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Kate and Roman visited Lucas. Harris did not clear Xander or tell Rafe about Stefan. Stefan gave E.J. all his assets in exchange for help. Clyde threatened to kill Tripp if Ava did not bust him out of prison. Goldman closed the air vents on Tripp and Wendy's tank. Ava double-crossed John and Steve. Clyde double-crossed Ava. Holly told Nicole that Tripp was innocent, but she could not prove it. Tate sent Holly a message. Everett told Marlena that he had no memory of his father. Sloan filed a complaint against E.J. Tripp and Wendy's air dwindled. Paulina started to slip away.
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Ava double-crossed John and Steve. Clyde double-crossed Ava. Everett told Marlena that he had no memory of his father. Paulina started to slip away.
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Clyde demands Ava break him out of prison

Clyde demands Ava break him out of prison

Monday, March 4, 2024

Paulina and Abe listened while Lani read details about the national organ transplant waiting list. Lani said she should stop reading, and Paulina agreed. Abe and Lani pledged that they would be there for Paulina. Just then, Marlena entered the hospital room. Paulina told Marlena that they needed to talk alone. After Lani and Abe excused themselves, Paulina confessed that she was scared.

Marlena listened while Paulina confided that she was not feeling like the strong fighter that everyone had called her. She was afraid of leaving her family, her friends, her job, and the life she loved. Marlena believed Paulina still had a long life ahead of her, and Marlena reminded her that heart transplant recipients had been living longer. Marlena further assured Paulina that feeling frightened was natural and that she could be scared and strong at the same time. She told Paulina that family and friends were by her side and were ready to comfort her if she would let her guard down.

Paulina expressed doubt that she could maintain her fighting spirit when she felt physically weak. She also worried about the person who would donate their heart. Marlena stressed that someone who performed such a "kind, enormous gesture" was not pressured but rather was fulfilling a wish and allowing a part of themselves to live on after they were gone. Paulina thanked Marlena for her words of comfort. She said she felt more at peace and knew what she needed to do. Before Marlena departed, she reminded Paulina that they were all in it together.

Abe and Lani waited at the nurses' station and discussed Paulina and Marlena's meeting. They both understood that Paulina likely wanted comfort from Marlena. Abe called their unit "a family against time" and worried about the prospect of losing Paulina, whom he called "our rock, our core." Lani expressed gratitude for how Abe and Paulina had found their way back to each other even after Abe's memory loss. She said their love "gives me hope and reminds me that through the darkest times, we can find a way to push through to the light."

When Lani and Abe returned to the hospital room, Paulina asked Lani to get her laptop. She wanted Lani to record her last will and testament. Having been put on a waiting list had reminded Paulina that she would not live forever, and she said she needed to get her affairs in order. Lani and Abe announced plans for their own wills, and Paulina jokingly called them copycats. As Lani typed, Paulina began dictating her will.

Julie called Doug as she wandered around the burned remains of the Horton house. She told him she was searching for a key or some other way to open the time capsule. After she gave Doug her love and said goodbye, Julie noticed a shadowy figure with a flashlight outside. She grabbed a fire poker and raised it to attack as the figure entered. The person, Everett, screamed while Julie issued her own battle-cry scream.

Julie lowered the poker and said that Everett had scared her to death, to which Everett quipped, "You give as good as you get." They each asked what the other was doing at the house. Everett claimed he had seen a flashlight inside and wanted to make sure that no one had broken in. Julie thanked him but said that when she'd seen him approaching, she'd been worried that someone had been coming to finish the job. She also told Everett about the time capsule and her efforts to open it so that she could honor her puzzle-loving grandfather's challenge.

Julie accepted Everett's offer of assistance but wondered if he "had something better to do than spending your evening with an old lady searching for clues." Everett said he loved a good mystery, which was half the reason he had become a journalist. When Julie asked him about the other half of the reason, he offered that while it sounded pretentious, he had a burning desire to spread the truth. Julie noticed that under the lantern light, Everett looked like Nick, and she opened up about her cousin; she confided that he had "lost his way to the dark side."

Everett marveled at the interesting tales from Julie's family and about the house that had to have had "secrets dripping from the walls and scandal dripping from the eaves." Julie changed the subject and wanted to know about Everett and Stephanie. He updated Julie about the happenings with Jada and revealed that fingerprints had confirmed him to be Bobby Stein. Everett called the situation a nightmare and pondered how he could have forgotten a big chunk of his life. "Unless you're lying," Julie responded.

Everett insisted he had been telling the truth and that he had always believed himself to be honest, kind, and hard-working. He asked that Julie believe him and said he needed someone not to hate him. Julie confirmed her belief in him and told Everett the story of her uncle Tommy, who had been presumed dead in the Korean War.

Julie explained how Tommy had returned with a new face, a new name, and amnesia. Although none of the family had initially known who he was, Julie remembered how Alice had uncovered Tommy's true identity by noticing a birthmark. She remarked that the story had an interesting but heartwarming end.

Julie joked that hopefully Everett would not discover he and Stephanie were related or that Stephanie would have to "run off to a nunnery," as had happened with Tommy and his sister. Everett admitted that Stephanie was hurt and confused, and he bemoaned that he was losing her just as he had found her again. Julie said he needed to find out the truth, or he would never be free. Before she left, Julie thanked Everett again and told him to keep her up to date. Once alone, Everett broke into a sinister smile.

Harris gasped, "It's you," when Goldman entered the hospital room. She reached for her gun but fled after a nurse arrived. She ended up at the park, where she disposed of her clothes and called Clyde.

Clyde expressed disbelief when Goldman informed him that Harris was still alive. He wondered if Stefan had double-crossed him. Goldman hesitantly told Clyde that Harris had identified her and that she had been forced to leave before she could finish the job. Clyde told Goldman that they needed to move up the timeline. When she asked about Tripp and Wendy, he instructed her to solve the problem fast.

Ava ran into Rafe at Horton Town Square and asked if he had any leads on Tripp and Wendy's whereabouts. She got angry when he told her they had nothing concrete, and she implied that she was willing to cross any lines to find her son. Rafe warned her about doing anything rash and Ava apologized for snapping at him. He called out to Goldman as she rushed past them, but the cop ignored him. Rafe received a text message from Harris telling him to "come quick."

Rafe got to the hospital quickly and asked Harris what had happened. Harris told him that Goldman was the mole. Rafe was shocked as Harris explained how a masked man had tried to kill him and how Goldman had arrived, acting surprised that he was not dead. Rafe said the events cast doubt on Xander as the assassin, and he stressed that they needed to find Goldman and her accomplices. He sent out a BOLO to police for Rebecca Goldman.

Rafe and Harris speculated that Goldman had shot the drug dealer to prevent him from exposing her as a dirty cop and to protect Clyde. Rafe felt guilty that he had missed the signs with Goldman, and he wondered what had compelled her to turn on them. He wanted to post another guard outside Harris' room but did not know who he could trust. Harris asked for his gun and said he could take care of himself. Rafe vowed to take Clyde down and to "end that monster."

As Ava entered her apartment, she left a message for Steve, requesting an update on Tripp. She poured herself a drink, and a phone started ringing. After searching for the source, she found the phone in a drawer. Clyde was on the other end, and Ava immediately ranted about the threats to Tripp. She promised Clyde that if any harm came to her son, she would "drive a semi-truck through the gates of Statesville and choke the life out of you."

An unfazed Clyde replied that Tripp would be fine if Ava did as he said. He told her to "bring your fanny over here to Statesville" without the cops or Stefan. When he revealed that he wanted her to break him out of prison, Ava scoffed. Clyde insisted that she "shape-shift from doting mama to Vitali mob princess" and warned "your bambino will be pushing up daisies" if she failed. Ava ended the call and screamed in frustration.

Ava plots with John and Steve to free Clyde

Ava plots with John and Steve to free Clyde

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Ava summoned Steve and John to her apartment to tell them about Clyde's phone call. "He said if I ever want to see my son again, I need to break him out of prison in the next 24 hours," Ava said. Steve and John refused to break Clyde out. "But we don't have any other choice," Ava complained. Ava argued that Tripp and Wendy's lives depended on helping Clyde escape.

John asked how Clyde had called Ava, and she told him about the phone stashed in her desk. "Someone broke in here. That video said she was being monitored," Steve noted. "How does [Clyde] expect you to break him out of Statesville?" John asked. Ava said that Clyde had ordered her to reach out to the Vitali family for help. John laughed ruefully.

"There is no way that Clyde is going to hold up his end of the deal. You know that, right?" Steve asked. "We have to try! Because this could be the only way we see our son again," Ava pleaded. Ava warned Steve and John that they could not waste time. John told Ava that they had been making progress on the video. "But nothing definitive yet, right?" Ava asked. John nodded yes.

"We don't have any other options. I need to break that bastard out of Statesville today, and I need your help," Ava said. Frustrated, Steve yelled, "Damn it, Ava! Why did you have to get mixed up with Weston in the first place?" Ava told Steve to blame her for the situation, but if he failed to help her and Tripp was killed, Steve would be the one to blame. "Emotional blackmail? Really?" Steve muttered. Ava explained that she was out of options.

"I know you're scared. I'm scared, too. But we have to focus on what's important, and that's finding Tripp and Wendy," Steve said. John suggested that they needed to consider other options. "If we do this, we have to be all in," Steve said. "I've got your back, buddy," John said. With a sigh, Steve noted that if breaking Clyde out of prison was the only way to save Tripp and Wendy, then that was what they would do.

"Now that we're all on board, how are we going to pull this off?" Ava asked. John suggested they start with blueprints of the prison and determine the kind of security system the prison used. "If we had more time, we could disappear Weston into thin air," Steve joked. "What if we can? What if it's just that easy?" John countered. Ava asked John what he had in mind. John explained that he needed to reach out to vendors for equipment.

"What can I do?" Ava asked. "We are going to need help from your family members if we're going to pull this off," John said. Ava nodded yes. "I'll make sure they're at the ready," Ava said.

In the brewery fermenter tank, Tripp and Wendy woke up after a fitful night of sleep. Tripp talked about a Paris breakfast. "You have some pretty deliciously vivid dreams," Wendy said. "Well, it sure beats reality right now," Tripp muttered. Tripp noted that the only thing that made the experience bearable was that Wendy was with him. Wendy said she felt the same way. As Wendy put her head on Tripp's shoulder, Tripp promised to give Wendy an expensive spa day.

"And what do you get?" Wendy asked. "Three weeks sitting on the couch, watching March Madness," Tripp said. Wendy chuckled. Frustrated, Tripp started to pace the room. To calm Tripp, Wendy suggested they take an imaginary trip to Pisa. Wendy painted a picture of their Italian trip, and Tripp played along. "As long as I have you right beside me, it doesn't matter where I spend the night," Tripp said. "I feel the same way," Wendy said. Tripp assured Wendy that they would survive their ordeal.

There was a noise outside the door. When the door did not open and the sounds continued, Wendy wondered aloud if the person outside was someone other than Goldman. "What if it's your dad or someone who can help us?" Wendy said. Tripp and Wendy rushed to the door and started to yell and bang on the wall. There was a creak outside. "What the hell was that?" Wendy said. After a moment, the clicking noise stopped. Tripp looked around the top of the tank.

"Wendy, the vents are closed," Tripp said. "How can you tell?" Wendy asked. Tripp held up his hand. With tears in his eyes, Tripp said, "I don't feel any air movement. We're sealed in." Wendy started to have a panic attack. Tripp assured Wendy that they had time left. "How much time?" Wendy asked. Tripp said he did not know. "We're going to be okay," Tripp promised. Tripp encouraged Wendy to stay calm. "Calm? What we have to do is get the hell out of here. We're going to die," Wendy said. Tripp pulled Wendy into a hug to comfort her.

In the DiMera living room, Stefan was pouring a drink when a bathrobe-clad E.J. walked into the room. "Why did you call me so late?" E.J. asked. Stefan asked E.J. for help. "You can't be serious. Forget it. Whatever you've done now, forget it," E.J. said. Stefan pleaded that E.J. was the only family that he had left. E.J. countered that Stefan was a bug that would always seek trouble.

"I tried to avoid the dark path, I did. But things got out of control, and E.J., I need your help," Stefan said. "Or what? Gabi might suffer another broken leg?" E.J. countered. Stefan sighed. "I need your help, or it's the end for me," Stefan said. E.J.'s smile fell away, and he asked what Stefan meant. Stefan confessed to E.J. that he had shot Harris on Clyde's orders.

"What in God's name were you thinking?" E.J. asked. "You knew what position I was in. I had no choice," Stefan growled. E.J. argued that there was always a choice. When Stefan explained that Gabi would have suffered the consequences if he had denied Clyde's order, E.J. rolled his eyes. "Gabi, Gabi, who brings nothing but trouble and misery into our lives. Yet you cling to that woman. How in the hell did it come to this?" E.J. asked. Stefan explained that the situation had grown dire because Harris was alive.

"How is that worse?" E.J. asked. "Because I didn't finish the job. And because of that, because I failed, now Clyde is coming for me!" Stefan said. E.J. chuckled. "I am having serious doubts that our gene pool truly overlaps," E.J. joked. Stefan apologized for what he had done to help Clyde, and he informed E.J. that Harris knew he was the shooter. "[Harris] wants me to help him take Clyde out," Stefan said. Stefan argued that if he helped the cops, Clyde would have him killed.

"That sounds like a you problem," E.J. said. "Have a heart, would you? For once!" Stefan yelled. E.J. gave Stefan a warning look. "I came to you because this thing has spun so far out of control and because you are my brother, and I thought maybe, just maybe, you would have an ounce of empathy for me. Not to mention, if you had helped me out the first time when I came to you," Stefan said. E.J. countered that he would not let Stefan blame him.

"I'm not trying to blame you for anything, I'm simply saying that with your help, this situation would not have gotten out of control. But stupidly, I pulled that trigger, and this thing began to unravel. And now, I'm out of options. This is life and death. I've got nobody left. I mean, what the hell am I supposed to do?" Stefan asked. E.J. advised Stefan not to do anything. "I am going to call the police," E.J. said. E.J. advised Stefan to turn himself in.

"You know that going to the cops is a surefire way to get me and Gabi killed. Come on! We're family!" Stefan argued. E.J. urged Stefan to be quiet, since Nicole and Holly were asleep upstairs. Stefan looked over at Stefano's portrait. "If Father was still alive, he would tell you to stand by me and do the right thing. That despite our differences, despite my mistakes, he would tell you to preserve family at all costs," Stefan said. E.J. sighed.

"So, you conveniently invoke our father's name in an effort to coerce me into mopping up your mess," E.J. said. "I believe you employed the same strategy with me from time to time," Stefan reminded E.J. E.J. chuckled ruefully, and he agreed to help Stefan. "But there is no get-out-of-jail-free card with this little game. Just like our father, I believe in quid pro quo. So, in exchange for my services, you will sign over all your DiMera shares to me along with all land holdings and all your offshore assets," E.J. said. With a groan, Stefan complained that he would be left destitute.

"Destitute, yes, but alive. I believe it is more than a fair trade," E.J. said. "You can't be serious," Stefan countered. E.J. reminded Stefan that he had done the same thing to E.J. "And what do I get in return?" Stefan asked. E.J. explained that he would facilitate Stefan's exit out of the country. "I'll drop you in a country that doesn't hold any extradition treaty with the US. I have some other ideas, but I will share them with you all in due time," E.J. said. Stefan asked about Gabi.

"The only way I can protect [Gabi] is to give you everything that's rightfully mine," Stefan whispered. After a moment, Stefan said, "It's all yours." After E.J. wrote up the contract on a legal pad, he signed it and then handed it to Stefan. "Father would never approve of this," Stefan said. "Oh, please. This is straight out of Father's playbook," E.J. countered. E.J. argued that it was the cost of his help, and his help was Stefan's only option. Reluctantly, Stefan signed the agreement.

Roman and Kate approached the door to Lucas' room at his new safe house. "So, you're sure no one followed us?" Kate asked. "I was a cop most of my life. I promise you, we're clear," Roman said. Kate knocked on Lucas' door. Lucas answered the door, dressed like a monk. Once Kate and Roman were inside the room, Kate hugged her son. "So far, I am safe," Lucas reassured his mother. Roman asked Lucas about his new life at the monastery.

"No one looks at me or even talks to me ever," Lucas said. "That sounds lonely," Kate whispered. "But better than Statesville," Roman countered. Lucas agreed. "But this is the one lifestyle I'm not cut out for," Lucas said. Kate teased Lucas about his new lifestyle compared to his old one. "How are you spending your time here?" Kate asked. Lucas explained that he had been gardening, but he had accidentally killed all the seedlings.

"So, now I get to hang out in the laundry room and do laundry," Lucas said. "You? Laundry?" Kate said with a chuckle. Lucas said he was an expert. When Lucas complained about boredom, Kate handed Lucas two bags of supplies. "Doug sent you books he salvaged from his library," Kate said. Lucas promised to read the books because Doug had asked.

"You're going to get [your life] back. You're going to get it all back," Kate promised. Roman, Kate, and Lucas sat down and played a game of poker. After a couple hands, Lucas asked about news from Salem. Kate informed Lucas that Harris had woken from his coma. "He looks like he is going to recover fully," Roman said. Lucas asked about the overall investigation.

"Clyde Weston has determined to burn Salem and everything in its wake to the ground," Roman grumbled. "I know, but is there any headway on the investigation at all?" Lucas asked. Roman explained that the police had remained tight-lipped on the case, which was a good thing. "But [Clyde] has got to pay," Kate said. "As long as he is alive and he's not paying for what he's done, there's going to be a target on my back," Lucas added.

Lucas asked about the rebuild of the Horton house. "Julie wants to restore the house to its original look. Her way of honoring the past. It's going to be a challenge. But I think Julie can handle it. And speaking of challenges, I talked your mom into a 5K run this month," Roman said. With a laugh, Lucas noted that Kate did not wear sneakers. Kate explained that she had been resistant, but when she had heard the prize was a $5,000 bottle of wine, she had decided to give it a shot.

"It's nice to see you guys making plans. Living your life to the fullest," Lucas said. Kate's smile disappeared. "I know that you're bored. I mean, I know that you're lonely, but this isn't going to last forever," Kate said. Kate asked Lucas what he planned to do once he was a free man. With a shrug, Lucas noted it was tough to plan for the future when he did not believe he would ever gain his freedom back. "You don't know that," Roman said. Kate told Lucas that he had been brave so far and that Lucas' family would make up for lost time when he was free.

"We're going to celebrate your return. And we're going to shower you with so much love and affection," Kate said as her voice cracked. "Love and affection. I could handle that," Lucas said. As Kate and Roman donned their disguises to leave, Lucas asked if they were sure that no one had followed them to the monastery. Roman promised that he had been thorough.

"Thanks for coming to see me. I really miss you guys," Lucas said. Kate and Roman hugged Lucas goodbye. Lucas admitted he was worried about what happened after Clyde was eliminated. "Do I go home, or do I go back to Statesville?" Lucas asked. Kate sighed, unsure how to respond.

Marlena tries to help Everett regain his memories

Marlena tries to help Everett regain his memories

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

At the Salem police station, Xander was happy to receive a visit from Sarah and Victoria. Xander was relieved when Sarah shared that Harris had awoken from his coma. Sarah said that Harris couldn't remember who had shot him, and she reasoned that Harris couldn't implicate Xander. Xander was happy when he noted that Sarah believed he hadn't shot Harris.

Sarah mentioned that Konstantin was still a presence around Maggie at the Kiriakis mansion. Xander said that he wasn't thrilled at the idea of Sarah and Victoria being near Konstantin. Sarah agreed when Xander asked her to stay clear of Konstantin. Sarah added that Xander would be back at the couple's apartment with Victoria soon. Sarah and Xander hugged. Xander looked at Victoria, and he promised that he would be home with her as soon as possible.

In Horton Town Square, Nicole spotted Brady. Nicole shared that Holly had awoken from her coma. Brady was thrilled when he learned that doctors expected Holly to make a full recovery. Brady pressed Nicole to ask Holly to "set the record straight" about Tate's lack of involvement in Holly's overdose. Nicole shared that Holly believed someone had slipped her drugs without Holly's knowledge at the New Year's Eve party. Brady protested that Tate had an aversion to drugs because Tate had seen Brady and Theresa's history as addicts.

When Brady asked Nicole if he could speak to Holly, Nicole flatly refused. Brady grew animated when he said that Tate wasn't lying. "Neither is Holly!" Nicole shot back. Eventually, Nicole agreed to consider allowing Brady to visit Holly when Holly felt stronger, but she said that she wouldn't make any promises to Brady.

At the halfway house a short while later, Brady brought Tate breakfast from Sweet Bits. Tate wanted to use Brady's phone to stream a Premier League match for the father and son to watch together. Brady said that he had something more important to share, and he said that Holly was awake. Tate was relieved, but Brady shared that Holly hadn't cleared Tate's name from the night of the New Year's Eve party.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole was delighted when she found Holly awake and out of bed in the living room. Nicole presented Holly with doughnuts from Sweet Bits Bakery before recalling her run-in with Brady earlier. Nicole said that Brady had insisted Tate hadn't supplied Holly with the drugs that had caused Holly's overdose. "He didn't," Holly said adamantly.

Holly repeatedly insisted that Tate would never have slipped her drugs. When Nicole asked who else could have given Holly drugs, Holly had a flashback to New Year's Eve night. In the flashback, Holly recalled that Tate had warned her not to take drugs. "Oh, come on. They're just some ADHD meds I got from someone at school. Everyone does it," Holly recalled having told Tate.

Holly grew short-tempered when she told Nicole that she didn't know who else would have given her drugs, and she stood up to head back to her room.

At the same time, back at the halfway house, Tate had the same flashback Holly had had. Tate insisted that the drugs had belonged to Holly, and he pleaded with Brady to believe him. Brady said that he believed Tate, and he asked if Tate had any proof. "My word. That's all. It's my word against hers," Tate said.

In Marlena's office at the hospital, Marlena and Everett/Bobby began a therapy session. He insisted that Everett was his real name and that Marlena address him as Everett. Everett said that he was terrified of what he might learn about himself and his past. Marlena assured Everett that she wasn't judgmental, and she asked what his first memory was after he'd been brought out of his coma in Seattle. Everett recalled that the first thing a doctor had asked for was Everett's name.

Marlena asked Everett to share some of his earliest childhood memories. Everett said that his mother had loved to bake and had once baked a cake for him in the shape of a Formula 1 race car. Everett spoke glowingly of his mother. He said that her mantra had been to "just be nice." Marlena noted that Everett had positive memories of his mother. Everett admitted that he hadn't thought of his mother in a long time.

Everett said that he wanted to learn who Bobby Stein was. Marlena retrieved a file that Jada had sent. "It says here that your name is Robert Everett Stein. And your mother's maiden name was Lynch," Marlena read. When Marlena asked Everett about his father, Everett said that he was having a difficult time recalling his father.

Everett asked why he would have forgotten his father. "Why would I just completely obliterate him from my mind?" be wondered. Marlena stopped the session, and she said that she wanted to try to use hypnosis on Everett during their next appointment. Everett agreed, but he seemed nervous and uncertain. Everett received a text from Stephanie, who shared that she was at the Horton house. Everett agreed to meet with Marlena the following week. He stood up to thank her for her help. Marlena seemed puzzled when Everett left the room.

At the Horton house, Julie was thrilled that Stephanie had stopped by to volunteer in the recovery of the home. Julie mentioned that she had spoken to Everett/Bobby, and she shared that Everett genuinely cared for Stephanie. Stephanie moved fast to change the subject. Julie returned with a box of belongings that included one of Doug's vinyl albums that she said hadn't been touched since the '70s.

Roman and Chad appeared with breakfast from the Brady Pub. Julie grew sentimental when she said that she was fortunate to have friends like Chad, Roman, and Stephanie. Julie asked everyone gathered to help her search for a key to the time capsule that had been discovered days earlier. Julie said she hoped that whatever was inside the time capsule would bring her family joy.

Julie asked Roman to accompany her to the back yard to decide what furniture could be salvaged. Alone in the house afterwards, Chad mentioned Everett, and he said that Stephanie deserved better than both Chad and Everett. Chad and Stephanie recalled a warm memory they had with Thomas and Charlotte at Six Flags. Chad said that he was there for Stephanie if she ever wanted to talk or vent.

Chad and Stephanie admitted that they were grateful to have one another in their lives, and they hugged. Unbeknownst to Chad and Stephanie, Everett had entered the house just in time to see the hug. Chad and Stephanie said that they were happy they had moved past the awkward stages following their breakup months earlier. Chad asked if he could walk Stephanie home.

At the same time, Everett had left the house and stood ominously by the entrance of the home. Everett seemed incensed as he stood alone.

Steve and John have new plans for Clyde

Steve and John have new plans for Clyde

Thursday, March 7, 2024

At the halfway house, Tate worried about his future, given that Holly didn't remember the events from the night of her overdose. When Sloan appeared, Theresa announced that Sloan had taken over Tate's case from Justin. Tate retold his story of the night of Holly's overdose to Sloan. When Tate finished, Sloan worried whether a jury would believe Tate's story, if the case went to trial.

Tate and Theresa were hopeful the case would avoid going to trial, but Sloan noted that the case was personal to E.J. Sloan suggested that she arrange a plea deal. Tate said that it was "BS," and he insisted that he had done nothing wrong. When Sloan stepped away, Theresa encouraged Tate to follow Sloan's advice. Tate held out hope that Holly would regain her memories and clear him of any wrongdoing.

Sloan reappeared, and she asked to speak to Theresa in private. After Theresa stood up, Tate spotted Theresa's phone across a table. Sloan told Theresa that she planned to file a formal complaint against E.J. in an effort to have him removed from Tate's case due to bias and lack of objectivity. Sloan said that she needed Tate to stay sharp in the event his case headed to trial.

Sloan said that she couldn't guarantee an outcome for Tate, but she promised to do everything she could to help. Theresa thanked Sloan. Back at the table, Tate grabbed Theresa's phone and stashed it in his pocket. Moments later, Theresa returned. Theresa told Tate not to give up. Tate said that he wouldn't, and he and Theresa said that they loved one another. When Theresa left, Tate used Theresa's phone to try to send a message to Holly through a social media account that belonged to Theresa.

At the DiMera mansion, Holly was thrilled when Eric followed Nicole into Holly's room. After Eric and Holly hugged, Nicole stepped out. When Holly told Eric about the night of her overdose, Eric deduced that there was something Holly wasn't telling him. Holly said that New Year's Eve was still a "blur" for her.

Nicole returned, and she gushed over photos of Jude that Eric had been showing Holly. Eric shared that he had waited until Nicole and Holly had returned to Salem before he and Sloan christened Jude. Nicole suggested hosting a christening ceremony at the DiMera mansion. Eric said that Sloan would likely disapprove. Eventually, Holly and Nicole persuaded Eric to discuss the offer with Sloan.

Later, in the living room of the mansion, Holly helped Nicole plan for Jude's christening. Nicole put her arms around Holly, and she said she didn't know what she would have done if Holly hadn't awoken from her coma. Holly said that Nicole was a survivor, and she said she didn't want to talk about New Year's Eve again. Nicole agreed that she and Holly would focus on the christening ceremony.

Nicole and Holly said that they loved one another. When Nicole stood up to head out, Holly's phone chimed. Holly noted that she had received a message on social media from Theresa. "Why the heck is Tate's mother sliding in my DM's? Sorry, lady. No time for you. I've got a party to plan," Holly said dismissively as she ignored the message.

At Sloan and Eric's apartment, Leo babysat Jude, who soon began crying. After he'd changed a diaper, Leo cradled Jude. Leo began to tell Jude the story of the night Jude had been born, and he referred to Sloan as an "evil, nasty, bottle-blonde wicked witch. ... Okay, that's not fair. We don't know for sure that she's a bottle-blonde," Leo quipped.

Leo smiled at Jude, and he seemed to have genuine affection for the baby. Leo grew emotional when he noticed that Jude had started to smile at Leo. Moments later, Leo donned a rap artist's outfit, and he rapped for Jude. Eric entered, and he was impressed that Jude seemed to like Leo. Eric learned that Sloan had asked Leo to babysit, and he noted that Leo and Jude seemed to get along.

Sloan returned home as Leo prepared to leave. Eric said that Leo had done a good job babysitting Jude. Eric told Sloan about Nicole's offer to host the christening ceremony at the DiMera mansion. "O-M-G, Nicole is just the sweetest! And the DiMera mansion -- what a perfect venue," Leo feigned as Sloan's face grew resigned.

At Wendy and Tripp's apartment, Steve, John, and Ava continued to search for clues on how to find Tripp and Wendy. Ava spoke by phone to someone in her family, and she shared that the Vitali family had agreed to help in the search. "What did it cost you?" Steve asked. Ava said that her family had agreed to do her a "one-time favor" and that she would deal with the consequences later, should they arise.

Steve, John, and Ava agreed that they needed any help they could get. As the three of them looked at blueprints of Statesville, Ava ran through a checklist of things they planned to use to break Clyde out of prison. As Steve and John prepared to head out, they said that they needed to pick up some "special equipment." Ava learned that Steve and John planned to abduct and "interrogate" Clyde about Tripp and Wendy's location.

Steve said that he and John had no plans to allow Clyde to leave Salem. Ava pushed back, and she said the idea of double-crossing Clyde was "insane." Ava asked Steve to think about Tripp's safety. Steve reasoned that Clyde could leave Salem without sharing where Tripp was being held, and he insisted that he and John would hold Clyde until he revealed Tripp's location.

Ava and Steve argued over Steve and John's decision, and she begged the men to let Clyde leave Salem. "Steve, it is the price we are going to have to pay to save our son," Ava said. Steve listened to Ava's worries, but he said that allowing Clyde to leave Salem wasn't an option. John sided with Steve, who reiterated that they planned to force Clyde to reveal Tripp and Wendy's location.

Ava reluctantly agreed to Steve and John's plan, and she said that all she wanted was for Tripp to return home safely. Steve swore that he and John had everything they needed to deal with Clyde. "But first, we've got a prison to break into," John said with a touch of pride. Steve and John headed out.

Ava, Steve, and John break Clyde out of prison

Ava, Steve, and John break Clyde out of prison

Friday, March 8, 2024

As Paulina slept in the hospital with Abe at her side, Chanel and Lani returned. "She's not good," Abe whispered. Abe explained that Paulina's breathing was labored, and there was no update on a heart for a transplant. Lani encouraged Abe to leave and get some rest, but he refused to leave Paulina's side. "I want to be here when she wakes up," Abe said. Reluctantly, Lani agreed.

"The doctors said she's running out of time. But you know, there are thousands of other people who are waiting for a heart transplant, too," Abe said. "Even still, we can't give up hope, right?" Chanel said. "Right. We're not giving up," Lani agreed. Paulina stirred awake and groaned. "Hi there, my love," Abe whispered. Lani and Chanel said hello, and Paulina beamed at her daughters.

"How are you feeling?" Chanel asked. "My grandbabies?" Paulina asked. Lani assured Paulina that Eli would escort the kids over the next day. Abe showed Paulina two pictures that the grandkids had drawn for Paulina. "We love you so much, Mama," Lani said. "I love them and you," Paulina whispered. With a smirk, Paulina asked about whether there would be more grandbabies with Johnny. Chanel gasped.

"You've got to give us some time, Mama. We just got married," Chanel said. Paulina sighed. "If I don't make it, you tell them about me," Paulina stammered. Chanel and Lani exchanged a horrified look. "How can we help?" Lani asked. Paulina asked to talk to Abe alone. With a nod, Chanel and Lani left.

"Yes, darling? What is it?" Abe whispered. "I feel myself slipping away," Paulina said. "No! You can't talk like that. We only think positively. I won't let you go. I won't!" Abe said. Paulina thanked Abe for the best years of her life. With tears in his eyes, Abe told Paulina that he loved her. "Promise me. Take care of my girls," Paulina said. "I promise," Abe said. Abe vowed to look after the whole family. "I won't let you down," Abe said. "So tired," Paulina whispered as she nodded off to sleep. Abe broke down in tears.

After a moment, Abe sniffled, and he thanked Paulina for the best years of his life. "I wish I could remember all the times we had together. But instead, I got to fall in love with you all over again. I love you," Abe said. As Paulina continued to slumber without a response, Abe wished for more time. "We need to make new memories," Abe whispered. Abe told Paulina that if she was too tired to fight, it was okay to let go.

"We'll try to get along without you. I know that's what you'd want. You'd want us to be strong. You'd want us to take care of each other. And we will," Abe said through tears. Abe kissed Paulina's hand. A bright light shone down on Paulina, and she opened her eyes. A figure walked to the foot of the bed, and Paulina pointed at her. Abe turned to look at what Paulina was staring at.

In the hallway, Chanel and Lani sat in the waiting area. "I can't believe this. Mama just got through cancer, and her surgery was a success. She was supposed to be out of the woods. We were all so happy," Chanel said. Lani noted that when she'd been a child, Paulina had seemed indestructible to her. "She made all the other adults just shake in their boots. But I had no idea that she was going through hell. I had no idea that she was in an abusive marriage, that she was forced to give up her child. But she pushed through the other side. She's a survivor," Lani said.

With a sad smile, Lani reminded Chanel of when Lani had first learned that Paulina was her biological mother. "I was so upset at her for keeping it from me. Like, I was awful to her," Lani said. Chanel took her sister's hand, and she noted that Lani's reaction had been understandable. "I know that she was doing it to protect me. I know that she wanted to keep me away from a man that would abuse me and beat me like he did to her," Lani said. Lani noted that Paulina had sacrificed her own happiness for her daughter.

"Just like you would do for Jules and Carver," Chanel countered. Lani nodded yes through her tears. "My babies are going to grow up without their grandmother. They won't remember her," Lani said. Chanel lamented that her kids would never know their grandmother at all. "What are we going to do? Mama is the one person who loves us no matter what," Chanel said. With a nod, Lani noted that the purest love was between a mother and her child. Chanel and Lani noted that they were lucky to have their mother. "And that luck better not run out," Chanel added.

After Chanel and Lani hugged and cried together, they sniffled back their tears. Chanel pulled out her compact to check her makeup. "[Paulina] can tell from a mile away when I've been crying," Chanel said. "She knows we're scared. We can't fool her," Lani said. Chanel agreed. Chanel and Lani chuckled as they talked about Paulina's wit and bossiness. "Our wonderful mother is in there dying. It's unfair. All these horrible people, they just get to live," Chanel complained. With a shrug, Lani noted that life was unfair.

"Like Big Mama always said: you've got to play the cards you've been dealt. But let's not lose hope," Lani said. Lani added that if they lost their mother, they still had one another. "And we will cry, and we will grieve, and our hearts will be broken. But hey, we will pull ourselves together, and we will be the strong and fierce, powerful women that she has shown us to be by her example. And we will keep her in our hearts forever. And we will make her proud," Lani said. Lani suggested that she and Chanel go to the chapel to pray.

In the abandoned brewery fermenter tank, Tripp reassured Wendy that his family would find them. "How long until we run out of oxygen?" Wendy asked. "Actually, the issue isn't running out of oxygen, per se," Tripp said. Tripp explained that the danger in an enclosed space like the fermenter was the buildup of carbon dioxide. Wendy sighed. Tripp suggested that they minimize their activity so that they could make the oxygen last. As Wendy sat down, she struggled not to hyperventilate.

"Take slow, shallow breaths," Tripp advised. Wendy slowed her breathing as Tripp sat silently at her side. "You're being so brave," Wendy whispered. "Fake it till you make it, remember?" Tripp said. Wendy told Tripp that she was not scared, because she knew they would be fine. "And even if we're not, I'll deal with it, because I'm with the man I love," Wendy said. Tripp smiled. "Who has never loved you more than he does right now," Tripp countered. Tripp and Wendy hugged for a moment.

"Do you believe in God?" Wendy asked. Tripp noted that his mother's side of the family were devoted Catholics. "I'm asking about you," Wendy said. With a sigh, Tripp noted that at the hospital, the people that believed in an afterlife dealt with bad news a bit better. "But do you believe that? That everything happens for a reason? That God is looking out for us right now?" Wendy asked. "I want to believe that. Especially now. You know, I can't believe we never talked about this, but are you religious at all?" Tripp asked. Wendy admitted that she had been raised to seek enlightenment through meditation.

"I was taught that life is beautiful and mysterious, but it's also full of suffering and uncertainty. Like right now," Wendy said. Tripp apologized for having kept Wendy from returning to China. "Stop. Enough with the guilt trip. I'm here because we fell in love. Because I love you, Tripp Johnson. And if I had to choose between living a hundred years not knowing you and falling in love with you, being with you, right here in this tomb, I'd pick the tomb," Wendy said. Tripp said he wouldn't trade his time with Wendy for anything, either. Wendy suggested that they write messages to their family.

"Nothing to write on or with. We're just going to have to trust that they know that we were thinking of them and love them," Tripp said. "But my parents, they already lost Li. So, I'm their only child now. I'm so scared that they're not going to be able to deal with it," Wendy confessed. Wendy noted that Tripp was an only child for Ava, too. Tripp nodded yes. With a chuckle, Tripp said he felt a little religious, and he suggested that they pray that their parents would not have to suffer more than they had already.

With a snicker, Wendy noted that she was going to miss her dentist's appointment the next week. "I was dreading it. And now what I wouldn't give to keep that appointment. I thought I had so much time. I took everything for granted," Wendy said. Tripp said he felt the same way. With a shrug, Tripp noted that he had not been the best son or brother.

"You were so good to your mom. That's what she is going to remember. That you were always kind and caring to her," Wendy said. "I could have done better," Tripp lamented. Wendy noted that she could have done better with her family, but she had always resisted their pleas for her to marry and have kids at a young age.

"But the truth is, I do want to get married and have kids. I mean, on my own time, of course. But I've always wanted that. To be a mom. To be a wife. Now, I'll never get the chance," Wendy said. Tripp held out his hand, and he asked Wendy to marry him. Wendy took Tripp's hand, and he started to recite vows to her.

"I promise to respect you as a person, as a partner, and an equal. You know, before you came along, I wasn't sure I believed in finding the one. Relationships brought me a lot of heartache. A lot of pain. And now I know things just didn't work out for me in the past because fate was just sending me to you," Tripp said. Tripp noted that for the first time in his life, he finally felt accepted for who he was as a person. "I'm just nerdy, dorky me. I got to say, that really feels good. You're my heart. My soul. And in this Jenga game we call life, you are the piece that I need," Tripp added. With a chuckle, Wendy called Tripp corny but sweet.

"Without you, my whole world comes crashing down. And so, from this moment forward, I vow, as your husband, to love you, to cherish you with all of my being. Until I draw my very last breath on this earth," Tripp said. Wendy told Tripp that she took him as her husband.

"I promise to be by your side, to learn with you, to encourage you, to respect you, and accept you. You're my best friend, Tripp. You make me laugh. You're there for me when I cry. You were my rock when I lost my brother. And I know I can always turn to you, lean on you, no matter what. You are honest and kind, and you've devoted your life to helping people. And I love that you are so smart and funny and nerdy. And you love that I'm smart, too. We are equals. And we're friends. And we're lovers. And now, we're husband and wife. And I vow to love you and cherish you with all of my being. Until I draw my very last breath on this earth," Wendy said. Tripp kissed Wendy.

After their impromptu marriage, Wendy and Tripp sat in silence as the air slowly turned toxic. Groggy, Wendy asked Tripp how much time he thought they had left. "Not much time," Tripp stammered. "How will it happen?" Wendy asked with a struggle. Tripp told Wendy that they would fall asleep. "When we get out of here, will you marry me for real?" Wendy asked. "Oh, yeah. I'll marry you for real," Tripp said. Wendy's breathing slowed, and she whispered, "I do."

At the Salem Airfield, Steve, John, and Ava waited for their ride to the prison. "Dear God, this has to work," Ava muttered. In a storeroom of the prison, two guards dumped out a barrel of ammonia and a barrel of bleach, and they ran out of the room. Fumes filled the air. In Clyde's prison cell, alarms blared, and he smiled.

When Steve and John arrived at Clyde's cell, dressed in hazardous waste clean-up suits, Clyde grinned at them. Steve handed Clyde a suit, and he dressed quickly. "This is a brilliant plan," Clyde said. "Shut up," Steve yelled as he threw a gas mask at Clyde. Steve, John, and Clyde hustled out of Clyde's cell as a prison guard kept watch for their escape. The men hopped in a vehicle and returned to the airfield to meet up with Ava. "Good job, little lady. I gotta tell you, I wasn't sure you could pull this off," Clyde said. "Where is my son?" Ava asked. When Clyde said he would tell Ava later, Steve smacked his arm.

"We broke you out. Now you're gonna keep up your end [of the deal]," Steve said. "Not quite yet," Clyde said. Ava pulled out a gun. "What are you doing?" Steve asked. Two armed men from the Vitali family stepped into the clearing behind Ava. "Gentlemen, we're going to do this my way," Ava said. Ava told Steve and John to leave.

"You don't want to do this, Ava," John warned. "It's a big mistake," Steve added. Ava was adamant that it was the only way to save her son. "Take the guys back to Salem," Ava instructed her henchmen. When Ava and Clyde were alone, she asked him again about Tripp. "That was an ace move right there. It seems to me like you're the only one who really gets it," Clyde said. Clyde added that he still did not trust Ava.

"This is how it's going to play out. Once I'm in the air, I call you on the phone, I tell you where Wendy and Tripp are," Clyde said. Ava pointed her gun at Clyde. "That is not gonna work for me," Ava said. Clyde chuckled. When Clyde reminded Ava that she could not kill him, Ava lowered the gun and noted that she only needed to wound Clyde. "Where is my son?" Ava yelled. "I think he's probably halfway to heaven by now," Clyde said. As Ava's mouth gaped open in horror, Goldman grabbed Ava from behind and disarmed her.

In a nearby park, the Vitali henchmen held John and Steve at gunpoint. "Well, this wasn't part of the plan. Why am I surprised Ava double-crossed us?" Steve muttered. John agreed that they should have foreseen Ava's play. "Just like the double-cross of the Chicago case," John said. Steve nodded. "I hear you, partner," Steve said. As a car pulled up, Steve noted that their ride had arrived. "Looks like it is about time to...GO!" John said. John and Steve lunged for the henchmen's guns.

At the airfield, Ava was handcuffed to a post. Clyde kissed Goldman as she continued to hold a gun on Ava. A plane landed nearby. "Now, I assume whoever's flying that plane works for you, so me and my gal here, we're just going to drive off into the sunset. But rest assured, I will be thinking warm thoughts about you as I travel down that glory road to freedom," Clyde said to Ava. Ava begged Clyde not to leave without telling her where to find Tripp.

"Sorry, babe," Clyde said. "Damn you! I will kill you!" Ava screamed. Ava promised to hunt Clyde to the ends of the earth and slit his throat. As Clyde walked to the plane, Goldman lingered behind and chuckled as she looked at Ava. "Don't even bother looking for your son. I made sure he's good and dead," Goldman whispered. Ava screamed, and Goldman laughed as she walked away.

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