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Chad removed his wedding ring. Xander turned down Maggie's job offer. Bonnie told Justin about Sarah's pregnancy. E.J. overheard Megan's plan to murder Stefan. Megan tied up E.J. and Kristen in the cellar. Whitley told Abe he had been impeached. Harris agreed to help Kate. Megan asked Li to recall Rolf. Shawn interrupted Harris' plan to disappear Megan. Nicole got good news. Kate convinced Eric and Sloan to have a baby. Dimitri and Gwen had sex.
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Chad removed his wedding ring. Megan tied up E.J. and Kristen in the cellar. Harris agreed to help Kate. Dimitri and Gwen had sex.
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Chad makes a decision on the anniversary of Abigail's death

Chad makes a decision on the anniversary of Abigail's death

Monday, June 12, 2023

by Mike

Alex headed over to the Brady-Johnson townhouse in search of Stephanie. "Is this a bad time? Is Chad here?" Alex began. "I don't think Chad's showing up today -- I'm pretty sure he's with Abigail," Stephanie responded.

Stephanie informed Alex that it was the one-year anniversary of Abigail's death. "Chad was being really vague about his plans, but I figured they had to be important if he was blowing off a client meeting...and then it hit me," Stephanie explained.

Alex pointed out that Chad still wore Abigail's wedding ring all the time, and Stephanie admitted to having made the same observation. Alex marveled at Stephanie's willingness to continue "living in Abigail's shadow" just to be in a relationship with Chad. "That came out very, very wrong -- I didn't mean that you don't, like, measure up at all, because you do!" Alex backpedaled after getting a look from Stephanie. "You have to share Chad with Abigail's memory," Alex clarified, prompting Stephanie to tease that the rephrased statement had been a much more tactful way of giving someone a compliment.

Chad placed a bouquet of red roses on Abigail's gravestone then settled on a nearby bench -- and heard a noise. "Abby?" Chad called out hopefully.

Julie soon approached with a bouquet of white carnations and apologized for having startled Chad. "I'll come back later --" Julie offered, but Chad insisted that wasn't necessary.

Julie acknowledged that Thomas and Charlotte were in Boston with Jack and Jennifer, prompting Chad to explain that the kids had seemed desperate for a change of scenery lately -- probably because they had known, at least on a subconscious level, that the anniversary of Abigail's death was fast approaching. Chad felt guilty for having failed to prepare Charlotte and Thomas for the sad occasion, and Julie agreed that kids often knew more than adults wanted to believe they knew.

Julie soon changed the subject, wondering how Chad's relationship with Stephanie was going. Chad admitted that being with Stephanie was another source of guilt, and Julie insisted that was understandable but also unnecessary. "Guilt is corrosive -- it will steal all of your happiness if you let it," Julie advised. "I see you're still wearing your wedding ring," Julie continued. "Do you think that wearing that ring is holding you back from moving on?" Julie concluded. "Maybe -- I just haven't been able to bring myself to take it off; I'm afraid that if I do, it'll make it final, and I'd have to really let her go," Chad explained, prompting Julie to dismiss the concern.

Chad thanked Julie for the advice -- then removed and pocketed the ring once the coast was clear. "I will love you forever," Chad whispered while sitting beside Abigail's grave.

Chad headed over to the Brady-Johnson townhouse later that day to see Stephanie -- who smiled after noticing the ring's absence but decided not to say anything about the change.

Dimitri was surprised when Leo opened the door to Gwen's room at the Salem Inn. "You and I have unfinished business," Dimitri snapped as Leo backed away with a gulp.

Leo claimed to be having trouble figuring out what Dimitri wanted to discuss. "You cost me a fortune, not to mention my own freedom -- and now I am going to make you pay!" Dimitri clarified before lunging at Leo.

Leo called out to Gwen, who emerged from the bathroom and informed Dimitri that "Matty" was a dear friend who was not to be harmed in any way. "Matty?" Dimitri repeated. "You're not the only one with an alias, 'Kyle'!" Leo explained.

Dimitri forced a smile and apologized to Leo after receiving a text message from Megan that contained a reminder about the importance of staying on Gwen's good side. "It's okay -- normally, I enjoy a good manhandling," Leo admitted with a wink.

Leo rushed off so Gwen could interview Dimitri, who argued that it would be best to order room service instead of trying to talk in a busy restaurant. Gwen asked about Dimitri's childhood during the interview and was given a story that -- perhaps by design -- was very relatable. "It's quite uncanny how much we have in common!" Gwen declared. "Imagine that," Dimitri responded.

Chloe joined Xander at the Spectator office and bragged about having just convinced the owner of Saxton's to sign off on a "major" deal for advertising opportunities within both the online and print versions of the newspaper. "I happen to know Mr. Saxton from working at Basic Black, and we always got along, so I just turned on a little charm, and he was putty in my hands," Chloe explained with a shrug before admitting to being happy about having decided to continue working at the newspaper. "Today has been a really great day -- and stress-free!" Chloe continued. "I think it's because Gwen's not around," Chloe concluded.

Xander and Chloe were happy to be alone together at the office because they were both eager to continue discussing their most recent kiss -- and perhaps even reenact the moment -- but Maggie arrived before anything could happen. "Am I interrupting?" Maggie began, drawing awkward laughs from Chloe and Xander, who each dismissed the concern.

Maggie cut to the chase, offering Xander the job at Titan that had previously belonged to Alex. "What about Victor? He'd never approve -- I mean, he's barely spoken to me since I quit," Xander argued. "It's not up to Victor," Maggie countered. "Won't Sarah be upset?" Xander wondered. "I suppose she might be...but she knows I'm fond of you," Maggie responded.

Xander thanked Maggie for the job offer and promised to give it some thought -- then discussed the matter with Chloe once they were alone together again. "Part of me would just love to go back to Titan -- I mean, growing up, I used to dream about being part of the family business and finally feeling like I belonged...and I have to say, I mean, it would be so satisfying to go back and just rub it in Victor's face and show him that he made a mistake by not believing in me," Xander admitted before deciding to decline the offer in favor of continuing to work with Chloe at the newspaper.

Chloe rewarded Xander's gesture with a kiss -- and Leo entered the office just then. "That's your definition of 'platonic'?" Leo challenged Chloe after Xander rushed off to the Kiriakis mansion to officially turn down the job offer. "Can you please not mention this to Gwen? She hates me enough as it is --" Chloe begged. "Girl, please! Gwen is so over that Scottish lunkhead -- has been for ages! As a matter of fact, she's having lunch with a hot new hunky-hunk even as we speak," Leo teased before warning that Chloe might need to worry about Sarah instead. "That's ridiculous -- they're done for good," Chloe insisted. "If you say so," Leo responded.

Justin entered the Kiriakis mansion and found Bonnie in the study. "I didn't know you were here," Justin began. "I just got in this second," Bonnie responded.

Justin begged for a recap of "everything" that had transpired while Bonnie had been in Chicago. "Boy, is it hot in here -- hotter than a billy goat with a blowtorch!" Bonnie fretted during Justin's interrogation.

Bonnie fetched a bottle of water from the bar then struggled to open it, prompting Justin to handle the task then wonder what was wrong. "Jet lag," Bonnie explained. "You drove to Chicago -- and we're in the same time zone," Justin countered.

Bonnie conceded Justin's points with a sigh then gave the matter some thought. "You are my husband, obviously...but you're also an attorney!" Bonnie remembered before producing a one-dollar bill and handing it to Justin to secure attorney-client privilege. "Did you do something illegal?" Justin wondered. "No, of course not -- I've just got this secret I want to tell, and if I don't tell it, my tongue is gonna explode, so I just gotta tell somebody!" Bonnie answered before releasing a squeal of excitement then informing Justin that Sarah was pregnant with Xander's child but didn't want anyone to know.

Bonnie made it clear to Justin that keeping Maggie in the dark about the pregnancy was especially important. "Who's pregnant -- and why am I not allowed to know?" Maggie wondered, joining Bonnie and Justin in the study. "Mimi -- she's pregnant, and she doesn't want too many people to know until she's through her first trimester," Bonnie explained to Maggie after giving Justin a look. "I have to admit, I'm a little jealous -- I'd love to be a grandmother again," Maggie grumbled before saying goodbye to Bonnie and Justin then exiting the study. "I was a much better liar before I fell in love with you -- now I am out of practice!" Bonnie snapped at Justin after Maggie was out of earshot. "And I never used to feel guilty before!" Bonnie added.

Justin apologized and encouraged Bonnie to stay quiet then exited the study. "Just gotta stay away from Xander," Bonnie muttered -- just as Xander entered the study.

Megan offers Li a deadly deal

Megan offers Li a deadly deal

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

In the Kiriakis living room, Bonnie gave herself a pep talk about her ability to keep Sarah's secret. "You just have to stay away from Xander," Bonnie said. "Did someone say my name?" Xander said as he entered the room. Bonnie screamed. Bonnie lied and said she had heard Xander's loud shoes enter the house. As Xander walked toward Bonnie, she backed away.

"Just please stay the hell away from me," Bonnie said. Xander started toward Bonnie again, and she ran around the coffee table to avoid him. "There is no need to freak out," Xander said. A look of comprehension crossed Xander's face, and he asked Bonnie if she was still afraid of him because of the kidnapping.

"The important thing is that that is just so far in the past, and I've forgiven you. And I know you would never, ever do anything like that again," Bonnie said. Bonnie told Xander that she understood that Xander had done horrible things because he had wanted to provide for Sarah. "And what husband wouldn't want to provide for his wife, huh? Er, ex-wife," Bonnie said. Xander frowned, and his eyes glistened with tears as Bonnie noted that Sarah would never return.

"Jeez, Bonnie. You lay it on thick," Xander whispered. Bonnie apologized, and she told Xander that she had meant well. "By reminding me how much Sarah hates me?" Xander said. "But she doesn't. I mean, it's not hate that she feels. I mean, how would I know how she feels?" Bonnie rambled. Bonnie argued that Sarah's feelings could change.

"Nothing is for certain except for death and babies and change. Death and taxes and change," Bonnie said. Xander raised a quizzical eyebrow and nodded yes. Bonnie complained that she was overheated. "If you have forgiven me, and you're not scared of me anymore, then why did you shriek and run away when I walked in?" Xander asked. After a moment, Bonnie said that she thought she might have a cold. Bonnie faked a sneeze.

"I was just looking for Maggie. Is she around?" Xander asked. Bonnie directed Xander upstairs. As Xander started to walk out, his phone beeped with a text. "Oh, wow. She's pregnant," Xander said. "What? She told you she's pregnant?" Bonnie yelled. Xander said he had gotten a news alert. Confused, Xander asked Bonnie who she thought was pregnant. Bonnie said the same person as Xander.

"So, you knew that Nicole was pregnant?" Xander asked. In between fake sneezes, Bonnie said yes. "But how? Lady Whistleblower's column only just published to the site," Xander said. Bonnie stammered that she was a premium subscriber. With a nod, Xander said he needed to find Maggie.

"What do you have to tell Maggie? Anything juicy?" Bonnie asked. Xander told Bonnie about Maggie's job offer. "But I'm going to turn her down," Xander said. Xander explained that as much as he loved Maggie, it meant a lot to him to be his own boss at the paper. "And I don't want to sabotage what's happening between me and Chloe," Xander said with a satisfied smirk. Bonnie frowned.

"Don't tell me you and Chloe are an item?" Bonnie said. With a shrug, Xander admitted he was "somewhat involved" with Chloe. "Exactly how involved are you two?" Bonnie asked with disapproval. Xander asked Bonnie why she cared about his relationship with Chloe. Through gritted teeth, Bonnie said she was curious.

"I'm not the kind to kiss and tell," Xander said. "You've kissed?" Bonnie gasped. Bonnie asked for details. Reluctantly, Xander admitted, "Actually, there were three kisses, but I got slapped the first two times." When Bonnie grew animated, Xander asked Bonnie why she was so invested in his romantic life.

"Xander you are making a huge mistake, and you need to stop this kissing business with Chloe immediately," Bonnie stressed. When Xander asked why, Bonnie blurted out Sarah's name. "[Sarah and I] don't even talk anymore," Xander said. Bonnie argued that it would hurt Sarah's feelings if Xander dated Chloe. Xander countered that Sarah did not care about him or his dating life.

"[Sarah] is too busy doing whatever with Rex," Xander grumbled. "No, she's not! That's what I thought. Then I saw her and saw the condition she was in," Bonnie said. Suspicious, Xander asked what Bonnie meant. "Is she okay?" Xander asked. Bonnie said that Sarah was fit and happy.

With a shrug, Xander said he was happy for Sarah. Xander thanked Bonnie for her interest, and he assured her that his relationship with Sarah was in the past. "There's no reason for either of us to give a damn about what the other is doing," Xander said. With a nod, Xander left in search of Maggie.

"You may think that right now, but after Sarah has the baby, you both are gonna feel very differently," Bonnie muttered. Bonnie called Justin to tell him about her conversation with Xander. As Bonnie told Justin about her fake cold, she sneezed. "God is punishing me for lying!" Bonnie cried out.

Li returned home from Hong Kong, and he found his finalized divorce papers in the stack of mail. Megan knocked on the door. Li started to close the door in her face, but she stopped him.

"We have business to discuss," Megan said. Megan told Li that although E.J. was ruthless, he was no match for her. "You must know that I'm out at DiMera," Li said. Megan pointed out that Li had a vote on the board. When Li said his vote was promised to Gabi, Megan reminded Li that Gabi was in love with Stefan.

"So, you've pledged your loyalty to a woman who has pledged hers to another man. Why?" Megan asked. Megan urged Li not to let the woman who had betrayed him stand in his way. "I know what it's like to be slighted, rejected, and to lose the love of one's life to someone who's unworthy," Megan said. "So, you consider your brother unworthy?" Li asked. With a look of disgust, Megan noted that Stefan was part Alamain.

"If I'm reading you right, you're assuming that my losing Gabi to Stefan and the resulting animosity I therefore harbor towards him and her would motivate me to become entangled in your machinations to take over the company," Li said. When Megan said yes, Li told Megan he was not interested. Megan said she knew what Li had done to secure Gabi, and she knew Li had attempted to kill Stefan.

"Are you seriously considering killing your own brother?" Li asked. Megan argued that, like a queen in a game of chess, she had more moves to play than her brothers did as kings. Li noted that Megan was not the only queen.

"[Gabi] is hotheaded, high-strung, one who might be easily knocked off her pins," Megan said. "By the elimination of her king," Li added. With a grin, Megan argued that Stefan was to blame for Li's lack of a job, home, or love life. Megan asked Li if he wanted retribution.

"Gabi did love me once," Li whispered. "If something terrible should happen to Stefan, the vulnerable widow DiMera could very likely turn to you for comfort," Megan said. With a shake of his head, Li argued that even if Gabi turned to him, he had moved on from Gabi. Megan laughed. Megan urged Li to think about her offer.

In the DiMera living room, an excited Gabi informed Stefan that her final divorce papers had arrived. As Gabi and Stefan kissed and talked about taking over the company, E.J. walked in and chuckled. "I wouldn't be so sure about that," E.J. said. As E.J. poured a drink, Stefan asked if E.J. should drink before heading to work.

"I would like to unwind first, if that's all right with you," E.J. said. "Tough morning?" Gabi asked. E.J. said he had spent the morning locating a specialist for Nicole's pregnancy to fly into Salem. "A perinatologist who will hopefully be able to tell us if Nicole will be able to carry our child to term," E.J. said. "I really hope it works out for you guys," Gabi said. Stefan agreed.

"And the timing could be perfect. By that time, you'll be free. You know, once the little one comes around. And you could be a stay-at-home dad," Gabi teased. E.J. stared daggers at Gabi. "I'll be very busy ensuring that my son or daughter inherits the legacy of our father's company, so I will be doing everything in my power to stop Salem's most 'incompetent' couple from leaving it in ruins," E.J. countered. Stefan reminded E.J. that E.J. did not have the votes to stop him and Gabi.

"Nor do you have the votes to stop me," E.J. countered. Gabi reminded E.J. that they had secured Kristen's vote, but E.J. argued that Kristen was fickle. E.J. added that he had Megan's more reliable vote. "I would not put stock in Megan. I mean, aside from her being a homicidal maniac," Stefan said. "As opposed to Kristen, you mean?" E.J. retorted. Gabi argued that Kristen and Megan had worked together to get out of prison.

"What makes you think that they're going to stop now and dilute their power by voting separately?" Gabi said. Stefan agreed, and he suggested that he and E.J. bury the hatchet. "So, you're suggesting what? Consolidate power? Form an alliance?" E.J. asked. Stefan said yes. "Before our sisters take both of us down," Stefan said. E.J. argued that their sisters were too obsessed with their love interests to be a bother.

"Wrong. Unlike men, women are excellent multi-taskers, and those two are no exception," Gabi argued. "If I'm again foolish enough to ally myself with my brother, I know it won't be long before he throws me over in an attempt to secure said woman my share of power," E.J. grumbled. Stefan admitted that he and Gabi had not kept their ambitions a secret, but he believed it was better to band together.

"I am suggesting that there is more than enough money and power to go around DiMera, so if the three of us can find a way to peacefully coexist and eliminate our mutual enemies, maybe, just maybe, we can all start the next chapter of our lives with a modicum of harmony," Stefan said. E.J. declined the offer. "Let the best DiMera win," E.J. said.

Furious, Gabi marched upstairs to her bedroom, with Stefan in tow. "E.J. made a huge mistake," Gabi grumbled. "Hey, we tried. And under the heading of pride goeth before the fall, you and I aren't the only ones E.J. needs to worry about taking him down," Stefan said.

In the DiMera living room, Megan took a call from Li. "What we talked about, taking Stefan down, by any means necessary? I'm in," Li said. "Wise decision, Mr. Shin. And I'm sure with your help, my brother is not long for this world," Megan said. E.J. eavesdropped on Megan from the doorway.

In the square, Nicole ran into Eric. Eric asked about Abe. Nicole admitted that there was no news, and that Colin was adamant that he had no information on Abe, either. "Sloan believes [Colin]. And so does Rafe," Eric said. "Yeah, well, I'll keep praying that they find Abe soon," Nicole said. Eric asked about the pregnancy. Nicole explained that she had a meeting with a specialist.

"I hope that everything works out and that he or she tells you that you can have E.J.'s baby," Eric said. Nicole noted that treatments had advanced, and she hoped she could carry her high-risk pregnancy to term. "I hope they tell you some really good news tomorrow. And after everything you've been through, you really deserve this," Eric said. Nicole chuckled nervously. "I don't know about deserving it, but I am happy that maybe I get to be a mom again," Nicole admitted. Eric smiled.

At the newspaper, Chloe grumbled about Leo's comments that Sarah would eventually break up Chloe and Xander. "[Leo] doesn't know what he's talking about. Sarah and Xander are over for good. There's no reason to think that that would change," Chloe said. Nicole arrived, and Chloe eagerly hugged her old friend.

"We have barely spoken since I left Basic Black," Chloe said. Nicole apologized. Chloe asked for updates on Nicole's life. "I'm pregnant," Nicole announced. Nicole told Chloe about the biscuits and the paternity test. "Now my biggest concern is if I can carry this baby to term," Nicole said. Nicole told Chloe about the specialist. "I'm praying that you get good news," Chloe said.

Chloe asked Nicole if E.J. was happy, and she said yes. When Chloe asked Nicole if she loved E.J., Nicole said, "He's been so good to me." Chloe chuckled and noted that Nicole had not answered her question. "Well, that is the best answer that I have for you right now," Nicole said. Chloe started to ask about Eric, but Nicole cut her off.

"I do not wish, nor have I been wishing, that Eric is the baby's father," Nicole stressed. Chloe said that she did not believe Nicole. Nicole argued that it did her no good to wish for something that would never happen. Chloe apologized. Nicole said she understood.

"E.J. is my baby's father, and I am so grateful. And he's been nothing but sweet to me and patient. And we are committed to one another and this baby," Nicole said. "I'm happy for you, and I'm praying that this all works out," Chloe said. Nicole asked about Chloe's life. With a smirk, Chloe noted that Xander had convinced her to take the job at the paper. Nicole narrowed her eyes when she saw Chloe blush.

"So, you and Xander are working together and living together?" Nicole said. Nicole asked Chloe if she was romantically involved with Xander. Chloe admitted that she had kissed Xander. With a look of disgust, Nicole reminded Chloe of the bad deeds that Xander had committed against her and Nicole.

"I thought if anyone hated Xander as much as I do, it's you," Nicole said. "Maybe a few weeks ago, I would have agreed with you, but you know that people can change. And the more that I've spent time with him, I've discovered that he has his charms," Chloe said. Nicole gagged.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Nicole asked. "It means that he's kind, and he makes me laugh. And he's a really good cook," Chloe said. Nicole argued that that was no reason to date a "lowlife" like Xander. "You're not thinking straight!" Nicole yelled.

As Nicole argued that Xander's smugness hid "the rot inside," Xander sauntered into the room. "Come on, Nicole. Tell us how you really feel," Xander said. With a smirk, Xander told Chloe that Nicole was jealous because Nicole had blown her shot with Xander. Both Nicole and Chloe rolled their eyes. "You really are full of it," Nicole said. "Her loss is your gain," Xander said as he kissed Chloe. Nicole asked Chloe if she could slap Xander.

In the Brady Pub, Eric was sipping a beer when Sloan walked in. Eric asked about Sloan's meeting with the D.A. "My brother is still refusing to plead guilty, and Trask is out for blood," Sloan said. Sloan lamented that she could not help her brother stay out of prison. "I know what he did was unspeakable," Sloan admitted. Sloan said that Colin was the only family that she had left. "You have me," Eric whispered. Eric hugged Sloan to comfort her.

"[Colin] is lucky to have you in his corner," Eric said. "I'm lucky to have you in my corner," Sloan countered. Sloan thought about when she had swabbed her own cheek to make sure that the DNA on the paternity test would not match Eric. As Eric stared into the distance, Sloan asked what was wrong. Eric admitted he had run into Nicole in the square.

"I know how disappointed you were. How you wish you'd have been the father of Nicole's baby," Sloan said. "It's not about Nicole. I just really wanted to be a father," Eric confessed. Eric said he did not think fatherhood was in the cards for him. "It doesn't mean it can't. You're young. You're healthy. So why don't you have a baby with me?" Sloan said. Eric was speechless. Sloan said she understood that it was a bit soon in their relationship to suggest the idea.

"But I mean, we do love each other, and we're committed to one another. Why can't I be the one to give you the child you've always wanted?" Sloan asked. Eric said he did not want to make that decision in reaction to Nicole's pregnancy. Sloan stressed that it had nothing to do with Nicole.

"I know family is important to you. It's important to me, too. But I let all of that get so twisted for the wrong reasons. Anger, hatred. But I'm done with all of that because of you," Sloan said. Sloan told Eric that he had shown her kindness and patience, and she wanted to give him something that he had always wanted in return.

"Won't you let me do that for you?" Sloan asked. "It feels all so sudden," Eric whispered. Sloan told Eric that he deserved to have everything he wanted. "If E.J. DiMera gets to be a father, why shouldn't you?" Sloan asked. As Eric smiled wistfully, Sloan asked him if he wanted to have a baby with her. "This isn't something that we need to rush into," Eric said. With a nod, Sloan told Eric that she would be there when he was ready to be a father.

E.J. is knocked unconscious

E.J. is knocked unconscious

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

At Steve and Kayla's penthouse, Steve and John searched for clues about Abe's location. Paulina stopped by for an update, and she was upset to learn that Steve and John had no substantial leads on Abe.

John shared that Roman was also searching for Abe. Paulina noted that Steve, John, and Roman had all thought they had lost their spouses. Steve said the fact that Kayla, Marlena, and Kate hadn't been lost forever should give Paulina hope about Abe.

John said that he and Steve believed that someone other than Colin was responsible for Abe's disappearance. Later, as Paulina stood up to leave, Steve and John promised her that they would bring Abe home.

At Whitley's house, Abe rewound a tape from 2008 in which he had accepted his nomination as mayor of Salem. Abe was confused, and he soon resumed watching Body & Soul. A restless Abe muttered that he needed answers. Whitley entered, and Abe demanded to know why she hadn't told him that he had been the mayor.

Whitley stammered that Abe had left office because his political rival had had Abe impeached "for no good reason." Abe asked who his rival had been. "A horrible, horrible man named E.J. DiMera," Whitley said at once.

Abe asked why he had been impeached. Whitley claimed that Abe had "cheated" to win, and she said that Abe's campaign manager had been to blame. Whitley claimed that Jennifer Horton had been Abe's campaign manager. Abe repeated Jennifer's name, and he said her name sounded vaguely familiar.

Whitley said that Jennifer was "not a good person," and she stated that E.J. was the mayor of Salem. Abe said that none of what Whitley had told him felt right. Whitley said that Abe had left politics behind for good, and she suggested that it had been a good thing because he had been given a fresh slate.

As Whitley continued to ramble, Abe grew more frustrated, and he said he didn't know what kind of man he was without his memories. Whitley said that she would prepare fish sticks for dinner, and she left for the kitchen.

A short while later, Abe and Whitley resumed Body & Soul. During the show, Abe noted that two of the characters had both had amnesia. Whitley quickly turned off the TV, and she proposed that she and Abe play checkers instead.

In Gabi and Stefan's room at the DiMera mansion, Stefan told Gabi that he felt Megan was far more dangerous than E.J. and Kristen. Stefan and Gabi agreed to forget about Megan, and the two passionately made love.

Afterwards, Stefan and Gabi held one another in bed. Stefan vowed that the two of them would be married again. Gabi shared that she was afraid to allow herself to be happy, given that she had already lost Stefan once.

Stefan said that history wouldn't repeat itself, and he vowed that nothing would take him away from Gabi. Stefan and Gabi made love again. A short while later, Stefan teased Gabi that he had planned a surprise dinner downstairs.

In the living room of the mansion, E.J. confronted Megan after he had heard her tell Li over the phone that Megan's brother was "not long for this world." After Megan hung up, E.J. assumed that Megan was plotting his demise. E.J. told Megan that he wanted her out of the mansion immediately.

Megan protested, but E.J. said that the mortgage to the mansion was under his name. Megan pleaded with E.J. before vowing that she wasn't leaving. E.J. asked why he should listen to Megan, who grabbed E.J.'s hand. "Because it's not you I'm planning to kill, you idiot. It's Stefan," Megan admitted.

E.J. called Megan "heartless," but Megan replied that Stefano hadn't been above "eating his own." E.J. disagreed, and the two began to argue. Megan asked why E.J. would care about Stefan, and she offered that with Stefan dead, she and E.J. would have more control at DiMera Enterprises.

"Sorry, Megan. I might have done some despicable things in my life, but I'm not going to conspire to kill my own brother," E.J. said. E.J. started to leave, and he said that he was going to warn Stefan and Gabi about Megan's plan. As E.J. turned his back, Megan picked up a large ceramic vase and struck E.J. over the back of the head.

Megan moved E.J.'s body behind the trap door that led to the tunnels of the mansion. As she did, Stefan and Gabi entered. The two spotted the broken vase on the floor, but they seemed indifferent toward it as they headed outside to have dinner.

At the Shin apartment, Wendy overheard the end of Li's conversation with Megan. After welcoming Li back to Salem, Wendy asked what she had walked in on. Li claimed that he had hired a matchmaker. Wendy scoffed, and she said that matchmakers had been replaced by dating apps. Li showed Wendy a copy of his final divorce papers, and he lamented that his marriage to Gabi was over.

Wendy surmised by Li's demeanor that he had accepted the fate of his divorce, and she said that she was proud of him for having moved on. Wendy hugged Li, and she listed some of the things that Li had done to try to hold on to Gabi. Li grew agitated when Wendy said that Li had been a "lovesick maniac."

"It really worried me, which is why I am so relieved that you are finally over Gabi and that you put all of this behind you... before you did something that you couldn't take back," Wendy gushed, as Li stared at her intensely.

Wendy asked Li to tell her about the matchmaker, and she pressed him for details. Li said cryptically that the matchmaker was known for having "quite the killer instinct."

Harris agrees to help Kate

Harris agrees to help Kate

Thursday, June 15, 2023

In Leo and Gwen's room at the Salem Inn, Leo criticized Gwen for her story on Dimitri in the Spectator. Leo asked why Gwen had gone easy on Dimitri, and he noted that none of Dimitri's serious crimes had been mentioned in her story.

Leo thought that Dimitri had used Gwen to write a glowing review for good public relations, but Gwen shared that she thought she and Dimitri had made a connection. Gwen added that if she stayed close to Dimitri, she could persuade him to end his vendetta against Leo.

Leo said that he couldn't support a possible relationship between Gwen and Dimitri. Gwen wondered if Leo was right to be suspicious of Dimitri. Just then, the two heard a knock at the door. Gwen opened the door to Dimitri, who appeared with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

Earlier, at the DiMera mansion, Kristen had complimented Dimitri for having used his charm on Gwen during the Spectator interview. Dimitri had said that Gwen had related to his "life experiences," which Kristen noted had been dictated by Megan with the hope of Dimitri wooing Gwen into marriage.

Kristen said that she intended to stay on Megan's good side so that Megan could help her gain custody of Rachel. Kristen added that she had thought of hiring Sloan to help her in court, and she decided to try to charm Sloan with a rare bottle of Champagne. Kristen left for the wine cellar of the mansion.

At the Shen apartment, Li received a visit from Megan, who shared that she had knocked E.J. unconscious the previous night. Megan said that Li needed to focus his attention on "eliminating" Stefan so that Li could reunite with Gabi. Li thought that Megan wanted him to kill Stefan, but Megan shared that the two of them needed a trained killer. "And I know just who that someone is," Megan boasted.

Megan said she thought that Harris could be reprogramed to follow her orders, and she suggested that Li recruit Rolf to help. "So, let's play this out. Dr. Rolf programs Commander Michaels to murder Stefan. And then, voilą! You and I get exactly what we want," Megan emphasized. "Consider it done," Li replied coldly.

In Stefan and Gabi's room at the DiMera mansion, Nicole asked if Stefan had seen E.J. Nicole shared that she was worried about E.J., but Stefan said that he didn't know where E.J. was. Stefan assumed that E.J. was up to something underhanded. Nicole disagreed, and she recalled that she and E.J. had been scheduled to meet with a doctor to determine Nicole's chances of carrying her baby to full term.

Later, at Salem University Hospital, Nicole tried to reach E.J. by phone, but her call went to voicemail. Nicole said in a voice message that she was worried about E.J. Later, Nicole received a text from E.J.'s phone. Someone using E.J.'s phone told Nicole to attend the doctor's appointment without E.J.

In the cellar of the DiMera mansion, E.J. dreamed that Megan had stabbed Stefan to death. E.J. awoke tied to a chair, and he vowed that Megan would be sorry for having knocked him unconscious. E.J. was surprised when Kristen walked in. Kristen was stunned to find E.J., who shared that Megan intended to kill Stefan.

Kristen was trying to untie E.J. when Megan walked into the cellar and pointed a gun at her. Megan then tied Kristen to a chair, and she left. Alone in the cellar with E.J., Kristen admitted that Megan was more deranged than she had thought.

In the park, Kate met Harris, who shared that he had changed his mind about getting rid of Megan. Kate was surprised when Harris said that he wouldn't kill Megan. Harris said that there was more than one way to make someone disappear. Kate suggested that Harris also make Dimitri disappear, but Harris said that it would increase suspicion if both Megan and Dimitri vanished. Harris left to find Megan.

In Horton Town Square, Stefan encountered Li. Stefan thanked Li for not contesting Li and Gabi's divorce. Li pretended to congratulate Stefan on his engagement to Gabi. The two shook hands, and Stefan left. "Too bad you won't live long enough to say, 'I do,'" Li said after Stefan had walked away.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Megan locked the door to the cellar where she was holding E.J. and Kristen. Megan turned around, and she saw Harris standing nearby.

Megan threatens Shawn

Megan threatens Shawn

Friday, June 16, 2023

At the Brady house, Belle walked in on Shawn cracking open a bottle of vodka. "You do realize that it's barely past breakfast time?" Belle said. "I do. And do you have any idea how hard it is to find a place that sells liquor this early in the morning?" Shawn countered. Belle grabbed the bottle, and she refused to return it. Belle confessed that she had dumped out Shawn's other bottle of vodka.

"And I would do it again," Belle said. Belle told Shawn that she understood that he was upset about Bo but that he needed to stop drinking. "I'm not hurting anybody," Shawn objected. Belle reminded Shawn that he had previously attempted to get behind the wheel while drunk.

"Lord knows, you're already hurting yourself with all of this," Belle said. Annoyed, Shawn said he did not want to pretend that everything was fine. "No one's asking you to forget it. I'm just asking you to deal with it, but in the right way," Belle said. "I'm assuming that you know what the right way is," Shawn snapped. Belle urged Shawn to talk to a therapist.

"Therapy? Belle, come on, I mean... vodka is a lot cheaper," Shawn joked. Belle yelled at Shawn to stop making jokes. "Stop torturing yourself," Belle said. "Maybe I want to torture myself!" Shawn yelled as he threw a glass against the wall. Shawn argued that he deserved to be miserable as his punishment for what he had done to his father. Shawn stormed out of the house.

In the DiMera living room, Harris confronted Megan as she exited the tunnels. "What were you doing behind the wall?" Harris asked. Megan explained that she had been exploring her new home. "What exactly are you doing here?" Megan asked. Harris touched the gun tucked in the back of his pants.

"I'm done watching you hurt people," Harris said. Megan pretended to be insulted. "Save the act. I know you have somebody in your sights right now. Who is it?" Harris asked. "So, now you're Salem's self-appointed protector?" Megan joked. Harris said he was proud to protect the town as his penance for his past deeds. Megan called Harris a disappointment.

"I'm about to become more disappointing to you," Harris said. Harris reached for his gun again, but Shawn interrupted. "What the hell is going on here?" Shawn asked. Furious, Shawn asked if Megan wanted to send Harris after Hope again. Harris urged Shawn to calm down.

"You've obviously been drinking," Harris said. Shawn laughed. "You sound like my wife," Shawn said. Harris told Shawn that Shawn had misunderstood the situation. "I'm here to deal with Megan, not make a deal. We're on the same side," Harris said. With a sigh, Shawn asked Harris who had asked for his help.

"Are you sure that you were sired by Bo Brady, because you are absolutely nothing like him, you pathetic, drunken, little man-child," Megan said with disgust. Shawn shoved Harris aside so that he could yell in Megan's face. "You're the reason that I'm like this," Shawn bellowed. Shawn asked Megan why she was not in prison. Megan warned Shawn to keep his distance from her, and he laughed.

"Wait, are you sacred, Meggie? Are you scared that you're going to have to pay for messing up my dad's head and turning him into a zombie?" Shawn taunted as Megan backed away. With a Cheshire cat smile, Megan asked Shawn to tell her where to find Bo so that she could apologize to him. Shawn rolled his eyes.

"An apology? Talk about a little too late, you sadistic bitch," Shawn said. Shawn leaned in close to Megan's face, and he told her that she was going to pay for her crimes. Megan pulled out a gun, and she pointed it at Shawn. As Harris reached behind his back, Megan warned him not to move.

"Here I am, grieving the loss of my beloved Bo, and all you can do is drown yourself in a bottle of booze, not to mention looking around everywhere you can for someone else to blame for the bullet that you put into him," Megan said. Shawn said he knew he was responsible, and he hated himself for it. "The truth is, I would do it again. I would do it again if I knew that I was saving my mom's life because I thought my dad was gonna kill her," Shawn argued. Megan countered that everyone would be better off if Bo had killed Hope.

As an emotional Shawn moved toward Megan, she cocked the gun. Shawn stepped back. "I waited years, years to have my beloved Bo back, and you ruined it in an instant," Megan growled. Megan warned Shawn that she could ruin his life, too. "Megan, I'm a witness," Harris yelled. Megan laughed, and she noted that there would be no witnesses. Megan added that she was within her legal rights to shoot a trespasser. Harris stepped in front of Shawn.

"I know you think you have a case of self-defense, but two dead bodies are going to mess up whatever plan you have cooking. And we both know you always have something planned," Harris said. Megan de-cocked the gun. Harris escorted Shawn out of the house.

Once alone, Megan whispered that Harris was lucky that she still needed him for her plan. "Which reminds me, what am I going to do about those two down there?" Megan said. Megan pulled E.J.'s phone out of her pocket, and she reviewed the multiple texts that Nicole had sent. Megan rolled her eyes.

In the DiMera wine cellar, Kristen asked E.J. why he was worried about Nicole. E.J. explained that he was supposed to be with Nicole for her appointment with the perinatologist. "Honestly, finding out that I was to be the father of her baby, I wouldn't have predicted that it would mean so much to me," E.J. admitted. E.J. explained that because of Nicole's history of miscarriages, he and Nicole were eager to talk to the specialist about the viability of the pregnancy.

"But now, here I am, with the appointment only an hour away, and our sadistic sister has got me tied up," E.J. grumbled. E.J. thrashed against his ropes. 'I didn't know this meant so much to you. Becoming a father again," Kristen said. "Truthfully, what means the most to me is Nicole's happiness," E.J. said. E.J. explained that he had gotten Nicole pregnant twice before, and she had miscarried both times.

"I don't want her to have to go through that again," E.J. said. "You really love her, don't you?" Kristen said. E.J. said he did, even if Nicole did not feel the same way about him. Kristen noted that Nicole might need time to process her feelings.

When E.J. explained what had happened when he had told Nicole that he loved her, Kristen said she would not have told a man "I love you, too" under those circumstances. "But Nicole and I have known the truth, that I'm the father, for several days now, and she hasn't said it," E.J. added. "She doesn't know if she is going to carry this baby to term. And she's in a very stressful position, so just don't expect too much too soon," Kristen advised. With a smirk, E.J. asked Kristen if she was offering him emotional support.

"If anyone asks, I will deny it," Kristen said. E.J. chuckled. "Maybe today was the day that Nicole was going to say it," E.J. said with a groan. E.J. argued that if he had not attempted to warn Stefan, he would be with Nicole at the hospital.

Kristen looked at the ceiling, and she wondered aloud how long Megan would keep them tied up in the cellar. "You're the one who has been colluding with her," E.J. said. Kristen apologized for having teamed up with Megan.

"In your defense, you had no idea she made the Unabomber look like an altar boy," E.J. said. With a shake of her head, Kristen confessed she had gone along with Megan to secure help with Rachel. "I do understand that," E.J. said. With a grin, Kristen joked that she had not minded plotting behind her siblings' backs. "I had no idea she was such a crazy woman! She makes me look practically normal," Kristen joked.

At the hospital, Nicole frowned as she read E.J.'s text that told her to go to the appointment without him. Kayla informed Nicole that the specialist would arrive within the hour, and she asked about E.J. "Oh, you mean the man who's supposedly excited to be the father of my child?" Nicole said. Nicole grumbled that E.J. had pulled strings to schedule the appointment, and then he had bailed on her.

"I find it really surprising, because E.J. seemed really excited about this pregnancy," Kayla said. "He is excited! Maybe I'm just overreacting," Nicole said. Kayla noted that there was still time for E.J. to arrive. Nicole texted E.J., and she grumbled, "Answer me." Belle exited the elevator, and she asked if Nicole was okay.

"I'm just frustrated, you know, because I've been trying to reach E.J.," Nicole said. "Is this about you being pregnant?" Belle asked. When Nicole raised an eyebrow, Belle explained that she had read about the pregnancy in the Lady Whistleblower column. Nicole confirmed that E.J was the father. "I guess that probably hit Eric pretty hard, huh?" Belle asked. Nicole glowered at Belle. Belle apologized.

"That was so insensitive. Listen, I know it's not an excuse, I've just had a rough morning," Belle said. "Join the club," Nicole muttered. Nicole asked what was going on with Belle. Belle told Nicole that Shawn had been struggling with his guilt over the shooting, and she had wanted to talk to Marlena about therapy for Shawn.

"You don't need to hear about my problems. But I am so sorry for what I just said about Eric. I know it's complicated," Belle said. After Belle walked away, Nicole looked at her phone again. "Complicated? You have no idea," Nicole said. Nicole went into her exam room and changed.

When Kayla arrived, Nicole explained that E.J. had not responded to Nicole's texts. "He must be tied up somewhere," Nicole said. Kayla offered to stay with Nicole so that she would not be alone during the appointment.

In Eric's room, Sloan wrapped up a phone call about Colin. Sloan explained to Eric that her efforts to maneuver Colin into Bayview had failed. "Since [Colin] refuses to take my plea deal, he'll probably end up at Statesville for the rest of his life," Sloan lamented. "What can I do?" Eric asked. Sloan kissed Eric, and they made love.

Afterward, Eric held Sloan in his arms as she complained about her neediness. Eric noted that he had leaned on Sloan a lot since they had started dating. With a sigh, Sloan said she wanted to stay in Eric's arms, but she needed to go to court. Eric offered to go with her for support.

"You would do that for me? With everything that my brother has done?" Sloan asked. "You've been there for me. Like I said, why wouldn't I be there for you?" Eric stressed. Sloan thought about the faked DNA swab, and she smiled weakly at Eric.

When Eric and Sloan went downstairs to the pub to eat, Sloan picked at her food. Eric asked Sloan if she was worried about her brother. Sloan confessed that she had been thinking about Eric's offer to go with her to court, and she told him she loved him.

"Which is why I don't want you to forget about the offer I made about us having a baby together," Sloan said. "I haven't forgotten," Eric said. Eric asked why Sloan had mentioned it again. Sloan explained that since Eric had offered to do something nice for her, she wanted to do something nice for him. Eric thanked Sloan for her kindness.

"Given everything that I've gone through and what you're going through right now, I don't think it's the right time for us to have a baby," Eric said. "Why the hell not?" Kate interjected as she stopped by the table. Eric asked Kate why she had been eavesdropping. With a shrug, Kate apologized. Kate admitted that although she did not like Sloan, she knew that a baby was important to Eric.

"So, if there's an offer, a genuine one, why would you wait?" Kate asked. "It's not something you just rush right into," Eric said. Kate groaned. "Life is messy," Kate said. Kate warned Eric that if he spent his life using logic and caution, he would miss a lot of opportunities. "It's not that simple," Eric said. Kate told Eric that she knew about Nicole's pregnancy.

"So what that it didn't work out? Screw it. Why don't you make something else work out. Because if you wait, all you're gonna do is get older. If there's something you want really, really badly, you need to make that happen," Kate advised. Eric looked at Sloan. Sloan noted that Kate made sense. "I always make sense," Kate muttered. Kate advised Eric to "seize the day," and she left the pub. "What do you think?" Sloan asked Eric.

As E.J. and Kristen struggled against their ropes, E.J. wondered why Megan had not returned. "I just hope Stefan's safe," E.J. said. "I have a feeling we're going to be down here a long time, so you might as well get used to it," Kristen said. When E.J. looked at the clock, he realized that Nicole had finished her appointment. "She's gotten the news, good or bad, and I wasn't by her side," E.J. lamented.

Nicole walked past the pub as Eric exited with Sloan. "Everything all right?" Eric asked. Nicole explained that she had met with the specialist. "The doctor thinks there's a very good chance," Nicole said through tears. Eric told Nicole that he was happy for her and E.J.

"Truly. That's wonderful news," Sloan said. Sloan added that she and Eric had good news, as well. "We're going to try and have a baby, as well," Sloan announced. Nicole forced a smile. When Sloan noted that it was thanks to Kate, Nicole asked why. "[Kate] made me see that there's no point in waiting around for something I really wanted," Eric said.

At the Brady house, Shawn sat with his head in his hands. "I should have known you'd go after Megan today. I never should have let you leave like that. She could have shot you," Belle said. "I wish she had," Shawn muttered. Shawn argued that he deserved to be shot. Belle told Shawn that she loved him, but he walked out of the room.

In the park, Harris updated Kate on what had happened at the DiMera mansion. "So, you just canceled the whole thing?" Kate asked. "I had no choice. She was gonna put a bullet in him," Harris said. Kate argued that it was further proof that Megan was dangerous. "This is just a delay. And then you'll never see or hear from Megan again," Harris promised.

At the Salem Inn, Gwen was elated to see Dimitri at her door with a bouquet of flowers. "Stop right there!" Leo yelled as he grabbed the flowers. Leo threw the flowers in the trash, and he accused Dimitri of having used Gwen for good press. Gwen groaned with embarrassment as a protective Leo yelled at Dimitri.

"[Gwen] is a real journalist, and if she's not going to stand up for herself, then it falls on me," Leo said. "Where does that leave us, Mr. Stark? Pistols at dawn?" Dimitri countered. Leo said he would protect his best friend from Dimitri's "nefarious behavior." Dimitri promised his only motive for the visit was to thank Gwen for the interview.

"Okay, Matty, you are the best, and you know I adore you, but sometimes you can be just a bit overzealous," Gwen said. "And you can be dangerously dewy-eyed and gullible at times," Leo countered. Gwen shoved Leo aside, and she noted that she was capable of taking care of herself.

"Matty is a very loyal friend. So loyal, in fact, he sometimes surpasses the ability to take a hint," Gwen said. Leo reiterated that he was not fooled. Gwen ordered Leo to leave and work on his column. Leo warned Dimitri that he had his eye on Dimitri, and he walked out. Gwen apologized.

"Actually, I should be the one apologizing to you. Now that we're alone, I can tell you the truth that your odd little friend there, well, he was absolutely right about me," Dimitri said. Disappointed, Gwen noted, "So, you really were just using me to clean up your image?" Dimitri said no.

"The truth is that I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since the day we met. That's why I brought you these flowers," Dimitri said. Dimitri scooped the bouquet out of the trash, and he handed it to her. "Ever since I saw you at our family home, I just felt something. And ever since that day, I haven't been able to get you out of my head and my heart," Dimitri said. With a shake of his head, he said he understood if Gwen did not feel the same way.

"And what if I do?" Gwen asked. Gwen kissed Dimitri. As Gwen and Dimitri fell back onto the bed, Dimitri's phone beeped with a text from Megan warning him not to screw up things with Gwen. Dimitri apologized. "Is it important?" Gwen asked. "Not as important as this," Dmitri said. Dimitri kissed Gwen, and he pushed her back onto the bed.

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