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Sloan suffered a miscarriage. Melinda convinced Sloan to keep the paternity of Nicole's baby a secret. E.J. asked Nicole to elope. Sarah told Xander that she was pregnant with Rex's baby. Chloe accepted Xander's proposal. Sarah agreed to marry Rex. Johnny was unable to confess his love to Chanel. Melinda snooped on Li's phone after sex. Kayla helped Talia find a job. Harris asked Marlena to help Ava. Gabi followed the Von Leuschner attorney. Philip surprised Chloe.
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Sloan suffered a miscarriage. Sarah told Xander she was pregnant with Rex's baby. Harris asked Marlena to help Ava. Philip surprised Chloe.
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Xander learns that Sarah is pregnant

Xander learns that Sarah is pregnant

Monday, August 21, 2023

by Mike

Trask learned some disturbing news then rushed off in search of Sloan. "I recently told you that you owe me a favor," Trask reminded Sloan after getting confirmation that no one else was inside the Petersen apartment at that moment. "I like to think of it more like 'extortion' --" Sloan countered. "I don't care what you call it...but your first payment is due today," Trask snapped.

Trask informed Sloan that Abe was planning "a scam" that would make Paulina the new mayor. "How the hell is that woman qualified?" Sloan protested. "I have no idea...but it is definitely happening -- and it puts me in an awkward position, because I went after Paulina and Chanel pretty hard over what happened to your parents," Trask fretted. "You think she's gonna fire you," Sloan translated.

Trask nodded in response then begged Sloan for help with a plan that would make it difficult for Paulina to justify such a move -- the successful prosecution of a high-profile criminal. "If I take on Shin, I'm gonna do everything in my power to get him acquitted -- I don't understand how that helps you," Sloan protested. "Come on, Petersen -- think it through," Trask countered.

Sloan soon realized that Trask wanted a saboteur on Li's side of the case. "We're talking about a felony here!" Sloan objected. "Don't be so melodramatic," Trask advised. "You're the D.A. -- they'll throw the book at me, but...God, they'll throw the entire law library at you, one volume at a time!" Sloan warned. "I need this, Sloan -- my job is my life!" Trask begged. "No -- I can't do this," Sloan maintained.

Sloan decided to confess everything to Eric as soon as possible so Trask would no longer feel entitled to favors. "You'll lose him if you do," Trask predicted. "That's my problem, not yours," Sloan responded.

Nicole joined E.J. in the living room of the DiMera mansion and sensed that something was wrong. "It's Victor, Nicole -- he's dead," E.J. blurted out before apologizing for having broken the news to Nicole in such an insensitive way. "I had to find out somehow," Nicole conceded with a shrug before asking E.J. for more details.

Nicole got emotional while E.J. was elaborating. "I can't believe this is hitting me so hard," Nicole whispered. "Well, it's shocking -- I mean, you would hope, at his age, that he could have died peacefully -- and you were also married to him, so I'm sure that there were some good memories from that time --" E.J. reasoned.

Nicole interrupted with a scoff then set E.J. straight on the nature of the marriage. "He treated me like dirt -- no, in fact, worse; he treated me like...well, like I deserved -- but I'm gonna miss him," Nicole admitted.

E.J. attempted to lighten Nicole's mood, joking that Victor and Stefano were probably already making each other miserable in the afterlife. "They loved to hate each other," Nicole mused.

E.J. seized the opportunity to attempt to convince Nicole to elope that night. "Live every day as if it was our last," E.J. reasoned -- and Nicole laughed off the idea at first then gave it more thought and decided to play along.

E.J. wanted to elope to Italy because Sydney was there, and Nicole agreed because Sami was also there and would hate the intrusion -- but the couple decided to settle for a City Hall wedding after learning that Dimitri had the DiMera jet in Iceland.

Chloe and Belle continued their conversation while huddled together outside the Brady Pub, not yet aware that Brady was nearby. "You're really considering accepting Xander's proposal?" Belle sputtered. "So far, I haven't really found any reason to say no," Chloe explained. "Is he drugging you or something?" Brady interjected.

Belle squirmed as Chloe and Brady started arguing with each other about Xander's character. Brady showed off some facial wounds in an effort to remind Chloe and Belle that Xander was a violent person. "God, you two -- Victor is dead, and all you can find to do is fight about me?" Chloe objected. "We actually hugged," Brady clarified.

Belle rushed off after receiving a text message, leaving Brady with a warning to stop badgering Chloe about Xander's past. Brady promised to heed Belle's advice but went right back to arguing with Chloe about Xander as soon as the coast was clear. "You know what? I don't have time for this!" Chloe declared before storming off, ignoring Brady's protests.

Shawn continued drinking at Small Bar -- and Eric soon approached to offer condolences. "You don't seem to be taking this very well," Eric noted. "That's an astute observation," Shawn muttered.

Eric attempted to convince Shawn to stop drinking -- and Belle arrived just as things were about to get physical. "Just a friendly disagreement," Eric explained before leaving Shawn in Belle's capable hands.

Shawn realized that Eric had summoned Belle earlier. "Nosy son of a bitch," Shawn grumbled. "He called me because he cares," Belle stressed.

Shawn attempted to chase off Belle. "My place is here with you, can drink yourself into oblivion if that's what you need to do, but you're not gonna do it alone," Belle responded while claiming the extra chair at Shawn's table.

E.J. bumped into Trask while attempting to secure marriage licenses -- and the district attorney seized the opportunity to advise that it might be wise to cancel the wedding.

Eric entered the Petersen apartment while grumbling about what had just occurred at Small Bar -- then stopped after realizing that Sloan was also upset about something.

Xander stared at Sarah's midsection in shock during their reunion at the Kiriakis mansion. "You're pregnant -- and not just 'pregnant'; you're, like, 'really pregnant'!" Xander sputtered. "Keep it down a little bit -- my mom's trying to rest," Sarah advised before offering Xander condolences. "Okay, I'm keeping my voice down...but are you kidding me right now?" Xander countered.

Xander argued that Sarah's top priority for their reunion should not have been to offer condolences but instead to offer an explanation. "If Victor hadn't died -- if you didn't have to be with your mother right now -- were you ever gonna tell me?" Xander wondered. "I didn't tell you because it's none of your business -- the baby isn't yours; it's Rex's," Sarah responded.

Xander found it difficult to believe the claim, but Sarah insisted that it was true. "How can you be so sure?" Xander protested. "Math!" Sarah explained.

Sarah argued that Xander shouldn't even care about the development. "You're with Chloe now!" Sarah noted. "I just asked her to marry me," Xander bragged. "That was fast," Sarah muttered. "Not as fast as you and Rex," Xander countered. "Are we done here?" Sarah wondered, prompting Xander to storm off while making a joke about the possibility of the baby having a Scottish accent.

Sarah phoned Rex once the coast was clear and claimed to have just had a change of heart about the idea of them getting married -- and Xander received the same good news from Chloe later that night.

Sloan's confession is interrupted

Sloan's confession is interrupted

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

In Sloan's apartment, Sloan announced to Eric that she needed to tell him something. "Do you love me?" Sloan asked. "Of course, I love you. I wouldn't have asked you to marry me if I didn't love you," Eric assured Sloan. Sloan admitted that she had a secret.

"I'm really worried that you're going to be angry, but it can't wait any longer. So, I just pray you'll understand," Sloan said. Sloan told Eric that she was afraid to lose him. "I'm not going anywhere. I love you. Tell me what's on your mind," Eric said. "Oh, God, I should have told you this so much sooner," Sloan whispered. After a moment, Sloan gasped and doubled over.

"Are you okay?" Eric asked. "I just had this really sharp pain," Sloan said. Eric offered to call the doctor. Sloan waved Eric off and insisted she felt fine, but then she yelped again.

Chanel was walking in the town square when Talia called her phone from the hospital. Talia told Chanel that she was excited to hear that Abe had appointed Paulina as the town mayor. "Which is good for the town and especially good for me because I can reopen my bakery," Chanel said. "I'm so happy for you," Talia said. Talia told Chanel that she understood if Chanel needed to cancel their date in order to prepare for the reopening. "I can still make our date if you're up for it," Chanel said. "Of course, I am! I've been looking forward to this all day," Talia said.

As Talia ended her call, Kayla said hello. "Just finished up a session with Dr. Evans," Talia said. "How's that going?" Kayla asked. Talia said that she thought she had made a lot of progress. "It's probably one of the best things I have ever done for myself, even if it was court ordered," Talia said. Kayla noted that the sessions would not have been helpful if Talia had not made an effort.

"I'm taking this very seriously. I mean, between therapy and community service, I am determined to make up for my mistakes," Talia said. Kayla noted that it sounded like Talia was on the right track. When Talia complained that she was having difficulty with finances, Kayla suggested that Talia work at the hospital.

"What kind of positions do you have open here?" Talia asked. "Well, considering you have your medical degree, I was thinking, I don't know, a doctor," Kayla said. Talia was surprised. "After everything I did? You realize they call me the Biscuit Bandit, right?" Talia asked. Kayla noted that Talia's criminal record would be an issue, but she believed that Talia deserved a second chance. Talia thanked Kayla, and she promised to work hard if the hospital decided to hire her.

"I won't let you down," Talia said. Kayla promised to let Talia know if the hospital agreed to hire her. After Kayla walked away, Talia was doing a celebratory dance when Eric arrived with Sloan. As Sloan groaned in pain, Talia asked what was wrong. "None of your business," Sloan growled through gritted teeth. Sloan fainted, and Eric lowered her to the ground. Talia crouched down beside her.

"She's not breathing. I don't feel a pulse," Talia said. "Somebody please help!" Eric cried out. Talia noted that she was a doctor, and she asked Eric for space. "Please help, she's pregnant," Eric said. Talia commenced chest compressions.

When Kayla returned, Eric explained what had happened. Talia announced, "She has a pulse." Kayla took over as Talia apologized. "There was literally nobody else around," Talia explained. "Don't apologize. You've saved her life," Kayla said. Eric thanked Talia.

As Nicole poured a glass of lemonade in the DiMera living room, Johnny sauntered in from the pool area. "An evening swim? Sounds nice," Nicole said. When Nicole asked Johnny if he had any other plans for the evening, he thought about when he had overheard Chanel make a date with Talia. "No, I'm free as a bird," Johnny told Nicole. Johnny asked Nicole about Victor's death.

"It's awful, right? To live so long and then die like that?" Nicole said. Nicole admitted that she had been thinking about her disastrous marriage to Victor. "In fact, we totally despised each other," Nicole said. Johnny asked Nicole if she was celebrating. Nicole shook her head no.

"Weirdly, a part of me is going to miss that old geezer. I mean, he wasn't my least favorite ex-husband," Nicole said. "I take it my father wasn't, either. My dad just told me you guys got engaged again. Congrats!" Johnny said. Nicole thanked Johnny, and she explained that E.J. had gone out to get a marriage license. Johnny asked Nicole if Sami knew about the engagement.

"Is there a knife sticking out of my back? Then no. She doesn't know," Nicole cracked. Nicole told Johnny that E.J. had wanted to elope to Italy and ask Sydney and maybe Sami to attend the wedding. "What stopped you guys?" Johnny asked. Nicole explained that Dimitri had taken the jet to Iceland.

"It was a nice idea, even you guys did totally steal it from me," Johnny said. A look of comprehension crossed Nicole's face. "That's right! You and Chanel eloped in Rome," Nicole said. "Best day of my life," Johnny admitted. Nicole noted that it sounded like Johnny had really loved Chanel. "To be honest, Nicole, I still do," Johnny confessed. Nicole reminded Johnny that she and E.J. had found their way back to one another after two divorces.

"Maybe the same thing will happen for you and Chanel," Nicole said. Johnny admitted that had been his hope, but Talia had beaten him "to the punch." Johnny told Nicole that he had overheard Chanel and Talia plan a date together. "Talia tried to destroy Chanel's life. Why would she agree to go out with her?" Nicole asked. Johnny shrugged.

"I don't get it either, but bottom line is I missed my chance, and now I have to move on," Johnny said. Johnny wondered aloud if he should meet with Li's matchmaker. "Why are you giving up so easily on Chanel? Last I checked, you are a DiMera," Nicole said. When Johnny noted that Chanel seemed into Talia, Nicole argued that was because Chanel did not know that Johnny was an option.

"You really should tell Chanel how you feel. You have so much history," Nicole noted. "The whole love triangle thing hasn't really worked out for me," Johnny said. Johnny joked that his ego could not take another rejection. "I feel like I've spent my whole life playing second fiddle and being a perennial loser in love, but you cannot give up. I didn't," Nicole said. Johnny sighed. "I feel like it would be best for everyone if I just backed off," Johnny said. Nicole urged Johnny to fight for love.

Outside the pub, E.J. told Melinda that he was on his way to get a marriage license. "Are you sure that you want to do that?" Melinda asked. "What's that supposed to mean?" E.J. countered. Melinda advised E.J. to be sure that he wanted to be with Nicole.

"[If a baby is] the only reason why you would like nothing more but to marry her, maybe you should reconsider," Melinda said. E.J. argued that the baby was not the only reason he wanted to marry Nicole. Melinda laughed.

"You clearly have something to say to me, so why not stop wasting my time and spit it out?" E.J. said. "Fine. I suppose you are going to hear about it soon enough, anyway," Melinda said. With a smirk, Melinda noted that she would feel bad to tell anyone the news, but E.J. was not a nice guy. "I'm going to enjoy watching you process what I'm about to tell you," Melinda said with a smile.

"Which is what?" E.J. said impatiently. Melinda's phone rang, and she took the call while E.J. stewed nearby. Li called to ask if she could meet him for a home-cooked meal. "A little late notice, don't you think?" Melinda asked. Li told Melinda he had wanted to see her, and he hoped that she had wanted to see him, too. "But I understand if you have something more important going on," Li said. Melinda looked at E.J., and she agreed to meet Li.

As Melinda ended her call, E.J. asked Melinda about her hints about Nicole. "You know what? Forget I said anything," Melinda said. Furious, E.J. yelled, "After all that?" Melinda booped E.J. on the nose, and she walked away.

When Wendy returned home, Li was in the kitchen, cooking. "I'm going to need you to disappear for the whole evening," Li said. "I just worked a 14-hour shift. I don't want to go out," Wendy complained. Li reminded Wendy that she was the one that had pushed him to focus on his love life. "Who's the lucky lady?" Wendy asked. "Melinda," Li said. Wendy reminded Li that he had agreed that he should not trust Melinda. Li shook his head no.

"We've decided to start over," Li explained. "What changed your mind?" Wendy asked. Li told Wendy that he believed that dating Melinda was exactly what he needed.

After Wendy left her apartment, she ran into Chanel in the town square. With a grin, Chanel announced, "Sweet Bits is reopening!" Wendy congratulated Chanel, and she joked about her apple fritter withdrawals. When Wendy offered to buy Chanel dinner, Chanel declined because of alternate plans.

"Bummer. I've been banished from my apartment while my brother romances -- wait for it -- Melinda Trask," Wendy said. "Her?" Chanel said. "That's the face I made. Although, weirdly enough, Tripp seems to think she's not so bad. Although he sees the best in everyone, which can be pretty annoying at times," Wendy admitted. Chanel asked why Wendy was not out with "your man."

"He's off saving lives or whatever," Wendy joked. Chanel laughed. "[Tripp not] only sees the best in people, but he does noble work? So annoying," Chanel said. With a chuckle, Chanel told Wendy that she was happy for them both. "I'm happy, too. I just wish Johnny hadn't gotten hurt in the process," Wendy said. Chanel stressed that Johnny would be okay.

"Maybe you could be the one to help him pick up the pieces," Wendy suggested. "You think Johnny and I should get back together?" Chanel asked. Wendy asked Chanel why not. "It's obvious you two have a connection. I mean, it's partly why I ended up choosing Tripp," Wendy admitted. "Wait, what?" Chanel asked. Chanel said that Johnny had not told her that.

"Well, every time I turned around, he was running off to spend time with you. And as much as he said he wanted to be with me, it was clear you were his main priority," Wendy explained. "Oh, my God! Wendy, I'm so sorry. I never wanted to come between you and Johnny," Chanel said. Wendy said that she knew it had not been intentional.

"And anyway, it made me realize that Tripp is the man I want to be with," Wendy added. "I'm glad. But I think you misunderstood. Johnny, he was just being a good friend to me. Nothing more," Chanel stressed. "He said the same thing, but I'm pretty sure he has unresolved feelings for you," Wendy said. Chanel asked Wendy if she believed that. Wendy said she did.

"Do you still have feelings for him?" Wendy asked. Chanel admitted she had felt a spark with Johnny, but she had been with Allie at the time. "And then when things blew up with Allie, anyway, Johnny was involved with you," Chanel explained. Chanel admitted that she believed she and Johnny had missed their moment.

"Well, what about now? You both are free," Wendy noted. Chanel explained that she had a date planned with Talia. "I'm happy for you. I just thought there could be something with you and Johnny," Wendy said. "Well, I think you might be off base about his feelings. He hasn't said anything to me," Chanel said. With a shrug, Chanel argued that it was best to move forward instead of backward.

"Well, I hope things work out with Talia," Wendy said. Chanel looked around for Talia, and she said, "I wonder what's keeping her?" Wendy offered to keep Chanel company while she waited for Talia to arrive. As Wendy and Chanel laughed, Johnny walked over and said hello. Wendy looked at Chanel.

"Hey, Johnny. You know I was just about to leave, but it's good to see you," Wendy said. "Wendy," Chanel muttered with a knowing look. Wendy smiled playfully at Chanel, and she walked away. "Something I said?" Johnny asked. "Never mind," Chanel said.

"I heard that Abe appointed your mom as the new mayor, so I guess that means you get to reopen Sweet Bits, huh?" Johnny said. "First thing tomorrow," Chanel confirmed. Johnny asked Chanel if she planned to spend the evening prepping for the reopening. Chanel admitted that she had a date with Talia.

"I went by your place this morning, and I heard you two making plans," Johnny admitted. "Why didn't you say anything?" Chanel asked. Johnny said he had not wanted to interrupt the moment. "That was very considerate of you," Chanel conceded. Curious, Chanel asked why Johnny had stopped by her apartment. "Well, I have been thinking a lot," Johnny started.

Before Johnny could confess his feelings, a breathless Talia ran over and apologized for her lateness. Johnny sighed in frustration. Chanel told Talia that they should still be able to get a good spot at the concert. "But first, you were going to say something," Chanel said to Johnny. "It was nothing important. You guys go," Johnny said. Reluctantly, Chanel told Johnny they would talk later.

Outside Li's apartment, Melinda fussed over her appearance and said to herself, "Forget Sloan Petersen. I will get the goods on Li all by myself." Inside the apartment, Li fixed his hair. "If I can sweep Melinda off her feet, hopefully she won't prosecute me. I've just got to turn up the charm," Li said.

When Li opened the door, the smile fell away from his and Melinda's faces. "Wow," Li whispered. "You're not so bad yourself," Melinda countered. Li apologized for the short notice, and he told Melinda that he was thrilled she had joined him. "When I called you earlier, it sounded like you were in the middle of something," Li said. "Nothing important. I was just talking with E.J. DiMera," Melinda said. Li made a joke about E.J.'s self-importance. "Good looks and a sense of humor," Melinda said. Li smiled sheepishly.

After Li and Melinda sat down to eat, Melinda said she could not remember the last time someone had cooked for her. "It's the least I could do, since you were generous enough to forgive me for literally running out on you," Li said. "I can't blame you," Melinda said. Melinda thanked Li for having forgiven her for her attempt to force a confession.

"I focus so much on my job that I let it get in the way of my personal life," Melinda admitted. Li said he had done the same at DiMera Enterprises. "Now that I've taken a step back, I finally feel free," Li said. Melinda wondered aloud if she should do the same and concentrate on finding love. When Li suggested that she start with him, Melinda argued that it was a little soon to call their relationship love.

Li and Melinda flirted back and forth about their status. "So, you desire me, huh?" Melinda asked. "If you have to ask, I must be doing this all wrong," Li said. Li leaned in and kissed Melinda passionately.

"Should we take this to the bedroom?" Li asked. "You don't want to finish dinner? I mean, since you went through so much trouble?" Melinda countered between kisses. Li joked that the effort had been mostly to get to "this part of the evening." "So, you had an ulterior motive, huh?" Melinda asked. "Was I being presumptuous?" Li countered. Melinda ripped open Li's shirt.

When E.J. returned home, Nicole grabbed her belly. "Is something wrong?" E.J. asked. "I think I just felt the baby kick for the first time," Nicole said. "That's not nothing at all!" E.J. said with a grin. Nicole put E.J.'s hand on her belly, but the baby did not kick again. "How did things go at the courthouse?" Nicole asked. E.J. explained that he had missed the court's closing, because Melinda had distracted him on the way. E.J. told Nicole about his conversation with Melinda.

"Did Melinda say why you shouldn't marry me?" Nicole asked. "She was very cryptic about it," E.J. said. E.J. asked Nicole if she knew what Melinda had been hinting at. Nicole said no. E.J. wondered aloud if Melinda had just wanted to play mind games.

"Or maybe she just wants us to be as miserable as she is," Nicole suggested. Nicole gasped again, and she said she was certain the baby had kicked. E.J. put his hand on Nicole's belly, and he felt the flutter. "I still can't believe this is happening for me. For us," Nicole said. "Believe it, darling. I love you," E.J. said.

In a hospital examination room, Eric held Sloan's hand as Kayla performed an ultrasound. Eric asked Sloan if she was okay. "I'm just worried about our baby," Sloan murmured. Eric asked Kayla if the baby was okay. "I'm sorry, but there's no heartbeat. The baby didn't make it," Kayla said solemnly. Sloan and Eric cried in each other's arms.

Ava is horrified by who she sees at Bayview

Ava is horrified by who she sees at Bayview

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

In Stefan and Gabi's room at the DiMera mansion, Stefan and Gabi started their day by making love. Afterwards, Gabi said that Kristin was up to something. Gabi recalled that she had overheard Kristen and Rachel talking about Dimitri. Gabi wondered if Kristen was attempting a "palace coup."

Stefan thought that Gabi was getting ahead of herself, but Gabi said that Rachel had admitted to a secret that involved money, pertaining to Dimitri. Stefan and Gabi dressed for the day ahead, and they headed downstairs.

In the living room of the DiMera mansion, Kristen stared at a news article about Victor's death. "I tried my damnedest to send you to your grave, and at long last, you finally made it there without my help," Kristen mused.

Kristen flashed back to having stabbed Victor in the chest years earlier. Kristen gloated when she said that Victor was in hell. Kristen heard the doorbell ring, and she opened the door to a small man who looked to be in his 50s.

The man spoke with a heavy English accent, and he introduced himself as Elliot Roth. Elliot said that he needed to speak to Dimitri. Elliot added that he had traveled from Alamainia and that he represented the Von Leuschner trust.

Elliot produced an envelope that he said contained the first installment of Dimitri's funds. Kristen tried to get her hands on the envelope, to no avail. Elliot said that if he were to learn that Dimitri hadn't met the terms of the codicil, the money set aside for Dimitri would be redirected to the remaining heirs of the trust.

Kristen wondered who the heirs might be, and she mentioned Carly Manning and Frankie Brady. Elliot complimented Kristen for having done her homework on the Von Leuschner family, and he said that Dimitri's portion of the trust would be divided equally to Nicholas Alamain and Melanie Jonas. Kristen feigned that she wasn't worried about Dimitri not meeting the terms of the trust.

In Reykjavik, Iceland, Dimitri wanted to invite Leo to join him and Gwen on their plans to explore lava fields. Gwen agreed, and she marveled at Dimitri's generosity. Gwen heard a knock at the door, and she opened the door to Leo.

Leo appeared distraught as he said that his "Uncle Victor" had died. Leo referred to Victor as "family," and he cited his brief marriage to Sonny. Gwen pointed out that Victor had despised Leo. Leo flashed back to having once spent Christmas morning with an angry Victor at the Kiriakis mansion. Leo said that Victor had had "all the warmth of Jack Nicholson in The Shining."

A delusional Leo said that he felt Victor had liked him. Gwen hugged Leo, who stared at Dimitri during the embrace. Leo rambled that he had recently seen West Side Story for the first time, and he said that the movie, coupled with Victor's death, had made him depressed. Gwen left to get ice cream to help cheer up Leo.

Alone in the room with Dimitri, Leo insisted that he was truly sad that Victor had died. Dimitri kissed Leo, and he proposed that he help Leo take his mind off things. The two started to make out, but Leo insisted they stop. "What if Gwen comes back and finds out that you are as gay as a Cher collage?" Leo blurted out.

A few moments later, Dimitri answered a call from Kristen. "Honeymoon is over, nephew. You need to haul your ass back to Salem. Pronto," Kristen warned Dimitri. After the call ended, Dimitri told Leo that someone from the Von Leuschner trust had gone to the DiMera mansion with the first payment from the codicil.

Dimitri said that he and Gwen would have to return to Salem to prove that they were a legitimately married couple. Gwen returned with ice cream for her and Leo. Gwen was surprised when Dimitri said that he and Gwen needed to return to Salem.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Gabi and Stefan joined Kristen and Elliot in the living room. Kristen claimed that Elliot was the headmaster at a new private school that Rachel had been enrolled in. Kristen rushed Elliot out of the living room.

Outside the mansion, Kristen told Elliot that she didn't want Gabi and Stefan to learn about the Von Leuschner trust. Kristen called Gabi an "opportunistic fortune-hunter" that was "hellbent on sleeping her way" to a corner office at DiMera Enterprises. Kristen added that Dimitri and Gwen would return to Salem soon.

Elliot said that he would be staying at the Salem Inn. Elliot told Kristen to make sure that Dimitri visited him as soon as Dimitri returned to Salem. Elliot left. Unbeknownst to Kristen, Gabi had been eavesdropping near the door.

Soon after Elliot had left the mansion, Kristen noted that Gabi had also left. Stefan claimed that Gabi had left to run an errand. At the same time, Gabi followed Elliot to his room at the Salem Inn. "Now, I'm going to get to the bottom of why Mr. Elliot Roth is really in Salem," Gabi said to herself.

At the Shin apartment, Tripp and Wendy awoke tired. The two admitted that they hadn't slept much the previous night because Li and Trask had been making loud sex sounds in Li's room. Wendy asked how Tripp's visit with Ava had gone. Tripp was happy as he recalled that Ava seemed to have improved.

Wendy was happy, and she asked what was next for Ava. Tripp said that the only person who knew for certain was Trask. Wendy suggested that she and Tripp enter Li's bedroom to ask Trask directly about Trask's intentions for Ava. A short while later, Tripp and Wendy overheard more sex sounds from Li's bedroom.

Tripp and Wendy agreed that they wanted to wait to make love to each other for the first time. They agreed to make solid plans once they returned home from work later in the day. Wendy was radiant as Tripp left to shower.

At Bayview, Harris and Ava were happy to see one another early in the morning. Ava was delighted that her visit with Tripp had gone well. Harris was happy for Ava, who added that she could feel an improvement with her new medication. "Just in time to face the consequences of what I've done," Ava said.

Ava said that she had to be held accountable for her crimes, and she said that Susan had died because of Ava's actions. Harris said that neither he nor Ava had been in their right minds when they had initially been remanded to Bayview. Harris surmised that E.J. and Gabi had used Ava in a "DiMera family war."

Ava thanked Harris for trying to ease her conscience, but she noted that she had been in control of her faculties when Gabi had asked Ava to pretend to be married to Jake in 2022. Ava said that she had gone to a dark place, but she added that she believed she was beginning to see a light. Harris and Ava smiled and stared at one another.

Ava and Harris both shared that they had faith that they would soon be allowed to leave Bayview and rejoin society. Ava was thrilled when she said that she couldn't wait to see Tripp again. Harris said that Ava's progress had given him hope. Ava said that she felt she was truly getting her life back. "And, to put a spin on one of my favorite Bruce Willis movies: I no longer see dead people," Ava said with a chuckle.

No sooner had Ava finished speaking than she saw a small figure standing behind Harris. Ava looked up at the person, and she screamed. "NOOOOO!" Ava wailed. The person Ava saw was Susan Banks.

Harris asks Marlena to help Ava

Harris asks Marlena to help Ava

Thursday, August 24, 2023

At the Brady Pub, Roman joined Marlena for coffee. Marlena said that she couldn't believe that Victor had died. Marlena flashed back to some of her most heated arguments with Victor over the years. Marlena said that, in spite of Victor's wrongdoings, Victor had made Salem more interesting. Roman said that Victor had been a force to be reckoned with. Marlena and Roman toasted to Victor.

Marlena mentioned Eric and Sloan's engagement. Neither Roman nor Marlena was thrilled about the prospect of Eric marrying Sloan, but they were happy at the thought of being grandparents to a new child. Marlena suggested that she and Roman hold a baby shower for Sloan at the pub.

Roman initially refused, but Marlena persisted. Roman joked that he still couldn't say no to Marlena after so many years. Roman and Marlena hugged before Marlena left. "I get the feeling I'm gonna regret this," Roman said to himself afterwards.

At the Shin apartment, Trask looked for evidence that would connect Li to the attempted murder of Stefan. Trask unlocked Li's phone, and she began to scroll through it. Li awoke. Li asked what Trask was doing. Trask claimed that she had grabbed the wrong phone by mistake.

Li and Trask started to make out, but Trask said that she needed to prepare for work. Trask left to shower. Li wondered what Trask had been doing with his phone. Moments later, Trask stepped into the living room of the apartment. Trask overheard from Tripp that Sloan had suffered a miscarriage the previous night. Trask tried to bully Tripp into telling her what had caused Sloan's miscarriage. Tripp refused to answer, and Trask stormed out. Soon afterwards, Tripp left the apartment to go for a run.

In Sloan's room at the hospital, Sloan thought that she had only dreamed she had suffered a miscarriage. Eric told Sloan that it hadn't been a dream, and Sloan started to cry. Kayla entered to check on Sloan, and she said she was sorry that Sloan had miscarried. Kayla said that Sloan had an autoimmune disorder that could cause blood clots. "And that's probably what caused the miscarriage," Kayla said.

Kayla left to print some information about Sloan's condition. Sloan said that her miscarriage was "punishment" for some of the choices she had made. Sloan flashed back to having tampered with the results of Nicole's DNA test. Eric asked Sloan to tell him what she had been about to say before Sloan had fainted.

Before Sloan could answer, Kayla returned. Kayla said that Sloan's condition wasn't curable. Sloan worried that she might never have children. Eric cautioned that Sloan was getting ahead of herself. Eric received a text, and he stepped out of the room to call Roman. Kayla left to give Sloan some time alone.

After Kayla and Eric had left, Trask stopped by to check on Sloan. Trask expressed her condolences that Sloan had miscarried. Sloan doubted that Trask was sincere, but Trask insisted otherwise. Sloan continued to punish herself for having lied to Eric. Sloan added that she intended to tell Eric that he was the father of Nicole's baby. "I don't think you should do that," Trask said tersely.

In E.J.'s room at the DiMera mansion, E.J. tossed and turned in bed as he flashed back to the night, months earlier, that Susan had gone over a cliff. Nicole entered to find E.J. sitting on the edge of the bed. E.J. revealed that he frequently suffered nightmares about the night Susan had died.

E.J. said that he hadn't been able to avenge Susan's death, and he accused Ava of having faked a mental breakdown to avoid justice. Nicole insisted that Ava wasn't faking a breakdown. E.J. said that his nightmares would continue to plague him until both Ava and Xander paid for Susan's death.

Nicole tried to talk E.J. out of any plans for revenge. Nicole reminded E.J. that they were expecting a baby. E.J. told Nicole that he couldn't let his vendetta against Ava go. Nicole said that Susan wouldn't want E.J. to avenge her death. Nicole added that it was "unattractive" and "distracting" for E.J. to plot revenge when he should be in his honeymoon stage with Nicole.

E.J. said that Nicole was right. Just then, Nicole received a text from Dr. Sorenson's office. Nicole said that she needed to go to the hospital to pick up a prescription refill. Nicole reminded E.J. that he needed to obtain the necessary forms for his and Nicole's marriage license. A short while later, Nicole stepped off the elevators at the hospital. Nicole overheard Eric tell Roman that Sloan had miscarried.

At Bayview, Ava shrieked at the sight of Susan. Harris insisted that the woman Ava was seeing wasn't Susan. The woman, who merely bore a physical resemblance to Susan, introduced herself as Midge Waters. Harris tried to comfort Ava.

Harris asked Midge to step away. Harris then pleaded with Ava to look at him, and he gently assured her that the woman Ava had seen wasn't Susan. Ava looked at the woman again, and she realized that she had hallucinated Susan. Ava started to sob, and she said that she was never going to be well again.

Harris held Ava in his arms before the two sat across from one another at a table nearby. Ava worried that her doctors could isolate her and not allow her to have visits from Tripp. Harris recommended that Ava see Marlena. Ava recalled that she and Marlena had a checkered history that included Ava having once slept with John.

Harris said that he had also done bad things to Marlena's loved ones, and he insisted that Marlena wasn't a judgmental person. Ava was skeptical, but she noted that Marlena had treated a serial killer in Ben Weston. "So, why don't you let me give her a call? On your behalf?" Harris asked delicately.

Ava agreed, and Harris stepped away. Afterwards, Ava tried to apologize to Midge. A frightened Midge hurried away from Ava. A short while later, Marlena appeared. Harris asked if he could speak to Marlena in private, and the two of them stepped away.

Afterwards, Ava envisioned that Susan had returned. "They can't help you, sweetheart. You see, no one can. Not until you start telling the truth," Ava hallucinated Susan saying.

Around the same time, in Horton Town Square, Tripp collided with E.J. E.J. called Ava a "deranged creature," and the two men started to argue. Tripp said that E.J. shared some responsibility for Ava's condition. Tripp said that he was sorry that E.J. had lost Susan, and he shared that Ava seemed to be improving.

"We hope that one day they'll release her. And when that day comes... you're just gonna have to deal with it," Tripp said before walking away. "We'll see about that," E.J. muttered to himself afterwards.

Chloe receives a surprise

Chloe receives a surprise

Friday, August 25, 2023

Maggie was sitting in the Kiriakis living room, reading through condolence cards, when Sarah joined her. Maggie noted that a lot of people had said nice things about Victor. "It's because of you. You were the best thing that ever happened to him. I guess people figured if you saw the good in him, then it must be there," Sarah said.

"Xander said that I was the one thing that he and Victor had in common. That I brought them back together, at least for a while," Maggie said. "Xander called?" Sarah asked. Maggie explained that Xander had texted that he would stop by later in the day. "Since I know you don't want to see him," Maggie said with a shrug. Sarah informed Maggie that she had already seen Xander.

"I assume you told Xander that the baby is Rex's?" Maggie asked. Sarah said yes, and she confirmed that Rex wanted to marry her. Maggie asked Sarah if she was sure. "Rex is my future, and I am his," Sarah stressed. Maggie argued that Rex was not reliable because he was a cheater. Frustrated, Sarah assured Maggie that Rex was a changed man. Maggie refused to give her blessing.

"You can't go into this marriage when the father of your child doesn't know the truth," Maggie advised. Maggie argued that Xander deserved to be a part of his child's life. "Why? Why does he deserve anything from me after what he did?" Sarah asked. Sarah complained that it felt like Maggie was on Xander's side instead of hers.

"You haven't given any thought to what it will be like when you have to lie to your child about who his or her father is. Can you really live with that, Sarah? You will not only be deceiving your child about something that's so important, but what if, somehow, the truth comes out? What if it blows up in your face?" Maggie asked. Sarah told Maggie that she did not want to fight about the baby or whether she should be with Xander.

"[Telling Xander the truth] is not a possibility for me, and it's not a possibility for Xander at this point," Sarah said. "What are you talking about?" Maggie asked. Sarah told Maggie that Xander had proposed to Chloe. "Well, I hope she didn't accept. I mean, how could she not know that he is on the rebound?" Maggie said. Maggie argued that Sarah would always be the only woman for Xander. Sarah laughed.

"Xander isn't capable of that kind of loyalty. The only thing that he is capable of is scamming people. He's a con artist," Sarah said. "You're fooling yourself," Maggie countered. Frustrated, Sarah argued that Xander was not a harmless person that had made mistakes. "I never said that. I know his mistakes weren't harmless," Maggie said. Sarah complained about the awful things Xander had said to her after the breakup.

"He was hurt, and he was angry! You both were," Maggie said. Maggie argued that Sarah and Xander were wasting time because they were both too proud to admit that they belonged together. "You said I lost the love of my life. You're right. I don't want you to lose yours," Maggie said. Sarah sighed.

"I know the kind of pain you're in, grieving the loss of your husband. And I would do absolutely anything to comfort you, but I cannot tell Xander about this baby. Because if I did, then we would be tied together forever, and I do not want that," Sarah said. Sarah argued that although Xander was a sweet person, he was also a scary person capable of kidnapping.

"I would never know which Xander I'm gonna get, and neither would our child. So, I'm marrying Rex," Sarah said. Maggie nodded. "Do you love Rex the way you loved Xander?" Maggie asked. Sarah stared at her feet. "Not yet, but I will," Sarah said. Sarah argued that she would be happy to be a family with Rex. "And Xander and Chloe will be happy, or he'll find happiness wherever the hell he finds it. I really don't care," Sarah said as her voice broke. Maggie thanked Sarah for her honesty.

When Chloe returned home, she noted the smell of food in the air. "That is our engagement lunch," Xander said. Xander said he had prepared haggis because it was a special occasion. Chloe's eyes went wide, and she forced a smile. "Before we eat, there is something I need to tell you," Chloe said. Chloe noted that the news could change their whole future.

"You're not breaking off the engagement, are you? You can't do that. We're fantastic together," Xander pleaded. Xander promised that he had reformed. "I'm not breaking the engagement. But you may want to," Chloe said. Chloe told Xander that Sarah was pregnant. "Who told you that?" Xander asked. Chloe said she had talked to Henderson at the grocery store.

"I thought you would be shocked!" Chloe said. "I was. When I found out. Yesterday. I already knew," Xander confessed. Chloe was taken aback. Xander told Chloe about his conversation with Sarah at the mansion when he had run into her. Furious, Chloe demanded to know why Xander had not told her about the baby when she had accepted Xander's proposal.

"I promise I was gonna tell you all about Sarah eventually. It's just that when I came home and you said that you wanted to be my wife, it just, I was over the moon," Xander said. Xander assured Chloe that the pregnancy did not change his relationship with Chloe. "Doesn't change anything! That your ex-wife is pregnant with your baby?" Chloe yelled. Xander explained that Rex was the baby's father. Chloe raised a suspicious eyebrow.

"And she couldn't possibly be lying to you? Because she wants nothing to do with you," Chloe said. "Sarah wouldn't lie about something like that," Xander said. Chloe put her hands on her hips. "What's that look?" Xander asked. When Chloe noted that Sarah had gotten pregnant before she had left Salem, Xander explained that Sarah had also slept with Rex before she had left town.

"Oh. I didn't know that," Chloe said. "Sarah and Rex are having a baby, and from what Sarah says, they're really happy, just like we are," Xander said. With a grin, Xander told Chloe that she was the woman he wanted. Xander and Chloe kissed, and she smiled. "Let's tuck into that haggis," Xander said with a grin.

Chloe and Xander sat down to eat, and Xander smiled in ecstasy as he took a bite of his special meal. Chloe picked at her food, and Xander noticed. "I'm really sorry. I have eaten throughout most of Europe, and I'm realizing that Scottish cuisine is probably not my thing," Chloe said. Xander admitted that haggis was an acquired taste.

"But lucky for us, you have plenty of time to acquire it," Xander said. "Great," Chloe said unconvincingly. "Typical. I've tried to do something nice, and instead, I've turned your stomach," Xander said. With a smile, Chloe assured Xander that he had not turned her stomach. Xander nodded, and he announced that he should visit Maggie. Xander promised to do the dishes when he returned, but Chloe offered to do them instead.

"I will also try this haggis," Chloe added. Xander smiled. "You don't have to," Xander said. "But I want to. If I'm gonna be a Scotsman's wife, I'm not gonna turn my nose up at the national dish," Chloe said. Xander told Chloe that he loved her. "I love you, too," Chloe said.

When Xander arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie was alone in the living room, and he hugged her. "I really thought that old man would outlive us all," Xander whispered. "I thought I'd be with him at the end," Maggie said. With a rueful chuckle, Xander wondered aloud who would put him in his place, since Victor was gone. "But you gave as good as you got," Maggie noted. Maggie said that Victor had had a grudging respect for Xander.

"Thank you for saying that, even if it's not true," Xander said with a chuckle. Sarah walked into the room. "I was just wondering when you and Mom are done, if we could talk for a few minutes," Sarah said. "You can talk now. I'm gonna be leaving," Maggie said. Maggie asked Xander not to be a stranger, and she hugged him goodbye. After Maggie walked out, Xander said, "What was it you didn't say yesterday?"

At the hospital, Nicole overheard Eric talking to Roman on the phone about Sloan's miscarriage. "I'm sorry if I jumped all over you about the baby shower. It was really nice of you and Mom to think of it," Eric said. Eric told Roman that he would let Sloan know that Roman and Marlena had wanted to throw the shower. "It will mean a lot to her," Eric said. Roman told Eric to call him if he needed anything, and he offered his condolences.

In tears, Eric ended his phone call. Nicole cautiously approached him. "I'm sorry. I couldn't help but overhear," Nicole said. Eric confirmed that Sloan had lost the baby. With tears in her eyes, Nicole told Eric, "I'm so sorry." Eric explained that Sloan had an autoimmune disorder.

"It'd be risky for her to even get pregnant again," Eric added. "That must have been hard to hear. Especially after what happened. But you know what, they told me that, too," Nicole said. Nicole urged Eric not to give up hope. "It's a little too late for that," Eric whispered. Nicole muttered that it was unfair that Eric would not get to be a father.

"I suppose I should get back to Sloan," Eric said. Nicole urged Eric to reach out to her if he needed to talk, because she had lived through the heartbreak of a miscarriage before. Eric caressed Nicole's hand, and he thanked her. "Is that an engagement ring?" Eric asked. Nicole pulled her hand away, and she admitted that she had accepted E.J.'s proposal.

"So, is it gonna happen soon?" Eric asked. "Yes, it is," Nicole admitted. Eric wished Nicole and E.J. the best. "And I hope that you and Sloan can work through this," Nicole countered. "So do I," Eric whispered. Through tears, Eric and Nicole smiled at one another, and Eric left to see Sloan.

In Sloan's hospital room, Melinda sat by her bedside. "[Eric] and I, we have to start over with a clean slate, no secrets," Sloan said. Sloan announced that she would tell Eric that he was the father of Nicole's baby. "Telling Eric that Nicole is carrying his child is a terrible idea," Melinda warned. Sloan argued that Melinda only wanted Sloan to keep the secret so that she had leverage over Sloan to blackmail her to help nail Li.

"I'll get [Li] another way," Melinda said. "Then why the hell do you care what I tell Eric? Don't tell me you got a soft spot for E.J.," Sloan said. Melinda stressed that she did not care about E.J. "I am speaking to you as your friend. This clean slate that you want, it could blow up in your face. If Eric and Nicole share this child, he may decide that he wants them to be a family, meaning you could lose Eric forever," Melinda advised. Sloan was suspicious of Melinda's motivations.

Melinda argued the situation in courtroom terms to make Sloan better understand her viewpoint, but Sloan countered that she and Eric had grown close. "[Eric] took my side over his entire family's because he believes I'm a good person and he loves me," Sloan argued. "Will he still think that when he knows what you did?" Melinda asked. Sloan said yes.

"You said that this baby you just miscarried would bond you and Eric for life, right?" Melinda said. Sloan said yes. "Right now, the only one carrying Eric's baby is Nicole. I rest my case," Melinda said. After a moment, Sloan agreed that Eric would never forgive her. "And without a baby, there's no reason he should stay with me," Sloan added. Sloan asked if Melinda planned to use the information against her.

"I couldn't do that to you. Not now," Melinda said. "So, you're really only thinking of me?" Sloan asked. Melinda stressed that she was Sloan's friend and that she would keep Sloan's secret. Melinda added that even if Eric knew the truth, Nicole might still want to marry E.J.

With a smirk, Melinda noted that she would love to see the look on E.J.'s face when he learned that he had been played by Sloan. "You really hate this guy's guts," Sloan said. "No, what I hate is how he wiggles out of paying for all the rotten and illegal things that he's done. Luckily, you stepped in when the law failed. He'll find out about all of this someday, and he'll suffer in ways that the legal system could only dream of, and you did that," Melinda said. "Good for me," Sloan whispered.

Melinda offered her condolences to Sloan. "Before I lost the baby, I was about to tell Eric the truth," Sloan admitted. "How much did you say?" Melinda asked. "I just said that I had done something that I was afraid would make me lose him," Sloan explained.

Melinda noted that Eric had likely forgotten what Sloan had said. Sloan told Melinda that Eric had already asked her about it. "What the hell am I going to say?" Sloan asked. "I know exactly what you can tell him," Melinda said.

After Melinda talked to Sloan, she ran into Nicole in the hallway. "You tried to tell E.J. there's some reason he shouldn't marry me," Nicole said. Melinda lied and said she had been toying with E.J. Nicole warned Melinda to stay out of her relationship, and Melinda apologized. "You and E.J. are expecting a child together, and of course, you want to be married. I hope you have a long and happy life together," Melinda said. "No, you don't. You want everyone to be as miserable as you are," Nicole muttered. Melinda forced a smile, and she walked away.

Eric walked into Sloan's hospital room as she wiped the tears from her eyes. "You asked me about what I was going to talk to you about," Sloan said. Eric assured Sloan that they did not need to talk about it, but Sloan insisted. "[When I woke up], I just felt like something was off, you know? I didn't know what, but I could just tell that something wasn't right. But I couldn't face it being true, so I just convinced myself it was nothing. And I didn't call my doctor. And that's what I was about to tell you," Sloan said. Sloan lamented that she had not acted on her fear.

"If I would've, maybe we'd still be pregnant," Sloan said through tears. "No, you heard Kayla. There's nothing you could have done to stop what happened," Eric said. "We may never have a baby, and it's all because of me," Sloan lamented. Eric urged Sloan not to give up hope. "Nicole was told that she could never carry a baby to term, and I just saw her in the hallway, and she said her pregnancy is going beautifully," Eric said. Sloan nodded.

"[Nicole] also said to tell you that she's so sorry," Eric added. "That's really sweet of her. Could you just please hold me?" Sloan asked. Eric enveloped Sloan in his arms.

At the Brady Pub, Kate walked in with a bag of items for the baby shower. "There's not going to be a shower. Sloan lost the baby," Roman said. Kate sighed. "Eric has to be devastated," Kate said. Roman nodded yes. Kate told Roman that she had taken his advice and called Philip to tell him about Victor's death.

"So, how did Philip take it?' Roman asked. "Like most of us, he thought Victor would live forever, so he was stunned, and he wants to come back here," Kate said. Kate noted that she had reminded Philip of what he had done to Brady. "If [Philip] comes back here and he's very much alive, that is not gonna go unnoticed by the police. He needs to grieve for Victor from a distance, not a jail cell," Roman said. Kate agreed.

"[Philip] wants to honor his father, and he doesn't care about the consequences," Kate said. Kate told Roman that she had offered to send some of Victor's ashes to Philip so that he could mourn outside of Salem. Roman said he hoped Philip would listen to Kate.

"When [Philip] was setting Brady up, do you think it ever entered his mind that he would have to leave Salem forever?" Roman asked. With a shake of her head, Kate said that Philip had been too obsessed with Chloe to have thought about that at the time. Roman assured Kate that she had done the right thing in advising Philip not to return home.

After Roman left for the hospital, Kate sat down at a table, and she toasted Victor. "There will never be another one like you," Kate whispered. Roman returned, and Kate asked him why he was not at the hospital. "I thought I would let you know who I ran into outside," Roman said. "Who's that?" Kate asked. "Your son," Roman said. "Why didn't Philip come in with you?" Kate asked. Rex walked into the pub.

At Chloe's apartment, she was about to finally taste the haggis when the doorbell rang. "Perfect timing. Keeping me from trying that disgusting slop. Whoever you are, I love you," Chloe said as she opened the front door. Philip was in the hallway. "Oh, my God!" Chloe said.

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