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Stephanie angered Maggie. Alex told Stephanie about his therapy. Kate was rescued and reunited with Roman. Xander and Chloe almost kissed after a heart-to-heart. Megan confessed that Dimitri was her son. Dimitri told Harris that he was holding Andrew hostage. Abe refused to fire Rafe. Nicole confided in Anna. Eric told Sloan about Nicole's menopause. Nicole swore Sloan to secrecy about Nicole's pregnancy. Rafe discovered that Colin was Sloan's brother. Eric and Belle reconciled. Stefan and Gabi got engaged. E.J. proposed to Nicole. Talia confessed to Chanel. Colin attacked Abe. Jada arrested Sloan as an accomplice. Colin ordered Paulina to jump off a roof.
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Kate was rescued. Dimitri was Megan's son. Rafe learned Colin was Sloan's brother. Colin attacked Abe and ordered Paulina to jump off a roof.
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Dimitri threatens to kill Kate and Chad

Dimitri threatens to kill Kate and Chad

Monday, May 15, 2023

by Mike

Alex sank onto a stool at the Bistro's bar and started fretting to Stephanie about having just tested Maggie's patience one too many times.

Stephanie eventually stepped outside to phone Maggie in the hope of doing damage control on Alex's behalf -- then reentered the restaurant a short time later and admitted to having only managed to inadvertently give the disappointed CEO the idea that it might be time to put Titan in the hands of some other PR firm. "There must be something else that we can do!" Stephanie argued. "There is -- we can get drunk," Alex countered.

Alex started doing shots of tequila, but Stephanie opted for a glass of red wine instead. "I don't think I like becoming a better person," Alex eventually grumbled. "I just feel bad for messing up everything for everybody -- and I hate feeling bad," Alex continued. "Things were so much more simple when I was just shallow and self-absorbed," Alex continued. "You really screwed me up, Johnson!" Alex concluded. "I'm...sorry, I guess?" Stephanie responded.

Stephanie praised Alex for having decided to seek therapy. "Don't give up after just one bad day," Stephanie advised before declaring that Alex had already changed for the better. "Sometimes -- just like right now -- it's really hard to see the point in changing when you don't get what you want, anyway," Alex confessed while eyeing Stephanie. "Look, Alex --" Stephanie began to protest, but Alex dismissed the concern. "I know you're with Chad now," Alex stressed before promising to respect Stephanie's relationship -- then reserving the right to also hate that it was still going well. "One step at a time," Stephanie noted with a laugh before thanking Alex for the reassurance.

Kayla and Belle discussed various topics over dinner at the Brady Pub. "What a little worm!" Belle spat during a conversation about Seth Burns's recent attempt to fire Kayla. "He clearly was disappointed that I wasn't dead," Kayla responded.

Belle and Kayla eventually got around to talking about everything that was happening with their loved ones in Greece at that time. "If Bo doesn't make it, Shawn is gonna spend the rest of his life blaming himself for killing his own dad," Belle fretted. "He did what he had to do!" Kayla argued. "He's Irish -- guilt trumps reality," Belle explained. "And, unfortunately, reasoning with a Brady doesn't get you very far," Kayla conceded.

Belle confessed to being plagued with feelings of helplessness, and Kayla was able to empathize but predicted that those feelings would only last a short while longer because Shawn would surely reach out for spousal comfort soon enough.

Shawn visited Bo at a hospital in Greece then started trashing one of the building's break rooms as a way of releasing frustration.

Roman arrived during Shawn's outburst and was stunned to learn that a conversation with Victor had been the catalyst. "The man who has broken every damn law and commandment that ever existed is blaming you for trying to save your mother's life? Who in the hell is he to pass judgment? You know, if Mom were here, she'd tear him a new one -- but she's not, and I am, so I guess the privilege is all mine!" Roman spat before starting to storm off in search of Victor, but Shawn felt deserving of blame for the situation and was therefore unwilling to accept support from anyone -- including Belle, who phoned later that night but was sent to voicemail.

The armed guard who interrupted Steve's search of Dimitri's fishing boat couldn't help making a few pirate-themed jokes. "Eye patch, earring -- all you're missing is a parrot," the guard observed. "Ready to walk the plank?" the guard added.

A second armed guard caught Harris backing away from the wall-mounted remains of a shark's toothy jaws. "Poor bastard -- he fought hard and still ended up dead on that wall...just like you're going to," the guard declared.

Harris surrendered a gun as a distraction then ripped the trophy from the wall and swung it teeth-first at the guard's face before following up the attack with a series of punches.

Chad and Kate were relieved to see each other -- but Dimitri was quick to interrupt the happy reunion. "Kate and I are on a date -- and you're not invited," Dimitri snapped at Chad while producing a gun and using Kate as a shield.

Dimitri aimed the gun at Kate's head while greeting Chad by name. "You remember me," Chad translated. "You're yet another one of Stefano DiMera's bastard children," Dimitri recalled. "I prefer 'love child' --" Chad protested.

Dimitri interrupted to argue that Chad hadn't inherited the right traits from Stefano. "You certainly have his arrogance...but none of his cunning," Dimitri elaborated. "You've wildly overplayed your cards," Dimitri continued. "You've guaranteed that neither one of you are getting off of this boat alive," Dimitri concluded. "Do you have any idea how much those other DiMera 'bastards' would pay for my safe return?" Chad teased. "That is certainly something to consider...but upon further reflection, no, I think I'd just still like to kill you both," Dimitri responded -- but a gun was fired in another section of the boat just then, creating a temporary distraction.

Chad explained that a large team of ISA agents and Navy SEALs were storming the boat, but Dimitri laughed off the warning as an exaggeration then bragged about having more than enough guards to handle just Steve and Harris -- who both arrived just then, the latter having shot the former's guard moments earlier. Kate seized the opportunity to swing an arm backward in search of Dimitri's crotch then ran to Chad's side after landing the blow, giving Harris and Steve an opening to disarm and restrain their target. "You wanted to dance with me -- there's your dance move!" Kate spat at Dimitri before hugging Chad then praising Steve and Harris for their timing.

Harris volunteered to keep an eye on Dimitri until the Coast Guard arrived, prompting Kate to rush off with Chad and Steve while promising to treat all three members of the rescue operation to drinks later that night.

Kate refused to leave the boat without the wedding ring that one of Dimitri's guards had stolen, so Steve led the way to the shark jaws after getting a description of the guard, but the trophy no longer had a body lying beside it -- and the guard soon pounced on the group with a gun drawn.

Chad phoned Stephanie later that night and grew furious when Alex answered the call. "Stephanie's in the ladies' room, and I knew she wouldn't want to miss your call, so I picked up," Alex explained to Chad as Stephanie emerged from the bathroom.

Chad calmed down and thanked Alex, who handed the cell phone to Stephanie then exited the Bistro after expressing appreciation for the earlier support. Chad braced Stephanie for troubling but not dire news then elaborated that Kate had been found alive and well -- but a bullet had grazed Steve's left arm during the rescue operation. Kayla soon learned the same information during a phone conversation with Steve, who had already been patched up at the hospital in Greece -- and Roman heard the story from Kate during their reunion. Each telling of the tale left the fate of the stolen wedding ring a mystery.

Harris taunted Dimitri while waiting for the Coast Guard to reach the fishing boat, painting a bleak picture of what life was like in ISA custody. "And you've lost your leverage -- a hostage situation only works when there actually is a hostage," Harris noted. "True -- but the thing is...Kate Brady wasn't my only hostage," Dimitri countered.

Dimitri reveals who the second hostage is

Dimitri reveals who the second hostage is

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

In Greece, Roman and Kate sat in the hospital waiting room and basked in their love. "It's nothing short of a miracle," Roman said. "Even when I got away from Megan, I don't know, I didn't think that I would really make it out of there alive. I didn't think that I would make it back to you, my love," Kate said. Roman asked about Kate's time on the ship, but she did not want to talk about it.

"Tell me about Bo," Kate said. Roman explained Bo's situation and the plan to move him to a long-term care facility. "I saw Shawn right before you came. He is still a wreck," Roman said. "Because he blames himself," Kate noted. Roman nodded yes. Roman explained that they had all worried that Bo was dangerous because they believed he had murdered Kate.

"I thought [Bo] was going to until I managed somehow to get through to him," Kate said. "How?" Roman asked. Kate said she had reminded Bo of his family, but she believed that Bo had snapped out of his trance when she had called him Megan's lapdog. Roman laughed. "I'm sure he hated that a lot. My brother hated taking orders from anyone," Roman noted.

On the Leuschner fishing vessel, Dimitri told Harris that he had a second hostage. "You're bluffing because we searched every inch of this ship," Harris argued. "Now, who said anything about my hostage being on this ship?" Dimitri countered. Dimitri explained that he had been holding on to Kate until the rest of his plan had been ready, but before his dinner, he had received a phone call confirming that his plan was set. Harris asked about the second hostage.

"All in due time. But for now, I would be more worried about what I want in exchange," Dimitri said. "I'm guessing full immunity?" Harris asked. "For starters. But I'm not stopping there," Dimitri said. Dimitri explained that he wanted two immunity deals, or he would execute the second hostage.

"Who are you trying to help with this co-immunity deal?" Harris demanded. With a laugh, Dimitri told Harris that he could not believe that Harris had not figured it out. "Your old pal and mentor, Megan Hathaway," Dimitri said. "I was brainwashed," Harris said. Harris admitted that he was ashamed of what he had done for Megan.

"Megan Hathaway is in prison. And that's where she is staying," Harris stressed. "You so sure about that?" Dimitri countered. Harris told Dimitri that he knew about Dimitri's past demands. "The ISA will never let either of you walk out," Harris said. "[The ISA] are going to insist that I be granted my freedom," Dimitri said. Harris asked why. With a smirk, Dimitri told Harris that the other hostage was Andrew Donovan.

When Roman and Kate returned to their hotel room, Kate joked that Maggie was disappointed she had survived. "Maggie has got a good heart. She wouldn't want any harm to come to you," Roman said. "Maybe for your sake," Kate conceded. Kate told Roman that she was excited to sleep in a room that did not smell like fish. Roman vowed to pamper Kate, but she told him that she only wanted one thing. Kate pointed out her empty ring finger, and she reached into her bra to retrieve her rings.

"So, you took your rings off?" Roman said. "I was desperate," Kate said. Kate explained what had happened with the phone call and how she had recovered them. "You put those rings on me the first time, and I wanted you to put them back on for the last time," Kate explained. "Well, it was my honor then. It will be my honor now," Roman said. Roman slipped the rings onto Kate's finger, and he kissed her.

"Perfect fit," Kate said. "Just like us," Roman agreed. Kate smiled at Roman, and she suggested that they stay in rather than go out. After Roman and Kate made love, Roman told Kate that he had kept her urn on the bar. "It made me feel close to you," Roman said. Kate said that it sounded like Anna. With a chuckle, Roman clarified that he had not carried the urn around town.

"Please don't tell me that you were talking to the ashes," Kate said. Roman looked away, and Kate gasped. "The weird part is that you talked to me, too," Roman said. "Excuse me?" Kate said. Roman told Kate what had happened in the bar with her urn. "It sounds weird, but it seems somewhat familiar," Kate said. Kate wondered aloud if she had reached out to Roman when she had been frozen in Megan's lab.

"I'm never going to deny the connection you and I have, but the only thing that matters right now is that you are here in my arms for real," Roman said. "It doesn't seem real. It seems like a dream," Kate whispered. Roman told Kate that he never wanted to wake up.

In the visitor's room at Statesville, Kristen stared at a picture of her, Brady, and Rachel. Megan walked in with a mail cart. "Is this a joke?" Kristen asked. With a grin, Megan bragged about her new job.

"It keeps me plugged in to everything in the outside world, and don't tell anyone, every now and then, I might just end up with an extra magazine or two," Megan said. "I doubt there is anything in there for me," Kristen whispered. Megan handed Kristen a letter from Rachel. Kristen grabbed for it, but Megan teased her before she handed it over.

Kristen eagerly ripped open her letter and read it. Megan asked Kristen to share the contents. After a moment, Kristen read the letter aloud. "Daddy and Chloe are definitely not getting back together," Kristen read. "That's good, right?" Megan said. With a laugh, Kristen continued to read aloud that Chloe had moved in with Xander. Megan rolled her eyes.

"I hate seeing Daddy so sad now that he broke up with Chloe Lane, because I think he's really lonely," Kristen read aloud. Rachel wrote that she was also happy that Brady had broken up with Chloe because Rachel hated her. In the letter, Rachel explained that she did not have any details about Xander and Chloe because Brady refused to discuss the matter.

"Then they all started to talk about Bo Brady instead," Kristen read aloud. Eager for news about Bo, Megan asked what had happened. Kristen hid her letter from Megan's sight. "What's it to you?" Kristen asked. "Tell me what she said about Bo," Megan demanded.

Reluctantly, Kristen told Megan that Hope had broken through to Bo. "And right when it looked like he was going to be his old self, Bo's son came up," Kristen read aloud. "And?" Megan asked. "And shot him," Kristen said. Megan gasped and cried out in horror. As Megan broke into tears, she noted that it was an evil twist of fate.

"How is he?" Megan asked. Kristen noted that Bo was in a coma. "Comas aren't so bad. I've been in a few myself, and personally, I always wake up refreshed and ready to take on the world," Kristen said. "After everything I went through to save him. All those years keeping him alive and protecting him so that we could be together," Megan lamented. Megan broke down in tears, and Kristen comforted her.

"I know he would have loved me again. I was so close," Megan whispered. "All we have is a secondhand account from an eavesdropping child. Plus, you know the mail takes forever in here. So, who knows. Bo, he might be all right now," Kristen assured Megan. Megan wiped the tears from her eyes. "But he might not be," Megan said. Megan noted that Bo was the reason she had constructed a plan for her escape.

"Us. To get us outta here," Kristen growled. Concerned, Kristen asked Megan if they were working together or not. Furious, Megan yelled, "The love of my life is in a coma, and you manage to make it all about yourself." Kristen countered that Megan was the one that had mentioned the plan, and she reminded Megan that Kristen had kept quiet about Bo. Megan muttered that it had not made a difference because Megan had told Andrew about Bo, anyway.

"Well, that is not my problem! You promised me my freedom!" Kristen said. "And you will have it. My deal is very much in the works. We simply needed to get things organized," Megan said. Kristen asked Megan about her accomplice. Reluctantly, Megan told Kristen that she had been working with Dimitri Von Leuschner. Kristen told Megan about the time she had met Dimitri when he had been with Billie.

"What exactly is the nature of your connection to that Eurotrash charmer?" Kristen asked. Megan smiled. With a grin, Kristen asked Megan if she had used Dimitri to fill the hours while she had waited for Bo to fall back in love with her. "You have no idea what you're talking about," Megan said. Megan explained that Dimitri was her son.

In the penthouse living room, John delivered a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream to Marlena on the couch. As John and Marlena kissed passionately on the couch, Brady returned home. "I'm sorry! Don't mind me!" Brady said. Marlena assured Brady it was fine. "We'll get a room. This is your home, too," John said. Brady laughed.

"We've imposed on you long enough," Brady said. Brady explained that he had found some leads on a new apartment for him and Rachel. "We are gonna miss having you here with us," Marlena said. John agreed. Brady said that he had planned to move in across the street, but Xander had beaten him to the apartment.

"And it was also a nice way to find out that Chloe is moving in with him," Brady added. John groaned. "Maybe it's time you start forgiving yourself and try to move on," John suggested. "I'm trying. Chloe is, too. I just really hate the idea of her moving in with that schmuck," Brady muttered. Marlena argued that just because Chloe had moved in with Xander did not mean that she would fall in love with him.

"A little while ago, she couldn't stand to even look at the guy, and now suddenly, she's okay with moving in with him," Brady said. Brady added that they could not argue that Chloe was too smart to fall for Xander, because Sarah had fallen for Xander. "Very intelligent woman who barely escaped that idiot's clutches," Brady said. "You got a good point there," John noted. John and Brady agreed that Xander was dangerous because he had been the one that had shot Brady and Marlena.

"Just because we didn't happen to die doesn't mean he's not responsible for a heinous crime. And by the way, not everyone was as lucky," Brady said. "I would never condone Xander's actions, but he wasn't the one responsible for Susan's death. It was Ava that drove her off that cliff," Marlena countered. Brady argued that Xander's actions had led to Susan's death.

"But that's just his latest in his long series of crimes, including switching Rachel at birth. He never takes responsibility for these things," Brady grumbled. "Of course not. He has that in common with his Uncle Vic," John said. Brady nodded in agreement. Brady worried aloud how Xander would entangle Chloe in Xander's next scheme and hurt her. With a sigh, Brady apologized for complaining. Brady told John and Marlena that he was thankful to have them in his life.

After Brady went to bed, John groaned. "When it comes to love, that kid has had nothing but bad luck," John said. "Let's hope that Kristen doesn't find out that Chloe is out of the picture. Otherwise, she would break out of jail and be right back here," Marlena said. John and Marlena returned to the couch and their make-out session. John's phone rang. "It's Paul. What the hell is he doing calling so late?" John said. John answered the call and talked to his son. "Andrew Donovan is missing," John told Marlena.

In Xander and Chloe's apartment, the sound of glass breaking startled Xander and Chloe awake. Xander rushed into the living room with a hockey stick, and he gently pushed Chloe behind him to protect her. "What the hell happened?" Chloe asked. "Someone broke into the apartment," Xander said. Xander told Chloe to stay behind him, and he called out to the intruder.

As Chloe flipped on the lights, she pointed out a picture frame that had fallen from the wall and shattered. "My hero," Chloe said sarcastically. Chloe blamed Xander, since he had hung the picture. "I remember distinctly telling you that you needed a wall anchor and you insisting you did not," Chloe said. As Xander argued that the hook had been secure, a second picture fell off the wall. Chloe laughed.

"I'm not finding that funny, Chloe. I'm starting to think this place might be haunted," Xander said. Chloe was skeptical. "I'm from Scotland. Whole bloody country is haunted," Xander muttered. "So, who's haunting us?" Chloe asked. Xander argued that the ghost of Susan Banks was haunting him. Chloe asked Xander if he was joking.

"Honestly, I've been suspecting it for a while. I was responsible for her death, after all," Xander confessed. "Listen, I understand all too well what that feels like, being responsible for someone losing their life, and you never get over that," Chloe counseled. Xander countered that Chloe should get over her guilt because she had killed a monster.

"But Susan wasn't. She was sweet, and she died a horrible death. And that's on me," Xander said. "I'm not defending what you did, but at some point, you have to move on from your life and just learn from it," Chloe advised. Xander said he had attempted to learn from his mistakes and not repeat them, but he kept failing.

"Somehow, trouble always seems to find me, or I find it. I get desperate, for money usually, and then some opportunity arises, and before I know what's happening, I'm neck-deep in something illegal, and it spirals out of control till something very, very bad happens. Like Susan Banks dying in a fiery car crash," Xander said. "But wasn't Ava Vitali behind the wheel when Susan died?" Chloe countered. Xander argued that Susan would not have been in the car if he had not kidnapped her. Xander admitted that he was weak.

"If I hadn't taken Ava's money, if I hadn't grabbed Susan like I did, Susan would still be alive, and I'd still be married to Sarah. So, you see, maybe this place isn't haunted, but I am," Xander said. While Xander sat on the couch, deep in thought, Chloe fixed him a cup of tea. "Hopefully it will help you go back to sleep," Chloe said as she sat next to him on the couch and handed him the mug. Xander apologized.

"I think you're right. Pictures fell down because I didn't hang them correctly. I don't truly believe that the ghost of Susan Banks is haunting our apartment or me," Xander said. "I'm glad you've calmed down. I'm just sorry you're so tortured by what happened to her," Chloe said. Xander thanked Chloe for her kindness.

"I just hope you don't regret sharing a flat with a cranky, sleep-deprived scaredy-cat," Xander said with a grin. Chloe laughed, and she admitted that she could be a scaredy-cat, too. "And I can definitely be cranky. I'm sure you've noticed," Chloe said. As Xander and Chloe both laughed sheepishly, they realized that their faces were close to one another, and their smiles faded.

"We shouldn't make a habit of ending up here in the middle of the night like this. I mean, together," Chloe whispered. Xander agreed. "You need to go to your bed," Chloe said. "And you need to go to your bed," Xander said. Xander and Chloe leaned toward one another, but before their lips touched, Chloe leaned away. "Well, okay. I hope that tea helps," Chloe said. Chloe stood up and walked a few steps away.

"Tea? Yes. Thank you for that. Very thoughtful," Xander said. Xander apologized again for the ghost talk. "Have a good night," Chloe said. "You, too, Chloe," Xander countered. Xander and Chloe went to their respective rooms.

Eric grows suspicious of Sloan's brother

Eric grows suspicious of Sloan's brother

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

by Mike

Chanel emerged from the kitchen of the Price-Carver condominium and presented Paulina and Abe with a plate of fresh pastries. Abe and Paulina each appreciated the gesture but were both quick to point out that plenty of leftovers still remained from the previous two mornings, prompting Chanel to concede that it was "kind of crazy" to make so much food every day for only three people. "I need to find a hobby," Chanel grumbled.

Trask arrived while Paulina and Abe were trying to assure Chanel that Sweet Bits would soon be back in business. "I have some...rather delicate...matters I want to discuss with you -- outside of City Hall," Trask explained to Abe before adding that Paulina and Chanel were connected to those rather delicate matters and were therefore welcome to participate in the conversation. "I think we're gonna be on the same page for once!" Trask continued. "I need you to fire Rafe Hernandez," Trask concluded. "Why the hell would I?" Abe sputtered. "I need someone in that job who can get things done -- who's not afraid to...judiciously bend a few rules," Trask reasoned.

Abe translated that Trask wanted a police commissioner who was willing to break rules as needed. "You have someone in mind?" Abe wondered. "I do -- your wife," Trask answered.

Trask reasoned that Paulina would stop at nothing to take down Sloan, but Abe refused to fire Rafe. "Your 'soft on crime' reputation is gonna get you creamed in the next election!" Trask snapped at Abe before leaving.

Eric emerged from the bathroom of the Petersen apartment while Sloan was recording a voicemail message for Colin. "What was all that about?" Eric wondered. "My brother," Sloan admitted.

Eric pointed out that Sloan had rarely spoken about Colin since arriving in Salem. "I really don't know that much about his childhood," Sloan explained. "He was just a toddler when I was starting high school -- then, a few years later, he moved away to London with my parents when my dad became a professor over there," Sloan continued. "And after both our parents died? Not that it wasn't traumatic for me -- I mean, it was, obviously -- but I think it was even worse for him," Sloan continued. "His grief, his anger -- I mean, it completely took him over," Sloan continued. "He could barely even function," Sloan concluded.

Eric gave the matter some thought then started to ask Sloan a question before deciding to instead change the subject. "What are you thinking?" Sloan wondered. "Is it possible that your brother could be the one who's been going after Paulina and Chanel?" Eric responded. "My brother has nothing to do with those crimes! I mean, think about it -- how could he, hmm? He's nowhere near Salem!" Sloan protested. "Okay. I'm sorry if I upset you," Eric backpedaled.

Sloan distracted Eric with a round of sex -- and remembered afterward that it was almost time for a refill of birth control medication. "I can't help but wonder if you and Nicole used protection the night you guys were together," Sloan admitted. "You don't have to worry -- there's no way that Nicole is pregnant," Eric insisted, but Sloan didn't find that answer particularly reassuring. "I'm only gonna tell you this for your peace of mind -- and it stays between us," Eric continued, and Sloan agreed. "Nicole just found out she's going through early menopause," Eric concluded, drawing a gasp of delight from Sloan. "That poor old thing!" Sloan raved.

Jada headed over to the roach-infested motel in search of Colin and was surprised to see that Rafe was searching the man's room. "He was gone when I got here -- checked out late last night," Rafe explained.

Rafe and Jada found a disposable razor in a trash can and decided to have it checked for fingerprints in the hope of determining Colin's true identity -- an idea that led to a match in Scotland Yard's database.

Colin explained to Talia that the point of sneaking off to the Salem Inn the previous night had been to shake unwanted attention from Sloan and Jada. "This is the perfect time to get out -- before we get caught," Talia advised. "We can't pull the plug now!" Colin protested. "I understand," Talia backpedaled after enduring a harsh lecture from Colin about the importance of completing their mission.

Talia said goodbye to Colin then headed over to the Price-Carver condominium in search of Chanel, who had just decided to shower then try to find something fun to do.

Abe wrapped up an unexpected phone call a short time later then explained to Paulina that someone from the health department had just agreed to inspect Sweet Bits and consider reopening the bakery. Paulina and Abe sneaked off to the meeting, not wanting to alert Chanel until the matter was settled. "Nice to meet you both," Colin began with a smirk when Abe and Paulina arrived at the bakery.

Anna joined Nicole in the living room of the DiMera mansion and started to make a confession. "You told E.J. I was pregnant," Nicole assumed with a groan, drawing a scoff of indignation from Anna, who had simply been trying to apologize for having accidentally broken a borrowed necklace. "I remember how upset I was when Susan broke my crystal heart --" Anna fretted. "I don't care about the necklace," Nicole insisted.

Anna breathed a sigh of relief then once again bragged that Nicole had chosen a confidante who knew how to keep a secret. "But you're gonna be showing soon --" Anna warned. "The odds of me carrying a baby to term is practically zero," Nicole admitted. "Why would you say that?" Anna sputtered. "If I can't carry the baby to term, then does it matter if I tell anyone?" Nicole reasoned. "Probably not," Anna conceded.

Nicole was taken aback when Anna cited Holly as an example of the odds being defied. "Holly was conceived through IVF -- Chloe Lane was my surrogate," Nicole objected. "I thought everyone in Salem knew," Nicole continued. "Daniel and I, we froze my embryos -- because I had already had two miscarriages," Nicole continued. "The first baby? I wanted so badly!" Nicole continued. "The second one? I didn't want to have anything to do with E.J. -- I didn't want him to know that the baby was his," Nicole continued. "And both times, he was livid with me," Nicole continued. "I thought I had put all this pain behind me...but now?" Nicole continued. "The possibility of feeling that loss over again --" Nicole tried to conclude before breaking down.

Anna reminded Nicole that new developments occurred in the medical field practically every day. "Look at what Rolf just did --" Anna elaborated. "Oh, God -- please do not bring that man into this conversation!" Nicole protested. "My point is, honey, that what was impossible back then might not be impossible now -- so maybe you can have a successful, healthy pregnancy!" Anna summarized.

Nicole admitted that Anna was right. "But I don't want to get my hopes up," Nicole whispered. "Not to mention Eric's," Nicole continued. "If he is the father and I do miscarry, I will feel like I am taking yet another child away from him," Nicole continued. "What is supposed to be a blessing and a miracle is just making me sad and confused," Nicole concluded before reaching for a pot of coffee.

Anna protested that Nicole could no longer consume caffeine or alcohol and needed to start taking prenatal vitamins right away. Nicole agreed and thanked Anna for the support. Anna and Nicole exited the mansion together then separated.

Anna headed over to a liquor store in search of wine for a social gathering. She had an awkward encounter with Eric during the trip but didn't say anything about Nicole's pregnancy.

Nicole headed over to the hospital and picked up prenatal vitamins from the pharmacy then bumped into Sloan while trying to leave -- and dropped the medication in the process.

Abe is violently attacked

Abe is violently attacked

Thursday, May 18, 2023

At the Brady Pub, an irate Belle scolded Eric for taking his relationship with Sloan to the next level. Belle and Eric argued over whether Sloan was guilty of harassing Paulina and Chanel. Marlena entered, and she ordered Belle and Eric to stop.

Marlena recalled having found Eric and Belle at odds when she had returned to Salem. Marlena said that her life was too short to "play referee" between Belle and Eric. Marlena added that she had lost her appetite, and she left for the hospital.

At Salem University Hospital, Sloan asked Nicole about the bottle of prenatal vitamins. Sloan quickly deduced that Nicole was pregnant, and she wondered if Eric was the father. Nicole snapped that she didn't know if Eric was the father, and she asked Sloan to keep the matter a secret. Nicole reasoned that if Sloan stayed quiet and the baby turned out to be E.J.'s, Eric would never have to know he had been "in the running." Sloan backed off, and she reluctantly agreed to keep Nicole's secret.

Just then, Marlena stepped off the elevator. Nicole and Sloan welcomed Marlena back to town. Sloan invited Marlena and John to have dinner with Sloan and Eric. Marlena said that she would think about Sloan's offer, and Sloan left. Afterwards, Marlena noted that Nicole looked pale, and she asked if Nicole was ill.

Marlena said that Nicole and Sloan's conversation had seemed intense, and she added that she had overheard Sloan agree to keep a secret for Nicole. Marlena offered to talk to Nicole in a professional capacity. Nicole declined, but Marlena said that the offer stood.

Back at the Brady Pub, Belle and Eric both felt bad for having upset Marlena. Belle said that she would do her best not to worry about Eric's relationship with Sloan. Eric asked about Shawn. Belle shared that Shawn felt guilty for having shot Bo.

Belle said that she wished she had gone to Greece. "This is why I've been so hard on you. I guess I figured if I couldn't get my own life together, I should come in here and tell you how to live yours," Belle told Eric.

Belle said that her concern for Shawn was no reason to lash out at Eric. Eric sympathized, and he said he understood Belle's concern. Sloan entered, and Belle congratulated Sloan for finding happiness with Eric. Belle hugged Eric, and she left. Sloan joined Eric at his table. Eric later noted that Sloan seemed "off," and he asked if everything had gone okay at the hospital.

At Abe and Paulina's place, Chanel told Talia that she knew Jada had suspected Talia of being responsible for the harassment of Chanel and Paulina. Chanel said that she and Paulina both knew that Talia would never hurt them. Chanel called Talia "sweet and forgiving," and the two kissed.

Chanel asked if Talia wanted to go to Chanel's bedroom. Talia flashed back to Colin telling her to finish what she had started with Chanel, and the two left for Chanel's room. Chanel and Talia started to make out on the bed. Chanel said that she only wanted things to go as far as Talia wanted. "I want this just as much as you," Talia insisted, and she and Chanel continued to kiss.

Talia and Chanel started to undress one another. Chanel laid on top of Talia, and the two were about to have sex when Talia sat upright. Talia said she couldn't continue. Talia hurried to get dressed as Chanel sought to reassure Talia that everything was okay. Talia surprised Chanel when she said she had a confession to make.

At the Salem Police Station, Rafe told Jada that Scotland Yard had a record on Colin. Rafe and Jada learned that Colin's real name was Colin Bedford. Rafe said that Colin had been booked on assault charges in London five years earlier. Rafe added that he had heard the Bedford name before.

Rafe noted that Sloan's mother's married name had been Martha Bedford and that Sloan had taken her mother's maiden name after arriving in Salem. Rafe said that Colin had to be Sloan's brother. Rafe and Jada realized that Colin had been responsible for the attacks on Paulina and Chanel -- with Colin having used Talia as an accomplice.

Rafe wanted to bring Colin in for questioning, but Jada said she wanted to talk to Talia first. Jada and Rafe left in search of Talia. A short while later, the two entered the Brady Pub. Rafe and Jada spotted Sloan with Eric, and they said they needed to speak with Sloan about Colin.

At Sweet Bits Bakery, Colin masked his British accent and introduced himself as a health inspector named Cameron Frye. As Colin pretended to inspect the bakery, Paulina said that she knew who had been responsible for the drugged biscuits. "A woman named Sloan Peterson. She's been after me and my daughter since she showed up in Salem -- and for no good reason!" Paulina exclaimed.

Paulina and Abe were taken aback when Colin said he had heard that Sloan had had a good reason to target Paulina and Chanel. Colin claimed that he had read about Chanel's involvement in Martha's death in the papers. Colin antagonized Paulina when he said that Chanel had been having an affair with a married professor.

Abe interceded, and he said that the professor had been 20 years older than Chanel at the time of the affair. Colin pointed at Paulina, and he said that she had hired people to cover up Chanel's involvement in the professor's death. Paulina started to feel uneasy. Abe grew increasingly angry at Colin's accusations.

Abe and Paulina listed all the things they thought Sloan had done since Sloan's arrival in Salem. Abe and Paulina mentioned the trashing of Paulina's office, as well as the threatening texts that had been sent to Paulina.

Colin said that the words "watch your back" could have just been a warning. "That text. 'Watch your back.' That wasn't in the papers. So, how could you possibly know that?" Abe asked.

Just before Abe had asked the question, Colin had spotted a wooden rolling pin nearby. Colin lifted the pin, and Paulina gasped when Colin knocked Abe unconscious with the pin. Paulina pleaded for Abe to wake up. "Why did you do that?" Paulina shouted at Colin.

Colin reverted back to his real accent. "I told you your husband couldn't save you," Colin said coldly, and he raised the rolling pin at Paulina. Paulina screamed.

Colin holds Paulina at gunpoint

Colin holds Paulina at gunpoint

Friday, May 19, 2023

Stefan and Gabi returned to their room at the DiMera mansion, and they laughed about E.J.'s anger management classes. "I think I actually saw E.J.'s soul leave his body," Stefan said. "I didn't think he had a soul," Gabi countered. Gabi opened an envelope, and she gasped.

"It's my divorce papers from Li. It looks like he already signed them," Gabi said. Gabi said it looked good. "I'm a free woman," Gabi said. "Not for long," Stefan said. Stefan pulled out a ring, and he got on one knee.

"I love you more than anything on the planet, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So, will you please, once again, do me the honor of becoming my wife?" Stefan asked. Gabi admitted that she had not believed that Stefan was ready.

"Ever since I got out of Rolf's spell, it's all I've been dreaming about. Then I found out you had that contract with Li," Stefan said. Gabi reminded Stefan that he had encouraged her to stay married to Li. "And that was my mistake," Stefan said. Stefan told Gabi that the shares had not been worth having been apart from her. Gabi eagerly said yes.

In the DiMera living room, Nicole stared at her prenatal vitamins, and she thought about her run-in with Sloan at the hospital. "Stupid cow better keep her mouth shut," Nicole muttered. E.J. walked in, and he asked about Nicole's pills. Nicole explained that Kayla had prescribed her medication.

"Yes, for your condition," E.J. said. "Condition? You make it sound like I'm dying," Nicole grumbled. Nicole argued that it was sexist to believe that a woman's life was over after menopause. "And FYI, I am not!" Nicole yelled. Confused, E.J. asked why Nicole had said that she was in menopause. Nicole stammered that she was in perimenopause.

"It's the early stages," Nicole clarified. "Isn't that practically the same thing?" E.J. asked. "They're different!" Nicole said. E.J. said he had not realized that it was a touchy subject for Nicole. Nicole argued that men wanted to put menopausal women out to pasture. E.J. wrapped his arms around Nicole.

"The only place I would put you is in my bed for a good old-fashioned ravaging," E.J. whispered as he kissed Nicole's neck. E.J. told Nicole that he did not think she had ever looked sexier, and he kissed her.

"Gross!" Gabi said as she entered the room with Stefan. "Very mature, Gabriela," E.J. muttered. Gabi apologized. "Everybody deserves love in their lives, even you two," Gabi said. "She's up to something," Nicole said. Gabi announced that she and Stefan were engaged. E.J. and Nicole shared an annoyed look as Stefan announced that he and Gabi would one day run the company together.

Gabi suggested to Stefan that they throw a big wedding. "I agree. Prove to everybody we're a true power couple," Stefan said. "Actually, it will prove to them that you're a fool, Stefan, that you fell prey to this gold digger's lies yet again," E.J. said. "[E.J.] just can't stand to see us happy," Stefan said. When Stefan handed out glasses of Champagne, Nicole declined.

"I've never seen you pass up a drink," Gabi said. "That's because I don't feel like celebrating your unholy union," Nicole countered. "That makes two of us," E.J. said. With a smirk, Stefan grabbed the Champagne bottle, and he headed upstairs with Gabi. "That conniving bitch did it again," E.J. complained. E.J. downed two glasses of Champagne.

When Nicole noted that Stefan and Gabi would use their wedding to bolster their image at the company, E.J. raised his eyebrows. "Maybe we'll steal their thunder, upstage them," E.J. suggested. "How?" Nicole asked. E.J. dropped to one knee, and he proposed.

When Stefan and Gabi returned to their room, they curled up on the bed together. "To our second marriage. May it be filled with as much laughter and love, and less death, than the first," Stefan said. Stefan and Gabi laughed. As Gabi downed her drink, some dribbled onto her neck. Stefan offered to clean up the mess. With a grin, Gabi poured more onto her chest. Gabi giggled as Stefan kissed her neck.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe and Jada asked Sloan about her brother. "When was the last time you spoke to [Colin]?" Jada asked. "I left him a message this morning," Sloan admitted. Jada asked why Sloan had reached out to Colin.

"He's my brother. Isn't that reason enough?" Sloan argued. "Why are you so interested in Sloan's brother?" Eric asked. Rafe explained that he and Jada believed that Colin was the one that had been terrorizing Chanel and Paulina. "You are way off base," Eric said. When Rafe asked why, Eric said that Colin was not in Salem.

"That's right. He's not. As far as I know," Sloan said. "Up until yesterday, he was right here in town," Jada said. Rafe explained that Colin had been renting a room at the White Dove Motel. "You really expect us to believe that he hasn't made contact with you?" Rafe asked. After a moment, Sloan argued that even if Colin was in town, it did not mean that he was the one responsible for the attacks.

"Well, he certainly has motive," Rafe argued. "Do you have any actual evidence to implicate him?" Sloan yelled. Rafe admitted that the investigation was ongoing. With a groan, Sloan grabbed her purse to leave. "I know you want to protect your brother. Trust me, I get it. But you're not doing him any favors by covering up for him," Jada said.

"Maybe she's been working with Colin all along," Rafe suggested. "What?" Sloan yelped. Jada argued that Sloan knew more information than she had admitted. Eric encouraged Sloan to tell the police if she had any information. "Before anything worse happens," Eric whispered. Sloan nodded in agreement.

"The truth is the person who's been committing these crimes against Paulina and Chanel, it is my brother," Sloan admitted. Sloan broke down in tears. Eric put his arm around Sloan to comfort her. After Sloan wiped away her tears, she admitted that she had learned the truth the day before.

"I overheard you and Jada speaking at the station, something about a shifty guy named Colin speaking in a British accent. Kind of just fell into place for me. Which is when I went to the motel to confront him," Sloan explained. "And he admitted everything?" Rafe asked. Sloan nodded yes.

"He is determined to avenge our parents, especially after the legal system failed us. But he didn't want me to know. He knew I would disapprove and try to talk him out of it, which I did. And that's when I told him to leave town immediately, otherwise, I was gonna turn him in," Sloan said. Jada asked if Colin had been working alone. Sloan shrugged. "He didn't mention anybody else," Sloan said. Sloan said she did not know where Colin had gone.

"We'll put out an APB. Hopefully he hasn't gotten too far. In the meantime, we'll settle for you," Rafe said. "I just told you I have nothing to do with my brother's crimes," Sloan protested. Rafe pointed out that Sloan had acted as an accessory after the fact. Sloan muttered, "I thought you would cut me a break."

"Sloan cooperated. She told you everything she knew," Eric argued. "That's yet to be determined," Jada countered. Jada told Sloan that she needed Sloan to answer more questions at the station. "Once Colin hears she has been arrested, maybe he'll come forward, take responsibility," Rafe said. Eric argued that an arrest was not necessary, but Jada read Sloan her rights and handcuffed her.

In Chanel's bedroom, Talia pulled away from Chanel's embrace. "Look, I haven't been completely honest with you about my feelings," Talia said. "You're having second thoughts about being with a woman, right?" Chanel asked. Talia said no. Upset, Talia fidgeted, and she muttered, "I don't know how to tell you." Chanel assured Talia that she could talk to Chanel.

"The only reason that I kissed you at Sweet Bits and the only reason that I asked you out is because someone put me up to it," Talia confessed. "Who?" Chanel asked. "My boyfriend," Talia whispered. Chanel stared at Talia with a look of confusion. "The one that I told you about. The one from New York, Colin," Talia explained. "I thought you said he was your ex?" Chanel asked. Talia admitted that she had not broken up with Colin.

"Then why would he want you to hook up with me?" Chanel asked. After a moment, Talia admitted that Colin had wanted Talia to break Chanel's heart. "Why would he want to do something so cruel? I don't even know him," Chanel said. "He's Sloan Petersen's brother," Talia explained. Chanel gasped.

"So, that means that he's Nathan and Martha's son?" Chanel said. Talia nodded yes. "[Colin] is still traumatized about what happened, okay? He blames you for his parents' death just like his sister does, but while Sloan was pursuing legal avenues to get back at you, Colin had his own plan," Talia explained. Talia confirmed that she had known about Chanel when she had applied at the bakery.

"And one of his plans was for me to get close to you," Talia said. "So you could lead me on and break my heart," Chanel said. Talia nodded yes as tears streamed down her face. Talia noted that the heartbreak had not been Colin's only plan. "Oh, my God! He's the one who's been harassing Mama and me, and you, you were helping him!" Chanel yelled. Chanel noted that Jada had suspected that Talia had been part of the attacks. Talia admitted that she had been working with Colin from the start.

"And Sloan was in on it," Chanel said. "No, it was just me and Colin," Talia corrected. "And he just let his sister take the blame?" Chanel countered. Talia argued that Sloan was a good lawyer. "[Colin] figured that she'd exonerate herself," Talia explained. Chanel yelled that Paulina had suffered her panic attacks because of Talia.

Talia sobbed as she stressed that no one was supposed to get seriously hurt. "They were just supposed to be harmless pranks," Talia said. Chanel asked Talia if the drugs she had put in the biscuits had been harmless.

"You're a damn doctor! You know that those weren't just some pranks! Someone could have died" Chanel yelled. "But they didn't! We only intended for your business to get shut down," Talia said. "Only? You knew how much that place meant to me, how hard I worked for it. I thought you were my friend. I thought that you were more than a friend. How could you do this to me?" Chanel asked. Talia explained that Colin had convinced her that Chanel was a monster that had seduced Nathan and killed Martha.

"But that's not what happened!" Chanel said. "I know that now, okay? When I heard your side of the story, trust me, I started to have my doubts, especially when I got to know you. I couldn't imagine how someone so kind could do something so evil," Talia said. Chanel noted that Talia's reservations had not stopped her from helping Colin.

"[Colin] convinced me that he couldn't live without getting justice for his parents, okay, Chanel? I love him!" Talia yelped. Chanel asked Talia how she could love someone that destroyed lives. Talia shrugged. "I thought he was justified somehow," Talia said. Chanel argued that there was no way to justify Colin's actions.

"He is a freaking psycho! And so are you," Chanel said. "I'm sorry!" Talia cried out. Chanel ordered Talia to leave. "I never want to see you again!" Chanel screamed. With tears in her eyes, Talia left. Chanel collapsed on her bed, shaking.

In the bakery, Colin knocked out Abe with a rolling pin. "I didn't want to hurt your husband, but he was in the way," Colin said. "Who are you? What do you want?" Paulina asked. Colin ordered Paulina to leave with him, but she refused. Colin pulled out a gun. "I will go with you, but first, just let me call an ambulance for Abraham," Paulina said. Colin refused the request, and he took Paulina's phone.

When Paulina argued that Abe could die from his injuries, Colin countered that Paulina had not worried about his family. "Why should I give a damn about yours?" Colin asked. "What are you talking about?" Paulina shouted. Colin told Paulina he would answer her questions later.

Colin escorted Paulina at gunpoint back to his room at the Salem Inn. "I don't care what you do to me, but please send Abraham some help," Paulina pleaded. "We don't have time for that. We have a lot to accomplish tonight," Colin said. Confused, Paulina asked about Colin's plan.

Colin showed Paulina a photo album with a picture of his family. "You're Nathan and Martha Bedford's son. Sloan's baby brother," Paulina said. Paulina asked Colin if he had been working for Sloan the whole time. "My sister has nothing to do with this. This is all my plan," Colin said. Paulina told Colin that she understood that he was traumatized.

"Your mother's death, it was a terrible tragedy, but it's not what you think. I swear to you!" Paulina said. "It's time you heard [my side of the story]," Colin said. Colin explained that the photo was from a vacation in Spain, and he detailed that his parents had danced their way into a fountain.

"I was embarrassed, but that's just how they were, my parents, deeply in love, which is how I know you and your daughter are lying," Colin said. "That's a beautiful memory, but take it from someone who has lived a lot longer than you, relationships, they change. People change," Paulina countered. Colin disagreed. "We had a real family until you came along. You erased it," Colin yelled as he pointed his gun at Paulina. Paulina shrank away.

"I went from having two loving parents to having a suicidal mother and a predatory dad," Colin said. Paulina argued that Nathan had been a predator. "[Chanel] seduced him," Colin argued. Colin added that Nathan had regretted the affair. Colin called Chanel a cold-blooded murderer, and he argued it was time for Chanel to get what she deserved.

At the police station, Jada escorted Sloan into the interrogation room. "You know Sloan doesn't deserve to be in jail over this," Eric complained. Jada noted that it was up to the D.A. to press charges. "You can't question her without a lawyer," Eric argued. "I know how this works," Jada said. Sloan thanked Eric, and she told him she could handle herself. Eric promised to be right outside.

"I'm glad you decided to cooperate," Jada said. "Not that it's done me much good so far," Sloan muttered. After Sloan told Jada again about her conversation with Colin, she groaned in frustration. "I don't know where [Colin] is!" Sloan said. Jada advised Sloan to "drop the attitude." Jada argued that if Sloan had turned Colin in, she would not have been arrested.

"But instead, your psychotic brother is out on the loose, and who knows what he'll do next?" Jada said. "He's not dangerous, okay? You don't know him," Sloan said. "I know him well enough to know that he's somehow convinced my sister to do his little dirty work. That makes him dangerous enough for me," Jada countered. Sloan's eyes widened. "Your sister? What are you talking about?" Sloan asked.

At the bakery, Abe stirred awake, and he called Rafe's phone. "I need help," Abe gasped. "What's happening? Where are you?" Rafe asked. Abe explained that he had been attacked at the bakery.

When Talia returned to the Salem Inn, Colin's room was empty. Talia saw the photo album on the bed. "Where are you?" Talia whispered. In tears, Talia muttered that she had ruined everything. "I just hope you don't hate me after this," Talia said. As Talia looked down at her phone, she saw Paulina's scarf on the floor.

Upstairs, Colin forced Paulina onto the rooftop. "You brought us up here to shoot me. Am I right?" Paulina asked. Colin smiled. Worried about Paulina, Chanel called her mother's phone. When someone answered the call, Chanel blurted out that she had learned that Talia and Sloan's brother were to blame for the harassment.

"Nice to meet you, Chanel," Colin said. "What the hell did you do with Mama?" Chanel asked. Colin explained that Paulina would be fine if Chanel followed his instructions.

When Rafe arrived at the bakery, Abe was sitting on the floor, clutching his head. "What happened? Are you all right?" Rafe asked. "Help Paulina," Abe whispered.

On the roof of the Salem Inn, Chanel burst through the door and called out to her mother. "Chanel, you're just in time," Colin said as he pointed his gun at Paulina. "You stay away from her, you creep!" Chanel yelled. Colin warned Chanel to stay back. With a chuckle, Colin admitted that he had not thought to invite Chanel to the rooftop, but her phone call had given him the idea.

"This has all worked out perfectly," Colin said. "What are you gonna do?" Chanel asked. Colin smiled. "You two bitches went to great lengths to make the world believe that my mum threw herself off the side of a building, and now, the story is gonna come full circle," Colin said. "No!" Chanel cried out. Colin told Chanel to say goodbye to her mother before she jumped to her death.

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