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Megan convinced Dimitri to woo and marry Gwen. Sloan told Jada about Nicole's pregnancy. The paternity test ruled out Eric as the father because Sloan had used her own DNA. Xander kissed Chloe. Chloe admitted she liked Xander. A drunken Shawn snapped at Belle. Talia helped Rafe recapture Colin. Abe was wary of Whitley. Wendy grew closer to Tripp when Johnny stood her up. Talia agreed to talk to Marlena about therapy. Abe learned that he was the mayor. Rafe questioned Whitley about Abe's disappearance. Kate asked Harris to kill Megan.
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Megan convinced Dimitri to woo Gwen. A doctored paternity test ruled out Eric as the father. Xander kissed Chloe. Abe was wary of Whitley. Kate asked Harris to kill Megan.
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The results of the paternity test are revealed

The results of the paternity test are revealed

Monday, June 5, 2023

by Mike

Xander picked up then opened a bottle of Champagne as Chloe entered their shared apartment. "Congratulations on your first day at your brand-new --" Xander managed to declare before Chloe snatched the bottle and gulped down a generous serving of Champagne. "It went great -- so great that I quit," Chloe informed Xander before elaborating that being given a broom closet to use as an office had ended up being the least infuriating part of the whole experience.

Xander pointed out that Chloe's decision to quit had been a victory for Gwen. "Afraid of bullies?" Xander wondered. "I've been standing up to them since I was in high school," Chloe bragged. "Then you know that the only way to beat a bully is to prove to them that you can't be pushed around and that they're not gonna break you -- then they'll get bored and move on to the next target," Xander stressed. "Just be miserable until she's bored with me," Chloe translated.

Chloe agreed to keep the job after Xander not only did a bit of shameless begging but also admitted that it would be nice to have a successful hiring decision to cite if Gwen ever tried to pull rank in their business partnership. Xander decided to cook a Scottish dinner for Chloe as a way of returning the favor. Xander offered a history lesson on Scottish inventions during the meal, but Chloe had trouble determining if any of the claims were true. "The Scots invented kissing?" Chloe sputtered after Xander's most unbelievable story of the night. "Well...maybe we didn't 'invent' it -- but we certainly perfected it," Xander backpedaled before kissing Chloe.

Gwen was preparing a "help wanted" ad that featured only one requirement -- "don't be Chloe Lane" -- when Leo burst into their shared hotel room in a panic and started fretting about having just had a chance encounter with a psycho. "Could you be a bit more specific? This town is full of psychos," Gwen responded, prompting Leo to explain what had just happened with Colin.

Gwen laughed off Leo's concern about being in Colin's crosshairs, arguing that the fugitive had bigger problems at that moment than the existence of a living witness who hadn't even seen anything that was worth sharing with the police. "Focus on something else," Gwen advised before showing Leo a printed photograph of Dimitri then explaining that the former ISA agent had just arrived in town for unknown reasons. "I've already got one psycho killer after me -- I sure as shootin' don't need another one!" Leo snapped at Gwen before admitting to having gotten on Dimitri's bad side during the Alamainian Peacock caper.

Gwen teased that a story about Dimitri could end up winning the Pulitzer Prize and inspiring seven-figure adaptations, but Leo still refused to take the bait. "What good is all that money if you're too dead to spend it?" Leo explained to Gwen. "Fine -- if you want something bloody done, you have to just do it yourself," Gwen countered before refusing to share the profits with Leo.

Megan was delighted to receive a surprise visit from Dimitri, but Kristen wasn't quite as pleased about having "yet another prodigal son" roaming around the DiMera mansion.

Megan complained about having expected Dimitri to arrive days earlier. "Blame the tired antics of the US government -- let's just say that they were less than thrilled to grant us our immunity in exchange for the return of Shane Donovan's son, so they made sure to make my customs process a rather arduous one," Dimitri grumbled while hugging Megan. "Well, I am just glad that you're here now, finally -- where you belong," Megan raved after Dimitri pulled away.

Dimitri turned to Kristen with a scowl. "The last time I saw you, my quest for some precious jewels wound up putting my own jewels in quite unnerving jeopardy," Dimitri noted. "Whatever are you talking about?" Kristen sputtered. "You don't recall our encounter in Amsterdam? You pointed a gun at my crotch!" Dimitri elaborated, referring to a tense encounter with Kristen that had occurred during the Alamainian Peacock caper. "Oh. That. Yeah, well, I didn't know you were my nephew at the time -- I thought you were some pesky ISA agent in the thrall of insipid Billie Reed," Kristen clarified, giving Dimitri a dismissive shrug.

Megan argued that Dimitri and Kristen needed to just let bygones be bygones. "Especially if you two are going to be married," Megan reasoned. "What?" Kristen and Dimitri objected in unison. "You two aren't related by blood, as you well know, and this is hardly breaking new DiMera grounds," Megan stressed. "But our age difference --" Dimitri tried to protest. "Watch it," Kristen warned.

Megan clarified that Dimitri and Kristen were not being urged to wed for the usual reasons. "I have recently been made aware of the fact that there is a very sizeable amount of von Leuschner money that Dimitri is in line to collect -- but there are strings," Megan explained before elaborating that Dimitri needed to get married before the age of 40 in order to gain access to the trust fund. "And how old are you now?" Kristen wondered, giving Dimitri's face a critical inspection. "39," Dimitri confessed to Kristen with a wince. "And three-quarters!" Megan fretted before reminding Kristen that world domination was an expensive endeavor.

Dimitri and Kristen each refused to go along with Megan's plan. "If we're not keeping it in the family, we have to find someone very special for you --" Megan advised Dimitri -- just as Gwen entered the mansion.

Sloan was pacing around the Petersen apartment and fretting about Colin's escape from police custody when Jada arrived with a search warrant. "You actually think I would be dumb enough to hide my brother at my own apartment?" Sloan sputtered. "Maybe not -- but if you are helping him, there may be evidence in here somewhere," Jada responded. "If I were helping him -- which I'm not -- I also wouldn't be dumb enough to be leaving clues lying around," Sloan insisted. "Has the Salem PD ever heard of 'conflict of interest'? Let's not forget -- you have family mixed up in this mess, too," Sloan continued. "Look, just finish your search and get out of here already, okay? God, I've got enough on my mind with my boyfriend's ex being pregnant," Sloan concluded, stunning Jada, who squirmed while probing for more details.

Jada eventually finished the search then started to leave, prompting Sloan to tease that questioning Leo probably would have been more productive because Colin had encountered the gossip columnist earlier that day. "Why didn't you tell me that when I got here?" Jada snapped. "Because it's not my job to help you do your job," Sloan responded. "You withheld vital information in an ongoing case!" Jada argued. "Want to arrest me as an accessory? Go ahead -- I would love nothing more than to sue you and the department for false arrest," Sloan countered. "You're not off the hook yet," Jada warned Sloan before storming off in search of Leo.

Nicole finished chastising E.J. and Eric at the hospital -- and Kayla approached before either man could respond to the tongue-lashing.

Kayla handed Nicole a sealed envelope then admitted to being too busy to stick around for the big reveal. "Something to do with Colin Bedford?" Eric assumed. "It's about a lot more than that; Abe disappeared this morning, too -- right out of his recovery room -- and the police think that the two of those things are probably connected," Kayla responded.

Eric started to offer Nicole a few words of comfort after Kayla rushed off, but E.J. interrupted with a promise that the DiMera family's best security team would start looking for Abe right away. Eric tried to assure Nicole that the results of the paternity test could wait if the timing no longer felt right, but E.J. interrupted again to challenge the sincerity of that statement.

Nicole again chastised E.J. and Eric then stepped aside and opened the envelope. "You're not a match," Nicole informed Eric after reading the results, prompting E.J. to start celebrating. "Aw, Eric -- I'm sure that this stings a bit...but in the long run, it's what's best for everyone involved; we don't have to go through the awkwardness of you and Nicole raising a child together while her and I are in a relationship, and your girlfriend is spared the pain of you fathering a child with another woman. In a sense, everyone's a winner today!" E.J. eventually declared before hinting that it was time for Eric to leave -- and Nicole forced a smile that faded when neither man was watching.

E.J. ushered Nicole to Kayla's office so they could discuss future steps. "We've gotten the news we were hoping for!" E.J. bragged to Kayla as Nicole again forced a smile. "Oh? Well, I'm glad that's the case," Kayla responded before referring Nicole and E.J. to a fertility specialist then rushing off to a press conference about Colin and Abe's potentially linked disappearances. "I love you," E.J. stressed while alone with Nicole, who responded with yet another forced smile.

Eric headed over to the Petersen apartment and told Sloan about what had just happened. "You don't have to pretend you aren't happy," Eric stressed. "But I know how much you want to be a father, and I see you're hurting," Sloan responded. "Just not the right time -- and it's probably for the best," Eric grumbled. "I hate seeing you in pain," Sloan fretted. "I appreciate you saying that -- and I'm happy that I'm here with you, and I look forward to our future together," Eric muttered.

Eric and Sloan hugged and declared their love for each other. "You're all I ever wanted," Sloan whispered to Eric while thinking about the paternity test -- the results of which were based on a swab of her cheek instead of his.

Megan urges Dimitri to woo Gwen

Megan urges Dimitri to woo Gwen

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Over dinner, Xander chatted with Chloe about a list of things invented by Scottish people. "What else did we come up with? Zippers, hoverboards, kissing," Xander said. Chloe raised an eyebrow. "The Scots invented kissing?" Chloe asked with suspicion. With a shrug, Xander noted, "Maybe we just perfected it." Xander kissed Chloe.

As Xander smiled at Chloe, she slapped him. "Just when I was starting to forget what that felt like. I can't believe you slapped me again," Xander complained. "I can't believe you kissed me again!" Chloe shouted. Chloe noted that Gwen was not in the room.

"It wasn't a performance. I meant it," Xander said. Xander noted that he had felt a vibe between them, and he asked Chloe if he was wrong. "Actually, if I'm being honest, you aren't completely off base," Chloe confessed. Chloe admitted that she had felt something between them ever since they had moved in together.

"I'm just happy to know I'm not going mad. But you don't seem too thrilled," Xander said. Chloe explained that although her relationship with Brady was over, she hated that she was attracted to Xander. "Why would you be upset about having feelings for me?" Xander asked. Chloe reminded Xander that he had abandoned her in Mexico with a drug lord.

"You shot Brady, you locked Nicole in a shark cage, and you're the literal clown who kidnapped Susan and Bonnie!" Chloe added. "Well, it seems all your PowerPoint presentation is missing is the slides," Xander joked. Xander asked Chloe why she had feelings for him if he was such a horrible person.

"Because I've seen another side of you," Chloe said. "Sneaking peeks of me in the shower, have you?" Xander said. Chloe laughed. "I just mean I've seen another side of you as a human being. When you confessed your remorse about Susan's death, I could tell that you really meant it," Chloe explained. Chloe noted that Xander had also been kind to her.

"So, are you saying that you might actually like me, after all?" Xander asked. "God help me," Chloe said as she rolled her eyes. Xander advised Chloe not to fight her feelings. "That's always a losing battle," Xander said. Xander told Chloe to give in to her heart, and he leaned in close to her. "This is a bad idea. We live together, we work together, this could get really complicated, really fast," Chloe argued. Xander told Chloe that they did not need to make a commitment.

"We can just take it day by day. See where it goes. Especially since you're still getting over Brady," Xander said. "And what about you? Are you really over Sarah?" Chloe said. "I still have feelings for her, but I know that ship has sailed," Xander said. Chloe made a sour face, and she noted that she had dated half of Xander's male relatives.

"So?" Xander said. "So, I should learn from my past mistakes and just swear off all Kiriakis men, since it never seems to work out," Chloe said. Xander pouted. "Yeah, but I'm the best of the whole bunch, and you've never been with me," Xander said. Xander pulled Chloe into his arms, and he encouraged her not to overthink the situation.

"I say we try that kiss again, and this time, don't focus on what you should or should not feel. And then you'll have your answer," Xander said. "Are you sure you want to risk getting slapped again?" Chloe whispered. Xander slowly leaned in for a kiss. "I'm willing to take my chances," Xander said. Xander kissed Chloe. When the two parted, Xander grinned.

"So? What's the verdict?" Xander asked. Breathless, Chloe said, "It was nice." Xander raised an eyebrow. "I was kind of hoping for steamy or lovely or, 'Please, Xander, whisk me away to Paris!'" Xander joked. Chloe giggled nervously. "You're going to have to settle for nice for now," Chloe said. Xander noted that Chloe had not slapped him. "Don't push it," Chloe warned playfully.

"I'm not going to kiss you again. Even though I really want to. So, um, what should we do? Any ideas?" Xander asked. As Xander and Chloe's faces hovered close to one another, she stammered that they should finish dinner. Xander and Chloe sat on the couch, and they smiled coyly at one another.

Jada visited Leo at his hotel room, and she threatened to arrest him. "You had contact with a known fugitive, and you failed to report him to the police," Jada said. Leo explained that he had been terrified, and he showed Jada his shattered phone. Jada asked Leo if he had kept quiet in order to use the information for his column. "I wasn't chasing any clout!" Leo protested. Leo pleaded with Jada not to arrest him.

"It won't come to that, Leo, just so long as you tell me every detail about your encounter with Colin Bedford," Jada said. After Leo told Jada what had happened with Colin in the park, he asked Jada about Talia. Leo claimed that he had heard that Talia and Colin had been like Bonnie and Clyde. "My sister didn't kill anyone," Jada stressed. Leo noted that since Talia had vandalized Paulina's office and drugged biscuits, her hands were not clean in the situation.

"That's because Colin was extremely manipulative. And she was na´ve," Jada said. "It's not like she didn't have any choice," Leo countered. "Well, that's easy to say if you're not being abused, okay?" Jada yelled. Leo asked Jada if he could quote her that Talia had been trapped in an abusive relationship. Jada sighed in frustration.

"This interview is over," Jada said. "Don't you want your sister's side of the story to be told? Especially since, you know, she was being abused?" Leo countered. "I shouldn't have told you that," Jada whispered. Leo softened, and he told Jada that his father had been physically abusive.

"This was more like emotional abuse," Jada said. "I can relate to that, too. My mother was the queen consort of all forms of emotional manipulation and blackmail," Leo said. Jada told Leo that she appreciated his empathy, but she needed to resume her search. With a nod, Leo informed Jada that he had a journalistic responsibility to print what Jada had confided to him. Jada appealed to Leo as a survivor of abuse to reconsider the story.

At the police precinct, Belle escorted Talia into the bullpen, and Talia told Rafe that she had made bail. "It helped that Talia expressed great remorse for her actions, and I assured the judge that she will testify against Colin," Belle added. Rafe informed Belle and Talia that Colin had escaped custody and that he might have kidnapped Abe.

"Are there any leads?" Belle asked. "Jada is questioning a potential witness as we speak," Rafe confirmed. While Rafe took a phone call, Belle assured Talia that Colin's escape had no bearing on Talia's situation. "You're free to go. You just need to be very careful," Belle cautioned.

After Belle walked out, Rafe asked Talia if she had any idea where Colin would go. "I suppose he might be going back to New York, but then again, he doesn't have many friends there to speak of," Talia said. Rafe asked Talia to think about it. As Rafe turned to leave, Talia stopped him to apologize.

"If I would've just said something sooner, you know, like, admitted my guilt, things wouldn't have gotten this bad. So, I just want to say that I'm really, really sorry," Talia said. Rafe thanked Talia. "I appreciate you taking responsibility for your actions. I just wish I could say the same thing about Colin," Rafe said. Talia nodded in agreement.

"All this time, I thought [Colin] was the victim," Talia said. Talia admitted that she had rationalized Colin's behavior. "But I swear, I never thought he was this dangerous, okay?" Talia said. "Something tells me that he hid it pretty well," Rafe said. Talia confessed that she was upset she had involved her sister in a scandal.

"Jada doesn't care about that. She cares about you. She loves you. That's why she hired the best damn lawyer that she could find. My advice? You wanna make things up to your sister, do whatever the hell Belle tells you to," Rafe advised Talia.

When Jada arrived, she was relieved to see that Talia had been released from custody. Jada recounted to Rafe what Leo had told her about the incident in the park. "We're not going to stop until we find him," Jada assured Talia.

After Talia left with a police escort, Jada told Rafe what she had blurted out to Leo. "We both know that [Leo] is going to print every word that I said," Jada grumbled. Rafe encouraged Jada to follow her sister home, but Jada was adamant that she wanted to find Colin first. "Otherwise, she could take the fall for everything that Colin made her do," Jada said. "That is not going to happen. I promise," Rafe said.

Belle returned home, and she was shocked to see Shawn. "Why didn't you tell me you were flying back?" Belle said as she hugged her husband. Shawn explained that his return had happened quickly. Belle sniffed, and she asked Shawn if he had been drinking. "Yes. And if you ask me, not nearly enough," Shawn said. "What's going on? Did something happen with your dad?" Belle asked. Shawn said nothing had changed with Bo, and he had been drinking because he was responsible for Bo's condition.

"It was an accident, and everyone knows that, and everyone has tried over and over to get you to know that," Belle said. "Accident or no accident, my old man is hanging on by a thread," Shawn countered. Shawn added that he was the cause of his mother's suffering. "Your mom does not blame you for what happened," Belle stressed. "Not consciously," Shawn said. Shawn explained that he had felt it was best for his mother if he returned home to Salem.

"I hope that Megan doesn't find out where he is at," Shawn whispered. "About Megan, E.J. told me that she's actually back in Salem [at the DiMera mansion]," Belle said. Shawn growled, and he grabbed his coat. "I'm going to give that bitch a piece of my mind," Shawn said. Belle ordered Shawn to give her his keys, since he was too drunk to drive. Frustrated, Shawn argued that Megan needed to answer for Bo's situation.

"There's nothing that we can do right now, so just give me the keys," Belle pleaded. Shawn reluctantly gave his keys to Belle. "I suppose, as much as I'd like to, I can't place the blame squarely on Megan's shoulders because I'm the one that pulled the trigger," Shawn said. Shawn grabbed his bottle of beer, and he took a gulp. Belle asked Shawn to put down the bottle and head to bed with her. Shawn refused.

After Shawn snapped at Belle, he apologized. "I just want to be left alone," Shawn said. Belle refused to leave Shawn alone, but he insisted. "I love you," Belle whispered. After Belle went to bed, Shawn continued to drink.

In the DiMera living room, Kristen turned down Megan's proposal to marry Kristen to Dimitri. Megan complained that they had limited options. "We have to be very careful finding you an incredibly special woman to marry," Megan said. Gwen walked into the house, and she asked to speak to Dimitri. Dimitri introduced himself.

"I'm Gwen, Editor-in-Chief of the Spectator," Gwen said. "So, you're a reporter," Dimitri said. "And also my friend," Kristen added. Gwen said she wanted to interview Dimitri for the paper. Megan grinned. After Kristen introduced Gwen to Megan, Gwen explained that Kristen had blackmailed her into helping Kristen escape police custody.

"Such a good friend," Megan said. Kristen told Megan that she had returned the favor, and she had helped secure a pardon for Gwen. "Which I am still very grateful for," Gwen said. Dimitri asked Gwen why she had been in prison. Gwen admitted that she had hurt Chad's deceased wife.

"[Abigail] was a wonderful woman. I still grieve her loss, actually," Gwen said. Gwen explained that she had perceived Abigail as a threat, and she had sent her to a deserted island. Dimitri and Megan smirked at Gwen's tale. "It's something I will always regret doing to her. But anyway, enough about me," Gwen said. Gwen changed the subject to Dimitri.

"Sorry, but I'm not interested in doing press," Dimitri said. "Dimitri, darling. Let's not be so hasty," Megan said. Dimitri resisted, but Megan urged Dimitri to talk to Gwen to quell the rumors in town. "I don't give a damn what people think, so let the rumor mill churn," Dimitri said. Megan asked Dimitri to talk privately with her, and he followed her into the foyer.

"You do not want to miss this golden opportunity," Megan started. Dimitri argued that they had never cared about what people had thought of them. "This is not about PR. This is about making that reporter the future Mrs. Von Leuschner," Megan stressed. "You can't be serious," Dimitri complained. Megan reminded Dimitri that he had rejected her other option.

"So, because I wouldn't marry my aunt, I have to marry the next woman who walks in off the street?" Dimitri asked. Megan noted that Gwen was not a stranger to Kristen. When Dimitri argued that Gwen had committed crimes, Megan reminded Dimitri that she and Dimitri had committed worse crimes.

"The point is, wouldn't you want me to be in love with the person I marry?" Dmitri asked. Megan argued that they did not have time for Dimitri to fall in love. "If you want to inherit the Von Leuschner fortune you have to be married by the time you are 40," Megan said. Megan urged Dimitri to forget love and to focus on wooing Gwen. "I'd like to explore my options," Dimitri protested. "What options?" Megan said. Dimitri sighed in frustration.

"I have plans, plans that require significant funding, so you need to put a ring on her finger," Megan said. "But why this woman, Mother?" Dimitri asked. Dimitri complained that he did not know anything about Gwen, including whether or not she was single. Megan ordered Dimitri to pursue Gwen.

In the living room, Gwen congratulated Kristen on her immunity deal. "It's all thanks to my sister this time," Kristen admitted. Gwen told Kristen that she was determined to get an interview with Dimitri. "You're taking this whole reporter thing very seriously," Kristen said. "I think I do have a knack for it. I think I get it from my dad," Gwen said. Kristen pointed out that Gwen had stolen the paper from Jack. Gwen countered that Jack and Jennifer were happy with their paper in Boston.

"How is it working with your ex?" Kristen asked. Gwen groaned, and she complained about Chloe. Kristen laughed, and she told Gwen that Rachel called Chloe "the evil one." "I know that Xander says that there's nothing romantic going on between them, but to be honest, I think it's just a matter of time before they have a romp in the hay," Gwen muttered. Kristen said she felt for Gwen, but she was relieved that Brady was free of Chloe.

"I could give you some pro tips on how to disappear the loathsome bitch," Kristen said. Gwen told Kristen that she had no interest in dating Xander again. "Given his very fickle nature, I need to put that rake behind me and move on with my life. Maybe even find someone new," Gwen said. As Gwen and Kristen clinked their glasses in a toast, in the doorway, Megan smiled at Dimitri.

"We're so sorry for the delay, but have wonderful news," Megan said. Megan announced that Dimitri would sit for an interview. Dimitri asked if they could schedule the interview for another time. "What about tomorrow? You two could have a nice chat over dinner," Megan suggested.

"Could we make it lunch? I'm quite anxious to get this story out," Gwen said. Dimitri asked Gwen to call him by his first name. Kristen smirked as she watched Dimitri sidle close to Gwen. "Something tells me that this lunch is going to be an exciting opportunity for both of you," Megan said.

After Gwen left, a frustrated Dimitri listened as Megan talked to Kristen about setting up a lunch date for Dimitri and Gwen. "My spidey sense is telling me that you believe that you found Dimitri here a wife," Kristen said. "Subtlety was never my mother's strong suit," Dimitri grumbled. Megan admitted that she wanted Dimitri to marry Gwen so that he could claim his inheritance. "And if it turns out to be a love match between he and this charming British woman, so much the better," Megan said.

At the Salem Inn, Leo sat down to work on his column. After Leo typed up what Jada had said about Talia's abusive relationship, Leo deleted his work. "I hate having a conscience," Leo muttered. Gwen returned home, and she told Leo that she had secured an interview with Dimitri. Leo told Gwen he had not been as lucky. "No big scoops?" Gwen said. "I had one. A great one, in fact. But someone had to go and guilt me out of it," Leo muttered.

Talia returned to Jada's room above the pub, and she put the chain on the door. Inside the top drawer of the dresser was her bakery apron. Talia shoved it aside, and she grabbed some clothes. Talia noticed a police badge on the floor. "Oh, my God," Talia whispered. Talia ran to the door, but a hand grabbed her from behind.

Colin is arrested

Colin is arrested

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

At the Shin apartment, Wendy agreed by phone to meet Johnny for dinner. As Wendy's call with Johnny ended, Tripp surprised Wendy when he said he had flown back from Seattle to see her.

Tripp offered to prepare dinner for the two of them, but Wendy noted that she had already made plans with Johnny. Tripp said he respected Wendy's decision, but he hoped that Wendy would "choose" him soon. Wendy remarked that Tripp seemed more confident in himself.

Tripp said that he hadn't always asserted himself enough due to insecurities, and he vowed to change. Tripp added that he wanted to make his intentions known with Wendy, and he said he intended to be "your man."

A short while later, Tripp made dinner for himself. Wendy said she didn't know what was taking Johnny so long to meet her. Tripp suggested that Wendy forget about Johnny, who he referred to as "Cecil B. DiMera," and have dinner with Tripp instead.

Wendy called Johnny to ask about his whereabouts. Johnny shared that something had happened and that he was with Chanel. Johnny was forced to hang up in a hurry. Afterwards, Wendy told Tripp that she would join him for dinner.

At the Salem Police Station, Rafe and Jada believed that Abe had been abducted by Colin. Rafe thought that someone had seen Colin sneak Abe out of the hospital. Jada stared at a name that was printed on a file. "What about Whitley King?" Jada said.

Jada noted that Whitley was the name of the nurse that had been tending to Abe when Abe had disappeared. Rafe obtained Whitley's contact information.

At the nurse's house, Abe told Whitley, the woman he believed to be Paulina, that the house didn't feel like his home. Abe asked Whitley if she was sure that she was his wife. Whitley insisted that she was Abe's wife.

Whitley slipped into the kitchen to prepare something for Abe. After she left, Abe turned on the television, where he saw a news broadcast about the search for Colin. Whitley ran and snatched the remote from Abe's hand, and she said that he shouldn't "relive" the details about Colin and his assault on Abe. Abe disagreed, and he said he wanted to learn more about what had happened.

Just then, Whitley received a call from Rafe. Whitley sent the call to voicemail after claiming the call had been from a scammer. On the other end of the line, Rafe told Whitley in a voice message that he needed to speak to her about Abe. After Rafe hung up, Jada suggested that she and Rafe visit Whitley in person. As Rafe and Jada started to leave, they received an urgent call from Johnny at the Brady Pub.

Whitley served Abe a microwaved dinner, and she said that she would make the bed. Abe surprised Whitley when he said he couldn't go to bed with her. Abe added that he wouldn't feel comfortable sharing a bed with a woman he had no memory of.

Whitley proposed that Abe sleep on her sofa bed. Abe said he appreciated the offer. "Of course, sweetheart. And it's only temporary, right? We have the whole rest of our lives to snuggle together in our marital bed," Whitley boasted to Abe, who seemed to grimace.

In Paulina's room at Salem University Hospital, Chanel tried to calm Paulina, who fretted over Abe. Paulina and Chanel were happy to receive a visit from Julie, who volunteered to stay with Paulina while Chanel left to bring Paulina a hamburger.

After Chanel left, Paulina blamed herself for Abe's disappearance. Julie assured Paulina that Abe was a survivor and that he would be fine. Paulina noted that Abe had been attacked twice because of Paulina's past. Julie gave Paulina a pep talk in which she said that Paulina was a blessing to everyone in her life.

An emotional Paulina thanked Julie, who swore that she would stay with Paulina until Abe was found. Paulina and Julie learned through a text message that Talia had made bail. Paulina doubted that Talia would ever help Colin, and she recalled the rage in Colin's eyes when he had held Paulina and Chanel at gunpoint.

Paulina started to hyperventilate. Julie sought to calm Paulina before she had another panic attack. Julie reminded Paulina that Abe and Paulina's first anniversary was approaching. Julie said that Paulina and Abe would be reunited in time for their anniversary and that all of Salem would soon celebrate Juneteenth.

At the Brady Pub, Chanel had encountered Johnny, who offered his sympathies about Abe's kidnapping. Chanel told Johnny that Paulina was in the hospital, and she admitted that she was scared. Johnny hugged Chanel, and he promised that everything would be okay. Chanel noted that Julie had said the same thing.

Johnny mentioned Wendy, and Chanel said she hoped things would work out for Johnny and Wendy. Chanel received a text from Trask's office. Chanel shared that Talia had been released on bail, and she thought that Talia was likely in the room upstairs above the pub. Johnny tried to calm Chanel, who was incensed that Talia was out on bail.

Chanel started to go upstairs in search of Talia, but Johnny wanted to join her. Chanel insisted that she would confront Talia alone. Johnny reluctantly agreed, and he said that he would wait for Chanel downstairs. Johnny vowed to follow Chanel upstairs if she didn't return soon.

In Jada's room, Colin grabbed Talia as she tried to leave. Talia pleaded for Colin not to hurt her. Colin screamed at Talia for having pushed him off the roof, and he said that she had betrayed him. Colin continued to demean and yell at Talia, who insisted that it was an accident that she and Colin had both gone off the roof.

Talia asked why Colin was still in Salem -- and specifically Jada's room. Colin claimed he loved Talia, and he said he wouldn't leave without her. Colin told Talia that the two of them would leave Salem together, but Talia expressed her reluctance. Talia asked where Abe was, but Colin denied any knowledge of Abe's whereabouts.

Just then, Colin and Talia heard a frantic knock at the door. Chanel stood outside, and she demanded that Talia open the door. As Chanel yelled, Colin slowly reached for his gun. Colin gloated that he had a second chance to kill Chanel. Talia pleaded for Colin to listen to reason, and she promised to leave town with Colin if he agreed to let Talia talk to Chanel. Colin reluctantly agreed, and he hid in the bathroom.

Talia opened the door to Chanel, who burst into the room to confront Talia without knowing that Colin was nearby. For Colin's benefit, Talia pretended to yell at Chanel, and she feigned that what had happened years earlier with Colin and Sloan's mother was Chanel's fault. Chanel asked about Abe, but Talia said she hadn't seen or spoken to Colin.

Talia claimed she didn't know where Colin was, and she feigned that she had only saved Chanel's life on the roof so that Colin wouldn't face a murder charge. Chanel called Talia a liar. Talia told Chanel to leave, and she rushed Chanel toward the door. Unbeknownst to Colin, Talia slipped the police badge that Colin had worn into Chanel's hand, and she mouthed "help me" to Chanel.

Downstairs in the pub, Chanel told Johnny that she believed Colin was in Jada's room. Johnny remembered that Colin had stolen an officer's uniform and gun when he had escaped from the hospital, and he called Rafe. Johnny shared that Chanel believed that Colin was in Jada's room. Rafe and Jada headed to the pub.

After Rafe and Jada appeared, Chanel showed Rafe the badge of the missing police officer that Talia had slipped to Chanel. Rafe and Jada raced upstairs.

Back in Jada's room, Colin noticed that the police badge was missing. Colin grew angry, and he called Talia a "stupid little cow" as he accused her of giving the badge to Chanel. Colin put his hands on Talia, who cried out for him to stop hurting her.

Outside the room, Rafe and Jada heard the commotion between Colin and Talia. Jada and Rafe aimed their guns at Colin, and they ordered him to drop his weapon. Talia managed to get away from Colin, and she raced into Jada's arms. Rafe placed Colin under arrest, and he read Colin his rights as Jada comforted a terrified Talia.

Jada pleads with Talia to seek help

Jada pleads with Talia to seek help

Thursday, June 8, 2023

At the Shin apartment, Tripp and Wendy wondered why Johnny hadn't called Wendy the previous night. Wendy chided Tripp when he attempted to badmouth Johnny. Tripp apologized, and he encouraged Wendy to join him for breakfast.

Wendy agreed, and she said that she wasn't used to people like Tripp and Johnny offering their affection to her. Wendy encouraged Tripp to see other people, but Tripp said he only had eyes for Wendy.

After putting the dishes away, Tripp and Wendy kissed. The two heard a knock at the door, and Johnny appeared with breakfast. Wendy noted that she had already eaten. Johnny saw Tripp, who Wendy noted had returned from Seattle.

Johnny said that he had been at the police station the previous night, and he pleaded for Wendy to let him explain why he hadn't called. After Tripp left to shower, Johnny expressed regret for not having contacted Wendy, and he asked to make it up to her.

Wendy and Johnny agreed to meet at the Bistro at 8:00 p.m. Tripp reappeared, and he quipped that he was making Wendy's favorite dish for dinner in case Johnny stood Wendy up again.

Earlier, in Horton Town Square, Johnny and Chanel had drunk coffee as they bemoaned having been up all night, giving statements to the police about Colin. Johnny said he thought that Talia was genuinely terrified of Colin, and he added that Colin seemed to have a hold on her. Chanel said that she would never forgive Talia.

Chanel received a call from Julie, and she left for the police station after she had learned that Paulina had left the hospital against medical advice.

In the interrogation room at the Salem Police Station, Paulina yelled for Colin to tell her what he had done to Abe. Rafe noted that Paulina should still be in the hospital, and he tried to get her to leave. Sloan appeared, and she told Rafe to get Paulina out of the room. Colin surprised everyone when he said he knew where Abe was.

Sloan ordered Colin to be quiet, and she asked for a moment alone with her client. After Rafe and Paulina left, Colin admitted that he didn't know where Abe was and that he had hoped to lead the police to Abe's whereabouts in an attempt to escape.

Sloan said that Colin would likely be killed if he tried to escape. Sloan added that Colin needed to admit to everything he had done, and she said that Colin was almost certain to face prison time.

Outside in the lobby, Rafe learned that Paulina had left the hospital against medical advice. Chanel appeared, and Rafe asked her to take Paulina back to the hospital. Paulina said she had only left the hospital because she had learned of Chanel's involvement in Colin's arrest.

Rafe noted that the police had no definitive proof that Colin had been involved in Abe's disappearance. Just then, Sloan reappeared after having finished speaking with Colin. Sloan was adamant that Colin didn't know anything about Abe's whereabouts.

Paulina and Chanel left, and a short while later, Paulina was back in her room at the hospital. Paulina admitted that she was afraid that something bad had happened to Abe. Chanel told Paulina that things would be okay. "They have to be," Chanel said to herself.

In Jada's room above the Brady Pub, Talia awoke from a nightmare that had involved Colin. Talia got out of bed, and she told Jada about her nightmare. Jada sought to assure Talia that Colin couldn't hurt her, and she promised that she would never let Colin lay another finger on Talia.

Jada assured Talia that she loved Talia. Jada said that Colin had messed with Talia's mind, and she wondered how Colin had taken such a hold on Talia. Talia said that she had been afraid of Colin, and she added that she had almost been "relieved" when Colin had asked her to leave town with him the previous night.

"What is wrong with me?" Talia cried out. Jada took Talia by the hand. Talia started to cry, and she blamed herself for having "betrayed" Colin. Jada said that Talia hadn't betrayed anyone, and she grew emotional when she said that Talia had been in an emotionally abusive relationship with Colin.

Jada encouraged Talia to see a therapist to work through Talia's feelings, and she asked what had caused Talia to lose her strength and resilience. Talia said that she had always been weak and that she had just hidden it well.

Jada said that Talia was strong and that she wasn't someone to give up. Jada asked Talia to make an appointment with Marlena, and Talia agreed. Jada wrapped her arms around Talia, and the two sisters shared an emotional hug.

Later, by the nurses' station at the hospital, Talia and Chanel met face to face after Talia stepped off the elevator. After a tense moment, Talia told Chanel that she had gone to the hospital to make an appointment with Marlena. "Look, Chanel, I'm sorry about everything. I don't know what to say anymore," Talia said, and she walked away. Chanel seemed conflicted after Talia's apology.

Back at the police station, Jada joined Rafe, who briefed her on Colin's story about Abe. Jada asked Rafe if she could be the one to question Colin while Rafe questioned Whitley. Rafe agreed, and he left for Whitley's house.

Sloan appeared, and she told Jada that she had tried to convince Colin to plead guilty but that he had refused. Sloan said that Colin "hadn't been the same" since their parents had died, and she hinted that she might use an insanity plea at Colin's trial. Jada started to threaten Sloan, who quipped that Jada should shift her focus to Abe, given that Abe had disappeared on the police's watch.

At Whitley's house, Abe had a dream in which he recalled Paulina's face. Abe awoke startled, and he told "Paulina" about his dream. "It was about you, Paulina. Only it didn't look like you," Abe said.

Abe said that "Paulina" looked "different" in his dreams, and he noted that "Paulina" hadn't been dressed as a nurse. Whitley scoffed, and she said she didn't always wear nurses' scrubs. Whitley mentioned that she would make sausage for breakfast. Abe was disgusted, and he remembered that he had always hated sausage.

Abe asked to watch television, and he grew irate when Whitley said that TV wasn't good for Abe. Whitley accused Abe of having post-concussion mood swings. Abe tried to turn on the television, but there was no signal. Whitley claimed that the cable company had to have shut off their service. Unbeknownst to Abe, Whitley had severed a cable cord behind the television.

Whitley said that she had recorded 15 years of her favorite show -- Body and Soul -- that she claimed Abe would enjoy. Abe looked skeptical. Before she left, Whitley told Abe that Colin had impersonated a police officer, and she warned Abe not to answer the door if the police appeared. Whitley left, and not long afterwards, Abe heard a knock at the door. Rafe stood outside.

Back in Paulina's room at the hospital, Paulina told Julie by phone that she would be fine as soon as she learned where Abe was. Just then, Whitley entered Paulina's room, and the two women locked eyes.

Kate asks Harris to kill Megan

Kate asks Harris to kill Megan

Friday, June 9, 2023

In the DiMera living room, Megan was dismayed that Dimitri was not dressed for his lunch with Gwen. "I'm not going," Dimitri announced. "Do I have to remind you that it is not long before you turn 40?" Megan said. Dimitri groaned with frustration. Dimitri held up a stack of papers, and he said he had read all the conditions in the document.

"Where did you get that?" Megan asked. "From your room. And you failed to mention a few pertinent details," Dimitri said. Dimitri recounted that he needed to remain married for a year and that the marriage could not be under false pretenses. When Megan asked if it would be difficult to turn on the charm, Dimitri complained that he had hoped to play the field for a bit. Megan counseled Dimitri to focus on his fortune.

"Isn't inheriting a vast fortune worth being married for one tiny, little year to a wife you don't love?" Megan asked. Dimitri asked why he needed the money as he waved his hand about the room. "We seem to be doing pretty well around here," Dimitri said. "This might look like a mansion, but it's actually a pool for sharks," Megan said. Megan noted that the DiMera fortune had to be split among any number of Stefano's children.

"But none of them can touch the Von Leuschner fortune. That, my darling, is all ours," Megan said. "Ours?" Dimitri asked. Megan confirmed that had been her plan when she had married Dimitri's father. "You'll be sharing that money with your adoring mother," Megan said. Dimitri admitted he did not want to share anything with the DiMeras. When Dimitri complained of his sacrifice, Megan reminded him that she had sacrificed a lot over the years for Dimitri.

"This is your opportunity to pay me back," Megan said. "And how, exactly, should I repay you?" Dimitri asked. Megan asked Dimitri to have lunch with Gwen and charm her. With a resigned sigh, Dimitri agreed. Megan told Dimitri to go get his money. "This is why I love you, Mother. You never sacrifice your own dignity," Dimitri joked.

After Dimitri walked out of the living room, Kristen appeared behind Megan. "What are your plans for all that lovely money?" Kristen asked. "Eavesdropping now, are we?" Megan muttered. Kristen again asked Megan about her plans for Dimitri's fortune. Before Megan could answer, Dimitri returned to the living room, dressed for his lunch.

"Now, how am I going to convince this reporter who is interviewing me, that I barely know, that I'm mad about her and that she should marry me?" Dimitri asked. "You're really gonna do that?" Kristen asked. Megan counseled Dimitri to use his usual charms.

"What if I just told her why I needed to marry her?" Dimitri asked. "Have you forgotten about the clause? It specifies you must be sincere in your intentions," Megan said. With a smirk, Megan noted that Gwen was desperate for love and that it might not be difficult for Dimitri to romance her. Megan handed Dimitri a file on Gwen, and he left.

"Your plan, is it already in motion?" Kristen asked. "You underestimate me," Megan said. Kristen warned Megan that she had many enemies in town and that Megan would need an army to back her up. "And every army needs a commander," Megan said. "Sounds like you already have somebody in mind," Kristen countered. Megan said her commander had just arrived in Salem.

At the Salem Inn, Gwen was finishing making a reservation for her lunch with Dimitri when Leo returned to the room. "My life is over," Leo complained. Gwen asked what was wrong. Leo explained that he had gone to visit his mother in prison. "But you loathe her, with good reason. What possessed you to go over there and see her?" Gwen asked. Leo explained that he had talked about his mother with Jada, and he had realized that he had not visited his mother since her incarceration.

"Did you two have a row?" Gwen asked. "I learned a long time ago not to contradict Diana when she's ranting. Today's rant was entitled, 'Why Leo Stark is a worthless human being that nobody could ever possibly love,'" Leo said. Gwen reminded Leo that Diana was a "conniving bitch," and he should not believe anything Diana said to him.

"Nobody has ever loved me," Leo said. "What about me?" Gwen countered. Leo clarified that none of his lovers had wanted to stay with him. "I do feel like there was something between Sonny and me, but then Will came back like he always does, and they made up like they always do," Leo grumbled. Leo chastised himself for going after unavailable men.

"I know you really well. And so, I know everything your mother said about you is simply not true," Gwen said. "Easy for you to say. She's not your mother," Leo countered. With a groan, Gwen said she did not want to compare their bad mothers. "Everything that our mothers have said about us, it is absolute rubbish," Gwen stressed. With a tired smile, Leo told Gwen that he loved her. Leo joked that they needed two handsome men to sweep them off their feet.

"That doesn't happen very often, does it?" Gwen said. "I believe that true love is just around the corner for both of us," Leo exclaimed. Leo told Gwen that even if things did not work out for them romantically, they could always marry one another. Gwen raised an annoyed eyebrow. Leo said he was serious.

"Why on earth would we do that?" Gwen asked. "The bridal registry," Leo said. Gwen argued that no one liked them enough to buy gifts. Leo shrugged, and he announced that he was going to watch an episode of the soap opera Body and Soul. When Gwen announced that she needed to prepare for her lunch, Leo asked Gwen not to mention his name to Dimitri because of the Peacock debacle. "That was him?" Gwen asked. When Leo nodded yes, Gwen promised not to mention Leo.

While Gwen got ready in the bathroom, there was a knock at the door. Leo was horrified to open the door and see Dimitri. "You," Dimitri said.

Over lunch in the Brady Pub, Roman told Kate that there were no new leads in Abe's disappearance. "How does the mayor of a town just vanish?" Kate said. Roman shrugged. Kate asked about Colin, but Roman said that Colin had confirmed that he did not have any information on Abe. Kate did not believe that Colin or Sloan had told the truth.

"Colin is in a lot of trouble. If he did have Abe stashed away, I do believe he'd say so," Roman said. Kate stressed that someone had to have helped Abe leave the hospital. Frustrated, Roman announced that he planned to offer his assistance to Steve and John. As Roman walked toward the door, Harris entered.

"I wanted to see if you heard anything from Megan Hathaway," Harris said. Kate said she had not heard from Megan since her visit to the pub when Megan had returned to Salem. "I thought I would keep an eye on [Megan]. It felt like it's the least I could do. But I'm assuming that you would prefer if I just stayed away and minded my own business," Harris said to Roman. Roman told Harris that he hated what Harris had done, but Roman was also in his debt.

"You saved Katie from Megan and that son of hers, and for that, I will always owe you," Roman said. Roman shook Harris' hand. After Roman left, Harris sat down with Kate. "Now that I've come home to Salem, I've just got to figure out my life," Harris said. When Harris mentioned that he needed a job, Kate offered to pay him to get rid of Megan.

"Let's define 'get rid of.' Do I convince Megan to leave town, or do we take it a step further?" Harris asked. Kate scoffed. "I don't need you to play games with me. You're not going to make me feel guilty. Megan tried to kill me," Kate said. Kate told Harris that she did not want to wait and see if Megan intended to finish the job. "I just want to have her neutralized first," Kate said.

When Kate mentioned the danger to Marlena and Kayla, Harris asked Kate if she wanted to consult with her friends about the plan. Kate snickered. "Neither of them has the killer instinct. I'm the only one ruthless enough to take care of this situation," Kate said. "You have the killer instinct, but you want me to do the killing?" Harris said. Kate argued that Harris had killed before.

"If you're talking about the jobs I did for Megan, I wasn't right up here. I was brainwashed," Harris said. Kate nodded yes. "But you still have it in you, right? You're a Navy SEAL. You have advanced combat training," Kate argued. Harris countered that Megan was not an enemy combatant. Kate recounted how Megan had harmed Harris.

"We both know that sooner or later, [Megan is] going to be back at it," Kate said. "Why pay me or anybody else? Your husband was a cop. I'm sure he would love the chance to get even with Megan," Harris argued. Kate explained that Roman was a moral man who would never kill Megan.

"Which means I'm left with you," Kate said. After a moment, Harris explained that no matter what Megan had done to him, he could not be a hitman. "Clearly, you are back on the side of the angels. The trouble is, I'm not," Kate said. "You're going to have to find somebody else," Harris said. Kate cautioned Harris to look out for Megan to lash out at him or Hope. Kate asked Harris to give her offer some thought.

Abe was watching television at Whitley's apartment when Rafe knocked on the door. Abe struggled to get to his feet, but he was unable to muster the energy. "Ms. King? Are you there?" Rafe yelled through the door. "I know that voice," Abe whispered. Abe struggled again to stand, but then he thought about when "Paulina" had mentioned that Abe's attacker had been dressed like a police officer. Abe's eyes went wide with fear, and he settled back into his chair.

After a few minutes, Rafe gave up and left. Abe breathed a sigh of relief. "That must be the guy who attacked me. I hope he's gone. But if not, I have to defend myself," Abe said. Abe clutched his head in pain, and he noted that he needed to wait for "Paulina" to return home. Abe turned on an old episode of the soap opera Body and Soul.

On the show, a woman that looked like Kayla confronted a woman that looked like Marlena. "Charlemagne!" the Kayla double yelled. "What do you think you're doing here, Kassandra?" the Marlena double yelled back. The two women glared with overly melodramatic facial gestures at one another on the television. Kassandra grabbed Charlemagne, and they shook one another in a clearly staged fight. The two women argued about a man named Rhett and the rigged election for "Woman of the Year."

"That's what they're fighting about?" Abe muttered. "Rhett loves me and only me," Kassandra said. "Don't embarrass yourself," Charlemagne sneered. The two women argued about whether Rhett loved either of them. "The only reason you were able to get your claws in Rhett is because he had amnesia," Charlemagne said. Abe's eyes went wide.

As the old episode of the soap opera continued, a 2008 news report interrupted the show. The news aired a clip of Abe talking to the media. "There has been a lot said about me and my family during the course of this campaign. Some of it's true. Some of it's not true. And over the next several weeks, I will delineate fact from fiction. But tonight, I want to assure all of Salem that I am committed to making life in this city better for our children and our children's children. I am honored and humbly accept this position as your mayor," Abe had said. Abe stared at the TV, and he whispered, "That's me. I'm the mayor."

At the hospital, Paulina was chatting on the phone when nurse Whitley entered the room. "I need to talk to you," Paulina said. Paulina ended her phone call, and she thanked Whitley for having taken care of Abe in the hospital.

"I'm just a nurse. That's what we do," Whitley said. "Most people give credit to the doctors for saving people's lives, but it's you nurses that take care of people around the clock. I don't know what me and Abraham would have done without you," Paulina said. Whitley said it had been an honor to take care of Abe.

"I'm just so sorry that all those terrible things happened to him, and that awful attacker is possibly the one who kidnapped him," Whitley said. Paulina noted that Colin had not taken Abe. "How do the police know?" Whitley said. "They do. That's all that matters," Paulina said. Paulina complained that there were no other suspects, and she cried out for her husband. Whitley hugged Paulina, and she assured Paulina that Abe would be fine.

"You can't possibly know that," Paulina said. "You're right. I can't. But I'm a woman of faith," Whitley said. Rafe entered the room, and Paulina eagerly asked about Abe. Rafe said there was no news. "Then why are you here?" Paulina asked. Rafe said he was there to talk to Whitley. "I just came from your apartment. There was no one there," Rafe said. Whitely breathed a deep sigh of relief.

"I also left you a message yesterday, and you never called me back," Rafe said. Whitley explained that her phone had been turned off because she had been behind on her bills. "What can I do for you, Commissioner?" Whitley asked. Rafe explained that Whitley had likely been the last person to see Abe before his disappearance.

"Nobody told me [that]," Paulina said. "Are you accusing me of something?" Whitley asked. Rafe shook his head no, and he laid out the timeline and facts. Rafe asked Whitley if she had seen anyone suspicious on the floor. Whitley said no. When Rafe asked Whitley if she remembered having taken care of Abe, Whitley remembered when Abe had woken up in the hospital and mistaken her for his wife.

"I remember it well. There was something," Whitley said. Whitley explained that when she had checked on Abe the last time, he had been conscious and confused. "That's what Chanel said," Paulina interjected. Whitley explained that after she had left to inform the doctor of Abe's condition, Abe had disappeared. "But you don't remember anyone hanging around outside his room?" Rafe asked. Whitley said no.

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