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Sarah begged Maggie not to tell Xander about the baby. Nicole and E.J. got engaged. Sloan accepted Eric's proposal. Dimitri invited Leo on his honeymoon. Mayor Rawlings closed the bakery. Shawn became commissioner. Kayla helped Abe. Talia talked about her feelings for Chanel. Harris and Ava bonded. Johnny and Chanel talked about Allie. Abe decided to return to work. Brady delivered Rachel to Kristen. Stephanie and Chad fought. Rex proposed to Sarah. Xander told Brady about his engagement to Chloe. Belle and Chloe argued. Brady kissed Chloe. Victor went missing.
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Sarah begged Maggie not to tell Xander about the baby. Nicole and E.J. got engaged. Dimitri invited Leo on his honeymoon. Shawn became commissioner. Victor went missing.
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Sarah receives an unexpected visit from Maggie

Sarah receives an unexpected visit from Maggie

Monday, August 7, 2023

by Mike

Xander tried to be patient after proposing to Chloe on bended knee but soon had to beg for a response, admitting that the hardwood flooring in their shared apartment wasn't as comfortable as it looked.

Chloe decided that some sort of prank was being pulled, prompting Xander to stand with a sigh and insist that wasn't the case. "This is a real ring, and this is a real proposal -- now, can we just skip to the part where you throw your arms around me and tell me you've never been happier?" Xander prodded Chloe. "Not until you convince me that this has nothing to do with Gwen!" Chloe snapped at Xander.

Xander denied having proposed to Chloe as a knee-jerk response to Gwen's decision to marry Dimitri -- then admitted that a conversation with Maggie about Sarah's love life had been the true catalyst.

Xander explained to Chloe that Sarah and Gwen had something in common -- they had each moved on and found happiness with someone else. "And I don't begrudge them that one bit, 'cause I want to be happy, and I want you to be happy -- and I think we can be...together," Xander declared before sharing a fantasy of starting a family with Chloe.

Chloe found Xander's fantasy touching but still had concerns. Xander agreed to give Chloe time to ponder the proposal.

Leo and Dimitri started panicking when Gwen unwittingly interrupted their romp at the Salem Inn. "Maybe she'll just go away," Dimitri whispered as Gwen continued knocking on Leo's hotel room door. "I'm not going away!" Gwen called out from the hallway, prompting Dimitri to duck into the bathroom as Leo donned a towel and opened the door a few inches.

Leo refused to let Gwen enter the room. "I'm not decent," Leo explained. "Tell me something I don't know," Gwen teased.

Gwen shoved past Leo then gasped and observed that the room looked like a pigsty. Leo admitted that keeping the room clean was no longer a priority because Gwen was no longer staying there. Gwen heard a noise in the bathroom while trying to assure Leo that the change of living arrangements wasn't going to ruin their friendship. Gwen accused Leo of hiding a lover in the bathroom then demanded to meet the man. Leo claimed that the man was married and closeted, prompting Gwen to agree to drop the matter. Gwen rushed off after raving that it was great to see Leo happy again.

Dimitri emerged from the bathroom once the coast was clear and agreed that Leo deserved happiness. Dimitri surprised Leo with an email that contained a first-class ticket for an upcoming flight to Iceland -- and another email that contained a hotel reservation. "Don't worry -- you're in an entirely different wing," Dimitri stressed. "I cannot crash your honeymoon --" Leo tried to object, but Dimitri ended the conversation with a kiss. "We both know that you're coming," Dimitri whispered before rushing off -- and Leo started to delete the emails once the coast was clear then decided to pack instead.

E.J. entered the DiMera mansion and greeted Nicole, who was quick to share Eric's plan to propose to Sloan. "I am not upset -- not even a little," Nicole insisted.

E.J. seized the opportunity to propose to Nicole again -- then produced a jewelry box in an effort to make up for the previous proposal. "I wasn't about to make the same mistake when we found out you were able to carry to term, I went out and bought this," E.J. explained -- and Nicole accepted the offering after some thought.

Eric entered the Petersen apartment and admitted to having just overheard enough of Sloan's conversation with Trask to know that a secret had been discussed. "That was nothing," Sloan insisted. "Great -- then you can share," Eric countered.

Trask jumped in and claimed that Sloan had made some unethical legal moves in an effort to help Colin -- and Eric nodded in response then thanked the district attorney for having agreed to forgive the punishable transgressions.

Sloan walked Trask out of the apartment then breathed a sigh of relief. "You totally saved me!" Sloan raved. "Who knows -- maybe I'll need a favor in return one day," Trask noted.

Sloan reentered the apartment and found Eric on bended knee. "You weren't crazy about my last I wanted to get it right this time," Eric explained while producing a diamond ring -- and Sloan accepted the offering after some thought.

Trask started to send a text message to Sloan from the town square to make sure that everything was still okay with Eric -- then decided to instead trust that the defense attorney would be able to handle the situation without any further help.

Trask ran into Gwen a short time later and seized the opportunity to comment on the newlywed's husband. "I look forward to trying you jointly for the crimes you'll inevitably commit together -- it's just so much more efficient that way," Trask joked.

Sarah entered an apartment in Chicago and started to set aside a bag of groceries -- then froze in horror after realizing that Maggie was standing in the living room. "The doorman let me in," Maggie explained as Sarah repositioned the bag.

Maggie apologized to Sarah for having planned a surprise visit. "But I suppose this makes us even, since you've been hiding something from me -- and I think it's about time you came clean," Maggie argued as Sarah squirmed behind the bag.

Maggie explained that Bonnie had revealed Sarah's secret a few days earlier. Sarah groaned and started to set aside the bag again -- then repositioned it again after realizing that Bonnie had made up a secret to satisfy Maggie's curiosity. Sarah played along with Bonnie's version of reality and apologized for having kept the truth from Maggie for such a long time. "How can we have a decent conversation when you're holding a bag of groceries?" Maggie interjected.

Sarah sighed then set aside the bag and opened a jacket so Maggie could get a good look at the real secret. "Well, that's even more baffling, Sarah -- what possible reason could you have to hide this from me all this time?" Maggie wondered before giving the matter a bit of thought then realizing that Xander was the true father of Sarah's baby and that Rex was simply a decoy.

Maggie didn't agree with Sarah's plan to hide the baby from Xander but promised not to interfere.

Rawlings hires a surprising new commissioner

Rawlings hires a surprising new commissioner

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Jada was unpacking her lunch at her desk in the police station when Shawn walked in. "Hey there, former partner," Shawn said. "What are you doing here?" Jada asked. Shawn explained that his suspension was over, and he was not sure who to report to at the station.

"The acting mayor hasn't appointed a new commissioner since he fired Rafe," Jada said. "Since he fired Rafe. Because of me," Shawn muttered. Shawn asked Jada if she wanted to say anything to him. "What's there to say?" Jada said. With a shrug, Shawn said he hoped that Jada would tell him that she knew he had not intended to get Rafe fired. Shawn offered to speak to Mayor Rawlings on Rafe's behalf.

"Here's your chance," Jada said as Mayor Rawlings walked into the precinct. Rawlings confirmed that Rafe had suspended Shawn. "Well, that is something that we need to remedy as soon as possible," Rawlings said. Rawlings told Shawn that he was appalled that Rafe had suspended Shawn for having blown the whistle on Rafe's relationship. Jada argued that was untrue.

"Are you sure about that? Because the timing would suggest otherwise," Rawlings said. "Detective Hunter is right. Commissioner Hernandez caught me drinking on the job," Shawn explained. Rawlings asked Shawn if his drinking was an ongoing issue. Shawn explained that he had been going through a rough patch, but he had been seeing a therapist.

"It will never happen again. I can promise you that," Shawn said. "It seems you've learned your lesson. I'm afraid the same can't be said for your former boss, which is why I need to appoint a new commissioner immediately," Rawlings said. Shawn pushed Rawlings to rehire Rafe as the commissioner, and Jada agreed. With a smirk, Rawlings noted that Jada was under Rafe's thumb.

"I have never been nor am I under his thumb," Jada stressed. Jada argued that her relationship with Rafe had always been consensual. "Despite explicitly violating the city's policy," Rawlings countered. "Rafe made a mistake. But that has nothing to do with his job performance," Shawn argued. Rawlings said that Rafe's decision to date a subordinate proved that Rafe's judgment was not to be trusted.

"I think Detective Hunter would make an excellent commissioner," Shawn said. "I was actually thinking about you, Detective," Rawlings said. Surprised, Shawn asked if Rawlings was asking him to be commissioner. "Why not? You come from a long line of commissioners," Rawlings said. Rawlings argued it was time for another Brady to be commissioner.

"Are you serious? Detective Brady is just coming off a suspension," Jada said. "Which is why it's the perfect time to accept this new position," Rawlings countered. Shawn refused to accept the job. "You can and you will if you want to continue to work in this department," Rawlings said.

Talia returned home to Jada's apartment after her morning of community service. Rafe exited the bathroom in a robe, and he stopped cold when he saw it was Talia and not Jada. Rafe returned to the bathroom to dress, and then he apologized to Talia.

"I didn't expect you back so soon," Rafe said. Talia explained that she had decided to return home to shower after a morning of picking up trash. "Jada just left for work, and I didn't have anywhere to be," Rafe admitted. With a shake of her head, Talia said she could not believe that Rafe had been fired for his relationship with Jada. Rafe admitted that he had broken the city policy.

"I guess I probably shouldn't have," Rafe added. "From my understanding, Mayor Rawlings would have never found out in the first place if it hadn't been for Shawn Brady," Talia said. Rafe refused to blame Shawn. "If I hadn't been seeing Jada in the first place, there would never have been anything for [Mayor Rawlings] to hear," Rafe stressed. Rafe told Talia that he appreciated her support but that he alone was to blame for the loss of his job.

Talia mentioned Chanel, and Rafe asked about her. "We actually had a pretty good time," Talia said. "That's great! Maybe she's ready to put everything that happened at the bakery behind her, and you two can be friends again," Rafe said. "Yeah. Friends," Talia muttered. Rafe asked Talia if she was interested in more.

"Honestly, I don't know. I mean, I've never been attracted to women. And the only reason I came onto Chanel in the first place was because Colin was pressuring me to," Talia said. Talia confessed that when she had kissed Chanel, she had felt something. "But you're not sure you want to act on it," Rafe said. "I don't know," Talia said. With a sigh, Talia announced that she still needed to shower, and she thanked Rafe for the chat.

At Paulina's apartment, she watched Body & Soul on the TV. Chanel returned home. Paulina invited Chanel to join her on the couch to watch the soap opera. Confused, Chanel asked Paulina why she was undressed at home in the middle of the day. "And where's Abe?" Chanel asked. "He moved out," Paulina grumbled. Chanel asked what had happened.

"[Abe] was uncomfortable here," Paulina said. Paulina confessed that she had impulsively kissed Abe, and he had been disgusted. "That's just because he thinks that he doesn't know you, Mama," Chanel counseled. Chanel promised Paulina that things would change when Abe got his memory back. Paulina noted that Abe had moved in with Steve and Kayla in the interim.

"At least you know [Abe] is safe," Chanel said. "I suppose so," Paulina said. Paulina told Chanel that she had talked to Kayla, and that Kayla had reminded Paulina to be patient. "I know it's hard for you, taking the hands-off approach," Chanel said. With a chuckle, Paulina admitted that patience had never been one of her strengths.

"Kayla said she is going to work with Abe and help him see that I only want him to get better," Paulina explained. "He will, and sooner or later, no matter what, he is going to come back to you. Mama, I know he will," Chanel said. Paulina apologized for having kept Chanel out of the house for no reason. Chanel confessed that she had spent the night talking with Talia.

"As they were taking Colin out of the courtroom, he said some pretty horrible things to Talia, and I told her that none of that was true, and I tried to make her feel better. No matter what Talia did, she didn't deserve to be abused by Colin," Chanel said. Chanel explained that she and Talia had talked over dinner. "I remembered why I liked her so much in the first place," Chanel said. Chanel admitted that she had felt a connection to Talia.

"Are you saying that you're attracted to this girl?" Paulina asked. Before Chanel could respond, her phone rang with a call from the bakery. "What?" Chanel yelled. Paulina asked what had happened. "There was a surprise inspection from the health department, and we failed, so the health inspector said they're shutting us down," Chanel explained.

Confused, Chanel stressed that she had followed every regulation. When Paulina asked why the shutdown, Chanel said that Mayor Rawlings had given the order. When Chanel told Paulina about her previous meeting with Rawlings and his threat at the time, Paulina frowned. "That guy, he's out to get me," Chanel said.

At Steve and Kayla's apartment, Abe chuckled as he watched Body & Soul. Kayla returned home from work with takeout. "You know who I am, don't you?" Kayla asked. "Of course! You're Kassandra. Charlemagne's mortal enemy," Abe said. Kayla corrected Abe, and she explained that she was Kayla. A look of confusion crossed Abe's face, and he said, "Of course." Abe noted that Kayla was his doctor.

"You just remind me of her a little," Abe said. Kayla looked at the TV, and she chuckled. Abe apologized for the confusion. Kayla admitted that it was difficult to keep track of all the new names and faces in Abe's life. "I think I'm imposing," Abe said. "You couldn't impose on us if you tried," Kayla assured Abe. When Kayla mentioned her mother, Abe said he felt like he had known Kayla's mother.

"You did! You knew our whole family. You were family. And even though you don't remember us, you still are" Kayla said. Abe thanked Kayla. "As much as Paulina wanted me to, I knew from the moment that I got there that I couldn't stay, and that's when I called your husband," Abe said. Kayla told Abe she was glad she and Steve could help.

"But the look on Paulina's face, I knew how much I upset her," Abe admitted. Kayla told Abe that she had talked to Paulina. "I think she understands that you just need some time," Kayla assured Abe. "I didn't mean to hurt her," Abe whispered. Abe said he had been worried that Paulina would have pushed him too hard to remember, and then he would have had to watch Paulina suffer if he did not get his memory back.

"It would have hurt her more than my leaving," Abe said. "I think you're right," Kayla agreed. Abe told Kayla that when Paulina had kissed him, it had been like kissing a stranger. "You don't remember her at all?" Kayla asked. "I'd see her in my dreams for a moment. And I'd even recognize her for a moment. Then, the next minute, I wouldn't know her at all," Abe said. Abe grabbed his head, and he said that his mind was jumbled.

"I don't know how to make any sense of it," Abe admitted. Abe explained that his memories blurred between his life with Paulina, and his fake life with Whitley. "It's understandable. You suffered a severe head injury. And then Whitley kept giving you drugs," Kayla said. Abe reminded Kayla that he was no longer under Whitley's influence. Worried, Abe asked Kayla if the effects of Whitley's drugs were permanent. Kayla told Abe that she did not think so.

"Why did [Whitley] do this to me?" Abe asked. Kayla sighed. "[Whitley] experienced some severe trauma. She lost her husband in a tragic accident. I think she had some kind of psychotic break, and then you had amnesia, and it gave her the perfect opportunity to relive her life that she lost," Kayla said. "And I had no choice but to believe it was mine, too," Abe added. Abe noted that he did not recognize the faces of any of his family or friends.

"Just like you and your husband Sam," Abe said. "Steve," Kayla corrected. Abe shrugged. "It's just overwhelming," Abe admitted. Kayla pulled out a pack of flash cards to help Abe jog his memory. Each card included a photo on the front and their name on the back. Kayla held up a photo of Marlena. "Charlene?" Abe said. "It's Marlena," Kayla said. Kayla showed Abe a photo of Marlena's husband, John.

"I met him with your husband Steve," Abe said. Kayla showed Abe a picture of Rafe, and Abe remembered his name. "That's amazing!" Kayla said. With a laugh, Abe admitted he had seen Rafe's name written on the back of the card.

Marlena visited Harris at Bayview to check on his progress. "So far, so good. I ran into an old acquaintance. Eve Donovan?" Harris said. Marlena asked how that interaction had gone. Harris explained that he had apologized to Eve for how he had treated her in the past. "And she accepted my apology," Harris said. "A sign of progress that you're beginning to interact with the other patients," Marlena said. Ava walked into the room, and she glared at Harris.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Ava asked. "Ava, you need to calm down," Marlena said. Furious, Ava demanded to know why "this son of a bitch" was at Bayview. "I thought I got rid of you a long time ago. And now you're showing up here?" Ava said. "I'm sorry, do I know you?" Harris asked with confusion. Ava said that she knew Harris as well as he knew her. Worried, Marlena left to find Ava's doctor.

"Whoever you think I am, you're mistaking me for someone else," Harris said. Ava argued that Harris had given her a world of trouble over the years. "I was trying to make a new life for myself, and thanks to you, I ended up back with my family. I ended up back to my mob ties, back to being a person I never wanted to be," Ava yelled. Harris told Ava that she was mistaken.

"My name is Harris Michaels," Harris said. Ava laughed. "Is that the best you can come up with?" Ava asked. Ava warned Harris not to lie to her. "Who do you think I am?" Harris asked. "You're Charlie. Why do you keep coming back?" Ava yelled. As Ava repeatedly shoved Harris away, Marlena returned with an orderly to sedate Ava. The orderly gently placed Ava into a chair before he left to get a wheelchair.

"Are you all right?" Marlena asked Harris. "Do you know that woman?" Harris asked. Marlena explained that Ava had been having hallucinations about her dead son Charlie. "She thought I was Charlie," Harris said. With a shake of his head, Harris said it was strange the way Ava had looked at him. "It felt like she actually knew me," Harris said.

"I have to get back to University Hospital," Marlena said. Marlena apologized for the short visit. Harris said he understood. Marlena encouraged Harris to call her if he needed anything.

Rafe was still in Jada's apartment when she returned home from work. "What are you doing back so soon?" Rafe asked. Jada said she wanted to update Rafe on big news. "You might want to brace yourself," Jada said.

When Marlena returned to her office, she met with Talia for a therapy session. "I know that Colin Bedford was sentenced yesterday," Marlena said. Talia admitted she had been in the courtroom. "Do you want to talk about it?" Marlena asked. "Actually, I don't want to talk about my feelings for [Colin]. I want to talk about my feelings for Chanel," Talia said.

When Chanel and Paulina arrived at the bakery, a closed sign was posted on the front door. Rawlings arrived for a meeting as requested. "Mayor Rawlings, Sweet Bits has been recertified by the Department of Health after that unfortunate biscuit incident, so why on earth has it been closed again?" Paulina asked. Rawlings argued that Chanel had failed to adhere to city regulations.

"That's not true!" Chanel said. "She doesn't display the official City of Salem sticker, which all businesses are required to do," Rawlings explained. Chanel argued that the city had not given her the sticker. "[The Department of Health] told me they were going to send me one as soon as they restocked," Chanel explained. Rawlings said that the bakery could not operate without the sticker in its window.

"When my husband was mayor --" Paulina started. "But he isn't mayor. Not anymore. And maybe he was happy looking the other way at your numerous scandals, but I assure you, my administration is by the book," Rawlings said. Rawlings smiled and leaned in closer. "I make the rules in this town now, which means the bakery is closed," Rawlings whispered.

Ava and Harris bond at Bayview

Ava and Harris bond at Bayview

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

In Marlena's office, Talia told Marlena that she thought she might have romantic feelings for Chanel. Talia said that she had never been attracted to women until she had met Chanel, but she added that she no longer trusted her judgment.

Talia said that she had grown to genuinely like Chanel. Marlena encouraged Talia to acknowledge any romantic feelings for Chanel, if Talia had any. "Okay. I have romantic feelings for Chanel," Talia slowly admitted aloud.

Marlena said that it wasn't a good idea to start a new relationship, but she added that it wasn't healthy for Talia to repress her feelings. Talia scoffed at what she would even say to Chanel, and she worried about how Chanel might react. Marlena said that the last thing Talia wanted was to have regret. "And if you don't talk to Chanel, you'll never know what might have been," Marlena said.

In Horton Town Square, Paulina vowed that she would "handle" Clint after he had closed Sweet Bits. Paulina stormed off. Johnny appeared, and he noted the 'CLOSED' sign in Sweet Bits' window. Chanel said that Clint was out to get her. Johnny wondered why Clint would target Chanel, and he encouraged her to fight back.

Chanel asked Johnny to tell her what he had been up to. Johnny told Chanel about his trip to New Zealand to visit family. Chanel asked if Johnny had seen Allie. Johnny said that Allie seemed well, and he mentioned her new boyfriend.

Johnny tried to encourage Chanel by badmouthing Allie's boyfriend. Chanel didn't believe Johnny, who admitted that Allie's boyfriend was "pretty cool." "But to be honest, he doesn't hold a candle to you, Chanel. Nobody does," Johnny said tenderly.

Johnny said that Allie had been "nuts" to walk away from Chanel. Chanel said that she felt the same way about Wendy having chosen Tripp over Johnny. Johnny admitted that he had been surprised when Wendy had chosen Tripp.

Chanel asked if Wendy had given Johnny a reason. Johnny flashed back to Wendy saying that Johnny wasn't over Chanel. Before Johnny could tell Chanel what Wendy had said, Talia approached. Talia asked if she had interrupted anything. Johnny chose to stand up, and he bade Chanel goodnight before he left.

After Johnny left, Chanel noticed that Talia seemed nervous. Talia said that she had just had a therapy session with Marlena and that Marlena had encouraged her to talk to Chanel. Chanel asked what Talia wanted to talk about.

Talia was nervous as she admitted that she romantic feelings for Chanel. As soon as Talia admitted her feelings, she hurried to leave. Chanel sat alone in her chair as she tried to process what Talia had just said.

At Steve and Kayla's home, Kayla showed photos of friends and loved ones to Abe in hopes of jogging his memory. The two were interrupted when Paulina knocked on the door. Paulina demanded to see Abe, and she rushed past Kayla.

Paulina said that she had gone to ask Abe to take back his job as mayor. Paulina recalled that Abe had played a large part in Sweet Bits having become a success. Paulina pleaded with Abe to help Chanel before it was too late.

Kayla insisted that Abe needed to focus on his recovery. Abe noted that the decision was up to him. Abe surprised Paulina and Kayla when he agreed to Paulina's request. A surprised Paulina grew excited as Abe said that he needed a purpose in life. Abe added that he thought he could still help others.

Kayla said that, as Abe's doctor, she had to caution him against trying to return to work. Abe promised to tell Kayla if things grew to be too much for him. A jubilant Paulina hugged Abe. Abe told Kayla that he knew she believed he was making a mistake. Kayla hoped that she was wrong. "That makes two of us," Abe said.

At the Salem Inn, Wendy entered a dark, candlelit room that Tripp had set up. Wendy called the arrangement "perfect," and she and Tripp kissed. As Tripp and Wendy prepared to have dinner, Tripp noted that the hotel had delivered the wrong food. Wendy said that she wasn't hungry, and she asked Tripp if they could "skip ahead."

Wendy said that Tripp was her "dream come true." Tripp said that he felt the same way about Wendy. Tripp and Wendy started to make out on the bed. Wendy said that she had been looking forward to her first time with Tripp. Tripp and Wendy seemed ready to make love for the first time when Tripp's phone rang. Tripp was surprised when he received a call from Bayview.

At Bayview, Ava surprised Harris when she apologized for having attacked him. Ava formally introduced herself, and she recalled that she had suffered a psychotic break after she had hallucinated Charlie telling her to do terrible things.

Harris listened as Ava said that she thought she had been doing better until she had hallucinated that Harris was Charlie. Harris asked why Ava thought she was still having hallucinations. Ava said that Marlena thought the hallucinations were a manifestation of Ava's guilt.

Harris asked Ava to open up to him. Ava recalled having been separated from Tripp at birth years earlier. As a result, Ava said that she had "felt nothing" when Charlie had been placed in her arms as a baby. Ava admitted that she had been "ice cold" toward Charlie -- despite Charlie's best efforts to win her over. Ava blamed herself for the person that Charlie had grown to be.

Harris told Ava how he had been brainwashed by Megan and Rolf. Ava said that it wasn't Harris' fault. Harris noted that Ava could say the same about her recent situation, and he asked how long it had been since Ava had seen Tripp.

Ava revealed that Tripp had gone to visit her weeks earlier, and she said that she had mistaken him for Charlie. Ava said that doctors had encouraged Tripp to stay away from Ava because she had attacked Tripp after believing that he was Charlie. Ava said that she was hesitant to see Tripp again, even though the doctors had said that enough time had passed for Tripp to visit.

Harris encouraged Ava to welcome another visit from Tripp. "I know you're scared. I'm scared, too. We can't let it stop us from trying. And if they say you're ready, I say you try. I'm sure your son would say the same thing," Harris said.

Back at the Salem Inn, Tripp told Wendy that Ava had told her doctors that she wanted to see him. Wendy encouraged Tripp to visit Ava. Wendy assured Tripp that she wasn't going anywhere, and she vowed that she would be waiting for him when he returned. Tripp thanked Wendy for understanding, and they kissed.

At the same time, Ava told Harris that Tripp was on his way to visit her. Harris was happy for Ava, who admitted that she was nervous. Harris assured Ava that everything would be okay. Ava thanked Harris, who noted that he had a session to attend. Harris said that it had been nice getting to know Ava. "Yeah, you, too. Guess I'll see you around," Ava told Harris, and she watched as he left the visiting room.

After Harris left, Ava turned around, and she saw Tripp. Ava put her arms around Tripp. Both smiled as they shared a warm hug.

John pleads with Brady

John pleads with Brady

Thursday, August 10, 2023

At the Salem Police Station, Belle was surprised when Shawn said that he had replaced Rafe as the new police commissioner. Shawn noted that Belle seemed less than enthused with the news. Belle said that Shawn was still in a fragile place due to his recent drinking problem after having shot Bo in Greece.

Belle expressed fear that Shawn could start drinking again. Shawn said that he wouldn't let his guard down, and he noted that three of his family members, including Bo and Hope, had previously served as commissioner. Shawn added that he had doubts, but he said the job might be what he needed in order to heal. Belle put her hands to Shawn's face, and she said she believed in him more than anyone.

Belle added that Shawn would be the "best Commissioner Brady there ever was," and she hugged him. Belle's face expressed wariness as her head rested on Shawn's shoulder.

At the Brady Pub, Jada asked why Rafe had brought up an item from Lady Whistleblower's column instead of Clint's decision to replace him as commissioner. Jada was upset that Rafe's old job had gone to Shawn instead of her. Jada referred to Shawn as a "flawed white guy," and she implied that the reason she had been passed over for the job was because she was a woman of color.

Jada noted that it wasn't all Shawn's fault, and she mentioned that Shawn had initially refused Clint's offer in addition to having recommended Jada as commissioner. "But still, I can't help but feel just a bit upset that he comes in and is at the right place at the right time with the right skin tone," Jada mused.

Jada referred to Shawn as a "drunk who put his dad in a coma." Unbeknownst to Jada, Shawn and Belle had entered the pub, and the two had overhead Jada's description. Jada apologized for having called Shawn a drunk.

Shawn noted that Jada was embarrassed, but he said that he was the only person who should feel embarrassed. Shawn apologized to Jada and Rafe, and he said he didn't know what else to say. Rafe told Shawn to do a good job as commissioner.

In the hallway outside Chad and Stephanie's apartment, Stephanie invited Alex to stop by later to pick up a book he had been interested in. Alex flashed back to Chad having warned him to stay away from Stephanie, and he declined Stephanie's invitation. Stephanie found Alex's behavior puzzling.

Inside the apartment, Chad said that he had planned a sleepover for Thomas and Charlotte with Rachel at the DiMera mansion. Stephanie asked if Chad had seen Alex, and she recalled that Alex had seemed standoffish earlier. Chad shrugged. Stephanie received a text about a potential new marketing client. Chad encouraged Stephanie to leave for the meeting.

At Small Bar, Yuri told Alex that he had arranged a meeting with a marketing and P.R. consultant. Alex looked up, and he saw Stephanie. Yuri said that he wanted Alex to oversee a potential role for Stephanie at Basic Black. Alex surprised Stephanie when he said that he couldn't work with her.

Alex stammered through a list of reasons why he couldn't work with Stephanie before saying that he was only trying to do what he was "supposed" to do. Stephanie asked what Alex had meant. Alex blurted out that Stephanie should ask Chad, and he eventually told Stephanie that Chad had warned him to stay away from her.

Alex implied that Chad had physically threatened him. Stephanie was irate, and she stormed out of the bar. Afterwards, Alex said that he was "crazy about" Stephanie.

At John and Marlena's penthouse, Brady packed some of Rachel's belongings. John surprised Brady when he said he had discovered that Brady had purchased an out-of-state vehicle from Texas. John surmised that Brady planned to kidnap Rachel. John tried to talk Brady out of his plan, and he warned that Rachel might grow to hate Brady if Brady followed through with the plan.

John passionately argued for Brady to fight without resorting to kidnapping. "I know this is hard, but if you take off running here, and you defy that court order, it is all over. You're never gonna be safe. Not from the law, not from Kristen, because when they find you, you're gonna lose your daughter forever. And Kristen is gonna win," John pleaded as he placed his hand on Brady's shoulder.

Brady told John that his mind was made up. John continued to plead with Brady, but Brady left with a suitcase in his hand. Afterwards, John stood alone in Rachel's room. "Come on, kid. Come to your senses before it's too late," John said to himself.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen gloated that Rachel was going to live with her. E.J. congratulated Kristen, and he said that he knew how difficult it had been for Kristen to be separated from Rachel. E.J. added that Brady was a "sanctimonious bastard," and he delighted that Kristen had beaten Brady at his own game.

Chad entered with Thomas and Charlotte. Kristen warmly welcomed Thomas and Charlotte with a hug, and she excitedly gave the two a tour of their guest room. After Kristen left the room with the children, Chad told E.J. about having warned Alex to stop interfering in Chad and Stephanie's life together. E.J. smiled, and he clasped Chad on the shoulder.

Kristen returned in time to overhear the end of Chad and E.J.'s conversation. Kristen warned that Chad's actions would "backfire spectacularly," and she added that it was only a matter of time before Alex told Stephanie about Chad's threat. Kristen said that she sympathized with Chad, but she cautioned that Stephanie would see Alex as a victim. Chad admitted that Kristen was right, and he left to meet with Stephanie.

A short while later, at Chad and Stephanie's apartment, Chad told Stephanie that he thought the two of them should talk. Stephanie threw a glass of wine in Chad's face. "You want to talk? Sit the hell down. I'm going first," Stephanie sniped.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Kristen noted that Brady and Rachel were late. E.J. reasoned that Brady had encountered traffic. Kristen grew impatient, and she said that perhaps Brady had decided he couldn't live with the judge's decision. Kristen called Belle to say that Brady had decided to go on the run with Rachel.

Just then, Kristen heard a familiar voice. "Mommy!" a child's voice called out. Kristen turned, and she saw Rachel. Nearby, Brady seethed in anger as he watched Rachel being cradled in Kristen's arms.

Xander tells Brady about his engagement to Chloe

Xander tells Brady about his engagement to Chloe

Friday, August 11, 2023

When Chad returned home to talk to Stephanie, she threw wine in his face. "What the hell was that for?" Chad said. "I know you went behind my back and warned Alex to stay away from me," Stephanie said. Chad blurted out that he and Alex had had a gentlemen's agreement. Stephanie argued that Chad was the bad guy, not Alex.

"[Alex] and I had a discussion. He promised not to say anything. And obviously he was lying so he could wait for the right moment to make me look bad," Chad argued. Stephanie countered that Chad did not need anyone's help to look bad.

"And for your information, Alex did not rat you out willingly. I had to drag it out of him," Stephanie said. Chad scoffed. Stephanie told Chad what had happened in the bar. "[Alex] was willing to blow a business deal to protect you. God, where the hell do you get off making decisions about who I spend my time with?" Stephanie said. Stephanie reminded Chad that Alex's jealousy over her friendship with Chad was what had soured Stephanie's relationship with Alex.

"And now you're doing the same thing," Stephanie argued. Chad apologized. "I was out of line. And I never should have listened to E.J.," Chad said. Stephanie was surprised. Chad explained that he had been frustrated by Alex's repeated interruptions into their lives, and he had felt insecure.

"When have I ever made you feel insecure?" Stephanie asked. "He's always popping into our lives. He's joining us on our date. He's always showing up to our damn door, shirtless!" Chad yelled. Stephanie took a deep breath. "You should have talked to me about [exiling him from our lives]," Stephanie said. Chad explained that he had not wanted to put Stephanie in a difficult position.

"So, instead, you went behind my back and tried to manipulate my life," Stephanie argued. "I realize that was a mistake now," Chad said. Stephanie argued that his realization was too late. "I know I was being a possessive jerk. And I know you broke up with Alex because he did something just like that. Can you forgive me? Or are we done, too?" Chad asked. Stephanie reminded Chad that they had agreed to make a commitment to one another and his kids.

"So, I need to know that you trust me. And if I ever give you any reason not to, you need to come to me and talk to me about it, so that we can work through it together," Stephanie asked. Chad swore he would never attempt to control Stephanie again.

"Whoever you want to work with or be friends with is completely up to you, not me. I honestly don't even know what the hell I was thinking," Chad said. With a rueful chuckle, Chad mentioned that even Kristen had known it would blow up in Chad's face. Stephanie asked Chad why he had risked their relationship over pettiness. Chad confessed that he had been scared to lose Stephanie.

"Did I ever give you any reason to be scared?" Stephanie asked. "No," Chad admitted. Chad explained that Stephanie was the first woman that he had loved since Abigail's death. "I'm absolutely terrified of it all going away. Again," Chad said. Stephanie reiterated that she was committed to Chad.

At the Little Bar, Justin spotted Alex. Justin explained that Maggie wanted to throw a welcome home party for Victor. Alex asked if Maggie wanted him there, and Justin stressed that Maggie had requested Alex's presence specifically.

"And what about Uncle Vic? Is he going to want me there?" Alex asked. "Why wouldn't he?" Justin said. Alex argued that Victor would be unhappy with him because he worked for a DiMera subsidiary. "There is nothing the old man hates quite as much as DiMera," Justin admitted. Alex laughed.

"Uncle Vic is hurting. He got Bo back to only possibly lose him again. So, tonight is all about coming together as a whole family for him. Brady has been invited. So, I'm hoping the three of you can put aside your corporate warfare for one night," Justin said. Justin asked Alex to attend as a favor to him. "I'll be there," Alex agreed. With a chuckle, Alex added that it was a good idea to avoid any run-ins with Chad.

"What's going on?" Justin asked. "I think I may have just torpedoed his relationship with Stephanie," Alex admitted. Alex explained what had happened. "I was really trying to keep this to myself," Alex said. Justin asked Alex if there was a part of him that wanted a second chance with Stephanie. Alex admitted he was not totally over Stephanie, but he really had been attempting to move on.

"Except that you are now living across the hall from her," Justin said. Alex told Justin that the dating scene in Salem was messy. "I need to keep working on myself and then maybe, hopefully, attract the right kind of woman into my life," Alex said.

In the Kiriakis living room, Bonnie was painting her toenails when Maggie walked in. Maggie informed Bonnie that she had visited Sarah. "How was she when you saw her?" Bonnie asked. "There's no need to dance around the pregnant elephant in the room," Maggie countered. Bonnie apologized, and she stressed that Sarah had sworn her to secrecy about the pregnancy.

"I'm sure she did," Maggie said. Bonnie told Maggie that she was relieved that Sarah had told Maggie. "I know he is not your favorite person, but Rex will make a great daddy," Bonnie said. "Save it, Bonnie. When I said I know everything, I meant everything," Maggie said. Maggie told Bonnie that she knew that Xander was the father of her grandchild.

In Chicago, Sarah went to Rex's apartment to inform him that Maggie knew about the pregnancy. "I tried to make [Maggie] believe it was yours, but she saw right through me," Sarah said. Rex asked Sarah if she was worried that Maggie would tell Xander. Sarah explained that Maggie had promised to keep her secret, but she was worried that Maggie could change her mind.

"Your mom said she could keep your secret. I'm sure you can trust her," Rex said. "It's just a matter of time before somebody blabs to Xander. And once they do, there's nothing I can do to stop him from being a part of my child's life," Sarah said. Rex disagreed. "You could marry me," Rex suggested. Sarah asked Rex if he was serious.

"I've already offered to parent this child, and look, if we're married, I will legally be the father of him or her. And I'll automatically be on the birth certificate," Rex noted. Sarah argued that a DNA test would prove that Xander was the father, but Rex said he was confident that no court would reward parental rights to Xander. "A convicted felon versus two upstanding doctors," Rex argued. Sarah sighed.

"We have to face the fact that Xander is going to eventually find out," Rex said. Rex asked Sarah if she was willing to never return to Salem just to keep the secret from Xander. "No. Salem is my home," Sarah whispered. Sarah told Rex that she was not sure that marriage was the answer to her problem.

"It's one thing to pretend that you're the father to help me out of a jam with Bonnie, but marriage? Rex, that is a lifelong commitment," Sarah said. Sarah asked about his daughter, Emily. With a grin, Rex noted that Emily had repeatedly begged him for a sibling.

"How do you feel about this? Turning your entire life upside down to help me out?" Sarah asked. Rex shook his head no. "Being with you, being married to you, nothing would make me happier than that. I never stopped loving you. And I never will," Rex confessed. Sarah told Rex that she thought he had gotten over her. Rex scoffed.

"No, never. Sarah, ruining our marriage, it's one of the biggest regrets of my entire life," Rex said. Rex told Sarah that he believed the baby was an opportunity to "fix something that never should have been broken." Sarah held back tears. "You have my heart. And you always will. That is, if you'll let me," Rex said Rex got on bended knee and proposed.

Outside the Brady Pub, Belle talked to John on the phone about Brady. "I'm not giving up on his case. Listen, we are going to get through all of this like we always do, as a family," Belle said. When Belle ended her call, Chloe stopped and asked if everything was okay with Belle's family.

"Brady was forced to give Rachel back to Kristen," Belle said. "Poor Brady. How is he doing?" Chloe asked. Belle told Chloe that she hoped Brady could count on Chloe for her support. "What do you mean?" Chloe asked. Belle noted that Chloe and Brady were still friends. With a shrug, Chloe noted that Brady had not been supportive of her relationship with Xander.

"Well, can you blame him? No offense, but Xander's a criminal and a total loser," Belle said. "Wow. Why would I take offense at that?" Chloe countered. Belle scoffed. "You can't compare what you had with my brother to whatever this is going on with Xander," Belle said dismissively. Chloe argued that Belle did not know anything about Chloe's relationship with Xander.

"Well, I know that he's not capable of making any type of real commitment," Belle said. "Oh, really? Is that why he just asked me to marry him?" Chloe countered. Belle laughed, and she asked if Chloe had turned him down. "Actually, no," Chloe admitted. Chloe explained that she had decided to think about the proposal.

"Xander and I have gotten really close. And I care about him a lot," Chloe said. Belle told Chloe that it was a horrible idea to marry Xander. Frustrated, Chloe asked Belle why she was so opposed to a man that made Chloe happy. "Oh, no. I want you to be happy. You know that. But you're talking about a huge commitment to a guy who is as screwed up and dishonorable as they come," Belle argued. Chloe rolled her eyes. Belle offered to rattle off the list of Xander's crimes.

"I am fully aware of who Xander is and what he's done," Chloe said. "Great. So, you're just cool with the fact that he's shot my mom?" Belle countered. "No, of course not! But that was a really long time ago," Chloe argued. Belle pointed out Xander's more recent crimes. Chloe argued that Xander felt horrible for what he had done to Susan and Bonnie.

"He should also be in prison. You know his guilty conscience isn't going to bring E.J.'s mom back," Belle said. "We've all done things that we're not proud of. But Xander has changed," Chloe said. Belle urged Chloe to call Sarah and ask her about whether Xander was capable of change. Frustrated, Chloe announced that the conversation was over. Belle argued that best friends were supposed to tell one another the hard truths.

"Sometimes, best friends just stand by each other," Chloe countered. "Even when one of us knows the other is making a huge mistake?" Belle asked. Chloe reminded Belle that she had supported Belle when Belle had had an affair with E.J. "So, now you're just trying to hurt me," Belle said. "No, I'm just pointing out that it is very hypocritical of you to be so hard on Xander," Chloe countered. Exasperated, Belle yelled that she wanted to help Chloe.

With a groan, Chloe noted, "[E.J.] shot your dad. And let's not even mention all the awful things he did to your own sister." Belle tersely noted that she was not there to defend E.J.'s actions. "And I'm not here to defend Xander," Chloe countered. Belle argued that Xander did not deserve Chloe and that marriage was a mistake.

"I appreciate your concern, but I'm a grown-ass woman. I can make my own decisions about my love life," Chloe said. Chloe asked Belle to respect her as a friend and an adult. "You're right. But if Xander steps out of line even one time--" Belle started. Chloe interrupted to ask Belle if she would be there to say, "I told you so."

"No. I'm going to be there to help you kick his ass," Belle said. Chloe laughed, and Belle hugged her. As Chloe sniffled back tears, she and Belle said that they loved one another. Chloe asked Belle to congratulate Shawn on his promotion. "And if you happen to see Brady, will you tell him I'm so sorry about Rachel?" Chloe asked. Belle nodded yes.

In the town square, a heartbroken Brady sat in the outdoor café and stared at his coffee. Xander walked over to Brady. With a deep sigh, Brady noted that Xander was the last person that he wanted to see. Xander told Brady that he understood why Brady was upset.

"Must be devastating for you to find out that Chloe and I are getting hitched," Xander said. Brady explained that he had lost custody of Rachel to Kristen. Xander softened. "It is a kick in the bollocks, isn't it?" Xander said. Brady nodded, and he asked if Xander had been joking about Xander's engagement to Chloe.

"Chloe's mulling over my proposal," Xander said. "That means she didn't say yes," Brady countered. Xander said he was optimistic that Chloe would soon be Chloe Cook. Brady called Xander delusional. "Chloe and I are great together. We're compatible in every conceivable way, much more than you two ever were," Xander said. "You've known her for what? Five minutes?" Brady countered. Xander noted that he made Chloe happier than Brady had ever managed.

"And besides, if Gwen can get married to Eurotrash Van Poser and Sarah can go back to Dr. Boring Rex Brady, what's so preposterous about Chloe and me tying the knot?" Xander said. Brady chuckled. "You're not rushing to propose to Chloe because you love her. You want to marry my ex so you can stick it to yours," Brady said. Brady argued that every woman in Xander's life had had the good sense to run away from him.

With a smirk, Brady said he believed Chloe would wise up soon. "My proposal has nothing to do with Gwen or Sarah. I love Chloe. I want to marry her. Spend the rest of our lives together, maybe even have a couple of kids together," Xander said. Brady gagged. Brady argued that Chloe would never have kids with Xander.

"You've only succeeded in knocking up two women wholly unsuitable to be mothers," Xander said. Brady warned Xander not to talk about his children. "I was talking about their mothers. I would never disparage your kids or anyone else's," Xander said. When Xander noted it was time to go to Victor's party, Brady's eyes widened.

"You forgot, didn't you? What a doting, devoted grandson," Xander said. "I've been a little preoccupied handing my daughter over to a sociopath, okay?" Brady countered. Xander shrugged, and he noted that if Chloe accepted his proposal, they could celebrate Victor's return and Xander's engagement.

In the Kiriakis living room, Maggie was tidying up when Bonnie returned from the kitchen to confirm that dinner was on schedule. "You don't seem much like you're in a partying mood," Bonnie said. Maggie explained that she was excited to see Victor, but she was preoccupied by Sarah's pregnancy.

"[Xander] has a right to know that he's going to be a father," Maggie said. "Yeah. The guy kidnapped me, had me jumping at shadows for months. But even I agree. Justin, too," Bonnie admitted. Maggie was surprised to learn that Justin knew about the baby. "I'm not the best at keeping secrets," Bonnie said. Maggie shook her head. "I'm worried about my daughter and the baby. Nothing good ever comes from these kinds of lies," Maggie said.

In the town square, Brady called Maggie to tell her about Rachel. Maggie was in disbelief. Brady said he was in no mood to attend a family party. "I just don't need grandfather reminding me of how I shouldn't have been involved with Kristen in the first place. Or Xander bragging about his possible engagement," Brady said. Maggie was shocked to learn that Xander had proposed to Chloe.

Xander walked into the Kiriakis living room while Maggie was on the phone with Brady. Maggie ended her call. "The golden grandson isn't attending?" Xander said. Bonnie walked in, and she joked, "If it isn't everyone's least favorite clown." Xander smiled at Bonnie, and she noted that he was chipper. "Why wouldn't I be? Love is in the air. Uncle Victor's on his way home," Xander said. Bonnie made a face at Maggie. "Xander, I need to talk to you," Maggie said. Before Maggie could continue, Justin walked in with Alex. Maggie told Alex that she was pleased to see him.

"What do you say that you and I put aside our differences for Victor?" Maggie said. Maggie held out her hand, and Alex pulled Maggie into a hug. Maggie turned to Xander, and she asked him about his proposal. "Sarah's moved on. I figured it was high time I did the same," Xander said. Maggie and Bonnie exchanged a look. "What is it?" Xander asked. "There's something I have to tell you," Maggie said.

Justin returned to the living room, and he appeared stricken. "What's wrong?" Alex asked. "[Uncle Vic's] plane is missing," Justin announced. Maggie stifled a sob.

As Chloe was taking off her shoes at home, Brady knocked on her door. "I heard about what happened with Rachel. I am so sorry. Is there anything that I can do?" Chloe asked. "Yeah," Brady said. Brady kissed Chloe.

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