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A fire destroyed the Horton house. Harris survived the shooting. Kate drove off Lucas' attacker. Chad received a threatening phone call. Sarah and Xander made love. Evidence mounted against Xander in Harris' shooting. Steve and Kayla reminisced about their past weddings. Johnny and Chanel married in the hospital before Paulina's surgery. Nicole and Holly returned home. Theresa was bitterly disappointed when Alex said he did not plan to propose. Jada believed that Everett was Bobby. Goldman took Tripp and Wendy to a "safe house." Eric fell asleep with the baby, so Sloan went out with a friend for Valentine's Day.
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A fire destroyed the Horton house. Johnny and Chanel married. Jada believed Everett was Bobby. Alex told Theresa he did not plan to propose.
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Two shootings and an arson rock Salem

Two shootings and an arson rock Salem

Monday, February 12, 2024

Paulina answered a knock at her apartment door and found Chanel on the other side, arms filled with bags. Chanel beamed as she declared that she had everything they needed for a girls' night, including nail polish, a puzzle, and "those cheap-ass cupcakes you love." Paulina reminded her daughter that she couldn't eat after midnight because of the upcoming surgery. Chanel said they would have to get an early start on the night and pulled out some fuzzy slippers, to Paulina's dismay. Paulina again expressed guilt about postponing Chanel's wedding, but Chanel assured her that they would make lemonade from lemons.

Chanel and Paulina mulled over a movie selection, and Paulina balked at watching the movie Get Out because she was afraid she would dream about doctors performing a brain transplant on her. Paulina received a call from Lani, which lifted her spirits, and Chanel and Paulina expressed hope that Lani would soon be released from prison. Chanel later answered a call from Johnny, and she playfully warned him that he could not crash girls' night. Paulina wondered if he was planning a Valentine's surprise, and Chanel mused that he was good at surprises. After a round of Go Fish, Paulina asked what her daughter loved most about Johnny.

Chanel wistfully listed Johnny's good qualities, including his strength, vulnerability, humor, and creativity -- and the way he made her feel safe and respected. She called him the whole package, to which Paulina quipped, "I thought you were just gonna say he was a good kisser." The moment was interrupted when Paulina received a call about Harris' shooting. Paulina prepared to leave and get an update, but Chanel demanded that she stay put.

Chanel grew upset after Paulina tried to tell her about accessing the contents of a safe should Paulina die, and Paulina comforted her daughter by saying she would "beat cancer's ass." As they prepared to clean up and retire for the night, Chanel asked if she could crawl into Paulina's bed like she had when Chanel had been young. Paulina said that sounded nice but wondered if she would need to get a flashlight for a shadow puppet show. As the women hugged, Paulina reassured Chanel that she planned on sticking around for a long time.

Ava, Tripp, and Wendy were having dinner at the Bistro when Stefan walked up. A testy Tripp remarked, "It's nice to see you fully dressed." Stefan told Tripp to forget what he'd seen between Ava and Stefan, but Tripp bemoaned, "It's seared into my brain." Ava reminded Tripp about their deal to respect boundaries and left to get some air. In an attempt to break the awkward silence that ensued, Wendy quipped, "So, how about that Super Bowl?" Tripp told Stefan that he'd promised his mom he wouldn't say a word, but their conversation was interrupted when Tripp received a call from a frantic Ava, who asked that Tripp go to the loading docks.

Ava arrived at the loading docks and was shocked to find Harris bleeding on the ground. She rushed over and begged him to stay with her as he flashed back to the shooting. She told him to hang on while she called Tripp. When Tripp, Wendy, and Stefan got there, Tripp told Wendy to call 9-1-1 and instructed Stefan to get supplies. Tripp quickly applied pressure to Harris' wounds as sirens wailed in the distance.

An upset Ava muttered to herself that "this" was not supposed to happen. After Stefan overhead and questioned what she meant, Ava flashed back to Harris' love confession and his request that she trust him with the truth. She said it didn't matter what she meant, and she begged Tripp to save Harris' life. Tripp, meanwhile, was on the phone with 9-1-1 and updated the responder that a 50-year-old male had gunshot wounds to the chest and left arm and needed fluids.

Jada arrived at the police station with dinner for Rafe and herself. She asked if it counted as their dinner date, and they talked about the drug raid and the officer-involved shooting that had taken place there. Rafe updated her that they had custody of the drug dealer's body and that an autopsy would be performed. They wondered about Harris' whereabouts, and Rafe got a call about Harris' shooting. Rafe and Jada arrived at the loading docks, along with the paramedics.

Jada left, however, after Rafe received a call about another shooting. Rafe questioned Ava about what had happened, but Ava explained that she had found Harris after he'd already been shot. Ava panicked when she heard Tripp tell the paramedics that he couldn't find Harris' pulse and called for a defibrillator. After Tripp and the medics shocked Harris and performed compressions, Harris was revived and taken to the hospital. Rafe vowed to find out what had happened, as those gathered wore looks of concern.

A masked man opened the door to Harris' apartment and shot inside as screams of "No!" echoed. As the man fled, a gun-toting Kate emerged from the room and fired her own shots. She went back inside to check on Lucas, who was unhurt. An alarmed Roman entered the room after the commotion. Kate debriefed him about the events, and he instructed Kate and Lucas to stay inside and away from the windows.

Roman left to check the pub and returned to confirm that the scene was secure. He asked if Kate or Lucas had seen anything. Lucas said that he had just seen darkness, and Kate said she'd only seen the gun. The trio hugged as Lucas thanked his mother for saving his life. Kate quickly blamed Harris for the attack and said he would be sorry when she got her hands on him. Jada came into the hallway. Roman and Kate initially would not let her enter the room but eventually relented.

Jada was surprised to find Lucas there and realized that Harris' apartment had been Lucas' safe house. She updated the group on Harris' shooting and asked Lucas and Kate questions about the shooting they had experienced. Kate and Roman agreed that Lucas would stay at their place while the police secured the crime scene. Lucas immediately blamed Clyde for the shootings and affirmed that "as long as he's out there and alive, I'll never be safe."

Another masked man entered the Horton house and looked around the living room as photographs of the family were shown. He poured gasoline over the couch and the rest of the room and lit a match. When the man threw the match, he watched as flames erupted, but he quickly left when the fire alarm began blaring. Julie and Chad rushed down the stairs and gasped as the fire spread.

Chad demanded Julie get Doug and the kids from upstairs, then called 9-1-1 and asked about the fire extinguisher as Julie raced to retrieve the rest of the family. Outside, an upset Julie, Doug, Charlotte, and Thomas helplessly stared at the burning house. The kids cried for their father, and Julie went back into the house when she realized Chad was still inside, despite Doug's pleas that she remain outside. Inside, Chad fought the rising flames with the extinguisher but relented and followed Julie out after she insisted the fire was too big.

Thomas wanted to go help his father but stopped when Julie and Chad emerged from the house. The group hugged as a fire crew arrived. Julie pleaded with a firefighter to save her house, and he assured her that they would do their best. The group watched in despair as the fire raged, and Julie lamented, "Our family home...generations...all of our history...I'm watching half my life go up in flames."

Thomas asked about their belongings. When Chad tenderly told him that they should count their blessings, a tearful Thomas asked about pictures of his mommy. Doug and Julie gave a sorrowful look because of the question. Before Chad could respond, he received a call. A distorted, menacing voice said, "Maybe next time, you'll listen."

Xander and Sarah rekindle their romance

Xander and Sarah rekindle their romance

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Xander returned home from his run, and Sarah was waiting for him. "I was starting to get worried about you. You were gone for such a long time. There were all these sirens," Sarah said. Xander said he had been "in the zone" and had run farther than usual. With a shrug, Xander noted that Everett could fill him in in the morning about the police activity.

"We could stay up late and watch the news, then maybe have a drink," Sarah said. Xander admitted that the offer was tempting, but he needed a shower and sleep. "Why don't you just tell me when Victoria's up, and I'll take the first shift, yeah? Just have a good night, Sarah," Xander said. Xander retreated hurriedly to his room.

While Xander was in the shower, Sarah joined him. "I thought we were taking things slow," Xander said. "We can take things as slow as you want. The slower, the better," Sarah said. Sarah put her arms around Xander's neck, and he kissed her. After shower sex, Xander carried Sarah into his bedroom. "I love you. I never stopped," Sarah whispered. "I love you. I never stopped," Xander said. Xander and Sarah fell back onto the bed.

In the Kiriakis mansion, Chad thanked Maggie for the clean clothes and shelter. Julie stared into space. "Where's Doug?" Maggie asked. "Upstairs with the kids. He doesn't want to leave their side," Chad said. Julie shivered on the couch. Chad admitted that he had not been able to process the situation yet.

"But Julie was so brave," Chad said. Julie stared in silence. "She always is. And I know you were, too, as you always are," Maggie said. Maggie sat next to Julie, and she assured Julie that Julie and Doug and the kids were safe. "Our house was on fire, but it's just a house. It's just a material thing. Your home is really your family. The people that you love is your home, isn't that right?" Julie said. Maggie agreed. With a shake of her head, Julie said she did not understand why the house had burned down.

Chad explained that it was his fault. Chad told Julie and Maggie about the cryptic phone call he had received. "I think it was payback for a story we ran in the Spectator about the drug ring. Clyde told me that if I published it, I'd be sorry," Chad said.

"You didn't take it seriously? A threat from Clyde Weston, the man that killed your wife?" Julie yelled. Julie asked Chad why he had printed the story. Before Chad could respond, Julie said she understood that Chad could not have predicted the fire, but she did not understand why Chad had not told the family about the threat. "I wish I would have. It's my fault," Chad said. Maggie disagreed.

"It's the act of a wicked, ungodly man," Maggie argued. "No. I should have taken his threat seriously because I know what that man is capable of," Chad stammered. Julie apologized. "The house is burned, the legacy of Tom and Alice. But I shouldn't lash out at you. You're not to blame. You're not to blame in any way," Julie said. Chad said it was okay, but Julie apologized again.

"The person to blame is Clyde. My God, how this must hurt you, the man that took Abigail away from you, away from all of us," Julie said. "That's why I published the story in the first place. I wanted to, I needed to bring him down. And I wanted to make him pay so badly for what he did to my Abby and to my kids, and for leaving them without a mother," Chad explained. Julie asked if the call had been from Clyde. Chad explained that the voice had been distorted, and the call had been from a blocked number.

"So, you didn't tell the police about the call?" Maggie asked. Chad admitted that he had not told the police about the call yet. With a nod, Chad announced that he would go to the police station and give his phone to the police to see if they could find any information.

After Chad left, Maggie assured Julie that there would be a reckoning for Clyde. "Reckoning schmeckoning. The house was on fire! We've lost the family history. The pictures, the scrapbooks, my grandmother's...the Christmas ornaments," Julie stammered. Julie broke down in tears. "What would my grandparents say?" Julie whispered. "They'd say, thank God you all got out safe and unharmed. And just what you said earlier, home isn't material possessions. It's family and the people you love," Maggie said. Julie nodded in agreement.

In the police station, Rafe asked Jada about updates. Jada explained that officers were out retrieving security footage and interviewing witnesses. "What about [Harris'] phone?" Rafe asked. "We're trying to locate that now. How is he?" Jada asked. Rafe confirmed that Harris was alive but in critical condition. Rafe asked about the pub.

"Everyone is fine, but I'll fill you in on that later," Jada said. Rafe told Jada that Officer Phillips was stationed at the hospital to report on Harris. "I figured I could be more useful here," Rafe said. Wendy arrived, and Jada asked her to scrub through traffic camera footage.

"Sure, but can I talk to [you and Rafe] first in private?" Wendy asked. Rafe and Jada escorted Wendy into the interrogation room. "Look, I don't like being a snitch. But what happened to Harris, I think I probably should have told you this sooner," Wendy said. Jada encouraged Wendy to talk to them.

"The other night, Ava pretty much admitted to me and Tripp that something was going on at the Bistro. Something that could get her into trouble. And she said she didn't want us to be involved. She didn't want us to be in danger, too," Wendy said. "What kind of danger?" Rafe asked. Wendy said Ava had not been specific, but she had stressed that they could not trust the cops. "Did she say why?" Jada asked. Wendy noted that Ava had argued that "the cops could be more corrupt than the mob, based on her experience."

"Did you observe any unusual behavior from Ava?" Jada asked. Wendy admitted that Ava had been obsessed with pushing her and Tripp out of town. "It's like if she can get us to leave, then we won't be around for whatever danger is out there," Wendy said. Wendy added that she believed that Stefan was involved. Rafe thanked Wendy for the information, and he asked her to watch Ava.

"I don't know. That's a little weird. The idea of spying on my boyfriend's mother," Wendy said. Jada stressed that Wendy's observations could help the investigation. "I don't have to tell you this, but there's some real serious business going down right now," Jada said. Wendy agreed to help. "This stays between us, got it? No one else will know that you're giving us intel or what that intel is," Rafe said. "You can't tell anyone, Wendy. Not even Tripp," Jada added.

Officer Goldman entered the room with an evidence bag, and she explained that an officer had found a burner phone in a Dumpster near the Bistro. Rafe gave the phone to Wendy to work on. "I'll get it printed and run the numbers on the phone," Wendy said. Wendy promised to send an update to Rafe as soon as she had anything.

After Wendy and Goldman left, Rafe turned to Jada. "I don't know what is up with Ava, but we need to have a chat with her," Rafe said. "She definitely knows more than what she is saying," Jada agreed. Rafe asked about the pub. Jada told Rafe that Harris had used his room as a safe house for Lucas. "I am telling you, Clyde Weston is pulling strings from the inside," Rafe said. "But how do we prove that?" Jada asked. Rafe argued that they needed to find the foot soldiers and make them flip on Clyde.

"We've got to find [Lucas] a new safe house," Jada said. "The question is, how the hell did they find this one? And he guns down a cop? It's like Weston is waging a war on Salem tonight," Rafe said. Goldman escorted Chad into the room. Chad informed Rafe and Jada about the fire. "Is everyone all right?" Rafe asked. Chad explained that they had all escaped the fire, but the house had been destroyed.

"Do you know what the cause was?" Rafe asked. "It was arson. I think it was Clyde Weston," Chad said. Rafe and Jada exchanged a look as Chad told them about the mysterious phone call. "And why do you think it was Clyde?" Jada asked. "Clyde threatened me and my editor in chief today at the prison when we saw him," Chad said. Chad talked about the article and how Clyde had responded.

"I think this was revenge for us outing him," Chad said. "And killing his profits," Jada added. Rafe noted that if Clyde was responsible, then he had perpetrated three incidents. "What else happened?" Chad asked. Rafe refused to discuss the other incidents. "I need you to tell me you're going to get this guy, Rafe. He killed Abigail, and then he burned down her family house while he was in prison for her murder," Chad said. Rafe vowed to bring down Clyde.

After Chad left, Jada noted, "Three targets in one night. Clyde Weston apparently had this whole thing planned and executed simultaneously." "From the confines of his cell while his goons are out there, knocking off enemies," Rafe added. Jada argued that Clyde was not just after his enemies. "There were kids in that house. An elderly couple. Clyde doesn't give a damn who gets caught in the crossfire," Jada said. Worried, Rafe wondered aloud how Clyde knew so much.

"This mole runs deep," Rafe muttered. Wendy rushed in. "You won't believe it. I got a hit off the burner phone found at the Bistro," Wendy said. Wendy showed Rafe her report. "Son of a bitch," Rafe said. Rafe and Jada returned to the bullpen. Officer Goldman walked in and said, "I got the warrant!" As Goldman handed the warrant to Jada, she groaned in pain. "Just overdid it at the gym," Goldman assured Jada.

Chad returned to the Kiriakis mansion and checked on the kids, then he returned to the living room. Chad informed Maggie and Julie that Doug was asleep next to the kids in the chair. "I wasn't sure if I should wake him up," Chad said. "I'll rouse him when I go up," Julie said. Maggie asked about the police station, and Chad gave them the short explanation.

"Is there any chance we're still in danger?" Julie asked. Chad shook his head no. "I think Clyde made his point. But Rafe said he was gonna put a car outside for the night just to be safe," Chad said. Julie sighed with relief. "So, I guess all we have to decide is where we're going to live now," Julie said. Maggie insisted that everyone move into the Kiriakis mansion. "You don't have to do that," Chad said. Maggie refused to take no for an answer, and she told Julie to get some sleep.

"Right. Get up in the morning. Put one foot in front of the other," Julie said. "And you, you will rebuild brick by brick. And you will have everyone around you who love you every step of the way," Maggie said.

In the ICU, Kayla worked to save Harris' life. Down the hallway, Stefan sat with Ava in a waiting room. With a sigh, Ava noted that although she had a poor memory, she remembered every word that Harris had ever said to her. "You really love him, don't you?" Stefan asked. "I never told him. What if I never get the chance to?" Ava whispered. From the hallway, Officer Phillips watched Ava talk to Stefan. Stefan encouraged Ava to think positive.

"The guy is a tank. He was a friggin' Navy SEAL, for God's sake. I mean, I'm pretty sure he's been through crap five times worse than this. He's gonna make it," Stefan said. Ava nodded yes. After a moment, Stefan asked Ava why she had slept with him if she loved Harris that much. Ava glared at Stefan. Ava reminded Stefan that they had agreed that their night together had been a mistake.

"But since you can't seem to let it go, why the hell did you get down and dirty with me when apparently you love Gabi so much?" Ava asked. Before Stefan could respond, Ava said to never mind. "It never happened," Ava growled. Stefan apologized.

Kayla walked in. "Is Harris going to be okay?" Ava asked. Kayla explained that they had given Harris several transfusions and that he was stable enough for surgery. "Thank God," Ava whispered. Kayla explained that her chief concerns were internal bleeding and bullet fragmentation damage. "Is there anybody in the family that I should notify?" Kayla asked. Ava admitted that she did not know.

"We'll know more when we get into surgery. But I can tell you we will do everything we can," Kayla said. Kayla noted that Harris was strong and physically healthy, and she believed he would handle surgery better than most. "And you found him and got him help before it was too late. So, because of you, he actually has a fighting chance," Kayla said. Kayla's phone beeped, and she excused herself to attend to work.

Ava thought about when Harris had begged her to tell him the truth, and she had told him about Clyde's blackmail. "I can and I will [protect you]. Because I love you," Harris had said. "You've got to make it, my love. You've just got to," Ava whispered. As Harris underwent surgery, a frustrated Ava paced the waiting room. "I can't keep this up. Not after tonight," Ava grumbled. Ava asked Stefan to help her end Clyde's reign.

"We have no choice. We cannot betray Clyde. You've seen what happens," Stefan said. "I swear to God, if Harris dies, I'm gonna go after Clyde Weston myself, and screw whatever happens, because the son of a bitch is not going to know what hit him," Ava said. Stefan warned Ava to let it go. "So, we're just supposed to let him hurt the people we love?" Ava asked. "There is nothing we can do about it unless you want him to kill the people we love the most," Stefan argued.

After the surgery, Kayla returned to the waiting room. "[Harris] had a collapsed lung, and the internal bleeding was significant," Kayla said. "So, what happens now?" Ava asked. Kayla explained that they would monitor Harris and wait to see how he responded over the next 24 hours. Ava was eager to see Harris, but Kayla stressed that he needed to recover.

"She's been waiting here for hours. And for what it's worth, I'm pretty sure that he'd want her in that room beside him," Stefan said. Kayla asked Stefan if he could step outside so that she could talk to Ava privately. With a nod, Stefan left the room. Kayla informed Ava that Harris had listed Ava as his emergency contact. "Clearly, you mean a lot to him," Kayla said. Ava asked Kayla if she could see Harris. "I need to tell him something," Ava said.

When Ava entered Harris' room, she held his hand as she sat at his bedside. "I am so sorry that this happened to you. I never should have gotten involved with Clyde Weston. I should have found a way out. You were just trying to protect me. I should be the one lying in this bed, not you," Ava said. With a sad smile, Ava said she needed to tell Harris something important.

"I love you. I think maybe you already knew. But I really wished I had told you and said it back to you at the police station," Ava said. Ava wiped away tears, and she asked Harris to fight to return to her. In the doorway, Stefan listened to Ava talk. Behind Stefan, Officer Phillips watched Stefan.

After Xander and Sarah made love in his bedroom, Xander told Sarah that he had believed that they would never be together again. "And now, you're back in my arms," Xander said. "Finally," Sarah agreed. Sarah told Xander she had missed him. "Same here. And while we were apart, there wasn't a day that went by that I didn't think about you, wonder how you were doing, wonder if you were thinking about me," Xander said. "I was. Even when I was so angry. When I wanted to move on, there was this longing for you. It just never went away. And I would fantasize about moments like this," Sarah said. Xander said he had, too.

"When you went out, I just couldn't wait for you to get back. I was just hoping that something like this might happen," Sarah admitted. Xander said he was sorry he had been gone so long. With a nod, Sarah told Xander that he had left his phone behind.

"I wasn't snooping, that does feel important to say, but it was impossible to not notice a text that came through that just said, 'Is it done?'" Sarah said. Sarah asked Xander what that meant. "I have no idea," Xander said. At the front door, Jada yelled, "Police! Search warrant! We're coming in!" Sarah gasped as the police kicked in the front door in the other room.

Sarah jumped out of bed when Rafe and Jada rushed into the bedroom. "Put your hands up!" Rafe yelled. As Victoria cried in her room, Jada forced Xander to his knees and handcuffed him.

Johnny and Chanel are married on Valentine's Day

Johnny and Chanel are married on Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

In a hospital room, Abe handed Paulina a bouquet of white roses, and he wished her a happy Valentine's Day. Abe noted that white roses weren't traditional for Valentine's Day, but he said that they represented love, hope, and new beginnings. Paulina was thrilled by the roses, and she kissed Abe. Paulina noted that white roses had also been delivered by the Salem PD and the Chamber of Commerce.

Johnny wore a tuxedo as he entered the room with Chanel, who wore a brown overcoat. When Johnny and Chanel presented Paulina with white roses, Paulina suspected that the roses hadn't been a coincidence. Johnny said that Paulina's surgery wasn't the only reason he and Chanel had stopped by. Chanel opened her overcoat to reveal that she was wearing a white wedding dress.

Chanel proceeded to tell Paulina that she and Johnny would be married in Paulina's room. Paulina was delighted by the news. Chanel asked Paulina to be her matron of honor, and Johnny asked Abe to be his best man. Abe and Paulina readily agreed. Moments later, Abe proceeded to officiate the wedding.

"I, John Roman, take you, Chanel, to be my wedded wife... to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer, for poorer... in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part. This is my solemn vow," Johnny repeated after Abe as he gazed into Chanel's eyes.

Abe looked at Chanel, and he asked her to repeat after him. "I, Chanel, take you, John Roman, to be my wedded husband... to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer... in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until death do us part. This is my solemn vow," Chanel repeated as she held Johnny's hands and gazed into his eyes.

Johnny took Chanel by the hands as he prepared to say his vows. "Chanel... today, you have made me the happiest man in the world by agreeing to share the rest of your life with me. The journey which led us to this moment was certainly not without its own unique ups and downs. Nevertheless, here we are. And I thank God for that. Now, I don't know where life is going to take us from here. I really don't care. Because I know that wherever it is, we will be together," Johnny said lovingly.

Johnny cleared his throat before he continued. "So... give me your tired feet, give me your burnt doughnuts, give me your lost car keys. Just give me you, every day. In return, I will give you all my love, for the rest of my days. I promise to respect you and cherish you, to encourage and comfort you, to care for and protect you, now and forever," Johnny concluded.

Chanel stared into Johnny's eyes, and she prepared to say her vows. "Johnny... I love you with a passion that I don't really know how to express in words. All I can do is show you through tender kisses and watching scary movies -- every single scary movie with you. Even though I hate them, you make me feel safe," Chanel said.

Chanel continued. "And sticking by your side, through thick and thin, because I know that together, we can overcome anything. I look forward to years of adventure by your side. You make me laugh. You make me think. And above all, you make me better. I give you my hand, I give you my heart, and I give you my love, for all the years to come," Chanel said as her voice cracked.

Abe asked Johnny and Chanel to exchange rings. Paulina slipped the rings into Johnny's hand. Johnny reached for Chanel's hand, and he gently placed a ring on her finger. "With this ring, I thee wed," Johnny said. "With this ring, I thee wed," Chanel repeated. "And now, by the authority vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride," Abe said.

Johnny and Chanel beamed with happiness, and the couple kissed. Paulina reached for Abe's arm, and they smiled warmly at one another. Afterwards, Abe congratulated Johnny and Chanel. Abe and Johnny hugged, as did Chanel and Paulina. Paulina teased Johnny when she said that he and Chanel had better stay married for good.

A nurse appeared with a wheelchair, and she said that it was time to take Paulina to surgery. As Paulina prepared to leave, Johnny assured her that he and Chanel would be waiting in the room when Paulina returned. Chanel hugged Paulina, who said that she loved Chanel and Johnny. After Abe wheeled Paulina out of the room. Chanel teased that she and Johnny were the best-dressed couple in the hospital. Johnny and Chanel kissed as they warmly referred to each other as husband and wife.

At Steve and Kayla's penthouse, Steve delicately ran a yellow rose across Kayla's face to awaken her. When Kayla awoke, Steve wished her a happy Valentine's Day, and he said that Kayla was even more beautiful than she'd been when he had first met her. Steve and Kayla said that they were both happy for all the adventures they'd been through. As they prepared to make love, Stephanie burst in and interrupted them. "So much for that adventure," Kayla rued before she and Steve chuckled.

Kayla and Steve followed Stephanie into the living quarters, where Stephanie wished her parents a happy Valentine's Day. Kayla whispered to Steve that Stephanie felt embarrassed about having walked in on Steve and Kayla about to make love. Over breakfast, Stephanie asked which of Steve and Kayla's weddings had been their favorite. Steve recalled his and Kayla's summer wedding on a yacht in July of 1988.

A flashback to the wedding appeared on-screen. In the flashback, Steve was shown declaring his love for Kayla. "I wouldn't be the man I am right now if it wasn't for you. See, I -- I thought I was brave, but I found out that it takes more courage to open up to another person. I thought I was strong, but you showed me that it takes more strength to let people see your feelings," Steve had said in 1988.

The flashback to Steve's vows continued. "And... I thought I knew how to love. But now I know that it's much harder to let someone love me. And that someone is you. You saw into my heart when no one else could, and you believed in me. So, I'm gonna spend the rest of my life living up to the faith that you have in me. I don't have much, baby. But what I have is yours. I'm yours. I love you, Sweetness," Steve concluded.

As the flashback continued, Kayla recited her vows to Steve. "When I was a little girl, I dreamed of loving a man who was brave and strong and true -- and of a romantic wedding on the water, surrounded by all the people I love the most. I never told that secret dream to anyone. But somehow, you found out. You gave me that dream. You made it come true. There's just one thing that's different. It's far more wonderful than I ever imagined," Kayla had said in 1988.

After the flashback ended, Kayla said that Steve was the love of her life, and she added that being with Steve and Stephanie made her realize how lucky she was. Kayla added that her life was richer and sweeter than she could have ever imagined. "Mine, too," Steve said as he, Kayla, and Stephanie all held hands around the table.

Stephanie presented Steve and Kayla with photos from some of the couple's past weddings, including their Valentine's Day wedding in 2021. Steve and Kayla kissed, and he vowed to never leave her. Steve asked if Stephanie had plans for Valentine's Day. Stephanie said that she planned to attend the geocaching event in Salem, and she teased that she would be gone for several hours. Soon afterwards, when Stephanie had left, Steve and Kayla headed to their bedroom to make love.

At Alex and Theresa's apartment, Theresa was convinced that Alex would propose to her on Valentine's Day. When Alex entered, Theresa wished him a happy Valentine's Day, and they kissed. Theresa readily agreed when Alex asked her to go for a walk.

In the park, John and Marlena shared a kiss as they celebrated Valentine's Day together. Marlena was surprised when she turned and spotted a picnic that had been set up nearby. John delighted Marlena when he said the picnic was for the two of them. Marlena smiled, and she said that it was "the perfect Valentine's Day." John poured Marlena a glass of Champagne, and they toasted.

Moments later, John and Marlena spotted Alex and Theresa. John and Marlena invited Alex and Theresa to join them for the picnic. After sitting down at a picnic table, John and Marlena recalled the picnic they'd had in West Virginia many years earlier during the couple's first honeymoon. A flashback appeared on-screen of John and Marlena having kissed and walked arm in arm in the woods of West Virginia.

Marlena asked if John remembered a Valentine's Day dance at the hospital years earlier in 1993. Theresa was intrigued, and she asked Marlena and John to share the details of the dance. John fondly recalled having won an auction to dance with Marlena at the hospital. A flashback of John and Marlena's dance appeared on-screen. John recalled having spent $100,000 on the auction, and he added that the dance had been worth every penny.

Theresa asked if Marlena would show her where the restroom was. When Marlena stood up to accompany Theresa, she learned that Theresa believed that Alex planned to propose. As Theresa rambled with excitement, Marlena issued a word of caution. "Excuse me if I'm overstepping. But I wonder if you don't want to get things with your son in order before you make a huge life change," Marlena posited.

Theresa said that she understood Marlena's concern, but she continued to insist that Alex wanted to propose. Back at the picnic table, Alex said that he felt "pressured" to be romantic, given that it was Valentine's Day. John tried to reassure Alex. Alex said that he had to be honest with both himself and Theresa.

Back at Alex and Theresa's apartment a short while later, Theresa asked Alex what his plans were for the rest of the day. Alex said that he planned to work at the Titan office for a bit. Theresa tried to press Alex to open up for more plans, and she kept repeating that it was Valentine's Day. Before he stepped out, Alex agreed to meet Theresa at the Bistro for dinner. Afterwards, Theresa told herself that Alex would surely propose to her over dinner. "Tonight is going to be the night that I become the future Mrs. Alex Kiriakis," Theresa said.

Back in the park, Marlena thanked John for a wonderful Valentine's Day. Marlena surprised John when she presented him with a gift. Marlena handed John a small gift box that contained a leather key ring. "GOING HOME TO DOC," the key ring read. John said that the gift was perfect. "Every time we're apart, in my mind, I am always going home to you," John said before he leaned over the table to kiss Marlena.

Marlena noted that it was also John's birthday, and she wished him a happy birthday. "I love you. Now and forever," John told Marlena. "I love you," Marlena whispered to John. John then stood up. "Now, I may not have $100,000 on me right now. But would you care to dance with me?" John asked as he extended a hand. Marlena reached for John's hand. "This one's on the house," she said softly. John and Marlena kissed and gazed into one another's eyes as they began to dance.

Jada has bad news for Xander

Jada has bad news for Xander

Thursday, February 15, 2024

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen opened the door to Brady, who appeared with balloons, chocolates, and a large stuffed bear as Valentine's Day gifts for Rachel. Rachel rushed into Brady's arms before leaving to retrieve a Valentine's Day card that she had written for him. Kristen surprised Brady when she said that she felt "envious" because of the absence of romance in her life.

Brady snapped that he hoped Kristen didn't have any illusions about the two getting back together. Brady was blunt when he said that cards, flowers, and other Valentine's Day gifts would never be sent from him to Kristen. Kristen tried to goad Brady when she asked if he minded going to bed by himself night after night.

Kristen asked Brady to re-explore the possibility of a relationship. Brady closed his eyes in disbelief. "God, it's times like this when I just know, I know, that you are certifiable," Brady scoffed in disbelief. Brady referred to his and Kristen's relationship as a "train-wreck" and a "nightmare."

Kristen insisted that she loved Brady, who grew more irate. Brady yelled that Kristen had raped Eric. Kristen pushed back, and she said that Eric had forgiven her. When the two argued, they soon found themselves in a shouting match. Rachel returned in time to hear Brady yelling at Kristen. "Stop it! Don't speak to her like that!" Rachel yelled.

Brady tried to apologize, but Rachel said that all Brady and Kristen did was fight. Rachel yelled for Kristen and Brady to shut up, and she ripped her Valentine's Day card. Kristen asked Brady to leave. Brady said that he loved Rachel, and he left after kissing her on the forehead.

After Brady left, Kristen sought to reassure Rachel that everything was all right. Rachel remained upset, and she asked why Kristen and Brady were always fighting. At the same time, Brady stood outside the mansion, and he fussed at himself for having let his anger overtake him again.

At the Spectator office, Stephanie and Everett were relieved to see that Chad was physically okay after the fire at the Horton house. Chad thanked Stephanie and Everett for their support. Stephanie received a text, and she left. Afterwards, Everett surmised that Chad had something on his mind, and he asked Chad to confide in him. "I think it was arson. Someone was trying to kill us," Chad said.

Chad told Everett about the call Chad had received from someone using a distorted voice from a blocked number. "Maybe next time, you'll listen," Chad recalled the voice having said. Everett agreed when Chad said that Clyde had to have been responsible for the fire, but he cautioned that Clyde had the means to continue his "reign of terror" for indefinitely longer. Everett agreed to help when Chad vowed to take down Clyde.

In the lobby of the Salem police station, Ava and Stefan agreed to answer questions from Jada. Jada said that someone had sent Harris a message that had lured him to the loading docks of the Bistro. Ava was stunned when Jada said that Ava had sent the message. Ava swore that she'd never sent Harris a text.

Jada said that Ava's phone could have been "ghosted, "and she left after thanking Ava and Stefan for having visited. After Jada stepped away, Ava was distraught as she wondered who had shot Harris. Stefan said that Ava wasn't to blame because the phone had been ghosted. Ava declined when Stefan offered to take her to lunch, and she said that there was somewhere she needed to be.

Later, in the hospital chapel, Ava lit a candle for Harris, and she pleaded with God to save Harris. Stefan slipped in quietly and slipped his hand over Ava's for comfort. Ava said that she had tried to sit with Harris but that the hospital's nurses had told her the room was off-limits because she wasn't family.

Ava worried that she and Stefan would never be free of Clyde. Stefan said that he and Ava were at Clyde's mercy, as long as Clyde was alive. Stefan and Ava rued that they had been "cornered" by Clyde when they had been vulnerable. Ava slowly nodded her head as she stared ahead with a distant look in her eye.

"Yeah. I don't like vulnerable. I'm Ava Vitali, for God's sake. I'm supposed to be strong and fierce. And I'm not supposed to let anybody intimidate me or scare me. But I did. That was weak. And now Harris might... the last thought that's gonna go through his head is that I needed him. He was on that dock because of me," Ava said.

Stefan slipped an arm around Ava, and he said that she wasn't alone. Stefan vowed that he and Ava would get through things together.

Back at the police station, Stephanie visited Jada to invite Jada and Rafe to join her and "(Stephanie's) boyfriend" for dinner. Jada agreed. Stephanie was happy. Later, Stephanie found Everett on a park bench in Horton Town Square. Stephanie mentioned her plans to introduce Everett to Rafe and Jada. "How can I say no?" Everett said before he and Stephanie kissed.

In the interrogation room at the Salem Police Station, Sarah visited Xander, who was handcuffed to a chair. Xander swore on Victoria's life that he hadn't shot Harris. Sarah said that she knew Xander wasn't capable of committing murder in cold blood. Xander grew emotional as he thanked Sarah for believing in him.

Justin entered, and he shared that he had agreed to represent Xander. When Justin said that Doug, Julie, and Chad were all doing as well as expected, Xander asked if he had missed something. Xander expressed shock when he learned about the fire at the Horton home. "What the hell happened in Salem last night?" he wondered.

Justin began to question Xander about his whereabouts the previous night, and he asked about the text Xander had received. "'Is it done?' What's that all about?" Justin asked. Xander said that he truly had no idea, but he added that there was something else he needed to mention. Xander recalled having received a call from a distorted voice using a blocked number days. Xander said the person's voice had asked him to eliminate someone.

Just then, Jada entered. Jada surprised everyone when she produced an evidence bag that contained a handgun. Jada said that the gun had been recovered in Xander's apartment the previous night. "And ballistics just confirmed that this is the same gun that shot Detective Harris Michaels," Jada added. Sarah looked at Xander in disbelief.

Theresa waits impatiently for a proposal

Theresa waits impatiently for a proposal

Friday, February 16, 2024

Stephanie sat at the café in the square and watched people take part in the geocaching scavenger hunt. When Tripp and Wendy walked by, they talked about the event. "What about the fundraising? How's that going?" Wendy asked. "Even better than expected. We've already raised thousands for the hospital," Stephanie said. Tripp and Wendy said goodbye, and they continued searching for containers.

Tripp and Wendy split a cookie from a Sweet Bits clue. "I just love hanging with you," Tripp said. "Given everything that's been going on lately, I think we needed this. Some escapist fun," Wendy said.

At the paper, Leo made a note to Everett about the autocorrect misspelling of geocaching. Everett explained that he was not working on the event but on a story about the Horton house fire. "All that Horton history gone. Nobody was hurt, though, right?" Leo asked. Everett confirmed that everyone had evacuated safely. As Everett typed on his computer, Leo talked about how much he liked the kids and how the loss of possessions did not really matter. Everett looked up at Leo.

"I'm not quite as shallow as you thought I was, am I?" Leo said. Leo asked Everett if there were any leads on the cause of the fire. "From what I've heard so far, it sounds like it was arson," Everett said. Leo wondered aloud if the motive was someone that was jealous of all the lovey-dovey couples in the Horton family. "And speaking of romance and Valentine's Day," Leo said. "We weren't," Everett countered. Leo reminded Everett that he had no plans because his boyfriend was in prison.

"Hint hint," Leo said. Everett noted that he had plans. "Stephanie, right?" Leo said. Everett nodded yes. Leo asked if he could tag along, but Everett noted that he was going on a double date. "A third wheel is one thing, but a fifth wheel would make me feel way too pathetic," Leo said. Leo opted to take part in the geocaching event, and he wished Everett a good night.

Alex was texting on his phone at the dining room table of his apartment when Theresa walked into the living room. Theresa thought about the engagement ring she had found. "Hey, babe. I'm gonna need a minute. I didn't think you'd be ready so fast," Alex said. Alex went into his room. "Well, I am ready. I am so ready," Theresa muttered to herself.

When Alex returned, he apologized for how long his call had gone. Alex finally looked away from his phone and saw Theresa. "Wow. You look amazing," Alex said. Theresa returned the compliment. "I have something for you," Theresa said as she handed a box to Alex. Inside was a wool scarf that matched her dress. Theresa put the scarf around Alex's neck, and he said they should leave for the Bistro. "What a perfect place to propose," Theresa whispered to herself. "Did you say something?" Alex asked. Theresa smiled and said she was excited to spend the evening with her "handsome honey."

At Eric and Sloan's apartment, Jude cuddled with his new teddy bear. Eric opened a jewelry box for Sloan, revealing a necklace that had the name "Jude" on it. Sloan forced a smile. "It's so cute," Sloan stammered. "You do like it, right?" Eric asked. Sloan nodded yes. Eric put the necklace on Sloan. "And I got you a little gift, too," Sloan said. Eric opened a box and chuckled when he saw lingerie.

"I'm going to wear it for you tonight," Sloan whispered in Eric's ear. Eric said he looked forward to it, then he noted that they needed to head out before Jude fell asleep. Eric directed the stroller toward the front door, and Sloan's smile fell away. After Eric left, Sloan grumbled, "Great."

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole sat next to an unconscious Holly, who slept in a hospital bed. "It's such a relief to have you home. Both of you," E.J. said as he kissed the top of Nicole's head. Nicole thanked E.J. for his help. "Thank Sarah Horton. She's been managing Holly's case. From here, the Italian doctors have been sharing everything with her," E.J. said. E.J. added that Sarah had set them up with all the medical equipment and staff they would need to take care of Holly.

"I just did whatever it would take to get the two of you back home," E.J. said. "And we both know you went above and beyond," Nicole said. E.J. hugged Nicole tightly. "No more missing each other. You are back home. Where you belong," E.J. said.

After Nicole and E.J. walked downstairs to the living room, she spoke to E.J. in Italian. "My love, I'm so happy to be home," Nicole said. E.J. told Nicole he was impressed. After a couple kisses, E.J. told Nicole that he had asked the chef to prepare Nicole's favorite meal. "I totally understand if you don't want to celebrate," E.J. said. "Of course, I do! And Holly's home now, and she's breathing on her own. And my valentine, my wonderful, thoughtful, generous husband made it all happen. Thank you," Nicole said. Nicole kissed E.J. again.

After dinner, E.J. and Nicole sipped drinks and talked about the Horton house fire and the shootings. "Thank God no one was hurt in the fire," Nicole said. E.J. agreed that it was a miracle. E.J. explained that he and police believed that the responsible party was the same one who had distributed the drugs that Holly had taken.

"What?" Nicole exclaimed. "And we are inches away from nailing him," E.J. said. As Nicole thanked E.J. for the perfect homecoming, he gave her a Japanese healing bowl as a gift. "You can put it in Holly's room and use it whenever. To meditate or pray, or if you want to sing for your precious daughter," E.J. said. "I love it. It's perfect," Nicole said. With a frown, Nicole noted that she had not gotten E.J. a gift. "I don't want or need anything that you haven't already given me, and that's your presence. Having you home is the best Valentine's gift I could have hoped for," E.J. said.

Nicole went upstairs to place the bowl next to Holly's bedside. E.J. confirmed that the medical staff would arrive in the morning. "In the meantime, we have the alert monitor right there," E.J. said. Nicole kissed her daughter goodnight. "E.J., she has to come back to us," Nicole said. "And she will," E.J. said.

In Rafe's office at the police station, Goldman retold her account of the shooting at the warehouse to Rafe. "I can still feel the shock of it. And I pray to God I'm never put in that situation again," Goldman said. "Hopefully, you won't be," Rafe said. Jada walked in with Goldman's gun. Rafe informed Goldman that she was cleared to return to active duty. "I've never been more ready," Goldman said. Goldman thanked Rafe and Jada, and she left. When Rafe noted that Goldman was having a good Valentine's Day, Jada said she did not know if Goldman had a romantic partner.

"[Goldman] has had a rough past couple of days. Hopefully she has someone that she can be with. I know I'm glad I do," Rafe said. Rafe and Jada smiled at one another. "As am I. And to show my gratitude, happy Valentine's Day, commish," Jada said. Jada shoved a velvet box across the desk. Inside the box was an antique sheriff's badge from the 1800s. Rafe read the card aloud.

"To my personal Wild Bill, you will always be my hero," Rafe said. Touched, Rafe thanked Jada for the thoughtful gift. Rafe gave Jada a box of chocolates, and he encouraged her to try one. When Jada opened the box, there was no candy inside, only a gold bracelet. "Nevertheless, she persisted," the engraving read. "To the strongest, bravest, most persistent woman I know," Rafe said. Rafe and Jada kissed, then went back into work mode. Jada playfully punched Rafe's shoulder, and she and Rafe agreed to keep their dinner plans.

"I will text Stephanie and let her know we are on our way," Jada said. "And you finally get to meet her boyfriend, right?" Rafe said. Jada said she was looking forward to meeting Stephanie's new man. Rafe said he had met the boyfriend a few times when he had been working on stories for the paper.

"Seems like a pretty cool guy," Rafe said. "Interesting. You know, my ex, he was also a reporter. But it turns out he was not a cool guy at all," Jada said. Jada added that she did not want to think about her ex, especially when she was spending time with Rafe.

In the square, Stephanie took a picture of Eric, Sloan, and Jude as they strolled past the café. "Terrific shot for the website. Thanks, you guys," Stephanie said. As Stephanie rushed away to take a picture of Leo, Eric and Sloan continued their walk. Nearby, Officer Goldman watched people mill about.

Stephanie called Everett at the paper, and she asked if they still planned to meet in the square before dinner. Everett gasped, and he told Stephanie that he had lost track of time. "I probably need 20 minutes to finish this up, and then I'll change, and I'll meet you at the pub," Everett said.

When Stephanie arrived at the pub, Rafe and Jada were starting to sit down at a table. Rafe grabbed drinks at the bar while Stephanie told Jada about the success of the geocaching fundraiser. "Where is this mystery boyfriend of yours?" Jada asked. "He said he would be here," Stephanie said. Once seated, Jada and Rafe showed off their Valentine's Day gifts for one another.

While Jada ducked in the ladies' room, Everett walked through the front door. Stephanie rushed to greet him, and Rafe said hello. "My best girl. My love," Everett said as he kissed Stephanie. Rafe showed off his new Will Bill era badge to Everett. "Don't get him started! Do you know how many quotes [Rafe's] memorized by heart?" Stephanie said. Everett noted that he did not have a gift to show off, since he and Stephanie planned to exchange gifts after dinner.

"Well, well, well, is this the elusive Everett Lynch?" Jada said as she returned to the table. When Everett turned to face Jada, she gasped. "Oh, my God. Bobby?" Jada said. Everett had a confused look on his face.

In the square, behind the plaque, Tripp and Wendy found a container that included trivia about Tom and Alice. Tripp read a multiple choice question to Wendy. "I hear all the time how amazingly wonderful Tom and Alice were and how everyone totally worshiped them," Wendy said. Tripp told Wendy that all the facts, including the ones about Alice's weed-spiked donuts and Tom's beat poet alter ego, were true. With a chuckle, Wendy excitedly said that they needed to dig for more information.

As Tripp and Wendy laughed and ran on to the next clue, Goldman followed them. In the park, Tripp directed Wendy's attention away while he stashed a gift in a hedge. Tripp then directed Wendy to look for the next clue where he had hidden the gift. "Why does it have my name on it?" Wendy said. Wendy paled and started to ask if it was a ring, and Tripp said no. Relieved, Wendy said she did not want to rush things, and Tripp agreed. Wendy opened the box. Inside was a pair of earrings that Wendy had pointed out to Tripp the week before.

Excited, Wendy reached into her purse and pulled out a gift for Tripp. "Whoa! Cufflinks. Caduceus cufflinks!" Tripp said. Tripp and Wendy kissed as Goldman watched from nearby. "Tripp Johnson?" Goldman said. Tripp said yes. Goldman explained that Rafe had asked her to keep an eye on Tripp and Wendy. "Why?" Wendy asked. "[Rafe] had some intel. Had to confirm it, and he has," Goldman said. Goldman told Tripp that he was in danger, and she needed to move him and Wendy to a safe place.

"Does this have anything to do with my mom or Harris?" Tripp asked. "Rafe will give me the details later, but I have to get you to safety," Goldman said. Tripp and Wendy followed Officer Goldman out of the park.

After their walk, Eric and Sloan returned to the café with Jude. Leo shouted joyfully nearby about the geocaching game. Sloan groaned with annoyance. "Leo must have found another container," Eric said. Eric called out to Leo to see what he had found. "Look who is here! Two of my favorite people in the world. And Sloan," Leo said. Leo went to fuss with Jude, but Sloan warned Leo that Jude was asleep. "No, he isn't. Check out the way he is looking at me like he's known me since the day he was born," Leo said. Eric asked about the geocache hunt. Leo happily reported that he had found six containers.

"Unfortunately, none of them are big enough for a hottie to hide in, though," Leo said. Leo reached for Sloan's phone to show her how to play the game, and she slapped his hand away. "Today is supposed to be a day for romance, not grumpiness," Leo complained. Leo wished the couple a happy Valentine's Day, and he sauntered off. "He's a lot. But he's harmless," Eric said. Sloan frowned.

When Eric, Sloan, and Jude returned home, Eric gently put a sleeping Jude into his crib. Sloan grabbed her lingerie and went into the bathroom. After Sloan changed, she was dismayed to find Eric asleep on the bed with Jude. When Sloan shook Eric to wake him, Jude stirred awake. Sloan backed away then grabbed her phone. "What are you doing tonight?" Sloan whispered. Sloan explained that she was alone on Valentine's Day, and she made plans to meet up with Melinda at Small Bar.

In the Bistro, Alex and Theresa sat at the table in the middle of the room. "We can see everyone, and everyone can see us," Theresa said with a grin. The waiter brought over a couple glasses of Champagne, and Theresa declined in favor of a mocktail. "Same for me," Alex said. Theresa held up her water glass and suggested a toast. "To a night to remember," Alex said.

Theresa looked through the flower centerpiece for a ring, and Alex asked her what she was doing. Theresa lied and said she was admiring the flowers. "So, tomorrow, you're going to go visit Tate with Brady, right?" Alex asked. Theresa noted it was the first time since Tate had been sent to rehab.

"And I know he is going to be excited to hear that Holly is breathing on her own, even though she is still in a coma. And I guess I shouldn't tell him about the fire that happened at the Horton house," Theresa said. Alex noted, "I'm sure that you're going to have some good news to share with him, too." Alex took Theresa's hand and caressed it. "I sure hope so," Theresa said. After the meal, Alex thanked Theresa for the wonderful dinner and company.

"I guess there's only one thing left to do," Alex said. Theresa gasped and closed her eyes. "Check please," Alex said to the waiter. "Huh?" Theresa said. Theresa's mouth gaped open. Alex reached into his jacket, and Theresa gasped again. Alex pulled out his wallet and paid. "I guess we are done here," Alex said. "Oh, come on, Alex! Come on! You know I am such an impatient person! This is just driving me absolutely crazy, so could you just do it?" Theresa yelled. Confused, Alex asked Theresa what she meant.

"You know what. And you also know my answer is yes," Theresa said. Alex shrugged. Theresa explained that she had seen the engagement ring. "I wasn't snooping. It just fell out of your jacket when I went to go put it away. I'm sorry if that ruined the surprise," Theresa explained. Alex apologized, and he told Theresa that she was mistaken.

"You're not gonna ask me to marry you?" Theresa said. "I just think we should talk about this a little bit first," Alex said. Tears formed in Theresa's eyes. "We should not talk about this! I have nothing to say to you!" Theresa yelled. Alex attempted to calm Theresa, but she stood up and knocked over her chair. "Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!" Theresa shouted on the way out of the Bistro.



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