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Harris and Eva decided to break into the Bistro. Tate and Holly flirted on the sly. Everett behaved strangely. Tripp bought tickets to Hong Kong for Wendy. Kristen and Alex had sex. Konstantin told Steve that he was to blame for Catharina's death. Konstantin signed a prenup. Johnny turned down E.J.'s job offer. Chad hired Nicole. Sloan convinced Eric their financial troubles were to help Leo. Chanel felt woozy.
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Tate and Holly flirted on the sly. Harris and Ava decided to break into the Bistro. Maggie asked Konstantin to sign a prenup. Eric discovered Sloan was helping Leo pay his bills.
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Stefan foils Harris and Ava's plan

Stefan foils Harris and Ava's plan

Monday, April 22, 2024

Kayla entered Paulina's hospital room in her Hazmat suit, which prompted Paulina to joke about the suit being chic. An unamused Kayla laid into Paulina for taking a risk by leaving the hospital and exposing other people to radiation. Kayla reiterated that Paulina's radiation levels were still high. Paulina apologized but defended her actions. She believed she'd had no choice because her "baby" had been missing, and nothing had been more important than rescuing Chanel.

Abe sat in the waiting area and thought about Paulina's first day of isolation. He greeted Kayla when she exited Paulina's room, and he apologized for not having kept a better eye on Paulina. Kayla assured Abe that he was not to blame, and they both agreed that Paulina had acted recklessly. After Abe inquired about Paulina's health status, Kayla told him the hospital would monitor Paulina for another day but that she should be able to return home the next day. Abe promised to keep Paulina in line, and Kayla lightly wished him luck with that goal.

Abe video-chatted with a still-isolated Paulina on his tablet, and he, too, chastised her for putting people in harm's way. Paulina called her actions a "calculated risk," as her level of radiation exposure had decreased over time. Paulina realized that she had abused her power as mayor and perhaps damaged her reputation, but she reminded Abe that she was not the type to "twiddle my thumbs" and do nothing. She believed the payoff had ultimately been worth the chance she had taken because everyone had made it through "a very treacherous situation."

Paulina called the outcome a "win-win" and asked about her phone. Abe told her the phone had been located near the rescue site and that he would pick it up for her. Paulina wondered if Abe's gesture meant that she was forgiven. Abe insisted that he understood Paulina's actions and that he had been more worried than angry. A relieved Paulina could not wait to be "radiation-free at home with my wonderful husband." The couple affirmed their love for each other.

Johnny waited with Chanel in a hospital room. He made a crack about "getting Geiger countered" not being on his bucket list, and Chanel joked that she had been worried about the machine used to check her for radiation "howling." She also apologized to Johnny for going out to look for him and starting the whole chain of events. Johnny reassured Chanel that her safety was all that mattered, and he was only sorry he had not gotten to play her hero.

Chanel quickly corrected Johnny that he was her hero because he had heroic qualities like strength, loyalty, and honesty. "And you make me happier than I've ever been," she added with a kiss. Kayla checked in and updated the couple on Chanel's condition, which included a sprained ankle. Kayla gave Chanel instructions for taking care of the ankle and told Johnny and her that they were cleared to go home but to return immediately if any symptoms arose.

As Johnny and Chanel left the hospital, they jokingly recounted some of the highlights of their honeymoon, such as Chanel being "limping and radioactive," Julie showing up unexpectedly, and Paulina commandeering a snowplow. When Johnny suggested a "Round Two do-over" for the honeymoon, Chanel exclaimed, "Absolutely not." Johnny clarified that he didn't want to go back to the cabin but claimed he had another surprise in store.

Later, Johnny carried Chanel over the threshold of a room at the Salem Inn. Chanel was amazed that Johnny had arranged for candles, Champagne, and rose petals on the bed. Johnny explained that he had registered them under "Mr. and Mrs. John Doe" so they would not be interrupted, and Chanel made him promise to keep her off her feet all night long.

A smiling Johnny said he had forgotten one thing and pulled out his guitar. Chanel looked on lovingly as Johnny serenaded her with the song, "You are the Sun in My Day." She clapped enthusiastically and kissed him when he finished the song.

Ava and Harris took note of the "Closed for Renovations" sign at the Bistro. Ava remarked on the irony of everyone in town knowing the real reason why the restaurant had closed. She asked Harris if he regretted being dragged into the mess, and Harris assured Ava that he would not let her go through things alone. He believed that once they retrieved Clyde's black book, they could put the criminal away for good. Ava retrieved her keys to the restaurant and went inside while Harris remained outside as a lookout.

Inside the Bistro, Ava flashed back to telling Harris about Clyde's request. Stefan starlted her and demanded, "What the hell are you doing here?" Ava made an excuse about wanting one last bottle of wine and turned the question back on Stefan. He stated that he still owned the Bistro and announced plans to reopen it and make it a success. Ava chided Stefan about going from "riches to rags" and condemned him for trying to kill Harris twice.

Ava denounced Stefan's "get-out-of-jail-free card" from E.J. Stefan fired back that Ava should be kissing his feet because he had taken the fall for her, on Harris' orders. Stefan admitted he had regrets -- while flashing back to having sex with Ava. He said he would have done it all again, though, to protect his family. Ava agreed she would do the same. She then made another excuse about wanting to see the Bistro a final time to remember the good times.

Stefan was skeptical that there had been any good times and asked Ava to return the keys. She reluctantly handed them over and considered it a clean break. Stefan and she wished each other well. After Ava was gone, Stefan had another flashback to Ava and him agreeing to forget about the sex.

At the Brady Pub, Roman ended a call with Sami in which he had updated her about Johnny. When Kate entered, Roman joked that she was "back from the monastery" and asked about Lucas. Kate launched into a tirade about Lucas enduring a life of "chastity, poverty, and obedience," thanks to Harris. She said the cop had been dodging Kate's calls, and she vowed to find him.

Kate tracked Harris down in Horton Town Square. She brushed off Harris' assertion that he couldn't talk and demanded to know why he had been avoiding her. Kate sternly reminded Harris of all that Lucas had sacrificed to help him with Clyde. She left Harris with a veiled threat: investigate her past so that he'd know how far she would go to protect her children.

Harris noticed Ava was upset when she exited the Bistro. She informed him about running into Stefan and not being able to find the book as a result. A surprised Harris spotted Stefan and told Ava that he'd catch up with her. He wanted to talk to Stefan one-on-one. Ava reluctantly left, advising Harris to "play nice."

Harris demanded a reason why Stefan had been released from prison. Stefan claimed the judge had given him leniency because Stefan had been following Clyde's orders under threat and because he had provided useful information. Harris wasn't buying it and believed Stefan had something on E.J. Stefan dismissed Harris' guess as projection because Harris had been the one blackmailing Stefan. Harris said that wasn't a denial and called Stefan an "arrogant son of a bitch."

Stefan backed off and sincerely apologized for shooting Harris. Stefan wished he could go back and change things. Harris wondered if helping Clyde escape had been one of the things Stefan wanted to change. Stefan vehemently denied playing a part in "that monster escaping prison." Harris pondered "who the hell" Clyde's accomplice could have been if it hadn't been Stefan.

Roman warmly greeted a tired Kayla when she stopped by the pub. He listened as his sister updated him on the day's events and on Stephanie's latest troubles. Then, he promised Kayla a "Caroline Brady Special" and left for the kitchen.

Later, Kayla ran into Ava outside the pub. Kayla stood in Ava's way and lambasted her for her actions with Clyde and for involving Steve in her "self-centered schemes." Kayla wondered how Ava slept at night after almost getting Tripp killed. An angry Ava retorted that she would do anything to protect her son, including encouraging him to move away with Wendy. Kayla sarcastically noted what "a great solution" it had been to "encourage your son to leave the continent to stay out of the crossfire of your crimes." She further blasted Ava for never taking responsibility for her actions.

Kayla warned Ava to "stay the hell away from my husband." Hearing the commotion, Roman ventured outside. Exasperated, Ava said she would leave once Roman gave her the key to Harris' room. Roman let Ava know she would not be staying on Roman's property after what she had done to his sister. Ava stormed off, and a smiling Kayla thanked Roman for the assist.

Eric discovers a troubling secret

Eric discovers a troubling secret

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Nicole walked through the square with Holly. "Since you are back in school, I am returning this to you," Nicole said as she handed Holly back her cell phone. "Why? So you can keep tabs on me?" Holly asked with suspicion. Nicole explained that she wanted to give Holly her phone back so that she could rebuild trust between them. Holly promised to make an effort.

"Don't just try. Do," Nicole said. Holly's best friend, Sophia, interrupted to recommend that they grab some coffee before school. Holly hugged Nicole goodbye, and she walked off with Sophia. "Come home after school!" Nicole yelled.

In the pub, Brady commented to Tate on the lack of wait staff. "I'll be right back," Tate said. When Tate returned, he had on a Brady Pub apron. "What are you doing?" Brady asked. "Cook called in sick," Tate said. Tate explained that Roman was handling everything on his own, and he had offered to handle the front of the house for his uncle.

"Are you sure? You might be late for school," Brady said. Tate said he was sure, and he noted that Brady would be late to pick up Rachel if he did not leave. Tate handed Brady a bag with a scone in it for his half-sister. "All right. Good luck," Brady said. "I got this," Tate said.

After Brady left, Holly walked in with Sophia. Holly and Sophia sat at a table and cracked open their physics books to review before school. Tate handed menus to the girls. "Nice apron," Sophia said. "I'm just helping out my Uncle Roman this morning. He's a little short staffed," Tate explained. Sophia smiled at Holly, and she noted that Tate was very nice.

Tate insisted that Holly take a look at the specials on the menu. Holly took the menu and opened it. Inside was a post-it note with a phone number. After Sophia placed her order, Tate asked Holly, "See anything you like?" "I'll just stick with coffee," Holly said.

While Holly and Sophia studied, Sophia kept stealing glances at Tate. "I wish he was on the menu," Sophia said. Holly changed the subject back to their schoolwork, and Sophia asked Holly how she could ignore Tate. Holly explained that her mother would kill her if she did not ace every class.

While Sophia went to the bathroom, Tate set up place settings at a nearby table so that he could talk to Holly unnoticed. "Did you tell her about us?" Tate whispered. "No. And it's literally killing me not to. We tell each other everything. But she also tells her mom everything, too," Holly said. Tate told Holly that he had bought a burner phone so that they could communicate in secret. "How romantic," Holly said as she and Tate smiled at one another.

Tate retreated when Sophia returned from the bathroom. "[I just saw] a poster for prom. Do you think Tate will go?" Sophia asked. Holly shrugged. Sophia asked Holly if she was over Tate. "To be honest, I was like, never really into him in the first place," Holly lied. Sophia asked Holly if she was going to prom, but Holly said she was unsure. Holly cut Sophia off and noted that they needed to head for school. After Holly walked out, Tate noticed Holly had left behind a notebook, and he chased after her.

In the park, Sophia continued to talk about prom. "I'll talk to my mom, see what she says. But I can't make any promises," Holly said. "Holly!" Tate yelled as he ran over. Tate and Holly's fingers brushed as he handed her the notebook. "All out of breath. You really sprinted after us, huh?" Sophia asked. Tate said he had wanted to make sure Holly had her notebook for class. Tate and Holly smiled sheepishly at one another.

Eric returned home from an early morning walk with Jude, and Sloan was working in their apartment. Eric told Sloan what he had overheard Leo say at the paper about him. "He was obviously talking to you," Eric said. "Why would he be talking to me?" Sloan asked. Eric pointed out that no one else had known that Eric had planned to go to the paper about a job.

"Why don't you tell me what's going on between you and Leo?" Eric asked. Sloan explained that she had "gone above and beyond" as Leo's attorney, and she had used that relationship to ask Leo to put in a good word for Eric at the paper. "I was trying to help you, Eric. You're my husband. You know, I want your photography business to take off. I want you to find joy in it the way I find joy in my work," Sloan said. Sloan cupped Eric's face, and she told him that she wanted them to be a power couple envied by everyone.

"You know that's not who I am. And I don't think that this is what this is about at all," Eric said. Eric asked Sloan again about their budget. "The numbers, they're not adding up," Eric argued. "We already went through this. I told you, we're fine," Sloan said. Eric accused Sloan of having manipulated the budget numbers.

"What do you mean?" Sloan asked. "There is a lot of money here that is not accounted for. I think I'm starting to realize here what is really going on," Eric said. Eric explained that he had counseled enough couples to know that large amounts of missing money usually stemmed from addictions. "Do you even hear yourself right now?" Sloan yelled. Eric pleaded with Sloan to tell him what was wrong.

"The truth is that you pretend like you want to work, but actually, you just want to stay at home all day with the baby," Sloan sneered. "What are you talking about?" Eric said. Sloan argued that Eric was projecting his financial insecurities onto her. When Sloan rattled off all the bills that she paid with her salary, Eric warned her not to act like a martyr. "I'm going to be the adult here and go for a walk before I say something that is half as hurtful as what you just said," Sloan said. Sloan stormed out of the apartment with Jude in his stroller.

While Sloan was gone, Eric retrieved the mail for the apartment, and he found a past due notice in the pile. Eric opened the envelope, and he reviewed the credit charges, including a daily recurring charge at the Salem Inn. "What the hell is going on?" Eric said.

In the town square, Sloan sat on a bench as Jude fussed. "You don't like it when Mommy and Daddy fight. But sometimes, grown-ups have disagreements. And this time, it's because someone doesn't know what's in his best interest," Sloan said. When Sloan started to walk again, she ran into E.J. Curious, Sloan asked E.J. why he had attempted to sabotage Stefan's plea deal.

"My family situation is none of your concern. It would serve you best to remember that," E.J. said. After E.J. walked away, Sloan frowned. "Little does he know, Jude," Sloan whispered.

Alex sat on the couch in his apartment and muttered to himself. Theresa exited her bedroom. "The sound of agitation in the morning, like a modern-day birdsong," Theresa said. Alex told Theresa that the press release about the closing of Bella was not what he had authorized. Theresa noted that she had not read the press release, because it was like putting salt in her wound.

"You didn't have any qualms about running straight to Maggie once I told you the magazine was folding," Alex grumbled. Theresa reminded Alex that Maggie was her friend and her sponsor. "And I feel like I let her down. In fact, I let the whole Bella team down. Something with that kind of weight, it can have adverse effects on one's sobriety," Theresa said. Theresa explained that it had been necessary to talk to her sponsor.

"I get it. You're right," Alex admitted. "See? And all you had to do was ask and not accuse," Theresa teased. With a nod, Alex explained that after Theresa had talked to Maggie, Maggie had gone to Titan and asked for a job. "Which I was completely unprepared for, and now I'm stuck with her," Alex complained. "You said yes?" Theresa asked. Alex explained that Maggie had threatened to go to the board, and he had wanted to avoid that confrontation.

"I'm bringing her back, but on my terms," Alex said. "You do have some good business instincts. That's why you're still CEO," Theresa said. Theresa told Alex that Maggie had good instincts, as well, and that it could be a good thing for Alex to have Maggie at the company. "You two could take Titan to the next level," Theresa said.

While Alex continued to work, Theresa dropped her gym bag on the floor and sighed dramatically. "Everything okay?" Alex asked. "It really sucks that I can't fix things at Bella," Theresa said. Alex reminded Theresa that it was not her fault that the magazine had failed. Theresa said she understood but that she was frustrated by the things she could control, like helping the staff find new jobs.

"Look at you, thinking of others during a time of crisis," Alex said. "Well, that's what a leader does, right?" Theresa countered. Alex shrugged. Theresa asked Alex if he could find new positions at the company for the Bella staff, like Alex had offered to do for Theresa. "Maybe, but that offer was meant for you. And that offer still stands," Alex said. Theresa declined, and she noted that she did not think she liked corporate life. When Alex asked Theresa what she wanted to do, Theresa admitted that she still wanted to work in fashion.

"And I'm also a really big foodie. Maybe I could start a vlog," Theresa said. Alex stared at his phone and noted, "It sounds great." After a moment, Theresa wondered aloud about how much Alex would see Maggie, since Maggie was engaged to Konstantin. "What?" Alex yelled. "Please don't say anything. I was told in confidence," Theresa asked. Alex groaned, and he promised not to say anything.

"But what the hell is Maggie thinking?" Alex said. "Maggie is the smartest woman I know, but I think that she's thinking with her heart," Theresa said. Theresa suggested that Maggie wanted to hold on to Victor through Konstantin. With a grimace, Alex said he hated the idea of "this sleazeball getting his hands on" Alex's father's money. "I don't know what the hell Maggie is thinking marrying a con man," Alex complained. Theresa argued that the marriage would probably never happen.

"'Probably' isn't good enough," Alex countered. As Alex stewed, Theresa turned him around and started to massage his shoulders. Alex groaned with relief. "You are so tense," Theresa whispered. Alex slowly turned to face Theresa, and she pushed him away. "See? All better," Theresa said with a grin. Theresa announced that she was going to the gym. With a sigh, Alex said he would take a shower.

In the DiMera living room, Kristen walked in and asked E.J. about his day. E.J. explained that he needed to stop by DiMera Enterprises and then head into the D.A.'s office. "Such a busy bee," Kristen said. "Mock me all you want, but the company doesn't run itself. And once the board votes, I will be the permanent CEO," E.J. said. Kristen reminded E.J. that the vote might not go his way.

"It will. And you'd be wise to prepare for that eventuality," E.J. said. "Oh, I am prepared. Well prepared," Kristen countered. Kristen smiled, and she asked if E.J. had heard about the reopening of the Bistro. E.J. nodded yes. "So, you will be lunching there from now on, supporting our little brother," Kristen said with a chuckle. E.J. shook his head, and he noted, "Wild horses couldn't drag me to that dreary place." Kristen argued that it would be fun to watch Stefan work, and E.J. mocked Stefan's discomfort.

"And yet, you gave him a very sweet deal, D.A. DiMera," Kristen noted. Kristen argued that E.J. could have watched Stefan work for years within the prison system. "An outsider might have a few questions regarding that decision, but as a member of the family, to me, it is crystal clear," Kristen said. With a chuckle, E.J. asked Kristen to explain her theory. Kristen argued that E.J. had given up the chance to take away Stefan's power, and therefore had alternate plans to use their brother.

With a smirk, E.J. noted that he was late for breakfast. Kristen asked E.J. if she had been right. "Trying to find where the bodies are buried?" E.J. asked. "What bodies?" Kristen countered. E.J. smiled and walked out.

When E.J. met up with Nicole in the square, she asked him if he was ready for breakfast, but he said he needed to go to the DiMera offices instead. Nicole asked if E.J. needed to address the Bistro, but E.J. noted that he had no interest in any part of the restaurant.

"Can we at least schedule a lunch?" Nicole asked. With a shake of his head, E.J. said he had too much work to do at the D.A.'s office to take a break. "I'm worried about you running yourself ragged. Not just as D.A. but moonlighting as a CEO of DiMera," Nicole said. E.J. assured Nicole that he was focused and determined. E.J. added that he believed the company would be prosperous, and the townspeople would feel safer with him as the D.A. "I thrive on chaos, you know this," E.J. said. Nicole giggled as E.J. pulled her close and kissed her.

"And I love you, Nicole, for being right by my side," E.J. said. Nicole groaned, and she admitted that she was embarrassed that she did not have a job. "I've always worked and supported myself. That's who I am," Nicole said. E.J. told Nicole that he respected that about her but that he did not think she should go back to work.

"I meant to say where you work might be an issue. Since I'm CEO of DiMera, you can't exactly go back to your post at Basic Black. They're a direct competitor," E.J. said. Nicole argued that she was not sure of where she wanted to work, but she had too much time on her hands. "I need something more fulfilling than meddling in teenage love and planning charity teas," Nicole said. E.J. said he understood, and he asked Nicole if she had any ideas.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen sat at the desk and composed an email for Mr. Shin. "No, Kristen. Nothing in writing," Kristen whispered as she deleted the email. Brady walked in and asked if Rachel was ready.

"Rachel is gone," Kristen said. "What are you talking about?" Brady asked. Kristen explained that Rachel had wanted to attend an early morning art class, and Kristen had asked a driver to take Rachel to school. "You could have called me, and I could have taken her," Brady grumbled. Kristen apologized, and she explained that she had been sidetracked by an argument with E.J.

"But now that you're here, we could have breakfast," Kristen suggested. "I'm not interested in breakfast. I was interested in taking my little girl to school. But that's not going to happen. So, I'll pick her up, okay?" Brady said. Kristen said no, because Rachel had to stay late with her tutor.

"Our little girl is being tutored, and you didn't tell me about it?" Brady asked. Kristen said she had intended to tell Brady that Rachel had been struggling with math. Annoyed, Brady turned to leave. "When I told Alex about Rachel having a tutor, all he asked me was where I found the tutor and is Rachel cool with it," Kristen said. Brady narrowed his eyes. Kristen explained that Alex was supportive and interested. Brady chuckled ruefully, and he said he did not believe Alex or Rachel cared about one another.

"I can understand how threatened you are to that, but it is true, Brady," Kristen said. "Well, I'll just have to speak to Rachel about what the truth is when I speak to her tonight," Brady said. With a shrug, Kristen noted that Rachel would back her up, but Brady did not buy it. Kristen argued that her life was not all about Brady, and she walked out.

When Nicole returned home, Brady was leaving. "I was just here to pick up Rachel for school, but Kristen, she made sure that didn't happen," Brady said. "I'm sorry," Nicole said. Brady asked about Holly's first day back at school. "Fine. At least that is all she told me," Nicole said. Nicole asked about Tate, and Brady said Tate had said the same thing.

"Brady, you know how much I love Tate. Just as much as I know you've always loved Holly. And I know that we agreed that they can't be friends for a while or maybe ever. But I really hope that we can be friends again. One day," Nicole said. "How about now? You know what, how about always?" Brady said. Nicole told Brady that after everything, it was generous of him to offer her friendship. "Holly is a kid. I know she didn't have malicious intent. She made a mistake," Brady said. Nicole lamented that she had not been more attentive to her daughter.

"Like I said, kids make mistakes. We've made our fair share of mistakes, you know," Brady said. Nicole nodded in agreement. Brady told Nicole that everything would be okay. "I truly hope so," Nicole said.

Tripp and Wendy make a getaway plan

Tripp and Wendy make a getaway plan

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Stefan found Kristen day-drinking in the DiMera mansion main room and sarcastically asked if she had been getting an early start. After a bit of banter, Stefan invited Kristen to the soft reopening at the Bistro, and he used "bottomless mimosas" as an enticement. Kristen cracked that she could get all the drinks she desired in "the comfort of my own home" and chided Stefan about the restaurant's recent bad reputation. Stefan insisted the Bistro was free of "illicit entanglements" and vowed to have it "in the black" with Kristen's help.

Kristen correctly assumed Stefan wanted her help after she successfully assumed control of DiMera Enterprises. They recapped their plan for Kristen to find out who had killed Li. When Kristen wondered who could have done it, Stefan offered himself up as a suspect. Smiling, Kristen asked her brother if he was confessing. Stefan claimed he was acknowledging that he had motive and went on to remind Kristen of his complicated past with Li and of Kristen's own role in the events. "Blah, blah, blah, quit your whining," Kristen said with a hand wave.

Stefan smirked and pondered how Kristen would discover what the police could not. Kristen dismissed the police as "a bunch of idiots" and likened herself to "a shark" who could "sense a drop of blood from a mile away."

Tripp and Wendy entered the kitchen of their apartment and discovered Ava preparing them breakfast. Ava apologized for returning to the apartment but insisted it had been for the night only. She explained that Roman would not let her stay with Harris. Tripp and a hesitant Wendy told Ava she was welcome to stay as long as she needed, but Ava wanted to find her own place. After Tripp mentioned meeting Stephanie for an early lunch, Ava urged the couple to go out. Ava reassured her son she would be okay and, as she hurried out the door, promised to keep him updated on her apartment hunt.

Once alone, Tripp thanked Wendy for handling things with his mom so well. Wendy said she understood but admitted she had still been having trouble sleeping and feeling back to normal. She wanted to back out of the lunch date with Stephanie but encouraged a reluctant Tripp to go and see his sister.

After Tripp left, Wendy locked the door. When she heard a knock, she approached the door tentatively and peered through the peephole. She let her visitor, Kristen, inside. Kristen wanted to speak with Wendy about a university scholarship sponsored by DiMera Enterprises in Li's honor. Kristen claimed the company wanted to memorialize Li's contributions. Wendy approved of the idea and thanked Kristen on behalf of her family.

Kristen steered the conversation to Li's murder by asking Wendy how she felt about living in the place where her brother had been killed. She remarked how Li had never gotten justice. Visibly upset, Wendy reminded Kristen that Li's killer, Gabi, was still in prison. Kristen wondered if Gabi might not have accidently stumbled on Li's body and picked up the murder weapon because Gabi wasn't "the sharpest tool in the shed."

A tearful Wendy recalled how she had been with Li when he had died and how he had identified Gabi as his murderer. She also remembered how hurt Li had been by Gabi's betrayal in the hours leading up to his death. Kristen took the information in and then excused herself, claiming she had an appointment. She promised to get back in touch with Wendy about the scholarship.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Kristen called Li's father and updated him about the scholarship. She smiled knowingly as she spoke of "honoring Li's legacy."

At the Brady Pub, Harris tried to clear things up with Roman about Ava. Roman mentioned that Ava had upset his sister. Harris understood the "bad blood" but reminded Roman that the rental lease did not include a "no overnight guests" policy. Roman admitted that he might have overreacted because of his sister and relented, agreeing to let Ava stay with Harris. The men shook on it.

Outside the pub, Stephanie ran into Jada and informed her friend about Everett having signed the divorce papers. Jada was thrilled but curious as to what had changed Everett's mind. Stephanie confirmed she had talked Everett into signing the papers, and she believed Everett knew it had been the right thing to do. As they talked, Everett sauntered up to them and seemingly ignored Stephanie while giving Jada a warm greeting. Stephanie was taken aback as she observed the friendly interaction from Everett to Jada, which included Jada remembering Bobby's favorite drink.

When Jada asked about the divorce papers, Everett said he would get them to her and quickly entered the pub. A perturbed Stephanie began to vent to Jada about the way Everett had been acting, but Tripp interrupted them. Jada and Tripp exchanged greetings, and Jada headed to meet Rafe while Stephanie and Tripp went inside for lunch.

Inside the pub, Everett was mulling whether to write a story about the cabin rescue or about the "cop by day, crook by night...leading a double life." He decided on the "happy puff piece." Everett acknowledged Tripp and Stephanie when they passed him in the pub, further puzzling Stephanie. The siblings had a brief and awkward exchange with Everett before heading to their own table.

Roman arrived to take Stephanie and Tripp's order and took the opportunity to ask Tripp how he was doing. Tripp said he still wasn't "100 percent" but he had been "hanging in there." He expressed more worry for Wendy. After Tripp mentioned his mother, Roman let him know that Ava would be staying above the pub. A grateful Tripp thanked Roman for changing his mind and for Roman's well-wishes.

When Roman left Stephanie and Tripp to peruse their menus, Stephanie prodded Tripp about what he had said. He confided that Wendy was jumpy and nervous, and he believed she might have PTSD. He also briefed Stephanie on the latest happenings with his mother. Stephanie noted that while Tripp was worried about everyone else, she was worried about him. Tripp opened up about being unable to concentrate at times and about an incident where he had seen a cop and panicked.

Stephanie surmised that Tripp had been flashing back to his experience with Goldman. She believed trying to reacclimate had taken a heavy toll on Tripp. He didn't disagree but affirmed he was more concerned about Wendy's fragility and her guilt. Stephanie suggested Tripp and Wendy get away from town for a while.

After Tripp left, Stephanie confronted Everett about his earlier behavior. "You wouldn't give me the time of day, then you switched to Mr. Friendly," she claimed. Everett blew it off, saying he had been distracted and unaware of how he had been acting. When Stephanie directly asked Everett if he was having second thoughts about the divorce, he said he had to go and left in a hurry. Stephanie watched him leave, confusion written on her face.

Wendy, who had locked the door again after Kristen left, unlocked it when she heard Tripp outside. She ended an emotional call with her father. Tripp asked how Wendy's father was doing, and Wendy sorrowfully recounted how she had never heard her father cry. Since Li had died, however, Wendy's parents were always crying. She felt guilty for having made them go through almost losing their daughter, too.

A sympathetic Tripp said he had something to show Wendy and hesitantly pulled out papers. Wendy was shocked to see they were plane tickets to Hong Kong. Tripp explained Stephanie's suggestion and told Wendy he wanted her to spend time with her parents, with or without him. Wendy assured Tripp that she wanted him to go with her, but only if Tripp wanted the same thing.

Tripp said he had made arrangements with Kayla for a leave of absence, and he believed the timing was right, since his mother had Harris. Wendy hugged Tripp and happily told him that his gesture meant the world to her. "You mean the world to me," he added. They sealed their new plans with a kiss.

Stefan greeted Rafe, who was seated at the Bistro. In a tense exchange, Rafe confirmed he was waiting for his lunch date. When Stefan asked him about appetizers, Rafe replied with a smirk that he'd have "bread and water, the same meal you would be eating behind bars." Stefan bristled but called Rafe "a valued customer." Rafe warned his brother-in-law to "keep your nose clean...or I'll be ready for you."

Ava met with Harris in Horton Town Square and expressed her determination to find new living quarters. She was pleased after Harris informed her about his deal with Roman. Harris looked forward to being Ava's "roommate with benefits," but they needed to focus on their next urgent business: finding Clyde's black book. They volleyed ideas back and forth, including breaking and entering into the Bistro, before settling on going to the restaurant as customers. They agreed that each one would covertly search the restaurant while they were there, since Ava knew the layout well.

At the Bistro, Ava and Harris greeted a surprised Rafe, who thought the restaurant was "the last place" the couple would want to frequent. Ava made an excuse about the good food, but Jada's arrival cut Rafe's interrogation short. The four of them talked about Jada moving in with Rafe, and Ava goaded Jada about Rafe having "a beautiful home" and a faulty stove.

After Harris and Ava were seated at their table, Harris scolded Ava about provoking Jada. Ava said she couldn't help herself because she believed Jada looked down on her as a suitable match for him. Harris reassured Ava that she was his perfect match then headed off to do a low-key search. Stefan approached the table, making a crack about Ava not being able to stay away. Ava retorted that Stefan's crab cakes were dry.

Ava undertook her own search and returned a short time later, reporting to Harris that she, too, had found nothing. She suggested they bring Stefan in on their plan but quickly retracted the suggestion after Harris reminded her that Stefan had almost killed him twice. When they went back to the square, still empty-handed, Harris joked that he should pose as a health inspector. Ava revisited the idea of breaking into the restaurant. Ava asked Harris if breaking and entering would be worse than Clyde's wrath, and Harris swiftly responded, "Let's break in."

During lunch, Rafe and Jada commented on the strange happenings, such as "the odd couple" of Ava and Harris frequenting the Bistro -- and Stefan staring at them unrelentingly. Jada and Rafe both felt sure Stefan had to be "sweating bullets under his fine shirt" after having three cops stop by. Jada turned the conversation to happier news and told Rafe about the divorce papers. Both were encouraged by the development, but Rafe wondered what had changed with Everett. "Who the hell cares, as long as I get that creep out of my life," Jada asserted.

In his room, Everett picked up the divorce papers he had tossed onto the floor after having mulled them over earlier. He answered a knock at the door and found Rafe and Jada, who wanted the signed papers. With a cocky smile, Everett confirmed he had them. When Rafe testily asked him to give Jada the papers, Everett kept up the strange smile and said he was "gonna get 'em now." He went back into the room with a little swagger and retrieved the papers, then handed them to Jada.

Jada looked over the papers and confirmed that Everett had used Bobby's signature. She said she would file them right away. Both Jada and Rafe thanked Everett -- "or whatever you're going by these days," Rafe corrected -- for signing the papers. Everett saw them off, and his expression changed slightly after he pulled up a photo on his phone of Bobby and Jada. He gazed at the picture and shook his head.

Maggie's family questions her impending nuptials

Maggie's family questions her impending nuptials

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Theresa stopped by Alex's office at Titan to drop off paperwork. He asked her if she would mind taking some documents to Maggie as her "final official act" for Titan, explaining that he didn't want to clash with Maggie again. Theresa wanted a clean break from the company, and Alex understood. He invited her to dinner, but she declined because of her "hot date with a laptop," job-hunting.

Alex was sorry for how things had worked out at Titan and offered to give Theresa a great recommendation. They flirted until Theresa departed, leaving Alex hot and bothered.

Theresa next encountered a flower-toting Konstantin in the park. "For me? You shouldn't have," she snarked. Konstantin said the flowers were for his "betrothed." Theresa rolled her eyes and asked Konstantin if a date had been set for the wedding. Konstantin acknowledged the "clock was ticking" for his visa expiration and suggested Maggie and he have a double wedding with Theresa and Alex.

Theresa scoffed, but Konstantin thought it was a good idea to move their plan along. Theresa was satisfied with the actions she'd taken to make Alex desire her more and didn't want to jeopardize her progress by pushing too hard again. Konstantin pressured her to make a move.

In Horton Town Square, John met Steve for coffee. Steve reported that he'd found nothing new on Konstantin's ex-wife. John thought it strange that the woman had seemingly vanished without a trace following her divorce from Konstantin. He implied Konstantin might have killed his wife, and Steve worried what "the bastard" might do to Maggie. Both John and Steve agreed that it was a good thing Konstantin would be leaving the country.

John admitted the situation with Konstantin had been the main driver of his recent anxiety. Steve agreed that the return of the Pawn history "hadn't been on my bingo card," and he believed they still needed to keep their guard up because Konstantin might make a move soon. John acknowledged the threat but expressed his desire to put the past behind him, since Konstantin had forgiven him. Steve still doubted that Konstantin was sincere about forgiving John, and he also had doubts about John's role in Catharina's death.

Konstantin interrupted Steve mid-rant and wanted to know why Steve was talking about forgiveness. The men tried to dismiss Konstantin, but Konstantin reaffirmed to John that he had forgiven John. Konstantin stated that if he blamed anyone, it was Steve, because Steve had knowingly worked for Victor and kept the truth from both Konstantin and John. After Konstantin left with a sarcastic "enjoy your day," Steve implored John to see that "the creep" had been trying to "create a rift" between them. John did not answer but looked troubled.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie informed Sarah and Xander that she had "exhausted all options" to keep Konstantin in the country. Xander cracked, "Hallelujah," which earned him a poke from Sarah. Maggie listened as Sarah expressed her condolences for Maggie losing Konstantin's company, then Maggie told the stunned couple that she was going to marry Konstantin.

Maggie quickly clarified that the marriage would be "in name only" and claimed she owed Konstantin for Victor's past transgressions against the man. A shocked Sarah regrouped and asked Maggie if she was sure about the decision, since Victor had only died a short time before. Maggie reassured her daughter that she was at peace with the decision and that there was no need to worry. Xander was less diplomatic, calling Maggie's actions "insane" and "dangerous." He declared to Maggie, "You can't do this; we won't let you."

Xander rephrased more gently, saying that with "all the admiration and love in the world, you're making a huge mistake." Alex entered with the contracts for Maggie and, noticing the tension in the room, offered to leave. Maggie asked him to stay and, "in the interest of full disclosure," told him about the marriage proposal. "That's definitely news," Alex responded after a beat. Maggie prodded him about his lack of reaction, and Alex, too, let her know about being "decidedly in the nay column" regarding Konstantin.

Maggie testily insisted Alex didn't get a vote and told him he could see himself out. Xander followed Alex outside, leaving Sarah to defend the men's reactions to Maggie. Sarah claimed they were worried, and Sarah, too, was worried about Maggie protecting her heart. Maggie reassured Sarah and thanked her for the love and support. Sarah promised that if Konstantin hurt Maggie, he would not answer to Xander but to her. The women shared a warm hug.

Konstantin returned to the mansion with flowers and candy as "an expression of gratitude" for Maggie. She thanked him and said she wanted him to look over some papers. Konstantin tried to hide his expression when he realized the documents were a pre-nuptial agreement, but Maggie noticed his seemingly negative reaction. She asked Konstantin if he was surprised, as he should have been expecting it.

Maggie explained that her lawyers had encouraged her to draw up the agreement, and once the papers were signed, Konstantin and she could move forward with the marriage. Konstantin pasted on a smile and said, "Let's not wait another moment," then signed the document. He watched menacingly as Maggie put the agreement inside a safe behind the mirror.

After a tense exchange outside, Xander and Alex agreed that they were worried about Maggie. Xander vowed to do whatever he had to do to get Konstantin out of Maggie's life.

Sarah joined Xander for a walk after Alex left, and Xander reiterated his disbelief that Maggie could fall under the spell of someone like Konstantin. Sarah reminded him that the nuptials were a marriage of convenience, but she did believe that Maggie genuinely enjoyed Konstantin's company. She defended Konstantin, saying Xander and she should know better than anyone that people could change. Xander insisted Konstantin was a gold-digger with ties to organized crime. He would never accept Konstantin into his family.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen told a person on the phone that she would be happy to chaperone Rachel's school trip. After she hung up, she groused about having to "tame a bunch of elementary school brats" and decided to call someone. An annoyed Brady answered and asked what she wanted. Kristen put on a sweet voice and asked Brady if he wanted to chaperone Rachel's trip to the aquarium. Brady was skeptical about Kristen's true intentions, but after further coaxing, he agreed, as he had wanted to spend time with his daughter.

Kristen later ended a call about the DiMera scholarship when Rachel entered. The girl was excited about her trip and about seeing a famous whale. She was less enthused after Kristen revealed that Brady would be accompanying her. Rachel was confused because she had thought her mom didn't want her alone with her dad. When Kristen explained that a lot of people would be around and that Brady wanted to see her, Rachel grew excited again and asked Kristen to come along, too.

Kristen reminded Rachel that Rachel did not like it when her parents fought, and she didn't want to ruin Rachel's trip by arguing with her daughter's dad. She assured Rachel that Brady and she were working on getting along and then brought up having "grown-up friends." Kristen told Rachel that she had a boyfriend named Alex Kiriakis, and Kristen was certain Rachel would like him. Rachel just wanted a cookie and went to get one, reminding her mother to fill out the permission form for the trip before she left.

Kristen continued her round of phone calls by ringing up Alex, whom she invited over. Alex agreed, since Theresa had backed out of spending time with him. Later, Kristen let Alex into her bedroom. He looked around and remarked that he hadn't been expecting to "hang out" there. Kristen claimed she wanted privacy so they could discuss their plan to make Brady and Theresa jealous. Alex thought the plan wasn't going well, so Kristen moved closer and said in a sultry tone they needed to "up the ante."

Kristen suggested Alex spend the night so that Rachel could find them together the next morning and tell Brady. A surprised Alex wondered if Kristen had "traumatizing your kid" in mind, but Kristen clarified they would only be cuddling. She also believed Alex spending the night away would make Theresa jealous.

Alex seemed intrigued but said that, since Rachel was "a smart cookie," they needed to make the ruse believable and "really go for it." A smiling Kristen asked what he had in mind, and he moved in and kissed her. Kristen unbuttoned Alex's shirt and threw him on the bed. She climbed on top of him as the two continued kissing passionately.

At the Brady Pub, Brady invited an arriving Theresa to sit with him. She lamented her lost job and dejectedly stated she felt like "a total failure, professionally and personally."

Brady consoled Theresa by reminding her that she had turned her life around and that she had a wonderful son. "Would I ever lead you astray?" Brady asked. Theresa remembered there had been plenty of "lying" and "straying" when they had both been "high as kites." Brady asserted they were still standing, and Theresa had the freedom to make her own choices. Theresa took aim at herself for prioritizing money over finding "a job I love" and "someone I love."

Brady encouraged Theresa to follow her heart. She smiled at him, calling him a "good man" and "a rare breed." He added, "And it takes a damn good woman to notice." Theresa said she had to go, as she felt guilty for bailing on dinner with Alex. Brady made a face at the mention of Alex, and Theresa called him on it. Brady admitted he didn't know what Theresa was doing with Alex but backtracked and said it was none of his business.

Brady only wanted Theresa's happiness, and she thanked him before claiming Alex and she were only roommates, "for now." Brady wondered if Theresa wanted Alex back. She felt she might have overreacted about the non-proposal. Theresa thought that with her rejection, she could have pushed Alex too far.

Eric demands the truth from Sloan about Leo

Eric demands the truth from Sloan about Leo

Friday, April 26, 2024

After leaving the hospital, Paulina insisted that Abe take her to her office. "It is incumbent on me to act mayoral. You can only let things slide for so long," Paulina said. "I'm not arguing that. I want you to know that I am here for you. I'm willing to help," Abe said. Paulina told Abe that she appreciated his support.

With a groan, Paulina announced that she wanted to start with the district attorney. Paulina complained that between Stefan's plea deal and the embarrassing press conference that E.J. had held, E.J. had too much free rein. Abe warned Paulina that a war with the DiMeras never ended well, especially with E.J. Paulina countered that E.J. had more to fear from her.

In the DiMera living room, E.J. and Nicole relaxed after dinner. Nicole asked about the DiMera stock, and E.J. confirmed that it had leveled out. E.J. asked if there was anything in the newspaper. Nicole told E.J. that the paper had published E.J.'s apology to Tate. "I'm just waiting for that to be yesterday's news," E.J. muttered. Nicole continued to read, and she noted to herself, "Now this is interesting." E.J. suggested that they watch a movie, but Nicole said she needed to go out instead. "There's something I need to take care of," Nicole said.

After Johnny and Chanel opened a wedding present from Allie, they went into the living room and showed it to E.J. and Nicole. Nicole complimented the present, then she excused herself to go run her errand. "Actually, I have a wedding present for the two of you, as well," E.J. said. E.J. handed Johnny a check. "Thanks, Dad. That's a lot of zeroes," Johnny said. E.J. said he was happy to help the newlyweds start their life together.

"I also have something else I would like to talk about," E.J. said. E.J. invited Johnny to work at the family company. Johnny thanked E.J. for the offer, but he reminded E.J. that he was not interested in "the corporate life." "Priorities tend to change when you become a married man," E.J. countered. Chanel echoed Johnny, and she said she did not want her husband to work at a job that did not inspire him. E.J. said he understood.

"If you ever change your mind, let me know," E.J. said. With a nudge, Chanel encouraged Johnny to tell his father the news. Johnny announced that he and Chanel intended to move into an apartment. E.J. wished the couple well with their apartment search.

After Johnny and Chanel left, Paulina called E.J. Paulina demanded to see E.J. "Well, let me check my schedule, and see when I have free time, let's say, next week," E.J. said. "I am in my office. I expect to see my district attorney sitting across from me posthaste," Paulina countered. Paulina ended the call so that E.J. could not object.

After Johnny and Chanel looked at a few apartments, they walked through the town square and spotted Abe in the café. Abe invited the newlyweds to join him. As Johnny and Chanel talked about the issues with the various apartments, Abe chuckled. "Coming from the DiMera mansion, everything must seem small," Abe said. "Yeah, but at least it will be ours," Chanel said. Abe asked Johnny and Chanel if they felt okay after the ordeal on the island. "No. We tested fine, both of us," Chanel confirmed. "Yeah. No harm done," Johnny agreed.

At the paper, Leo was working on a story about Stefan when Sloan called to ask about whether Leo had secured a job for Eric. "Need I remind you, Leo, that you will not be seeing a penny of that blackmail money if I don't have money to pay my bills," Sloan said. Leo reminded Sloan that he had already agreed to a pay cut. After a moment of silence, Leo relented. Leo promised to work on a solution.

Chad walked into the office, and Leo hurriedly ended his call. "Is the column ready to go live?" Chad asked. "Almost. The photos aren't ready yet. You know, our photographer has been less than reliable as of late," Leo said. Chad noted that he had not been aware of the issue. Leo suggested that they find a backup photographer. When Chad agreed, Leo pretended to have just remembered that Eric had been looking for work. "I've seen his photography firsthand. He's uber talented. Shall I send you a link to his portfolio?" Leo offered. Chad nodded yes.

After Chad reviewed Eric's portfolio, he agreed to give Eric a shot. "But you're not going to hire him right away?" Leo asked. Chad explained that his priority was to fill a vacancy for a reporter. When Chad asked if Leo would be interested, Leo declined.

While Chad continued to work, Nicole walked into the office. Nicole explained that she had seen the ad in the paper for a reporter. "Do you want to recommend somebody?" Chad asked. "Yeah. Me," Nicole said. Nicole argued that although it had been awhile since her TV reporter days, she had run E.J.'s mayoral campaign and that she loved to chase down stories. "That's a hell of a pitch. Do you have any experience in print media?" Chad asked. Nicole admitted that she did not have any experience or writing samples.

"Nicole, you have more experience than Xander, Leo, and myself when we started. And the newsroom is a little bit male-heavy at the moment," Chad admitted. "Does that mean you're willing to take a chance on me?" Nicole asked. Chad agreed, but he told Nicole that she could not report on any story that involved E.J. "Sounds fair to me," Nicole said. Chad offered Nicole the job on a trial basis.

When E.J. arrived at Paulina's office, he asked why Paulina had summoned him late on a Friday night. "Need I remind you that, as the D.A., you are a servant of the people?" Paulina asked. Paulina argued that E.J. had not only not told her about the press conference but that the press conference had been a debacle. "And then you cut a sweetheart deal with your reprobate brother after only a few measly weeks served for trafficking narcotics to our children. What the hell, E.J.?" Paulina said. E.J. asked if there was anything else. Paulina reminded E.J. of the drug epidemic.

"You work for me and the people of this city. And you're getting far too big for your britches to be thinking that you can make those kinds of decisions unilaterally. This stops now," Paulina warned. E.J. reminded Paulina that she was also a servant to the people, and she had recklessly left the hospital when she had still been irradiated. Paulina argued that it had been necessary for her to have left isolation to help find her missing daughter.

"These are private matters," Paulina said. "I do believe the good people of Salem would disagree," E.J. said. E.J. informed Paulina that several first responders had reached out to him about the incident and that at least one had requested criminal charges against Paulina for her actions.

"What? No one was hurt," Paulina said. "They certainly could have been. You were lucky," E.J. countered. Paulina said she had no regrets for what she had done to save her daughter. "I've been hearing quite a few murmurs from the people about how they are wishing for the good old days of the other Mayor Carver, the sane one," E.J. said. Paulina scowled.

After work, Abe escorted Paulina home. Paulina complained about E.J.'s attitude and his comments. "Well, E.J. does know how to push the buttons, not unlike my beautiful and feisty wife," Abe said. Abe and Paulina sat down on the couch and watched a movie. "It is good to have you home," Abe said. "It's good to be home. I just hope the kids and Julie are okay," Paulina said. Abe told Paulina about his conversation with Johnny and Chanel. With a sigh of relief, Paulina said she was happy that Johnny and Chanel had decided not to continue to live with "the creepy D.A."

Worried, Paulina asked Abe if the couple had looked okay. "No lethargy or anything?" Paulina asked. "They were fine," Abe said. In the square, Chanel wavered on her feet. "I'm suddenly just so, so tired," Chanel told Johnny. As Johnny led Chanel toward home, she covered her mouth and appeared uncomfortable.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole listened patiently as E.J. poured a drink and ranted about Paulina. E.J. glanced over at Nicole, and he saw her disinterest. "I'm so sorry. I'm so caught up in the mayor and her drama that I forgot to ask you about your mysterious outing," E.J. said. Nicole informed E.J. that she had found a job as a reporter.

"Is that a good idea, given that I'm the D.A.? Not to mention you're adjacent to the goings-on at DiMera Enterprises. Isn't that a conflict of interest?" E.J. asked. Nicole explained that she had talked to Chad about the conflicts of interest. "I won't have anything to do with DiMera," Nicole said. Nicole added that she believed it was a job of which she could be proud.

"I love seeing that fire in your eyes again. So, I support you wholeheartedly," E.J. said. After a toast, E.J. pitched a story about Paulina's "unconscionable behavior during the Smith Island snowstorm." E.J. argued it would be a coup to get a story about the mayor's misappropriation of power. Nicole admitted she was unsure.

"To take off from the starting line with a potentially career-threatening accusation against our beloved mayor?" Nicole said. "Beloved by whom? Not the everyday citizens I've been talking to," E.J. countered. E.J. argued that Paulina had put the lives of other people at risk with her carelessness. "I think it is someone's duty to tell the truth. Even when the truth isn't pretty. Especially when the truth isn't pretty," E.J. said.

While E.J. stepped out to take a call, Nicole called Chad. "What's up? You didn't change your mind about the job already, did you?" Chad asked. Nicole said no. "Actually, I have a story to pitch," Nicole said. Chad told Nicole to go ahead. "Truthfully, it may be a little close to home for me to write. I'm not even sure if it's worth pursuing," Nicole admitted.

In the square, Eric sat on a bench and looked through the repeated credit card charges at the Salem Inn. "There can only be one explanation. Sloan is having an affair," Eric whispered. Eric called the credit card company.

Sloan was in her apartment when she received a notification that Dimitri was due to be released from prison. Panicked, Sloan called Melinda. "[Dimitri] knows about Jude! What if he talks?" Sloan asked. After Sloan's call to Melinda, she called Leo to ask to meet with him at the hotel.

In Leo's hotel room, he complained about his uninvited visitor. There was a knock at the door. "Sloan? Already? Did she fly over on her broomstick?" Leo said. When Leo opened the door, he was surprised to see Eric. Eric marched past Leo, despite Leo's protestations that he was waiting for his book club to arrive. "This is your room? And my wife is paying for it," Eric said. Leo's eyes went wide.

"Paying?" Leo said. Leo urged Eric to go home and let Sloan explain the situation. "I thought Sloan was having an affair, but after seeing you now, I realized I was wrong," Eric said. Leo nodded yes. Sloan banged on the door, and Leo opened the door a crack to tell Sloan to leave. "It's an emergency. It's Dimitri. He's about to be released from prison," Sloan hissed. "My Dimitri?" Leo gasped. Sloan pushed past Leo, and she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Eric. Eric asked Sloan why she was there.

"I've come to tell Leo that his boyfriend is being released from prison. Why are you here?" Sloan asked. "I'm trying to find out why you bankrupted our family to pay for Leo's room here," Eric countered. Sloan played dumb, so Eric showed Sloan the credit card bill. "You opened my mail?" Sloan asked indignantly. When Sloan complained about Eric's investigation, Eric warned Sloan not to play any more games.

"I'm here for the truth!" Eric yelled. Sloan lied and said that she had paid for Leo's room out of a sense of guilt. "I couldn't get the love of his life out of prison. And the poor guy had no job, he had no money. I was just trying to get him back on his feet," Sloan said. Leo called Sloan a saint because of how she had helped him.

"Do you know that Eric thought you were renting this room because you were having an affair with me?" Leo said. Sloan laughed. "I can buy that you're not having an affair and why you're helping Leo out. But he has a job now, so why are you still giving him money?" Eric asked. Leo admitted that he was a shopaholic. Leo apologized to Sloan for having taken advantage of her generosity, and he promised to pay her back. Leo asked for forgiveness, and Sloan forgave Leo. "Stop! I'm not sure if you are telling me the truth or not, but this stops right now, right here. No more excuses, no more generosity," Eric said.

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