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Xander was suspicious of Theresa and Alex. Konstantin conspired with Theresa to keep Xander's identity as Victor's son a secret. Sloan scrambled to switch Nicole's test results. Rafe hired Wendy. Kate cautioned Harris about Ava. Leo and Dimitri eluded police. Ava was forced to work at the Bistro as a front for Clyde's drug business. Brady helped Stefan and Gabi, and they double-crossed him for Kristen's shares. Kayla hired Sarah. Maggie asked Xander to make peace. Sarah overheard Konstantin mention Xander. Chad and Stephanie fought. Someone stalked Stephanie.
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Konstantin and Theresa kept secret Xander's identity as Victor's son. Sloan scrambled to switch Nicole's test results. Ava was forced to work as a front for Clyde's drug business.
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Theresa's scheme is revealed

Theresa's scheme is revealed

Monday, October 23, 2023

At Eric and Sloan's apartment, Sloan tried to mask her panic when she learned from Eric that Nicole had picked up a copy of Nicole's baby's DNA report earlier that night. Sloan left after falsely claiming she had received an urgent text from a client.

Marlena visited Eric, and she noted that Sloan was uncomfortable around her. Eric insisted that Sloan had a big heart and that she made him happy. Marlena was thrilled that Eric was optimistic about his future with Sloan, and she said that Eric deserved to have someone who loved him.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole handed E.J. a copy of her baby's DNA report. E.J. had started to look at the report when a phone call interrupted him. After the call ended, Sloan peered in at E.J. from outside the mansion.

Before E.J. could open an envelope containing the DNA report, Sloan managed to enter the mansion after ringing the doorbell to distract E.J. As E.J. called out for someone to answer, Sloan sneaked in and grabbed one of two matching envelopes.

Sloan returned a short while later to her and Eric's apartment. Marlena invited Sloan and Eric to join her and John for dinner. Sloan agreed. When Eric stepped out of the room with Marlena, Sloan stared at the copy of the envelope she had swiped from the DiMera mansion. Sloan fed the envelope and its contents into a paper shredder.

In Theresa's room at the Salem Inn, Theresa told Konstantin that she planned to move in with Alex. Theresa flashed back to Konstantin having visited her hotel room in Greece. In the flashback, Konstantin had been angry that Victor had left him nothing in Victor's will.

During the flashback, it was revealed that Konstantin and Theresa had learned that Xander was Victor's true long-lost son instead of Alex. Theresa and Konstantin had been in disbelief that Xander was Victor's son.

"Just the irony that there's two Alexanders in this family, and this waste of space is the one who's going to get the huge payday? Why couldn't it have been the handsome, charming Alex? Maybe it still could be," Theresa had said in Greece.

Theresa was revealed to have told Konstantin in Greece that she and Alex had already sparked a connection. "And if I can make something happen fast, something between us, before he learns that he's the heir, then he won't have to question me going after him for his inheritance," Theresa had said.

Theresa said that Victor's will had specified that Victor would leave half of an inheritance to a son Victor had never acknowledged. Theresa added that the will didn't specify who the son was. Konstantin was revealed to have offered to provide Theresa with a forged letter as "proof" that Alex was Victor's son.

Theresa said that it would take time for her to woo Alex, and she added that she couldn't promise when she could give Konstantin his share of profits from their scheme. Konstantin said that he would stay in Salem for a while.

At Alex's apartment, Alex and Xander argued over Alex being in charge of Titan. Alex whined that his life had been "upended" by the revelation that Justin wasn't his father. Xander said that he didn't feel sorry for Alex. Alex noted that Xander at least knew who his parents were. "And I find it highly unlikely that you will ever be told that you are wrong and that your life was a lie," Alex said.

Xander offered Alex some advice. "Maybe keep the sob story about your parentage to yourself. Nobody likes to hear billionaires whine about their hurt feelings," Xander said. As Xander started to leave, Theresa appeared. Alex told Xander that Theresa was moving in. "Why am I not surprised? Victor has a new, rich son, and Theresa is already on the case," Xander scoffed.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady visited Maggie. who gushed about Konstantin. Brady said he found it strange that Victor had never mentioned Konstantin. Brady added that he couldn't believe Victor had kept Alex's paternity a secret for over 30 years. Brady said he didn't understand why Victor had left his family to sort out the secret of Alex's paternity. Maggie said she wished she could ask Victor.

A short while later, Konstantin returned to the mansion with daffodils for Maggie. Konstantin feigned that his time in Salem was nearing an end. Maggie told Konstantin that he was welcome to stay for as long as he wanted. Konstantin smiled.

Ava is forced to accept a job

Ava is forced to accept a job

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

In the commissioner's office at the police station, Kayla signed her statement about the incident with Leo and Dimitri. "I still can't believe it, that Dimitri would handcuff me to a hospital bed while Leo Stark helped him escape," Kayla muttered. Rafe told Kayla that he was glad she was unharmed. Kayla asked Rafe if he had any leads. "Not yet. We're a little short-staffed at the moment. Which I am working on," Rafe said.

Embarrassed, Kayla complained that she had been unable to stop Leo and Dimitri. "These guys are two particularly slippery weasels," Rafe noted. Rafe assured Kayla that the police would catch the men soon. As Kayla rose to leave, she asked about the man that had attacked Tripp. With a shrug, Rafe admitted that he did not have any leads on that case. Kayla said she understood. "The truth is that random crimes are much harder to solve, and perps with no motive are much harder to find," Rafe said.

Ava paced Tripp's apartment as she called a woman to turn down the job as a chef. "Let's just say [another party] made me an offer that I can't refuse," Ava said. Ava thanked the woman for her offer. "Damn you, Clyde Weston," Ava growled as she ended the call. Harris called Ava from the Brady Pub. Ava wished Harris luck on his first day with the Salem PD.

"It feels like it's been about 100 years since I've been at the police academy, so I hope I know what I'm doing out there," Harris said. When Ava curtly agreed, Harris told Ava not to worry about her job search. As Harris ended his phone call, Kate approached him. "You got a job?" Kate asked. Harris thanked Kate for the idea to talk to Rafe. Kate was surprised that Rafe had hired Harris so quickly, given his past. Harris reiterated that he was no longer a danger to society.

"I know. But I also know that Rafe is a bit risk averse," Kate said. "So, even though I'm better now, you think that Rafe is taking a chance on me?" Harris asked. Kate shook her head no, but she added that Harris' association with Ava was an issue. "I don't see why that matters why [Rafe] would hire me or not," Harris said. Kate argued that if she were Rafe, she would think twice about hiring a man that was intimate with the woman that had attempted to ruin the commissioner's life.

When Harris turned the conversation back to his job, Kate cautioned Harris to be careful with Ava. "Ava and I are just friends," Harris stressed. "Does she know that?" Kate asked. Kate pointed out that Harris' actions appeared like more than friendship. "[Ava] didn't deserve your help," Kate said. Kate told Harris that she was rooting for him to succeed, and she did not want Ava to hurt his chances.

"[Ava] is not a victim. She's a predator," Kate said. "Ava has told me everything about her past. And she said she left it behind. And don't you think it'd be a little awkward, considering her friend is now a cop?" Harris countered. Kate sighed. After Harris left, Kayla said hello to Kate as she picked up breakfast at the bar. Kate asked Kayla if she was okay after the incident with Dimitri. Kayla assured Kate that the only damage was to her ego.

"You have to tell me that the police have tracked [Dimitri] and Leo," Kate said. Kayla told Kate that Rafe had assured her that the police would track down the escapees. "You and Leo go way back, don't you?" Kayla asked. Kate admitted that she had taken over one of Vivian's plots to ruin Sonny's life. "Don't remind me," Kate grumbled. Kayla asked Kate if she missed scheming. After a moment, Kate said, "A little bit. But I am happy being married to the ex-police commissioner."

In Tripp's bedroom, he groaned with pain as he woke up. Tripp told Wendy that in his efforts not to sleep on his wounded arm, he had given himself a stiff neck. Wendy gave Tripp a massage. "There has to be some way I could repay you," Tripp said when Wendy finished. "My neck is fine. But there are some other spots that could use some attention," Wendy whispered. Tripp and Wendy fell back on the bed and made love.

In the living room, a man stopped by the apartment to talk to Ava. "I'm a friend of Clyde Weston. He asked me to stop by and see how your son is doing," the man said. "Are you the son of a bitch that hurt Tripp?" Ava countered. When Ava threatened the man, he warned her not to do anything she would regret. "If you hurt my son, I won't regret a damned thing," Ava said. The man stressed that he had not laid a hand on Tripp.

"I'm more middle management. That said, I'm more than willing to get my hands dirty," the man said. The man explained that if Ava played along, Tripp would be fine. "I made it very clear that I'm not interested," Ava said. When the man argued that Ava owed Clyde because she had screwed up his plans for Susan, Ava noted that it had been an accident. Ava refused to help. "Maybe you need a little more convincing," the man said as he reached for a knife.

"Mom? Is everything okay?" Tripp asked from the hallway. Ava smiled and assured Tripp that everything was fine. "[I'm] Gil. Gil Carter," the man said. Gil asked if Tripp was okay after his incident at the hospital. Tripp said he was fine. "I heard you tell my mom that she might need some more convincing. About what?" Tripp asked. Gil said he was the new owner of the Bistro in the square, and he wanted Ava to be the manager of the restaurant. "What's the problem?" Tripp asked. Gil assured Ava that he did not mind her past, because he was a big believer in second chances.

"I've made my share of mistakes, too. I wouldn't be practicing medicine if someone in my family hadn't given me a shot to get my life back on track," Tripp said. "All right. I'll take the job," Ava said. Tripp hugged his mother, and she stared over Tripp's shoulder at a smirking Gil. Tripp thanked Gil for having given his mother an opportunity.

"I'll be counting on your mother to be keeping the operation humming along. Why don't we head over there now. Start figuring out our game plan," Gil said. Ava told Tripp that she loved him, and she left with Gil. Wendy exited the bedroom, and Tripp told her about Ava's new job. "I am really happy for her. She was stressed about work," Tripp said. "So was I, but I think I have a solid lead on a job myself," Wendy said.

In a motel, Dimitri massaged Leo in bed as a thank you for his help in the escape from the hospital. "This is just the beginning of my expressions of gratitude. There's a lot more magic where that came from," Dimitri said. "Have I told you how happy I am? We're together. We're safe," Leo said. With a grin, Dimitri noted that no one would ever find them. Rafe and Jada kicked in the door to the room.

"You're under arrest," Rafe said. Leo and Dimitri's hands shot up. When Jada ordered the men to get out of bed, Dimitri threw the sheet back, and it wrapped around Leo's face. "Help me! I can't breathe!" Leo cried out. Leo woke with a start in bed, and Dimitri asked if he was okay. Leo told Dimitri about his dream. "It seemed so real," Leo said. Dimitri assured Leo that he was safe.

"We've got to get out of Dodge," Leo said. Dimitri suggested that they go to a country without the possibility of extradition. When Dimitri argued they should ask his mother for help, Leo said no. "[Your mother] is all about attracting attention, which is the last thing we need," Leo argued. "Do you have a better idea?" Dimitri asked. Leo frowned. Dimitri stressed that their only option was to find Megan and ask her for help.

When Dimitri and Leo pooled their money and saw how little they had to work with, they began to argue. "We just need to get our hands on some money," Dimitri said. A smile crept across Leo's face. "And I know just where we can find it," Leo said. Leo explained that he had an envelope of money hidden in his room at the Salem Inn. "And here I thought you were but a lowly newspaper man," Dimitri joked. Leo explained that the money was petty cash from the newspaper that he had used to pay off sources.

Dimitri offered to go, since Leo had already risked so much for him, but Leo said no. "As much as I'd like to jump back into that bed and hide under the sheets, we can't do that," Dimitri said. "Maybe we can," Leo countered. Leo cut two holes in a sheet to make a ghost costume for Dimitri. "Today is the Town Scare. It's Salem's annual Halloween festival," Leo explained.

At the Salem Police Station, a tired Jada informed Rafe that there was no new information about Dimitri or Leo. "You look like you could use a break," Rafe said. "Well, yeah, I have the same caseload and no partner to share it with. I could really use some help," Jada said. Harris walked in, and Rafe introduced Jada to her new partner.

"Mayor Price signed off on the hire, so you are officially a new member of the force. Welcome aboard," Rafe said as he shook Harris' hand. Harris thanked Rafe for the opportunity. "When Rafe told me you were going to be my new partner, I did take a look into your file, and it's not all pretty," Jada admitted. Harris said he wanted a fresh start and the ability to do some good for the town.

"I already told the boss that you are more than qualified. And besides, I like the idea of a Navy SEAL having my back," Jada assured Harris. When Harris asked Rafe if his first assignment was still to track down the person that had delivered Susan to Crumb, Rafe nodded yes. "I did say that, but I decided that we're going to focus on something a little closer to home," Rafe said. Rafe mandated that Jada and Harris' priority was to locate Dimitri and Leo.

"[Maybe] they're holed up somewhere in town. We just got to figure out where to look," Harris said. Jada suggested that they look over Leo's room at the Salem Inn again with a fresh set of eyes. "It's worth a shot," Rafe said. After Jada left with Harris, Rafe worked on his computer in his office. After a couple minutes, Rafe started cursing. Wendy poked her head into Rafe's office.

"I heard the department needs a new IT person. Looks like I got here just in time," Wendy said. Rafe explained the issue, and Wendy offered to take a look. After a moment, Wendy had fixed the spyware issue. "That's it?" Rafe said. "That's it," Wendy confirmed. When Rafe said he was relieved the department had not been hacked, Wendy informed him that the department was open to an attack.

"You have no anti-spyware software, obviously. I'm guessing you haven't installed anything to protect against viruses or malware. And I'll bet your password is your birthday," Wendy said. "Maybe," Rafe admitted. Rafe told Wendy the IT job was hers. "But you haven't even interviewed me or seen my résumé," Wendy noted. Rafe said there was no need. "I've just seen what you did," Rafe said. Rafe added that if Wendy was busy working at the station, she would not have time to doctor phony passports.

When Tripp arrived at the hospital, Kayla asked about his arm. "It's healing good," Tripp said. Kayla told Tripp about her conversation with Rafe. "I have security on alert in case he shows up here again," Kayla said. Tripp thanked Kayla for her help. "On a happier note, my mom got a job," Tripp said. Tripp told Kayla about Ava's job. "Are you sure that Ava can handle that?" Kayla asked. With a shrug, Tripp said he believed Ava could handle the job, and he was pleased that it was honest work.

"I know that you and Dad don't want me getting too close to my mom, but like I told you, she's better now. She's really dedicated to getting her life back on track, and getting a legitimate job is a really important first step," Tripp said. "Agreed. But listen, promise me that you will stay cautious," Kayla countered. Tripp promised to talk to Kayla about any concerns, but he said that he believed the job was a good thing for Ava.

When Tripp asked about Kayla's day, she noted that she was so busy that she had not started work on the report about the attack on Tripp. "I keep going over that interaction with that patient in my head, just trying to figure out what I did or said to make him come after me," Tripp said. "I doubt you said anything," Kayla assured Tripp. Kayla noted that people under the influence of drugs did not think clearly. "For all you know, he was hallucinating," Kayla said. "I get that, I just wish I knew for sure," Tripp said. Kayla noted that Tripp might never know the motive of the patient.

In the square, Ava complained about Gil's threats. "You went straight from the loony bin to a steady job. Like any job, there's going to be parts you like and parts you don't," Gil said. "It's not a restaurant. It's a drug front," Ava argued. Gil warned Ava to keep her voice down. Ava reminded Gil that she did not want to be a part of the business. "Why don't you allow me to propose an alternative?" Ava said. Ava suggested that she hand the work off to an associate of her cousin.

"I'm sure [Angelo] can recommend somebody who is much more qualified and much more motivated," Ava said. Gil told Ava to speak to Clyde. "You seem like you're much more reasonable than Clyde. And frankly, much smarter, too. I consider myself pretty sharp. So why don't we put our two heads together, come up with a way to let him know that this just isn't going to work out?" Ava said. Gil refused.

"As far as you being the face of this fine establishment, that's settled. Not up for discussion," Gil said. When Ava attempted to make her case, Gil warned Ava not to continue. "I'm sure Clyde would not appreciate you going behind his back to try to influence me," Gil said. Ava apologized. "It's just, I don't want any part of this. I'm begging you, Gil. There has got to be another solution here," Ava pleaded. "You want your son to keep breathing, this is it. There is no other option," Gil said.

Harris called out to Ava from across the square, and he approached with Jada. "You seem upset. Is something wrong?" Harris asked as he eyeballed Gil.

Brady helps Stefan and Gabi lay a trap for Kristen

Brady helps Stefan and Gabi lay a trap for Kristen

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan tried to manipulate Rachel by claiming that he had found a way to win Taylor Swift concert tickets. As part of Stefan and Gabi's ruse, Stefan had Rachel try on different Halloween costumes to win a phony contest for the alleged tickets. Rachel left to try on different costumes.

When Rachel returned a short while later, Stefan left the mansion so that Gabi could continue her and Stefan's scheme. Gabi produced a bag of cosmetics, and she proceeded to dress Rachel as a black-eyed pea for the phony contest. As part of the costume, Gabi painted a busted lip on Rachel's face.

At John and Marlena's penthouse, Marlena learned that Stefan and Gabi had promised to help Brady regain custody of Rachel. Brady said that he didn't care what Stefan and Gabi's motives were, and he added that he only wanted Rachel back. Brady said that his only recourse was if Kristen were to go "off the rails."

After Marlena left, Stefan visited Brady to discuss Stefan and Gabi's plan and how Brady fit into it. When Brady asked what Stefan needed, Stefan asked Brady to pick a public fight with Kristen in Horton Town Square. Brady agreed.

A short while later, Marlena appeared outside the DiMera mansion with a Halloween goody bag that she had put together for Rachel. When Marlena asked if she could give the bag to Rachel, Kristen firmly refused before leaving the mansion.

Later, in Horton Town Square, Brady baited Kristen into an argument by criticizing Kristen's choice to hire Holly as a math tutor for Rachel. Kristen pushed back when Brady accused her of punishing Rachel. As Brady and Kristen argued, Stefan lurked quietly nearby. Stefan overheard Kristen say that she would discipline Rachel any way she saw fit. "Perfect," Stefan whispered to himself as he held out his phone.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Gabi asked Rachel to tell her who had given Rachel a black eye as part of the fictitious Halloween costume contest. Staring into Gabi's phone, Rachel said that Kristen had given her the black eye. At Gabi's insistence, Rachel said that she would never make up such a story. When Gabi stopped the recording, Rachel asked how she had done. "You were perfect," Gabi said.

Elsewhere in Horton Town Square, Ava told Gil that she wanted no part in Clyde's money-laundering business. Gil threatened Ava before Harris and Jada appeared. Ava introduced Gil to Harris and Jada, and she added that she was the new manager at the Bistro. Harris was surprised by Ava's announcement, but he congratulated her.

Gil feigned niceties with Jada before he and Ava headed to the Bistro. Afterwards, Harris told Jada that something about Gil seemed off to him. Jada suggested that Harris was only being overprotective of Ava.

At a table at the Bistro, Gil was upset that that the police had been "sniffing around" earlier. When Ava made it clear that she wanted no part of Clyde's business, Gil threatened that Clyde would have Ava killed. Ava reluctantly agreed to do whatever Gil asked, but she said she couldn't do anything about Harris' suspicions.

Gil wanted to use Harris' connections with the Salem PD to inform Ava of any suspicions the police might develop. Ava noted that Harris was a trained assassin, and she warned Gil to tread carefully. Gil threatened Ava not to "spill your guts" to Harris. "Just remember... Clyde's got eyes and ears everywhere," Gil said.

In their motel room, Leo and Dimitri used white bed sheets with cut-out holes for eyes to try to disguise themselves in an attempt to access Leo's room at the Salem Inn. "This is the worst Halloween costume since that Danish beefcake asked me to wear a Nixon mask and call him a terrible, naughty, no-good boy until he had tears streaming down his face. He could have used a friend," Leo rambled.

Dimitri reminded Leo that he was only an accomplice to Dimitri. Dimitri asked if Leo was certain he didn't want to change his mind. Leo said that he genuinely loved Dimitri. Leo and Dimitri kissed before they sneaked out of the room. Out in Horton Town Square, Leo and Dimitri disappeared past Harris and Jada into the Salem Inn.

Leo located an envelope of cash that he had stowed away in his room. Leo noted that he and Dimitri needed to stay one step ahead of Harris and Jada. As Leo left for the bathroom, Harris and Jada appeared outside the room. By the time Harris and Jada burst in, they discovered that Leo and Dimitri had already left.

Later, Harris and Jada spotted two people in white bed sheets that they mistook for Leo and Dimitri. After realizing their mistake, Harris and Jada sighed in frustration. At the same time, back in their motel room, Leo and Dimitri celebrated that they had avoided detection. The two began to make out on the bed together.

Theresa discovers Alex covered in blood

Theresa discovers Alex covered in blood

Thursday, October 26, 2023

At Xander's apartment, Xander opened the door to Maggie, who yelled at Xander for his decision to seek sole custody of Victoria. Xander pushed back when he noted that Maggie had lied to him about Rex being Victoria's father.

Maggie said that she'd hated lying to Xander and that she had pleaded with Sarah to tell him the truth. Maggie added that Sarah was her daughter and that she had to respect Sarah's wishes. Xander nodded, and he apologized for having lost his temper with Maggie. Xander asked how Maggie was coping with Victor's death.

Maggie said that Konstantin had helped cheer her up in the wake of Victor's death, and she showered Konstantin with praise. Xander said vaguely that he had had past business dealings with Konstantin that had been "unfortunate."

Xander told Maggie that she could always lean on him. Maggie said that Xander's friendship meant a lot to her. The two hugged. Maggie said that she and Xander would always be family because of Victoria.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah overheard Konstantin mention Xander's name to Theresa over the phone. Sarah entered with Victoria, and she introduced Victoria to Konstantin. Sarah asked why Konstantin had been talking about Xander. Konstantin claimed that he had been speaking of Xander to a friend in Greece, and he added that everyone knew that Xander was the black sheep of the Kiriakis family.

Konstantin said that Xander had hurt many people. Sarah confessed that she had lied about Rex being the father of her child. Sarah added that she had to act the part of a "perfect parent" as her court date approached, and she said she had an idea. When Konstantin offered to place Victoria in her cradle, Sarah agreed.

Sarah left, and as soon as she was out of sight, Konstantin noted that Victoria had been named after Victor. Konstantin then whispered to Victoria. "I hate to break it to you, but your namesake is one horrible son of a bitch. And I intend to get all his money," Konstantin boasted as he held a crying Victoria in his arms.

A short while later, Maggie returned to find that Konstantin had another gift for her: a large painting of Victor. Maggie was taken aback, and she said that the portrait was beautiful. Konstantin heaped praise on Victor. After Konstantin hung the portrait above the fireplace, Maggie started to weep with joy.

When Maggie stepped out of the room, Konstantin approached the portrait of Victor. "Ah, Victor, my old friend. You may have screwed me out of your will, but it is not over between us yet, is it? Why should I settle for a cut of your son's half when I can take all of your wife's? And the best thing is... you will get to watch all of it," Konstantin taunted as he chuckled at the portrait of Victor.

At Chad and Stephanie's apartment, Chad dressed as a vampire for Halloween, complete with a black cape and white face paint. Stephanie entered the room in a black dress with a tiara crown. Chad seemed displeased, and he noted that Abigail had worn a similar costume. Stephanie apologized, and she agreed to change so that Chad, Thomas, and Charlotte wouldn't be upset.

At the Brady Pub, Steve, Kayla, and Marlena worked on putting bags of candy together for the children of Salem. Off in a corner, Kayla told Steve that Chad and Stephanie were on their way to the pub. Kayla asked Steve not to broach the subject of Chad proposing marriage to Stephanie. Kayla added that Stephanie had said that Chad didn't see himself getting married again.

When Chad and Stephanie appeared, Kayla observed that Stephanie wasn't wearing a costume. Stephanie said that she had decided not to dress for Halloween. Kayla teased Chad about his vampire costume before she left for work. Steve approached Chad, and he asked if the two men could speak. Steve ignored what Kayla had asked him, and he told Chad that it was time for Chad to "turn another page."

Chad was taken aback when Steve insisted that he thought Stephanie hoped to marry Chad. Steve added that Chad needed to end things with Stephanie if Chad's heart wasn't in the same place as hers. "You need to end it, not just for Stephanie's sake, but for Charlotte's and Thomas', too. Because the longer you let this thing go on, the more painful it's going to be for those kids," Steve reasoned.

After Steve left, Chad asked Kate to watch Thomas and Charlotte while he spoke to Stephanie. When Kate agreed, Chad asked if Stephanie had been telling the truth when she had said that she didn't want to be married.

In Kayla's office at the hospital, Sarah visited Kayla to ask for a job. Sarah sobbed for several moments about Xander suing her for full custody of Victoria. Kayla agreed to hire Sarah as a part-time physician. After Sarah left, Steve visited Kayla. Steve admitted that he might have caused a problem for Stephanie and Chad.

In the park, Theresa was startled to see Alex with what appeared to be blood on his shirt. Alex said that one of Titan's manufacturing plants had disturbed a habitat for local wildlife and that someone from an activist group had thrown fake blood on him. Alex flirted with Theresa, and he suggested that she shower with him at his apartment. Theresa asked Alex to lunch, and he agreed.

Later, in Horton Town Square, Alex and Theresa were interrupted by Xander, who said that Alex was making a mistake in getting close to Theresa. Xander said that Theresa was only after Alex's fortune, and he insinuated that Theresa had manipulated Victor's will.

Xander recalled that Theresa had falsely accused him of having raped her years earlier, but Theresa claimed that she was a different person. Xander was unconvinced. Alex grew agitated with Xander, who left. After Xander walked away, Alex said that Xander was only jealous that Alex was Victor's heir.

Nearby, in Horton Town Square, Xander encountered Sarah. Xander asked if he and Sarah could sit down for coffee to discuss their custody dispute. Sarah flatly refused, and she said that she would see Xander in court.

Stefan and Gabi blackmail Kristen with the video

Stefan and Gabi blackmail Kristen with the video

Friday, October 27, 2023

At the penthouse, Marlena invited Brady to join her and John at Grandpa Tim's new home for dinner. Brady noted that there was more to celebrate. "I may be getting my little girl back, thanks to Stefan and Gabi," Brady said. "I'm almost afraid to ask," Marlena muttered. Brady explained that Stefan had asked Brady to pick a fight with Kristen. "Stefan caught it all on video," Brady said. "What have you gotten yourself into?" Marlena yelled. Brady admitted that the plan was to make it look like Kristen had been abusing Rachel. Marlena gasped.

"I'm desperate. I want my daughter back," Brady said. "It's a terrible lie!" Marlena said. Marlena argued that although Kristen was capable of horrible things, she did not believe that Kristen would ever harm Rachel. "I agree. I don't believe she would hurt her physically. But emotionally? We know her handiwork," Brady argued. Brady told Marlena that Kristen would turn Rachel against him.

"Then use that in court. The truth!" Marlena argued. "No, the truth, it doesn't work. It's not strong enough," Brady countered. Brady noted that Stefan and Gabi's video would show that Kristen was a danger to her daughter. "This is unethical. What's more, it is not who you are," Marlena stressed. "Kristen plays dirty all the time. You know she told that judge that I had killed Philip, knowing damn well that I was innocent of that," Brady pointed out. Marlena urged Brady to use Philip's return to make a new case to the judge.

"The judge is not a fan of the fact that I stuck a gun in Kristen's face and kidnapped my own daughter," Brady said. "And how is the judge gonna feel when he finds out that this was all a made-up story on your part?" Marlena countered. Marlena asked Brady how Rachel would feel if she learned her father had framed her mother.

"You're going to lose your little girl, honey," Marlena warned. Brady said he was certain that the judge would believe the video. "You're putting a lot of faith in [Stefan and Gabi]. Do you think that's warranted?" Marlena asked. Marlena reminded Brady that he was the only one that was taking a risk. Brady admitted that he did not know what else to do to regain custody.

In Gabi and Stefan's bedroom, Stefan confirmed to Gabi that he had recorded Brady's fight with Kristen. "How'd it go with Rachel?" Stefan asked. "Kid gave a star performance. I'm uploading it to the computer now," Gabi said. With a sigh, Gabi confessed that she felt they had gone too far.

"I mean, if anyone ever accused me of abusing Arianna in any way, I would --" Gabi started. "You would lose your mind. I get it," Stefan finished. Stefan told Gabi that he agreed with her. "This whole thing is just a means to an end," Stefan said. Stefan assured Gabi that no one would see the videos except for Kristen.

"I know. It's never going to go public," Gabi whispered. Stefan assured Gabi that Rachel would not be harmed. "Good. I feel sorry for her because she's got a crazy mother," Gabi said. When Gabi worried aloud that E.J. had already taken Kristen's shares, Stefan argued that Kristen would not give in without an incentive. "[This video] is incentive," Stefan said.

After Stefan and Gabi reviewed the final cut of the video, Stefan admitted that it was disturbing. "Kristen is gonna freak. And she is going to make sure that she does anything and everything she can to make sure that doesn't get in front of a judge, because she would for sure lose custody," Stefan said. Gabi was still uneasy about framing Kristen for child abuse, but Stefan noted that the ramifications were up to Kristen.

"She gives in to our demands, no one loses their daughter," Stefan said. "What about Brady? I mean, he's gonna want to show this to the judge. He wants his daughter, too," Gabi said. Stefan admitted that he felt guilty about crossing Brady. "If he wants his daughter back, he'll find another way," Stefan said.

In the square, E.J. and Kristen strolled out of the Bistro after their long lunch together. Kristen was eager to get home, but E.J. asked to talk about a business matter first. Kristen chuckled. "Let me guess, this is about my company shares?" Kristen asked. E.J. explained that Stefan and Gabi had extorted Dimitri's shares from him while he'd been bleeding to death.

"I weirdly kind of respect that. But I admit, it's pretty ruthless," Kristen said. "Who knows who they'll target next?" E.J. warned. E.J. said his main concern was Kristen's well-being. "Help me help you take the target off your back," E.J. said. When Kristen asked how, E.J. asked Kristen to temporarily transfer her shares to him. Kristen laughed.

"You are seriously trying to convince me to hand over my own shares for my own protection?" Kristen asked. "Fine. Keep your shares. But you must help me neutralize Stefan," E.J. said. E.J. offered to call a board meeting so that they could vote to oust Stefan from the company. "And I'm supposed to trust you? If memory serves, that hasn't always worked out for me so well," Kristen argued. E.J. argued that Kristen could no longer play both sides.

"We have helped each other before, so why not again?" E.J. asked. After a moment, Kristen agreed. "So, I have your vote?" E.J. asked. Kristen shook her head no. "You have my ear. I need time to think about this," Kristen said. E.J. warned Kristen not to wait too long.

Stefan and Gabi were in the DiMera living room when Brady called to check in on the status of the video. "We're almost done. We'll be right over," Stefan said before he ended the call.

When Stefan noted that they needed to make a move, Kristen walked into the room. Gabi joked about Kristen's extended lunch with E.J. "He did talk my ear off at the end," Kristen admitted. "Let me guess. He wants to get his hands on your DiMera shares," Stefan said. Kristen confirmed that had been the case. "He made a very strong pitch as to why I should throw my lot in with him," Kristen said. Gabi suggested that Kristen hear her and Stefan's pitch before Kristen made a decision.

"Pretty sure it's gonna be very persuasive," Gabi said. Gabi showed Kristen the start of the video. "Why does my daughter have a black eye?" Kristen said. As Kristen yelled, Gabi assured Kristen that Rachel had on makeup. "Why would you do this?" Kristen screamed. Kristen argued that the accusation that she had abused Rachel was reprehensible.

"I would never hurt my daughter," Kristen stressed. "Are you sure about that?" Gabi asked. Gabi restarted the video, which showed her argument with Brady. "You guys set me up!" Kristen yelled. Kristen demanded that Gabi delete the video. Stefan agreed to destroy all the videos if Kristen signed over her shares to them. "Otherwise, we'll be forced to turn the video over to Brady," Stefan added.

"So, he is in on your twisted plan?" Kristen asked. "Sort of. He's under the impression that we're going to give him the video so he can take it to the judge and get custody of Rachel," Stefan admitted. "But what he doesn't know is that we're giving you a choice," Gabi said. Kristen smirked. "You're double-crossing him," Kristen said. Kristen noted that no judge would believe the doctored video. "You finally have everything you've ever wanted. Are you really willing to risk it all?" Stefan asked.

At the penthouse, Marlena begged Brady to stop. "I don't like stooping to Kristen's level, but I don't know what else to do," Brady said. Brady told Marlena that he was miserable. "I have not been allowed to see my little girl since Kristen took custody," Brady said. "I'm so sorry this is happening to you," Marlena said. Brady told Marlena that Tate had called him an absent father.

"The worst part about it is he's not wrong, and that's why I need to do right by Rachel," Brady admitted. "You are there for her," Marlena argued. Brady disagreed. Brady argued that with Tate, he had been able to call and talk to him, but Kristen had frozen him out of Rachel's life. "This is not the way to fix it," Marlena said. Frustrated, Brady argued that by the time he had the option to talk to Rachel, she would no longer want to talk to him. "To me, the ends justify the means," Brady said.

With a sad smile, Marlena told Brady about how Kristen had refused to let her see Rachel. Brady argued that Kristen was unreasonable. "At least my son got to see [Rachel]. I think he tried to talk me up to her. I don't think it worked, though. I'm sure Kristen is already hard at work turning her against me," Brady said. "She wouldn't do that," Marlena countered. Brady scoffed. "[Kristen] is going to warp [Rachel's] mind in the same way that Stefano warped Kristen's," Brady argued. Marlena said she hated Kristen's actions, and she hated what the situation was doing to Brady. "I hope you get your daughter back. But this is not the way to do it," Marlena said.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen retrieved her stock certificates. "I think you're doing the right thing," Stefan said. "I think Dimitri had the right idea when he tried to pump the two of you with lead," Kristen muttered. Gabi stressed that their intention had never been to take Rachel away from Kristen. "We just want your shares," Gabi said. Stefan told Kristen that she could keep the money from the dividends. "All we care about is the voting power," Stefan said. Stefan added that he needed Kristen to remind Peter about his loyalties.

"Just so you know, this is not going to give you enough power to control DiMera," Kristen said. "Not yet," Stefan agreed. "In the meantime, it will stop E.J. from ousting Stefan," Gabi added. Kristen hesitated, so Gabi asked what was wrong. "Every fiber of my being just wants me to take my chances with the judge and tell the two of you to go to hell," Kristen said.

When E.J. returned home, Kristen was alone in the living room. E.J. started to talk, but Kristen shut him down. "You lost, E.J. I signed my shares over to the demonic duo," Kristen growled. "Why would you do that?" E.J. said. "Because I had no choice!" Kristen yelled.

Stefan and Gabi went to the penthouse to meet with Brady. "The video has been deleted," Gabi said. Confused, Brady asked why. "That video was never for you to use against Kristen. It was for us to use against her," Stefan said. "You double-crossed me?" Brady asked. Stefan assured Brady that it was nothing personal. Brady grabbed Stefan by the collar, and he bellowed, "You son of a bitch!" Gabi stepped between the two men. "There's no point now. It's done," Gabi said.

In Kayla's office at the hospital, Steve told Kayla about his conversation with Chad. "You possibly made things worse," Kayla said. Kayla told Steve to leave the situation alone.

With a shake of his head, Steve noted that he did not believe Chad would ever get over Abigail. Kayla said that she had not moved past it when she had believed that Steve had died. "I think a part of me died the day that you were taken away from us," Kayla said. Kayla thought back to when Steve had been on his "deathbed."

"I hate that you and Stephanie were on your own for so many years. I'll always regret not being there," Steve said. Kayla admitted that she had not believed that she would find true love again. "What if the same is true for Chad? That he could never get over Abigail?" Steve asked. "We just have to let them figure it out for themselves," Kayla said.

As Chad and Stephanie sat down in the Brady Pub to talk, someone watched them through the window. "What exactly did my father say?" Stephanie asked Chad. "He just said that you made a commitment to my kids. And in his mind, that means you're ready to get married sooner rather than later," Chad said. With a groan, Stephanie wished aloud that her parents would back off.

"Is he right?" Chad asked. "Yes. He is," Stephanie said. Surprised, Chad asked Stephanie why she had not told him that she was ready to get married. "Because I was embarrassed," Stephanie said. Stephanie explained that she had downplayed her desire to get married. "And I was right to, since you looked so relieved when I did," Stephanie said. Chad told Stephanie that he'd thought she had felt the same way as him.

"Honestly? I was disappointed," Stephanie admitted. "Then you should have said something. We have to be able to talk about this kind of stuff," Chad argued. Stephanie explained that she had not wanted to pressure Chad. With a sigh, Stephanie asked Chad why he had invited her to move in with him and the kids if he did not believe there was marriage in the future. Chad stammered that it had been a natural step.

"And what's the next step after that?" Stephanie asked. After a moment, Chad said, "Marriage. Eventually." Stephanie asked Chad if he was having second thoughts about their relationship. Chad took Stephanie's hand in his. "I'm glad that I moved in with you, okay? And I am glad that I get to wake up every single morning, and I get to see your beautiful face. And I'm glad that you get to be there for my kids. They adore you. But I have to admit, I am really caught off guard here. Because I thought that things were going well," Chad said. Stephanie told Chad that most of their relationship was great.

"[But there's also] been this other tension between us lately," Stephanie said. "Which is?" Chad asked. "Abigail," Stephanie said. Chad asked Stephanie if she was upset about the costume. "I wasn't upset. You were. And just the look on your face, it drove home the point for me in a way that I can no longer ignore," Stephanie said. Chad asked Stephanie what she meant.

"I'll never escape my cousin's shadow," Stephanie said. "I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings, but you can't expect me to never bring up Abigail's name," Chad argued. Stephanie said she understood that Abigail was the love of Chad's life, and she had wanted to respect that connection. "But to be honest, you haven't made it easy," Stephanie said. Stephanie reminded Chad of when he had excluded her from the cemetery visit.

"Because I thought we needed to do that as a family," Chad said. "And what am I, Chad?" Stephanie countered. Stephanie told Chad he did not need to answer that. "It feels like I'm not wanted in my own home, like I don't belong there," Stephanie said. "That was never my intention, to make you feel that way," Chad said. Chad told Stephanie that he wanted to build a life with her, but he needed time.

"How much is enough? Because I've been trying, but it feels like I'm walking around on eggshells all the time. And I've tried really hard to respect your feelings, but I'm just not getting the same consideration in return," Stephanie said. "You're not the one whose wife was brutally murdered," Chad countered. After a moment, Chad apologized.

"I know you've suffered a great loss, Chad. And I hate that I may be coming off as insecure or impatient, but I have my own baggage. And while it may not compare to yours, I refuse to make myself small in order to be in this relationship," Stephanie said. Chad said he needed Stephanie to be honest with him. "I just need you to acknowledge that this isn't easy for me, either, especially after --" Stephanie said. Chad pushed Stephanie to finish her thought.

"I don't give a damn that it doesn't compare. Stephanie, I need you to talk to me. I need you to tell me," Chad pleaded. After a moment, Stephanie explained that she was referring to her ex in Seattle. "It seems terribly insensitive for me to seem like I'm feeling sorry for myself about that. Nobody died. It was just hurtful," Stephanie said. Chad noted that it was something that had obviously been painful for Stephanie.

"Just when things started to get serious, he suddenly disappeared on me. And I guess, deep down, I'm worried you're going to do the same thing," Stephanie said. "I would never do that to you," Chad stressed. With tears in her eyes, Stephanie added, "But it looks like I already have misread the situation. I thought you wanted to marry me."

"I do! Eventually," Chad said. "I wish I could believe that," Stephanie whispered. Chad told Stephanie that he loved her. "Just not as much as your dead wife," Stephanie said. Stephanie walked out of the pub.

Chad went to the bar and ordered a drink. When Kate returned from upstairs, she told Chad that she had finally found a movie for the kids to watch. "Where's Stephanie?" Kate asked. Chad explained that he had had a fight with Stephanie about Abigail.

Stephanie returned to her apartment, and she called Steve. "I know you didn't mean to cause any trouble," Stephanie said. Stephanie explained that her talk with Chad had not gone well. There was a knock at the front door, and Stephanie noted that she had trick-or-treaters. Stephanie picked up the bowl of candy and answered the door. "Oh, my God," Stephanie gasped.

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