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Gwen told Kristen that she knew about Dimitri's secret. Shawn gave Victor's briefcase to Theresa. Dimitri told Leo that he planned to kill Stefan and Gabi. Jada forced Talia to admit she had slept with Shawn. E.J. fired Wendy over Ava. Rafe threatened Tripp. Shawn lied to Belle. Vivian fired Maggie. Chad quit Titan. Theresa slept with Alex. Xander and Chloe planned to elope. Tate was expelled. Maggie found Victor's new will. Chloe overheard Rex say that Xander was Victoria's father.
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Gwen told Kristen she knew Dimitri's secret. Vivian fired Maggie. Theresa slept with Alex. Maggie found Victor's new will. Chloe overheard Rex say that Xander was Victoria's father.
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Theresa receives some fatherly advice

Theresa receives some fatherly advice

Monday, September 18, 2023

by Mike

Gwen continued opening up to Kristen while they were alone together at the DiMera mansion. "Matty may be a world-class dissembler, but those lustful looks that he's been giving my husband -- I'd have to be bloody braindead not to have noticed," Gwen explained, prompting Kristen to interrupt with a laugh of approval.

Kristen praised Gwen for being the superior dissembler in the love triangle and for having been playing the other two right from the start. "Actually, no -- I admit that, yes, in the beginning, I was a bit of a naïve fool, so when Dimitri proposed to me and I agreed to be his wife, I thought, 'Wow, your luck has really turned around; you're about to marry the man of your dreams!'" Gwen clarified, drawing a nod of sympathy from Kristen.

Kristen begged to know when Gwen's take on the matter had changed. "When Leo turned up to my honeymoon with that flimsy, ridiculous excuse about being there for a Madonna concert -- that's when my antenna went up," Gwen answered. "The more I thought about it, the crazier it seemed...but, I mean, I had no proof that anything was actually going on -- well, that is, until the very next day, when Leo came into my room so torn up over Victor's death," Gwen continued. "I popped out to get him a nice little Icelandic treat -- and then, when I came back --" Gwen continued before providing a graphic description of the moment that Dimitri had been caught performing a sexual act on Leo.

Gwen finished the response with a summary of all the weird things Leo and Dimitri had done in recent weeks that had suddenly made sense after their secret had been discovered -- and the conversation Dimitri had been caught having with Kristen that had revealed the financial motive for a loveless marriage. "He told me that he was sleeping with Leo only to keep him quiet," Kristen stressed. "So, you're telling me that he doesn't have feelings for Matty -- that he was just sleeping with him out of desperation?" Gwen translated with a hint of hopefulness. "No, that's what I thought...but Dimitri just told me that wasn't the case -- that what he and Leo have is the real thing," Kristen clarified.

Gwen wanted to confront Dimitri and Leo, but Kristen was quick to object. "I think that you and I should turn the tables around on them," Kristen advised -- and Gwen agreed with a wicked grin.

Leo continued lashing out at Dimitri while they were alone together at the Salem Inn. "The only physical intimacy that Gwen and I have shared in the last 24 hours is when she handed me the TV remote last night and my hand grazed hers for a second," Dimitri interjected after figuring out why Leo was upset.

Leo softened a bit in response to Dimitri's clarification. "But even if nothing happened between you and Gwen last night, you can't say that the two of you never --" Leo grumbled. "I am sleeping with Gwen out of obligation -- but I am sleeping with you because...I love you," Dimitri whispered. "I love you, too!" Leo stressed after recovering from the shock of Dimitri's confession.

Dimitri and Leo celebrated their milestone with a kiss. "Now that that's settled -- what did you mean before, when you said we've got trouble?" Leo prodded Dimitri afterward. "Brace yourself --" Dimitri responded. "She's carrying your child, isn't she? The two of you are gonna be bound together forever!" Leo assumed.

Dimitri laughed off Leo's concern then revealed that Stefan and Gabi were onto them. "What are we gonna do?" Leo fretted. "Kill them," Dimitri muttered. "You can't be serious," Leo objected. "I nearly took out half of Salem with a peacock," Dimitri bragged. "During your 'world domination' era! You've moved on to your 'gentleman of leisure, afternoon sex, and reality TV' era!" Leo countered.

Dimitri remained determined to kill Gabi and Stefan but insisted that Leo didn't need to be involved.

Stefan and Gabi sent a text message to Dimitri after deciding not to push their luck with a demand for shares and money.

Shane entered a hotel in Athens then headed up to Alex's room with a metal briefcase -- and released a laugh of confusion when Theresa opened the door. "What are you doing here?" Shane wondered.

Theresa gave Shane a hug and noted that it had been "forever" since they had last seen each other. "You didn't answer my question -- but it doesn't take an experienced ISA agent to figure out what a father would instinctively know," Shane responded.

Shane accused Theresa of having chased Brady all the way to Greece in the hope of rekindling their romance. "Okay, fine, I followed him -- but that's because I'm helping him and Alex with their investigation," Theresa bragged, amusing Shane.

Shane's reaction offended Theresa. "You don't think I can!" Theresa grumbled. "Oh, I know you can -- but apparently, they don't want your help, or else you'd be out 'investigating' with them," Shane countered.

Shane declared Theresa a brilliant young woman with a good heart who deserved a man who appreciated those qualities. "Oh, I've had other boyfriends -- but I just can't help comparing them to Brady, and none of them measure up," Theresa admitted.

Theresa confided in Shane about having devised a plan to use Alex to make Brady jealous. "How far are you planning to take this deception?" Shane wondered. "I don't know," Theresa responded.

Theresa soon changed the subject, vowing to buy Shane a more fashionable briefcase as soon as possible. "This isn't mine -- it's Victor's. They recovered it from the wreckage, and they established it was in no way related to the crash and that it just contains his personal effects -- some papers of a personal nature, legal documents, that sort of thing. I thought maybe Alex and Brady would like to take it home to Maggie," Shane clarified. "I'll make sure they get it," Theresa promised.

Brady and Alex waited at Konstantin's taverna while the owner was helping some patrons. "My apologies --" Konstantin began afterward. "Oh, no, please -- you have a business to run," Brady responded, drawing a nod of agreement from Alex.

Konstantin told Alex and Brady about Victor's recent visit. "I did not plan to meet with Victor -- he just appeared, and I could tell something was very wrong," Konstantin began. "We are old friends -- I've known Victor for a long time -- so I could tell something else was on his mind, something other than his ailing son," Konstantin continued. "When I asked him about it, he got very quiet," Konstantin continued. "He didn't say anything to me about a will...but he did mention a letter," Konstantin continued. "Only that it was of great importance to him. Then we shared a toast of ouzo, and he left," Konstantin concluded.

Brady reminded Alex that Kayla and Steve had found some letters at Victor's childhood home while being held captive there, prompting Konstantin to lead the way -- but no letters were found at that location.

Theresa said goodbye to Shane at the hotel then forced open the briefcase -- and flashed a mischievous grin while inspecting the stack of letters that had been tucked inside.

Shawn and Talia hide their affair

Shawn and Talia hide their affair

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

In a London hotel room, Ava checked the local news to see if there was any information on her and Harris' escape. "No one is closing in on us," Harris assured Ava. Ava was frustrated that they did not know where to start in their search. "What if we made a huge mistake?" Ava asked. "What mistake have we made?" Harris asked. Ava argued that since they had left the country based on Ava's vision, it was clear that she needed to return to Bayview for treatment.

In an attempt to calm an increasingly anxious Ava, Harris noted that Ava had convinced him that the visions were ESP and not hallucinations. "But why me?" Ava asked. "Maybe [Susan] thinks you owe her. But she sent you a signal that you should be looking for her here," Harris argued. With a sigh, Ava wondered aloud why Susan had been so cryptic.

"It's going to work out. I got a good feeling about it," Harris reassured Ava. "Susan better send me another signal real quick. Before her baby boy comes and finishes off the job," Ava said. While Harris sat on the bed, Ava paced the room, and she called out to Susan and asked for another sign. There was no response.

As Ava started to yell in frustration, Harris reminded Ava that she was a Vitali. "So, act like one," Harris said. Ava smirked. Harris suggested that Ava freshen up. Ava stomped into the bathroom. After getting ready for bed, Ava returned to the room. Harris was stripped down to his underwear and about to get into bed. Ava smiled at Harris.

At the Salem Police Station, Jada told Rafe about a lead at Tripp's building. Jada was eager to question the new witness, but Rafe ordered her to go home and rest. "I'll contact your witness," Rafe said. "Someone is getting bossy," Jada teased Rafe. With a smirk, Rafe told Jada that he meant it. Jada agreed to go home, but she asked Rafe to call her if there were any major developments.

At University Hospital, Wendy asked Tripp if he had heard from his mother. "Radio silence so far," Tripp whispered. "I really hope she can find E.J.'s mother," Wendy whispered. With a shrug, Tripp noted that Ava did not have a choice. Tripp thanked Wendy for having taken a risk for a stranger.

"But I know her son. And that's enough," Wendy said. When Wendy announced that she needed to go into the office, Tripp warned Wendy not to tangle with E.J. at work. "Your mom is in trouble, and the creep I work for sent an assassin to take her out," Wendy complained. "Which proves how dangerous that creep is," Tripp stressed. Wendy promised she would be careful when she snooped. Worried, Tripp begged Wendy not to risk it. "If you didn't want me involved, you shouldn't have made me care about you so much," Wendy said. Tripp's phone rang, and Wendy urged him to answer the call. Wendy left for work.

On the phone was Rafe. "What can I do for you, Commissioner?" Tripp asked. "I need to see you down at the station. How soon can you get here?" Rafe asked.

In the DiMera offices, E.J. talked to the assassin on the phone, and he assured her that he would protect her if she kept quiet. Nicole walked in, and E.J. hurriedly ended his call. "I need to talk to you as a consultant," E.J. said. E.J. asked Nicole to do some research on an acquisition for the company. Nicole agreed to help after E.J. answered one question for her.

"Did you try to have Ava Vitali killed?" Nicole asked. "Oh, come on. Why would I plot Ava's murder?" E.J. asked. "Why wouldn't you?" Nicole countered. Nicole pointed out that the attempt on Ava's life had been a hit. "The only person that knows this mystery person is her attorney, you. Which leads me to believe that you're defending her because you hired her to avenge your mother," Nicole said. E.J. insisted that he was representing the woman because she had almost been killed by the same person that had murdered his mother.

"When I got to the hospital, this poor woman was being grilled by a police officer, and she didn't have counsel," E.J. explained. "Why did you even go there in the first place?" Nicole asked. E.J. said that he had believed the woman might need an attorney, and he had been right. Nicole reminded E.J. that he had not practiced the law in years.

"Any enemy of Ava's is automatically a friend of mine," E.J. said. Nicole groaned. "Honey, I can't tell if you are lying to me out of habit or to protect me," Nicole said. E.J. acted insulted, but Nicole did not buy it. Nicole argued that since she was pregnant with E.J.'s baby, she deserved to know the truth. E.J. sighed with resignation.

"Yes, Nicole. I'm sorry," E.J. confessed. E.J. told Nicole that he wanted to protect her. "Stop. We both know what's going on here," Nicole said. Nicole told E.J. that she did not want to give birth while E.J. was in prison. "I'm not going to prison. No one knows what I've done," E.J. stressed. "No one knows but your client," Nicole countered. Nicole argued that E.J. was Rafe's number one suspect.

"My client isn't going to sell me out as long as I guarantee her safety," E.J. said. E.J. promised Nicole that he would not put their life together at risk. Wendy knocked on the door. "There's something that I want you to see," Wendy said. E.J. started to decline in favor of Nicole, but Nicole urged E.J. to deal with work. "I'm going to go do that research," Nicole said. Nicole grabbed her purse and left.

E.J. asked Wendy what she needed. 'I just want to make sure I'm on track with something," Wendy said. Wendy presented E.J. with the report she had written about the design of a system-wide upgrade. "I wanted you to see it because it could be really expensive," Wendy said.

As E.J. flipped through the report, Wendy looked at her phone. Wendy feigned surprise, and she told E.J. that Ava had escaped Bayview. "Yes, I know," E.J. muttered. "Right. I guess the police must have told you right away," Wendy said. Wendy told E.J. that she was sorry to have heard about Susan's death. "My mother was a very special person," E.J. said. Wendy noted that it was scary that Ava was on the loose.

"But I guess you have good security here and at your house," Wendy said. Frustrated, E.J. asked Wendy not to talk if she wanted him to give his full attention to the report. When E.J. finished reading the report, he told Wendy she had done a good job. E.J. promised to get back to Wendy about how he wanted to proceed. Wendy thanked E.J., and she apologized for having overstepped when she had asked about Ava.

"It's none of my business," Wendy said. "Don't worry about it," E.J. said. E.J. asked Wendy if she could fix his mouse, and then he left for a meeting. As Wendy sat at the desk, she gasped. "He forgot his phone," Wendy said.

At the Brady Pub, Belle met up with Eric. Eric asked Belle to act as his lawyer through the adoption process. Distracted by her phone, Belle said yes. "What's wrong?" Eric asked. "Shawn didn't come home last night," Belle admitted. Confused, Eric noted that Belle had told him that Shawn had been improving.

"And then Victor's funeral happened," Belle said. Belle explained that Shawn blamed himself for Victor's death, and then he had gone to work drunk. "He got suspended again?" Eric asked. With a shake of her head, Belle said that Rafe had sent Shawn home. Belle told Eric about her fight with Shawn in the square.

"I think I went too far. I told him I thought he should be in a residential facility or rehab," Belle confessed. Belle told Eric that Shawn had been insulted, and he had thrown Belle's affair with E.J. in her face.

Above the pub, Shawn stirred awake next to Talia in Jada's bed. "Oh, God," Shawn muttered. When Shawn attempted to quietly get out of bed, Talia stirred awake. Talia saw Shawn, and she yelped, "No, no, no!" Shawn blamed himself. "No, it was me, too," Talia said. Shawn gasped, and he grabbed his phone.

"Six text messages and a voicemail. [Belle] must think that I'm dead and in a ditch somewhere," Shawn said. "Didn't you say that you guys got into this big fight or something?" Talia asked. "I told you that?" Shawn said. When Talia said yes, Shawn asked her what else he had confessed. Talia noted that Shawn had told her that Belle had cheated in the past.

"I've never cheated on her. Oh, man. Well, I guess I can't say that anymore," Shawn groaned. Shawn said he could not believe he had told Talia that or that he had spent the night with her. "I'm not saying that what we did was justified, but I seriously think you should give yourself a break," Talia said. Talia noted that Shawn was obviously still not over his wife's affair.

"But I threw it in her face, and then I went and got even more drunk, and then I cheated on her," Shawn said. Shawn apologized for having lost control and taken advantage of Talia. "Please stop apologizing. I lost control, too," Talia countered. Talia said she felt horrible that she had betrayed Belle. "I owe your wife so much," Talia said. "You feel bad? I'm her husband," Shawn countered. Shawn wondered aloud how to tell Belle what had happened.

As Shawn and Talia dressed, he asked Talia not to say anything to Belle until he figured out a way to explain what had happened. "I won't say a word," Talia promised. "Take care of yourself," Shawn said. Talia wished Shawn luck.

Downstairs in the pub, Belle's phone notified her that Shawn had just received her messages. "At least I know he's alive," Belle said with a sigh of relief. Belle told Eric that she could not understand why Shawn had not called her back, despite the fight. "Maybe he's embarrassed. Drunk or not, he had no right to bring up E.J. at all," Eric said. "I cheated on him with a man that he despises," Belle said. Eric reminded Belle that she and Shawn had been separated at the time.

"I thought we had gotten past all that, but if you could have heard the anger in his voice. What if Shawn hasn't actually forgiven me for my affair?" Belle asked. Belle worried aloud that she was partly to blame for Shawn's drinking. Eric urged Belle to remember, "It was the alcohol talking last night, not [Shawn]." Eric advised Belle not to engage Shawn when has drunk. Belle nodded yes.

As Belle left the pub, Shawn walked past Eric. "Where the hell did you come from?" Eric asked. Shawn stopped, but he did not speak. Eric noted that Belle had just left. "She was worried about you," Eric said.

"We've got a lot to talk about," Shawn said. "You sure do," Eric said. Shawn asked Eric if Belle had told him about the fight. Eric nodded yes. Shawn explained that Jada had told him that he could crash in her apartment. Talia walked down the stairs, but she stopped when she saw Shawn talking to Eric at the front of the pub.

"And what about Talia? She lives here, too," Eric said. Shawn lied and said that Talia had been at work, as well. "Sorry, I'm super slow right now, because I drank a lot last night," Shawn confessed. Talia sneaked into the kitchen. Eric warned Shawn that Belle knew Shawn had seen her messages.

"She'll want to know you are all right," Eric said. "I'm going to text her right now, and I'm going to find out where she is, and I'm going to meet up with her," Shawn said. Talia entered through the front door. "I hope the coffee is fresh. I just pulled the night shift, and I'm totally wiped out," Talia lied. Eric poured a cup of coffee for Talia.

"Talia, right? Jada's sister?" Shawn asked. Shawn shook Talia's hand, and he pretended to introduce himself to Talia for the first time. "I spoke to [Jada], and she said it was okay that I crashed at your place. So, I hope you don't mind," Shawn said. "Yeah, no problem," Talia said.

As Talia thanked Eric for the coffee, Shawn's phone beeped. "Belle is at the square. Wish me luck," Shawn said. "Just make it right," Eric said.

When Tripp arrived at the police station, he told Rafe that he was grateful that Rafe had reached out to him at the Salem Inn. "I'm sorry I wasn't more help," Tripp added. "I'm hoping you can be helpful again," Rafe said. "I just want my mom to be okay," Tripp said. Rafe noted that it had to be tough for Tripp not to know where his mother was or if she was okay.

"But there is good news. We know for a fact that your mother was alive and well at 9.00 p.m. last night," Rafe said. Rafe explained that an eyewitness had spotted Ava and Harris in the alley behind Tripp's building. "Have you seen your mom since we last talked?" Rafe asked. "Yeah, I have," Tripp admitted. Tripp told Rafe that when he had returned home, Ava and Harris had been in his apartment. "She and I talked for a little while, and then they left," Tripp said. Tripp confirmed that Ava and Harris had entered from the fire escape.

"Well, that must have been rough. You know, seeing your mom after someone tried to kill her?" Rafe said. Tripp nodded yes. Rafe asked Tripp if Ava had asked for help. "She knew I couldn't do anything for her, and so [they] left," Tripp said. Rafe asked Tripp if he knew where Ava had gone. "I can't say," Tripp whispered. "Can't say? Or won't say?" Rafe asked. "Look, man. I haven't lied to you. Can I go now?" Tripp asked.

Tripp's phone beeped. "You're not going anywhere," Rafe said. "But I don't have anything to say," Tripp countered. With a nod, Rafe told Tripp to think about the obstruction charges that were applicable for Tripp's failure to have told Rafe that he had seen Ava. Rafe walked out.

In the bullpen, Rafe was dismayed to see Jada return to work. Jada explained that she had followed up on a lead on her way home, and she had found something. Jada held out an envelope.

In the town square, Belle ran into Nicole. Nicole asked about Shawn, and Belle admitted that Shawn had not handled Victor's death well. "I'm truly sorry," Nicole said. With a nod, Belle changed the subject to Nicole's pregnancy. Nicole said the pregnancy had been going well since they had gotten past the initial hardships of the paternity for E.J. and Eric.

"I'm so sorry that Eric and Sloan lost their baby," Nicole said. "It was rough," Belle admitted. Nicole asked about Eric. "I just spoke to him. It sounds like he and Sloan are planning to adopt," Belle said. Nicole faked excitement. "Good for them," Nicole said. "I just know [Eric] will be a wonderful father," Belle said. Nicole agreed as Shawn walked over.

"I'm really sorry about Victor. He was a true original," Nicole said. "That's for sure. I appreciate it," Shawn said. Nicole said goodbye, and she left. "How are you feeling?" Belle asked. "Hungover," Shawn admitted. Belle asked Shawn where he had slept.

When Jada returned home to the pub, Eric greeted her. "I heard about what happened with Sloan. That she had a miscarriage. I am so sorry," Jada said. "I really appreciate you saying that. I also appreciate you looking out for Shawn last night. I mean, you must have noticed he was drunk," Eric said. A puzzled look crossed Jada's face. Eric noted that Shawn had not been eager to go home after he had fought with Belle.

"That was really cool of you to let him stay here," Eric said. "No problem," Jada said hesitantly. Jada said goodnight, and she went upstairs. When Jada entered her room, Talia was changing the sheets. "What the hell? You got to be kidding me?" Jada asked. Talia played dumb. With a sigh, Jada asked, "Tell me you didn't sleep with Shawn Brady."

At the police station, Rafe returned to the interrogation room to speak with Tripp. "Sorry to keep you waiting," Rafe said. "It's okay. It gave me a chance to think about those obstruction charges you threatened me with. And I decided that you had to be bluffing," Tripp said. Tripp noted that no jury would convict him for attempting to help his mother after there had been an attempt on her life.

"It's a good point. Forget the obstruction charge. Turns out I didn't need it," Rafe said. Concerned, Tripp asked what Rafe meant. Rafe said he could charge Tripp with having aided and abetted a felon. Rafe shoved Jada's envelope across the table. Inside were pages from Tripp and Wendy's passports.

At DiMera Enterprises, Wendy attempted to unlock E.J.'s phone. E.J. returned to the office, and he silently crept close to Wendy. E.J. asked Wendy what she was doing. Startled, Wendy stared at E.J., unsure how to answer.

Harris makes a promise to Ava

Harris makes a promise to Ava

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

In London, Harris prepared to sleep on the couch in his and Ava's hotel room. Ava smiled gently as she invited Harris to sleep next to her in bed. Harris expressed reluctance, and he said that he preferred the couch. Harris told Ava that she would be safe if any of E.J.'s goons tried to break into the room.

Ava said that Harris' life was in danger because of her, but Harris noted that no one had forced him to help Ava. Ava recalled having fallen in love with Jake DiMera in 2022 after the two had been roommates. Ava added that Jake had died on the same day the couple had been engaged. Harris empathized with Ava.

Ava recalled that she had agreed to Gabi's plan to pretend that Ava had already married Jake for "business purposes." Ava said that it had been the start of her war with E.J., and she apologized for having dragged Harris into it. Harris said that everything would be okay. "Is it? Because you risked your entire life for me, and I couldn't handle it if somet,hing happened to you, too," Ava said softly.

Harris seemed touched by Ava's words, and he said that he wasn't going anywhere. Harris vowed that he and Ava would eventually return to Salem to carry on their lives. Ava worried that E.J. or the police would catch them first.

Harris held up his hand to brush Ava's worries aside. "Tomorrow, we're gonna look for Susan, and we're gonna be one step closer. Trust me?" Harris asked as he extended his hand to Ava. "I trust you," Ava said as she reached for Harris' hand. Harris and Ava held hands as the two fell asleep.

In the interrogation room at the Salem Police Station, Rafe threatened to charge Tripp with obstruction of justice for having aided and abetted Ava. Tripp tried to be dismissive, but Rafe reached for his phone to call Trask. Tripp pleaded with Rafe not to follow through. Rafe said that he wouldn't bring charges against Wendy if Tripp provided information on Ava and Harris' whereabouts. Tripp agreed.

In E.J.'s office at DiMera Enterprises, E.J. confronted Wendy for trying to hack into his phone. Wendy asked what her motives would be. "I don't know. Perhaps you were looking for evidence that I tried to have Ava Vitali killed," E.J. said.

Wendy said that E.J. wanted revenge against Ava for Susan's death, but she added that having a hit out on Ava was a mistake. "Because Ava didn't kill Susan. Nobody did... your mother is still alive," Wendy told E.J.

E.J. scoffed as Wendy recalled Ava saying that Susan had escaped the car before it had gone over a cliff months earlier. E.J. deduced that Wendy had spoken to Ava, and he accused her of knowing where Ava was. Wendy claimed that she didn't know where Ava was. E.J. responded by saying that Wendy was fired.

A short while later, Tripp and Wendy saw each other at the hospital. Wendy shared that E.J. had fired her. Tripp was confident that Wendy would find another job soon. Wendy said there was something more important that she and Tripp had to discuss. "I told E.J. that your mom thinks Susan is still alive," Wendy said.

Tripp told Wendy that the police had found the pages they had ripped out of their passports to forge passports for Ava and Harris. Wendy asked if she and Tripp were in trouble. "I don't think so... because I gave Rafe what he wanted. I told him where my mom and Michaels are," Tripp said.

In Jada and Talia's room above the Brady Pub, Talia admitted that she had slept with Shawn the previous night. Talia said that she had been drunk because Chanel had dumped her. Jada apologized for Talia's grief before asking how Talia had gotten involved with Shawn.

Talia recalled that she had encountered Shawn after his fight with Belle. Jada scolded Talia, and she reminded Talia that Belle had agreed to represent Talia when no one else in Salem had. Talia admitted that Belle hadn't crossed her mind, and she called her actions "stupid and destructive."

Jada said that she wasn't judging Talia, who blamed herself for having disappointed Jada. Talia thought that Jada was ashamed of Talia. Jada insisted that she wasn't ashamed of Talia. Jada added that she would always be concerned for Talia as her sister. Talia and Jada admitted that they were lucky to have one another, and the sisters hugged. Talia offered to leave so that Jada could get some sleep.

Later, Rafe appeared in Jada's room after Talia had left. Rafe shared that he had received a lead from Tripp about Ava and Harris' whereabouts. "How would you feel about going to London with me to check it out?" Rafe asked.

At Abe and Paulina's penthouse, Chanel was surprised to find the room filled with flowers. Johnny knocked on the door, and he presented Chanel with another vase of flowers. Chanel smiled warmly at Johnny. Johnny and Chanel recalled their honeymoon in Italy, and they agreed that it had been the happiest they had ever been.

Johnny presented Chanel with a box of cannoli. Chanel said that Sweet Bits had stopped selling the pastry after Talia had stopped working at the bakery. Johnny noted that Chanel had made a face after she had mentioned Talia. Chanel said she felt like she had blindsided Talia with the breakup, and she worried that Talia might do something "rash or stupid" as a result.

After Chanel and Johnny watched a movie together, Chanel rested on the couch with Johnny's arm around her. Johnny noticed that Chanel had fallen asleep, and he kissed her on the forehead as he nestled her body closer to his. Johnny slipped a blanket over Chanel, and he had started to leave before Chanel awoke.

Chanel apologized for falling asleep. Johnny insisted that he wasn't offended. Johnny assured Chanel that they had plenty of dates to look forward to in the future, and he kissed her on the lips before he left. Chanel smiled happily as Johnny left. Afterwards, Chanel texted Talia to say that she hoped that Talia was okay.

At the DiMera mansion, Johnny and E.J. greeted one another. E.J. told Johnny that he had fired Wendy for snooping. E.J. mentioned Wendy's claim that Susan was alive. Johnny asked if E.J. thought it could be true. E.J. said that he didn't think it was possible.

In Horton Town Square, Shawn told Belle that he had slept in Jada's room the previous night. Shawn lied when he said that Talia had been working all night at the hospital. Belle chided Shawn for having worried her. Shawn said that he was sorry for having thrown Belle's affair with E.J. in her face. Belle said that she and Shawn had both made mistakes and that they would work through their issues together.

Belle asked what her and Shawn's next step should be, given that Shawn didn't seem to want professional help for his drinking problem. Shawn asked Belle to attend an A.A. meeting with him right away, and Belle readily agreed. Belle and Shawn had started to leave when they encountered Talia. Talia told Belle about her breakup with Chanel. Belle said she was sorry, but Talia said that Belle was the last person who should apologize.

Vivian has new plans for Titan

Vivian has new plans for Titan

Thursday, September 21, 2023

At the Titan office, Chad was surprised when Vivian entered. Vivian said that she was the new CEO of Titan. Chad phoned Maggie, who confirmed what Vivian had said. Maggie asked Chad to find out what Vivian's plans were. After he hung up the phone, Chad told Vivian that he wanted to learn more about her plans for the company.

Vivian said that she wanted to "take Titan back to its roots." Vivian asked how Chad thought that Victor had initially gained capital for Titan. "Drugs," Vivian said flatly. Chad was in disbelief when Vivian said that Titan would sell illegal drugs. Chad promptly told Vivian that he quit.

At the Brady Pub, Steve and John sipped beers. Steve was stunned when John explained that Timothy was John's father. Steve was happy for John, and he said that he couldn't wait to meet Timothy. Steve and John toasted to Timothy. John noted that Brady and Alex were in Greece to search for clues about Victor's final days.

The subject of Vivian arose. John wondered why Victor would have had his will destroyed. Steve said that Vivian was not only crazy, but also dangerous. "Which is why you should watch what you say in public," Vivian said to Steve and John as she proudly strode into the pub. Vivian looked scornfully at Steve. "Still slumming, I see," Vivian quipped to John.

John reticently hugged Vivian as Steve left. Vivian told John that she wanted him to work for her at Titan. John declined when Vivian said that she wanted him to be Titan's new CEO. Vivian asked if there was anything she could do to change John's mind. "Give Maggie back her house," John insisted. When Vivian refused, John replied that Vivian would have to find another CEO.

At Chad and Stephanie's apartment, Stephanie and Kayla sipped wine ahead of a scheduled dinner with Chad and Steve. Kayla asked if Stephanie could see herself marrying Chad. When Kayla persisted, Stephanie admitted that she could see herself marrying Chad. Unbeknownst to Stephanie, Chad had just entered the apartment.

Stephanie tried awkwardly to change the subject, and she asked Chad about his day. Chad told Stephanie and Kayla about Vivian's plan to move illegal drugs into Salem through Titan. Steve entered, and he noted a tension in the air. Stephanie commented that Chad had quit his job because of Vivian.

Chad and Stephanie laughed at the idea of Vivian openly telling people that she wanted to use Titan to funnel drugs into Salem. Steve noted that Chad and Stephanie made each other laugh, and he said that there was no greater sign of compatibility than laughter. Steve asked if Chad and Stephanie had thought of marriage. Kayla scolded Steve, who wondered what he had said wrong. Chad and Stephanie smiled awkwardly.

At Doug and Julie's house, Maggie expressed gratitude for Julie allowing Maggie to stay with her. Maggie opened a letter that was addressed to her, and she learned that she had had been removed as Titan's CEO. Julie tried to encourage Maggie to fight Vivian for control of the company, but Maggie insisted that she had no power to stop Vivian. "Got to admit, the old hag has got a lot of ambition," Julie said of Vivian.

Julie vowed to find a way to help Maggie, who quipped that she should start looking for a new home. Julie said that Alice Horton would be "whirling over in her grave" if Alice thought that Maggie was living alone so soon after Victor's death. Julie said that the Horton family stuck together. Maggie thanked Julie for her assurance.

Maggie said that she would have thrown back her head with laughter if she had learned that Victor had been penniless when he had died. "But the thought that that venal, evil woman is claiming that she is Victor's widow, stealing everything that he worked so hard for..." Maggie said of Vivian before she trailed off. Maggie added that Brady and Alex had to find a way to stop Vivian.

A short while later, Vivian appeared with a box of expensive figurines. Vivian gloated that Maggie would need the items as a tax deduction. Julie grew angry. "I remember how much you enjoyed throwing Maggie out of her house. Now, it's my turn... to throw you the hell out of mine!" Julie said to Vivian as she ushered Vivian out.

At the hotel in Greece, Theresa hid Shane's briefcase under the bed when she heard footsteps approach. Brady and Alex entered, and both men scolded Theresa for having ordered expensive caviar and Champagne that was charged to them. Theresa changed the subject, and she asked if Brady had learned anything from Konstantin.

Alex said that Konstantin had shared that Victor had been upset in the days before Victor's death. Alex recalled having searched Victor's old home for the box of letters that Kayla had mentioned, and he said that he and Brady hadn't found anything important. Theresa retrieved the suitcase from under the bed, and she revealed that Shane had visited her.

Theresa thought that Victor might have put the letters in the suitcase. Brady and Alex wanted to open the suitcase right away, but Theresa said that it wasn't a good idea. Brady suggested that he and Alex open the suitcase once they returned to Salem. Alex proposed that everyone get some sleep and leave the following morning.

Theresa tried to follow Brady, and she said that she was sleeping in his room. "Like hell you are," Brady snapped. Alex said that Brady was being too harsh on Theresa. Brady berated Theresa before he stormed out of the room.

Afterwards, Alex asked if Theresa was okay. "Not really," Theresa said. Alex hugged Theresa, who had started to cry. Alex said that Brady hadn't meant what he had said. Theresa said that she was an awful person. Alex said that Brady had been wrong, and he called Theresa "smart, brave, and very beautiful."

Alex's words managed to get Theresa to smile. Theresa said that she didn't know what she would do if Alex wasn't with her. Theresa and Alex then kissed. As the kiss continued, Alex and Theresa fell onto bed together, and they prepared to have sex.

Chloe overhears shocking information

Chloe overhears shocking information

Friday, September 22, 2023

At the Brady Pub, Brady gave Victor's briefcase to Justin. "Alex and I agreed that Maggie should be the one to [open it]," Brady said. Brady told Justin about what he had learned in Greece about the letter. When Brady mentioned that Shane had given the briefcase to Theresa, Justin gasped.

"What was she doing in Greece?" Justin asked. "That little stalker followed me there," Brady grumbled. Brady told Justin what had happened in Greece and how Theresa had asked him for another chance. "I shot her down," Brady said. Brady admitted that he had been extra hard on Theresa to drive her away. "And surprise, surprise, she started throwing herself at Alex," Brady said. Justin groaned.

"I don't want that woman getting her hooks into my son," Justin said. With a shrug, Brady argued that if Alex wanted to date Theresa, Brady would not stop him. "I told [Alex] that she's trouble," Brady stressed. Justin said he did not like the idea of Theresa using Alex, but Brady argued that Alex was a "big boy."

"He's just starting to turn his life around. He's in therapy, you know. Working to try to change his unhealthy patterns. Especially with women," Justin said. Justin argued that a relationship with Thresa was not a healthy choice. With a sigh, Justin returned his attention to the briefcase, and he asked if Brady was sure he did not want to be there when Maggie opened it. Brady shrugged, and he noted that Maggie deserved the moment to herself.

As Alex returned home to his apartment, Theresa appeared at his front door. "We need to talk. About what happened in Greece," Theresa said. Theresa called out Alex for having avoided her on the flight home from Greece. "I was not avoiding you. I was asleep," Alex said. Theresa said she understood, and she told Alex that she knew that their night together had not meant anything.

"I knew you only had sex with me because you felt sorry for me," Theresa said. Alex asked why. Theresa noted that Brady's comments had broken her. "And you think I took advantage of you?" Alex asked. "No. If anything, I took advantage of you," Theresa said. Theresa noted that she had used Alex to make herself feel better. Alex said he did not mind being used in that way.

"It wasn't cool that I put myself between you and Brady," Theresa said. "Brady was being a jerk," Alex argued. Theresa thanked Alex for his kindness. "And the sex was great. Even if it was pity sex," Theresa added. Alex stressed that it had not been pity sex. Alex caressed Theresa's face.

"You are a beautiful woman. And what happened between us is not because I felt sorry for you. I happen to be incredibly attracted to you," Alex said. As Alex roamed his hands across Theresa's body, she trembled, then backed away. "Look, when I'm feeling bad, I try to avoid the pain. And I'll do anything to avoid it. And that's even if it hurts me or someone else," Theresa said. Alex told Theresa that he could relate to her problem. Theresa asked Alex if that issue had been a problem for him, too.

"I didn't used to think so -- until I moved to Salem and realized a lot about myself, mainly that I need to make some changes," Alex said. "How's that going for you?" Theresa asked. Alex said it had been going well, but he still had a lot of work to do. As Alex looked at Theresa, he pulled her close. Theresa said she had a long way to go, too.

"I would really like to have hot sex without being a hot mess," Theresa said. "That is a very admirable goal," Alex agreed. As Alex hovered close enough to kiss Theresa, her phone rang. Brady called to ask to meet her at the pub. Before Theresa left, Alex advised Theresa not to let Brady talk down to her like he had the night before. With a smile, Theresa thanked Alex for having been there for her.

When Theresa arrived at the pub, Brady told Theresa that Tate's school had called to say that Tate had been expelled. "What?" Theresa yelped. "They tried to reach you," Brady said. Theresa was adamant that no one had called her. "What did [Tate] do?" Theresa asked. Brady explained that the headmaster had not given him any details.

"Tate's never been in trouble before," Theresa said. "You sure you have no idea what this could be about?" Brady asked. Theresa stressed that she had no idea. With a sigh, Brady announced that he was going to pick up Tate. Theresa insisted that she would go with Brady, but he refused. When Brady hinted that Theresa had planned the situation, Theresa's face darkened.

"Are you actually suggesting that I got our son expelled from school so that I could sit next to you on an airplane?" Theresa growled. Tears welled in Theresa's eyes as she laughed in disbelief. "If you could just set your contempt for me aside for one second, maybe you'll remember who's been raising our son all these years as a single mother," Theresa said.

After a moment, Brady apologized. "You've always been a good mom. I've always said you were a good mom. You're also a good daughter. The fact that you took Tate to California to be with Kimberly when she got sick again, that was, it was admirable," Brady said. Theresa thanked Brady. Brady admitted that he had been harsh to Theresa in Greece at the hotel.

When Brady offered to reimburse Theresa for the cost of her hotel room, Theresa averted her eyes and said no. "I figured something else out," Theresa said. Theresa suggested that they focus on their son instead.

Vivian sighed as she settled in behind the desk in the Titan CEO office. When Philip arrived, Vivian thanked him for meeting with her. "What do you want, Vivian? Why'd you text me to come down here?" Philip asked. "I need a right-hand man," Vivian said. Vivian told Philip that he was her first and only choice for the role at the company.

"Why would you ever think I'd want to work for you?" Philip asked. "I carried you in my womb for nine months," Vivian said. Vivian explained that she wanted to bond with Philip again. "You belong here," Vivian said. Philip refused. "It's what your father would have wanted," Vivian pleaded. Philip shrugged. Philip noted that he was not sure that his father would want him at the company, but he was certain that Victor would have wanted someone to strangle Vivian for what she had done to Maggie.

"You need to bring [Maggie] back to Titan and give her back the mansion. Will you do that for me? And to honor my father's memory?" Philip asked. "Of course, I will, Philip! When hell freezes over," Vivian countered. Philip reminded Vivian that they were not blood related. "We're nothing to each other. So, do me a favor. Never contact me again," Philip said. Philip started to leave, then turned back to face Vivian.

"Working here is one of the reasons I ended up in a mental institution! No job is worth that," Philip said. Vivian explained, "I'm not just offering you a job. I'm offering you Chloe Lane." Philip reminded Vivian that Chloe was engaged to Xander. "Please don't tell me you are gonna lose the love of your life to that Neanderthal," Vivian grumbled. "It's not up to me," Philip stressed. Philip argued that he had done horrible things in the past to preserve his relationship with Chloe.

"There is no me and Chloe!" Philip yelled. "But there could be," Vivian said. Vivian promised to help Philp win back Chloe. "If Chloe is choosing Xander, it's because she doesn't see an alternative. Become her superstar. And show her that you can bring all of her dreams to her," Vivian advised. "We're done here," Philip said. Philip argued that Vivian had sounded like Victor.

"My father didn't respect me. He just wanted to control me. And I was so eager to please him, I jumped at the chance to do his dirty work. But you, you're on your own," Philip said. Vivian told Philip that he was making a big mistake. "Another of Victor's tactics. Getting me to doubt myself, make bad choices out of fear. Well, I'm not afraid anymore," Philip said. Philip added that he refused to let anyone mess with his head again. With a sigh, Philip encouraged Vivian to check into the facility that he had left.

With Philip out, Vivian asked Alex to meet with her at the office. "What the hell do you want?" Alex asked when he arrived. "I need a right-hand man. And you know what? You are my first and only choice for this position," Vivian said.

At the hospital, Sarah sat in her hospital bed and rocked baby Victoria. "You are just so perfect," Sarah cooed. Sarah thought about when Xander had coached her through the birth. When Maggie arrived, Sarah said that she was looking forward to returning home to the mansion and her bed. Sarah noticed Maggie's frown, and she asked what was wrong. Maggie was reluctant to burden Sarah with her problems, but Sarah insisted that Maggie open up.

"It's a big problem. And her name is Vivian Alamain," Maggie confessed. Maggie told Sarah about Vivian's claim and what Vivian had done to her. "That can't be what Victor wanted," Sarah said. Maggie promised that she would fight back. "Brady and Alex went to Greece to figure out why Victor destroyed his will," Maggie said.

Xander tossed and turned in his sleep at home, and he dreamed about Victoria's birth and the aftermath. Xander woke up with a start. "Are you okay?" Chloe asked. Xander admitted that he had had an intense dream about Sarah having her baby. "It made me realize something," Xander said. Xander explained that he had remembered that Chloe had helped Sarah through the labor, as well.

"There I was, helping my ex-wife at this very dangerous, emotional time, and my fiancée wasn't jealous or upset. Not in the least. You were just there for Sarah, comforting her. God, that did impress the hell out of me," Xander said with a smile.

"You know what I saw? I saw you giving courage and strength to a woman who was scared out of her mind. I saw you put your history with her aside to make her feel safe when she was bringing her baby into the world. And that did impress the hell out of me," Chloe countered. With a grin, Xander noted that he was the luckiest man, and he told Chloe that he loved her. "I love you, too," Chloe whispered.

After Xander and Chloe made love, Chloe suggested that they start to plan their wedding. "How's this for a plan? Let's get up, get dressed, and get married today," Xander said. Chloe was taken aback. When Chloe asked Xander if he wanted a party, he whispered, "All I want is you." Xander kissed Chloe.

"And I don't have any friends. So, who would I invite?" Xander joked. With a laugh, Chloe asked about Maggie. Xander noted that Maggie had a lot going on in her life. "All your friends hate me. And my family wants nothing to do with me. And your family doesn't even live here," Xander said. "They are capable of traveling," Chloe interjected. With a nod, Xander noted that it was a bit last minute for Chloe's parents to fly into town.

"So, why don't we take the wedding to them in New York? We could honeymoon there," Xander said. "I think it's crazy, and it's impulsive. And I don't know how it could be possible unless," Chloe said with a shrug. Xander's eyes lit up, and he asked, "Unless what?" Chloe smiled. "Unless I race right over to the square and buy myself a new dress," Chloe said. Xander grinned.

When Rex arrived at Sarah's hospital room, Sarah told Victoria, "Daddy's here." "So, what are the odds that three most beautiful ladies in the world are in the same room at the same time?" Rex said. Maggie frowned. Rex suggested that he and Sarah get married that day. "We haven't even planned a wedding," Sarah noted. "What's to plan?" Rex said. Rex suggested that he could pick up rings and that Maggie could marry them at the pub.

"Mom? Why aren't you saying anything?" Sarah asked. "I'm holding my tongue," Maggie said. Sarah asked Maggie to speak her mind. "You both know that I am committed to keeping the child's paternity a secret because that's what my daughter asked me to do. But I've gone on the record saying that I don't think it's right. Xander is Victoria's father. He has a right to know," Maggie argued. Maggie added that as a recent widow, she was reminded that marriage was sacred.

"It's not something that you just throw together at the last minute," Maggie said. Rex started to apologize, but Maggie cut him off. "You asked me to preside over a sham wedding that you're using to double down on a lie," Maggie said. Maggie refused to be a part of the wedding, and she walked out.

"What [Maggie] said, it didn't change your mind at all, did it?" Rex asked. Sarah said no. "I love my mom with all my heart. And I respect her opinion. But in this case, I just don't agree," Sarah said. Rex worried aloud about causing a rift between Sarah and her mother. Sarah assured Rex that they all wanted the same thing. "For Victoria to grow up happy and safe. And in time, my mom will see that," Sarah said.

With a nod, Rex noted that Maggie had been right about marriage being sacred. Rex told Sarah that he understood if she wanted to reconsider. "No. I want the three of us to be a family. And I am sure of that. So, I don't see any reason to wait," Sarah said.

"I promise you that I will be a better father for your daughter than any other man could possibly be," Rex said. Sarah smiled. "That little angel has stolen my heart. And I am still hopeful that I could win back yours," Rex said.

While Rex went out to purchase wedding rings, Sarah sat in her hospital bed and thought about what Maggie had said. Xander walked into the room.

At the Horton house, Justin handed the briefcase to Maggie. "Are you sure this belonged to Victor?" Maggie asked. "Shane confirmed it," Justin said. Justin admitted that no one had looked inside the briefcase yet. "We thought you should do it," Justin explained. Justin offered to leave Maggie alone, but she asked him to stay.

"What if there is something horrible in here? A secret that changes the way I remember my husband?" Maggie said. Justin assured Maggie that she did not need to open the briefcase if she did not want to open it. With a sigh, Maggie argued that she needed to know why Victor had left the family exposed to Vivian's machinations. Maggie opened the briefcase, and she pointed out the stack of letters.

"We were looking for those," Justin said. Maggie handed the letters to Justin. Maggie picked up an envelope, and she opened it. "Victor's last will and testament," Justin said. "Look at the date," Maggie said. With a chuckle, Justin noted that Victor had executed the new will before his death.

In the town square, Philip saw Rex and called out to him. "Sarah and I are getting married," Rex said. "I also heard you two had a baby," Philip said. With a chuckle, Rex told Philip about Victoria. Philip congratulated his brother. "Have you shared any of your good news with our mother?" Philip asked. "Not yet. Because I feel guilty lying to her," Rex admitted. Rex told Philip that he was not Victoria's father.

"What do you mean?" Philip asked. As Chloe passed through the square with her new dress, she overheard Rex tell Philip, "Victoria's not my daughter. Xander is Victoria's father." Chloe's eyes went wide.

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