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Hope broke Bo's programming. Shawn shot Bo to protect Hope. Harris saved Kayla, Chad, and Stephanie from Banks. Bo lapsed into a coma. Johnny told Wendy about the biscuits. The bakery's business crumbled. Stefan hired Gabi, and E.J. hired Nicole in response. Talia schemed with Sloan's brother, Colin. Xander and Chloe decided to be roommates. Sloan told Leo about Rafe's harassment of Jada. Harris apologized to Hope. Ciara and Shawn kept vigil at Bo's side. Andrew found a video on Bo's microchip. The video confirmed Kate was alive.
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Hope broke Bo's programming. Shawn shot Bo, who lapsed into a coma. Talia schemed with Sloan's brother, Colin. A video confirmed Kate was alive.
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Bo has a tense reunion with Hope

Bo has a tense reunion with Hope

Monday, April 24, 2023

by Mike

Roman laughed off Andrew's report that Bo was Kayla's true captor, and John was also skeptical, but Marlena clarified that Megan's claim could be legitimate because there had been at least four cryogenic chambers at the DiMera lab near Greece -- and Rolf's only straightforward comment on the matter had been an assurance that Stefano wasn't the mystery person who had been resurrected. "So, all this time, Megan has kept Bo locked away?" Roman sputtered. "That's definitely one for the books -- even for Salem," John mused. "Well, if Bo has Kayla, then Kayla's okay -- Bo wouldn't hurt his own sister; Bo wouldn't hurt anybody!" Roman argued.

Andrew warned that it wasn't safe to make any assumptions about Bo's state of mind based on past behavior. "Megan was adamant that Thomas Banks was not the one who killed Kate -- that it was Bo," Andrew revealed. "Since when are we believing a word that comes out of Megan Hathaway's mouth?" John protested. "I say Andrew drives us right back to that prison, and we get the truth out of her tonight -- by any means necessary!" Roman spat. "You're not gonna do that -- first of all, Andrew won't let you anywhere near her...and secondly, that isn't who you are," Marlena countered before advising Roman to instead try to get some rest.

Roman gave the matter some thought then accepted Marlena's offer of a ride back to the Brady Pub, but John decided to stay behind and discuss a few more things with Andrew. "Telling the truth -- even if it hurts -- is always the right thing to do," John stressed after realizing that Andrew was feeling bad about having burdened Roman with the news that Bo might be responsible for Kate's death. "If this is Bo -- and if he has done all these terrible things -- then we have to remember that he was under Megan's influence. And I know from personal experience just how powerful that influence is...but I also know that it's reversible," John added.

Andrew also felt bad about having recently advised Harris that Bo was gone for good and that it was therefore safe to pursue a relationship with Hope, but John was just as quick to dismiss that concern. "Love doesn't come with any guarantee -- I think you know that better than anybody. I mean, you know, I don't want to bring up something so personal here, but I think about you and my son Paul quite a bit, you know -- the connection that you two had, I found that to be really special...but then, for one reason or another, you know, it just didn't work out --" John elaborated. "Uh, actually...I should probably let Paul tell you this, but he and I decided to give it another shot," Andrew clarified.

John was delighted to hear the news, but Andrew admitted that it felt trivial in light of everything else that was going on at that time. "There's nothing 'trivial' about love!" John objected. "Not that I'm assuming that the two of you are in love or anything like that," John backpedaled. "Oh, boy -- I've really stuck my foot in it now, haven't I?" John fretted. "No, you haven't. But, you know, Paul and I haven't gotten as far as to call it 'love' yet, and we know it could be a challenge -- you know, making it work," Andrew responded. "There is always a risk that relationships aren't gonna work out, but what you have to do've gotta weigh the rewards," John advised.

Shawn arrived in Greece and checked into a hotel then headed upstairs in search of Hope but found Harris instead. "Shawn-Douglas Brady! Your mom's showed me pictures -- she's very proud of you," Harris declared while shaking Shawn's hand. "After my mom told me that not only is my Aunt Kayla missing but so is my Uncle Steve, I figured I'd come here and see if I could help," Shawn explained after entering Harris' room.

Harris informed Shawn that Hope was en route to Victor's childhood home at that moment -- and was probably going to find Bo there. "That's not possible!" Shawn protested. "I am telling you the truth," Harris insisted. "But you told my mother that place was empty!" Shawn recalled. "I was afraid to lose her," Harris explained. "You son of a bitch -- you didn't tell my mother that her own husband is alive?" Shawn yelled.

Harris admitted that Shawn's outrage was understandable and that keeping such a thing from Hope had been wrong -- then revealed that Bo was the one who had suggested that course of action. "Damn it -- if you don't know what my father is capable of, why the hell did you send my mother out there alone?" Shawn fretted after Harris added that Bo might be responsible for Kate's death.

Thomas barged into the Titan lab with a gun drawn while Kayla was explaining to Stephanie and Chad that Bo was holding Steve captive at Victor's childhood home and was obsessed with the idea of creating a miracle serum that would launch a new Kiriakis empire. Chad stepped in front of Stephanie and Kayla to shield them from the threat of the gun then demanded to know why Thomas was no longer in police custody. "It's a funny thing -- turns out cops are criminally underpaid," Thomas answered. "You bribed them," Kayla translated. "I wasn't the first one -- some American swine screwed them out of what they thought was theirs, three very pricey prisms," Thomas reminded Kayla while eyeing a black pouch that was lying on a table.

Thomas snatched the pouch then aimed the gun at Chad's left ear. "You didn't hesitate to maim me --" Thomas grumbled. "'Maim' you? It's just a scratch -- quite honestly, it's an improvement, I think, over --" Chad argued. "I gotta walk around minus an earlobe now! Well, you know what they say -- one good turn deserves another! I don't mean to get too biblical, but it's an ear for an ear!" Thomas concluded.

Stephanie protested that Chad hadn't meant to fire a shot at Thomas and that attempting to replicate the exact damage that the accidental discharge had caused would likely result in far more serious injuries. "I'm a pretty good shot," Thomas bragged. "But if I happen to hit there instead?" Thomas continued while aiming the gun at Chad's crotch. "Well, it's just collateral damage, ain't it?" Thomas continued before aiming the gun at Chad's left ear again. "Now, you hold real still -- we wouldn't want you to lose your baby-maker, now, would we?" Thomas concluded, and Chad gulped in response -- but Harris burst into the lab before anything else could happen, having received an emergency text message from Stephanie earlier, and knocked out the gunman with a chokehold.

Steve removed the spoon from the bowl of stew Bo had left in the wine cellar of Victor's childhood home then began using the silverware to dig into a crack in the wall -- but the commotion failed to reach the living room, where Hope was frozen in shock. "Am I...really seeing what I think I'm seeing?" Hope eventually sputtered before hesitantly reaching for Bo's face -- then breaking down and seizing a hug after making contact with warm flesh.

Bo squirmed during Hope's lengthy embrace and complained that Harris needed to learn how to keep a secret. "You told Harris not to tell me that you were here?" Hope translated. "I figured your boyfriend wouldn't want the competition," Bo explained. "Bo, if I had known you were alive -- you're the love of my life; you're the only one I want --" Hope declared. "Yeah, well...I don't want you," Bo countered.

Hope assumed that Bo was simply bitter about having been written off as a dead man years earlier. Bo insisted that wasn't the issue then clarified that the man Hope loved was still dead. "You could say I was...'reborn' --" Bo elaborated. "Brady --" Hope interjected. "Kiriakis!" Bo snapped before giving Hope the same speech Kayla and Steve had each received -- the one about following in Victor's footsteps with the creation of an empire. "Why would you have to do that? You're already a wonderful man. You're a great husband. A great father. And're a grandfather --" Hope protested. "Ugh, you're just like them -- you don't listen, just like Steve and Kayla!" Bo grumbled, prompting Hope to wonder if the Johnsons were nearby.

Bo admitted that Steve was locked in the wine cellar of Victor's childhood home and that Kayla was "taking care of something" at another location in Greece -- then added, while drawing a gun, that Hope wasn't going to be given an opportunity to interfere in either situation. Bo ordered Hope, whose gun was lying on the couch, to step outside and head up to a nearby cliff -- and shortly after they exited Victor's childhood home, Steve finished digging through the wall of the wine cellar then reached for the lock on the outside of the nearby door. "I can't be the man I'm meant to be -- not with you in the world," Bo explained while forcing Hope to the edge of the cliff, annoyed that memories of their relationship were starting to resurface.

Hope refused to believe that Bo was going to make good on the threat. "There is one fundamental truth between you and me, and that is that we love each other to the very depths of our soul -- so, no matter what happens here today, nothing will ever extinguish that love," Hope argued. "Rolf couldn't do it, and nobody else could, either -- so many people, Bo, have tried to keep us apart, but they couldn't," Hope continued. "Brady, so many things -- so many obstacles -- have stood in our way," Hope continued. "We've overcome them -- every single one of them!" Hope continued. "What's tugging at you is your heart -- it's the truest, purest part of you, and it knows that the only place you belong is with me...with your Fancy Face," Hope concluded, drawing a whimper from Bo. "Fancy Face?" Bo repeated as the resurfacing memories of Hope suddenly grew more vivid.

Hope breathed a sigh of relief as Bo softened and began to lower the gun -- but Shawn approached just then, with Steve close behind, and shot the perceived threat without any warning.

Bo fights for his life

Bo fights for his life

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

In Seattle, Wendy told Tripp that she had blocked Johnny's number. "If he's marrying Chanel, why does he keep calling you?" Tripp asked. Wendy guessed that Johnny wanted to alleviate his guilt. "I'm not giving him the satisfaction," Wendy said. Wendy changed the subject to her first date with Tripp.

"How's it going so far?" Tripp asked. "I'd say it's going great. Can't wait to see what you have planned next," Wendy said. Tripp admitted that he did not have anything planned beyond the dinner he had cooked. Tripp suggested they ride the Ferris wheel at the pier. With a scrunched face, Wendy admitted that she had a fear that she would get stuck on a Ferris wheel.

"It'll be fun" Tripp said. Wendy was resistant, but Tripp promised her that they would not get stuck. "And then we'll walk around the pier, get some cotton candy. I'm going to show you a good time, even if it kills me," Tripp said.

In the Salem town square, a frustrated Johnny muttered to himself. "Is something wrong?" Chanel asked as she walked by Johnny's café table. Johnny noted that Wendy had refused his calls. "[Wendy] is obviously still upset that I proposed to you," Johnny said. Chanel asked if Wendy had heard about the drugged biscuits.

"No, she left town right after she ran into us," Johnny explained. "Where'd she go?" Chanel asked. With a rueful chuckle, Johnny said that Wendy had run to Tripp in Seattle. "If she won't take your calls, then maybe you should just give her some space," Chanel suggested. "What if [Wendy] and Tripp are together by [the time she returns to Salem]?" Johnny countered. Chanel shrugged.

As Johnny's phone beeped, he noted that Wendy had blocked his number. Johnny asked Chanel if the police had any evidence that linked Sloan to the crime. "Not yet. It's so obvious she tried to destroy my business, and she may have succeeded," Chanel said. Johnny touched Chanel's hand.

"I'm really sorry you're going through all this," Johnny said. "You too, G," Chanel said. "Well, well. If it isn't Salem's newly engaged couple," Leo said as he walked by. Leo asked for wedding details. As Leo pulled up a chair, he asked to see the ring.

"There isn't one," Chanel said. "No ring, you cheapskate? Surely a DiMera can afford to give a lady a proper rock," Leo said. Johnny yelled that he and Chanel were not engaged. "What is it with you two? Off again, on again, married, divorced, doing the dirty with the other one's twin sister. You millennials, you're so hard to keep track of," Leo complained.

"Johnny isn't interested in me anymore," Chanel stressed. "Is there someone else?" Leo inquired. When Johnny didn't respond, Chanel told Johnny that Leo would make something up if Johnny did not answer. "I'm dating Wendy Shin," Johnny admitted. Leo asked about Wendy's response to the news. Johnny recapped the situation for Leo.

"What are these biscuits everybody keeps talking about?" Leo asked. Chanel explained that Sloan had drugged the dough for her breakfast biscuits. "Because of [Sloan], half the town was on a powerful hallucinogenic," Chanel said. Chanel encouraged Leo to write about what Sloan had done. Leo explained that Sloan had threatened to sue him for libel.

"So, unless you have concrete proof," Leo said. Chanel dropped her head, and Leo sighed. "Well, then, I'll be running my original story. Johnny and Chanel, Salem's answer to the Bennifer reunion," Leo said. "We're not even together," Chanel protested. Johnny blamed the drugs.

"Or is it possible that the drugs brought your true feelings to the surface? Food for thought," Leo said. With a grin, Leo walked away. Chanel assured Johnny that she knew that he wanted to be with Wendy. "The question is, does Wendy want to be with me? She probably hates me right now," Johnny said. Chanel offered to help.

"If Wendy's not going to listen to her own brother, I doubt that she's going to listen to her ex-roommate, especially if she thinks you stole me from her. You're probably blocked, too," Johnny said. "Which is why I am going to call Tripp," Chanel countered.

In Seattle, Tripp and Wendy returned from the pier. "I did try to tell you that the Ferris wheel was a bad idea," Wendy said. Tripp rubbed his side, and he wondered aloud if he had been the first person to sustain an injury on the ride by tripping as he boarded it. "The ride operator laughed so hard," Wendy said. "Not as hard as you did," Tripp said with a grin.

"It's just a bruise," Wendy said. "Yeah, just like my ego," Tripp joked. With a grin, Wendy told Tripp he had delivered on his promise to show her a good time. Wendy retrieved a bag of frozen peas, and she insisted that Tripp lift his shirt for her. As Tripp and Wendy sat next to one another on the couch, they stared into one another's eyes as she iced his bruise.

"You just enjoy torturing me, don't you?" Tripp asked. "I have been told I have a slight sadomasochistic streak," Wendy joked. Tripp laughed and wondered what he had gotten himself into. "Do you want me to stop?" Wendy asked. "No, actually, it's starting to feel pretty good," Tripp said. Tripp kissed Wendy. As the kisses grew more passionate, Tripp's phone rang, and he groaned.

"This could be about Kayla," Tripp said. Tripp saw Chanel's number on the caller ID, and he answered the call. "I hear congratulations are in order," Tripp said. "You have to let me explain. What Wendy saw wasn't real," Chanel countered. With a laugh, Tripp asked Chanel if she was suggesting that Wendy had hallucinated the proposal.

"She wasn't [hallucinating], but Johnny and I were," Chanel said. Chanel told Tripp that she, Johnny, and half of Salem had accidentally ingested a powerful hallucinogen. "It is a long story, but Johnny and I aren't engaged. He wants to be with Wendy," Chanel said. Tripp handed the phone to Wendy, and Johnny explained what had happened.

"Now that I'm sober, I swear to you that you are the only woman I want," Johnny said. "It sounds so crazy, it must be true," Wendy whispered. Johnny sighed with relief, and he noted that things could go back to the way they had been. Wendy looked at Tripp, unsure.

In Greece, Harris knocked out Thomas Banks, and he rescued Chad, Stephanie, and Kayla. Confused, Kayla asked, "Who are you?" Stephanie explained that Harris had been helping Hope search for Steve and Kayla. Kayla introduced herself, and she asked for help saving her husband from captivity.

"You will never believe who kidnapped my parents," Stephanie said. "Actually, I know who it was," Harris admitted. 'How do you know that?" Chad asked. Harris explained that he had lied about having seen no one at the villa. "I'm sorry," Harris said. "You didn't want to lose Hope," Chad murmured. Harris nodded yes.

"So, you just kept your mouth shut, even though my parents' lives were in danger?" Stephanie growled. "Bo mentioned that somebody came by the place, but he didn't say it was you," Kayla said. Harris explained that he had asked Bo about Kayla and that Bo had denied having taken her. "I didn't believe him, but I, you know, I just told myself, there's no way he can hurt his own sister," Harris admitted. Harris said he'd been wrong, and he apologized.

"That's why I finally came clean to Hope," Harris said. "Did you tell her about Bo?" Kayla asked. Harris said he had sent Hope to the villa, but he had not told her that Bo was there. "Well, she obviously knows now. You can't imagine what she's going through," Kayla said. With a shake of her head, Kayla said she hoped that seeing Hope would break Bo's programming.

"You don't think he'd hurt her, do you?" Stephanie asked. After a moment, Kayla said no. "He couldn't bring himself to hurt your father, so I can't imagine he would hurt Hope," Kayla said. Harris explained that he had sent Shawn to the villa to help Hope. Worried, Kayla insisted that they go to the villa, too.

With a nod of agreement, Harris said he would take Banks to the police station. "You can't. He bribed [the police] last time," Stephanie said. Harris offered to contact the ISA instead. "I'll return [the prisms], as well," Harris said.

After Chad and Stephanie walked out, Harris stopped Kayla. "I regret not telling the truth sooner. I'm really sorry," Harris said. Kayla nodded, and she walked out. "I just didn't want to lose Hope," Harris whispered.

At the top of a cliff, Bo struggled with his urge to kill Hope. As Bo clutched the gun in his hands, he said, "The only way I could be the man I'm meant to be is to get rid of you!" When Bo pointed the gun at Hope, she shook her head no. "You're Bo Brady. The best man I know. You're the love of my life," Hope said. Hoped argued that Bo's love for her would never fade.

"We love each other to the very depths of our soul," Hope said. Bo remembered moments of his life with Hope. "No matter what happens here today, nothing will ever extinguish that love," Hope said. Hope reminded Bo that numerous people had attempted to break them up and had failed. Bo continued to remember his history with Hope.

"So many obstacles have stood in our way. We've overcome them, every single one of them," Hope said. Hope told Bo that she did not believe that Bo would hurt her, because he had a pure heart. "And [your heart] knows that the only place you belong is with me," Hope pleaded. Bo fought his programming as his memories of Hope flooded back.

"Fancy Face?" Bo whispered. Shawn arrived on the scene, and he shot Bo. Bo collapsed. "No! Oh, my God!" Hope screamed. As Hope knelt beside Bo's unconscious body, Steve and Shawn watched in horror. "Is he?" Shawn asked. Hope yelled that Bo had a pulse, but that he was losing a lot of blood. Steve called for an ambulance as Shawn knelt beside his father.

"I'm so sorry. He had a gun pointed at you, and I didn't know what to do," Shawn confessed. "I know. He wasn't going to hurt me," Hope said. Shawn explained that Harris had told him that Bo had been brainwashed. "You don't understand. I got through to him," Hope said. "I shot him," Shawn whispered in disbelief.

At the villa, Chad, Stephanie, and Kayla checked the wine cellar, and they realized that Steve had escaped. "If Papa did get free, where do you think he went?" Stephanie asked.

After the ambulance took Bo to the hospital, Hope watched from the corner of the room as the doctors worked to save Bo's life. "Oh, Brady, hang on. Keep fighting. I can't lose you again," Hope whispered. The alarms on the monitors blared as Bo's heart stopped.

In the waiting area of the hospital, Steve asked Shawn if he was okay. "I honestly don't really know how to answer that. I'm just trying to process the fact that my dad is alive. And thanks to me, I might lose him all over again," Shawn said. "Bo is a fighter. After everything he's been through, you think one little bullet is going to take him down?" Steve said. Shawn nodded, and he said he knew his father would be okay.

Shawn updated Steve on how he had learned about Bo. "So, Michaels knew Bo was alive, and he said nothing?" Steve asked. Shawn nodded yes. Shawn explained that Harris had worried that he would lose Hope, but his conscience had gotten the better of him. "So, he sent her to the villa," Shawn said. Shawn said he had raced after Hope after he had talked to Harris.

"I get there, and my dad has got a gun, and it's pointed at my mom. And all I could think about was how Michaels had said that Megan had turned him and that he had probably shot and killed Kate," Shawn explained. Shawn said he had wanted to prevent the same fate for his mother.

"I thought the same thing," Steve confessed. "But we were both wrong! My mom had gotten through to him!" Shawn yelled. With a sigh, Shawn said that he had shot his dad "for no reason." Shawn worried aloud that his father could die because of Shawn's actions. "I'm sorry," Shawn said. "There's nothing to be sorry for," Steve reassured Shawn.

Worried about Kayla, Steve announced that he needed to go over to the Titan lab to free her. Before Steve could leave, Stephanie called Shawn's phone. "We're at a local hospital," Steve said. Steve said he and Shawn were okay. "It's your Uncle Bo," Steve said.

Down the hallway, the doctors shocked Bo's heart to restart it. Hope burst into tears. "I'm so sorry. He's gone," the doctor said. "Don't leave me, Bo!" Hope cried out. Hope kissed Bo, and she begged him to wake up. "I'm afraid it's too late," the doctor said. Hope pleaded with Bo to wake up.

"We were apart for so long, and I just got him back, and we didn't get any time together. So, this can't be how it ends," Hope said. "He is gone. Dead," the doctor said. Hope fainted. Once unconscious, Hope dreamed that after Bo had called her Fancy Face on the cliff, they had kissed. "Welcome back, Brady," Hope said through tears. "I missed you," Bo countered. As Bo and Hope hugged on the cliff, Bo apologized for having almost shot her.

"I didn't believe that for a second. No matter what Rolf did to you, I know that you would never hurt me," Hope said. "[Rolf] tried to make me forget who I am, forget our love," Bo complained. Hope countered that Rolf could not mess with Bo's heart.

"Nothing can erase our love. Not Rolf. As it turns out, not even death," Bo agreed. Hope smiled as she looked into Bo's eyes. "I thought I'd lost you forever," Hope said. Bo apologized for Hope's distress. "Let's never be apart again," Bo said. Elated, Hope threw her arms around Bo.

In the waiting area, Chad, Stephanie, and Kayla reunited with Steve. "Are you all right?" Steve asked as he noticed Kayla's hospital gown. Stephanie explained that she had made Kayla get checked out when they had arrived at the hospital. "Bo's been shot?" Kayla asked. "Hope is in there with him now," Steve said. Chad asked who had shot Bo. "It was me. I made a terrible mistake," Shawn announced.

In Bo's hospital room, Hope continued to dream about her reunion with Bo. In her dream, Bo set up a romantic evening in Victor's villa, and he suggested that they buy the place. Hope agreed. Hope suggested that they call the family to tell them the good news. Bo kissed Hope. "It's right on the top of my list of things to do. But right now, this is some us time," Bo said. Bo told Hope that they would get to spend the rest of their lives together.

Bo and Hope snuggled in front of the fire. "I never thought I could be this happy," Hope said. Hope told Bo that she loved him. "And I love you. You are my heart, and always will be," Bo said. "It feels like a dream," Hope whispered. Hope stirred awake in the hospital, and the nurse greeted her.

"Do I know you?" Hope asked. "I'm Angela. I work here in the trauma unit," Angela said. Alarmed, Hope looked across the room. Bo's bed was empty. "Did they already take him?" Hope asked. Angela confirmed that the orderlies had taken Bo into surgery. Elated, Hope hugged Angela.

"Wait, wait, wait. They took him to surgery?" Hope asked. "After you passed out, his heart started beating again," Angela explained. Angela said it had been a miracle. "Thank you!" Hope screamed heavenward. Angela cautioned that Bo had a long fight ahead of him. "But it is clear he is not giving up, and I suspect you may be the reason," Angela said.

At the hotel in Greece, Chad ran into Harris in the lobby, and he asked Harris about Banks. "He's in ISA custody. Did you guys find Steve?" Harris asked. Chad said that everyone was at the hospital. "What happened?" Harris asked.

In the waiting area, Stephanie delivered food and coffee to her mother as the family waited for news about Bo. "Where's Chad?" Kayla asked. Stephanie confirmed that Chad had returned to the hotel to get a change of clothes for Kayla. "Any word on Uncle Bo?" Stephanie asked. "I'm going to get some answers," Shawn said. As Shawn rose to his feet, Hope walked into the room.

"Almost lost him again, but he's in surgery," Hope confirmed. Hope saw Kayla, and she rushed over to hug her. "Shawn told me that you got through to [Bo]," Kayla said. "I did, but he was fighting it. You know how stubborn he is," Hope said. "I do," Kayla said with a smile.

"And you and Dad would be together at this very moment if it wasn't for me," Shawn lamented. "You had a split second to make a decision, and you did what you thought was best," Kayla stressed. Steve agreed, and he suggested that they focus on Bo's recovery. As Hope patted Shawn's shoulder, Bo's doctor walked in.

"Mr. Brady made it through surgery, and his vitals have stabilized," the doctor said. "Thank God," Shawn said. Hope asked to see Bo, but the doctor warned her Bo had fallen into a coma.

Jada realizes a hole in Talia's story

Jada realizes a hole in Talia's story

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

In Stefan's room at the DiMera mansion, Stefan and Gabi were ecstatic to wake up in bed together after their long-awaited reunion. The two kissed and made love again.

In the living room of the mansion, E.J. was outraged that Stefan had moved Gabi back into the mansion, and he huffed to Nicole that he should start eviction proceedings. Just then, Stefan and Gabi appeared. Stefan reminded E.J. that both brothers' names were on the deed to the mansion.

Stefan and Gabi proceeded to show public displays of affection in front of E.J. and Nicole. Stefan prepared to head to work, and he surprised E.J. when he said that he had hired Gabi to a position at DiMera Enterprises.

E.J. and Stefan bickered over whether Stefan had the authority to hire Gabi. Stefan surprised everyone when he said that he had hired Gabi as a "consultant." Stefan and Gabi gloated that there was nothing E.J. could do about it. Stefan added that Gabi's first order of business as a consultant would be to evaluate E.J.'s performance.

Things grew more tense when E.J. offered Nicole a similar position as a "consultant." Nicole feigned flattery, and she readily accepted. E.J. remarked that it would be "one big, happy family at corporate headquarters from now on," as he and Nicole smirked. Stefan and Gabi smirked back at the two.

Later, Nicole and E.J. complimented one another in the foyer of the mansion, but the two had looks of uncertainty on their faces as they hugged. Stefan and Gabi joined E.J. and Nicole. Stefan tossed his keys to E.J., and told E.J. to drive. "Oh, I intend to, brother. Let's do this," E.J. said with a wink to Nicole.

At the Brady Pub, Trask interrupted Eric and Sloan's breakfast to accuse Sloan of being responsible for drugging the biscuits at Sweet Bits. Sloan blasted Trask for her accusation, and Eric stood up for Sloan.

Trask said that Sloan had caught the wrong people in her net, and she vowed to put Sloan in prison. Eric said that he had been with Sloan during the entire night the biscuits were thought to have been tampered with. Trask eventually left.

Afterwards, Sloan thanked Eric for his support. Sloan claimed to be "terrified" that her enemies were going after her. Eric wondered who else might consider Chanel an enemy. Sloan admitted that it made no sense for anyone to have "drugged half the city" just to go after her.

Eric agreed, and he said that he and Sloan needed to figure out who had been the intended target. "Exactly. Was it Chanel, or was it me?" Sloan wondered.

At the Salem Police Station, Abe told Rafe and Jada that he was angry that no one had been arrested in the "insane drugging debacle" at Sweet Bits. "So, what is the holdup? Why the hell is Sloan Peterson still walking the streets?" Abe asked loudly.

Rafe told Abe that the police had no evidence to tie Sloan to the crime. Abe seethed, and Rafe asked if Abe was too close to the case. Abe admitted that he was, and he stated that the case was personal to him. "I love this family, and I love this town. And right now, both are under attack," Abe said.

In Horton Town Square, Chanel was dispirited that no one had stopped by the table outside Sweet Bits for breakfast. Talia feigned feeling "terrible" because the recipe had been her fault. Paulina appeared, and Chanel offered her a bear claw. Paulina said she wasn't interested. "Mama! Not you, too?" Chanel asked.

Paulina changed her mind, and she asked for a whole tray of bear claws. Chanel said that she felt bad because the bakery's business was doing poorly for the first time ever. Talia looked on silently as Paulina hugged and comforted Chanel.

Chanel told Talia that she didn't think she could keep Talia as an employee because of the financial hit that Sweet Bits had taken after the biscuits had been tampered with. Talia said the bakery would recover, and she insisted that the bakery was where she belonged. Talia agreed to work for free, and Chanel hugged Talia.

Chanel received a call from Jada, who asked Chanel to meet her at the police station. Chanel surprised Talia when she said the police wanted to interview Talia, as well.

Later, Chanel and Talia appeared at the police station. The two women gave their statements to Jada and Rafe, respectively. Both Chanel and Talia stated that they had left at 5:15 p.m. on the night the biscuits had been tampered with and returned at 5:00 a.m. the following morning. Afterwards, Rafe thanked Chanel and Talia for their cooperation.

Trask entered, and she learned from Jada that there had been a twelve-hour window when the biscuits could have been tampered with. Trask recalled that she had just seen Sloan, and she said that Eric was Sloan's alibi.

Chanel returned to the table outside Sweet Bits after giving her statement to the police. Paulina tried to assure Chanel that things would be okay, and she offered to prepare dinner for Chanel and Talia. Chanel thanked Paulina, but she said that she had already sent Talia home for the day.

Back at the police station, Rafe and Jada compared notes. The two said that both Chanel and Talia's stories were the same. Rafe noted that Talia had said that she hadn't seen Chanel until 5:00 a.m. the following morning. A few seconds later, Jada had a realization. "Wait. What did you just say?" Jada asked Rafe.

Rafe surmised that Jada was upset by Talia's answer, specifically that she claimed to have seen Chanel at 5:00 a.m. on the morning after Talia and Chanel had left the bakery. "I just realized... what Talia told you is not true," Jada said.

At the same time, Talia knocked on someone's door at the Salem Inn. A young man in his 20s, with dark hair and a matching beard, answered the door. "Hey!" Talia exclaimed. "It's about time," the man responded. Talia stepped inside the room, where she and the man immediately made out.

Talia reveals why she came to Salem

Talia reveals why she came to Salem

Thursday, April 27, 2023

In Xander's room, Xander opened the door to Chloe, wearing nothing but a towel. Chloe surprised Xander with a gift, and she changed the bandage on Xander's chest from where he had been hit by a dart that Chloe had thrown the previous day.

Xander mentioned that he needed to start looking for a new place to live. Chloe said that she felt the same way, and she bemoaned that she didn't have a job and that her relationship with Brady wasn't going anywhere. Xander proposed that the two of them move in together. Chloe rejected the idea. Xander continued to badger Chloe, and she soon agreed to look at a place with Xander.

At the Brady Pub, Eric asked Sloan who her enemies might be -- other than Chanel and Paulina. Brady entered, and Sloan left after giving Eric a kiss. Afterwards, Brady said he was surprised that Eric was still with Sloan. Brady added that he hadn't gone to see Eric to talk about Sloan, but rather Chloe. "And how to keep that bastard Xander away from her," Brady said angrily.

Brady said that he had grown sick of seeing Xander "hanging around Chloe," and he thought that Chloe might be "vulnerable." Eric encouraged Brady not to assume the worst, but Brady recalled that Nicole had also succumbed to Xander's "charm." Eric admitted that Brady had a point about Xander.

Brady said that he hadn't been the most supportive husband, given the friction between Chloe and Rachel. Eric continued to try to dissuade Brady from thinking the worst. Brady said he doubted that Chloe would allow herself to get too close to Xander. "It's not like they're moving in together," Brady concluded.

Outside the pub, Sloan confronted Leo for his attacks on her in his Lady Whistleblower columns. Sloan said the real reason she had stopped Leo was because she had some "dirt" for Leo's next column. Sloan recalled that she had seen Rafe kissing Jada after Rafe had eaten one of the drugged biscuits.

Sloan added that the kiss was a direct violation of Abe's new policy that forbade fraternization outside the office. Sloan gloated that Leo could "blow up" both the mayor's office and the Salem Police Department. Leo contemplated whether he should run the story.

In Horton Town Square, Alex approached Chanel. Alex said that he hated what Chanel and Sweet Bits had been through with the drugged biscuits. Chanel referenced Alex's past with Sloan, and she asked him to get Sloan back into his bed.

Chanel said that Alex could "sweet-talk" Sloan and "screw a confession" out of her. Chanel laughed when Alex said that he was in sex therapy. Alex clarified that it was "only therapy," but he admitted that it was funny. Alex said that Marlena had made him realize he had a problem.

Alex said that if he were to sleep with Sloan, it would cause him to end up where he had started before starting therapy. Chanel promised not to joke with Alex about the subject again, and she said it was good that Alex was going to therapy. Alex offered to give Chanel a loan because of Sweet Bits' struggles, but Chanel politely declined.

At the Salem Police Station, Jada told Rafe that Talia hadn't gone "straight home" after having dinner with Chanel. Rafe asked what Jada wanted to do about Talia. Jada called Talia, who made up a story about having gone for a walk by the lake.

Afterwards, Jada told Rafe that she hadn't felt she had been talking to Talia. Jada recalled that Talia had always possessed a vivid memory, and she stated that she found it strange that Talia would forget to disclose her whereabouts, as well as having forgotten to set the alarm at Sweet Bits.

Jada went on to recall that Talia had left medical school in New York to move to Salem to take a job as a baker's assistant. Jada added that, as a doctor, Talia would have had access to the drugs that had been put into the dough.

Rafe wondered what Talia's motive would be for "drugging half the town." Jada agreed that it made no sense and that it had to be someone with a more definitive motive. "Which brings us back to Sloan Peterson," Jada said.

At a motel room, Talia and a man with dark hair and a matching beard kissed. The man spoke with an English-Irish accent, and he revealed that his mother had been the woman Chanel had pushed off a roof years earlier.

The man surmised that Talia was worried. "It's not just about me, Colin. The police are looking really hard into Sloan. She's their number one suspect, and she has no idea that her own brother is behind what happened," Talia revealed.

Talia flashed back to one of the arguments that Paulina and Chanel had had with Sloan, during which it was revealed that Talia had swiped Paulina's keys. Colin and Talia recalled how they had trashed Paulina's office. Talia suggested that the two tell Sloan about their schemes, but Colin flatly refused.

Talia recalled having met Colin in New York, and she said the two of them had made an immediate connection. After Talia's call with Jada ended, Colin yelled at Talia for not having thought things through with regard to her alibi. Colin said that Chanel had killed his mother. Talia admitted that she had grown confused because Chanel and Paulina seemed like nice people.

Colin grew angrier, and he began to yell in Talia's face. Colin said that Talia couldn't allow Chanel and Paulina to change Talia's mind. Talia started to leave, but Colin took her hand. Colin said that he loved Talia and that he couldn't carry out his plans without her. Talia said that she loved Colin, too, and she left.

After leaving Colin's room, Talia saw Chloe and Xander in the hallway outside. Talia apologized when Xander confronted her for having sold Chloe one of the biscuits. Chloe told Xander that it hadn't been Talia's fault.

Andrew recovers video of Kate from Bo's microchip

Andrew recovers video of Kate from Bo's microchip

Friday, April 28, 2023

In the Greek hospital waiting room, Steve assured Kayla, "If anybody can get through this, it's Bo Brady." "From your lips," Roman said as he walked in. Kayla eagerly greeted her brother. "Can you believe this?" Kayla asked. "I don't know what to feel," Roman confessed.

Roman asked Kayla if Bo would survive his injuries. "We don't know," Kayla said. Kayla asked Roman if he wanted to accompany her to check on Bo. "Not yet," Roman said.

After Kayla left, Steve admitted that he was more worried about Shawn than about Hope. "How is that poor kid ever gonna get over shooting his own father?" Steve said. Roman stared at the wall. "I know why you don't want to go in there and see Bo," Steve said. Steve said he knew that Roman was upset about Kate. "[Bo] killed her," Roman said. "He was under Megan's control," Steve said. Roman argued that intellectually, he knew that, but his heart was still torn.

"I want nothing more than for Bo to come out of this, for Hope, and their kids, their grandkids. Hell, for our whole family. But how can I ever look my little brother in the eye again and know the fact that he took Kate away from me," Roman said.

Outside the hospital, Shawn thought about when he had shot his father. Ciara called out to Shawn. "I came as soon as I heard. I can't believe it. Is Dad really alive?" Ciara asked. "Yeah. No thanks to me," Shawn muttered. Ciara reassured Shawn that he had acted to protect their mother.

"Mom had gotten through to him," Shawn said. "But you didn't know," Ciara countered. "I should have realized that Mom is the one person that can always reach him, no matter what!" Shawn yelled. Shawn called himself an idiot.

"You can't blame yourself for trying to save Mom's life. And Mom doesn't blame you, either," Ciara stressed. Ciara urged Shawn to have faith that Bo would wake up. "I want to believe that you're right," Shawn whispered. Ciara asked Shawn if he had seen Bo, but Shawn confessed that he could not face their parents.

"Take all the time you need. But I'm gonna repeat myself. Nobody blames you, all right?" Ciara said. Shawn said nothing, so Ciara kissed his forehead, and she went into the hospital.

In his hotel room, Harris was reading a news article about Bo when Andrew knocked on the door. "I take it you're here to talk about your Uncle Bo?" Harris asked. With a nod yes, Andrew admitted he had been on the phone with his mother all night. "She's a wreck," Andrew said. Harris apologized, but Andrew countered that Harris was not to blame.

"I'm not so sure about that," Harris said. Harris told Andrew how he had delayed telling Hope about Bo. "It's not my finest hour," Harris said. Harris admitted he had thought Andrew was there to arrest him. "Actually, I was here to thank you," Andrew said. "Thank me?" Harris said in disbelief. Andrew said he was thankful that Harris had recovered Banks and the prisms.

"Are you still feeling grateful now that you know what I did?" Harris asked. Andrew noted that the lie was not criminal. "I'm not sure the rest of your family feels that way," Harris said. "Have you spoken to Hope?" Andrew asked. Harris shook his head no. Harris told Andrew that Stephanie had yelled at him.

In Stephanie and Chad's hotel room, Chad asked Stephanie what was on her mind. "I was just thinking about how lucky I am," Stephanie said. Stephanie told Chad that she wished for another miracle to save Bo and that she wanted to strangle Harris. "It was a dick move that he didn't tell us about Bo, but he helped us with Thomas Banks. He practically saved my life," Chad said. "Okay, so he's not completely irredeemable, but he's damn close," Stephanie muttered. Chad reminded Stephanie that he was safe.

"You risked your life to help me rescue my parents," Stephanie said with a shake of her head. When Stephanie teased Chad about his nine lives, he told her that he wanted to spend all of them with her. Chad kissed Stephanie, but she pulled away. Stephanie admitted that she felt guilty to be happy when Bo was in the hospital.

"You've been there for your brother, your parents, been there for me and my kids. It's time you let there be someone there for you," Chad said. "You talked me into it," Stephanie said with a grin.

After Chad and Stephanie made love, Stephanie curled up next to Chad. Stephanie worried aloud about Bo's recovery. "I need you to be positive, okay?" Chad said. Stephanie nodded yes. "I will be right by your side, always," Chad added.

In Bo's hospital room, Hope kissed Bo's hand. "I knew you'd never give up. You'd never stop fighting," Hope said. Bo stirred awake. "Fancy Face," Bo whispered. With tears in her eyes, Hope kissed Bo. "What happened?" Bo asked. "You were shot, but you survived. It's a miracle," Hope explained. Hope wanted to get the doctor, but Bo asked Hope not to leave him.

"I don't want to be apart ever again," Bo said. "We won't be, not ever. I promise, not ever," Hope said. Hope woke from her dream, and she saw that Bo was still in a coma. Hope asked Bo to come back to her. "This is our second chance," Hope whispered. Kayla touched Hope's shoulder, and Hope jumped. Hope hugged Kayla fiercely.

"Thank God you're okay," Hope said. "We have Bo back," Kayla said through tears. As Kayla looked through Bo's chart, she noted that Bo had a tough fight ahead. Hope told Kayla about her dream. "He's survived so many things. We have to have faith that he's going to survive this," Kayla said. "Amen to that," Ciara said as she walked in. Hope hugged Ciara.

"Daddy, it's me. It's Ciara. Oh, my God, I love you so much," Ciara said. Hope encouraged Ciara to keep talking to her father. Ciara told Bo that she was excited to introduce him to his grandson. Kayla asked Ciara if she had seen Shawn. With a nod, Ciara explained that Shawn was not ready to see Bo yet. Shawn walked in. Kayla offered to update Steve and Roman down the hallway, and she left.

"Mom, I'm sorry," Shawn said. Hope hugged Shawn, and she told him, "You did what you were trained to do." Shawn shook his head no, but Hope insisted that Shawn had acted to protect her. "I know that. And you know that. It's exactly what your dad would have wanted you to do to protect me," Hope said. After a moment, Shawn said, "You're right. I should be comforting you right now." Hope stressed that she was fine.

"When was the last time you slept or had something to eat?" Ciara asked. "I'm not leaving until your dad wakes up," Hope insisted. Ciara and Shawn urged Hope to take care of herself. "How did I end up with such stubborn children?" Hope joked. "I wonder why?" Ciara said as she waved her hand at both Bo and Hope. With a nod, Hope agreed to go to the hotel.

"You won't leave this room? You'll stay with your dad?" Hope asked. Shawn and Ciara agreed to stay with Bo. Hope kissed Bo goodbye, and she left. Shawn gripped Bo's arm. "I love you, Dad. So much. And we need you," Shawn whispered.

In the waiting area, Kayla told Steve and Roman that Hope had texted that she was going to the hotel to freshen up. "If I know her, it won't be for long," Kayla said. "Is anybody in the room with Bo now?" Roman asked. Kayla confirmed that Shawn and Ciara were with Bo. Steve encouraged Roman to visit his brother. With a nod, Roman walked out.

"I know how hard this is for him," Kayla said. "He's having a hard time with what Bo did to Kate," Steve said. "What we think Bo did," Kayla corrected. Steve agreed that the only information they had on Kate was from a brainwashed Bo. Andrew arrived, and he informed Steve and Kayla that the surgeon had found something in Bo's brain.

"Really? That wasn't in his chart," Kayla said. Andrew pulled a vial out of his pocket that contained a microchip. "That would explain how Megan was able to control [Bo]," Andrew said. "Rolf used one of those chips to make me think I was Stefano," Steve said. Kayla noted that Rolf had used one of the chips on Hope, too.

"That family, the gift that keeps on giving," Andrew muttered. "I wonder if there is a way to access the memory on this thing?" Kayla said. Andrew pulled his laptop out, and he suggested they plug in the chip and have a look.

Ciara curled up in a chair, and she nodded off while Shawn kept vigil at Bo's side. When Ciara startled awake, she apologized. "I didn't get any sleep on the plane," Ciara said. Shawn told Ciara to go to the hotel and rest. "You should take Shawn's advice. We big brothers are right on practically everything," Roman advised Ciara as he walked in. Ciara leaped to her feet to hug Roman. Roman looked over at Bo.

"Look at you," Roman whispered. Roman turned to Shawn, and he said he had heard about Shawn's guilt. "I should have just waited," Shawn said. "Yeah, and your mom could be lying here or worse," Roman countered. When Shawn noted that Roman did not know that Hope had been in danger, Roman argued that Shawn could not have been sure.

"You thought your mom's life was in danger, and it was. There's not a person I know that wouldn't have done the same damn thing," Roman said. Roman reassured Shawn that the situation was not Shawn's fault. "You are a damn good man, nephew, and I'm proud of you," Roman stressed. Roman turned and looked at Bo again.

"But damn Megan Hathaway. She took one of the best men I've ever known and made him do unspeakable things," Roman said. Roman sat next to his brother. "You gotta come back to us. Please?" Roman said.

Ciara told Shawn that she had left Bo behind with Ben. "I didn't know how long I was going to be here," Ciara said. Ciara asked about Belle and Claire. Shawn updated Ciara on the family. When Ciara mentioned that she had talked to Chelsea, she said that Chelsea was on bed rest. "Is she pregnant, too?" Shawn asked. Ciara laughed, and she confirmed that both she and Chelsea were pregnant.

"You hear that, Dad? You got so many more grandkids coming your way," Ciara said. Shawn groaned. "Let's just hope that he's going to be around to be able to meet them," Shawn said. Ciara said she believed that Bo would wake up, and he would spoil all the grandkids.

Outside the Greek hotel, Hope stopped and sighed. "Please, God. Don't take Bo from me again," Hope whispered. As Hope entered the lobby, she saw Harris. "You're leaving?" Hope asked. "I figured it's best for everybody," Harris confirmed. Hope asked about Harris' plans, and he shrugged. Harris asked about Bo. "He's in a coma. The doctors don't know if he'll ever wake up," Hope said. Harris apologized.

"Why didn't you tell me he was alive the moment you found out?" Hope asked. "Because I'm selfish," Harris admitted. Harris said he knew that Hope would have ended their relationship. "And that's not even the excuse. That is the reason," Harris added. Harris informed Hope that Bo had asked him not to tell anyone because it would have put Hope and her family in danger.

"You, of all people, know what it's like to be under Megan's control," Hope said. Harris nodded yes. "You know it was not him speaking. It was her," Hope said. "That's why I came clean," Harris confirmed. With a shake of her head, Hope said, "I trusted you. You should have come clean sooner." "I wish I had. You have no idea," Harris said.

As Hope started to walk away, Harris stopped her. "I know I [screwed up]. It's just that after everything we've faced and nearly losing you, I thought...I thought we had a chance at something real, because I've never had that. I just didn't wanna let go. I really did care about you," Harris said. With a nod, Hope said, "I cared about you, too, Harris."

"But Bo is the love of your life. I know," Harris said. Hope told Harris goodbye, and she walked away. "Goodbye, Hope," Harris whispered. As Harris gathered his bag to leave, Chad and Stephanie entered the lobby. Stephanie announced that they were on their way to see Bo. Harris admitted he had spoken to Hope. Harris apologized again.

"Hope came back here?" Chad asked. With a nod, Harris said Hope had returned to the hospital. "To be with the man she loves," Stephanie said pointedly. "Right. And I know you don't need to hear this from me, but I'm glad your parents are okay," Harris said. Stephanie softened, and she thanked Harris.

"The truth is, I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive you for not telling us about Uncle Bo sooner. But you did save us from Thomas Banks," Stephanie admitted. "I owe you for that. I would have been a dead man for sure if you hadn't have shown up," Chad said. Harris wished Chad and Stephanie good luck. With a nod, Harris said he hoped that Bo would wake up, because he had a lot to live for.

When Hope returned to Bo's hospital room, Roman was still at Bo's bedside as Shawn and Ciara watched from the corner. "You are a sight for sore eyes," Hope said as she hugged Roman. "And you are as beautiful as the day you married my brother," Roman countered. With a groan, Hope asked which wedding. "Every time," Roman said. Shawn asked Hope if she had taken a nap, and she reassured her son that she was fine. Hope asked for time alone with Bo.

After everyone left, Hope sat next to Bo. Hope told Bo about her conversation with Harris. "I have no doubt that you, the real you, wants to be with me as much as I want to be with you," Hope whispered. Hope begged Bo to open his eyes so that she could tell him how much she loved and missed him. Nurse Angela walked into the room.

"It's going to be all right. Let it out," Angela said. Angela told Hope that she had had a feeling that Hope needed her to visit. "He's not waking up," Hope said through tears. Angela told Hope not to give up on Bo. "It's just so hard to see him in this condition," Hope admitted. Angela said she understood.

"But anybody can see by the way you look at that man how much he means to you," Angela said. "He's my whole heart and my hero," Hope said. "You hold out for that hero," Angela quipped. When Hope turned around to look at Angela, she was gone. Hope climbed into bed with Bo, and she rested her head on his shoulder.

"Angela's right, Brady. I will hold out for my hero for as long as it takes," Hope whispered. As Hope held Bo's hand, his fingers curled, but he did not open his eyes. "I miss you. Come back," Hope said.

Outside the hospital, Ciara ended her video chat with Ben and baby Bo. Ciara told Shawn that Ben had been struggling with the news about Bo. "Right after I gave birth to Bo, Dad's spirit came down to visit me," Ciara confided. Ciara told Shawn that Ben had seen the vision of Bo, too.

"I don't understand how that's possible if Daddy isn't actually dead," Ciara said. Shawn shook his head. "It sounds like he found a way to make his way back to you and little Bo when you needed him the most," Shawn said. "Just like he always did," Ciara said. Shawn said he hoped Bo had enough magic to find his way back one more time.

After Shawn left, Chad and Stephanie arrived at the hospital. "You're all grown up!" Stephanie said to Ciara. "Well, I am a mother now," Ciara said. Chad asked about Bo. Ciara explained that Hope was with Bo and that Shawn had gone to the hotel to call Claire. "Don't lose faith, okay? If anyone deserves a miracle from above, it's your dad," Stephanie said.

Roman returned to the waiting room, and Kayla explained that they were decoding the microchip that had been in Bo's brain. "We're hoping it might give us insight into Bo's psyche when Megan was pulling the strings," Steve explained. Kayla asked Roman if he wanted to know the truth. Roman said he needed to recover Kate's body.

When the scan was completed, Andrew noted there was a video file. "I guess somehow it was able to download those activities through his field of vision," Andrew said. Roman asked Andrew to search the time and date of Kate's approximate death. When an image of Kate appeared, Roman asked Andrew to play the video. Kate begged Bo for her life.

"This is hard to watch," Roman said. In the video, Bo raised the gun and fired it into the sky. Kate sighed with relief. "You didn't shoot me," Kate said. "Go. Before I change my mind," Bo told her. Kayla gasped.

"Bo did not shoot Kate!" Kayla cried out. Roman smiled. "Katie is alive! But where in the hell is she?" Roman said. Somewhere in the Mediterranean, Kate chopped the heads off of fishes.

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