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Tripp helped keep Wendy calm. Everett talked to Marlena about his amnesia. Kayla revealed that Paulina might need a heart transplant. Jada questioned Everett's connection to Clyde. Everett told Chad about his past. Holly woke up. Lani and Eli visited Paulina. Tate transferred to a Salem halfway house. Eric set up a romantic evening with Sloan. Harris thwarted Stefan's second murder attempt. Ava showed Steve a hostage video of Tripp. Steve made a confession to Konstantin. Theresa told Tate the truth about Brady.
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Everett told Chad about his past. Harris thwarted Stefan's second murder attempt. Holly woke up. Lani and Eli visited Paulina.
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Rafe questions Harris about the shooting

Rafe questions Harris about the shooting

Monday, February 26, 2024

Tripp and Wendy wondered how long they had been locked up in the warehouse. Tripp speculated it had been a day or two, but Wendy felt it had been much longer. She asked Tripp if the walls were closing in. She began hyperventilating, and her hands shook. A concerned Tripp instructed her to focus on him and breathe slowly. Wendy stabilized, and Tripp said he believed she had experienced a panic attack.

Tripp said he wasn't going anywhere, and Wendy joked that he didn't have much of a choice. To distract herself, Wendy opened up to Tripp about how her family had moved from Hong Kong to India and about how she had acted like a tomboy as a kid and made a skateboarder friend. Tripp hesitated to talk about his own childhood because he believed it was too sad. Instead, he entertained Wendy with funny stories from his med school days, including the times a patient had swallowed eardrops and an elderly patient had hit on him.

Wendy appreciated how Tripp was trying to stay strong for her, even though she knew he was scared. He corrected her that he felt more angry, but he believed they would be okay if they stayed positive. While they strategized about getting free, Goldman entered the room. She demanded Tripp make a video following a script. Goldman threatened that if Tripp refused or tried to send a hidden message, she would kill Wendy, so Tripp reluctantly agreed.

Everett and Stephanie waited for Marlena in a hospital room. Everett confided that while he was feeling better and less dizzy, he was scared. When Marlena entered, she updated them that a CT scan had confirmed Everett's traumatic brain injury. Both Stephanie and Everett filled Marlena in on the events at the pub. When Marlena asked how Everett had reacted to Jada's accusations, he said that while her confrontational manner had upset him, he'd also felt sorry for her.

Everett informed Marlena that Jada had fingerprinted him and confirmed he was Robert Stein. He insisted that he had no memory of Jada or their relationship and said he felt like he was losing his mind. After Stephanie told Marlena about her past experiences with Everett and about the accident, they wondered if the injury could have caused his memory loss. Marlena confirmed that a brain injury might have caused dissociative or traumatic amnesia and could have essentially turned off Everett's prior memories.

Everett bemoaned that just when he had gotten his life back together and had put the accident behind him, he was grappling with the idea that he did not know himself at all. He did not want to believe he was someone who could have been so cruel and duplicitous and stressed that "Robert Stein is a stranger to me." Marlena urged him not to speculate and asked for permission to obtain his medical records. When Marlena departed, Stephanie reassured Everett that he would not go through it alone. They were interrupted when he received a phone call summoning him to the police station.

Marlena ran into Kayla, who told her that Harris had emerged from his coma. Their talk turned to Everett, and Kayla asked what Marlena thought. Marlena shared that although the tests had shown a brain injury, they could not confirm memory loss. Kayla asked Marlena if Everett could have been faking, and Marlena looked troubled.

Harris opened his eyes as Rafe smiled and said, "Welcome back." Harris appeared to have lapsed back into unconsciousness by the time Kayla entered, though. Upon Kayla's inquiry, Rafe told her that Harris had not said anything. When Kayla attempted to rouse him, Harris woke up again. He immediately asked where he was and what had happened.

After Rafe told Harris that he had been shot, Harris wanted to know if they had gotten Clyde. Rafe said they had gotten close but still had not succeeded. Harris wanted more details about what had happened to him, so Rafe revealed that Harris had been going to a meeting at the loading docks when he'd been shot. Rafe directly asked Harris if he knew who had shot him.

A happy Ava called Harris awakening an answer to her prayers. Stephan blurted out, "No," which prompted Ava to ask "what the hell" he meant. Stefan flashed back to shooting Harris then claimed that he was only worried about Clyde's reaction. Angered, Ava asked Stefan why he should care. She became impatient as she waited for an update. She was relieved when Kayla approached and told them that Harris was alert and talking.

Stefan, on the other hand, worried when Ava asked what Harris had said. Just as Stefan nearly confessed to Ava, Rafe emerged from the hospital room and told them that Harris did not remember the shooting. Ava caught Harris' eye through the hospital room window, and they smiled at each other -- while Stefan appeared uneasy in the background.

Everett tells Chad about his past

Everett tells Chad about his past

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

In the hospital, Abe sat at Paulina's bedside as she slept. Chanel walked in. "Thanks for watching her," Chanel said. "There's nothing in the world I'd rather do than be here beside your mama," Abe said. Abe relinquished his chair for Chanel, and she held her mother's hand against her cheek.

"I keep on thinking about all the wisdom that Mama and Big Mama have given to me over the years about dealing with tough times. And the thing that just keeps coming back to me is Mama telling me, 'Darling, you can't change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails to make sure you always reach your destination,'" Chanel said. Chanel added that Paulina had also warned her not to let Chanel's pain and struggle make her a victim, but to instead be a hero for someone else.

"Your Mama is my hero," Abe whispered. "Mine, too," Chanel agreed. Chanel noted that Paulina would not be awake for a while because of the medication. "I keep thinking that we were so worried about the cancer, and now," Chanel said with a shrug. Chanel lamented that Paulina had to endure another challenge.

"You know your mother's favorite expression. God doesn't give us any more than we can handle," Abe said. Chanel nodded in agreement. "Mama can handle anything that's thrown in her way. Isn't that right, Mama? You can handle anything and then some. You are going to make it through this," Chanel said. When Kayla entered the room, Abe leaped to his feet to hug and thank her.

"It's my job. And I care about all of you so much. How are you doing?" Kayla asked. "Moment to moment," Abe admitted. Chanel nodded. "I'm fine. I'm grateful that Mama has so many amazing people in her life," Chanel said. Kayla told Chanel that Paulina was lucky to have a daughter like Chanel. Abe asked about Paulina's health. Kayla informed Abe and Chanel that Paulina's surgery had been a complete success.

"So, the surgery wasn't the cause of the heart attack?" Chanel asked. Kayla said no, and she noted that it had been a blessing that Paulina had been in the hospital when she had suffered her heart attack. Kayla also explained that despite the quick response, Paulina had still suffered damage to her heart. "Paulina is going to have a long road to recovery," Kayla said. Kayla explained that Paulina would need to undergo rehab before they could evaluate whether Paulina would need a heart transplant. Chanel gasped, and Abe caught her as she stumbled backward. Paulina stirred awake.

"What's going on here?" Paulina asked. Kayla asked Paulina how she felt. "I feel like I was hit by a freight train," Paulina said. Paulina asked Chanel about married life. "The first few hours have been perfect," Chanel said. Paulina lamented that Chanel had spent her honeymoon in a hospital. "We just want to be close to you," Chanel said. Kayla and Chanel left the room so Abe could spend time alone with Paulina.

"You gave us quite the scare there, Miss Paulina," Abe said. Abe told Paulina that she was not allowed to leave him, since they were finally back together. "Listen to me. Nobody's leaving anybody. I love you to the moon and back, Abraham Carver. I plan on doing that for a very long time," Paulina said. Abe asked Paulina if she needed anything.

"I need you to promise me that you'll take care of my girls. I need you to promise that no matter what happens that you'll be there for them," Paulina asked. "I promise. But I need you to listen to me. I need you to listen to me, Paulina Carver. Now you're going to be there for your girls. And you're going to be there for their children, as well. And I am going to be there right by your side. And that's a promise that I make," Abe stressed.

In the DiMera living room, E.J. greeted Johnny. "I know it's a lot there at the hospital, isn't it?" E.J. said. Johnny agreed. Nicole walked in, and a surprised Johnny hugged her hello. "You look like you could use a good night's sleep," Nicole said. Johnny nodded yes, and he asked about Holly. Nicole noted that Holly was upstairs in her room. Elated, Johnny asked about Holly's status. E.J. explained that Holly had stabilized enough to return home.

"That means she's on the mend, right?" Johnny asked. Nicole confirmed that Holly was breathing on her own, which was a good sign. "The next step is to remain hopeful that she will open her eyes and smile that big smile and then immediately ask for her phone so she can check her texts and emails," Nicole said with a chuckle. Johnny said he was grateful that Nicole and Holly were home.

"How did Paulina's thyroid surgery go?" Nicole asked. "They got all the cancer out. There's no metastasis. However, she did have a heart attack," Johnny said. Nicole gasped. Johnny explained what had happened and that the doctors had given Paulina angioplasty to unblock a coronary artery. "[Paulina] is in stable condition," Johnny confirmed. E.J. offered Johnny assistance if he needed anything for Paulina or the family.

"I do have some other news that happened at the hospital earlier today," Johnny said. Worried, E.J. asked if he should pour a drink first. "More like Champagne. See, as of now, Chanel and I are husband and wife. Again," Johnny said as he showed off his ring. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. When did this happen and where?" E.J. asked. Johnny gave the details.

"Paulina must have been thrilled," Nicole said. "Yes, she was a very happy mother of the bride," Johnny confirmed. Nicole asked about Paulina's status, and Johnny said that Paulina was waiting for the next part of her recovery. "We will be praying for her. And Johnny, I'm so happy for you and Chanel," Nicole said. Nicole hugged Johnny. E.J. agreed. "Just a little bit hurt that Nicole and I weren't invited to the wedding," E.J. added. Johnny apologized.

"We knew too much excitement probably wasn't good for Paulina, so we wanted to keep it limited to just Abe, Chanel, and me," Johnny said. "I'm just teasing you," E.J. said. E.J. noted that despite his distrust of Chanel in the past, he saw how much Chanel had improved Johnny's life and happiness. "You two complement each other. And I love that. You have my blessing," E.J. said. E.J. asked Johnny if he and Chanel planned to move into the mansion. With a shrug, Johnny said he and Chanel had not discussed their living situation.

"Chanel hasn't even left the hospital since the wedding, other than a quick shower, and she's gone out to the parking lot to get a breath of fresh air," Johnny said. E.J. told Johnny he would handle the arrangements for space if needed. "Thanks, but I have a feeling we're gonna want a place of our own," Johnny said. E.J. congratulated his son again.

Johnny went upstairs to visit Holly in her room, and he held her hand as he sat at her bedside. "We missed you around here, kiddo. Hasn't been the same without you," Johnny said. Johnny talked about all the things he missed about Holly around the house. "I just remembered that we are way past due on our next fencing lesson," Johnny said. Johnny fought back tears, and his voice cracked as he told Holly that he missed her. "Things are a little hectic right now, but I'm going to be back to visit you real soon," Johnny promised. Nicole and E.J. joined Johnny.

"I hope she heard all that stuff," Johnny said. Nicole said she believed that Holly could hear him and that it would help with Holly's recovery. "I can't help but think that if I had talked to her more before this happened, you know, or listened better. I mean, I knew she had this crush," Johnny said. "Stop. Listen, what you did or did not do, did not cause any of this," Nicole said. E.J. seethed that the only person to blame was Tate. Nicole asked E.J. not to be negative in front of Holly. "When we're around her, let's just talk about how much we love her and how much we need her to come back to us," Nicole said.

Johnny, E.J., and Nicole left Holly in her room, and they returned downstairs. E.J. asked Johnny how it felt to be a married man. "I'm a lucky guy," Johnny said. Johnny noted that he needed to return to the hospital, but he was glad he had been able to see Holly and Nicole. "I know this guy has missed you," Johnny said as he pointed at his father. "I've missed you both very much," Nicole countered.

After Johnny left the mansion, Nicole and E.J. returned to Holly's room to spend time with her. Nicole told Holly that she could not wait to see Holly open her eyes. "I'm so lucky to be your mama. You make me a better person, sweetheart," Nicole said. Nicole and E.J. each stood on either side of Holly's bed and held a hand. "You have that fighting spirit, just like your mom," E.J. said. E.J. joked that they were eager to embarrass Holly when she woke up. After Nicole and E.J. left, Holly's right hand twitched.

At the hospital, Kayla approached Chanel at the coffee cart. "How are you doing?" Kayla asked. With tears in her eyes, Chanel said, "As well as can be expected. It's kind of hard not to worry." Kayla reminded Chanel that Paulina was a tough woman with a strong daughter. As Kayla walked away, Johnny arrived at the hospital. Chanel told Johnny about Paulina's prognosis. "I can't lose her," Chanel said as she cried on Johnny's shoulder.

"Whatever Paulina has to go through, she's got our support. She's got Abe's support," Johnny said. Johnny told Chanel that he had watched a news report about heart transplants and that people often lived for many years after one. Eli called Chanel's phone, and she asked Johnny what she should tell her brother-in-law.

Down the hallway, Paulina asked Abe what she would do without him. "Well, you never have to find out," Abe said with a chuckle. Chanel and Johnny returned. "Eli just called. And Lani's been released. And they'll be here tomorrow," Chanel said. Paulina cried out with joy.

At the police station, Everett joined Chad in the interrogation room at the request of the police. "How are the kids?" Everett asked. Chad confirmed the family was shaken but okay. "What do you think this meeting is about?" Chad asked. Everett said it was related to Lucas. Confused, Chad said he did not know why the police would need to discuss Lucas with them, since the story had been published.

"There's something that I want you to hear straight from me," Everett said. Before Everett could inform Chad about his alter ego Bobby, Jada walked in and coldly greeted the men. "Why are we here?" Chad asked. "This is about the attempted murder of Lucas Horton," Jada said. Everett and Chad exchanged a quizzical look. Chad asked if Lucas was okay. Jada confirmed that Lucas was fine.

"How did this story not leak?" Everett asked. "You think you're the only one who can keep a secret?" Jada countered. Jada explained that the attempt had been made on the same night as the fire. "The reason the two of you are here is because only a very small and selective group of people knew Lucas' location. Harris, Roman, Kate, and the two of you," Jada said. Chad was adamant that neither he nor Everett would have compromised Lucas.

"First of all, he was Abigail's uncle. And why would I put my own family at risk?" Chad asked. Jada looked pointedly at Everett. "I don't know. Some people don't look at family the way most of us do," Jada said. Everett reminded Jada that Lucas had provided valuable information. Jada said that was why she wanted to talk to Chad and Everett. When Jada asked questions about the initial interview request, Chad confirmed that Lucas had reached out to him.

"Who was present when you took Mr. Horton's call?" Jada asked. Chad confirmed that only he and Everett had been in the office. Chad said he had only told Everett, and Everett confirmed that he had only learned about the interview when they had left for the pub to meet with Lucas. Jada asked if anyone else had been in the office at the time of Lucas' call, and Everett said everyone had left for the day.

"You sure about that, Mr. Stein?" Jada asked. "Lynch," Everett countered. Confused, Chad said he did not understand why Jada was acting hostile. "We left. No one followed us. No one knew where we were going. We didn't tell anyone where we were going," Chad said. With a shake of his head, Everett said neither he nor Chad would compromise a source.

"So you say. And yet right after you saw Lucas at the Brady Pub, you paid Clyde Weston a visit at Statesville. Care to explain?" Jada asked. Everett said he and Chad had visited Clyde as part of their investigation. "The only thing we wanted to do was write a comprehensive article with a diversity of voices and viewpoints. So, we went to confirm some facts. We were hoping Clyde was willing to talk," Chad said. Chad asked Jada if she believed that he had wanted to spend time with the man that had murdered his wife.

"The only thing I want for that son of a bitch is pain and sorrow," Chad said. Jada said she understood, and she turned her focus to Everett. "What's your connection to Clyde Weston? Matter of fact, it's hard to really tell who you have a connection with nowadays, Mr. Stein," Jada said. Everett reminded Jada that his name was Lynch. "No, I don't have any connection with Clyde Weston," Everett said. Jada noted that Lucas' safe house had been compromised after Everett had talked to Clyde.

"Your word means absolutely nothing to me," Jada told Everett. After a stern look, Jada said she needed to make some phone calls and would be back. Once Jada was out of the room, Chad and Everett agreed that it was suspicious that Lucas had been attacked the same night as Harris and the Horton house.

"Why is she coming after you so hard?" Chad asked Everett. With a nervous chuckle, Chad said it felt like Jada had been relishing the thought of taking down Everett. Everett told Chad about Bobby Stein. "It doesn't make any sense, honestly. But the fact is there are things that I don't remember from before the accident," Everett said. Chad asked why Everett had remembered Stephanie but not his wife, Jada.

"I was never married," Everett yelled in frustration. Everett rubbed his head, and he said he did not remember his marriage. Everett added that Jada and Bobby were divorced. Furious, Chad accused Everett of having lied since he had arrived in Salem. "How did Stephanie react to this?" Chad asked. "I love her, and she knows that," Everett said. Chad groaned.

"You love her? We don't even know who you really are!" Chad yelled. Chad argued that he should have known that Everett was not to be trusted. "You knew her and I were involved, and you just happily snaked your way in there and ruined it for us," Chad complained. Everett warned Chad not to blame him.

"You did that on your own. You told [Stephanie] that you were not ready for a commitment or whatever the hell you said because you were still grieving your late wife. Which, by the way, I think you still are. Don't blame your breakup on me," Everett argued. "What I needed was some time! And she made her decision. It is what it is. But what Stephanie didn't need was her psychopath ex-boyfriend infiltrating back in, making her think that he was willing to commit when really, he's a fraud," Chad countered. Jada returned, and she asked what was happening.

"Nothing. Your friend Bobby and I here were having a talk," Chad said. Chad told Jada that he was sorry for whatever Bobby had put her through. "For whatever it's worth, I'm glad that you know the truth about your colleague," Jada said. Chad told Everett that he made Chad sick, and he asked Jada if he could leave. Jada told the men they could leave the station, but they could not leave town. Chad stormed out of the room.

"All I can say to you, Detective Hunter, is I'm sorry that I don't remember us being together," Everett said. "Your apologies mean nothing to me. So, you can stop saying how sorry you are," Jada countered. Jada told Everett that she wished she did not think about when they had met.

"Listen, Jada, I am genuinely trying to make things right. I'm seeing a therapist, Dr. Evans. We're doing this intensive adaptive memory recovery. Anyway, the point is, I want to remember, all right? I'm trying," Everett said. "All I want to do is forget. I want to forget I ever met you. I want to forget the good, definitely the bad. I want to forget it all. So, let's hope that one of us gets what we want," Jada said.

Nicole is thrilled when Holly wakes up

Nicole is thrilled when Holly wakes up

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

In the park, Alex and Kristen collided while on a jog. Kristen was taken aback to learn that Theresa had moved in with Brady. She blamed Alex for his and Theresa's breakup. Kristen and Alex traded insults before Kristen left in search of Brady.

At John and Marlene's penthouse, Theresa thanked Brady for allowing her to move in. Theresa received a call from Tate, who said that Justin had arranged a spot for Tate at a halfway house in Salem. Tate surprised his parents when he said that he didn't want to go to the halfway house because neither Brady nor Theresa had believed that Tate was innocent. Brady and Theresa begged Tate to reconsider. Tate said he would think about it, and he hung up.

Afterwards, Theresa and Brady argued over Tate. They heard a knock at the door before Kristen entered. Theresa left for Tate's old room. Kristen presented Brady with the card that Rachel had ripped on Valentine's Day. Brady thanked Theresa, and as he tried to rush her out, Alex appeared when Brady opened the door.

Alex burst into the penthouse without an invitation. Brady asked Alex to leave. Alex ignored Brady. Theresa returned, and she said that she had more important things on her mind than Alex. Just then, Theresa asked for silence when she noted that Tate was calling. Tate said that he had changed his mind and that he would move back to Salem. Brady and Theresa were thrilled. They told Tate that they loved him. After the call ended, Brady and Theresa hugged. Alex and Kristen stared at Brady and Theresa.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole and E.J. awoke when they heard Holly's voice call out over the speaker. E.J. and Nicole raced into the guest room and found Holly conscious. E.J. stepped out to phone Sarah. Holly asked if the New Year's Eve party had ended well. When E.J. returned, Nicole whispered that Holly was confused by the date.

In Horton Town Square, Chad and Sarah caught up before Sarah left after receiving E.J.'s call. Afterwards, Chad phoned Leo to say that Leo had done a good job with the article on the Horton family. Chad spotted Stephanie nearby. Stephanie stood in front of a plaque of Tom and Alice as Chad approached.

Chad asked how Stephanie was doing. They hugged after she shared that she was confused over Everett/Bobby. Chad invited Stephanie to join him at the Horton house while he took photos of the property for insurance adjusters. Moments later, inside the Horton house, Stephanie surveyed the damage the fire had caused. Stephanie was thrilled when Chad shared that the Horton Christmas ornaments had survived the fire.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Sarah ran a series of reflex tests on Holly before whispering to Nicole and E.J. that she would eventually like to have Holly taken to the hospital for more comprehensive tests. Nicole stepped out of the room. E.J. broke an awkward silence when he thanked Sarah for her help with Holly. Sarah reiterated her support for Xander, and she swore that he hadn't set fire to the Horton house.

E.J. stepped out of the room to phone Chad with the news that Holly was awake. By phone, E.J. asked Chad how Thomas and Charlotte were doing. E.J. said that he would keep pressure on the police for answers about the fire.

With E.J. out of the room, Nicole returned to Holly's bedside. Nicole asked Sarah how long Holly would drift in and out of sleep. Sarah said that Holly was fortunate to be able to wake up at all. Sarah added that Holly would be surrounded by love and support. Nicole noted that she and Sarah were both with complicated men, and she offered Sarah a chance to confide. Sarah thanked Nicole for the offer. Nicole and Sarah hugged.

Nicole said that Holly being awake was one of the happiest days of Nicole's life. Soon after Sarah had left, E.J. returned. E.J. put his arms around Nicole, who expressed her joy over Holly's condition. "My little girl came back, and everything is right in the world. She came back," an emotional Nicole said.

Back at the Horton house, Chad told Stephanie about the call he'd received from someone using a distorted voice on the night of the fire. Stephanie agreed when Chad said that the call had to have been from Clyde. Chad surprised Stephanie when he pulled a sheet back to reveal that Tom and Alice's chair had survived the fire. Stephanie was thrilled.

Lani and Eli return to Salem to see Paulina

Lani and Eli return to Salem to see Paulina

Thursday, February 29, 2024

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan fumed about Harris having awoken from a coma. Stefan received a call from an irate Clyde at Statesville. Clyde ordered Stefan to finish off Harris. "And you're gonna do it today!" Clyde bellowed. When Stefan noted that Harris was under constant surveillance at the hospital, Clyde said that he had arranged a way for Stefan to eliminate Harris.

Clyde said that Stefan would be receiving a package that contained a syringe and a vial for Stefan to inject into Harris' I.V. bag. Clyde added that Harris would appear to suffer a fatal heart attack. Moments later, a box was left on the doorstep. Stefan stared inside the box before he produced a vial and a syringe. "So, this is it, huh? This is how it ends. Neat, clean, easy. And then curtains down for Harris Michaels," Stefan said to himself.

At Wendy and Tripp's apartment, Steve and Ava met to try to ascertain Tripp and Wendy's location. Ava received a text that included a video of the script Officer Goldman had forced Tripp and Wendy to read from. After the video ended, Steve used Ava's phone to try to search for clues.

Ava said that Tripp was the most important person in her life, and she added that she was proud of the man Tripp had become. Steve and Ava credited one another for Tripp possessing many of the same qualities his parents possessed. Steve vowed that he and Ava would find Tripp and Wendy "come hell or high water."

At an unknown location, Tripp and Wendy wondered how to pass the time. Tripp proposed that he and Wendy imagine having dinner in Paris by using the food contents Goldman had left. They spoke in French as they imagined the dinner. Later, Tripp promised to take Wendy to Paris after they were rescued. They hugged one another closely.

At Sloan and Eric's apartment, Sloan returned home to find that Eric had placed Champagne on ice and rose petals on the bed for a romantic "Valentine's Day do-over." As Eric poured Champagne, he told Sloan that Marlena was watching Jude. Eric and Sloan wished one another a "happy Valentine's Day," and they toasted.

Eric handed Sloan a gift bag, and he said that he was ready for his "Valentine's Day present." Sloan retrieved a red negligee from the bag. Moments later, she returned wearing the negligee. Eric and Sloan kissed before having sex. Afterwards, Sloan asked Eric to promise her not to go so long in between sex again. Eric agreed to work with Marlena on hosting more sleepovers for Jude.

When Eric's phone rang, Sloan huffed and was impatient as Eric spoke to someone by phone. Afterwards, Eric shared that Nicole had returned to Salem and that Holly was conscious. "Wow. That's great news," Sloan said unenthusiastically. With her back to Eric, Sloan rolled her eyes.

In Paulina's room at the hospital, Chanel shared that she had a surprise for Abe and Paulina. When Chanel slowly opened the door to Paulina's room, Lani and Eli appeared. Paulina was thrilled as she threw her arms around Lani. At the same time, Abe embraced Eli. Lani went to Abe, and they shared a warm hug. Abe noted that Lani's release from prison had been great timing. Eli held Paulina's hand, and he told her that she looked beautiful.

When asked about Jules and Carver, Eli said that the twins were with Doug and Julie. Lani quipped that she and Eli had missed Chanel's "wedding of the year" to Johnny. Chanel said that Johnny had been by her and her family's side since Paulina had been diagnosed with cancer. Paulina mentioned her recent health woes, and she said she was thrilled to have both her daughters with her.

Lani said that she and Eli had gone to the hospital as soon as they'd arrived in Salem earlier that morning. When Paulina grew tired, Abe asked Chanel to go with Eli and Lani to retrieve ice chips for Paulina. Afterwards, Abe whispered that he'd wanted to have a moment alone with Paulina.

Paulina noted that Abe was still dealing with his own issues -- and that he had still chosen to make Paulina his top priority. Paulina asked what Abe's "secret" was. "I'll tell you my secret. Love. I love you, Paulina. That's what motivates me. Our family, it's the most important thing in my life. And you -- you are the most important person in my life," Abe said before he leaned in to kiss Paulina.

By the nurses' station, Chanel told Lani and Eli that Paulina might need a heart transplant. When Eli asked how Chanel was doing, Chanel said that she was trying to be brave in front of Paulina. Lani vowed that they would all get through everything together as a family. Eli, Lani, and Chanel all hugged.

When Chanel and Eli returned to Paulina's room, Paulina said that seeing Eli and Lani was good for her soul. "Not that having Chanel and Johnny and Abraham here pretty much day and night hasn't been wonderful and comforting, but now it feels complete. My husband, my kids, my grandkids, all close by. Oh, it already feels like my heart is getting stronger. Because it's just so filled to the brim with love," Paulina said as her voice broke.

Abe joined Lani back by the nurses' station, and they shared an extended hug. Lani grew emotional when she said that she was worried about Paulina. Lani asked how Abe was doing. Abe shared that he still didn't remember his past. "But there is one thing -- one thing that I do know. I am so lucky to be your father," Abe told Lani. "The best father anyone could ask for," Lani said to Abe.

Abe asked if Lani intended to stay in Salem for a while. Lani said that Eli was being considered for a new job in Washington, and she added that she and Eli had "mixed feelings" about staying in Salem. Lani asked Abe for another hug, and he readily agreed. Abe assured Lani that Paulina would rise above her health issues.

When Abe and Lani returned to Paulina's room, Eli showed Paulina new photos of Jules and Carver. Paulina grew sad when she said that she treasured her time with her loved ones. Chanel and Abe promised that their family would have a lot more time together. Lani agreed with Abe, and she said that their family needed Paulina to pull through. Paulina said that she loved Abe, Lani, Eli, and Chanel, and she asked for a hug. Chanel and Lani crawled into Paulina's bed, and they placed their arms around Paulina. Abe and Eli smiled warmly nearby.

Stefan attempts to murder Harris

Stefan attempts to murder Harris

Friday, March 1, 2024

Stefan arrived at Salem Hospital, disguised as a doctor. Harris was asleep in his room. Goldman stood watch in the hallway, so Stefan pulled a mask over his face and approached the door. "Thank God you're here. Been jonesing for a cappuccino. I'll be back in a jiffy. You want anything?" Goldman said. Stefan shook his head no. Goldman slowly strolled past Stefan and patted him on the shoulder. Harris' eyes went wide as he realized that Goldman worked for Clyde.

Stefan walked into Harris' room, and he thought about when he had shot Harris. "Better luck this time," Stefan whispered as he pulled the syringe out of his lab coat pocket. As Stefan went to inject the contents of the syringe into Harris' I.V. bag, Harris grabbed his wrist and stopped him. "Not so fast," Harris said. Stefan attempted to wrench his arm free, but Harris held firm.

"You're not going anywhere, pal," Harris said. Harris stumbled out of bed as Stefan lunged for the exit door. Harris pulled Stefan into a chokehold. "Stefan," Harris growled. "You know I had no choice in this," Stefan said. "We all have choices," Harris countered. Stefan asked Harris what he wanted. "You work for me, DiMera. You're going to take the fall for this, and you're going to help me take Clyde Weston down," Harris said.

Harris warned Stefan that he could charge Stefan with the attempted murder of a police officer. "Do you know what kind of time you're going to freaking serve?" Harris asked. Harris shoved Stefan across the room. "You ready to play ball?" Harris asked. Stefan nodded yes. Harris told Stefan that he would be in touch. Stefan ran out of the room. Harris coughed, and he struggled to climb back into bed.

As Harris lay on his bed with his eyes closed, Goldman returned. When Harris moved, Goldman gasped. "What the?" Goldman said. Harris looked over. "Goldman. It's you," Harris said. Goldman fumbled to remove her gun from the holster, but a nurse entered the room, and Goldman froze. Goldman stared at Harris, then she ran out of the room.

At Black Patch, Steve and John studied the hostage video of Tripp and Wendy. "[The kidnappers] sure as hell knew how to disengage their phones," Steve grumbled. Steve noted that the last known location of Tripp and Wendy had been outside the town square, and he suggested that the kidnapper could have forced Wendy to use her technical knowledge to cover the kidnapper's tracks. John's phone rang.

Brady called John from Tate's new halfway house in Salem. "You're on the visitors' list, so do you think you can make it?" Brady asked. John started to ask Steve if he could leave to visit Tate, but before John finished his request, Steve insisted that John go. "I'll keep working at this until you get back," Steve said. John promised that they would find Tripp.

After John left, Konstantin entered the office. "I thought he would never leave," Konstantin said. "You again?" Steve muttered. Konstantin offered pastries, but Steve refused to take one. "I don't have time for this," Steve growled. Konstantin told Steve that the pastries would remind Steve of his time in Aria, Greece. As he leaned forward, Konstantin talked about his daughter's love for baklava.

"Don't you ever shut up?" Steve yelled. Steve argued that he was busy with a case and did not have time to humor Konstantin. "So, your son is still missing?" Konstantin asked. "What's it to you?" Steve asked. Konstantin said he could relate to the pain and anger of Steve's situation. "Pining for answers that remain excruciatingly elusive," Konstantin added. Konstantin argued that he suffered every minute of the day with his pain.

"I miss my Catharina more as time goes on. Not less," Konstantin said. Konstantin noted that Catharina was the only good thing he had done in his life. "Do you feel that way about your children, Mr. Johnson?" Konstantin said. Steve admitted that his children meant everything to him. With a nod, Konstantin noted that Steve should understand how difficult the loss of his daughter had been for Konstantin.

"How could I not?" Steve said. Konstantin said that he appreciated Steve's empathy. With a nod, Steve asked if Konstantin intended to implicate Steve in Catharina's death. "I am not trying to do anything. I am merely sharing how her death haunts me, Konstantin said. Steve shook his head as he grewy teary-eyed.

"No one was supposed to die that day. It was an accident. A terrible accident," Steve confessed. "Which you witnessed?" Konstantin asked. Steve shook his head no. "Not directly," Steve said. Konstantin asked if Steve was admitting that he had been there when the Pawn had shot Catharina in the head. "Surely [a confession] would help you to relieve the guilt," Konstantin said. "Nothing will relieve me of that guilt," Steve whispered. Steve admitted he had been there when Catharina had died.

"Tell me more, please. For both our sakes. We both deserve peace of mind," Konstantin pleaded. Steve choked back his emotions. Konstantin urged Steve to unburden himself. "We were different people then. But, yes, I was the Pawn's handler for Victor. He called me away to give me some instruction. And when I came back, there was a young girl lying there dead. That image has tormented me all this time. I didn't know who she was," Steve said. "But you do now," Konstantin argued. Steve nodded yes.

"And the Pawn, where was he when you came back?" Konstantin asked. "He was there. He was holding the gun. And someone else was lying next to the girl, flat on the ground, and I couldn't see that person's face. But I knew it was you," Steve said. Konstantin's face twisted up in fury. "Where is the bastard who killed my Catharina? I will choke the life out of him!" Konstantin bellowed. Steve argued that Konstantin was not after John.

"Whatever [John] did was out of his control," Steve argued. "But you do not deny he was the Pawn?" Konstantin asked. Steve explained that Stefano had transformed John into the Pawn against John's will. "[And Stefano] is dead. And so is Victor. So, if it'll make you feel any better, go spit on their graves, but leave John out of this! He has suffered enough," Steve yelled.

"He's suffered? I have suffered! And now I want the both of you to suffer like I have suffered!" Konstantin countered. Steve asked Konstantin what he meant. "Your missing son, he may still be alive. But my daughter is dead. And I will have justice!" Konstantin said. Konstantin stormed out of the office.

Brady and Theresa checked in with reception at the halfway house. "You are on the list, Ms. Donovan, so you can just head on into the room," the receptionist said. Surprised, Brady asked if he was not allowed inside. The receptionist confirmed that Brady did not have Tate's permission to go inside. Theresa offered to talk to Tate on Brady's behalf, but he shook his head no. "I'll be here if you need me," Brady said. Theresa went inside.

John arrived at the waiting room of the halfway house. Brady explained that Theresa was with Tate. "Dad, he didn't put me on the list," Brady admitted. John told Brady not to worry. "I have seen you and your boy together. Let me tell you, that bond is strong," John said. John advised Brady to have patience.

When Theresa entered the visitors' room, she rushed into Tate's arms. "It's so good to see you. You know your dad's here," Theresa said. Tate asked Theresa not to guilt-trip him. "Do not try to force me to see Dad today," Tate said. Theresa told Tate that she would respect his wishes.

"Just hear me out. You and your dad had a great relationship before all this happened. You guys were best buds," Theresa said. With a nod yes, Tate said that therapy had changed things. "It brought up how dad wasn't there for me when I was growing up," Tate said. Theresa confessed that she had made the decision to move to California.

"I kept you from your father," Theresa said. Tate told Theresa that he did not believe her. With a sigh, Theresa confessed that she had gained custody of Tate when she had made up a lie that had implicated Brady in a murder. "I lied, and that got me custody of you. And that's what allowed me to take you with me to California. So, my point is, that man out there that you refuse to see, I have hurt him so much more than he has hurt you or hurt me. Your father loves you. He always has, and he always will," Theresa said. Taken aback, Tate shook his head in disbelief.

"There's something else that I want you to know," Theresa said. Theresa told Tate that she had fallen off the wagon, and Brady had helped her recover from her slip. John appeared in the doorway, but he hung back so that Theresa could finish her confession. "[Brady] was kind and supportive, even after everything that I have done to him. Your father, Brady Black, he needs you in his life. And you need him," Theresa said. John said hello, and Tate hugged his grandfather.

"Your mom's right. Your dad needs you because your dad loves you with all his heart. And your mother here, you know what? She just took a really big risk in telling you the truth. That was brave of her. You know why she did that? Because she trusted enough in your love for her that she knew she wasn't going to lose you. And you know what we call that? Unconditional love, Tate. And that is what your mother and your father have for you. That is what your grandparents have for you. Always," John said.

Theresa told Tate that Brady was hoping that Tate would agree to see him. "You know, I just found my long-lost father, your great grandfather. Timothy's a wonderful-spirited man, which I missed out on so many years with him. And neither one of us were ever going to get those years back. I'm just saying that I don't want you to look back one day and have any regrets about the time that you missed with your dad. But it's your call," John said.

In the waiting room, Brady anxiously looked at the door to the visitors' room every time it opened. As Brady rubbed his face in frustration, John exited the visitors' room and told the receptionist that Tate wanted to see his father. John hugged Brady, and Brady thanked him. John asked Brady to call him later. "You got yourself a good kid in there," John said. Brady nodded in agreement.

When Brady walked into the visitors' room, Tate said hello. Theresa stepped outside to make a phone call. "It's good to see you," Tate said. "It's good to see you, too. Look, man, I don't know what grandfather said to you," Brady started. Tate explained that Theresa had told him the truth about the custody dispute. As Brady stared in disbelief, Theresa returned.

"Did you tell him?" Brady stammered. "It was time that Tate knew the truth," Theresa said. Brady sighed. "I really don't know what to say," Brady murmured. "I do. I'm sorry, Dad," Tate said. Brady stressed that Tate did not have anything to be sorry about. "And thank you for telling the truth. I'm grateful," Brady told Theresa. Brady told Tate that he loved Tate. "And your mom and I are always going to be there for you, no matter what, okay?" Brady added. Tate nodded yes as Brady pulled him into a hug. Brady mouthed "thank you" at Theresa.

"We have a lot to catch up on, don't we?" Tate said. With a nod, Brady and Tate joked about the sports they had missed out on. With a chuckle, Tate turned to Theresa. "Thank you for opening up to me, really, for having the courage to tell me the truth about you and Dad," Tate said. "I'm so glad I did. Just seeing you both laughing together, it just, you have no idea how happy it makes me," Theresa said.

When John returned to the Black Patch office, he asked Steve for an update on the case. Distracted, Steve fumbled open the laptop and showed John the coordinates for where Tripp had last been located before his disappearance. "We're already making progress," John said.

In the DiMera mansion, Nicole delivered food to Holly. "So, I was wrong before, wasn't I? It's way past New Year's Eve, right?" Holly asked. Nicole noted that it was common for people that had fallen into a coma to pick up where they had left off before they had lost consciousness. "You haven't let me see my phone or watch the news. You said I was in a hospital in Italy? I just, I can't even wrap my brain around that. Mom, what is it you're not telling me?" Holly asked. Nicole averted her eyes, unsure how to answer.

"So, how we doing?" E.J. asked as he walked into the bedroom. Nicole explained that Sarah had advised Holly to take small walks to regain her strength. "After being in bed so long, we mustn't let the muscles atrophy," E.J. said. Worried, Holly asked how long she had been in bed. Nicole told Holly not to worry E.J. eased Holly out of bed, and they walked across the room to seat her at the table for lunch. Holly made a face.

"It's chicken broth and smashed bananas with a pinch of cinnamon," Nicole said. "Gross. Somebody pass me my phone. I'm going to order a burger from Buddy's," Holly said. Nicole explained that they needed to slowly reintroduce food to Holly's system. As Nicole and Holly playfully bickered about the food, E.J. smiled and said he had missed the mother-daughter dynamic.

After Holly ate a little, she pressed Nicole for answers. "You had opioid-laced drugs in your system," E.J. said. "What?" Holly exclaimed. E.J. told Holly that they knew she did not do drugs. "Believe me, we are going to get to the bottom of what happened. But however it happened, it was an overdose, and your heart stopped several times," E.J. said. E.J. explained that Holly had almost died before she had fallen into the coma.

"It happened on New Year's Eve," Nicole added. Nicole asked Holly if she remembered that night. Holly furrowed her brow and shook her head. "Just the sound of fireworks," Holly said. E.J. pushed Holly to think back to that night. Nicole asked Holly where she had obtained the drugs.

"Did Tate give them to you?" E.J. asked. "I don't know. I don't remember taking any drugs. So, someone must have given them to me," Holly said. Holly suggested that someone could have slipped the drugs into her drink. "So, no one gave you the drugs? Not Tate? Not anyone?" Nicole probed. Holly said she was tired and wanted to rest. With a nod, E.J. and Nicole helped Holly back into her bed.

After E.J. and Nicole left the room, Holly sighed with relief. Holly thought about New Year's Eve and when she had kissed Tate. "Tate," Holly whispered.

In the hallway outside Holly's room, E.J. argued that what Holly had said about the spiked drink supported his theory about Tate. "We don't know that for sure," Nicole said. "Who else could it have been? No one else was drugged at that party," E.J. argued. E.J. growled that Tate had roofied Holly in order to sleep with her.

Nicole returned to Holly's room and sat at her bedside as Holly slept. "I knew I'd find you in here," E.J. said as he entered the room. "Just making sure this was all still real. That Holly is home and that she had come back to us," Nicole said. "I assure you, my darling, it is very real," E.J. said. As Nicole and E.J. stepped across the room to talk quietly, Nicole worried aloud that Holly did not remember what had happened.

"I so hope that those drugs weren't hers that did this to her. I guess because I would feel like that would reflect on me. Because if she were using, that means I failed her as a mother," Nicole said. "But you haven't," E.J. stressed. "But I have. In so many ways. I've been selfish and self-absorbed. And if those drugs that almost killed my daughter, if they were hers, then that's just another box ticked off on the terrible mother checklist," Nicole said.

Nicole admitted that she had been justifiably distracted by the loss of their son and how she had lost her mind in the aftermath. "I was just trying to handle how to get through every day," Nicole said. "I need you to stop beating yourself up. Look at me. You are a wonderful mother. And darling, Holly made it clear that those drugs weren't hers, which means she is completely innocent in all of this," E.J. said. E.J. told Nicole that she should be proud of the daughter she had raised. After E.J. and Nicole left the room, Holly opened her eyes, and a look of guilt crossed her face.

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