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Shawn was overwhelmed with guilt. Andrew asked Harris for help with Kate. Steve reluctantly agreed to work with Harris. The health department shut down Sweet Bits. Talia calmed Jada's suspicions about Talia's involvement in the drug and vandalism crimes. Colin asked Talia to break Chanel's heart. Talia went on a date with Chanel. Xander and Chloe moved in together. Chloe ended her relationship with Brady. Alex dumped Gwen. Alex asked Stephanie for help with Maggie. Sloan told E.J. that Eric had slept with Nicole. Nicole learned she was pregnant. Kate met her captor.
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Kate met her captor. Chloe ended her relationship with Brady. Sloan told E.J. that Eric had slept with Nicole. Sweet Bits was shut down.
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Kate finds herself in familiar waters

Kate finds herself in familiar waters

Monday, May 1, 2023

by Mike

Belle entered the DiMera mansion and found E.J. in the living room. "I rushed over as soon as I got your message," Belle stressed. "Go through the company bylaws and see if there's any loopholes -- anything I can use to eliminate Gabi," E.J. begged.

E.J. began to explain that Stefan had found a way to put Gabi back in a position of power at DiMera Enterprises -- and Belle interrupted the rant after getting the gist. "I was on my way to the courthouse when you called -- and I had to explain to my client and a very unfriendly judge that I had to reschedule today's proceedings for 'a personal emergency'!" Belle snapped. "You said this was 'life and death'!" Belle continued. "My husband is dealing with a real life-and-death situation -- where an actual human being could die!" Belle concluded, prompting E.J. to probe for more details. "Your hubby really screwed up!" E.J. teased after getting the whole story, earning a punch to the gut from Belle.

E.J. recovered from the blow in time to stop Belle from storming out of the mansion. E.J. apologized for the insensitive comment then presented Belle with a peace offering. "Take the DiMera jet and go be with your husband," E.J. insisted. "That's very generous of you, E.J. -- but I can't take you up on it, 'cause I'm in the middle of a trial," Belle responded. "Ask for a continuance -- given the circumstances, I'm sure everyone involved will understand," E.J. advised. "It wouldn't be fair to my client to just take off. And Shawn and I talked about it -- he understands," Belle maintained. "Then...about Gabi --" E.J. tried to backpedal, drawing a glare from Belle. "Never mind -- I'll handle it," E.J. promised before saying goodbye to Belle.

Hope was still with Bo at a hospital in Greece when Kayla stopped by to reveal that Kate was still alive -- news that Steve and Andrew were still trying to help Roman process at that moment.

Andrew reiterated that the ISA had recently conducted a thorough search of Megan's lab and the surrounding property. "So, while I can't tell you where Kate is, I can tell you with absolute certainty that she is not on that island," Andrew summarized for Roman. "Well, we know that Rolf escaped on a boat -- they found it in the Port of Athens," Steve noted. "Were there any other boats on that island?" Roman asked Andrew. "Bo took a similar boat when he left with Kayla," Andrew responded. "And there was a space in the lab's marina for a third boat," Andrew continued. "But Kate wasn't an experienced sailor, and the seas around here can be fairly treacherous --" Andrew tried to conclude, but Roman laughed off the concern.

Chad was outside the hospital, trying to convince Stephanie that there was no reason to feel guilty about having lashed out at Harris earlier, when Kayla interrupted to reveal that Kate was still alive.

Shawn ran into Harris in the lobby of the hotel near the hospital. "I know that you blame yourself for what happened to your father, but I'm the one who set this whole thing in motion --" Harris argued. "But at the end of the day, the fact is that you didn't pull the trigger -- you didn't shoot your own father!" Shawn countered.

Shawn headed upstairs to shower and change clothes then phoned Hope and learned that Bo's hand had twitched earlier. The news failed to impress Shawn, who was still feeling guilty when Belle called a short time later. Belle insisted that the news was promising, but Shawn remained concerned that the situation was hopeless.

Andrew tracked down Harris at the hotel and revealed that Kate was still alive. "Would you like a shot at redemption?" Andrew offered, knowing that Harris' training as a Navy SEAL could be helpful.

Kate paused in the process of chopping a fish then turned to a window and glared at the sky. "I really hope you're enjoying this -- because I'm not!" Kate snapped. "Could my life be any more crazy? One moment, I'm being held at gunpoint by a reincarnated Bo Brady -- and the next moment, I'm in the middle of the Mediterranean, chopping up an endless pile of fish!" Kate continued. "This has to be some kind of cosmic joke," Kate continued. "Like a karmic kick in the ass," Kate continued. "I mean, I'm not such a bad person, am I?" Kate continued. "Ugh, never mind -- don't answer that," Kate continued. "I mean, I know I haven't always been a saint, but...really, this?" Kate concluded.

Kate sighed then turned away from the window and finished chopping the fish. "How can I be back here again?" Kate, who had been in a similar situation decades earlier, fretted. "Back in maritime hell?" Kate continued. "I don't deserve this! Why is this happening to me? Why is this always happening to me?" Kate continued. "Maybe if I take a more Buddhist approach -- recognizing that suffering is everywhere and that if I accept it and let it go, that's the way to be free of it?" Kate continued before scoffing at the idea then drawing the attention of the fishing boat's captain. "Trabajar!" the man demanded. "'Work'? Yeah, I'm gonna get back to that -- but first, I need to make a call," Kate responded.

Kate used a hand gesture to clarify the request, prompting the man to produce a cell phone. "How much you pay me for it?" the man wondered. "You speak English?" Kate snapped. "Un poco," the man confessed. "I'm good for it -- I just don't have anything to give you right now," Kate declared. "Tu anillo de boda?" the man argued. "I can't give you my wedding ring!" Kate protested. "Porque no? You can just get another one when you return home," the man responded. "I cannot 'get another one'! Okay? It's one of a kind -- it's my prized possession! My husband put it on my finger when I was on my death bed, okay?" Kate explained, drawing a scoff of disbelief from the man. "It's a long story," Kate informed the man.

The man shrugged then started to pocket the cell phone, prompting Kate to hand over the diamond ring with a sigh. "Only one call -- no more," the man stressed. "Only one call," Kate agreed.

Kate dialed Roman's cell phone number, but the call didn't go through. "Tell me what they're saying," Kate begged the man while returning the cell phone. "The number cannot be complete as you put it," the man translated after listening to a recording.

Kate didn't seem to realize that an international calling code was needed, and the man didn't bother to offer that explanation. "Only one phone call," the man reminded Kate before walking away.

Colin asks Talia to seduce Chanel

Colin asks Talia to seduce Chanel

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

As Jada reviewed Talia's statement, Rafe walked in and showed Jada the new Lady Whistleblower column. "Kissing Cops?" Jada yelled. Rafe noted that Sloan was to blame.

"[Sloan's] the one who saw us together," Rafe said. "Sloan also knows you were drugged. But, of course, it's not mentioned anywhere in here," Jada said. Rafe muttered that he was relieved he had told Abe what had happened before the story had been printed.

"I can't wait to throw the book at that bitch," Rafe muttered. Rafe wondered aloud if he should add obstruction of justice to the charges against Sloan. "Assuming [Sloan] is the one who committed these crimes," Jada said. Rafe asked Jada if she still suspected that Talia was involved. Jada admitted that she was bothered by the fact that Talia had had the means and opportunity to drug the biscuits.

"But still not motive," Rafe countered. "If I didn't know her, between her lack of an alibi, and the fact that she forgot to turn on security cameras, and not to mention she's one of the very few people with a key to the bakery," Jada argued. Rafe noted that Talia did not have keys to Paulina's office. "And that vandalism was most certainly committed by the same perp," Rafe said. Jada argued that the vandal could have had an accomplice.

With a groan, Jada noted that her shoulder hurt. Rafe started to rub Jada's shoulder, then stopped. "I better not," Rafe said. Rafe retrieved a water for Jada, and he told her about the gossip he had heard from another officer. "Health department shut [Sweet Bits] down," Rafe said. Jada said she was sad for Chanel, but she hoped it inspired Talia to give up on becoming a baker.

"How long have you been staring at that file?" Rafe asked. "Just seeing if there is something in here that we might have missed," Jada said. With a nod, Rafe told Jada that he would be in his office if she had any updates.

In the square, Chanel stared at her bakery. With a cheerful smile, Paulina announced that she wanted to order 200 bear claws for the staff at City Hall. "I'm sorry, Mama, but I can't fill that order," Chanel said. Chanel pointed at a sign from the health department.

"The health department shut us down," Chanel said. "How can they do this without even warning you?" Paulina asked. Chanel admitted that the department had left her a message, but she had missed it. "This is so unfair!" Paulina shouted. Paulina refused to give up on Chanel's dream.

"It was my dream, and it was amazing while it lasted, but it's over," Chanel said. Paulina said she was certain that once Sloan was arrested, everyone would return to the bakery. "I appreciate your optimism," Chanel said. Paulina urged Chanel to have faith, and she walked off.

At the motel, Talia complained about the room. "What are you reading?" Talia asked. Colin pointed out that Talia's sister was in the Lady Whistleblower column. After Talia read it, she noted that the story had omitted that Rafe had been drugged.

"I feel terrible. I mean, Jada, she works so hard at her job, and now this? And what if she found out her own sister was behind all of this?" Talia said. "You are not to blame," Colin stressed. Colin argued that Talia had only drugged the biscuits for him. "Chanel tore my family apart. And she needs to pay for it, for being a homewrecker, a murderer. It's called justice," Colin said. Colin argued that Talia had acted to right a wrong.

"And you're doing it out of love," Colin said. Colin told Talia that he loved her, then he argued that the gossip column had done them a favor. "While the cops are distracted, maybe it's time to turn up the heat," Colin suggested. "What do you mean?" Talia asked. Before Colin could answer, Chanel called Talia's phone.

"I'm sorry I'm so late," Talia said to Chanel. Chanel told Talia that the health department had shut down the bakery, so there was no need to work. "Are you sure there's nothing I can do?" Talia asked. "Until we get to the bottom of this, there is nothing anyone can do," Chanel said.

In the square, Paulina returned after Chanel finished her call to Talia. Paulina noted that Abe was in a meeting, and she would talk to him about the closure later. Chanel started to speak, but Paulina told her to hush. "Do you think that I haven't had any obstacles becoming a successful businesswoman or getting on the ballot for governor or Abe on the way to becoming mayor?" Paulina asked. Paulina counseled Chanel to push through the roadblock. Chanel agreed.

Paulina went over to the police station to find Abe, but Jada informed her that Abe had already left. "I guess I'm going to have to go back to City Hall and hunt down that health inspector myself," Paulina muttered. Jada said she had heard about the bakery. "Such a shame," Jada said. Paulina stressed that the shutdown was temporary. Jada changed the subject to the vandalism.

"Do you have a new lead?" Paulina asked. "I'm not sure yet," Jada admitted. As Paulina sat down, Jada reviewed the timeline. "There was no sign of forced entry. Whoever broke into your office that day had a key," Jada said. "And I was the only one who had one," Paulina confirmed. Jada asked about duplicates, but Paulina said she had not trusted anyone after Leo.

"Have your keys ever been left unattended?" Jada asked. After a moment, Paulina noted that on the day she had argued with Sloan in the square, her purse had been unattended on the table at the café. "It was when Chanel introduced me to your lovely sister," Paulina said. "Wait, Talia was there?" Jada asked. With a chuckle, Paulina said she had liked Talia from the moment they had met.

In Rafe's office, Chanel apologized. "I'm really sorry that my baked goods put you in the hospital," Chanel said. "I appreciate it. But you have nothing to apologize for," Rafe said. With a laugh, Rafe said he had been hospitalized because he had eaten so many of the biscuits. Chanel thanked Rafe for his kindness.

"I just wish I knew how it happened," Chanel said. Rafe stressed that they were investigating all leads. Chanel glanced over at a framed photo of Henry, and she gasped.

"I hardly recognized him. Allie sent you this?" Chanel asked. Rafe nodded yes. "Allie, she looks great. Happy," Chanel whispered. Rafe said Allie was comfortable there and meeting people. "As in seeing someone?" Chanel asked. Rafe shrugged. Chanel wiped the tears from her eyes, and she rushed out of the room.

At the motel, Colin laughed about the bakery shutdown. "Babe, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done for me," Colin said. Colin reiterated that he could not do anything because the cops would blame him. "I know. We've been over it a thousand times. But isn't destroying Chanel's business revenge enough?" Talia asked. "How can it be enough?" Colin asked. Colin reminded Talia of his nightmares and depression.

"All because of what that little slut took from me and my sister! Which is why I'm not gonna rest until I make her feel the same kind of misery that she put me and my sister through," Colin yelled. Concerned, Talia asked Colin if he wanted to commit murder. "No. I'm not a murderer, unlike Chanel," Colin countered. Colin explained that Chanel had broken his father's heart before she had killed Colin's mother.

"Now it's time to see how she likes having her heart broken," Colin said. "She's already had her heart broken. Her ex cheated on her and then moved to a different continent," Talia pointed out. With a grin, Colin noted that it was the perfect time for Talia to woo Chanel and then break her heart again. Talia wrapped her arms around herself, defensively.

"You want me to seduce Chanel?" Talia asked. "What's the problem?" Colin said. Talia reminded Colin that she was not gay or bisexual. "All I really want is just you," Talia said. Talia told Colin that it felt like he wanted to pimp her out.

"Not at all. I only want you, too" Colin stressed. Colin said he was confident that Chanel would fall for Talia. When Talia raised an eyebrow, Colin smirked. "You'll commit a crime for me, but you won't kiss a girl?" Colin asked. "It's more than just kissing. You're asking me to lead her on and then break her heart," Talia said. Talia said she did not think she could do it.

"You know how important this is to me, now, don't you? And babe, when this is finally over, I'll be okay. No more mood swings, no more crazy depression. Because I'll feel like I've got justice for my mom," Colin said. Colin promised Talia that they could be happy together. When Colin asked Talia if she loved him, she said yes. "Great. Then I know you'll pull through for me," Colin said. Colin kissed Talia, and they had sex.

At the Salem Inn, Leo ate breakfast. Gwen complained that the expense of living at the hotel was astronomical. Gwen suggested that they find a new place to live. Alex knocked on the door.

"Can we talk?" Alex asked. Leo offered to look for an apartment, and he left. As Gwen wrapped her arms around Alex, he backed up. "I know this may seem sudden, but I don't think it's a good idea that we see each other anymore," Alex said. "You're breaking up with me?" Gwen asked. Alex explained that his relationship with Gwen was part of his unhealthy pattern.

"I'm so attracted to you. You're smart, you're funny, you're beautiful," Alex said. Gwen chuckled and told Alex to shut up. "I decided to lean into this whole no-strings sex thing after I screwed things up with Stephanie," Alex said. Alex explained that therapy had shown him that it was not the best way to handle the situation.

"I'm actually just avoiding facing my feelings. And now I'm using you to do that, and that's not cool," Alex said. Gwen told Alex that she did not mind being used. "Maybe you should. Gwen, this isn't healthy," Alex said. Alex told Gwen that he wanted something better for her. With a smirk, Gwen asked Alex if he believed that a "rich, handsome" Kiriakis was not good enough for her.

"I did not say that. At all. I just need to do some soul-searching. And I think you do, too," Alex said. Gwen said she was not interested. "I know that deep down, you're really just heartbroken," Alex said. Alex noted that Gwen had only slept with him to make Xander jealous. Gwen admitted that had been her motivation at the start.

"But now, I couldn't care less about Xander," Gwen said. "Maybe not on a conscious level, but that is only because you are afraid of dealing with your feelings, and I'm doing the same thing," Alex said. Alex argued that the high from sex had been a coping mechanism. "Are we not using sex as a distraction?" Alex asked. "Honestly, I haven't thought about it, and I would really rather not think about it now," Gwen said. Alex asked Gwen to have an honest conversation with him. Gwen sighed.

"I am heartbroken, yes. Because as much as I have tried to get over Xander..." Gwen started. After a moment, Alex said, "It isn't easy, is it?" Through tears, Gwen shook her head no. "He broke your heart," Alex said. "Just like Stephanie broke yours, and I don't think that you were over her, either," Gwen countered. Alex stressed that he and Stephanie were over.

"Except that now that my Aunt Kayla is alive, it means that you did not deprive her the chance to say goodbye to her mother," Gwen said. Alex noted that his therapy was not about Stephanie. Gwen asked Alex if it was possible to rekindle his flame with Stephanie. "Absolutely not," Alex said. Alex argued that Stephanie would never look at him as an option again.

"This has nothing to do with any other woman. This has everything to do with realizing that my life is a mess. And I just need to get back on track," Alex said. Alex told Gwen that he believed she felt the same way. "I wish I could say I could," Gwen whispered.

Xander and Chloe toured an apartment. "The last thing I expected was to be looking at apartments with you," Chloe admitted. "Right, but sometimes the unexpected can be fun, right?" Xander countered. Xander told Chloe that the apartment was a steal. "The best part is you get out of debt, and I get out of that dump," Xander said. As Xander reviewed the amenities, he wondered aloud if there was a catch.

"I haven't agreed to anything yet," Chloe said. Xander argued that the apartment would go fast. When Chloe suggested that they vet the place thoroughly, Xander went into the bathroom to check the water pressure. As Chloe inspected the kitchen, Brady walked in.

"What are you doing here?" Chloe and Brady asked simultaneously. Brady explained that he was looking for a place for him and Rachel. Chloe admitted that she was looking for an apartment, as well. Confused, Brady noted that the apartment had two bedrooms. Xander returned. "I say we take it," Xander said. "What the hell is this?" Brady asked. With a wide smile, Xander explained that he and Chloe planned to move in together.

"We're just gonna be roommates, that's all. You know that I'm having financial issues," Chloe said. "You could have come to me," Brady said. Chloe gave Brady a look. "All right, but really, you're gonna go to this guy? Do I have to remind you this is the guy--" Brady said. "Who left you in the clutches of a Mexican drug lord? Yes, yes, Brady. We're all very aware of that, but Chloe and I have moved on, haven't we, love?" Xander interrupted. Chloe gave Xander a stern look.

"Well, I haven't moved on from it, which is why I don't understand why you would think about moving in with this guy," Brady said. "Xander and I are friends," Chloe reiterated. Brady disagreed. "He's been there for me," Chloe argued. "I haven't been there for you?" Brady countered.

"We haven't spoken in days!" Chloe said. "I didn't think you wanted to hear from me," Brady admitted. "I didn't want to hear that you're better off without me or something else that's gonna make me feel worse than I already do," Chloe yelled. Brady argued that he was not better off without Chloe. "I wake up thinking about you. I go to sleep thinking about you. I miss you so much, it's crazy," Brady pleaded. Xander argued that Brady was upsetting Chloe.

"Stay out of this," Brady growled. "Or what?" Xander countered. As Brady and Xander squared up, Leo walked in. "What do we have here?" Leo asked. Leo noted that he smelled a story. Confused, Leo asked if Brady, Chloe, and Xander planned to move in together.

"Chloe and I are looking for a place to share. The two of us," Xander said. Brady explained that he was looking for an apartment for him and his daughter. When Leo asked for Rachel's name, Brady grumbled.

"Fine. We'll just refer to her as the demon seed from hell," Leo said as he wrote in his notebook. Brady marched toward Leo, but Xander ran in between the two men. Xander took Leo's pencil, and he snapped it in half. Xander reminded Leo that he was there to look for an apartment, not a story.

"Relax. No one is interested in your Three's Company remake. I was just giving you a hard time," Leo said. Leo looked around the apartment, and he noted that Gwen would be pleased. "Chloe and I were here first. We're taking it," Xander said. "We are?" Chloe asked. With a scoff, Brady asked Xander if he was interested in what Chloe wanted.

"Well, you said you liked it, and since I'm footing the bill, I thought I'd make a decision," Xander said to Chloe. "Sounds like you're a kept woman," Brady said. Chloe yelled at Xander for blurting things out without thinking first.

"And no, Brady, I'm not a kept woman! I will pay my own way when I am able to, which I will happily do because I love this place. It is perfect!" Chloe yelled. Chloe high-fived Xander.

When Leo returned to the Salem Inn, Gwen told him that Alex had dumped her. "Is he crazy?" Leo said. Gwen asked about the apartment. "Unfortunately, somebody got to it before we did," Leo said. With a sigh, Leo told Gwen that Xander was moving in with Chloe.

Chloe returned to her new apartment, and Brady was there. "I kind of wanted to talk to you alone," Brady said. Chloe asked if there was anything left to talk about. "I love you. And in spite of everything that's conspired to keep us apart, I think you might still love me, too," Brady said. Brady cautioned Chloe not to get involved with Xander.

When Xander returned to his motel, he saw Colin opening the door to the room next door. "I thought that was bakery girl's room, no?" Xander asked. Colin paused, but he did not look at Xander.

At the bakery, Chanel cleaned the kitchen, and Talia asked if she was okay. "This day just keeps getting worse," Chanel admitted. "I'm so sorry," Talia said. Talia hugged Chanel. "Maybe I can make you feel better," said Talia. Talia kissed Chanel.

Brady and Chloe officially break up

Brady and Chloe officially break up

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

In Maggie's office at Titan, Alex told Maggie that he and Gwen were no longer seeing each other. Alex said that he had started therapy sessions with Marlena and that he was putting all his energy into Titan. Maggie received a call from an upset Victor. Maggie was stunned to hear from Victor that Bo was alive.

Alex said it was great news that Bo was alive, but Maggie noted that Bo was in a coma in Greece. Maggie said that Victor was fueling up the company jet to fly to Greece to ensure that Bo received the best possible care.

Alex offered to handle all of Titan's business so that Maggie could accompany Victor to Greece. Maggie weighed Alex's proposal, and she eventually agreed. Maggie warned that it was Alex's last chance to prove his commitment to Titan.

Maggie handed Alex a file that she said was "hugely important" to Titan, and she added that all Alex had to do was close the deal. Alex assured Maggie that she wouldn't be sorry for leaving Titan in his hands. Maggie and Alex wished each other well, and Maggie left.

At Sweet Bits Bakery, Chanel asked why Talia had kissed her. Talia said that she had been caught in the moment, and she apologized. Chanel recalled that she had just broken up with Allie, who had already moved on with someone in New Zealand.

Chanel said that perhaps it was time for her to move on, as well, and she kissed Talia. During the kiss, Talia flashed back to having told Colin that she was neither gay nor bisexual. Talia abruptly broke off the kiss.

Chanel was puzzled by Talia's reaction. Talia claimed her reaction was because Chanel was her boss. Chanel said that she felt she could trust Talia. Just then, Colin texted Talia to ask if Talia was growing closer to Chanel. Chanel asked Talia to meet her for an official date at the Bistro later, and Talia agreed.

In Colin's room, Colin smirked as he stared at an article on his phone about Sweet Bits being forced to close. Talia returned, and she mentioned her dinner plans with Chanel. Colin again scolded Talia when she expressed that she had second thoughts about Chanel. Colin whined again that Chanel had killed his mother.

Talia said she couldn't help but feel for Chanel. Colin put his hand on Talia's face as he continued to try to convince her to carrying out his plans. Colin kissed Talia.

In Rafe's office at the Salem Police Station, Rafe was surprised when Jada said she believed that Talia could have been responsible for trashing Paulina's office. Rafe asked why Talia would want to hurt Chanel and Paulina, and he suggested that perhaps neither Talia nor Sloan had vandalized the office.

Jada noted that there was a small hardware store near Horton Town Square and that it would only take a person a few minutes to get a copy of a key made at the store. Rafe and Jada left to see if anyone from the store had recognized Talia or Sloan.

At a table in Horton Town Square, Rafe and Jada met with an elderly man who ran the hardware store. Rafe showed the man a photo of Sloan, and he asked if the person in the photo had had a key made weeks earlier. The man said he would have remembered "such a pretty lady" as Sloan.

Jada then showed the man a photo of Talia. "Oh, yeah, I remember her real well. Not only because she was a knockout, but she was in a hell of a rush," the man told Jada, who seemed frozen.

In Gwen and Leo's room at the Salem Inn, Gwen was saddened to learn from Leo that Xander and Chloe were moving in together. Gwen rambled about Xander and Chloe, and she screamed into a pillow.

Leo encouraged Gwen to air her feelings. Gwen agreed, and Leo put his arms around her. Gwen grew melancholy as she recalled that she and Xander had made each other laugh and that they had accepted one another's weaknesses. Gwen said she had never felt as deep a connection with anyone as she had with Xander.

Gwen told Leo that she hoped he found the kind of love she had felt with Xander. "Honestly, it is the best feeling of all to know that somebody sees you for you, with all of your faults, and still loves you. And so... you see yourself through their eyes, and it makes you love yourself more," Gwen said.

Leo said that Gwen made him feel that way, and he kissed her on the forehead. Leo added that he was sorry things hadn't worked out for Gwen and Xander.

At Xander and Chloe's new apartment, Brady begged Chloe not to move in with Xander. Chloe said that if moving in with Xander was a mistake, it was her mistake to make. Brady and Chloe admitted that they still loved one another, but Chloe said she didn't think their love was enough. "You and I are over," Chloe said.

Brady tried to dissuade Chloe, who grew bittersweet as she recalled how her and Brady's happiness had been "eaten away." Chloe started to sob as she thought back to how hostile Rachel had grown toward her. Brady whispered that he understood, and he fought back his own emotions.

Chloe praised Brady for being a good father, and she said that she had started singing "I Will Always Love You" in an effort to cheer herself up earlier. Chloe added that while the song hadn't cheered her up, she would always love Brady. "I will always love you," Brady repeated, and he and Chloe shared one last kiss.

Xander entered as Brady and Chloe kissed. Through tears, Brady walked away as Chloe continued to cry. Xander told Chloe that it wasn't too late for her to back out of the lease if she had changed her mind. Chloe told Xander that he had walked in on her and Brady saying goodbye. Afterwards, Chloe and Xander ordered pizza, and the two made a toast over beers to their futures and to being roommates.

A short while later, at the Brady Pub, Brady sat alone at a table, sipping club soda, when Gwen approached. "So, I hear that Xander and Chloe are shacking up. Care to drown our sorrows together?" Gwen asked Brady.

Gwen extended her sympathies to Brady over the breakup with Chloe. Brady called Xander a "swine and an idiot," and he said that Gwen was better off without Xander. Gwen suggested that Brady was perhaps better off without Chloe. After a tense moment, Gwen and Brady yelled for a waitress to bring Gwen a drink.

E.J. learns of Nicole's secret

E.J. learns of Nicole's secret

Thursday, May 4, 2023

In Horton Town Square, Eric presented Sloan with a red rose, and the two celebrated that they were officially a couple. As Eric and Sloan kissed, Nicole appeared nearby. Sloan received a text, and she said she had to visit a client.

After Sloan left, Nicole expressed her surprise that Eric and Sloan were an exclusive couple. Eric started to walk away, but Nicole asked Eric to instruct Sloan not to tell anyone else that Nicole and Eric had slept together.

Eric and Nicole both said that the only reason they had had sex was because of the drugged biscuits, but neither seemed certain. Nicole said that she only wanted Eric to be happy. Eric expressed the same for Nicole. "Even if it's with E.J.," Eric said.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan and Gabi made out on the sofa. E.J. scolded the two for their affection. Gabi said she wanted to show E.J. her notes about his performance as CEO of DiMera Enterprises, given that she had taken on a consultant's role with the company.

Gabi said that she had spoken to several employees who had complained about E.J.'s workplace demeanor. "One guy even said he'd rather work for the father in Succession. At least that guy's funny," Gabi quipped.

Gabi presented E.J. with a grade of "F-minus" in her review. Stefan taunted E.J. with the fact that he and Gabi would present Gabi's report to the board of directors. After E.J. left to get some air, Gabi and Stefan both laughed.

Gabi wanted to send the report to the board right away. Stefan warned that E.J. would push back, but Gabi said that she and Stefan could hold their own against E.J. Stefan said that he and Gabi would have to "oust" E.J. from DiMera eventually.

While E.J. enjoyed a walk near the Brady Pub, he encountered Sloan. Sloan stunned E.J. when she said she had caught Eric and Nicole in bed. Sloan apologized, and she said she'd thought that E.J. had already known. Sloan said the biscuits had been to blame, and she encouraged E.J. not to "lose any sleep" over the matter.

Sloan left, and E.J. sat alone on a park bench. E.J. flashed back to having heard Nicole tell someone over the phone that she had a secret. "So, that was her secret. She slept with Eric," E.J. said aloud. Just then, Eric appeared. E.J. and Eric locked eyes.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Nicole returned home. Gabi and Nicole traded barbs about each other's "scathing" reviews of E.J. and Stefan, respectively, when Nicole doubled over in pain. Nicole was forced to sit down. "Oh, my God," Nicole cried out.

At Abe and Paulina's apartment, Paulina was surprised when Chanel said that she and Talia planned to go on a date that evening. Paulina worried that it was too soon for Chanel to start dating again. Chanel said she was ready to move on.

Paulina said the last thing she wanted was for Chanel to have her heart broken again. Paulina added that Chanel hadn't known Talia long, and she remarked that people weren't always what they seemed. Paulina eventually told Chanel to enjoy her date, and the two hugged.

At the Brady Pub, Jada was distraught that the hardware store owner had identified Talia. "It's pretty clear that the person who's been targeting Chanel and Paulina is my very own sister," Jada said.

Rafe remained unconvinced, and he asked what motive Talia would have. Jada noted that Paulina and Chanel hadn't been targeted until Talia had arrived in Salem. Rafe encouraged Jada to take a deep breath, and he vowed that the two would solve the case together.

Talia appeared, and she told Jada and Rafe that she was going to "hang out" with Chanel. Before she left, Jada said that she had to ask Talia something. "Did you trash Paulina Price's office?" Jada asked a startled Talia.

Jada recalled that the hardware store owner had remembered Talia getting a key made at his shop on the day Paulina's office had been vandalized. Jada asked Talia to confide in her because they were sisters. Talia said that she had had a key made, but she said the key had been for Jada's room above the pub.

Rafe told Talia that he and Jada were "just exploring all angles" regarding the vandalism at Paulina's office. A short while later, Jada told Rafe that Talia's key had worked. Jada tried to apologize to Talia, who walked past Jada on her way out of the pub.

At the Bistro, Talia texted Colin to share that Jada had accused her of trashing Paulina's office. As Talia and Colin texted back and forth, Talia grew more concerned about her and Colin's plan. Talia wondered what would happen if Chanel suspected that Talia wasn't attracted to women.

Just then, Chanel appeared in a miniskirt dress. Talia's eyes widened as she caught a glimpse of Chanel. Both women complimented one another on how they looked. Chanel said she thought it would be a good idea for both women to take things slowly, especially given that Talia had said she was new to dating women. Talia said she appreciated Chanel's gesture, and she continued to make eyes at Chanel.

Nicole receives a life-changing diagnosis

Nicole receives a life-changing diagnosis

Friday, May 5, 2023

In the DiMera living room, Nicole cried out in pain. Gabi asked what was wrong. "I felt a bad cramp," Nicole explained. Nicole groaned, and she asked for help. Gabi noted that she did not buy Nicole's act. "What the hell? Can't you see that I'm in pain?" Nicole asked through gritted teeth. "Your performance right now? Totally fake," Gabi said. Nicole winced.

"I can't believe you're insulting me when I'm doubled over in pain," Nicole said. Nicole continued to clutch her stomach and groan. When Gabi reiterated that she did not buy Nicole's performance, Nicole said that was fine but that she still needed help.

"I know what this is about. You want me to let my guard down so that I forget to send my evaluation of E.J. to the DiMera board, right?" Gabi said. "No. It's not right," Nicole said. Nicole screamed in pain again. When Gabi argued that Nicole could not stop her from sending her report to the board, Nicole lost her patience. "I don't care, Gabi! I need to get to the hospital, now!" Nicole screamed. Gabi's smile faded.

"If you don't have the decency to take me to the hospital, I will call an ambulance myself," Nicole muttered. As Nicole attempted to stand up, Gabi asked Nicole if she was really sick. "Yes!" Nicole yelled as she groaned in pain again. "Okay, I believe you!" Gabi said. Gabi gently guided Nicole toward the door, and she promised to take her to the hospital.

Outside the Brady Pub, E.J. glared at Eric when he rounded the corner. "Is there a problem?" Eric asked. "Now, why would you think that?" E.J. said. Annoyed, Eric shrugged and asked E.J. not to annoy the customers. "Not so fast. You and I have a few things that we need to get straight," E.J. said. Eric noted that there was nothing that he and E.J. needed to talk about.

"I'm not sure Sloan Petersen would agree," E.J. said. Eric appeared confused. "Are you talking about those laced biscuits? Sloan had nothing to do with that!" Eric said. Furious, E.J. told Eric that he knew that Eric had slept with Nicole. "You sanctimonious son of a bitch!" E.J. screamed. Eric told E.J. to talk to Nicole.

"At least your girlfriend has the decency to tell me what was going on," E.J. muttered. "Sloan doesn't know what she's talking about. There's nothing going on between me and Nicole," Eric said. "So, you deny that you had sex?" E.J. asked. Eric grudgingly admitted that he had had sex with Nicole.

"You're just as carnal and corrupt as the rest of us," E.J. said. "We were both high as kites after we ate those laced biscuits," Eric said. Eric explained that he and Nicole had not been thinking clearly, and they had known it had been a mistake when they had sobered up. Eric argued that E.J. should understand because he had been drugged, as well.

"If it was indeed a harmless, drug-induced mistake, why did you keep it a secret?" E.J. asked. "Because we knew you'd blow it out of proportion, because you're an insecure ass," Eric countered. E.J. punched Eric. "I guess I had that coming," Eric muttered. When Eric noted that he and E.J. were even, E.J. disagreed. Eric went into the pub.

Stephanie escorted Kayla into work at Salem University Hospital. "I have to say I'm not thrilled that we left your father and the others in Greece," Kayla said. "Mom, this is exactly where you need to be," Stephanie assured Kayla. Stephanie promised to be at her mother's side when they marched into Seth Burns's office and demanded Kayla's job back. "Meanwhile, Dad, Uncle Roman, and Chad, they're gonna find Kate," Stephanie said.

After Kayla and Stephanie confronted Seth Burns and forced him to reinstate Kayla, the two women celebrated in the hallway. "I mean, you come back from the dead, and the guy decides to sell you out to the board?" Stephanie said. With a shrug, Kayla noted that Seth had never been a loyal person. Kayla added that she had heard from a contact in business affairs that the headhunter had failed to turn up any suitable candidates to replace Kayla.

"I bet [Seth] did not expect me to hop on a plane and come here and call him out. Especially with my shark PR daughter by my side," Kayla said. "I'll always have your back, Mom," Stephanie said. With a nod, Kayla said she wanted to get started, and she urged Stephanie to go home and rest. Stephanie noticed Alex across the room. "But first I have some unfinished business to attend to," Stephanie said. Alex smiled.

"I didn't know you were back from Greece," Alex said. Alex told Kayla that he was relieved to see her alive. "My dad is going to be really pumped that you're back home," Alex said. "I hope he and Bonnie are doing well," Kayla said. Alex noted that everyone was fine. Alex apologized to Kayla.

"For what?" Kayla said. "I don't know if Stephanie told you or not, but I was the reason why she wasn't there for your last moments," Alex admitted. Alex said he had been selfish and that he would always feel guilty about his actions. "Stephanie told me what happened that day, how she missed the call," Kayla said. Kayla reminded Alex that those had not been her last moments.

"And now, thank God, I have time to share lots of moments with my family. But I appreciate your apology and accept it," Kayla said. The ER paged Kayla for work, so she hurried off to see her patient. After an awkward moment of silence, Stephanie thanked Alex for his apology to Kayla. Alex admitted that it did not make up for what he had done, but he was pleased that Kayla had forgiven him.

"So, what are you doing here?" Stephanie asked. Alex confessed that he had started therapy with Marlena. "That's great. Big step," Stephanie said. Stephanie announced that she needed to leave for work, but Alex asked if Stephanie would answer a question first. Stephanie guessed that Alex wanted to ask her if she forgave him. Alex said no.

"The new Alex is learning that just because I have remorse for all of my actions, it doesn't mean that the people I hurt need to forgive me," Alex said. "So, why did you stop me just now?" Stephanie said. Alex asked for help with Maggie's Titan deal. "I really can't afford to screw this up," Alex said. Alex explained that he had prepared for the meeting, but he wanted a communications expert in the room with him.

Stephanie was suspicious of Alex's motives, but Alex promised that his request was legitimate. "I feel like this might be my last chance to prove myself to [Maggie]," Alex explained. Alex stressed that he respected Stephanie's relationship with Chad and her boundaries. "What exactly would you need from me?" Stephanie asked. Alex asked Stephanie to attend the meeting with him and make sure he covered Maggie's agenda fully.

"I truly think that my career at Titan depends on it," Alex said. "Well, Titan is still one of my top clients. If you close this deal, it would be a big win for SJPR," Stephanie admitted. With a nod, Stephanie agreed. Alex went to hug Stephanie, and he stopped himself. "Did you see that? I'm learning. Boundaries," Alex noted. With a nod, Stephanie walked away.

In the ER, Nicole gasped when Kayla walked into her room. "I heard you were alive, but to see you," Nicole said. "I know, it's strange," Kayla admitted. Kayla asked Nicole about her symptoms, and Nicole told Kayla about her cramps. Nicole checked the app on her phone that tracked her period, and she noted that she was late.

"My new OB/GYN gave me a new birth control last year, and it's been like clockwork ever since," Nicole said. Kayla asked about stress. Nicole admitted that she had been wrapped up in schemes with E.J. and Stefan. With a sigh, Nicole admitted that she was hot and sweating. When Kayla noted that Nicole was having a hot flash, Nicole vehemently disagreed.

"I think you are entering into menopause," Kayla said. "I'm too young for menopause, right?" Nicole asked. Kayla pointed out that Nicole was younger than average but within range. "I guess I'm just not ready for it, psychologically," Nicole confessed. Kayla suggested that they run tests to confirm a diagnosis.

In the DiMera living room, Gabi was reading about Kate's disappearance when E.J. returned home. "Nicole?" E.J. shouted. "No use yelling. Your co-conspirator is not here," Gabi said. When E.J. asked where to find Nicole, Gabi listed various scenarios with Nicole's exes. E.J. rolled his eyes.

"I'm glad you find this so funny," E.J. said as he pulled out his phone. Gabi told E.J. not to bother. "The way she's feeling, I doubt she'll pick up," Gabi said. E.J. asked what was wrong. Gabi told E.J. that Nicole was at the hospital.

At the Brady Pub, Eric put an ice pack on his head where E.J. had punched him. Eric called Nicole, and he left a warning on Nicole's voicemail that E.J. knew about the drug-induced sex.

At the hospital, Kayla told Nicole that she was not going through menopause. "That's a relief. I wasn't ready for it, and my gut told me that it wasn't," Nicole said. Kayla told Nicole that she was pregnant.

In Chad's hotel room in Greece, Steve met up with Chad. Steve confirmed that Roman was at the hospital with Hope. "They're talking to Bo's doctors about moving him into a long-term facility," Steve explained. Chad lamented Roman's continued heartache. "We need to lighten [Roman's] load," Steve said. "Right. Come up with a plan to find and rescue Kate," Chad agreed. Steve asked Chad if he would prefer to return home to his kids, but Chad refused to leave without Kate.

"Well, hopefully we can bring her home safe to all the people who love her," Steve said. Harris knocked on the door. "What the hell are you doing here?" Steve asked. Harris explained that Andrew had asked him to help with the search for Kate. "Well, he thought wrong," Steve growled. Steve refused Harris' help, but Harris explained that he was the only help that Andrew could offer.

"I don't know why my nephew thought we'd ever accept help from the likes of you," Steve said. Steve told Harris he did not trust Harris because Harris had delayed telling the truth about Bo. Steve listed the fallout from Harris' decision. "I understand. Best of luck with your search," Harris said. As Harris started to leave, Chad stopped him.

"We can't trust him, and we don't need him," Steve argued. "I understand you have your reservations, but what if he's our best chance to find Kate?" Chad countered. Chad argued that if not for Harris, Banks would have killed Chad and Stephanie. Steve said he was grateful for Harris' help with Banks, but he had not forgotten when Harris had sent an exploding pizza box to Stephanie.

"I'm still haunted by what I did to your family and to John Black and his son," Harris said. Chad reminded Steve that Harris had been under the same kind of mind control that Steve and John had been under for Megan. "We've both been there. I shot Brady, and you almost hurt your wives, trying to secure those prisms for Megan," Chad said. Steve argued that Harris had behaved erratically since deprogramming.

"You're right. I knew what I was doing when I didn't tell Hope the truth about Bo," Harris admitted. "Is that why you're here? To make amends?" Chad asked. Harris said he hoped that helping to find Kate would give him a chance at redemption. "But I understand why you wouldn't want my help," Harris added. Chad argued that he would work with anyone to find Kate.

"The guy is a Navy SEAL. If Kate's lost at sea, he's gonna be our best hope to find her," Chad said. After a moment, Steve agreed that they needed help to find Kate. "You're working with the team. For now," Steve said. Steve warned that he would keep an eye on Harris and intervene if Harris acted against Kate's interest.

On a fishing vessel in the Mediterranean, Kate's captor delivered her breakfast. Kate forced down her bowl of slop as her captor chuckled. "Seeing a rich Americana living like a peasant? Yes, I enjoy it very much," the man said. Kate argued that she had not always been rich. After a moment, Kate demanded to know when she could leave the ship. The man said he did not have the authority to answer her question.

"Then bring me to someone who does," Kate demanded. The captor noted that the boss did not want to talk to Kate. As Kate glanced at her wedding ring on the man's finger, he reminded her that she had exchanged the ring for her phone call. "My phone call didn't go through," Kate argued. "A deal is a deal, lady," the man said. The captor mused about how to unload the ring. Furious, Kate grabbed the man's hand, slammed it on a crate, and held her fish-gutting knife to his fingers.

"Or maybe I'll cut it right off your finger!" Kate yelled. The man warned Kate not to act rashly. "It turns out that the skills required to sever a finger or a fish head are similar," Kate said. "Stop! What do you want?" the man asked. Kate demanded an audience with the man's boss. "My boss is a very dangerous man. He does not want to be disturbed," the man said. Kate shoved the knife against the man's fingers, and he agreed to take Kate to his boss.

The captor escorted Kate up to his boss's office on the ship. "Wait here," the man said. Kate waited in the office, knife in hand, until another door opened. "Oh, my God. It's you," Kate groaned.

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