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Paulina hired E.J. as the D.A. Li identified Gabi as his attacker before he died. Rafe believed Gabi was innocent. Despite Belle's efforts, E.J. sent Gabi to Statesville. Maggie struggled with her grief. John and Marlena celebrated their wedding anniversary. Sarah dug in against Xander after Eric received a summons. Steve caught Konstantin in a lie. Alex asked Theresa to run Bella. Wendy took her anger out on Jada. Melinda was unable to secure an adoption for Sloan. E.J. advised Chad to undermine Everett and buy the paper. Everett hired Stephanie. Dimitri and Leo skidded toward Nicole's car.
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Paulina hired E.J. as the DA. Gabi was arrested for Li's murder and sent to Statesville. John and Marlena celebrated their anniversary.
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Gabi is arrested for Li's murder

Gabi is arrested for Li's murder

Monday, November 6, 2023

In the park at night, Stephanie introduced Chad to Everett. Chad was surprised to learn that Everett was Stephanie's ex-boyfriend from Seattle. Everett told Chad about the accident that had left him in a coma. Chad seemed distrustful of Everett.

When Everett shared that he had visited Chad and Stephanie's apartment the previous evening, Chad remarked that Stephanie hadn't told him about Everett's visit. Stephanie said that it had been "bad timing."

Chad apologized to Everett for having gotten the wrong impression, and he said that what had happened to Everett had been terrible. Chad was taken aback when Everett said that he planned to stay in Salem. Before he left, Everett said he hoped that he, Stephanie, and Chad could be friends.

Afterwards, Chad confronted Stephanie when he said that being friends with Everett would be similar to what Chad and Stephanie had recently been through with Alex. Chad suspected Everett and Alex of both lusting after Stephanie. As Chad and Stephanie argued, Chad said that he had only feigned politeness when he had apologized to Everett earlier. Stephanie accused Chad of being insecure.

Chad said that Everett was still in love with Stephanie. Stephanie said that it felt good to know that someone was still in love with her, and she alluded to Abigail again. Chad tried to apologize, and he admitted that Everett seemed like a nice person. Stephanie said that she was going home, and she left.

At John and Marlena's penthouse, Marlena, Roman, and Brady ate cake in celebration of Eric and Sloan's wedding earlier that day. When Roman left, Marlena asked if Brady was okay. Brady shared that Stefan and Gabi had used him in their scheme to manipulate Kristen into signing over her voting shares at DiMera Enterprises.

Marlena was appalled that Gabi and Stefan had used a child just to get ahead in the boardroom. Brady said that he thought Stefan and Gabi wanted the majority share of DiMera Enterprises. When Marlena noted that Gabi and Stefan would be targeting someone else, Brady said sourly that he pitied the couple's next victim.

At the Bistro, Tripp told Ava that she was doing a great job of running the restaurant. Gil appeared, and he said threateningly that the Bistro ran a tight ship. After Tripp left, Ava told Gil to "back the hell off." Harris had entered, and he overheard Ava's comment to Gil. "Is there a problem here?" Harris asked.

Ava and Gil feigned that they'd had a disagreement over restaurant business. Gil headed back to his office. Harris expressed disdain for Gil, and he said that something about Gil rubbed him the wrong way. Trying to dissuade Harris' concerns, Ava said that Gil was harmless.

Harris said that he had stopped by because of a promise he had made to Ava. Harris recalled that he and Ava had kissed several weeks earlier and that he had made a promise to treat Ava to dinner once he found a job. "So, I would like to set up a date with you, if you're still interested," Harris told Ava.

Ava and Harris agreed to meet for dinner the following night. Ava asked how Harris liked working for the Salem PD. Harris said that he had gotten off to a rocky start, and he recalled his and Jada's failed attempt to hunt down Leo and Dimitri.

Harris received an alert on his phone, and he left. Afterwards, Gil ordered Ava to go with him to help unload a new shipment that had arrived. Ava left with Gil. A short while later, as Ava's phone rested unattended at the Bistro, Ava received a text from Harris. "Ava, before you come home, please call me or Tripp," the text read.

In Horton Town Square, Wendy told Tripp that she still hadn't heard from Li. When Tripp said that what Gabi and Stefan had done to Li wasn't fair, Wendy agreed. "What kind of psycho fakes her own kidnapping to try to blackmail someone? It makes me sad, really. I thought Gabi and I were kind of friends, but she really stabbed my brother in the back," Wendy said.

Wendy admitted that Li had done terrible things to Gabi, but she said that he had tried to move on. When Tripp noted that Wendy was protective of Li, Wendy said that Li was her brother and that she loved him. Tripp suggested that he and Wendy head to the Shin apartment to help cheer Li up.

At the Shin apartment, Gabi told Stefan that Li was dead as she held a butcher knife in her hand. Stefan asked what had happened. Gabi explained that Li had said in a text message that the stock certificates he had signed over in front of Stefan and Gabi earlier had been fake. Gabi added that Li had told her to meet him at the apartment and to talk to him in private if she wanted the real stocks.

Stefan quickly noted that Li had lied and that the certificates had already been authenticated in the shareholders' meeting. "I used those shares to fire E.J., Gabi. And as soon as the meeting was over, I rushed over here and I... I knew things were going to be bad, but I did not realize they would be... this bad," Stefan stammered.

Stefan asked why Gabi had killed Li. Gabi said that she hadn't killed Li and that she had only removed the knife from Li's back. Stefan noted that Gabi's fingerprints were all over the knife. Gabi said that she hadn't known what else to do and that she had panicked. Gabi pleaded for Stefan to believe her. "I do, okay? I do. But the question now, Gabi, is -- if you didn't stab Li, who did?" Stefan asked.

Gabi remained adamant that Li had already been stabbed when she'd found him. Stefan noted that Li had lured Gabi to the apartment under false pretenses. Gabi wondered if someone was trying to set her up for Li's murder. Stefan asked who would want to frame Gabi. Gabi said that she and Stefan needed to leave. Just then, Wendy and Tripp entered. Wendy screamed when she saw Li's body.

Wendy spotted the knife in Gabi's hand, and she accused Gabi of having murdered Li. Tripp stunned everyone gathered when he said that Li was still alive. Gabi expressed relief, but Wendy remained convinced that Gabi had wanted Li dead. Tripp yelled for someone to call 9-1-1. A short while later, after Li had been taken to the hospital, Stefan tried to assure Gabi that her name would be cleared in Li's stabbing.

In a room at the hospital, Tripp and a team of nurses tried to save Li's life. Wendy spoke to Li, who was barely conscious. Li pleaded for Wendy not to leave him. Through tears, Wendy vowed not to leave Li. Wendy asked Li who had stabbed him. Just then, Li's monitor flatlined. A moment later, Wendy sobbed as Tripp put his arms around her. Tripp said that he had done everything possible to save Li's life.

Back at the Shin apartment, Harris told Gabi and Stefan that Li had died on the operating table at the hospital. Gabi asked if Li had identified his attacker before he had died. "He did... he said it was you," Harris told a stunned Gabi and Stefan. As Gabi insisted that she hadn't killed Li, Harris reached for his cuffs. Harris placed Gabi under arrest for Li's murder.

Gabi appeals to Rafe for help

Gabi appeals to Rafe for help

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

In the town square, Melinda saw Paulina at the café. Melinda congratulated Paulina on her win against Clint Rawlings. Paulina told Melinda that flattery would not secure Melinda's old job back.

"I need a district attorney who can deliver," Paulina argued. Melinda reminded Paulina that she had expressly said that she had not fired Melinda over job performance. "And I still think it was a huge mistake you made when you got rid of me," Melinda added.

"All you did as D.A. was a whole lot of nothing," Paulina said. Paulina reminded Melinda of her failed attempts to nail Li for attempted murder. "I notice that you haven't appointed anyone to fill my position yet," Melinda said. Paulina explained that she had not found the right person.

"You haven't found anyone as capable, qualified, and as cutthroat as I am," Melinda argued. Paulina asked Melinda why she cared. "[As a citizen], I am very concerned with how this city is being run," Melinda said. Paulina advised Melinda to attend the next town hall.

In the DiMera living room, a frustrated E.J. muttered that he needed to speak to someone, since he could not contact Wei Shin. "I'm available. But under no circumstances are we to talk about work," Nicole said as she took E.J.'s phone away from him. Nicole asked E.J. about their wedding night plans.

"I'm just so angry about Gabi and Stefan," E.J. said. "So am I," Nicole agreed. Nicole promised to help E.J. take back everything, but not on their wedding night. "You are going to focus on me, because I'm pretty sure I can take your mind off this for a little while," Nicole said. "Just wait till I get my hands on Li Shin," E.J. grumbled. E.J. agreed to focus on Nicole for the evening, and he apologized for having been distracted.

At the hospital, Wendy stared at Li's empty bed. "You heard what Li said right before he died, right?" Wendy asked Tripp. Tripp nodded yes. "He said Gabi did this. She murdered my brother," Wendy whispered. "I'm sorry, Wendy. We did everything we could to save him," Tripp said. With a nod, Wendy said she knew.

"I'm gonna tear that bitch's eyes out," Wendy growled. "I know you want to hurt Gabi right now, but that is not what Li would have wanted," Tripp said. In tears, Wendy noted that Gabi had never stopped torturing her brother. "All he ever wanted to do was love her," Wendy said. "You want to know who [Li] loved? You. Wendy, he was so proud of you," Tripp said. Tripp noted Li would not want Wendy to throw away her future for Gabi.

Furious, Wendy vowed revenge. "I understand wanting revenge. I do. I've been there, okay? And I wish to hell I hadn't given in to that impulse," Tripp said. "Ava's alive. Li is gone," Wendy said. In tears, Wendy noted that Li had always looked out for her and protected her from their father.

"Whenever I did something stupid, which was all the time, Li would step in and take the blame," Wendy said. Wendy wondered aloud how to tell her father that his son was dead. Tripp promised to help Wendy through the grieving process. "My father doesn't grieve. I've never even seen him cry," Wendy said. Wendy argued that her father would want retribution.

"We told Harris what we know, okay? They're going to do their investigation," Tripp said. "Gabi practically confessed! You saw her. She was standing over Li with that knife, and she said she needed to get rid of it," Wendy argued. Tripp reminded Wendy that they had prevented Gabi from destroying evidence.

"So what? I'm just supposed to just sit around and wait for Rafe to arrest his own sister? Like that's gonna happen," Wendy said. "I promise you, the cops will do their job. They are going to get justice for Li," Tripp said.

At Wendy's apartment, Harris prepared to arrest Gabi. "You can't do that," Stefan said. Stefan argued that Gabi had not been involved in the murder, but Harris countered that the evidence said otherwise. Harris explained that two witnesses had stated that they had seen Gabi standing over Li's body with a knife.

"Those two witnesses also heard her say that she needed to get rid of the bloody knife. On top of that, Mr. Shin identified Gabi as his killer right before he died," Harris said. Harris noted that there was more than enough probable cause for an arrest. "Then you will be arresting an innocent woman, because I didn't kill Li Shin," Gabi argued. Harris handcuffed Gabi, and he placed the knife in an evidence bag.

"My fingerprints are on that knife, but that doesn't mean that I stabbed Li," Gabi said. "I'm sure they'll find other prints on there. The real killer's prints," Stefan added. "We'll see," Harris said. As Harris started to escort Gabi out, Stefan argued that Rafe would not appreciate an overzealous officer arresting his sister.

"Stefan, please don't let them do this to me. Don't let them lock me up again, okay?" Gabi pleaded. "I know you're scared. Everything is going to be fine," Stefan said. Stefan promised not to let anything bad happen to Gabi.

At the police station, Rafe asked Jada why she was not with her partner. "[Harris] caught a [homicide] case, actually, while I got stuck transferring a prisoner to Statesville," Jada said. Rafe asked about the victim in Harris' case. "Li Shin. Stabbed to death at his sister's apartment," Jada said. "Oh, my God. What else do you know?" Rafe said. With a shrug, Jada said she did not have any more information.

Harris walked in with Gabi, and Jada looked at Rafe. After Harris placed Gabi in the interrogation room, he returned to the bullpen and recited the facts of the case to Rafe and Jada. Harris handed Rafe the knife. "CSU's at Wendy's apartment," Jada said. Rafe took the bag, and he thanked Harris. As Harris walked away, Jada asked a shaken Rafe if he was okay.

"My sister is a suspect in a homicide, so, um, no. No, I'm definitely not okay. I need to speak with her," Rafe said. Jada offered to conduct the interview instead, but he declined. "I got this," Rafe said. Rafe thanked Jada for her support, and he entered the interrogation room.

Rafe placed the knife on the table. "That was not me," Gabi said as she pointed at the weapon. Rafe exhaled, and he reminded Gabi of her rights. Gabi confirmed that she knew she had the right not to speak to the cops. "Right now, I am not speaking to you as a cop. I am speaking to you as your brother. You're in serious trouble, okay? Now, off the record and just between you and me, what the hell did you do?" Rafe asked. Gabi stressed that she had not done anything.

"I can't help you if you don't tell me the truth," Rafe countered. Rafe told Gabi that Harris had briefed him. "I am innocent!" Gabi protested. Rafe advised Gabi to get a lawyer. "I need my brother! Rafe, I swear to you on my daughter's life, I did not kill Li!" Gabi shouted. With a sigh, Rafe asked what had happened. Gabi told Rafe that Li had texted her.

"When I got there, the door was open, he was lying on the floor, and he had been stabbed," Gabi explained. "With this knife?" Rafe asked. Gabi said yes. Rafe told Gabi about the eyewitness testimony. "Why were you holding the knife?" Rafe asked. "Because I pulled it out of Li's back. I was trying to save him," Gabi said. Rafe rubbed his forehead in frustration. "So, your fingerprints are all over the murder weapon," Rafe whispered. Gabi admitted that what she had done had been stupid.

"I panicked," Gabi explained. "Harris also told me that Li named you as his killer before he died," Rafe said stiffly. Rafe asked why. "Maybe he was confused? Delusional?" Gabi said. Rafe asked Gabi if she had seen anyone else in the apartment. With a shrug, Gabi said the murderer had to have left before she had arrived. Gabi pleaded with Rafe to believe her. After a moment, Rafe nodded yes, and he told his sister that he believed her.

"That's everything that happened. So, can I please go home now?" Gabi asked. "You were accused of murder!" Rafe countered. Rafe argued that all the evidence pointed to Gabi. "This looks bad. Really bad," Rafe said. Gabi argued that she had been set up before. "Someone is framing me for killing Li," Gabi said.

With a sigh, Rafe asked for more information about Li's text. "Why did he ask you to come over?" Rafe asked. Gabi attempted to evade the question, but Rafe pushed her to tell him the truth. "You need to tell me everything," Rafe said. Gabi reluctantly told Rafe what she and Stefan had done.

"So, you enlisted Wilhelm Rolf, a fugitive wanted by this department, to convince Li that you'd been kidnapped by Megan DiMera?" Rafe asked. Gabi explained that the plan had been to get Li's confession on tape about Li's efforts to murder Stefan. "So you could use that tape and get his shares?" Rafe asked. Gabi nodded yes. "And he did sign over the shares to us," Gabi confirmed. Gabi added that Li had sent her the text several hours later that night.

"When I got there, I told you what I saw. That is it. That's the whole story!" Gabi said. "So, you created this whole scheme, this whole thing, just so you could screw over E.J. DiMera?" Rafe asked. Gabi nodded yes. Gabi reminded Rafe of the history between the brothers. "Stefan wanted E.J. out of the office, but E.J. wanted Stefan dead," Gabi argued. Gabi told Rafe about Li's confession.

"He got what he deserved!" Gabi yelled. When Rafe pointed out that it sounded like Gabi believed that Li had deserved to be stabbed. "I meant that he deserved to lose his shares," Gabi clarified. "Damn it! I told you to stay away from him!" Rafe countered. Gabi argued that she could not forget that E.J. had still been in charge of her husband's company.

"You didn't get the confession out of Li, so I did what I had to do," Gabi said. "So, this is my fault?" Rafe yelled. Gabi swore that she was not blaming her brother. "I am scared out of my mind, and I need you on my side," Gabi stressed. With her voice cracking, Gabi pleaded for help. "I can't go back to prison, not after what happened the last time. And I can't put Arianna through that again," Gabi said through tears. Rafe took his sister's hand, and he told her things would be okay.

"I'm going to help you," Rafe whispered. With a sigh, Rafe argued that Li's identification of Gabi as the killer could have been motivated by Li's anger over Gabi's blackmail. Rafe explained that Li had had motive to set up Gabi. "You think that he would go this far to punish me?" Gabi asked. Rafe reminded Gabi that Li had been obsessed with her.

"His obsession had already made him do crazy things. The guy was lonely. He was unstable. He was unemployed. And then when you and Stefan took those shares from him, his whole life was just built on trying to get you back. And then when you did that to him, you humiliated him," Rafe said. Confused, Gabi asked Rafe if he was suggesting that Li had asked someone to stab him in the back to frame her.

"In his sick mind, maybe it was poetic justice," Rafe said. Gabi shook her head in disbelief. "You took everything from him except the ability to exact revenge," Rafe argued. "So, what, the final move in his life is gonna be to make sure that I am in prison for the rest of my life? You think a jury is going to buy that?" Gabi asked incredulously. "Not without proof," Rafe said. Gabi asked Rafe to find the proof, and Rafe promised to try his best. "I believe you, Gabi. I believe you are innocent. But as it stands now, it is going to take a miracle to convince anyone else of that," Rafe said. Gabi sighed.

When Stefan arrived at the police station, Harris told him that Gabi was talking to Rafe in the interrogation room. "Let Gabi talk to her brother. If there is anything that Rafe can do to help her, he will," Jada said. Stefan stressed that his wife had not killed Li. "If that's true --" Jada started. "There is no if!" Stefan screamed. Stefan demanded to know why Jada and Harris were not out searching for alternate suspects.

"I know you're upset. There's no reason to yell," Harris said. Frustrated, Stefan announced that he planned to call a lawyer for Gabi. Jada agreed that was a good idea.

At the café in the square, Melinda was shocked when she saw the news alert on her phone about Li's murder. Melinda saw Wendy walking by with Tripp. "Wendy, I just saw the news about your brother. I am so sorry," Melinda said. "You're not sorry about Li. Not at all. I know damn well you are just another one of the vipers in this town who wanted to take him down. Well, he's down for good. Happy now?" Wendy yelled. Melinda was taken aback, then she stammered that she had heard about Gabi's arrest.

"You used sex to try and get a confession out of my brother, which made me sick to hear about, and makes me even sicker now," Wendy said. "Li, he played me as much as I played him," Melinda countered. Wendy scoffed. "The only difference is, he actually liked you. God only knows why," Wendy said. Melinda said that she had liked Li, too. Melinda admitted that she had manipulated Li, but she had also had genuine feelings for him. "And I am terribly sorry he is gone," Melinda said. "I don't want your damn condolences," Wendy growled.

"Well, you have them. Not only am I sorry that you lost your brother, but I am sorry that I let my ambitions blind me from what could have been between us," Melinda said. With tears in her eyes, Wendy asked Melinda if she believed that a real relationship had been possible between Melinda and Li. Melinda shrugged, and she blinked back tears.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. and Nicole were on their way upstairs when there was a knock at the front door. It was Paulina. Paulina explained that she had been reelected as mayor and had a job offer for E.J.

"This is going to have to wait," E.J. said. Despite the fact that Nicole was in a wedding dress, Paulina asked if E.J. was busy. E.J. noted that it was his and Nicole's wedding night. As Paulina started to leave, Nicole said, "The mayor came all the way over here. The least we can do is hear her out." Paulina offered E.J. the job of deputy mayor. E.J. said he was flattered, but he declined.

"Now my focus is on taking back DiMera," E.J. said. Paulina scoffed. "Right now, you need a job. I need you to come work for me. Now, I'd say that would be a win-win for the Price-DiMera family," Paulina said. As Nicole smiled at E.J., he sighed.

In the police station bullpen, Rafe told Jada and Harris that Gabi had claimed she had not killed Li. "And I believe her," Rafe added. "We'll follow the evidence, and hopefully it will turn out that you're right," Jada said. "Or I'm in denial, and Gabi is going down for murder," Rafe countered. Jada counseled Rafe to take the investigation one step at a time. With a nod, Rafe handed the knife to Harris, and he asked Harris to take it down to the lab. "We already know Gabi's prints are gonna be on the handle. And hopefully, with any luck, someone else's will be, too," Rafe said.

When Wendy and Tripp returned to their apartment, Wendy kneeled next to where her brother had been stabbed. Wendy started to sob, and Tripp held her in his arms.

In the square, Melinda stared at a photo of Li on her phone. "I really did like you. And I'll miss you," Melinda said as she sniffled back tears. Paulina approached, and she told Melinda not to cry about her old job. "I just hired a new D.A.," Paulina said.

In the interrogation room, Gabi told Stefan that she had given Rafe the whole story. "He believed me," Gabi said. "Well, that's because he loves you. And he knows you're telling the truth," Stefan said. With a shake of her head, Gabi admitted that the evidence against her was damning.

"I just wish I knew what actually happened. Someone tried to make it look like I killed Li, but I didn't. So, who did?" Gabi said. Stefan told Gabi that he had called Belle. "You convinced your brother of your innocence. All you need to do now is convince the D.A.," Stefan said. E.J. walked in and laughed.

"Good luck with that," E.J. said. As E.J. smirked, Stefan noted that the situation did not affect E.J.'s place at DiMera. "This isn't about DiMera," E.J. said. E.J. explained that he was the new D.A. "I am greatly looking forward to making you, Gabriela, my very first conviction," E.J. said.

John and Marlena celebrate their anniversary

John and Marlena celebrate their anniversary

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

At the Brady Pub, Roman told Steve and Kayla that Gabi had been arrested the previous night. Kayla was stunned when she stared at an article from the Spectator that told of Gabi having been arrested for Li's murder.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Konstantin eavesdropped as Sarah told Maggie that she knew that Maggie was having a rough day, given that it was Maggie's first wedding anniversary since Victor's death. Sarah mentioned that her custody hearing was scheduled for later that morning. Maggie warned Sarah that she could lose Victoria forever. Sarah ignored Maggie.

Steve and Kayla entered. Maggie was surprised when she learned from Kayla that Sarah was returning to work at the hospital. Sarah said that she had to prove that she could provide for Victoria on her own. Sarah headed upstairs after hearing Victoria crying over the baby monitor.

Maggie realized that Steve and Kayla had remembered Maggie and Victor's anniversary. Maggie opened a box of scones from the Brady Pub that Roman had made from Caroline's recipe, and she thanked Steve and Kayla for their gift. Steve spotted the giant painting of Victor above the mantel.

Steve seemed skeptical when Maggie noted that the painting had been a gift from Konstantin, who Maggie described as "Victor's old friend." Maggie rambled with praise for Konstantin, who had returned with a gift. Maggie introduced Konstantin to Steve and Kayla. Konstantin noted that Steve had worked for Victor years earlier, and he tried to flatter Kayla by saying that she reminded him of Caroline.

Kayla seemed cautious of Konstantin's praise. Konstantin presented Maggie with what he claimed was a lace tablecloth from Greece. Maggie was touched by the gift. When Maggie and Konstantin left the room together, Steve told Kayla that he "call[ed] bull" on Konstantin's act.

Kayla said she thought that Konstantin was a nice guy. "There was one little thing, though. I spent a lot of time in that villa with Bo, and I didn't see any lace tablecloths," Kayla told Steve. Steve looked closely at the gift box. "That's because Konstantin is lying through his teeth," Steve said adamantly.

Steve showed Kayla a price tag that noted the tablecloth had been purchased at a nearby bargain store. Kayla wondered why Konstantin would lie about a tablecloth. "Because he's trying to ingratiate himself with Maggie, obviously. If he's lying about the little things, what big things is he covering up?" Steve wondered.

Kayla thought it was possible that Konstantin was only trying to be kindhearted to Maggie, but Steve remained unconvinced. A short while later, Steve and Kayla returned to the Brady Pub. Steve muttered something to Roman about Konstantin before Kayla quickly changed the subject.

When Roman left to return to work, Kayla said that she didn't think she and Steve should begin spreading rumors about Konstantin. Kayla added that if Konstantin was up to no good, she and Steve should talk to Maggie directly. "Well, not yet. I want to find out everything I can about this man first. In fact, I think it's a case for Black Patch," Steve said.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Konstantin feigned that he had been delighted to meet Steve and Kayla. Maggie expressed heartfelt gratitude for Konstantin. "I honestly don't know how to thank you. You took what I'm sure was gonna be a very difficult day for me, and you made it special," Maggie said as she hugged Konstantin. With Maggie's back to him, Konstantin smiled menacingly at the painting of Victor.

At Alex's apartment, Theresa dreamed that Alex had confronted her for having forged documents that made it appear that Alex was Victor's son. When Theresa awoke, Theresa told Alex that she had had strange dreams.

In Horton Town Square a short while later, Theresa encountered Xander, who said that Theresa was planning to swindle Alex. Theresa said that Xander was only jealous because Xander wasn't Victor's heir, and she left.

Sarah appeared with Victoria in a stroller. Xander spoke warmly to Victoria as he tried to make her smile. Sarah surprised Xander when she said she wanted to postpone the custody hearing because it was Maggie and Victor's anniversary.

Xander pleaded with Sarah to meet with him to talk about the custody battle out of court. Just then, Eric appeared. Eric was angry as he notified Sarah that he had received a subpoena to testify against her in the custody case. When Eric left, Sarah lashed out at Xander again before storming off.

Back at Alex's apartment, Alex told Theresa that he planned to revive Bella -- and that he wanted Theresa to run the magazine. After some heavy convincing from Alex, Theresa accepted his offer.

In the bedroom at John and Marlena's penthouse, John brought Marlena strawberry cream body butter with a bottle of edible strawberry massage lotion. John suggested that he and Marlena begin new traditions, and Marlena agreed. "Happy anniversary, Doc," John said before he kissed Marlena.

Marlena said that she felt lucky to be celebrating her anniversary. John recalled that he had spent much of 2022 believing that he and Marlena would never have a chance to spend their anniversary together again. "And yet, here we are," Marlena said. "Forever," John and Marlena said separately, and they kissed again.

John and Marlena joined Eric and Brady in the living quarters of the penthouse. Eric and Brady had gathered to present John and Marlena with an anniversary gift -- a wooden family tree that included the names of John and Marlena's family members. "It symbolizes strength, and you two have given us so much strength over the years, and this was our way of telling you that we love you," Brady said.

John and Marlena were touched by the gift. Brady quipped that he and Eric had decided to exclude the names of spouses from the tree, and he referenced Kristin and Theresa. Eric left, and Brady soon exited, as well.

Alone in the penthouse afterwards, John presented Marlena with strawberries and cream. Marlena surprised John with a gift of an iron golf club, and she teased that she and John could take up golf after they retired.

John said that he and Marlena were a long way from retirement. "Retire? Oh, come on, baby. You and I, we're in our prime here. But I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. I will meet you on the first tee in, say, ten years' time," John said. Marlena did a double take. "No? Okay. How about 20? Will you take 60?" John teased as Marlena began to laugh. "You're pushing it now," Marlena quipped as she and John laughed.

John asked Marlena to join him on the sofa. "I would like to officially say Happy anniversary, sweetheart," John said. "Happy anniversary, my love," Marlena said with a smile. John and Marlena kissed. As they kissed, a message appeared on-screen. "Happy 58th anniversary, Days of our Lives," the message read.

Gabi is sent to Statesville

Gabi is sent to Statesville

Thursday, November 9, 2023

At the Shin apartment, Tripp did his best to comfort Wendy, who was racked with anger and sadness over Li's murder. Tripp encouraged Wendy to notify Wei Shin of Li's death before Wei learned of the news through media reports.

After Wei berated Wendy over the phone, Tripp told Wei about Li's death. Wendy thanked Tripp after the call ended. Tripp said that Wei had seemed stoic and in shock after learning of Li's death. "I know the feelings," Wendy said as she broke down in tears. Tripp held Wendy as she cried.

Jada visited to ask about Li's state of mind in the hours before his death. Wendy said that Li had been justifiably angry, given that Gabi had manipulated him into signing over his voting shares at DiMera Enterprises.

Wendy lashed out at Jada for what she perceived as Jada's attempts to find evidence to clear Gabi of murder. "Gee, I wonder. This has nothing to do with the fact that you're seeing Gabi's brother, does it?" Wendy fumed.

Jada said that she only wanted to learn the truth and to bring Li's killer to justice. Jada's phone rang, and she said that she had to leave. Afterwards, Tripp made tea for Wendy, who regretted that she had been confrontational with Jada.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. chuckled as he read a headline in the Spectator that described him as "out for blood." "Oh, you'd better believe it. That money-grasping little shrew should have thought twice before crossing me," E.J. said of Gabi.

Belle entered, and she told E.J. that she was representing Gabi. Belle was unmoved when E.J. tried to dissuade her, and she said that E.J. had a personal grudge against Gabi because of Gabi and E.J.'s clashes in the boardroom at DiMera. Belle added that E.J. was using his position as district attorney to seek revenge.

E.J. feigned that he was offended, and he said that the evidence was heavily stacked against Gabi. Belle said that the evidence was all circumstantial. E.J. roared with laughter. Belle and E.J. continued to trade barbs before Belle told E.J. to drop the charges against Gabi or risk making a fool of himself.

At the Salem Police Station, Jada told Rafe that Gabi's prints hadn't been the only set that had been found on the knife used to stab Li. Rafe grew hopeful for a moment, but he was disappointed to learn that the other print on the knife had belonged to Li. Rafe admitted that things didn't look good for Gabi.

Nearby, in the interrogation room, Stefan brought breakfast to Gabi, and he sought to assure her that the police would find Li's killer. Rafe entered, and he shared that there was no other suspect in the murder. Stefan was hopeful that Belle could use E.J.'s personal vendetta against Gabi and Stefan to their advantage.

Belle visited to say that E.J. planned to ask the arraignment judge to deny bail to Gabi, citing that she was a flight risk. As Belle, Gabi, and Stefan stood near the courtroom, E.J. approached. "Ah, no matter how many times I've witnessed it, I never get tired of this country's glorious legal system. What about you, Gabriella? I bet you're feeling patriotic, watching jurisprudence in action," E.J. taunted.

Stefan grabbed E.J. by the throat, and the two were on the verge of a fistfight before Rafe intervened. Afterwards, E.J. passed by Gabi, and he grinned. "Good luck in Statesville," E.J. whispered before leaving. Rafe told Gabi that he needed to arrange for her transport to Statesville. Rafe promised that he would find Li's killer and that Gabi wouldn't be punished for a crime she hadn't committed.

Rafe and Gabi had tears in their eyes as they hugged. "I love you," both said separately. Gabi phoned Arianna to say that she would visit as soon as she was free. Stefan comforted Gabi after she hung up the phone.

Stefan vowed that Gabi was innocent and that she would soon be a free woman. "But until then, I need you to remember one thing -- you are Gabriella Hernandez DiMera. The strongest, bravest, fiercest, most badass woman I know. Statesville's got nothing on you," Stefan said before he and Gabi kissed. Stefan and Gabi said that they loved one another. They kissed again with tears in their eyes.

In the park, Belle told E.J. that she would appeal the judge's decision to deny bail to Gabi. Belle said that E.J. had done "irreparable damage" to his relationship with Stefan. Belle warned that E.J.'s victory wouldn't last. "While you may have won this battle, honey, this war has just begun," Belle said before walking away.

In a motel room somewhere, Leo and Dimitri gloated over the news that Gabi had been arrested for Li's murder. Leo rued that he could have used the story to pivot his Lady Whistleblower columns into "Truman Capote territory."

Leo and Dimitri were wondering what their next move should be when Leo spotted something in a newspaper story about Li's murder. "'Ms. DiMera led Mr. Shin to believe she'd been kidnapped with the help of one... Dr. Wilhelm Rolf,'" Leo read aloud as he pronounced Rolf's name with a mock German accent.

Dimitri thought that Rolf had likely left Salem. Just then, Leo and Dimitri heard a knock. Leo and Dimitri were excited after opening the door to Rolf. Dimitri asked Rolf to take Leo and Dimitri with Rolf when he left Salem.

Citing his loyalty to Megan, Rolf eventually agreed to help Dimitri. Leo and Dimitri were taken aback when Rolf said that Leo wouldn't be included in the escape plans. Rolf said that Megan had been clear in her instructions, and he referred to Leo as "riffraff." Leo insulted Rolf in German.

Dimitri told Rolf to make sure that the escape transport was ready and waiting. Rolf agreed. After Rolf left, Dimitri asked if Leo truly wanted to leave his life in Salem behind. Leo rambled about his accomplishments as a Salemite, but he said that his future was with Dimitri -- even if it was on the run. "Don't you know by now? I would follow you anywhere," Leo said before he and Dimitri kissed.

As Leo and Dimitri prepared to leave a short while later, they opened the door and discovered Jada on the other side.

Dimitri and Leo make a destructive run for the submarine

Dimitri and Leo make a destructive run for the submarine

Friday, November 10, 2023

As Dimitri and Leo exited their hotel room to meet up with Rolf and his submarine, they were confronted by Jada in the hallway. "You are under arrest," Jada said. Leo groaned. "How did you find us?" Dimitri asked. Jada explained that a witness had seen Leo at a convenience store. When Jada ordered the two men to get on the ground, Dimitri countered, "And what if we don't?"

Jada raised her gun and pointed it at Dimitri. "Try me," Jada said. "Why would shooting either one of us be an acceptable outcome?" Leo asked Dimitri. "Whose side are you on?" Dimitri snapped. Dimitri refused to return to prison. "I'm bringing you both in. Dead or alive," Jada said.

Jada handed a pair of handcuffs to Leo, and she ordered him to handcuff Dimitri. Leo refused to help Jada. When Jada motioned with her gun. Leo claimed that Dimitri's wrists were too large. When Jada glanced down to grab her zip ties, Dimitri lunged for the gun, and it fired. As Dimitri pointed the gun at Jada, she slowly got to her feet and reminded Dimitri that backup was on the way. Dimitri said he did not believe her, because she had been surprised when she had seen them open the door.

"We have got to get out of here now," Leo argued. Dimitri told Jada that she would be their hostage, and he ordered her to give her car keys to Leo. Leo reminded Dimitri that they did not have the room to take Jada with them. Dimitri noted that they could not leave Jada behind to warn anyone of their escape. "We're just going to have to kill her," Dimitri said. Dimitri ordered Jada to face away and put her hands behind her head. Jada reluctantly obliged.

"You know I love you, and I hate to take sides against you, but I completely agree with her," Leo pleaded. Dimitri stressed that there was no other option. Leo reminded Dimitri that he was not a killer. "At least not anymore. Maybe before we met, you were a ruthless sociopath, hellbent on world domination, but I like to think I brought out your gentler, softer side," Leo said. Dimitri stared daggers at the back of Jada's head as he kept the gun trained on her.

"If you do this, they will take your life. And then I will have no reason to live," Leo said. Dimitri softened for a moment, then raised the gun again. Leo turned away, unable to watch. Dimitri hit Jada on the back of the head with his gun, and she collapsed. "I love you, too. Grab your bags. Let's go," Dimitri told Leo.

In the town square, Chad intercepted E.J., and he asked E.J. about his first day as the D.A. E.J. informed Chad that he had sent Gabi to Statesville. "Which is exactly what she deserves for her role in ousting me from DiMera," E.J. said. "And here I thought that she went away for killing Li Shin," Chad countered. With a shrug, E.J. said, "That, too." E.J. told Chad that even though he could not regain his job at DiMera, it made him happy to separate Stefan from his wife.

"If you say so," Chad said. E.J. changed the subject to Chad's relationship with Stephanie. Chad said things were okay, but the tension over Abigail was not resolved. "Now there is this new problem. This guy from Stephanie's past showed up, someone who she was deeply involved with. A serious relationship," Chad said. E.J. asked if the ex could drive a wedge between Chad and Stephanie. With a shrug, Chad confessed that he was not sure. Chad recapped Everett's history for E.J.

"[Everett] showed up in Salem, ready to start up right where they had left off," Chad said. Chad told E.J. that Everett had accidentally introduced himself as Stephanie's boyfriend. "You're kidding me," E.J. said. "I think it was his passive-aggressive way of trying to push me aside and stake his claim," Chad muttered. Chad admitted he was concerned because he had caught Stephanie in an embrace with Everett the morning after she had failed to tell Chad about Everett's visit.

"And that isn't like her, I take it," E.J. said. "Not at all. I think she's stepping back from our relationship," Chad said. E.J. asked if Chad was worried that Everett would woo Stephanie away. Chad grimaced. E.J. suggested that Chad buy the newspaper so that Everett no longer had a job that tied him to Salem. E.J. explained that Xander had been focused on his lawsuit instead of the paper, and with his removal from Victor's will, Xander was also low on funds.

"I think you should make a generous and anonymous offer, and he would jump at it. That way, you could fire this Everett guy, forcing him to seek work elsewhere, and Stephanie would be none the wiser," E.J. said. Chad nodded, and he took a moment to think about the idea.

"I trust Stephanie, and she's never had a problem setting boundaries. I mean, Everett obviously cares about what Stephanie thinks about him, so maybe he will respect our relationship and stay away from her," Chad said. Chad hugged his brother goodbye, and he left. "Little brother, the guy who comes all the way to Salem, who blurts that he's Stephanie's boyfriend, and you trust that boundaries will be respected. That is a serious case of wishful thinking," E.J. said to himself.

In Stephanie's apartment, she talked on the phone to Kayla about Everett's return. There was a knock at the door. Stephanie rose to answer the knock, and she promised her mother that she had told Everett that she was committed to Chad. "And you know that I have no trouble setting boundaries," Stephanie said. Stephanie opened the door, and Everett was standing in the hallway with a latte for her.

"Morning, gorgeous," Everett said. Stephanie ended her call to Kayla. "So, what are you doing here?" Stephanie asked. Everett explained that he was there to deliver her a coffee. "That's very nice, but you can't just show up at my door, Chad's and my door, unannounced," Stephanie said. "I get that," Everett said. Everett confessed that he needed Stephanie's professional help, and he told her about his problems at the paper.

"I heard rumors, but I didn't realize that it was that bad," Stephanie said. Everett explained that the paper's once good reputation had taken a hit under Gwen's leadership. When Stephanie mentioned that the paper had more recently been run by Xander, a known criminal, Everett groaned. "Okay, things I wish I had known before I took the gig," Everett said. Everett added that he had also learned that his star gossip columnist was on the run with a murderer.

"[The paper has a massive PR problem], and I know that you are just the woman to fix it," Everett said. "I'm flattered you think so," Stephanie said. Stephanie declined because of her full schedule. Everett confessed that he was desperate. "I don't know what I'm going to do if this paper goes belly up. This is not your problem, but I have to start paying my medical bills from the accident," Everett said. When Everett mentioned that he would not be able to pay his bills if he lost his job, Stephanie agreed to help.

"You'll take the job?" Everett said in disbelief. "Only if you promise to be respectful of our relationship and you respect my boundaries," Stephanie said. Everett agreed. "And honestly, I hope things are going better with you and Chad," Everett added. Stephanie pointed out that Everett's comment was an example of a crossed boundary.

"That is my personal life. And this, if we do this, is strictly business," Stephanie said. "I get it. I do," Everett said. Everett noted that although his feelings for Stephanie had not changed, he would respect her boundaries. Stephanie smiled. Everett agreed not to mention Chad again. "Your problems, none of my damn business. How about we start talking about my problems and how to fix those?" Everett asked with a chuckle.

Everett and Stephanie discussed the Lady Whistleblower problem. Stephanie advised Everett not to distance himself from Leo, and she showed Everett how popular the column had been. "And here's some polling that shows how Leo Stark's current situation is viewed. People don't see him as a criminal. They see him as a folk hero," Stephanie explained. Stephanie encouraged Everett to tell Leo's story in an opinion column.

"I'm a newspaper man. I'm used to dealing in facts," Everett said. "Of course. But you're also a businessman now. And to stay in business, you're going to have to keep people reading," Stephanie said. Stephanie reminded Everett that his ad revenue was focused on the online readers, and Everett needed to keep those readers happy. "But he really is a criminal," Everett said. Stephanie encouraged Everett to write a statement that backed Lady Whistleblower and painted him as a sympathetic person that would do anything for love.

"Yeah. I get that," Everett said as he stared into Stephanie's eyes. Chad returned home. Stephanie explained that SJPR was working on PR for the paper. "I'm so grateful for your help, Stephanie, and I'll talk to you tomorrow," Everett said. After Everett left, Chad stared at Stephanie as she reviewed the paper's data on her tablet.

At the Brady Pub, Roman gave Nicole her two orders of clam chowder. "Since when did E.J. become a fan of Brady home cooking?" Roman asked. Nicole explained that both servings were for her. "I guess this little one really has a taste for it," Nicole said as she rubbed her belly. Roman gave her the chowder "on the house." "Consider it a wedding gift. And speaking of weddings, quite a coincidence, right? You and Eric getting married on the same day?" Roman added. Nicole was surprised at the news. Roman apologized.

"I thought you knew that Sloan and Eric had tied the knot," Roman said. Nicole admitted that she had talked to Eric about her wedding, and he had not mentioned his wedding to her. "It was sort of a spontaneous decision," Roman said. "Are you telling me Eric rushed out to marry Sloan after I told him I was marrying E.J.?" Nicole asked. Roman agreed that it was abrupt.

"I guess, if you know who you want to be with, why wait, right?" Roman said. Nicole nodded in agreement. Roman told Nicole that he was glad that she and Eric had remained friendly. "With a baby on the way, the less stress, the better," Roman said. "You are right. But it is going to be a challenge to be stress free for a long time, since this baby is coming in a few weeks," Nicole said. With a smirk, Nicole noted that a baby was another thing she had in common with Eric, since Eric and Sloan were looking at adoption.

At Sloan's apartment, newlyweds Eric and Sloan kissed as they waited for a pizza delivery. To Eric's surprise, Melinda arrived with the pizza. "I intercepted your delivery guy, so now I'm here to deliver two things," Melinda said. Melinda informed Sloan and Eric that they were having a baby. Elated, Eric and Sloan hugged, and they asked about the baby. Melinda gave the new parents a blue teddy bear to confirm the baby was a boy. Sloan and Eric thanked Melinda.

"You're going to be a mom. And I'm finally going to be a father," Eric said. Excited, Eric rattled off all the things they would need for the new baby. "We've got to think of a name," Sloan added. Eric grabbed his coat, and he asked Sloan if she wanted to join him on his shopping spree. Sloan declined in favor of staying to chat with Melinda. With a grin, Eric hugged Melinda. "We're having a boy!" Eric exclaimed as he left the apartment.

Melinda's smile fell away as she turned to face Sloan. "Is there a problem with our baby?" Sloan asked. "Another family has a contract with the baby. But I don't have to tell you that there's always a way to break a contract," Melinda said. Sloan gaped. Melinda suggested that she could pay off the lawyer for the family. Sloan argued that she did not want to fight another family for custody of the baby.

"Eric's never going to be okay with this," Sloan said. "Eric doesn't have to know, does he? I mean, it's not like you don't have other secrets from your husband," Melinda countered. Sloan glared. Melinda noted that she would pay the other attorney who would handle the rest. "How?" Sloan asked. "I didn't ask for details, and neither should you. So, we'll both have plausible deniability," Melinda said. Sloan was reluctant to move ahead.

"I don't feel great about taking a child that was supposed to go to someone," Sloan said. Melinda explained that the attorney had warned her that they needed to make a quick decision. "He's waiting for my call," Melinda said. Melinda told Sloan that she was free to say no, but that she and Eric might have to wait a long time for another chance at a baby. Sloan stared into the distance for a moment.

"No. I want the baby. And I don't want Eric to have to wait another day to be a father," Sloan said. "You made the right choice, Sloan. And when you see the man you love holding your son, that guilt you feel about how all this came about will disappear," Melinda said. "I hope you're right," Sloan whispered. Melinda argued that Sloan was making up for having kept Eric from his child. Sloan sniffled back tears, and she nodded yes.

"I can't wait to meet my son," Sloan said. Melinda called the attorney to agree to the deal, but it was too late. When Melinda ended the call, Sloan asked what happened. "I'm afraid you lost the baby," Melinda said.

With an armful of baby stuff, Eric ran into Nicole as she exited the pub. "I was just talking about you," Nicole said. Nicole noticed the baby stuff. "A baby boy was found for Sloan and me to adopt. It's coming home pretty soon," Eric said. "I can't believe Melinda found you a baby so fast. I heard adoption can be really complicated and sometimes take years," Nicole said. Eric said yes. With a nod at Nicole, Eric noted that Nicole had been through a lot herself.

"After everything that I've been through, the disappointments, the heartbreaks, and now with my baby being due just a few weeks away, I feel beyond fortunate. I feel like this is a miracle, actually," Nicole said. "It really is," Eric agreed. Eric asked if Nicole knew the gender, and she explained that she and E.J. wanted to be surprised.

"And speaking of surprises, you getting married to Sloan right after I told you --" Nicole started. "If you think my running to get married to Sloan was a reaction to hearing about you and E.J., you're right," Eric admitted. Nicole gasped. Eric explained that the news had hurt him, so he had decided to be bold. "The truth is, we'll always have feelings for each other," Eric said. Nicole agreed. Nicole congratulated Eric on his marriage and baby.

"Congratulations on your marriage to E.J. I really do look forward to meeting your baby," Eric said. With a nod, Eric went into the pub. Eric told Roman about the adoption. "That means we're going to be bringing home your new grandson any day now," Eric said. Roman hugged his son and congratulated him.

At the motel, Jada stirred awake on the floor. Jada called Rafe. "I found Dimitri and Leo," Jada said. Jada explained that they had knocked her out and taken her car.

On the Salem roads, Dimitri drove to the docks while Leo checked Dimitri's text messages for him. "[Rolf] says the sub can't stay surfaced much longer. They're leaving soon, with or without us," Leo said. Dimitri accelerated the car. Concerned, Leo warned Dimitri that he was driving too fast. "The roads are slippery," Leo said. "I am not missing that submarine," Dimitri growled.

In the DiMera living room, E.J. called Nicole on the phone. "Where are you?" E.J. asked. Nicole explained that she was driving home to him. "I love you, and I am so happy that I am having this baby with you," Nicole said. Down the road, Dimitri lost control of the car, and it slid across the wet road. As Nicole told E.J. that she would be home soon, headlights blinded her. "Oh, my God!" Nicole yelled. Over the phone, E.J. heard tires screech. "Nicole!" E.J. screamed.

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