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Lexie's spirit fully healed Abe's memory and Paulina's heart. Tate asked Holly to tell the truth. Steve and John revived Tripp and Wendy from the brink of death. Harris lied to Sarah about his shooting, but he told E.J. the truth. Holly convinced E.J. not to press new charges against Tate. Harris was suspicious of Ava. Eli and Lani decided to return to DC. Maggie admitted to Julie that she was drawn to Konstantin. Eric told Roman that Sloan was jealous of Jude. Konstantin told John that John had murdered Catharina. Steve told Marlena the truth about Catharina.
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Lexie's spirit restored Abe's memory and headled Paulina's heart. Konstantin claimed John had murdered Catharina. Eli and Lani left Salem.
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Abe receives a miracle from a heavenly visitor

Abe receives a miracle from a heavenly visitor

Monday, March 11, 2024

In her bedroom, Holly received a text from Tate asking her to call him. She did not respond, which prompted Tate to get her attention by climbing up to her bedroom window. Once she had let him inside, Tate hugged Holly and told her how much he had missed her. When he pulled away, he confided how scared he had been and how he had contemplated running away, but Holly told him he did not need to leave. A relieved Tate confirmed with Holly that she was okay, and then he kissed her.

An amused Holly called Tate "little Romeo" after the kiss ended, and she compared him climbing up the trellis to another boy she had known in sixth grade. When she mentioned that the boy had gotten a broken arm for his effort, Tate noted he had done crazier stuff. She did not doubt his assertion but wondered what he was doing there. Tate said she hadn't responded to his messages, and since he didn't have carrier pigeons, he had felt he was out of options. Holly explained that she didn't know what to say to him and said she was sorry.

Tate told Holly that she should not be sorry, but Holly continued that she was ashamed and embarrassed because she had taken the drugs even though he had warned her against it. Take asked if not listening to him was the only reason she was sorry, and Holly asked what else she should have been sorry about. He filled her in on what had happened while she had been in the coma, including E.J. blaming him for her overdose, having him arrested, and then sending him to the rehab facility. Holly said she'd had no idea, and Tate pleaded with her to help him by telling the truth and taking responsibility for the drugs.

Holly refused, and an enraged Tate asked her why she was willing to ruin his life. Holly said she would tell everyone Tate had not given her the drugs, but Tate pushed back that they would believe him guilty anyway. Holly explained how she had overheard her mom say she would be disappointed if Holly had taken drugs intentionally and that her mom would blame herself. Holly affirmed that she could not watch her mom fall apart again. Tate asked if she would sacrifice him to keep up appearances as "the golden child," but a twist of the door handle interrupted their argument.

A barely conscious Wendy and Tripp talked about getting married for real at a chapel on the beach. Wendy, head reclined on Tripp's shoulder, whispered that she loved their vows, but they hadn't gotten the chance to do them properly. She recited the traditional vows as she struggled to stay awake. They then imagined buying a house in the countryside and having two kids. After they exchanged declarations of love, a groggy Tripp recited a prayer as Wendy appeared to lose consciousness.

A tied-up Ava chastised herself for believing Clyde's lies and struggled to get free. Steve and John arrived and were quick to rage at her for messing up the plan. As they untied her, Ava told them that Goldman had claimed Tripp was near death. She moaned how it was all her fault, but Steve cut her off and said he would not accept that his son was gone.

Back at the apartment, Steve and John insisted that they needed to get the police involved. John called Rafe and told him about the hostage video. John agreed to send the video to the department through the computer and called the matter time sensitive. The group decided to take another look at the video themselves for additional clues. As they watched Tripp read instructions in the video, Steve noticed that Wendy had been making gestures and circular motions in the background. He recognized the gestures as American Sign Language and discovered that Wendy had been signing the word beer.

John noticed grooves in the walls on the video that led him to believe Tripp and Wendy were being held in a tank. Steve remembered that a brewery was near the airport, so the group rushed to the scene. They burst through the door and found Tripp and Wendy unconscious. Steve and John performed CPR on the couple, and Ava called 9-1-1. John said he was losing Wendy as a frantic Ava said a prayer while Steve tried to revive Tripp.

At the police station, Rafe and Jada expressed their continued shock that Goldman was the mole. Harris arrived and revealed that he had checked himself out of the hospital against doctor's orders. He wanted to help with the investigation, so Rafe and Jada dropped their protests and updated him on the investigation's status. Jada stated they had searched Goldman's apartment and perused her financial and phone records but had gotten no useful information. Harris mused that as a cop, Goldman was no amateur, and they needed to anticipate her moves "by skating where the puck's going, not where it is right now."

Jada vented about comforting Goldman following the shooting while the cop had been cleaning up for Clyde under their noses. Jada and Rafe began putting the pieces together that Goldman had probably been behind the attempted murder of Lucas. When Rafe got the call from John about Tripp's hostage video, the trio decided to track via GPS where Goldman's police cruiser had been traveling. They, too, figured out that Tripp and Wendy were likely being held at the brewery, so Harris and Rafe headed to the site. They drew their guns upon arriving only to find John and Steve performing CPR on Tripp and Wendy.

Abe was praying at Paulina's bedside when a bright light enveloped the room and a woman appeared behind him. A shocked Paulina got Abe's attention, and when he turned, the woman said, "Hello, Abraham" as she touched a wedding ring on her hand. A confused Abe asked if the woman knew him, and she responded, "Of course." Abe wondered if he was hallucinating, but Paulina quickly responded in awe, "It's you, Lexie." Paulina introduced herself and said she had seen pictures of Lexie.

After asking Lexie if it was time, Paulina explained to Abe that Lexie was his first wife and that they had a son together. Abe remembered reading about Lexie but had thought she was dead. Paulina confirmed Lexie had died of brain cancer, so Abe asked Lexie if she was there to take Paulina to the other side. When Paulina told him that it was her time, Abe angrily stated that he would not let Lexie take her. Lexie compelled Abe to remember the last time she had seen him.

Abe flashed back to meeting Lexie in heaven and telling her how much he had missed her and that "when Theo smiles, there you are." Abe emerged from the memory and smiled at Lexie as he told her about how they had met and about their life together, saying he remembered everything. He mused about his pull toward "competent, feisty women," and Lexie reminded him to focus on the woman to whom he had made a commitment. Abe turned to Paulina and called her "my everything."

As Paulina faded, Abe recounted the details of their wedding day and implored her, "We have so much life left to live, my darling." Abe grew frantic when Paulina flatlined, and he appealed to Lexie to remember how she had told him it wasn't his time and that his family needed him when he had been on the verge of death. Abe stressed that Paulina's family and friends needed her, too, and he needed her. Lexie revealed that she was not there to take Paulina but to help her. She told Abe to close his eyes, look deep into his heart, and transfer his love to Paulina.

"Believe," Lexie said. Abe repeated the word as he returned to Paulina and put his hand over her heart. The heart monitor resumed its normal rhythm, and an arriving nurse confirmed that Paulina was breathing. A crying Abe turned back to Lexie, but she was gone. As he watched Paulina in relief, he said softly, "I believe; I do."

John and Steve attempt to revive Wendy and Tripp

John and Steve attempt to revive Wendy and Tripp

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

In the abandoned brewery, Ava called 9-1-1 while Steve and John performed CPR to revive Tripp and Wendy. Rafe and Harris arrived on the scene, and Rafe called dispatch to expedite the EMTs.

Harris went over to Ava, and he put his arm around her as she whispered to Tripp, "Baby, please come back to us. You're my life. You're my heart." Rafe checked Wendy, and he confirmed there was a pulse. As Steve continued to work on Tripp, he told his son that Wendy had a pulse, and Steve asked Tripp to fight his way back to them. Rafe held Wendy's hand, and he asked her to squeeze. Wendy softly squeezed Rafe's hand.

"She did [it]! Wendy's back!" Rafe yelled. John encouraged Wendy to wake up. As Wendy started to sit up, John gently pushed her back down. "You're doing good. You're okay," John said. "Where's Tripp?" Wendy stammered. "He's right here. His dad is helping him," Rafe said. Wendy's eyes fluttered open, and she looked over at Tripp. "Is he okay?" Wendy asked. Steve continued to do chest compressions on Tripp.

"The way you can help is to get stronger. And the way you're going to do that is focus on me. And we're going to breathe together," John said. John coached Wendy through some deep breaths. "I got a pulse!" Steve shouted. "Baby, can you hear me?" Ava yelled. "Mom," Tripp whispered. Sirens filled the air as the EMTs arrived on the scene. Steve rubbed Tripp's chest as Tripp asked about Wendy. "Where's my wife?" Tripp said. Ava crouched next to Tripp and assured him that Wendy was fine.

"You called her your wife," Ava said. "He just said that because he hoped someday she will be," Steve said. Tripp smiled faintly. Jada called Rafe's phone, and he confirmed that Wendy and Tripp were fine. Rafe groaned. "What happened?" Harris asked when Rafe ended his call. "Clyde Weston escaped from Statesville," Rafe announced. John asked if Jada had any information about the escape. Rafe said he had no information yet. "You think he had help from Goldman?" Harris asked. "Yeah. Who else?" Rafe muttered.

In Holly's bedroom at the DiMera mansion, Tate begged Holly to tell the truth about the drugs. "This is my life we're talking about, right? Right now, I have no life. I'm stuck in some halfway house for no reason, even though I didn't do anything wrong," Tate said. Holly refused to admit that they had been her pills, and she offered to swear that the pills had not been Tate's. With a shake of his head, Tate argued that everyone would still believe he had been to blame.

"We can make up another story," Holly said. "Why do we have to make up a different story? Why can't you just tell the truth?" Tate asked. Holly told Tate about how she could not bear to disappoint her mother after all Nicole had suffered. "Plus, she would never trust me again," Holly added. Tate sighed.

"So, you are going to sacrifice me? You are going to totally ruin my life so that you can, what, Holly? Keep up appearances? Pretend that you are just this little golden child?" Tate asked. Scared, Tate begged Holly to help him. "Please don't make me do this," Holly countered. E.J. burst into the room to inquire about the noise.

"What the hell?" E.J. said. "It's not what it looks like," Holly pleaded. Despite Holly's protestations, E.J. took out his phone to call the police. Holly begged E.J. not to call, and she asked E.J. to give them a chance to explain. Reluctantly, E.J. put away his phone.

"I'm sorry to disrupt your evening. I just wanted to see Holly. I've been so worried about her," Tate said. E.J. smirked. "I bet you were. Since you're the one who pushed the drugs on her that caused her to OD. She nearly died because of you," E.J. growled. Tate explained that the drugs had not been his. Nicole walked into the room to ask about the noise, and she stopped dead when she saw Tate.

"What are you doing here?" Nicole asked. "Breaking and entering into Holly's bedroom window," E.J. grumbled. Tate said he had missed Holly and had wanted to see her. "I've heard enough," E.J. said as he started to call the police. As E.J. walked out of the room, Holly begged Nicole to stop him. "I can't do that, honey. And Tate, I'm going to call your father," Nicole said.

In the square, Brady ran into Sarah on his way to the gym. Brady asked Sarah if a coma could affect Holly's memory. "I can't discuss that with you," Sarah said. Brady rephrased the question as a general hypothetical. Sarah stressed that although she was not a neurologist, she could confirm that memory loss was a potential side effect of a coma.

"But her memories could come back?" Brady asked. Sarah hesitated, and Brady noted that his son's future depended on whether Holly remembered what had happened the night she had overdosed. "I understand, Brady. And I am so sorry because I can't even imagine how hard that must be. Like I said, neurology is not my specialty. But what I do know from my limited experience, once a coma patient regains consciousness, their memories could come back quickly, gradually, or sometimes not at all," Sarah said. Brady nodded with understanding, and he thanked Sarah for her time.

After Sarah walked away, Brady thought about his conversation with Tate about the proof of his innocence. "It's my word against hers," Tate had said. Brady's phone rang with a call from Nicole. Nicole told Brady that Tate had broken into the house to see Holly. "And E.J.'s calling the police right now," Nicole added.

When Brady arrived at the DiMera mansion, Nicole, E.J., Holly, and Tate were in the living room. "You called him?" E.J. said. Nicole argued that Brady had a right to know about what Tate had done. "I swear, all I wanted to do was see Holly. I hadn't seen her since she got back. I wanted to make sure that she was all right," Tate said. E.J. argued that Tate's only motivation had been to make sure that Holly would lie to protect Tate and claim the drugs had been Holly's.

"I heard what you said before when I opened your door. You said, 'Tate, don't make me do this,'" E.J. said. "All I wanted her to do was tell the truth!" Tate countered. As E.J. went to open the front door for the police, Tate begged Holly to tell the truth. "They're going to take me back to jail. Please, Holly," Tate pleaded. Holly looked down at her feet. E.J. returned with the police, and E.J. ordered them to arrest Tate. Brady asked E.J. to talk first, but E.J. refused.

"Your son has been a plague on my family from the moment he arrived in Salem," E.J. complained. E.J. argued that Tate had left the halfway house without permission and then had broken into E.J.'s house. "He broke into your house because he was falsely accused and he's desperate. He's a good, honest kid. He wouldn't have risked everything to break in here if he wasn't telling the truth," Brady countered. Brady and E.J. argued about who was to blame for the overdose.

When E.J. yelled that Tate had broken in "to cover his own ass," Holly objected. "That's not true!" Holly yelled before she passed out. Nicole caught Holly. Tate attempted to help Nicole ease Holly to the ground, but E.J. pushed Tate aside. E.J. lifted Holly to carry her upstairs, and he ordered the police to arrest Tate. Brady pleaded for help, but the police handcuffed Tate as Nicole and E.J. rushed upstairs with Holly.

In Holly's bedroom, Nicole confirmed that Holly's pulse was normal. "I told you, I'm okay," Holly said. Nicole wanted to call Sarah, but Holly insisted she was fine. E.J. asked Holly if she needed anything. "Please don't send Tate to jail. I promise you, he didn't do anything wrong," Holly said. Nicole told Holly that they would talk in the morning. Holly protested, but E.J. insisted that Holly rest. After Nicole and E.J. left, Holly thought about how Tate had warned her not to take the pills on New Year's Eve. Holly then thought about when Tate had asked her to tell the truth.

Downstairs, Tate pleaded with Brady to check on Holly and make sure she was okay. "I'm sure E.J. and Nicole have taken care of her," Brady assured Tate. Tate asked what would happen to him. As Brady started to explain that Tate would need to go to jail, Tate begged to return to the halfway house. "I can't help you here because my hands are tied. You broke into the D.A.'s house," Brady said. Tate asked Brady to talk to Nicole, but Brady noted it would not help. With a nod, Tate apologized. The police escorted Tate out of the house.

At the hospital, Steve, John, Ava, and Harris stood in the waiting area as the doctors attended to Tripp and Wendy in the ER. Rafe called Jada and confirmed that Tripp and Wendy were doing well. Rafe asked Jada to make sure that there was a thorough investigation at the prison before the night was through. "Any update on Clyde?" Harris asked. Rafe confirmed there was no news.

As Rafe and Harris stepped aside to talk about the investigation, Steve assured Ava that their son was in good hands. "We've got to trust the doctors," Steve said. "Speaking of trust, what the hell, Ava? We had a plan here," John muttered. Ava argued that Tripp and Wendy might have died if she had not "thought like Clyde."

Sarah interrupted to tell Steve and Ava that they could visit Tripp and Wendy. As Steve and Ava went in to visit Tripp, John went to check on Wendy. Sarah told Harris that she wanted to check on him. "Go talk to Wendy, and then meet me in exam room C," Sarah said.

In Tripp's hospital room, Ava and Steve were relieved to see Tripp was awake and alert. "How are you doing?" Ava asked. With a chuckle, Tripp said he was glad to be lying in a bed. "I don't think I've ever been that scared in my life," Ava said. Ava noted that Steve had saved Tripp's life. "It was a group effort," Steve said with a shrug. Steve caressed his son's face, and Tripp smiled at his father with tears in his eyes.

"You know, toward the end there, Wendy and I were for sure that we were going to die in that tank," Tripp confessed. Steve told Tripp that Wendy's ASL clue had tipped them off on where to look. Tripp noted that Wendy had acted on her own. "Thank God she did," Tripp added. "She's a very brave young woman," Ava whispered. Steve said he was thankful that Goldman had not noticed the signal, and he admitted that he had overlooked the signal at first.

In Wendy's hospital room, she said hello to John and Rafe when they walked into the room. Wendy thanked them for having saved her and Tripp's lives. "All in a day's work," John said. "Having you alive and well is all the thanks we need," Rafe said. Rafe offered to contact Wendy's parents for her, but Wendy said she had left her mother a voicemail to call her back. "And Tripp? He's okay, too?" Wendy asked. John confirmed that Tripp was okay and that he was with his parents. Harris slipped into the room.

"You feel up to talking about what happened?" Rafe asked. Wendy nodded yes. "Officer Goldman found Tripp and I at the geocaching event on Valentine's Day. And she told us that Tripp was in danger, that we had to follow her to a safe house for protection. She said it was a direct order from you, Commissioner," Wendy said. Rafe grunted with dismay. "We just learned that she was a bad cop," Rafe said. With a shake of her head, Wendy said she had been certain that Goldman had been a good cop.

"Kudos on that clue," John said as he made the ASL sign for beer. Wendy chuckled. "Well, it was one of the first words I learned to sign in my college ASL class," Wendy said. John joked that Wendy had earned a lifetime of free beer. Rafe laughed awkwardly, and he asked what he had missed. Wendy explained that she had signed the word beer in the background of the video that Goldman had recorded of Tripp.

"Wendy's quick thinking is what led us to the brewery," John said. Rafe was impressed. "Then again, maybe we would have found you sooner if Ava had just shared the video with us from the beginning," Rafe complained. Wendy asked Rafe not to be upset with Ava because Goldman had warned Ava not to tell the police. "But Ava knew she could trust me," Rafe said. Harris interjected to note that everything had worked out.

"I know that you're close with Ava. But if I find out she had anything to do with Weston's escape," Rafe said with a shrug. "Where is this coming from?" Harris asked. Rafe argued that it was suspicious that Clyde had escaped when Tripp and Wendy had been found. Harris asked Rafe if he had any proof to support his theory about Ava. "Not at the moment, but we both know what Ava is capable of," Rafe said. Behind Rafe, John sighed.

Harris met up with Sarah, and she examined him to make sure his stitches were intact. Sarah gave Harris prescriptions for an antibiotic and pain medication. "I would also prescribe bed rest, but I feel like I would be wasting my breath," Sarah said. "You would be," Harris confirmed. Sarah told Harris that she hoped he would get to the bottom of his shooting.

"You know that Xander has been held in jail without bail ever since you were shot," Sarah said. Harris averted his eyes, and he apologized. "I'm sure my fellow officers were just following the trail of evidence," Harris said. "The evidence that lined up perfectly to point a finger at Xander?" Sarah said. Sarah asked Harris if he had remembered who had shot him. "So far, I don't," Harris lied.

With a nod, Sarah wished Harris well, and she said, "I hope you do remember soon, because Victoria really misses her dad." Sarah noted that Xander was missing a lot of his daughter's firsts. Harris apologized again. "From a medical perspective, I do understand that your memory of that night might elude you, but you're a really experienced detective. So, I have every faith you'll keep investigating until you figure out who really did shoot you so that Victoria and I can bring her father home. Where he belongs," Sarah said.

After John talked to Wendy, he met up with Steve at the coffee cart in the hospital. "Those kids sure are resilient, aren't they?" Steve said. Steve noted that they could talk to Tripp and Wendy about their ordeal soon. With a shake of his head, John argued that they needed to move quickly. "No one knows who was involved in Weston's escape," Steve argued. "Rafe is suspicious of Ava," John said. Steve agreed that Rafe's investigation could implicate them. "We let the devil loose. God only knows what's going to happen next," John said.

In Wendy's empty hospital room, Rafe met up with Harris to talk about the case. "This investigation is going to be massive," Rafe said. Harris was eager to get to work, but Rafe ordered Harris to go home and rest.

Over in Tripp's room, Sarah wheeled Wendy in to see him. "You didn't think that they would keep me away from you for long, did you?" Wendy said as she stood up and hugged Tripp. Sarah left to give the couple privacy. With a grin, Tripp suggested a trip to Paris. "I would go anywhere with you, Tripp Johnson. But right now, I think I'm just fine being here. Looking into your eyes. Not having a panic attack. Not struggling to breathe," Wendy said. Tripp promised to make sure Wendy never had to experience that kind of trauma again.

In the hallway, Ava rushed into Harris' arms. "Thank you for everything that you did for my son," Ava said. "I know you were there for me a lot when I was unconscious," Harris said. Harris told Ava that her presence had helped him recover. "How are you feeling?" Ava asked. Harris said he looked forward to sleeping in his own bed. "How about my bed?" Ava asked. Ava told Harris that she wanted to make sure he had someone to take care of him. "I'd like to be that someone. Will you let me?" Ava asked.

Everyone celebrates good news at the hospital

Everyone celebrates good news at the hospital

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

In the bedroom at Steve and Kayla's townhouse, Steve stared at headlines from the Spectator, including one about Clyde being on the run. When Kayla entered, she said that Steve was the reason Tripp was alive. Steve said that Kayla had also been responsible for saving Tripp and Wendy because Kayla had helped Steve learn sign language years earlier. Steve recalled that Wendy had made the sign for beer and that he and John had followed Wendy's clue to the brewery.

When Kayla deduced that Steve was still worried, Steve noted that he was upset that Ava had been involved with Clyde. Steve added that Abe still had amnesia and that Paulina had heart failure. Kayla surprised Steve when she said that, "against all odds," Paulina's heart was back to normal. Steve wondered how it was possible. Kayla credited the power of love and prayer, and she said that everyone had a lot to be grateful for.

In Wendy's room at the hospital, Wendy flashed back to having exchanged vows with Tripp the previous night in the brewery. Tripp entered, and he said he didn't want him and Wendy to go through a similar ordeal again. Wendy wondered if she had imagined some of what she and Tripp had said to one another when they'd been running out of air. Before Wendy could ask whether she and Tripp had really exchanged vows, Sarah entered.

By the nurses' station, Johnny and Chanel asked Abe for an update on Paulina. Abe stunned Johnny and Chanel when he said that Paulina no longer needed a heart transplant. Chanel asked what had happened. "I don't know if I can explain it. If I didn't know better, I might think I dreamed the whole thing," Abe said.

In Paulina's room at the hospital, Lani panicked when she and Eli found Paulina's bed empty. Eli told Lani not to assume the worst. Just then, Abe, Chanel, and Johnny entered -- seconds before Sarah wheeled Paulina in. Chanel noted that Paulina looked much better than she had the previous night. Sarah announced that Paulina's heart appeared healthy. "Defying all medical explanation," Sarah added.

Paulina was in much better spirits, and she said that they had another miracle to celebrate. Everyone gathered was overjoyed when Abe announced that he had regained his memories the previous night. Abe extended his arms to Lani, and he warmly recalled the day he had discovered that Lani was his daughter. Abe said that he was proud to be Lani's father. Lani and Abe shared a warm embrace. Abe looked at Paulina, and he said that he remembered falling in love with her the first time. Johnny noted that the Carvers had to have an angel in their midst. "Yes, we do," Abe said warmly, and he and Paulina locked eyes.

Eli received a call, and Lani stepped out of the room with him. Alone in the room, Paulina surmised that Abe had no plans to tell Eli and Lani about the encounter with Lexie. Abe said that no one would believe that Lexie had miraculously healed them. Paulina worried that Abe regaining his memories might cause him to remember the lies she had told him. Abe declared his loved for Paulina, and he said that he couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with her. Abe and Paulina kissed.

Paulina said that she had dreamed of Abe regaining his memories for months. "And now, thank God -- and thank Lexie -- we will be making many, many more beautiful and perfect memories together," Paulina told Abe. Moments later, Steve and Kayla joined Abe and Paulina. Paulina thanked Steve and Kayla for all they had done for Paulina and Abe, then Abe said that he planned to move back in with Paulina full-time. Steve and Kayla were thrilled by the announcement, and they invited Abe and Paulina to a celebratory dinner sometime soon. Abe and Paulina happily agreed. Steve and Abe hugged. Steve said that he loved Abe and Paulina.

By the nurses' station, Eli and Lani were thrilled after Eli learned by phone that the FBI had approved his request to become a part-time agent. Eli shared that he was having reservations because the job was in Washington, DC, and he added that he was torn over leaving Salem again.

Back in Paulina's room, after Paulina mentioned spending more time with Jules and Carver, Paulina noted that Eli and Lani had long faces. Lani shared the news of Eli's job offer. Paulina said that Eli and Lani had to do what was best for them, and she promised to visit them in Washington as often as she could.

Back in Wendy's room, Steve and Kayla visited Tripp and Wendy. Sarah was happy when she announced that Tripp and Wendy were in better shape than when they'd first arrived at the hospital the previous night. Steve told Tripp that he was furious with Ava for her role in Clyde's drug-trafficking ring. Tripp defended Ava by noting that she had asked Tripp and Wendy to leave Salem weeks earlier.

Steve grew even more irate when he learned that Tripp had known of Ava's involvement with Clyde, and he demanded to know why Tripp hadn't gone to Steve with the information. Tripp apologized to Steve, who insisted that he was only angry with Ava. Steve said he was grateful that Tripp and Wendy were okay. Tripp said that he was grateful for Steve, and they shared a warm hug.

A short while later, Johnny and Chanel entered Wendy's room. Tripp and Wendy were relieved to learn that Paulina was feeling better. Wendy spotted Chanel's wedding ring. She and Tripp congratulated Johnny and Chanel on getting married, and they all celebrated. Johnny posited that everyone was where they belonged.

After Johnny and Chanel left, Wendy told Tripp that she had never been as afraid as she'd been the previous night, but she added that she'd also never felt as safe as when she'd been in Tripp's arms. Tripp kissed Wendy before he asked what was on her mind. "Tripp... did you really propose to me last night?" Wendy asked.

Back by the nurses' station, Johnny and Chanel presented Sarah with a box of croissants from Sweet Bits to distribute to the nurses. Sarah thanked Johnny and Chanel, and she suggested that they use the Horton cabin as a honeymoon location. Chanel and Johnny agreed before proceeding to Paulina's room. Sarah joined soon afterwards to say that Paulina could be discharged as early as the following day.

At the same time, Steve stood near the nurses' station, and he left a voice message asking John to call him back. "We need to talk about the fallout from Weston's escape," Steve said. Afterwards, Kayla spotted Steve, and she surmised that something was wrong.

Steve said that Clyde's escape from Statesville was still bothering him. "Not only did Tripp and Wendy suffer through that ordeal because of him... my God, that monster killed our niece, kidnapped you and Joe --" Steve started. "And he's out there somewhere, planning God knows what," Kayla added. Kayla offered that Clyde would be found and sent back to prison. "Yeah, well, that son of a bitch better damn well hope that the police get him before I do," Steve vowed.

John pleads with Konstantin for answers

John pleads with Konstantin for answers

Thursday, March 14, 2024

In Ava's room at Tripp and Wendy's apartment, Harris awoke to find that Ava had brought breakfast in bed. Ava was happy that Tripp and Wendy had been rescued. Harris said that Clyde had to have had help in escaping Statesville, and he wondered if Stefan had had a hand in the escape. Ava dismissed Stefan as a possibility. Harris complimented Ava for being a strong and empowered woman. Ava smiled tenderly at Harris, who thanked Ava for her generosity. Ava received a call from Steve, who said that he and Ava needed to meet face to face. Ava agreed, and after hanging up the phone, she told Harris to call her if he needed anything.

After Ava left, Harris picked up a portrait of Ava and Tripp on the nightstand. "I want to trust you, Ava. I do. But damn it, you're up to something. I know you are," Harris said to himself. Later, Harris was frustrated to learn by phone that Rafe had no new updates or leads on the search for Clyde. Harris then placed a call to Stefan, and he yelled in a voice message for Stefan to stop avoiding him.

In Horton Town Square, Julie and Eli caught up. Julie hoped that Eli and Lani would move back to Salem permanently, but Eli said that his new job with the FBI would keep him on the road. Julie and Eli left for the Kiriakis mansion.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Konstantin continued his attempts to flatter and manipulate Maggie. Konstantin said that he missed his daughter more as time went on. Maggie sympathized, and she noted that she had lost two children over the years. When Konstantin held Maggie's hands, Maggie commented on the power of touch. Maggie said that she was grateful to Konstantin for all the stories that he had told her about Victor. Maggie added that Konstantin had touched her heart.

Konstantin feigned that Maggie had touched his heart, as well, and he said that he "cherished" her. Maggie expressed that she felt she was betraying Victor by having grown close to Konstantin. Konstantin said that Victor would want Maggie to be happy and to feel cherished. When Maggie said innocently that the past couldn't be changed, Konstantin said that there were often "foul" things in the past that could never be forgotten.

Moments later, Julie and Eli joined Maggie and Konstantin. Eli shared that he and Lani were leaving Salem later that afternoon. Maggie was happy for Eli. Julie bragged that Eli would "rid the world of evil." After Konstantin left, Eli shared that he and Lani felt fortunate to leave Salem happy instead of heartbroken.

Eli packed up his car, and he prepared to leave. Eli and Julie hugged, and he said that he loved her. Maggie placed her hands on Julie's shoulders when Eli left. Julie was sad, and she asked Maggie if being sad made her "silly." Maggie replied that she knew what it was like to live in a house full of people and still feel lonely.

Maggie shared that she missed Victor and that she often woke up and forgot that Victor was no longer beside her in bed. Maggie told Julie that she felt a sense of guilt over Konstantin. "When I'm with him, I feel drawn to him. Oh, Julie. I hate myself for it," Maggie said. Julie said that there was no shame in choosing someone to spend time with. Julie added that Victor would want Maggie to feel loved.

At John and Marlena's penthouse, John told Marlena that his nightmares were only getting worse. Marlena sympathized, and she posited that saving Tripp and Wendy had triggered more memories in John. John said that he didn't feel like talking about it, and he and Marlena left to join Eric for breakfast.

At the Brady Pub, Roman thanked Eric for Eric's help in harboring Lucas. Marlena and John entered, and they embraced Roman and Eric. As Eric talked about Jude's christening, Roman noted that John looked exhausted. Eric said that John was a hero for having helped rescue Tripp and Wendy. John pushed back, and he said that he was far from a hero. Steve entered, and he asked if he could "borrow" John for a while. John left with Steve.

Eric told Marlena and Roman that he loved being a father. When Marlena asked about Sloan, Eric hesitated. Roman learned that Sloan had been drunk weeks earlier when Eric and Sloan had tried to host John and Marlena for dinner. Eric said that he believed Sloan had a tendency to be "jealous" of Jude. Later, as Marlena prepared to leave for the hospital, Roman volunteered to babysit Jude for Eric and Sloan.

At the Black Patch office, Ava met Steve and John. Steve wondered what Clyde had over Goldman. Ava said that it had appeared to her that Goldman was Clyde's girlfriend. John blamed Ava for Clyde having left town. Ava pushed back, and she told John to "get off (his) high horse." John grew more agitated, and he blamed himself for Clyde's escape. Ava noted that the three of them had all done things they weren't proud of. "Yeah, some... really bad things," John said with a strange look in his eye.

Ava looked at John quizzically. Steve was quick to say that the things John had done were in the past. Ava said that no one would ever know about her, Steve, and John having helped Clyde escape Statesville. Steve was skeptical, and he and Ava prepared to head to the hospital. Steve asked John to accompany them, but John said that he had things to follow up on at the office. Steve and Ava left. Alone in the office, John phoned Konstantin. John asked Konstantin to meet him at the office.

In Horton Town Square, Ava asked Steve if something was wrong with John. Steve covered for John. Ava grew emotional when she recalled Steve having saved Tripp. Ava said that she was genuinely grateful to Steve. Ava added that she knew Steve disapproved of how she had tried to hold Clyde at gunpoint, but she promised that she'd only been concentrated on saving Tripp. Ava left to return to Tripp and Wendy's apartment, where she later found that Harris had left.

Outside the Brady Pub moments later, Steve spotted Marlena. Steve said that he and Marlena needed to talk about John. "In private," Steve added.

Back at Black Patch, John told Konstantin that he needed to know what Konstantin knew about John's past. "My life hasn't been the same since we met up in the park a few weeks ago. I feel like I have been tossed in the middle of a tornado, and I'm just spinning around and around and around. Half the time, I don't know which side is up. And these damn nightmares are endless. It's not affecting just me, but my wife now. So, I'm asking you, please... what the hell did you do to me?" John pleaded. "Oh, John. It is not what I did to you. It is what you did to me," Konstantin said.

Konstantin tells John about Catharina's murder

Konstantin tells John about Catharina's murder

Friday, March 15, 2024

At the police station, Jada was surprised to see Harris walk into work. "Aren't you supposed to be on bed rest?" Jada asked. Harris complained that he could not rest until he determined how Clyde had escaped from prison. Jada explained that there had been a toxic spill at the prison, and the prisoners had needed to be evacuated. "When the prison guard took a head count, Clyde was MIA," Jada said. Harris asked about Goldman, but Jada had no updates.

"Goldman could not have pulled this off on her own," Harris said. Jada agreed. With a shake of his head, Harris argued that Clyde would stay local so that he could keep tabs on his drug business. "Aside from Goldman, we don't know who else is helping him," Jada said. Harris nodded, and he walked out.

In the interrogation room, Brady watched as Theresa yelled at Tate for having sneaked out of the halfway house to break into the DiMera mansion. "I had to talk to Holly. I had to try to clean up this mess," Tate said. "Well, this is an even bigger mess now," Theresa grumbled. Tate admitted he had been desperate.

"I don't think you understand how you've screwed up here. You've not only violated a legal mandate -- you could go back to jail!" Brady said. Tate asked his parents to understand that he had been going crazy stuck in the halfway house. Worried, Brady said, "What you did last night was a really bad move." Tate asked his parents what they would have done if they had been unjustly locked in a rehab facility and there was only one person that could get them freed.

"So, yeah, I went to see her. And all she had to do was tell her stupid stepfather that I had nothing to do with those drugs, and then I could have come home," Tate said. "We all want you to come home. But my God, you were doing so well," Theresa said. Tate groaned with exasperation. Tate argued that it was meaningless to measure his progress at a facility for a problem he did not have. When Tate yelled that he had not committed a crime, Brady reminded Tate that he had broken into the mansion.

"Holly could have given me permission," Tate said. "Did she?" Theresa asked. Before Tate could respond, Brady noted that Tate's actions had snowballed the situation into an even bigger mess. "We all want the truth. We want Holly to tell the truth. But breaking the law is not the way to get it," Brady argued. Frustrated, Tate tersely agreed that he was a screw-up. Tate lamented that he had not called 9-1-1 as soon as he had found Holly.

"My life is over!" Tate said. "Don't say that," Brady stressed. Tate argued that everyone, including his parents, believed he was a loser. "We don't think you're a loser. We just think that you made a mistake," Theresa stressed. Brady argued that mistakes were what made someone human.

Nicole and E.J. went into Holly's room to check on her. "We need to talk about last night. About Tate breaking in," E.J. said. "He didn't break in, okay?" Holly snapped. E.J. argued that Tate's actions were the definition of breaking and entering. Holly argued that the situation had been a misunderstanding and that Tate was innocent. "I did what I had to do for your safety and the safety of this family," E.J. said. Holly yelled that E.J. did not need to send Tate to jail to keep the family safe.

"When you break the law, there are consequences," E.J. said. Nicole suggested that E.J. had overreacted. "[Tate] just wanted to talk to Holly. For God's sake, they're just teenagers," Nicole said. E.J. countered that even teenagers were accountable for their actions. "Yes, but they make mistakes. They act impulsively. I mean, that's nothing compared to what I did when I was her age. And I'm sure you, as well," Nicole said. E.J. dismissed Nicole's argument.

"You don't know [Tate] at all," Holly said. "I do know that he was brought to Salem after being kicked out of school for vandalism," E.J. countered. Holly argued that being a prankster did not make Tate a drug dealer. "I know he didn't drug me!" Holly yelled. Startled, Nicole asked Holly how she could be sure when she had no memory of the night of the overdose. "I know because Tate would never do anything like that," Holly stammered. Holly begged E.J. not to send Tate to jail. Nicole gave a look to E.J., and he agreed to consider the options.

After E.J. walked out, Holly asked Nicole why E.J. wanted to make a big deal about the situation. Nicole agreed that E.J. was overzealous, and she promised to encourage E.J. not to send Tate to jail. "E.J. cares about you, and he's just looking out for you," Nicole said. "He's not my father. And if he really cares about me, he'd back off on trying to punish Tate. Because he's a good person, Mom. Tate's not who E.J.'s making him out to be," Holly said. As Holly stressed that Tate had been nice to her on New Year's Eve, Nicole asked Holly if she was covering for Tate. Holly groaned.

"Do you remember more about that night than you're telling me?" Nicole asked. Holly lied and reiterated that she had no memory of the night but that she was certain that Tate had not drugged her. "I hear you loud and clear," Nicole said. Holly asked if Nicole believed she could change E.J.'s mind. "I will do my best," Nicole promised. Nicole told Holly that she would get her lunch, and then they could discuss college plans. With a halfhearted smile, Holly nodded her head in agreement. After Nicole left the room, Holly put on her shoes and ran out.

When E.J. entered his living room, Harris was waiting for him. "What brings you by, detective?" E.J. said. Harris asked about Stefan, but E.J. said he had not seen his brother in days. Harris noted that it was a strange coincidence that Stefan had disappeared at the same time that Clyde had escaped prison and disappeared. "What exactly are you insinuating?" E.J. asked. Harris argued that he had a hunch that Stefan had been connected to the escape, and he believed that E.J. had more information.

"You're out of your mind," E.J. said. "So, you know nothing about Clyde Weston's escape?" Harris asked. E.J. reminded Harris that he was the district attorney, and he'd had no hand in Clyde's escape. When E.J. added that he did not know where to find Stefan, Harris called E.J. a liar. E.J. rolled his eyes. Harris said he felt that E.J. had known more about Stefan's role in Clyde's business than he had admitted.

"I know Stefan's working with Clyde," Harris said. "And how the hell do you know that?" E.J. asked. Harris told E.J. that Stefan was the one that had shot him. With a chuckle, E.J. noted that all the evidence pointed to Xander, who was in custody.

"Of course, it [does], because Clyde and your brother framed [Xander]. And I'm starting to think you're in on this, too," Harris said. Nicole walked in and asked E.J. if he had seen Holly. E.J. offered to search the grounds with Nicole. With a shake of her head, Nicole declined the offer and walked out. E.J. started to usher Harris out of the house, but Harris demanded answers first.

"Just tell me where Stefan is, and I'll go," Harris said. With a groan, E.J. said he did not know where to find Stefan, and if he did, he would have hauled him down to the police station. "Face facts. Xander Cook shot you, not my brother," E.J. stressed. "Stefan shot me. He pulled the trigger," Harris stressed. When E.J. asked for proof, Harris told E.J. that he had seen Stefan shoot him.

"You pulled that out of your ass. How can you prove you saw Stefan and not Xander?" E.J. asked. "I have my word. And that means something. I'm a detective and a Navy SEAL," Harris said. With a smirk, E.J. noted that Harris had suffered a lot of brain damage, and his memory could not be trusted. "I will find Stefan. And when I do, I'm going to take down every dirty bastard that's involved in this mess," Harris warned.

At the police precinct, Holly asked Jada if she could speak with Tate. Jada said no because Tate was in the interrogation room, waiting for additional felony charges. "I also have a feeling that your mom doesn't know you're here. So, why don't you have a seat, and I'll give her a call," Jada said. While Holly waited for Nicole to arrive, she argued that Tate had not broken into the house. "I'm telling the truth! Why won't you just listen to me!" Holly shouted.

In the interrogation room, Brady opened the blinds to the bullpen when he heard Holly's voice. Tate saw Holly through the window. "Holly, she's here to see me," Tate said. In the bullpen, Nicole ran into the police station and was relieved to see Holly. Holly demanded to see Tate, but Nicole argued that Holly was not medically cleared to leave the house. Nicole thanked Jada for the call, and she demanded that Holly go home with her.

In the interrogation room, Brady noted that Holly should not have marched down to the station. "No. But I would have liked to talk to her face to face," Theresa lamented. Jada walked in and announced that E.J. had decided not to press charges. "[Tate can go back to the halfway house], but he will be required to wear an ankle monitor," Jada said. When Tate suggested that Holly could visit him at the halfway house when she was feeling better, Jada noted that E.J. had filed a restraining order.

At the penthouse, Steve and Marlena talked about John's past as the Pawn. "What do I not know about my husband about his past?" Marlena asked. Steve hesitantly reminded Marlena that he had been the Pawn's handler until John had gone on the run as John Black. "We both know the kind of guy I was back then," Steve said. Steve admitted that he was ashamed of his past as Victor's henchman.

"One day, Victor had a mission for us. For me and the Pawn," Steve said. Steve told Marlena that John's first assignment as the Pawn had been to deliver a message to a rival. "The message was clear. Make sure this man knows that his interference will no longer be tolerated," Steve said. Steve explained that he and the Pawn had traveled to Aria to confront Konstantin. "I thought that [Konstantin] was a longtime friend of Victor's," Marlena said. Steve scoffed.

"More like longtime rival. That's why John and I know that he's been conning Maggie, and why we've been trying to get him to leave town," Steve confessed. Steve continued his story. "Victor called and instructed me to wait outside and watch for guards," Steve said. Steve explained that while he had been outside the room, he had heard a gunshot. "I knew the Pawn wasn't supposed to kill Konstantin. So, I rushed inside to see what happened," Steve said. Steve told Marlena that he'd seen John had been in a trance and had been holding a gun.

"Then I spotted Konstantin on the floor, facedown, unconscious, but he was still breathing. Then I saw a young girl lying next to him. Blood had pooled underneath her. I checked for a pulse, but she was gone," Steve said. "Are you trying to tell me that John killed that girl?" Marlena asked. Steve admitted he had not seen the shooting. "It wasn't hard to piece together, though," Steve added. Steve reminded Marlena that the Pawn had been a weapon, not a person with independent thought.

"Do you think that John meant to kill that girl?" Marlena asked. With a shrug, Steve admitted that it could have been an accident. "Maybe [the Pawn] felt threatened in some way. Maybe he snapped," Steve suggested. Steve explained that he had grabbed John and returned to Salem. "I thought this whole thing was behind us. But then John and I confronted Konstantin about his intentions with Maggie. He turns out to be the same man from Aria," Steve said. Confused, Marlena asked Steve how Konstantin had known that John had been the Pawn when his face had been covered.

"He said it was his eyes," Steve said. Marlena demanded to know why she had not heard the story sooner when she had been working with John to recover his identity. "In trying to keep this secret from John, I just didn't think I could tell you, either. I'm sorry," Steve said. Marlena asked Steve if Kayla knew the story, and Steve said no. "How have you been living with this all this time?" Marlena asked. With a shake of his head, Steve admitted he had buried the memory.

"I wish I could have protected my friend from the knowledge of what he did. But then Konstantin showed up in Salem. And one of the times that John and I confronted him about Maggie, he mentioned his hometown of Aria. And it all unraveled from there," Steve said.

In the Basic Black offices, John complained to Konstantin about how Konstantin had affected him after the night they had met in the park. "But our history did not begin one month ago. You see, many years ago, you tore my life apart," Konstantin said. Konstantin handed John a photo of Catharina. When John did not recognize Catharina, Konstantin scowled.

"I find that very perplexing. Because you are the one who killed her," Konstantin said. John's eyes went wide, and he looked at the photo again. Konstantin told John that he and Victor had fought over territory for their crime business, and Victor had sent the Pawn to deliver a message. "No," John whispered. "Oh, yes. It was you," Konstantin said. Konstantin told John that he had been at his workbench when John had kicked in the door.

"I thought that Victor would send someone. I tried to defend myself, and we struggled. I never saw your face. But just your eyes. Only your eyes, that still haunt me to this very moment," Konstantin said. Konstantin explained that John had beaten him unconscious. "When I woke up, you were gone, the door was open, my home was a wreck. When I finally could focus, I saw my daughter, my only child, my Catharina on the floor, shot by you!" Konstantin said. A tear rolled down John's cheek as he looked at the photo of Catharina.

"I held my daughter's lifeless body in my hands. Telling her of the memories of her childhood. Her stories, the memories that we made. Our trips we took together. She was the only thing in this world that mattered to me. The only reason I had for living. Then, after her funeral, I developed another reason to go on. I plotted and planned to undermine Victor every chance I got. And I swore to myself that if I ever found the man who killed my daughter, that I would make him pay! And after all these years, I have finally found you," Konstantin said.

Shaken, John shook his head, and he muttered in disbelief, "No, no, no." "Now do you remember?" Konstantin screamed. Through tears, John said he did not remember, but he had always had a feeling in his gut. "I hope that feeling eats you alive! And as for me, I will not rest until I get my revenge!" Konstantin bellowed. With a sneer, Konstantin said John had made a mistake when he had murdered Catharina instead of Konstantin.

When Konstantin returned to the Kiriakis mansion, he sipped a drink as he stared at the portrait of Victor above the fireplace. Konstantin looked at a picture of Catharina on his phone. At the penthouse, John stood outside his front door at the penthouse and cried as he looked at Catharina's picture. "You chose to murder my daughter in cold blood!" Konstantin's voice echoed in John's head. John opened the front door a crack, and he stopped when he heard Marlena's voice.

"John has always been afraid that he's done unthinkable things in the past," Marlena said. "The man who went to Aria with me was not John, Marlena. The man we know today would never do something like that," Steve said. Marlena agreed. "But you know as well as I do that the truth would destroy him," Marlena said. John walked into the living room. "You knew. You never said a word to me, but you told my wife," John growled.

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