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Theresa asked Brady for another chance. Ava remembered that Susan was alive. E.J. sent an assassin after Ava. Harris and Ava escaped Bayview. Sloan suggested adoption to Eric. Johnny told Chanel that he still loved her. Kayla hired Talia. Tripp and Wendy finally made love. Alex flirted with Theresa. Salemites attended Victor's funeral. John learned that John Doe was Timothy Robicheaux, his father. Sarah had her baby. Vivian announced that she was Victor's legal spouse and only heir.
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Salemites attended Victor's funeral. John learned that John Doe was his father. E.J. sent an assassin after Ava.
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E.J. orders someone to kill Ava

E.J. orders someone to kill Ava

Monday, September 4, 2023

At John and Marlena's penthouse, Brady asked why Theresa was in Salem. Theresa said that she was there to pay her respects to Victor. Theresa admitted that she had been responsible for her and Brady's relationship having soured. Theresa pleaded with Brady to remember the good times they'd had together. Theresa then surprised Brady when she threw her arms around him and kissed him.

The kiss lasted several moments before Brady stopped it. Theresa said there was nothing to stop her and Brady from being together, and she asked that Brady give their relationship another chance. Brady said that he and Theresa had been toxic for one another. Brady said firmly that he didn't want to get back into a relationship with Theresa, and he asked her to leave.

Disappointed, Theresa grabbed her purse and left. Afterwards, Brady told himself that he and Theresa weren't right for each other, but he seemed unsure of himself after he flashed back to his wedding day with Theresa.

At Xander and Chloe's apartment, Xander opened the door to E.J., who pulled a gun on Xander. E.J. recalled Xander's role in Susan's death. Xander blamed Ava, and he said that if anyone deserved to die, it was Ava. "Oh, I agree with you. Which is why I want you to kill her," E.J. told a stunned Xander as he handed Xander the gun.

E.J. wrote out a check for an unspecified amount of money, which he handed to Xander. Xander threw the check to the ground, and he said that he wouldn't be responsible for another person's death.

E.J. said that he wouldn't be able to rest easy until he avenged Susan's death. E.J. added that Susan wouldn't be able to rest in peace until Ava paid for what she had done. "You owe it to my mother to help me," E.J. said as he stared intently at Xander.

Xander accused E.J. of wanting to get rid of both Xander and Ava, and he refused E.J.'s offer. "Fine. But like I said before, I've let my mother's death go unavenged for far too long. It's time for you and Ava to pay the price," E.J. warned.

A short while later, on a bench outside the Brady Pub, Theresa was sobbing, staring at a photo of her and Brady, when Xander approached. "Theresa?" Xander said with surprise.

In Ava's room at Bayview, Harris stopped by to share that Marlena had agreed to help Ava. Ava surprised Harris when she said she had changed her mind about seeking help from Marlena. Before Ava could continue, she had another hallucination of Susan. Ava told Harris that Susan had said that Ava was lying about the night of the accident. Harris pleaded with Ava to let him call Marlena.

At the Brady Pub, Marlena told Steve and John about the John Doe patient at the hospital. Marlena said that the man was in his 90s and that he had no memory. Marlena added that the man believed he had a long-lost son.

Marlena said that John Doe had recalled there having been a lot of fighting when he had tried to get back to his son. John believed that the man had been referring to being in a war. Steve agreed with John, who said that the military would likely have the man's prints on file. Marlena received a call from Harris at Bayview. Before Marlena left, John assured her that he and Steve would help John Doe.

At the hospital, Julie introduced herself to the John Doe patient, who said he didn't know who he was. The man said that doctors had found a scar on the back of his neck. Julie recalled that her Uncle Tommy had served in the Korean War and that he'd had to have plastic surgery after being wounded in combat.

Julie recalled that Tommy had passed away many years earlier. John Doe told Julie about his belief that he had a long-lost son. Julie agreed to help speed up the results of a CT scan that the man was waiting for. "'Uncle Tommy. Korea.' Why does that story sound familiar?" John Doe asked after Julie had left.

Moments later, Julie wheeled Doug over to meet John Doe. Doug asked if the man was married. John Doe grew excited as he recalled that he had a wife, and he said he had a feeling that he had loved his wife very much. Doug and Julie recalled their life together, including having owned a club where Doug had performed as a singer.

Soon after, John Doe asked Julie to dance with him as Doug sang an old song. Afterwards, John Doe complimented Doug and Julie for their singing. The man added that he had enjoyed meeting Doug and Julie. Doug said that he hoped the man would learn his real name soon. Julie added that she hoped the man found his son.

At a Veterans Affairs facility, John and Steve met with a man named Dugan, who said he believed that John Doe was a man named Joseph Bell. Dugan added that Joseph had been dealing with memory loss and that the VA believed it was due to a head injury suffered during the Korean War. Dugan shared that Joseph had been transferred to the VA facility within the past two months.

"With his memory the way it is, we don't know that much about him... Every time he's gone somewhere new, it's like they start from scratch. His entire life history is locked up somewhere in his brain. We just don't know how to reach it," Dugan said.

Dugan added that Joseph's details about his wife had been fuzzy at best. Dugan added that he wasn't sure that the man's wife was real. Dugan handed Steve and John a folder that contained public records of the man's military service.

John's eyes grew wide as he spotted something in Joseph's file. "My God, I don't believe this. Joseph Bell, he served in the same unit as my biological father... After my run-in with Timothy Robicheaux, a.k.a. Yo Ling, I gathered as much information on my dad as I could. And this is definitely the same unit," John noted.

Steve said that the information had to mean that Joseph and Timothy had known one another. "I guess we're about to find out," John said.

Back at Bayview, Marlena appeared in Ava's room. Marlena suggested that Ava try hypnosis. Ava agreed, and Harris wished her good luck as he left her room. Afterwards, Marlena asked Ava to go back to the night of Susan's death. Marlena asked what had happened moments before Ava's car had left the road.

Ava flashed back to Susan having yammered about a lucky hat. Ava recalled having hallucinated that Charlie was in the car with her. Ava said that Charlie had talked her into driving the car off a cliff, and she said that she had barely escaped before the car had gone over. "I must have gotten knocked out because then everything just... it goes black," Ava said as she strained to remember.

Ava recalled being on the ground and seeing the car engulfed in smoke and flames. "I know it's going to explode so I force myself to get up -- and I run away," Ava recalled. Marlena asked what had happened to Susan. Ava shook her head.

A short while later, Harris returned. Ava said that she hadn't remembered anything new. Marlena said that she would consult with Ava's doctors to try to help Ava remember more, and she apologized that she hadn't been able to do more for Ava.

Harris returned a short while later. Ava surprised Harris when she said that she had lied to Marlena. "What are you talking about?" Harris asked. "I remember everything now. Susan Banks is alive," Ava said.

At the same time, E.J. appeared in the park. E.J. placed a call to someone. "It's me. I have a job for you. I want you to kill Ava Vitali," E.J. ordered.

Philip tells Rex that he still loves Chloe

Philip tells Rex that he still loves Chloe

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

As Sarah examined her engagement ring in the Kiriakis living room, Rex walked in. "How are you feeling?" Rex asked. "Good. No more Braxton Hicks," Sarah confirmed. Rex suggested that they get married before the baby was born. Sarah asked Rex if he was sure that he wanted to marry her. Rex said he did not mind that Xander had been Sarah's motivation to accept his proposal.

"I'm committed to you. And I'm still committed to getting you to fall back in love with me," Rex said. "I do hope you can do that. I really do," Sarah said. Rex pointed out that Sarah had hesitated to agree to marry. Sarah explained that her hesitancy was because of Victor's funeral.

"I want to be present for my mom. She's burying her husband. And none of Victor's kids can be here," Sarah said. When Sarah noted that Philip could not attend the funeral without having to face the consequences of what he had done to Brady, Philip walked in.

"Actually, that's not true anymore," Philip announced. Rex asked Philip if it was safe for him to be in Salem. Philip explained that Brady had agreed not to press charges. "So, you're clear on everything?" Sarah asked. Philip said Belle had convinced Brady to give Philip amnesty. Philip admitted that he was overwhelmed to be back in Salem, and he changed the subject to Sarah's baby.

"Can I ask, who is the father?" Philip said. Sarah and Rex exchanged a look. "I'm the father, of course. Sarah and I are so excited about this pregnancy and getting married soon," Rex stammered. "I had no idea you were back together," Philip said. Sarah announced that she needed to lie down, and she went upstairs.

"I'm happy for you, Rex. I know you never really stopped loving Sarah," Philip said. "Yes, she is the love of my life," Rex said. With a nod, Philip noted that everything had worked out. "Especially now that Xander is with Chloe," Philip added. With an unhinged cackle, Philip wondered aloud what Chloe had been thinking when she'd fallen for Xander. Rex sighed.

"Please tell me you are not still obsessed with Chloe," Rex said. Philip poured a drink and gulped it down. "During my time away, I came to see that my love for Chloe turned into an addiction that was unhealthy," Philip admitted. Philip said he was better. "So, even if you were to have romantic feelings for Chloe, you would be able to control how you act on those feelings?" Rex asked. Philip said yes.

"So, with my feet firmly planted in reality, I will admit that I am still head over heels in love with Chloe," Philip confessed. Rex groaned. Philip promised that he would not chase after Chloe. "I don't want you to do anything that is going to jeopardize your recovery," Rex said. Philip assured Rex that he would not make any attempt to break up Xander and Chloe.

"Which would free up Xander to pursue Sarah," Philip added. "I'm not worried about that," Rex said. With a chuckle, Philip noted that Sarah was unlikely to leave Rex, since she was carrying Rex's baby. "Right," Rex stammered.

At the hospital, Sloan stared off into space as Eric told her that she was free to go home. "I'm so sorry I lost our child," Sloan whispered. "It wasn't your fault," Eric said. Sloan told Eric that she knew how much he had wanted to be a father. Eric stressed that they still had one another.

"And we still have a lot of good things to look forward to," Eric said. Eric offered to make dinner for Sloan at the pub, and she promised to meet him there. "I just want to take a little walk. Clear my head," Sloan explained. Eric nodded yes. After Eric left, Sloan whispered, "It's all my fault you're not going to be a father. To either one of your kids."

Outside the Brady Pub, Xander spotted Theresa sitting on a bench, crying. "I never thought I'd see your sorry little ass in Salem again," Xander muttered. "Xander. Ever the charmer," Theresa said as she wiped the tears from her eyes. Theresa explained that she was there to pay her respects to Victor.

"That's why you're sat outside crying crocodile tears?" Xander said with a scoff. "I actually cared very deeply for Victor," Theresa said. Xander sarcastically noted that Theresa was a kind-hearted person. With a sigh, Theresa admitted that her tears had been about Brady.

"Told you to go to hell. Am I right?" Xander asked. "Same as Sarah Horton said to you. Am I right?" Theresa countered. Xander's smile disappeared. "At least I'm not sitting outside the pub, crying my eyes out. I've moved on," Xander said. Theresa chuckled. "Moved on to what? The circus?" Theresa joked.

When Xander announced that he was engaged to Chloe, Theresa laughed until she realized that Xander was serious. "How on earth did you get Chloe Lane to give you the time of day after you left her in Mexico with Mateo, who's the only man on the entire planet who's a bigger piece of garbage than you are?" Theresa said.

"What happened in Mexico, that's ancient history," Xander growled. "Like Susan Banks?" Theresa countered. Xander argued that Chloe understood that he had changed and that she wanted to be with him. "You've changed, have you? Well, you might want to tell that to the wild look I see in your eyes, because from what I can tell, you're still the same sadistic psycho I've always known," Theresa said. "You don't know me," Xander stressed. Theresa scoffed.

Annoyed, Xander told Theresa that someone had offered him a lot of money to do something terrible, and he had declined the offer. "My guess? You just weren't desperate enough," Theresa said. Theresa argued that the second that Xander was desperate enough, he would jump at the chance to do something horrible.

"I hope it's not too late for Chloe," Theresa said. "Chloe loves me. She trusts me," Xander said. "Then I guess you have her fooled," Theresa snapped. Theresa added that when things turned dark in the future, she hoped Chloe would stab Xander the way she had stabbed El Fideo in Mexico.

"And I'd be surprised if anyone came back for your funeral," Theresa muttered. "You need to shut your mouth before I shut it for you," Xander countered. Xander grabbed Theresa's arm to prevent her from walking away. "Get your hands off of her!" Eric yelled. Eric grabbed Xander's hand, and he wrenched it free. Xander explained that Theresa brought out the worst in him.

"You know, Brady had the right idea about you, giving you the heave-ho," Xander said. "Get out of my sight," Theresa growled. "Gladly," Xander said as he walked away. Eric asked Theresa if she was okay. "He's a lowlife jerk," Theresa muttered. Eric asked why Theresa and Xander had been arguing.

"Xander being Xander. Bringing up old wounds," Theresa said. "Yeah, well, it's good to see you, anyway," Eric said. Theresa confirmed that she was in town for Victor's funeral. "He's been a big part of all of our lives," Eric said. Theresa hugged Eric, and she gave him her condolences for Sloan's miscarriage. When Theresa asked about the future, Eric explained that Sloan had a medical condition that would not allow a full-term pregnancy.

"I'm starting to believe that me being a father is maybe just not in God's plan," Eric said. "Don't say that!" Theresa said. Theresa promised to support Eric if he needed anything. "You've always been such a comfort to me," Theresa said. "I'd do anything for you, cuz," Eric said. With a sheepish grin, Theresa asked Eric if he could put in a good word with Brady for her.

"Are you interested in him?" Eric asked. "Forget I said anything," Theresa said. Theresa changed the subject back to Eric, and she noted that any child would be lucky to have him as a dad.

In the park, E.J. called someone about a hit. When the female assassin met up with E.J. in the park, he informed her that Ava was in Bayview. "I don't care how you do it. As long as Ava suffers the same fate as my dearly departed mother," E.J. said.

"I didn't think you did this sort of thing anymore," the assassin said. "As a rule, I don't, but this is different. It's personal," E.J. explained. E.J. handed an envelope of money to the assassin. "And once you're done, see to it that Xander Kiriakis goes into the grave. He's just as responsible for my mother's death as Ava," E.J. said.

After the assassin left, E.J. stared at a photo on his phone of himself with Susan. "Don't worry, Mother. I will not rest until I avenge you," E.J. said. Sloan rounded the corner. "I thought I heard you talking to somebody," Sloan said. E.J. explained that he had been talking to a photo of his mother. When E.J. grumbled about the fact that the people responsible for Susan's death were walking around freely, Sloan said she understood what that felt like.

"My brother Colin and I, we vowed to avenge [our parents], too. But I should just say that making promises like that leads you down a very dark path," Sloan advised. E.J. noticed Sloan's hospital wristband. "I'm very sorry for your loss," E.J. said. Sloan thanked E.J. "I know that becoming an actual father was a lifelong dream of [Eric's]," E.J. said. Sloan nodded yes.

"I imagine that Nicole and I having a child must feel like salt in the wounds," E.J. added. "Now I know your condolences mean absolutely nothing. You're actually enjoying this, aren't you?" Sloan asked. E.J. argued that, as a father, he knew Eric's pain. "This may seem indelicate, but maybe being a parent just isn't in the cards for him," E.J. added. "Or maybe it is," Sloan countered. E.J. told Sloan that he hoped she was right.

"Losing a child is a pain that no one deserves. My heart goes out to the both of you," E.J. said. "Thank you for saying that," Sloan whispered.

At Bayview, Ava confided to Harris that she had remembered that Susan had survived the car crash. "Which means that I am not responsible for the death of E.J. DiMera's mother," Ava said. Ava explained that under hypnosis, she had remembered that she had seen Susan outside the car before the explosion.

"If Susan is alive, why didn't you just tell Dr. Evans?" Harris asked. Ava explained that she did not think Marlena would have believed her. "She'd probably think that I was just making it up so I could get out of this place," Ava said. "Are you?" Harris asked. Ava stressed that she was sure that Susan was alive.

"But where is Susan now? Where has she been all this time?" Harris asked. "Up until about an hour ago, I thought that she was in heaven, stalking Elvis and annoying the hell out of St. Peter," Ava said. Harris shook his head, and he noted that someone needed to look for Susan. Harris suggested that they talk to E.J., at least.

"Don't you want [E.J.] to know that his mother is alive?" Harris asked. Ava argued that E.J. already wanted her dead, and she did not want to remind him of that without proof that Susan was alive. The assassin entered the room, dressed like a nurse, and announced that it was time for Ava's medication.

"I've never gotten a shot here. What medication is that?" Ava asked. The assassin noted that the doctor had added the medication to Ava's treatment plan. "What's the name of the medication?" Harris asked. The assassin asked him to step outside while she treated the patient. Harris urged Ava to call her doctor and confirm that he had ordered the new medication.

"You think I'm lying?' the assassin asked. "Of course not. But she has a right to know what drug she's being given," Harris said. As Ava picked up the phone, the assassin pulled out a gun. "I was hoping to do this the easy way, but G.I. Joe had to go and play the hero. Now you're both going to get a shot," the assassin complained. Harris asked the assassin who had sent her. "Was it E.J.?" Ava asked. The assassin asked Harris and Ava who wanted to die first.

In the DiMera living room, Chloe told Nicole that Philip was alive and in Salem. "Is Brady going after him?" Nicole asked. Chloe explained that Belle had convinced Brady not to press charges. When Nicole noted that Philip's actions had been "insane," Chloe informed Nicole that Philip had spent his time away in a psychiatric hospital. "So, he's better now?" Nicole said. Chloe said Philip had worked on his issues.

"And the best part is, now you don't have to marry Xander," Nicole said cheerfully. Chloe demanded an explanation. "Well, because you were seeing Philip before he disappeared," Nicole said. Nicole told Chloe that she wanted what was best for Chloe. "[Philip] didn't just disappear. He faked his own death and then framed Brady for murder, all because he couldn't let me go," Chloe argued. Nicole shrugged. Nicole asked Chloe if there was a chance that Chloe could rekindle her romance with Philip.

"I will for the moment try to ignore the fact that you're not even acknowledging that I've moved on with Xander and tell you emphatically that I'm not just going to pick up where I left off with Philip," Chloe said. "Because before things went off the rails, things were great between you and Philip," Nicole countered. Nicole suggested that Philip might once again be the man that Chloe had fallen in love with years earlier.

"I'm with someone else now, as much as you have apparently chosen to block that from your mind," Chloe grumbled. "Do we ever really move on from our first love? Isn't there a part of your heart that still belongs to the first guy that you fell madly in love with?" Nicole asked. With a smirk, Chloe asked if Nicole was talking about Eric. Nicole scoffed, but then she reluctantly admitted that her situation with Eric was similar.

"And yet you still want me to dump Xander for Philip?" Chloe said. "Fine. I shouldn't have presumed to steer you in any kind of direction about your love life," Nicole admitted. Nicole reminded Chloe that she had done the same thing about Nicole's marriage to E.J. "But I eventually accepted it, whereas you proceeded to just give me a hell of a lot more grief about marrying Xander," Chloe argued.

"But you have another option," Nicole countered. Chloe rolled her eyes. "What I had with Philip is in the past. Just like what you had with Eric is in the past," Chloe said. Nicole asked Chloe if she was sure about Philip. Chloe admitted that her heart had skipped a beat when she had seen that Philip was alive. "Or maybe it was your heart telling you that he is the one you are meant to be with. Right after you dump Xander on his sketchy ass," Nicole said. Chloe reiterated that she would not dump Xander.

"Fine," Nicole grumbled. "Can we just make a pact that you don't get to choose who I'm with, just like I don't get to choose who you are with?" Chloe asked. Nicole agreed. Nicole added that Chloe could not cry on Nicole's shoulder when Xander ended up hurting Chloe. "Right back at you with E.J.," Chloe said. Chloe and Nicole shook hands.

After Chloe left, E.J. returned home. E.J. looked at his phone, and Nicole asked if something was wrong. "Waiting on word from an associate that she's closed the deal," E.J. said.

In the park, Theresa stared at Brady's number on her phone. "Don't seem too desperate on day one," Theresa whispered. Theresa vowed not to give up on Brady. "I know that we belong together," Theresa said.

In the square, Philip called out to Chloe as she walked by. "Thanks again for your help with Brady," Philip said. "It was all Belle," Chloe said. Philip argued that Chloe could have stopped Belle, and he appreciated Chloe's support. "Look who's enjoying his newfound freedom," Xander said as he interrupted. Xander asked Chloe if she was ready for dinner, and she said yes. As Xander and Chloe walked away, Philip shouted, "See you!" Chloe looked back at him then left the square.

In the Kiriakis living room, Sarah asked Rex if he had told Philip the truth about the baby. "Of course not," Rex said. Sarah thanked Rex for his discretion. "I don't love lying to my brother, but I know it's what's best. He's still in love with Chloe, by the way," Rex said. "Oh, no," Sarah said. Rex explained that Philip had vowed not to pursue Chloe, and Rex believed him. "Xander marrying Chloe, it's good for everyone. Especially you and your baby," Rex said.

Sloan joined Eric at the pub. "Do you still want to be a father?" Sloan asked. "Of course," Eric said. Sloan suggested that she and Eric adopt a baby.

At Bayview, Harris lunged for the assassin's gun, and he knocked it out of her hand. As Harris and the assassin struggled with one another, Ava grabbed the gun from the floor. The gun fired.

Ava realizes who tried to have her killed

Ava realizes who tried to have her killed

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. stood alone in the dark and brooded about not having heard back from Joyce, the assassin he had hired to kill Ava. Johnny appeared, and he wondered why E.J. was angry. E.J. claimed that he had had to take an antique sports car in for repairs after Gabi had sideswiped it.

The conversation turned to Chanel. E.J. asked if Johnny had confessed his feelings to Chanel. Johnny recalled that he had been on the verge of telling Chanel, but Talia had asked Chanel out first. E.J. wondered why Chanel would want to date Talia after Talia had drugged the biscuits months earlier.

E.J. noted that Chanel had turned her life around, and he added that his initial impressions about her had been wrong. "And besides, no matter what flaws Chanel has, they pale in comparison to Ava Vitali's," E.J. said.

Johnny said that he wasn't interested in hearing E.J. bash Ava, and he noted that Ava was mentally ill and needed help. E.J. shifted the conversation back to Chanel, and he said that he had one more word of advice for Johnny. "All I'll say is, if it were me, I would not pass up the chance for happiness with the woman I love out of some misguided sense of decorum. I'd be proactive and tell her how I feel," E.J. said.

At Abe and Paulina's penthouse, Chanel and Talia were excited to have the penthouse to themselves, given that Abe and Paulina were on a date that night. Talia thanked Chanel for giving her a second chance. Chanel and Talia kissed.

Chanel and Talia were interrupted when Talia received a call from Kayla, who shared that she had news she wanted to deliver to Talia in person. After the call ended, Chanel reasoned that Kayla only had good news, given that Kayla wanted to see Talia in person. Chanel said that she believed in Talia. Talia thanked Chanel for her pep talk.

Talia left for the hospital, where Kayla surprised Talia when she said that the hospital board had agreed to hire Talia on a provisional basis. Talia was ecstatic, and she promised not to let Kayla down.

Back at Abe and Paulina's penthouse, Johnny visited Chanel. Johnny said that he could no longer hide his feelings for Chanel. "I had to come here and tell you how I feel. Chanel...I'm still in love with you," Johnny admitted. Chanel was taken aback, and she said that she didn't know what to say.

Johnny and Chanel heard a knock at the door. Chanel opened the door to Talia, who threw her arounds around Chanel after enthusiastically sharing that Kayla had agreed to hire Talia. As Chanel and Talia hugged, Johnny stood inside the penthouse.

Talia asked what she had walked in on. Johnny said that he needed to leave, and he bade Chanel goodnight. After Johnny left, Talia asked if Chanel was okay. Chanel replied that that she was fine, but she seemed anything but fine.

In Rafe's office at the Salem Police Station, Jada proposed that she and Rafe spend the rest of the night at Rafe's place. Rafe received a call in which he learned there had been a shooting at Bayview. Jada and Rafe left the station together.

In Ava's room at Bayview, Ava shot Joyce, who collapsed onto the bed. Harris checked for a pulse, and he said that Joyce was still breathing. A security officer entered with a gun drawn at Ava. The officer demanded that Ava drop her weapon. Harris asked Ava to trust him and to give Harris the gun.

Ava slowly handed Harris the gun. Just as the security guard had started to relax, Harris surprised the guard when he pointed the gun at him. "Don't move. We're leaving," Harris shouted before he and Ava left together.

At the hospital a short while later, Rafe issued an APB for Ava and Harris. Kayla approached, and she shared that it was too soon to tell if Joyce would make it through surgery. Rafe told Kayla that Ava and Harris had escaped Bayview. Kayla agreed to keep Rafe and Jada posted about Joyce's condition.

In a private room at the hospital, Rafe and Jada learned the shooting victim wasn't a nurse. Jada looked at Joyce's phone, and she noted that it appeared to be a burner phone, given that the phone contained only text messages from a blocked number. "Listen to this: 'Why haven't I heard back from you? Is Ava out of the picture yet?'" Jada read. Jada handed Rafe the phone. "Who the hell sent this?" Rafe wondered.

Back at the DiMera mansion, E.J. chuckled when he received a news alert on his phone about a shooting at Bayview. "Ciao, Ava," E.J. said as he tossed back a drink.

After leaving Bayview, Ava and Harris appeared in a room at a rundown motel. Harris told Ava that they needed to learn the identity of the person that had tried to kill Ava. Harris noted that the attempt on Ava's life had been the work of a contract killer.

Ava said that she knew who had put out a hit on her. "How about the guy we were just talking about who's convinced that I killed his mother and wants me dead? ... Yeah. It's E.J. freaking DiMera," Ava said.

At the Salem Inn, Tripp and Wendy boasted that they had the room to themselves after Kayla had previously agreed to only call Tripp in case of an emergency. A waiter brought dinner to Tripp and Wendy, who put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. Tripp prepared to open a bottle of Champagne, but Wendy stopped him. "I don't need Champagne. All I need is you," Wendy said before she kissed Tripp.

Tripp and Wendy slowly undressed, and the two took each other by the hand as they lay on the bed together. Tripp and Wendy made love for the first time as soft music played. Afterwards, Tripp held Wendy in his arms as the two lay in bed. Tripp and Wendy admitted that their first time together had been worth the wait.

Salem residents gather for Victor's funeral

Salem residents gather for Victor's funeral

Thursday, September 7, 2023

At a gathering outdoors, Alex stood alone in the park before the start of Victor's funeral service. Alex stared at a large portrait of Victor, and he recalled the love that Victor and Maggie had shared for one another. Alex turned around as Chelsea Brady appeared. Chelsea introduced herself to Alex as Bo and Billie's daughter.

Chelsea and Alex noted that they had never met before, and the two started to get to know one another. Chelsea recalled that she had spent the past decade living in London. Chelsea added that she felt guilty for not having visited Victor more often. Theresa appeared, and she and Chelsea hugged.

Theresa gave her condolences to Chelsea. Chelsea introduced Theresa to Alex. Alex and Theresa had a twinkle in their eyes as they noted that they weren't related by blood. Chelsea left to visit Maggie at the Kiriakis mansion.

Afterwards, Theresa told Alex that she had hoped to reconnect with Brady, but she added that Brady wanted nothing to do with her. Alex said that Theresa should take Brady at his word. Alex and Theresa talked about their pasts, and both admitted that they had been drawn to trouble.

At the Brady Pub, Kate scolded Philip for not having visited her earlier upon his return to Salem. Kate asked where Philip had been. Philip said that he had visited Lucas at Statesville, and he added that he had also visited Chloe.

Kate surmised that Philip was still in love with Chloe. Philip reasoned that his feelings for Chloe didn't matter, given that Chloe was engaged to Xander. Philip told Kate that it was time to leave for Victor's memorial. Kate agreed, but she said that her and Philip's conversation about Chloe wasn't finished.

In Horton Town Square, Chloe and Rex said good morning to one another. Rex wished Chloe and Xander all the best on their engagement. Chloe accused Rex of only thinking of himself, and she added that Rex was only happy because her engagement to Xander paved the way for Rex to be with Sarah.

Chloe said that her engagement to Xander would have "blown up" if Xander had been the father to Sarah's baby. Rex asked how Chloe had felt when Philip had shown up at her door. Chloe said that she was glad that Philip had received the help he'd needed. Chloe and Rex agreed to see one another at Victor's memorial.

At John and Marlena's penthouse, Shawn and Belle joined Brady ahead of Victor's memorial. Shawn said that he was feeling better after having visited Marlena. Brady received a text from Theresa, and he shared that Theresa wanted the two of them to get back together. Belle scoffed when Brady said that he would never get back together with Theresa. Belle added that it was time to leave for Victor's service.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin told Bonnie that he wondered how long it would take for him to walk into the mansion and to not hear Victor complaining about something. Sonny joined Justin and Bonnie, and he noted that Victor had loved each of them in his own way. The three toasted to Victor. Xander appeared. Xander assumed that everyone was toasting to Victor's demise, and he drank happily.

Sonny said that Xander was a "jackass," and he added that he was glad that Sarah was having Rex's baby instead of Xander's. Xander and Sonny almost came to blows before Justin separated them. Justin and Bonnie pleaded with Sonny and Xander to drop their argument. Sonny and Xander agreed to put aside their differences for Maggie's sake.

Upstairs in the mansion, Maggie stared at a portrait of her and Victor, and she wondered tearfully how she would ever say goodbye to him. Sarah tried to comfort Maggie, who looked at a set of pearls that Victor had given her for their tenth anniversary.

Sarah said that Maggie and Victor had shared something special. Maggie said that she would eventually be grateful for her time with Victor. "But right now, all I feel is longing. I long to hear his voice and his smile and his arms around me," Maggie said.

Sarah said that Maggie would never be alone. Maggie said that it wasn't too late for Sarah to tell Xander that he was the father of Sarah's baby. Sarah pushed back against the idea, and she said that no good would result from the truth being exposed. "And what truth would that be?" a lady's voice asked.

Maggie turned, and she was delighted to see Chelsea. Maggie and Chelsea shared a warm embrace before Chelsea and Sarah formally introduced themselves to one another. Chelsea said that Victor would always have a special place in their hearts.

Sarah said that the three of them should leave for Victor's funeral. Chelsea and Sarah left together. Alone in the room afterwards, Maggie stared at the portrait of her and Victor again, and she sobbed. Maggie blew a kiss at the portrait before she left.

Later, in the park, everyone began to gather for Victor's funeral. Shawn and Belle entered the park, and they spotted Chelsea. The three were delighted to see one another after many years apart, and they all hugged. Chelsea shared that she and Max were doing well in London and that their son, Isaac, was healthy. Chelsea spotted Kate, and the two women hugged.

Justin, Maggie, Sarah, and Brady all sat on the first row of seats before a casket adorned with bright red flowers. Justin arose, and he said that anyone who wanted to say a few words about Victor was welcome to speak. Chelsea spoke first, and she said that Victor had been larger than life. Chelsea added that she had always felt that Victor had truly loved her.

Sonny followed Chelsea, and he said that Victor had had a more caring side than what he had shown in business matters. Sonny added that the birth of Isabella had been what had started to chip away at Victor's "ice-encased heart."

"But she certainly wasn't the last. That distinction goes to Maggie -- a kind, sweet woman with a beautiful soul who somehow convinced the powerful Victor Kiriakis to make his family a priority and not a power play. Maggie, he was so lucky to have you. And this whole family is better because of you, too," Sonny said before he kissed Maggie on the cheek.

Justin followed Sonny, and he made everyone chuckle when he recalled how Victor had liked to meddle in people's lives. Justin said that Victor would lay down his life for his loved ones, and he added that Victor's meddling had been a sign of how much Victor had loved people. "And I, for one, am gonna miss that meddling. And I'm gonna miss my dear Uncle Vic -- now and forever," Justin said.

Philip spoke, and he said that he had let Victor down. Philip noted that he was still trying to be someone worthy of Victor's love and respect. As Philip started to weep, Belle stood up to comfort Philip. Belle escorted Philip back to his seat as Chloe showed a look of concern for Philip.

Brady followed Philip's speech, and he said that Victor had always taught his loved ones something. "I will miss that about him. So, rest now, my grandfather... until we fly together again," Brady said with a lump in his throat.

In the back row, Belle whispered to ask if Shawn wanted to say anything about Victor. Shawn shook his head, and he said there was no point. Justin stood up to close the service, and he read the Alfred, Lord Tennyson poem, "Crossing the Bar." As Justin read the poem, a series of flashbacks of Victor over the years appeared on-screen.

The flashbacks featured Caroline telling Victor that there was good in him, as well as Bo and Victor having argued and making peace, and Victor telling Maggie that she was the best thing that had ever happened to him. After the montage ended, a camera closed in on the portrait of Victor.

After the service had concluded, Brady and Alex appeared in Horton Town Square. Theresa tried to make inroads with Brady again, but he rebuffed her. Theresa then immediately turned her attention to Alex by asking him to dinner. Theresa added that she was thinking of staying in Salem, and she asked Alex to let her know what he decided about her dinner invitation.

Outside the Brady Pub, Belle and Chelsea hugged. Belle said that she and Shawn missed Chelsea. Belle added that she and Shawn had thought often of flying to London to spend time with Chelsea, Max, and Isaac. Chelsea asked where Shawn was.

Belle said that Shawn had gone inside the pub, and she wondered what was keeping him. Inside the pub, Shawn had noticed a bottle of whiskey at the back of the bar. Shawn picked up the bottle, and he guzzled whiskey from it.

Back in the park, Rex placed his arm around Sarah as Xander and Chloe stood nearby. As Rex and Sarah started to leave, Sarah announced that her water had broken.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie told Justin, Bonnie, Kate, and Philip how much it meant to her to have them all gathered to celebrate Victor's life. Kate said that Maggie had brought out the best in Victor. "In fact, of all the women in his life, you were the perfect match for Victor," Kate told Maggie.

Just then, a woman's voice called out. "That is most assuredly a matter of opinion," the woman said. Everyone turned, and they saw the woman that had entered the mansion. The woman was Vivian Alamain.

John learns the truth about his father

John learns the truth about his father

Friday, September 8, 2023

Marlena talked to John Doe in her office about his memory loss. John Doe was eager to leave the hospital and look for his son, but Marlena asked John Doe to wait to talk to John. "I feel like I've been waiting for an eternity already," John Doe said. John walked in, and Marlena introduced him to John Doe.

"Any sign of my son?" John Doe asked. "No, not yet. But I do know who you are," John said. John explained that he had learned that John Doe had discharged himself from a VA hospital. John handed a set of dog tags to John Doe.

"We think that this is you," John said. "Joseph Bell. If you say so," John Doe said with a shrug. John explained that the director at the VA hospital had told him that John Doe had had difficulty remembering the name Joseph Bell. "I've come up with some other information that might jog your memory," John said. John told John Doe that he had served in the Korean War. With a nod, John Doe mentioned that he had talked to Julie about her uncle's service in Korea and how it had sounded familiar.

John explained that John Doe had served in the same platoon as John's father. "And his name was Timothy Robicheaux. Does that name mean anything to you?" John asked. After a moment, John Doe admitted that the name sounded familiar. John Doe asked for details about John's father.

"I wish I could tell you more, but I was adopted. And, like yourself, I spent, well, most of my life not knowing who I was," John said. "I'm sorry to hear that," John Doe said. John explained that his father had been a deserter and had assumed the name of Yo Ling. "And when I finally met up with him, he was a man that was just filled with hatred. He was nothing but evil," John said. John Doe repeated Timothy's name, and he remembered a moment from the war.

"We had been in a foxhole together, but an explosion hit. I had been knocked off my feet, but he was thrown clear. There was a terrible pain in the back of my head and so much blood, I thought I was dying," John Doe said. John Doe explained that when he had called out for help, "Timothy" had taken off John Doe's dog tags. "It's every man for himself," "Timothy" had said.

"I'm sorry about that," John said. "Don't be sorry. You two are helping me out," John Doe said. John asked John Doe why "Timothy" had taken the dog tags. John Doe thought about when he had been injured, and he remembered that "Timothy" had switched dog tags with John Doe. "If there's gonna be a body, anyway, let them think I'm dead," "Timothy" had said. "Don't leave me! My wife's going to have a baby. She says she's sure it's a boy," John Doe had pleaded. "Timothy" had then left John Doe to die.

"Are you saying that these dog tags are yours?" John asked. "Joseph Bell, no wonder it didn't make any sense," John Doe said. John pulled off his father's dog tags, and he handed them to John Doe. "That's because your name is Timothy Robicheaux. And your wife was right. She had a son. His name was John Robicheaux," John said. Timothy took the dog tags, and he gasped.

"Are you saying?" Timothy said. "I'm John Robicheaux. All this time you've been searching for your son. So, your search is over," John said. Marlena grew tearful as she saw Timothy close his hand around John's. "My son! I've been looking for you my entire life," Timothy said. "As I had searched for you," John said. Marlena explained that Timothy had been stuck up in the VA systems since his injury.

"And we don't know a lot about John's background, but we do know that you came from a farm, and John was born on a rural farm in Louisiana," Marlena said. "Yes! And my wife was pregnant. Her name was Maude. You brought it all back to me," Timothy said excitedly. John explained that he had been born after Timothy's disappearance.

"I'm so sorry," Timothy said. "It's not your fault," John reassured his father. Timothy asked why Maude had put John up for adoption. "I don't even know the whole story," John admitted. John told Timothy that Maude had passed away. "I think a part of me knew that. That's why I was so determined to find you. I loved you before I knew you, because I loved her so much," Timothy said.

"All I wanted was to know who I was and where I came from. When I found out I wasn't Roman Brady, every answer I got after that was worse than the one before," John said. John admitted he had been confused about how he could have been related to someone as evil as Yo Ling. "You made yourself the man that you are. And I am so proud of you," Marlena said. "You made me that man, Doc," John countered. John turned to Timothy.

"And sir, you made me that man. My God, I can't believe that I have found the Timothy Robicheaux," John said. "Let's make sure we don't lose each other again," Timothy said. John and Timothy hugged for the first time.

At the Kiriakis mausoleum, everyone had left the scene of the funeral except Rex, Sarah, Xander, and Chloe. As Chloe suggested to Xander that they leave, Sarah doubled over. "My water just broke," Sarah said. "It looks like we're not getting married before the baby is born," Rex said as he helped Sarah into a seat. Sarah glanced at Xander, and she thought about their conversation about the paternity of the baby.

"Can you make it to the car?" Rex asked. "Give me a second," Sarah said through gritted teeth. Chloe offered to time Sarah's contractions. "I'll bring the car around," Xander said. Sarah screamed. "Rex, I feel like I need to push," Sarah said. Xander thought about when Sarah had made the same comment moments before she had delivered Mackenzie.

"The baby is coming now!" Sarah said breathlessly. Rex settled Sarah onto a chaise lounge, and he coached her breathing. As Sarah looked across the clearing, she saw Victor's picture. "What the hell are you looking at?" Sarah yelled. Rex asked Chloe to grab his medical bag from the car, and she rushed off.

"Turn that damn picture around!" Sarah yelled. Xander ran across the clearing, and he flipped Victor's picture to face away. "Should I boil some water or something?" Xander asked. Rex asked Xander to fetch clean towels and blankets. "There's some in the garden shed," Xander said. "You would know," Sarah growled at Xander. Worried, Xander asked about the early labor.

"36 weeks is full term," Rex said. Rex yelled at Xander to get the towels, and he ran off. In tears, Sarah told Rex that she was terrified that the same thing that had happened with Mackenzie would happen again. Rex took Sarah's hand, and he looked into her eyes. "You were not in a car accident this time. You have a real doctor delivering this baby. You are full term. You are healthy. Nothing is going to happen to you or this baby," Rex said. Sarah told Rex that she trusted him.

"But I know how many things can go wrong. I should be in a hospital," Sarah said. Sarah told Rex that she was in a lot of pain, and she was concerned that she would accidentally tell Xander the truth. Rex assured Sarah that she would not slip up. "Unless, of course, that's what you want," Rex added. Sarah thought about when Xander had helped her deliver Mackenzie.

"Xander did everything he could to keep Mackenzie safe. He's a good person. Except for when he's not!" Sarah said. Xander returned with blankets, and Chloe handed Rex his medical bag. "What I wouldn't give for an epidural," Sarah moaned. As Sarah cried out, Xander dropped to his knees behind her, and he grabbed her hand. "Remember that birthing class we did. Just visualize the pain and grab my hand and squeeze it as hard as you can," Xander said.

Sarah thought back to the night of Mackenzie's delivery. "If I had to pick anyone to be here, it wouldn't be Eric. It would be you," Sarah had told Xander that night. "I was going to be here whether you liked it or not. I just didn't expect it to be by the side of the road," Xander had said. Sarah groaned as a contraction snapped her out of her memory. Xander crouched behind Sarah and held one hand, while Chloe sat next to Sarah and held the other. Rex told Sarah to push.

"I can't! It hurts so much!" Sarah yelled. "You can, Sarah. Just remember the relaxation techniques. You're on a beach in Bimini," Xander said. After a grunt, Sarah screamed, "Screw Bimini and screw you!" "Yikes," Chloe whispered as she watched. Rex encouraged Sarah to push. When Chloe complained that her engagement ring was digging into her hand, Sarah yelled, "Then maybe you should take it off!"

"You're crowning," Rex said. "I want to sit up!" Sarah said. Xander eased Sarah into a sitting position, and he slid onto the chair behind her. Sarah leaned against Xander, and she grabbed both his hands. "The baby's almost here," Rex said. Sarah pushed again, and the baby cried out. "It's a girl!" Rex said. Xander looked at Chloe and smiled. Sarah cried tears of joy, and she quickly stole a glance at Xander. Rex bundled up the baby, and he handed her to Sarah.

"She's beautiful. I was so afraid that if I had another girl that it would be like replacing Mackenzie. But now that I'm holding her, all I feel is just so much love," Sarah said. Sarah glanced over her shoulder at Xander, and then she looked at Rex. "I was so scared something was gonna go wrong again, but she's perfect," Sarah said. "You did it," Rex said. "No, we did it," Sarah said. Sarah looked back at Xander again, and she thought about Mackenzie's birth.

"She is fine. And very pretty. Just like her mum," Xander had said before he had handed Mackenzie to Sarah. Sarah shook off the memory, and she smiled at her new daughter. Xander eased out from behind Sarah, and he adjusted the chair back to support her and the baby. "Sarah, honey, you're shivering. Are you cold?" Rex asked. Chloe grabbed a blanket, and Sarah reluctantly handed the baby to Xander. Chloe tucked the blanket over Sarah.

"There's something you should know," Sarah stammered as she shivered. Worried, Xander looked at Rex. "She's really pale," Xander said. "You all right?" Rex asked. "I don't know," Sarah stammered before she fell unconscious. Rex called out to Sarah, but she did not respond.

In the Kiriakis living room, Maggie told Justin, Bonnie, Kate, and Philip that she was grateful to have them there to honor Victor. "And Maggie, even though Victor had almost as many wives as Henry the Eighth, I do believe that you brought out the best in him," Kate said. Kate noted that Maggie had been the perfect match for Victor.

"That is most assuredly a matter of opinion," Vivian said as she swanned into the living room. As Vivian grabbed a mimosa, Maggie sternly told her that she was not welcome at the house. "She's not welcome anywhere," Kate added. Vivian sipped her drink. "I'm here to stay," Vivian countered. Maggie rolled her eyes. Vivian explained that she was there to say goodbye to the love of her life.

"But you're in prison. Or you should be," Justin said. When Justin noted that Vivian could have received a furlough, Maggie noted that Vivian was not family. "How dare you say that in front of my son," Vivian said. "And here we go," Phillip said. Vivian hugged Philip. "Just because you stole my embryo doesn't mean my son is your son," Kate argued. Vivian countered that Kate would never have the same bond to Philip that Vivian had.

"I bet she's escaped," Bonnie said. Bonnie urged Maggie to call the police. Vivian claimed that she had been released early for good behavior. "You haven't gone a day in your life without breaking at least four laws," Kate grumbled. "Or five or six commandments," Maggie added. With a groan, Vivian argued that she just wanted to remember the good times.

"You tried to kill me," Maggie said. "And me, twice," Kate added. Maggie argued that she did not want Vivian in her home. Vivian presented her release papers to Justin to examine. "Looks legit," Justin said. "If Victor were here, I know exactly what he'd say to you. Get the hell out of my house!" Maggie yelled. Justin stepped between Maggie and Vivian.

"Don't let her get to you," Justin said. "You're desecrating his memory," Vivian complained. "No, actually, you're the one doing that," Bonnie said. "Do shut up, Adrienne," Vivian snapped. Bonnie corrected Vivian.

"You're the gold digger that married Mickey Horton," Vivian said. "Watch how you talk about my wife," Justin said. Vivian raised an eyebrow. "Did you trade Adrienne for a carbon copy the way I did when Nicholas lost his beloved Cocker Spaniel?" Vivian asked. Bonnie growled, and Maggie held her back. Maggie argued that if there was a gold digger in the room, it was Vivian.

"We were soul mates," Vivian argued. Vivian thought about moments with Victor when he had been cruel to her, but she continued to talk about what a perfect relationship she had had with Victor.

"You need to leave now!" Kate said. Vivian threatened one of Maggie's figurines. "There's no reason for bloodshed this morning," Justin announced. "Really? I think Victor would approve," Bonnie said. Vivian put the figurine down as the other women took a step back. Philip asked Vivian to leave.

"I'm not leaving until I've delivered my eulogy," Vivian said. "The funeral is over. It ended an hour ago," Justin said. Vivian was horrified that there was no food spread. When Kate told Vivian to leave, Vivian refused to leave before the reading of the will.

"And now we know why you're really here," Maggie said. Vivian groaned. "I'm only here in the interests of my son," Vivian said. "He's not your son," Kate grumbled. Vivian argued that the will had been updated when Philip had been presumed dead. "How the hell would you know when the will was updated?" Kate asked. Vivian narrowed her eyes at Justin, and he assured Vivian that Philip had been compensated.

"And you are not one of his inheritors," Justin added. "Not even a bauble? Something sentimental?" Vivian asked. Justin explained that they had not scheduled the reading of the will yet. Vivian refused to leave. With a sigh, Justin offered to show Vivian that she was not in the will.

When Justin looked in the safe, the will was missing. Vivian smiled, and she raised her mimosa glass. "Are you sure that's where Victor kept his will?" Kate asked. "He showed it to me before he went to Greece," Justin said. Vivian sipped her drink as Justin called Victor's attorneys. Kate pulled Philip aside.

"Victor set up a secret trust for you while you were in Europe, so you will be taken care of," Kate whispered to Philip. "Then let's get the hell out of here," Philip said. Kate announced her departure with Philip.

"Goodbye, my darling boy. I'm so glad you're not dead," Vivian said. Philip gave Vivian a half-smile, and he left with Kate. "So few people you can sincerely say that about," Vivian added.

Kate and Philip went to the pub, and they talked about the wake. "Well, I'm glad that Sarah was there for Maggie, though. I mean, I know how much it meant to me to have my two sons with me," Kate said. Kate asked Philip if he was okay.

"I guess it really hadn't sank in until the funeral. This time, it really is goodbye," Philip said. Philip lamented that he had not had time to redeem himself to Victor before his death. "To live up to what he thought I could be," Philip said. Philip thought about the last time he had spoken to Victor in person. Victor had said, "What I won't give up is the growth that you and I have had in becoming closer together. We've worked so damn hard to achieve it. It's important to me." Philip and Victor had said that they loved one another before Philip had left.

"He loved you. Unconditionally. And he would have done anything for you," Kate said. Kate told Philip that Victor would have been glad that Philip had returned home. "And I am, too," Kate added.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin finished his phone call. He announced that Victor had updated his will while he had been away. "[Victor told the estate lawyer] to destroy the will," Justin said. Vivian smiled.

"Did he file a new one?" Maggie asked. "No," Justin admitted. "Doesn't that mean that Victor died intestate?" Vivian asked. Maggie asked Justin what happened next. Justin noted that the law of the state was that everything went to the surviving spouse. "Maggie, you inherit the entire estate," Justin said. "That's not really true," Vivian announced with a chuckle.

"You've been divorced for over a decade," Maggie said. Vivian explained that she and Victor had never received an official divorce decree. "That can't be," Justin said. Vivian argued that Maggie's marriage to Victor was null and void. "I am the widow Kiriakis, and I inherit everything," Vivian said.

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