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Shawn submitted to a brief psychiatric hold. Philip came clean to Chloe. Sarah decided not to tell Xander that he was a father. Brady agreed not to press charges against Philip for Victor's sake. Steve encouraged Abe to fight his fear and date Paulina. After a policy change, Rafe accepted the job of commissioner. Stefan and Gabi learned Dimitri's secret. Chad advised Alex to fix things with Maggie. Marlena agreed to help a John Doe find his son. Theresa returned to Salem.
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Philip came clean to Chloe. Stefan and Gabi learned Dimitri's secret. Marlena agreed to help a John Doe find his son.
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Philip confesses to Chloe

Philip confesses to Chloe

Monday, August 28, 2023

by Mike

Brady met up with Belle at the town square so they could discuss an urgent matter. "Thank you so much for agreeing to do this -- I know you have a lot on your plate right now," Belle whispered to Brady during an embrace.

Brady pulled away from Belle and objected, also using a hushed tone. "I said that I would meet you here, but I think we need to talk about this before we decide --" Brady clarified. "I don't have time to 'talk'!" Belle interjected.

Belle declared that Shawn was "falling apart" -- and that Brady needed to intervene right away because the situation had gotten really scary the previous night. "He drank himself into a stupor and got so sick that I did not know if I needed to call --" Belle elaborated -- and Brady interrupted just then with a subtle warning that Shawn had just arrived.

Shawn approached Belle and Brady with a look of confusion. "What's he doing here? I thought we were having lunch!" Shawn challenged Belle while eyeing Brady. "Brady is on his way to an A.A. meeting, and he offered to take you with him -- and I think that you need to go," Belle explained to Shawn, ignoring Brady's attempts to object.

Shawn rejected the idea with a scoff then started lashing out at Belle and Brady for having attempted the ambush. "It's not like all those meetings have done you any good -- your life is a hot mess!" Shawn reminded Brady, leaving Belle horrified. "I just don't want to lose you --" Belle fretted after Brady shrugged off Shawn's insult. "The only way you're gonna lose me is if you keep trying to run my life!" Shawn countered before warning Belle and Brady to refrain from trying to recruit anyone else into their intervention scheme. "Just let him go," Brady advised Belle as Shawn walked away.

Belle conceded that Brady was right. "It's ironic, though -- 'cause today you're telling me I can't will Shawn into doing something I want him to do, and I was just telling you that about Chloe last night," Belle reminded Brady. "She said she's ready to marry Xander -- because she can't have me because of Rachel, and she can't be with Philip because he's dead," Brady informed Belle. "We don't know that for sure --" Belle objected. "It's been two years -- I think if he were alive, he would have shown up by now," Brady argued. "I just have never really accepted that he's actually gone -- and I don't know if I ever will," Belle confessed.

Belle advised Brady to make amends with Chloe. "When all of this goes south -- and it will -- she's gonna need her friends," Belle reasoned.

Marlena was catching up on work at the hospital when Kayla interrupted to offer condolences. "I assume that Roman told you that we've decided the best way to help Eric is to accept Sloan into the family -- which is my own personal idea of hell," Marlena grumbled. "You don't know," Kayla realized.

Kayla apologized to Marlena for the misunderstanding then clarified that Eric was at the hospital because Sloan had suffered a miscarriage. "Oh, my gosh -- how much does he have to go through?" Marlena fretted before starting to rush off in search of Eric, prompting Kayla to report that Sloan was undergoing tests.

Shawn arrived while Kayla was advising Marlena to give Sloan a bit more time alone with Eric. "Isn't our appointment tomorrow?" Marlena asked Shawn after Kayla left. "I came here because I wanted to tell you in person that I'm quitting therapy -- for good," Shawn clarified. "I think leaving therapy is not a good idea right now --" Marlena objected. "I'm sick and tired of coming here and just talking about my miserable life -- 'cause, I mean, it's bad enough just living it," Shawn explained. "There are some very good things about your life --" Marlena protested. "But the bad things keep winning out right now," Shawn declared.

Marlena continued advising Shawn to reconsider. "You sound exactly like Belle," Shawn muttered. "She thinks that this is fixable," Shawn continued. "She wants Brady to take me to A.A. -- but, Marlena, I'm not an alcoholic!" Shawn continued. "This is not fixable, okay? I put my father in a coma -- then I put my grandfather in a grave! So, tell me -- can you fix this?" Shawn continued before giving Marlena a few seconds to respond. "No -- I didn't think so," Shawn concluded before walking away, having managed to render a psychiatrist speechless -- and Marlena waited until the coast was clear then sighed, clearly quite concerned.

Marlena visited Eric a short time later -- then received an office visit from Belle, who had not yet heard about the miscarriage. "Should I go see him?" Belle wondered. "I think just give him some time," Marlena advised.

Belle nodded then changed the subject, fretting to Marlena about Shawn's downward spiral. "I think I pushed him too far -- and, Mom, I'm really worried about what he might do," Belle whispered.

Shawn entered the police station and began to don a badge and gun in preparation for a work shift -- then paused and gave the weapon a closer look while stroking its trigger.

Kate breathed a sigh of relief when Rex followed Roman into the Brady Pub. "Who'd you think I'd be?" Rex wondered. "Philip," Kate responded.

Kate explained the situation to Rex then changed the subject. "Chloe told me that you and Sarah are together again," Kate grumbled. "Getting married," Rex elaborated.

Rex shared the details of the engagement, prompting Kate to make a joke about how romantic it was for such a thing to happen during a phone conversation. "Are you rushing this?" Kate challenged Rex. "I am, yeah -- and why wouldn't I, since Sarah's pregnant with my kid?" Rex answered while exiting the pub, giving Kate no time to respond.

Roman was just as shocked as Kate was -- and also just as upset with Rex for having delivered the news in such a cavalier way. "Eric loses a baby -- and now Rex is telling us that Sarah's pregnant," Roman summarized as Kate reached for a martini. "I just hope we're not in for any more surprises," Kate muttered, drawing a nod from Roman.

Kate complained that Rex phoned at least once per week and had never even mentioned Sarah during any of those conversations -- but Roman didn't find that suspicious. "Maybe he thought you might interfere -- but, of course, that would be totally out of character for you," Roman teased, adding the second part only after getting a glare from Kate. "I don't 'interfere' -- I gently guide!" Kate protested. "What are you worried about?" Roman wondered. "I have no doubt at all that he is head over heels in love with Sarah -- but I have great doubts that the feeling is reciprocated," Kate fretted.

Sarah began to make a confession to Xander while they were alone together at the Kiriakis mansion -- then doubled over in pain during the attempt.

Xander suggested a hospital visit -- and Sarah refused at first then reconsidered during a second wave of pain.

Kayla was surprised to learn that Sarah was pregnant -- and that Rex, not Xander, was the baby's father. "How many weeks are you?" Kayla wondered.

Sarah faked another wave of pain to stall for time, prompting Kayla to ask Xander to leave the examination room.

Kayla finished examining Sarah then summoned Xander back into the room. "Just Braxton Hicks," Sarah explained -- and Kayla confirmed the diagnosis for Xander.

Sarah again began to make a confession to Xander after Kayla left -- but Rex entered the room just then. "Henderson said you had gone to the hospital -- is it the baby?" Rex fretted. "We're both fine," Sarah insisted.

Rex thanked Xander for having aided Sarah during the scare -- then also thanked the baby for having decided to stay put for a while longer. "Your mom and I are old-fashioned -- we'd like to get married before you make an appearance," Rex informed the baby, oblivious to Sarah's attempt to interrupt. "Wait, what?" Xander sputtered. "That's...what I was gonna tell you!" Sarah claimed.

Xander congratulated Rex then bragged that someone else was also celebrating an engagement. "Chloe took leave of her senses?" Rex translated. "Such a funny guy," Xander grumbled. "Rex and I are very happy for you and Chloe," Sarah declared. "And Chloe and I are very happy for both of you," Xander responded. "Oh, so we're just gonna act like grownups now? I see!" Rex muttered. "So, we're all getting married -- what are the chances? But before you ask, we're not gonna have a double wedding, if that's okay," Xander joked. "But I was so hoping!" Rex countered before hinting to Xander that Sarah was in good hands.

Xander nodded then left -- and Sarah waited until the coast was clear then admitted that Rex had just stopped a confession attempt. "Fate interrupted me -- twice," Sarah elaborated before deciding to view that as confirmation that Xander needed to continue believing that Rex was the baby's father. "Not exactly the most romantic setting," Rex acknowledged while presenting Sarah with a diamond ring -- and Xander watched the moment from the other side of the room's window.

Philip's visit to Chloe and Xander's shared apartment caused a fainting spell that almost forced a hospital visit.

Philip managed to rouse Chloe then began to make a full confession -- and earned a slap in the process.

Philip attempted to apologize to Chloe. "Stay away from me! How do I know you're not still crazy, and they just let you out of there because your father's dead?" Chloe snapped. "They let me out a while ago," Philip clarified.

Chloe scoffed then summarized that Philip could have returned from the dead sooner but had chosen not to because of the potential repercussions. "God forbid Philip Kiriakis ever pays for what he's done -- that's what Mommy and Daddy are for!" Chloe grumbled. "You're right, that's been true for my entire life -- until now, 'cause now, no matter what the price, I had to come home...for my dad and to see you," Philip responded.

Chloe started to object, but Philip dismissed the concern. "I'm not gonna try to win you back," Philip insisted. "You should know -- I'm engaged," Chloe revealed. "That's not surprising -- you and Brady always did seem to find your way back to each other," Philip muttered. "I'm engaged to your cousin Xander," Chloe elaborated. "I just want you to be happy, no matter who it's with," Philip stressed after recovering from the shock of Chloe's news.

Philip started to leave, but Chloe objected then seized a hug. "I am furious at you for what you did -- but I'm also really glad that you're alive," Chloe admitted. "Me, too," Philip responded.

Philip said goodbye to Chloe then started to exit the apartment -- and Brady arrived just then.

Brady tears into Philip for his misdeeds

Brady tears into Philip for his misdeeds

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

In the commissioner's office, Shawn stared at his phone and saw the multiple voicemails and texts from Belle. "I've got nothing to say to you. I've got nothing to say to anyone anymore," Shawn said as he stared at his service revolver. There was a knock at the door, and Shawn hurriedly shoved his gun into his desk drawer. Paulina entered.

"I hope I didn't come at a bad time," Paulina said. "It's fine. What can I do for you?" Shawn asked. Paulina told Shawn that she wanted to replace him with Rafe as commissioner. Shawn admitted that he was relieved that the acting mayor had been removed. "You do know that he ordered me to arrest you for assault after that press conference? I told him I wasn't willing to use the department's resources to settle his personal matters," Shawn said. Paulina was taken aback.

"I appreciate that. It reinforces what I already know -- that you are a valued member of the force, which is why I want you to stay on as a detective," Paulina said. Shawn asked if the reinstatement would be immediate. "I think it's the right call to reinstate Rafe," Paulina stressed. Shawn agreed. Surprised, Paulina thanked Shawn for his graciousness. Shawn stared stone-faced.

"You sure you're okay?" Paulina asked. Shawn said he was fine. "And for the record? I think you're going to make a very, very great mayor," Shawn said. Paulina thanked Shawn, and she left. Shawn threw his nameplate in the trash can, and he pulled his gun out of the desk drawer.

A worried Belle sat in Marlena's office and left a voicemail on Shawn's phone. Belle told Marlena that she had been unable to track Shawn's phone. "I don't know where he is," Belle said. Belle blamed herself for having pushed Shawn too hard.

"You were concerned about him. You were trying to be supportive," Marlena said. Belle asked about Shawn's therapy sessions, but Marlena refused to break confidentiality. "If a patient poses an imminent danger to themselves, not only may you break that confidentiality, you have a legal obligation to do so. And all I'm asking you is does Shawn pose an imminent danger to himself?" Belle asked. Marlena admitted that she was concerned.

Marlena told Belle that although Shawn had made progress in his therapy, he had decided that he did not believe that talking was helpful. "[Shawn said it] won't help Bo, and it won't bring back Victor," Marlena explained. "That just sounds like he's giving up," Belle said. Marlena said that Shawn was hitting rock bottom and that it was not necessarily a bad thing.

"It's what everybody has to do before they decide to make things right," Marlena said. "What if he just keeps spiraling?" Belle asked. Marlena noted that Shawn was full of guilt and grief. "The last time that Shawn and Victor talked, Victor was very hard on him. There was no understanding, no forgiveness," Belle said. "And that's why he can't forgive himself," Marlena said. In tears, Belle admitted that she was terrified of what Shawn would do to get rid of his pain.

As Belle gathered her belongings to leave for the police station, Shawn walked through the door. "We've been so worried about you," Belle said. "I'm sorry. I just don't want anybody else to worry about me anymore," Shawn said. Shawn asked them to take his gun away from him, and he placed it on the desk.

"Because I'm not in a good place right now," Shawn said. "I know. It's okay," Belle said. Marlena asked Shawn if he had been thinking about hurting himself. "I don't know. I just know that I need help right now. And I know that I've said that before," Shawn said as he shook his head.

"There's no shame in asking for help, no matter how many times you do it," Marlena said. "I promise. I got you," Belle said. Shawn fought back tears. "I'd like to put you on a 24-hour hold so we can assess you and figure out the next step," Marlena said. "I would feel a lot better if you would agree to that," Belle said. With a nod, Shawn said, "Whatever you think is best." Marlena offered to talk first if Shawn needed some time.

"We'll get through it together," Belle said. "I'm sorry I let you down," Shawn whispered. Belle shook her head no, and she told Shawn that she was proud of him. "You came here, and you asked for help. We're going to be okay," Belle said. Belle kissed Shawn, and she left Shawn alone to talk with Marlena.

"I'm sorry about my behavior earlier," Shawn said. "You don't have to apologize," Marlena assured Shawn. Shawn asked Marlena if he could resume his therapy. Marlena nodded yes. "I will do everything I can to help you. And secondly, I want to remind you that you are my family. And I love you beyond words," Marlena said. Shawn told Marlena that he loved her, too.

Jada returned home, and she thanked Rafe for having cleaned the room. Jada and Rafe relaxed on the bed with margaritas. "I could get used to this," Jada said. When Jada asked about his drink-making skills, Rafe told Jada that he had once managed a nightclub. "There's a lot of things about me that you don't know," Rafe said. Jada and Rafe kissed. With a grin, Jada apologized, and she said she intended to unmake the bed.

After Rafe and Jada made love, Jada suggested they head downstairs for a meal. With a smirk, Rafe suggested that they make the bed a bit messier first. "Is that possible?" Jada asked. "It's worth a try," Rafe whispered.

Steve and Abe sipped beers and watched Body & Soul on Steve's couch. When Steve muted a commercial, Abe noted that it was a commercial for a memory supplement. Abe said he had asked Kayla about the supplement and that it did not help with amnesia. "I'm sorry. I know how frustrating this must be for you," Steve said.

Abe admitted that he was frustrated that he still had no memory of his life with Paulina. Steve noted that Paulina was a wonderful choice for mayor. Abe said he hoped Paulina could reverse the damage that Rawlings had caused. "I wouldn't be surprised at whatever that woman could do," Abe said of Paulina.

With a smirk, Steve noted, "It sounds like you have a lot of faith in your wife. Same as she has in you. Abe, she really loves you," Steve said. "I can see that in everything she does. You know, it just kills me that I don't remember how much I love her," Abe said. Steve advised Abe to get close to Paulina again. Abe asked Steve not to pressure him about Paulina.

"I didn't mean to do that. But let me ask you a question. Are you attracted to her?" Steve asked. "Well, how could I not be? She's intelligent, she's strong, she's beautiful. Just because I'm attracted to her, doesn't mean I want to share a bed with her," Abe said. Steve clarified that he did not mean that. "Instead of thinking about sleeping with your wife, maybe it's time you started thinking about, you know, going back to the beginning, starting over again," Steve suggested. Abe told Steve that he did not understand how Abe felt.

"Actually, I do," Steve said. Steve told Abe about when he had had amnesia and had forgotten Kayla and their life together. "My reaction was like yours," Steve admitted. Steve explained that Kayla had refused to give up on him. "Something in my heart let me know that this woman was my destiny. So, I did my damnedest to get those memories back and to feel her love again," Steve said. Steve told Abe that he believed the same thing could happen for Abe.

"If you start spending time with Paulina again. You don't have to move back in with her right away. Just take her out to dinner. Get to know her. Talk to her. Maybe you'll remember. Maybe you won't. But either way, I bet you money you'll fall in love with your wife all over again," Steve said.

In the Brady Pub, Rafe and Jada were eating lunch when Paulina interrupted. "What can I do for Salem's new mayor?" Rafe asked. "You can go back to being Salem's old police commissioner," Paulina said. Rafe shook his head in confusion, and he noted that Shawn was the new commissioner. Paulina explained that she had demoted Shawn to detective.

"So, will you accept the job?" Paulina asked. "You are aware of policy," Rafe said. "Yeah, the one that prohibits superiors from dating their subordinates," Jada added. Paulina cautioned Jada not to consider herself or any other woman a subordinate. Jada smiled. "Yes, Madam Mayor," Jada said. Paulina stressed that her administration had zero tolerance for harassment, but if colleagues wanted to date, they could do so as long as their personal lives did not interfere with work. Paulina added that she intended to talk to the city council.

"We need to start handling relationships with people on a case-by-case basis," Paulina argued. Rafe said he approved, but he would not accept the position until the policy had been changed. "You don't want your job back?" Paulina asked. "No, don't get me wrong. I love being a cop and commissioner. But I'm really enjoying hanging out with Jada right now," Rafe said. Jada beamed at Rafe.

"I can see that. So, I guess I better hurry up and get that policy changed," Paulina said. After Paulina left, Rafe and Jada talked over dessert. "I think you should take it," Jada said. Rafe shrugged. "Then we'd have to stop seeing each other," Rafe said. "Just until the policy changes. Absence makes the heart grow fonder," Jada argued.

Rafe admitted that he was not sure whether he wanted to return to the police department, but he was sure about one thing. "What's that?" Jada asked. "That I'm falling in love with you," Rafe said. Jada smiled.

When Paulina arrived at Steve and Kayla's apartment, she informed Abe that she had asked Rafe to resume his role as commissioner. "And he's considering it," Paulina said. Abe thanked Paulina for the update. With a nod, Paulina wished Abe a good night. "Paulina, I was wondering if you would perhaps want to go on a date with me?" Abe asked. "A date?" Paulina said with surprise. Abe said he understood if Paulina was too busy with her job to go out. "I think I can make some time," Paulina said.

At Chloe's apartment, she hugged Philip. "Does this mean you forgive me?" Philip asked. "I am furious at you for what you did. But I am glad that you're alive," Chloe admitted. Philip smiled. Chloe asked Philip about his plans. "Take responsibility for what I did," Philip said. As Philip opened the door to leave, he ran into Brady.

"Good to see you, Brady," Philip said. Surprised, Brady stammered, "Good to see you? I can't, you're alive?" Brady grabbed Philip and hugged him tightly. Brady pushed Philip away, and he looked him over. "I'm fine. Glad to be home. I missed all of you," Philip said. Relieved, Brady argued that Kristen had been behind Philip's disappearance.

"She went after him to get to me because I left her," Brady said. Philip grimaced behind Brady's back. Brady excitedly noted that with the evidence of Philip's captivity, they could appeal the custody ruling. As Brady rambled on, Chloe finally yelled out his name to quiet him. "Kristen didn't do it," Chloe said. "Yes, she did. She framed me for murder," Brady said.

"No, Brady. I did," Philip announced. "Maybe this isn't the best time," Chloe cautioned. Confused, Brady demanded an explanation. Philip explained that he had been overwhelmed with jealousy when he had devised his plan. "You have to know, I am deeply ashamed of all of it. I will regret it more than I can ever say," Philip said. "What plan?" Brady screamed. Philip explained the details of how he had knocked out Brady and framed him for murder.

"It wasn't Kristen. It was me. I know how wrong it was. How horrifyingly wrong it was, okay? Back then, I was out of my mind. I completely lost my grip on reality. I was consumed with anger. I felt humiliated and betrayed. The only thing that I could focus on was punishing you and Chloe for making a fool of me. I am so profoundly sorry for all of it. I will be sorry for the rest of my life," Philip said. Brady nodded.

"I know this is probably unfair to ask you this, but can you forgive me?" Philip asked. Brady punched Philip. "Do I forgive you? There's your answer," Brady said. Brady yelled at Philip to get off the ground so that he could hit him again. Chloe stepped between the two men, and she said firmly, "Brady, no!" Chloe helped Philip to his feet.

"Do you understand I was arrested for murder? I could have gone to jail!" Brady yelled. Furious, Brady asked Philip if he understood that he could have killed Brady when he had injected alcohol directly into Brady's veins. "He wasn't in his right mind! He just told you that," Chloe said. Brady asked Philip if he had been hiding out on a beach.

"I was in a mental institution in Europe, trying my damnedest to get well. And I have. I'm better now," Philip said. Brady scoffed. "But I still feel horrible about what I did. And I am committed to doing whatever it takes to make amends," Philip said. Philip explained that he needed to make up for what he had done. "Or I can't go on," Philip said. Brady took out his phone to call the police. "This bastard's ass is going to jail," Brady growled. Chloe grabbed Brady's phone from his hand.

"He needs to be arrested!" Brady yelled. "He was mentally ill," Chloe countered. Brady argued that Philip needed to be locked up in jail or Bayview. "Oh, my God, can you have some compassion in this moment? Philip just lost his father. It's the only reason he came back to Salem," Chloe said. Brady groaned.

"You know what, man, you are one vindictive, psychotic dude. You're also a coward, and your father would love to know what you did," Brady argued. "He did know," Philip admitted. Philip told Brady that Victor and Kate had sent him to the facility in Europe.

"You trying to tell me that Mommy and Daddy fixed this for you, Philip? Wow. Kate, I can understand. You want me to believe that my grandfather was okay with me going to prison for a murder that I had nothing to do with?" Brady asked. "No! They wanted to help both of us. That's why they revoked the paperwork they signed having me declared legally dead," Philip explained. Brady nodded in understanding.

"Do you know the agony that [Chloe] went through, not knowing whether you were dead or alive? Do you know I was drowning in guilt about the fact that Kristen probably kidnapped you? I had Steve Johnson, I hired him to investigate where the hell you were," Brady said. A look of comprehension dawned on Brady's face. "That's exactly why Kate didn't want me to go on with the investigation!" Brady said. Chloe argued that Kate had wanted to protect her son.

"Meanwhile, Kristen had Steve and Kayla on some godforsaken island, where they could have died. You've got to go down, Philip. You've got to pay for all this, not only for what you did to me but for what you did to everybody," Brady argued. Brady grabbed his phone back from Chloe. Chloe countered that Victor had not wanted his son to go to prison.

"Victor won't know now," Brady said. "Victor was still your grandfather. And I know you two had issues, but I also know that you loved him. And more than anything in this world, he wanted peace for that family. You heard Philip. He wants to make things right. So, in Victor's memory, please. Please just let him try," Chloe pleaded. Chloe begged Brady to think about how an arrest would affect the family, and Maggie in particular.

"Are you going to have Philip arrested?" Chloe asked. "I'm going to have to think about it," Brady said. With a nod, Brady walked out. Philip thanked Chloe for her help. "[Brady] is still in shock. In time, he'll realize you're not responsible for what you did when you were sick," Chloe said. "Even if he does, which I doubt, now that I'm back, the truth is going to come out. And I'm going to need a lawyer," Philip said. Chloe offered to call Belle. "Belle is Brady's lawyer and his sister," Philip said. "Yeah, but she's also your friend," Chloe said.

When Belle arrived, Chloe greeted her at the door. "You said you needed a lawyer. What's going on?" Belle asked. "Yeah, not for me," Chloe said. With a smirk, Belle asked if it was for Xander. Chloe's smile disappeared, and she said no. Chloe opened the door wide so that Belle could see Philip. In tears, Belle ran into the apartment and hugged Philip. "I am so happy to see you!' Belle said. "I hope you still feel that way after you hear what I've done," Philip said.

At the police station, Brady went to the commissioner's office to talk to Shawn, but the office was empty. Brady wrote a note that asked Shawn to call him.

Stefan and Gabi try to learn Dimitri's secret

Stefan and Gabi try to learn Dimitri's secret

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

In Horton Town Square, Leo was stunned to run into Sonny, who said that he had returned to Salem after hearing about Victor's death. Leo said that he was also grieving Victor. Sonny thought that Leo was being insincere. Sonny added that he was upset at Leo for hurting the people that Leo claimed to care about.

Leo surprised Sonny when he said that he had fallen in love. "He's rich, gorgeous, and completely obsessed with me. Did I mention he looks like George Clooney circa ER? In a couple of years, he's going to be the silver daddy in tartan pants I never knew I needed!" Leo exclaimed.

Sonny scoffed when Leo said he hoped that he and Sonny were friends. Sonny reminded Leo that he had betrayed Sonny when Bonnie had been kidnapped months earlier. Sonny walked away.

At Chad and Stephanie's apartment, Chad surprised Stephanie with a gourmet breakfast. The two had started to kiss before Alex interrupted them again. Chad invited Alex inside, and he offered his condolences on Victor's death. Alex asked Stephanie to handle their project at Basic Black while he mourned Victor.

Chad asked how Alex planned to grieve, and he insinuated that Alex would wallow in pity. Stephanie fussed at Chad for how he had spoken to Alex. Chad assured Alex and Stephanie that he hadn't tried to insult Alex. Chad encouraged Alex to go to the Kiriakis mansion, and he said that making amends with Maggie was the best way to honor Victor's memory.

Alex thanked Chad, and he left for the mansion. Afterwards, Stephanie told Chad that she was proud of him for how he had treated Alex. Chad recalled that Kristen had warned him not to trust Alex. Stephanie said that Chad's family didn't know how to be happy unless they were causing havoc.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny and Alex shared a warm embrace. The two spotted a large photo album nearby. As Sonny and Alex opened the album, a montage of photographs of Victor and his loved ones appeared on-screen.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen welcomed Dimitri and Gwen home from Iceland. Dimitri and Kristen feigned that business regarding DiMera Enterprises was the reason that Dimitri had had to return from his honeymoon.

After Gwen had stepped out of the room, Kristen deduced that Dimitri had developed genuine feelings for Leo. Dimitri downplayed his feelings for Leo, and he insisted that his focus was on gaining his inheritance, which he promised to split with Kristen. Kristen asked how Dimitri planned to keep Gwen from finding out about the inheritance, given that Elliot would have to meet Dimitri's wife.

Kristen said that Elliot, the attorney representing the trust, had asked about Gwen specifically. Kristen added that she would leave Dimitri to figure out how to deal with "Mrs. Von Leuschner," and she headed upstairs.

Gwen reappeared a short while later, and she surmised that something was troubling Dimitri. Gwen asked Dimitri to confide in her. Dimitri seemed to be on the verge of telling Gwen the truth before he was interrupted by a text from Leo. Leo had texted to say that he would keep his and Dimitri's affair a secret. Dimitri told Gwen that he needed to run an errand and to clear his head.

In Stefan and Gabi's room at the mansion, Stefan had managed to get Rachel to admit that Gwen didn't know about Kristen and Dimitri's secret. Rachel admitted that Dimitri had been having a "sleepover" with someone. Kristen appeared before Stefan could get more answers from Rachel.

At the same time, Gabi had appeared in Elliot's room at the Salem Inn. Gabi pretended to flatter Elliot, who flashed back to Kristen's warning that Gabi was an "opportunistic fortune hunter." Gabi claimed that she had a daughter whom she wanted to enroll at the private school where Eliot was alleged to be headmaster.

Gabi tripped Elliot up when she got him to say that the private school was open to all genders. Gabi noted that the private school Elliot claimed to be in charge of was an all-girls school. "Why don't we drop that façade now, so you can tell me who you really are?" Gabi said.

Gabi managed to get Elliot to admit that he was an attorney who had gone to Salem to certify that the requirements in the Von Leuschner codicil were duly met. Gabi asked what the Von Leuschner codicil was.

Back at the DiMera mansion sometime later, Gabi told Stefan that Elliot had told her about the codicil. Stefan surmised that Kristen was blackmailing Dimitri. "My nephew has a side piece," Stefan chuckled. "And all we have to do is figure out her name. And then, we're in the driver's seat," Gabi added.

In Leo's room at the Salem Inn, Dimitri told Leo that his dreams for his inheritance would be over unless he found a way to outmaneuver Elliot. Dimitri recalled Leo having said "fake it until you make it" in his text. Dimitri noted that nowhere in the codicil did it clarify that Dimitri's wife had to be Gwen.

"What I'm saying is, what if we found someone to pose as Gwen?" Dimitri said. Leo wondered who Dimitri could hire that was trustworthy. Leo and Dimitri pondered who they could trust. Just then, Leo gasped. "What about me?" Leo asked.

At the same time, back at the DiMera mansion, Gwen admitted to Kristen that she was upset. Kristen mistakenly thought that Gwen was upset because Dimitri had told her everything. "Tell me everything? What are you talking about?" Gwen asked. Kristen was tongue-tied.

Stefan pieces together Dimitri's secret

Stefan pieces together Dimitri's secret

Thursday, August 31, 2023

At the DiMera mansion, Gwen thought she had figured out what Dimitri was keeping secret from her. Kristen said that the secret was that Chad had agreed to be a silent partner with Kristen and Dimitri at DiMera Enterprises. An agitated Gwen said that she needed to rest, and she headed to her and Dimitri's room at the mansion.

In Stefan and Gabi's room at the mansion, Gabi told Stefan that there had to be another reason that Dimitri had married Gwen instead of Dimitri's "sidepiece." Gabi started for Dimitri's room, and Stefan followed her.

As Gabi searched Dimitri's room, Gwen appeared outside the room and spotted Stefan, who had been keeping watch. Stefan tried to distract Gwen by asking about her honeymoon in Iceland. Gwen said that Stefan should ask Leo, and she revealed that Leo had joined Gwen and Dimitri on their honeymoon.

Gwen opened the door and found Gabi placing rose petals on Gwen's bed. Gwen accused Gabi and Stefan of snooping, and she mentioned what Kristen had said about Chad's alliance with Kristen and Dimitri. Stefan feigned that Gwen had caught on to him and Gabi, and Stefan and Gabi left the room.

Back in Stefan and Gabi's room, Gabi revealed that she had found something in Dimitri's carry-on bag. Gabi presented a folded piece of paper to Stefan. Stefan looked at the paper quizzically. Gabi noted that Dimitri had paid for two rooms while on his honeymoon.

"On separate floors. Which could only mean one thing: he took his girlfriend on his honeymoon. Pretty good, don't you think?" Gabi asked. "Oh, you have no idea how good," Stefan replied as his eyes started to widen. Gabi asked what Stefan had meant. "Dimitri didn't bring a woman. Dimitri brought Leo Stark," Stefan said.

At the Salem Inn, Leo suggested that he pose as Gwen in front of Elliot, the lawyer who represented the Von Leuschner trust. Dimitri scoffed, but Leo added that he knew Gwen better than anyone. After more convincing from Leo, Dimitri agreed to let Leo pose as Gwen.

As Dimitri waited for Leo to change into a dress that Gwen had left behind, Dimitri received a call from Kristen. Kristen said that she had kept Gwen's suspicions away from Dimitri and Leo. Dimitri promised to keep Kristen posted. "You damn well better solve your problem. I'm counting on that payday," Kristen seethed.

Dimitri left for Elliot's room at the Salem Inn. Once there, Dimitri appeared next to Leo, who was dressed in drag with long hair. Leo used a British accept in his attempt to impersonate Gwen as he and Dimitri sat at a table holding hands. "The problem is, you're not Gwen Rizczech any more than I am," Elliot said suddenly to Leo.

Dimitri and Leo were surprised when Elliot said that he was gay and that he had been to several drag shows with his husband. Elliot warned that Dimitri and Leo couldn't act on their love in public. Elliot presented Dimitri with a check for the first installment of the trust, and he warned that if Dimitri wanted the checks to continue, he would have to keep up appearances with Gwen.

"She can't be made aware of your relationship -- neither can the rest of the world, unfortunately. But it is my fervent hope that, some day in the future, you won't have to hide your true feelings," Elliot boasted. Leo and Dimitri kissed.

At the Brady Pub, Brady met with Belle, who revealed that she had taken Philip on as a client. Brady was angry that Belle had agreed to represent Philip, and he mentioned Shawn in passing. Belle told Brady about Shawn having been replaced as commissioner, and she added that Shawn was in a bad place.

Belle recalled that Marlena had convinced Shawn to agree to a 24-hour psychiatric hold at the hospital. Brady expressed empathy, and he asked if there was anything he could do for Belle. "Only one thing. Please don't press charges against Philip," Belle pleaded.

Belle insisted that Philip had suffered a mental breakdown and that he was better. Brady grew quiet, and he said that he needed time to think. Kristen entered, and she and Brady exchanged barbs. Brady warned that Kristen shouldn't get too used to having Rachel in her custody.

Kristen gloated about having custody of Rachel, and she left. Afterwards, Brady surprised Belle when he said that he wouldn't press charges against Philip. Brady said that he wanted Rachel back, and he said that he needed the judge to know that he wasn't a killer. Belle assured Brady that Philip would be grateful. "Belle, I'm not doing it for him, okay? I'm doing it for my grandfather, you, and Chloe," Brady said.

At Xander and Chloe's apartment, Chloe and Xander heard a clanging sound from out in the hallway. Xander assumed that Brady was outside, and he grew agitated. Chloe called for the person to step inside. Xander was surprised when Philip entered.

Philip admitted to Xander that he had faked his death. Xander asked how long Chloe had planned to keep him in the dark about Philip. Chloe apologized. Xander accepted. Philip congratulated Xander on his engagement to Chloe.

Philip said that he had grown "sick to death" of hiding and that he had decided to be with family after learning of Victor's death. Chloe received a text from Belle, and she shared that Brady had agreed not to press charges against Philip. Philip thanked Chloe for having defended him.

Philip started to leave. Chloe said that she was happy for Philip, and she asked Philip to take care of himself. On his way out, Philip told Xander to be good to Chloe. After Philip left, Chloe and Xander looked at one another.

Marlena agrees to help a John Doe find his son

Marlena agrees to help a John Doe find his son

Friday, September 1, 2023

In the Brady Pub, Belle told Brady that she thought his decision not to press charges against Philip was for the best. "All I can say is that it is damn lucky that the Salem PD were in between police commissioners when I left that note. I want his ass to be in jail, exactly where it belongs," Brady said. Belle frowned, and she reminded Brady that Philip had not been in his right mind.

"And yes, I am compassionate to that, considering everything that is going on with Shawn," Belle said. With a glance at her watch, Belle announced that she needed to get to the hospital. "Keep me posted, okay?" Brady said. John walked into the pub, and he asked Belle how she was feeling. Belle said she was holding on. With a nod, John offered to buy lunch for his kids. Belle explained that she was on her way to see Shawn, so John kissed her goodbye.

After Belle left, Brady told John about Philip. "I'm glad Philip is okay, but what I'd like to do is go and wring his little Kiriakis neck," John grumbled. Brady said he understood. Brady admitted that he wanted to press charges but that he agreed with Chloe and Belle. "It's not what grandfather would have wanted," Brady said. Brady said he wanted to honor Victor's memory. John said he understood.

"It wasn't easy being his grandson, I'll tell you that. But I know he loved me. Damn it, I loved him, too," Brady said. "[Victor] had a big heart. I'm saying that because after your mother died, we kind of looked out for each other. Actually, [we] became friends," John said. Brady noted it was strange that Victor and John had started out as mortal enemies.

"That's a fact. From the moment he brought me from that hospital in Miami here to Salem to be the pawn in his game," John said. John asked Brady how he was doing after his run of bad news. "I'm hanging in there," Brady admitted. John asked Brady if there was any chance that Brady could talk Chloe out of marrying Xander.

"I've tried. I think it's a lost cause," Brady admitted. Brady said he needed to focus on regaining custody of Rachel instead. "Just don't give up on love completely, kid," John advised. "Maybe it's just not something that's in the cards for me," Brady said. John disagreed.

Shawn met with Marlena in her office after his 24-hour hold had ended. "I'm grateful that you put me on that hold. But when I think about yesterday, it was like I was a completely different person," Shawn said. Shawn admitted he was embarrassed. "You were in pain, and you asked for help," Marlena said. Shawn asked if he could go home. Shawn added that he knew he was not cured and that he still needed therapy, but he believed he would progress faster at home with his wife.

"Judging by your session with Dr. Patel, I'd say there's no reason not to lift the hold," Marlena said. Marlena asked Shawn to get help if he again felt like he had before the hold. Shawn nodded in agreement.

At the nurses' station of the hospital, Jada asked Kayla to examine an elderly man that had been found wandering on the side of the road. An orderly and a female officer wheeled over a man that looked like Dick Van Dyke. Kayla introduced herself to the man. "Can you tell me your name?" Kayla asked. "I was hoping you'd tell me," the man said with a chuckle. John Doe noted that he did not like his temporary name.

"Although I've been called a lot worse than that in the past. Funny, I can't remember those names, either!" John Doe joked. John Doe good-naturedly flirted and talked about hoping to see Officer Silver in the future. With a smile, the officer shook John Doe's hand. John Doe thanked Officer Silver and Jada for their help.

"You can add a broken heart to my list of ailments right now," John Doe joked after the female officers left. "Apparently, we don't need to worry about your eyesight," Kayla countered. With a laugh, John Doe added, "Or my taste!" Kayla wheeled John Doe into an exam room.

After Kayla started fluids to ease John Doe's dehydration, she asked him some basic questions to gauge his memory loss. John Doe told Kayla that he needed to leave the hospital as soon as possible. "I'm on a very important mission," John Doe said.

When Shawn exited Marlena's office, he saw that Jada was sitting in the waiting area. Shawn asked Jada if she had heard about Paulina's decision to reinstate Rafe. Jada confirmed that Paulina had offered Rafe the job. "I think she is making the right decision. What happened to Rafe, uh, he didn't deserve it," Shawn said. "I'll tell him you said that," Jada said. Before Jada could continue, Shawn asked her how she felt about being partners with him again.

"I know that things have been awkward between us for a while, and uh, I know that I screwed up pretty badly," Shawn said. "It would be great to work with you again," Jada said. Relieved, Shawn thanked Jada. "I just hope that Rafe feels the same way," Shawn said. Jada told Shawn that Rafe had not accepted the commissioner job and that he might turn it down.

After Jada left, Shawn waited for Belle in the waiting area. When Belle arrived, he told her that Marlena had released the hold and that he was cleared to go home. "Does that mean you're feeling better?" Belle asked. "I feel like I'm getting back to my old self," Shawn said. Belle confessed that Shawn's behavior had scared her. Shawn apologized, but Belle told him that the only thing she cared about was whether Shawn was okay.

"I am now," Shawn said. "And you know, no matter how hard things get, you can always, always count on me. And that goes for my whole family," Belle stressed. Belle hugged Shawn. Shawn said he had decided to go to a meeting with Brady like Belle had recommended. "I don't think that I'm an alcoholic, but I do know that I've been drinking too much, and that needs to stop," Shawn said. Belle told Shawn that Brady would be happy to take Shawn if that was what Shawn wanted.

"Even after how I spoke to him yesterday?" Shawn asked. Belle told Shawn that she did not think Brady would hold Shawn's comments against him. "Great shape or not, I owe him an apology," Shawn said. Shawn told Belle about his conversation with Jada and that she had agreed to be his partner again. With a grin, Shawn said that once the commissioner approved, he could go back to work.

"What? No, Shawn, I don't think that's a very good idea," Belle said. Shawn was taken aback. Belle explained that Shawn should take time off before he returned to his high-pressure job. "I get where you're coming from, okay? I do. But I can handle this," Shawn swore. Shawn promised that if he felt overwhelmed by work, he would take a break. Reluctantly, Belle told Shawn it was okay but that she did not want him to return to work that day. Shawn agreed.

In John Doe's room, Kayla introduced him to Marlena. "Is this a hospital or a modeling agency? One beautiful woman after another!" John Doe joked. After Kayla left to set up some tests, John Doe told Marlena that he was not crazy. "I don't think that you are. I was wondering if maybe I could spark your memory a bit. Would that be helpful to you?" Marlena asked. John Doe said yes.

"Do you know how long you were walking?" Marlena asked. "A couple of days," John Doe said. With a chuckle, John Doe said he wished he had had a flying car to travel. "Do you recall what your destination was?" Marlena asked. John Doe said he had been headed for Salem. When Marlena asked why, John Doe said he had been in search of his son. John Doe explained that he had been searching for his son for years.

"And then a couple of nights ago, I had this dream that he was nearby. And I put on my sturdiest walking shoes, and I started walking," John Doe said. "What's your son's name?" Marlena asked. John Doe said he did not know, and he had never met his son. "But thanks to this dream, I'm sure he is right in this area," John Doe said. Marlena asked John Doe how he would know his son when he met him.

"I'm feeling him in my heart. You think I am crazy?" John Doe asked. Marlena noted that there was a strong bond between a parent and child. "My son needs me, and I need him," John Doe said. John Doe lamented that he had not seen his son grow up. "I remember a farm!" John Doe said. "Do you think you were a farmer?" Marlena asked. John Doe said that did not sound familiar.

"For all I know, I could have been a chimney sweep or street artist or something like that," John Doe said with a chuckle. John Doe stressed that his gut was telling him that he was closer to finding his son than he had ever been before. Marlena encouraged John Doe to rest and recover before he resumed his search.

"What I'm gonna do is try to put the pieces of your life together and hopefully help you find your son," Marlena offered. Marlena explained that her husband, John, was a private investigator. "Another John Doe?" John Doe said with a chuckle. "No, his name is John Black," Marlena said. John Doe eagerly accepted John and Marlena's help.

"Maybe it was meant to be that that young officer brought me here and straight to you, Dr. Evans. You know, this could be the beginning of a real friendship," John Doe said. "I think you may be right," Marlena said.

Abe and Steve met up at the café in the square, and Steve asked about Abe's date with Paulina. "It was a disaster," Abe admitted. "Couldn't have been that bad," Steve said. With a shrug, Abe noted that the date had started fine until he had asked her how they had met. Paulina had told Abe about the scheme to bulldoze the square and ruin Abe's reputation.

"I guess that wasn't her finest hour. But you two got past that, didn't you?" Steve said. Abe reminded Steve that he did not remember making up with her. "Lying seems to be her modus operandi. And after the last few months, I'm just sick of being lied to," Abe said. Abe argued that he would rather be alone than be lied to again.

"I know Paulina made some mistakes, but she eventually owned up to them, right?" Steve asked. "Why would I want to fall in love all over again with a woman like that?" Abe countered. Steve sighed. Steve noted that the man that had fallen in love with Paulina had not been "a self-righteous prig." Abe scowled, and Steve apologized.

"I think I'm just frustrated because you don't remember how happy you were with Paulina. Happier than you've been in years," Steve said. Abe admitted that he was scared. "She gets to me. I don't even remember her, but she gets to me," Abe said. "Of course, you are [scared]. Because love is freaking scary, man," Steve said. Steve noted that love was a loss of control and that the instinct was to run from that.

Paulina visited Rafe at Jada's apartment, and she demanded an answer about the police commissioner job. Rafe reiterated that he would not accept the job until the rule against dating had been revoked. "I filed an appeal first thing this morning. I asked them to change the rules," Paulina said. Paulina explained that she had asked the council to modify the policy so that individual relationships could be evaluated rather than applying a blanket policy.

"And?" Rafe asked. Paulina said that the council would vote on the appeal. Frustrated, Rafe argued that the council could take weeks to vote on the matter, and he refused to return to work until he was cleared to date Jada. When Paulina suggested that Rafe stop dating Jada temporarily, Rafe refused. Paulina sighed, and she said she understood.

"I've been separated from Abraham for months now, and it's been killing me," Paulina said. Rafe asked if Abe had made any progress in his recovery. "No, but he did take me on a date," Paulina said. Paulina explained that the date might have killed her marriage. Rafe asked if there was anything he could do to help. Paulina asked Rafe for a recommendation of who to hire as commissioner. Jada entered the room.

"What about her?" Rafe said. "What's going on here?" Jada asked. Rafe explained that Paulina needed a new police commissioner, and he had recommended Jada. "When Rawlings hired Shawn, we agreed that you would have been the perfect choice," Rafe said. Rafe pitched Paulina on the reasons why Jada was perfect for the job.

"You make a strong case. And I am all for supporting my fellow women," Paulina said. "I don't see any reason why you shouldn't hire her immediately," Rafe said. Jada said she had a reason, and she pointed out that Rafe could not return to the force until the policy was rescinded. "Well, then maybe I wouldn't come back," Rafe said. Jada refused to let Rafe throw away his career for her. Rafe countered that he would not let Jada pass up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

"I just got a text. The city council has agreed to amend the policy!" Paulina announced. Rafe still wanted Jada to take the job, and they bickered about it. "I've already made my decision!" Paulina yelled. Paulina appointed Rafe as commissioner.

When Rafe and Jada returned to the police station, Jada thanked Rafe for having said so many nice things about her to Paulina. "They were all true," Rafe said. "It meant a lot to me. You know, the other day, you told me that you were falling in love with me. And I want you to know that I feel the same way," Jada said. Rafe and Jada kissed.

In the town square, Abe stared at the memorial plaque for Tom and Alice. "I'm so glad your square wasn't torn down. You seem like very nice people," Abe said. "Unlike me, right?" Paulina said as she walked up behind Abe. Paulina apologized, and she said that she understood that Abe did not want to talk to her. "That's not true. Look, what do you say if we start over again?" Abe said. "Really?" Paulina asked. Abe said yes. Paulina smiled. "I think I'd like that," Paulina said.

At the Brady Pub, Steve and John talked about Abe and Paulina. "I sure do hope that Abe and Paulina find their way back to one another, because they deserve each other," John said. John noted that was unlike the cheating spouse in their wrapped investigation. When John suggested he and Steve take the day off, Marlena walked into the pub. John jumped to his feet to greet his wife as Steve told her that their most recent case was complete. "That's wonderful, because I think I have a new case for you. And I think you'll find it very interesting," Marlena said.

At the hospital, John Doe sat in a wheelchair by the nurses' station, and Kayla informed him that someone would escort him to his CT scan. Kayla asked John Doe about his conversation with Marlena. "That woman is an angel. Her husband is going to help me find my son," John Doe said. Kayla informed John Doe that her husband was John's partner. "If anybody can find your son, they can," Kayla said.

At the penthouse, Brady was staring wistfully at a photo of Rachel when there was a knock at the front door. It was Theresa. "Hey, Brady. It's been awhile," Theresa said.

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