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The judge accepted Stefan's plea agreement. E.J. gave a limp public apology to Tate. Paulina left radiation treatment early to find Chanel after Chanel disappeared. Stefan blackmailed E.J. to resecure his fortune. Xander suspected Stefan had framed him. Eric was confused by Sloan's budget. Maggie and Konstantin got engaged. Theresa quit after Alex shut down Bella. Stefan colluded with Kristen. Alex rehired Maggie. Thomas stole the red card, but Konstantin got it back. Everett signed the divorce papers.
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Paulina left radiation treatment early to find Chanel after she disappeared. Everett signed the divorce papers. Maggie and Konstantin got engaged. Stefan colluded with Kristen.
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Chanel goes missing

Chanel goes missing

Monday, April 15, 2024

Nicole returned to the DiMera mansion from a jog. E.J. was glad that the time out had helped Nicole clear her head, but Nicole still wasn't sure what was next for her. Nicole noted they had a busy morning with E.J.'s press conference and Holly's school. Holly came downstairs, annoyed that the snow had missed them and hadn't saved her from going back to school. Holly wondered how she would deliver the apology letters she had written for Tate and his family, since she had to stay away from them.

Nicole told Holly she would hold on to the letters and that she was proud of her daughter for taking responsibility. Nicole asked E.J. if he was ready to deliver his own apology, and E.J. snarked that it was "every district attorney's dream" to admit wrongful prosecution. Holly expressed remorse, and E.J. said he had only gone after Tate because he had believed Holly would never do drugs. "You proved me wrong," he concluded.

Holly snapped that it had been difficult for her, since she had been on her "third stepfather" -- a stepfather whose name had come with baggage. Holly then brought up E.J.'s brother being implicated in the drug trafficking. After Nicole sternly reminded Holly that Holly had made her own choices, Holly huffed "whatever" and left. Nicole apologized for Holly, but E.J. thought that Holly was mad at herself and lashing out as a result. They were interrupted by a phone call for E.J.

E.J. told the person he would be there and hung up. Nicole kissed E.J. goodbye and said she would see him at the press conference. Once alone, E.J. smirked and affirmed his plan to deliver a weak argument so that the judge would reject Stefan's plea deal.

Brady, Theresa, and Tate stopped for a meal at the Brady Pub before the press conference. Theresa encouraged Tate to eat, but he claimed he wasn't hungry. Theresa was anxious for the press conference so she could enjoy "Mr. Big D.A. eating crow publicly." Mocking E.J.'s accent, Theresa predicted he would end the speech with, "I'm such an idiot." To Theresa and Brady's chagrin, Tate wondered who else would be at the press conference.

When Brady again warned Tate to keep his distance from Holly, Tate groused that he would or else he would "go directly to jail, do not pass Go." With an eye roll, Tate told Brady he "got it" and that he would stay away from "Holly the teenage werewolf." Theresa doubled down on Brady's warning, condemning Holly as "trouble" who would screw up Tate's life.

Tate redirected the subject to him working again at the pub. Tate made the case that he would be paying off his debt while also helping out his family. Brady and Theresa were both unconvinced and encouraged Tate to focus on school instead. As Brady tabled the discussion, Nicole and Holly entered and caught Tate's eye.

Nicole took notice of Brady's -- and especially Theresa's -- reactions and told Holly they needed to respect the family's wishes and leave. Holly pressed Nicole to let her give the family her apology letters in person, and Nicole reluctantly agreed.

Holly approached the table with Nicole and informed the group that she had written them letters. As Holly handed the letters out, her hand brushed against Tate's, and the two shared a look. Tate read his letter silently. Holly had written to him that she wanted to be "the kind of person who deserves someone like you." She had then mentioned wanting to keep his sweatshirt the next time, which prompted Tate to reminisce about their time alone in the park.

Brady politely told Holly that he appreciated the letter, but Theresa was less enthused and reiterated that the letter did not change the way Theresa felt about Tate and Holly seeing each other. Nicole assured Theresa that Holly would abide by their wishes, while Tate and Holly shared a longing glance.

When Nicole and Holly stepped away, Holly said she had been nervous but was glad to have delivered the letters. Nicole hoped that the experience had taught Holly to make better decisions because choices could have severe consequences. Holly vowed that she never wanted to hurt Nicole or anyone else like that again. Mother and daughter each told the other "I love you."

Back at the table, Tate read a message on his phone and exclaimed, "What the hell?" He tried to blow off the comment, but after Theresa prodded him, Tate showed her the message. A kid at school had called Tate a "pill-pushing dirtbag" on social media. An enraged Theresa promised to talk to the principal, but Tate pleaded with her not to make a big deal out of the message. Brady believed the press conference would make things easier for Tate, but Theresa wasn't as sure.

As they all headed out for the press conference, Holly vowed to Tate, Brady, and Theresa that she would let everyone at school know that Tate had had nothing to do with her overdose. Tate said he would see Holly there and smiled at her.

At the police station, Sloan met with her new prospective client: Stefan. She called his case unusual because he had already worked out a plea deal without an attorney...a move she deemed bold. After Stefan remarked that fearlessness was in his DNA because he was a DiMera, Sloan cracked that "a man who chooses to represent himself has a fool for a client." Stefan reminded her that he wanted her to represent him. When she brought up a retainer and noticed Stefan's pained expression, Sloan retorted that Stefan was not looking so fearless.

Stefan explained his inability to access his finances but assured Sloan he would pay her handsomely. He also insinuated that she needed the work. Non-plussed, Sloan demanded double the money and asked Stefan why he wanted her help when he had already worked out something with E.J. Stefan admitted he felt confident E.J. would double-cross him.

E.J. arrived, annoyed that the hearing had been moved up, and wanted to know why Stefan had hired a lawyer when they had already agreed on a deal. Stefan reaffirmed that he didn't trust E.J., who countered to Stefan that a very generous deal was on the table.

Smiling, Stefan urged E.J. to go forward with the deal so that E.J. could brag to Salem's citizens about avoiding a costly trial. When Stefan suggested going home to the mansion once he was released, E.J. balked. Stefan promised E.J. would pay if Stefan wasn't allowed to return home.

Later, in the judge's chambers, E.J. made his case for Stefan's release. E.J. ended by telling the judge that time served would be in the best interest of all parties. Appalled, the judge asked if E.J. was joking and called the proposed deal the "epitome of nepotism." When E.J. began to protest, the judge cut him off, claiming the deal was not in the public interest and did not reflect the gravity of the charges. Sloan asked to speak and launched into a defense of Stefan in which she brought up the drugs that had been seized and the arrests made because of Stefan's assistance. Sloan also reinforced how Stefan had worked with Clyde under duress because his wife had been threatened and injured.

The judge announced that she would consider the plea bargain but would require time to reach a decision. After the judge left, Stefan sincerely thanked Sloan, who let him know they were in a waiting game. Once alone with E.J., Stefan exchanged blackmail threats with his brother. Stefan implied he had made copies of the audio recording, and E.J. countered that he could turn Stefan in for shooting Harris. "My blackmail trumps your blackmail...take your ass back to your cell like a good little boy," E.J. sneered before storming out.

Brady, Theresa, and Tate arrived at the press conference and were unpleasantly surprised to see that E.J. had begun the proceedings before the press had arrived. E.J. issued a vague apology saying that he was sorry the justice system did not always work and then concluded the press conference. An outraged Brady blasted E.J. for not taking more personal responsibility during the speech. Brady demanded E.J. give him a written copy of the speech, and E.J. snidely told Brady he could take or leave the apology. Tate asked Brady to give it a rest, and Brady eventually relented.

Nicole apologized for E.J. and told Brady and Theresa it was hard for E.J. to say he was sorry. "Oh, boo-hoo, poor E.J.," Theresa said sarcastically. Nicole apologized again on behalf of her whole family. Brady accepted and left with Theresa and Tate. Before leaving the square, Tate looked once more over his shoulder at Holly.

Chanel and Johnny roused from their honeymoon night on the Horton cabin couch. The couple flirted and began kissing. Julie barged in and gasped, "I did it again. Consider me invisible...and carry on." She rushed back through the door, leaving Chanel and Johnny to share an annoyed but amused look.

As Johnny and Chanel settled down for breakfast, Julie announced that she would be a "third wheel" no longer because she was leaving. Johnny informed her that the bridge and ferry were closed, so the three of them were snowed in together. "I'm trapped in a cabin with hot little newlyweds," Julie sighed.

Julie continued to moan about having "invaded a honeymoon." She felt especially bad because they had nothing to do, so she suggested Chanel and Johnny go "frolic" in the snow. She excitedly left to get them snow clothes. Later, the newlyweds posed with strained smiles as Julie looked them over in their bulky, oversized clothes and caps. "Go out and play," she commanded them. When alone, Chanel and Johnny good-naturedly rolled their eyes and agreed to make the best of it.

Julie greeted Johnny and Chanel when they headed back in a short time later, shaking off snow. The couple said they had enjoyed a fun time and reported that they'd gotten stuck together in the snow while making snow angels. Julie had another idea, and the trio ended up playing charades. Julie won after she successfully guessed Johnny's wild "burning" gestures as referring to Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Johnny headed back outside to get firewood while Chanel and Julie chatted about Paulina and about the time capsule Julie had found. Chanel soon left to help Johnny. After some time had passed and neither Chanel nor Johnny had returned, Julie grew concerned. She was relieved when Johnny arrived, explaining that he had gone to the shoreline to fetch some better wood. Julie's relief turned to worry again after she realized Chanel was not with Johnny.

Julie explained to Johnny that Chanel had gone to find him, but he claimed not to have seen her. "Where is she?" Johnny asked an alarmed Julie.

Johnny lies to Paulina about Chanel's disappearance

Johnny lies to Paulina about Chanel's disappearance

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

At the hospital, Sarah visited Paulina in her isolation room. With a sigh, Paulina noted that she missed her family. Sarah examined Paulina. "As soon as it's safe to release you, we will," Sarah said. "No end in sight," Paulina muttered. Sarah counseled Paulina to be patient. Sarah and Paulina talked about Johnny and Chanel's trip to the Horton cabin.

"Although I don't think that the snowstorm was what they were expecting," Sarah said. Paulina chuckled. When Sarah joked about losing power, Paulina's smile disappeared. Sarah assured Paulina that the cabin had plenty of firewood and blankets to stay warm. "I'm sure they are going to be just fine," Sarah stressed. While Sarah worked on her tablet, Paulina looked at a transcript of E.J.'s press conference on her computer.

"This is not the way you apologize to a wrongfully accused teenage boy!" Paulina yelled. Sarah cautioned Paulina to put away the work because Paulina's heart rate was high. "Think happy thoughts," Sarah encouraged Paulina.

At Tripp's apartment, Harris helped Ava finish packing in preparation to move in with him. "I just don't want [Tripp and Wendy] caught in the line of fire again now that Clyde's still in my hair," Ava said. With a groan, Ava noted that the sound of Clyde's voice had made her skin crawl. "I've been trying to track his location. He hasn't left any trail," Harris said. Harris argued that Clyde had underestimated him and Ava.

"I'm the one who is going to bring his ass to justice," Harris said. "For you, justice is putting Clyde behind bars. But for me, it looks a little different," Ava said. Ava told Harris about when she had threatened to slit Clyde's throat. Harris said he would not let Clyde hurt Tripp or Ava again. "Or you. I like you better alive," Ava said. Ava complained about the black book.

"I don't even know where to begin looking for it," Ava said. Harris suggested that they work on a plan for an organized search of the Bistro. "I'm just glad I'm not doing this alone," Ava said. "And I'm just glad you told me about Clyde's call right away this time. Thank you for trusting me," Harris said. Harris argued that they had a shot at capturing Clyde once they found the black book.

In the town square, Nicole berated E.J. for his half-hearted public apology. "You didn't even mention Tate or his family," Nicole snapped. "I did, just before you arrived," E.J. countered. Nicole told E.J. that she was disappointed that E.J.'s apology had not been genuine. "I did exactly what I said I would do. No more, no less," E.J. argued. "You want to bury this, don't you? Are you even sorry that you locked up Tate? Or are you just embarrassed?" Nicole asked. E.J. explained that he was too busy with his job to do more. Nicole asked about Stefan's hearing.

"The judge said that they will take the plea agreement under advisement, which means I have no idea yet if the court is going to accept or reject the deal," E.J. said. With a curt nod, E.J. argued that he needed to get back to work and had no more time for the press. Before E.J. could leave, Chad and Xander blocked E.J.'s exit.

"You're unbelievable. Starting a press conference early to avoid the press," Xander said. "It's not a good look, D.A. DiMera," Chad added. Xander and Chad demanded to ask E.J. questions as members of the public. E.J. sighed and folded his arms defensively. "Did you apologize to Tate and his parents?" Xander asked. E.J. confirmed that he had apologized and that the family had been present.

"The matter is resolved," E.J. said. While Xander continued to question E.J. about the press conference, Chad walked over to Nicole. "Why would he start the press conference early? He didn't want the press here?" Chad asked. "I'm really not interested in talking about this," Nicole said. After a moment, Chad asked about Holly. Nicole said Holly was doing well and back at school.

"How have you been holding up?" Chad asked. Nicole admitted that she did not know what to do with herself since she no longer needed to care for Holly. "I thought I'd be raising my little boy," Nicole said. With a sad smile, Nicole noted that God had other plans for her. "I just don't know what they are yet," Nicole admitted.

Across the square, Xander asked E.J. about the investigation into who had shot Harris. E.J. confirmed that the investigation was ongoing. "We will keep you apprised of any developments," E.J. said. Xander spotted Harris walking by with Ava, and Xander called out to Harris to ask about any developments in the shooting. "Is your department any closer to finding the actual shooter?" Xander asked. Harris directed Xander to follow up with the police commissioner.

"Well, what about Clyde Weston?" Xander asked E.J. "We've initiated a nationwide manhunt for Clyde Weston and his accomplice," E.J. said. E.J. assured Xander that all leads would be investigated. Uncomfortable, Ava whispered to Harris about getting a cup of coffee. E.J. watched Ava walk away.

After Ava and Harris grabbed two cups of coffee, they stood by the Salem Inn. Ava apologized to Harris about having been grilled by Xander. "Can't blame him. He wants to know who set him up, and my shooter is his link to finding out," Harris said. When Ava apologized for her part, Harris told Ava that he was glad he had chosen to protect her. "Stefan's a little weasel, but he was under Clyde's control like you were," Harris said. "Am," Ava corrected. "Not for long," Harris said.

Chad questioned E.J. on the record about the prison time recommended by the district attorney's office for Stefan's plea deal. "Considering you guys are family, any nepotism or conflict of interest would be very interesting for our readers," Chad said. "And yet, here you are, questioning me. Isn't that a conflict of interest, little brother?" E.J. countered. E.J. informed Chad that there had been a hearing, but the judge had not reached a decision. E.J. said he believed that Stefan would be given a just sentence for his role in the drug trade.

Stefan interrupted to announce that he had received justice. Across the square, Harris and Ava exchanged a look. "The judge followed the law, agreed to time served, and I'm a free man," Stefan said. E.J. ended the press conference. "Did you advocate for your brother's release?" Xander shouted as E.J. ran out of the square. Chad suggested that they talk to Stefan instead.

"Do you need me? There's somewhere I need to be," Xander said. With a shake of his head, Chad told Xander he could handle the interview with Stefan. Xander admitted that his main motivation to attend the press conference had been to question E.J. about who had set Xander up for attempted murder. "Doesn't seem very interested in finding out who was behind it," Xander muttered. As Xander left, he narrowed his eyes at Stefan. "Catch up with you later, mate," Xander growled.

At the edge of the square, Harris and Ava intercepted E.J. "You allowed Stefan to go free? How could you be so reckless?" Harris asked. "Me? You covered up the ID of your own shooter to cover for this slippery snake," E.J. countered as he motioned at Ava. Ava asked about Susan. E.J. scowled.

On the other side of the square, Nicole stared daggers at Stefan. This is unbelievable," Nicole grumbled. Chad asked Stefan how he had "wormed his way out of prison." Nicole demanded an explanation. "What is your problem?" Stefan asked. "You are my problem. You are my daughter's problem. You helped put those drugs on the street that almost killed her," Nicole argued. Frustrated, Nicole reminded Stefan that she and Holly were Stefan's family.

"I feel terrible about what happened to Holly, and I never intended on anybody getting hurt. I only allowed those drugs to get picked up and dropped off the loading dock. And that was under the threat of bodily harm to my wife. You have to believe me when I tell you I had no idea those drugs were laced with opioids. I only did what I did to protect my wife. That is it. And I am so sorry," Stefan said. Nicole told Stefan that Holly deserved the apology -- and Nicole did not want Stefan anywhere near her daughter.

When Stefan reminded Nicole that they lived in the same house, E.J. stepped in as an emotional Nicole walked off in a huff. "Don't be too sure of that," E.J. said. Chad chased after Nicole to see if she was okay. "I don't understand this, Chad. How can that loser be free after what he did?" Nicole asked. Nicole said she understood that Stefan had been afraid for his wife, but he should have told E.J. or the police about Clyde's threats. Chad apologized for how E.J. had handled the situation.

Nicole reminded Chad that he was not responsible for the actions of his family. "Quite the opposite. You wrote that article about Stefan working for Clyde," Nicole said. With a shake of his head, Chad admitted that Everett had broken and written the story. "But you published it, and you didn't have to. You put your family's dirty laundry in the headlines. That says so much about your integrity," Nicole said.

Across the square, Stefan warned E.J. not to renege on their deal. "What deal? You signed over everything to me," E.J. said. "And you agreed to give back half," Stefan countered. E.J. noted that he could not give Stefan half a house. "Forget the house. DiMera. You and I go back to running DiMera together as co-CEOs," Stefan said. With a shake of his head, E.J. noted that the board would not reinstate Stefan at the company.

"Fine. You're CEO, but I get everything else," Stefan said. E.J. shook his head no. Stefan looked over at Chad, and he smirked. "You didn't happen to tell Chad about our little deal, did you? Or Kristen?" Stefan asked. Stefan noted that he did not want to see another member of the family get his share.

"You said earlier that your blackmail was better than my blackmail. You're wrong. You see, E.J., if you don't hold up your end of the deal and give me back what is rightfully mine, I'm going to tell Nicole that you knew drugs were being moved through the Bistro and that I came to you for help. And you refused to do a thing about it," Stefan threatened. "You wouldn't," E.J. growled. "Wouldn't I?" Stefan countered with a smile. Stefan argued that E.J. knew that Nicole would never forgive him if Stefan told her the truth.

At the pub, Xander met up with Sarah. "How did the press conference go?" Sarah asked. "What a joke. E.J. called the conference before the press even arrived," Xander said. With a grimace, Xander noted that E.J. had not answered many questions. "Get this, Stefan DiMera showed up," Xander said. Xander told Sarah about Stefan's release from jail.

"But didn't Stefan confess to helping Clyde run drugs through the Bistro?" Sarah asked. Xander said yes. Confused, Sarah asked why Stefan was out of jail. "He must have made a deal with the judge," Xander said with a shrug. Xander reminded Sarah that Stefan was a DiMera. With a sigh, Sarah told Xander about the numerous drug overdoses she had dealt with at the hospital. "Lives being destroyed. Families are grieving," Sarah muttered. Sarah wondered aloud if E.J. had helped Stefan.

"Doesn't seem like they care too much for each other, but you know these DiMeras, their shady tricks. Who knows?" Xander said. With a shake of his head, Xander wondered aloud if Stefan had played a part in having framed Xander for the shooting. "What if he did?" Sarah asked. "If Stefan was involved in throwing me under the bus, there will be hell to pay," Xander said.

Out at the Horton cabin, Johnny was alarmed to learn that Chanel had disappeared. "How long ago did she leave?" Johnny asked. "About ten minutes," Julie said. With a nod, Johnny called Chanel's phone, but the phone was still in the cabin. Johnny wanted to search for Chanel, but Julie worried about Johnny also getting lost. "I'm taking my phone. So, if she comes back, you call me. And if I find her, I'll call you," Johnny said. Johnny pulled up a map while Julie poured a thermos full of hot cocoa to warm up Chanel.

When Johnny was ready to go, Chanel's phone rang. Julie saw that Paulina was the caller. Panicked, Julie asked if she should send the call to voicemail. With a sigh, Johnny noted that Paulina would worry and call back. Johnny answered the phone. "Johnny? Where's Chanel?" Paulina asked. Johnny lied and said that Chanel was in the shower, and he had not wanted Paulina to worry if her call went unanswered.

"Well, I am worried. There's a storm out there. Everything okay?" Paulina asked. Johnny said all was good, and he asked Paulina about her isolation. "I'll get through it," Paulina said. Paulina apologized for having interrupted, and Johnny said it was fine. "I'll tell Chanel you called," Johnny said. After the call was over, Johnny explained to Julie that he had not wanted to worry Paulina after all she had been through. "I will find Chanel," Johnny said. "Be careful out there!" Julie yelled as Johnny left the cabin. Julie looked heavenward, and she prayed to St. Anthony for his help.

While Julie waited, she stoked the fire. Chanel's phone rang with another call from Paulina. Reluctantly, Julie answered the call. "Julie? Why are you at the cabin?" Paulina asked. With a chuckle, Julie explained how she had ended up snowed in at the cabin with the newlyweds. "Where's Chanel? I told you all I needed to have her call me after her shower," Paulina said. Julie said the newlyweds were out playing in the snow, and she promised she had bundled them up. Julie hurriedly ended the call.

Julie called Doug, and she told him about her trip to the cabin. "The moment Johnny comes back with her, and the roads are plowed off, I'm going to get the hell off this island," Julie said. As Julie said goodbye to Doug, Chanel's phone rang again. Julie saw that it was Paulina, and she muttered, "Can't this woman give it a rest?" Julie put Doug on hold, and she answered Paulina's call. Worried, Paulina demanded to speak to Chanel. Julie attempted to mute Paulina's call so that she could talk to Doug on the other phone.

"I can't tell her the truth. Listen, if she finds out that her daughter is missing, the woman will panic," Julie said. On the other end of Chanel's phone, Paulina heard every word that Julie had said to Doug. When Julie jumped back to Chanel's phone, Paulina told her that she knew Chanel was missing. Paulina demanded details. Julie updated Paulina, and Julie explained she had not wanted to worry Paulina.

"I'm sure the two of them are going to be just walking through that door any second now," Julie said. Julie heard the door open, and she was surprised to see that Johnny was alone. "Where is Chanel?" Julie asked. Julie held up the phone and said that Paulina knew about Chanel's disappearance. Johnny took the phone, and he whispered to Julie to call 9-1-1 for help. Johnny told Paulina he was sorry he had not told her the truth sooner and that Julie was calling for help in the search.

"How long has she been missing?" Paulina asked. "I don't know. Maybe 30 or 40 minutes?" Johnny guessed. Paulina worried aloud that Chanel would freeze to death. Johnny vowed to search the whole island and find Chanel. "You better!" Paulina yelled as she ended the call. Worried, Paulina called her assistant and demanded to speak to the Salem Public Works department.

When Paulina reached the person in charge, they told her that it would take hours to clear the bridge. "I'm the mayor of Salem, and you will have the head of your plow crew call me immediately," Paulina demanded. Paulina dressed to leave the hospital. "Hang on, baby girl. Mama's coming," Paulina said.

At the cabin, Julie told Johnny that help was on the way. "Damn it! Where could she be?" Johnny yelled. Julie noted that Chanel could have gotten lost on the trail. "Visibility is pretty bad," Johnny conceded. Johnny said he had returned to the cabin to get the sled in case Chanel needed assistance. "I've got to get back out there and find my wife," Johnny said.

Paulina may have exposed Salem residents to high levels of radiation

Paulina may have exposed Salem residents to high levels of radiation

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

At the hospital, Marlena walked into Paulina's room and said that she was going to find herself a Hazmat suit so that she could visit with her. She stopped midsentence, looked around, and realized Paulina was not there. She called John for help and told him that Paulina was supposed to be isolating, but she was gone. Marlena said that Paulina hadn't been taken for tests and was not in the bathroom. She added that Paulina's hospital gown was there, but her belongings were not. Marlena lamented that Paulina could be exposing people to harmful levels of radiation.

At Sloan and Eric's apartment, Sloan entered in a jubilant mood -- only to find that Eric was stressed and annoyed over the couple's finances. Eric raised his voice when he said that he and Sloan were having serious financial issues. Sloan tried to downplay Eric's frustration, and she used complicated terms about a financial software program in an effort to distract him. Eric said that he would focus more on editorial photography. Sloan suggested that Eric seek employment at the Spectator. Eric agreed, and he left to head to the paper.

Afterwards, Sloan told Jude that Eric was a good man who would never want anything to do with her if Eric learned that Jude was Nicole's son. Sloan placed Jude in his crib for a nap before placing a call to Leo, who was pouring coffee at the Spectator. "Lady Whistleblower here. What can you tell me that is either funny, raunchy, mind-blowing appalling, or ideally, all of the above?" Leo said.

Sloan told Leo that Eric was on his way to the Spectator, and she asked Leo to help Eric find a job at the paper. Leo noted that he had no sway in who was hired. Sloan demanded that Leo use his charm to ensure Eric was hired. "Hold up, Miss Bossy Pants. I'm the one blackmailing you. Not the other way around, okay?" Leo hissed at Sloan before he looked up to find that Eric had entered in time to overhear Leo's comment. Leo froze when he saw Eric, and he hung up on Sloan.

Eric asked who Leo was blackmailing. "Blackmail is probably too strong a word. It's more of a tactic. You see, some of my Lady Whistleblower sources need to think that if they don't give me something juicy, I'm going to print a nasty old blind item pointed right at them. Gossip really is a dirty business, God knows," Leo said as he worked to disarm Eric's suspicions.

Eric said that he had gone to the paper in search of Chad or Everett, in hopes of finding a job. Leo agreed to put in a good word for Eric when Chad or Everett returned. Leo said that he genuinely adored Jude, and he added that Jude was the only person in Salem who liked him. Soon afterwards, as Eric prepared to leave, he and Leo shook hands.

After Eric had stepped into the hallway, Leo's phone rang. Leo told Sloan by phone that Eric had just left. Leo added that he would give Eric a glowing recommendation. Unbeknownst to Leo, Eric overheard Leo promise to "work every angle" to ensure that Eric was hired by the Spectator.

At the Brady Pub, John told a contact by phone that he wanted the person to find anything that might help locate Konstantin's ex-wife. "Where are you, Ms. Meleounis? And what, if anything, do you know?" John whispered to himself after the call ended.

Moments later, Marlena joined John at the pub. Marlena was alarmed when John said that Chanel had gone missing on Smith Island. Marlena immediately deduced that Paulina had left the hospital to find Chanel. "We have to notify the first responders. They can't go anywhere near her. She's radioactive," a worried Marlena said of Paulina.

John placed a call to notify first responders of the threat. Marlena was upset at Paulina for having left the hospital. "This is like the plot of a bad B movie, you know? Except that it isn't funny. Paulina is exposing everybody she comes in contact with to radiation," Marlena said. John tried to downplay Marlena's concern, and he said that they would have done the same thing for Sami as Paulina had done for Chanel.

Marlena agreed, and she noted that she and John had seen one another through difficult times over the years. John said that he loved Marlena with all his heart and that he considered himself the luckiest man alive to share his love with Marlena. Marlena stared into John's eyes, and she warmly called John her hero. "And don't you forget it," John said softly, and he leaned over the table to kiss Marlena.

As John and Marlena sipped coffee, the conversation turned to John's time in Greece many years earlier. John assured Marlena that he and Steve were searching for Konstantin's ex-wife to possibly shine light on Catharina's shooting. Marlena suggested that John not do anything until he was prepared for what he might find.

John said that he had to face the truth about what had happened in Aria. Just then, John received a text from his contact in Greece. "Konstantin Meleounis married Elizabeth Sideris, October 13th, 1970, in Aria, Greece," John read aloud. At Marlena's encouragement, John placed a call to his contact.

When John returned to his and Marlena's table, he shared that his contact had found Konstantin's divorce papers. John said that Konstantin and his wife had signed their divorce papers just before she had disappeared. "Without a trace," Marlena quipped. "Hasn't been a sign of her since," John reluctantly added.

In Konstantin's room at the Kiriakis mansion, Konstantin stared at a photograph of Catharina. Konstantin vowed that he would find a way to stay in Salem to finish what he had started. Konstantin flashed back to having used the Pawn card on John. Konstantin stood up to retrieve the card. When Konstantin picked up the book the card had been hidden in, he grew irate when he noted that the card was missing.

In the living quarters of the mansion, a maid named Ellie handed Maggie an envelope that had just been delivered. Maggie opened the envelope, and she stared at sheets of papers. Moments later, Konstantin entered the living quarters in a fit of rage. Konstantin yelled at Ellie when he asked if she had stolen or thrown away what he described as a "playing card" that had been in his possession.

Maggie was appalled by Konstantin's behavior, and she told him not to speak to Ellie in the manner he had. Konstantin feigned being "terribly sorry" for his outburst. Maggie said that Ellie had been a loyal employee for years. Konstantin thanked Ellie when she agreed to ask the staff if they had seen the card. After Ellie left, Konstantin tried to downplay his outburst.

Konstantin lied when he told Maggie that the card had been something Catharina had carried with her when Catharina had been a child. Maggie said that the card had to be in the house, and she added that it would be found. Maggie said that she forgave Konstantin for his outburst before she shared that she had unsettling news to deliver. Konstantin asked Maggie to share her news.

Maggie regretfully said that her legal team had exhausted every angle in their attempt to extend Konstantin's visa. Konstantin said that he would miss Maggie, who shared that she'd been hopeful to find a way for him to stay in Salem. Konstantin stood up, and he said that he would pack his bags.

Back in Konstantin's room, Konstantin yelled in anger when he found no trace of the Pawn. Konstantin was frantically continuing his search when Maggie entered. Maggie said that she and Konstantin needed to talk. Maggie soon shared she had figured out a way for Konstantin to stay in Salem, and she added that she had a "proposal." "Konstantin Meleounis... will you marry me?" Maggie asked.

At the Horton cabin, Johnny headed outside in the snow to continue his search for Chanel. Julie remained inside, and she soon heard the sound of an approaching vehicle. Julie was stunned when she looked and saw Paulina. Julie was rattled by the sight of Paulina, and she readily agreed when Paulina suggested that they head in separate directions in search of Chanel and Johnny.

A short while later, Paulina returned with her arms wrapped around a shivering Chanel. Paulina escorted Chanel to a sofa. Chanel shared that she had sprained her ankle after slipping in the snow and being caught between two rocks before Paulina had found her. Chanel soon realized that Paulina was supposed to be in the hospital.

Paulina flashed back to her decision to leave the hospital, and she stared at Chanel nervously. Paulina apologized for making close contact with Chanel, who joked that Paulina "just happened to be a little radioactive." Chanel said that Paulina had saved Chanel's life. Paulina said that she needed to get in touch with Abe to share that she was okay.

Just then, Johnny entered. Johnny was overwhelmed with joy to find Chanel resting on the sofa. Johnny credited Paulina for having found Chanel. Paulina realized that Julie was still out in the snow. Not long afterwards, Julie returned and expressed her delight when she discovered that Chanel was safe. Amid the excitement, Julie placed her hands on Chanel, and she asked who had found her.

Julie stood with her mouth open when she looked up and saw Paulina. Julie said that Paulina should have stayed in isolation. "Paulina! You exposed all of us! I just hope to God that you haven't done more harm than good," Julie said worriedly. Johnny and Chanel stared at one another with a look of alarm. Paulina's face also showed alarm.

Stefan and Kristen agree to an alliance

Stefan and Kristen agree to an alliance

Thursday, April 18, 2024

At Wendy and Tripp's apartment, Tripp found Ava packing her belongings so she could move in with Harris. Wendy stood in the hallway outside, and she overheard Tripp ask what trouble Ava was in. When Wendy entered, Tripp said that he wanted to make sure Ava was moving out for the right reasons. Ava tried to assure Tripp that she wasn't in any trouble, and she left.

Afterwards, Tripp asked Wendy about her first day back to work at the Salem PD. Wendy shared that she had experienced heart palpitations and shortness of breath when she'd passed by Goldman's former desk. Tripp said that perhaps Wendy had returned to work too soon.

Tripp added that Wendy's anxiety after their time in captivity was understandable, and he delicately suggested that she speak to a professional. When Wendy grew quiet, Tripp asked what was on her mind. Wendy recalled Tripp saying that Ava always found trouble. "And Tripp, if she finds it again, I don't think I can deal with it. With getting caught in the crossfire," Wendy said.

Wendy noted that Tripp would always want to protect Ava, and she worried if Ava found herself in trouble again. Tripp asked what Wendy was trying to say. Wendy said that she had spoken to Wei Shin earlier that day and that Wei had sounded more like himself for the first time in months after Li's death. Wendy added that her parents were still fragile, and she said that she'd heard the panic in their voices when they'd learned of Wendy and Tripp's kidnapping.

Wendy said that she was tired of always worrying and waiting for bad things to happen. Tripp said that Wendy was one of the strongest people he knew, and he swore that he would always be there for her. Wendy broke down in tears when Tripp wrapped his arms around her.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan was in a jubilant mood when he told E.J. that he'd just returned from visiting Gabi at Statesville. "Ah, how romantic. Two criminal lovers. One incarcerated, the other having evaded justice," E.J. sarcastically quipped. Kristen entered, and she was surprised to learn that Stefan had gained his freedom. Kristen was annoyed that she was the last in the family to learn that Stefan was out of jail.

Kristen soon surmised that Stefan had bribed or blackmailed E.J. to secure Stefan's freedom. E.J. taunted that the public relations department at DiMera Enterprises would be issuing a statement noting that Stefan was stepping down as CEO due to "personal failings." E.J. sarcastically wished Stefan and Kristen good luck, and he grinned widely as he left.

Afterwards, Kristen asked if Stefan intended to allow E.J. to push Stefan out at DiMera Enterprises. Stefan said that he didn't have a choice. Stefan paused, and he seemed struck by an idea. Stefan noted that Kristen had been granted a full pardon after her release from Statesville in 2023. "Right, so?" a confused Kristen asked. "So... while I can't be CEO, no reason you can't," Stefan replied.

Kristen admitted that she was intrigued. Stefan and Kristen soon agreed to form an alliance to help Kristen become CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Stefan and Kristen toasted to their alliance. Kristen asked what Stefan would want in return for installing her as CEO. "You help me get Gabi out of prison," Stefan said. "You want me to help you get Gabi out of prison? I mean, why don't we just get a pair of shovels and go find Jimmy Hoffa? This is insane, Stefan," Kristen said.

Eventually, Kristen agreed to think about Stefan's offer. Stefan said that he had never been more certain of Gabi's innocence as it pertained to Li's death. "Well, if she didn't kill Li Shin, the simplest legal way to get her out of prison would be to find out who did," Kristen said. Stefan said the police had exhausted every lead and that his private investigator had found nothing to exonerate Gabi. Kristen vowed that she would find a way to prove Gabi's innocence.

At the Brady Pub, Ava met Harris for a drink after they had put Ava's things in Harris' room. Harris looked into Ava's eyes, and he said warmly that they fit together perfectly. Harris proposed that he and Ava toast to a fresh start. Ava was hesitant, and she shared that she didn't feel she could have a fresh start until she completed the task Clyde had asked her to perform.

Harris said that he planned to arrest Clyde once Ava handed Clyde the black book that contained contact information for Clyde's drug suppliers. A short while later, Ava and Harris were interrupted when E.J. stopped by. E.J. boasted that Stefan had been ousted from DiMera Enterprises. E.J. asked Ava for her keys to the Bistro to pass along to Stefan, who E.J. noted would be managing the Bistro full-time. Ava and Harris exchanged a glance after hearing E.J.'s request.

Ava made up an excuse to avoid handing the keys to E.J., who said that Harris had committed an "egregious dereliction of duty" for choosing not to press charges against Stefan for shooting Harris. Harris slowly stood up to confront E.J. "Says the man who made the deal to set (Stefan) free. How did he get you to do it? What's Stefan holding over your head?" Harris asked as he and E.J. stood face to face.

Harris added that he knew Stefan was holding something over E.J., and he vowed to find out what it was. E.J. said that he knew why Harris had chosen not to press charges against Stefan. "And I suggest that you and he, with all of your skeletons in your respective closets, stay on my good side. Or your rather irregular activities will see the light. And at the very least, you will be an officer of the law no more," E.J. said assuredly before leaving. Harris grimaced after E.J. left the pub.

At the Titan office, Alex told Theresa that an important advertising partner had pulled out of Bella at the last moment. Alex said that the magazine was failing and that he believed Titan would have to shut down Bella by the end of the day. Theresa begged Alex to change his mind. Alex said there was nothing more he could do. Theresa was sad, but she said she understood.

Alex vowed to find Theresa another job. To his surprise, Theresa told Alex not to bother. "I quit," she said tersely. Theresa said that she had only been a "charity hire." Alex said that wasn't true, but Theresa said that it was best for everyone if she found a fresh start somewhere else. Theresa left.

In Konstantin's room at the Kiriakis mansion, Konstantin surprised Maggie when he said he couldn't accept her marriage proposal because it would put her in an uncomfortable position with her family and friends. Maggie said that she felt the need to make amends to Konstantin for everything he had suffered because of Victor. "And if anyone disagrees, to hell with them," Maggie said.

Konstantin agreed to marry Maggie, and he said that words couldn't express how happy he was. Maggie asked that Konstantin keep the marriage proposal between them, and she left the room. "All the pieces are falling right into place for me to get exactly what I deserve. Now, if I could only find that damn card," Konstantin said to himself when he was alone.

Downstairs, in the living quarters of the mansion, Maggie stared at a wedding photograph of her and Victor. "Oh, Victor. I hope I'm doing the right thing," Maggie said to the photograph. Just then, Theresa entered. Theresa told Maggie about Bella being shut down. Theresa added that she felt like a failure.

Maggie sought to reassure Theresa that she'd done good work for the magazine. Theresa noted that she had never been qualified for a job at Titan, and she admitted that the only reason she'd landed the job was because she had pushed herself on Alex. Maggie said that Theresa couldn't make someone fall in love with her. "Alex did that all on his own," Maggie said.

Theresa continued to blame herself for Bella's failures. Maggie placed her arms around Theresa, and she held Theresa in a warm embrace. Maggie said that she would talk to Alex about Bella, and she agreed to meet Theresa at an A.A. meeting later that day. Maggie left after hugging Theresa.

Afterwards, Konstantin approached Theresa to share that Maggie had proposed to him. Konstantin said that the news of his engagement had to remain a secret. Theresa expressed disbelief that Maggie would fall for Konstantin. When Theresa protested that she wanted no part of Konstantin's schemes, Konstantin threatened to tell Maggie that Theresa was responsible for Victoria's kidnapping months earlier.

Konstantin said that he had important business to finish before he could leave Salem. "An opportunity to avenge a great loss, but there is something I must find to make that happen. And I will not be leaving Salem until I do," Konstantin told a worried Theresa.

Back at the Titan office, Maggie visited Alex to ask about Bella. Alex believed that Maggie had stopped by to gloat about the magazine's failure. Maggie surprised Alex when she said that she had gone to congratulate him for making the right business decision. Maggie said that she had another proposal for Alex.

"You and I have not always seen eye to eye, but we are the stewards of Victor's legacy. I want you to bring me back on at Titan. Now, Alex, I know the company has been struggling since Victor's death, but I want to make it as successful as it once was. You and I, together, I believe we can right this ship," Maggie said with sincerity. When Maggie finished, Alex seemed to mull over her proposal.

Konstantin intimidates Thomas

Konstantin intimidates Thomas

Friday, April 19, 2024

At Sloan's apartment, Jude slept while Marlena told John that everyone had been rescued from the cabin. "And the exposure to radiation?" John asked. Marlena explained that Paulina had kept her distance, and she believed that the damage would be minimal. "I can understand why [Paulina] was compelled to go out there and find her daughter. But if she caused anybody to be sick..." Marlena said with a shrug. John nodded and noted that Paulina would feel guilty.

"Guilt. It's really rough to live with," John said. Marlena agreed. "But sometimes it can have a very positive effect. Sometimes it can turn things in the right direction," Marlena said. John argued that he had every right to feel guilt about Catharina and Clyde. "It's such a damn struggle," John admitted. Jude started to cry, and John went to retrieve Jude's bottle. "Your grandpa John is such a fine man. He really deserves some peace of mind," Marlena said.

After Jude finished his bottle, he fell back asleep. "I'm really glad that Eric and Sloan agreed to let us babysit," John said. "I love being with that little guy. Plus, I think it's important that Eric and Sloan have some time together, just themselves," Marlena said. With a nod, John noted that Eric had seemed worried. Marlena told John that Eric had confided in her about financial trouble. John suggested that they help. With a shake of her head, Marlena countered that Eric would likely prefer that they spread the word about Eric's photography business instead.

In the police station, Rafe asked Jada about the lead in Montana at a campground. Jada confirmed that the tip had been mistaken identity. "I believe that between Clyde and Goldman, one of them will mess up," Jada said. While Jada updated the evidence log down the hallway, Everett walked in and asked Rafe about the manhunt. "No. And even if there were [updates], I wouldn't be sharing it with you," Rafe grumbled. Everett was taken aback.

"The police commissioner is denying press access to the editor in chief?" Everett asked. "I'm denying you access. Until you do the right thing and sign the divorce papers and give Jada some peace of mind, you're not welcome here," Rafe said. Rafe agreed to talk to any other reporter from the paper.

"I get it, okay. But what happened between Jada and I, it's personal. So, what you're doing right now is an abuse of power," Everett countered. "You want to talk to me about abuse after what you did to Jada?" Rafe yelled. Rafe asked Everett what was wrong with him. With a shrug, Everett said, "I wish I knew." Rafe asked Everett to sign the papers so that Jada could move on with her life. "So, you say you don't know what is wrong with you? I think it's time to figure it out. Now get the hell out of here," Rafe growled. Everett walked out.

Jada returned from the evidence room, and she gave Rafe a serious look. "I'm sorry if I overstepped, okay? It's just, it's that guy. I just hate what he is doing to you. And when I see him, I go a little crazy," Rafe said. Jada told Rafe not to apologize. "I was actually going to thank you for defending my honor," Jada said. Rafe explained that he had told Everett that he was not welcome at the station until Everett signed the divorce papers.

"Maybe I ought to just chill out about the papers. I mean, maybe Bobby will come around if we stop pushing him," Jada suggested. With a shrug, Jada noted that she was not in a rush to remarry. "At least not yet," Jada said. With a smile, Rafe stressed that he had believed that Jada had wanted to sign the papers to be rid of Bobby, not because she wanted to remarry.

"I understand. It's definitely premature to be talking about marriage. And, listen, I'm not trying to rush you into anything," Rafe said. Rafe told Jada that he only wanted her to be happy. "I know. And you make me happy, Rafe. I'm very grateful for you," Jada said. Rafe agreed. With a chuckle, Rafe said he had one complaint. Rafe noted that they did not spend enough time together.

"We work together, and we practically live together," Jada pointed out. "I hate to say it, but it's not enough. Because I love spending time with you," Rafe said. With a grin, Jada asked how she and Rafe could spend more time together. Rafe noted that he had already asked Jada to move in with him, and she had rejected him. "I am not great with rejection, so I am not going to ask you again," Rafe said.

"Well, I think that you should brave it out and ask again," Jada said. Jada explained that her two prior marriages had made her cynical about relationships, and she had been unable to trust men. "Then you came along. And you really proved me wrong," Jada said. Jada told Rafe that he was honest and kind and that she was lucky to have him. "You, Rafe Hernandez, are my person. And I think you should ask me again," Jada said. With a smile, Rafe asked Jada to move in with him. Jada said yes.

Chad and Thomas played a fantasy magic card game at a table in the pub. "It feels like you're hustling me," Chad said. "No way!" Thomas yelled. Thomas explained that the magic card that Chad had played was defeated by his "water card." Stephanie walked in and looked at the cards on the table. "Why is a wizard in play?" Stephanie asked. "You, too?" Chad sputtered. Chad asked Stephanie for help because he did not know how to play the game. After a quick hug with Thomas, Stephanie examined the cards in front of Chad. Stephanie played a card for Chad.

"Perfect. Thank you," Thomas said. Chad sent Thomas to the bar to ask for cookies, and with a grin, Thomas told Chad not to cheat while Thomas was gone. "I couldn't cheat if I tried," Chad said. Thomas ran off. Stephanie sat down at the table and picked up Konstantin's red card. "Neat card," Stephanie said. Chad agreed, and he thanked Stephanie for her help. Stephanie explained that her brothers had played the game, and Everett had taught her how to play, too.

After a moment, Stephanie asked about Stefan's release. "Other than reporting on it, I'm doing my best to stay out of all the DiMera insanity. More for my children than me. But I can't wait to get back into the Horton house," Chad said. Chad explained that he wanted the children to identify as Hortons instead of DiMeras. Stephanie pointed at a card and noted that if Chad played it, Thomas would win. "Good. He loves beating me," Chad said. Stephanie laughed.

Chad and Stephanie talked about how much Thomas had grown. "How is it going at the Kiriakis house?" Stephanie asked. Chad admitted he was thankful to Maggie for her generosity but that the house was too crowded. "I feel especially bad for Julie," Chad said. Chad told Stephanie about Julie's adventure at Smith Island. Thomas returned with three cookies.

"Stephanie and I were just talking about the weather," Chad said. Chad explained that because of the cold weather, he and Thomas had canceled their plans to go to the playground and had played hide-and-seek at the mansion instead. Thomas invited Stephanie to visit them at the mansion for a playdate. "Sure! I would love to come play with you," Stephanie said. Everett walked in and saw Stephanie agree to spend time with Thomas and Chad the next day.

Everett started to leave, but Chad called out to him. "How did it go at the police station?" Chad asked. "You promised! No work talk!" Thomas exclaimed. Chad assured Thomas that he would be quick, and he told Thomas to pack up to leave. When Thomas noted that they had not eaten their cookies yet, Chad suggested they leave the cookies for Stephanie and Everett and that they would buy a whole box on the way home. Thomas' eyes lit up, and he nodded in agreement.

Chad pulled Everett aside, and Everett explained that there was nothing exciting on the police blotter. "It was worth checking out," Chad said. Everett nodded in agreement. Stephanie hugged Thomas goodbye, and he asked if she would visit the next day. Stephanie looked to Chad, and she said that she and Chad would check their schedules. "If not tomorrow, sometime really soon," Stephanie promised.

After Chad and Thomas left, Stephanie asked Everett to join her. "I could use the company," Stephanie said. "So could I," Everett said with a sigh of relief. Over cookies, Stephanie asked Everett about his therapy. Everett thought about how he had quit. "Hypnosis is good. I think it's really helpful. And Dr. Evans really wants me to continue with it," Everett said. "And will you?" Stephanie asked. Everett admitted he was not sure. Stephanie asked if Everett had discussed with Marlena why he had not signed the divorce papers.

"She has this theory that my subconscious is hiding feelings that I'm not ready to handle," Everett said. "For Jada?" Stephanie asked. Everett said yes, but that he was certain that he did not harbor any feelings for Jada. Stephanie said she wished for Jada and Everett's sakes that he would sign the papers and set them both free.

"I understand why it would be so much easier if I just signed those papers. Believe me, I want to. I think part of me is just afraid that if I do, I don't know. But I see your point," Everett said. Marlena and John walked in with baby Jude. Marlena explained that Jude had been fussy, so they had taken him for a stroll to help him sleep.

While John was ordering at the bar, Stephanie thanked Marlena for helping Everett with his memory loss. "We were just talking about your hypnosis therapy. I hope he continues," Stephanie said. Marlena looked at Everett. When John returned with drinks, he and Marlena continued to their table. Stephanie said goodnight to Everett, but he asked her if she would follow him back to the Salem Inn.

"There's something I want to show you," Everett said. Reluctantly, Stephanie agreed, but she noted that she had a scheduled work call in 30 minutes. "It will be quick. I promise," Everett said. Stephanie said goodbye to John and Marlena, and she left with Everett. As John and Marlena sipped their drinks, Eric called to check on Jude. Marlena assured Eric that Jude was fine, and she told him to enjoy his evening out with Sloan. Jude started to cry, so John hustled the baby outside the pub so that Eric would not hear.

In front of the pub, John rocked Jude and talked about baseball. John promised to take his grandson to the ballpark. When Marlena joined John outside, she noted, "I think you got him calmed down." John smiled. "And I think he returned the favor," John said. John noted that life was short, and he did not want to waste any more time on his guilt. "Especially when I've got so much to be grateful for," John added.

At the Salem Inn, Everett handed Stephanie the divorce papers. "You made me realize that if there is any chance for us to be something, I have to clean the slate," Everett said. Everett asked Stephanie to witness his signature. After a moment's hesitation, Everett signed "Robert Stein."

Maggie was sitting in the Kiriakis living room, studying her phone, when Konstantin entered. Maggie explained that she was attempting to pinpoint a date for their wedding. "I will defer to you on that," Konstantin said. Maggie noted that she needed to talk to her lawyer about whether they could complete the paperwork before Konstantin's visa expired.

"And I have something to offer you to express my commitment to this arrangement. My profound gratitude for your help and generosity," Konstantin said. Konstantin held out a box that contained his mother's ring. "I carry it as a talisman. And now I want you to have it," Konstantin said. With tears in her eyes, Maggie refused to accept the gift. Maggie looked at her wedding ring and said, "I'm not ready yet. I hope I haven't offended you." Konstantin offered to put the ring on a chain for Maggie to wear, and she agreed.

"I cannot control what others think. I hope you know that I will never take advantage of you. I swear on my grave and Victor's," Konstantin said. Maggie retrieved a gold chain from upstairs. Konstantin put the ring on the chain and around Maggie's neck. "By wearing the ring, I know it doesn't make up for all that you've suffered because of Victor," Maggie said. Konstantin reminded Maggie that she was not responsible for Victor's actions.

"But he is not here to make amends, so I feel like I represent him," Maggie explained. Maggie noted that although she could not lessen Konstantin's pain over the loss of his daughter, she could help him stay in the country. "What I enjoy most is being with you. Your company. You've always livened my spirits," Konstantin said. "And you liven mine, too. That's why I'm not willing to say goodbye to you," Maggie said. With a smirk, Konstantin asked about Maggie's wedding. Maggie noted that her wedding to Victor had been small, like her first marriage to Mickey.

"You never talk about your wedding or your former wife," Maggie said. "There is not much to say," Konstantin said. Konstantin noted that after Catharina's death, he and his wife had divorced. "I never saw her again. She disappeared," Konstantin said. With a shake of his head, Konstantin said he did not like to talk about that part of his life. As Maggie shifted with discomfort, Konstantin apologized.

"Why would I be upset? I mean, it's obviously triggering you," Maggie said. Maggie changed the subject, and she announced that she would be working at Titan with Alex again. "And I think we're going to get along very well," Maggie said. While Maggie went into the kitchen to retrieve lemon bars, Konstantin searched the room for his red card. Chad and Thomas returned home.

"What's up?" Chad asked. "I lost something that is very important to me. I could have sworn it was in my room, but it is not there. And I am afraid it was lost," Konstantin said. Chad looked at Thomas and asked him if he knew anything about Konstantin's lost item. Thomas folded his arms defensively. Confused, Konstantin asked Chad why he would ask Thomas about Konstantin's misplaced item. Chad admitted that Thomas had hidden in Konstantin's room during a game of hide-and-seek. Chad apologized. "Thomas, did you move anything or take anything from his room?" Chad asked. "No, Dad," Thomas said. Chad nodded.

"Because if you did, now would be a very good time to return it," Chad said. "Dad, I didn't," Thomas stressed. Chad said okay, and he turned to Konstantin. "I'm sorry my son went in your room. But you have my word it won't happen again," Chad said. With a smirk, Konstantin said it was no problem. Chad told Thomas to set up the card game while he retrieved the field trip permission slip from Thomas' backpack.

After Chad left the room, Konstantin told Thomas that he believed Thomas had taken his card. "Your father would be very angry with you if you lied," Konstantin said as he kneeled in front of Thomas. Konstantin told Thomas that if he gave Konstantin the card back and promised never to enter Konstantin's room again, he would not tell Chad what Thomas had done.

"What will it be?" Konstantin asked. Thomas looked through his stack of cards. "I hope you are telling the truth. It would be very bad if that card were lost," Konstantin said. "Found it," Thomas said. Konstantin snatched the card from Thomas' hand, and he told Thomas to go. Thomas ran out of the room. "It is almost time to get what is rightfully mine," Konstantin growled.

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