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Eric asked Brady to be Jude's godfather. Marlena begged John not to turn himself in for murder. Harris and Ava made love. Xander was out on bail. Harris ordered Stefan to cover for Ava or else be charged with attempted murder. Chanel honeymooned with Johnny then threw a party for Paulina. Abe told Roman about Lexie's help. Konstantin pushed Theresa to reunite with Alex. Leo interviewed Paulina. Abe moved back in. Stefan apologized to Chad. Sloan accepted Nicole's help. Stefan secured a deal from E.J. John apologized to Konstantin, and Konstantin forgave John.
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Paul returned home and Abe moved back in. Stefan secured a deal from E.J. John apologized to Konstantin, and he forgave John.
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Stefan makes plans to flee Salem

Stefan makes plans to flee Salem

Monday, March 18, 2024

Eric announced that he had gotten Jude down for a nap. Sloan sarcastically replied that he had said that ten minutes earlier. After he mentioned that he would ask Brady to babysit and to be Jude's godfather, Sloan pressed Eric about moving the christening festivities back to the pub. She claimed Roman might be hurt otherwise, and Eric wondered if she was more worried about keeping the christening in the family or keeping Nicole out of it. Sloan admitted that she didn't know why they were involving the woman who had kidnapped Jude, but Eric countered that Nicole had apologized and that he wanted Holly to feel included in the event.

Brady arrived and interrupted Eric and Sloan's argument. Sloan brusquely told them to have a nice day and stormed out the door. When Brady asked about Sloan's snappiness, Eric said she was exhausted because Jude had had a rough night. Talk turned to Jude's christening, which Eric confirmed would take place in a couple of days. Brady assured Eric he wouldn't miss it, which prompted Eric to ask if Brady would do him the honor of being Jude's godfather. Eric was surprised and confused when Brady replied that he couldn't accept.

Brady explained that while he considered the request an honor, he did not want to assume any responsibilities associated with fatherhood because he had screwed up his own kids' lives. He bemoaned how he had lost custody of Rachel and barely saw her, and then he updated Eric on Tate's latest run-in with the law. Brady called Tate scared, impulsive, and in love and noted that he would probably react the same way as his son. He mused that it was genetic and that Tate was taking after his father. Eric assured his brother that he knew Brady would do anything for his kids and that if Brady didn't agree to be Jude's godfather, Eric would be stuck with Leo Stark.

Brady eventually agreed, and he and Eric hugged. Brady confided in Eric his worry that Holly was keeping quiet about the overdose to protect herself and that Tate would keep paying the price for her lies. When Eric suggested Holly was confused, Brady said he wanted to believe that but felt as if she was putting her need for approval ahead of Tate. Eric mentioned that he had gotten the impression Holly was hiding something when he had last seen her. He promised to talk with her again, and Brady expressed gratitude for Eric's help.

Sloan ran into a hungover Leo at Horton Town Square and asked him if he had partied too hard for St. Patrick's Day. They bantered about Sloan's perfume, which Leo claimed made him "want to toss my cookies" and about the "world-class katzenjammer" and "green beer" Leo had consumed. Sloan cracked that Leo was getting what he deserved for going drinking on her dime. Leo reminded "Ms. Snarky Pants" that it was his dime and affirmed he was getting irritated and impatient for his weekly allowance. Sloan wrote Leo a check and said it wouldn't bounce because she knew how to keep a budget.

Leo protested that his budget was in trouble because he had bought a suit so he could "look fabulous" at Jude's baby christening. Sloan was in disbelief that Leo wanted to attend, but he reiterated that he had a "special connection born out of birthing him" with Jude. Sloan demanded Leo return the suit and get a refund because he would not be going to the christening. Leo referred to Sloan as "Dr. Evil's henchwoman" and called himself Jude's "fairy godmother." Sloan remarked that Eric would be asking Brady to be the godfather, and an offended Leo offered to make Jude a celebrity by putting his picture in the Spectator if Leo could attend.

Sloan berated Leo for trying to humanize himself, but Leo defended his connection with Jude and reminded Sloan that if it wasn't for him, Jude wouldn't be in the world. He then wondered why Melinda got to be the godmother, and Sloan snapped that Melinda hadn't blackmailed her. Leo insisted again that he cared about Jude and that he wanted a ringside seat for one of the most important moments of the boy's life. He told Sloan if she did not invite him, he would be forced to announce the truth about the baby she'd stolen "from his real mother, who still grieves for him." Leo left, telling Sloan, "See you there."

At the penthouse, John accused Steve of lying to his face and angrily asked his friend if Steve had ever planned to tell him the truth about Konstantin's daughter. John thought it ironic that Konstantin would be the one to give him the truth. Steve tried to explain that he had been afraid of how John would react. When Steve insisted that Konstantin did not know what had truly happened himself, an upset John responded, "I took the life of an innocent woman...a real person...somebody's daughter...I killed her."

Marlena implored John not to torture himself and reminded him that he had been a wonderful man and father. "A killing machine," John said before stating his intention to turn himself in. Steve encouraged John not to punish himself for a crime that had taken place years earlier in another country...a crime he could not remember. John bemoaned how he had considered himself one of the good guys but how instead, he was a monster like the man who had trained him to kill.

Marlena reminded John how he had supported her when she had done "unthinkable, unspeakable things" outside of her control. She credited his kindness and empathy with helping her forgive herself and wanted the same for John. When she claimed he had changed from the man he had been, John confessed that he had done something "dangerous" and "outside the bounds" by helping Clyde break out of prison. Steve reassured John that they had had no choice, but John nonetheless felt guilty about what Clyde might do while he was free.

Steve protested when John said he would apologize to Konstantin for his treatment of the man. John defended Konstantin as a grieving father and said if anyone had hurt Belle the way he had hurt Konstantin's daughter, he would kill the person without hesitation. Steve apologized for keeping the truth from John, but John remained angry. John did agree, though, when Marlena asked that he not make any major decisions in haste. After she secured his promise, she comforted him with, "I love you; don't forget that part."

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. informed Stefan that Harris had told him about the shooting. A worried Stefan asked E.J. if he would still help, and E.J. responded by toasting his brother and telling him to enjoy "your last night as a DiMera." E.J. had secured Stefan's transportation, his new identity, and his new location. He taunted Stefan about his only options being prison, death, or North Korea. An incredulous Stefan asked E.J. if he was joking about sending his brother to a "freaking war zone". E.J. reminded Stefan that he wanted a country without an extradition treaty, and if North Korea was not up to his standards, "the weather in Siberia's great."

Stefan could not believe he was trusting E.J. with his life, and E.J. cracked that "Father always said starting over builds character." He told Stefan to pack light, and Stefan said the only thing he wanted was to say goodbye to Gabi. E.J. remarked that that would be a bad idea because of Clyde's prison connection, and he offered to "gladly put the knife in Gabi's heart on your behalf." Stefan called him a "sadistic son of a bitch" but pleaded with E.J. to tell Gabi that he loved her. E.J. coldly refused and told Stefan he would have to leave that night.

When E.J. suggested Stefan sneak out of town in the trunk of a car, Stefan fumed that there had to be another way and asked E.J. to offer him a deal as the D.A. Stefan grew enraged when E.J. said no, and Stefan belittled E.J. for not helping him when he needed it most. An angered E.J. reminded Stefan that his "calamitous decisions" were of his own making and had almost cost E.J.'s stepdaughter her life. Stefan retorted that E.J. was helping himself to everything that was rightfully Stefan's and claimed that their father would be "flipping in his grave" for E.J.'s family disloyalty. E.J. believed Stefano would be proud of him for ridding the family of a son that had "proven himself to be an absolute failure, a complete embarrassment, and a stain on the DiMera legacy."

Stefan said it didn't matter what happened to him because he would be miserable without Gabi. E.J. called Stefan's declaration "romantic, in a morose sort of way" and said he would tell Gabi where Stefan was hiding so the two could "wallow in joint misery." He instructed Stefan to leave through the tunnels before Harris returned, and E.J. snidely said his goodbyes with a "bon voyage, brother."

Ava chastised Harris for leaving the apartment and defying his bed rest. They discussed Stefan's whereabouts, and Harris suggested Ava reach out to Stefan. Ava said she already had, but Stefan had not replied. Harris called Stefan a "crazy bastard" who would go to any lengths to protect Gabi. Ava again scolded Harris that he shouldn't be "running around like an action hero" and ordered him back to bed so she could take care of him. Harris smiled and said he wouldn't argue.

In the bedroom, Ava examined Harris and noted he had a fever. "I'm hot for you," he said before kissing her. Ava pulled back and joked that it was not what the doctor had meant by bed rest, but Harris assured her that it was exactly what the doctor ordered. The two got passionate again and made love for the first time. In the afterglow, both confessed how much they had missed each other. Ava had a flashback to sex with Stefan, which left her feeling guilty and making an excuse to leave the room.

Upon retreating, Ava heard a knock at the door and was greeted by Stefan. He said he needed her help, and Ava responded that he needed to go. Harris emerged from the bedroom. "My would-be assassin," he said, noting, "He's not going anywhere."

Harris gives Stefan an ultimatum

Harris gives Stefan an ultimatum

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Xander paced the interrogation room at the police station. Sarah rushed in, and she told Xander that Justin had confirmed that Xander would be released. "But how did it happen?" Sarah asked. Xander explained that Harris had been unable to identify Xander as the shooter, so Justin had convinced the judge to let Xander out on bail. Sarah was surprised that E.J. had not intervened to keep Xander in prison. Xander gathered Sarah in his arms and kissed her.

When Xander and Sarah returned home, she apologized for the mess. "It's the most beautiful room I've ever seen in my entire life," Xander said. As Xander gazed out the window, he promised to never take the view for granted again. Sarah wanted to text Maggie to check on Victoria, but Xander noted it was a bit late in the night. With a shrug, Sarah agreed.

"Victoria is going to be so happy to see her daddy again," Sarah said as she hugged Xander from behind. Sarah promised to pick up Victoria first thing in the morning so that Xander could spend the day with his daughter. Xander turned and smiled at Sarah. "Meanwhile, tonight is ours," Xander said. Xander kissed Sarah, and they made love on the couch.

When Sarah woke up later, Xander was sitting at the dinner table. "Hey," Sarah said. Xander wiped away tears. "What's wrong?" Sarah asked. Sarah walked over and wrapped her arms around Xander. "I had a dream after we fell asleep together," Xander said. Xander told Sarah that in his dream, he had been searching for Sarah and Victoria in a park, and he had seen them enter a tunnel. "I couldn't get to you. And then later when I was finally in the tunnel, you were gone," Xander whispered. "I'm here now. And Victoria is safe at my mom's. It was just a dream," Sarah said. Xander noted that his dream had been a warning.

"I can still be charged with attempted murder and go away for a very, very long time, Sarah. I just couldn't handle it. Being away from you and Victoria again? I just couldn't handle it," Xander said. Sarah sat on Xander's lap, and she held him close. After a moment, Sarah counseled Xander, "One day at a time for us, okay?" Xander noted that it was easier said than done to not think about the future.

"I've been so careful to stay on the straight and narrow now that I have you and Victoria in my life. The thought of having all that ripped away. Maybe this is punishment for my past," Xander said. Sarah disagreed. "I do believe that people can improve themselves. They can grow and change. And you are proving that," Sarah said. Xander argued that he had only proven that to Sarah. With a sigh, Xander noted that that was why he believed Sarah and Victoria would be better off without him.

"You've said that before, and you've obviously never heard my response. But your daughter and I need you here close to us," Sarah said. Xander started to disagree, but Sarah told him to stop. "I want you in my life. I want you in Victoria's life, because you're important to me. You're important to her. And because I love you," Sarah said. Sarah kissed Xander.

With a smile, Sarah noted that the tunnel in Xander's dream had a light at the end of it. "I promise you that," Sarah whispered. Xander hugged Sarah, and he said, "What did I do to deserve you?" Sarah laughed. "I'm here now. You've got me," Sarah whispered. Xander told Sarah that he loved her. Sarah told Xander that she loved him, and she led him into the bedroom.

In Paulina's room at the hospital, Abe, Chanel, and Johnny celebrated Paulina's miraculous recovery. Paulina joked that she would work to have the FBI move headquarters to Salem so that Eli and Lani would have to move back home. Abe suggested that they visit Eli and Lani in the summer. "Before we make family plans, what about you newlyweds making some time alone together?" Paulina asked. Paulina ordered Johnny and Chanel to go home and rest.

Once Paulina was alone with Abe, she told Abe that she could not wait to be roommates again. "Me, too. And I promise I'm not going to hog the bed or leave the dishes in the sink," Abe said. "I'll believe that when I see it," Paulina said with a chuckle. Abe nuzzled Paulina's neck, and she giggled as Kate and Roman walked into the room. "I hope that we're not interrupting," Kate said. Paulina squealed with delight and told them she was thrilled to see them.

"You just missed Chanel and Johnny," Paulina said. Kate noted that they had run into Chanel and Johnny at the elevator and had congratulated them on their marriage. "Isn't that the best news?" Paulina said. "I don't know, I beg to differ because I think the best news is that you're well again," Kate countered. "And that Abe got his memory back," Roman added. Abe smiled at Roman, and he said he remembered all his past shenanigans with Roman. Roman chuckled.

"I am going home tomorrow," Paulina said. "Correction: we are going home tomorrow," Abe countered. Paulina smiled and noted that she was eager to get home. "And then ASAP, I'm back to work as mayor. Because I know this fair city is just going to hell in a handbasket without me," Paulina said. Abe warned Paulina not to return to work until she was fully healed. Paulina nodded in agreement, but she noted that she felt strong enough to take on anything.

"It's amazing. But I have to admit, I don't understand exactly what happened. So, were you misdiagnosed with a heart condition?" Kate asked. Paulina and Abe exchanged a look, and she asked Abe if they should tell Roman and Kate what had happened. Abe said yes. Paulina told Roman and Kate that after she had flatlined, a bright white light had washed over her, and she had been healed. "That's really miraculous," Kate stammered. "It was definitely miraculous. And the other miracle is that I got my memory back at the same time," Abe said. Kate looked at Roman. "That's some story," Roman said. Abe asked Roman to join him for a cup of coffee, and they left Kate and Paulina to talk alone.

"What are those two up to?" Paulina said. Kate suggested that Roman was excited to reminisce with his old friend, since Abe's memory was back. "I'm so excited to see you like this again. Your wonderful, energetic self. We were all pretty worried about you," Kate said. "God had other plans. For me and for Abraham," Paulina said. With a sigh, Paulina admitted that she had worried that she was not Abe's type.

"What are you talking about? [Abe] adores you!" Kate said with a laugh. "No, I know that. But, well, being in my presence all the time now, especially such a big break from me, Abe, well he is mellow. In case you hadn't noticed, I've got a pretty big personality. I'm a real handful," Paulina said. Kate reminded Paulina that Kate was a big personality, too. "The truth is, I never thought that I was Roman's type. I mean, he's mellow. He's easy-going. I'm a handful, too," Kate said. With a chuckle, Paulina noted that she and Kate had both ended up with their exact opposites.

"I guess someone out there knew better than we do," Kate said. "Well, someone up there took real good care of me, beating cancer, surviving a failing heart. I just feel my heart now, it feels so strong. I feel like I can face anything," Paulina admitted. Kate noted that Paulina had always been like that. "And everyone who knows you and loves you always knew that. Now, you know it, too," Kate said. Paulina thanked Kate and said she was blessed to have Kate as a friend.

"I have to admit, I haven't had very many female friends. But you know, from the men that I've known, in my experience, they don't even want to listen," Kate said. "Not just in your experience!" Paulina said. Kate and Paulina talked about the difference between men and women in social situations. "There are some exceptions," Paulina said. Kate and Paulina agreed that their husbands were more social than most.

In the hallway, Roman and Abe reminisced about old times. "My heart beats for my wife and family. But my blood will always run blue," Abe said. "Amen to that, partner," Roman said. As Roman and Abe sipped coffee in the waiting area, Roman asked Abe about the experience with the white light. "Do you have divine powers now or something? What is it you're not telling me?" Roman asked. "Please don't share this with anyone, but I saw [Lexie]. She's the one who brought the miracle to us," Abe confessed. Abe told Roman that both he and Paulina had seen Lexie appear in the white light.

"I don't know what to say here. I guess the only thing I can say is, God bless Lexie for giving Paulina her life back and giving you your past back," Roman said. Abe nodded in agreement. Abe admitted that he had also remembered his years with Lexie and how much he had loved her. "I feel something. It's disturbing," Abe said. Roman asked why. Abe confessed, "Even though Lexie is gone, I feel as if I'm disloyal to Paulina." Roman counseled Abe to remember that his memories of Lexie were important, but not to let them overshadow Abe's love and life with Paulina. "In the present," Abe said. Roman nodded yes.

When Abe and Roman returned to Paulina's hospital room, Paulina and Kate were laughing. "What were you two ladies talking about?" Roman asked. "Girl talk," Paulina said. Paulina jokingly asked if the men had been discussing barbeque. Roman said no, but he offered to have a barbeque in Paulina's honor as soon as she was ready. Roman and Kate said goodnight and left.

In the town square, Chanel told Johnny that she had loved their small wedding. Johnny and Chanel laughed as they talked about all the headaches they had missed by not having a large wedding. "There is one thing, though," Johnny said. "What?" Chanel asked. Johnny lamented that he and Chanel had been unable to have a first dance, since there had not been a reception. "What shall we do about that?" Chanel asked. Johnny suggested that they take a turn around the square, despite the lack of music. Chanel put her arms around Johnny's neck and said, "You're on, Mr. DuPree." Johnny and Chanel smiled at one another as they swayed together in the town square.

"So, now we've had our first dance," Johnny said. "It was lovely. And you only stepped on my toes twice," Chanel said. With a smile, Johnny noted that there was another activity they had not yet done as husband and wife. "Should we head home?" Chanel asked. "To a house full of DiMeras? Not exactly romantic," Johnny said. Chanel looked over at the Salem Inn. Johnny took Chanel by the hand, and they ran into the hotel lobby.

Johnny and Chanel checked in, rushed up to their room, and tore each other's clothes off. After Johnny and Chanel made love, they lay in bed together. "Lying in your arms is the one place in the world that I feel like nothing can go wrong. Ever," Chanel said. "I feel the same. In your arms. So why don't we just stay here for a few nights," Johnny said. A groggy Chanel cuddled closer and whispered, "Maybe." "I know you're tired. You've been through so much lately," Johnny said. Johnny softly kissed Chanel goodnight.

At Ava's apartment, Stefan pounded on the door until Ava answered. "You really need to go now," Ava hissed. "Well, what do you know? My would-be assassin," Harris said as he exited the bedroom. Confused, Ava asked Harris what he meant. Harris informed Ava that Stefan had lured him to the loading dock with a fake text, and then he had shot Harris. "You shot him?" Ava stammered. Stefan told Ava that Clyde had not given him a choice. Ava slapped Stefan.

"You bastard!" Ava yelled. "I didn't have a choice. Either I took out Harris, or Clyde was gonna kill Gabi, and you know he would follow through!" Stefan growled. Harris argued that both Ava and Stefan should have told him the whole story from the start. "You're right. I should have trusted you," Ava said. Stefan disagreed.

"We all know Clyde is the bad guy here," Stefan argued. Ava countered that Harris would have had their backs if she and Stefan had trusted Harris. With a groan, Stefan noted that Harris, Tripp, and Wendy were safe. "He was in a coma! And Tripp and Wendy nearly died!" Ava argued. "But they didn't. No harm, no foul," Stefan said. Harris joked that everything was okay because Stefan had only attempted murder. "You're a real disgusting piece of work," Harris muttered. Frustrated, Stefan asked Harris if he knew that Ava had turned to him in her loneliness.

"What the hell, Stefan?" Ava growled. "Just trying to point out here that none of us are saints," Stefan said. Ava shook her head with disgust, and she turned to Harris. "I was only pretending to be in a relationship with Stefan to protect you. You know that, right?" Ava asked. Ava explained that one night, she and Stefan had gotten exceptionally drunk and had slept together. "I don't care. That was then. This is now," Harris said. When Stefan complained that Harris had almost broken his neck, Harris pointed out that he had done that when Stefan had made a second attempt on his life.

"And, of course, he made me promise to take the fall for our misdeeds. Why the hell would I do that? Why would I take the blame for everything, and you get off scot-free?" Stefan complained. Harris reminded Stefan that Ava had not attempted to kill Harris. "I got news for you, pal. I go down for this, I'm taking her with me," Stefan yelled. Harris shook his head no. "Our agreement stands that you're going to pay for the consequences," Harris said. Harris ordered Stefan to turn himself in for drug trafficking and money laundering.

"And then you're gonna confess that it was you and only you that was acting as Clyde's partner. And that Ava was coerced -- she was threatened and an unwilling participant," Harris said. "And why would he do that?" Ava asked. Harris explained that Stefan would get a lighter jail sentence for those offenses than for the attempted murder of a police officer. "So, you're going to take the fall for the crimes. And the man who shot me will remain unknown forever," Harris said.

As Stefan silently contemplated his options, Harris asked Stefan why he had chosen Xander as the fall guy. "Because he's a believable suspect, ex-con, thug for hire, used by Kristen, by you," Stefan said. "Right. Believable. Yeah, totally innocent. And you were willing to ruin his life," Harris argued. Harris yelled at Stefan to take the deal before Harris changed his mind. Stefan glowered at Harris.

"Time's up!" Harris yelled. "Ava was as deep in this as I was," Stefan argued. "I don't give a damn," Harris countered. Harris told Stefan that he had until the following morning to take the deal, or the deal was off. "And you're not gonna like what happens," Harris said. Stefan walked out.

As Harris rubbed his sore arm, Ava peeked around him so that he would look at her. "What happened between me and Stefan, it meant nothing. And I am so, so sorry," Ava said. Harris told Ava not to apologize. Ava asked Harris if he was angry. "I can't change the past. All we can do is move forward," Harris said. Taken aback, Ava asked Harris why he was making Stefan take the blame when he knew that Ava was just as guilty.

"I think you know why," Harris said. "I'm not so sure," Ava whispered. "Because I love you. And I know you love me. I heard you say it to me when you thought I wasn't listening in the hospital," Harris said. Ava was surprised to learn that Harris had heard her. "Did you mean it?" Harris asked. With tears in her eyes, Ava said, "Oh, yeah. I meant it. I love you, Harris," Ava said. Harris embraced Ava.

Outside the Brady Pub, Stefan groaned when he saw the restaurant was closed. "What the hell does a guy got to do to get a drink around here?" Stefan grumbled. Stefan muttered about the injustice of him having to take the fall for everything while Ava escaped blame. "We'll see about that," Stefan said.

E.J. wonders where Stefan is

E.J. wonders where Stefan is

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

In Horton Town Square, Theresa told Eric about the restraining order against Tate. Theresa wondered if it was for the best and if Tate and Holly weren't good for one another. Eric said that Tate was a great kid. When Jude started crying, Eric left.

At Xander and Sarah's apartment, Sarah and Xander basked in the afterglow of having made love the previous night. They made love again before having breakfast. Sarah and Xander agreed that the only thing that would make their morning more complete would be having Victoria in their arms. They left to pick up Victoria.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie cradled a fussy Victoria, and Konstantin entered. Konstantin asked if he could hold Victoria, and he managed to put her to sleep with a Greek lullaby. Maggie said that she was impressed by Konstantin, who said that he adored Maggie. Moments later, Sarah and Xander appeared. Maggie was thrilled to discover that Xander was no longer in police custody.

After Konstantin left, Maggie recalled that Konstantin had put Victoria to sleep. Xander offended Maggie when he said that he and Sarah weren't comfortable with Konstantin being allowed to cradle Victoria. Maggie recalled that Konstantin had lost a daughter, and she said that Konstantin had a "wonderful way" with Victoria.

Maggie urged Xander to be more open toward Konstantin, and she stepped out. Afterwards, Sarah hoped that Maggie's words hadn't changed Xander's mind about Konstantin. Xander said that he was still convinced that Konstantin had "completely conned" Maggie. "Not only do I not trust the man, I despise him -- with every cell of my being," Xander said sharply.

Back in Horton Town Square, Theresa sat alone at a table, sipping coffee and telling herself that it would be a good day. Konstantin appeared, and he reminded Theresa that they had conspired to make Alex appear to be Victor's heir. Theresa said that she had moved out of Alex's apartment, and she added that she was more focused on Tate.

Konstantin told Theresa to refocus her attention back to marrying Alex while Konstantin focused on conning Maggie. Theresa said that Maggie would throw Konstantin "out on (his) ass." Konstantin said that Maggie was "smitten" with him. "So, you fulfill your part of the bargain, and you and I will be set for life," he said.

At the Salem Inn, Johnny and Chanel basked in the afterglow of having made love the previous night. Johnny and Chanel had sat down to breakfast in the room, but they agreed to make love again instead. Afterwards, over breakfast, Chanel and Johnny reiterated their love for one another.

Chanel said that Johnny had always stayed in her heart and in her dreams after their breakup in 2022. Johnny said that he had often dreamed of Chanel and had flashbacks to their wedding in Italy. "And then I'd wake up... and I'd really wish that it wasn't a dream," Johnny said. "Well, it's not a dream anymore. It is so very real," Chanel said slowly as she and Johnny held hands across a table.

When Chanel suggested a party to welcome Paulina home, Johnny agreed to help. Johnny phoned Steve, and he announced that Steve and Kayla had agreed to attend the party. Chanel was delighted, and she and Johnny held one another closely on the bed. Johnny recalled Sarah's offer to use the Horton cabin for Johnny and Chanel's honeymoon. Chanel said that her and Johnny's time in the cabin would be good for them. Johnny and Chanel kissed.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole walked in on E.J., who yelled at Stefan in a voice message. Nicole asked what was going on. E.J. lied when he said that the matter pertained to international business involving Stefan and DiMera Enterprises. Holly entered, and she fussed at E.J. for having had Tate arrested. E.J. surprised Holly when he said that he'd decided not to press charges. Holly was relieved -- until she learned that E.J. had taken out a restraining order against Tate.

Holly was furious with E.J. and Nicole, and she said that Tate didn't deserve the restraining order. Holly continued arguing, and she prepared to go for a walk. On her way out, Holly told Nicole that she wanted to be alone. E.J. told Holly not to contact Tate, and he added that it would only make things worse.

A short while later, E.J. texted Stefan to demand that Stefan get back to E.J. as soon as possible. E.J. told Nicole that he was worried about Holly's relationship with Tate. Nicole agreed when E.J. said that it was best to keep Holly and Tate apart. When E.J. offered to postpone Jude's christening ceremony, Nicole said that she thought the ceremony would help her heal after the loss of her and E.J.'s baby.

E.J. supported Nicole's decision. When Nicole headed out, E.J. placed another call. "Gregory, are you on your way to the airfield? What the hell do you mean he didn't show up? Did you call him? I see. Well, stay put until I get in contact with you," E.J. ordered. E.J. then phoned Stefan again. "Damn voicemail. Where the hell are you, Stefan, and what kind of game are you playing?" E.J. yelled.

In the park, Eric encountered Holly. Eric recalled his run-in with Theresa earlier. Holly expressed regret for what had happened on New Year's Eve. Eric flashed back to having told Brady that he thought Holly might be hiding something. Eric then asked Holly what she remembered from New Year's Eve.

Holly flashed back to having offered Tate amphetamines, but she remained quiet about New Year's Eve. Holly said that she was only worried about Tate. Eric encouraged Holly to go to Eric if she ever wanted to talk. Holly thanked Eric for his offer, and she left.

Paulina receives a warm welcome home

Paulina receives a warm welcome home

Thursday, March 21, 2024

At Steve and Kayla's townhouse, Abe thanked Steve and Kayla for taking him in after Abe had lost his memories almost a year earlier. Steve agreed to meet Abe and Kayla at Paulina's surprise party later. Abe and Kayla left for the hospital.

In Paulina's room at the hospital, Paulina was anxious to return home. Chanel tried to calm Paulina, who expressed relief that she would be okay following her health scare. Abe and Kayla appeared shortly afterwards. Everyone was delighted as Paulina was wheeled out of the hospital room.

At the Spectator office, Leo pondered various headlines to describe Clyde's escape from Statesville. Chad grew upset when he perceived that Leo was being callous in regard to Clyde. Leo apologized to Chad, who said that the image of finding Abigail murdered was something he would never forget. Chad added that he hoped Clyde would be captured before Clyde killed again.

Leo sympathized with Chad, who asked Leo to cover Paulina's release from the hospital. Leo agreed, and he thanked Chad for showing confidence in him. After Leo left, Chad flashed back to visiting Abigail's grave and the words he'd spoken to her on the one-year anniversary of her murder.

By the nurses' station at the hospital, a gaggle of reporters stopped Paulina and inquired about her recovery. Leo was among the reporters, and he asked Paulina to describe what had happened. Paulina gave a brief statement in which she expressed gratitude for the support of everyone in Salem. Abe and Kayla escorted Paulina out of the hospital. Leo vowed to follow up with Paulina.

At the Salem Police Station, Jada told Harris that she'd tried to visit him at his room above the Brady Pub earlier but had found the room empty. Jada told Harris to tell her where he'd been. Harris flashed back to making love to Ava. Harris was tight-lipped, but he eventually admitted that he had spent the night with Ava. Jada said that she had a problem with Ava and Harris being together.

Jada complained at length about Ava's presence in Harris' life, and she said that Harris and Ava's relationship was an affront to the Salem PD's "code of conduct." "If anybody knows about ignoring code of conduct, Jada, it's you," Harris shot back. Harris accused Jada of hypocrisy. Jada pushed back, noting that she had arrested her sister months earlier. Jada accused Harris of breaking the rules, and she told him not to sacrifice himself for Ava.

Back at the Spectator office, Chad was startled when a drunken Stefan appeared. Chad asked why Stefan was drunk at eight o'clock in the morning. Stefan asked if Chad had ever had any deep regrets. Stefan shared that he had been thinking about "what went down between (Stefan) and Abigail" years earlier. Stefan began to apologize to Chad. "What I need to say to you... you didn't deserve that. Neither did Abby. She was a beautiful soul who was so kind and smart. Heart of gold. And me? I was a selfish, arrogant bastard," Stefan said solemnly.

Stefan shifted the conversation to Clyde's escape. "And now, the son of a bitch who took (Abigail's) life is back on the streets, and I can't imagine how that makes you feel. I need you to know... I had nothing to do with Weston escaping. Nothing at all," Stefan said. Chad was confused by Stefan's remark. "Wait a minute. Why -- why would I think that you had anything to do with Clyde escaping?" Chad asked.

Stefan eluded the question, and he said that he loved Chad. Chad told Stefan to sober up. Stefan said that he was already sobering up and that he had to "face the music." Chad asked what Stefan meant. Stefan mumbled something about "chess moves." Chad remained confused. Stefan said only that Chad had given him clarity.

On his way out, Stefan referred to Chad as "the good DiMera," and he added that Chad inspired Stefan to be a better man. Stefan told Chad to take care, and the two brothers hugged. When Chad asked if Stefan was okay to drive, Stefan said that he was as sober and clear-headed as he could be. After Stefan left, Chad sat alone at his desk. Chad stared at a family Christmas portrait of his last Christmas with Abigail, Thomas, and Charlotte. "I miss you. Okay, got to get back to work," Chad said.

After opening his laptop, Chad read a headline. "Murderer, drug lord Clyde Weston escapes from prison," Chad read aloud before angrily slamming the laptop shut. Chad closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "I worked so hard to try to purge that son of a bitch from my brain, and... oh, I hope he rots in hell," Chad said sharply.

Back at the Salem Police Station moments later, Jada was continuing to lecture Harris about Ava when Stefan appeared. Stefan said that he was there to turn himself in for drug trafficking and money laundering. Stefan added that Clyde had forced him to push drugs through the Bistro and to launder money. Jada tried to convince Stefan to admit that Ava had helped launder the money.

Stefan said that he had acted alone. "And when Ava found out what I was up to, I ordered her to keep her mouth shut, or consequences would be dire," Stefan said. Stefan added that Ava had had no part in anything illegal. "So, you want to get my brother, the D.A., on the phone? I'm ready to cut a deal," Stefan told Harris and Jada.

At Abe and Paulina's penthouse, Steve and Johnny were thrilled that Abe and Paulina were moving back in together. Johnny noted that Steve and John had found Tripp and Wendy, and he asked how Clyde had been able to escape from Statesville. Johnny said that there was a "warm place in hell" for whoever had helped Clyde escape. Steve worked to change the subject before Johnny stepped into the kitchen.

Moments later, Steve seemed distracted when Johnny returned and mentioned balloons and other decorations the two of them had set up. Just then, Abe, Paulina, Chanel, and Kayla entered. They were thrilled by the sight of the decorations. Kayla credited Steve and Johnny for their help with the surprise party.

Abe and Paulina noted that everyone had a lot to be thankful for, and they smiled warmly at each other. Nearby, Kayla spotted Steve, who seemed uneasy. Kayla asked Steve what was troubling him. Steve was tight-lipped, and he told Kayla that it was nothing to worry about. Just then, Leo entered with a vase of flowers for Paulina, who was unimpressed with Leo's gesture.

Leo worked to flatter Paulina, who eventually agreed to grant Leo a ten-minute interview. Paulina added that Leo had written impressive pieces for the Spectator about the history of the Horton house, as well as the town's celebration of MLK Day. Leo was touched by Paulina's words, and he said that Paulina was a treasure. Chanel returned with celebratory mimosas for everyone.

Paulina agreed with Leo's description that her recovery had been miraculous, and she spoke about having love and faith. "Bottom line. I got a second change, and I plan to make the most of it. I got a victory because of this mysterious miracle, and... with the aforementioned love and faith, I believe we can overcome anything," Paulina said. Everyone gathered raised a glass as they toasted. Paulina. Abe, Chanel, Steve, Kayla, and Leo all said that they loved Paulina.

Leo grew emotional when he said that it was an honor to be in Paulina's presence. "I know that I am normally the comic relief. That is my MO, to make people laugh. But for now, I will back-burner my amazing sense of humor to say, in earnest, that you are not only a brilliant mayor, but you are a gem of a human being," Leo said affectionately to Paulina.

Chanel quipped that Leo was a nice person when he put his sense of humor on the "back burner." Leo thanked Chanel, and he said that Paulina was a hero. Abe agreed, and he added that Paulina was the light of his family.

Stefan negotiates an arrangement with E.J.

Stefan negotiates an arrangement with E.J.

Friday, March 22, 2024

Nicole stopped by Sloan's apartment to discuss the christening reception. Nicole noticed Jude was asleep in his cradle. "Do you mind if I sneak a peek at him?" Nicole asked. Sloan nodded yes. As Nicole cooed over Jude, Sloan cautioned her to be quieter. "He's a really light sleeper," Sloan explained. Nicole apologized.

Eric trotted out of the bathroom in a towel, and he stopped dead when he saw Nicole. "I'm sorry," Eric muttered before he ran back into the bathroom. Nicole offered Sloan a scone, but she declined. Nicole said that she had grabbed what was fresh when she had been ordering the cake for the christening.

"Eric said that you prefer buttercream," Nicole said. "I don't really care. I mean, it's not like Jude is going to be eating any of it, and he is the star of the show," Sloan said. When Sloan mentioned that Roman would cater the event, Nicole asked what food Sloan wanted. "Did Eric ever mention about me not being fully on board with this?" Sloan asked. "The chef?" Nicole asked with confusion. Sloan clarified that she meant she did not approve of Nicole's involvement with Jude's christening.

"I didn't realize," Nicole stammered. With a scowl, Sloan noted that she had attempted to forgive Nicole for having kidnapped her son, but she had been unable to forgive Nicole's actions. "I don't think I ever will," Sloan said. Nicole choked back tears, and she nodded.

"Fine. If you don't want me to host the reception, then I won't," Nicole offered. Sloan shrugged. With a shake of her head, Nicole explained that after everything Holly had been through, Holly would have wanted to be a part of the celebration. Nicole admitted that she had hoped the gesture would prove to Sloan how sorry Nicole was for her actions and that Sloan would understand as a mother how devastated Nicole had been after the loss of her son.

"But Marlena helped me realize that my taking Jude, it was just because a part of me wanted to be closer to the baby I knew I would never have. So, with all that being said, I understand, Sloan, if you never forgive me," Nicole said. "That's very good of you," Sloan whispered. Nicole argued that Holly's connection to Eric and Jude meant that they would continue to be in one another's lives. "We are gonna have to figure out how to make this relationship work," Nicole said. Nicole stressed that she loved her husband.

"And I am thrilled that Eric has a wife and a baby whom he adores and who makes him happy. I really do mean that," Nicole said. "I appreciate the words," Sloan said. Nicole explained that she felt lucky because of Holly's recovery, and she was surprised to feel that way after the loss of her son. "I'm glad to hear that. Truly," Sloan said. Jude began to fuss, so Sloan picked him up. Sloan talked about Jude's recent fussiness, and Nicole asked if she could assist. Sloan hesitantly handed Jude to Nicole.

"You know what? Holly loves 'Twinkle, Twinkle.' Maybe you will, too," Nicole said. Nicole smiled at Sloan, and she started to sing. Jude started to coo as Eric returned to the main room. Nicole gently handed the baby back to Sloan. "You're so calm and collected now, aren't you, Jude?" Sloan said. Sloan thanked Nicole for her help. "Teamwork," Nicole said with a shrug.

Eric apologized for his former state of dress, and Nicole said it was fine. Nicole asked about Eric's new business. "Going pretty great," Eric admitted. Nicole told Eric and Sloan that she admired that they both worked full-time and did not have day care or a nanny. "I do enjoy spending as much time with him as I can," Eric said. "Eric is a great dad," Sloan said.

"Is [Holly] starting to remember anything more about what happened to her on New Year's Eve?" Eric asked. Nicole said no. "And I really don't know what else she could remember. She doesn't know how the drugs slipped into her drink," Nicole said. Nicole told Eric that she knew Brady believed Tate's story that the drugs had been Holly's, but she did not. "[Holly] would never lie. Especially if it jeopardized Tate's freedom," Nicole said. With a groan, Nicole admitted that she and E.J. believed that Tate and Holly's relationship was toxic.

"Come on, Nicole. Holly and Tate? They're young. What, you think the jury's out whether they're good enough for each other?" Eric said. Nicole argued, "I think I know a thing or two about relationships and if they aren't meant to be." Eric nodded. Eric asked Nicole if she had heard that he had asked Brady to be Jude's godfather.

"So, if it's gonna be an uncomfortable situation with Tate," Eric said. "Brady and I are friends. We'll work it out. Besides, I wouldn't miss the christening for anything," Nicole said. Nicole confessed that she was envious that Eric and Sloan would get to baptize their son. "I know your little boy, he's with God," Eric said. Nicole agreed, and she sniffed back tears. With a smile, Nicole promised that the christening would be a happy event.

After Nicole left, Sloan told Eric that she had made peace with Nicole's involvement in the christening. "I just want you to know that coming home to you, to our son, is well, it makes me happier than I ever thought possible." Eric said. With tears in her eyes, Sloan asked, "Really?" Eric smiled and said, "Really."

At the penthouse, Marlena asked John why he was leaving. "I thought about this all night long. And it didn't change my mind about what I need to do," John said. Marlena warned John that Konstantin was dangerous. John argued that admitting that he had killed Catharina would not change how Konstantin felt about John.

"Maybe it will give [him] a little closure," John added. With a nod yes, Marlena asked to go with John. "I appreciate the support, but I don't think you're going to support the rest of it," John said. Worried, Marlena asked John what he meant. John explained that after he talked to Konstantin, he planned to take a flight to Greece and turn himself in to the authorities.

"Who knows what the consequences might be?" Marlena said. "Whatever the legal consequences are, I will face them," John said. Marlena asked John if he was ready to leave his family behind forever. "I was a killer. Who's to say I might not be one again?" John asked. Marlena asked John if he wanted to protect the family or punish himself for a crime he might not have committed.

"Because I have always been afraid that I was capable of a heinous act like this. In fact, I think a part of me always knew I had," John said. John said he could not continue with his life, knowing what he had done. "I don't think you're thinking rationally right now," Marlena pleaded. John asked Marlena how he should move on without taking responsibility for his past.

Marlena reminded John that she had lived with the same guilt after what she had done when she had been possessed. "It wasn't you!" John yelled. "And this wasn't you!" Marlena countered. John argued that their situations were different, and he walked out. Marlena called Steve and asked for help.

When John arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, he told Maggie that he was there to talk to Konstantin. "Listen, if you're here to throw around more baseless accusations about his so-called designs on my money, I am afraid I am going to have to ask you to leave," Maggie said. "That's not why I'm here," John said. Steve and Marlena walked into the living room.

"What's going on?" Maggie asked. "Steve is not going to change my mind any more than you could," John grumbled to Marlena. As Steve asked John to join him outside, Konstantin walked into the room. "What is he doing here?" Konstantin barked. John walked over to Konstantin.

"I know that I can't ask for your forgiveness, so I'm not even going to try. But the least I can do is just tell you how profoundly sorry I am," John said. Confused, Maggie asked John if he was there to apologize for how John had treated Konstantin. John nodded yes. "And you came here to stop him?" Maggie asked Steve. "No. They came here to stop me from confessing," John said. John explained that he had killed Catharina. Maggie gasped when she realized that Victor had sent John to confront Konstantin.

"I was the Pawn's handler. I might have been able to do something to stop things from going so terribly wrong," Steve said. John warned Steve not to blame himself. "I shot that young woman. Me," John said. "If no one witnessed it, are you sure?" Maggie asked. John argued that no one else had been in the room.

"It's a very moving plea, Mr. Johnson. But what he said is the incontrovertible truth. It was he who killed my daughter. Of that I have no doubt in my mind," Konstantin said. "As a father myself, my heart's breaking for you. I can't imagine the pain you have suffered all these years," John said. Konstantin told John that Catharina had been the light of the world. "I have no doubt that your daughter was a wonderful woman. And the loss of her was devastating. But I want you to know that my husband, John, the man he is now, is also a light in the world," Marlena said. John disagreed.

"All I know is what I have to do," John said. John promised to board the next plane and turn himself in to the Greek authorities. Steve and Marlena pleaded with John to reconsider, but John noted that his actions in the past had been because he had lacked free will. "Well, now I have free will, and I'm going to exercise it. And if you care about me, partner, you're going to let me do what I have to do," John said.

"We hear you," Marlena whispered. "And like I said, Konstantin is never going to forgive me," John said. "That is where you are wrong! I do forgive you, John" Konstantin said. John raised a quizzical eyebrow.

At the police station, E.J. demanded to see his brother. Harris pointed to the interrogation room. "[Stefan turned] himself in for drug trafficking and money laundering on behalf of Clyde Weston. And then he asked for you, wanting to cut a deal," Harris said. E.J. entered the interrogation room. Stefan fiddled with a chess board. E.J. demanded to know what Stefan wanted.

"We're playing for my freedom or for yours," Stefan said. With a chuckle, E.J. asked Stefan what he meant. Stefan reminded E.J. that he had signed over his assets to E.J. on the condition that he would get Stefan safely out of town. "You were going to send me into a war zone," Stefan complained.

"But now, you're here of your own accord. No mention of the attempted murder charges. You do know that Michaels knows you shot him?" E.J. asked. E.J. wondered aloud why Harris would allow Stefan to plead to a lesser charge. "Michaels has an agenda. Just like you," Stefan said. With a shrug, E.J. said that he would not give Stefan a deal.

"Because you don't want to alienate your constituents," Stefan said. "And I just can't wait to get rid of you," E.J. countered with a smirk. Stefan smiled, and he counseled E.J. to rethink his position. Stefan played a recording of E.J. laying out the plan for Stefan's escape from the country and E.J.'s part in it.

"You gonna play ball, or am I going to take this recording out there to Detective Michaels?" Stefan said. After a moment, E.J. sighed. "[Harris] thinks you alone can take the fall for running drugs, saving your accomplice from the consequence of her own sinful deeds. Ava Vitali is a plague," E.J. muttered. E.J. stressed that he had no interest in helping Ava.

"Well, you have zero interest in lifting a finger to help me. But you don't really have a choice now, do you?" Stefan said. With a sigh, E.J. noted that offering a deal for drug trafficking was not as politically unpopular as offering a deal for the attempted murder of a cop. "You drop the charges in exchange for my testimony against Weston. Everybody is happy," Stefan noted.

"Except Xander Cook, who's being charged with a crime he did not commit. But who cares about him, right?" E.J. said. After a moment, E.J. offered Stefan a sentencing deal. Stefan accepted. "If I offer you this deal, you are not going to show Detective Michaels that recording?" E.J. asked. Stefan nodded yes. Confused, E.J. asked about Stefan's chess game.

"What, you can't guess?" Stefan said with a laugh. "The fortune you signed over to me? No, that is not negotiable, damn it! I did exactly as promised!" E.J. yelled. Stefan pointed out that he had not left town. "That was your choice!" E.J. said. With a shrug, Stefan noted that the contract terms were murky, and he suggested that they settle the matter with a winner-take-all game of chess. E.J. refused.

"I cannot think of a more DiMera-appropriate way to settle our disagreement than chess. I mean, unless you want me to air our grievances about our agreement in an open court, reveal our respective misdeeds?" Stefan argued. Stefan noted that E.J. would not be able to enjoy Stefan's fortunes if E.J. was in prison. Reluctantly, E.J. agreed to review the contract if he lost the game.

When the game appeared to be going to E.J.'s advantage, he taunted Stefan. "How about we make it a best of three series?" Stefan suggested. With a chuckle, E.J. said, "No. Check." Stefan said that he had spent the week mourning that he would never play chess with his brothers again. "It's so satisfying. To trounce the people we're in conflict with," E.J. said. "But I'm not really doing the trouncing here, am I?" Stefan said. Stefan noted that he was not ready to leave the family, because he loved being a DiMera.

"Something you and I have in common," Stefan said. Stefan made a move, and E.J. complimented him. "I learned that one from Chad. He's always been a hell of a lot more ruthless in sport than in life. As opposed to you and I, two ruthless sons of bitches in any context," Stefan said. E.J. made a move on the board. "Check," Stefan said. E.J. was taken aback.

"Don't tell me you underestimated me, brother. Again," Stefan said. E.J. scowled, and he admitted that he had not foreseen that countermove. "Mate," Stefan announced. E.J. argued that the win was meaningless, since Stefan had signed an agreement. "Answer me this. A few million more a year, or your freedom?" Stefan asked. E.J. told Stefan that the details of what assets Stefan would keep would be determined after Stefan provided sufficient evidence against Clyde and the judge had adjudicated time served. Stefan handed his phone with the recording over to E.J. "You got a deal," Stefan said. E.J. and Stefan shook hands.

Harris met up with Ava in the square, and he explained that Stefan had insisted on speaking to E.J. alone. "I just got the feeling that whatever is going on between these two, it could really complicate our plans," Harris said. Ava asked Harris if he believed that Stefan had played him.

"I mean, unless he wants to face capital charges, I don't think he'd be foolish enough to turn down the best deal that he's gonna get," Harris said. "He's definitely no fool. But what if E.J.'s not on board?" Ava asked. Harris reminded Ava that E.J. had overlooked the Bistro front. "[E.J.] also refused to help us get out from under Clyde's thumb," Ava countered. Ava argued that E.J. could report Harris for what he had done to help Ava and Stefan.

"I had to take that chance. I can't lose you," Harris said. With a sigh, Ava noted, "After you found out about me and Stefan, I wasn't sure you were going to feel the same way about me." Harris admitted that they had both done unseemly things in their lives. "And I know that your relationship with Stefan was a cover to protect me," Harris added. Ava nodded yes. "What happened between me and Stefan, it was one time, and it meant nothing," Ava said. Harris confessed that he was worried about the plan.

"I just don't think [Stefan] is going to go out of his way to screw me. But E.J., on the other hand," Ava said. As Harris rose to return to work, Ava told him that she appreciated all he had done for her, no matter the outcome. "I'm not giving up yet," Harris promised.

When Harris returned to work, E.J. exited the interrogation room. "The deal is done. He's all yours. My brother will sign his confession," E.J. said. E.J. walked out. Harris arrested Stefan and read him his rights.

In the town square, Nicole ran into E.J. "Did you ever end up tracking down Stefan?" Nicole asked. E.J. told Nicole that he had straightened out his misunderstanding with Stefan. "We got it all squared away," E.J. confirmed.

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