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Leo delivered Nicole's baby. A panicked Dimitri gave the baby to Sloan. Melinda and Sloan passed the baby off as an adopted child and paid a doctor to tell Nicole and E.J. that their child had died. Holly rebuffed Tate. Dimitri left Salem after hiring Sloan to defend Leo. Theresa took the job at Bella. Brady returned Basic Black to Titan. Chad bought Gwen's half of the paper. Steve suggested that Black Patch should investigate Konstantin. Konstantin ordered Theresa to kidnap Victoria. Konstantin saved Victoria to win Sarah over. Xander offered to drop his custody case.
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Dimitri gave Nicole's baby to Sloan. Melinda and Sloan paid a doctor to claim the baby died. Konstantin ordered Theresa to kidnap Victoria.
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Nicole gives birth, and Sloan receives an unexpected surprise

Nicole gives birth, and Sloan receives an unexpected surprise

Monday, November 13, 2023

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. panicked when he thought he heard a car crash while on the phone with Nicole. When the call dropped, E.J. phoned Nicole back to plead for her to let him know if she needed help. Holly was instantly worried when E.J. told her about the phone call. E.J. vowed to find Nicole.

At the Brady Pub, Tate congratulated Eric on his wedding to Sloan. Eric had started to leave when Holly burst in to share E.J.'s belief that he had heard a crash when he'd been on the phone with Nicole. At Tate's suggestion, Holly used her phone to find Nicole's GPS coordinates. Eric said that he recognized an area that Holly had shown him on her phone, and he left to search for Nicole.

Across town, Leo and Dimitri discovered that Nicole had been knocked unconscious in the car crash. Dimitri wanted to keep moving, but Leo was adamant that they needed to help Nicole. Moments later, a conscious but confused Nicole rested on the ground nearby. Dimitri continued to press Leo to abandon Nicole, but Leo refused. "The baby is coming," Nicole told a stunned Leo and Dimitri.

Nicole said that she wouldn't make it to the hospital and that Leo would have to deliver the baby. Leo and Dimitri found blankets that had been in Jada's car. Leo gave himself a pep talk after Nicole said that she needed to push. "I am gonna pretend that I am Dr. Leo Stark, who has delivered millions of babies so brilliantly that when they pop out, they don't even cry. They just smile and wave. Now come on! Pepper him right in here!" Leo said as he kneeled down in front of Nicole with open hands.

Nicole gave birth, and she held her baby in her arms soon afterwards. Leo and Dimitri were momentarily overjoyed by the sight of the baby in Nicole's arms, and they held hands. Leo said that helping Nicole deliver her baby had been the first time in his life that he had felt important.

Nicole noted that the baby was premature and would need to see a doctor right away. Leo agreed to wait with Nicole until an ambulance appeared. Leo told a reluctant Dimitri that he would meet Dimitri in the park later.

Leo praised Nicole for being brave, and he asked Nicole to hand him the baby so that the baby could be examined by doctors. Leo gave Nicole his word that the baby would be back in her arms. "Your word?" Nicole scoffed.

Leo admitted that Nicole had a point. "I know that's not good for very much, but we've come this far together, haven't we? And obviously, I want your baby to be okay. And believe it or not, I have feelings for the little guy," Leo said with sincerity.

Nicole agreed to hand over the baby as Leo cradled him softly. Leo handed the baby to Dimitri, who promised to drive carefully while Leo stayed with Nicole. "It's going to be okay. We're a team now. I'm here to take care of you. I got you," Leo said softly as he wrapped his arms around Nicole and gently held her face against his.

Nicole and Leo soon heard the sound of an approaching car. Eric appeared, and he kneeled down to check on Nicole. Leo took off. As Eric tried to dial for help, Nicole pleaded with him to listen to her. Nicole then told Eric that she had delivered the baby. Eric learned that the accident had caused Nicole to deliver prematurely. "So, where's the baby?" Eric asked. Nicole seemed uncertain.

In an exam room at the hospital, Jada waited on a doctor's examination after Rafe had found her woozy in Leo and Dimitri's motel room. Nearby, at the nurses' station, E.J. fumed when he perceived that Rafe wasn't doing enough to find Nicole.

E.J. and Rafe were trading insults when Dimitri appeared with Nicole's baby in his arms. Dimitri overheard Rafe tell E.J. that Dimitri would wish that he had never been born once the police found him. Dimitri sneaked out of sight.

Back in the exam room moments later, Rafe returned and discovered that Jada was missing. "Jada, where did you go?" Rafe asked himself. At the same time, in the park, Leo wondered aloud where Dimitri was. Just then, Jada appeared. "I'd like to know that, too. You know, all arrests should be this easy," Jada told Leo.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Tate waited with Holly, who fretted about Nicole's whereabouts. Tate encouraged Holly to stay positive, and he wrapped his arms around her as she began to cry.

At Sloan and Eric's apartment, Trask told Sloan that the birth mother of Eric and Sloan's potential child had decided against giving the baby to Sloan because of Sloan's reputation. Trask vowed to find another baby for Sloan to adopt. Sloan surprised Trask when she said that it was time for Eric to learn the truth about his child with Nicole. Trask tried to talk Sloan out of the plan.

Sloan claimed that she wouldn't be able to live with herself if she didn't tell Eric the truth about being the father of Nicole's baby. "Eric has a baby that's about to be born, and I love him too much to keep that from him. It would be different if I had a baby to give him. I just -- I don't. I don't, and I never will," Sloan said.

As Sloan began to leave the apartment to tell Eric the truth, she was taken aback when she opened the door to Dimitri. Dimitri held Nicole's baby in his arms.

Melinda suggests a devious scheme to Sloan

Melinda suggests a devious scheme to Sloan

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

In the town square, Stefan stopped Paulina and asked her to talk. "How can I help you?" Paulina asked. "For starters, you can fire your new district attorney," Stefan said. Paulina asked why. Stefan noted that E.J.'s first act as D.A. had been to prosecute Stefan's wife. "As well he should have," Paulina said. "Gabi is innocent," Stefan protested. Stefan explained that E.J. was using his office to seek revenge on Stefan and his wife. When Paulina asked for details, Stefan refused to explain why E.J. was angry with him.

"E.J. is trying to railroad my wife. He denied her bond and had her sent to Statesville while awaiting trial," Stefan said. Stefan told Paulina that he wanted his wife to get fair treatment, and he did not believe that was possible if E.J. was the D.A.

"I appreciate what you're going through. I know all too well what it's like to helplessly watch a loved one go off to jail. But if I intercede on behalf of your wife, it might be construed as Salem's new mayor interfering in a murder investigation to aid her police commissioner's sister," Paulina argued. With a scowl, Stefan said, "You're afraid of how it is going to make you look politically." Paulina apologized.

"My hands are tied," Paulina said. As Paulina started to walk away, Stefan grabbed her wrist. "I'm not done talking to you yet," Stefan growled. Paulina narrowed her eyes, and she warned Stefan to remove his hand or else he would lose it. Stefan apologized.

"Just making sure that there is nothing else that I can do to change your position. Perhaps a sizable donation to your next campaign," Stefan whispered. Paulina asked Stefan if he intended to bribe a public official. "What I am trying to do is to get you to see reason," Stefan said. Paulina sighed. "For your sake, I'm going to act like this conversation never happened," Paulina said. As Paulina walked away, Stefan told her that she would regret her mistake.

"Bribery doesn't work, so you're just turning to threats? Oh, you really are a DiMera, aren't you?" Paulina said. Stefan smirked. "You're damn right I am. And so is my brother. And unfortunately for you, you just backed the wrong one," Stefan said.

When Rafe returned to Jada's hospital room, she was gone. "Where the hell is she?" Rafe whispered. Outside the hospital, a concussed Jada ran into Leo as he waited for Dimitri. "I was just on my way to go search for you and your partner in crime, but lucky me, you saved me the trouble by loitering right by the hospital," Jada said. Jada pulled out her handcuffs. Leo claimed that the situation had been a misunderstanding.

"I misunderstood your boyfriend physically assaulting me right before the two of you stole my car and fled the scene?" Jada asked. "Maybe not that part," Leo said. When Jada grabbed Leo's wrist, he wrenched it free and attempted to run away. Rafe blocked Leo's escape.

At the DiMera mansion, Tate comforted a worried Holly. "Try to stay positive," Tate said. Holly checked her phone, and she noted that her mother's phone was still at the same location. "She could be anywhere. She could be at the hospital or God knows where," Holly said. After Tate hugged Holly, they lingered close and stared into one another's eyes.

"Holly! There you are. Any sign of your mother?" E.J. asked as he returned home. "I haven't heard from her, but E.J., I think I know where she's at," Holly said. Holly told E.J. about the location-sharing app that she and Nicole had on their phones. Frustrated, E.J. wondered aloud why no one had told him about the app. "I forgot I had it," Holly admitted.

"It's not okay! Your pregnant mother is out there, God knows where, and you've been withholding valuable information all this time!" E.J. barked. "Holly wasn't withholding anything. She said she was sorry, all right?" Tate interjected. E.J. glared at Tate, and he asked Holly if Tate was the reason that she was not going to Nicole's last known location. "My uncle told us to wait and let him check it out," Tate said. Holly explained that Eric was looking for Nicole.

After E.J. left, Holly continued to worry aloud about her mother. Holly thanked Tate for staying with her. "I'm always here for you," Tate said. Hesitantly, Tate asked about the moment that had passed between them before E.J. had returned home. "I could be totally wrong, but it kind of felt like we were going to kiss," Tate said. Holly gasped. "Are you serious right now?" Holly said. Disgusted, Holly asked, "My pregnant mother is missing, and all you can think about is trying to get some?" Tate said no.

"Here I thought you were trying to comfort me as a friend," Holly yelled. "I was! I am! Holly, no, you've got it all wrong," Tate pleaded. With a shake of her head, Holly called Tate gross, and she asked him to leave. Tate apologized for having misread the situation. "I know you won't believe me, but I'm sorry. I really am sorry," Tate said. Holly turned away from Tate. "I hope your mom is okay," Tate said quietly before he walked out.

At the crash site, Nicole told Eric that after Leo and Dimitri had run her off the road, she had given birth. "Where's the baby?" Eric asked. "[Dimitri] has my son," Nicole said. Eric gasped. "You had a boy?" Eric asked. With a tired smile, Nicole nodded yes. Nicole groaned, and Eric urged her to stay awake. "Did Dimitri say where he was taking the baby?" Eric asked. "Hospital. To get him checked out," Nicole stammered. When Eric asked why Dimitri had not taken Nicole, too, she explained that Dimitri had been too scared to move her because of her injuries.

"What's wrong?" Nicole asked. As Eric averted his eyes, Nicole argued that Eric did not trust Dimitri. "Oh, my God. They took my baby," Nicole whispered. "They?" Eric asked. Nicole explained that Leo had delivered the baby and stayed with her until Eric had arrived. "[Leo] is the one who told Dimitri to take my son to the hospital. And he can't be trusted, either, can he?" Nicole said. Nicole told Eric the whole story, and she admitted that she was thankful that Leo had been kind and supportive through the ordeal.

"Why did I let Dimitri take my little boy? And what if he uses him as leverage? What have I done?" Nicole asked. Eric attempted to call Rafe to let him know that Dimitri had Nicole's baby, but he could not get a signal on his phone. Nicole admitted that she was scared. E.J. arrived at the scene, and he overheard Eric assure Nicole that she and her son would get the help that they needed.

"I have a son?" E.J. said. Nicole smiled at her husband. E.J. rushed to Nicole's side. "Are you all right? I was so worried," E.J. said. Nicole assured E.J. that she would be fine. E.J. kissed Nicole, and he asked about their son. As Nicole cried, a frustrated E.J. yelled, "Will someone please tell me what happened to my son?" Nicole told E.J. what had happened with Dimitri. E.J. was eager to get to the hospital, and he attempted to help Nicole to her feet.

"You can't move her! She still could have internal injuries," Eric advised. "I don't give a damn. I need to get to my baby," Nicole shouted. Nicole struggled to stand up. "I'm feeling fine. I'm getting stronger every minute," Nicole said. "You heard her, Eric," E.J. said. E.J. thanked Eric for his help and dismissed him. "You look after your wife, and I'll tend to mine," E.J. said. As E.J. helped Nicole stand, she looked over his shoulder at Eric.

At Sloan's apartment, Sloan informed Melinda that she felt compelled to tell Eric about his son with Nicole. "I love [Eric] too much to keep that from him. Maybe it would be different if I had a kid, but I don't," Sloan said. As Sloan opened the door to leave, she was surprised to see Dimitri on her doorstep with a baby. "I know you. You're Dimitri Von Leuschner," Sloan said. Dimitri asked for help.

"And whose baby is that?" Melinda asked. Dimitri saw Melinda, and he started to back away. "You're the D.A.," Dimitri said. Melinda told Dimitri to relax because she was no longer the D.A. "Whose child are you in possession of?" Melinda asked. Dimitri confessed that it was his Uncle E.J.'s baby. Melinda and Sloan exchange a knowing look. Confused, Melinda asked Dimitri why he had the baby.

"My boyfriend and I got into an accident with Nicole," Dimitri said. "Oh, my God. Is she okay?" Sloan asked. With a shrug, Dimitri said he did not know. "She was conscious when I left, but barely. After the crash, she went into labor. We helped her deliver, and then I promised I'd help her get this little guy to a doctor," Dimitri said. Melinda asked why Dimitri had not gone to the hospital.

"I did! The place was crawling with cops," Dimitri said. Sloan asked Dimitri why he had rerouted to her apartment. Dimitri explained that Leo had told him about Sloan's abilities as a lawyer. "You're on the run from the cops, but the baby belongs to one of the most prominent families in the state. I mean, what is it that you think I can do for you?" Sloan asked. Unsure, Dimitri said he did not know.

"But this kid needs a doctor. I need to find Leo, and we need to get out of town," Dimitri said. As Dimitri turned to leave, Melinda yelled, "And we understand." "You do?" Dimitri said. Melinda noted that they understood that Dimitri had wanted to do the right thing in the midst of a complicated situation. "You've come to the right place," Melinda said. Melinda asked Dimitri to give her the baby and let her and Sloan handle the situation.

"That's great news. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it," Dimitri said. Dimitri said goodbye to the baby and handed him to Sloan. "Have a good life, okay?" Dimitri whispered. Dimitri ran out the door. As Sloan rocked the baby, she asked Melinda to call the police. Melinda urged Sloan to take a moment to think.

"If we don't call the police, we at least need to take him to the ER," Sloan said. Sloan argued that the baby needed them. "More specifically, he needs you," Melinda said. Confused, Sloan asked Melinda what she meant. "This baby could be the answer to your prayers," Melinda said. With a groan, Sloan countered, "You can't seriously be thinking about me keeping Nicole's baby." Melinda argued that Dimitri's appearance after the adoption failure was a sign.

"You really think [Dimitri] is not going to remember giving [the baby to us] for safekeeping?" Sloan yelled. Melinda argued that Dimtiri and Leo were leaving town for good. "So, if you decided to keep this baby and raise him with Eric, no one will ever be the wiser," Melinda said. Melinda reminded Sloan that Sloan wanted a son. "Well, here he is!" Melinda said. Sloan reminded Melinda that Dimitri had promised Nicole that he would take her baby to the hospital.

"The second she is able to, she's gonna be looking for him. She's probably looking for him now with E.J. DiMera's help," Sloan argued. "Fair point," Melinda muttered. Melinda suggested a hypothetical that Dimitri had delivered the baby to the hospital but that the child had not survived. "What are you saying?" Sloan asked. Melinda recounted the facts that the premature baby had been delivered after a car accident to a woman with a history of failed pregnancies.

"This could merely be the latest in a long line of maternal tragedies for Nicole Walker DiMera," Melinda said. Sloan shook her head no. "You know how much I cannot stand Nicole. But what you're suggesting, I wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemy. I don't think I could do that. Not even to her," Sloan said. Melinda asked Sloan if she thought Eric's child should be raised by E.J. DiMera.

"That man is a monster!" Melinda said. After a moment, Sloan asked Melinda how they could execute Melinda's idea. Melinda suggested that they use the money from the adoption to pay off a shady doctor to examine the baby and then lie and say that Nicole's baby had died. "And you just happen to have a corrupt doctor on speed dial?" Sloan asked. Melinda reminded Sloan of a former client named Pierce who was still a doctor at the hospital.

"[Pierce will provide] a death certificate for Nicole's baby. Then, a couple days later, I'll show up with your adopted baby," Melinda said. Melinda said that she had promised to deliver a baby to Sloan, and she would not renege on a promise to her only friend. "Do you really think that we can get away with this?" Sloan whispered. "I know we can. This is the miracle that you have been waiting for, Sloan. You just have to decide if you want to receive it or not," Melinda said.

In the hospital, Nicole sat in a hospital bed and waited anxiously for news about her son. E.J. walked into the room and confirmed that there had been no sign of Dimitri or the baby. "Where could they be?" Nicole asked. "Don't worry, darling. I promise you, we'll find out where that bastard has taken our baby, and he will soon be in your arms. Our precious little boy," E.J. said. E.J. hugged Nicole as she cried.

In the police station interrogation room, Rafe handcuffed Leo to a chair. Leo begged Jada and Rafe to believe that Dimitri would not have killed Jada. "He has a good heart, I swear," Leo said. "A good heart? The man is a hardened criminal," Jada countered. Leo argued that Dimitri was ambitious and a good boyfriend. Frustrated, Rafe yelled that he did not care. "We just want to know where the hell he is," Rafe growled. Jada pointed out that Leo was in serious trouble, and his best option was to cooperate with the police.

"Or are you going to take the fall for [Dimitri]?" Jada asked. Leo complained that he and Dimitri were heroes and should not be prosecuted. "We rescued a woman in distress and her innocent, newborn, very adorable baby, whom I happen to have brought into this cold, cruel world," Leo said. Rafe demanded details, and Leo obliged. Leo explained that there had been no cell service at the crash site.

"[Dimitri] took the baby to University Hospital before Eric Brady showed up. I bet he's still there with him, looking after the little guy," Leo said. Rafe confirmed that the police had not found Jada's car yet. "We better have better luck finding Nicole and her baby," Jada said. With a shake of his head, Leo argued that the baby had to be okay. Leo asked for his phone call. Jada slid the phone toward Leo, and she left the room with Rafe.

Leo called Dimitri's cell phone, and he told Dimitri that he had been arrested. "This is very bad, Leo. Rolf is scheduled to depart on the submarine any minute," Dimitri said. "Save yourself," Leo said. Leo urged Dimitri to leave Salem without him.

Eric returned home, and Sloan cheerfully greeted him. "Did you see your dad?" Sloan asked. Eric said yes, and he started to tell Sloan about the events of the evening, but she cut him off. "I heard back from Melinda. And guess what? Our baby boy was born tonight," Sloan said. At Melinda's apartment, she rocked Nicole's baby, and she assured him that his new mommy had made the right decision. "You'll be home with her and your new daddy very soon," Melinda said.

Nicole is devastated to learn she lost her baby

Nicole is devastated to learn she lost her baby

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

In Nicole's room at the hospital, Nicole and E.J. fretted over the whereabouts of the baby. E.J. tried to assure Nicole that Dimitri wouldn't harm the baby, but Nicole stood up and demanded that E.J. help her get dressed. E.J. said that it was time to "light a fire under Rafe," and he phoned the police station to speak with him.

When E.J. learned that Leo had been arrested, he told Nicole that he wouldn't stop until their baby was back in her arms. After E.J. left for the police station, Holly and Johnny visited Nicole. Holly was excited to learn that she had a new baby brother. When Johnny asked where the baby was, Nicole revealed that the baby was missing, Holly and Johnny sought to reassure Nicole.

At the Salem Police Station, Rafe had been attempting to convince Leo to turn on Dimitri when E.J. stormed into the room. "What the hell did you and your boyfriend do with my baby?" E.J. erupted as he grabbed Leo by the collar.

E.J. told Rafe that Leo and Dimitri had driven the car that had forced Nicole off the road and caused Nicole to give birth prematurely earlier that night. Leo was genuinely surprised when E.J. told Rafe that the baby had never made it to the hospital. E.J. accused Leo and Dimitri of having plotted together. Leo insisted there had been no plot. "Then where is my son?!" E.J. screamed as his voice broke.

Leo swore that Dimitri would never kidnap a baby, and he vowed that there had to have been a misunderstanding. E.J. leaned in close, and he vowed that Leo would live to regret not telling him where Dimitri was.

At Sloan and Eric's apartment, Sloan lied to Eric when she said that their baby had been born. Sloan flashed back to Dimitri having brought Nicole's baby to the apartment earlier that night, and she feigned that everything had worked out.

Sloan's phone rang, and she answered a call from Dimitri. Without mentioning Dimitri's name, Sloan told Eric that a client needed her help. Eric left to tell Marlena the news about the baby. Afterwards, Dimitri asked Sloan to help Leo.

After some pleading from Dimitri, Sloan relented. "Do you know what? Leo is right --you should leave town. I'll get your boyfriend acquitted. And then he can join you in a land far, far away from Salem," Sloan huffed.

In the park a short while later, Dimitri learned from Rolf by phone that the two had to leave Salem immediately if Dimitri wanted to escape through the submarine. "Goodbye, Leo. I love you," Dimitri said to himself after the call ended.

Back at the police station, Sloan announced that she was representing Leo, and she ordered E.J. and Rafe to leave the interrogation room. Leo asked Sloan if Dimitri had said anything about Nicole's baby. Sloan lied and claimed that Dimitri hadn't. Leo learned that Dimitri had left town. Sloan vowed to get Leo out of his predicament.

At a hotel suite, Melinda spoke to Nicole's baby and promised that the baby would love Sloan and Eric as much as he would have loved Nicole and E.J. Melinda heard a knock at the door. A middle-aged doctor named Pierce entered. Pierce recalled that Melinda had tried to prosecute him. Melinda shot back that Pierce had been guilty of insurance fraud, and she said that he owed her a favor.

Pierce said he wasn't interested in helping, but Melinda grabbed his arm as he tried to leave. Melinda presented Pierce with a bank note that included a substantial amount of money. Pierce agreed to help Melinda, and he examined the baby.

Pierce said that the baby was healthy for one that had been born prematurely. Melinda then told Pierce that she needed him to change his diagnosis. "You see, you've given the baby a clean bill of health. But I need the parents to believe otherwise. And I need you, Doctor, to deliver the very bad news," Melinda said.

Pierce protested, but Melinda was relentless in her demands. Melinda added that Pierce would be making another couple happy. After Pierce left, Melinda cradled the baby in her arms, and she claimed to genuinely feel bad for Nicole.

Melinda said that Eric and Sloan were good people who would be "amazing parents." The baby cried in Melinda's arms. Melinda called Sloan a short while later to say that Pierce had agreed to go along with Melinda and Sloan's scheme.

Back in Nicole's room at the hospital, Pierce visited Nicole, who was joined by E.J., Johnny, and Holly. Pierce claimed that a man had appeared at the hospital earlier that night with a baby that he had claimed was Nicole's. Pierce slowly told everyone gathered that Nicole's baby had died. Nicole shook her head in disbelief.

Pierce claimed that the baby had sustained internal injuries during the crash, and he produced the blanket the baby had been wrapped in. Nicole recognized the blanket, and she began sobbing uncontrollably. E.J. stood frozen nearby. When Pierce left the room, Holly rushed to comfort Nicole. Johnny attempted to comfort E.J.

E.J. asked Johnny to escort Holly outside the room. Holly agreed after she and Nicole had wept together. When Johnny and Holly stepped out of the room, E.J. cradled Nicole in his arms on the hospital bed. Nicole was inconsolable in her grief. "This -- this can't be happening, E.J. Please, please, tell me this isn't real. It's not real!" Nicole said as she continued to weep. E.J. fought to control his emotions.

Nicole insisted that Pierce had to be wrong. E.J. soon began to sob next to Nicole, who held E.J.'s face in her hands. "It can't be true, E.J. It's not. It's just -- how can it end this way? How? I mean, after everything that we've been through to keep this baby healthy. I took all the vitamins. I took all the medication. I never missed one dose. I took care of myself because I knew how risky this pregnancy was. I don't understand," Nicole said as she wept.

E.J. agreed that Nicole had done everything right as he kissed and held her. Nicole noted that she and E.J. had both lost a child previously. "But not this one. He made it. And it would just be so unfair if he... oh, God!" Nicole said before she began to scream. "Oh, our baby, E.J. Our baby!" Nicole wailed in E.J.'s arms.

Across town, at John and Marlena's penthouse, Eric received a call from Holly. Eric's face grew somber when Holly told him that Nicole's baby had died.

Konstantin makes a bold move

Konstantin makes a bold move

Thursday, November 16, 2023

At Alex's apartment, Theresa stared lustily as a shirtless Alex lifted weights. Alex ran his hands over Theresa as he told her that she was officially hired to run Bella. After Alex left, Theresa told Kimberly by phone that she would run Bella. Theresa admitted that she liked Alex.

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie was cold and distant to Chad over breakfast. Chad mentioned a flattering editorial that Everett had written about Leo in the Spectator that morning. Chad said that whoever had encouraged the article was an idiot. Stephanie said that it had been her idea.

Chad tried to apologize. Stephanie defended Everett. Chad accused Everett of having inserted himself into Chad and Stephanie's relationship. Stephanie accused Chad of being jealous. Chad said that he and Stephanie should end their conversation before one of them said something they regretted, and he left.

Moments later, Everett appeared. Everett praised Stephanie for having supported him regarding the story about Leo, and he wondered why Chad had a problem with the piece. When Alex entered, Stephanie introduced him to Everett.

Later, as Alex prepared to leave, he quipped that Chad didn't like other men spending time with Stephanie. When Alex was out of sight, Everett asked what Alex had meant. Stephanie told Everett that she had dated Alex before Chad.

At the Spectator office, Chad asked if Xander was interested in selling Xander's half of the paper. Xander refused Chad's offer, and he said that he cared about more than money. Xander mentioned that he was suing Sarah for custody of Victoria, and he said that owning the paper would help him in court.

In Horton Town Square, Chad placed a call to someone. "Yeah, I know, probably the last person you expected to hear from. I need your help," Chad said.

Also in Horton Town Square, Steve confronted Konstantin for having lied about the tablecloth Konstantin had given Maggie. Konstantin admitted that he had lied, but he claimed that he had only been trying to lift Maggie's spirits. Steve warned Konstantin not to make a habit of lying to Maggie. Konstantin said he wouldn't.

At John and Marlena's penthouse, Steve told John that he thought Black Patch should investigate Konstantin. "Come on. Victor dies, Maggie inherits half the estate, and all of a sudden, this guy we barely heard of shows up out of the blue and makes himself indispensable to Maggie?" Steve reasoned.

John wondered if perhaps Konstantin was genuinely fond of Maggie. Steve noted that Victor had been involved in plenty of shady business dealings through the years. John proposed that he and Steve visit Greece to interview some of Victor's friends and to see if Konstantin's story checked out.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie rambled with praise about Konstantin again. Sarah was surprised when Maggie said that Konstantin planned to stay in Salem through Christmas. Maggie noted that Sarah seemed skeptical of Konstantin.

Unbeknownst to Maggie and Sarah, Konstantin eavesdropped on their conversation nearby. Konstantin scowled when he overheard Sarah say that Maggie was getting too close to Konstantin so soon after Victor's death. Sarah noted that Konstantin had been a complete stranger before his arrival in Salem.

Konstantin left after Sarah added that she believed Konstantin wanted something from Maggie. Maggie told Sarah to mind her own business. Sarah apologized for having overstepped. Maggie apologized for her harsh tone. They agreed not to argue. Sarah hugged Maggie before leaving for work.

A short while later, Sarah was taken aback when Xander approached her at the hospital. "I know what you're up to. What the hell are you trying to pull now?" an angry Xander asked.

Back at Alex's apartment, Theresa scolded Konstantin when he showed up unannounced. Konstantin threatened to expose that Alex wasn't Victor's son -- as well as Theresa's role in the scam. Konstantin gloated that he would still have Maggie's half of Victor's fortunes if the truth about Victor's true heir was revealed.

Theresa said that she wouldn't allow Konstantin to take advantage of Maggie. Konstantin said that he had been growing close to Maggie, and he fumed that Sarah suspected he was up to something. Konstantin ordered Theresa to help him win Sarah's trust -- and to keep Maggie's. "Unless you want me to tell Alex everything, you are going to help me," Konstantin said. Theresa scowled in response.

A short while later, Konstantin returned to the Kiriakis mansion with a bouquet of flowers. Konstantin said the flowers were for Maggie to take to the mausoleum to visit Victor. Konstantin insisted he would watch Victoria while Maggie visited the mausoleum. "You will be nearby if we need anything. But, uh, I doubt that we will. Right, Victoria?" Konstantin said with a smirk as he approached Victoria's crib.

After Maggie left, Theresa sneaked into the mansion in a black tracksuit and matching hat. Konstantin pointed to Victoria. "I don't think this is a good idea," Theresa said with a sigh. "And I don't really care. You made your bed, Theresa, and now you know what you have to do," Konstantin said.

Following a long pause, Konstantin spoke again. "Take the baby," he ordered Theresa.

Theresa steals baby Victoria

Theresa steals baby Victoria

Friday, November 17, 2023

In the town square, Chad called Gwen to ask for her help. Suspicious, Gwen reminded Chad that he hated her. "What you did to my family, that was personal. This call is strictly business," Chad said. Chad offered Gwen money for her share of the paper. Confused, Gwen asked why Chad had not asked Xander.

"I have my reasons," Chad said. "So, the oaf turned you down, did he?" Gwen said with a chuckle. Chad asked Gwen for her price. Gwen explained that she did not want to further hurt Jack by selling the paper so soon.

"Not if you tell Jack you're selling it to me. Husband of his late daughter," Chad said. "So, this is about Abigail? Honoring her legacy?" Gwen asked. Chad admitted that was only part of the reason. Chad explained that Everett was Stephanie's ex and that he had hired her PR firm.

"So, he is making a play for your girl, and you want him out of the way," Gwen said as she stifled a smile. "So, now you know my motivation. Can we make a deal?" Chad asked. Gwen admitted that she had read the article about Leo. "Make me an offer that isn't insulting, and the Spectator is yours," Gwen said.

In the pub, Everett told Stephanie that it was weird to hear about her other boyfriends. "I really shouldn't have fallen into that coma," Everett joked. Stephanie smirked. "I'm relieved that you're okay," Stephanie said. "I just wish I'd been okay before you started dating all these other guys," Everett said. Stephanie told Everett that her relationship with Alex had been brief.

"Why is that?" Everett asked. "I thought you said it was weird to hear about me dating other people?" Stephanie countered. Everett explained that although it was hard to hear about Stephanie's dating life, a part of him was curious. Stephanie told Everett that she had only dated Alex because she had wanted to feel desirable again.

"[Alex] and I didn't last very long. He was and probably still is a player. Anyway, when I decided that we were done, he had a little trouble letting go," Stephanie explained. Stephanie noted that things had been awkward with Alex after she had started dating Chad. "Like it is now with the three of us," Everett said with a laugh. Everett apologized, and he explained that he'd cracked a joke because he wanted Stephanie to be more comfortable.

"It's obvious that Chad was threatened by Alex's inability to let go, as you put it, and maybe that's how he perceives me now. As someone who is crazy about you and unable to let go," Everett said. Everett added that since his relationship with Stephanie had been more serious than the one she had developed with Alex, Chad was likely even more threatened by Everett. With a sigh, Stephanie argued that it made her feel more uncomfortable that Everett continued to mention Chad.

"I'm just concerned about you," Everett said. When Stephanie asked why, Everett argued that there was a pattern of possessive behavior from Chad. "Sometimes it can be helpful to get an outsider's objective point of view," Everett said. "Because you're so very objective," Stephanie countered. Everett admitted he was biased.

"But I care about you, and I might have some insights that are worthwhile for you to hear," Everett said. "$10 says you're way off base," Stephanie countered. Everett told Stephanie that he thought that it was unfair for Chad to keep Stephanie at arm's length after he had asked her to move in with him and his children. "At the same time, he has an issue whenever you have any contact with one of your exes," Everett added. Everett argued that the relationship was all about Chad.

"We both know that to have a healthy relationship, there has to be a take and a give. I mean, I know that our relationship was like that, right? Only this time around, it's you doing all of the giving and Chad doing all of the taking. Am I wrong?" Everett asked. "You're wrong," Stephanie said. Everett said he was relieved, but Stephanie was reluctant to believe him.

"I would much prefer to think that your relationship with Chad is making you happy. I mean that," Everett said. With a sigh, Stephanie told Everett that she liked to talk to him, but she did not want their conversations to include her problems with Chad. "It's not fair to him," Stephanie said. Stephanie added that no relationship was perfect or blameless. As Chad walked into the pub, he overheard Stephanie tell Everett, "You've only been hearing about the bad stuff when I vent."

"When you vent about what?" Chad asked. "What don't I vent about?" Stephanie said with a chuckle. "Don't believe a word of what she says. We both know that she is sunshine on a cloudy day," Everett said. With a shrug, Stephanie said she was surprised she had not driven Everett away with her negativity. "I doubt there is anything you can do to drive him away," Chad said. Everett complimented Stephanie's PR work for the paper.

"Not everybody I talked to was buying the warm and fuzzy take on that slimeball Leo Stark," Chad said. "The response I'm getting is almost wholly positive," Everett countered. Everett gave the credit to Stephanie. "I just hope you don't mind me stealing her away. To do some work for me. You don't mind, do you?" Everett said. Chad told Everett that he appreciated that Everett had asked him how he felt.

"When I first heard about the two of you working together, I didn't react all that well. But the truth is, I think Stephanie is a total pro, and you're lucky to have her," Chad said. "Thank you for saying that," Stephanie said. Chad told Everett that he did not like that Everett had painted Leo as a folk hero, but he realized it was an example of Everett's talents. "I think you are going to do great things for the Spectator. And that means a lot to me, because honestly, the paper is really important to me and my family," Chad said. Everett thanked Chad.

"It's just about boundaries, right?" Chad said. Everett nodded in agreement. "Boundaries is something three adults should be able to understand," Chad said. Chad held out his hand, and Everett shook it. "Definitely," Everett said.

At the Kiriakis mansion, a black-clad Theresa met up with Konstantin in the living room. Konstantin ordered Theresa to take Victoria. Theresa argued that it was a bad idea. "You made your bed, Theresa, and now you know what you have to do. Take the baby," Konstantin said. Theresa refused to steal Maggie's granddaughter. When Konstantin threatened to call Alex and tell him the truth, Theresa grabbed his hand.

"Perhaps you are the kind of person who kidnaps a kid as long as the payday is big enough, eh?" Konstantin said. Theresa called Konstanin a hypocrite. "That old bastard Victor made a grave mistake cutting me out of his will, and now I will take from his widow, which I can only accomplish if this child's mother is in my corner," Konstantin said. Konstantin grabbed the fire poker from the fireplace, and he caressed it.

"The meddlesome Sarah Horton wants me to go back to the old country," Konstantin grumbled. Konstantin explained that because Sarah had such influence with Maggie, he needed to win Sarah over. "How are you going to win her over by stealing Sarah's baby?" Theresa asked. "You just play your part, and Alex will never learn the truth that he is not Victor's son and that Xander is," Konstantin said.

As agreed, Theresa hit Konstantin on the back of the head, and he collapsed to the floor. Theresa picked up baby Victoria. With Theresa's back turned to the doorway and her hoodie covering her head, Maggie entered the room. "What do you think you're doing? Get away from that child!" Maggie yelled. Theresa darted out of the room, without letting Maggie see her face. As Maggie ran after Theresa, she saw Konstantin, and she stopped to check on him. Konstantin stirred awake.

"What happened?" Konstantin asked. "Someone just took my granddaughter! Dear God, who would do such a thing?" Maggie yelled. Breathless, Konstantin stumbled to his feet, and he explained that someone had hit him over the head from behind. "Did you see his face?" Konstantin asked. "No, I didn't!" Maggie said. Konstantin ordered Maggie to stay put while he pursued the kidnapper. "Call for help! Don't worry about me. The child is all that matters!" Konstantin yelled as he ran out of the house.

Xander confronted Sarah at the hospital about the addition of Brady to her witness list for the custody trial. "If you can call Eric against me, then why can't I call his brother?" Sarah argued. Sarah reminded Xander that she would do anything to protect her daughter. Xander countered that Victoria was their daughter.

"You couldn't have made her without me," Xander said. "I don't regret making Victoria. I regret making her with you," Sarah said. Sarah told Xander that he was welcome to force Eric to testify, but he would not be able to equate Sarah's actions with Eric to what Xander had done. Sarah argued that Brady was eager to testify to all the misdeeds that Xander had committed since he had arrived in Salem.

"You think you have a case to make me seem like an unfit parent? Wait until the judge gets a load of you," Sarah said. When Xander argued that his history with Brady was irrelevant to the custody case, Sarah disagreed. "You snatching Brady and Kristen's daughter and trying to pass her off as mine? Love, that is a central part of our case. It shows your character, or lack thereof. Not to mention, it was a crime," Sarah said. Xander scowled.

"I know you've never totally understood this and apparently never will, but I did that to spare you the pain of losing your child," Xander said. "And yet here you are, causing me the same pain again," Sarah countered. Xander argued that it was a different situation.

"There is always a rationalization with you. And you're always telling yourself that you do the worst things for the best reasons, but the fact of the matter is that you let Brady think that his daughter was dead. He was devastated. Forced to grieve a child that was not dead. That is not just wrong. That is depraved. You are depraved," Sarah argued. Sarah added that when the judge heard everything, Xander and his lawyer would not be able to convince anyone that Xander should be a part of Victoria's life.

"Not only can Brady tell the court about the time you shot him, but he can also inform them about the time you kidnapped Nicole and her daughter, Holly. That should button things up nicely," Sarah said. Xander stared in disbelief. Sarah's phone rang with a call from Maggie. "What do you mean Victoria's gone?" Sarah said. Maggie explained what had happened and that Konstantin was in pursuit of the kidnapper.

"Did you call the police?" Sarah asked. "I wanted to call you first," Maggie said. Sarah asked Maggie to call the police. "I'm on my way," Sarah said. As Sarah ended the call, Sarah started to leave then stopped. "You did this, didn't you?" Sarah said to Xander. "What do you think I did?" Xander asked. Sarah accused Xander of having someone kidnap Victoria.

"You thought it would make me look like an unfit mother at the hearing," Sarah yelled. "That's insane! You have to believe me, I had nothing to do with this. I'm as horrified about it as you are. Look, you can hate on me as much as you want later, but right now, we need to get to the house. Our daughter needs us," Xander said. Numb, Sarah nodded in agreement.

When Sarah and Xander arrived at the mansion, Sarah asked what had happened. Maggie explained that she had gone to the mausoleum to deliver flowers to Victor's grave, and when she had returned, she'd seen Konstantin unconscious on the floor. "And someone in a hoodie was taking Victoria out of the bassinet," Maggie said. "Who was it?" Sarah asked. "Was it a man or a woman?" Xander added. "I don't know!" Maggie said. Maggie noted that the only thing she knew was that the kidnapper had been strong enough to knock out Konstantin.

As Sarah stared at the empty bassinet, Maggie apologized. "It's all my fault. I should never have left Victoria alone. I should have waited for you to come home and then take those flowers down to Victor," Maggie said. Sarah sobbed, and Xander gently put an arm around her. "Who would take our little girl?" Sarah asked.

In the park, Theresa held Victoria in her arms as she sat on a bench. "You'll be home soon, little Victoria. I promise," Theresa said. Konstantin ran up to Theresa. "I need the kid now," Konstantin said. Theresa stood up and backed away.

"You are one sick son of a bitch, you know that?" Theresa said. "And you are the monster who abducted Sarah Horton's baby," Konstantin countered. Konstantin demanded that Theresa hand him the baby. Theresa reluctantly gave Victoria to Konstantin. "It needs to look like I fought to get her back," Konstantin said. Theresa punched Konstantin in the face.

Brady visited Alex's office at Titan. "I'm here to accept your offer," Brady said. "You mean to bring Basic Black over to Titan?" Alex asked. Brady said yes. "I put Theresa in charge of Bella. Is that going to be a problem for you?" Alex asked.

"You can't trust that woman," Brady warned Alex. Alex said he needed someone aggressive in his corner. "I know [the staff] are thinking I should have left Maggie in charge," Alex said. Brady said he understood that Alex wanted an ally, but Theresa could not be trusted. Concerned, Brady asked Alex if he was in love with Theresa. Alex stressed that he and Theresa were just friends.

"I know you can handle yourself. It's not just about you anymore, is it?" Brady asked. Brady argued that if Theresa were close to Alex, it increased the amount of damage she could do to the company. "I don't mind you speaking your mind about her. I know you're just looking out for me," Alex said.

"Don't you come crying on my shoulder when Theresa actually screws you over and makes your life miserable," Brady said. Theresa cleared her throat as she entered the room. "Did someone say my name?" Theresa asked. Alex announced that Basic Black was rejoining the Titan fold and that there would be overlap with Bella.

"I'm going to need you two to play nice," Alex said. "I don't have a problem working with anyone," Theresa said. Brady noted that if he could co-parent with Theresa, he could work with her. While Alex headed to legal with Brady to get the paperwork started, Theresa stayed behind to look over the HR file that Alex had left for her. Theresa noticed a phone had been left behind, but the men were long gone. "Konstantin, you creepy old bastard. That kid better be home and safe with its mother," Theresa muttered.

Theresa flipped through the HR file, but she was distracted. Concerned, Theresa called Konstantin and got his voicemail. "I'm calling to make sure that you took Victoria safely back to Sarah. And if this whole thing blows up, you damn well better keep my name out of it," Theresa growled. Behind Theresa, Brady stood in the doorway.

In the Kiriakis living room, Maggie wondered aloud why the police had not arrived. "Where is our daughter?" Sarah cried out. "I promise you, Sarah. I'm going to see to it that our daughter is brought safely home to you," Xander said. Sarah nodded.

As Xander turned to leave, Konstatin walked in with Victoria. "The child needs her mother," Konstantin said. In tears, Sarah pulled Victoria into her arms. Xander called the police. "They will be sending detectives over here later to take everyone's statement. Especially yours," Xander said. Konstantin said he did not know if he would be much help.

"I didn't get a good look at this man's face," Konstantin said. "You chased after the person, right? Caught them?" Sarah asked. Konstantin nodded yes. "What did they want?" Maggie asked. With a shrug, Konstantin suggested they had wanted to ransom Maggie's granddaughter. "Now that you are Victor's widow, you are a target. You might want to think about increasing your security," Konstantin said. Maggie agreed, and she insisted that Konstantin let her tend to his wounds.

"I know we'll never be friends, but I am so grateful that you saved our little girl," Xander told Konstantin. Sarah agreed. "You brought Victoria back to me. To us," Sarah said as she looked over at Xander. Sarah hugged Konstantin. Maggie escorted Konstantin upstairs, and she called him a hero as she cleaned his wounds.

"I got lucky. That's all," Konstantin said. "You ran after that dangerous person without even thinking about your safety," Maggie said. Maggie said that she did not know how to thank Konstantin. "You have welcomed me into your home. That is more than enough thanks," Konstantin said. Maggie told Konstantin that he was an angel sent from heaven. Konstantin grabbed Maggie and kissed her.

In the living room, Sarah placed Victoria back in her bassinet. "I've never felt more helpless in my life," Sarah said. Sarah turned to face Xander, and they stared into one another's eyes. Xander's phone beeped. "We're due in court soon," Xander said. Sarah asked to postpone. "There's no other way," Sarah said. "Maybe there is. What if I just drop the case?" Xander asked.

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