulina was well documented. Trask said that Sloan had been a thorn in her side, and she added that Rafe's case against Sloan should be "ironclad" if he brought criminal charges against Sloan.

Trask's phone chimed, and she said that she had somewhere to be. Rafe returned to the interrogation room, and he noted that Sloan had lost both the criminal and civil case against Paulina and Chanel -- a motive for why Sloan would have wanted to "even the score" with Paulina and Chanel, Rafe and Jada said.

Rafe and Jada asked if Sloan had an alibi for the time Paulina's office had been broken into. Sloan said that she had been home alone, and she added that Rafe and Jada had no evidence to hold her on. Rafe told Sloan that she was free to leave, but he and Jada warned Sloan to stay far away from Paulina and Chanel. Sloan accused Rafe and Jada of harassment and threatened to ruin them if it continued.

Back in the Town Square, Paulina was irate to receive a call from Rafe, who said that Sloan had been released from police custody. Paulina ranted about Sloan, and Chanel and Talia encouraged Paulina not to overdo it because of the panic attack. Paulina left for her office, and she thanked Talia for her medical help.

Later, Paulina walked into her office, and she marveled at the mess the intruder had made. Paulina spotted an envelope that had been addressed to her, and she surmised that someone had left the envelope in the office after the police had left.

Paulina opened the envelope, and she was taken aback by its contents. On a sheet of paper, someone had pasted large capital letters from magazine clippings to spell out, "THIS ISN'T OVER BITCH."

"Oh, my God," Paulina said, and she tried to inhale deeply.

At Wendy's apartment, E.J. told Li that Gabi was in bed with Stefan at the Salem Inn. E.J. handed Li a key to a room at the inn. Li stunned E.J. when he refused the key, but E.J. eventually goaded Li into leaving for the hotel.

At the Salem Inn, Gabi wanted to make love with Stefan, but Stefan said that the two were being set up. Stefan deduced that E.J. wanted Li to catch Gabi and Stefan in bed together because it would force Gabi to forfeit her claims to Li's DiMera Enterprises shares.

Gabi and Stefan vowed to make E.J. pay. Stefan said he had an idea. A short while later, a furious Li appeared at the Salem Inn, and he found Stefan in bed with a woman. Li screamed for Stefan to get away from Gabi, and he yelled for Gabi to untangle herself and to face Li. "All right. Fine," a woman's voice replied.

The woman threw the bedsheets back, and she revealed herself to be Trask. "Happy now?" Trask asked a stunned Li.

Trask scolded Li for having interrupted her and Stefan's "rendezvous." Stefan asked why Li had thought Gabi had been in bed with Stefan. Trask and Stefan asked Li to leave as the two continued their ruse of being lovers. After Li left, Trask smirked at Stefan. "You're welcome," she said.

Stefan thanked Trask for her help. Trask said that E.J. deserved to suffer for what he and Kristen had done to Stefan, and she wondered why Stefan would want anything to do with his family. Trask reminded Stefan that he and Gabi owed her a favor, and she said she would call in the favor when Stefan and Gabi were in control of DiMera Enterprises.

Trask said that she wanted a seat on the board and a large donation in her daughter's honor. Stefan said that he would give Trask whatever she wanted. Trask put her arms around Stefan, and she said she hadn't been lying when she had told Li earlier that she'd had her eyes on Stefan.

Stefan said that his heart belonged to Gabi. Trask said that Stefan knew where to find her in case things didn't work out between Stefan and Gabi. Trask smiled confidently at Stefan as she left. Stefan exhaled deeply once Trask was out of sight.

Later, Li returned to Wendy's apartment, and he found Gabi alone on the sofa, in evening wear. Gabi quipped that Li seemed surprised to see her. Li asked how Gabi's business meeting with Nicole had gone, and Gabi said that the invitation had been a setup. Gabi pretended that she wouldn't lose her DiMera shares for a "roll in the hay" with Stefan.

Back at the Brady Pub, Nicole smugly asked Eric how he felt about sleeping with a criminal. Eric shot back that Nicole had her own criminal rap sheet. Eric received a text from Sloan in which she shared that she was out of police custody. Eric left to meet up with Sloan.

In Eric's room, Eric asked if Sloan had broken into Paulina's office. Sloan was incensed by Eric's question, but she vowed that she was innocent. Eric said he believed Sloan, and the two hugged.

E.J. entered the Brady Pub, and he and Nicole talked about their plan to have Li walk in on Stefan and Gabi. E.J. assumed that the plan had worked and that Gabi would never be a threat at DiMera Enterprises again. The two sat down to dinner, and they toasted to E.J.'s hold on the company.

Nicole surmised that Stefan had to know that E.J. had set him up. E.J. said that he was willing to sacrifice his bond with Stefan if it kept Gabi out of the company.

Leo catches Chloe and Xander in an unexpected moment

Leo catches Chloe and Xander in an unexpected moment

Thursday, March 30, 2023

At Wendy's apartment, Wendy walked in on Tripp dancing awkwardly in his underwear with his earphones in. Tripp was taken aback when Wendy tapped on his shoulder. Wendy complimented Tripp on his dance moves.

Wendy and Tripp almost kissed, but they heard a knock at the door. Johnny entered, and he saw that Tripp was shirtless. Johnny said that he hoped he hadn't interrupted anything. Johnny and Tripp made awkward conversation before Tripp left to get dressed. Johnny said he had stopped by to see if he and Wendy could hang out -- if Wendy would forgive Johnny.

Wendy said that it was hard to stay mad at Johnny, and she confirmed that she had forgiven him. Johnny proposed that the two spend the day watching classic movies. Tripp returned, and he said he would go for a run. Before he left, Tripp stared back at Johnny and Wendy over his shoulder, and he seemed to scowl.

Johnny and Wendy watched a movie, and they chatted and flirted with one another. Wendy said she was glad that Johnny had gone to her apartment, and they kissed. They had started to passionately make out on the couch when they heard the sound of keys rattling at the door. Tripp reentered, and Johnny and Wendy resigned themselves to continuing the movie.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Alex told Justin that Maggie had banished Alex from the Titan office. Justin scolded Alex for having gone behind Maggie's back to Victor. Justin handed Alex an ice pack for the black eye that Xander had given him, and he asked what the two men had been fighting about.

Justin was taken aback when Alex said that he and Gwen had been sleeping together, and he added that perhaps Xander had been trying to knock some sense into Alex. Justin recited some of Gwen's crimes, but Alex said he didn't care about Gwen's past because he and Gwen were only using each other for sex.

Justin thought that it would be more effective for Alex to get over Stephanie with someone other than Gwen. Alex claimed that he would never fall in love again. Justin said that Alex needed to grow up, and he cautioned Alex that Gwen was a "woman scorned" who could give the Borgia girls a run for their money.

In Maggie's office at Titan, Maggie thanked Xander for the glowing piece he'd written about her in the Spectator. Maggie asked Xander why he and Alex had gotten involved in a fight, and she was taken aback when Xander said that Alex had been sleeping with Gwen. Xander defended Gwen, and Maggie accused him of being jealous of Alex.

Xander recalled having told Gwen that he wasn't over Sarah, and he asked if Maggie had heard from Sarah. Maggie said that Sarah had moved on with her life in Chicago, and she added that Xander shouldn't look back. "You need to move on. You need to let Gwen move on... hopefully to Antarctica," Maggie said.

Xander left, and a short while later, Justin visited Maggie to share that Alex wanted to make things right with Maggie after having gone behind her back. Justin encouraged Maggie to give Alex another chance.

In Leo and Gwen's suite at the Salem Inn, Leo scolded Gwen for having awakened him from a dream in which Leo boasted that Harry Styles had been spitting on him. Gwen called Leo "demented." Leo brought up Gwen's recent hookups with Alex, and he asked why Gwen had spent the previous night alone.

Leo said that Xander had given Alex a black eye and that the two men had fought over Gwen. Gwen admitted that she still had feelings for Xander, but she added that she wouldn't play second fiddle to Sarah. Leo said that there was nothing wrong with making Xander suffer a bit for how Xander had hurt Gwen.

Leo read the Spectator on his tablet, and he complained that everything he had written about Chloe had been removed from his latest Lady Whistleblower column. Leo wondered what had happened.

Gwen made a phone call, and she said that Leo's story had been cut on purpose. Leo asked who had made the decision. Gwen told Leo that Xander had decided to cut the story. Leo said that he would give Xander a piece of his mind, and he left.

Afterwards, Alex met Gwen in her room to discuss their relationship. Alex said he didn't want a traditional relationship, and Gwen replied that she was happy with "meaningless sex." The two then had sex again.

At the Brady Pub, Chloe observed Brady reading the Spectator on his tablet. Chloe flashed back to Leo having published Chloe's remarks in which she had called Rachel a "little monster." Chloe apologized to Brady, but she was surprised when Brady said that Leo's column had only referenced a claim that Victor was growing senile.

Brady recalled that he had gone to visit Kristen in Statesville, and he said that he thought he had found a way to "neutralize" Kristen. Brady told Chloe about the letter he had coerced Kristen to write to Rachel, in which she asked that Rachel accept Brady and Chloe's relationship. Brady shared that he believed the letter would work, and he added that he couldn't wait to be with Chloe again.

Chloe admitted that she had missed Brady, who proposed that they get together later in the day. Brady stood up to leave, and he kissed Chloe on the cheek.

At Statesville Prison, Kristen was shocked to receive a visit from Rachel, who alarmed Kristen when she said she had used Brady's phone to take an Uber to the prison. Kristen was impressed that Rachel had gone through so much trouble to see her. Rachel produced the letter that Brady had coerced Kristen to write on Chloe's behalf. "What the heck is this about?" Rachel asked.

Kristen flashed back to Brady's threat to take Rachel away from her. Kristen told Rachel that she deserved to know the truth, but before Kristen could tell her, Brady burst into the room to scold Rachel for having stolen his phone to call the Uber. Kristen angrily denied an accusation from Brady that she had put Rachel up to the plan. Kristen added that she had meant everything she'd written in the letter.

Kristen put her arm around Rachel, and she said she only wanted Brady to be happy, regardless of who he chose. A guard entered, and he yelled for Kristen to begin her shift in the laundry room. Rachel promised Kristen that she would never go to the prison by herself again. Kristen kissed Rachel's forehead, and Kristen told Rachel that Kristen loved her.

After Kristen left, Brady told Rachel that she had scared him. Rachel fussed when Brady mentioned that he wanted the two of them to spend time with Chloe later in the day, but Rachel eventually agreed.

Outside the Brady Pub, Chloe bumped into Xander. Chloe referenced Leo's column about her comments concerning Rachel, and she was surprised when Xander said that he had killed the remarks from the story. Xander told a grateful Chloe that he had made his decision mostly out of spite to Kristen and Leo.

Chloe seemed doubtful that her relationship with Brady would have survived if the comments had become public. Xander and Chloe shared a friendly hug. Unbeknownst to the two, Leo had once again hidden out of sight.

Leo pulled out his phone, and he took a photo of Chloe and Xander in each other's arms. Leo then turned his back to the two, and he took another photo -- a selfie with an arrow pointing toward Chloe and Xander.

Bo tells Kayla his plan

Bo tells Kayla his plan

Friday, March 31, 2023

John returned home to the penthouse with Marlena. I've never been so happy to see this place," Marlena said. "I just wish the entire family could be here right now, just to feel the relief that I feel and to share in this incredible miracle," John said. Marlena kissed John.

"What you must have gone through, thinking you lost me," Marlena whispered. "Everybody was just so devastated. Especially the kids," John said. Marlena suggested that they share their good news.

At the café in the town square, Chad and Abigail worked on a PR strategy for Paulina. Stephanie was distracted, and Chad pushed her about it. "I'm just waiting for an update from my dad," Stephanie said. Stephanie explained that she had not heard from Steve since he had left town. Chad urged Stephanie to call Steve again.

At the ISA in Maryland, Hope visited Harris in his hospital room. "They have you cuffed to the bed?" Hope asked. Harris noted that he was happy to not be in a glass cage. Hope explained that Harris' doctors had yet to determine if he was safe enough to set free. Hope said she was certain that Harris had been fully deprogrammed.

"For [the ISA], cutting me loose? It's a gamble. The safest move is to make me disappear," Harris said. "I'm not going to let that happen," Hope said. Andrew walked in. "I came to tell you that the information Commander Michaels gave us checked out," Andrew said. Andrew confirmed that Megan was in custody.

"She is not the only person they found," Andrew added. Andrew explained that Kayla and Marlena were alive. "Where are they?" Hope asked. "John brought Marlena back to Salem, but Kayla's whereabouts are still unknown. Apparently, someone took her from the island," Andrew confirmed. "Who?" Hope asked. Andrew explained that Megan had refused to name the kidnapper.

Andrew said that Steve was interrogating Megan for information. Hope argued that she had a better chance of getting the information out of Megan. "Just seeing me would short-circuit [Megan]," Hope said. "It's true. Hope gets under Megan's skin like nobody else," Harris chimed in. Andrew sighed.

"If your Uncle Bo were alive, do you think he would ask to be in on that interrogation? No, he would not. He'd blow by anyone who tried to stop him. He'd grill Megan, and he'd get the answers he needs," Hope said. Hope explained that she needed to interrogate Megan. "For Bo," Hope said.

At the penthouse in Salem, Belle was staring at a picture of Marlena in the living room when Eric walked in. "John asked me to come over," Eric said. "Me, too. I'm assuming it's about the search for Megan Hathaway," Belle said. Belle made a crack about Eric's self-absorption.

"Sloan? Again? You really need to get over it," Eric said. "That psycho trashed Paulina's office. You know what? I can't even believe you're defending her," Belle said with disgust. "Because she said she didn't do it!" Eric countered. Belle called Eric delusional. As Belle and Eric continued to bicker about Sloan, John walked into the room.

"What the hell is going on here?" John asked. Belle explained that she and Eric had been having a disagreement. "I didn't call you two over here to play referee," John muttered. Eric asked John why he had called them over. John announced that Megan was in ISA custody.

"Now she can pay for killing Mom," Eric said. "Actually, she can't," John said. "Why not?" Belle asked. "Because I'm alive," Marlena said as she entered the living room. Belle and Eric gaped at the sight of their mother. "I don't understand," Belle whispered. "How is this even possible?" Eric asked. Marlena explained that Megan had taken her body and instructed Rolf to revive and heal her. John confirmed that Megan had taken the orchid.

"I was on an island somewhere, and John found me and brought me home," Marlena said. As Belle and Eric stared in silence, Marlena smiled and asked for a hug. In tears, Belle and Eric hugged Marlena. "It's a miracle," Eric said. Marlena told her children that she had missed them. Eric admitted that they had been lost without her.

"[Sami's] over the moon. And I left a message for Brady, also" John said. "I can't wait to tell Claire," Belle said. "And Will! The whole family's going to be walking on air," Eric said. Marlena asked Belle and Eric why they had been arguing when she had entered the room. Eric apologized.

"I want you to know how painful it is when you love someone as much as I love you both, and as much as you love each other, to hear you at each other's throats like that. So, I'd like you to find a way to make up to be at peace. Do you think you could do that for me?" Marlena asked. Belle agreed that they could put aside their differences for the day. Eric agreed.

"Not the reconciliation I was hoping for, but I guess I'll have to accept that," Marlena said. Eric asked about the island. "Mom said she would tell us another time. What matters is that you're here," Belle said as she hugged Marlena again. Eric scowled, but he did not push the issue. Belle asked if Kayla was alive, too.

"Yeah. There were some complications, but Steve's trying to bring her home as we speak," John confirmed. "And Kate? Is she alive, too?" Eric asked. John's smile fell away. John explained that someone had shot Kate on the island. "You didn't see it happen?" Eric asked. "No, I just heard the gunshot," Marlena admitted. Marlena noted that the shooter had likely been the person that had taken Kayla.

In an ISA glass holding cell, Megan paced the room. Steve visited. Steve growled that the cage was to keep Megan safe from him. "But apparently not from your tiresome questions," Megan joked. Steve demanded to know where to find Kayla. "I don't know," Megan said. "But you do know who has her," Steve said. Steve demanded a name. "Fine," Megan said. Steve's phone rang. Steve wanted Megan to continue, but she refused until Steve answered his phone.

After Steve stepped out of earshot of Megan, Steve answered the call from Stephanie. "I've been so worried about you," Stephanie said. Steve assured Stephanie that he was fine and that Megan was in custody. "I have some other news. It's about your mother," Steve said. Steve told Stephanie that Kayla was alive.

"But how can that be? Papa, are you sure?" Stephanie said. When Steve said yes, Stephanie asked to speak to her mother. Steve stressed that Kayla and Marlena were alive, but Kayla had been abducted. "I won't rest until I find her and bring her home," Steve said. Steve promised to get answers from Megan.

After Steve ended the call, he returned to Megan's cell. Megan asked for a deal. "I can tell you who has [Kayla], after you give me what I want," Megan said. Steve told Megan that she was in no position to make demands. When Megan called Steve's bluff, he asked her what she wanted.

"Full immunity. From everything," Megan said. "Dream on," Steve countered. Megan argued that she knew that Steve had influence with Shane Donovan. "Even if I did, I can tell you there is no chance you're getting immunity," Steve said. With a nod of her head, Megan asked instead to be transferred to Statesville Prison rather than remain in a black site.

In the Salem town square, Stephanie told Chad about her mother. "I feel like I'm dreaming," Stephanie said. Chad told Stephanie that she was awake. "I want to tell her everything I didn't get to tell her before. I want to tell her how much I love her and how much she means to me," Stephanie said. "You get to tell her all of that now!" Chad said. Chad hugged Stephanie. After a moment, Stephanie apologized.

Confused, Chad asked Stephanie why she was sorry. "You and your family suffered such a terrible loss, and now, if I'm not dreaming, my family, we've been given this miracle," Stephanie said. Chad told Stephanie not to apologize. "Your mother is alive. That's amazing. That's incredible!" Chad stressed. Chad told Stephanie that he was happy for her.

"Your dad is going to bring your mom home," Chad assured Stephanie. "And Chad, there's more. Marlena is alive, too," Stephanie said. Overwhelmed, Chad said he could not process everything. "So is Kate alive?" Chad asked. "I'm so sorry. I know how close you two were," Stephanie said. Chad asked for details, but Stephanie had no information.

"Kate is one of the toughest people I know," Chad said with a shrug. Stephanie explained that Kate had attempted to help Kayla and Marlena. "Maybe she sacrificed herself so that they could escape and make it back home," Stephanie said. "Yeah, maybe," Chad whispered. Chad smiled at Stephanie, and he assured her that Kayla would return home. "Whoever has her doesn't stand a chance," Stephanie said.

At the ISA, Megan waited for Steve to return with her deal. Hope walked in. "Frowny face. I thought they put you out to pasture," Megan said. "I thought you were dead, so I guess we're even," Hope countered. Megan laughed. Hope told Megan that Harris had been deprogrammed. "[Harris is back to being] the good man he was before he met you," Hope said. "And you are falling for him, aren't you?" Megan guessed. Hope stressed that she did not want to discuss her personal life.

"Are you sure that [Harris] is the one for you? Are you really ready to give up on everyone else and give you heart to Michaels?" Megan asked. Suspicious, Hope asked Megan what she meant. "What do you want me to know?" Hope asked. "Nothing. What do I know about love?" Megan said. Megan said she thought that Hope had moved on fast, but life was short.

"Believe it or not, I am actually rooting for the two of you to make it," Megan said. Megan counseled Hope to hold on to happiness if she found it. Steve returned, and he confirmed that Shane had agreed to Megan's terms. "20 years in Statesville, no possibility of parole, provided that the information you give us leads us to the safe return of my wife," Steve said. Steve placed the signed agreement in the drawer of Megan's glass cell.

After Megan looked at the agreement, she said, "What's 20 years when you've been gone twice that long?" "Not long enough, if you ask me," Steve muttered. Megan told Steve to cheer up, because by the time she was released from prison, someone might have finalized the orchid's fountain of youth serum. With a smirk, Megan said they could relive their younger days and hope for a different outcome. After Megan signed the agreement, Steve asked who had taken Kayla. Megan grinned.

Down the hallway, Harris told Andrew that he had made the right call to let Hope question Megan. "As if she gave me any choice," Andrew said. Andrew thanked Harris for his help, and he told Harris that the ISA understood that Harris had volunteered for a potentially fatal treatment. "That act of valor not only led to her apprehension, but no doubt saved lives. We are all in your debt," Andrew said. "I appreciate that, but I did it for myself first and foremost," Harris confessed.

When Harris said he understood if he could not return to his chosen profession, Andrew clarified that it was not a foregone conclusion. "The ISA is putting you through all these tests to determine if the deprogramming was a success," Andrew explained. Andrew said that if they could prove that Harris was no longer under Megan's control, Harris would be freed.

Bo escorted Kayla into an old, shuttered-up cottage. "This is what we were on that never-ending journey for?" Kayla asked. "Not bad, eh?" Bo said. Frustrated, Kayla yelled at Bo for having continued to keep her in the dark about his plans. "Where the hell are we?" Kayla asked. As Bo unpacked the bags of supplies, Kayla complained about the long journey they had taken to get to the little cottage.

"You made me abandon my friend Marlena on that island to bring me to this crap shack?" Kayla yelled. "It's much more than that," Bo said. Kayla demanded to know Bo's plan. Bo told Kayla that they were in Victor's childhood home. "Welcome to Greece," Bo said. Bo talked about Victor's rough childhood. "This is where my father began to make his dreams a reality. This is where it begins for me, too," Bo said. Confused, Kayla asked Bo what he planned.

"My father built an empire. I'm going to build one, too," Bo said. Bo noted that as a Kiriakis, it was what he was born to do. "You're just saying these things because Megan brainwashed you," Kayla said. Kayla argued that they needed to return to Salem so that Bo could "think clearly."

"I've never been more clear about anything in my life. My slate is clean. I get to go down the path I was destined to go down," Bo said. Kayla argued that their family was also from humble beginnings. "That's your story," Bo countered. Bo argued that Greece was the home of his family.

"This is where the Kiriakis empire was born," Bo said. "The Kiriakis empire is a crime syndicate," Kayla said. "My father escaped from poverty and became a giant. How could you not admire that?" Bo argued. Kayla noted that once Victor had escaped poverty, he had become a hateful man. Bo said he wanted freedom.

"Victor is a vengeful, vicious, ruthless man. So, if you ask me, I would say that he is more impoverished now than ever," Kayla said. Kayla stressed that the Brady family had been poor but had been rich in love. "I think deep down, you know that," Kayla said. Kayla told Bo that if he returned to Salem, he would remember what that love felt like.

"You don't belong here. We need to go home. We need to go home to the people who love us," Kayla said. Bo shook his head no. "My childhood wasn't full of love. It was full of lies," Bo said. Confused, Kayla asked Bo what he meant. Bo argued that Caroline had known that Shawn was not Bo's father, and she had lied to Bo for years.

"You are a Brady," Kayla stressed. "That rebel, that bad boy, the black sheep of the family," Bo said. Bo argued that the reason for the tension in the family had been kept from him. "You call my father a criminal? What do you call people who deny a child to be or even know who he really is?" Bo asked. "I'm not even going to answer that, because this isn't real," Kayla said. Bo leaned in close.

"It's my reality, Kayla. And you know that. I'm done being controlled by other people. I'm done with their lies and their attempts to mold me into who they think I should be. I decide who I'm going to be," Bo said. "What about all the people back home?" Kayla asked. Kayla reminded Bo of his children.

"What about them?" Bo yelled. "They're your family!" Kayla countered. "This is my family! This is my history!" Bo said as he waved his hands at the room. Bo told Kayla that he did not want to hear about the Brady clan. Tired, Kayla told Bo that she was leaving. Bo stepped in front of Kayla, and he told her that he needed her to stay. Kayla refused.

"I am going home to my husband and my kids. Maybe you no longer care about the people in Salem, but I do," Kayla said. Bo placed his gun on the table. "I really do need your help," Bo said. Kayla gave Bo a mocking look. "You gonna shoot me, Bo? Like you shot Kate?" Kayla said. Kayla asked Bo what he wanted from her.

Bo opened a crate, and he pulled out the orchid. "You already know about its life-saving powers. Megan believes it can reverse the aging process," Bo said. Kayla confirmed that Rolf had told her about his age serum. "[Rolf] wanted to use it on me," Kayla said. "But it's still in the testing phase," Bo confirmed. Bo grabbed Rolf's notebook from the crate.

"I don't really see how I could help you," Kayla said. "I need someone who's brilliant and who knows science and medicine. Someone I can trust," Bo said. Kayla asked Bo if he planned to build his empire based on the orchid. Bo shoved his gun back in his waistband.

"You keep telling me the importance of family. Who better than my sister to help me out with this?" Bo asked. Kayla glared at Bo. With a nod, Bo offered to fix dinner. "And don't bother trying to leave. You won't get too far," Bo warned as he walked into the kitchen.

After Bo started dinner, he returned to the living room. Bo encouraged Kayla to look over Rolf's notes. "I know you're curious," Bo said. Bo returned to the kitchen, and Kayla hesitantly picked up Rolf's notebook. When Bo returned, he asked Kayla what she thought of Rolf's notes. "It's either genius or madness. Probably a little of both," Kayla admitted . Bo told Kayla that he believed in her.

After Bo returned to the kitchen again, Kayla rooted through his backpack and found a burner phone. Kayla called Steve's phone, but the call did not go through. Kayla called Stephanie. "Mom?" Stephanie said.

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