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Holly told the truth. Paulina was pronounced cancer free. E.J. dropped the charges against Tate. Everett was disturbed by a resurfaced memory. Johnny and Chanel planned a honeymoon. Stephanie helped Julie with renovations. Chad struggled with his guilt. Xander showed proof of his innocence to Rafe. Wendy had PTSD symptoms. Rafe informed Jada that she was still married. Everett refused to sign Bobby's name to finalize the divorce. Theresa moved in with Alex. Nicole butted heads with Holly. Kate visited Lucas. Tate gave Holly a phone. Brady and Nicole forbade Tate and Holly to see one another.
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Holly told the truth. Chad struggled with his guilt. Rafe informed Jada that she was still married. Everett was disturbed by a resurfaced memory.
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Tate is exonerated

Tate is exonerated

Monday, April 1, 2024

Xander entered his and Sarah's apartment as Victoria woke from a nap. Sarah informed him that she had an early shift. Xander said he would be spending the day looking at the evidence against him that the prosecution had provided. Sarah apologized for not being able to help him, but Xander knew she would be there with him in spirit. He was thankful that she believed in him. Sarah wished him luck and left, leaving Xander alone with Victoria and his laptop.

Xander sighed as he perused witness statements, bemoaning trying to find "a needle in a haystack." He soothed Victoria when she cried and assured her that he would clear his name and make her proud of him. When Sarah called, Xander expressed his frustration with the lack of progress, which he likened to "an endless maze of dead ends." Sarah encouraged him and suggested he take Victoria out for a jog. Xander decided to take Sarah up on the idea.

As he prepared Victoria for the outing, Xander mentioned his distinctive jogging suit and had an epiphany. He rushed back to the laptop after remembering that a witness had mentioned a jogging suit. "Daddy's going to be a free man," he triumphantly announced to Victoria.

As she prepared for her doctor's appointment, Paulina anxiously asked Abe how she looked. Abe assured her that she looked gorgeous and reminded her they weren't going to a red carpet event. Paulina remembered having dealt with the paparazzi during her last hospital stay and wondered if the upcoming visit would bring her another miracle: a cancer-free diagnosis.

At the hospital, Abe asked Paulina how her scan had gone. She admitted that it had been weird staying still in a claustrophobic tube for so long. Abe joked that staying still had probably been the hardest part. Sarah entered the office. Sarah explained that the oncologist had been called away but had entrusted her with delivering the results. Paulina hoped for good news. Sarah revealed to an overjoyed Paulina and Abe that Paulina was in complete remission.

An enthusiastic Paulina hugged Sarah and apologized for "germing up" the doctor. Sarah assured Paulina that delivering good news was the best part of her job, and she gushed about the other doctors and nurses loving Paulina because she had made them feel appreciated and had made them laugh. Sarah updated Paulina on follow-up visits and treatments, for which Paulina would have to be admitted to the hospital. Paulina cracked that as long as she could still eat "my heart's desire" of bear claws, she would be fine. Paulina and Abe thanked Sarah again and left.

Back at home, Paulina proclaimed that her two favorite words were "cancer" and "free" put together. Abe said he had had a feeling about the good news, and he felt he could rest easy. He believed Paulina would come through her upcoming iodine radiation treatment "with flying colors." Paulina quipped, "As long as I don't start glowing in the dark." Abe reassured her that she always glowed. "Only when you're around," she said as she smiled.

Brady returned to the party at the DiMera mansion and wondered where everyone had gone. E.J. snidely informed him that the party was over. Brady responded that he was going to see his son, anyway. E.J. took issue with Brady bringing up Tate in front of Holly, and before things could get heated, Brady decided to leave. Holly stopped Brady and, upon Nicole's questioning, confessed to taking the drugs responsible for the overdose. Holly apologized for not speaking out sooner, but an angry Brady was having none of her excuses.

Brady accused Holly of letting his son suffer for weeks while she withheld the truth. Nicole asked Holly if Brady's accusations were true, and Holly confirmed that they were. Holly revealed that she had told Eric the truth because Eric had noticed something was bothering her. When Holly cried that she couldn't keep the truth in any longer, a hurt Nicole asked why Holly had confided in Eric and not her. Holly explained that she had felt comfortable telling Eric because she'd known he wouldn't judge her, while she had not wanted to tell Nicole because she'd feared her mother would blame herself.

E.J. demanded the whole story then insinuated that Tate might have been Holly's dealer. The accusation further enraged Brady, who told Eric to stay out of it when Eric tried to play peacemaker. Holly insisted that Tate had had nothing to do with the drugs and had, in fact, pleaded with her not to take them. E.J. doubted that the "juvenile delinquent" was "suddenly a saint," which compelled Brady to threaten E.J. to "take this outside." Eric again tried to get everyone calm so Holly could speak. After E.J. and Brady relented, Holly tearfully told Nicole that she had overheard Nicole blaming herself for being a bad and neglectful mother.

Holly believed Nicole also blamed herself for the baby's death, and Holly had believed that if Nicole discovered she had "a druggie for a daughter," as well, the stress would have proven too much to bear. An upset Holly repeated again that she was sorry. Nicole tried to comfort Holly as Brady glared. E.J. asked if Holly had told Eric because he was a priest, but Eric firmly said it was because Holly and he were close. Brady said it didn't matter who had been told because the only thing that mattered was his son sitting in a halfway house because of Holly's lies. Holly berated herself for the "horrible mistake" that she would "regret for the rest of my life."

When E.J. implied that Holly might not be telling the truth, Holly protested that she had proof in her bedroom. Nicole demanded that Holly show her the proof immediately. In the bedroom, Holly asked if Nicole was ashamed of her. Nicole wondered how she could be angry when Holly had been trying to protect her. Nicole's only regret was that Holly had not come to her first. Nicole affirmed to Holly that her mother's strength was greater than Holly thought.

Upon Nicole's prompting, Holly showed her mother a jewelry box that hid a baggie of pills. Nicole was shaken but told Holly they needed to go downstairs and show everyone. Downstairs, Holly revealed the pills to the gathered group and stood up for Tate. Brady grew hostile again, but Nicole mused that Holly might not have remembered right away because of the coma. Holly confirmed that she had regained her memories soon after she'd woken up, and she called herself a coward for continuing the lie.

Brady took Holly to task for hurting his son just to spare Nicole's feelings. He turned to E.J. and demanded Tate be released. E.J. said the process would take time, but Brady was unmoved. Brady threatened a civil suit and commanded E.J. to make a public apology in the newspapers and "in skywriting," and Brady stormed out. An irritated E.J. left the room, too, leaving Nicole to assure Holly that everything would be fine. Holly cried that nothing would be fine again and fled the room, as well.

Eric urged Nicole to let Holly have some space. She broke down in tears as he comforted her. Nicole pulled herself together and asked Eric how long he had known. He confirmed it had only been a day, and he had believed it was not his place to tell Nicole. They talked about the christening and how it had helped Nicole feel closer to "my little boy up in heaven." E.J. interrupted the moment to inform Nicole and Eric that Tate's charges had been taken care of.

Nicole thanked Eric for being there for Holly. "Always," Eric said as he smiled. Eric left. E.J. remarked that Holly loved and trusted Eric, and Nicole stated that Eric and Holly had a special bond. Nicole thanked E.J. for getting the charges dropped. They agreed that Holly cared about Tate and that they needed to question the girl about where she had gotten the drugs. "We'll support a family," E.J. promised as he hugged Nicole.

Eric found Holly sitting alone outside. He commended her for the "very brave thing" she had done. They shared "I love you's," and Holly nearly confessed to Eric that she wished Nicole and he had stayed together. Eric reminded Holly that since Nicole and he were both happily married, Holly had even more people that cared about her. When Eric pledged that he would always be there for her, Holly softly said, "I know," and laid her head on his shoulder.

At the halfway house, Theresa and Tate argued about Holly. Theresa called the girl a "selfish little...liar" and a "spoiled brat" who had almost destroyed Tate's life. Tate protested that Holly was not a villain or a bad person but a friend who cared about him. "Chill the hell out," he snapped to Theresa, who snapped back, "Don't speak to me that way." Theresa reminded Tate that he had broken into the home of the district attorney, all for a girl who had gotten Tate sent to jail and who had made everyone hate him.

Theresa continued to rant, claiming she despised Holly "with every fiber of my being." When Tate said his mother's yelling was making everything worse, Theresa calmed herself and said she wanted to impart some "words of wisdom...not a lecture" to Tate. When she started talking about complicated relationships and how she had had her fair share, Tate moaned that things were "different now." Theresa realized that social media and apps had not been a part of her youthful romantic entanglements, but she believed the feelings were "exactly the same." Tate chastised Theresa for treating him like a little boy, but Theresa asked her son to let her finish.

Theresa went on to say, "That rush when you're involved with someone, it's infatuation. A crush. It's exciting but temporary, and not the basis for a lasting and healthy relationship...not something that will last like your grandparents' marriage." Tate tried to argue that he was not middle-aged and looking to get married, but Theresa stressed that the "key to any successful relationship is mutual respect." She believed Tate had forgotten the lesson when it had come to Holly. Theresa asked Tate if she was wrong for thinking that Holly did not respect him after what Holly had done.

Tate insisted Holly had had her reasons. An exasperated Theresa claimed Tate was "making excuses for inexcusable behavior." She told Tate to ask himself if he could trust Holly to have his back. Brady entered and ended a call with Justin with "very good news." A smiling Brady told Tate to pack his bags.

Theresa and Tate were shocked but happy, especially when Brady confirmed that Tate would be released that night. Tate was even happier when he learned that Holly had confessed the truth. He wanted to call Holly, but Brady and Theresa encouraged him to wait. Things grew tense again when Tate admitted that he had told Holly she didn't have to confess, but Tate reminded them it was all over. The trio agreed to focus on the good news and shared a warm family moment.

Everett is horrified under hypnosis

Everett is horrified under hypnosis

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Harris and Ava cuddled up in bed at her apartment after a long night together. With a chuckle, Ava noted that it was 4:00 p.m., and they should get out of bed. "You got somewhere else you've got to be right now?" Harris asked. "Nope," Ava said. Ava noted that her son was safe, and there was nowhere else she wanted to be. Harris scowled.

"What are you thinking?" Ava asked. "I don't want to ruin the mood," Harris said. Ava urged Harris to open up. Harris admitted that he had been thinking about Clyde and Goldman, and he worried about their proximity. "I'm going to join the manhunt as soon as I can," Harris said. Ava pushed her hand against Harris' chest, and she warned him not to start that day.

"You're healing really fast. It's like you almost got all your strength back," Ava whispered. "Almost," Harris said with a grin. Ava complimented Harris' stamina, and they both chuckled. "Should we order some more food?" Harris asked. Ava acted offended, and she reminded Harris that she was an excellent cook. "I just didn't want to impose," Harris said. Ava insisted that cooking was one of life's greatest pleasures and that she was happy to cook for him.

As Harris ate lunch in bed, Ava noted that there had not been much in the kitchen to work with. Harris raved about Ava's meal. With a groan, Ava said that she was craving pasta. "Don't tell me you're craving my seafood linguine?" Harris asked. Ava suggested that they go over to the Bistro to cook dinner, since the restaurant was closed and fully stocked. "That sounds like a plan," Harris said. Ava insisted on planning and cooking the meal.

"I just want you to know that I'm a very tough food critic," Harris joked. Ava kissed Harris, and she noted that her meals were "savory, succulent, and very satisfying." "Actually, who needs a fancy meal when you are all of the above?" Harris said. Harris kissed Ava. After making love, Harris and Ava agreed they needed to make up for lost calories. Ava suggested they share a shower before they headed over to the Bistro.

In the town square, Johnny met up with Chanel outside the bakery. Chanel noted that the bakery was busy, and because her employees had been working overtime while Chanel had been with her mother in the hospital, Chanel had given the employees time off. "Break is over," Chanel said as she kissed Johnny goodbye and returned to work.

At the end of the workday, Johnny helped lock up the bakery while Chanel finished up with the last batch of bread for the day. Chanel's phone buzzed, and she groaned. "I just got a big order for tomorrow, so I'm going to have to prep for it now," Chanel said. Johnny suggested that Chanel tell the customer that it was too late in the day to place the order, but Chanel shook her head no. Chanel explained that if she did not prepare for the next day, the morning would be a nightmare.

"How about you head home, and I will catch up with you later," Chanel said. "Maybe I can help," Johnny offered. With a smirk, Chanel asked Johnny if he could bake. "I'm no baker, but I can follow directions. I'll wash the dishes, tidy up," Johnny said. Chanel hesitated, and Johnny noted that it would give him a chance to both help his wife and spend time with her. "Okay. But do not distract me," Chanel warned. Johnny waggled an eyebrow, and Chanel laughed.

Once Chanel and Johnny donned aprons, Chanel talked about the science and precision of baking. "So, you're a scientist? I'm impressed," Johnny said. Chanel gave Johnny orders, and he followed them. With a grin, Chanel noted that she forgot that they were married because their honeymoon had been so short. Johnny and Chanel agreed to travel to Italy in the future. "But in the meantime, how about we take Sarah up on her offer for the Horton family cabin?" Chanel asked. "How soon can we go?" Johnny asked with a grin.

The newlyweds returned to baking, and Johnny nibbled at Chanel's neck until she kissed him. As the kiss grew more passionate, Johnny lifted Chanel onto the table. "Wait. Right here in the kitchen?" Chanel asked. "Why not?" Johnny said. Chanel noted that it was a health code violation, and she could not risk any trouble with the health department. With a sigh, Johnny agreed to wait. Chanel suggested they move to the storeroom.

In the cemetery, Chad dropped off Easter flowers at Abigail's grave. Chad told Abigail about the Easter day festivities with the kids. "I miss you so much. I'm sorry. The man who took you from us, he escaped. And it's all my fault," Chad said. Chad argued that his interview with Clyde had led to Clyde's retaliation.

"I just wanted to make him pay for what he did to you. Instead, he tried to kill our babies," Chad said. Chad sniffled back tears as he talked about the arson of the Horton house. "You spent all of your happiest days as a child there. I let you down, baby. And I let your family down. And now, you know, Clyde Weston escaped," Chad said. Chad promised to make things right.

Julie was looking at fabric swatches in the Horton house living room when Stephanie walked in. Julie thanked Stephanie for her help. "I decided I needed fresh, young eyes on the house project. I wanted to have new life, but I still want it to say welcome home," Julie said. Julie told Stephanie that she had worked in home design in the past. "I thought perhaps you could use a pleasant diversion [from Everett]," Julie said. Stephanie asked about the time capsule, and Julie confirmed that she had been unable to open it.

"I'm sure [my grandfather] wanted everyone in the family to gather and figure it out and solve it like a puzzle," Julie said. Stephanie suggested that Julie post a picture of the box online to see if anyone had suggestions about how to open it. With a shake of her head, Julie said she wanted to focus on the renovations instead of the box. "Because I know that my grandparents would want this place to be ready for all the generations to come," Julie said. While Julie and Stephanie looked over the fabric swatches, Stephanie's phone buzzed with a text from a prospective new client.

"I could use the business, especially since I'm dropping the Spectator," Stephanie said. Julie was surprised by the news. Stephanie explained that she had not made it official. "Because of Everett?" Julie asked. Stephanie explained that it was likely that Everett had dated her on the side when he had been married to Jada. Julie gasped. "And now [Jada] can't stand the sight of me," Stephanie added. "It wasn't your fault," Julie noted. Stephanie explained that Jada had accused her of willfully ignoring the signs of Everett's infidelity.

"You cannot blame yourself for Everett's lies. You didn't know what was going on. And you were devastated when you found out he'd been married to Jada," Julie said. "I was. And the timing couldn't have been worse. See, I was just starting to think that Everett was the one again. And then, everything blew up in my face again," Stephanie said. Stephanie admitted that she was furious with Everett.

"And then I feel guilty for being mad. Like why am I being unsympathetic to what Everett is going through?" Stephanie said. "Forget Everett. Forget Everett's problems. Darling, this is the time when you certainly should be thinking about yourself and taking care of yourself. And you're not alone," Julie said. Julie told Stephanie that when the truth was out, she could lean on her family. Chad walked into the house.

"I thought you were coming by tomorrow?" Julie asked Chad. Chad told Stephanie that he was supposed to look over the kids' remodeled bedroom. "Is now a good time?" Chad asked. Julie pointed upstairs, and she invited Chad to have a look and then return downstairs and review fabric swatches with them. "I can't wait," Chad said with a grin.

When Chad returned from upstairs, he told Julie that the kids would love the remodeled bedroom. Julie went to the kitchen to grab snacks from a cooler, and Chad and Stephanie smiled amiably at one another. "The kids must be anxious to move back in here," Stephanie said. Chad noted that the kids were happy at the Kiriakis mansion with Maggie, but that they were looking forward to moving back home.

"Any updates on Everett? Or is he going by Bobby now?" Chad asked. Stephanie admitted that she had spoken to Everett the previous day about the need for a new PR firm for the Spectator. "You can't leave us," Chad objected. Stephanie noted that the situation was too awkward for her to work with Everett. "You want me to fire him? Again?" Chad asked. Stephanie said no, and she changed the subject to the house.

"Looks great. I obviously feel responsible for the fire. It breaks my heart that Doug and Julie had to go through all this, but it didn't have to happen," Chad said. "It wasn't your fault," Stephanie stressed. Chad disagreed. Chad told Stephanie that he had talked to Abigail at her grave about the situation. "God only knows what [Clyde is] going to do next," Chad said. Stephanie told Chad that she hoped his visit with Abigail had helped ease his mind.

"It did," Chad said. "It's not your fault for what happened. You know that, right?" Stephanie asked. Chad nodded yes. Stephanie noted that the family was safe, and the house would be repaired soon. "Your family cares so much. Lean on us," Stephanie said. Chad thanked Stephanie, and he told her the same thing. Julie returned with the sandwiches, but Stephanie excused herself to meet with her new client.

After Stephanie left, Julie asked Chad what was wrong. "I'm just so sorry about the house. I mean, it's all my fault," Chad said. Julie encouraged Chad to let his guilt go, and she admitted that she had been wrong to blame him for even a second. Julie ordered Chad to say, "I'm not to blame for the fire." Chad repeated the statement. Chad told Julie that he had apologized to Abigail at her gravesite. Julie hugged Chad.

"I'm in a struggle, Julie," Chad confessed. Chad admitted that he sometimes felt like he was failing his kids. "I miss her so much. All the time," Chad said before he broke down in tears. Julie hugged Chad again. "We all miss her. This isn't something you can do alone. Don't you know how the family loves you, supports you and the children? Why do you think I want to build this house back up again? Because it's something we all have, a constant in our lives. It's a symbol. It means family. It means love. It means hope," Julie said.

Everett arrived at Marlena's office for his hypnotherapy appointment, and he appeared nervous. "I'm hoping we can get some clarity on your past," Marlena said. "Actually, I think it was a mistake coming here today," Everett said. Marlena motioned for Everett to take a seat, and he did. "There are a lot of misperceptions about hypnotherapy," Marlena started. When Marlena asked if Everett had researched the subject, he said yes.

"I know that I'll have access to my free will and that I'll remember everything afterwards," Everett said. Marlena nodded yes. "What we try to do is access parts of your memory that maybe haven't been available to us," Marlena explained. Everett confessed that although he was eager to know the truth, he was afraid of what he would learn. Marlena promised that if Everett was too uncomfortable to continue at any point, she would stop the session. After a moment, Everett agreed to hypnosis.

Everett closed his eyes, and Marlena started. Once Everett appeared to be under, he talked about a memory with his mother, Helen. "Tell me about your mother," Marlena said. Everett talked about Helen, and he smiled. "Is there anything you'd like to talk to her about? Anything you'd like to ask her?" Marlena said. Everett flinched, then scowled. "Why'd you do it, Mom?" Everett said. Marlena told Everett that he was safe.

"No. I'm not. I'm not safe," Everett said. In Everett's mind, a version of himself smiled mischievously. Everett shook his head vigorously, panicked. "Tell me what you're seeing," Marlena said. "Nothing. Just darkness," Everett said. Marlena encouraged Everett to look for light. Everett grunted, and his breathing grew rapid. "I can't," Everett whispered. Marlena ended the session, and Everett opened his eyes.

"You're right here with me, and you're safe," Marlena said. Everett wiped a tear from his eye as Marlena asked him if he had remembered anything. "I'm sorry. I don't know," Everett said. Marlena asked Everett about the darkness and his mother. Everett said the memory was fuzzy. "How do you feel now?" Marlena asked. "A little shaky," Everett admitted. Marlena told Everett that they could deal with the mental block in the next session if Everett wanted to continue.

"Yeah. Definitely," Everett said. "You let me know if you have any memories at all," Marlena said. With a nod yes, Everett said he needed to return to work. Everett thanked Marlena, and he hurriedly left the office and headed to the pub.

While Everett sipped on a drink, Stephanie walked in. After a moment's hesitation, Stephanie approached Everett's table. "Hi. Want to sit?" Everett asked. Stephanie sat down, and she asked if Everett was okay. "I had my first hypnosis session today," Everett said. Stephanie asked about it. Everett admitted he had seen something terrifying.

Rafe has bad news for Jada

Rafe has bad news for Jada

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

At the Bistro, Ava and Harris entered ahead of their plans for a private dinner. Ava insisted that she prepare dinner. Harris said that he wanted to watch Ava cook because she was "easy on the eyes." Ava smiled affectionately at Harris. "Back at you, detective," she quipped. Ava made puttanesca for dinner, and she opened the most expensive bottle of wine in the restaurant. Ava and Harris toasted to Harris' survival.

Ava recalled that she had been beside herself when she'd thought that Harris wouldn't survive. Ava referred to Harris as the "strongest, kindest, most loyal person" she had ever known. "The best person I have ever known. And just being loved by you, it makes me think that... maybe I am okay, if he wants to be with me," Ava said tenderly. "You're not just okay. How can I put this? Just everything I want. Just everything I need," Harris said lovingly.

After dinner, Harris asked Ava to dance. Ava agreed, and she and Harris danced slowly as soft music played overhead. Harris and Ava gazed into one another's eyes, and he cradled her in his arms as they slow danced. Ava said that she wished she could stay in that moment with Harris forever.

When the conversation shifted to Ava's future, Ava surprised Harris when she said that she would no longer work at the Bistro. Harris asked what Ava intended to do for a living. Ava said only that she would find a legitimate job. "I'm serious, Harris. I am never going back to that life. Never," Ava sternly vowed.

At Wendy and Tripp's apartment, Wendy admitted to Tripp that she was still traumatized from their time as hostages at the abandoned beer tank. Tripp sought to reassure Wendy that they would both move past the trauma. Wendy revealed that she had barely been sleeping and that, when she was able to sleep, she had recurring dreams that she was still trapped inside the beer tank.

Tripp suggested that he and Wendy have a fun date night, and he returned with Jenga blocks. Wendy worried that Tripp had only proposed to her because of low oxygen levels the couple had sustained at the beer tank. Tripp said that he didn't regret anything he'd said at the beer tank. Tripp added that he wanted to marry Wendy for numerous reasons. Wendy said that she felt she and Tripp had skipped several important steps in their marriage at the beer tank. "I mean, it's easy to say till death do us part when you think death is ten minutes away," Wendy noted.

Later, when Tripp proposed a toast using beer, the smell of the beer triggered Wendy's emotions. Wendy began to hyperventilate, and she told Tripp that she couldn't breathe. Tripp tried to comfort Wendy, who started to sob before she knocked the Jenga pieces to the floor in a fit of panic-induced hysteria. Afterwards, Tripp apologized that his plan to distract Wendy had backfired.

At Xander and Sarah's apartment, Xander showed Sarah a photograph of the shooter from the night of Harris' shooting. Xander noted the difference between the jogging pants he'd worn and the pants on the shooter, and he said that he had proof of his innocence. Sarah was thrilled, and she and Xander rushed to the police station.

In Rafe's office at the Salem Police Station, Rafe and Jada were interrupted when Rafe received a call. Rafe agreed to meet Jada at the Brady Pub. After Jada left, Rafe was surprised by something he learned by phone. "Yeah. This is gonna get ugly," Rafe said to himself after the call ended.

A short while later, Xander and Sarah appeared with the hope of clearing Xander's name in Harris' shooting. Xander and Sarah showed Rafe what they believed was proof of Xander's innocence. Rafe seemed to agree with Sarah and Xander, who said that he had been motivated because he had been fighting for his life as well as his family. Xander and Sarah hugged.

Later, back at Xander and Sarah's apartment, Xander and Sarah celebrated the proof of Xander's innocence. After Victoria fell asleep, Xander said that he was thankful to have Sarah in his life. Sarah and Xander were happy, and they kissed.

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie joined Everett at a table. Everett revealed that he had seen something that had scared him when he'd been under hypnosis during his therapy session with Marlena. Everett flashed back to seeing himself with a sinister grin on his face. Everett admitted that the vision had frightened him, and he said that he hadn't told Marlena about it.

Jada entered the pub and found Everett and Stephanie together again. Agitated, she had harsh words for them. Stephanie said that she didn't understand where Jada's hostility and attitude stemmed from, and she shared that Everett had attended a therapy session with Marlena. Jada demanded to know what Everett and Marlena had discussed in his therapy session.

Jada laughed cynically when Everett said that he had seen himself smiling, and she called him a narcissist. Everett tried to apologize to Jada, who continued to hurl insults at Everett. He said that he felt confused and agonized that he couldn't remember his time with Jada in Seattle. Stephanie asked Jada to show compassion for Everett. Jada refused, and she walked away.

Afterwards, Stephanie said that she didn't understand why Jada was "constantly on the attack" about Everett. Stephanie wondered if Marlena would speak to Jada. Everett said that the best thing was for him to stay away from Jada. Everett added that he had something to tell Stephanie.

Nearby, Rafe found Jada alone at the bar. Rafe told Jada that he had news that couldn't wait. Rafe shared that he had received a call from an old friend that had started a private law practice near Seattle. "Anyway, I asked him to do some digging for me. Well, I'm not sure exactly how to tell you this," Rafe said before pausing.

Back at their table, Everett told Stephanie that his feelings for her hadn't changed. "I love you, Steph. You're everything to me," Everett said.

At the same time, Jada pleaded for Rafe to tell her what he'd learned. "Your divorce papers? They were never properly filed. So, you're still married to him. Legally, you are still Mrs. Robert Stein," Rafe said. Jada slowly shook her head in disbelief.

Nicole and Holly have a tense conversation

Nicole and Holly have a tense conversation

Thursday, April 4, 2024

In Lucas' room above the Brady Pub, Kate delivered groceries and copies of The Shawshank Redemption and Stephen King's The Stand to Lucas. Lucas admitted that he was growing bored and that he was praying he would soon be able to leave to get to his life back. Kate urged Lucas to be patient. Lucas wondered if he would ever be safe as long as Clyde was alive, and he said that he had never been so lonely in his life. Kate tried to assure Lucas that his loneliness wouldn't last forever. Lucas said that he hoped Kate was right. Kate and Lucas hugged.

At Small Bar, Marlena found Alex at a table. They chatted briefly before Paulina spotted Marlena for a planned girls' night out. Alex congratulated Paulina on her recovery, and he bade goodnight to Paulina and Marlena. Afterwards, Paulina admitted to Marlena that she wasn't looking forward to being in insolation for the iodine test the hospital had scheduled.

Paulina mentioned her near-death experience, and she shared that she had seen Lexie. "She told me she wanted me to stay with Abraham. Then, all of a sudden, I was healed. He got his memory back. It was a double miracle... I know that I, you know, had a lot of medication in me, but Abe, he saw the same thing. Now, do you -- so, you think that really could have happened?" Paulina asked Marlena.

Paulina recalled having heard Kate's voice from inside an urn at the Brady Pub a year earlier when everyone had believed that Kate, Marlena, and Kayla had died. Paulina wondered if she had a form of extrasensory perception. Marlena pondered Paulina's thoughts before saying that nothing would surprise her. Paulina credited Marlena for being a good friend before adding that Marlena didn't seem like herself.

Marlena admitted that John had been dealing with troubling revelations about his past, but she insisted that John would be fine. Paulina and Marlena toasted to John, and they agreed that everyone in Salem was lucky to have John in their lives. Marlena said that Paulina would work through Paulina's hospital tests, and she agreed with Paulina's assessment that they were both "tough broads."

At John and Marlena's townhouse, Tate was thrilled to be back at home. When Tate said that he wanted to spend time with friends, Theresa told Tate to forget about spending time with Holly. Tate noted that he hadn't mentioned Holly, and he promised Brady and Theresa that he wouldn't visit Holly. Brady and Theresa agreed to allow Tate to go out.

After Tate left, Brady and Theresa expressed their relief that Tate was free. Eventually, Theresa said that she would move out of the townhouse for everyone's best interests. Brady attempted to convince Theresa to stay, but Theresa noted that she and Brady had fought to help Tate and that she wanted them to build on their progress. Brady and Theresa hugged, and they told one another to take care.

After Theresa left, Brady stood alone and stared at a family photograph of Brady, Tate, and Theresa. Brady picked up the photo, and he spoke to himself. "No, no, no, no, Brady, don't. Don't you go there," Brady said to himself, seemingly about Theresa.

In the park, Alex was surprised to see Tate, who shared that he'd been released from the halfway house. When Alex attempted to congratulate Tate on his freedom, a skeptical Tate said that Alex had broken up with Theresa over Tate. Alex noted that Theresa had broken up with him, and he insisted that he was happy that Tate was free. Alex asked if Tate knew where Theresa intended to stay, given that Tate was back home. Tate said that he wasn't sure, and he turned to leave.

Alex asked if Tate would let Theresa know that Alex was happy for her. Tate suggested that Alex contact Theresa. Alex agreed with Tate. When the conversation shifted to Tate's release from the halfway house, Alex deduced that Tate had been covering for Holly. Alex noted that Holly had upended Tate's life, and he said he would never be able to forgive someone who had upended Alex's life.

A short while later, Alex spotted Theresa in Horton Town Square. He invited her to move back in with him, and she eventually agreed.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole asked what Holly thought Holly's punishment should be for having taken pills and for having lied for months. "I just wanted to make sure that the punishment fit the crime. And what you did, honey, was a crime. You lied to the police. You let E.J. prosecute an innocent bystander who was your friend, and I know you said you were trying to protect me... but I think part of you was just trying to protect yourself," Nicole told Holly.

Nicole added that, if Holly had been honest from the beginning, none of what Holly had been through would have happened. Holly admitted that Nicole was right, and she said that she deserved whatever punishment Nicole saw fit to administer. Nicole said that the first thing Holly would do was to make amends with Tate. Nicole told Holly to write a sincere letter to him.

Nicole added that Holly had taken months away from Tate's life that Holly could never give back. When Nicole said that she was surprised Tate had found it in his heart to forgive Holly, Holly wondered if Nicole would ever forgive her. Nicole said that she was "angry, sad, and scared," but she added that she forgave Holly. Holly vowed that she would never use drugs again.

The tone of the conversation shifted dramatically when Holly admitted that she had taken a drink at Jude's christening celebration days earlier. Nicole said that Holly had proven that Holly couldn't be trusted. When Holly said that Nicole had also drunk as a teenager, Nicole raised her voice at Holly. "Excuse me? Don't you dare -- don't you dare throw my past in my face. That was different. I thought at the very least you would be contrite," Nicole said sternly.

Nicole soon grew animated, and she paused to take a deep breath before saying that Holly was grounded indefinitely. Against Holly's protests, Nicole ordered Holly to hand over her phone and car keys. "Now!" Nicole yelled. Holly refused to cooperate, and she insisted that giving up her phone would kill her. Holly added that her entire life was on her phone. "Well, that's your first problem," Nicole spat.

Holly had a terse response for Nicole, and the argument escalated. "Oh, that's funny, because you didn't think so when you got it for me when I was only ten so that when I walked myself home from school, you'd know I got there. So, I could be completely self-sufficient when you weren't around. Order my own meals, buy my own clothes. That way, you wouldn't have to think of me at all," Holly told Nicole.

Holly said that she had only lied so that Nicole wouldn't believe she was a bad mother. "But you know what? The truth is, I started taking those drugs because you were completely checked out! My father died before I was born, and all I've ever had was you! I mean, yeah, sure, there was Eric before you screwed that up and made him walk out on us! And now there's E.J., who doesn't give a damn about me, and God knows who it'll be next year!" Holly yelled.

Nicole raised her hand at Holly before pausing. Nicole again told Holly to hand over Holly's phone. Holly begrudgingly handed Nicole the phone before Nicole continued. Nicole noted that Holly had plotted to break up Johnny and Chanel. "It seems you always want what you can't have -- just like me. Honey, I love you. I love you with all my heart, and I will do anything to protect you, even if you hate me for it. I'm gonna go upstairs and go to bed. You should, too. Goodnight," Nicole said. On her way upstairs, Nicole paused. Nicole had a tear in her eye as she looked back at Holly.

Moments later, Holly was delighted when Tate sneaked into the mansion. Holly went to Tate, and she kissed him on the lips. Holly whispered that Tate shouldn't be there, and when she heard Nicole's voice, she told him to leave. After Tate left, Nicole said that she didn't want to go to bed angry at Holly. Nicole warmly spoke of her and Holly's early days together when Holly had been a young child.

Nicole's voice broke when she said that she loved Holly and that she couldn't stand to lose her. "I just wanted you to know. Goodnight," Nicole said. Holly said nothing in response, but after Nicole had left, she seemed to be touched by Nicole's words.

Tate and Holly make secret plans

Tate and Holly make secret plans

Friday, April 5, 2024

At the penthouse, Brady wished his son a good morning. With a shake of his head, Tate said he could not believe he had lost three months of his life. "I feel like I should still be telling people happy New Year," Tate said. Brady asked Tate about his evening at his friend's house. With a nod, Tate said he had reconnected with his friend.

After breakfast, Brady suggested that Tate go with him to a baseball game, and Tate eagerly accepted. "I know recently you've felt like probably nobody believed you about the drugs and that no one was in your corner. And I understand how rough that must have been, but I want you to know I'm proud of how you dealt with it," Brady said. Tate jokingly reminded Brady of his breakout from the halfway house. With a smirk, Brady noted that it was human to make mistakes and that learning from mistakes built character.

"You have a hell of a lot of character, son," Brady said. "I'm glad you think so," Tate said. Brady encouraged Tate to put the past behind him. With a shrug, Tate admitted he was nervous to return to school after what he had read online about his situation. "Your real friends stood up for you, right?" Brady asked. Tate nodded yes, and he asked if he could hang out with his friends. "Which friends?" Brady asked. "The same friends I was with last night," Tate said. Brady offered to give Tate a lift to the mall, but Tate said he wanted to walk.

In the DiMera foyer, Nicole told Holly that she was impressed with Holly's hard work, and she noted that Holly would not have to go to physical therapy for much longer. "Are you proud enough to give me my phone back and let me leave the house by myself?" Holly asked hopefully. Nicole said no. Annoyed, Holly stomped upstairs to her room.

In the living room, E.J. talked to Mr. Shin on the phone about the pain of losing a child. "My brother Stefan has been put in jail. Unfortunately, because he's been in cahoots with Clyde Weston and his drug ring," E.J. said. E.J. assured Wei that he would deal with the situation. As E.J. turned to face the doorway, he saw Nicole scowling at him, and he ended his call. E.J. told Nicole that the DiMera board had heard about Stefan's arrest.

"Let me guess, the stocks are down, right?" Nicole said. E.J. explained that the board had demanded Stefan's resignation. "You can't blame them," Nicole said. E.J. agreed. Nicole asked E.J. if Stefan had been responsible for the drugs that Holly had used. With a shake of his head, E.J. said he was not sure. E.J. told Nicole that the only thing he knew for certain was that Stefan had trafficked the drugs through the Bistro because Clyde had threatened Gabi's life.

"In other words, he was trying to save his wife's life," E.J. said. "That doesn't make it right!" Nicole argued. Brady walked in and he said, "None of this is right." When E.J. noted that it was a bad time, Brady argued that E.J. owed him after what he had done to Tate. Brady demanded a public apology to Tate.

"Furthermore, I want D.A. DiMera to admit with full remorse and full regret that he was wrong, egregiously so, to accuse my son of a crime that he did not commit that put him through hell," Brady said. E.J. stated he had no objection to making a public apology to Tate. Nicole added that she had instructed Holly to apologize to Tate, Brady, and Theresa.

"You need to make that clear to your husband, as well," Brady countered. E.J. argued that although he would make a public apology, he believed his actions had been justified based on the evidence of the case. "The reason the evidence pointed at my son is because of your bias against him because of your hatred for me," Brady yelled. Nicole asked everyone to calm down, and she took E.J. aside.

"None of this would have gotten out of hand if Holly didn't do drugs in the first place, or if she immediately told the truth when she woke up from the coma and was lucid. And Tate screwed things up because he covered for Holly," Nicole said. Nicole argued that they should set a good example for the kids and take the high road. E.J. agreed. E.J. apologized to Brady, and he promised his office would release a statement. "I look forward to that," Brady said. E.J. and Brady shook hands.

"I didn't think you would. Given what he's been through thanks to your bias against him. And your daughter's deceit," Brady said. Nicole noticed Holly walk down the stairs, and she asked if Holly needed anything. "I'm just going to take a walk around the garden," Holly said. After Holly exited, she met up with Tate out front and warned him that his father was in the house. Tate gave Holly a burner phone.

"You're a lifesaver," Holly said. Holly asked about Tate's newfound freedom. When Tate talked about the horrors of the halfway house, Holly apologized again. "It's okay. I'm out now. And I get to hang out with you," Tate said. "Some Spring Break, huh?" Holly muttered. Tate said he was not looking forward to their return to school, but they both agreed that the upside was that they could hang out there.

"Let's agree to find each other between periods. And we'll hold hands in the halls and talk, and then for lunch, we'll find a really private secret space to, you know, be together with no one staring at us," Holly said. "I have the perfect spot. Under the oak tree at the far end of the quad," Tate suggested. Holly grinned at Tate. "In the meantime," Holly said. As Holly kissed Tate, a lawnmower started. Holly suggested they sneak up to her room before they were seen together.

"Let's just make sure the coast is clear," Tate said. Tate and Holly crept around to the side of the house to peer into the living room from the garden. Holly watched as E.J. and Nicole escorted Brady out of the living room. Tate and Holly crept inside to go up the back stairs, but Brady caught them when he returned to the living room. "Tate! What the hell are you doing?" Brady said. E.J. and Nicole returned to the room. "I can't believe this," Nicole said with exasperation.

"Damn it, Tate! I told you you were not allowed to see her," Brady said. "I wanted to see him, too!" Holly interjected. Brady said he did not care. "I don't want my son to be around you, Holly. You let him take the fall for your drug overdose and almost jeopardized his future. It surprises me that he wants to be around you," Brady said. "I forgive her!" Tate yelled. "Well, you shouldn't," Brady countered.

Nicole agreed with Brady that Tate and Holly should not hang out. Holly objected, and Tate argued that the only people that were angry were the parents. "The adults agree on this. It's for the best. You two are not to see each other anymore," Brady said. Tate and Holly looked at one another.

At the pub, Sloan was packing up her briefcase to leave after breakfast. "Wow, you have a lot of work," Eric said. "No choice, really," Sloan muttered. Sloan clarified that she was worried about the expenses of their growing family. Eric admitted that his business was not profitable yet. "I'm sure in time it's going to take right off," Sloan said.

Stephanie stopped by the table to say hello, and she cooed over baby Jude. When Stephanie offered her services as a babysitter, Eric smiled at Sloan. Stephanie admitted that she missed being around Thomas and Charlotte. "I'm sure you do," Eric said. Stephanie smiled sadly, and she said she had been going through a rough patch. Eric asked about Everett. Stephanie told Eric and Sloan about Everett's murky past.

"That is strange and complicated. I don't suppose that Jada ever mentioned much about her marriage to Bobby?" Sloan asked Eric. With a shrug, Eric admitted that Jada had not talked a lot about her past marriage or divorce. "Well, it was obviously a very painful time for her, and now she finds out that I was the other woman. The woman that came between her and her husband. Except he doesn't believe he ever was her husband. Anyway, it's just crazy complicated," Stephanie said. Eric encouraged Stephanie to find forgiveness, and Sloan agreed.

"I just think that people shouldn't judge unless they walked in someone's shoes," Sloan said. With a nod, Sloan excused herself to meet with a client. After Sloan left, Stephanie admitted to Eric that she was not proud of how she had handled the situation. "Every time I try to talk to Jada, she just gets more and more upset with me," Stephanie said. Stephanie explained that Jada had blamed Stephanie for not having suspected that Everett had been a cheater. Stephanie added that Jada was also furious that Stephanie had not turned her back on Everett after she had learned what he had done to Jada.

At the police station, Jada stopped in on her day off to show Rafe her box of divorce items. "I am not still legally married to Bobby Stein, and somewhere in this box is the proof," Jada said. After Jada rooted through the box, she found her divorce decree. "I am relieved to not be sleeping with a married woman," Rafe joked. Jada frowned, and she told Rafe not to make a joke like that.

When Sloan arrived, she told Jada that she had run into Stephanie before she had left for the station. "[Stephanie] told us all about Everett and Bobby and how angry you were with her and him," Sloan said. "And I'm sure she played the victim role. Poor Stephanie, so confused, lost, terrible luck with men," Jada grumbled. With a shrug, Sloan noted that Stephanie had seemed sad. Sloan assured Jada that she had not informed Stephanie about her meeting with Jada. Jada thanked Sloan for her discretion, and she handed Sloan her divorce decree.

"As you can see, Bobby and I are, in fact, legally divorced," Jada said. Sloan informed Jada that the decree that had been filed with the court had not had Bobby's signature on it. "Technically you are still married to Mr. Stein," Sloan announced. Jada noted that no one would have known if Rafe had not reached out to his friend. "I was just trying to help," Rafe protested. Sloan assured Jada that if she had attempted to marry again, the truth would have come out.

"Isn't it better just to get it all over with now?" Sloan asked. Jada groaned in frustration. Sloan handed Jada an envelope, and she told Jada that she needed to get Bobby's signature to make the divorce official.

In the Spectator office, Leo was talking to Chad about his column when Everett walked in. "What are you doing here?" Chad asked. Everett explained that although he had been working from home, he had wanted to tell Chad the news in person. "Stefan is in jail," Everett announced. "I haven't heard anything about that," Chad said. Leo asked if Everett knew why. "He confessed to running drugs for Clyde Weston," Everett said. Chad's eyes went wide.

After Chad called E.J. and confirmed the news, he told Leo and Everett about his emotional last conversation with Stefan. "Now, knowing that he was involved in a drug ring and working under Clyde, I guess that makes sense. Maybe it was a cry for help," Chad said. Leo gasped as he read a text from an informant, and he left the office.

"I wrote up a story. Are we going to post it?" Everett asked. "Of course," Chad said. Everett reminded Chad that he had spiked the last story about Stefan's involvement in the drug ring. "[Stefan] was obviously not innocent that time, either, so I don't know, maybe you'd prefer I cover this up, too?" Everett asked. Chad countered that since the raid had not discovered any evidence that had implicated Stefan, Chad had chosen to believe in his brother's innocence.

"In hindsight, knowing what we know now, it was a mistake. That was my mistake. I own that. But no, we're not going to cover anything up. You can write your damn story," Chad said. "Good," Everett said. Stephanie walked into the office, and she confirmed that she had decided to remain as the PR representative for the paper. "I think it's best that Chad be my primary point of contact," Stephanie added. "Makes sense," Everett said.

Jada called Everett and demanded that he meet her at the pub. "I can't. I'm at work," Everett said. Jada explained that it was an urgent matter that would only take a few minutes. Everett told Chad to read over the drug story, and he would return.

After Everett left, Chad lamented to Stephanie that he had let his brother use him. "Every time I think the DiMeras are rebuilding their image, something like this happens," Chad said. When Chad noted that Stephanie appeared distracted, she apologized. "Is this about Everett?" Chad asked. "It's all such a mystery," Stephanie said. Stephanie admitted that she did not know whether to be angry or compassionate.

"I don't want to believe that he meant to hurt either of us," Stephanie said. Chad counseled Stephanie to distance herself from Everett for her own protection. "You asked yourself if you should stand by him. I don't think that's going to be good for you. I mean, let him lean on somebody else for a change," Chad said. "That's just it, he doesn't have anyone. Not in Salem," Stephanie said. Chad offered his ears as a sounding board for Everett. With a smirk, Stephanie noted that she did not think Everett would want to open up to Chad.

"[Everett needs] to find some way to meet new people," Chad said. Chad told Stephanie that his advice was because he cared about her as a friend. "I just don't want to see you get hurt any more than you already have," Chad said.

As Leo left Saxton's in the town square, he called out to Eric, who was with baby Jude. "It is the cutest father-son duo on the planet," Leo said. Leo announced that there was a major sale at the store, and he offered to watch Jude if Eric wanted to shop. "That is a very kind offer, but Sloan and I are kind of budgeting right now," Eric said. Leo nodded, and he said he understood that expenses could be difficult.

When Eric returned home, he found an envelope from the landlord had been slipped under the door. "It's the fifth month, and you still haven't paid rent," Eric read aloud.

When Everett arrived at the pub, Jada, Rafe, and Sloan were waiting for him at a table. Jada reminded Everett of their divorce papers, and Everett reiterated that he had no memory of the marriage or divorce. "Apparently, you and I never actually got divorced. Under the law, we are still married," Jada announced. Sloan handed the papers to Everett to sign. Everett signed as Everett.

"I need you to sign Bobby Stein. That is who is married to Jada," Sloan said. With a sigh, Everett looked at the papers. "But I'm not that man. Sorry, I can't sign for him. That would be forgery," Everett said. Everett apologized to Jada, and he asked her to find another way to finalize the divorce. With a shake of his head, Everett walked out.

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