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Sarah and Xander disagreed about Konstantin. Alex and Kristen pretended to date to make Brady and Theresa jealous. Konstantin forgave John, but John struggled to forgive himself. Tripp and Wendy decided to wait to marry. Alex played hard to get with Theresa. Brady rejected Kristen's advances. Everett backed out of hypnotherapy. Holly called Tate, and he told her to keep lying. Xander talked to Harris about the shooting. Jada yelled at Stephanie about Everett. The family attended Jude's christening. Leo almost told the truth. Holly confessed that the drugs had been hers.
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Jada yelled at Stephanie about Everett. Leo nearly told the truth at Jude's christening. Holly confessed that the drugs had been hers. Alex and Kristen pretended to date.
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Kristen and Alex hatch a new scheme

Kristen and Alex hatch a new scheme

Monday, March 25, 2024

Alex and Kristen met at Horton Town Square. Kristen scolded Alex for failing at his end of the plan to keep Theresa occupied while Kristen got closer to Brady. They bantered about Brady having turned down Kristen's advances and about how Alex had sent Theresa running straight to Brady's apartment. Kristen called Alex a "pea brain" while Alex defended his decision not to propose to Theresa. Kristen spotted Brady with Theresa and smirked, claiming that she and Alex needed to up their game.

Across the square, Brady and Theresa discussed Tate's latest troubles. Theresa wished that Holly would come clean, and Brady insisted that maybe Holly did not remember the events. He worried Tate would end up back in the halfway house indefinitely. Their conversation was interrupted when Brady saw Alex and Kristen kissing at the table, which prompted a "What the hell?"

Brady and Theresa approached Alex and Kristen's table and demanded to know what was going on. Kristen said she had been drinking too many mimosas and called Alex hot. Theresa snidely asked if it had just been a drunken sloppy kiss, but Kristen corrected that Alex and she were seeing each other. Brady and Theresa were incredulous, but as Kristen continued insisting it was true, Brady snapped, "Good luck; you're going to need it," and he left. Kristen departed shortly after, which left Theresa to ask Alex "what the hell" he was thinking.

Alex said he had been hurt when Theresa had broken up with him, and she reminded him that she had been hurt when he had backed out of the proposal. Theresa denied being jealous and asked Alex why he had chosen Kristen DiMera, "a low-class...hardened criminal." Alex defended Kristen and reminded Theresa that Theresa had had her chance and had left him with no other choice but to cut his losses. Theresa angrily listed off Kristen's past misdeeds against Theresa, including when she had stolen Theresa's unborn child. When Alex informed Theresa that she had not been a saint, either, Theresa continued to rage that Kristen was a "sadistic maniac" from "another planet."

Alex apologized for how Theresa had found out about Kristen and him. Theresa told him not to come crawling to her when things fell apart and when Kristen "sucks your brains out and eats them for breakfast."

Kristen caught up with Brady, who told her he did not care about her "boy toy." He believed that she had been expecting a different response from him and nudged her about what she saw in Alex, whom Brady deemed a nepotistic "playboy." Kristen waxed poetic about Alex's positive attributes, like his attractiveness, his wealth, his sense of humor, and his potential as a stepparent.

Brady grew enraged at the prospect of Alex parenting Rachel and asked Kristen if she had been joking. Kristen reminded Brady how Alex had grown up with younger brothers and how he liked kids, including Brady's son. She called Alex a father figure, and Brady yelled that he was Rachel's father. He derided Kristen for depriving him of time with his daughter and lamented how he missed his little girl. Kristen relented and offered Brady a playdate with Rachel. Brady accepted -- with the caveat that Kristen not bring Alex -- and then left.

Kristen called Alex for an update on their plan. They both agreed that things had gone well, and Kristen warned Alex, "Don't muck this up."

Xander announced that he had gotten Victoria down for a nap. Sarah joked that he should be preparing for Victoria's teenage years, and Xander insisted Victoria would not be dating until she was 27. He bemoaned how much time he had missed while he'd been locked up, and Sarah attempted to cheer him by saying they could plan a night alone and ask Maggie to babysit. Xander balked and said he did not want their daughter spending time with "that slimeball" Konstantin.

Sarah urged Xander to be more tolerant and to give Konstantin a chance. Xander called Konstantin a con man who was taking advantage of the situation. Sarah defended Konstantin's rapport with kids and expressed her gratitude that Konstantin had been making her mother happier. She believed Konstantin deserved a chance. Xander berated Konstantin again and said he did not trust the man. Sarah said Konstantin was a grieving father and reminded Xander of how they had felt when they had lost Mickey. She also reminded Xander of how many times he had been given another chance.

Xander thought the comparison was unfair because Konstantin had been a con man his whole life. He also believed Konstantin was trying to swindle Maggie, but Sarah said he had no proof for those claims. Their talk turned to Xander's plans to prove his own innocence in Harris' shooting. Sarah suggested they enlist the help of the cops, but Xander insisted that he needed to figure it out for himself...and for the sake of his family.

At the Kiriakis mansion, John proclaimed his intention to go to Greece and confess to his role in Catharina's murder. Konstantin said that he forgave John and that he wanted to put the past behind them. While John appreciated the offer, he said he could not accept it. Despite Steve, Marlena, and Maggie's protests, John believed his only path to forgiveness was confession. He dismissed Marlena's suggestion of hypnosis as useless and refuted Steve and Maggie's attempts to cast him as a victim of uncontrollable conditioning.

John asked Konstantin what he thought, as the man had been quiet. Konstantin said he had been observing and contemplating and had come to the conclusion that John was no longer the same man that had killed his daughter. Konstantin realized that he needed to let go of his hatred and need for revenge because Konstantin himself had played a part in the events due to his own reckless behavior. He mused how Maggie had shown him "life has so much more to offer" and how he knew he was no longer the same man, just like John. Konstantin urged John not to go to Greece but to go home instead.

John listened to Konstantin's entreaty and to Marlena's assertions that they could move past the obstacle together. He sincerely thanked Konstantin for his forgiveness and left with Marlena and Steve. When John and Marlena arrived home, Marlena commended John for his apparent willingness to let go of confessing. She was distressed when John said that he couldn't do it. He still believed nothing could help him heal "except paying the price."

Back at the mansion, Maggie told Konstantin she was proud of him. She then pressed him on why he had made her think that Victor had been his friend when the two of them had apparently been enemies. Konstantin confided that he did not want to involve Maggie or to hurt her. Maggie admitted she still had trouble reconciling the man Victor had been with the man she had loved. Konstantin claimed Victor and he had eventually worked out their differences and that each had become a better man because of Maggie.

Alex plays hard to get with Theresa

Alex plays hard to get with Theresa

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Stephanie visited her mother at the hospital and informed Kayla that she had gifts for Wendy and Tripp. "I have a little something myself for them: their discharge papers. So why don't you just give me a second? And we can go give them everything together," Kayla said.

In Wendy's hospital room, Tripp and Wendy cuddled on the bed and waited to be discharged. After a kiss, Wendy told Tripp that she had never felt closer to him. "Because of what we went through, yeah, but also because of how brave you were, how safe and loved you made me feel. Even when we were both losing hope," Wendy said. "You did the same for me," Tripp countered. Wendy confessed that she had remembered that she had asked Tripp if he'd wanted to marry for real.

"What I don't remember is what your answer was," Wendy said. Before Tripp could respond, Stephanie and Kayla barged into the room with presents from Joey. Inside the bags were beer steins and a six-pack of Tripp's favorite Seattle beer. "So hilarious. Like you'd ever want to drink beer again," Kayla said. As everyone laughed about the gifts, Jada interrupted.

"I have some follow-up questions for the both of you. If you're up to it," Jada said. Everyone left so that Wendy could talk to Jada privately. Jada congratulated Wendy on her quick thinking with the ASL clue. Wendy shrugged sheepishly. Jada asked about Goldman, and an emotional Wendy recounted her interactions with the disgraced officer.

"We heard the vents close. And we thought, this is it. So, in those last moments, we exchanged wedding vows. And then we held each other until we stopped breathing, I guess," Wendy whispered. Jada thanked Wendy for her help. "So, you consider yourself married now?" Jada asked. Wendy shrugged. Jada told Wendy if the love was real, it would last.

In the waiting area by the nurses' station, Tripp asked Stephanie and Kayla what he had missed. "Nothing you need to hear right now," Stephanie said. Tripp's phone rang with a call from Ava, so he stepped aside to talk to her. Kayla asked her daughter, "How are you really? I saw that icy look between you and Jada." Stephanie told Kayla that she knew Kayla was there for her when she was ready to talk.

When Tripp returned, Kayla warned Tripp that his parents were going to hover over him in the near future. "I was afraid I was never going to see you guys again. So, a little hovering is fine with me," Tripp said. Stephanie asked Tripp how he and Wendy had survived so long in the beer tank. Tripp explained that Goldman had provided them food and water for a while before she'd finally closed the vents.

"How did you keep from going crazy?" Stephanie asked. "We used our imaginations. And played games. Talked about the future. Made travel plans. Even got married," Tripp said. "What?" Stephanie gasped. Tripp grinned, and he told Stephanie and Kayla about the wedding and their final moments before the rescue.

"You and Wendy are obviously so in love. And then to go through what you did together. I am so happy for you both," Stephanie said. Kayla agreed, but she cautioned Tripp not to act too rashly. "Maybe you should wait to think about marriage. Give it a little time, and if you and Wendy are meant to be together, you will be together," Kayla counseled.

Jada returned, and she asked to speak to Tripp. With a nod, Stephanie and Kayla walked away. Jada asked Tripp if he had picked up any clues as to where Goldman might go with Clyde. Tripp shook his head no, and he said his interaction with Goldman had been limited. "And at any time when Goldman opened the tank door, was there anyone with her?" Jada asked. Tripp said no.

Kayla and Stephanie went to check on Wendy in her hospital room. "Tripp told us more about what you guys went through in there. And how you kept each other's spirits up," Stephanie said. "And the vows. Beautiful," Kayla said. "Yeah, they were," Wendy said. Stephanie hugged Wendy, and she said that she was happy Wendy was okay and that Tripp had not been alone through the ordeal.

When Tripp and Wendy were ready for release, they waited by the nurses' station. Ava texted Tripp to inform him that a car was waiting for them downstairs, and Tripp told Wendy. "But first I wanted to say, Wendy, I love you. So, so much. And after what we went through together, my love only grew stronger. But we need to take our time," Tripp said. "And make life-altering decisions when we're not about to die," Wendy added. Tripp nodded yes. "Sounds good to me," Wendy said. "We'll get there," Tripp promised. Tripp and Wendy kissed and smiled at one another.

In the Price-Carver home, Abe and Paulina snuggled on the couch together. "All my life, I've comforted myself by believing that no matter what terrible things befell me that I would be okay. Because someone was looking after me," Paulina said. With a shrug, Paulina admitted that the thought had been a bit egocentric, but she also admitted that she had needed to believe that she had a guardian angel. "I have comforted myself that way, too," Abe said. Paulina noted that it was no longer wishful thinking, because they knew for sure that Lexie had watched over them.

"At first, I thought I was hallucinating. Scared me out of my mind. Wasn't sure if Lexie was taking me to upstairs or down," Paulina joked. Paulina added that after the fear, she had felt a sense of peace. "I knew everything was going to be okay," Paulina said. "What we experienced that night, it was something beyond a miracle," Abe said. Paulina took Abe's hand in hers, and she told him that she loved him with all her heart.

"My very strong and healthy heart," Paulina said with a chuckle. "Thank God," Abe said. "Thank Lexie," Paulina countered. With a sigh, Paulina admitted that she was jealous of Lexie. "I know it's not rational or fair to her memory, especially after the miraculous gift she gave us both. [I want] to be the love of your life, to be the one that's special to you. Is that greedy of me to want that, to need that?" Paulina asked. "It's not greedy. It's human," Abe said. Abe told Paulina that she was the woman that he loved "now and for the rest of my life."

"You think anyone will miss us if we stay home all week?" Paulina asked. Abe chuckled. "I think your constituents would come looking for you. But maybe we should start planning a nice, long vacation," Abe suggested. As Abe and Paulina closed their eyes and imagined lying on the beach, Paulina gasped and clutched her chest.

"My heart is beating so fast," Paulina said. "It is? Are you okay?" Abe asked. Paulina said she was fine, and she believed her heart could stand to beat faster. "What are you saying?" Abe asked. "I'm saying that the good Dr. Johnson didn't say anything about limiting our physical activity," Paulina said. Abe smiled. Paulina led Abe into the bedroom.

At the Titan offices, Brady demanded to talk to Alex about Kristen. "My relationship with Kristen is none of your business," Alex said. "No. Anything, anything involving my daughter is my business," Brady countered. Confused, Alex asked what Brady meant. When Brady asked about Alex's intentions as a father, Alex told Brady to slow down. "I just started seeing Kristen," Alex said. Alex told Brady that he was not interested in being a stepfather yet.

"First, you were dating the mother of my son. Now, you're dating the mother of my daughter," Brady growled. "So?" Alex said. Brady reminded Alex that Theresa despised Kristen. "So, what the hell does it have to do with me?" Alex asked. Brady argued that Alex had known that Theresa would blow up if she saw Alex kiss Kristen.

"Theresa went bye-bye. She can't have it both ways," Alex said. "It's just over? It's just done, like that? It doesn't make sense. I saw the way you reacted when Theresa was high. I know you care about her," Brady said. "Cared. Past tense," Alex clarified. Brady shook his head, and he said if Alex's plan was to make Theresa jealous, it was a mistake. "These two women are like fire and dynamite," Brady advised. Alex called Brady a hypocrite, and he reminded Brady of when Alex had walked in on Theresa kissing Brady.

"For God's sake, are we going to do this again?" Brady grumbled. "Were you not messing with my head, trying to make me jealous?" Alex asked. Brady stressed that there was no reason for Alex to be jealous of his relationship with Theresa. Alex disagreed.

"I'm happy that you gave me the real scoop about what's going on with Kristen. I want you to take it from someone who knows that you're not dealing with one but two women who are a lot of work. And they can make you really miserable. Just don't say I didn't warn you, okay?" Brady counseled.

Theresa marched into the DiMera mansion to confront Kristen. "What the hell is going on between you and Alex? Just spill it. What is your endgame?" Theresa asked. Kristen lied and said there was no game and that she and Alex were dating. Theresa told Kristen that she did not believe it. With a laugh, Kristen argued that she had not been interested until Alex had become available. "That man, he is just fascinating. Oh, my God, those abs," Kristen said. Theresa scowled.

"What possessed you to give all that up?" Kristen asked. "I did not give Alex up!" Theresa argued. When Theresa noted that Alex's proposal had been out of pity, Kristen chuckled and noted that it said more about Theresa than Alex. "And why do you even care that Alex and I are a thing? You're shacking up with Brady these days," Kristen said. Theresa stressed that she was not sleeping with Brady.

"Our son is in a crisis, and we are united together in helping him. That's it. That's the truth," Theresa said. With a smirk, Kristen promised to tell Theresa the truth about her relationship with Alex. "I am a single parent, and it has been a very long time since I've had companionship. And Alex, he's such a gem," Kristen said. Kristen added that Rachel would benefit from a positive male influence. "That's Brady's job," Theresa said. With a shrug, Kristen noted that Brady was not open to a relationship with her.

"This is not 1955. You know men and women can co-parent without being together, right?" Theresa said. Kristen agreed, but she noted that it was better for a child if the parents were together in a loving relationship. "If someone were to help Brady with the idea of a relationship with yours truly, then I dare say that Alex wouldn't stand a chance," Kristen said. Theresa sneered then left.

As Kristen relaxed by the fire in the DiMera living room, Brady walked in. "I had a really enlightening conversation with Alex," Brady said. "How is my boyfriend?" Kristen asked with a grin. Brady noted that Alex had been surprised to hear that Kristen viewed Alex as stepfather material. Kristen said that Alex would make a good stepfather and maybe even a dad to a new baby.

"Give me a break. He said in no uncertain terms that you are not serious," Brady said. "I think you're actually jealous," Kristen said. Brady denied the accusation. When Kristen asked Brady why he cared about the company she kept, Brady reminded Kristen that they shared a daughter. "And our daughter would be better off with her parents," Kristen said. Brady grimaced. "Oh, God. You're going to go down this road again? No, she wouldn't be better off. Because we're awful together," Brady argued. Kristen reminded Brady that they had loved each other once.

"In a very obsessive, destructive way, yeah," Brady said. "Why would you say that? We brought out the best of each other," Kristen countered. Brady argued that had lasted for a short time. Kristen put on a seductive voice as she talked about the passion that had been between her and Brady. Brady groaned in frustration. "Let me remind you," Kristen said. Kristen kissed Brady, and he pushed her away.

"What the hell are you doing?" Brady asked. "What you want. What we both want," Kristen said. Brady disagreed. "That's the last thing that I want, okay? What the hell is wrong with you?" Brady yelled. "I kissed you because I was drawn to you," Kristen said. Brady rolled his eyes and left. "Brady, your mouth says no but your lips say yes. It's just a matter of time," Kristen said.

Theresa went to Alex's apartment, and he asked if she was there to pick up the last of her stuff. "Just stopping by. How are you?" Theresa asked. "Peachy. Haven't seen you around the office lately," Alex said. Theresa explained that she had been working remotely. "And I've been seeing Tate a lot now that he's local," Theresa said. Theresa cleared her throat, and she admitted that seeing Alex with Kristen had made her think about their relationship.

"When you proposed to me and I flew off the handle, and I packed up my bags, maybe I just, maybe -- I think I overreacted," Theresa said. "I would have to agree with that. You moving out? That was a major overreaction. Especially because I was just being honest about my feelings," Alex said. Theresa admitted that she had not wanted to hear about Alex's feelings.

"Now, after I've had some time to think, I think that I should reevaluate my decision. I've missed you, Alex. I've missed your touch. Have you missed me? I know you have," Theresa whispered as she held her face close to Alex. Theresa caressed Alex's chest. Alex thought about his conversation with Kristen, when she had advised Alex to continue to make Theresa jealous.

"This isn't a good idea," Alex said. "Feels like a good idea to me," Theresa purred. Alex pulled away, and he asked Theresa to leave. "You sure?" Theresa asked. Alex nodded yes. Theresa slowly walked past Alex, and she opened the front door. "I hope I'll see you again. Soon," Theresa said. "We'll see," Alex said. After Theresa left, Alex texted Kristen and told her that he had played hard to get with Theresa. "You better be right about this," Alex texted. Kristen wrote back, "Brady was here. It will work. Eye on the prize."

Theresa met up with Brady at the café in the square as he ate dinner. "I really thought I had something simple and easy with Alex. But seeing him with Kristen earlier, it really makes me wonder," Theresa said. Brady noted that once Kristen showed her true colors, Alex would run away.

Jada and Stephanie argue over Everett/Bobby

Jada and Stephanie argue over Everett/Bobby

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

At Sloan and Eric's apartment, Marlena visited Eric, who shared that Sloan had been upset with him for having involved Nicole in the christening ceremony without asking Sloan. Marlena accused Eric of not being sensitive to other people. Marlena added that she only wanted Eric and Sloan to have a happy marriage.

The conversation shifted to Tate's arrest. Eric shared that he agreed with Brady's belief that Holly wasn't telling the full truth about the night Holly had overdosed. Eric recalled that Holly had been evasive when he had spoken to her about the night of the overdose. Marlena soon prepared to leave, and she and Eric hugged.

At the DiMera mansion, Holly expressed anger at Nicole for Nicole and E.J. having barred Holly from seeing Tate. Holly continued to swear that Tate was innocent. "What happened on New Year's Eve wasn't his fault. It was mine," Holly said.

Before Holly could admit the truth, Nicole blamed herself for not being more attentive to Holly. Afterwards, Holly remained mum about the night of the overdose. Nicole left. Holly used her phone to search for the number to the halfway house in an effort to contact Tate. Holly then phoned the halfway house. Holly used a disguised voice to claim that she was Theresa.

In Tate's room at the halfway house, Tate read aloud from a journal he had been writing in. Tate rued that he had feelings for Holly, given that she hadn't reciprocated his feelings. Tate said that perhaps it was a good thing that Holly hadn't stepped forward with the information that Tate hadn't been responsible for Holly's overdose. "Maybe I don't need her in my life anymore," Tate speculated aloud.

Just then, Tate was told he had an important call from Theresa. In the lobby a moment later, Tate was surprised when he learned that Holly was on the phone instead of Theresa. Holly said that she hated what was happening to Tate, who reminded Holly that she could simply tell the truth about the night of the overdose. Holly claimed she couldn't admit the truth because of how it would impact Nicole.

Tate sympathized, and he said that learning the truth about Holly's overdose could cause Nicole to "(go) off the rails" and destroy Holly's family. Holly was surprised when Tate said that Holly shouldn't tell Nicole. Tate asked Holly not to worry about him. Holly was touched when Tate told her to take care of Nicole.

At a table in Horton Town Square, Stephanie met Everett/Bobby. Stephanie informed Everett that she didn't think it was a good idea for them to work together. Stephanie said that she didn't know what name to call Everett. Everett admitted that he had started to realize there were more gaps in his memory than he had initially thought. "I can't remember my father at all," he said.

Everett recalled that Marlena had recommended hypnotherapy, and he admitted that he was afraid of what might arise. "Especially since I was told I was a monster, that I did awful, unforgivable things," he added. Stephanie said that it was "pretty clear" that Everett had done everything Jada had accused him of.

Stephanie posited that therapy could help Everett realize he was simply a different person than who he'd been in Seattle years earlier. Stephanie said that she wouldn't disappear on Everett. She added that if things were meant to be between her and Everett, they would figure them out together. Everett asked Stephanie not to give up on him, and he left. Stephanie sat alone with her thoughts afterwards.

A short while later, Stephanie spotted a standoffish Jada. When Stephanie said that she and Jada were both victims of Everett's lies, Jada said that she didn't see Stephanie as a victim. Jada referred to Stephanie as "the other woman." Stephanie was shocked when Jada said that Stephanie had helped end Jada's marriage. Stephanie sympathized with Jada's hurt and anger, but she insisted that she'd never known that Everett had been married.

Jada accused Stephanie of not wanting to know that Everett had been married. Jada huffed that Stephanie had had a "perfect little life" with Everett. Stephanie pushed back, and she asked where Jada's accusations stemmed from. Jada continued to insult Stephanie, and she lashed out at Stephanie for showing empathy for Everett. Stephanie reminded Jada that Everett was confused and had few friends in Salem. "Poor bastard. Have a good day," Jada remarked before she stormed off. Stephanie stood with her mouth agape at Jada's words.

In the park, Everett encountered Marlena, who was on her way home for the night. Marlena vowed to keep working to help Everett regain his memories. Everett said that the thought of hypnotherapy made him afraid of what he might learn. After some discussion, Everett agreed to meet with Marlena for another therapy session.

In the chapel at St. Luke's Church, Nicole lit a candle. As she prepared to fold her hands in prayer, Eric interrupted her. Eric said that he had gone to the church to speak to a priest about the reading for Jude's baptism. Nicole said that she had never frequently attended church, but she said that she had been more open to religion since her and E.J.'s baby had died. Eric encouraged Nicole to keep her faith.

Eric said that running into Nicole at the church felt like fate, and he added that he had a confession to make. Eric shared that he was grateful that he and Nicole could still be friends after everything they had been through. Nicole agreed, and she noted that Eric's words weren't much of a confession. Eric and Nicole said that their friendship meant a lot to both of them. They agreed to meet the following day for Jude's baptism, and they bade one another goodnight.

In Harris' room above the Brady Pub, Harris received a surprise visit from Xander. Xander thanked Harris for helping Xander make bail. Xander swore that he hadn't shot Harris and that he was a changed man because he was a father. Harris asked Xander to join him for a drink.

Over scotch, Harris shared that he knew Xander hadn't been responsible for the attempt on Harris' life. Harris asked if Xander had any idea who was responsible for the anonymous text and the large cash sum that had been sent to Xander on the eve of Harris' shooting. Xander said that he'd assumed E.J. had been responsible, but he quickly added that he no longer believed E.J. was responsible.

Harris was tight-lipped when Xander asked what Harris believed about the shooting. "So, are you sure you don't remember anything at all?" Xander asked Harris. Harris lied when he claimed not to remember anything about who had shot him. Xander seemed skeptical of Harris' claim.

Salem residents gather for Jude's christening ceremony

Salem residents gather for Jude's christening ceremony

Thursday, March 28, 2024

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. and Nicole were prepared to head to St. Luke's Church for Jude's christening ceremony. Holly entered, and she said sourly that she wouldn't attend the ceremony. After some discussion, Holly reluctantly agreed to meet Nicole and E.J. at the church.

In Horton Town Square, Leo mentioned the christening ceremony to Melinda, who snapped that Leo wasn't invited. Leo reminded Melinda that they had conspired to steal Nicole's baby. Melinda ordered Leo to stay quiet. She intimated that Leo would be sent to prison if the truth about the baby was revealed. Leo reminded Melinda of her role in stealing Nicole's baby. They argued a bit before they left.

At Sloan and Eric's apartment, Eric was thrilled ahead of Jude's ceremony. Sloan wasn't, and she complained at length about Nicole's presence at the ceremony. Sloan claimed to be outraged that Nicole had briefly taken Jude months earlier. Sloan offered an insincere apology to Eric. She made a sour face when she hugged Eric.

Moments later, Melinda appeared. Eric asked if Melinda would be comfortable carrying Jude to the front of the chapel at the start of the service. Melinda said that she would be honored. Eric stepped out of the room to call Sami. Afterwards, Melinda recalled having warned Leo to stay quiet in regard to the truth about Jude.

At the Brady Pub, Brady and Theresa met for breakfast ahead of the ceremony. Brady amused Theresa when he lowered his voice to do an impression of Vito Corleone from The Godfather. Theresa phoned Tate at the halfway house to share that she and Brady planned to visit Tate later in the day. Theresa learned that Tate was primarily focused on whether Holly would attend the ceremony.

After the call ended, Roman and Kate approached Brady and Theresa. Roman was skeptical about the reception for Jude's christening being held at the DiMera mansion. Brady hoped that Jude would represent a "new era of peace and harmony." "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst," Roman said somewhat skeptically.

Off to a corner, Roman said that Brady was an excellent choice to be Jude's godfather. Brady recalled that he had been struggling with doubts that he was a good father. Roman delivered warm words in an effort to cheer up Brady. Roman added that he had spoken to Kimberly and that Kimberly was grateful to Brady for having helped Theresa. Brady vowed that Theresa would always be family because of Tate. Roman said that he was proud of the man Brady had become, and they hugged.

At John and Marlena's townhouse, Marlena helped knot John's tie ahead of the ceremony. John and Marlena shared a warm memory from a vacation spot where John had bought the tie. Marlena suggested that she and John plan a vacation in Hawaii. John told Marlena that he saw through her attempt at a distraction, and he said that it wasn't going to work. John said that he had killed a young girl, and he added that it was something he would have to live with for the rest of his life.

Marlena reminded John that there was no evidence that he had killed Konstantin's daughter, and she added that the truth was likely further complicated because both Victor and Stefano had been involved. Marlena said that it hurt her to see John punishing himself. When Marlena said that John needed to forgive himself, John sneered that he didn't know if he could. Marlena asked John to set aside his guilt and to focus on the new life they were celebrating that day. John said that he would do so for Marlena's sake. As they hugged, John flashed back to having told Marlena that he didn't know if he could continue living with the guilt he had.

At St. Luke's Church, Leo informed a priest that Leo had gone to attend Jude's christening ceremony. The priest remarked that everyone who attended the ceremony would, in some way, bear a responsibility for the child throughout his life. The priest added that it took a village to provide children with examples of "good, kind, and honest" people. The priest's words caused Leo to reflect. "Well, I'm good and kind. Sort of. Sometimes. A little. Honest? Not so much," Leo said before he skittishly dabbed his finger into a fountain of holy water.

Moments later, John and Marlena entered the church. They were surprised when they spotted Leo, who warmly greeted John and Marlena. Leo shared that he felt touched that he had been "invited" to the ceremony, and he teased that the day would be "enlightening" for everyone. Marlena and John were amused by Leo, and they smiled politely at Leo, who soon stepped away.

Marlena recalled that Leo had babysat for Jude and that Eric had said that Leo was a good babysitter. Roman entered the church with Brady and Theresa. John shared that he and Marlena had made plans to visit Tate. Theresa said that she intended to visit Tate, as well, and she added that it was best for her to stay clear of E.J., who had entered with Nicole just in time to overhear Theresa's words.

Everyone gathered lingered about before Eric and Sloan entered with Jude. Eric thanked everyone for attending the christening. Leo spoke up, and he quipped that anything that might happen at the ceremony would be "off the record." Melinda and Sloan stepped away together. Nearby, John admitted to Marlena that he was having an even more difficult time dealing with his grief after he'd caught sight of Jude.

Holly entered, and she told Eric that she wouldn't have missed the ceremony. Holly asked Brady and Theresa how Tate was doing. Theresa scoffed, and she said that Tate was doing fine despite his ankle monitor, which she sarcastically thanked Holly for. "What, I'm not allowed to talk to her?" Theresa asked Brady afterwards.

When Sloan and Melinda returned, the priest began to officiate the ceremony. Melinda cradled Jude as the priest baptized the child. When the priest finished, both Leo and Nicole simultaneously flashed back to the night that Nicole had given birth months earlier. Nicole flashed back to having cradled her baby in her arms moments after the child had been born.

When the flashback ended, Leo spoke up. "Sorry. So sorry. And sorry to you, as well, oh, Lord. Oh, Lord. I have something to say. Something very important. Something that can't wait," Leo said. At the same time, Sloan began to shake her head in a silent plea for Leo to remain quiet. Nearby, the faces of Eric, Nicole, and Melinda perked up, and they awaited what Leo would say next.

Holly makes a confession

Holly makes a confession

Friday, March 29, 2024

At Jude's christening, Leo breathlessly announced that he had something important to say. "Leo, what are you doing?" Sloan asked. "What I should have done from the very beginning," Leo said. The priest asked Leo if he preferred to make a private confession, but Leo refused. "This is something I need to say in front of everyone," Leo said. With tears in her eyes, Sloan shook her head no at Leo, silently pleading with him not to mention Jude's true parentage.

"I've been to a lot of interrupted Salem weddings, but a christening?" Nicole whispered to E.J. E.J. nodded in agreement. "Leo, don't make me regret inviting you," Eric said. E.J. offered to have Leo arrested. Jude fussed, so Melinda handed the baby to Sloan. Leo stared at the baby for a moment.

"What I neglected to say, well, the truth is," Leo stammered. Leo looked over at the statue of the mother and child, and he sighed. "Well, I didn't disclose that I am covering today's blessed event for the society pages of the Spectator. Therefore, if anyone has any objections to having their photograph being taken, speak now or forever hold your peace," Leo said. Sloan sighed with relief but appeared shaken. The priest asked if Leo was done.

"While I have the floor, I would also like to say I know a lot of people here have suffered losses. Speaking for myself, I lost the love of my life. Not to death, but still, my heart aches for him and always will. Nicole and E.J. lost their baby. Which was a terrible loss. And I know that is just the tip of the iceberg of losses that people gathered here today have suffered. But precious baby Jude, who is being christened here today, has his entire life in front of him. And that brings us hope. And I am honored to be his fairy godfather," Leo said.

"Two godfathers for the price of one. He is one lucky kid," Brady said. With tears in Melinda's eyes, she managed to smile. Everyone clapped, and Leo breathed a deep sigh. Sloan handed Jude over to Brady, and Eric lit a candle.

"Parents and godparents, this light is entrusted to you to be kept burning brightly. This child of yours has been enlightened by Christ. He is to walk always as a child of the light. May he keep the flame of faith alive in his heart," the priest said. Overwhelmed, John whispered to Marlena that he needed to step outside. Marlena followed him.

"Why don't you go back inside. I'm okay," John said. John admitted that he had been uncomfortable in "the house of the Lord" after what he had done. "But isn't this really the best place? God's mercy has no bounds," Marlena said. Marlena reminded John to focus on the blessings of the day. "Forget about your own pain for right now. Just for the one day, you know? And if you can't do that for yourself, then maybe you can do that for me, because it's very hard to see you suffering," Marlena said. Marlena argued that if Konstantin could forgive John, John could forgive himself.

Inside the church, the baptism concluded, and Theresa left to visit Tate. Across the room, Marlena roughly pulled Leo to a corner to ask him about the stunt he had pulled. "All's well that ends well," Leo said.

Nicole and E.J. told Holly that they were headed home for the party. "I'll see you in a few," Holly said. Reluctantly, Nicole nodded and left with E.J. Holly lit a candle. Eric saw Holly, and he promised to meet Sloan and Melinda at the car. As the women walked out, Eric took advantage of the empty church to talk to Holly.

Outside the church, Leo ran into Sloan and Melinda. "I sense a lecture coming," Leo said. "While I am very grateful you didn't blow our baby swap secret sky-high in the middle of Jude's christening, how should I say this? Are you insane?" Sloan said. Leo admitted he had been overwhelmed by the location and the sadness on Nicole's face.

"I was compelled to do right by Nicole and E.J.," Leo said. "Until E.J. mentioned calling the authorities and you realized how much trouble you would be in," Melinda growled. Leo agreed that had been part of the reason he had aborted his confession. Sloan added that Leo had not thought about how the confession would affect her or Melinda. Melinda said that Leo had clearly not thought about the fact that he would lose his meal ticket if the truth came out.

"I glanced at Nicole and thought about that pouty teen Holly and what a hot mess she's turned out to be, and I thought it might be best for everyone if I kept my mouth shut. So, I did," Leo explained. Sloan and Melinda stared daggers at Leo. Leo promised not to be tempted again to expose their misdeeds.

Inside the church, Holly was in tears. "What is it?" Eric asked. "If I tell you something, will you promise not to tell anyone else?" Holly asked. Eric noted that even though he was no longer a priest, he could keep Holly's confidence. Holly admitted that she was ashamed of her secret. "The night that I ODed, I'm 100% sure the drugs I took weren't Tate's. Because they were mine," Holly confessed. Eric told Holly that he was not there to judge her.

"I promise I won't tell anyone. But I insist that you tell your parents," Eric said. Holy refused. "Tate even said I shouldn't," Holly added. Confused, Eric asked Holly if she believed Tate would prefer to stay in a halfway house rather than have Holly tell her parents the truth. Holly argued that she was lying to protect her mother. Eric told Holly that Nicole was strong enough to hear the truth.

"You're in agony, all because of this. Tate is suffering because of your behavior," Eric said. Holly agreed. Eric advised Holly to tell the truth both for Tate's and her own sake. As Eric hugged Holly, Sloan returned to remind Eric that they needed to leave for the reception.

At the halfway house, Tate read aloud from his journal about how he should have told the truth about the drug overdose from the beginning. "I lied because I don't want [Holly] to get in trouble. And then the only one who gets in trouble is me," Tate said. Tate wondered aloud why he had told Holly to keep lying for her mother's sake.

"I know why. Because I wanted her to think I was this totally selfless person," Tate grumbled. Tate scoffed, and he called himself pathetic. "I have no one to blame but myself," Tate said. Tate muttered that he hoped his family said a prayer for him because it would take a miracle to get him out of the halfway house.

When Theresa arrived, Tate asked her about the christening. Theresa noted that Jude had done well and that Brady had been a proud godfather. "He's gonna be a great one," Tate said. Theresa encouraged Tate to tell his father that. "Why? Is it because he thinks I'm a screw-up?" Tate asked. Theresa gasped. "No, it's because he thinks he is, and we both know he isn't," Theresa said. Theresa argued that Brady was a good dad.

With a grin, Theresa showed Tate a photo of Brady holding Jude. As Tate started to scroll through the pictures, Theresa asked him if he was looking for photos of Holly. Tate said he had been looking for a photo of Theresa with Alex. "Actually, we broke up," Theresa said. "I didn't know. It's because of me, isn't it?" Tate asked. Theresa assured Tate that he was not the cause.

"You are my priority. You always would be. Alex and I, we took a break because of a lot of reasons," Theresa said. Tate asked Theresa if she intended to reunite with Alex. When Theresa asked why he was interested, Tate admitted that he did not like to see Theresa alone. With a shrug, Theresa said she did not know if she would get back together with Alex. As Tate looked through the pictures, Tate noted that Nicole appeared worried in the photos. Theresa agreed, and she said that it had to have been difficult for Nicole to attend a christening after the loss of a child.

Outside the DiMera mansion, Nicole stopped at the spot where she had spread the ashes of her son. "You doing okay?" E.J. asked. "I knew it was gonna be hard, watching Eric and Sloan christen their son after just losing our little baby. But I am glad that I showed myself I could get through it," Nicole said. E.J. called Nicole heroic. Nicole sniffled back tears.

"My whole goal was to not fall apart, and I think I managed that," Nicole said. Nicole thanked E.J. for allowing her to throw the reception at their house. "I'm so proud of you. For how generous you are," E.J. said. "But I know how you feel about Eric," Nicole said. "But this is important to you, so it's important to me," E.J. countered. Nicole caressed E.J.'s face. With a sigh, Nicole told E.J. that she had been distracted by Holly at the christening. "She seemed so sad," Nicole said. E.J. cautioned that it would take time for Holly to feel like herself again.

When the reception started inside, Nicole, E.J., and Roman said hello to Steve as he walked in. John and Marlena talked quietly across the room, and Steve approached them. Steve explained that Kayla had been stuck at the hospital and could not attend the party. As John shifted restlessly, Roman walked over and noted that the christening had been moving.

"It was perfect," Marlena said. Roman asked John about a baseball game, and John excused himself and walked away. "Is he okay?" Roman asked. "No, he's not," Marlena admitted.

John fidgeted and scowled as he stared at Stefano's portrait. "Damn you, old man, and what you did to me, what you did to so many people," John muttered. "Talking to yourself?" E.J. asked John. John stressed that he was there because he loved Eric and his grandson. "But I can't get out of this house soon enough," John growled. E.J. told John he was free to leave. Marlena intervened, and she thanked E.J. for the party.

"I assume it's my fault that Sami isn't here today," E.J. said. "Sami actually had a friend who recently lost her husband, so she felt she had to be with her," Marlena explained. "And Belle?" E.J. asked. Marlena said that Belle was with Shawn. E.J. asked Marlena to send his best wishes to her daughters.

"DiMeras don't wish the very best to anybody but themselves," John growled. Marlena cautioned John to back off, but he continued. "My grandson is locked up because of that stuff your brother is spreading out there on the street," John argued. John talked about the evils of the DiMeras, and he warned E.J. to stay away from his family.

When Brady arrived, Nicole told him that Kristen had agreed to steer clear of the party. "Well, it's always a pleasure not to see Kristen. I was hoping to see Rachel, though," Brady said. Nicole apologized. "I can't imagine being separated from my own child," Nicole said. Brady agreed that it was unpleasant.

"But it's pretty selfless of you to do this for Eric and Sloan, given that you just recently lost a child," Brady said. Nicole explained that she wanted to prove to everyone and herself that she could be happy for Eric and Sloan. "And are you?" Brady asked. "Mostly," Nicole admitted.

As Steve wondered aloud about the guest of honor, Leo walked into the living room. "This should liven things up," Roman said. Roman asked Leo about the stunt at the chapel. Leo played dumb and said he had given a heartfelt speech. Roman argued that Leo's speech had started as something different. With a shrug, Leo said he had a special bond with Jude and wanted to celebrate him. "Why do I actually believe this guy for once?" Roman muttered to himself.

In the corner, Marlena asked Nicole how she was doing. "I'm okay. But I'm not sure about Holly," Nicole said. Nicole told Marlena about Holly's behavior that day and that Nicole was concerned. Holly walked in, and Nicole rushed over and hugged her.

Steve sat next to John, and he noted that he had seen John staring at Stefano's portrait. "Back in the day, when I worked for Victor, I did that willingly. But I had no choice when Dr. Rolf implanted that chip in my brain," Steve said. Steve noted that he could have killed John during that time period. "But you didn't kill me because there was something inside you that stopped you," John argued. Steve shook his head and said it had been luck. John lamented that he had not been able to save Catharina.

Leo watched Holly surreptitiously take a glass of Champagne from the table and leave the house. On the front porch, Holly sipped her drink then hid it behind her back as Eric, Sloan, Jude, and Melinda arrived. While the group entered the house, Holly lingered behind to gulp down the rest of her drink before she followed them in.

In the party, Marlena told E.J. that she had a wedding gift for Johnny and Chanel. E.J. explained that the newlyweds were holed up at the Salem Inn. Nearby, Roman chuckled as he talked about how annoyed Stefano would be to have a house full of Bradys celebrating a family occasion. John walked away. Concerned, Roman asked Steve what was wrong with John. "Not my story to tell," Steve said.

Eric walked in with Jude, Sloan, Melinda, and Holly. Jude started to cry, and Nicole asked to hold Jude. When Jude quieted as soon as Nicole held him in her arms, both Melinda and Sloan's eyes went wide. After a moment, Sloan took Jude back, and she glanced over at Leo, who was staring at her.

On the couch, Holly snatched another glass of Champagne and hustled out of the room. Brady raised a toast to Jude, Eric, and Sloan. "My brother, Eric, he has been waiting a long time to be a dad. And I have no doubt that he is going to be a good one," Brady said. "I learned from the best," Eric said as he pointed back to Brady. Brady added that Sloan would make a wonderful mother.

"Where the hell is Holly?" Nicole muttered to herself. On the front porch, Holly gulped down her Champagne, and she called the halfway house and impersonated Theresa. In the visitors' room, the woman who answered the phone looked over at Tate, who was sitting with his mother. "You have a call. It's your mother," the woman said. "What? I'm his mother. I will take that call. Who is this?" Theresa yelled. Holly ended the call.

Holly returned to the party. Sloan was anxious to leave for Jude's nap. "I just can't leave yet," Eric said. Leo offered to give Sloan and Jude a ride home. "And we'll drop Melinda home, too," Sloan said. Eric handed his keys to Leo to grab the car seat, and Leo left with Sloan, Jude, and Melinda. Eric caught Holly's eye.

At the halfway house, a furious Theresa told the staff not to allow any more phone calls for Tate. "It was Holly, wasn't it?" Theresa asked. "Maybe," Tate said. Theresa asked if Holly had called him before. "Once," Tate admitted. Theresa reminded Tate of the restraining order. "Do you want to ruin your whole future? What is wrong with that girl? Hasn't she done enough to ruin your life?" Theresa yelled.

At the pub, Kate complained to Roman about having had the party at the mansion instead of the restaurant. Roman agreed. Steve entered the pub and asked for a scotch. "Does this have something to do with what's going on with John?" Roman asked. "You could say that," Steve said.

At the church, John lit a candle and kneeled. "When I was a priest, I used to tell all my parishioners that no one was ever unworthy of God's love and forgiveness. But then again, I really wasn't a priest," John said with a laugh. John's laughter turned to tears. "Because everything I believed about myself was a lie. As is everything I believe about myself now," John whispered. John asked God for help to get through his turmoil. Marlena knelt beside John.

"It's not asking too much. And of course he will help you with it. I will, too," Marlena said. Marlena reminded John that they were in it together.

At Sloan's apartment, Sloan rejoined Melinda and Leo in the living room after she put Jude down for his nap. Sloan started to tell Leo that he could never behave that way again, but Leo cut her off. "Don't worry. I will never try and do the right thing again," Leo promised. Leo added that he would remain silent as long as Sloan continued to pay him.

When Brady returned to the party from taking a call outside, he was surprised to see almost everyone had left. "Party's over," E.J. said. Brady looked over at Holly, and he said, "I'm going to see Tate." E.J. warned Brady to leave Holly alone. As Brady turned to leave, Holly called out to him to stay. "I'm sorry, Mom. I'm so, so sorry," Holly said. "Sorry, honey, for what?" Nicole asked. Holly confessed that the drugs she had overdosed on had been hers.

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