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Steve told Kayla about his part in Clyde's escape. Brady warned Alex not to toy with Theresa. Clyde ordered Ava to retrieve his black book, and she told Harris. Kristen forbade Holly from spending time with Rachel. E.J. dropped the charges against Xander. Everett refused to sign the divorce papers. Eric was suspicious of Sloan's expenses. Kristen plotted. Jada apologized to Stephanie. Konstantin told Maggie his visa had expired. Tate and Holly met in secret. Everett canceled therapy. Thomas stole Konstantin's red card. Paulina worked during her radiation treatment. Julie interrupted Johnny and Chanel's honeymoon.
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Steve told Kayla about his part in Clyde's escape. Kristen and Nicole clashed. Everett refused to sign the divorce papers. Julie interrupted Johnny and Chanel's honeymoon.
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Kayla condemns Steve for helping Clyde escape

Kayla condemns Steve for helping Clyde escape

Monday, April 8, 2024

Maggie gazed at Victor's portrait in the Kiriakis mansion. Konstantin entered and inquired what she had been contemplating. Maggie admitted she was trying to reconcile the man Victor had been with the man she had loved. Konstantin assured her that every person was troubled, but staying in the present helped in the process of moving forward. Maggie called Konstantin a remarkable man, and he attributed his transformation to the "woman who stands before me."

Maggie wondered how Konstantin and Victor had managed to become friends, given their history. Konstantin admitted it seemed implausible, but during the dark times Victor and he had experienced together, they had become kindred spirits. Maggie called Victor her "second chapter" and her second chance at love. Konstantin encouraged Maggie to remember the man that she had loved and to keep Victor close to her heart.

Konstantin credited Maggie with Victor's change, claiming that she had been Victor's rock and "guiding star." Maggie confessed that while she was still struggling to reconcile Victor's past, Konstantin had given her hope that she could find peace, as well. "Hope is what holds us together," Konstantin stated.

An exasperated Julie interrupted the moment between Konstantin and Maggie, exclaiming that the mansion had "turned into a madhouse." Julie explained that while Thomas and Charlotte were wonderful children, she was anxiously awaiting the end of spring break. Konstantin excused himself, and Julie asked, "What did I walk in on?" Maggie updated Julie about the situation with Konstantin and John and confided in Julie her conflicted feelings about Victor's role in the matter.

Julie called Victor a complicated paradox and reminded Maggie that Doug had come to town with a checkered past. Julie used Doug as an example of someone who had become a model citizen and who was full of empathy. She claimed that Maggie had been Victor's greatest virtue because Maggie had brought out the best in him. Maggie thanked Julie for her kind words and optimism, and the women toasted to "knowing how to pick 'em."

Maggie and Julie briefly talked about Holly. Maggie expressed her fears that her granddaughter had been using drugs. Julie assured Maggie that she had Julie's support and remarked that Maggie seemed to have Konstantin's support, too. Maggie acknowledged that Konstantin and she were growing closer.

Alex was pleased to find Theresa back at work. He complimented her on her performance during a meeting, and Theresa said it felt great to be back. Brady entered the office and was also happy to see Theresa. Brady joked with her about the employees' "T-Boss" nickname for her, while Alex looked displeased with the rapport between the two.

Brady said he wanted to talk with Theresa about Tate and Holly, which immediately prompted Theresa to demand to know what the girl had done. Brady filled Theresa in on finding Tate with Holly at the DiMera mansion. Theresa was irate and could not understand what Tate had been thinking. Brady blamed Tate's behavior on teen infatuation and assured Theresa that E.J. and Nicole had agreed that the kids should not see each other. Theresa thanked Brady for handling the situation sensibly and hoped that E.J. and Nicole would stay on the same page about Tate and Holly being toxic for each other.

As Theresa prepared to leave for a meeting, Alex asked her about having dinner at home. Brady was surprised, and a pleased Alex informed him that Theresa and he were roommates again. Theresa called Alex "roomie" before leaving, and when she was gone, Brady turned to Alex and cracked, "Roomie, really?" Alex defended himself, claiming he didn't have a hidden agenda and that he just wanted to set Theresa up for success personally and professionally. Brady said Alex was reminding him of Victor because Victor had also wanted the people around him to be successful.

After Brady expressed pride in Alex for carrying Victor's legacy forward, Alex admitted he felt pressure to live up to Victor and to make his father proud. Brady encouraged Alex to stay true to himself, then Victor would be proud of him. Alex brought up Tate's exoneration and the challenges Brady had been facing. Brady believed his biggest challenge as a father would be making sure Tate was in a healthy relationship. Brady wanted the same for Theresa, and he warned Alex, "Don't screw with her."

Alex took offense at Brady's insinuation and implied that Brady was romantically interested in Theresa. Brady denied the accusation and insisted he just wanted Theresa to be happy, especially since she would be dealing with Kristen. Alex was confused about why Brady would bring Kristen up until Brady reminded him that Alex and Kristen were supposed to be dating. After Alex observed that Kristen and him dating might drive Theresa into Brady's waiting arms, Brady again protested that he was only looking out for Theresa. Alex thought Brady was lying to himself and warned Brady to back off.

Theresa ran into Konstantin in Horton Town Square. When Konstantin said he'd been trying to reach her, Theresa snapped that the world didn't revolve around him. She sarcastically updated him on moving back in with Alex but stressed that things were platonic. When she snidely asked if she was not moving fast enough for Konstantin, he told a scoffing Theresa that he would give her insight into the minds of men.

Konstantin urged Theresa to make herself the forbidden fruit because men like Alex always wanted what they could not have. He suggested Theresa create an illusion that would send her into Alex's arms and into his bed. Theresa, mocking Konstantin's accent, told him to "forgive the purple prose" but she had a plan that would have Alex "consumed by the flames of passion."

Back at their apartment, Alex walked in and found Theresa folding her lingerie. Flustered, he stammered that he was going to take a shower and then get dinner started. When he left the room, Theresa smirked and said, "Mission close to accomplished."

At the Brady Pub, John and Steve expressed frustration about the lack of progress in locating Clyde. They bemoaned trusting Ava and speculated that she might know more than she had revealed. Steve said that experience had taught him that trusting in Ava often left a person feeling like "a gullible fool" in the end. John and he agreed that they should talk to her because until "that animal [was] back in his cage," they could not live with themselves.

Kayla approached and inquired what John and Steve were talking about. The men admitted they were talking about Clyde, but both made an excuse and a quick exit before Kayla could question them further. She looked puzzled as they departed.

Ava had prepared breakfast at the apartment, and Harris emerged from the bedroom. She had let him sleep in and wanted to know if he was hungry. They kissed, and Ava smiled and said, "That works, too." Harris asked Ava how she felt after losing the Bistro job. She told him she felt free and that her life belonged to her again.

Harris and Ava sat down for breakfast, and he gushed over her vegan bacon. He got a beep on his phone, and Ava told him to look at it. Harris confirmed via the message that the audit of the Bistro had gone smoothly and that Ava had not been implicated in the drug activity. Ava expressed gratitude that Stefan had taken the fall for her, and Harris reminded her that Stefan would have faced prison for shooting a cop otherwise. Ava worried that someone could still implicate her, but Harris assured her that revealing her role would be in no one's best interest.

Harris encouraged Ava to look to the future and asked her what she wanted to do career-wise. She joked about her fashion designer aspirations when she had been a kid. She had realized that her family situation wouldn't allow her to follow that path, but she had discovered a passion for cooking. Harris suggested culinary school, and Ava chided him about "devouring the homework." Ava was touched when Harris warmly said he believed in her, but their moment was interrupted by a knock at the door.

Ava answered the door to John and Steve. In an impatient whisper, she asked them what they wanted, and they claimed that they wanted to talk about Clyde. When Steve and John realized that Harris was with Ava, they tried to excuse themselves, but Harris wanted an update on Clyde. John and Steve explained that they wanted to ask Ava if she had remembered anything else, and she insisted she had not. Harris wanted Steve and John to keep him apprised if they discovered anything, but he warned the men against taking the law into their own hands.

After assuring Harris that he wouldn't dream of taking unlawful action, Steve left, as did Ava. John stayed behind and said he needed to talk with Harris about something personal. Harris was reluctant to talk about Ava, but John clarified that he wanted to ask Harris about their shared experiences and about what Megan had done to Harris. Harris said that he did not like to think about that time in his life. He admitted it had been difficult, but Marlena had helped him get through the hard times.

John wondered if Marlena's help had been enough, and he asked if Harris ever felt like a ticking time bomb was still inside of him. Harris confessed that he had dealt with fear and guilt, but the doctors had aided him in realizing that he was not responsible for his actions because they were out of his control and against his will. "Tell yourself over and over, every single day, that it's not your fault. Put the blame where it belongs," Harris told John. He related that until John freed himself from his guilt, John would continue to be a victim.

A short time later, Ava poked her head in the door and asked if the coast was clear. Harris confirmed that everyone was gone, and a relieved Ava kissed him. He left the apartment to get work clothes in preparation for staying the night at Ava's place. Alone, Ava reluctantly answered a ring from an unknown caller. "Hello there, little lady," Clyde intoned, adding, "Bet you thought you were rid of me."

John met with Brady in Horton Town Square. Brady asked his father if something was weighing on him, but John changed the subject to Tate. John was delighted about Tate's homecoming, and Brady asked if John wanted to have a three-generation family outing at a Cubs game. John happily accepted. Brady asked again how John was doing, and John smiled and said he was feeling better. Brady remarked that he could see the change in John's eyes, and John confirmed that he felt like his prayers were being answered.

Steve brought Kayla flowers at her office, and she immediately called him out on what he had done that needed apologies. Steve sighed and admitted that he hated keeping secrets from her, but he hadn't wanted to put her in a position to lie for him. Kayla insisted she would have his back and again asked for an explanation. Steve told her to sit down because it was a long story.

Kayla was outraged after learning that Steve and John had helped Clyde break out of prison. She angrily reminded Steve of all that Clyde had done, including murdering their niece. Steve shot back that he had been desperate to find his son, whom he hadn't known if he would ever see again. "So, you negotiated with a terrorist," Kayla retorted. She berated Steve for trusting Ava again, asking him how he could have done something so stupid. Steve implored Kayla to understand that the events had been fast-moving, and he had felt he had no other alternative.

Kayla was unmoved, condemning Ava for her selfishness and her inability to think through any consequences. Kayla lashed out that Steve should know that anyone who "is sucked into" Ava's vortex would suffer. She was disappointed in him for letting it happen again. "There's no damn excuse," Kayla raged before storming out.

Clyde gives Ava one last order

Clyde gives Ava one last order

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

In the DiMera living room, E.J. was ending a PR call about Stefan's arrest when a sullen Holly marched through the room. "Good morning," E.J. said. When Holly did not stop, E.J. called out to her. "I know you're upset about being punished. But you chose to do drugs and then you decided to lie to us about it," E.J. said. "You've never lied?" Holly countered. E.J. admitted that everyone made mistakes but that Holly needed to learn a lesson.

"If everyone makes mistakes, how is it fair that Tate and I can't see each other anymore?" Holly asked. E.J. explained that that had been Brady and Theresa's decision and that he understood why Tate's parents had felt that way. "I know that you think you want to be with Tate right now, but I believe in time, you'll realize that this separation is for the best," E.J. said. Holly argued that the situation was E.J.'s fault because he had been overzealous with Tate's prosecution. E.J. scowled.

In the Brady Pub, Paulina turned her nose up at her healthy breakfast. With a chuckle, Abe noted that Paulina's cancer treatment would be over soon, and she could return to her usual breakfast fare. Paulina stressed that she was grateful for the treatment, but she was not looking forward to the isolation during the procedure. "I hate being away from you, Abraham Carver. For even one minute," Paulina said. Abe held Paulina's hand.

Chanel was on her way to work when Johnny intercepted her in the square, and he showed her the key to the Horton cabin. "We are starting our mini honeymoon today," Johnny announced. "I have to work. You know that," Chanel said. With a shrug, Johnny noted that their honeymoon could wait. "I understand," Johnny said. Chanel kissed Johnny, and she went into the bakery. Johnny smiled.

When Chanel returned outside, she told Johnny he was sneaky. "My second in command asked me why I even showed up when I am supposed to be on my honeymoon," Chanel said. Johnny explained that he had asked the staff to cover for Chanel for a few days. "That was good of them, but Johnny, it's not right," Chanel said. Johnny explained that he had negotiated time and half salary for the extra days. "I'll cover it," Johnny added. Chanel thanked Johnny for his generosity.

"I really want to go, so much, but Mama, she starts her treatment," Chanel said. Johnny explained that that was why he had wanted to start their honeymoon that day. "[Paulina] is going to be in isolation. You're not going to be able to be with her for the next few days, and I figured that you're gonna want to spend as much time with her as possible when she is no longer radioactive," Johnny said. Chanel nodded in agreement. Johnny added that the cabin was close enough that Chanel could rush home if needed.

"I promise that this is going to be the best time ever, Mrs. DiMera," Johnny said. "Well, I already know that, Mr. DuPree, because I am going to be alone in a cabin with the sexiest husband in the world," Chanel said. Johnny wrapped his arms around Chanel.

Outside the Salem Inn, Kristen grumbled as she read through the news article about Stefan's arrest for drug trafficking. "What the hell?" Kristen said. E.J. rounded the corner, and Kristen eavesdropped as E.J. talked to Mr. Shin on the phone. "I realize it's not a good look for the company," E.J. started. Kristen interrupted, and E.J. hastily ended his call. Furious, Kristen asked E.J. why she had learned about Stefan's arrest from a news article. E.J. assured Kristen that family business was in capable hands, and he rushed off.

Johnny stopped his father as he passed the café, and Johnny informed E.J. that he was going to the Horton cabin with Chanel. "That's great. That's long overdue," E.J. said. As E.J. started to rush off again, Johnny stopped him again and asked about Stefan. "Do you even care?" E.J. asked. "Of course, I do. He's my uncle," Johnny said. "And he was supplying the drugs that nearly got Holly killed. Look, everything is fine and taken care of, okay?" E.J. said. E.J. urged Johnny to enjoy his honeymoon, and he ran off.

After Paulina finished her breakfast in the Brady Pub, Chanel stopped by with a box of baked goods. "You're an angel!" Paulina yelled. Paulina looked over at Abe, and she noted that bear claws were not on the approved list for her diet. "You underestimate me because these are made with non-iodized salt. So, you're all good," Chanel said. Paulina yelped with joy as Chanel passed a bear claw to Paulina. Chanel informed Paulina and Abe that she was headed out to the Horton cabin for a mini honeymoon.

"But if you want me to stay," Chanel said. "Go! I insist," Paulina said. Abe cautioned Chanel to keep warm because of the cold weather. With a chuckle, Paulina noted that Johnny would be sure to keep Chanel warm. After Chanel left, Paulina said she was ready to go. "As much as I'm going to miss you, I'm going through this procedure, knowing that you're gonna be at home, waiting for me, and that you remember our history again. It comforts me so, knowing that you love me now, then, and always," Paulina said. "And with all my heart," Abe countered.

In the DiMera living room, Holly thought about her conversation with Tate about where to meet up at school. As Holly shook off the memory, Johnny returned home. "What's wrong?" Johnny asked. "Nothing. Except I have literally no life," Holly said. Holly told Johnny that she had been forbidden from seeing Tate. "Just so you know, I'm not in love with Tate. Just in case anyone tries to tell you I am," Holly said. Johnny smiled and said he had not heard anything.

"I do really like him, though. I mean, he's a good guy. It doesn't matter, though, because my mother and stepdad number three have decided we're toxic for each other. And like, they're not?" Holly said. Holly apologized to Johnny, and she said she believed E.J. and Nicole were a mismatch. "I don't know about that, but I am sorry to hear about you and Tate," Johnny said. With a shrug, Holly said it was her fault.

"You messed up. We all do it. And now you're paying the consequences. And pretty soon, this is going to be nothing but a bad memory for you," Johnny said. Johnny looked at his watch, and he excused himself to go upstairs and pack for his trip. "I'm really happy for you guys. You really love each other so much. I hope I can find that one day," Holly said. Johnny counseled Holly not to be in a rush because she would find love someday.

After Johnny went upstairs, Rachel entered the room and hugged Holly. Rachel asked Holly if she wanted to do their nails like they had done together in the past. After Holly and Rachel painted their nails, Holly asked about school. As Holly and Rachel chatted, Johnny and Chanel walked in with their luggage. Holly wished the newlyweds a good time. Rachel gagged as Johnny and Chanel kissed, and Holly laughed.

After Johnny and Chanel left, Rachel told Holly that she did not like boys and would never get married. "Well, you don't have to. What do you want to be when you grow up?" Holly asked. Holly rattled off a few options, and she noted that she liked animals. Kristen returned home, and she scowled when she saw Holly with Rachel. Kristen ordered Rachel to go upstairs.

"What the hell are you doing?" Kristen asked. "We were just hanging out," Holly said. Kristen ordered Holly to stay away from Rachel. "I'm not doing drugs anymore," Holly said. "Is that just another lie?" Kristen yelled. Kristen argued that Tate was like a son to her -- and also Rachel's half-brother. "How do you think she is going to feel when she finds out what you did to him?" Kristen asked. Holly started to protest, but Kristen shut her down. Kristen warned that Holly would regret it if she approached Rachel again.

"That's enough! You will not talk to her like that anymore!" E.J. yelled as he walked into the room. Kristen argued that she had the right to determine who could talk to Rachel. "That is rich coming from you, considering your villainess history with Brady, Theresa, and Marlena, just to name a few," E.J. countered. Kristen offered to list E.J.'s history. "Get off your high horse!" Kristen shrieked as she marched out of the room.

"That woman makes my blood boil. I'm sorry I lost my temper," E.J. muttered. "I'm not. Thanks for having my back," Holly said. E.J. advised Holly to let him know if Kristen hassled her in the future.

At Tripp's apartment, Ava was cleaning up dishes when Clyde called her phone. "I bet you thought you were rid of me," Clyde said. Ava argued that after Clyde had attempted to kill her son and Wendy, she had no interest in helping Clyde do anything other than slit his throat. With a chuckle, Clyde told Ava to calm down. Clyde read aloud from the newspaper article about Stefan. "Ex-partner, Ava? I don't think so. Because I have one more little job I need you to do for me," Clyde said. Ava informed Clyde that she had been forced out of the Bistro. Clyde ordered Ava to force her way back in.

"If you want to keep flying under the radar, you'd best do what I tell you to do," Clyde said. Ava called Clyde's bluff. "It's gonna be his word against yours. And I would rather park my ass in jail than ever do anything with you again," Ava said. Ava warned Clyde not to call back. Before Ava could end the call, Clyde asked Ava what Harris would think about Ava's part in Clyde's escape.

"That caught your attention, didn't it?" Clyde said with a laugh. Clyde promised he only needed one little favor, but Ava refused to help him. "Gil hid a little black book at the Bistro. Inside that book is all the info on my suppliers and dealers. There is no digital trail on me. Everything is in that book in pen and ink. Now, I need you to get that book to me," Clyde said. Clyde promised that he did not need anything else from Ava. Additionally, Clyde promised to leave town and never contact Ava again. "This is the last thing I will ever do for you. And then, I'm out," Ava said.

In the park, Wendy asked Tripp about his first day at work. Tripp said the normality had been comforting. "Do you know when you're going back to work?" Tripp asked. "I'm not sure. Rafe left it up to me," Wendy admitted. Curious, Wendy asked why Tripp had wanted to head to the park on a cold day. Tripp dug into his bag, and he presented Wendy with boxing gloves. "You're going to punch me," Tripp said. As Wendy raised an eyebrow, Tripp explained that it would be helpful to work through her PTSD. Wendy reluctantly agreed to box.

After a few jabs, Tripp asked Wendy if she had boxed before. Wendy admitted that she had a brown belt in tae kwon do. "But no, I've never punched anyone before," Wendy admitted. "I think you're ready for the black belt. Just saying, remind me to never get in a fight with you," Tripp joked. Wendy offered the gloves to Tripp, but he declined and suggested jogging instead. "Then I'll race you," Wendy said with a grin.

Wendy arrived home before Tripp, and she joked that she had slowed her run so that Tripp would not choke on her dust during their race. As Tripp grabbed some water from the fridge, Wendy looked at her phone and saw the newspaper article about Stefan's arrest. "Does it say anything about my mom?" Tripp asked. "Just that his ex-business partner declined to comment," Wendy said. Ava exited the bedroom.

"I thought you were both threatened by Clyde?" Tripp asked his mother. "We were. I guess [Stefan] felt so guilty about what happened to the two of you," Ava said. With a raised eyebrow, Tripp noted that it did not sound like Stefan. Ava told Tripp that she was eager to make a fresh start, and she had quit the Bistro. Ava added that she planned to find a new place to live. "Newlyweds need their space," Ava said. Wendy explained that she and Tripp were not newlyweds, but Ava said she had heard about Tripp and Wendy's vows at the brewery.

"You going to make it official?" Ava asked. "Maybe. But for now, our vows are on the back burner," Tripp admitted. "We're just happy being together," Wendy said. With a nod, Ava noted that the couple still needed their space. "You guys have been too generous. You've let me stay way too long. I just think moving out on my own is going to be the best for everyone," Ava said.

At the Horton cabin, Johnny carried Chanel over the threshold. "This place is really charming," Chanel said. "And private. Which means we can be as loud as we want. Unlike Chez DiMera," Johnny said. Chanel chuckled. Johnny gathered wood and started a fire. "I will love you forever, my husband," Chanel whispered. "I will love you forever, my beautiful wife," Johnny countered. Johnny and Chanel kissed on the couch.

At the hospital, Paulina changed into her hospital gown and examined her isolation room. "It's only for a couple days," Abe said. Paulina nodded, and she admitted she hated the idea of being separated from everyone. "Strange how a little tiny pill can radiate for days," Paulina said. Tripp arrived, and Abe told him that they had been relieved that he and Wendy had been rescued. With a nod, Tripp confirmed that he and Wendy were fine.

"I heard you had quite the ordeal yourself while I was away. But with a really happy ending," Tripp said. Abe said he and Paulina were blessed. Tripp followed protocol and asked Paulina if there was any possibility that she was pregnant. Paulina guffawed, and she asked Tripp if he wanted to card her for alcohol, too. Tripp smiled, and he noted they were ready to administer the pill.

"Before we go to the special room, can my husband and I have a minute?" Paulina asked. With a nod, Tripp said he would send the nurse back in ten minutes. After Tripp left, Abe hugged Paulina goodbye.

Nicole and Kristen have to be separated by E.J.

Nicole and Kristen have to be separated by E.J.

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

In Horton Town Square, Xander and Sarah walked happily together as they pushed Victoria in a stroller. Nearby, E.J. ignored a call from Kristen, and he approached Sarah and Xander to share that the police had confirmed Xander hadn't shot Harris. E.J. said that he had officially dropped all charges against Xander. "Congratulations," E.J. said without excitement, and he left. Sarah and Xander were thrilled by the news.

At their apartment, Sarah and Xander ate cheeseburgers to celebrate his freedom. Xander said that he was still searching for answers about who had set him up. Xander noted that someone had gone through a lot of trouble to set him up, beginning with the anonymous phone call from someone using a voice modulator on the night of Harris' shooting.

Xander added that someone had planted a gun in his apartment and wired a large transfer of funds into his bank account. "Whoever it was, they -- they wanted to take me down big-time. Damn it, I just -- it's got to be someone who knows me, someone with money," Xander reasoned.

Sarah wondered if Clyde had been involved. Xander admitted that Clyde was a possibility, but he noted that he hadn't had contact with Clyde for several years. Sarah suggested Stefan as a possible suspect, given that Stefan was responsible for running Clyde's drug cartel. Xander conceded that it was possible, and he said that he planned to go to Statesville to visit Stefan. Sarah said that she and Xander were a team, and they would figure out who had set Xander up together. Sarah and Xander kissed before he swooped her into his arms.

At the Brady Pub, Sloan insisted that Jada pay Sloan's retainer fee up front. When Jada agreed, Sloan shared that she had disappointing news. Sloan told Jada that the law was generally on Everett's side in matters concerning his identity.

At Sloan and Eric's apartment, Eric phoned his and Sloan's landlord to inquire about why the couple was several months behind on rent. After Eric hung up, Jude began fussing. Eric told Jude that their family would get things squared away. When Sloan entered moments later, Eric greeted her after putting Jude down for a nap. Eric asked Sloan to explain why they were months behind on rent.

Sloan claimed that cost of living expenses were to blame, then she used her phone to send rent to the landlord. Eric asked Sloan to make a family budget with him. They were interrupted when Jude began crying nearby. When Sloan returned with Jude moments later, Eric presented her with a list of monthly bills. Eric said that something was amiss. Jude began fussing again. Eric pleaded for Sloan to go through their bills. Sloan made an excuse to leave, and she said that she would return shortly. After Sloan left, Eric wondered where his and Sloan's money could be going.

At the Spectator office, Leo worried that his next Lady Whistleblower column might be his last. Stephanie encouraged Leo to cheer up. As she prepared to leave, Stephanie encountered Everett, and she surmised that something was wrong. Everett tried to change the subject. Jada entered, and she yelled at Everett to sign the divorce papers. Stephanie was taken aback to learn the Jada and Everett were still married. "Jada and Everett -- hashtag Jevrett -- married? Juicy," Leo quipped.

Everett explained that his and Jada's divorce decree had never been finalized. Jada continued referring to Everett as Bobby. "Jada and Bobby? Hashtag Jobby?!" Leo pondered. Jada asked Everett to sign the divorce papers as Bobby Stein. Everett refused, and he said that he couldn't sign the papers under another alias. Leo noted that it would be forgery for Everett to sign his name as Bobby Stein.

When Jada turned to leave, Stephanie followed her. Everett stayed behind in the office, and he complained that his ordeal was a nightmare. Everett grew animated, and he said that he was the "bad guy," no matter how people looked at him. Leo told Everett to stop being so hard on himself. Leo worked to cheer up Everett, who said that he appreciated Leo's support. "We all need somebody to listen to our side of the story, right?" Leo said.

Leo paused before he continued. "Speaking of stories, I mean, this really delicious one just fell into my lap. And if Lady Whistleblower could write about it, I -- well, I promise I will be very, very gentle with the story and respectful and --" Leo began. Everett surmised that Leo was asking to write about Everett's case, and he asked if Leo was out of his mind. Leo agreed to drop the subject.

On his way out, Leo referred to Everett as "Boberett," and he said Everett wouldn't be able to get Stephanie back until Everett learned the truth about his identity. After Leo had left, Everett sat alone at his desk. "There's no escaping you, is there, Robert Stein?" he said to himself. Everett used his phone to call Marlena. In a voice message, Everett said that he needed to see Marlena.

At the Brady Pub, Jada apologized for having repeatedly taken her anger out on Stephanie over Everett. Jada asked if Stephanie could forgive Jada. Stephanie admitted that she had been hurt by Jada's words, but she said that she forgave Jada. Stephanie extended her hand to comfort Jada, who admitted that she had been too consumed with her own emotions over Everett to think of how the news might affect Stephanie.

Stephanie said that she was furious with Everett "half the time. The other half, I keep thinking about what he must be going through." Stephanie added that she didn't know if she believed Everett's story, but she said that she felt for him because he had no one else to turn to. Jada surmised that Stephanie still had feelings for Everett. "If only it were so black and white," Stephanie replied.

In Horton Town Square, Leo met Sloan, who said that she could no longer hide her expenses from Eric. Sloan noted that Leo was gaining respectability at the Spectator, and she pleaded with him to back off with his blackmail demands. Leo proposed that he cut Sloan's allowance payments by ten percent. After some haggling, Leo and Sloan agreed to a 25 percent cut in Leo's allowance. Sloan wrapped her arms around Leo, and she squealed in delight.

At the same time, back at Sloan and Eric's apartment, Eric continued to comb through his and Sloan's expenses. Eric deduced that Sloan had something she wasn't sharing with him. "I'm gonna get to the bottom of this," Eric vowed.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen yelled for E.J. to call her back. Afterwards, Kristen wondered if her day could be any worse. Just then, Nicole entered, and she confronted Kristen for having told Holly that Holly was a bad influence on Rachel. Kristen flippantly referred to Holly as a "drug addict," and she criticized Holly for having lied for months while allowing Tate to take the blame.

Kristen insulted Holly by referring to her as a "little brat" and a "little liar." Nicole referred to Kristen as a "serpent," and she added that Rachel was a "little brat that needs to come with a warning label." Kristen and Nicole continued to exchange barbs before comparing each other's past crimes and transgressions.

Nicole recalled that Kristen had raped Eric years earlier and that Kristen had worn a mask of Nicole's face in an attempt to seduce Brady. "The only reason Rachel exists is because Brady had sex with you -- thinking it was me," Nicole said. When Nicole and Kristen began to tangle, E.J. entered in time to separate them. E.J. yelled for Kristen and Nicole to stop.

E.J. defended Nicole, and he criticized Kristen for having confronted Holly. Kristen referred to Nicole as a "scheming gold digger." Nicole shot back that Kristen was a "homicidal maniac," and E.J. had to separate the two women again. E.J. issued a warning for Kristen. "Kristen, let me make this very clear. If you are unable to get along with my wife, you will find another place to live," E.J. said sternly.

Kristen said that E.J. didn't own the mansion, and she noted that she had been a DiMera longer than he had. Nicole suggested that she and Kristen agree to keep their children away from one another. E.J. said that he needed to head to DiMera Enterprises to assuage board members' concerns following Stefan's arrest. Nicole asked if E.J. could "take the reins" at DiMera Enterprises while still serving as district attorney.

E.J. said that the board needed an interim CEO, and he reasoned that he was the only family member that was qualified. E.J. laughed when Kristen suggested that she could serve as interim CEO. When E.J. asked if he could trust Nicole and Kristen to be civil, Nicole asked that she accompany E.J. so that he could drop her off for shopping. After E.J. and Nicole left, Kristen used her phone to place a call. "Yes, Mr. Shin. This is Kristen DiMera. I think you and I need to have a talk," Kristen said confidently.

Everett loses control in front of Stephanie

Everett loses control in front of Stephanie

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Ava arrived at Harris' apartment, exclaimed that she needed to see him, and then kissed him passionately. Later, in bed, Ava sang Harris' praises and called him a good, kind man who would never judge or abandon her. Harris was alarmed by the abandonment line and asked Ava if she was in trouble.

Ava clarified that she just appreciated Harris' kind and caring nature. She insisted the only trouble she had was finding a new place to live. She explained about moving out of Tripp and Wendy's apartment, which prompted Harris to ask if Ava would like to be his roommate. "With benefits?" she inquired. He replied, "Definitely," with a smile. Ava texted Tripp about her plans and stated her belief to Harris that Tripp would be safer with her gone.

When Ava discussed her regret about putting her son in danger, Harris told her not to "stare in the rear-view" and instead to look toward the "big, beautiful road ahead." The talk turned to Clyde, and Harris said that while the trail had gone cold, he believed Clyde to be long gone. Ava expressed doubt. After Harris questioned her about the remark, Ava confessed that Clyde had made contact and wanted her to do another job.

Konstantin mulled over a picture of Catharina in his room at the Kiriakis mansion. "My heart aches for you every day," he told the photo. As he pulled out the pawn card and had a flashback to John's reaction to the card, Konstantin promised that he would never forgive Catharina's murderer. He then vowed vengeance.

Downstairs in the mansion, Maggie had a warm reunion with Holly. Maggie told her granddaughter that she was proud of Holly, and Holly wondered why, since Holly's actions had caused trouble for Tate. Maggie assured Holly that Holly had taken responsibility, and that was what mattered. When Maggie left the room to get Holly some snacks, Holly sent an SOS text to Tate that said, "I gotta get out of here."

Both Maggie and Konstantin entered the room, and Maggie introduced Konstantin to Holly as Victor's old friend. Konstantin beamed and said wistfully that Holly reminded him of his daughter. Holly gave her condolences after Maggie explained that Konstantin's daughter had died tragically. Holly then made an excuse that her mom expected her home, and she left, assuring Maggie that she would head straight home.

Konstantin called Holly a delightful young lady. Maggie smiled and said Holly made her feel as if a piece of her son Daniel was still with her. Maggie was thankful that Holly was okay and called her children and grandchildren "the lights of my life." Noticing Konstantin's sorrowful expression, Maggie quickly apologized for being insensitive. Konstantin assured Maggie that she should not be sorry and told her he loved her "full heart."

Konstantin lamented how he would miss Maggie. After she expressed surprise, Konstantin clarified that his travel visa had expired and that he had been denied another extension. He told Maggie he would be leaving Salem soon.

Everett and Stephanie ran into each other in Horton Town Square. Stephanie tried to leave, claiming she was in a rush. Everett stopped her and said he was sorry for what had happened at the newspaper office and for coming between Stephanie and Jada's friendship. Stephanie wondered if Everett still had feelings for Jada, since he had refused to sign the divorce papers.

Everett denied any feelings for Jada and claimed that signing the papers would be forgery, since he was not Robert Stein. Stephanie reminded Everett that legally speaking, he was Bobby Stein. Everett grew outraged and angrily gestured "shhh" to Stephanie. He then demanded, "Don't ever call me that again."

Shocked at Everett's outburst, Stephanie apologized for upsetting him. He apologized to her for his reaction, blaming it on being "beyond stressed" with the "crazy-making stuff" in his life. He informed Stephanie he was going to another appointment with Marlena. Stephanie wished him luck and "peace of mind." He blurted out again that he was sorry for everything and swiftly departed, leaving a conflicted Stephanie behind.

Marlena, John, and Tate enjoyed a meal at the Brady Pub. John asked Tate about his spring break plans, and Tate claimed he would be busy catching up on schoolwork and hanging out with friends. When the subject of Holly was brought up, Tate said he understood about Holly and him being forbidden from seeing each other. He was interrupted by a text from Holly.

Tate lied that he had a study session with a friend and needed to leave soon. Tate and John joked about hot sauce and John's reaction to it. When Tate left to retrieve a bottle of it for John, Marlena remarked that John's mood had seemingly improved. John confirmed that his talk with Harris had helped. John believed that since Konstantin had forgiven him, then John should forgive himself, too.

At Steve and Kayla's apartment, Steve carefully approached Kayla with the flowers she had left behind at her office. After deriding Steve's "reckless and boneheaded move," Kayla said she would forgive Steve but needed to stay mad at him for the day. She then grabbed the flowers from his hands and grumbled, "Thank you. They're beautiful."

Steve reminisced about a river boat that Kayla and he had sneaked on, and he complimented the dress Kayla had worn during the adventure. Kayla told Steve to stop buttering her up because he was still in the doghouse. Steve said he had another confession to make, then he told Kayla about the Pawn and about Catharina's death. Steve still felt guilt and shame and wanted to unload it.

Kayla listened and gently told Steve that he should follow John and Konstantin's lead by leaving the past in the past. Steve expressed doubt about Konstantin's sincerity. Steve believed Konstantin was still angry and still had plans to scam Maggie. Steve pledged that he would keep a wary eye on Konstantin.

Kayla remembered that she had plans for "girl time" with Stephanie and prepared to leave. When she opened the door, she found John on the other side and sarcastically said she had something for him. Kayla gifted John with a light punch on the arm. When he rubbed his arm and asked what that had been for, Kayla said he knew, and she strode away.

A chastised John greeted Steve, who jokingly asked John if he wanted a beer or an ice pack. "Beer me," John said. As they sat down for a drink, Steve updated John on his talk with Kayla. John agreed with Steve that it had been a relief to tell the truth. Steve reminded John of all they had been through together as best friends and told John it would ease his mind if he could help John get to the bottom of Catharina's death.

John and Steve shared theories, including ideas that Victor or another mystery person with "a very dark secret" might have been present at the time of the killing. After seemingly discarding those theories, John and Steve then thought about Konstantin's wife. They speculated that the woman might still be alive and could have valuable information. They vowed to track her down.

Kayla met with Stephanie in the square and received an update about the status of Jada and Everett's marriage. When Stephanie mentioned Everett seeing Marlena and expressed hope for progress, Kayla admitted that she had asked Marlena if Everett could have been faking his memory loss. Stephanie asked what Marlena had said, and Kayla confirmed that Marlena did not rule out the possibility.

Tate sneaked up on a waiting Holly in the park. He apologized for startling her, and she said she was glad to see him. They confirmed with each other that their phones couldn't be tracked and then compared themselves to Romeo and Juliet, minus the "ruffled shirts"-- and "with annoying, overprotective parents." Holly assured Tate that he was an "off-the-charts cute" Romeo, and they enjoyed a kiss.

When Holly and Tate settled down for a picnic, Holly thanked Tate for remembering her favorite doughnuts. They took a walk and agreed it was nice to be in the fresh air after being stuck inside for a long time. They leaned in for another kiss, but Kayla and Stephanie interrupted. Everyone exchanged greetings, and Kayla asked Holly about her physical therapy.

After some small talk, Holly and Tate asked Kayla and Stephanie not to say anything about seeing the teens together and admitted that their parents had forbidden contact between them. Stephanie assured Holly and Tate that she wouldn't say anything, and Kayla said it was not her place. When they were left alone again, Tate said he was sorry he could not give Holly his sweatshirt to keep because it might tip their parents off. They promised to see each other again and kissed.

As they continued their stroll, Kayla told Stephanie she felt bad about keeping Tate and Holly's secret. Stephanie said Holly and Tate were young and in love, and she claimed the two reminded Stephanie of her parents. Kayla agreed, and Stephanie admitted they also reminded her of Everett. Stephanie chided herself for still being drawn to Everett. Kayla comforted her daughter, saying that Stephanie's kindness and compassion were among Kayla's favorite things.

Everett arrived for his therapy session with Marlena. They exchanged greetings, then Marlena asked Everett how he was feeling. He confided to her that he wished he was "anyone but me." Everett told Marlena about the divorce with Jada not being valid. When Marlena inquired about why he was refusing the divorce, Everett mentioned his belief that signing the papers would be forgery. "I see," Marlena said with brows knitted.

Everett admitted that he had not been honest in his last session. "I saw myself staring back at me," he confessed. Everett wanted to know what it meant, and Marlena said she didn't know exactly. She believed that Everett was struggling with his "dual life" and suggested another round of hypnosis.

Everett balked at the idea. He apologized but firmly stated he did not want to dig into his past anymore. "Some things are better left unknown," he said. Everett excused himself, and Marlena watched with concern as he left.

Julie stumbles into an unexpected situation

Julie stumbles into an unexpected situation

Friday, April 12, 2024

At the hospital, Paulina worked on her laptop in her isolation room. Sarah entered, dressed in protective gear, to check on Paulina. "I do appreciate how hard this must be, but the treatment is essential to your recovery plan, as you know," Sarah said. Paulina nodded yes. "I do know that I am literally radioactive. And, Sarah, aren't you worried?" Paulina asked. Sarah explained that the radiation emitted decreased significantly during isolation and that she was taking the proper precautions. Sarah asked how Paulina felt.

Paulina admitted that she was nauseated, and Sarah put in an order for meds. "Anything else?" Sarah asked. Paulina thanked Sarah for her medical care. With a grin, Sara handed Paulina a sign that read "We Love You!" from Abe.

After Sarah cleaned up, she met up with Abe in the hallway. "How is she doing? How is she really doing? Paulina tends to put on a brave face," Abe said. Sarah confirmed that Paulina was doing well and needed to make rest her only job until her radiation levels dropped. "God forbid she stop working. But that's what makes her the best," Abe said. Sarah agreed.

"I do hope she takes this time for herself, and she lets her body recuperate after the recent trauma and surgeries. But I also know Paulina," Sarah said. Sarah noted that if anyone could convince Paulina to rest, Abe was that person. "I'll see what I can do," Abe said. Sarah handed a tablet to Abe, and she left him to video chat with Paulina. When Paulina answered the video call, she talked about the backlog of work she had. Abe gave Paulina some advice on her workload, and she assured Abe she could handle the challenge.

"Paulina, my love, you can do anything you put your mind to. But I want you to rest and get back to full strength," Abe counseled. "So, I just sit on my hands, even after getting a message that E.J. has called a press conference for tomorrow without any notice to my office?" Paulina said. Paulina asked to call Abe back so that she could call E.J. for more information. With a sigh, Abe nodded yes. Paulina called E.J.'s office, and she demanded to speak to E.J., but he was not available. "I will be awaiting his call," Paulina told the assistant.

Julie walked the hallways of the Kiriakis mansion with a glass of wine, and she muttered to herself about her bad mood. "Too many guests. Too much drama. Too many babies yowling. Children stampeding up and down the staircase. And cookie crumbs and everything. Well, now it's time for me to relax with a really good book," Julie said. As Julie approached her bedroom doorway, Thomas ran around the corner and knocked the glass of wine out of her hand.

Thomas apologized, and Julie asked him why he had been running in the house. Chad caught up to his son, and he apologized to Julie, too. "We were playing hide-and-go-seek," Chad explained. Julie nodded knowingly. "If you play it right, you can stay hidden for quite a while," Chad said. "I should have tried that," Julie muttered. With a shrug, Chad acknowledged that there were a lot of people in the house. Thomas noted that the cold weather was also to blame. Chad promised to be more mindful with play in the house, and Julie retired to her room.

Thomas was eager to get back to their game, but Chad made Thomas promise not to run in the house or enter the bedrooms. "Okay, whatever," Thomas said. Chad started to count as he walked away, and Thomas ducked into the nearest bedroom to hide.

In the Kiriakis living room, Konstantin thanked Maggie for her generosity and friendship. "You have saved me in ways nobody ever has. But it would seem that my time here is truly done," Konstantin said. When Maggie asked if there was a way that Konstantin could stay in the United States, he noted that the only option was marriage.

"Won't that send up a lot of red flags? Wouldn't they see right through that?" Maggie asked. "Perhaps you are right, yes," Konstantin said. With a smirk, Maggie noted that she had access to a lot of great lawyers that could find a loophole for Konstantin. "As always, you are far too gracious," Konstantin said. Maggie promised to find a way to extend Konstantin's visa.

Xander entered the room with Victoria in his arms. "There they are!" Maggie exclaimed. "Sleeping beauty and the beast," Xander joked. Maggie told Xander that she had heard the good news. "What good news is that?" Konstantin asked. Xander explained that he had been fully exonerated of the attempted murder charges. Konstantin congratulated Xander. When Konstantin called Xander lucky, Xander argued that he did not need luck because he had been innocent.

"Did I hear you're having visa trouble, Konstantin? Do you need a ride to the airport?" Xander asked. Maggie informed Xander that she had offered to have her lawyers review Konstantin's visa issue. "[Konstantin] should be able to choose when the right time is for him to go back to Greece," Maggie said. Konstantin thanked Maggie for her support. "He could at least consider when he might have worn out his welcome and exit graciously," Xander muttered. Konstantin agreed but said he felt at home in Salem.

"We all know that you can't go home because certain factions of a certain criminal syndicate in Greece have made it very clear that you can never go back," Xander said. Maggie argued that she believed that Konstantin would be able to return to Greece when he was ready. "Those words mean the world to me. I so look forward to going back to my village, and I look forward to somehow, someday being able to take you back to that corner of the world," Konstantin said to Maggie. Xander wrinkled his face in disagreement.

"Sarah was saying you were interested in maybe returning to work at Titan," Xander said. "I was considering it," Maggie admitted. Xander and Konstantin both agreed that Titan would be lucky to have Maggie back. Maggie asked Xander if he had considered returning to Titan. With a shrug, Xander admitted he had considered the idea, but he had wanted to spend his time at the newspaper. "I'm hoping to use my platform there to better serve the public's best interests," Xander said. Victoria fussed, and Xander noted she was teething.

"Perhaps a little whiskey on the gums," Konstantin suggested. "I don't think so," Xander said. Maggie went into the kitchen to get the teething ring from the freezer. As Maggie entered the foyer, she ran into Julie, who was covering her ears. "Victoria certainly has a set of lungs on her, doesn't she?" Maggie said. Julie forced a smile and nodded in agreement.

"You know I love you, and I'm eternally grateful for your hospitality, but I got to get out of this place. If only for one night," Julie said. Maggie asked Julie if she was okay. Julie said she was fine, but she needed a break from the chaos. Maggie agreed to watch Doug while Julie spent the night away from the mansion. "I'll be by sometime tomorrow afternoon-ish," Julie said.

By the time Maggie returned to the living room with the teething ring, Victoria had calmed. Chad walked in and asked if anyone had seen Thomas. "That kid is like Olympic level hide-and-seek talent," Chad quipped. Xander said no, and he asked Chad if they could talk about work. Konstantin invited Maggie to join him on an evening stroll so that Xander and Chad could talk.

After Maggie and Konstantin left, Chad noted that from Xander's face, Xander was not a big fan of Konstantin. "Kind of an understatement," Xander admitted. "I thought he was redeeming himself. He's been pretty good with the kids since we moved in," Chad said. Xander rolled his eyes, and he changed the subject to the Horton house repairs. With a laugh, Chad said the repairs were going well.

"So, what's up? You wanted to talk about work," Chad said. Xander told Chad that he planned to spend more time at the paper, since the charges had been dropped. "That's great. Especially since we're poised to break some pretty big stories this cycle," Chad said. Xander asked about Everett. With a shrug, Chad noted that Everett was a great investigative journalist but that he had been distracted by personal issues. Xander pitched a story on finding out who had framed him for attempted murder, and Chad agreed it was a good idea for a series.

"About your brother's arrest. I'm surprised we didn't have a bit more coverage of that. I thought you'd have the inside scoop, no?" Xander said. Chad said he would not make excuses for his brother's decisions but that Stefan had acted to protect Gabi. "I suspect you or I would do something unexpected in the name of love," Chad added. Xander asked Chad if he had any additional insight, since he had a brother at each end of the story.

"No. I made a conscious effort to stay out of my family's business," Chad said. Chad encouraged Xander to dig into the story, and Chad told him about E.J.'s upcoming press conference. "What about?" Xander asked. "I don't know," Chad admitted. Xander and Chad agreed to go to the press conference together. With a wave, Chad returned to his search for Thomas.

Upstairs, Thomas was bored as he waited for his father to find him in Konstantin's bedroom. "Can't give up. Got to win this," Thomas said. Thomas looked through a chest of drawers, and he found the Pawn's red card. "So cool!" Thomas said. Chad opened the door, and Thomas hid the red card behind his back. "What are you doing in here? This is Mr. Konstantin's room. You're not supposed to be in here," Chad said. "I know. But it was an awesome place to hide," Thomas said. Chad argued that it didn't matter.

"Did you touch anything in here?" Chad asked. "I didn't. I swear," Thomas said as he crossed his fingers behind his back. Chad told Thomas to get ready for bed. Thomas carefully hid the card from his father, and he ran out of the room.

Konstantin and Maggie walked the grounds of the Kiriakis mansion, and they sat on a bench together. "Each day I'm allowed to remain, I understand why Victor settled here, how Salem inspired him to create a new life for himself and his family," Konstantin said. Maggie noted that Salem would always be her home. "Yes. Something about this city, it feels right for me, Maggie," Konstantin said. With a quizzical look, Maggie asked Konstantin if he was sure about that after all that had happened to him in Salem.

"I sometimes wonder how you tolerate being surrounded by the people who wronged you in the most devastating ways. I mean, knowing what John and Steve did at Victor's behest," Maggie said with a shrug. Konstantin said it was best to let go of things that did not "serve you." "If my time in Salem is running short, then I would like to make the most of what time I have left," Konstantin said. Konstantin asked Maggie to dance. With a giggle, Maggie pointed out that there was no music. "When I'm with you, there is music in my heart," Konstantin said. Konstantin held out his hand, and they danced.

At the pub, Xander and Victoria met up with Sarah. "How was the visit with Mom?" Sarah asked. Xander admitted that Konstantin had been there and that something had felt off. "Maybe you're overthinking it," Sarah said. "Maybe. And if it were just you and me, I could grit my teeth and barrel though, but I do not like our daughter being in that man's presence. And now, every time your mother is going to take care of her, he's going to be in the picture," Xander complained.

"Your feelings are valid," Sarah said. Sarah noted that since Maggie had paid off Konstantin's debts, life had been quiet. With a shake of his head, Xander argued that the Greek mafia did not let things go.

At the Horton cabin, Johnny and Chanel returned from a long hike. "Nothing is as stunningly beautiful as my wife," Johnny whispered. Chanel grinned. "One more time," Chanel said. "My wife," Johnny repeated. Chanel kissed her husband. Johnny poured two glasses of a wine they had discovered on their original Italian honeymoon. With a grin, Johnny told Chanel that he had recreated their dinner from that night, as well, and had put it in the oven to reheat. "To our honeymoon," Chanel said.

After dinner, Johnny suggested that they make s'mores with two sticks, but she declined. Chanel explained that she had found two clean metal s'mores rods in the cabinet. "Those sticks are dirty," Chanel said. "We're in the woods! These sticks were foraged," Johnny countered. Chanel shook her head as she placed a marshmallow on a metal rod and handed it to Johnny. "Happy wife, happy life," Johnny said as he took the rod.

While Johnny prepared the dessert, Chanel had a video chat with Paulina. Paulina said she was nauseous and bored. "But enough about me. How are you?" Paulina asked. Chanel told Paulina about her time at the cabin. Paulina ordered Chanel to go back to her honeymoon, and she ended their call. Paulina's phone beeped.

"That is not going to work for me at all," Paulina said as she read a text. Paulina called Abe to ask why he had interfered with her work. "Maybe I overstepped, but I just want you to focus on healing," Abe said. "And I thank you," Paulina said. Abe was surprised. Paulina told Abe he had overstepped, but she was glad he had. "With everything going on, my mind is not operating the way I'd like it to. It feels foggy," Paulina said. Paulina explained that it was a side effect of the treatment.

"A couple more nights apart means we get many more nights together," Abe said. Abe told Paulina that the weather had forecast snow. "In April?" Paulina said. Abe noted that the big storm would miss town but hit Smith Island. Worried, Paulina wondered aloud if they should call Chanel and Johnny to warn them. Abe noted that the safest place for the newlyweds was to stay cuddled up in front of the fire of the cabin. Paulina thanked Abe for taking good care of her. "I love you. To the stars and back. Always," Abe said.

At the cabin, Chanel admitted to Johnny that she was worried about her mother. "I know she's hating the isolation," Chanel said. "But this is the last of her treatment, right?" Johnny said. With a nod, Chanel noted that the treatment would be over if she responded well. "And being the mayor is so stressful," Chanel added. "I think your mom is doing an incredible job," Johnny said. Johnny noted that Paulina thrived on pressure, and she would be fine. Chanel thanked Johnny for having told her exactly what she'd needed to hear.

As Johnny and Chanel kissed and pulled off each other's clothes, Julie walked into the cabin and turned on the lights. All three screamed when they saw one another. "Oh, my God," Julie groaned. Johnny and Chanel hurriedly redressed. "I'm so sorry, Julie! We weren't expecting you," Chanel said. "So it seems," Julie said. Confused, Johnny asked Julie why she was there. "This is the Horton cabin," Julie stated. Chanel explained that Sarah had told her that she and Johnny could use the cabin. Julie's eyes widened.

"This is your honeymoon. Oh, my God. I'm so sorry," Julie said. "It's fine," Chanel said. "It's just unexpected," Johnny added. With a shrug, Julie looked heavenward and said, "Lord, is there no place on earth where I'm not underfoot?" Julie announced that she was leaving, but Johnny told Julie it was too late and snowy for her to leave. "We'd be worried sick about you out there," Chanel said. With a wince, Julie noted there was only one bedroom in the cabin.

"You take it," Chanel offered. "On your honeymoon? That's out of the question," Julie said. Johnny told Julie not to worry, because they would be fine on the couch. "I see you've tested it," Julie joked. Johnny and Chanel laughed. Reluctantly, Julie promised to lock the door and stay out of the way. "I'll even put in my earplugs," Julie said with a wink. Julie rolled her suitcase into the bedroom and shut the door.

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