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Chanel remained committed to marrying Johnny. Paulina's surgery conflicted with Chanel's wedding date. Everett and Stephanie confessed their feelings. Wendy told Tripp about Ava's interrogation. Stefan and Ava agreed that sex had been a mistake. Abe and Paulina made love. Konstantin activated the Pawn. Ava worked with Harris to stop Clyde. Clyde made threats. Sloan resented Eric's focus on Jude. Everett avoided Jada. Theresa found an engagement ring. Xander resisted Sarah's advances. One assassin shot Harris, a second shot at Lucas, and a third set fire to the Horton house.
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An assassin shot Harris, a second shot at Lucas, and a third set fire to the Horton house. Konstantin activated the Pawn. Theresa found an engagement ring.
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Konstantin orders John to kill himself

Konstantin orders John to kill himself

Monday, February 5, 2024

At the DiMera mansion, Johnny and Chanel enjoyed a warm evening wrapped in blankets in front of the fireplace. The couple talked about their upcoming wedding. Johnny admitted that he was worried about his family's struggles with marriages, and he suggested that it was for the best if he and Chanel didn't get married.

Chanel was confused by Johnny's sudden resistance to marriage, and she said that love and honesty would be enough to keep them together. Chanel wondered if Johnny was having second thoughts about marriage -- aside from what Chad had told him. Johnny said that he had no second thoughts, but he recalled that Chanel had chosen Allie over him two years earlier.

Chanel accused Johnny of worrying that she preferred to be with women. Johnny said that he wasn't questioning Chanel's sexual orientation, but he admitted that he wondered if he would be enough for her. Chanel asked Johnny to listen to her.

"I am ready to commit myself to one person, and you are that person -- you, okay? And no one else. You protected me, even when we weren't together. And you have shown me, in a million ways, that I am enough for you. And yes, Johnny, you are enough for me. More than enough, always and forever. I love you so much," Chanel vowed. "I love you, too," Johnny replied, and he and Chanel kissed. Afterwards, Johnny and Chanel playfully ran out of the room and raced upstairs to make love.

At Abe and Paulina's penthouse, Abe and Paulina lay in bed after making love. "You know the good thing about losing my memory? I get to fall in love with you all over again," Abe said warmly as Paulina smiled. Abe noted that it had been a while since he and Paulina had made love, and he worried that he had disappointed Paulina, given that he couldn't remember what she had and hadn't liked.

Paulina said that she had enjoyed making love with Abe, and she added that she wished they could stay in bed forever. Abe surmised that Paulina was worried about her upcoming surgery. Paulina admitted that she was worried, and she said that lying with Abe had caused her to forget her worries.

Abe vowed to be with Paulina "every step of the way" in the months and years ahead. Paulina expressed her happiness to have Abe back in their bed. Abe said that he was there for Paulina, and he whispered that he would stay up all night with her "just to talk." Abe looked at Paulina, who had fallen asleep in his arms. Abe kissed Paulina on the forehead as he held her.

At the Salem Inn, Everett and Stephanie were awash in happiness after they made love. Everett said that he had dreamed of being with Stephanie again. Stephanie said that it had been hard to stop herself from running into Everett's arms when she'd laid eyes on him again months earlier. They ordered room service and ate when the food was delivered. Everett said that he loved Stephanie and that he'd never let her go.

Stephanie was surprised when Everett mentioned the idea of finding a place where they could move in together. Stephanie was opposed to the idea. She said there was no need to rush things. Everett agreed, and he and Stephanie prepared to make love again.

At a table in Horton Town Square, Wendy made a crack about Ava to Tripp. She added that Ava had "cornered" her and warned her not to break Tripp's heart. Tripp apologized that Ava had put Wendy on the spot. Tripp added that he was concerned that Ava was spending more time with Stefan, and he worried that Stefan was using Ava. As they prepared to head home, Tripp and Wendy spotted a poster that alerted residents to Wendy's upcoming geocaching event.

At Wendy and Tripp's apartment, Ava and Stefan lay in bed after having sex. They agreed it had been a "big freaking mistake." Stefan bemoaned betraying Gabi. Ava and Stefan said that no one could ever learn the truth about their tryst. Stefan said he had more to lose if the truth was ever exposed. Stefan surmised that Ava loved Harris. Ava reasoned that it didn't matter.

As Ava and Stefan searched for Stefan's shirt in the living room of the apartment, Tripp and Wendy returned home and found Stefan shirtless. Tripp grew angry, and he warned Stefan to keep his hands off Ava. Tripp threatened Stefan when he said that Stefan would regret touching Ava if Stefan did it again.

In the park, John demanded that Konstantin tell him what he knew about the Pawn. When Konstantin began taunting John about memories John couldn't recall, John pulled a gun on Konstantin. Konstantin said that John had once tried to murder Konstantin before a woman named Catharina had gotten in the way.

Konstantin produced the Pawn. When John stared at the card, he dropped his weapon in a matter of seconds. Konstantin then flashed back to a time many years earlier in Greece. As a montage of images of the Greek countryside appeared on-screen, Konstantin explained how he had first grown to know John.

"You came to deliver a message -- a message of death. My beautiful Catharina. John... someone must pay for that," Konstantin said. Konstantin ordered John to move a trash can toward him. John did as he was told, and Konstantin smirked and laughed as he ordered John to do more menial things. "Now, Mr. Black, let's try something more high stakes, shall we?" Konstantin said. Konstantin placed the gun in John's hand, and he ordered John to put the gun to John's head and to pull the trigger.

John placed the gun to his head. "Stop! Not today. You will serve a purpose. You will be Konstantin's pawn, and I will have revenge for my Catharina. But not yet. You will go back to your lovely family. And in ten seconds, you will return to who you are, Mr. Black," Konstantin said as he showed the Pawn to John again. After Konstantin walked away, John looked around and appeared confused by his surroundings.

The police drug bust does not go as planned

The police drug bust does not go as planned

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Kristen was walking through the town square when she called out to Alex. Kristen asked Alex about work. "Things are going good -- just working on creating a more unified brand, you know. Clean and mean," Alex said. With a mischievous smile, Kristen asked Alex about Theresa's "latest escapade." "Clean? Hardly," Kristen said with a chuckle. Alex asked Kristen what she meant, and Kristen said she knew about Theresa's relapse.

"Brady has no business speaking about Theresa's personal life to you or anybody else" Alex muttered. "So, it is true. She's using again," Kristen said. Alex was adamant that Theresa's relapse had been a one-time slip-up. "So, maybe if you could just like, I don't know, transform yourself into a half-decent human being for like a split second, then maybe you would realize that she's facing struggles," Alex said. Kristen laughed.

"I do feel for Theresa," Kristen said. Kristen reminded Alex that she and Theresa shared a bond as mothers to Brady's children. Alex rolled his eyes. "It is very understandable why he talked to me about that situation. He's worried about her," Kristen argued. Alex countered that Brady was worried about Tate.

"Not just Tate. Don't you get a sense of their strong connection?" Kristen asked. Alex nodded yes. Alex added that Brady and Theresa's bond was necessary. Kristen asked Alex if he was sure that there was nothing romantic between Brady and Theresa. "I know that you and Theresa are a thing, and I just hate to see you deluding yourself," Kristen said. Alex scoffed.

"Those two are recovering addicts. And it's like they've been to war together," Kristen argued. With a smirk, Kristen noted that it was like her relationship with Brady. "Are you kidding me right now? From what I've seen, you and Brady practically despise each other," Alex said. "Affairs of the heart are very deceiving," Kristen said with a grin. Kristen noted that like Theresa and Brady, she was forever connected to Brady because of their child.

"The one that you recently got sole custody over and basically deprived her father from being a part of her life? And you think you and Brady have a strong connection?" Alex asked in disbelief. Kristen laughed, and she said she had not denied Brady a part in Rachel's life. Kristen reminded Alex that she had been given sole custody because Brady had threatened her with a gun in the presence of Rachel. Alex agreed that Brady had acted poorly, but he disagreed with Kristen's involvement of the police.

"It wasn't me who called the cops. It was Rachel," Kristen said. "Your family dynamics are certainly interesting," Alex said. Kristen noted that Alex's family had its own daddy issues. "Life is unpredictable and complicated. As are relationships. So, my advice to you? Be wary, and don't give your heart away too quickly," Kristen said. Alex asked Kristen if she was dating anyone. Kristen laughed loudly.

"You ever think about getting back with big old Brady?" Alex asked. "That ship has sailed," Kristen said. "So, bring it back to shore, captain. He's single," Alex countered. Alex noted that it was obvious that Kristen still wanted Brady. "So why not pursue it?" Alex asked. With a grin, Kristen argued that Alex wanted Brady out of the picture so that he could have Theresa to himself.

Alex argued that Rachel would do better with her parents together. "You don't give a damn about me and Rachel," Kristen said. With a chuckle, Kristen noted that Alex was clearly nervous about Brady's connection to Theresa. "Only because she's been leaning on him a little bit more than I expected," Alex stressed. "Co-addicts to codependency," Kristen said. Kristen added that the stress of Tate's arrest and rehab was also bonding Brady and Theresa.

"It's like two little magnets getting drawn together every time I turn around," Alex complained. Kristen advised Alex to redirect Brady's attention for the sake of Alex's relationship. "I think I can help you," Kristen said. Kristen suggested that she would get closer to Brady. "We have to stay in communication with one another," Kristen said. Alex asked Kristen whether they should spy and gossip about Theresa and Brady.

"Let's think of it as intel. I mean, the last thing that either of us wants is for them to get together," Kristen said. Alex offered Kristen a job at Titan so that she could spend time with Brady. "I have always seen you as a shrewd businesswoman," Alex said. With a shrug, Kristen said she would consider the offer. Alex suggested that if Kristen wanted to make inroads with Brady, she would need to increase the visitation between Brady and Rachel. "Creating more opportunities for bonding. For the family, of course," Alex said. Alex noted that the motive for their plan was everyone's happiness, and that was a good thing. "To happiness," Kristen said.

Paulina woke up in her bed, and she smiled at Abe. "Good morning, handsome," Paulina said. "You thought that you wouldn't sleep, and you seemed to sleep pretty well," Abe teased. Paulina noted that their time together had relaxed her. Abe grinned. "Maybe I can relax your mind some more," Abe whispered. Abe kissed Paulina.

"Have I told you lately how much I appreciate your patience of me, your understanding?" Abe asked. "We don't have to rush anything. And the memories, they'll come back. I know they will. In the meantime, we have the privilege of creating new ones," Paulina said. Abe agreed. Paulina gasped.

"I forgot to tell you the news! Chanel and Johnny are getting married," Paulina said. Abe was thrilled. Paulina noted that the more she saw Chanel with Johnny, the more she believed that they had "what it takes." "Young love," Abe said. With a chuckle, Paulina countered, "Old timers' love ain't so bad, either." Abe leaned in for a kiss, but Paulina pushed him away and explained that she needed to prepare for the wedding on Valentine's Day.

"We're partners, right? So put me to work," Abe said. "For now, just tell me that today is going to be a good day," Paulina said. Abe kissed Paulina's hand. "Every day with you is a good day, my dear, sweet Paulina" Abe said. Paulina typed up an engagement announcement, and she sent it over to the paper.

"What else is on the agenda?" Abe asked. Paulina noted that she had a conference call scheduled for the geocaching event. "After that, I need to start thinking about my mother of the bride outfit," Paulina said. As Paulina suggested that she and Abe go shopping in the square, her phone rang with a call from the hospital. Paulina's oncologist called to tell her that the tumor had grown, and they had moved up the surgery to the end of the week. Paulina told Abe.

"I just thought that I'd have a little bit more time to prepare mentally," Paulina said. Abe held Paulina's hand as she fought off a panic attack. "I'm going to deal with this. I know I am. Even though I'm scared, if you know anything about me, you know I'm not going to let my fear overcome me," Paulina said. Paulina smiled at Abe. "[You have me]. And we're going to go through this together. We are a team, remember?" Abe said. Paulina's panicked breathing slowed.

In prison, Clyde's hidden cell phone rang with a call. "What the hell, man? That was not your decision to make," Clyde grumbled. After Clyde ended the call, he muttered to himself about the imbeciles that worked for him and how they would be sorry for what they had done. "Sons of bitches have no idea what I'm capable of. They're about to find out," Clyde said.

At a crime scene in a warehouse, Harris talked to the rookie female cop, Officer Goldman, who had killed a suspect. Goldman was emotional, and Harris sent her to the squad car to calm down. "This is bad, Jada. Really bad," Harris said. "But this was a good bust, right?" Jada asked. Harris noted that the bust was great but that they had needed the dealer alive in order to extract information about the network.

While Jada checked on Officer Goldman, Rafe arrived to talk to Harris about the situation. "This is the dealer with a direct connection to Clyde," Harris grumbled. "I know, but look on the bright side. We got seven kilos of drugs off the street. That's a huge win," Rafe countered. Frustrated, Harris argued that their priority was to find the source. Rafe reminded Harris that Goldman had acted in self-defense against the dealer.

"I understand that. But with this guy, Clyde would be off the street for good," Harris said. Rafe nodded. Everett and Chad arrived on the scene. "What the hell are you two doing here?" Rafe shouted. "We're just here to collect information," Chad said. Rafe told Chad that he could not be at an active crime scene. "Besides that, how the hell did you get here so fast?" Rafe asked. Harris admitted that he had called them.

"Why?" Rafe asked. "To buy us some time to get through this bust before the Lucas story is published," Harris explained. Confused, Rafe asked about Lucas. "Lucas Horton is a confidential informant for the Salem PD. He put his life on the line to put a stop to Clyde's hold on this city," Chad said. Harris explained that when he had learned of the story, the only thing he'd been able to do to delay publishing had been to give the paper the scoop on the bust.

"This is months and months of investigation. It could potentially all go up in smoke. What the hell made you think that this was the right call?" Rafe asked. "I'm not the one who made the call," Harris said. Chad explained that Lucas had reached out to him behind Harris' back.

"We're all on the same team here, Commissioner, okay? We all want drugs out of the city, and now we actually have an opportunity to move the needle in the right direction by working together," Everett said. Chad noted that they would print the story with or without Rafe's statement. "Let's get this over with then," Rafe said. Everett started recording the conversation, and he asked Rafe about the drug bust on Kingston Road.

"Today, we were successful in removing over seven kilos of dangerous drugs from the street during a warehouse drug bust, just on the edge of town. And thus cutting off the pipeline of these highly addictive and dangerous drugs," Rafe said. Everett asked about the type of drugs, and Rafe noted that the investigation was still ongoing.

"A bust of this magnitude sends a clear message that we are not going to stop until we reclaim our city from those who seek to profit only from misery and death," Rafe said. Everett asked about fatalities. Rafe admitted that an officer had shot and killed a suspect. Rafe stressed that the investigation was still underway. "We good now?" Harris asked. Everett said yes, and he left with Chad.

When Jada returned, she interviewed Goldman's partner, Officer Phillips, about what had happened. "I saw something flash out of the corner of my eye," Phillips admitted. The officer explained that he had not known what had happened, but he had seen Goldman chase after the suspect. "What exactly did you see?" Jada asked. The officer said he had heard two shots, and when he had caught up with Goldman, the dealer had been dead.

"I noted the location of the suspect's gun before I helped [Goldman]. I'll put it on my report," Phillips said. Jada advised Phillips to finish his report while the memory was fresh. "Trust me, this won't be something I'll forget," Phillips said. "Neither will Goldman. Let's go check on her," Jada said. Jada left with Phillips.

The police wrapped up the crime scene and escorted witnesses out in handcuffs. "Well, their boss isn't going to be happy about this raid," Harris said. Rafe noted that Harris' boss was not happy with him, either. "I'm really unhappy you kept me out of this press situation," Rafe said. Harris apologized.

"So, Lucas is staying with you at the safe house?" Rafe guessed. With a shrug, Harris explained that it had been his best option to ensure that the raid would continue as planned. Rafe noted that the raid had not gone as planned because Officer Goldman had killed a suspect. "Now Officer Goldman is going to visit with the department shrink before I can put her back on duty," Rafe noted. Harris agreed that they could not afford to lose anyone from the team. "Once this article comes out in the press, God only knows what the fallout's gonna be," Rafe said.

After everyone else had left the crime scene, Jada sat with Officer Goldman at the warehouse. Jada told Goldman about her first shooting on a domestic violence call. "I had no time to think. There were too many civilians around, and I couldn't take the chance of someone getting hurt," Jada said. Jada told Goldman that she could still see the blood.

"That's all I can see. The blood," Goldman whispered. Phillips returned, and he said, "You did the right thing, Goldman." Jada agreed that it had been a clean shooting. Rafe joined the group, and he noted that based on the preliminary report, he agreed with Jada and Phillips. "But I took a life, sir. I'm having a hard time reconciling that I did the right thing," Goldman said. Jada told Goldman that it was a natural response and that Goldman would accept that she had done the right thing. "And just know that you are not alone. You will come out of this okay," Jada said.

At the prison, Clyde laughed as he entered the visitation room and saw Everett and Chad seated at the table. "My old buddy, Chad DiMera. Who's your compadre?" Clyde asked. Everett introduced himself. "Chad, are you pretending to be a journalist now?" Clyde said. Chad explained that he owned Abigail's family's paper. With a chuckle, Clyde noted that, unlike Stefano, Chad was a waste of time. "Kind of like this meeting here," Clyde added.

"Mr. Weston, taking pot shots at a man whose wife you brutally murdered, that's the behavior of someone in a very, very bad mood. Which makes sense in your case, because you're obviously having a horrible day," Everett said. Clyde asked Everett what he was talking about. Everett mentioned the raid, and Clyde feigned ignorance.

Chad mentioned the warehouse raid. Clyde showed no emotion. "One of the biggest raids in Salem history, from what I heard," Everett added. When Chad asked Clyde if that loss hurt, Clyde continued to deny any knowledge.

"A couple mil [for the drugs]. That would make me very angry. I'd probably want to make somebody pay. What would you do, Clyde?" Chad asked. A phone buzzed. Chad and Everett looked at one another and smiled. Chad stated that they had turned in their phones at the front of the prison. "Do you have a contraband phone on you?" Chad asked. Clyde's phone beeped with a notification.

"I would bet that it's probably about the raid and all that lost product," Everett said. "I bet you're right. I bet someone is very nervous to have to pass that along," Chad agreed. Chad encouraged Clyde to check his messages. "We won't say anything," Chad added. After a moment, Chad asked Everett what he thought of Clyde.

"Not really what I expected. Not that tough, really," Everett said. "What is it you two clowns want from me?" Clyde asked. Chad explained that it was the paper's responsibility to tell both sides of the story. "We want to hear your version. We're giving you a forum to speak your truth," Everett said. Confused, Clyde asked Everett what he meant.

"I'm innocent," Clyde said. "Can you expand on that?" Everett asked. With a scoff, Clyde argued that he had been a model prisoner since his murder conviction. "I bet you miss [Abigail] dearly, don't you, Chad? I can still see her face. So scared and so beautiful. Begging me to save her life," Clyde said. Chad lunged across the table at Clyde, but Everett grabbed Chad and pulled him back. "Stay focused," Everett whispered to Chad. Clyde chuckled.

"Now, I still don't know why you're really here," Clyde said. "Because, Clyde, I wanted to see the look on your face when you learned that your empire was crumbling," Chad said. Clyde laughed. "And when you lose all of that money and all of that power and everything that goes along with it, I am going to take great satisfaction with telling the world all about it on the front page of my newspaper," Chad said. Clyde smiled.

"Mr. Lynch, I'd like to suggest that you forget anything that you learned here today. It would be best for all parties," Clyde said. "Is that a threat, Clyde?" Everett asked. With a shrug, Clyde noted that it was a warning from a concerned citizen. "Who would hate to see anything bad happen to those who are close to you back in Salem," Clyde said. Everett noted that empty threats would not keep the story out of the papers.

"And when we do finally expose all the horror you've inflicted, from killing people with tainted drugs to putting the D.A.'s stepdaughter in a coma, the justice system will make sure you serve two life sentences," Chad said. Clyde called for the guard, and he left. "It's time to end this," Chad said. "Let's do it," Everett agreed.

At the Kingston warehouse, Harris told Rafe that they would need to find another angle on Clyde. "Once Clyde finds out about this, all hell is going to break loose. And he's going to want somebody to pay," Harris said.

Ava and Harris have a secret meetup

Ava and Harris have a secret meetup

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. had returned home from Italy. E.J. mentioned the most recent drug bust to Stefan, and he continued his insinuations that Stefan was involved in the drug-trafficking ring. E.J. mentioned the Spectator's story on Clyde, and he said he wondered if Stefan's mug shot would be the next face to appear underneath the paper's headline.

E.J. added that he had no qualms about prosecuting his own brother, and he gloated that he would be the last person standing once Stefan was sentenced to prison. E.J. continued that it was only a matter of time before his office had enough evidence to take down Clyde, and he wondered how long it would take Clyde to give up Stefan.

Stefan and E.J. continued to argue before E.J. prepared to head to the police station. "Face it, little brother. You made a bloody mess of things, didn't you? And now, it's very likely that you are going to end up behind bars. Mm. Mm-mm-mm," E.J. said, chuckling before breaking out into full-blown laughter.

In the park, Ava and Harris wore light disguises as they joined one another for a quiet meeting on a bench. Harris flashed back to weeks earlier when he'd told Ava that he loved her in the interrogation room of the Salem Police Station -- as well as having kissed her. Unbeknownst to anyone else at the time, Ava had told Harris that Clyde was blackmailing her and Stefan. Harris had promised to eliminate Clyde as a threat if Ava would agree to tip Harris off about the latest drug shipments.

Ava had agreed, and she had Harris had kissed. When the kiss had ended, Harris had told Ava that they'd needed a cover. "So, I need you to make a scene and just go ahead and slap me as hard as you can," Harris had told Ava in the interrogation room. After the flashback ended, Harris said that he and Ava needed to continue their ruse until Clyde was stopped. "Permanently," Harris added.

Harris vowed that he would rescue Ava from the drug operation, but he pleaded with her for more time. Ava flashed back to having drunken sex with Stefan the previous night, and she said that she made "one bad decision after the next." Ava referred to herself as a "broken mess," and she worried that Harris would leave her. Harris said that he wasn't going anywhere, and he reached for Ava's hand. "Hey. We're a team. And we're gonna get through this," Harris said.

Harris received a text, and he said that he needed to return to the police station. As he stood up to leave, Harris told Ava to stay strong. After Harris left, Ava received a call from Stefan, who asked her to meet him at the DiMera mansion.

Back at the DiMera mansion a short while later, Ava and Stefan surmised that Clyde was furious over the death of one of Clyde's top lieutenants in the drug cartel. Stefan asked Ava what they were going to do about Clyde. Ava said that she might have an idea. Stefan asked Ava to reveal what she had in mind. Ava said only that everything would be revealed "in due time," and she asked Stefan to trust her.

At the Salem Police Station, E.J. met with Harris to discuss the latest drug bust. As Harris brought E.J. up to speed with details on the bust, E.J. learned that Officer Goldman had killed a dealer in self-defense. E.J. thanked Harris, and he asked how they could prove that Clyde was behind the drug cartel. "Trust me, we're gonna nail that bastard and everybody else involved," Harris said of Clyde.

When Harris mentioned Stefan and Ava's possible involvement in Clyde's drug cartel, E.J. told Harris to follow wherever the evidence led. "And at the end of the day, if it turns out my little brother is mixed up in this whole mess, so be it. He'll rot in prison beside Clyde Weston," E.J. said.

At Paulina and Chanel's penthouse, Chanel and Johnny learned that Paulina's cancer had spread and that Paulina's surgery was being moved up. The conversation turned to Johnny and Chanel's Valentine's Day wedding. Chanel was saddened when she learned that Olivia couldn't attend the wedding due to an ear infection.

Just then, Paulina received a call from the hospital. After the call ended, Paulina shared that the hospital had rescheduled her surgery for the following morning. "The same time as the wedding," Paulina added morosely. When Johnny and Chanel proposed postponing the wedding, Paulina flatly refused. Johnny and Chanel insisted that their minds were made up and that they would postpone the wedding.

Abe quipped that Paulina was outnumbered. Paulina stood up, and she left with Abe to get some rest. Alone in the living quarters afterwards, Johnny assured Chanel that he was okay with the postponement of their wedding. Johnny was then struck by an idea. "Maybe there's another way," he said. Chanel wondered what Johnny meant.

At John and Marlena's penthouse, Marlena brought coffee for John, who said that he would meet with his doctor about why he hadn't been sleeping well. Marlena noted that she had waited up late for John the previous night, and she asked how things had gone with John's new client. John said that his client had never shown up. Marlena studied John's face for a while before asking where his mind was.

John said that he'd been thinking of all the jobs he'd had over the years, and he wondered aloud if the past ever truly stayed in the past. Marlena asked John what had caused his introspection. "What if there are things in the past that you might regret that you don't remember? How do you learn from that?" John asked.

Marlena asked what John was searching for. John said that he was fearful of unwelcome surprises resurfacing as a result of his past. Marlena said that she and John would handle anything together. John smiled at Marlena, and he thanked her for her "pep talk." John added that Marlena always made him feel better. Marlena showered John with praise, and she told him she loved him. "Just the way you are," she added. "I love you, Doc," John said before he kissed Marlena.

Marlena said that she had some errands to run, and she promised to meet John at home later. After Marlena left, John used his phone to call Steve. John asked Steve to meet him at the Black Patch office. "There's something I need to tell you," John said.

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie gushed to Kayla about her budding relationship with Everett. Kayla was happy for Stephanie. Stephanie asked if Kayla had any special Valentine's Day plans with Steve. Kayla said she didn't. Stephanie said she hoped to one day be as lucky in love as Kayla. Kayla said she wanted Stephanie to be happy.

John tells Steve about his meeting with Konstantin

John tells Steve about his meeting with Konstantin

Thursday, February 8, 2024

At the Black Patch office, Steve was both angry and concerned when he learned that John had met with Konstantin alone in the park without Steve's knowledge. John said that he hadn't known he would be meeting with Konstantin. John admitted that Steve had been right when Steve had said that John knew better than to meet a stranger alone at night. John said that he didn't know what was happening to him, and he added that he hated himself for having also lied to Marlena about the meeting.

John angrily recalled having confronted Konstantin for knowing about the Pawn. "And he claimed he had no idea who Stefano was. He said, 'No, I texted you because I want to talk to you about Victor and his pawn. And that's when I demanded that he tell me everything he knows about my background," John said.

John added that he had been goaded into pulling a gun on Konstantin. John mentioned the name Catharina, and he asked if it meant anything to Steve. Steve repeated the name, but he said that he didn't know who Catharina was. As John grew angrier, he lost his balance and began breathing heavily.

After John composed himself, he said that Konstantin had been taunting him since the two had first looked into one another's eyes. Steve said that John couldn't allow Konstantin to rattle John, who stared quizzically at Steve. Steve asked why John was looking at him so strangely. "Because I need to know... what you remember about the Pawn. Anything, Steve. Everything," John said.

Steve hesitated briefly before responding. "I wish I had something to tell you, man. The only thing I know is that the Pawn and you... you're not that person anymore. And I have to believe that. And so do you!" Steve said.

When Steve and John agreed to meet again the following day, John wondered what had happened to him. "I'll tell you what has to happen right now. We have to get that son of a bitch away from you and out of all of our lives... no matter what it takes," Steve said determinedly. "No matter what it takes," John repeated in agreement.

At Sloan and Eric's apartment, Jude's crying interrupted Eric and Sloan's plans for dinner. Sloan responded by pouring a large glass of wine while Eric checked on Jude. Sloan poured another glass before Eric returned, and she began guzzling wine. Sloan grew confrontational when Eric asked how much she'd had to drink. Sloan whined that Jude cried whenever she and Eric were in the mood to have sex.

Sloan accused Eric of prioritizing Jude over her. When Eric suggested that Jude sleep with him and Sloan, Sloan grew angrier. She said that Eric cared more about Jude's well-being than Sloan's. She whined that Jude was interfering in her and Eric's marriage. Later, after Jude was asleep, Sloan's anger subsided a bit. She and Eric prepared to have sex on the couch.

At an A.A. meeting, Theresa spoke about her recent relapse. As Brady entered, Theresa said that she felt stronger because of the help she had around her. Theresa and Brady shared an acknowledging look with one another after Theresa finished speaking. When the meeting ended, Brady said that he'd stopped by because he'd needed to attend a meeting after receiving an icy letter from Tate earlier that day. Brady expressed regret that he hadn't been an active parent for much of Tate's life.

Theresa hugged Brady as a show of support, and she said that Tate and Rachel were lucky to have Brady in their lives. Theresa added that she was also lucky to have Brady, who thanked Theresa for her support. Theresa started to recall her and Brady's past as a couple, and she asked what their recent kiss had meant to him.

Theresa admitted that she had felt something when she had kissed Brady. Brady reminded Theresa that she was in a relationship, and he said that he and Theresa should keep things as uncomplicated as possible for Tate's sake. Theresa agreed, and she added that Tate would eventually warm to Brady.

In Horton Town Square, Stephanie praised Everett for his story on the drug-trafficking ring. Over dinner, Stephanie said that she was falling in love with Everett again. Everett said that he'd never fallen out of love with Stephanie, and they kissed. Stephanie proposed a Valentine's Day double date with Rafe and Jada. Everett said that he didn't want to "share" Stephanie with anyone on Valentine's Day.

In the visitors' area at Statesville, Harris presented Clyde with a copy of the Spectator's story on that day's drug bust in Salem. Clyde arrogantly smirked at Harris, who pointed to Clyde's mug shot on the front page of the paper. "You're not the least bit fazed that you lost seven kilos of opiates this morning and a drug dealer was shot dead? You're really cool with that, Clyde?" Harris asked.

Clyde scoffed at the notion that he could run a successful drug cartel from behind bars. When Harris produced a burner phone that prison guards had retrieved from Clyde's cell, Clyde claimed the phone had been planted by the guards. Clyde used innuendo to imply that he would expose certain members of his drug ring -- a thinly veiled reference to Ava. "You can go to hell," Harris spat.

When Clyde directly mentioned Ava, Harris threatened to send Clyde to a worse place than Statesville -- even if it meant taking Ava down in the process. Clyde smirked that he never failed. Harris said that he never failed, either. Harris stood up, and he left. When Harris was out of sight, Clyde's smirk disappeared. "Son of a bitch," he groused.

Assassins target Salemites

Assassins target Salemites

Friday, February 9, 2024

Alex and Theresa cuddled up on the couch and watched Pride and Prejudice. Theresa wiped tears from her eyes and asked, "Don't you think it's just the most amazing love story?" Theresa talked about how people should not judge others on first impressions. "Just give the person a chance to reveal who they really are," Theresa said. "In real life, I'm not so sure," Alex said. Theresa reminded Alex that their history had been similar to the movie, and she asked about Valentine's Day plans.

"I never took you as the type that gets worked up over Valentine's Day. So, I do admit that I didn't plan anything crazy for us," Alex said. "Are you kidding? I love Valentine's Days. I mean, that is when it's with somebody that I really care about," Theresa said. Theresa suggested that they stay in and celebrate the holiday.

"Being with you is what makes me happy," Theresa said. Alex and Theresa made plans to spend the morning together and work from home before they ordered takeout for dinner on Valentine's Day. "I just would like to go to a meeting after work," Theresa said. Alex asked about Theresa's meeting that day.

"It was good. Actually, Brady was there, too," Theresa admitted. "What the hell was Brady doing there?" Alex asked. Alex accused Brady of having spied on Theresa. "No, he didn't even know I was going to be there," Theresa said. Alex scoffed at the idea. Theresa showed Alex her 24-hour sobriety chip.

"Over the years, when I would feel myself slipping into self-destructive thoughts, I would grip on to this coin like a life preserver. Like I'm doing right now. That's how it works. You show up, just like Brady did. Just like I did. And you're there for each other one day at a time," Theresa said. Theresa noted that Brady had needed the meeting as much as she had needed it. When Alex asked Theresa if she had received the support she had needed, she said yes.

"Yet you still think you want to go to another meeting tomorrow?" Alex asked. "I do. Alex, addiction is a lifelong disease. I would think you would have read about that. And you would know that. Especially since your roommate is a recovering addict," Theresa stressed. Alex said yes. Theresa noted that addicts had a constant voice in their head that encouraged them to use in order to make their worries and anxieties go away. "When I go to these meetings, I'm able to quiet that voice," Theresa said. Alex said he understood.

"Do you think you'll be going to meetings for the rest of your life?" Alex asked. "Most likely. Because I have to be vigilant every day and accept that I'm an addict. And I have to constantly quiet that voice in my head," Theresa said. Theresa asked Alex if he could accept that part of her. "I need you to understand how important my recovery is to me. Especially since I need to be strong for my son," Theresa said. Alex told Theresa that she was a good mom. Theresa disagreed, and she noted that she was blessed with a good son.

"[Tate] is my one constant in my life that gives me hope for the future, you know?" Theresa said. Alex sighed. "I was just thinking how that connection between a parent and their kids, how it can literally change overnight," Alex said. With a nod, Alex went to the bedroom. Theresa stayed behind to tidy up before bed. Theresa picked up Alex's jacket to hang it in the closet, and a box with an engagement ring fell onto the floor. Theresa gasped.

At the Bistro, Tripp and Wendy ate dinner. "Do we really have to have this conversation with her?" Tripp whispered. "We can't keep walking around on eggshells. Besides, it's out of respect for your mother that you have to, we have to, talk to her," Wendy said. Ava pulled up a chair and asked, "Talk to me about what?" Tripp mentioned when he and Wendy had walked in on Ava with Stefan. Ava apologized.

"There's nothing to be sorry about. I realize now that I was out of line," Tripp said. Ava said it was fine, but Tripp stressed that he had been an immature jerk. "Wendy and I may not think that Stefan is the best choice for you, but if we're all going to be living under the same roof, then we need to respect each other's boundaries," Tripp said. Ava thanked Tripp and Wendy for their apologies. "It really does mean the world to me," Ava said.

Wendy looked around the room, and she told Ava that she was happy to see that the Bistro was crowded again. "It was a real struggle," Ava confided. Ava noted that Stephanie's PR plan had been working well. "It's hard to believe what's going on in our little town," Tripp said. Tripp talked about the numerous OD patients he had treated at the hospital. Ava agreed that it was heartbreaking to watch. "But I got a feeling it's all going to turn around real soon," Ava said.

Ava asked Tripp and Wendy about their Valentine's Day plans. Wendy mentioned the geocaching event. "Can you explain what geocaching is?" Ava asked. "Think of it like a treasure hunt with a tech twist," Tripp said. Wendy explained how the event worked. "So, I guess the objective of the whole thing is just to bring the community together?" Ava asked. "Exactly. It's something that families can do together. Or friends. Or couples. Or whoever just wants to join in and celebrate the day together," Wendy said. Ava told Tripp that she was glad they had talked, and she returned to work.

"Are you okay?" Wendy asked Tripp. "Definitely. Thank you for encouraging me to sort things out with her," Tripp said. Wendy asked Tripp what he wanted to do after the geocaching event. With a grin, Tripp told Wendy that he had made plans to make breakfast in the morning and take Wendy out for magic and dancing in the evening. "Like magic in the air?" Wendy asked. "No, like a real-life magic show. There's a pop-up magic lounge happening tomorrow night," Tripp said. Wendy chuckled, and she said that the holiday would be one to remember.

After Tripp and Wendy finished dinner, Ava returned with glasses of Champagne for a toast. "To love," Ava said. "It works for me," Tripp said. "Me, too," Wendy agreed. Ava noted, "As long as there is love in our hearts, there is hope for a new day and the promise for happiness to come." The three of them toasted to love.

Lucas sneaked downstairs from Harris' room to grab a glass of water and a snack from the darkened pub. When Lucas accidentally spilled his water, he cursed as he messed up the place setting on a table. The lights flickered on. "Get out!" Kate yelled. When Kate realized the intruder was Lucas, she demanded to know why he was out in the open. "I was hungry, okay?" Lucas said. Lucas argued that he had been careful to avoid detection.

"Well, not so careful that your own mother didn't pull a gun on you," Kate said. Lucas reminded Kate that the pub was closed. "You worry too much," Lucas complained. As Lucas ate his sandwich, Harris stormed into the pub. "God, Lucas, you got a death wish?" Harris yelled. Kate said it was fine, but Harris argued that it was a security risk. Harris ordered Lucas to return upstairs. Reluctantly, Lucas grabbed his plate and climbed the stairs.

When Lucas returned to Harris' room, Kate reminded Harris that Lucas was still recovering from his attack. "Which is why [Lucas] shouldn't be taking a risk like that. If anybody saw you, you're a sitting duck. You can't defend yourself," Harris said. Lucas complained that he was going stir crazy cooped up in Harris' room. "Have you and your cronies even made one iota of progress on this case?" Lucas asked. Harris assured Lucas that the situation would be over soon, especially since the paper had printed the story.

"What were you thinking of when you talked to reporters?" Kate asked Lucas. Harris said he had had the same reaction. Lucas assured Kate that he trusted Chad and Everett. "They're not going to give up their source. They wouldn't do that," Lucas said. Kate worried aloud about the exposure, but Lucas was adamant that if his help saved even one life, it had been worth the risk. Ava texted Harris and asked to meet. "I got to go," Harris said. Harris ordered Lucas to stay in the room for the rest of the night.

In Xander and Sarah's apartment, they cheerfully talked about how cute Victoria had been during bath time. "It's like she intentionally was trying to make us laugh with all the splashing," Xander said. "Well, she's obviously inherited your slapstick sense of humor," Sarah countered. Xander and Sarah agreed that it was a special time in Victoria's life.

"I'm really glad that we get to experience this together," Sarah said. Xander took off his wet shirt, and she averted her eyes. Sarah noted that Xander should get out of all his wet clothes. "I mean, I can help you," Sarah whispered. Sarah reached for Xander's belt buckle, and she leaned in for a kiss. "And [I can] go for a run," Xander said. Xander jumped up, buckled his belt, and ran into his bedroom. With a puzzled look, Sarah said, "Really? A run? Right now?"

Sarah started to pick up toys from the floor. When Xander exited his room, Sarah commented, "That's definitely the running attire." Sarah noted that Xander's running outfit was different than what he wore to the gym for weights and cardio. Xander rambled on about why he chose the clothes he did for his various workouts. With a smirk, Sarah noted that Xander's pickiness about clothes extended to all the activities in his life.

"I like to be properly attired for all occasions," Xander said. Sarah asked Xander what he would do if the company discontinued the fancy shirts that he liked to wear to work. Xander noted that he needed his shirt to get into work mode. "I believe the psychobabble term for it is fashion OCD," Xander said. Sarah smiled. "Whatever it is called, it is just one of the many endearing qualities that make you you," Sarah said. Xander looked at Sarah with affection.

As Xander bent down to tie his shoes, Sarah sidled up close to him. "You don't think it's a little late to be running?" Sarah asked. "The night air is exactly what I need," Xander said as he stood up. Sarah stood close, and she gazed into Xander's eyes. "To push me to work out harder," Xander said breathlessly. "I know a hard workout. Granted, no night air. But it wouldn't require you to leave," Sarah said. Sarah ran her hand down Xander's chest.

"I think we both could do with some good old-fashioned adult time. Don't you agree?" Sarah whispered. "Actually, I'm finding it very difficult to disagree," Xander said. "Then don't," Sarah said. Sarah kissed Xander's neck as he stammered about needing to take a run. Sarah kissed Xander to shut him up. "Please stay," Sarah whispered into Xander's ear.

After a moment, Xander apologized. "I really do need that run right now," Xander said. As Xander prepared for his run, Victoria started to cry. "I got it," Sarah said. "I won't be long. Don't wait up," Xander said as he ran out of the apartment.

Sarah returned to the living room after quieting Victoria, and she noticed that Xander had left his phone behind. The phone beeped, so Sarah looked at the screen. A text read, "Is it done?" "Is what done?" Sarah wondered aloud.

At the Horton house, Julie was playing cards with Thomas and Charlotte when Chad walked in and told his kids it was time for bed. "We're not tired, Daddy," Thomas said. Chad pointed out that Thomas could barely keep his eyes open. Thomas asked for a story before bed. "I know that Uncle Doug is upstairs waiting to tell you a story or read one to you. But I thought maybe we could make it a two-story night," Julie said.

Julie told the story of when Tom and Alice had moved into the house and raised their family. As Julie explained the family history, she mentioned that she had often been naughty. "And Grandma Alice would say, 'Julie, that's not the way we do.' Grandpa Tom was a very great man. He had a soul full of kindness. He was the only person who could calm us all down in times of chaos," Julie said. "I really wish I could have met Tom and Alice," Chad said. Julie noted that Tom and Alice would have loved Chad and how he had loved Abigail.

"So, children, this magical house was always full of joy, even in tearful times, because it was a house built on love. And that's a tradition. A Horton tradition, and that's love. And that's yours in good times and in bad. You can count on that," Julie said. Julie talked about when she had been a child in the house and had smelled doughnuts in the house when she had returned home from school. "Can we make some of her doughnuts now?" Thomas asked. Julie looked at Chad.

"Nice try, Thomas. No, but I'll make us a fresh batch tomorrow," Julie said. Chad laughed, and he noted that the house had been a blessing. "For all of us," Julie said. Julie grasped Chad's hand, and she told the kids it was time for bed. "But I'm not tired yet!" Thomas protested. "Uncle Doug is waiting to tell you a story. Why don't you find your very favorite book and bring it to him?" Julie suggested.

After Thomas and Charlotte went upstairs, Julie told Chad to cherish his moments with the children. "Time really does fly by, doesn't it?" Chad said. Julie nodded yes. Chad noted, "Life has felt more normal lately. You know, the kids, they miss their mom, of course. But they don't cry about it as much. And they're doing a lot better in school. They're doing better in general. And we have you and Doug to thank for that," Chad said. "That's what families are for," Julie said. Chad hugged Julie.

Julie pulled Tom Horton's special cognac out of a cabinet to pour a glass for her and Chad. "[The cognac] was brought to him by a grateful patient all the way from France. And on great occasions, he would appear from nowhere, and he'd pour us just a little sip," Julie said. "I am honored that you feel this is a worthy enough occasion for Tom's special cognac," Chad said. Julie toasted to family. "And family is what the Hortons are all about," Julie said. Chad thanked Julie for having shared the story of the house with the kids.

"You lifted my spirits. I mean, you always do, no matter what story you're telling," Chad said. "You know I love to talk about the family. I love to talk about us as we were then. Before so many of them went away forever," Julie said. Julie said she saw Abigail's love in the eyes of the children. "I do feel [Abigail's] presence in this home," Chad said. Julie agreed.

Chad confessed, "When I'm in this home, I feel that I can breathe. That the kids are in the right place. And that they're safe. And you know, me, too. It's like we're home." "Honey, you are. You're home," Julie said.

After Julie and Chad headed upstairs to bed, a masked figure crept into the living room through the French patio doors. At the pub, another masked figure clad in black crept through the pub with a gun. Behind the Bistro, Harris called out to Ava, but she was not there. A masked figure pointed a gun at Harris. "You. What are you --" Harris said. The gun fired twice. Harris dropped to his knees and fell over. The figure walked away as Harris bled on the concrete.

At the pub, a masked figure opened the door to Harris' room and fired a gun twice. "No!" Lucas screamed in the dark. In the Horton house, a masked figure poured gasoline all over the living room. The figure struck a match and set the room aflame.

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