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Stefan stole evidence for Clyde. Dimitri ordered Sloan to free Leo, or he would tell Nicole that Sloan had her baby. Nicole believed Eric's baby was her son. Sarah gave Xander a revised birth certificate. Steve forced Konstantin to make a confession. Maggie offered to pay Konstantin's debt to the mob if he agreed to leave Salem. Xander fired Everett. Chad asked Stephanie for another chance. Alex punched Xander. Nicole apologized to Holly. Theresa and Alex had sex. Sloan convinced Dimitri to trade himself for Leo. Tate interfered in Johnny's date. Eric agreed to DNA test his baby.
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Eric agreed to a DNA test for his baby. Dimitri blackmailed Sloan. Maggie offered to pay Konstantin's debt. Stefan stole evidence for Clyde.
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Dimitri learns the truth, then blackmails Sloan

Dimitri learns the truth, then blackmails Sloan

Monday, November 27, 2023

At the Brady Pub, E.J. ordered Rafe to find Dimitri. Rafe assured E.J. that Rafe's best detectives were looking into Dimitri's whereabouts. Rafe surprised E.J. when he said that he had no problem with how E.J. was choosing to prosecute Dimitri and Leo.

Rafe said that he had concerns about E.J.'s decision to prosecute Ava. Rafe added that the forensics report backed up Ava's story that Gil had attacked her. E.J. agreed that there was no reason to press charges against Ava for Gil's death.

Outside the pub, Eric agreed to allow Nicole to hold the baby. After hearing the baby cry, Nicole swore that the baby was hers. Nicole flashed back to the night she had given birth, and she continued to insist that she was the baby's mother.

E.J. appeared, and he listened as Nicole explained why she believed the baby she was holding was the same as the one she had been holding in her arms on the night she had given birth. E.J. sympathized with Nicole, but he said that the baby belonged to Eric and Sloan. Nicole's breath grew shaky when E.J. asked her to hand the baby to Eric.

Nicole apologized through tears as she handed the baby to Eric. Eric told Nicole that she had nothing to apologize for. Nicole left with E.J. after he suggested he take her home. Just then, Rafe stepped outside the pub. Rafe asked Eric if everything was okay. Eric shared that Nicole had thought the baby was hers.

At Sloan and Eric's apartment, Dimitri deduced that Sloan had stolen Nicole's baby. Dimitri didn't believe Sloan when she tried to protest. Dimitri had started to dial the police when Sloan admitted that she had taken Nicole's baby. Sloan explained how her plans to adopt a baby had fallen through.

Dimitri was unmoved by Sloan's story, and he demanded that Sloan find a way to have all charges against Leo dropped. "Or I swear I am going to sing like a canary," Dimitri vowed. Sloan agreed to help Leo. As Dimitri prepared to leave, he told Sloan that he was short on cash. Sloan emptied her wallet to hand cash over to Dimitri.

On his way out, Dimitri had one more warning for Sloan. "I would highly recommend you to use every trick in the book to get Leo out -- and fast. Otherwise, I promise you, I will make certain that this little baby-stealing scheme of yours is the biggest piece of news of the 21st century. And this whole beautiful, perfect life that you've built for yourself will blow up in your face," Dimitri said before leaving.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. wanted Nicole to spend the rest of the day relaxing. A distracted Nicole said that she had been certain that the baby she had held earlier had been hers. E.J. reasoned that Nicole was simply mistaken. E.J held Nicole in his arms, and he offered to brew a pot of tea for the two of them.

After E.J. stepped out of the room, Nicole flashed back to the night she had given birth, as well as to having held the baby outside the Brady Pub a short while earlier. "I don't care what anybody says. I know that was my baby," Nicole said.

At the same time, Eric returned to his and Sloan's apartment with the baby. Eric told Sloan about his run-in with Nicole. Sloan made another blank facial expression when Eric said that Nicole had believed the baby was Nicole's.

At the Salem Police Station, Ava met with Harris after previously chatting with Stefan to determine who would break into the evidence room at the police station on orders from Clyde. Harris was touched when Ava presented him with a dish of linguine carbonara. Ava laughed nervously when Harris recalled having lost his keys.

Harris learned from Rafe by phone that E.J. had decided not to charge Ava in Gil's death. Ava was thrilled, and she wrapped her arms around Harris in the excitement of the moment. Still awash in excitement and relief, Ava left.

Nearby, in the interrogation room, Jada offered to make the charges against Leo go away if he agreed to a plan that would place Dimitri in police custody. Jada insisted that Dimitri had left Leo "holding the bag" for Dimitri's crime. Jada added that E.J. was "out for blood," and she left the room to allow Leo time to mull over her offer.

Moments later, Jada entered the evidence room as Stefan scurried to hide after having rummaged through files in an attempt to exonerate one of Clyde's drug dealers. Jada left after finding the file she had been searching for.

Jada returned to the interrogation room to ask if Leo had made a decision. Leo said that he wouldn't betray Dimitri. At the same time, in a motel room somewhere in Salem, Dimitri swore to himself that he would get Leo out of trouble with the police.

Back outside the Brady Pub, Stefan confirmed that he had found the evidence that he had been searching for in the evidence room. Ava said that she regretted having lied to Harris.

Sarah offers Xander an unexpected gift

Sarah offers Xander an unexpected gift

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

At the Horton house, Chad and Stephanie finished cleaning up after the Thanksgiving festivities. "Too bad [my mom] had to work. She missed a fun day," Stephanie said. "So fun!" Chad said sarcastically. Stephanie admitted that things had been awkward with Everett. When Chad commented that Everett had been making eyes at Stephanie throughout the meal, Stephanie disagreed. Stephanie argued that Everett had been attentive to Doug and Julie and the kids.

"You know after the initial weirdness, everyone very much enjoyed themselves," Stephanie said. Chad waved his hand to indicate that he partially agreed. With a smile, Chad noted that the kids had decided to sleep over at the Horton house. Chad indicated that he and Stephanie could use an evening alone together.

"Things have been very rocky between us lately," Chad said with a shrug. "Hey there," Everett said as he walked into the room. Stephanie pulled away from Chad. "I thought you left," Chad muttered. Everett explained that he had been finishing his interview with Doug and Julie. "Such great people. Such fascinating lives. I hope my piece does them justice," Everett said. Chad encouraged Everett to head out and work on the piece while the interview was still fresh in his head.

"That's definitely the plan," Everett said. Everett asked Stephanie to go with him to the office. When Chad asked why, Everett explained that he needed Stephanie's help with the PR response to Leo's murder charge. "Just say that Leo Stark is getting exactly what he deserves. I just freed up your whole evening. How about that?" Chad said. Stephanie glared at Chad. Chad argued that Dimitri and Leo's actions were the cause of death for Nicole's baby.

"It's a little more complicated than that," Everett said. Everett argued that Leo had helped deliver Nicole's baby after an accident. "He had no choice! They were in the middle of nowhere!" Chad countered. Chad argued that were it not for Dimitri and Leo's actions, the baby would be alive.

"How about you stop making excuses for that son of a bitch? Stephanie, surely you're with me on this one?" Chad said. Stephanie stressed that she was not defending Leo's actions. "But Everett hired me to protect the reputation of the newspaper. And right now, that means doing damage control on a very dicey situation," Stephanie said. "My brother and Nicole are going through hell right now because of [Leo]," Chad countered. "And we are respectful of that," Stephanie said. Stephanie reminded Chad that it was her job.

"It's Thanksgiving. You have to go tonight?" Chad asked. "We need to issue a statement for tomorrow's edition," Everett said. "We can't put this off," Stephanie agreed. Stephanie promised Chad that she would not be gone long. Chad forced a smile, and he nodded in agreement as Stephanie walked out with Everett.

Xander was eating dinner and working on a crossword puzzle when there was a knock at his apartment door. With a turkey leg in his hand, Xander opened the door to Sarah and baby Victoria. Sarah chuckled when she saw the turkey. "Sorry. I wasn't expecting you. Obviously," Xander said. Sarah gave Xander an envelope. "Hopefully something to be grateful for," Sarah said. Xander opened the envelope and removed a copy of Victoria's birth certificate.

"There's been a small update in box 2A, where it says father's name," Sarah pointed out. "You changed it to mine," Xander whispered. Sarah noted that Xander was Victoria's father, and she wanted to make it official. Xander thanked Sarah. "I wanted to show you how much I want you to be a part of our daughter's life. And I am just so sorry it took her being kidnapped to realize that," Sarah said.

Sarah sat on the couch with Xander as he cradled baby Victoria, and she told him about the extra security at the mansion. "But I wake up every hour to check on her," Sarah said. "Well, I'm going to make everything super secure here before she starts spending the night," Xander said. Sarah smiled. Sarah told Xander that she had instructed Justin to draw up papers for joint custody.

"I really am looking forward to co-parenting with you, Sarah," Xander said. With a nod, Sarah admitted she was glad that things were working out. "And maybe someday," Sarah said. When Sarah paused, Xander asked, "Maybe someday what?" Xander placed a sleeping Victoria in her stroller, and he asked Sarah if she wanted to get back together. "I am open to the possibility, and I am assuming you are, too, seeing as how we almost kissed yesterday," Sarah said. As Xander hovered close to Sarah, he noted that he still felt a spark.

"I just wasn't sure if there was too much water under the bridge," Xander said. Sarah noted that they had both hurt one another and done things that they had regretted. "We're in a much better place now, obviously, and we do share a child. Not that that's a reason that we should get back together," Sarah said.

As Xander leaned in to kiss Sarah, she looked away and noted that she needed to go to work. Xander thanked Sarah for the birth certificate. Sarah opened the door to leave, and she was surprised to see Chad in the hallway. "I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" Chad asked. Sarah noted that she was on her way out. Chad beamed when he saw baby Victoria. "She's so beautiful. It feels like just yesterday that Charlotte was that tiny," Chad said. Sarah agreed that time moved fast.

After Sarah left, Xander told Chad that he had not changed his mind about selling his half of the paper. "No, that's fine. I ended up buying Gwen's half instead. Hi, partner," Chad said. When Xander noted that Gwen had not told him, Chad said he had asked her to keep it quiet. "Because you don't want Stephanie to know you are trying to get rid of her ex," Xander said. Xander reminded Chad that he could not force Xander to fire Everett because they were equal partners.

"Why are you so protective of Everett?" Chad asked. "Because he's great at his job. I can't afford to lose him," Xander said. Chad offered Xander a deal. "You can keep your half, and I'll give you my share of the profits. You get it all. That's my offer," Chad said. "Excuse me?" Xander said. Chad said he wanted to be a silent partner. "I didn't buy Gwen's half for the money. I bought it to get rid of that pesky little problem named Everett," Chad said. Xander argued that Everett was not a problem, and that the paper would seriously suffer without him. Chad disagreed. "All you have to do, for all of it, is to fire Everett and keep my name out of it," Chad said.

At the newspaper, Stephanie dictated to Everett. Stephanie noted that Dimitri and Leo felt terrible about the accident, and she pointed out that they had risked their freedom when they had stopped to help Nicole give birth so that she would not have been alone. "God, you are good at this," Everett said. Everett asked Stephanie to grab his laptop charger from his bag. As Stephanie opened the bag, she saw a ring box.

"Is this what I think it is?" Stephanie asked. Everett lied and said it was a fancy contact lens case. Stephanie opened the box and saw an engagement ring inside. "Liar," Stephanie whispered. Everett admitted that he had purchased the ring before the accident. "For me?" Stephanie asked. Everett confessed that he had planned to propose before the accident.

"Maybe it was a little too soon, but I knew in my heart that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. And I felt the same way when I woke up from my coma. I told you that my first night in Salem," Everett said. Stephanie said she remembered.

"Did you have the ring with you that night [at the pub]?" Stephanie asked. "I did. But you told me you were with Chad. And that changed things, obviously," Everett said. Everett took the box, and he admitted that he should have sold the ring to pay some medical bills. "But I just couldn't bring myself to do it," Everett said. Stephanie apologized, but he told her, "You had every right to move on with your life." With a nervous chuckle, Everett said he was embarrassed that Stephanie had found the ring. "Let's get back to work. The sooner we finish, the sooner you can get home. To Chad," Everett said.

On Thanksgiving Day, Kayla was talking to Joey on the phone in her office when Steve walked in. "Let me call you back!" Kayla said as she ended her call. Kayla welcomed Steve home from his trip to Greece. "Were you able to uncover any new information about Konstantin?" Kayla asked. Steve told Kayla that Konstantin had lied about the loan from Victor for the restaurant. Steve explained that the locals had confirmed that the rumor was that Victor had insisted that Konstantin pay back the loan.

"And Konstantin had trouble making the payments over the years, so no surprise, it caused a big rift between the two men," Steve said. Confused, Kayla asked why Konstantin had lied about his history with Victor. Kayla suggested that Konstantin had lied to protect Maggie. "I don't buy it. Because all these little white lies are starting to add up. Not to mention the biggest lie, that Konstantin worshipped Victor and they were the best of friends," Steve argued. Steve said he was fairly certain that Konstantin and Victor were enemies.

"I think it's strange the way Konstantin inserted himself into Maggie's life, especially when he owed Victor all that money. I think at the very least, we should warn Maggie that the guy's not being honest with her," Steve said. "Do you really think that's a good idea? He really has been a comfort to her. It seems cruel to take that away when you're not 100% sure," Kayla argued. Steve said he was fairly certain. Kayla suggested that Steve warn the family to keep an eye on Konstantin.

Sarah walked into Kayla's office. "Perfect timing," Steve said. Steve told Sarah about the lies he had uncovered about Konstantin. "I know these aren't huge lies, and there might be reasonable explanations, but you can see why I'd be concerned," Steve said. Sarah agreed. "But I think it's like you said, he was just trying to make [Maggie] feel better and cheer her up," Sarah said. Kayla encouraged Sarah to keep an eye on Konstantin and make sure he had not lied about anything else. Sarah made a face.

"What?" Kayla asked. "Honestly, I had my doubts about Konstantin, too," Sarah admitted. Sarah said she had changed her view and had started to think of Konstantin as a hero after he had saved Victoria from a kidnapper. "What kidnapper?" Steve asked. Sarah told the whole story.

"[Konstantin] risked his life to save [Victoria]," Sarah said. "Isn't it just a little bit too convenient?" Steve said. Kayla reminded Steve that Konstantin had been knocked out. "Not to mention my mom did see the kidnapper from behind," Sarah added. Steve suggested that Konstantin had used an accomplice.

When Stephanie returned home, Chad was waiting for her in the living room. "How did it go at the paper?" Chad asked. "I think Everett and I put together a pretty good defense of Leo. We definitely had to get creative, but we worked well together. Which I know isn't what you want to hear," Stephanie said. "It's fine. You got to do what you go to do for your clients," Chad said. Chad admitted that he had been hard on Everett, and he promised to give him another chance.

At the paper, Everett was finishing up his edits on the response to Leo's arrest when Xander arrived. "I'm sorry, Everett, but I'm going to have to let you go," Xander said.

In the square, Alex and Theresa sipped coffee at the café. "I'm really glad you could join us [for Thanksgiving]," Theresa said. "Me, too. Your son's a really good kid," Alex said. Theresa chuckled and marveled aloud about how her son was a teenager. "I'm actually really pleased with how he has adjusted to life in Salem," Theresa said. Theresa asked Alex about his relationship with Justin.

"I'm calling him Dad. Even so, him not being my real father, I guess it's made things a little awkward between us. But he's a great guy. And we love each other a lot," Alex said. Alex explained that Justin had invited him to spend Thanksgiving in Arizona with Alex's brothers. "Why'd you turn him down?" Theresa asked. "I just didn't want to make everybody feel, like, uncomfortable, given what we just learned," Alex said. With a sigh, Alex noted that he should check in on the rest of his family.

"[Maggie] has got to be completely shook. Sarah even more so. I mean, can you believe somebody kidnapped her baby?" Alex said. Theresa averted her eyes and sipped her coffee. When Alex noted that he wanted to visit Maggie, Theresa asked if things were still strained between them after the corporate takeover. "Yeah, but out of respect for my father, I think I should be helping his widow. It's what he would want," Alex said. Alex invited Theresa to join him. Theresa thought about when she had kidnapped Victoria.

"I'm not sure that's a good idea," Theresa said. "I thought you two were close?" Alex asked. Theresa noted that Maggie had been kind and supportive to her, and she did not want to intrude on Alex's family moment. Alex insisted that Theresa go with him to ease the tension. Theresa agreed. "I really owe her one," Theresa whispered.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Konstantin and Maggie chatted on the sofa about Thanksgiving. Maggie asked about Thesmophoria. "A celebration of the harvest," Konstantin said. Konstantin confirmed that only women took part in the festival, and he explained the story of Persephone. "Sadly, that kidnapping part is a little too close to home," Maggie noted. Maggie thanked Konstantin again for having saved her granddaughter.

"You're a real hero," Maggie said. "No. I'm not. I have done something truly terrible to you," Konstantin said. Konstantin apologized for having kissed Maggie. "I told you, it's forgotten. Everything is fine," Maggie said. Maggie told Konstantin that he was a good man and that one lapse in judgment did not change that. Talk turned back to Thanksgiving, and Maggie noted that she had a history of badgering the family to say what they were thankful for on Thanksgiving, Maggie added that she did not feel like badgering anyone that year.

"[And if we had done the tradition], I would have said I was thankful for you," Maggie said. Maggie told Konstantin that she was in his debt for having saved Victoria. "I did what anyone would have done in that situation," Konstantin said. "You're being modest. You could have been killed. I'm just sorry the kidnapper got away," Maggie said.

When Alex and Theresa arrived, Maggie was alone in the living room. "I'm sorry I haven't been better at keeping in touch with you. I also heard about what happened with Sarah's baby. I'm really sorry you went through that," Theresa said. Maggie said Victoria was unharmed, thanks to Konstantin. "Did someone say my name?" Konstantin said. Alex shook Konstantin's hand, and he introduced Konstantin to Theresa.

"Actually, we already know each other," Konstantin said. "How?" Maggie asked. Theresa told Konstantin that he was confused. "A couple weeks ago in the town square, you provided very helpful directions to a very confused newcomer," Konstantin explained. "Actually, I remember now," Theresa said. Konstantin announced that he would remain in Salem through Christmas.

"I may never leave," Konstantin joked. Theresa looked heavenward with frustration. When Alex asked about the kidnapper, Maggie admitted she had only seen the kidnapper from the back. "I didn't get a good look. I was too focused on the child," Konstantin added. When Maggie noted that Konstantin had noticed the kidnapper was a man, Konstantin clarified that he did not know, but he had assumed because he did not think a woman could have hit him on the head so hard.

"You'd be surprised," Theresa said. "What do you think the kidnapper's motive was?" Alex asked. Maggie said she believed that the kidnappers would have asked for a ransom. While Maggie and Alex stepped into the kitchen to fix a pot of tea, Theresa complained that Konstantin had almost let Maggie know that they had a connection.

"Would you lighten up? I was just trying to have a little fun," Konstantin said. Upset, Theresa argued that she could not stand by and watch Konstantin swindle Maggie out of her money. "It's making me so sick," Theresa grumbled. Konstantin accused Theresa of running the same scam. Alex returned to the room with a tea tray. "We both know you are only after Alex to get your hands on his inheritance," Konstantin shot back. Alex frowned.

Steve pushes Konstantin to admit his lies to Maggie

Steve pushes Konstantin to admit his lies to Maggie

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

At the Spectator office, Everett pressed Xander for a straight answer about his decision to fire Everett. Xander said that Gwen had asked him to fire Everett after she had read Everett's glowing article about Leo. Everett said that he didn't believe Xander's explanation, and he surmised that Xander was hiding something.

At Chad and Stephanie's apartment, Stephanie implied that Chad had an ulterior motive for being suddenly receptive to Everett. She asked what had changed. Chad claimed that he had "come to his senses" about Everett. Stephanie remained unconvinced, and she pressed Chad about his alleged jealousy of Everett.

Chad said that he might have misjudged Everett's motives for having arrived in Salem. Stephanie insisted that she had moved on from Everett with Chad. Eventually, Chad and Stephanie agreed to spend the night together alone, since Thomas and Charlotte were at Doug and Julie's house.

Chad and Stephanie had started to make out when they heard a knock at the door. Chad opened the door and was dismayed to see Everett, who stormed past Chad and headed straight to Stephanie. Everett told Stephanie that he had been fired.

Everett rambled that he had only stopped by to let Stephanie know about his firing because of their work relationship. Chad blamed Gwen for Everett's firing. Everett said that he would have to figure out what to do next with his life. Chad wished Everett a happy Thanksgiving. After Everett left, Stephanie blamed herself for Everett's firing. Chad said that Stephanie wasn't to blame. They kissed.

At the same time, Everett placed a call to Gwen. In a voice message, Everett asked Gwen to give him a call to answer some questions about his firing.

In Kayla's office at the hospital, Steve suggested that Konstantin had arranged for Victoria's kidnapping in an attempt to look like a hero to Maggie. Kayla was skeptical, but Steve said that Konstantin's story didn't sit well with him. Despite pushback from Kayla and Sarah, Steve grew more convinced that Konstantin was bad news.

Sarah recalled having warned Maggie to be cautious of Konstantin. Steve asked when Sarah had given the warning to Maggie. Sarah recalled that her warning had been on the same day that Victoria had been kidnapped.

Steve asked if Sarah's feelings toward Konstantin had changed after Victoria had been returned safely. Sarah admitted that she had warmed to Konstantin. "So, if that was his grand plan, I'd say it worked like a charm," Steve said of the kidnapping plot.

Sarah said that she understood Steve's reasons for being skeptical of Konstantin. Steve noted that Maggie, as a grieving widow that had just inherited a large estate, was vulnerable to predators. Kayla wondered who Konstantin's partner in the kidnapping scheme could be, if Steve's theory proved correct. Steve vowed to find out.

After Steve left, Sarah told Kayla that she hoped Steve was wrong in his beliefs about Konstantin. Sarah spoke glowingly of her newfound truce with Xander. Sarah added that the kidnapping had forced her and Xander to realize that Victoria was the most important thing in their lives.

Sarah admitted that she had been afraid to allow herself to fall in love with Xander again. Kayla noted from Sarah's tone that there was still a chance Sarah and Xander could reconcile. Sarah recalled the highs and lows of her history with Xander. Kayla sympathized with Sarah, and she recalled having introduced Steve to her family many years earlier. Sarah noted that Maggie was Xander's biggest fan.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Alex asked why his relationship with Theresa was any of Konstantin's business. Maggie appeared, and she asked the same question. Konstantin said that he was only concerned for Alex. Konstantin apologized to everyone he had offended. Maggie accepted, but Theresa seemed disgusted by Konstantin and said that she wanted to leave.

After Theresa had left the room with Maggie and Alex, Konstantin swore in Greek. Steve appeared, and he confronted Konstantin for not having been honest with Maggie. Steve revealed to Konstantin that he had returned from Greece after learning the true nature of Konstantin and Victor's business relationship.

As Konstantin began to seethe, Steve offered him a deal. "I won't tell Maggie about any of this under one condition... you trot on back to your Greek taverna, and don't you ever show your face here again," Steve threatened.

Konstantin accused Steve of blackmail. Steve countered that Maggie wouldn't appreciate Konstantin having conned her. Just then, Maggie returned. Konstantin told Maggie that Steve wanted him to leave Salem. Konstantin admitted that he had lied to Maggie about the tablecloth he had presented her. Steve prodded Konstantin to continue telling Maggie the truth about Konstantin's lies.

Konstantin said that he had also lied about Victor having forgiven Konstantin's debt to Victor in Greece. He claimed he wanted to spare Maggie's feelings and that he had loved Victor regardless. When Konstantin swore that those were the only lies he had told Maggie, Steve said that Konstantin was leaving something out. "Why don't you tell Maggie about the kidnapping?" Steve said as Konstantin froze.

Konstantin feigned shock as Steve told Maggie that Konstantin had orchestrated Victoria's kidnapping to win Maggie and Sarah's trust. Konstantin swore that he'd had nothing to do with the kidnapping. "So, was it just a coincidence that, as soon as you were watching that little girl, some mysterious stranger just wandered into --" Steve began before Konstantin cut him off. "No, no, no, no, no, no! Not mysterious at all. I know who did it," Konstantin said of the kidnapper as Maggie and Steve froze.

In Horton Town Square, Alex made Theresa laugh when he mocked Konstantin's accent and mannerisms. Alex encouraged Theresa to forget about Konstantin, and he said that Konstantin didn't know Theresa. "You sure about that, Alex?" Xander asked after having appeared just in time to overhear Alex's comment.

Theresa fussed at Xander for eavesdropping on a private conversation. Xander recalled having seen Theresa with Konstantin in public days earlier. Theresa and Xander exchanged insults. "You know, only an idiot like you would hire someone like her to revive Bella," Xander said to Alex.

Xander called Theresa a "vapid schemer." Alex grew incensed, and he punched Xander in the face. Alex yelled for Xander to apologize to Theresa. Sarah appeared, and she asked what had happened. Sarah and Xander walked away from Alex and Theresa. Theresa said she was flattered that Alex had "defended (her) honor." Alex claimed that Xander was only jealous of him.

Holly tries to help Nicole

Holly tries to help Nicole

Thursday, November 30, 2023

At Sloan and Eric's apartment, Sloan received a call from Dimitri. Dimitri continued to pressure Sloan to have Leo released from jail. Sloan huffed that Dimitri was blackmailing her. When Eric appeared after having put the baby to bed, Sloan said that she had received an urgent call from a client.

After Sloan left, Marlena visited Eric. Eric told Marlena that he and Sloan still hadn't decided on a name for the baby. When Marlena brought up Nicole, Eric recalled his run-in with Nicole and that Nicole had believed the baby was hers. Marlena said that Nicole's grief wasn't uncommon, given what Nicole had been through.

Eric admitted that he was already in love with the baby. Marlena said that she was happy for Eric, and she stood up to leave. On her way out, Marlena asked Eric not to worry too much about Nicole. Eric thanked Marlena for having stopped by.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole apologized to Holly for having snapped at her at the hospital earlier. Holly said she understood, and she and Nicole hugged as E.J. stood next to Nicole. Nicole said that she had everything she needed in the room with her, and she told Holly how blessed she was to have Holly as a daughter. Holly was startled when Nicole continued to insist that Eric and Sloan's baby was Nicole's.

Nearby, E.J. opened the door to Sloan, who feigned apologies for the loss of E.J. and Nicole's baby. Sloan added that she had gone to speak to E.J. about dropping the murder charges against Leo. E.J. continued to blame Leo and Dimitri for the death of E.J. and Nicole's baby, and he vowed to see Sloan in court.

Against E.J.'s wishes, Sloan followed E.J. into the living room. E.J. threatened to throw Sloan out when Nicole spoke up. Sloan said hello to Nicole. "Don't you dare 'hello' me. Why did you do it? Why did you take my baby?" Nicole asked Sloan.

Sloan claimed that she was sorry for Nicole's confusion. Sloan and Nicole raised their voices at one another before E.J. physically escorted Sloan out of the mansion. Holly's face showed concern for Nicole's state of mind after Nicole had yelled that she needed to know why Sloan had taken Nicole's baby.

E.J. returned to the living room to try to calm Nicole. E.J. vowed that he and Nicole would figure things out together. "I just want my baby boy back. God. Please bring him back to me, please," Nicole said as she began to sob in E.J.'s arms. Nearby, Holly began to weep as well.

Moments later, after Nicole had composed herself, E.J. said that he wouldn't try to convince Nicole that the baby wasn't hers. E.J. noted that it was still Thanksgiving and that he and Nicole had a lot to be thankful for. Nicole mentioned that she had hated to see the look of concern on Holly's face earlier. Nicole turned and noticed that Holly had left. "Where did she go? Do you know?" Nicole asked E.J.

Back at Sloan and Eric's apartment, Holly surprised Eric with a visit. Eric asked about Nicole. Holly said that Nicole still believed that Eric's baby was Nicole's baby. Holly added that she had an idea that she hoped would put Nicole's mind at ease. "I was wondering if you'd be willing to get a DNA test done on the baby," Holly asked Eric.

Holly said that she knew the baby wasn't Nicole's, but she said that she thought a DNA test could provide Nicole with some closure. "I thought maybe if we could just prove it to her, she'll have to let this go. God, I know it'll be hard for her to face the truth. But at least this way, she'll know for sure that the baby isn't hers," Holly said.

At the same time, Sloan visited Dimitri in a room at the White Dove Motel. Sloan told Dimitri that E.J. had agreed to drop the charges against Leo.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Steve told Maggie that he believed Konstantin had orchestrated Victoria's kidnapping. Konstantin claimed that someone had taken Victoria as a means of forcing his hand. Konstantin said that he had gone to a loanshark with ties to the underworld to help with his financial woes, and he claimed that the mob had been responsible for Victoria's kidnapping.

Steve was skeptical, and he asked why Konstantin had waited so long to say anything, if he'd known that Greek mobsters had taken Victoria. Konstantin stammered that he hadn't pieced things together until after the kidnapping. Steve remained unconvinced, and he said that Konstantin was lucky that Victoria was safe.

Steve wished Maggie a good night, and he stared at Konstantin with suspicion as he left the mansion. Afterwards, Maggie sternly told Konstantin that she wouldn't allow the people that Konstantin had been associated with in Greece to be around her family. "Which is why I need you to leave now," Maggie said.

Konstantin said that he didn't know where else to go, and he flinched when Maggie hinted that he return to Greece. Maggie said that she would pay off Konstantin's debt because she believed he was a good man who had been involved in a bad situation. Maggie added that she wasn't judging Konstantin, and she agreed to give him enough money for a room at the Salem Inn, as well as a flight back to Greece.

Konstantin claimed that he was heartbroken, but he said he would respect Maggie's wishes. Maggie said she hoped that Konstantin would get his life back. Konstantin thanked Maggie for her support, and he said that he would begin packing.

In Horton Town Square, Steve placed an urgent call to John. Steve relayed Konstantin's claim that Victoria had been kidnapped by Greek mobsters. Steve added that he didn't believe Konstantin, but he noted that Maggie did. "So, I think we need to step up our investigation and get that creep out of her life before she gets in any deeper," Steve said of Konstantin.

At Alex and Theresa's apartment, Theresa asked where her and Alex's personal relationship stood. Theresa claimed that she was so interested in Alex that she wanted to rip off his clothes. They kissed and had sex on a couch. Afterwards, Alex assured Theresa that they would have sex again.

Holly tells Nicole about the DNA test for the baby

Holly tells Nicole about the DNA test for the baby

Friday, December 1, 2023

At the Brady Pub, Johnny and Chanel were looking at breakfast menus when Chanel noticed a bracelet on his wrist. "Holly made it for me. It's cute, right?" Johnny said. Chanel raised an eyebrow. "Oh, Johnny. And you still don't think that girl has a crush on you?" Chanel said. Johnny stressed that it was a friendship bracelet from his friend.

"I know how teenage girls are. I was one. And when I was into someone, look out," Chanel said. Johnny argued that Holly was "into" his dad. As Chanel noted that it was unlikely that Holly had a crush on E.J., Tate listened from nearby as he cleaned off a table. "Chanel's right. Holly doesn't have a crush on E.J.," Tate interjected. Tate explained that Holly had told him that she was over E.J.

"But you are saying that she did have a crush on him, right?" Johnny asked. Johnny explained that Chanel believed that Holly's crush on E.J. was a cover to avoid admitting that Holly had a crush on Johnny. "You? No way," Tate said. "Are you sure?" Chanel asked. Tate explained that Holly trusted him with all her darkest secrets. "Maybe I'm wrong," Chanel said with a shrug. Johnny thanked Tate for his input.

Tate told Chanel that he needed a second job, and he asked if he could work at the bakery. "We could use the help. I will send you an application," Chanel said. Tate admitted he was anxious, and he asked if they could go to the bakery right away. "Chanel and I haven't eaten yet," Johnny said. Chanel offered to walk Tate over to the bakery while Johnny ordered breakfast for her.

Dimitri paced his room at the Dove Motel and looked through the newspaper for any updates on Leo's case. "Leo Stark to be arraigned on murder charges. What the hell is this?" Dimitri grumbled.

In the DiMera living room, Holly mooned over a photo of Johnny. After a moment, Holly chastised herself for daydreaming about Johnny. "Focus, girl. Mom is really struggling. She needs you to help her," Holly said. Holly called Eric. Eric confirmed that he had set up an appointment for a DNA test for the baby. "I honestly think this might be the only way to prove to my mom that your baby isn't hers," Holly said. Eric asked if Nicole knew about the test. Holly explained that she had not told Nicole in case Eric had changed his mind. Eric said he was happy to help put Nicole's mind at ease.

"I just need to talk to [Sloan] about this first," Eric said. In Sloan's apartment, Sloan asked Eric what he wanted to talk about. Eric assured Holly that he would text her to confirm, and he ended the call. "Who was that?" Sloan asked. Eric said he had been talking to Holly about Nicole. "Was Nicole still fixated on that crazy idea that our baby is hers?" Sloan asked. Eric started to tell Sloan about the DNA test, but Sloan's phone beeped with a text message.

"I filed a motion this morning to have the murder charges dropped for [Leo's] arraignment," Sloan said. When Sloan checked her phone, she gasped. There was a text from Dimitri, which read, "You lied to me. Prepare to suffer the consequences." Dimitri sent a second text that warned that if Leo went to prison, so would Sloan. Sloan texted back, "Don't do anything until I get there." Sloan told Eric that the message was not from the judge but that it was about Leo's case.

As Sloan gathered her coat and purse, Eric started to ask again about Holly's idea. "Whatever you guys want to do to make sure that [Nicole] accepts the truth is fine by me, okay?" Sloan said. Sloan left before Eric could say another word.

In the DiMera foyer, E.J. asked Nicole if she would be okay while he was in court for Leo's arraignment. "I'll be fine. You go do what you have to do," Nicole said. When E.J. lamented that Dimitri was not also in custody, Nicole pointed out that only Dimitri knew the full story of what had happened to their son. "Nicole, we know what happened that night. Dimitri brought him into the hospital, where Dr. Pierce tried to save his life but couldn't," E.J. said. When Nicole frowned, E.J. apologized. Nicole assured E.J. that he did not need to convince her of the truth.

"Then you're letting it go? You've accepted that our child is gone?" E.J. asked. Nicole reluctantly said yes. "It's just that there are so many unanswered questions from that night, and I don't know if I'll feel at peace unless I know the whole story," Nicole explained. E.J. nodded yes.

When E.J. arrived at the police station, he met with Leo in the interrogation room. "I'm not speaking to you without my attorney present," Leo said. With a smile, E.J. told Leo that he did not need to talk. "I just wanted to let you know that I am going to absolutely relish throwing the book at you at the arraignment today," E.J. said. Leo apologized for the death of E.J.'s baby. "I thought you weren't going to talk," E.J. said.

"Well, I need to say this because I delivered that baby, and I'm heartsick that he didn't make it. But that aside, my attorney has told me that there is no way you can get this murder charge to stick," Leo said. E.J. assured Leo that he would get the murder charge to stick and that Leo would spend the rest of his life in prison.

"Sloan told me that the felony murder rule doesn't apply in my situation because your baby died at the hospital, which happened after Dimitri and I were fleeing the police, not during the actual crime," Leo said. E.J. chuckled. "[Sloan] tried to spin the story the same way with me," E.J. said. E.J. argued that the injuries were the direct result of the accident caused by Dimitri and Leo. With a smirk, E.J. told Leo that he was screwed.

E.J. picked up a pen, and he told Leo that unless he knew where to find Dimitri, Leo would face all the consequences for the crash. "I don't [know]! I swear!" Leo said. When Leo said it was not fair, E.J.'s face darkened. "What's not fair is that my child's life was cut short thanks to you and my nephew," E.J. growled. Leo apologized again.

"But it was a terrible accident. No one ever intended for anyone to get hurt," Leo said. "It doesn't matter what you intended. All I have to prove is that you committed a crime which directly led to the death of my son," E.J. said. Leo argued that not only did he help Nicole deliver the baby, but he also stayed by her side until help arrived. "Doesn't that count for anything?" Leo asked. "No. Because in the end, my son is still dead," E.J. said.

At the Dove Motel, Dimitri called Sloan a liar. "You told me that you could convince E.J. to drop the murder charges!" Dimitri shouted. "I tried my best. I built a strong case. He just wouldn't listen," Sloan said. Dimitri reminded Sloan that Leo was charged with the murder of a child that was alive and living with Sloan. Sloan promised that her fight to free Leo was not over. "That's just not good enough," Dimitri whispered. Dimitri said he was forced to call Nicole and tell her that Sloan had stolen her baby.

In the DiMera mansion living room, Nicole informed Holly that E.J. was in court. "I was hoping to talk to both of you guys," Holly said. "What is it?" Nicole asked. Holly asked Nicole if she still believed that Eric's son was Nicole's baby. "I do. And between us, I let E.J. think that I'm letting go because I know that he is convinced that this is some kind of denial or magical thinking," Nicole said. Nicole told Holly that when she had held Eric's baby, she had known in her heart that it was her son.

"I just wish there was a way I could prove it," Nicole said. "Maybe you can," Holly said. Holly explained that she had talked to Eric, and he had agreed to run a DNA test on the baby. "So, Eric thinks Sloan will go along with the DNA test?" Nicole asked. With a shrug, Holly said that Eric did not seem concerned that Sloan would say no. Relieved, Nicole smiled and asked when Eric would do the test. "Today. I'm guessing we just need a DNA sample from either you or E.J.," Holly said. Nicole happily agreed.

"I hope you don't mind that I did it with without asking you first," Holly said. "Are you kidding me? I'm so incredibly grateful that you would do something like this for me," Nicole said. Holly explained that she hated to see her mother in pain. "I just wanted to find a way to help," Holly said. "You have no idea how much this means to me," Nicole said. Nicole told Holly that she was thankful that she had her daughter on her side. "Always," Holly whispered.

After Nicole grabbed her toothbrush and bagged it for a DNA sample, she handed it to Holly. "Are you nervous?" Holly asked. Nicole said she was not worried. "Have you ever felt something so deep in your soul that nothing or no one could talk you out of it? Something that felt so true that you would risk anything to make the rest of the world understand?" Nicole asked. Holly glanced over at Johnny's framed photo.

"I think I have," Holly said with a sheepish grin. "That's why I'm not worried. I'm hopeful," Nicole said. Holly checked her phone, and she told Nicole that Eric and the baby were already at the hospital. Nicole's phone rang, and she answered it. "This is Dimitri Von Leuschner. Listen. We need to talk," Dimitri said. "I'm really glad you called," Nicole said. Nicole asked what had happened after Dimitri had left the crash site.

"This is exactly why I'm calling," Dimitri said. At the Dove Motel, Sloan snatched Dimitri's phone and ended the call. In the DiMera living room, Nicole told Holly that she had been disconnected. "He was going to tell me what happened with my baby. I was so close to finding out exactly what happened, how Eric and Sloan ended up with my son," Nicole said. Holly encouraged Nicole to call back the number. There was no answer.

Frustrated, Nicole decided that they should go to the hospital to run the test. Holly's phone beeped with a text from Tate stating that Johnny was alone at the pub. "I'll stall Chanel so u can make ur move," Tate texted. "Something wrong?" Nicole asked. Holly said that a friend had texted about a meet-up. Nicole stressed that she could go to the hospital alone, and she encouraged Holly to meet up with her friend. "You have done enough already. Thanks to you, I'm going to be reunited with my son," Nicole said.

At the Dove Motel, Sloan told Dimitri that telling Nicole the truth would not help Leo. "How do you figure that?" Dimitri asked. Sloan argued that even if the murder charge was dropped, Leo still faced a host of other charges. Sloan added that she still expected to hear back from the judge on her motion. When Sloan checked her phone, she listened to a voicemail from the judge that denied Sloan's motion.

Sloan broke the news to Dimitri. "Well, that's it then. I'm telling Nicole everything," Dimitri said. Sloan guaranteed that Leo would walk free if Dimitri turned himself in to the police. "You agree to plead guilty, and he walks," Sloan said. "Why would I ever do that?" Dimitri asked. Sloan argued that she could not help Leo or Dimitri if she was in prison. With a shrug, Dimitri argued that he would find another lawyer.

"You seem to be forgetting that E.J. is incredibly dangerous, and he is going to torture and punish Leo. And hold him responsible for your crimes," Sloan argued. Sloan added that Leo had already admitted to some crimes, so he would still go to prison. "Is that what you want?" Sloan asked. "No. Of course not," Dimitri whispered. Sloan suggested that they make a trade.

"Give [E.J.] what he really wants. Your head on a platter. Since, after all, it was you driving when his pregnant wife was behind the wheel of the car that got in that accident," Sloan said. Sloan asked Dimitri if he loved Leo enough to sacrifice himself.

In the interrogation room at the precinct, E.J. told Leo that the judge had denied Sloan's motion to dismiss the murder charge. Leo warned E.J. that public opinion was on his side, thanks to the paper. "People will see that you are trying to railroad me, and they will be calling for your resignation," Leo said. "You're vastly overestimating your influence," E.J. said. Leo disagreed. E.J. called Leo delusional.

"Dimitri loves me with all his heart. And contrary to popular belief, it's actually quite big," Leo said. "And yet, here you sit while he is probably off on some yacht somewhere," E.J. countered. E.J. told Leo that he had only been a diversion to Dimitri. "And now you're all alone," E.J. said. Sloan walked into the room. "Well, that's not true," Sloan said. Sloan announced that Dimitri was willing to turn himself in to the police if E.J. dropped the charges against Leo. Leo smirked at E.J.

At the Dove Motel, Dimitri looked at his ghost picture booth photos. "I can't believe I'm doing this. But Sloan is right. If I want to guarantee Leo's freedom, I have to turn myself in," Dimitri said. With a sigh, Dimitri admitted that he had never believed that he could sacrifice his freedom for another person. "That's how much I love you, Leo Stark," Dimitri whispered. There was a knock on the door. "Who the hell could that be?" Dimitri wondered aloud.

At the pub, Holly said hello to Johnny. Johnny explained that Chanel was at the bakery with Tate. "Mind if I sit with you until Chanel gets back?" Holly asked. Johnny waved to the seat, and Holly sat down. "You're wearing the bracelet I made for you," Holly said. "Of course!" Johnny said. Holly told Johnny that she wanted to talk to him about a private matter. "I have a plan," Holly said. Holly told Johnny about the DNA test.

In the square, Tate thanked Chanel for the tour of the bakery as she handed him an application. "I'm sure we'll find something for you," Chanel said. As Chanel started for the pub, Tate called out, "Wait! You can't go back yet."

In Kayla's office, Kayla cooed over Eric's baby boy. "What's his name gonna be?" Kayla asked. With a shrug, Eric noted that he and Sloan had not decided on a name yet. Kayla asked if Eric wanted the DNA test for genetic health reasons. With a nod, Eric said that would be helpful, but the more urgent reason was to help ease Nicole's concerns about paternity.

"It's very kind of you and Sloan to agree to all this," Kayla said. "I haven't really had a chance to mention this to Sloan. Do I need her permission?" Eric asked. Kayla said no because only one parent needed to agree to testing. "Good, because Sloan is getting very uncomfortable with Nicole claiming that this is her child," Eric said.

When Nicole arrived with the sample, she thanked Eric. "Anything I can do to help," Eric said. Nicole smiled at the baby, and she asked how he was doing. "Great," Eric said. Nicole asked to get closer, and Eric reluctantly agreed. "I am so happy to see you. I'm sorry you were dragged to the hospital while you were trying to take a nice nap. But hopefully, in the end, it'll all be worth it," Nicole said.

After Kayla bagged up the samples for the lab, she confirmed that she would have results within the hour. "That's great!" Eric said. Kayla told Eric and Nicole that they could wait in her office. Once Kayla was gone, Nicole smiled. "I can't believe this. I'm about to have proof that this is my baby," Nicole said.

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