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Victor's will gave half his fortune to Maggie and half to his unacknowledged son, Alex. Chloe told Xander that Victoria was his daughter. Sarah married Rex. Alex was devastated to learn his paternity. Tripp and Wendy confessed their love. Chloe told Philip she had feelings for him. Rafe tricked Tripp. Xander fought with Sarah over Victoria. Li dumped Melinda. Paulina fired Melinda. Ava and Harris found Susan's ex-husband, Crumb. Crumb drugged Ava and Harris to keep Susan chained in his apartment. Maggie kicked Vivian out. Gwen took Dimitri's money. Vivian shot Dimitri before he could shoot Stefan.
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Victor's will gave half his fortune to Maggie and half to his unacknowledged son, Alex. Chloe told Xander that Victoria was his daughter.
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Justin and Maggie find a family secret in Victor's will

Justin and Maggie find a family secret in Victor's will

Monday, September 25, 2023

by Mike

Chloe hid behind a flower cart and eavesdropped as Rex continued getting Philip up to speed on everything that had occurred since the start of Sarah's pregnancy. "I realize as I'm saying this that it might be bringing some stuff up for you -- like...about Claire --" Rex fretted during the conversation, but Philip dismissed the concern. "This is totally different," Philip assured Rex.

Philip waited until the end of the story then promised not to betray Rex's confidence. "I appreciate that -- especially since telling the truth would clear a path for you and Chloe," Rex responded. "Maybe...but I'm not going down that road again -- I mean, yes, I still love Chloe, but it's too late for us; I've screwed up too many times," Philip objected. "Since you're being so magnanimous, I have one more favor," Rex confessed before asking Philip to officiate the wedding ceremony that was going to be held at the pub later that day. "I'd be honored," Philip declared. "You have to get ordained, but it's really quick -- you can do it online," Rex explained.

Kate trudged into the Brady Pub and braced Roman for some "upsetting" and "really disturbing" news that had just emerged during a chance encounter with Kayla. "Sarah Horton gave birth to our grandchild -- and no one told us!" Kate fretted.

Roman started to rush off, but Kate refused to follow. "You don't want to meet our granddaughter?" Roman sputtered. "I do...but Rex didn't even have the courtesy to tell us that his child was born!" Kate responded. "I know you're hurt...but aren't you being just a little bit petty about this?" Roman argued. "He had two days! He could have texted us! He could have phoned us! Hell -- he could have even sent me a baby emoji!" Kate countered.

Roman pointed out that life with a newborn was always chaotic, but Kate sensed that more than just sleep deprivation was to blame for the slight. "He was really squirrelly about this whole thing right from the beginning," Kate noted. "Maybe you did something to rub him the wrong way -- you have been known to alienate your kids from time to time," Roman teased. "Don't I know it," Philip grumbled while entering the pub, drawing a smirk of triumph from Roman and a scoff of indignation from Kate. "You're acting just as squirrelly as he is!" Kate observed when Philip started dodging questions about Rex.

Philip complained that Vivian's earlier interrogation had been enough stress for one day -- and Kate stormed off after getting the rest of that story.

Victoria slept as Sarah and Xander continued their conversation at the hospital. Sarah thought about Maggie's earlier lecture then released a sigh and started to make a confession before deciding to let Xander speak first. Xander admitted to having just resolved to marry Chloe right away. "Not that you care or anything -- I just wanted you to hear it from me," Xander explained while Sarah was processing the news. "That's...very considerate of you," Sarah declared with a forced smile before congratulating Xander. "Thanks. So...what was it you wanted to tell me?" Xander responded. "That...Rex and I are also getting married today," Sarah claimed.

Xander and Sarah laughed about the coincidence then wished each other luck. "It'll be my first time meeting Parker -- I hope he doesn't hate my guts," Xander fretted. "You're gonna be a great dad," Sarah predicted.

Alex laughed as Vivian continued extending a job offer while they were alone together at Titan. "Oh, I gotta say, Vivian -- I am very grateful for this opportunity!" Alex began to respond at the end of the pitch, drawing a squeal of delight from Vivian. "Because now I can tell take your job and shove it!" Alex concluded, turning Vivian's smile into a frown.

Vivian demanded to know why Alex was being so hostile. "You've been messing with my family for years! There's what you did to my brother Sonny -- you had that dirtbag Leo Stark falsely accuse him of sexual harassment; you made his life a living hell -- and you still haven't let up on us, because you just kicked my father and his wife out of their own home!" Alex explained. "She's not your mother!" Vivian protested. "Bonnie's still my family -- and so is Maggie!" Alex stressed before starting to storm off. "You sort of remind me of your mother," Vivian declared in an effort to keep the conversation going.

Alex took Vivian's bait. "You knew my mother?" Alex translated. "Through Victor. She was sort of cutthroat and shrewd -- which, I think, is exactly what your instincts are," Vivian answered. "But I'm not a traitor," Alex insisted. "Aren't you already working with the enemy? Basic Black is owned by DiMera Enterprises!" Vivian countered. "I don't have to explain my career choices to you at all. My answer is no. And that's not gonna change, so leave me the hell alone," Alex snapped before continuing to storm off. "Doesn't anybody want to work anymore?" Vivian grumbled once the coast was clear.

Kate stormed into Titan a short time later and warned Vivian to stay away from Philip. "Find someone else to do your dirty work," Kate advised. "How 'bout you?" Vivian suggested. "If you think that's ever gonna happen, you're completely out of your mind," Kate declared. "I can't say you're my first choice...but I do admire your chops as a businesswoman," Vivian explained. "You have never admired anything about me," Kate protested. "That is not true -- I thought you were a perfectly worthy adversary! Oh, why don't we stop this animosity and team up together?" Vivian maintained -- but Kate again refused.

Chloe and Xander finished preparing for their wedding ceremony then started to leave their shared apartment together. "I can't believe I got so lucky -- that such a beautiful, generous, kind woman has agreed to spend the rest of her life with me -- and, Chloe, I promise I'm gonna work so hard to prove myself worthy of your love each and every day," Xander declared. "I'm sorry -- I can't marry you," Chloe responded.

Xander attempted to object, but Chloe forged ahead while fighting back tears. "Sarah lied to you. Rex isn't the father of her baby. You are," Chloe announced.

Maggie started pacing around the dining room of the Horton house while Justin was inspecting the will they had just found in Victor's briefcase. "In the course of drawing up this new document, some very upsetting information has come to light -- my estate attorney discovered that, due to a ghastly clerical error, my divorce from Vivian Alamain was never finalized," Justin soon read aloud to Maggie. "I intend to rectify this deeply regrettable mistake the moment I return to Salem -- and, trust me, heads are going to roll," Justin continued before sharing a laugh with Maggie. "It is my intention to finalize my divorce and make Maggie my wife as soon as possible, but in the meantime, I want to ensure that she is provided for in the event of my death -- and, to that end, I hereby leave 50% of my entire estate to Margaret Simmons Horton," Justin concluded before congratulating Maggie with a hug.

Maggie prodded Justin to finish inspecting the will. "The personal effects listed below are to be distributed to my various family members, as indicated -- but aside from these items, the other 50% of my estate, including controlling interest in Titan, shall go to my son," Justin read aloud, prompting Maggie to protest that a name was needed because more than one candidate existed. "I love my sons Bo and Philip a great deal and have made arrangements for their medical care to be covered indefinitely -- however, neither of them is the son to whom I am referring," Justin concluded before giving Maggie a shrug of confusion.

Maggie again urged Justin to search the will for more information. "I take this action not to punish my other heirs but to make amends for denying my son his birthright from the day he was born. After visiting Bo, I began to reflect upon my legacy and came to realize that this is a secret I can no longer keep. My son deserves to know the truth, and I plan to tell him in person upon my return to Salem -- however, I'm also officially documenting it so there will be no confusion or unanswered questions. The attached letter will explain everything," Justin read aloud, prompting Maggie to reach for the stack of letters they had found earlier.

Maggie soon discovered an envelope that had a note attached to it -- "To be included with my will" -- and contained a letter.

Dear Victor,

After much back and forth, I am so pleased that we are finally on the same page about this. As you know, there is nothing more important to me than the future of our son.

I'll admit I wasn't happy when you showed up at the hospital for his birth...but now that several months have passed, I've realized it was your right to be there, as he is as much yours as he is mine. In fact, every time I look at our precious baby, I see you -- the dark hair, the dark eyes, the way he screams his head off when he doesn't get his way.

Your pull toward him is only natural, but you must promise me that you will stick to the plan. No one can know that you are the father of my child. It would cause immeasurable pain to a man that we both love. He'd be devastated to learn that I have lied to him, that I allowed him to think our sweet boy is his. He would feel incredibly betrayed by you, his own flesh and blood. I know you wanted to claim this child as your own, but this is a secret that we must take to our graves. And while our son will never know you as his father, he will at least know you as an uncle -- I hope you can take comfort in that.

Trust me, Victor, this is what's best for everyone -- especially

The letter concluded on another page -- and Maggie gave Justin a look before continuing to read the words aloud:

little Alexander.
Sincerely, Anjelica

Alex entered the dining room while Justin was struggling to process what Maggie had just said.

Chloe tells Xander the truth about Victoria

Chloe tells Xander the truth about Victoria

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

In the square, Bonnie called out to Kate as she passed by the café. Kate and Bonnie commiserated about Vivian's actions. "It's all a farce, and I just wish you had some recourse," Kate said. Bonnie told Kate that Brady and Alex had retrieved Victor's briefcase. Kate asked if the briefcase had been opened. "They thought Maggie should do the honors. I'm just hoping that whatever is in there, it's good news," Bonnie said.

At the Horton residence, Maggie and Justin read a letter from Anjelica that acknowledged that Victor was Alex's father. "I can't believe this," Justin said. Alex walked into the room. "Geez. Who died? Oh, I'm sorry, I mean besides Uncle Vic. You know I love Uncle Vic. I didn't mean to say that," Alex rambled. Maggie stammered that she and Justin had learned something shocking. Justin and Maggie exchanged looks but said nothing.

"Why aren't you looking at me? What the hell is going on?" Alex asked. Alex noticed the open briefcase and the letter in Justin's hand. "Did you figure out why Victor destroyed his will?" Alex asked. Maggie excused herself so that Justin could talk to Alex privately. After Maggie left, Alex asked what was in the letter. Justin told Alex about Maggie's share of the estate. Alex was relieved.

"Judging by the look on your face, there's a catch, isn't there?" Alex asked. With a rueful laugh, Alex guessed that Victor had cut Justin out of the estate, and he had left the other half of the estate to Bo or Philip. "No, he left the other half of his estate to his other son. A son none of us knew about," Justin said. "Are you kidding me?" Alex said. Justin noted there was a letter that explained the situation. Alex was incensed.

"This is insane. After everything you've done for him. After everything you've done for this family? There's got to be some way to fight this," Alex said. Justin told Alex to calm down. Angry, Alex argued that it was wrong for Victor to have given half his estate to a stranger. "Stop!" Justin screamed. Alex fell silent. Justin told Alex that the letter was from Anjelica.

Confused, Alex asked, "My mother? She wrote some letter to Uncle Vic?" Justin offered the letter to Alex to read. "I'm sorry, Alex. And I don't how else to tell you this, so I'm just going to say it. I'm not your father. Victor is," Justin said as his voice broke.

In the pub, Roman told Rex and Sarah that Kate was still annoyed at them for not having told them about Victoria's birth. "Where is Mom, anyway?" Rex asked. Philip explained that Kate had gone to yell at Vivian. Rex argued that they needed to find Kate so that she did not miss the wedding.

"We're getting married. Now," Rex explained. Rex explained that since Victoria's birth, they were excited for everyone to know who Victoria's father was. Sarah smiled nervously. Roman fussed over Victoria as Kate returned to the pub. "Look who decided to show up," Kate said. Kate grinned as Rex introduced her to her new granddaughter.

"I just wish we had been introduced maybe two days earlier," Kate said. Sarah apologized. "After the birth, things got a little crazy, but hey, you're here for the wedding now," Rex said. "The wedding?" Kate said with surprise. Rex explained that they wanted to get married in the pub that day. "At least you are getting your priorities in order. It doesn't seem very festive, though," Kate said. Philip announced that he would officiate.

In the town square, Maggie met up with Bonnie in the café. "Please tell me there was something in the briefcase that is going to kick that evil witch to the curb?" Bonnie asked. "Actually, there was something in the briefcase. It turns out Victor made out a new will," Maggie said. Maggie explained that Victor had discovered that his marriage to Vivian had not ended, and he had written a new will. "He specifically left me 50% of his estate," Maggie said. Bonnie cried out with joy, and she congratulated Maggie. Bonnie asked about the other half of the estate.

"Victor left the entire other half to his son," Maggie said. "Which one?" Bonnie asked. Maggie explained that Anjelica and Victor had lied about Alex's paternity. "I can't believe this," Bonnie whispered. Worried about Justin, Bonnie wondered aloud if her husband was okay. "I can't believe that Justin is not Alex's father," Bonnie said. Bonnie announced that she needed to find Justin. Maggie asked Bonnie to sit with her so that Justin could have more time to talk to Alex.

"He's my husband, Maggie. He needs me. And I need to go to him now," Bonnie insisted. Bonnie asked Maggie to imagine that it was Victor who had learned that one of his children was not his child. "What would you do?" Bonnie asked. "They're at the Hortons'," Maggie said. Bonnie rushed off. Maggie called Vivian's phone, and she left a voicemail. "You and I have something very important to discuss," Maggie said. Maggie stifled a smile.

In the Horton house dining room, Justin admitted that he had never known the truth about Alex and that he had not even known about Victor's affair with Anjelica. "If that's true, why would Victor and my mother have kept that a secret from me?" Alex asked. "According to this letter, your mother thought that I would be devastated to learn that she had lied to me and allowed me to think that her beautiful baby boy was mine and that I would feel incredibly betrayed by my uncle," Justin explained. Alex appeared stunned.

"When Brady and I went to Greece to try and figure out what Uncle Vic was up to, I never could have imagined that it would be this," Alex said. Justin told Alex that he did not care about biology. "I am your dad in every way that counts, and nothing can change that," Justin stressed. As Alex stared in silence, Justin asked Alex if he felt the same way. Alex shook his head no.

"All I'm feeling, I can't really put into words. None of it seems real. Everything that I thought of who I am, who my father is, who my brothers are, is suddenly told to me it was all a lie. I was really proud to know that you were my father. You're a good person. You're honorable, and you are honest and you are kind, and I always thought that because I was a part of you, then maybe deep down, somewhere inside of me, that that was inside of me, too. And I just think that it always gave me some kind of hope for myself," Alex said. Justin interrupted to stress that Alex was a good person.

"I know I've been tough on you from time to time, but I have always believed in you, son. Because I know how smart you are and most importantly what a good heart you have," Justin said. Alex muttered that he felt like he would wake up from a nightmare at any moment. "I hope to hell I do very soon. I think I need to be alone right now," Alex whispered. Justin said he understood. Justin kissed Alex on the head, and he left.

When Justin stepped into the living room, Bonnie returned home. Justin was in tears. "I just talked to Maggie. Oh, baby. I'm so sorry," Bonnie said. Bonnie pulled Justin into a hug, and he started to sob.

In the Horton dining room, Alex stared at the picture of Victor that was left behind from the wake. "How can this be happening? How can you be my father?" Alex said.

Xander was eager to leave for New York, but a tearful Chloe told him that she could not marry him because of Sarah. "I'm completely over Sarah," Xander stressed. "That's not what I meant. Sarah lied to you. Rex isn't the father of her baby. You are," Chloe said. Xander shook his head in disbelief. Chloe reiterated that Victoria was Xander's daughter.

"Victoria can't be mine. Sarah told me, the timing would make it impossible," Xander said. Chloe explained that she had overheard Rex confess the truth to Philip. Stunned, Xander sat down on the bed and said, "I don't understand." After a moment, comprehension dawned on Xander's face. "Forget it. I know the answer is 'cause [Sarah] hates me. She hates me for what I did to Susan," Xander said. "I think it's a lot more complicated than that," Chloe said. Xander disagreed.

With tears in his eyes, Xander noted that Sarah thought he was a bad person. "A lowlife, not worthy to be the father of our child. Oh, my God. She would rather her daughter, our daughter, grow up believing a lie than know the truth that I'm her father. That precious little girl is mine," Xander said. Chloe nodded yes. Xander repeated that he could not believe that he was Victoria's father.

"I don't know what to say. I don't think the words exist. Oh, my God, if you hadn't overheard Philip and Rex talking, I might never have known," Xander said. Chloe sniffled back tears.

"You might not have known, anyway. I'm not proud of this, but at first, I was thinking of keeping that secret. Not only for my own sake, but I overheard Philip and Rex saying that that's what Sarah wanted. Obviously, it's what she wanted, and I thought I'd be respecting her wishes if I kept my mouth shut. But I also realized that my loyalty isn't to Sarah. It's to you. And you deserve to know the truth," Chloe said. Xander took Chloe's hands in his. Chloe told Xander that Rex had also admitted that Sarah was not in love with Rex.

"She's only with him to cement her story that he's the baby's father. She wanted to do whatever she could to make sure that you never knew that Victoria was yours. And that's the only reason she's marrying Rex," Chloe said. Xander noted that Sarah and Rex were due to be married at the pub. With a nod, Chloe asked Xander if he wanted to go to the pub.

"Do you think I should go over there and cause a scene?" Xander asked. "I think that you need to tell Sarah that you know everything before she," Chloe said before she stopped herself. "Before she marries Rex? But Chloe, we're about to get married," Xander said. Xander smiled at Chloe, and he put his arms around her. With a sad smile, Chloe caressed Xander's head.

"You're not thinking straight. You know this changes everything," Chloe said. Xander vehemently disagreed. "We're still the same people we were this morning. The ones who make each other laugh and play darts and have made a really happy home here. We're the same people who are planning our life together," Xander pleaded. With tears in her eyes, Chloe shook her head no.

"Come on, Xander, stop. You know this changes everything. Now that we know the truth about the baby and Sarah, can you honestly say this doesn't change everything?" Chloe asked. Xander sighed. "I do really care about you, Chloe," Xander said. "I know," Chloe whispered. Chloe kissed Xander.

"I love you. But I just feel that --" Xander started. "Don't say it. Just go," Chloe said. Chloe started to cry as Xander slowly backed away, and he ran out the door. Chloe started to sob once she was alone. When Chloe calmed down, she walked around the apartment, and she thought about past moments with Xander there. Chloe started to cry again, and she called her mother on the phone. "The wedding is off," Chloe said.

At the pub, Rex and Sarah's wedding started. "Marriage is an honorable commitment and definitely a joyous one. But it can often involve making sacrifices for the one we love the most. But it is through these sacrifices that an even greater joy can be found," Philip said. Rex said I do. As Philip recited the vows for Sarah, she hesitated to answer.

"Sarah, that's your cue," Rex prompted. "Where were we?" Sarah asked as she snapped out of her reverie. "Just me asking if you would take Rex to be your lawfully wedded husband," Philip said. "Yes," Sarah said. Rex and Sarah exchanged rings. "I now pronounce you husband and wife," Philp said. As the room applauded, Rex and Sarah kissed. Xander entered the pub. Rex noticed Xander.

"Sorry to crash the party, Mrs. Brady," Xander said through gritted teeth. "What are you doing here?" Sarah asked. "I came for my baby," Xander said. "Your baby? This is not your baby," Kate said with surprise. Xander asked Kate if she was sure. "Might want to ask them," Xander said as he glanced over at Philip. Philip asked Xander what he was talking about.

"Chloe was there, Philip, in the square. She overheard you and Rex talking about it. About how Sarah's baby is actually mine. But Chloe had the decency to tell me before we both got on a plane to go to New York to get married," Xander said. Rex argued that Chloe had misunderstood the conversation. Xander asked Sarah to say something. After a moment, Sarah admitted that Victoria was Xander's daughter.

"You and I need to talk. Alone," Xander said. While Xander and Sarah stepped outside, Roman poured a drink for Kate and Rex. "So that beautiful little girl isn't our granddaughter?" Kate said. Rex shook his head no. "And I'm sorry. That's why I was so slow to tell you about her," Rex admitted. Kate asked if that meant Rex and Sarah had not been in a real relationship. "She wasn't. I was," Rex said sadly.

Outside the pub, an angry Xander asked, "How could you do this, Sarah? How could you keep her from me?" Sarah stared at Xander, unable to respond.

As Chloe ended her tearful call to her mother, there was a knock at her apartment door. It was Philip. Chloe wiped away her tears as she stared at her ex.

Chloe tells Philip she still has feelings for him

Chloe tells Philip she still has feelings for him

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

At Xander and Chloe's apartment, Philip told Chloe that Xander had crashed Rex's wedding to Sarah. Philip said that he had stopped by to make sure that Chloe was okay. Chloe's voice broke when she said that she wasn't okay. Chloe was surprised when Philip said that Rex and Sarah had already been married by the time Xander had appeared at the Brady Pub.

Chloe disagreed when Philip said there was no reason why Chloe and Xander couldn't still be married. Chloe said that she and Xander couldn't be a family because Sarah's baby had changed everything. Philip said that he was sorry that Chloe was hurting. Chloe swore that she and Xander had developed real feelings for one another, but she added that she had always known Xander wasn't over Sarah.

Chloe admitted that she had overheard enough of Philip's conversation with Rex to know that Philip might still be in love with her. Philip said that he didn't believe he deserved true happiness after what he had done to Chloe and Brady.

Chloe noted that Philip had been mentally ill and that he wasn't the same person as before. Even so, Philip said that there was no way that Chloe could ever love him again. "I'm not so sure about that," Chloe told a surprised Philip.

Chloe said she had something important to tell Philip. "When I thought you were dead, I guess a part of me died along with you, and I didn't even realize it until you showed up a few weeks ago, right here at my doorstep, alive. I felt a part of me -- this part of me -- that I still love you with all my heart, and I felt that part come back to life again," Chloe said tearfully.

Chloe added that she had been denying her feelings for Philip because of their past. "I don't want to do that anymore. I can't pretend like that part of me doesn't exist. It has been there since I was 16 years old, and it is not going away. In fact, the more time I spend with you, the stronger it gets," Chloe added.

Philip asked if Chloe was saying that she still had feelings for him. Philip thought that Chloe was only emotional because of Xander, but Chloe insisted that her feelings for Philip were sincere. Philip said that he should go. As he headed for the door, Philip paused. "But so you know, I'm here for you, Chloe. I always will be," Philip said. Chloe fought back tears as Philip left.

Outside the Brady Pub, Xander threatened to take Victoria away from Sarah. Sarah pleaded with Xander to talk. Sarah reiterated her disgust that Xander had played a hand in Susan's death. Sarah added that she had continued to buy Xander's "bull" that he was a changed man.

"You got Susan killed. That's it. I knew that I couldn't stay married to you. I couldn't be around you. And I certainly wasn't going to let my child grow up around your toxic influence, so I did what I thought I needed to do to keep her safe," Sarah said.

Xander accused Sarah of "playing God" with his and Victoria's lives, and he sarcastically said that Sarah never made mistakes. "She never makes a wrong choice or a wrong call of any kind. Sarah Horton knows what's best for everyone. God, it must be so nice to be so damn perfect," Xander spat.

Sarah claimed she had only been protecting Victoria, and she rambled about Xander's crimes. Xander claimed that he regretted his role in Susan's death, and he further claimed that the thought of disappointing Sarah was more than he had been able to bear. "So, I did what I thought I had to do," Xander said. Sarah said she had done the same thing when she had chosen to make Rex the father of her baby.

Sarah listed more of Xander's past crimes, including Xander having teamed up with Orpheus and Clyde Weston. Xander said that it still didn't give Sarah the right to "disqualify" him as a father. "Whatever little you think of me now, you must know I would never harm my own child. You do know that, right?" Xander asked.

Rex stepped outside to ask if Sarah was okay. Rex and Xander traded insults before Sarah said that she didn't care what Xander thought of her decision to marry Rex. "Great. Why don't you run off on your honeymoon while I get acquainted with my daughter?" Xander said as he headed for the pub. Rex stepped in front of Xander. "It's not happening," Rex said.

Rex said that Xander had no claim to Victoria in the eyes of the law. Rex scoffed that a judge would give custody to a convicted felon such as Xander over two respected physicians such as Rex and Sarah. Xander threatened that he would fight harder for Victoria than anything he had ever fought for.

"And mark my words: I will win. I'm gonna be part of my daughter's life. And there's nothing either of you two can do to stop me!" Xander yelled as he turned to look at Sarah. Xander walked away.

At the Shin apartment, Tripp told Wendy that he was glad to be home. Wendy said she felt guilty that she hadn't been able to prove that E.J. had ordered the hit on Ava. Tripp said that he also felt guilty for having bowed to pressure from Rafe. Tripp eventually told Wendy that Rafe had threatened to charge her if Tripp hadn't disclosed Ava and Harris' plans to flee the country.

Tripp recalled that Rafe had learned that Wendy was responsible for the phony passports. Wendy was touched that Tripp had chosen to protect Wendy over Ava, and she asked him why. "Isn't it obvious? Because I'm in love with you," Tripp said.

Wendy was taken aback by Tripp's admission. Tripp said that he had wanted to tell Wendy that he loved her on the night they had made love for the first time. Tripp shared that he hadn't told Wendy because he was worried she wouldn't reciprocate his feelings. "I love you, too, Tripp. I'm in love with you," Wendy admitted as she kissed Tripp.

In London, Rafe and Jada found Ava and Harris' hotel room. The two entered the room with their guns drawn, only to discover that the room was empty. Jada found Ava and Harris' phony passports. Jada noted that if Ava and Harris wanted to stay on the run, they would need the passports. Rafe said that he and Jada would wait at the hotel for Ava and Harris to return.

Jada wondered why Ava and Harris had gone to London and why Ava would choose the United Kingdom, given its extradition treaty with the United States. Rafe suggested that Ava had been running toward something instead of running from something. Rafe said he had an idea, and he placed a call to Tripp.

Rafe told Tripp that Ava and Harris had been taken into custody by Scotland Yard. Rafe claimed that Ava was in a lot of trouble. Tripp said that Ava had only gone to London to find Susan, and he added that Susan was alive. Rafe admitted that he had lied to Tripp about Ava having been detained by authorities. Tripp was furious at Rafe's lie.

Jada was surprised when Rafe told her that Susan was alive. Rafe noted that Susan's remains had never been found and that the authorities had assumed that Susan's body had been incinerated in the fiery crash months earlier. Rafe and Jada wondered what had brought Susan to London.

At an outdoor patio somewhere nearby, Ava and Harris enjoyed tea and scones. Harris placed his hand on Ava, who was trembling with jitters over the thought of being discovered by the police or E.J.'s goons. Harris told Ava to focus on their search for Susan. Ava wondered why Susan hadn't sent her another sign.

Ava asked Susan to give her another sign. Harris told Ava to look at something. Harris held up a dining plate that spelled out the letter E in food crumbs. Ava wondered what the letter meant. Harris noted that Susan's signs had pointed them to London. Frustrated, Ava dismissed the crumbs as hopeless.

Harris said that he and Ava just needed to connect the letter E to Susan. Ava chuckled when she said that Harris was enjoying himself. "What can I say? I enjoy solving a good puzzle, especially with... a friend," Harris said slowly. "Oh, we're friends now, huh?" Ava replied.

Ava and Harris stared at one another briefly before Ava agreed that she and Harris were friends. Harris returned to the table a short while later after paying the check, and he revealed that he had borrowed a waiter's phone.

Using a search engine, Harris noted that nothing linked Susan to the letter E. Ava suggested that Harris add the word "crumbs" to the search. Harris agreed. Ava had started to laugh, but Harris' face grew serious.

Harris said that he had found a newspaper article from 25 years earlier that appeared to be a wedding announcement. Ava asked Harris to read the announcement. "Susan Banks of Salem, USA, ties the knot in Merry Old England to... Edmund P. Crumb," Harris read aloud before showing the phone to Ava.

Ava stared at a picture of a young Susan, who was captured smiling in a wedding photo with a young man with similarly thick spectacles.

Ava and Harris run into trouble in London

Ava and Harris run into trouble in London

Thursday, September 28, 2023

In Trask's office, Trask praised Paulina for becoming the new mayor of Salem. Paulina surprised Trask when she said that Trask was fired. Paulina stated that she didn't like Trask, and she accused Trask of being Sloan's "errand girl." Trask tried to defend herself, and she pleaded for Paulina not to fire her.

Trask said that she could offer Paulina a high-profile conviction of someone that would help Paulina's cause for mayor, given that Clint was after Paulina's job. Paulina was intrigued. Trask recalled that Li Shin had tried to have Stefan killed, and she revealed that she had been working to trick Li into confessing.

Paulina agreed to give Trask time to earn a conviction of Li. After Paulina had left, Trask placed an urgent call to Li. Trask asked Li to have dinner with her.

At a table in Horton Town Square, Li and Trask met for martinis. Trask claimed that Li had been on her mind, and she said that no one had ever turned her on the way Li had. Trask added that she was happy she and Li were seeing one another.

Li was quiet for several seconds before he surprised Trask by producing a tape-recorded message of Trask telling Paulina earlier that Trask would "nail Li Shin to the wall." Trask demanded to know how Li had obtained the recording. Li revealed that he had planted a bug in a teddy bear that he had recently given Trask.

Trask said that she was hurt that Li had tricked her. Li told Trask to "give it up," and he said they both knew that neither of them cared much for the another. After Li left, Trask texted Sloan to say that she had been dumped by Li. Paulina approached. When Trask said that her dinner with Li hadn't gone as she'd planned, Paulina told Trask to pack up her office. "You're out," Paulina said.

At Sloan's apartment, Eric surprised Sloan when he said he wanted to move in with her that night. Sloan was caught off guard, but she agreed. Eric said that he intended to marry Sloan but that he hadn't given much thought to a wedding date.

Eric recalled that Rex and Sarah had been married earlier that day at the Brady Pub. Eric said that he had already had a wedding at the pub. Sloan surmised that the wedding had been to Nicole.

Eric surprised Sloan when he said that Belle wouldn't be able to represent the couple in their quest to adopt because Belle was going through something in her personal life. Eric added that he was still eager to adopt.

Eric stepped out of the room for a bit to put away some of his belongings. When Eric returned, Sloan said that Trask had texted with bad news. Sloan asked if she could leave to check on Trask. Eric agreed, and Sloan left.

Back in Trask's office, Trask was on the verge of tears as she packed up her office. Sloan entered, and she watched as Trask tried to destroy the teddy bear that Li had given her. Trask told Sloan that Paulina had fired her.

Sloan seemed to have an idea, and she said that the news of Trask's firing worked out for both Sloan and Trask. "You're in need of a job, and I'm in need of an attorney... How would you like to help Eric and I adopt a baby?" Sloan asked Trask.

Back at Sloan's apartment, Marlena visited Eric. Marlena shared that she had stopped by the Brady Pub and that Kate had said that Eric had moved in with Sloan. Marlena said that she was happy for Eric -- as long as Eric was happy.

Eric said that he and Sloan were committed to one another. Marlena spotted an old photograph of Eric and Nicole that had fallen to the floor nearby -- a photograph that Eric had been staring at when Marlena had knocked.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. told Nicole that he had fired Wendy for trying to spy on him in an effort to prove that E.J. had ordered the hit on Ava. E.J. said that he had been distracted by something Wendy had said. "She said that my mother was still alive," E.J. said.

E.J. insisted that Ava had lied to Wendy and Tripp about Susan being alive once Ava had realized there was a hit on her. Nicole wondered if there was a chance that Ava was telling the truth, and she suggested that Susan could be in hiding due to fear of Ava.

"Nicole, this is my mother we're talking about here. She doesn't require something so mundane as a phone. I mean, she's on a first-name basis with everyone in the spirit world. No, if my mother were still alive, she would have found some way to send me a sign," E.J. swore.

No sooner had E.J. finished his declaration than the lights in the mansion went out. Nicole believed that Susan had just given E.J. a sign, but E.J. refused to believe it. A short while later, the lights returned, and E.J. teased that he had been right about the power outage all along.

E.J. received a call from someone at the electric company. E.J. learned that someone had driven a car into a utility pole, and he told Nicole that the accident had knocked out all the electricity in the area. Nicole remained skeptical that Susan had had nothing to do with the power outage.

E.J. sarcastically asked if Nicole thought that the power company had been lying, as well. "No, the only liar in this scenario is Ava Vitali. And may she soon rot in hell for all eternity so that my mother may finally rest in peace," E.J. scowled.

At a patio outside a café in London, Ava said she doubted that the man in the wedding photo with Susan from 25 years earlier would be able to help in her and Harris' search for Susan. Harris said that the man, Edmund P. Crumb, was their only lead. Harris found an address for the man, and he and Ava left the café.

A short while later, Ava and Harris appeared outside a room. A frumpy, middle-aged man with shoulder-length hair and thick spectacles answered the door in a robe. Ava said that she and Harris had gone to the residence to talk about a woman named Susan Banks. The man invited Ava and Harris inside.

The man said that he had heard about Susan's death, and he described Susan as a "beautiful and gentle soul." Harris said that there was reason to believe that Susan had escaped the vehicle before it had exploded.

Harris asked if the man had received any "messages" from Susan. "Messages? No. But then again... why would she need to send me messages when she's chained up to the floor of the back bedroom?" the man said with a grin after taking a sip of tea.

Harris and Ava stared at the man in a mix of confusion and alarm. Just then, Harris and Ava started to feel dizzy. The man revealed that he had poisoned some tea that Ava and Harris had been drinking. Ava and Harris lost consciousness. "That takes care of that," the man said.

A short while later, the man smiled widely as he placed Ava and Harris' bodies side by side in a small twin-sized bed. From an adjacent room, a woman entered with the sound of heavy chains rattling as she walked. The woman was revealed to be Susan. "Oh, my stars and garters, Edmund! Edmund, Edmund, Edmund! What the heck do you think you're doing?" Susan said to the man.

Maggie kicks out Vivian

Maggie kicks out Vivian

Friday, September 29, 2023

In the pub, Kate asked Marlena about Eric's new apartment, and Marlena said it was lovely. "The important thing is that Eric seems to be happy," Marlena said. "Seems to be?" Kate countered. Marlena explained that Eric had said that he and Sloan were compatible.

"Speaking of moves, have you heard the latest about Vivian?" Kate asked. Kate told Marlena about the new will. "Can you imagine how satisfying it is going to be to picture her, that malevolent creature, finally getting what she deserves?" Kate asked.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian was on the phone with an interior decorator when Maggie walked into the living room. "And bring a Dumpster. Everything goes," Vivian said as she stared at Maggie. As Vivian ended her call, Maggie asked Vivian if she had received Maggie's message. "I ignored it, and you are trespassing," Vivian said. Maggie held up a piece of paper.

"It seems that Victor did have a will, after all, and this is it," Maggie said. Vivian reminded Maggie that Victor had destroyed his will. Maggie explained that Victor had executed a new will before he had died. Vivian rolled her eyes, and she laughed. "This is preposterously convenient," Vivian said. Maggie read the will aloud. When Vivian asked about the other 50% of the estate, Maggie told him about Victor's previously unacknowledged son, Alex.

"I was just telling Alex that he had his mother's killer instinct. Obviously, he has a double dose," Vivian said. Vivian grabbed the will and ripped it up. "It's all mine!" Vivian yelled. Maggie noted that the gesture was useless.

"Get out of my house," Vivian growled. Maggie smirked. "Did you really think that I was gonna let you in the same room as the original?" Maggie asked. Maggie explained that she had already probated the will. "You have always underestimated me," Maggie said. Vivian refused to leave.

"Deputy Pratt, we're ready for you now!" Maggie yelled. A police officer walked in. "Let's go, Ms. Alamain," Pratt said. "It's Mrs. Kiriakis!" Vivian said. The officer escorted Vivian out of the house. Maggie grinned with joy.

A hungover Alex was asleep at home when Sonny knocked on his front door. "Dad told me," Sonny said. "That's my ex-dad. Dad no more," Alex muttered. Sonny urged Alex not to think of Justin in that way. Alex argued that it made sense that a nice man like Justin was not his father. Sonny disagreed.

"[It also makes sense] why you, the guy who I thought was my brother, is loved by one and all, and I'm not," Alex added. "That is so not true," Sonny countered. Alex asked Sonny to leave, but Sonny refused. "I'm not going to leave until I figure out why you're feeling so damned sorry for yourself. Nothing has changed. I am still your brother. Dad is still your dad," Sonny stressed. Sonny told Alex that their connection and love for one another did not need to change.

"My dad is not my dad. And you and I are not brothers. End of story," Alex said. "Our dad has a huge heart, and he loves all of his kids. And that will always include you. And for you to stand here and act like your whole world has been turned upside down and to act like you're having this self-identity crisis, you know what, it's honestly a little self-indulgent and pathetic," Sonny yelled. Alex repeated his request for Sonny to leave.

"I'm leaving Salem. I have a plane to catch. And I wish I didn't have to leave Dad like this, but I have to get back," Sonny said. Sonny told Alex that he wished he didn't have to leave Alex. "In spite of everything I just said, I know, man, you're dealing with a lot right now, okay? And that you're just venting," Sonny said. Alex warned Sonny not to psychoanalyze him. Sonny told Alex not to wallow in misery and drink.

"[I need] time to think alone! To think about the fact that everything I thought about myself up until this point was a lie!" Alex yelled. "Dad's genetics, his DNA, that's not what made us brothers. It is the time that we spent together," Sonny stressed. Sonny asked Alex if Adrienne was any less of a mother to Alex because she had not been his biological mother.

After a moment, Alex said, "Just what I needed. Tough love." Sonny asked Alex if he had talked to their dad. "You mean my cousin Justin?" Alex countered. With a sigh, Sonny muttered, "And I thought I was getting through to you." Alex said he had not talked to Justin since their initial discussion.

"Dad is hurting, too, Alex. So, I suggest you get cleaned up and you go talk to him," Sonny said. Alex argued there was no point. "At the end of the day, Victor knew that he was my dad, and he never said a word," Alex said. Sonny agreed that it was a horrible thing.

"But there has to be a reason why he did what he did, and I'm sure he struggled like hell with it," Sonny said. Alex asked why. Sonny argued that maybe Victor had believed that Justin would be a better father to Alex. "Why did I have to find out that he was my father after he was dead? He leaves me half his fortune to try and make up for lying to me?" Alex yelled. Alex added that he did not know how he felt about the inheritance.

Sonny urged Alex to deal with his anger and think about why Victor had lied. "And most important, you got to think about Dad, man. Because I guarantee you, he is just as messed up about this as you are. And make no mistake about this, he does and will always love you like a son," Sonny said. Sonny stressed that he would always love Alex like a brother, too.

"Even if I do agree with you, I can't just let go of the fact that I was deceived all my life. I can't just suddenly learn that Victor Kiriakis is my father and not be changed in some very fundamental ways. Do you understand that, Sonny? I have to rethink everything," Alex said.

After Sonny left, he returned to the Kiriakis mansion to say goodbye to Maggie. Maggie asked about Alex. "This is not going to be easy on him," Sonny said. "Not going to be easy on any of us," Maggie agreed.

With a smile, Sonny told Maggie that he was thrilled that she had returned to her home. "It was so fun kicking Vivian to the curb," Maggie admitted. "I really wish I could have seen it," Sonny said. Maggie noted that Vivian would move on to the next scheme. "And God help whoever is next," Maggie said.

At Alex's apartment, Vivian knocked on his door. Vivian asked Alex to join her in a bid to oust Maggie from Titan. "I don't have any beef against Maggie," Alex said. "What? She threw you out on your ass at Titan. Return the favor," Vivian said. Alex grabbed Vivian's arm, and he shoved her out of his apartment.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie picked up her wedding photo. "It's so lonely here and empty without you," Maggie whispered. Maggie told Victor that she missed him.

At the DiMera mansion, a frantic Leo banged on Stefan and Gabi's bedroom door. "Open the door! You are in mortal danger!" Leo yelled. When there was no answer, Leo opened the door and gasped. On the bed was a bloody Stefan and Gabi. Dimtri wiped his hands clean and smiled. Leo asked Dimitri if he knew CPR.

"It's no use," Dimitri said. "You actually went through with it? You killed them?" Leo asked. Dimitri lifted Stefan's limp arm, then dropped it on the bed. "It would appear so," Dimitri said. "What the hell is the matter with you?" Leo shouted. Dimitri said that he had done it "for us."

Leo woke with a start in his bed at the Salem Inn. "Oh, thank God! A dream," Leo said. Leo called Dimitri at the mansion, but Dimitri rejected the call.

In the DiMera living room, a cheery Kristen and Gwen plotted to punish Dimitri and Leo. Their conversation was interrupted when Dimitri entered. "What's with the closed door, Kristen? There are no secrets in this house, are there?" Dimitri asked. Gwen kissed Dimitri and explained that she had closed the door to talk to Kristen privately about a surprise for Dimitri.

"A very fun surprise, because I think you so deserve it," Gwen said. As Gwen gently kissed Dimitri all over his face, she purred about how she had fallen in love with Dimitri overnight. "Let's not forget who fell in love with you nearly as quickly," Dimitri said. "Oh, trust me. Gwen never lets herself forget that for one single minute," Kristen whispered. With a big smile, Dimitri told Gwen she did not need to get him anything.

"I've read somewhere that surprises are the secret to a very happy marriage," Gwen said. Dimitri started to leave, but Kristen asked him to stay and discuss their outstanding DiMera business. The doorbell rang, and Dimitri announced that he would get the door so that Kristen and Gwen could finish their chat.

After Dimitri ran out of the room, Kristen gritted her teeth. "He couldn't wait to get away from me. Oh, that little weasel," Kristen said. Kristen told Gwen that there was only one punishment for Dimitri. "We have to kill him," Kristen said. Gwen asked if Kristen was joking.

"If Dimitri buys the farm, then you get every dime coming to him from that stupid codicil," Kristen said. "The marriage needs to be in effect for at least a year for that codicil to kick in," Gwen explained. Kristen argued that the codicil had not specified what would happen if one of the spouses died during that year.

"Right, okay, that's if I want him dead, yes?" Gwen said. Gwen asked why Kristen wanted to go nuclear. Kristen explained that she knew men like Dimitri. "These things you have to just nip in the bud," Kristen said. When Gwen argued that she was not a murderer, Kristen reminded her that she had broken out of prison to murder her sister, Abigail.

Gwen argued that her intent had been to make it look like Sarah had attacked Abigail, not kill her. As Kristen shrugged, Gwen changed the subject back to revenge. Gwen suggested that she should go to the bank and withdraw the money that Dimitri had deposited from the first installment. "And then you and I can split that. I mean, isn't that enough for revenge?" Gwen asked. Kristen laughed.

"If that's what you can live with," Kristen said. With a nod, Gwen announced that she would go to the bank. After Gwen walked out, Kristen opened the safe and pulled out a gun. "Sorry, Gwen. Dimitri has it coming to him," Kristen said.

Upstairs in Stefan and Gabi's bedroom, Gabi wondered aloud why Dimitri had not responded to their message. Gabi suggested they send a threatening text. "Once we get Dimitri's shares, we're going to be top dogs at DiMera," Gabi said. Stefan disagreed.

"We've got my shares and Jake's. I would imagine Kristen, Steven, and Peter will vote with me, but then on E.J.'s side, he's got Tony and Chad and Li and Johnny, and also Kate's shares, right?" Stefan said. "What about Li?" Gabi asked. Stefan argued that Li would never switch to their side.

"It'll take some convincing, but it's doable," Gabi countered. Stefan asked how. "I'll seduce him," Gabi said. Stefan cackled until he realized that Gabi was serious. Stefan argued with Gabi about Li. "You are not going to sleep with Li!" Stefan said. Stefan argued that as much as he loved power, he loved his wife more. Stefan grabbed Gabi and kissed her. "You're the only man I love. I was just saying that to get you all hot and bothered," Gabi said with a grin.

On the DiMera front porch, Leo asked Dimitri if he had killed Stefan and Gabi. "Keep it down! No, I didn't kill them," Dimitri said. Leo argued that it was wrong to kill people. "And most important, conjugal visits are not my thing," Leo added. Dimitri promised that he would not go to prison or give up his shares in DiMera. Dimitri's phone beeped with a text from Gabi.

"This woman is so tiresome, she really does need to die," Dimitri said. Leo begged Dimitri to reconsider. "You wouldn't get away with it. Just let them have the damn shares. You will still have tons of money," Leo said. Leo argued that there had to be another way. "If something happens to the two of them and the cops question me, I know that I will fold like a cheap lawn chair, and I will lose you forever," Leo argued. Dimitri hugged Leo and told him not to worry.

"Then say you're not going to do it. Say that you are not going to kill them," Leo pleaded. Dimitri nodded yes. As Leo thanked Dimitri profusely, Dimitri hugged him again. Gwen opened the front door, and she stared daggers at the two lovers. Gwen ducked back into the house and yelled from the foyer that she was leaving. Dimitri and Leo jumped apart from one another before Gwen exited the house.

"Matty! What brings you here?" Gwen said. Leo said he had hoped to talk to Gwen over breakfast before work. "I wish I could. I've got errands to run around town. Secret errands," Gwen said. With a smirk, Gwen asked Dimitri why he had been talking to Leo for so long.

"All that talk inside about surprising me, I was just discussing with Leo what I can do to you, for you in return," Dimitri said. "Another surprise? For me? Fair warning, it's not easy to put one over on me," Gwen said. Gwen kissed Dimitri passionately in front of Leo.

After Gwen walked away, Dimitri looked at Leo and said, "Just in case you were wondering, no, I did not enjoy that kiss." "That's okay. I'm sure she more than made up for your lack of enthusiasm," Leo said. Dimitri's phone beeped with another text from Gabi. "I should go deal with them," Dimitri muttered. "Deal with them how?" Leo asked. Dimitri assured Leo that everything would be fine.

When Dimitri returned to the DiMera living room, he was surprised to see that Kristen was still there. Kristen pointed the gun at Dimitri. "Is that really necessary? Do you really think that I'm going to cut you out of your share of the money?" Dimitri asked. "I go by actions, not words. And it's pretty obvious what your intent is," Kristen said. Dimitri called Kristen's bluff, and she cocked the gun. "Are you sure about that?" Kristen asked.

Upstairs, Stefan and Gabi redressed after their quickie. "So glad I made you jealous," Gabi said. "I had something to prove in the remote chance that you were not joking about seducing Li," Stefan said. Gabi kissed Stefan, and she suggested they head downstairs and find Dimitri.

At the Salem Inn, Gwen stopped by Leo's room with a box. "I thought you had errands," Leo said. "I finished them, but I did happen to pass Sweet Bits, and I saw this in the window. It's banana cream pie. It's your favorite," Gwen said. Gwen lifted the pie out of the box. "You truly are the greatest friend a girl could ever--" Leo started before Gwen smashed the pie in his face. "[That was for] sleeping with my husband. You bastard!" Gwen yelled.

In the DiMera living room, Dimitri promised Kristen that he would pay her the share of the money he had promised. "Threatening to tell Gwen about you and Leo, I mean, that didn't put a fire under your feet. So, guess what? Maybe this will," Kristen said.

"Out of all the horrible things you have done in your life, you have never actually killed anyone, not that I know of. Not personally, anyway. And I really don't think you're going to start today," Dimitri said as he took small steps toward Kristen. Dimitri reached up and took the gun. "Damn you," Kristen muttered.

"I'm sorry. I know how to read people. It's a gift," Dimitri said. Kristen shook her head in frustration, and she warned Dimitri that things were not over. After Kristen marched out, Stefan and Gabi walked into the room. "I was just looking for you two," Dimitri said. "Unlikely story. Now do you have what we want?" Gabi demanded. With a groan, Dimitri pulled out the gun he had taken from Kristen, and he pointed it at Stefan and Gabi. Stefan stepped in front of Gabi.

"You can't be serious," Stefan said. "Try me," Dimitri said. Dimitri admitted that he had decided to give Stefan and Gabi his shares, but then he had realized that it would not be the end of their demands. "You would hold what I did to Gwen over my head for as long as you can profit from it. So, really, the best thing that I can do right now is nip this in the bud. Now, Leo did say that I shouldn't be going to these extremes, but I'm just gonna have to figure out how to make him understand," Dimitri said. Gabi told Dimitri to keep his shares, but he said no.

Stefan pulled Gabi into a hug to shield her, and a gun fired. Stefan pulled away to look at Gabi, and they realized that neither one of them had been shot. Dimitri's face went slack, and he collapsed to the floor. In the doorway, Vivian held a smoking gun.

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