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Gwen married Dimitri. Stefan and Gabi remarried. Sloan doctored Nicole's test results. Brady lost custody of Rachel to Kristen. Colin was sentenced to 20 years. Talia and Chanel admitted that they missed their friendship. Abe moved in with Steve. Li bailed on Trask. Harris talked to Eve. Sloan turned down Eric's proposal. Kate made a confession to Roman. Alex made an agreement with Chad. Trask promised to keep Sloan's secret. Maggie asked Xander to make up with Victor. Xander proposed to Chloe. Leo told Tripp about his affair with Dimitri.
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Gwen married Dimitri. Stefan and Gabi remarried. Sloan doctored Nicole's test results. Brady lost custody of Rachel to Kristen. Xander proposed to Chloe.
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Leo interrupts the double wedding

Leo interrupts the double wedding

Monday, July 31, 2023

by Mike

Sloan stared at Nicole's test results in disbelief while alone in one of the hospital's examination rooms. "That nightmare -- it's coming true!" Sloan fretted.

One of the nurses did a quick investigation and determined that another nurse had released Nicole's test results earlier in an apparent case of mistaken identity. "Who the hell did she give them to?" Nicole snapped -- just as Sloan approached.

Sloan produced Nicole's test results and claimed that there had been a mix-up. "I've been having a lot of anxiety, so...I'm sorry -- I didn't even look at the envelope to check the name," Sloan added after Nicole observed that the seal on the test results had been broken. "No genetic anomalies!" Nicole read aloud with a sigh of relief as Sloan recalled having removed the second page of the test results -- the page that revealed that E.J. was not a genetic match for the Walker baby.

Eric phoned Sami from the Brady Pub and revealed that Sloan was pregnant. "All you can say is that 'at least Nicole's not the mother'?" Eric yelled during the conversation. "How 'bout 'congratulations'?" Eric continued.

Roman and Kate entered the pub just then, prompting Eric to say a quick goodbye to Sami then end the call. Kate and Roman took turns explaining that they were late for their meeting with Eric because they had been helping Paulina prepare for Abe's imminent release from the hospital. "I have some good news to share myself," Eric responded before producing a boxed pair of baby booties and trying to hand them to Roman -- who stared at the offering in horror, as if seeing a live bomb inside. "Well, this is certainly unexpected --" Roman muttered. "Actually, it was planned," Eric clarified. "Really?" Kate interjected. "Want the details?" Eric snapped.

Eric admitted to having been hoping for better responses. "For the record...I'm thrilled that I'll be a grandfather again, and I'm happy for you because I know how much you've wanted to be a father," Roman declared. "That was carefully worded," Eric grumbled. "Yeah, well, I thought you were just having a fling with that woman, not having a baby with her!" Roman admitted.

Roman reminded Eric that Sloan had "terrorized" Paulina and Chanel -- and that Sloan's "demented brother" Colin was partially responsible for Abe's condition. Eric countered that Roman had once welcomed a DiMera to the family as a show of support for Sami -- whom Lucas had later kidnapped. "That's fair," Kate advised Roman before congratulating Eric.

Eric gave Roman a few seconds to follow suit then started to storm out of the pub, unwilling to wait any longer. "Ma always said that every child is a blessing -- and what could be better than a new Brady?" Roman conceded, placating Eric.

Roman couldn't help reminding Eric that pregnancies were usually kept under wraps during the early stages. "Sloan's young, and she's healthy -- I'm sure the whole thing is going to be smooth sailing," Kate argued -- just as Sloan entered the pub.

Sloan admitted to having lied to Eric about visiting Colin -- then claimed to have instead gone to the hospital to make sure that the baby was okay. "And our results weren't ready...but I'm feeling a lot better now," Sloan continued before explaining that Nicole's test had revealed good news about the Walker baby. "That's great -- I'm sure she and E.J. are happy," Eric muttered before hugging Sloan.

Gwen and Dimitri's portion of the double wedding ceremony at the DiMera mansion hit a snag when Leo began to voice an objection. Kristen and E.J. waited for the impending drama with great interest, each munching peanuts in the absence of popcorn, and Rafe and Jada also seemed intrigued -- but Stefan had to restrain Gabi, who was furious about the interruption.

Gwen assumed that old concerns were about to be raised yet again -- and Leo played along after getting a coded reminder from Dimitri about all the money that would be lost if the sharing of new concerns scared the bride away. "Blessings upon blessings," Leo conceded -- and the ceremony resumed at that point then proceeded toward its intended conclusion with no further complications.

Rafe reminded Jada that weddings in Salem typically had even more drama. Kristen guessed that Stefan and Gabi's marriage wouldn't even last six months -- and E.J. feigned outrage on behalf of the newlyweds, even though they couldn't hear the conversation, then declined to bet against the prediction. Leo apologized to Gwen and Dimitri for having tried to stop their wedding. Stefan teased Gabi for having seemed ready to kill Leo earlier.

Rafe and Jada soon found an opportunity to sneak off -- and Gwen shoved a bridal bouquet at Kristen after realizing that no other unmarried women were around to compete for the item. Dimitri pulled Leo into the foyer and tried to smooth things over with a kiss -- but Gwen approached just then, forcing the men to back away from each other and claim that they had been discussing the bride's wedding surprise. "Oh, perfect timing -- I love surprises!" Nicole interjected while entering the mansion -- and Dimitri soon elaborated that Gwen's honeymoon wish was being granted, then Leo added that Iceland was the destination. "Iceland?" Dimitri and Nicole each sputtered, but Gwen was quite touched that Leo had remembered that detail.

Nicole joined E.J. in the living room and explained what had happened at the hospital then shared the good news about the test results. "It's been hard to believe that everything's gonna be okay...but now it's starting to seem real," Nicole admitted as E.J. breathed a sigh of relief. "And now we can stop worrying and enjoy the ride," E.J. responded before kissing Nicole.

Kristen pulled Dimitri aside to offer congratulations and reiterate that a portion of the von Leuschner inheritance was to be given to an aunt whose discretion had helped secure the money. Kristen also seized the opportunity to discourage Dimitri from taking their family connections too far. "'Dimitri DiMera'? Too alliterative!" Kristen clarified. "Noted," Dimitri responded.

Kristen rushed off in a panic after receiving a phone call about Rachel's custody case.

Brady loses custody of Rachel

Brady loses custody of Rachel

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

At the penthouse, Marlena was on the phone with Sami, and she was annoyed that Sami's only response to the news of Sloan's pregnancy was "at least it's not Nicole." Marlena told Sami, "[Sloan] seems like bad news to me." Marlena expressed her worry that Eric would end up in the same situation as Brady. Sami promised to call Eric.

John returned home, and Marlena happily greeted him at the door. Marlena told John that her attempt to hypnotize Abe had failed. "Maybe we just need to give [Abe] a little more time," John said. John noted that at least Abe was surrounded by loved ones. "And everyone has to be patient. And they have to accept reality," Marlena said. Marlena noted that Abe might never recover his memories.

John confirmed that Jerry was in custody. "At least the kid knew what he did was wrong. He gave us a full confession," John said. John explained that Whitley had hired Jerry as an actor to portray Theo.

At the hospital, Steve reunited with Kayla. Steve asked about Abe. "We're going to release him from the hospital today. He finally gets to go home," Kayla said. Kayla informed Steve that Abe did not remember anything in his life before the surgery. "Marlena thinks it's an emotional block. She tried hypnosis, but it didn't work," Kayla said. Steve told Kayla about Jerry, and he noted, "I hope Trask throws the book at that punk."

"At least he finally folded, and he told you that Abe was alive and where he was," Kayla said. Kayla noted that if Jerry had not told the truth, the police might not have found Abe in time. Steve asked about Whitley. Kayla told Steve that Whitley had had a break with reality after the loss of her husband in a tragic accident. "And yet she was able to function here as a nurse," Steve said. "Crazy, huh?" Kayla said. Steve asked Kayla if she believed that Whitley had suffered a psychotic break.

"Marlena says she's not faking it," Kayla said. "I don't care how traumatized that crazy Nurse King was. The fact is she had the wherewithal to kidnap Abe and make his family think he was dead!" Steve yelled. Steve argued that Whitley could have cost Abe his only chance at remembering his past life.

Paulina decorated her apartment in anticipation of Abe's homecoming. Theo told Paulina that he thought everything looked perfect. "I can't remember being so happy. My Abraham is alive, and he is finally coming home," Paulina said. Paulina set out a spread of food in the hopes that it might jog Abe's memory. When Paulina asked Theo what food Lexie had made for Abe, Theo suggested a pizza that his parents had loved. Paulina announced that she would order the pizza, too.

"I don't care how long it takes, I am not giving up," Paulina said. Paulina fretted about her appearance, but Theo assured Paulina that she looked perfect. Theo listed all the ways that Paulina had supported Abe during and after his disappearance.

"This is what he loved you for, Paulina. Your heart," Theo said. "Bless your heart for being such a comfort to me. As you have always been to your dad. No, more than comfort. A source of pride," Paulina said. Paulina assured Theo that Abe would remember how proud he was of Theo, too.

While Paulina put on some makeup, Theo called J.J. and canceled his flight home. When Theo told Paulina, she was adamant that he return home and close his big deal for his company.

"It doesn't feel right going back the same day that Dad is getting out of the hospital," Theo said. "As soon as your dad starts to remember you, I promise you, I will call you," Paulina said. Paulina stressed that Abe would want Theo to live his life fully. "He knows he's in your heart. Just like you're in his," Paulina said. Paulina suggested that they go to the hospital so that Theo could say goodbye to Abe, and Paulina could take Abe home.

In the hospital, Chanel visited Abe with his favorite pastry. "Do you remember bear claws?" Chanel asked. "I remember you," Abe said. Chanel hugged Abe, and she told him that Paulina would be thrilled to know that Abe had recognized her. Abe clarified that he had remembered her from when she had visited him after his surgery. "That's where all my memories start," Abe explained. Chanel's smile disappeared, and Abe apologized.

"I hope it doesn't make you feel too pressured, you know? Everyone wanting you to remember. Especially Mama," Chanel said. Chanel told Abe how everyone had been affected by Abe's "death." With a grin, Chanel told Abe that Paulina had been up early cooking and cleaning, even though she hated both. "But she didn't mind it today, because you are coming home to her," Chanel said. Abe said he did not want anyone to make a fuss about his homecoming.

"You are just going to have to deal with the fuss. Because Paulina is a force of nature, and she is crazy in love with you," Chanel said. "I've been told by a lot of people that I love her just as much. You don't know what I would give to feel that love right now," Abe said. Chanel told Abe that she was confident that Abe would remember Paulina. With a chuckle, Chanel told Abe that Paulina would never give up on Abe.

"Either [you'll remember], or she'll make you fall in love with her all over again," Chanel said. Abe smiled. After Chanel left, Abe snacked on his bear claw and stared at his wedding photo. John walked in with Steve. "It is so damn good to see you, buddy," John said. As Abe smiled politely, John guessed that Abe did not know them. "I'm supposed to know, right?" Abe said. "We'll take you any way we can get you," Steve said. John and Steve introduced themselves.

"The three of us have been good friends for a very long time," John explained. Steve hugged Abe. Steve explained that he and John had chased down Jerry and delivered him to the cops. "Is he in a lot of trouble?" Abe asked. "Are you kidding me? He lied to the police. He was the one who told the cops that he saw you walk off the dock," John said. John explained that Jerry had planted the evidence to make the police think Abe had died.

Abe noted that Marlena had found him at Whitley's apartment because of John and Steve's phone call. "You have got a hell of a lot of life left to live," John said. "And we feel blessed that we have been a part of that life," Steve said. John promised that he and Steve would help Abe remember how much he meant to them. "But right now, we just want you to know that you're safe here," John said. Steve noted that their phone numbers were in Abe's phone and that he was in good hands with Paulina.

Outside Abe's room, Marlena asked Kayla if it was okay to send Abe home. Kayla noted that there was nothing wrong with Abe other than his amnesia. "He really has a clean bill of health," Kayla said. "I'm afraid if [Abe feels pressure to remember], he won't know where to turn to get some help or support," Marlena said. Kayla asked Marlena how to proceed. Marlena worried aloud about Paulina's ability to be patient.

"Hey! I'm here to take my husband home!" Paulina shouted as she exited the elevator. Marlena greeted Paulina, and she reminded Paulina that there was no guarantee that Abe would regain his memory. "I can make him remember," Paulina said. "But it doesn't work like that," Marlena said. Marlena advised Paulina to be patient.

In Abe's hospital room, he thought about all the people that had visited him since he had returned to the hospital. Theo walked into the room. "I'm sorry, I don't remember you or anyone else yet," Abe said. "You will," Theo assured Abe. Theo told Abe goodbye, and he promised to return if Abe needed him.

"Would you mind if I hugged you?" Theo asked. Abe nodded, and they hugged. "You were the best father I could have ever had," Theo said. Abe admitted that he was scared that he would not remember his life. Taken aback, Theo said that was the first time that Abe had ever admitted to him that he was scared. "I used to tell you that all the time," Theo said. "You were afraid a lot?" Abe asked. Theo told Abe that Abe had helped him.

"[You used to say] there's nothing wrong with being afraid. It's what keeps us alive. But don't let being afraid stop you from living," Theo said. Abe chuckled. "If it helped you, then I'm proud of both of us," Abe said. Theo promised to call.

After Theo left, Paulina entered. Paulina thought about Marlena's suggestion that patience was the way for Paulina to get what she wanted. "How do you feel about blowing this joint?" Paulina asked. With a chuckle, Abe said, "I would like that very much."

In the hospital hallway, Kayla told Steve that Marlena had advised them not to pressure Abe to remember. "What was it like to see him?" Kayla asked. "It was hard. But I got a few glimpses of the old Abe. He's alive, Sweetness. Our prayers have been answered," Steve said.

In the town square, Theo met up with Chanel, and she gave him some pastries. "I told [Abe] he could call me anytime, but I don't think he is actually going to. If he needs me, will you let me know?" Theo asked. Chanel said yes. "I wouldn't worry too much. Mama is going to take real good care of him," Chanel said.

At the courthouse, Belle and Brady waited for Kristen to meet with Judge Ramirez. "Maybe [Kristen] will miss the meeting, and the judge will realize how irresponsible she is, and the judge will keep everything the way that it is," Brady said. Belle smiled sympathetically. "Kristen negotiated this rotten deal. You better believe she is going to see it through," Belle said. Kristen rushed into the room, and she explained that she had gotten the call from the courthouse while she'd been at a wedding.

"There's not a problem here, is there? I mean Brady and I did sign the request for shared custody," Kristen said. Belle shrugged. Judge Ramirez and the court personnel entered. "I've looked over your request to amend the custody arrangement, and I wanted to talk to you about--" the judge started. Kristen interrupted to say that she and Brady had agreed to shared custody. Judge Ramirez said she could not accept the new agreement.

"With all due respect, Rachel's father has already agreed to shared custody of our daughter. Now, if there is a question with my fitness?" Kristen said. The judge explained that her concern was with Brady's fitness as a parent. When Judge Ramirez cited the police report of Brady's attack on Kristen, Brady paled. Judge Ramirez asked Brady whether he had pointed a loaded gun at Kristen in front of Rachel.

"The police report is correct, but there are extenuating circumstances," Brady said. "I can't think of a single circumstance that excuses your behavior. Especially with your daughter in the room," the judge said. Brady explained that he had not known Rachel was in the room.

"In fact, I didn't know where my daughter was at all. I had gotten a call that she had run away from camp, and I knew that Kristen was behind that in some way, so I was desperate to make her tell me the truth," Brady explained. "With a gun?" Ramirez countered. Brady argued that Kristen could not be reasoned with like a normal person. Belle interrupted to note that Kristen had agreed not to press charges, but the judge argued that was irrelevant.

"This isn't the first time you've committed a crime involving your daughter, is it? You had her kidnapped last year," Ramirez said. "There were no charges ever brought," Belle argued. The judge countered that whether there were charges or not, Brady had committed the act. Brady explained that Kristen had held the antidote for a deadly virus.

"You expect me to believe that?" Ramirez asked. "It's the truth. The only way to force her hand was to scare her into saving Marlena's life," Brady said. "And you used your daughter to do it," Ramirez countered. The judge told Brady that she was bothered by the fact that Brady had a pattern of using Rachel against her mother. Brady countered that Kristen was the one that had a pattern of using their daughter against him.

When Judge Ramirez noted that Kristen's record had been clean since her pardon, Brady argued that Kristen had taken Rachel from camp and hidden her in the DiMera attic. "I had no idea she was there," Kristen said. "It seems reasonable to me that, given your behavior in the past, that Rachel was hiding from you," Ramirez said. "That's insane that you would even say that!" Brady yelled. Belle put a hand on Brady's shoulder, and he apologized.

"I have had the opportunity to interview Rachel, and her love for her mother is unwavering. That fact and your behavior today, Mr. Black, have convinced me that my ruling is in Rachel's best interest. I am awarding full custody of the minor, Rachel Black, to her mother, Kristen DiMera," Ramirez said. Kristen cried tears of joy, while Brady looked stricken.

"This can't be happening. Your honor, listen to me. This woman is going to turn my daughter against me. I don't care how well behaved she has been since she has been out of prison. She has not changed a bit. She will make Rachel's life miserable. I am telling you this," Brady stressed. "I know that's how you see it, but your own life is hardly above reproach," Ramirez said. Judge Ramirez argued that Brady had been implicated in Philip's death and that, in most instances, custody was awarded to the mother of the child.

"Did Rachel tell you that she wants to live with her mother and only her mother? Did she say that she wanted nothing to do with her father?" Belle asked. "Not in so many words, but her behavior speaks for itself," Ramirez said. Judge Ramirez noted that Rachel had made repeated attempts to escape her father to visit her mother. "My ruling takes effect immediately," Ramirez said. Judge Ramirez ordered that Brady deliver Rachel to Kristen.

After court adjourned, Brady said, "We came here for shared custody." Kristen argued that was only because she had agreed not to press charges. "You know Rachel loves me. You know Rachel needs me in her life," Brady pleaded. "I know how you're feeling right now. I know what it feels like to be kept from our daughter," Kristen said. Brady begged Kristen to help, but she cut him off.

"I also know what it felt like to watch you try to replace me in Rachel's life with Chloe," Kristen said. "I did not do that!" Brady objected. Kristen noted that she had listened to the judge. "As much as I once loved you, I had to agree with her," Kristen said. Kristen vowed to abide by the judge's ruling.

"You will get to visit your daughter. Your visits will have to be supervised, of course," Kristen said. Kristen wiped the tears from her eyes and walked out. Brady gasped, and he walked out.

Belle was working on paperwork when Kristen returned to the courtroom. "Is that the ruling that awards me custody?" Kristen asked. Belle curtly confirmed that was the paperwork. "I just can't believe that I won. I won, and Brady lost," Kristen said with a smile. "You know, any decent mother would know that Brady is not the only one who lost today. So did your daughter. Big time," Belle said. Belle walked out.

When John and Marlena returned home to the penthouse, a dejected Brady was sitting in the living room with a picture of Rachel. "What's wrong?" John asked. "I lost her. The judge awarded full custody of Rachel to Kristen," Brady said.

Abe moves out of his and Paulina's home

Abe moves out of his and Paulina's home

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Outside the Brady Pub, Nicole confused Eric when she said that a nurse had mistakenly given her test results to Sloan. Eric was relieved when Nicole said that the tests had shown no genetic abnormalities in either Nicole or E.J. Eric said he hoped that Sloan would receive the same positive news about her baby. Nicole said that she hoped Eric and Sloan had a healthy baby.

Outside City Hall, Sloan complained to Trask that Colin had been sentenced to 20 years in prison. Trask did her best to offer sympathy to Sloan. Trask mentioned her date with Alex the previous night, and she said that it had been disastrous. Trask surprised Sloan with the news that Trask had another date -- with Li.

Trask deduced that something was bothering Sloan. Sloan asked if she could confide something in Trask. Trask promised that whatever Sloan told her would be in complete confidence. Before Sloan could tell Trask, she received a call from Eric, who said that he wanted to see Sloan.

Sloan stood up, and she rushed to leave. Trask noted that Sloan had been on the verge of telling her something that seemed important. Sloan claimed that it was nothing. Trask looked bewildered as Sloan left.

Later, at Sloan and Eric's apartment, Eric asked why Sloan hadn't mentioned earlier that she had ended up with Nicole's test results. Sloan flashed back to having learned that E.J. wasn't the father of Nicole's baby. Sloan grew aggravated, and she accused Eric of giving her the third degree. Eric said that he had only been curious.

Sloan claimed that she was in a foul mood because of Colin's sentence. Eric took Sloan by the hands, and he said that he cared about her. Eric noted that he had been in a dark place before he had met Sloan. Eric added that he had hope for a future with Sloan. "Now that we're having a baby, you and I are family, right?" Eric asked.

At the Shin apartment, Wendy asked Li about his date the previous night. Li told Wendy that his date with Connie had been awful. Wendy was surprised when Li said that he had ended up on another date -- with Trask. Wendy said she hoped things would work out well for Li, but she expressed doubt that Li could trust Trask.

Wendy reminded Li that Trask had tried to trick Li into confessing to the attempted murder of Stefan. Wendy suggested that Trask had used the matchmaker to set up the second date with Li in another attempt to get him to confess. Li continued to deny any involvement in the attempt on Stefan's life. Li shared that he and Trask had another date planned that evening. Li told Wendy to have a fun evening, and he left.

Later, at Small Bar, Li met Trask, who said that she had ordered their favorite bottle of Chardonnay. Li flashed back to Wendy's suggestion that Trask was only hoping to get Li to confess. Li grew nervous, and he said he couldn't stay. Li raced out of the bar, leaving Trask at a loss for words.

At the hospital, Steve visited Tripp. Tripp said that Wendy had chosen him over Johnny, and he added that Steve's pep talk had helped. Steve surmised that Li's presence at the Shin apartment made it difficult for Tripp and Wendy to spend time alone.

Steve noted that Tripp still had his room at Steve and Kayla's penthouse. Steve offered to go somewhere with Kayla to give Tripp and Wendy privacy. Tripp said that he appreciated Steve's offer, but he said that it wasn't what he had in mind. Just then, Steve received a call from Abe.

Back at the Shin apartment, Tripp returned home after his shift. Wendy noted that she and Tripp had the place to themselves. Tripp surprised Wendy when he said that he had booked a room for them at the Salem Inn. Tripp hoped that he hadn't been presumptuous. Wendy kissed Tripp, and she said that she would pack a bag.

In Horton Town Square, Talia told Chanel about Colin's prison sentence. Talia said that Colin had had hate in his eyes when he had looked at her earlier and told her that she deserved to be in prison, as well. Talia thought that Colin was right, but Chanel noted that Talia had been in an emotionally abusive relationship. Chanel added that Colin was only trying to get inside Talia's head.

The conversation turned to Abe. Talia said that she was grateful that Abe had been found alive. Chanel thanked Talia, and she mentioned that she wanted to go for a walk to kill time in an effort to give Abe and Paulina some privacy. Talia offered to buy Chanel dinner at Buddy's Burger Barn.

Talia admitted that she missed Chanel. Chanel eventually said that she missed Talia, as well. Chanel said that Talia's replacement at Sweet Bits wasn't very good. "So, you miss me as an employee?" Talia asked. "Yeah, and as a friend," Chanel told Talia.

Chanel and Talia proceeded to have dinner at a table outside Sweet Bits. Talia inadvertently mentioned catfish, which caused Chanel to think of Paulina. Chanel said that catfish had been on the menu for Abe's homecoming party, and she hoped that things were going well between Abe and Paulina.

At Abe and Paulina's penthouse, Abe said that the home didn't trigger any memories for him. Paulina was certain that Abe's memories would eventually return. Paulina wanted to watch a romantic movie with Abe. Afterwards, Paulina grabbed Abe, and she surprised him with a kiss on the sofa. "What the hell? What the hell is going on?" Abe protested.

Abe apologized, and he said that the reason for his reaction was that Whitley had spent weeks trying to force herself on him. Paulina was hurt when Abe said that he only saw a stranger when he looked at her. Paulina grew emotional, and she left the room in tears. Abe put his hands to his head.

Paulina returned a short while later, and she apologized for her outburst. The two heard a knock at the door. Paulina opened the door to Steve. Steve shared that he had received a call from Abe. Abe surprised Steve and Paulina when he said that he needed a new place to stay.

Abe added that he was uncomfortable in his and Paulina's home. Paulina pleaded with Steve to talk Abe out of leaving. "Steve, you told me that you were one of my oldest and closest friends. I assume that friends can count on each other. And right now, I need to count on you for a place to stay," Abe said.

Steve tried to assure Abe that he was in good hands with Paulina, but Abe persisted. Steve hesitantly wheeled Abe out of the home, and he promised Paulina that everything would work out. After Abe and Steve left, Paulina started to sob. A short while later, Nicole stopped by to visit Abe. Paulina surprised Nicole when she said that Abe had moved out.

At the same time, Steve wheeled Abe into Steve and Kayla's home. Abe apologized for having placed Steve in an awkward position with Paulina. Steve told Abe not to worry, and he added that Abe could stay as long as he needed.

Harris encounters someone from his past at Bayview

Harris encounters someone from his past at Bayview

Thursday, August 3, 2023

At the DiMera mansion, Chad presented E.J. with a surprise gift of Cuban cigars. Chad said the cigars were a congratulatory gift to E.J. on becoming a father again. E.J. thanked Chad, and the two brothers hugged.

E.J. asked how things were going between Chad and Stephanie. Chad vented to E.J. about Alex's propensity for making up excuses to visit Stephanie. E.J. said that Chad needed to fight for Stephanie. E.J. stared at the portrait of Stefano above the fireplace. "When in doubt, ask yourself: 'WWSD?'" E.J. added.

Chad scoffed about what Stefano would do, but E.J. insisted that Chad needed to let Alex know there would be "consequences" if Alex continued to interfere in Chad and Stephanie's relationship. Chad agreed, and he said that he would "straighten out Alex." "'Atta boy. Go be a DiMera," E.J. boasted.

At Chad and Stephanie's apartment, Alex presented Stephanie with leftover Chinese food. Alex said the food was his way of thanking Stephanie and Chad for having invited him to join them after Alex's failed date with Trask. Alex told Stephanie that the reason his date with Trask had gone sour was because he hadn't been able to stop talking about Stephanie.

Stephanie chided Alex for having talked about her to another woman. Stephanie left to check on Thomas and Charlotte. Chad entered, and he said that Alex was scheming to get Stephanie back. "And it's not going to work. Not now, not ever," Chad warned.

Chad told Alex to stop appearing shirtless at their apartment and to stop inventing excuses to spend time with Stephanie. Alex said that he would agree to "back off." Stephanie returned, and Alex feigned that he had to leave to finish a work project. Chad insincerely asked Alex to stay for dinner, but Alex left.

Afterwards, Chad grew emotional when he said that, until he'd met Stephanie, he hadn't thought he would ever find love again after Abigail's death. "You just brought so much light back into my world. I want you to know how important you are to me, and I would never let anything come between us," Chad said tenderly.

Stephanie said that she felt the same way. Stephanie and Chad left for the bedroom.

In Horton Town Square, a distracted Trask collided with Nicole. Nicole spilled food. Trask apologized. Nicole alluded to her pregnancy. Trask flashed back to Sloan saying she had a secret about Nicole. Trask offered to replace Nicole's food.

Trask was surprised when Nicole said that she had had genetic testing performed. Nicole recalled that Sloan had ended up with Nicole's test results at the hospital with what she presumed had been a "mix-up." Nicole grew tired of Trask's conversation, and she left. "Mix-up, my ass. What does Sloan want with Nicole and E.J.'s genetic test results?" Trask said to herself after Nicole had left.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Nicole told E.J. about her run-in with Trask. E.J. surmised that Trask was up to something. Nicole said she sensed that Trask had a personal interest in both her and Sloan's babies. E.J. was confused, and he offered that Trask might be living vicariously through him and Nicole.

At Eric and Sloan's apartment, Eric told Sloan that they would eventually have to name their baby, and he referred to their child as "Baby Brady." Sloan asked why Eric thought their child would take the Brady name. Eric haphazardly said that his and Sloan's disagreement over the baby's last name could be a reason to get married.

Sloan asked if Eric had proposed to her. Eric gave a weak list of reasons for why he and Sloan should be married. Sloan angrily rejected Eric's proposal. Sloan noted that she didn't need to marry Eric -- or take his family name. Eric asked what Sloan needed from him. "Love. I need love, you jackass," Sloan flatly told Eric.

At the Brady Pub, Roman told Kate that he still didn't trust Sloan. Roman wished that Eric hadn't chosen Sloan for a "baby mama." Kate scolded Roman for using the phrase "baby mama," and she encouraged him to give Sloan a chance.

Roman recalled how he and Kate had learned to trust one another over the years. Kate sighed wistfully. Roman asked if there was something that Kate wasn't telling him. Kate told Roman that she had asked Harris to make Megan disappear, and she apologized for having kept the secret from Roman.

Roman was initially upset, but he forgave Kate. Roman added that he understood why Kate had tried to have Megan eliminated, and he jokingly asked her to check with him the next time she tried to deploy her "Navy SEAL hits." Roman and Kate kissed. Marlena entered, and she joked for Roman and Kate to get a room.

Roman, Kate, and Marlena were happy to see each other. Marlena mentioned Eric and Sloan, and she agreed with Roman's reservations about Sloan. Kate continued to encourage Marlena and Roman to give Sloan the benefit of the doubt.

At Bayview, after Marlena had given Harris a tour of the facility, Harris was caught off guard when a resident called out his name. Harris turned, and he saw Eve Donovan.

Harris noted that he and Eve had gone to high school together. Eve recalled that she hadn't had much fun in high school. Harris surprised Eve when he said that he was sorry for the way he had treated her when they had been in high school.

Eve reasoned that she had been through worse since leaving high school. Eve recalled having turned the tables on Harris once when she'd had him and his friends arrested. "Guess I've always had a knack for revenge," Eve quipped.

Harris asked what had caused Eve to be confined to Bayview. Eve recalled having brainwashed Ben to try to murder Ciara. Eve told Harris about Paige's death, and she said that she would always miss Paige. Harris told Eve that he had been romantically involved with Hope, and he added that he had met both Ciara and Ben.

Eve said that she would never forgive Ben for having brutally murdered Paige, but she admitted that it had been wrong for her to try to punish Ciara for Ben's crimes. Harris surmised that Bayview had been good for Eve. Eve said that Bayview had turned her life around.

Eve grew excited when she said that she was scheduled to be released from Bayview within the next few weeks. Harris asked what Eve planned to do after her release. Eve said that she wanted to visit family in California. Harris said that Eve's plans sounded nice. Eve quipped that perhaps she could try her hand at music again.

Harris told Eve that it was never too late to live her dreams. Eve said that she hoped Harris was right, and she added that it wasn't too late for Harris to live his own dreams. "Here's to hoping Bayview will help you just as much as it has helped me," Eve said. Eve and Harris raised coffee cups, and they shared a toast to the future.

Sloan makes a confession to Trask

Sloan makes a confession to Trask

Friday, August 4, 2023

As a distracted Xander stared at his tablet computer in his living room, Chloe rattled off a list of things that she needed to do that day. When Chloe asked if she could work from home, Xander absentmindedly said it was fine. "Well, something has your attention, and it is clearly not me. What are you looking at?" Chloe asked. Xander explained that Gwen had married Dimitri.

Dimitri woke up in an empty bed at the DiMera mansion, and he stared at the ring on his finger. "So, it wasn't a dream," Dimitri whispered. Gwen returned with a muffin with a candle in it. "It wasn't a dream. Happy birthday, husband," Gwen said. When Gwen encouraged Dimitri to make a wish, Dimitri fantasized that the terms of his inheritance had changed and had allowed him to marry Leo instead of Gwen. Dimitri grinned, and he blew out the candle on his muffin.

"What did you wish for?" Gwen asked. "I can't tell you, or it won't come true," Dimitri said. Gwen needled Dimitri to tell her his wish, but he refused. "Well, at least I know one of your wishes came true. You got married before your 40th birthday," Gwen said. "Thanks to you. Not everyone would be as understanding about that rush," Dimitri said. Dimitri asked Gwen if she had minded the double wedding.

"Barely even noticed them," Gwen said. Gwen told Dimitri that she only had eyes for her husband. Dimitri said he had felt the same about her. Gwen climbed on top of Dimitri, and she told him it was time for his birthday present. As Gwen slipped under the sheets, Leo popped his head out from under the sheets. Dimitri gasped.

"Is something wrong?" Gwen said. Gwen pulled back the sheet, and Dimitri said he had been overwhelmed with pleasure. "I'll carry on then," Gwen said. "Please don't!" Dimitri said. Dimitri stammered out that he wanted to see Gwen's face. Dimitri kissed Gwen.

Xander visited Maggie at the Kiriakis mansion. "I assume that you called me over here so you can try and talk me into working for you again. And like I said before, I'm perfectly happy at the Spectator," Xander said. Maggie told Xander that she had asked him to come over because she thought he should make amends with Victor. Xander bristled. Maggie noted that Victor was difficult, but he was softhearted about his family.

"And I know it's been very distressing to him that you and he are estranged. I mean, he loves you," Maggie said. "He has a funny way of showing it, doesn't he? He belittles me at every opportunity. Makes me feel worthless," Xander countered. Maggie explained that Victor had been upset that Xander had walked away from the family. "He practically shoved me out the door!" Xander argued. Maggie nodded yes.

"The point is, Victor isn't getting any younger. And his health isn't what it used to be. And I think the two of you should try to reconcile before it's too late," Maggie suggested. With a shrug, Xander noted that he had been doing well without Victor in his life. "But he needs you," Maggie countered. Maggie noted that Victor was not on good terms with any family members except for Justin.

"And whose fault is that?" Xander said. Maggie asked Xander to reconsider. "[Victor's] been in very low spirits lately. I think it would help if you offered him an olive branch," Maggie said. With a groan, Xander agreed to talk to Victor. "But I'm only doing this for you. Because I hate to see you worry about the old tosser," Xander said. Maggie hugged Xander and thanked him. Xander was going to go upstairs, but Maggie explained that Victor was visiting Bo.

"Has there been a change in his condition?" Xander asked. Maggie said no. "I think that has a lot to do with why Victor has been so low," Maggie said. Xander promised to talk to Victor when he returned. "In the meantime, can I take you out for breakfast?" Xander asked. Maggie said she would love to, but she was headed to Chicago to see Sarah.

"I think it's time that she and I got everything out in the open," Maggie said. Confused, Xander asked, "About what?" Maggie explained that Sarah was dating Rex. When Maggie noted that Bonnie had learned about the relationship when she had been in Chicago, Xander was suspicious as to why Sarah had not told Maggie about the relationship.

"I don't think Sarah wants me to know, because she thinks I'll disapprove," Maggie explained. Confused, Xander noted that Bonnie had insisted to him that Sarah was not dating Rex. "Maybe she didn't want to hurt your feelings. Which is what I should have considered before I opened my big mouth. I'm so sorry," Maggie said. Xander told Maggie not to worry.

"I'm happy that Sarah has moved on," Xander assured Maggie. Xander told Maggie that things were going well with Chloe. "We're getting pretty serious," Xander said. Maggie told Xander that she was happy for him. Xander wished Maggie a nice visit with her daughter. "I'm going to be very interested to hear what my daughter has to say for herself," Maggie said.

At Sloan's apartment, Eric delivered Sloan breakfast in bed. "You have a busy morning?" Eric asked. Sloan looked at her phone, and she noted that Trask had called her. "She probably wants to tell me about her date," Sloan said with a grin. Eric kissed Sloan goodbye. As Eric opened the front door, he ran into Trask, and he let her in as he left.

"Is this about Li?" Sloan asked. Trask explained that she had wanted to finish their conversation about Sloan's big secret. "It wasn't important," Sloan said. "You said it was about Nicole Walker, right?" Trask asked. Sloan nodded yes. Trask said she had talked to Nicole in the square, and it had made Trask wonder if the secret was about the paternity of Nicole's baby.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Sloan said with a nervous laugh. "Oh, I bet you do," Trask countered. Trask said she knew that Sloan had helped get a DNA swab from Eric to test the paternity of Nicole's baby. "As far as I can tell, E.J. DiMera was never tested," Trask said. Sloan said it had not been necessary. Trask added that she knew Sloan had accidentally picked up Nicole's genetic test results.

"Nurse gave me the wrong envelope," Sloan said. "Is that what really happened?" Trask asked. Sloan asked Trask what she meant. "Is Eric the father of Nicole's baby?" Trask asked. Sloan noted that the paternity test had proven that Eric was not the father of Nicole's baby. Trask reminded Sloan that the test had been based on the swab that Sloan had secured.

"And as you pointed out, you had a vested interest in him not being the father," Trask argued. Sloan scoffed and accused Trask of making wild assumptions. "But you could see why I would be suspicious, right? The genetic test was the one thing that could prove the paternity test wrong. And what, you just happen to get your hands on them first, by mistake?" Trask asked. Trask asked Sloan if that was the secret that Sloan had wanted to share.

"Okay. You're right. I'm not the only woman carrying Eric's baby. Nicole is, too," Sloan confessed. Sloan explained that she had no one left in the world except for Eric. "I didn't want to lose him. Which is why I swabbed my cheek instead of his," Sloan said. Trask asked Sloan how she knew that Eric was the father. Sloan explained that the genetic test results had confirmed that E.J. was not a match.

"And you decided to keep this a secret?" Trask asked. "I seem terrible, and I feel terrible about it, you know, keeping him from his other child, which is partially why I suggested that we get pregnant," Sloan admitted. Trask asked Sloan why she did not tell the truth now that she was also pregnant. With a shake of her head, Sloan argued that Eric would not forgive her. Sloan added that she was certain that Eric would go back to Nicole if he knew the truth.

With a sigh, Sloan noted that she should not have shared her secret, but she had needed to get it off her chest. "I completely understand. And I'm sorry if I came on a little strong. I just get a thrill out of solving mysteries," Trask said. Trask added that she hoped that she and Sloan could be friends. "Your secret is safe with me," Trask said.

In the town square, Chloe and Nicole chatted over breakfast about Nicole's test results. "One less thing to worry about," Nicole said. Chloe encouraged Nicole to relax and enjoy her pregnancy. "I wonder if Eric and Sloan have gotten their genetic test back," Nicole said. Chloe's eyes bugged out. Nicole announced that Sloan was pregnant. "What? Since when?" Chloe asked. Nicole explained that Sloan had likely gotten pregnant in order to hang on to Eric.

"Maybe, but I don't see why you should care," Chloe said. Nicole's phone rang with a call from Brandon, so she ignored Chloe's probing about Nicole's feelings for Eric. "I'll be right back, okay?" Nicole said.

As Nicole stepped away to talk to Brandon, Eric walked by, and he said hello. "I hear that congratulations are in order," Chloe said. Chloe noticed the bag from the jewelry store, and Eric asked for her opinion. Eric showed Chloe an engagement ring. "I was gonna propose to [Sloan]," Eric said. "What?" Nicole muttered when she returned to the table and saw the ring in Eric's hand.

"You're proposing to Sloan?" Nicole asked with disgust. "It seemed like the right thing to do. I mean, we are having a child together," Eric said. As Nicole glared, Chloe congratulated Eric, and she wished him good luck with his proposal. "Yeah. Good luck," Nicole said. After Eric walked away, Chloe asked Nicole if she was okay. Nicole muttered that she was fine.

"You seem really upset," Chloe said. Frustrated, Nicole said she was surprised. "To answer your question earlier, yes, I am over Eric. It's just, it's weird to see him starting a life with someone else. Especially with a woman who's so wrong for him," Nicole said. Chloe raised an eyebrow. Nicole agreed that Eric's relationship was not her business.

Outside the Brady Pub, Xander saw Gwen, and he congratulated her on her marriage. "Thank you," Gwen said. Gwen told Xander that she was taking time off for a honeymoon in Iceland. "I know how much you've always wanted to go there. Hope you have a wonderful trip," Xander said. Confused, Gwen asked Xander why he was being supportive.

"I still don't trust that guy, but like I said, Gwen, I just want you to be happy," Xander said. "Actually, I'm happier than I ever have been, ever thought I could be," Gwen admitted. Xander smiled. "I think it's great that everyone is finally moving on with their lives," Xander said.

Li was sitting on his couch, staring at his laptop, when Wendy exited her bedroom. "You look like someone just slapped you," Wendy said. "Gabi and Stefan got married last night," Li stammered. Wendy asked Li if he planned to do anything crazy. Li scowled. "I was just teasing!" Wendy said with a laugh. Li asked Wendy why she was not with Tripp at the Salem Inn.

"Well, that was the plan. Then things took an unexpected turn," Wendy said. Wendy explained that she and Tripp had had a romantic evening at the hotel. At the hotel, Wendy had asked Tripp why there had been two beds in the room. Tripp had explained that there had been a mix-up, and it was the only room available. "We could push the two together. Or use one and then the other?" Tripp said. As Wendy and Tripp had kissed, a drunken Leo had burst into the room.

"Why did Leo Stark have a key to your room?" Li asked. Wendy explained that the hotel had failed to transfer the occupancy to Leo's name. When Leo had yelled about his missing things, Tripp had calmed Leo down. Tripp had asked Leo if he was okay.

"Of course, I'm distraught. You two have stolen my home. My things are gone. And worst of all, I just watched my best friend marry my boyfriend," Leo had said. After Wendy told Li the story of her night, Li noted that he had had a disastrous romantic evening, as well. "Really? Why? I thought you were all excited about your date with Melinda?" Wendy said. "I was. And then you got in my head," Li said. Li explained that Wendy had talked about Trask playing a long game to trap him, and it had made him too nervous to stay for the date.

"But, Li, if you didn't brainwash Harris to kill Stefan, then you had nothing to worry about, right?" Wendy asked. Li argued that Trask was a shark and that she would have found a way to set him up. Wendy disagreed. "Anyway, it's probably best that you stop seeing her. I honestly doubt that you could ever trust her," Wendy said. Li agreed. Wendy urged Li not to give up on love.

At the Salem Inn, Tripp woke up in bed next to Leo Stark. "What the hell are you doing in my bed?" Tripp said. Leo cradled his head in pain. Leo explained that he had been asleep in the other bed, but he had grown lonely in the middle of the night.

"I just wanted to be close to another human being, so I crawled up under the covers," Leo said. Leo promised it had been an innocent gesture. "Not mad. You just freaked me out," Tripp said. Tripp handed Leo a bottle of water to hydrate. "I was such a drama queen [last night]," Leo grumbled. "I get it. You were upset about your boyfriend," Tripp said. Leo spit out his water. Leo claimed that he did not have a boyfriend.

"Sure, you do. You told me all about him last night," Tripp said. "What exactly did I say?" Leo asked. Tripp said that Leo had told him and Wendy that his boyfriend had married his best friend. Worried about Leo's state, Tripp had told Wendy to go home, and he had offered to stay and take care of Leo. Wendy had promised a rain check on their night together, and she had left.

"Isn't your BFF my cousin Gwen?" Tripp had asked Leo. "Yeah, why?" Leo had asked. Tripp had asked Leo if Dimitri was Leo's boyfriend. "He was," Leo had confirmed. Leo claimed that he had been drunk when he had said that to Tripp. "You were pretty adamant that Dimitri was your boyfriend, so have you two been messing around behind my cousin's back?" Tripp asked. Leo said he would never sleep with his best friend's man.

"It was wishful thinking," Leo lied. Leo explained that he had had a crush on Dimitri and liked to think of him as his boyfriend, like one would with a celebrity. "[Dimitri] is straight as an arrow. He only has eyes for Gwennie," Leo said. Tripp asked Leo how he knew that Dimitri had "a magic penis." Leo spit his water out again. "I did not say that," Leo said. Tripp disagreed.

"It was part of the fantasy," Leo said. Tripp laughed nervously. "It's just a totally stupid, unrequited love," Leo said. Tripp was unsure, but Leo thanked Tripp for having stayed with him. "Especially after I ruined your night with Wendy Shin," Leo added.

After Tripp dressed and left the hotel, he returned home with flowers for Wendy. "I was wondering what happened to you," Wendy said. Tripp apologized for their ruined evening. "Actually, I admire that you stuck around to comfort Leo. God, he was such a mess. How was he this morning?" Wendy said. Tripp noted that Leo had been hungover. "And I really wish that I had woken up with you in my bed instead of him," Tripp said. With a sigh, Tripp promised to give Wendy the romantic evening that she deserved.

When Nicole returned home to the DiMera mansion, she thought about the last time that Eric had proposed to her. Nicole frowned.

At the Salem Inn, Leo struggled to open a bottle of aspirin. Dimitri knocked on the door. "Didn't expect to see you this morning. I thought you'd be enjoying life as a newlywed," Leo said. "Gwen had an errand to run, so I figured I'd come and check in on you," Dimitri said. Leo confessed he had been sad to witness Dimitri's wedding. Dimitri apologized.

"If it makes you feel any better, I was thinking about you all last night and then more this morning. I missed you terribly," Dimitri said. "Really?" Leo asked. Dimitri kissed Leo. After sex, Leo wished Dimitri a happy birthday. Leo apologized for not having a gift. "Just being here with you is gift enough," Dimitri said. Leo kissed Dimitri.

With a sigh, Leo wondered aloud how they would be able to keep the secret for a year. "We're gonna make this work, okay?" Dimitri said. There was a knock at the door. "Matty! It's me! Open up!" Gwen shouted through the door.

When Xander returned home, Chloe told him about Sloan's pregnancy. "My God! For an ex-priest, that lad really does get around, doesn't he?" Xander said. Chloe told Xander about Eric's planned proposal. "That is a crazy coincidence," Xander said. "What do you mean?" Chloe asked. Xander dropped to one knee in front of Chloe with an engagement ring in his hand. "Will you marry me?" Xander asked.

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