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Sarah named her baby Victoria Margaret. Justin confirmed that Vivian was Victor's sole heir. Theresa followed Brady and Alex to Greece. Ava spoke to a psychic vision of Susan. Talia started at the hospital. Chanel dumped Talia and reunited with Johnny. John introduced his father to his family. Talia and Shawn had a drunken hook-up. Wendy doctored passports for Ava and Harris. E.J. covered his tracks. Stefan and Gabi blackmailed Dimitri. Gwen told Kristen that she knew about Dimitri and Leo.
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Vivian was named Victor's sole heir. Chanel dumped Talia. John introduced his father to his family. Gwen told Kristen that she knew about Dimitri and Leo.
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Sarah is rushed to the hospital

Sarah is rushed to the hospital

Monday, September 11, 2023

by Mike

Brady and Alex wandered around the town square together while complaining to each other about how long they had been waiting for the food they had ordered from the Bistro.

Brady soon changed the subject, eager to find out if Theresa's earlier flirtation with Alex was going to lead to anything more serious. Alex squirmed then confessed to being interested, prompting Brady to clarify that no fights would ever break out between them over the matter because Theresa was an ex and was therefore free to date other people.

Brady was quick to warn, however, that Alex and Theresa might seem compatible in theory as two admitted troublemakers but were actually playing in completely different leagues. "Your idea of 'trouble' is, like, sleeping with Allie and busting up her relationship with Chanel -- and Theresa's idea of 'trouble' is hitting my father over the head with a fireplace poker and almost killing him, or getting kidnapped and then being stuck in Mexico for a few years with a Mexican drug lord by the name of El Fideo," Brady elaborated. "Oh!" Alex sputtered. "It's better to stay on her good side," Brady concluded.

Theresa ran into Stephanie outside the Brady Pub -- and Kayla soon emerged from the restaurant with a takeout order and joined the impromptu family reunion.

Theresa admitted to having returned to Salem not just to attend Victor's funeral service but also to rekindle an old flame -- and Kayla and Stephanie were both sympathetic after hearing about how Brady had shot down the latter plan.

Kayla joked that, on the bright side, Theresa wasn't going to be remembered as the absolute worst of the funeral service's uninvited guests -- because Kate had just revealed, during a conversation inside the pub, that Vivian had also crashed the event.

Xander and Chloe each gave Rex a look of concern when Sarah lost consciousness after giving birth outside the Kiriakis mausoleum. "She's hemorrhaging," Rex explained.

Sarah regained consciousness while Chloe was fetching Rex's vehicle. "Take care of our little girl," Sarah begged Xander before passing out again, leaving Rex worried for more than one reason.

Vivian pranced around the Kiriakis mansion while voicing plans to revamp the décor -- but Justin and Bonnie each laughed off the idea that anyone other than Maggie could ever make a legitimate claim to Victor's estate in the absence of a will.

Justin soon rushed off to investigate the matter -- and Chloe stopped by a short time later to announce that Maggie was needed at the hospital, leaving Bonnie with the dubious honor of guarding Vivian.

Stephanie and Theresa continued their conversation over lunch at the Brady Pub, reminiscing about various adventures they had shared together over the years.

Theresa soon changed the subject, eager to brag about having met someone earlier -- and was surprised to learn that Stephanie had once been involved with Alex.

Theresa offered to back off, but Stephanie dismissed the concern -- then wondered if Alex was just a pawn in a scheme to make Brady jealous. "Can I get his number?" Theresa evasively responded.

Alex and Brady were still waiting for their order when Justin approached to warn them about what had just happened at the Kiriakis mansion.

Brady and Alex started discussing the matter after Justin left -- and they soon decided to work together in an effort to figure out what had occurred during Victor's final days of life that had prompted the destruction of a will and other strange actions.

Brady contacted someone then ended the phone conversation a short time later and explained to Alex that lawyers didn't agree that death was a good excuse to reveal privileged information -- but Victor's lawyer had just slipped up and shared a secret with the assumption that it was common knowledge. "Grandfather called him from Greece," Brady elaborated before wondering if Alex was up for a trip.

Alex received a phone call while considering Brady's idea. "I was calling to see if we could set that date for dinner," Theresa explained. "I would love to do that...but I'm actually gonna be going out of town," Alex responded. "You didn't mention that earlier," Theresa grumbled. "It was a last-minute type of thing. I'm going to Greece with Brady," Alex clarified, drawing a mischievous grin from Theresa.

Maggie and Chloe entered the hospital while Xander was begging Kayla for an update on Sarah's condition. "Placenta accreta -- which causes the placenta to not detach fully after labor," Kayla reported before adding that Sarah was going to be fine.

Sarah later regained consciousness and reunited with a healthy baby girl then requested Xander's presence for an important announcement that Rex and Maggie were also going to be allowed to hear. "I'd like to name her Victoria, after Victor -- and for her middle name...I'd like it to be Margaret, after you, Mom," Sarah declared after getting Rex's permission to ditch their previous idea for the child's name. "Is that all you want to say?" Maggie challenged Sarah, having assumed that Xander had been asked to stay for a different revelation. "That's all," Sarah insisted through gritted teeth before clarifying that Xander had cared about Victor and had therefore deserved to be among the first to hear the news.

Sarah later confided in Rex about having been on the verge of confessing to Xander earlier. "Then all these memories flooded back -- you know, the pain of bonding with a child that wasn't mine and never getting to say goodbye to Mickey -- and I know that Xander was trying to do the right thing by me, but he just made everything so much worse...'cause that's who he is, and if he knew that Victoria was his, that's what I would be signing up for, a lifetime of that pain," Sarah explained. "Are you sure?" Rex wondered. "I know the agony of having a child ripped away from you -- and I would never do that to you," Sarah insisted.

Maggie entered the Kiriakis mansion and found Bonnie and Vivian bonding with each other about their respective experiences at Statesville and their shared desire to be seen as more than just gold-diggers.

Justin returned a short time later and conceded that Vivian's story was true. "There is no legal remedy to this," Justin advised Maggie. "Pack your belongings and get the hell out of my house!" Vivian demanded.

Chanel tells Johnny how she feels about him

Chanel tells Johnny how she feels about him

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

At the Salem Inn, Tripp and Wendy kissed in bed. "We have to make up for all those times we were interrupted," Tripp joked. "[Are you okay] with shutting out the world and just being alone here with me?" Wendy asked. Tripp reminded Wendy that he had left his phone with Kayla in case of any emergencies. "And since I haven't heard from her," Tripp said. With a grin, Tripp kissed Wendy.

After an order for room service, there was a knock at the door. Tripp was surprised to see Rafe at the door. "What is it?" Tripp asked. Rafe updated Tripp on the situation with Ava's escape, and he asked if Tripp had seen Ava. Tripp explained that he had not had his phone. "Damn! I thought she was doing a lot better," Tripp said. When Tripp noted that he could not believe his mother had shot anyone, Rafe admitted that they believed the shooting had been in self-defense.

"You mean the person was trying to hurt her?" Wendy asked. "The evidence indicates that [the woman] went there to kill Ava," Rafe said. While Wendy changed in the bathroom, Rafe explained to Tripp that the assassin was still unconscious. "So, my mom just what, slipped out of Bayview?" Tripp asked. Rafe explained that Harris had helped Ava escape. Tripp promised to contact Rafe if Ava reached out to him.

"And I'm assuming you're already investigating who sent that woman to kill her, right?" Tripp asked. "You say that like you know who it is," Rafe said. Tripp argued that it was obvious that E.J. was to blame. Tripp told Rafe about his run-in with E.J., and that he had responded poorly when Tripp had mentioned Ava's treatment at Bayview.

"Did [E.J.] make a direct threat against her?" Rafe asked. "No, but it's not like he's going to tell me that he's hiring someone to kill her," Tripp said. Rafe nodded, and he promised to investigate E.J. if the evidence indicated he was involved. Rafe's phone beeped with a text, and he noted that he had to follow up on a lead. Rafe asked Tripp to convince Ava to turn herself in if she reached out to him.

After Rafe left, Wendy assured Tripp that his mother would be fine. "I'm not sure who I'm worried about more finding her, E.J. or the cops," Tripp said. "[Harris] will protect her," Wendy said. Tripp was unsure. "I know Michaels was brainwashed and all, but it wasn't that long ago the guy tried to kill my whole family with an exploding pizza," Tripp said.

At the Price apartment, Chanel complimented Paulina on her dress. "Abraham is taking me to the Bistro," Paulina said. Chanel asked about Paulina's second date. "It went better than the first," Paulina admitted. Paulina said she was taking things slow with Abe, as Chanel had advised.

"Enough about my love life. I want to know how things are going with you and Talia," Paulina said. With a sigh, Chanel told Paulina about Johnny's love confession. "What did you say?" Paulina asked. Chanel admitted that she had not said anything in response because Talia had interrupted the conversation. "What would you have said?" Paulina asked. Chanel admitted that she was confused.

"I thought what we had was over. We'd moved on, and we'd even found a way to be friends," Chanel explained. Paulina told Chanel that she supported Chanel if she wanted to be with Talia, but she believed Johnny was a better match. "You know I've always had a soft spot for that boy," Paulina said with a chuckle. Chanel groaned.

"Why did Johnny have to drop this on me now? When I'm just starting a new relationship?" Chanel lamented. Chanel reminded Paulina that Johnny had said he wanted to be with Wendy. "How do I know this isn't some sort of rebound?" Chanel argued. "You don't have to make a decision right now," Paulina said. Chanel shook her head, and she said she did not want to be part of a triangle again.

"To leave this hanging? It's not fair to Talia or Johnny," Chanel said. "Or to you," Paulina added. Paulina asked Chanel who she wanted to choose. Chanel pouted with frustration.

At the hospital, Talia was starting her first day as the new doctor. "Dr. Hunter! You have no idea how happy it makes me to say that," Jada said. Talia beamed. "I think me, too," Talia said. Jada noted that their father would have been proud. After Jada took a couple of first day pictures of her sister, she admitted that she was there for work.

"I need to question the woman who shot by Ava Vitali," Jada said. Talia updated Jada on the victim's medical status. With a nod, Jada noted that she needed to speak to the woman as soon as she woke up. "I've got to find out who hired her to kill Ava Vitali," Jada said. While Jada waited, she chatted with Talia about her new job.

"Did I mention that I'm seeing someone new? Someone that I really like," Talia said. Jada asked about Talia's new relationship with Chanel, and Talia said she believed it could develop into something special. Talia told her sister that she was thankful that multiple people had given her a second chance. Concerned, Jada asked Talia if she was ready to date again. Talia said she had no doubts about her feelings for Chanel.

"I am so lucky that [Chanel] wants to be with me, too," Talia said. Jada told Talia that she was proud of her. Talia's phone beeped with a notification that the assassin was awake. "Can I talk to her?" Jada asked. After the doctor cleared his patient for an interview, Jada introduced herself to the assassin. "Who hired you to kill Ava Vitali?" Jada asked.

As Harris and Ava holed up in the motel, Harris noted that they needed to venture out for food eventually. "It is still not safe out there. E.J. has got people all over this town," Ava said. "Are you sure it was E.J.?" Harris asked. Ava said she was certain. Ava added that the police would not believe them because Rafe hated her.

"Can't we just call E.J. and tell him that his mom's alive?" Harris asked. "He's not going to believe us! We've got no proof," Ava said. Ava argued that their only option was to find Susan and send her home. With a nod, Harris said he would go get a burner phone and supplies. Ava was nervous.

"I'm pretty good at moving around undetected," Harris said. "Okay. I mean, if you get a phone, I can call my son. I know that he's probably worried sick," Ava said. As Harris turned to leave, Ava thanked him for having saved her life. "You could have left me to die. I'm not your problem," Ava said. "You're not a problem at all. I'm just glad I was there to help," Harris said.

After Harris left, Ava paced the room. There was a knock at the door. As the knob started to turn, Ava whispered, "I swear he locked that door." Ave grabbed a box, and she yanked open the door to swing at the visitor. The hallway was empty. Ava closed the door, and when she turned around, a smiling Susan was standing there.

"Hello again!" Susan said cheerfully. Ava gasped. "How did you find me?" Ava asked. Confused, Ava asked Susan if she was a ghost. Susan said no, but then she disappeared. "Susan?" Ava said. Susan yelled behind Ava and startled her.

"So, you're not really here," Ava said. "Duh," Susan countered. Ava argued that she no longer felt guilty for Susan's death, and she did not understand why she was hallucinating Susan. Susan hinted that she was a psychic vision. "You have to tell me where you are," Ava asked. Ava told Susan that E.J. had ordered Ava's murder to avenge Susan's death.

"But you and I know you aren't really dead. So, tell me where you are so I can prove it," Ava asked. Susan laughed. "And why would I want to help you after what you did to me?" Susan asked. Susan argued that it was only because of divine intervention that she had not been killed in the accident. "And now I'm stuck in the Big Smoke," Susan said. Ava apologized.

"I wasn't well at the time. But now, you and I, we could help each other," Ava said. Ava appealed to Susan's better nature, but Susan called Ava a mean person. "What if you hurt me again?" Susan asked. "I promise you, I just want to reunite you with your Elvis so we can all just move on," Ava stressed. After a moment, Susan said, "It's not where you think."

"Ava, what are you doing?" Harris asked as he returned to the room. Ava explained that she had been talking to Susan. "[Susan] has some kind of psychic powers. I think that she's been trying to reach out to me this whole time," Ava explained. Harris shrugged, and he asked why Susan had not reached out sooner. Ava argued that Susan was not a logical person.

"She kept saying that she was stuck in the Big Smoke," Ava said. Harris raised an eyebrow. "Big Smoke? That's an old nickname for London," Harris said. Harris offered to reach out to his contacts for fake passports. "I guess we'll go to London. God knows it's too dangerous here," Ava said.

E.J. paced the DiMera mansion, and he called an orderly at the hospital that was on his payroll. "The woman who got shot in Bayview, she's still unconscious," the orderly said. E.J. instructed the man to call him if the woman woke up. After E.J. ended the call, he looked at the news article about Ava on his tablet.

"How the hell did you manage to put my hired gun in the hospital? She was supposed to put you in the morgue!" E.J. yelled. Johnny walked in, and he asked why his father was upset. E.J. explained that he had been reading an article about the woman that Ava had shot during her escape from Bayview.

"They just sent [Ava] to Bayview for treatment," Johnny said. "As if anything could help that maniac," E.J. grumbled. E.J. explained that Ava was on the run, and he hoped that a trigger-happy cop would shoot her. Johnny reminded E.J. that the judge had ruled that Ava had not been responsible for her actions at the time of the car accident because Ava had not been mentally sound.

"First of all, it was not an accident. And that judge was even more delusional than Ava," E.J. argued. "Either way. I hope that the police can find her before she or anyone else gets hurt," Johnny said. E.J. changed the subject to Johnny's love life. Johnny told E.J. what had happened with Chanel.

"What the hell are you doing here? You need to go back and get Chanel and demand an answer. Does she or does she not want to be with you," E.J. said. Johnny refused. "So, you're just giving up?" E.J. asked. Johnny explained that he did not want to make a fool out of himself.

"I put myself out there. I opened up my heart to her. If she wants to give us another shot, she knows where to find me," Johnny said. "DiMeras don't let others decide our fate. We never leave anything up to chance," E.J. advised. Johnny's phone rang. Chanel called to ask Johnny to meet with her at Paulina's apartment. "You deserve a response. In person," Chanel said.

After Johnny left, E.J. stared at the news article about Ava again. "You should hope that the police find your first, Ava. Because one way or another, my mother will be avenged," E.J. said. E.J.'s phone rang with a call from the orderly at the hospital about the assassin's status. "The police are questioning her as we speak," the orderly said.

At the Price apartment, Paulina opened the door to leave as Johnny arrived. "You look nice," Johnny said. "I look a whole lot better than nice, but thank you," Paulina said with a chuckle. Paulina explained that she was headed out for her date with Abe. "When you share a love like we did, it never really goes away," Paulina said. "I agree," Johnny said as he looked over at Chanel.

After Paulina left, Chanel told Johnny that she had thought about what he had said to her. "Take as much time as you need. I know I kind of caught you off guard," Johnny said. "You did. And the thing is, I started seeing Talia," Chanel said. Johnny nodded yes. Chanel admitted that she really liked Talia.

"You want to give it a shot with Talia. I understand," Johnny said. "No, I don't think you do," Chanel said. Johnny stressed that Chanel did not need to spare his feelings. "I was honest with you, and now you're being honest with me," Johnny said. Johnny started to leave, but Chanel grabbed his hand.

"I did [want to see where things were going with Talia] until you told me you wanted to see where things could go with us," Chanel said. Chanel confessed that she had suppressed her feelings for Johnny. "It was because I wasn't hopeful that they'd be returned. And then so many things, they just got in the way of us being able to make it work, and obviously, but now, those feelings are anything but suppressed," Chanel said. Johnny caressed Chanel's face, and he kissed her.

In the town square, Talia called Chanel's phone and left a voicemail. "I was thinking I'd stop by your mom's. I have something special for you," Talia said as she looked at a bouquet of roses in her hand.

Outside a motel room, Rafe and another police officer followed up on a tip from a pizza delivery place and a confirmation from the desk clerk about Harris. Rafe told the officer not to hesitate to use deadly force if needed. Rafe kicked in the door.

Tripp and Wendy help Ava and Harris

Tripp and Wendy help Ava and Harris

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

In Horton Town Square, Talia carried a bouquet of roses as she excitedly told Belle about having a second chance with Chanel. Belle was happy for Talia, who wondered why she hadn't heard back from Chanel. Belle encouraged Talia to surprise Chanel with a visit. Talia agreed, and she handed Belle a rose to give to Shawn.

At a motel, Rafe and an officer found Ava and Harris' room empty. Shawn appeared, and he staggered as he entered the room. Rafe quickly deduced that Shawn was drunk. Rafe threatened to suspend Shawn, and he pleaded for Shawn to think about Belle and Claire. Rafe told an officer to escort Shawn home.

On his way home, Shawn encountered Belle in Town Square. Belle observed that Shawn was drunk. Shawn was belligerent as Belle pleaded with him to listen to her. Belle suggested that it was time to consider an inpatient rehabilitation center to help with Shawn's drinking problem.

Shawn accused Belle of not being honest with him. Belle asked when she had lied to Shawn. Shawn noted that Belle had recently agreed to represent Philip after Philip's return to Salem. Shawn accused Belle of cheating on him whenever the couple had a problem, and he referenced Belle's affair with E.J. in 2022.

Belle pleaded for Shawn to go home with her. Shawn snapped that he would only go somewhere he wouldn't be judged. Shawn stormed off. Belle attempted to follow Shawn, to no avail.

At Abe and Paulina's penthouse, Chanel told Johnny that she only wanted to be with him. Johnny and Chanel kissed, and they admitted that their feelings for others had never been close to what they had felt for one another. Chanel added that she would have to let Talia down easy, and she worried about what she would tell Talia.

Just then, an excited Talia appeared after knocking on the door. Talia saw Johnny, and she apologized for having interrupted. Johnny agreed to leave following Chanel's request. Afterwards, Talia rambled with excitement about the night ahead.

Chanel stopped Talia, and she slowly told Talia that she and Johnny had decided to be more than friends. Talia grew emotional, and she began to cry. Talia said that she should have known that a relationship with Chanel was too good to be true. Chanel said that she was sorry. "Don't be, okay? It's my fault. I should have never told you how I felt about you in the first place," Talia said before leaving.

A short while later, at the Brady Pub, Talia flashed back to her first official date with Chanel. Talia tossed back a shot of alcohol. Nearby, Shawn stood alone at the bar. "Mind if I join you?" Shawn asked Talia after he spotted her drinking alone. At the same time, Johnny smiled as he opened the door to Chanel at the DiMera mansion.

In a room at the hospital, Jada told Joyce, the assassin that E.J. had hired to kill Ava, to make a deal with the police. Joyce was tight-lipped before Jada read the text message that E.J. had sent to the burner phone that Joyce had used.

Jada realized that she had captured Joyce's attention after reading the message from the burner phone. Jada pressed Joyce to admit who had hired her to kill Ava. "Do not answer that question," E.J. said sharply as he entered the room.

Jada accused E.J. of being the person who had hired Joyce to kill Ava. E.J. claimed that he was Joyce's attorney. Jada scoffed, but E.J. said that he had heard about the shooting on the evening news. E.J. said that he would do everything to help Joyce.

Joyce feigned that she didn't know E.J., but she agreed to accept his help. Jada warned that Joyce was making a mistake, but she said that the offer to cooperate with the police still stood. After Jada left, E.J. said that Joyce had done the right thing. "Now tell me, why on God's green earth is Ava Vitali still breathing?" E.J. asked.

Joyce told E.J. that Harris had stopped her from killing Ava. E.J. said that Harris was a Navy SEAL and that Joyce was lucky to be alive. "But if Ava thinks he is going to keep her safe from me, then she is in for a rude awakening," E.J. said.

A short while later, Rafe appeared at the hospital. Jada told Rafe that E.J. had claimed to be Joyce's lawyer. Jada said that the police would run a check on the number that had sent the text to Joyce's phone. Rafe recalled having found Ava and Harris' motel room abandoned. Jada said that she thought Ava and Harris wouldn't be hard to find.

At the Shin apartment, Tripp was surprised to find Ava and Harris hiding together. Ava and Tripp hugged one another closely before Ava recalled the attempt on her life at Bayview. Wendy entered as Tripp said that Ava was safe as long as Ava was with them. Tripp asked about Harris' involvement. Ava recalled how Harris had saved her life. Ava then told Tripp that Susan was alive.

Ava said that she had initially thought she was hallucinating Susan. "But now I am convinced it was the real Susan... and she's trying to reach out to me," Ava said. Ava and Harris mentioned their plans to leave Salem for London. Ava pleaded for Tripp to help her leave the country, and Tripp agreed.

Wendy surprised everyone when she said that she knew how to create phony passports. Wendy recalled having exceeded at creating fake IDs for underaged teenagers when she'd been younger. Ava and Harris agreed to let Wendy help them.

A short while later, Harris complimented Wendy for how authentic the passports looked. Tripp asked if Ava was certain that she was making the right decision. Ava said that she had to find Susan, and she told Tripp to tell the police that he hadn't been able to stop her from leaving Salem.

Ava thanked Tripp and Wendy for their help. Ava and Tripp hugged again, and Tripp told Ava to return home safely. Tripp and Ava said that they loved one another. Afterwards, Ava looked at Harris. "You ready?" Harris asked softly. "Ready," Ava said as she nodded. Ava and Harris used the window to leave the apartment together.

Timothy connects with his new family

Timothy connects with his new family

Thursday, September 14, 2023

At Alex's apartment, Theresa visited Alex. Alex told Theresa about his plans to visit Greece with Brady. Alex and Theresa heard a knock at the door, and they were surprised to see Andrew. Andrew and Theresa hugged. Andrew asked Alex not to interfere with the ISA's investigation into Victor's crash. Alex said that he and Brady only wanted to learn why Victor had gone to Greece without having told anyone.

Alex recalled that Victor had supposedly destroyed his will not long before the crash, and he noted that Vivian had appeared in Salem to claim that she was Victor's sole heir. Alex promised Andrew that he and Brady would stay out of the ISA's way. "But if there is anything you can tell me that might help figure out why my uncle was in Greece, that would be very much appreciated," Alex told Andrew.

Theresa pleaded with Andrew to share whatever intelligence he had with Alex. Andrew relented, and he said that Victor had met with a man named Konstantin Meleounis, who owned a restaurant near Athens. Andrew said that Konstantin might be of some use to Alex, who thanked Andrew for the tip.

After Andrew had left, Alex thanked Theresa for having leaned on Andrew. Alex promised to treat Theresa to dinner when he returned from Greece. Theresa suggested that she tag along with Alex on his and Brady's trip. Alex pushed back on the idea, and Theresa said that she agreed.

In Marlena's office at the hospital, Marlena found John and Timothy bonding. John beamed as he noted that he was having a conversation with his real father. Timothy's eyes lit up when John said that he and Marlena would take Timothy to live with them at Timothy's new "home" -- John and Marlena's penthouse. Timothy said that he couldn't wait to meet the rest of his family.

At John and Marlena's penthouse, Brady sensed that something was wrong with Belle. Belle told Brady about her fight with Shawn. Brady sympathized, and he hugged Belle. Belle blamed herself for Shawn having resumed drinking.

Marlena entered, and she told Brady and Belle that the John Doe patient at the hospital was John's father. Brady and Belle were stunned when John introduced Timothy as their grandfather. John recalled for Belle and Brady how he had been reunited with Timothy. Brady and Belle told Timothy about themselves.

John asked Belle to invite Shawn over. Belle replied that Shawn was "tied up." Timothy then learned about Paul, who surprised everyone with a visit. Paul was delighted to meet Timothy, and the two talked about their shared love of baseball.

As everyone around her laughed and smiled, Belle stood in a corner nearby. Marlena noted that Belle had been quiet when Timothy had asked about Shawn. Belle told Marlena that Shawn had been drunk again. Marlena offered to reach out to Shawn, but Belle said that she needed to give Shawn time to "cool off."

Andrew appeared, and Paul introduced Andrew to Timothy. Brady and Belle said that everyone gathered was blessed to have Timothy as a new member of their family. Timothy grew emotional, and he said that he was overwhelmed to be around his new family. Andrew proposed a family photo, and everyone agreed.

Marlena left to prepare Timothy's room for the night. Timothy worried that he was pulling John away from work. John assured Timothy that there was no place else he would rather be. John referred to Timothy as "Dad," and he asked if Timothy minded. Timothy said that he wouldn't have it any other way. John and Timothy hugged.

Later, Andrew and Paul kissed on a park bench in Horton Town Square. Andrew recalled having met with Alex, and he shared that Alex had met Theresa at Victor's funeral. "Something tells me she has a hidden agenda," Andrew said of Theresa. When Paul asked why Andrew felt that way, Andrew said that it was because Theresa always had an agenda.

Back at Alex's apartment, Brady met Alex as the two men prepared to leave Salem. After Alex and Brady left, Theresa smirked as she reappeared nearby.

At the Brady Pub, Talia agreed to Shawn's request to join her at a table. Talia told Shawn that she had been dumped by Chanel. Shawn sympathized, and he told Talia about his fight with Belle. Shawn continued to mourn Victor's death, and he continued to blame himself for Bo's shooting. Talia sympathized with Shawn.

Shawn and Talia bonded over their sorrows as they continued to drink. Talia encouraged Shawn to fix things with Belle, but Shawn said it was the last thing he wanted. Shawn told Talia about Belle having cheated on him with E.J. and Philip. As the evening progressed, Shawn and Talia grew more drunk. Talia called herself "damaged goods." Shawn said that Talia was "only human."

A short while later, Belle appeared at the pub, and she wondered where Shawn could be. Belle placed a call to Shawn after she stood near the table that Shawn and Talia had been at. The table was filled with empty beer bottles and shot glasses.

At the same time, Shawn stood in Jada and Talia's room above the pub. Talia said that she and Shawn had the room to themselves because Jada was working an all-night shift at the police station. Shawn and Talia began to make out, and the two fell onto the bed together.

At the DiMera mansion, Chanel told Johnny that she had been denying what was in her heart. Johnny and Chanel admitted that they had never stopped loving one another. They kissed as they placed their arms around each other.

Johnny asked if Chanel wanted to join him in his room at the mansion. Johnny said that he wanted to make love to Chanel, and he described being "afraid" to believe that he and Chanel were truly back together again. "I just wanted to do whatever I could to keep you from changing your mind," Johnny said. "I'm not going to change my mind. I know what I want. It's you," Chanel said.

Johnny and Chanel agreed not to take things any further for the rest of the night. The couple agreed to watch a movie that Johnny described as a "love story." Chanel smiled when Johnny said that the movie had a happy ending. Johnny and Chanel kissed as they prepared to watch the movie.

Dimitri struggles to keep his secret

Dimitri struggles to keep his secret

Friday, September 15, 2023

In Greece, Alex and Brady walked into Alex's hotel room. "It's kind of a long shot to think we can find out what Uncle Vic was up to before his plane went down," Alex admitted. "And why he destroyed his will. That's the burning question. Look, I know it's a long shot, but it's the only shot we got, right?" Brady countered. Alex suggested that they talk to Konstantin, the last man Victor had spoken with before his death.

After Brady left to change in his room, Alex unbuttoned his shirt to shower. There was a knock at the door. "Did you forget something, cousin?" Alex shouted as he opened the door. Theresa smiled at Alex from the hallway. "We are most definitely not related," Theresa said. As Alex stared with bewilderment, Theresa walked past him into the room.

"What the hell are you doing in Greece, Theresa?" Alex asked. Theresa reminded Alex that she had offered to help him in his investigation. Alex reminded Theresa that he had warned her that Brady would not want her "tagging along." "I got my own flight. And Brady's not the boss of me. Nor is he the boss of you," Theresa said. "You should not be here," Alex stressed. With a shrug, Theresa told Alex to stand up to Brady.

Alex told Theresa that he would love to eat Victor's favorite eggplant dish with her, but he needed to meet up with Brady instead. Theresa brushed her hands across Alex's chest, and she slid her hands up to link behind his neck. "There is only one big eggplant that I'm after," Theresa whispered. "Oh, Theresa," Alex said with regret. Theresa pushed Alex away and laughed.

"Get over yourself, Kiriakis. I'm just teasing you. Go ahead, shower," Theresa said. Alex sighed with relief. "While I'm doing that, why don't you go ahead and book yourself a flight back to the States?" Alex said. Alex offered to pay for the return flight, and he pointed out his wallet. While Alex ducked into the bathroom to shower, there was a knock at the door. It was Brady.

"Theresa. What the hell are you doing here?" Brady said with surprise. "Hey, if you're looking for Alex, he's in the shower because, well, he just worked up quite the sweat," Theresa said. Brady grimaced. Furious, Brady told Theresa that he resented that she had followed him to Greece while he was working to resolve an urgent family matter.

"How many times do I have to remind you, I am family, too," Theresa stressed. "Tate is the only reason I put up with this kind of crap. Why would you come here uninvited?" Brady yelled. Theresa said that Alex had invited her to help. "You're lying," Brady said. Theresa argued that Alex might see something in her that Brady did not see.

"Don't do this, okay? Alex is not J.J. Deveraux. Don't start trying to play your little mind games," Brady said. "Why? Are you jealous?" Theresa asked. Brady leaned in close to Theresa's face. "You would love that, wouldn't you?" Brady whispered. Alex exited the bathroom.

"What's going on?" Alex asked. "I was hoping you could tell me," Brady said. Brady asked Alex if he had invited Theresa. Alex said no. As Alex started to specify what he had said, Theresa interrupted to note that it did not matter. "I'm here now. So why don't we just make the most of it?" Theresa said. Theresa suggested that the three of them work together to solve the mystery of Victor's final days. Brady refused to work with Theresa.

When Brady insisted that they would drive Theresa to the airport, she refused the offer. Theresa explained that she had spent too long on a plane to just turn around and go home. Alex suggested that they let Theresa stay, and Brady sighed. "Do not get into any trouble. And I swear to God, if you follow us, Theresa --" Brady started. "Oh, my God, I am not going to follow you, Brady," Theresa said with a groan. Theresa yawned, and she asked Alex if she could sleep in his bed. Alex nodded yes, and then he left with Brady. While Theresa waited for room service, there was a knock. When Theresa opened the door, she was shocked.

Brady and Alex met with Konstantin Meleounis at a nearby restaurant. "I'm sorry for your loss. Victor was a great man," Konstantin said. Alex asked Konstantin about his last meeting with Victor.

In the Kiriakis living room, Julie visited with Maggie to apologize for having been unable to attend Victor's funeral service. "How did it go?" Julie asked. "We had an uninvited guest," Maggie explained. When Julie asked who, Vivian marched into the room with a triumphant smile on her face.

"That would be me!" Vivian said. "Wow. I thought you were rotting away in Statesville," Julie said. Vivian explained that she had been released for good behavior. Vivian teased Julie about Lani's incarceration, and she threatened to visit Lani and the twins. "You are despicable!" Julie yelled. Maggie grabbed Julie's shoulders. With a grumble, Julie offered to kick Vivian out of the house.

"I'm so sorry. I don't think Maggie will be able to do that, will you, Maggie?" Vivian said. "What does she mean?" Julie asked. Vivian explained that the house belonged to Vivian. "In fact, Maggie, I don't understand what you're still doing here. Justin and his wife had the good sense to leave this house last night," Vivian said. Tears welled in Maggie's eyes. Vivian explained the situation, and Julie asked if it was a joke.

"My late husband's estate is no laughing matter," Vivian said. "Don't you dare call him that!" Maggie said. Vivian reminded Maggie that Victor had been Vivian's husband upon his death. "Victor Kiriakis was my husband. My husband! In every way that mattered," Maggie yelled. "Except legally," Vivian added. Vivian instructed Maggie and Julie to vacate the house before her return, or she would have the police throw them out. Vivian sashayed out of the house.

"That bitch!" Julie yelled. "I can't believe this is happening. Julie, I could lose my home. Everything that Victor and I built here. Everything, all of it, just lost to that she-wolf," Maggie said. Julie refused to believe that Justin could not help, but Maggie assured Julie that Justin had confirmed that Vivian's claim was legitimate. "You've got to fight," Julie insisted. Julie urged Maggie to join her at the Horton house, where they could discuss Maggie's next move.

"You don't expect me to give in to Vivian's demands?" Maggie asked. "Not by a long shot," Julie said. Julie explained that the move would only be temporary. "You don't want to give Vivian the satisfaction of throwing you out of Victor's house, do you?" Julie asked. Maggie said no. Julie promised to fight Vivian with Maggie.

Gabi startled Stefan awake to ask him what they should do about Dimitri's secret. "So, we are 100% certain that Dimitri is sleeping with Leo, right?" Stefan asked. With a chuckle, Gabi explained that she had finished her game of 20 questions with Rachel while Stefan had been asleep.

"[Rachel] saw it with her own eyes, Leo and Dimitri in bed together," Gabi confirmed. "So, Dimitri really did just marry Gwen so he could satisfy the terms of the Von Leuschner codicil," Stefan said. Gabi said that had been the only reason. "Poor Gwen is strolling around like the happy newlywed," Gabi said. Gabi called Dimitri a dirtbag.

"Who is also banging her best friend on the DL," Stefan added. Gabi asked Stefan how they could use the information to their advantage. Stefan argued they could either embarrass Dimitri or extort him for all his DiMera shares. "I prefer the latter option," Gabi said. "I knew you would," Stefan whispered with a grin.

In the DiMera living room, Dimitri was loading up a plate of food when Kristen walked in. Kristen asked if Dimitri was hungry after a night with his wife or his boy toy. "For God's sake, would you please lower your voice," Dimitri said. Kristen dismissed Dimitri's worries.

"If I learned anything in my short time in this house, it's that there is no decibel low enough that what you say won't be heard, deciphered, and then broadcast across the entire world," Dimitri complained. Kristen told Dimitri to redirect his worries to the Von Leuschner lawyer. Dimitri told Kristen that he had already convinced the lawyer not to talk to Gwen.

"How did you arrange for Mr. Roth to meet with your adoring wife without clueing her in to the money that you're coming into?" Kristen asked. "I had a Gwen stand-in," Dimitri said. Dimitri told Kristen what had happened with the lawyer. "When he realized that Leo and I have genuine feelings for each other, he became empathetic to our plight," Dimitri said. Kristen laughed.

"You convinced me that you were just stringing Leo along to keep him from outing you to Gwen," Kristen said. Dimitri confessed that he was in love with Leo. "So, you have fallen in love with Leo Stark," Kristen said. "What difference does it make? The important thing is that Roth believes that Leo and I are soul mates, made for each other, even. And that was enough for him to release the funds," Dimitri said. Kristen asked about her cut of the money.

"That is on hold," Dimitri said. Kirsten glowered. Dimitri explained that the lawyer had only released the first installment, and Dimitri had needed all the money for his expenses. "Yes, you do, nephew. Like paying me to stay silent over this sham of a marriage you have," Kristen argued. Kristen warned Dimitri not to cross her, or she would tell Gwen everything.

"Tell Gwen everything about what?" Gabi asked as she entered the room with Stefan. "And why does it have our nephew here looking like a ghost?" Stefan added. As Kristen and Dimitri exchanged a look, Vivian walked into the living room. "Mother?" Stefan said. "How did you get out of prison?" Gabi asked. "Hasn't anyone ever heard of good behavior?" Vivian asked with exasperation. With a smirk, Vivian asked Gabi how she had convinced Stefan to remarry her. Gabi rolled her eyes.

"She didn't have to get me to do anything, Mother. We're in love. More so now than ever," Stefan said. Vivian warned Stefan to be careful because Gabi's marriage to Nick had not worked out. "It didn't work out with Nick because he was an abusive jerk whom I had to defend myself against. You know, like when Melanie Jonas' mom did when she had to defend herself against your creepy nephew Lawrence," Gabi countered. Vivian narrowed her eyes.

"How dare you bring up that ghastly Von Leuschner's name and what she did to my Lawrence?" Vivian said. As Gabi and Vivian bickered back and forth, Dimitri interrupted. "Who exactly is this woman and what is her issue with the Von Leushners?" Dimitri asked. Vivian introduced herself.

"You're an Alamain?" Dimitri said. "And who might you be?" Vivian asked, Kristen introduced Dimitri as Megan's son. When Vivian noted that she was sure that Dimitri's mother was lovely, Dimitri clenched his teeth. "She is. As is my cousin, Katerina. You know, the one that you buried alive," Dimitri said. Dimitri told Vivian that he was a Von Leuschner and her sworn enemy.

"Well, that's very unfortunate. I do hope you take after the maternal side," Vivian said. Vivian pretended to be tired, and she turned to leave. "Mother, wait. You've done a whole lot of talking. And you've made it abundantly clear that you are still as sharp-tongued and bitter as ever. But you haven't told us what you're doing in Salem," Stefan said. Vivian announced that she needed to take care of a rodent infestation at home, and she walked out.

"Just what we needed, Vivian on the loose," Kristen complained. Kristen asked Dimitri if they could resume their conversation in the foyer. "I think it can wait, don't you?" Dimitri said. "Of course," Kristen stated through gritted teeth. After Kristen walked out, Dimitri started to excuse himself, but Gabi demanded an answer to her question about Gwen.

"I will save you the trouble of having to come up with a lie. We know, Dimitri," Stefan said. "You know what?" Dimitri asked. "We know you're having an affair with Leo Stark. Don't deny it, because Rachel saw the two of you in bed together. And we know you got his hotel room in Iceland," Gabi said. Dimitri paled. "Buddy, don't look so rattled," Stefan said. Stefan told Dimitri that he and Gabi would keep Dimitri's secret in exchange for their demands.

At the Salem Inn, Leo donned his Gwen wig and play-acted the role of his best friend. Gwen knocked. Leo threw the wig on the bed as he opened the door. As Gwen marched into the room, Leo glanced over at the wig on the bed. "I was just wondering about you," Leo said. Gwen announced that married life was perfect.

"I was quite worried in the beginning when we had to cut the honeymoon in Iceland short," Gwen added. Gwen told Leo that her husband could not keep his hands off her. Leo forced a smile to hide his jealousy. "The past few days, he's just been in such a great mood. And he's always in the mood. We are constantly shagging," Gwen said. "Okay, okay, I get it," Leo said. As Gwen noted that she was exhausted from all the sex, Leo slumped his shoulders.

"I swear, Dimitri Von Leuschner and his magic penis just may be the death of me," Gwen said. As Gwen started to describe a sexual position Dimitri had taught her, Leo yelled, "Shut up! Shut up! Would you please just shut the hell up?" Gwen asked what was wrong. Leo apologized. "I don't know what came over me," Leo said. Gwen asked Leo why he was not happy for her and Dimitri. Leo admitted he was jealous.

"I've got no one," Leo said. "No one? What happened to Matthew Perry, your married boyfriend?" Gwen asked. Leo said they had broken up. When Gwen asked for details, Leo explained that his boyfriend had decided to work things out with his wife. "It's my own fault for getting involved with someone as deep in the closet as my bright-yellow ski onesie," Leo said. Gwen reminded Leo that he was a catch.

"I know that one day, you are going to meet somebody as wonderful as my Dimitri. I'm sure of it," Gwen said. Leo hugged Gwen. With a sigh, Gwen announced that she needed to get home. "Dimitri bought me this sexy new lingerie," Gwen said. As Gwen started to describe it, Leo forced a smile. After Gwen left, Leo imitated Gwen's voice in a mocking tone. "Damn it, Dimitri. What kind of game are you playing?" Leo said.

In the Kiriakis living room, Maggie was seated at the desk when Vivian returned home. "Have it your way. I'll just call the sheriff," Vivian said. "Don't bother," Maggie said. Julie told Maggie that she would wait in the car, and she wheeled Maggie's suitcase over Vivian's feet and out of the house. "I see you've come to your senses," Vivian said. Vivian noted that Maggie was not suited to be the matriarch of the Kiriakis family.

"You may have won this round, Vivian. But mark my word, the war is just beginning," Maggie said. After Maggie left, Vivian smiled. "To the victor go the spoils, Maggie," Vivian said.

In the DiMera mansion foyer, Stefan and Gabi gloated about how they had blackmailed Dimitri. "So much for Megan Hathaway's plan to eliminate you, her own brother, in a palace coup at DiMera Enterprises," Gabi said.

Dimitri went to the Salem Inn to ask Leo for his help. "We've got serious trouble," Dimitri said. "You're damn right we've got trouble. You are two-timing me with your wife, you ridiculously handsome dirtbag!" Leo countered. Leo shoved Dimitri.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen was surprised to see Gwen alone in the living room. "You haven't happened to see my husband around, have you?" Gwen asked. Kristen noted that Dimitri had been there earlier.

"Look, there's something I feel I need to tell you. I wouldn't have said anything, but Dimitri has forced my hand," Kristen said. Gwen smiled expectantly. "Well, it has to do with Dimitri and your best friend," Kristen said. "What about them?" Gwen asked. With a sigh, Kristen said that Dimitri and Leo were having an affair. Gwen smiled. "Oh, Kristen. I already knew that," Gwen said.

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