Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 16, 2023 on DAYS

Xander and Sarah fought for full custody of Victoria. Ava and Harris admitted their feelings. Clyde used leverage against Ava. Rafe hired Harris. Talia left Salem. Tate offered to help Brady with Rachel. Stefan and Gabi schemed against Kristen. E.J. was furious that Stefan and Gabi had Dimitri's shares. Clyde revealed he had held Susan captive. Chad struggled with his anger. Tate apologized to Holly. Dimitri escaped custody. Abe and Paulina struggled to move forward. Alex invited Theresa to live with him. Konstantin was in cahoots with Theresa. Sloan's adoption was in jeopardy. Nicole obtained a new copy of her genetic report.
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Xander and Sarah fought for full custody of Victoria. Ava and Harris admitted their feelings. Dimitri escaped custody. Konstantin was in cahoots with Theresa.
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Ava and Harris admit their feelings for one another

Ava and Harris admit their feelings for one another

Monday, October 16, 2023

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah told Xander that she regretted her decision to keep him from Victoria. Sarah apologized to Xander, and she asked him to see things from the perspective of raising Victoria with a father who might potentially be in prison. Xander said he understood, and he said that Sarah had been the love of his life.

Sarah said that walking away from Xander had been the hardest thing she had ever done. Sarah noted that Xander had been present when Victoria had been born. "You are her father, and I want you to be a part of her life," Sarah told Xander.

Xander was elated by Sarah's announcement. As Sarah prepared to bring Victoria downstairs to see Xander, she received a call from Justin. Sarah was prepared to tell Justin that she would share custody of Victoria with Xander -- until she learned by phone that Xander had hired Sloan to sue for full custody of Victoria.

Xander tried to defend himself, but Sarah screeched at him and refused to listen. Sarah ordered Xander to leave the mansion, and she said that anything he had to say to her, he could say in court.

At the Brady Pub, Kate wondered if she had done enough to help her children. Marlena encouraged Kate to be optimistic and to hope that both women's children would find their own way. Kate admitted that she felt abandoned, given that Philip and Rex had just left Salem. Kate noted that Austin was in Europe and that Lucas was in Statesville. Kate grew emotional as she spoke of Lucas.

At Statesville, a man sat alone in a room and stared at a headline in the Spectator that touted Susan being alive. The man was revealed to be Clyde Weston, who sat smirking. Clyde read the article aloud to himself, including a part in the story that noted that someone had delivered Susan to Edmund in London.

Clyde laughed when he read that Edmund had denied knowing the identity of the person. "There's no way you'd know who arranged that little reunion with E.J. DiMera's mama. And even if Scotland Yard and Rafe Hernandez and the Salem Keystone Kops put their collective pinheads together, they'd still never figure it out. It was yours truly who accomplished that," Clyde said.

Unbeknownst to Clyde, Lucas had entered the room. Lucas asked what Clyde had accomplished. Lucas noted that it was Abigail's birthday, and he added that Clyde had murdered Abigail in cold blood. Clyde challenged Lucas to try to kill him.

Clyde taunted Lucas when he said that Lucas hadn't been able to go through with plans to kill Orpheus months earlier. Clyde laughed in Lucas' face. "Do you think you're scaring me, you little pissant? You couldn't kill a stuffed deer with a cannon at five paces," Clyde gloated. Clyde added that he still had clout inside and outside Statesville, and he threatened to harm someone that Lucas cared about.

At Chad and Stephanie's apartment, Stephanie found Chad icy and standoffish as he sat alone on the sofa. When Stephanie asked what was wrong, Chad noted that it was Abigail's birthday. Chad recalled that it had been around a year earlier when everyone had learned that Clyde had murdered Abigail.

Chad said that a part of him wished he had killed Clyde when he'd had the chance. Stephanie tried to comfort Chad by saying that Clyde was in Statesville and that he would never hurt anyone again. Stephanie and Chad hugged. Chad said that he wanted to visit Abigail's grave, and he added that he wanted to go alone. "I just need it to be me and the kids today. I hope that's okay," Chad said.

Later, in the park, Chad sat alone on a bench near the cemetery when his phone rang. Chad answered a call from Lucas at Statesville. Lucas said that he had been thinking of Chad and Abigail, then he told Chad about his run-in with Clyde earlier. Chad said that Lucas needed to "steer clear" of Clyde.

When Lucas replied that Clyde should be the one to steer clear, Chad told Lucas to not do anything stupid. Lucas said that he needed to go, and he told Chad to take care of himself. Chad told Lucas to do the same.

After the call ended, Chad stared at a photo of Abigail on his phone. "Happy birthday, my love. You are still the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on. I know it's been a while since you've been gone, but I still miss you every minute of the day," Chad said as his voice started to break.

At the hospital, Tripp tended to a man with long hair past his shoulders who claimed he had taken some pills. The man turned violent when Tripp said that he wanted to draw a blood sample. The man grabbed a scalpel, and he pointed it at Tripp.

A short while later, Kayla entered and found Tripp alone in the room. Tripp revealed that the man had cut him on the arm with the scalpel. Kayla tended to Tripp's wound, and she noted that hospital security hadn't been able to catch the man who had cut Tripp. Kayla reminded Tripp that it was hospital policy to head home after being attacked on the job.

After Tripp left, Kayla received a visit from Stephanie, who complained that Chad hadn't wanted her to visit Abigail's grave with him. Kayla reminded Stephanie that Abigail's birthday was a sad day for Chad, and she added that he had been traumatized by Abigail's death. Kayla asked Stephanie to give Chad patience. Stephanie whined that she didn't think Chad would ever love her as much as Abigail.

At the Shin apartment, Ava and Harris put their arms around one another, and the two kissed for several seconds. Ava touched Harris' face. "What the hell are we doing?" Ava asked Harris after the kiss. Harris said that he had wanted to kiss Ava for a while. Ava said she had wanted the same thing, as well.

Ava and Harris admitted that their feelings for one another were more than platonic, and they kissed again. Breathing heavily, Ava noted that she and Harris had been through a lot. Harris and Ava agreed to put their feelings on hold until their lives were steadier. "Before we start... something," Harris said. "Yeah, exactly," Ava and Harris whispered as they gazed into one another's eyes.

Ava noted that she didn't have any money or work experience besides being a "mob princess." Harris encouraged Ava to look at her life as a fresh start and a chance to reinvent herself. Harris asked what Ava would do if she could do anything in the world. Ava said that she loved to cook. Harris suggested that Ava find a way to feed people for a living.

Ava asked what Harris would be if he could choose to be anything. Harris recalled Kate saying that the Salem PD could use someone with his skill set. Ava joked that Harris shouldn't use her for a reference if he applied for a job. Harris offered to take Ava to dinner once he found work. Ava agreed before asking Harris for a hug.

As Ava and Harris hugged, Tripp entered. Harris and Ava told each other to take care, and Harris left. Tripp asked what he had missed. Ava said that Harris was only a friend. "A friend? Really? The electricity in here could power Salem for a month," Tripp mused.

Ava admitted that she and Harris were attracted to one another and that they might have dinner soon. Ava noticed the bandage on Tripp's arm, and she asked what had happened. Tripp recalled having been nicked by a patient earlier, but he insisted that he was fine. Ava and Tripp hugged before Tripp left the room to change. Afterwards, someone from an unknown number called the house phone.

Ava picked up the phone. Unbeknownst to Ava, the person on the other end of the line was Clyde. "Listen, a little birdie told me that your baby boy had an accident at work today. But I think you should know... it was no accident," Clyde said. Ava asked who she was talking to. Clyde said that Ava would find out soon enough. "Because you and me, we got a lot to talk about, mama," Clyde said menacingly.

Clyde exerts leverage over Ava

Clyde exerts leverage over Ava

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

In the Salem PD bullpen, Jada confessed to Rafe that she was relieved that Shawn had resigned and left town because of how his presence affected her sister. "But Belle's the one that's really going through it," Jada added. "[Shawn's] getting help, and that's a good thing," Rafe said. With a sigh, Rafe announced that he needed to find a new partner for Jada but that they were short staffed. Harris entered the room, and he asked to talk.

Jada left for the pub for lunch, and Rafe asked Harris what he wanted. Harris asked for a job. When Harris mentioned that he had acquired skills from the police academy and then the Navy SEALS, Rafe joked that the skills had been evident in Harris' successful kidnapping of Steve. Harris appeared dejected. Rafe told Harris to loosen up because he would get teased if he worked there.

Rafe told Harris that Harris would be a valuable asset to the department, but Rafe would need to ask the mayor to approve the hire first. "Welcome to the Salem PD," Rafe said. Harris expressed his desire to secure a confession from E.J., but Rafe suggested an alternate assignment.

At the Brady Pub, Marlena told Kate that even though Belle had stood by Shawn through his drinking, he had cheated on Belle with Talia. Kate groaned with disgust.

Outside the pub, Belle ran into Talia, and she told Talia that Shawn had left town to seek treatment. "You're not going with him?" Talia asked. Belle explained that she planned to stay in town, and she asked Talia to stay away from her. As Talia teared up, Belle added that she mostly blamed Shawn for the affair, not Talia.

"Having said that, though, I'm sure you can understand why I just don't want to be around you," Belle said. Belle argued that their best option was to steer clear of one another. As Belle rushed off, Jada rounded the corner and saw Talia. Jada asked her sister if she was okay. "[Belle] has every right to hate me," Talia said. Furious, Jada wanted to yell at Belle for having been cruel to Talia, but Talia told Jada to forget it. Jada told Talia that things would get better. "Yes. Because I'm leaving," Talia announced.

Jada hustled Talia inside the pub to eat and talk. Talia explained that she planned to return to California. Jada asked Talia not to let Belle run her out of town. "You deserve to be here as much as [Belle] does," Jada said. "Even if I did deserve to be here, how can I have a life here now?" Talia asked. Talia reminded Jada that she worked at the hospital with Belle's mother and that it hurt too much to see Chanel around town with Johnny.

"I'm still here. I'm your big sister, and I love you," Jada said. Talia told her sister that she loved Jada, too, but that she needed to leave. After Talia headed upstairs to pack, Rafe joined Jada for lunch. Jada told him about the situation. "If [Talia] says it is time to go, then I believe her," Rafe said. Rafe stressed that it would not be forever.

When Talia returned with her bags, Rafe and Jada hugged Talia goodbye. "I'm gonna miss you so much," Jada said. Talia told Jada that she loved Jada, and Talia left.

On the DiMera grounds, Chad talked to a picture of Abigail about plans for her birthday. "[We were grateful] for the time we had with you. We should have had more," Chad whispered. Chad admitted that he was still angry because he remembered how Abigail had looked when he had found her after Clyde had stabbed her. "How could that son of a bitch live with himself?" Chad said about Clyde.

When Chad entered the DiMera mansion, E.J. warmly greeted his brother. Chad explained that he had stopped by to let the kids have a playdate with Rachel. E.J. noted that it was Abigail's birthday. Chad was surprised that E.J. had remembered it. Chad congratulated E.J. on Susan's resurrection from the dead. With a smirk, Chad added that he was envious. "How I wish that were the case with Abigail," Chad said.

With a sigh, E.J. grudgingly admitted that he had Ava to thank for Susan's return home. "Are you and Ava square?" Chad asked. E.J. explained that he had nothing drastic planned but that he would never forgive Ava for the lost time with his mother.

When Chad announced that he was ready to leave, E.J. lamented that he had not killed Clyde when he had had the chance. "Especially when I'm around your beautiful children," E.J. said. Chad said he understood because he was often consumed with anger at Clyde. With a smile, E.J. confessed that it would have been fun to have watched Clyde bleed to death in the cemetery.

While Ava was in Tripp's apartment, Clyde Weston called her from prison. Clyde explained that the attack on Tripp had not been an accident, and he demanded that Ava visit him in prison. Worried, Ava rushed past Tripp and out of the apartment.

When Ava arrived at the prison to see Clyde, she asked him, "Why'd you have my son attacked?" "Because you screwed up my plans," Clyde said. Clyde explained that his associate had found Susan after the car accident, and he had coordinated her delivery to Crumb in the UK. "I was going to use her to force [E.J.] to run my business," Clyde said. "Why?" Ava asked. Clyde explained that E.J. was a former business partner that had refused to restart Clyde's drug business. Clyde told Ava that she had stolen his leverage, and he needed a replacement for E.J.

"I'm going straight," Ava said. Clyde promised to set Ava up with a legitimate job at the Bistro as a cover. Ava refused. "If you don't do what I ask you to do, your son is a dead man," Clyde said. With a grin, Clyde told Ava that he expected they would have a very profitable friendship.

When Wendy returned home from the unemployment office, she asked Tripp why he was not at work. Tripp told Wendy that he was home early and that his mother was not at home. When Tripp mentioned that Ava had rushed off in a hurry, Wendy asked if something was wrong. Tripp noted that she believed it had something to do with Harris. With a smirk, Tripp noted that Ava had made a date with Harris.

"The best relationships start out as friendships. I mean, look at us!" Wendy said. As Tripp pulled Wendy in for a kiss, he winced. Wendy noticed the bandage, and she asked what had happened. Tripp told her about the attack at work, and he assured her that he was fine. Tripp said that although the man had gotten away, Tripp thought it had just been a junkie that was out of control. "It's not like he was out to kill me," Tripp said.

Tripp fixed lunch, and Wendy grumbled about the requirement to show proof that she had been looking for work. "Maybe this is a bonding experience. You could pound the pavement with my mom," Tripp said. Wendy raised an eyebrow.

In the square, Harris ran into Ava, and he told her about his new job at the Salem Police Department. "Rafe hired you, huh?" Ava said. Harris explained that his first assignment was to find who had taken Susan to Crumb in the UK.

John and Marlena try to help Abe and Paulina

John and Marlena try to help Abe and Paulina

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

At the Brady Pub, Rafe told Jada about his decision to hire Harris. Jada said she approved of the hire. Rafe said he had an idea for Jada and Harris' first assignment together. "I want you to figure out who kidnapped E.J.'s mother after that car crash and shipped her off to merry old England," Rafe said.

Rafe received a call from Dimitri's doctor at the hospital, and he learned that Dimitri was well enough to be discharged. Jada left with Rafe to visit the hospital.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan told E.J. that he was relieved that Susan was alive. E.J. said that he was sorry that Vivian had had to leave town, and he added that he didn't understand why Dimitri had tried to kill Stefan and Gabi. E.J. said he thought that Stefan and Gabi had done something to set off Dimitri.

Stefan said that he and Gabi had learned of Dimitri's sham marriage to Gwen and that the two had decided to blackmail Dimitri in exchange for a cut of the Von Leuschner fortune. E.J. said that he had an errand to run, and he left. Afterwards, Stefan and Gabi schemed about how to put their shares of DiMera Enterprises to good use, as well as how to obtain the upper hand with E.J.

In Dimitri's room at the hospital, Leo fussed at Dimitri for having tried to kill Stefan and Gabi. Leo wondered what his future held, given that Dimitri was likely headed to prison. Dimitri was flattered when Leo said that Dimitri was the love of his life. Leo said he had never had feelings for anyone the way he did for Dimitri.

Dimitri asked Leo to help him escape police custody by busting him out of the hospital. E.J. entered, and he presented Dimitri with a cup of frozen yogurt. E.J. feigned being appalled by Vivian having shot Dimitri. Leo accused E.J. of lying. E.J. admitted that he wanted to talk to Dimitri about Dimitri's shares of DiMera.

Dimitri said that E.J. was too late. E.J. was surprised when Dimitri said that he had given his voting shares to Stefan and Gabi. Leo told E.J. about Stefan and Gabi having blackmailed Dimitri for the shares.

E.J., angered by the news, taunted Dimitri on his way out of the room. "A little piece of advice for prison: find the biggest, meanest guy you can see, and crack him. That way, they'll know not to mess with you," E.J. quipped.

After E.J. had left, Dimitri was trying to talk Leo into going on the run with him when Rafe and Jada entered. Jada noted that Dimitri had made a full recovery and that he was fit to stand trial. After Rafe and Jada stepped out of the room, Leo turned to Dimitri. "How do we get you out of here?" Leo asked.

Back at the DiMera mansion, a livid E.J. confronted Stefan and Gabi for having blackmailed Dimitri. E.J. said that he and Stefan had called a truce. Stefan accused E.J. of having only visited Dimitri to inquire about Dimitri's shares. "You're just pissed that we beat you to the punch," Stefan gloated.

E.J. said that he wouldn't allow Stefan and Gabi to push him out of the family business. Gabi claimed that she and Stefan only wanted to work side by side with E.J. E.J. said he didn't believe Gabi. "And just remember, two can play at this game," E.J. scowled before leaving. After E.J. left, Stefan said that he had a brilliant idea.

In Marlena's office at the hospital, Marlena learned from John that he had found a room for Timothy at an assisted living home. John said that Timothy was overjoyed, and he added that the home was only a short drive away.

Paulina entered Marlena's office, and she said she needed Marlena's help. Marlena and John agreed to talk later. Marlena asked what she could do for Paulina. Paulina said she needed Marlena to help Abe get his memory back.

Marlena surprised Paulina when she said that Paulina could benefit from therapy. Paulina scoffed at the suggestion, but Marlena expressed worry that Paulina was "fixated" on Abe's memory. Aggravated, Paulina pleaded with Marlena to tell her how long it would be until Abe's memory returned. Marlena said that Paulina should prepare herself for the possibility that Abe's memory might never return.

Marlena said that if Paulina continued to push Abe to remember, Abe could start to feel that he had let Paulina down. "And as far as I'm concerned, that could be the beginning of the end of your relationship," Marlena said.

Paulina said that she couldn't lose Abe because he was the love of her life. Marlena told Paulina to start making new memories with Abe instead of focusing on older ones. Paulina agreed, and she said that all she wanted was for Abe to have peace of mind and to be happy. Paulina added that she would do anything for Abe.

Back at the penthouse, Abe asked John if he could speak to Belle. "I was wondering if she could help me file for divorce," Abe said. John asked why Abe was upset with Paulina. Abe said that he was only ending his marriage because he had grown to care about Paulina. "And I'm divorcing her for her own good," Abe tried to reason.

John delicately tried to talk Abe out of divorcing Paulina. Abe said that he didn't want Paulina to live with the "disappointment and baggage" that Abe had. John said that perhaps Abe was right and that Paulina might be better off with someone else. "And I Just happen to have the perfect guy in mind," John told a confused Abe.

Abe was shocked when John mentioned that Timothy would be a perfect match for Paulina. Abe was taken aback even further when John said that Timothy was 97 years old. The more John suggested that Timothy and Paulina would be a good fit, the more animated Abe grew. Abe asked if John was out of his mind. "Abraham Carver, if I didn't know you well enough, I'd say you feel a little jealous?" John asked.

John said he didn't believe that Abe was ready to let Paulina go. Abe admitted that John was right, and he added that he thought he was falling back in love with Paulina. John was happy with Abe's admission. Abe worried that he would never be the man he had once been.

John said that he had known Paulina for a long time and that all she wanted was Abe -- memories or no memories. "You and Paulina are meant to be together, and that, my friend, is a fact," John said as he placed his hands warmly on Abe's shoulders.

A short while later, Marlena returned home after Abe had left. Marlena told John about her visit with Paulina. John and Marlena laughed when they realized they had given Abe and Paulina the same advice about staying in the moment. "Look at us. We're working as a team and don't even know it. We're a team, baby," Marlena said. "Always have been, always will be," John said before he and Marlena kissed.

In Horton Town Square, Paulina met with Abe. Paulina apologized for having been so pushy with regard to Abe's memory the previous night. Abe said that he admired Paulina's intensity, as well as her passion and determination. Paulina asked why Abe had wanted to meet her. Abe said that he wanted to take Paulina to the Bistro for dinner. Abe teased Paulina when he said the Bistro had an early bird dinner.

Abe added that he and Paulina were "an old married couple." Paulina said that while the couple might be married, they were by no means old. Abe and Paulina laughed. Paulina agreed to go to dinner with Abe. They walked arm in arm together as they headed for the Bistro.

Leo helps Dimitri escape police custody

Leo helps Dimitri escape police custody

Thursday, October 19, 2023

At the Brady Pub, Tate learned that he had been given a job as a dishwasher. Tate protested, but Brady remained firm that Tate learn responsibility. Tate then lashed out at Brady. "Do you think I don't know what's going on here? Why, all of a sudden, I am the center of your world? It's because you don't have Rachel anymore," Tate said.

Brady appeared stung by Tate's words, and he admitted that he should have visited Tate in California more often. Brady added that he was trying to play "catch-up" with Tate, and he said that he loved Tate. Tate suggested that he could help Brady visit Rachel, and he offered to tell Rachel that Brady missed her.

Brady asked what Tate wanted in return. Tate admitted that he had been looking for an excuse to go to the DiMera mansion to apologize to Holly for having accidentally told Nicole about Holly's secret crush.

After Tate left, Roman told Brady that Kimberly was thrilled to learn that Tate would be working at the pub. Kate appeared, and she learned about Tate's recent troubles in boarding school. Kate teased Brady when she said sarcastically that her kids had been "absolute angels" who'd had an "exemplary mother."

Brady said that Tate was right in his criticisms of Brady. Kate tried to cheer up Brady, who recalled Tate's idea to help Brady with Rachel. Kate chuckled when she learned that Tate's ulterior motive was to impress a girl.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan and Gabi schemed to use Rachel in their plot to obtain Kristen's voting shares at DiMera Enterprises. Gabi suggested that she and Stefan manufacture evidence that Kristen was an unfit parent. Gabi added that she and Stefan could create trouble that only Kristen would be blamed for.

Also at the DiMera mansion, Kristen and Rachel were in a good mood following a mother-daughter shopping spree. Holly burst in, and she proceeded to yell at Rachel for having used a Taylor Swift brand of shampoo that had belonged to Holly. Kristen worked to de-escalate the tension between Holly and Rachel.

When Rachel left the room, Kristen offered to pay Holly to tutor Rachel in math. Holly said that she might accept the offer -- if Kristen could help with Holly's crush on Johnny. When Kristen doubted that she could influence Johnny, Holly noted that Nicole had almost learned of Holly's crush thanks to Tate.

Unbeknownst to Holly, Tate had entered the mansion just in time to hear Holly call Tate a jerk. Kristen was thrilled to see Tate, and she hugged him. Kristen left to bring Rachel to visit Tate. Tate tried to apologize to Holly, who was still angry.

Tate attempted to flatter Holly, and he said that she was the only friend he had in Salem. Tate apologized again, and he asked if he and Holly could start over. Holly eventually agreed, and they were about to shake hands when Kristen returned. Kristen announced that she hadn't been able to find Rachel.

Back in Stefan and Gabi's room, Rachel ate ice cream that Stefan had provided. Stefan suggested that he and Rachel play a game of 20 questions, and he added that he had a secret he wanted Rachel to guess. At the same time, at John and Marlena's penthouse, Gabi surprised Brady with a visit. Gabi said she had a question for Brady. "How would you like to get your daughter back?" Gabi asked.

In Dimitri's room at the hospital, Leo wondered how to help break Dimitri out of police custody. Leo spotted a paper clip nearby, and he had just begun trying to pick the lock on Dimitri's handcuff when Kayla entered. Kayla asked Leo to leave so that she could examine Dimitri ahead of his police transport to jail.

After Leo left, Dimitri startled Kayla when he slipped out of his handcuff and grabbed her by the wrist. Dimitri handcuffed Kayla to the bed. Kayla asked how Dimitri thought he would get past security. Just then, Leo returned in green scrubs and a blonde wig. "Nurse Leona at your service," Leo said with a grin.

A short while later, Rafe and Jada found Kayla handcuffed to Dimitri's bed, and they learned that Dimitri had escaped. Kayla added that Dimitri had had help. At the same time, Leo wheeled Dimitri into the hospital elevators as they prepared to leave.

Xander wrestles with his conscience

Xander wrestles with his conscience

Friday, October 20, 2023

Theresa delivered a present to Alex at his apartment. "You bought me dishes?" Alex asked. Theresa reminded Alex that he had mentioned he had been using paper plates at home. "You are CEO. You have an image to maintain," Theresa said. Alex suggested that they christen his new plates. "I'd love to christen your plates," Theresa whispered as she pushed herself against Alex.

Over leftovers, Theresa asked Alex how he was adjusting to his new life. "It's been surreal, actually," Alex admitted. Alex explained that he was sad that Justin was not his father, even though Justin was his father in all the ways that mattered. With a sigh, Alex said he was frustrated that Victor had not survived long enough to explain himself. Alex asked about Theresa. With a shrug, Theresa said she was anxious about her living situation.

"Got any ideas?" Theresa asked. When Theresa noted that she could not pay her rent at the Salem Inn, Alex asked about her work as a fashion designer. Theresa explained that work had taken a turn thanks to supply chain issues. Theresa then rattled off all the other living options she had looked into that had not worked out. "Forget all of them. Move in here with me," Alex said. Theresa lightly dismissed the idea.

"I hope you didn't think that I was hinting at staying here," Theresa said. "No, I was not at all. And to be honest with you, I'm not too crazy about living alone. I think I'd like having you as a roomie," Alex said. Alex added that although their past affair had been impulsive, he wanted to take a step back and get to know one another better. "I would be a fool to say no," Theresa said. Theresa ran off to collect her belongings from the Salem Inn. "I really hope this isn't a bad idea," Alex whispered.

At the Brady Pub, Roman told Steve that Tate would be working off his debt at the pub as a dishwasher. "Kid sounds like a real piece of work," Steve said. "Kid takes after his mother, unfortunately," Roman said. Roman added that Tate was also smart and driven like his mother. When Steve noted that Theresa planned to stay in town, Roman explained that Theresa had asked to rent a room.

"But I had just rented the last available room to Harris Michaels," Roman said. "That's too bad. Kayla was hoping you could keep an eye on [Theresa]," Steve said. With a shrug, Roman noted that Theresa was resilient and would land on her feet. Talk turned to Eric's plans for adoption, and Steve noted that Roman did not look pleased.

"What can I do? He seems to have convinced himself that [Sloan] is the one," Roman said. Kayla entered the pub, and she asked for a stiff drink. "What's going on, baby?" Steve asked. Kayla told Steve about how Dimitri had handcuffed her to a hospital bed. Angry, Steve jumped to his feet. "I'm going to give that man a beatdown," Steve growled. Kayla begged Steve to leave Dimitri alone.

"I think Dimitri didn't want to hurt me. He just wanted to get away. And then Rafe and Jada showed up right as he and Leo Stark were getting away," Kayla said. "Leo? That little con man was involved in this, too?" Steve asked. Kayla assured Roman and Steve that she was fine, and she asked Steve to stay and have a drink with her. "Maybe you want to forget about this, but I'm going to make Dimitri Von Leuschner regret ever laying a hand on you," Steve said.

An emotional Sarah met with Justin in the square at the café to discuss her custody case. "How can I calm down? I am a sleep-deprived mom, and just when I thought things were starting to thaw between Xander and me, I find out he is suing for full custody of my child," Sarah said. Sarah asked Justin if they could stop Xander. Justin recounted the positive aspects of Sarah's case, and Sarah asked if that meant they had a good case.

"We need to anticipate what Xander and Sloan may use against you," Justin said. "Like what?" Sarah asked. Justin pointed out that it had not been the first time that Sarah had lied about her child's paternity. With a sigh, Sarah argued that she knew she had made a mistake when she had lied about Victoria. "I've seen the error of my ways. I know that I was wrong," Sarah said. Justin agreed that Sarah's actions showed contrition, but Sloan would argue that it was "too little, too late."

With a deep sigh, Justin mentioned Sarah's mental health issues. "I have no mental health issues," Sarah objected. Justin told Sarah that he understood that she had been drugged, but Sloan could still use the past against Sarah. "In spite of all the stupid, reckless things [Xander] has done in the past, he does have a conscience. As far as I'm concerned, anyway. He knows the hell that Gwen and Kristen put me through. He knows how much I suffered because of them, and it broke his heart. So, that is why I know that he will not let Sloan Petersen use that against me. I'm sure of it," Sarah said.

"I understand that you would want to believe that there are lines that Xander would never cross. But custody battles tend to bring out the worst in people, even people who once loved each other very much," Justin said. When Sarah noted that she had caused the situation with her lie, Justin stressed that Sarah had made that decision after Xander had kidnapped two women. "You did what you thought was right in order to protect your child. And it's my job to convince the judge of that," Justin said.

At Sloan's apartment, she was annoyed when Xander showed up unannounced. "You took my case, and you took my money. And you told me you'd be available to me when I needed you. So, give it to me straight, counselor. Do I have a chance of winning full custody of my daughter or not?" Xander asked. When Xander noted that he had never seen Sarah so angry, Sloan asked Xander what he expected.

"You're trying to take the woman's baby from her," Sloan said. "Victoria's my baby, too. And hey, whose side are you on?" Xander countered. Sloan assured Xander that she was on his side as long as he paid her. Sloan reminded Xander that Sarah had not cared about Xander's feelings when she had hidden the paternity from him. "Thanks for the reminder," Xander muttered. Sloan told Xander that it was her goal to make sure that he won full custody.

"What's our plan?" Xander asked. Sloan explained that they needed to show the court that Sarah was a pathological liar and mentally unstable. "That last part wasn't her fault," Xander said. With a groan, Sloan noted that Sarah had spent months believing she was a dead heiress and had clearly been unstable. "I see how it could look that way, but she only behaved like that because she was drugged," Xander objected. Sloan warned Xander not to make excuses for Sarah. Sloan stressed that the only way they could win full custody was to show that Sarah was an unfit mother.

Xander was adamant that Sarah had recovered, but Sloan asked Xander if he was sure that the drugs were out of Sarah's system. "The hospital seems sure," Xander noted. Sloan reminded Xander that Sarah was a Horton. "I don't like this. In fact, I hate it. Slandering Sarah for something that was in no way her fault. Besides, Sarah would never do anything to hurt our daughter," Xander said. "No, she wouldn't intentionally," Sloan countered. Sloan reminded Xander that Sarah was postpartum, and her hormones could trigger the drugs left in her system.

"Sarah is totally rational. She has been for some time," Xander said. Sloan asked Xander if he was sure, and she reminded him that Sarah had married Rex and divorced him within a couple days. "A psychologist and a neurologist both said that she was fine," Xander stressed. "You are starting to sound more like Sarah's defense attorney than a father that wants custody of his child," Sloan said. Sloan asked Xander to decide if he had the stomach for a custody battle. "If you're not all in, I'm just going to give you your retainer back," Sloan said. Melinda knocked on the door.

"I came here straight from the airport," Melinda said. Sloan told Xander to think about what she had said and get back to her. "But don't take too long," Sloan warned Xander. With a nod, Xander left. "What's his problem?" Melinda asked. Sloan dismissed Melinda's question, and she started to call Eric.

"I need to talk to you without [Eric] being present," Melinda said. Melinda explained that Sloan's past fight with Paulina was an obstacle for the adoption. "The adoption lawyers that I consulted with are worried by the fact that in your defense of [your brother] and in your own actions, you seem to be condoning them," Melinda said. Melinda told Sloan that the lawyers were worried about what part Colin would play in the child's life.

"Colin is in prison!" Sloan said with exasperation. Frustrated, Sloan complained that Eric was desperate for a child. "It's bad enough that I lost Eric's baby and that I have fixed it so that he doesn't know that he is the father of Nicole's baby. God, if I'm the reason that we can't adopt," Sloan said as she threw up her hands. Melinda told Sloan not to worry.

"I will do whatever it takes. I will get Eric and you a baby," Melinda said. "You're such a good friend," Sloan whispered. Melinda promised to keep Sloan informed on the latest news about the adoption.

At the hospital, Nicole ran into Eric while he was waiting for a friend. "Since we're both waiting, you want to do it together?" Nicole asked. Eric motioned to the seat next to him, and Nicole sat down. Nicole asked about the adoption. Eric explained that Melinda had been a huge help. When Nicole raised a quizzical eyebrow, Eric explained that Melinda and Sloan had grown to be close friends.

"They're both driven and tend to be ferocious. I guess those are good qualities in a lawyer, right?" Nicole said. Eric agreed. When Eric noted that Melinda was devoted to the adoption, Nicole told Eric that she hoped he would get to be the father that he had always wanted to be. "We're going to start interviewing birth parents," Eric said. Nicole suggested that a surrogate might be a better option.

"I just realized that having a child that's mine and passing on [the family genes] is not as important as passing on my love," Eric said. "I get it," Nicole said. Eric told Nicole that he had accepted that having a biological child was not in the cards for him. A nurse approached with Nicole's prescription. As Nicole thanked the nurse, she asked if it would be possible to get a new hard copy of the genetic analysis of the baby.

"Absolutely," the nurse said. When the nurse asked Eric if he wanted a copy of the test results, too, Eric stressed that he was not the father of Nicole's baby. After the nurse left to get the report, Eric told Nicole that it had been good to talk to her, and he left to check on his friend. The nurse returned and handed the new printout of Nicole's test to her.

When Eric returned home, Sloan told him he had missed Melinda. "What did she tell you?" Eric asked. "She said that everything was looking good, it's all smooth sailing, and before you know it, you're going to be a daddy," Sloan lied. Eric grinned.

In the Kiriakis living room, Konstantin thanked Maggie for having given him a tour of Salem. With a shrug, Maggie noted that Salem was a typical American town. "[Victor] found true love with you, Maggie. And that alone makes this place very special indeed," Konstantin said. Konstantin offered to make the dinner that he had often made for Victor.

When Sarah returned home, Maggie asked her what was wrong. "I just found out that Xander is suing me for full custody of Victoria," Sarah said. "He what? I can't believe it," Maggie muttered. Maggie pulled out her phone. I'm gonna call and talk some sense into that young man," Maggie said. Sarah asked Maggie not to get involved because she was concerned that Xander could use it against her in court.

"[Xander] is determined to take Victoria away from me," Sarah lamented. "I'm so sorry," Maggie said. With a shake of her head, Sarah admitted that Maggie had been right that she should not have lied to Xander. "I made a very stupid choice, and I made such a mess of things," Sarah said. Maggie reminded Sarah that she had done what she had believed had been right at the time. Maggie assured Sarah that Justin would help Sarah keep her baby.

Konstantin returned to the living room, and Maggie introduced him to Sarah. "You are just as beautiful as your mother," Konstantin said. Konstantin invited Sarah to join them for dinner. After dinner, Konstantin left to walk around town. "What a lovely man," Sarah said. "Yes, he is. Isn't he?" Maggie agreed. Maggie noted that it helped her feel better to have Victor's friend around.

"It's kind of a miracle that [Konstantin] just showed up when he did," Maggie said. "Well, anybody that puts a smile back on your face is okay with me," Sarah said. Maggie countered that she would smile more often if Sarah would eliminate stress. Sarah nodded in agreement.

In the town square, Xander said hello to Justin at the café. "Keep on walking," Justin said. Xander yelled at Justin for having kept the paternity of Victoria a secret. "Bonnie and I both thought it was Sarah's place to tell you, and we actually tried to convince her to do that. So did Maggie," Justin said. Xander grumbled that Sarah did not listen to anyone. When Justin noted that Sarah was wracked with guilt, Xander scoffed.

"She's a wreck? I'm the one she dumped. I'm the one that she divorced and lied to about my baby for months. Do you have any idea how that feels?" Xander complained. "I do. Alex's mother lied to me about being his mother when she knew all along it was actually Victor. At least you found out the truth while Victoria was a newborn. Alex is an adult. You have Victoria's whole life to do right by her," Justin said. With a sneer, Xander argued that Justin wanted him to settle for limited visitation.

"Unless Sarah decides I've been a bad boy, and then I won't even get that!" Xander yelled. Justin advised Xander and Sarah to get over their anger and put their daughter first. After Justin walked away, Xander called Sloan. "I want you to do whatever you have to. I don't care. Just as long as I bring my little girl home with me," Xander growled.

At the Salem Inn, Theresa was finishing packing when there was a knock on the door. It was Konstantin. "Surprise," Konstantin said. "I told you to stay put in Greece until you heard from me. What the hell are you doing here?" Theresa asked.

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