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Tripp canceled on Wendy. Bo kidnapped Steve and reunited him with Kayla. Stephanie asked Marlena and Maggie for help. Brady and Chloe were unhappy with one another. Xander kissed Chloe. Jada searched Sloan's apartment. Chanel and Sloan had a physical fight. Rafe and Jada admitted they liked one another. Sloan dumped Eric. E.J. told Stefan he had sent picture to Li. Talia drugged biscuit dough, which caused hallucinations and loose inhibitions among Salem residents.
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Bo kidnapped Steve and reunited him with Kayla. E.J. told Stefan he had sent a picture to Li. Talia drugged dough, which caused hallucinations and loose inhibitions.
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Steve nearly loses another eye to Bo during their reunion

Steve nearly loses another eye to Bo during their reunion

Monday, April 10, 2023

by Mike

Stephanie ended a phone conversation with a sigh of concern then started to rush out of the Shin apartment while explaining that Joey had just been in an accident, prompting Tripp to probe for more details. "He cracked a few ribs, and he broke a leg in two places -- he's in surgery right now to have it repaired," Stephanie elaborated before promising to update Tripp after joining Joey at the hospital in Seattle.

Tripp protested that Stephanie needed to stay in Salem at least long enough to undergo hypnotherapy with Marlena because Kayla was in more trouble than Joey was in at that moment. "But he's gonna need help getting around --" Stephanie fretted. "Joey's my brother, too -- and I do have some medical expertise --" Tripp offered. "But I can work from anywhere --" Stephanie countered.

Tripp dismissed Stephanie's concern then insisted that rescuing Kayla would be the best medicine for Joey. "But what about your big date?" Stephanie argued. "Wendy has a brother she's close to -- she'll totally understand," Tripp guessed.

Chad headed over to the Evans-Black townhouse in search of Marlena. "I heard that you were alive -- I just had to see it with my own two eyes," Chad explained. "I'm glad you did," Marlena responded.

Chad entered the townhouse while raving that Marlena's return from the dead was a true miracle. "It's just too bad that Kate didn't get one," Chad fretted, prompting Marlena to admit that wasn't entirely true.

Wendy entered the Shin apartment just as Tripp finished packing. Tripp explained the situation to Wendy then apologized for having to cancel their dinner date. Wendy dismissed the concern and assured Tripp that the date could be rescheduled. Tripp and Wendy parted ways with a kiss.

Stephanie arrived at the Evans-Black townhouse just as Marlena finished telling Chad about everything that had happened at Megan's lab. Chad thanked Marlena for sharing the rest of Kate's story then offered to stick around for moral support during Stephanie's hypnotherapy session.

Stephanie eventually started to remember something else that Kayla had said during their phone conversation but got distracted when Chad blurted out a question about the faint memory, prompting Marlena to cut the hypnotherapy session short. Chad apologized to Marlena and Stephanie for having ruined the session. Stephanie dismissed the concern then informed Chad and Marlena that the session had actually worked. Stephanie recalled that Kayla had mentioned Victor at some point.

Hope and Harris were wandering around the taverna they had visited the previous summer, asking if the locals had seen Thomas Banks around Greece recently, when the owner approached with a baseball bat. The man, Constantine, bragged about having a great memory then recalled that Harris and Hope had each been in the taverna before -- and that the former had been arrested soon after that visit for having tried to kill the latter during their wedding ceremony. Constantine assumed that Harris had somehow managed to escape from prison and had then kidnapped Hope. "It is all right -- you are safe now. I will make sure he never hurts anyone again," Constantine assured Hope while glaring at Harris.

Hope thanked Constantine for the concern then produced a cell phone and found an online article about Harris' recent exoneration. Constantine backed down and apologized for the misunderstanding then welcomed Harris and Hope back to the taverna. Hope and Harris took turns explaining to Constantine that they were searching for two people who might be somewhere in Greece at that moment. Hope produced an image of Kayla while Harris was producing an image of Thomas, and Constantine recognized the latter person. "That is a face I wish I could forget," Constantine grumbled before recalling that he had last seen Thomas the previous summer.

Hope and Harris thanked Constantine for the help then started to rush off. Constantine protested that Harris and Hope needed to stay for a meal. Hope and Harris accepted Constantine's offer and later shared a kiss during a round of Greek dances.

Bo squirmed while accepting a hug from Steve during their chance encounter at a police station. "How are you alive...and what are you doing here in Greece, posing as Shane?" Steve wondered. "I'm...working undercover for the ISA," Bo responded.

Bo tried to rush off, claiming to be too busy for a lengthy reunion, but Steve blocked the path. "Screw your operation and listen to me -- Kayla is missing!" Steve shouted while grabbing and shaking Bo.

Bo squirmed again while Steve was elaborating that Hope was also in Greece and that the two of them had teamed up to search for "some psycho" who was holding Kayla captive. Steve produced a cell phone and started to contact Hope, but Bo snatched the device then admitted to being Kayla's true captor. Bo tried to rush off again after refusing to provide more details, but Steve again blocked the path.

Bo drew a butterfly knife, but Steve laughed off the threat. Steve reminded Bo that they had been friends for decades. Bo countered that Steve had once been a hated enemy. "I took one eye -- how 'bout I take the other?" Bo spat before slamming Steve against a wall then attacking with the knife. "I knew you couldn't do it," Steve bragged with a sigh of relief after Bo moved the knife a few inches to the right at the last second and buried its blade in the wall. "Shut the hell up!" Bo demanded while producing a gun, but Steve again minimized the danger. "I don't know what you've been through, but the things you're saying and the way you're acting -- it's not you --" Steve argued, prompting Bo to take a swing with the butt of the gun.

Bo dragged Steve's motionless body out of the police station while explaining to the police officers that the ISA had just apprehended a con artist who had been trying to steal the prisms. Steve began to regain consciousness while Bo was collecting the prisms from one of the police officers. Steve tried to clarify the situation but was too disoriented to form coherent sentences, and Bo continued their getaway before the police officers grew suspicious.

Kayla removed a stack of envelopes from the lockbox that had been tucked away in the wine cellar of Victor's childhood home in Greece. "What could be so important that Victor would keep them hidden all this time?" Kayla muttered.

Kayla groaned while squinting at the writing on the stack's top envelope then breathed a sigh of relief after noticing a pair of reading glasses in the lockbox. Kayla donned the eyewear then took another look at the envelope, which featured a "return to sender" stamp that covered a surprisingly familiar address. "Mom sent this back to Victor without even opening it -- and Victor kept it all these years! Why?" Kayla continued before opening the envelope and reading the enclosed letter aloud.

"My dearest Caroline,

I have just returned to Greece. It was terribly painful to leave you behind in Salem, but I knew it would be best after what happened between us.

As much as I want to stay in Salem, I could not -- it had become too much of a risk. My feelings for you, my longing, my desire -- it had grown so strong, I feared that simply by looking at you, I'd give myself away, give away what's in my heart. And each day, the temptation grew stronger to throw caution to the wind and tell the world just how very much I love you. That made me dangerous, Caroline. I was a ticking bomb that could go off at any moment and destroy your life.

But I could never hurt your family; not Shawn or your beautiful children -- not Roman, or Kimberly, or little Kayla.

I could never hurt your family, Caroline...but I must confess that I've dreamed -- many times -- that you and I have a child together. Sometimes it's a son, and sometimes it's a daughter. How I hate waking up from those dreams!

I know it can never be, that we can't be married and have the family I've so often seen in my dreams...but I wonder if we might have something else that's just our own. If, perhaps, you could come here to Greece, there's a little house in the hills where I grew up -- a secluded little villa where the two of us, just you and I, could be together.

I'm an ambitious man, as you well know, but I've come to learn that nothing is more precious than time with the people you love. I want time with you, Caroline -- I want that so badly -- and we can have it here, in our own private paradise. I could send you a plane ticket, and you could tell Shawn that you're visiting a relative -- perhaps a sick aunt in Ireland? It would allow you to steal away, even if it's only for a little while -- for a little while, you could be my wife.

Caroline, my darling, I know what I'm asking may be impossible, but I hope you will consider it -- and please know that whatever you decide, I am forever yours...


Kayla tucked the letter back inside the envelope then removed the reading glasses and wiped away some tears -- just as Bo entered the wine cellar with Steve.

Kayla started fretting over Steve's head wound, but Bo dismissed the concern. "He'll live...maybe," Bo assured Kayla before shoving Steve aside then walking away.

Brady is unhappy with Xander and Chloe's friendship

Brady is unhappy with Xander and Chloe's friendship

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

At the penthouse, Marlena revived Stephanie out of hypnosis. Stephanie recalled that her mother had said the name Victor Kiriakis. "What could Victor possibly have to do with your mom's kidnapping?" Chad asked. Chad offered to call Victor. "If Victor stonewalls us, then we'll get Maggie involved. She's kind and compassionate. She'll definitely want to help," Stephanie said.

A frustrated Alex visited Gwen at her hotel room to talk about Maggie. "The boss from hell," Alex said. Gwen asked what had happened. Alex told Gwen that Maggie had rejected his bid to obtain the prisms.

"It would have been the biggest deal of the century," Alex said. "But?" Gwen said. Alex explained that Maggie had objected to his tactics. "The prisms are gonna end up in the wrong hands, and who knows what the hell they're gonna be used for," Alex muttered. Gwen noted that Maggie did not seem smart.

"Does [Maggie] even have the experience [to run Titan]?" Gwen asked. Alex shrugged. "You are a tremendous asset to that company," Gwen said. "Thank you, but unfortunately, Aunt Maggie thinks I'm a tremendous liability," Alex said. Alex admitted that Maggie was anxious to replace him.

"Who would want to take such a thankless job?" Gwen asked. "Starts with an X," Alex said. Alex noted that Xander was miserable as Gwen's partner, and he was anxious to leave the paper. "And what better way to punish me for taking his place in your bed than taking my place in the boardroom?" Alex asked. Gwen stressed that Titan was Alex's birthright, and she urged him to fight Xander.

"Why would Maggie want him, anyway, after the way he screwed her daughter over?" Gwen said. "Maggie has a soft spot for this guy. Seems like she just forgives him no matter what the hell he does," Alex muttered. Alex complained that Maggie had always given Xander the benefit of the doubt, but she was quick to judge Alex. When Alex asked Gwen if she was bothered by his complaints, she said she was fine.

"Ever since [Xander] took a step back from the paper, he's been avoiding me at every turn. You know, he didn't even bother to turn up at the office today for work?" Gwen said. Alex asked Gwen why. Gwen shrugged and said Xander had not bothered to call.

"In fact, I'm sure that [Xander's] cozying up with Chloe Lane as we speak," Gwen said. Gwen showed Leo's picture of Xander with Chloe to Alex. "Does that look platonic to you?" Gwen asked. "Maybe," Alex said. With a sigh, Gwen wondered aloud whether she should let Leo run the story. "I'm thinking maybe Leo was right about them," Gwen admitted.

At the pub, Chloe and Xander played darts. Xander teased Chloe about her throwing abilities. "Are you sure I didn't draw blood before?" Chloe asked. Xander looked at his arm and patted it. "No, I'm quite sure. It's just if your eyes were open, you would see that I'm not standing at a very safe distance," Xander joked. Chloe explained that she wanted to imagine where the dart would go before she threw it.

"You're gonna throw without looking?" Xander asked. Chloe opened her eyes as she threw the dart, and she got a bull's-eye. Chloe yelped. "Aren't you impressed?" Chloe asked. "Of course, I'm impressed! That was amazing!" Xander said. Xander gave Chloe a high-five, then he hugged her. Brady walked in and scowled as he said hello.

"Hey, mate," Xander said cheerfully. "What's going on here?" Brady asked. Xander noted that they had been playing darts. "Chloe hates darts," Brady said. "Not anymore. She just got a bull's-eye, didn't you, darling? She's actually quite pleased with herself," Xander said as he put an arm around Chloe and gave her a brief squeeze. "Xander and I were eating alone at separate tables, and we just ran into each other," Chloe explained. Chloe asked about Rachel.

"She's okay. She's happy to have her Grandma Marlena back, for sure," Brady said. Chloe apologized for what she had said to Rachel. "I'm more than sorry. I'm ashamed. That's not an excuse. The way that Rachel was treating me, I just was so hurt, and I lost it, obviously," Chloe said.

"I told you, I'm sure Brady understands," Xander said. "Xander, please stay out of this," Brady said. "If you don't understand, it would be unkind of you, Brady, since your daughter has been horrible to Chloe," Xander said. "Shut up," Brady growled. Brady argued that Rachel had been through a tough time, and her mother was in prison.

"As a parent, you try to give her some tenderness and some understanding and some tolerance. That's what I am trying to do. By the way, how is this any of your business?" Brady said. When Brady asked Xander who had told him about the fight with Rachel, Xander and Chloe exchanged a look. "I was upset, and I needed someone to talk to," Chloe said. Brady groaned.

"Everybody in Salem, and you confide in this bastard?" Brady said. "She confided in me 'cause I happen to be compassionate and understanding. And I, for one, am glad that you finally stood up to his spiteful daughter," Xander said. Brady called Xander insensitive. "You don't even know how to be a decent human being," Brady said. Annoyed, Xander's smile fell away, and he stepped closer to Brady.

"I gave Cousin Alex a black eye the other day. Maybe you'd like one, too," Xander growled. Chloe rolled her eyes, and she stepped between the two men. "Stop it!" Chloe yelled.

"So, I'm shallow and insensitive, am I? As opposed to you, an arrogant ass who thinks he's God's gift to the world, who fathered a child with a sadistic psychopath?" Xander asked. "Don't you go there," Brady warned. "Enough!" Chloe yelled. Chloe asked Brady to leave. Brady refused to leave until he talked to Chloe first.

"Do you want to talk to him, Chloe?" Xander asked. "She can speak for herself! Can we please talk?" Brady said. Chloe asked Xander to give her a few minutes alone with Brady. With a nod, Xander went to the bar for drinks.

"I want to fix this," Brady said. "You do?" Chloe said. Confused, Brady asked Chloe why she was surprised. Chloe fought back tears, and she reminded Brady that she had been terrible to his daughter. "Being a parent, I would understand why that could be a deal breaker," Chloe said. "It doesn't have to be a deal breaker. My daughter just needs to understand that you didn't mean what you said," Brady countered. Brady explained that Rachel had felt justified in her hostility, because she had believed that Chloe hated her.

"Of course, she does, and that's why I'm so down on myself for that stupid, destructive blurt. Oh, my God, how could I hate her? She's just a child who's been through way too much lately," Chloe admitted. Chloe said her heart broke for Rachel. "I truly love Rachel, and I wish she wouldn't see me as the enemy," Chloe said. Brady reminded Chloe that she and Rachel had once had a good relationship.

"I would do anything to have that again. But I can't take back what I said. And now she just thinks of me being the evil stepmom," Chloe said. Brady offered to talk to Rachel. Chloe asked if she should write an apology, but Brady said he believed Rachel would only listen to him.

"I'm not sure that talking to her is going to be enough for her to view me in a better light," Chloe said. Taken aback, Brady asked Chloe if she wanted to give up on their relationship. "I don't know," Chloe confessed. Xander walked over with drinks. "You ready for a rematch?" Xander asked. With tears in his eyes, Brady said, "Yeah, have at it." Brady walked out.

Xander and Chloe continued their game of darts, but Chloe was clearly distracted. "I don't want to play anymore," Chloe said. Xander asked Chloe if Brady had made her feel worse than she had before. "I feel pretty much the same," Chloe admitted. Chloe added that Xander's threats had not helped the situation.

"Sorry, that's my inner Neanderthal coming out, I'm afraid," Xander said. "Well, that inner Neanderthal seems to make an appearance regularly," Chloe muttered. With a sigh, Xander argued that his anger had been justified because Brady had not protected Chloe from Rachel's vitriol.

"There's nothing Brady can do to protect me from it. Kristen has convinced Rachel that I'm evil and trying to keep her away from her mother. Brady's tried to talk to her, but the kid won't budge. She wants me out of his life and hers," Chloe explained. "Maybe I shouldn't have nixed Leo's column about you raking Rachel over the proverbial coals," Xander said. Xander said he had only postponed the inevitable.

"There comes a point of no return in a failing relationship. You try to backpedal to the time when, the moment before everything started to fall apart, and you start banging your head against the wall, trying to make something work. When in your heart of hearts, you know it's already over. It's just a matter of admitting it to yourself," Xander said. Xander confessed that if he had let go sooner, he could have saved him and Sarah a lot of heartache.

"Do you think that Brady and I are at the point of no return?" Chloe asked. "Doesn't matter what I think. What do you think?" Xander asked. Chloe noted that she had loved Brady for a long time. With a shrug, Xander argued there were plenty of handsome men in Salem. "Like who?" Chloe said. "What am I, chopped haggis?" Xander said. Chloe laughed. Chloe reminded Xander that he had left her to die with a Mexican drug lord.

"You are just never going to let that go, huh?" Xander said. "Kind of hard to," Chloe said. "I admit I have some flaws, and I have behaved abominably at times. But come on, compared to Brady, I'm much better-looking. I'm more intelligent. I have broader shoulders. I'm wittier, wiser. I have this charming accent," Xander said. Chloe smiled. "Still can't let the 'left you to die stuff' go, huh?" Xander said. "Nope. Still can't let it go," Chloe said. Xander grinned, and they clinked their glasses together.

When Brady arrived home, Marlena was alone in the living room. Brady admitted that he still could not believe that Marlena was alive. "I'm grateful to be alive," Marlena said. Brady asked if there was any news about Kayla. Marlena told Brady about Stephanie's memory.

Marlena turned the conversation to Rachel. Brady told Marlena about Rachel's unplanned trip to Statesville. "And that's not all," Brady said. Brady told Marlena about the letter he had forced Kristen to write.

"But Rachel had seen right through it. And before the letter, Kristen had done such a good job of convincing Rachel that Chloe was the enemy. I thought we could work through it, but it's just escalated," Brady said. Brady told Marlena about the incident at the pub.

"I want to put my kid first. As a parent, I feel like I should. I don't want Rachel to be miserable. But if I don't fix this thing with Chloe, I'm going to be miserable," Brady said. "I had the same problem with John and Sami," Marlena said. "And me. I remember the things I said to you [as a teenager]," Brady added. Marlena laughed. Marlena noted that, like Brady, Rachel had acted out of pain.

"You outgrew it," Marlena said. "But it took years," Brady grumbled. Brady explained that Rachel believed that he would get back together with Kristen. "And to top it all off, I got Xander moving in on Chloe," Brady said. Marlena's eyes went wide. "I didn't think he was her type," Marlena said. Brady said he believed Chloe and Xander were just friends. "For now," Brady added.

Marlena asked if she could help. "Could you talk to Rachel? I think you might be able to get through to her," Brady said. Marlena went into Rachel's room, and she talked to her. When Marlena returned to Brady, she said that Rachel had not wanted to talk about Chloe. "I will try again tomorrow," Marlena promised. "I know you said this might be a long process, but time is something I don't think I have," Brady said. Brady worried aloud that it was too late to save his relationship with Chloe.

At the pub, Chloe threw a bull's-eye and celebrated. With a mischievous grin, Xander noted that the dart was slightly off. "Either you need glasses or you're just a sore loser," Chloe said. "Me? Never. No, I'm proud of you, buddy," Xander said. Xander and Chloe clinked glasses. As Xander put his arm around Chloe and offered a toast to her win, Gwen entered the pub.

"To the both of us for letting go of the past and getting on with our lives," Xander said. "Looks like the rumors are true," Gwen said. Xander and Chloe appeared confused. "What rumors?" Chloe asked. "According to Leo, you're Salem's new hottest couple," Gwen said.

In Maggie's Titan office, Chad and Stephanie asked about Victor. "He's out of town," Maggie said. Chad asked Maggie if there was any reason why Kayla would have mentioned Victor's name. With a nod, Maggie noted that Victor had investment properties all over Greece, including his childhood home. Stephanie asked for a list of the properties, and Maggie obliged.

After Stephanie and Chad left Titan, they walked through the square and reviewed the list of Victor's Greek properties. "It feels like we're getting closer," Stephanie said. "We're gonna find your mom," Chad said. "What do you mean you're going to find her mom?" Alex asked as he passed by. Stephanie said that Kayla was alive.

"I'm really happy for you, Steph. And I can't tell you what a relief it is for me, either," Alex said. "Relief? You barely knew my mom," Stephanie said. Alex said he was relieved to know he had not deprived Stephanie of the ability to say goodbye to her mother.

In the wine cellar of Victor's childhood home in Greece, Kayla helped a half-conscious Steve into a chair. "Are you okay?" Kayla asked. Steve struggled to open his eyes, and he started to cry. "Is it really you?" Steve asked. Kayla nodded yes. Steve kissed Kayla, and they both cried in one another's arms.

"[I thought] I was going to have to live without you. What is this miracle?" Steve said. Kayla asked about Steve's head injury, and he confirmed he had a headache from the pistol-whipping. With a shake of his head, Steve said he could not believe that Bo was alive. "He treated me like I was his sworn enemy," Steve said. "Megan brainwashed him. He is not Bo. Not really," Kayla said. Kayla called Bo a heartless imposter version of her brother.

"Was [Bo] working with Thomas Banks?" Steve asked. Kayla said she did not know anything about Banks. Steve explained that Megan had claimed that Banks had kidnapped Kayla. "Megan's a liar. Bo went rogue like I told you, and she knew it. She probably just didn't want to give Hope the satisfaction of knowing that Bo was alive," Kayla argued. Steve asked why Bo had locked Kayla in the cellar.

"He wants me to use the prisms to create the miracle serum that Rolf and Megan had been working on," Kayla said. Kayla admitted that she did not know how to make the serum. "We are never getting out of here," Kayla said. Steve reassured Kayla that a lot of people knew that Kayla was in the area, and they would look for him, since he'd disappeared, as well.

"I can't tell you how crushed we were losing you," Steve said. Steve told Kayla that Stephanie had been devastated that she had not made it to the hospital before Kayla had "died." Kayla said she was anxious to see her kids again. "This really needs stitches," Kayla muttered as she wiped Steve's wound. Steve said he was fine.

"It's bad enough that Bo kidnapped me. But to hurt you this way?" Kayla said. "We're gonna be fine. And so is Bo," Steve said. "I hope so," Kayla whispered. Kayla told Steve that Bo appeared to be at war with himself. "What's that mean?" Steve asked. Kayla explained what Bo had said about his legacy. "I mean, what good is it to be a lowly Brady when you want to build an empire?" Kayla said.

"Lofty ambitions," Steve said. "And ruthless," Kayla added. Kayla explained that Bo wanted wealth and power because he wanted to be like Victor. Steve looked around the room. Kayla advised Steve not to drink any wine because of his head injury, but she promised to drink Champagne with him when they escaped.

As Kayla and Steve waited for Bo's return, Steve wondered aloud why Bo had stashed him with Kayla. "He must know I'd try to break us out of here," Steve said. "Do you ever think we'll get my brother back?" Kayla asked. Steve said yes. Steve told Kayla about his fight with Bo at the police station and that he believed the real Bo was still in there.

"Bo knows he needs us to save him from himself," Steve said. Steve reminded Kayla that love had gotten through to him and John when they had been brainwashed. "And that's what's gonna get through to Bo," Steve said. Kayla showed Victor's letter to Steve. "I find myself feeling sorry for Victor Kiriakis. Why?" Kayla said. "Reminds me of when we found those letters from Emily and Gideon," Steve said. Kayla nodded in agreement. Steve promised Kayla that they would get a happy ending.

Someone breaks into Sweet Bits

Someone breaks into Sweet Bits

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

At Sloan's apartment, Eric was surprised to find Jada rummaging through Sloan's things. Jada announced that she had a search warrant, and she added that Paulina had received a threatening text message the previous evening.

Jada added that she hadn't found incriminating evidence to suggest that Sloan had sent the text. Jada encouraged Eric to tell Sloan to cooperate with the police's investigation. Before Jada left, Eric said that he didn't believe Sloan had been responsible for harassing Paulina.

Later, Sloan was outraged to learn that Jada had searched her apartment. Sloan said she had nothing to hide, and she offered Eric her phone as "proof." Eric said he believed Sloan and that he didn't need to search her phone. Afterwards, Sloan left to shower. Eric picked up Sloan's phone, and he seemed unsure of what to do next.

In Rafe's office at the Salem Police Station, Abe overheard Talia ask if Rafe and Jada had enjoyed their dinner the previous night. Abe recalled that he had warned Rafe about associating with Jada away from work, and he cited the new departmental policy that forbade interoffice romances and fraternizing away from work.

Rafe downplayed the seriousness of the dinner, and he introduced Talia to Abe. Abe thanked Talia for having helped Paulina cope with the panic attack, and he shared that Paulina's situation with Sloan was only getting worse. Rafe vowed to get to the bottom of who was harassing Paulina.

Abe told Talia that it had been nice meeting her. After Abe left, Rafe asked Talia to stop trying to push him and Jada together. Talia asked if Rafe would be interested in dating Jada if it weren't for the new policy. Rafe told Talia that he wouldn't discuss his personal feelings with her, and Talia left.

Later, Jada appeared after having searched Sloan's apartment. Jada said she hadn't found any evidence that would incriminate Sloan. Jada blithely referred to Sloan as "a dominatrix who listens to Coldplay," and she quipped that Sloan possessed more handcuffs than the Salem PD. Jada added that she had realized she was over Eric.

Rafe mentioned Talia's visit and that Talia had said that Rafe and Jada were attracted to one another. Jada vowed to handle Talia, and she said she knew that Rafe wasn't romantically interested in Jada. "I think the problem is that I actually am," Rafe admitted.

Rafe said that he would ask Jada out if he weren't her boss, and Jada replied that she would otherwise accept. The conversation grew awkward, but Rafe and Jada eventually smiled at one another. They bade each other a good night.

At Abe and Paulina's place, Paulina turned her laptop toward Chanel, and she asked if a headline from the new Lady Whistleblower column had been Chanel's idea. "Is Salem's Top Legal Eagle a Total Psycho?" the column's headline asked.

Chanel called Sloan a "delicate little Sherman tank," and she admitted that she was responsible for the column. Paulina referenced the threatening text she had received the previous night, which Chanel hadn't been aware of. Paulina and Chanel both agreed that Sloan had sent the text.

Paulina admitted that she had had another panic attack the previous night after another run-in with Sloan. Paulina added that Sloan had mocked her and casually walked away during the panic attack.

Chanel left, and a short while later, Abe entered. Abe surprised Paulina when he said he wanted the two of them to leave Salem for a vacation. Paulina said that she and Abe would be "running away," and she added that she had to stay for Chanel's sake.

At the same time, in Horton Town Square, Chanel and Sloan got into a heated argument over Paulina. Sloan quipped that Paulina was "an old, obnoxious bitch." Chanel slapped Sloan, who yelled that she would kill Chanel. Talia appeared, and she broke up the squabble. Sloan vowed to file a restraining order against Chanel, and she stormed off. Afterwards, Talia observed that Chanel was bleeding.

Back at Abe and Paulina's place, Abe said he wanted more time alone with Paulina. The two kissed, and they agreed to take a trip to Paris when the harassment ended. Abe and Paulina prepared to sit down to dinner. Paulina noted that the only thing missing was Chanel, and she texted Chanel to tell her that dinner was ready.

At Sweet Bits Bakery, Talia had been tending to a cut on Chanel's arm. Chanel said that she was happy that Talia had moved to Salem, and she recalled how overwhelmed she had felt when Allie had left town. Chanel thanked Talia, and the two tenderly locked eyes.

Talia placed her hand gently on Chanel's shoulder, and she began to caress it. Just then, Chanel received Paulina's text. Chanel invited Talia to join her for dinner at Abe and Paulina's place. Talia playfully agreed, and the two left the bakery together as the clock above noted the time as 5:16 p.m.

After Chanel and Talia had left, the lights went out in the bakery. Someone unseen sneaked into the kitchen area of the bakery, and they picked up a ceramic bowl filled with what appeared to be batter and dough. The unseen person began to sprinkle something from a small vial into the bowl.

At the Brady Pub, Gwen jumped to the conclusion that Chloe and Xander were a couple. Xander said there was nothing going on between him and Chloe. Gwen produced the photo on her phone that Leo had taken of Xander comforting Chloe in his arms. Gwen accused Xander and Chloe of sleeping together, and she said that Xander had lied about why he hadn't wanted to be with Gwen.

Gwen pressed Xander to admit that he and Chloe were a couple. Xander stunned both Gwen and Chloe when he feigned that he had fallen "madly in love" with Chloe, and he proceeded to kiss Chloe. "Satisfied?" Xander asked Gwen afterwards.

Gwen called Xander "a pig," and she left in disgust. Afterwards, Chloe said that Gwen had been right. "You are a pig!" Chloe said, and she slapped Xander.

Chloe said that Xander had "mauled" her in public. Chloe worried that Leo would write a column about her and Xander being an item and that Brady would read about it in the Spectator. Xander apologized, and he said he would like to be friends with Chloe. Xander pleaded for another chance, and Chloe agreed. "So long as you keep your dirty paws away from me," Chloe said with a smile.

Earlier, in Leo and Gwen's room at the Salem Inn, Sloan had confronted Leo for his column on Sloan in the Lady Whistleblower column. Sloan claimed she was innocent, and she vowed to sue Leo for libel if he didn't issue a retraction.

Later, Gwen returned home, and she told Leo that Xander had kissed Chloe. Leo exclaimed that the kiss meant that he and Gwen were "winning." Gwen said it didn't feel like she was winning, and the two of them wondered whether Xander had developed real feelings for Chloe.

Nicole, Johnny, Stefan, and Gabi have hallucinations

Nicole, Johnny, Stefan, and Gabi have hallucinations

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Outside Sweet Bits Bakery, on the morning after the unseen person had sneaked into the bakery and sprinkled something into a bowl of batter and dough, Talia offered biscuits to customers at a table. Chanel took a bite from one of the biscuits that Talia had made, and she raved about the taste.

Gabi appeared, and she also raved about the taste. Nearby, Johnny approached, and he asked Chanel for coffee. Chanel offered Johnny a biscuit instead, and Johnny likewise offered his compliments on how good the food tasted.

Chanel asked why Johnny looked so tired, and she assumed that it was because of Wendy. Johnny surprised Chanel when he said he believed that Wendy was going to dump him for Tripp. Johnny surmised that Tripp had more to offer Wendy, and he claimed that he couldn't compete.

Chanel scoffed at Johnny's claims, and she said that Johnny had a lot to offer Wendy. "Johnny DiMera, you are all that and so much more. Would I have married you otherwise?" Chanel asked kindly.

Johnny wondered where his self-confidence had gone. Johnny and Chanel shared a close moment as the two fondly recalled their wedding in Italy. Talia interrupted to say that she planned to prepare another batch of biscuits. Just then, Johnny started to hallucinate, and he envisioned Chanel in a red dress that Chanel had worn in Italy.

Chanel seemed both stunned and amused when Johnny fell to his knees and asked her to marry him. Unbeknownst to Johnny, Wendy had approached nearby, and she appeared to have seen Johnny's proposal.

At Sloan's apartment, Eric brought breakfast to Sloan. Sloan yelled at Eric when she realized the breakfast was from Sweet Bits. Eric said that he hoped to help Sloan get past her grudge against Chanel and Paulina, but Sloan only grew angrier.

Eric said that Sloan's need for revenge wasn't healthy. Sloan surmised that Eric believed she had been the one responsible for harassing Paulina and Chanel. Eric admitted that the thought had crossed his mind.

Eric referenced the note Paulina had received that contained letters from cut-up magazines. Sloan realized that Eric had gone through the stack of magazines on her desk. Eric recalled that Sloan had sent a text at the same time that Paulina had received an anonymous threatening text.

Sloan told Eric that she no longer cared if he thought she was guilty or innocent, and she yelled for him to get out of her apartment. Before Eric could leave, Sloan quipped that Eric had done her a favor by having not trusted her. "Now I have so much more time to obsess over Chanel and her mother than wasting it on you," Sloan snapped. After Eric left, Sloan flippantly shoved a box from Sweet Bits onto the floor.

Earlier, at the DiMera mansion, Nicole brought breakfast for her and E.J. from Sweet Bits. Johnny appeared, and he said that he hadn't slept at all the previous night because of loud noises emanating not far from his room. E.J. surprised Johnny when he said that the noises Johnny had heard had been from Stefan and Trask.

Upstairs, in Stefan's room at the mansion, Stefan was surprised to find Trask naked in his bed. Trask noted that Stefan had just showered, and she asked if Stefan would mind "getting dirty" again.

Stefan told Trask that he was grateful for her help as part of their ruse to make E.J. and Nicole believe that Trask and Stefan were sleeping together. Stefan added that E.J. would eventually "blink."

A playful Stefan and Trask joined E.J. and Nicole downstairs. Trask and Stefan flirted unabashedly in front of E.J. and Nicole. E.J. grew disgusted, and Nicole whispered for him to maintain his composure. Nicole suggested that she and E.J. go for a walk.

Just then, Nicole and E.J. were startled by the sound of dinnerware crashing. "This is insulting! Do you honestly expect us to believe this travesty of a love affair and not call you out on it?" E.J. shouted as he lost his composure.

E.J. revealed that he knew Stefan and Gabi were sleeping together. E.J. added that he had sent Li a photo of Stefan in bed with Gabi. E.J. said that at any moment, Li would end whatever hope Gabi had of maintaining her DiMera Enterprises shares.

Trask left to shower. Stefan grew angry, and he said there was no low to which E.J. wouldn't sink. E.J. claimed that he was protecting the family's legacy, and he referred to Gabi as a "viper." E.J. added that Stefan was a traitor, and he pointed a finger at the portrait of Stefano. "To him, and to everything he created," E.J. said bitterly.

E.J. said that Stefan had blown any chances of Gabi retaining her shares, and he cavalierly added that he hoped "one quickie in the basement" had been worth it. E.J. walked away. Nicole followed E.J. out of the room.

Afterwards, Stefan phoned Gabi to say that E.J. had seen them together and that he had sent Li a photo of the two. Stefan asked what Gabi wanted to do next. Gabi proposed that she would return to Wendy's apartment to "have it out" with Li.

Stefan grew woozy, and he said he thought it was from the rush of excitement of moving forward with Gabi. Stefan told Gabi that he loved her, and he headed upstairs. After Stefan left the room, the box from Sweet Bits remained on a table nearby.

Earlier, at Wendy's apartment, Li stared at the photo E.J. had sent of Gabi in bed with Stefan. Li fumed as he threw his phone at the door. Wendy appeared, and she surmised that Li was upset about Gabi. Li told Wendy about the photo that E.J. had sent.

Wendy was surprised when Li admitted that he hadn't confronted Gabi earlier and that he still loved her. Wendy said she couldn't believe that Li could still feel he had a future with Gabi. Li said that he wasn't fooling himself about Gabi's feelings for Stefan, but he added that he had thought Gabi had started to warm up to him.

Li wondered what had happened to him. Wendy put her arms on Li, and she told him that nothing was wrong with him. Wendy said that unrequited love was painful and that Li had never been in love with anyone as much as he was with Gabi. Wendy added that she hated to see Li hurting, and she encouraged him to give up on Gabi.

Wendy left to give Li time to process his thoughts. Afterwards, Li stared again at the photo of Gabi in bed with Stefan. Li nervously shuffled back and forth across the apartment floor before Gabi returned.

Inside the apartment, Gabi grew woozy. Li said he had something to tell Gabi. Just then, Gabi hallucinated that Stefan was standing in front of her instead of Li. Gabi stared longingly at "Stefan."

At the same time, back in Stefan's room at the DiMera mansion, Stefan walked in on Trask getting dressed. Stefan hallucinated that Gabi was standing in front of him instead of Trask. Stefan rushed toward Trask, and he held her closely.

Near the Brady Pub, E.J. and Nicole were enjoying a walk when Nicole's phone rang. Nicole and E.J. agreed to talk later., and E.J. left. Nicole answered the phone, and she soon grew woozy herself. Someone approached. Nicole envisioned that the person was Eric, dressed in his clergyman's robe.

Drugged Salem residents lose their inhibitions

Drugged Salem residents lose their inhibitions

Friday, April 14, 2023

The morning after a hooded figure dumped a drug into the dough at Sweet Bits bakery, customers started to behave in a drunken manner after they ate the breakfast biscuits.

Outside the Brady Pub, Nicole envisioned that Eric was dressed as a priest. Nicole asked Eric if he had returned to the church. "No, why would I do that?" Eric said. Confused, Nicole asked Eric why he was dressed as a priest.

"What are you talking about?" Eric said. Nicole pointed at Eric, and when he looked down, he imagined that he was dressed as a priest. "You're right!" Eric said. "You've got to get out of these clothes before someone sees you and calls the Pope," Nicole said. "That's smart thinking," Eric said. Nicole offered to get the clothing dry cleaned and returned to the church. "Good plan," Eric said. Nicole followed Eric into the pub.

In Rafe's office, he scarfed down a biscuit. "Do you have a minute to chat?" Jada asked. Rafe nodded yes, then took a phone call and behaved strangely. Jada asked Rafe how much coffee he had consumed. "Normal amount. Why are you asking?" Rafe asked. Jada shrugged.

Jada apologized for having left abruptly after their last conversation. "The last thing I want is for things to be awkward between us," Jada said. As Jada spoke, Rafe imagined that she was dressed in a skimpy outfit.

"Why the hell would it ever be awkward?" Rafe asked. "Department policy? We discussed this," Jada said. Rafe ranted about the men that had made the rules. Jada reminded Rafe that the rules had been dictated by the mayor.

Rafe argued that Abe did not understand cops anymore. "You and me, we wake up every day, and we risk our lives to make sure this damn city is safe, right? And if we feel comfort in each other's arms, then that's cool. I mean, we should just go for it, right?" Rafe said. Concerned, Jada asked Rafe if he was okay.

"I don't think we should let the man dictate our lives," Rafe said. "The man?" Jada said. Rafe's vision of sultry Jada curled her finger and beckoned him over. "I just can't even tell you how good you look right now. Dressed like that," Rafe said. Jada looked down at her suit. "Like what?" Jada asked.

As Rafe pawed at Jada's arm, she backed away. "You're so hot right now," Rafe said. Confused, Jada stammered, "I have no idea what's going on." Rafe pulled Jada against his body and kissed her. When Jada finally managed to push Rafe away, Sloan entered the office.

"What the hell are you doing?" Jada yelled at Rafe. "I'd like to know the answer to that myself," Sloan said. Jada stressed that the situation was not what it looked like. Sloan accused Rafe of sexual harassment in the workplace.

"In this country, you're guilty until proven innocent, and therefore, I am innocent. But you, you're guilty of marshing my mellow," Rafe said. Sloan narrowed her eyes with suspicion. "What?" Sloan said. Rafe started to laugh. Sloan gave her phone to Jada.

"You're not going to find anything, by the way, with me and Paulina, nothing connecting us to the alleged harassment," Sloan said. "There is nothing alleged about this. She received a threatening text message," Jada countered. "Not from me," Sloan said. Rafe reached out and brushed Jada's hair. Jada and Sloan both stared at Rafe as if he had lost his mind.

A moony-eyed Rafe smiled at Jada. "Be prepared to face a lawsuit. Because I am really getting sick of this," Sloan said. As Jada packaged the phone into an evidence bag, Rafe gaped as Sloan. "What are you looking at?" Sloan asked. Rafe imagined that Sloan was a human-sized Duke teddy bear.

"Duke! You're alive!" Rafe yelled. "Who the hell is Duke?" Sloan asked. Rafe hugged Sloan, and he told her that he had missed her. "You recovered [from decapitation] like a champ. Props to your vet," Rafe said with a chuckle. Rafe whispered to "Duke" that "Duke" needed to leave because Rafe was no longer with Nicole.

"And I was trying to get busy with this one when the uptight blonde witch showed up," Rafe said as he pointed over at Jada. Jada's eyes went wide in disbelief. "Excuse me?" Sloan said. Rafe continued to imagine that Sloan was Duke then shook his head. "Why is the room spinning?" Rafe said. Jada asked Rafe if he was okay. Rafe collapsed.

In Eric's room, Eric struggled to undress. "I still don't know why I dressed up as a priest," Eric stammered. "I'm just glad I was here to help and that no one saw you," Nicole said. Nicole announced that she needed to save Eric's soul and get the clothes to the dry cleaner.

As Nicole grabbed her purse, Eric imagined that Nicole was dressed in a bikini. "How'd you do that?" Eric whispered. "Do what?" Nicole asked. When Eric said that Nicole had changed into a bikini, she looked down and gasped. "How did that happen?" Nicole said. "No idea, but you look good!" Eric said enthusiastically. Eric said it reminded him of her modeling days.

"I need a camera," Eric said. Eric picked up a banana. Nicole posed as Eric "took pictures" with the banana. Eric smirked. "You look amazing. I love being on a beach with you," Eric mumbled. Nicole agreed. As Nicole talked about the heat, Eric walked over and kissed her.

"I want you so much," Nicole said. "You're all I want," Eric whispered as he kissed Nicole. Nicole asked about Sloan. "She ended things because I had trouble believing that she wasn't stalking Paulina and Chanel," Eric confessed. Eric asked about E.J. With a groan, Nicole complained, "All he wants to do is plot against his stupid, undead brother."

After Eric and Nicole had sex, there was a knock at Eric's door. It was Sloan. Eric shushed a giggling Nicole. "Maybe she'll go away," Eric whispered. "Hello?" Sloan said. "I don't think she's going away," Nicole said. Eric shushed Nicole, and he used a pillow to cover his genitals so that he could answer the door.

"What's with the pillow?" Sloan asked as Eric cracked the door. "I was getting dressed," Eric said. Sloan apologized for having overreacted. "It makes total sense that you would find me suspicious," Sloan said. Sloan asked Eric if he wanted to invite her in.

As Eric stammered, Sloan grabbed for the pillow, and Eric clutched it tighter. "I'll call you later," Eric said. Unfazed, Sloan pushed past Eric. "Hi there, Sloany-Baloney!" Nicole said as she kicked her naked leg out from under the sheets.

"This isn't what it looks like," Eric said. "If one more person says that to me today," Sloan grumbled. Eric stressed that he did not understand what had happened. "Yes, you do. You got undressed, and you took out your banana," Nicole said. "She means camera," Eric said. Nicole blinked, then noted that Eric had intended to take pictures.

"But I don't think that really ever happened," Eric said. Sloan asked Eric if he was attempting to convince her that Eric and Nicole had not had sex. "Oh, no, we definitely had sex," Eric confirmed. Nicole and Eric looked around the room for the bikini and his priest's collar. "I thought he was dressed as a priest," Nicole said.

"So, you guys are seeing things that aren't there? And thinking things that are there are something else?" Sloan asked. "Exactly," Eric said. Sloan said that she believed Eric and Nicole had been drugged.

In the town square, a drugged Johnny dropped to one knee and proposed to a drugged Chanel. "Is he serious right now?" Wendy said from across the square. "You know I've always been crazy about you. I think that it goes both ways," Johnny said. Johnny proposed again. "Of course, I'll marry you, G!" Chanel shouted. Johnny picked up Chanel, and he swung her around. When Johnny set Chanel back down, she asked about Wendy.

"Yeah, what about Wendy?" Wendy yelled. "Hey, I didn't see you there," Johnny said. Wendy asked Johnny if he had proposed. "Yeah, I think I did," Johnny said. Johnny asked what was wrong. "You really don't think that proposing to your ex-wife while you're dating me is a problem?" Wendy asked. Johnny noted that they were not exclusive.

"Why are you so bent out of shape? Aren't you dating Tripp the drip?" Johnny asked. Johnny and Chanel giggled. "I love Tripp! You guys make such a cute couple," Chanel said. When Wendy noted that she was not dating Tripp, Johnny reminded Wendy that she had turned him down for a date with Tripp.

"We ended up not going out," Wendy said. Johnny gasped dramatically. "Tripp flaked on you?" Johnny said. Wendy explained that Tripp had gone to visit Joey in the hospital in Seattle. Chanel offered to make a gift basket for Joey. "Send him the biscuits! And send me some, too," Johnny said.

"Did you really just propose to Chanel because I agreed to go on a date with Tripp?" Wendy asked. After a moment, Johnny said, "Yeah. I think I did." "Unbelievable!" Wendy muttered. Johnny told Wendy that she was invited to the wedding and that they could go out on a date after. Chanel nodded yes.

"Please, tell me you're joking," Wendy said. Johnny said it would be easy to change their dinner reservation. With a sigh, Wendy noted that Allie had warned her about Johnny's poor treatment of women. "She said you were reckless and impulsive, but I didn't believe her," Wendy said. Johnny groaned.

"[Allie] is such a hater," Johnny said. Wendy started to storm off, but she turned back. "I thought we had something special. I really wanted this to work," Wendy said. "But you're into Tripp," Johnny said. Wendy clarified that she was interested in Tripp.

"I wanted to be open and honest about it, you know? Do the mature and respectful thing and try to clarify my feelings for him before fully committing to you. It never occurred to me that it would make you do something so stupid!" Wendy said. Wendy told Johnny they were done, and she stomped off.

After a moment, Johnny admitted that he was bummed that Wendy had dumped him. "I can see why she wouldn't want to keep dating me if you and I are getting married, but I'm surprised it was a deal breaker," Johnny said. Talia walked by with a tray of biscuits, and Johnny reached out.

"Hands off!" Chanel warned. "My name is Johnny DiMera. I am Chanel's once and future husband," Johnny said. Johnny said that Talia was the first to hear about the engagement, except for his ex who had eavesdropped on the proposal. "You're getting married?" Talia asked. "Maybe?" Chanel said, unsure. Johnny asked Chanel if she no longer wanted to get married. Chanel said no.

At Wendy's apartment, Li told Gabi that he knew everything. A drugged Gabi looked at Li, but she only saw Stefan. "It's over," "Stefan" said to Gabi. "We are far from done. Our story's just getting started," Gabi said. As Gabi leaned in to kiss Li, he stepped away. Gabi asked what was wrong. "I don't appreciate being mocked," Li growled. "Baby, I'm sorry," Gabi said. Li warned Gabi not to call him that.

"You wanna know what bothers me, Gabi? Your need to make me feel more foolish and pathetic than I already do," Li said. Li demanded that he be allowed to end their sham marriage with dignity. Confused, Gabi exclaimed, "Our marriage was not a sham!" Gabi argued that after an initial rough patch, they had grown to love one another.

"Don't you remember our love, Stefan?" Gabi pleaded. Confused, Li asked Gabi why she was calling him Stefan. "That's your name," Gabi said. "You look at me and see your ex-husband?" Li asked. Gabi told "Stefan" that she was looking at the love of her life.

"I'm Stefan? Your Stefan?" Li said. "You remember!" Gabi said. Li smiled. "Of course, I remember. I'm the man who loves you more than anything in this world," Li said. "I want you," Gabi said. Gabi kissed Li.

At the DiMera mansion, a drugged Stefan returned to his bedroom. Stefan imagined that a towel-clad Trask was Gabi. "What are you staring at?" Trask asked. "Only the most beautiful sight I have ever seen," Stefan whispered. Trask was puzzled. As Stefan brushed his hand up Trask's arm, she warned him not to tease her.

"Who's teasing? I adore you," Stefan said. "I almost believe you," Trask said. Stefan leaned closer. "Not only are you the most stunningly beautiful woman I have ever met, you are the most brilliant, captivating, dynamic woman on the planet, and I am madly in love with you," Stefan said. Trask swooned.

"I thought there was a chance that we'd get close while I was helping you out, but I didn't want to get my hopes up," Trask said. Confused, Stefan said, "Come again?" Trask asked Stefan if he had been serious about her. Stefan kissed Trask passionately, thinking that she was Gabi. Stefan and Trask climbed into bed.

"Take me right now," "Gabi" said. Stefan kissed "Gabi," and when he pulled back to gaze at her, he saw Trask. "Ah! Melinda!" Stefan yelled as he jumped out of bed. Stefan asked Trask what had happened to Gabi. "How the hell should I know?" Trask said. Trask hurriedly pulled on a robe.

"What is this, some kind of game?" Trask asked. "What did you do with her?" Stefan asked. Trask yelled that she had not done anything to Gabi. Stefan stammered that he had been kissing Gabi. "And then she turned into you!" Stefan said. Trask put her face in her hands. "Are you saying that you were just pretending that I was Gabi? Wait, that's the only reason why you wanted me?" Trask asked. Trask warned Stefan that if he wanted to fantasize about his wife, then he should be honest about it.

"That's not it at all!" Stefan shouted. Trask muttered about how she had taken time out of her busy life to help Stefan scheme against E.J. "And this is the thanks I get? Utter humiliation?" Trask screamed. Trask imagined that Stefan was laughing at her, and she yelled at him to stop.

"Who's laughing?" a confused Stefan said. Furious, Trask attacked Stefan. "What has gotten into you?" Stefan asked as he pushed Trask away. Trask vomited on the floor, asked for a doctor, and then passed out.

In Gabi's bedroom, she and Li kissed. "I want you so bad, Stefan," Gabi whispered. As Gabi stared up at Li, she imagined that Stefan kissed her. After a moment, Li wrenched himself away. "I can't do this!" Li said. Gabi asked what was wrong.

"I want you. But not like this," Li said. "I don't understand," Gabi said. "The problem is, I'm not Stefan," Li said. Gabi disagreed. "You don't have to push me away. I already know that Li knows we're together. He found out, though. We don't have to sneak around or lie or anything. We're free. And yes, I'm gonna lose his DiMera shares, big deal," Gabi said. Li noted that E.J. had sent him photographic proof of the affair.

"Why do you keep talking like you're in third person?" Gabi asked. "For the last time, I am not your ex-husband! I'm your current husband," Li said. Gabi wiped her eyes. As Li ranted about all he had done to keep Gabi and how he had been a fool, Gabi shook her head.

"Li? What is going on?" Gabi said. Li explained that Gabi had been hallucinating. "Clearly, someone drugged you," Li said. "I do feel a little weird," Gabi admitted. Gabi grabbed her stomach, and she threw up on Li.

At the hospital, Jada paced as she waited for news about Rafe. Stefan walked over to Jada. "This isn't a good time," Jada said. Stefan explained that he believed E.J. had poisoned him and Trask with breakfast biscuits.

"Did you say breakfast biscuits?" Jada asked. When Stefan explained that he and Trask had hallucinated, Jada said that E.J. might not have been responsible. While Jada left to investigate, Stefan sat in the waiting area. Li arrived with Gabi.

"Stefan, is that really you?" Gabi asked. "It's me. What happened to her?" Stefan asked. Li explained that they were at the hospital for answers. Stefan hugged Gabi, and he whispered, "I got you. It's okay."

In the bakery, Chanel told Talia that she did not know why Johnny had proposed or why she had said yes. "I guess it was just like a temporary moment of insanity," Chanel said. Jada walked in, and she announced that she was there to investigate a crime. "Did something happen to my mother?" Chanel said. Jada assured Chanel that Paulina was fine.

"But the police commissioner and the D.A. are both in the hospital, suffering from hallucinations," Jada said. Jada explained that both had eaten the breakfast biscuits. "Half the town had breakfast biscuits from here this morning. So, have you gotten reports from other people?" Chanel asked. Jada said no.

"This could ruin Chanel's business," Talia said. Chanel groaned. "Do you think it's possible someone might have spiked those biscuits?" Jada asked. Chanel argued that Sloan had drugged the biscuits in retaliation for the column in the newspaper.

"But Sloan was at the police station when Rafe passed out, and she seemed just as shocked as I was," Jada said. Chanel wondered aloud if the drug had been responsible for Johnny's behavior. "This has Sloan Petersen written all over it. Who else would do something that twisted?" Chanel said. Talia thought about when she had crept into the bakery and dumped the drug on the biscuit dough. "This is going to be my top priority, and I'm gonna find out who's been drugging the citizens of Salem, and I'm going to bring them to justice," Jada promised.

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