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E.J. helped Sloan escape again. Roman banned Leo from the pub. Melinda blackmailed Rafe. Rafe and Stefan agreed to work together. Harris stopped Ava from murdering Clyde. Clyde told Chad that Abigail was alive. Nicole decided not to change Jude's name. Kristen broke up with Alex. Theresa slept with Brady. Alex committed to Theresa, despite not trusting her. Sarah left a voicemail for Xander's mother. Maggie enacted her plan at the wedding. Konstantin ordered John to kill, but John proved he was deprogrammed. Konstantin confessed that he had sabotaged Victor's plane.
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E.J. helped Sloan escape. Clyde told Chad that Abigail was alive. Maggie enacted her plan at the wedding.
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Nicole and Eric confront Sloan

Nicole and Eric confront Sloan

Monday, June 3, 2024

Outside the Bistro, Kristen made cracks about Stefan dragging her to his "low-class little eatery." He reasoned that they couldn't talk at the mansion with E.J. "doting" over his new baby. Stefan brought Kristen up to date on his meeting with Melinda. Kristen was incredulous that Melinda had rebuked the "smoking gun" evidence and wondered aloud why the D.A. was refusing to reopen the case, especially given Melinda's prior relationship with the murder victim.

Stefan pressed Kristen on finding another way to exonerate Gabi if Kristen wanted the CEO position at DiMera. Kristen thought it over briefly and, with a grin, announced to a skeptical Stefan that she had a plan. When Kristen mentioned Melinda's prior "crush" on Stefan, he realized Kristen's plan: "you want me to seduce Melinda Trask." Kristen snapped her fingers and beamed. "By George, I think he's got it," she happily clarified.

Stefan balked at the notion that Melinda would suddenly reopen the case if he slept with her. Kristen reasoned that Stefan would be "highly motivated" to make Melinda happy. Stefan did not want to betray Gabi. Kristen shot back that all of Stefan's "passion and love" for Gabi hadn't stopped him from sleeping with Ava. Stefan tried to deny it, but Kristen assured him that she understood because Stefan was "human."

Stefan angrily banged the table and demanded to know how Kristen had found out. Kristen revealed that Ava had "spilled" about her and Stefan "doing the dirty." Stefan warned Kristen not to tell anyone. Kristen retorted that Stefan should be more worried about Ava's loose lips because, if Gabi found out, "there would be hell to pay."

Stefan again urged Kristen to stay quiet about his tryst with Ava. He let his sister know in no uncertain terms that he would not betray Gabi again with anyone. Kristen guessed he was turning down her suggestion to seduce Melinda. Stefan insisted there had to be another way.

In the D.A.'s office, Melinda scoffed as Rafe pronounced that she was under arrest. Rafe informed an uneasy Melinda that he had spoken with Eric, who had confirmed Rafe's belief that she had been involved in the baby switch "up to your neck." He told Melinda about Eric's assertion that Melinda had personally handed Jude off to Sloan and Eric. Melinda tried to invoke attorney-client privilege. Rafe was unfazed and suggested Melinda could answer his questions downtown, where she would be booked for kidnapping.

Melinda warned Rafe to stop as he began to read her Miranda Rights. Rafe told Melinda that she would be punished for being complicit in the baby switch and for causing pain to so many people. Melinda asked Rafe if he would proceed at his sister's expense. Rafe snapped that Sloan's crimes had nothing to do with his sister, but Melinda reminded him that Stefan had brought Melinda new evidence.

Rafe said he had hoped the "compelling" evidence would clear Gabi. Melinda mused that Rafe's hope would only be realized if he could evaluate the evidence, which was in Melinda's possession. Rafe realized what Melinda was implying and called her out for attempting blackmail and concealment of evidence. She assured him that she had the evidence for "safekeeping" in a hidden location. Melinda then issued a veiled threat that the evidence might be destroyed if Rafe pursued charges against her.

Melinda argued that if she had been hypothetically involved with Sloan's crime, then Melinda would merely be charged as an accessory. Since the lie had been rectified and Nicole had been reunited with her son, it was in everyone's best interests -- including Gabi's -- for Rafe to ensure that Melinda stayed free and clear of any charges.

Rafe again threatened to arrest Melinda. She extended her arms and invited him to go ahead. Before he took that step, she suggested that Rafe should think about how he would tell his sister that in his efforts to get justice against Melinda, he had forsaken justice for Gabi. Melinda proposed immunity for herself in exchange for the evidence. Rafe reluctantly took the deal. Before he left, he warned Melinda that if she failed to follow through, he would make it his mission to "lock you up and throw away the key." Melinda's bravado crumbled when Rafe departed, and she looked visibly shaken.

Outside the Brady Pub, Leo prodded E.J. about why E.J. had paid him off to keep quiet. E.J. tried to protest that Leo had been too drunk to understand his reasons. Leo was undeterred and asked why E.J. had made him "rich...or comfortably getting keep you away from your own son." E.J. deflected by asking Leo why he cared when he had gotten paid handsomely. Leo attributed his curiosity to his "Lady Whistleblower" instincts and to E.J.'s renowned penchant for having "mysterious suitcases full of money."

E.J. relented and made up a story about wanting to spare Nicole the pain of losing her child again if Sloan's claims had proven false. Leo still had doubts and wondered why E.J. had not just asked him to keep quiet. E.J. patted Leo's cheek and reminded him of Leo's tendency to "blurt" out information. He claimed he had wanted to give Leo a "financial incentive" to stay silent. E.J. reassured Leo that he would not want the money he had given Leo returned, and E.J. called the payoff "a token of goodwill." Leo sarcastically compared E.J. to a "Salvation Army bell-ringer." With an easy smile, E.J. told Leo that he needed to get back to Nicole, and he left.

Inside the pub, Roman reminisced about holding Jude for the first time. Kate brought him out of the reverie and claimed she had been calling his name. Roman admitted that he was distracted because E.J. had just left with the baby who "used to be my grandson."

At a table, Roman lamented about the pain Eric was experiencing. He believed Eric was channeling his grief into searching for Sloan. Roman blasted Sloan as "bad news," and he told Kate he'd had reservations about Sloan ever since Sloan had rejected the family chowder. Kate joked that Roman's chowder was the "Brady litmus test," and she took Roman's hand for comfort. Just as Leo entered the pub, Roman vehemently stated that he wanted to see "everyone" involved in the deception "get what's coming to them."

An unaware Leo strolled up to Roman and asked what was on the menu. "A knuckle sandwich," Roman deadpanned. Leo continued to ramble about his options before Roman stopped him and declared that he was refusing Leo service. Leo wondered if his "loud" pants were the problem, but Roman clarified that Eric had revealed everything about Leo's role in the baby switch. He called Leo "pathetic" for profiting off "the misery of others."

Leo sputtered that he was a strong opponent of blackmail, as he had joined marches and worn T-shirts against the practice. Roman insisted he knew the truth and that Sloan had confirmed it to Eric. Leo defended that he had not been involved with the switch or the return of the baby. He decried Sloan as a "lying liar of a baby thief" and negatively compared Sloan to his own mother. Leo dismissed the accusations against him as rumors. Kate cautioned that Leo should be praying that Sloan was not found because Sloan would not hesitate to drag Leo down with her. Leo quoted Confucius and then made up his own quote about "having a heart as big as all outdoors." He walked off and left a confused Roman and Kate behind.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole called Sloan out on her attempts to apologize and justify her actions. Nicole knew that Sloan didn't want to live life on the run, so she had come to Nicole, expecting a free pass. "Luckily, Statesville is ready to welcome you for an extended stay," Nicole offered. Sloan spat that Nicole was a "hypocrite" and rushed to leave when she saw Nicole reaching for the phone. Sloan ran directly into Eric, who demanded to know what she was doing there.

Nicole interjected that Sloan had tried to "make a truce, but I told her to go to hell." Nicole started dialing the police again. Sloan attempted to leave, but Eric stopped her. Nicole reached Rafe's voicemail and told him about Sloan's presence. She wanted him to arrest Sloan.

Eric commanded Sloan to stay and angrily declared that she would pay for what she had done. Sloan believed that she had already been punished by losing the two people who meant the most to her: Eric and Jude. She invoked Eric's faith and his belief in forgiveness. Sloan further reiterated her point with a Bible verse Eric had once quoted to her: "if they repent, forgive them." Nicole rolled her eyes as Eric listened to Sloan's plea.

Sloan stressed that she did not expect Eric or Nicole's forgiveness, but she comforted herself with the certainty that she had done it for love. Eric lashed out that Sloan's actions had been "selfish, cruel, and deluded" and that they had nothing to do with love. Sloan had let him fall in love with a child that was not his own. Sloan insisted that Eric hadn't known the whole story.

When Eric angrily asked for clarification, Sloan began that "there's more to it than you know." She was interrupted by E.J, who arrived with Jude. E.J. sharply cut off Sloan and asked what had happened as he noticed Nicole's bruised hand. Nicole explained that Sloan had tried to defend her actions and that Nicole had punched Sloan in response. After Nicole mentioned Sloan claiming that there was "more to the story," an irate E.J. grabbed Sloan and said he was personally taking her to the police station.

E.J. rebuffed Eric's attempts to go with him and asked Eric to stay with Nicole. As he led Sloan out, she again said she was sorry and exclaimed that she loved Eric. "Goodbye, Sloan," Eric sadly said. When they were alone, Eric apologized to Nicole for the "intense" encounter with Sloan. Nicole believed the confrontation had been just as difficult for Eric. He stated that Sloan would be punished, along with her friend Melinda. Nicole expressed shock as Eric revealed Melinda's possible involvement in perpetuating the lie.

Nicole settled Jude down for a nap. Eric told her about Jude's nap times and his bedtime. He got misty-eyed as he reminisced about rocking Jude to sleep. Nicole realized that being around Jude had to be difficult for Eric. He admitted that it was and told Nicole he was going to catch up with E.J. and help him with Sloan. Eric wished her well in bonding with her son and then left. Nicole sighed and grew tearful as she watched him go.

With happier tears, Nicole sat beside Jude's crib and opened up about how she had "ached" for him and dreamed about him every day. She flashed back to E.J. finding her after she had taken Jude. Nicole pledged to her son, "You were always alive in my heart and in my soul." She smiled broadly while she stroked Jude, but her expression darkened as she looked to the door. "Mommy is going to do everything in her power to make Sloan pay for taking you away from me," she vowed.

Outside the mansion, E.J. raged at Sloan for almost revealing the secret about Jude's paternity. He promised to make her life "a living hell" if she reneged on their deal. Sloan defended that she had wanted "insurance," so she had appealed to Nicole. E.J. mockingly asked how that had worked out for her. She admitted it hadn't gone well, but she didn't know if she could handle a life on the run and constantly looking over her shoulder for the police.

E.J. spat that Sloan would follow through with their original agreement and "disappear forever."

Later, Eric discovered E.J. seemingly knocked out and rushed to his aid. E.J. roused, rubbed his head, and claimed that Sloan had hit him and fled. Eric took off in the direction E.J. said she had gone. When Eric was out of sight, Sloan approached and tried to thank E.J. E.J. refused Sloan's thanks and ordered, "Get the hell out of here and never darken my doorstep again." Sloan flinched, then obliged.

Ava lays a trap for Clyde in Montana

Ava lays a trap for Clyde in Montana

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

At the hospital, Kayla noticed Sarah's ring, and Sarah confirmed she was engaged to Xander. "I just wanted a ring tattoo, but I think my mother will murder me if I get another tattoo," Sarah said. "I'm not [a fan], either. And I hear they're kind of hard to get off," Kayla said. Sarah shifted uncomfortably, and she asked Kayla why she would need to remove her tattoo.

"Isn't it obvious? Your boss thinks I'm going to screw things up between us again," Xander said as he walked up. Kayla told Xander that she had not meant to insinuate anything. Xander smirked. Sarah said it was fine. "I'm sorry. It was a clumsy comment. I really wish the best for both of you. I hope it works out this time," Kayla added. Xander promised that he had finally learned his lesson. "All that matters to me now is being a good husband and father and having the love and respect of this woman right here," Xander said.

After Kayla left, Xander confirmed that Maggie had been happy to take a break from wedding planning to babysit Victoria. "You'll be happy to know I avoided the subject of the swine that she's engaged to and how I think marrying him is a terrible idea," Xander muttered. Sarah laughed. "I'm very proud of you for your restraint. I mean, we know it's not a real marriage," Sarah said. With a shake of his head, Xander said he hated the idea of Maggie joining with Konstantin for any reason.

"I'm just so grateful and lucky to be marrying for love. Marrying the woman of my dreams, no less," Xander said. Sarah broached the subject of the guest list. "I want to invite your mother," Sarah said. Xander's smile disappeared, and he reminded Sarah that he had no contact with his mother. "I just thought that maybe this might be a good opportunity for you to reconnect," Sarah said. Sarah argued that there had to have been good times for Xander and his mother.

"There could have been some good times whenever she laid the bottle down. But she never did, Sarah. Because she's a drunk. And a mean one at that," Xander said. Sarah told Xander that she understood what it was like to be the child of an alcoholic, but Xander argued that his situation was different. "My mum's an unrepentant alcoholic. And trust me, even when she is sober, she's no Maggie Horton," Xander countered. Sarah noted that it was possible that Xander's mother had changed since he had last spoken to her, but Xander disagreed.

"The woman is incapable of change. She has no desire to become sober. She never had a soul-searching moment in her whole life. She's quite pleased with herself, actually," Xander said. Sarah shrugged. "I guess it's unwise to give anyone with a checkered past a second chance, which does call into question some of my very recent decisions," Sarah said as she tapped her ring finger against her cheek. Xander sighed, and he noted that even if he did consider inviting his mother to the wedding, he did not know where to find her.

"I'm very happy to track her down, but really only if you're okay with it," Sarah said. Sarah added that she believed it would be good for Victoria to get to know her paternal grandmother. "You know I'll do anything for our daughter. All right. I'll agree, but only for Victoria's sake," Xander said. Sarah squealed with joy. Xander warned Sarah to lower her expectations. "I'm not convinced this is the best idea, but I do appreciate the gesture. I know your heart is in the right place," Xander said. Sarah thanked Xander. With a grin, Xander noted that if things went horribly, he reserved the right to say, "I told you so."

At the Johnson residence, Steve was packing for a trip when Chad knocked on the door. "I need to know what's going on," Chad demanded. Steve attempted to avoid an answer, but Chad yelled that he would not leave until Steve told him everything. Steve updated Chad with all he knew from Harris. "It shouldn't be long before we get him [in Montana]," Steve said. Worried, Chad argued that they could not take any chances with Clyde, and he insisted that he go to Montana with Steve.

After Chad ordered the DiMera jet, Steve attempted to dissuade Chad from going with him. "You have two young children to think about," Steve pleaded. "What do you think I'm doing this for?" Chad yelled. Chad argued that he needed to eliminate the greatest threat to his family. "You are not trained for this," Steve said. Chad reminded Steve of how useful he had been on the ship when they had rescued Kate. Steve was reluctant to agree, so Chad reminded him that Chad was the one with the gassed-up jet. "I'm gonna be on that plane with or without you," Chad said. With a sigh, Steve agreed.

As Steve and Chad started to leave, they ran into Kayla. "Where are you two off to?" Kayla asked. "Harris and Ava are hunting Weston in Montana. Chad and I are going to join them," Steve said. Kayla was annoyed that Steve had planned to leave without telling her. "I was going to text you," Steve said. When Kayla glared at Steve, Chad offered to meet Steve at the airfield so that Steve and Kayla could talk in private.

After Chad left, Kayla lit into Steve. "I'm responsible for breaking Weston out of prison. He nearly killed Tripp. I need to make him pay for that," Steve said. "You need to let Harris and Ava handle it," Kayla argued. With a shake of his head, Steve said he could not watch "from the sidelines." Kayla reminded Steve that his family was not in danger and that he did not need to risk his life "this time."

"As long as Weston is still out there, we're all in danger," Steve countered. "Let's just say that that's true. Why does it always have to be you?" Kayla asked. Steve said he felt compelled to take action, because that was who he was as a person. "You used to love that about me," Steve said. Kayla told Steve that she loved his bravery and that he made the family feel safe, but he had made some terrible decisions in the past, too.

"I did not love when you made the unilateral decision to abandon your family in Africa. I did not feel safe when we lost all those years together," Kayla said. "I was protecting you then and our kids," Steve countered. "At what cost? I can't do it again," Kayla said. Kayla turned her back on Steve, and she said she could not lose him. When Steve promised that she would not lose him, she argued that he could not keep that promise.

"You're right. I should have consulted you first. But I have to do this," Steve said. "Why?" Kayla asked. Steve explained that he believed that Ava intended to kill Clyde, and he needed to be there. "To stop her? Or to help her commit murder?" Kayla asked. Steve admitted that he had been toying with the idea of letting Ava murder Clyde because Clyde deserved it.

"That is not how justice works," Kayla said. "I'm ashamed of it, but sometimes, I don't want justice," Steve confessed. Steve begged Kayla to let him go. "If your intention is that you are going to go and kill Weston, no. You need to keep out of it. You need to stay right here. And you need to do that for me," Kayla demanded. After a moment, Steve agreed to stay. Steve's phone beeped with a message. "Chad couldn't wait. He left without me," Steve said. Steve hugged Kayla.

In the pub, Roman and Kate complained about Leo's complicity in the baby switch. "He could have saved my son a whole lot of heartache," Roman grumbled. "He could have saved you a whole lot of heartache, as well," Kate agreed. As Kate held Roman's hand, he told her that he knew she related to the feeling of not being able to help one's child when they were suffering. With a sigh, Kate talked about Lucas' loneliness at the monastery.

"I'm trying to limit my contact with him, so I won't accidentally put him in danger," Kate said. Roman encouraged Kate to call Lucas so that it would ease her mind. After a call to the monastery, Kate learned that Lucas had left with Harris. "My God, what is he going to do with my son now?" Kate said. "All [Ava] told me was that she and Harris were leaving town for a couple days," Roman confirmed. Roman and Kate agreed that the group was going after Clyde.

"I wish that they would just leave Lucas out of it!" Kate said. Frustrated, Kate complained that if anything happened to her son, she would "take out" Harris and Ava herself. Roman urged Kate to calm down, but she continued to worry aloud about Lucas. "We don't know that Lucas is in any danger. And if something is wrong, he can take care of himself," Roman assured Kate. Kate nodded.

"I really wish he had stayed in prison because his sentence was going to be up in a year," Kate muttered. "But if he and Harris catch Clyde, he could be home soon. He could walk right through that door a free man," Roman countered. With a shake of her head, Kate noted that Lucas could also return home in a body bag.

In Montana, Lucas and Ava watched over a tied-up Goldman in their hotel room. "You're going to lead us right to Clyde," Ava said. Lucas took off Goldman's gag, and she started to scream for help. Lucas re-gagged Goldman. Ava pointed a gun at Goldman and warned her not to pull any more stunts. "You may as well cooperate. The ISA has already cracked the code on Clyde's little black book. And the DEA and the FBI have a full list of all his associates," Lucas said. Lucas told Goldman that law enforcement was rounding up everyone.

"Clyde's buddies won't hesitate to give up his location to save their own skin. There's no point in protecting him anymore. He's screwed," Ava said. Lucas urged Goldman to help them in exchange for a deal with law enforcement. Goldman scoffed. "Well, I guess Montana is as good a place as any to get rid of a body," Ava said. Ava pointed the gun at Goldman. With a grin, Ava said she was glad that Goldman had refused to cooperate.

"Ever since you nearly killed my son, I've just been itching, itching to get revenge. Step away, Lucas. You're in the splatter zone," Ava said. Lucas refused to let Ava shoot Goldman. "If you do this, then I'll be an accessory to murder," Lucas said. Lucas argued that it would mean more prison time instead of release. Lucas gently made Ava lower the weapon.

Frustrated, Ava left the motel and searched Goldman's car. When Ava returned, she showed Lucas a phone she had found. Ava used Goldman's face to open the phone with facial recognition. "You missed a bunch of texts here from Clyde. He's not real happy," Ava said. With a chuckle, Ava read through a few texts.

"Sounds like a man who knows he is running out of time. So, we gotta find him before he bails on us," Lucas said. With a puzzled look, Ava noted that one text was oddly phrased. "Our happy camper days are over," Ava read aloud. Lucas gasped. "[On the drive in], I saw a sign that said the Happy Camper Campground," Lucas said. Goldman glared. Ava texted Clyde, "On my way. Don't leave without me."

Ava was eager to go to the campground, but Lucas did not want to let Ava confront Clyde on her own. "I'm just gonna make sure he doesn't leave, all right?" Ava said. "I think we should call Harris," Lucas said. Ava promised to call Harris in the car on the drive over to the campground. "I think we've made enough moves without him," Lucas argued. Ava told Lucas to shut up and help her.

Harris roughed up a man named Snake to get information out of him about Clyde. Snake played dumb. "You have a very small window of opportunity, okay? You can either save yourself and talk. Or you can be honorable, like the crook you are, and go down with the ship," Harris said. Snake refused to admit that he knew Clyde. "But if he is anything like you've said, he probably doesn't take too kindly to snitches," Snake said. Snake argued that it would be foolish to turn on someone like Clyde.

With a chuckle, Harris noted that it was not his first conversation with a henchman. "You're still a cop. And my name's Snake, not rat," Snake sneered. Harris grabbed Snake by the shirt and noted, "I guess we're going to do this the hard way." Snake threatened to sue Harris, but Harris assured Snake that he did not plan to beat Snake. Harris took Snake's phone.

"That's an invasion of privacy!" Snake protested. Harris looked through Snake's location history. "You made several trips to the Happy Camper Campground. Like clockwork," Harris said. Harris tucked the phone in Snake's shirt pocket. "I got what I needed," Harris said. As Harris started to leave a handcuffed Snake in the alleyway, Snake pleaded for Harris not to leave him exposed. "I'll have the cops check on you once they got Clyde into custody," Harris said.

At the motel, Lucas chuckled as he saw new texts from Clyde. "Maybe I should stall," Lucas said. Lucas texted Clyde, then he turned his attention to Goldman. Lucas asked Goldman how she had met Clyde. As Goldman was gagged, she just rolled her eyes. "You know my mom dated Clyde," Lucas said. Goldman groaned with disgust. Lucas noted that Kate's first husband had been far worse than Clyde. Before Lucas could say any more, his phone beeped. Lucas looked at his phone, and he saw all the missed calls and texts from his mother.

Lucas called Kate, and he attempted to lie about where he had been. "Save it! I know that you're with Harris," Kate said. Lucas explained that Harris had a lead on Clyde. Kate warned Lucas that he needed to work on his early release, not chase Clyde. "If it'll make you feel any better, I think we found Clyde," Lucas said. "How is that going to make me feel any better? Clyde is the danger. Now you're closer to him," Kate said. Lucas assured Kate that everything would be fine.

At the campground, Ava disguised herself in Goldman's clothes and waited for Clyde. "What the hell took you so long? We have got to get out of here before the Feds show up. I ain't going back to prison," Clyde grumbled. "You got that right. You're going straight to hell," Ava said as she turned and pointed a gun at Clyde. Clyde asked about Goldman.

"She's tied up at the moment. Now put the bag down slowly and kick it away," Ava said. Clyde obliged. "So, you're the reason everything is going to hell. Let me guess. You sold me out to the Feds, didn't you? You and that ex-Navy SEAL boyfriend of yours," Clyde said. Ava told Clyde that it had been a mistake to go after her family.

"And now you're gonna pay," Ava said. Clyde argued that he could go after Ava and her family from prison. "You'll never be safe again," Clyde growled. Ava disagreed. "Give my best to the devil," Ava said. Clyde warned Ava that if she killed him, she would go to prison. "This isn't my first rodeo. The gun is untraceable. And if I want, no one will ever be able to find your body. Or what's left of it," Ava said. Clyde asked to talk.

"I got nothing to say about it. You tried to kill my son, and now I am gonna kill you. End of story," Ava said. Harris ran into the clearing, and he pleaded with Ava to stop. "What the hell are you doing?" Harris asked.

Clyde makes a stunning claim to Chad

Clyde makes a stunning claim to Chad

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

E.J. stormed into Melinda's office and demanded to talk with her. Melinda assumed E.J. wanted to rage about her taking his job, but he clarified that Sloan was the topic of discussion. E.J. updated Melinda on Sloan's flight. He also informed Melinda that Nicole believed he was at the hospital, being treated for a concussion. Melinda continued to play dumb and asked what any of it had to do with her.

E.J. mused that since Sloan was gone, Melinda was the only remaining person besides him to know Jude's true paternity. Melinda still acted ignorant of what E.J. was saying but eventually gave up the act when E.J. made it clear that he had discovered the entire truth. Melinda was angry because she thought Sloan had betrayed their agreement. E.J. said it didn't matter how he had found out, and he wondered why Melinda had been willing to risk her career and her freedom for Sloan.

Melinda acted offended at E.J.'s insinuation that she was only out for personal gain. She insisted she had a heart and that she had not wanted to see her friend suffer. E.J. blasted Melinda for letting Nicole suffer and rebuffed Melinda's attempts to spin her actions as "a noble act of friendship." Melinda reasoned that letting Jude be raised by his biological father had mitigated her actions. E.J. again lashed out at Melinda for keeping Nicole away from Jude.

Melinda shot back that E.J. was doing the same thing to Eric. She derided E.J.'s "holier-than-thou" act and reminded him that he had been more than happy to let Nicole continue believing her child was dead until he had spotted Eric and Nicole kissing. Melinda cast E.J.'s actions as a desperate attempt to keep Nicole from "the man she truly loves." E.J. sneered that Eric was "a sanctimonious pretender" who had always made Nicole feel worthless. E.J., on the other hand, had accepted and loved Nicole as she was.

E.J. was certain he and Nicole had been "forged in fire" and that Jude would cement their relationship. Melinda remembered having to give up her own child and lambasted E.J. for not thinking about Jude and the impact being taken away from his family would have on the boy. She also poked E.J. about the prospect of raising a child that would eventually look and act like Eric, the man whom E.J. "despised." E.J. bristled but insisted that Jude would be raised as a DiMera who would "want for nothing." Melinda argued that Jude would be deprived of his identity and that the child would be raised by "a cold-hearted swine" in E.J.

E.J. chastised Melinda for her hypocrisy, as she had been willing to keep Jude from his mother. He advised Melinda that it would be in everyone's best interest if the truth stayed hidden. Melinda speculated as to whether an agreement with E.J. would include a payoff, as E.J. had done with Leo. After letting E.J. know she was aware of E.J.'s bribe to Leo, she assured E.J. that she already had sufficient motivation to keep quiet. Melinda then suggested that she might need a future favor, and a smiling E.J. promised her he would "happily oblige" any favor.

After E.J. left, Melinda propped her feet on the desk. "It's good to be back," she said with a chuckle.

Eric entered the DiMera mansion and told Nicole that he couldn't find Sloan. Nicole cursed Sloan and called Rafe again. Rafe was shocked when Nicole filled him in on what had happened with Sloan. The idea that Sloan could have gotten the better of E.J. bewildered Rafe. Nicole agreed but stressed that they should prioritize finding the fugitive.

Later, Nicole sat with Eric and denounced Sloan's nerve in expecting Nicole's forgiveness. Eric asserted to Nicole that Sloan would be punished and that Sloan had already lost everything that mattered to her. Nicole refused to feel pity for Sloan or for her accomplice, Melinda. Eric and Nicole hoped that Rafe had already arrested the D.A. Neither could imagine what Melinda could have possibly gained from the deception.

Nicole shared how satisfying and cathartic it had felt when she had finally gotten the opportunity to confront Sloan. But Nicole also knew that Eric's feelings were likely more complicated, since he had loved Sloan. Eric teared up and wondered if his relationship with Sloan had ever been real.

As Eric and Nicole watched over a napping Jude, Nicole said the boy had not been sleeping well. Eric suggested taking Jude out in the stroller. Nicole thanked Eric and was receptive to anything else Eric could tell her to make the "transition" easier for Jude. Eric mentioned giving Nicole the birth certificate so that she could begin the process of changing Jude's name. Nicole had been thinking of keeping the name because she liked it and because Jude was used to it.

Eric admitted that he would "love" for Nicole to keep Jude's name because she had inspired the name. Nicole was perplexed as to how she could have influenced Eric's choice. Eric explained that St. Jude was associated with finding faith through hopelessness. Nicole understood but had believed that Eric had been thinking about his lost child with Sloan. Eric revealed that on "a much deeper level," he had been thinking about Nicole.

Nicole told Eric that he had restored her hope when he had returned Jude. She expressed sorrow that Eric's hope had been taken away at the same time. While Nicole had lost six months with her son, Eric would be losing a lifetime. She again reiterated that Eric could spend as much time with Jude as he wanted. Eric thought it would make things harder for himself and for Jude. Plus, E.J. wouldn't approve.

Eric turned to leave, but Nicole stopped him. Nicole told Eric she would always be there for him. He smiled and said he knew. E.J. arrived and interrupted the moment. E.J. lied to Nicole that the doctor had given him a clean bill of health then implied to Eric that Nicole and he would be settling down for a meal. Eric excused himself and lingered at the crib. He sadly told Jude goodbye and left.

Following Eric's departure, a shaken Nicole tried to turn her attention to E.J. She told him the police would stay focused on the search for Sloan, which prompted E.J. to snidely remark that Sloan would never be seen again. Nicole fussed over E.J.'s "wound" and embraced him, while he looked satisfied.

After ending the call with Nicole, Rafe contacted someone and reminded them about the APB on Sloan. He told the person to keep him updated and hung up. Stefan approached Rafe from the other end of Horton Town Square. He vented to Rafe about his appointment with Melinda. Rafe shared Stefan's frustrations.

Rafe told Stefan about Rafe's own encounter with Melinda. Stefan's anger grew after Rafe revealed that Melinda was keeping the evidence that could clear Gabi hidden as part of a blackmail attempt. Rafe refused to tell Stefan what Melinda specifically had done, so Stefan tossed around other plans and suggestions for freeing Gabi. He dismissed the idea of approaching Paulina again after Rafe pointed out the cons. Stefan contested that he would not be too proud to "beg and bribe" the governor if it would help.

Stefan brought up Kristen's suggestion that he sleep with Melinda, but he quickly assured Rafe that he had shot down the idea immediately. Rafe thanked Stefan for continuing to stand by Gabi. Rafe further told him that Stefan's "love and faithfulness" had been Gabi's lifeline. A guilty Stefan flashed back to sleeping with Ava.

Stefan doubted that any new evidence could be uncovered. He had higher hopes, though, after Rafe brought him up to speed on the breakthrough in cracking the code in Clyde's book. Rafe believed Clyde was the key to proving that Gil had killed Li. Stefan wondered what motivation Clyde would need to talk. Rafe likened Clyde to a "cockroach" who would do anything necessary to survive, even if it meant a plea deal.

Stefan theorized about what might happen if Clyde were left alone in an interrogation room with Rafe and him. Rafe vowed that despite the odds, Stefan and he would help Gabi because they shared a love for her and a belief in her innocence. Rafe got a text message and left. Stefan remained at the table, gazing at his wedding ring.

In the Montana woods, Ava held a gun on Clyde and promised he would pay. Clyde retorted that Ava would be the one to pay because he could get to her and her family from behind bars. Ava deadpanned that she would be safe when Clyde was in hell. With a steady voice, she said, "Give my regards to the devil."

Clyde hastily reminded Ava that she would go to prison if she killed him. Ava in turn reminded Clyde that his death wouldn't be her "first rodeo." She reasoned that she could make the gun and the body disappear easily. Ava cocked the gun and prepared to shoot, but Harris rushed up and pleaded with Ava to stop. Ava continued pointing the gun at Clyde and told Harris to let her handle it. "Let me put all of us out of Clyde's misery once and for all," she said while holding Clyde's stare.

Ava tearfully stated that as long as Clyde was alive, neither she nor her family would ever be safe. She had known men like Clyde before, and they were incapable of change. Even behind bars, Clyde had remained a threat. Harris implored Ava to trust him. Reluctantly, Ava handed over the gun to Harris. He put it down and aimed his own gun at Clyde.

Harris cuffed Clyde, who smirked at Ava and protested that the cuffs were too tight. Harris urged Ava to return to the hotel room. She eventually agreed and muttered to Clyde "See you in hell" as she passed him.

In the hotel room, Lucas protested to Kate over the phone that he was fine, despite his "outlaw" and "fugitive" status. Later, Lucas welcomed Ava back. He grinned as he informed her that Goldman had been taken away "kicking and screaming" by the Feds. Ava updated Lucas on Clyde being apprehended. She was surprised when Lucas revealed that Chad had shown up at the hotel and had gone off in pursuit of Clyde. Lucas hoped that Chad could find the information he needed but was worried that Chad would interfere with Clyde's arrest.

Ava reassured Lucas that Harris had it covered and that Harris would honor his promise about securing Lucas' freedom. Ava confessed that she had almost derailed the plan herself, but Harris had stopped her. Lucas believed Harris cared deeply for Ava. She wasn't sure Harris would feel the same way if he knew some of the things she had kept from him.

Lucas tried to comfort Ava with the notion that no matter what she had done, Harris would forgive her. Ava cracked that she shouldn't be taking relationship advice from a guy who had kidnapped his ex. Lucas admitted his faults but believed that if he had not gone to extremes, he and Sami would still be together. Ava worried about the impact of her extreme actions on her relationship with Harris.

As Harris prepared to take Clyde into custody, Chad arrived at the campground and picked up the gun from the picnic table. He pointed it at Clyde and proclaimed that they needed to talk. Harris tried to talk Chad down, but Chad was unrelenting.

Without breaking eye contact with Clyde, Chad stated to Harris that he had come across new information that indicated that Clyde had lied about the reason for Abigail's murder. "Why does it matter? Dead is dead," Clyde coldly said. With tears in his eyes, Chad affirmed that it mattered because Abigail was the love of his life. It also mattered because his children no longer had a mother, and one day, they would want to know why. Chad twice commanded Clyde to confirm that the murder had been premeditated.

Clyde remained silent, so Harris tried to step in again. Chad refused to give up the gun because it was his only way to get Clyde to talk. He wanted Clyde to admit that Abigail and not Belle had been the target that night because Abigail had been closing in on Clyde's drug trade. Clyde only said that he had wanted to shut Belle up "something bad." Chad insisted that Clyde had known Abigail would be alone, so he had waited for his moment and then "plunged a knife into my wife's stomach over and over again."

An emotional Chad lamented that he could have protected his wife if he had arrived home sooner, but he vowed that he could avenge Abigail. Clyde spat out that Abigail hadn't been killed over "dirty drug money." It had been "much more than that," Clyde claimed before viciously affirming that Abigail and Chad had both gotten what they'd deserved. "I shouldn't have hesitated to put a bullet in your head," Chad bellowed. Clyde dismissed Chad as too weak.

"Do it; be a man and pull the trigger," Clyde challenged. Harris desperately tried to keep an increasingly irate Chad from taking the shot.

Clyde held his hands up and reminded Chad about the saying that with "an eye for an eye, everybody goes blind." Chad asked Clyde if he was finally scared. He then asked Clyde to think about how scared Abigail had felt during her final moments. Clyde insisted that there was no way for him to know. Chad demanded to know what Clyde meant. "I didn't kill her," Clyde declared, stating, "Abigail is alive."

Clyde is captured

Clyde is captured

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Julie showed Maggie around the newly renovated Horton house. Maggie asked if Julie had had any luck opening the time capsule, but Julie had still not found the key.

Julie advised Maggie not to marry Konstantin. Maggie reiterated that it was to be a marriage of convenience, in order to allow Konstantin to stay in the country. Julie was concerned about the story Konstantin had told about the loss of his daughter. Julie figured that no one could get past Victor's role in that tragedy. Maggie explained that Konstantin had found a way to be forgiving, but Julie didn't believe it. Julie was certain that Konstantin was seeking revenge.

Maggie tried to explain that Victor and Konstantin had made amends, but Julie didn't buy it. She believed that Maggie was too smart to be gullible and that something was off. Maggie asked Julie to trust that Maggie knew what she was doing. Julie surmised that Maggie had a plan, and Julie wanted to know what the plan was. Maggie changed the subject by asking if Chad and the kids would be coming for dinner. Julie revealed that Chad was on the hunt for Clyde Weston because Chad believed the killing of Abigail had been a premeditated act.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Konstantin asked Theresa about how she planned to get Alex to marry her. Konstantin was looking forward to getting a cut of Alex's fortune after Theresa married Alex. Konstantin reminded Theresa that he was the one who had found the forger who had altered Victor's letter naming Alex as Victor's son.

As Konstantin mentioned diverting "the true heir's money," Brady entered the room. Konstantin claimed to have misspoken, blaming his poor English when he'd been trying to say "to divide to the true heirs their money." Theresa backed up Konstantin, who made a graceful exit. "I don't like that guy," Brady and Theresa said, in unison. Brady asked Theresa if she had plans with Alex. Perturbed, Theresa told Brady that Alex intended to keep seeing Kristen. "So that means we're in an open relationship," said Theresa.

Brady said he hadn't realized that Alex and Kristen were serious, but he could see that it was bothering Theresa. Brady knew that Theresa didn't like "to share." Theresa admitted that she didn't like feeling like she wasn't enough for Alex, "or for any man, for that matter." Theresa claimed to have too much pride to pressure a man into being with her. Brady looked at Theresa incredulously. "Are you sure about that?" he asked. Theresa admitted that she'd done exactly that to Brady but was trying to break the pattern. Theresa decided not to feel guilty about the situation with Alex. "If he doesn't intend to be exclusive, then why should I?" she said. Theresa grabbed Brady's face and kissed him.

Brady kissed Theresa back for a moment then pulled away. "What are you doing?" he asked. She said it had been an impulse. Theresa commented that Brady had kissed her back. Brady said he "was caught off guard" and needed to process what had just happened. Theresa put her hands on Brady's shoulder and said, "If I'm being really honest, I want you, Brady. And if you're gonna be honest with me, you're gonna admit that you want me, too."

Brady stepped away from Theresa, declaring that the only connection between them that they should focus on was Tate. Brady remarked that their co-parenting had been going very well recently, so they should not "blow it." Theresa asked Brady, "What if I swear -- on a stack of Bibles -- that there will be no more drama, at least not from me, anyway... and I will behave with the utmost dignity and self-respect, and respect for you, and there will be no more clinginess and pressure and demands, and we can just celebrate this connection that you and I have?" Theresa told Brady that she knew he wasn't seeing anyone and that he had to be feeling lonely. She suspected Brady might want some companionship, affection, and warmth.

Alex arrived at the DiMera mansion and planted a huge kiss on Kristen. Alex described himself as "a kid in a candy store" when it came to having sex with Kristen, and he said that he thought the candy store was open "24/7." Kristen informed him that she was "changing the hours." She explained that, despite finding Alex "fun and energetic," she was just not that into him.

Alex asked Kristen where the decision was coming from. Kristen told Alex that, after a conversation with Stefan, she'd realized that casual sex could have serious consequences. Kristen accused Alex of being in denial about being in love with Theresa. Kristen reminded Alex that they had started their fling to make Theresa and Brady jealous. "And then, it became something else," Alex said. Kristen replied, "Or... maybe not." Kristen told Alex that, the previous night, he had talked to Theresa in his sleep. She claimed Alex had said very romantic things. Kristen advised Alex to be honest with himself about his feelings for Theresa. Kristen declared that she was in love with Brady and that Alex was only using her as a distraction from Theresa.

Alex admitted that Kristen might be right. "Marlena's got nothin' on me," Kristen said with a smirk. She asked Alex why he was keeping Theresa "at arm's length." Alex replied, "Honestly, I can't help feeling there's a reason why I shouldn't trust her." Alex didn't know why he had doubts, but he felt that Theresa wasn't "being straight" with him. Alex recounted times when Theresa would almost confess something to him but then change her mind. Alex also remembered times when he had caught Theresa in a white lie, after which Theresa would make senseless excuses.

Kristen suggested that Theresa might be keeping a bigger lie from Alex. Kristen advised Alex that if he really loved Theresa, he should find out what Theresa was afraid to tell him. Alex thanked Kristen, as a friend, for listening and helping him to figure things out. Kristen and Alex wished each other well. After a quick kiss, Alex left.

Kristen opened the box containing the diamond bracelet Alex had given her. She put it down then picked up her phone. She looked at an old photo of herself with Brady and mused, "Oh, Brady. I am gonna do whatever it takes to win you back. And this time, I'm not gonna let you go."

Maggie wondered how Chad could go after Clyde, knowing what a dangerous man Clyde was. Julie brought it back around. "How can you say that and not realize how dangerous it is for you to be marrying Konstantin when he must have loathed Victor?" Julie asked. Julie advised Maggie to call off the wedding "before it's too late." Konstantin appeared in the room. "And why would she do that?" he asked.

Konstantin commented on the fact that the door had been open and that no one in Salem locked their doors. Julie, her voice dripping with sarcasm, replied, "Well, it's a friendly town. We don't expect to have unwelcome intruders." Konstantin said he was grateful to Maggie for marrying him and that he would keep her safe. Julie called him out. She said, "I'm just having a hard time believing that you're going to have such a rosy future, since her late husband was responsible for the death of your daughter."

Maggie stated that she didn't think her personal life was any of Julie's concern. Konstantin turned on the charm and told Maggie that he understood and shared Julie's desire to protect Maggie. Konstantin tried to explain that he and Victor had made amends. Konstantin told Julie that his daughter wouldn't want him to fill his heart "with hardness." Konstantin thanked Maggie for proposing to him. He revealed that he had news: Konstantin's visa was due to expire, and they had to get married "tomorrow." Julie's jaw dropped as Maggie smiled.

In Montana, as Chad pointed a gun at Clyde, Clyde insisted that Abigail was still alive. Chad demanded that Clyde speak the truth. Clyde said that if Chad killed him, Chad would never be able to see the love of his life again. Harris convinced Chad not to kill Clyde by reminding Chad that Chad's kids would lose their father if Chad pulled the trigger. Chad gave the gun to Harris.

Later, at the motel in Montana, Ava and Lucas were eating as Chad showed up. Chad told them that Harris was waiting to turn Clyde over to the FBI. Ava left to see Harris for herself.

Ava found Harris. He had already turned Clyde over to the FBI and had just interviewed the owner of the campground where Clyde and Goldman had stayed. Ava could see that Harris was still upset with her for almost killing Clyde. Ava admitted it hadn't been right, but she refused to apologize for doing what she'd had to do to keep Tripp safe. Ava asked Harris to try to understand why she had done what she had done, so they could get past it. Harris told Ava that he wanted to go see Clyde get processed for himself, and Harris would talk with Ava after they returned to Salem.

Chad told Lucas that Clyde had claimed Abigail was alive. Lucas wondered how that could be possible. Chad admitted that he had been in shock and had been unable to get details. They figured that Clyde would have said anything to save his own skin, but Chad asked, "What if he wasn't lying, Lucas? What if Abigail really is still alive?"

Lucas reckoned that Clyde was messing with Chad's head, trying to make Chad suffer. Lucas remarked that Chad had been the one who'd found Abigail. Lucas began to cry as he declared that he'd loved his niece, too. Chad grabbed him and held him.

Alex arrived at the Kiriakis mansion and called out to Theresa. Getting no response, he muttered, "That's funny. Henderson said she was here." Theresa was in her bedroom, making out with Brady. They dropped down onto the bed.

Maggie's wedding goes off the rails

Maggie's wedding goes off the rails

Friday, June 7, 2024

Brady woke up in Theresa's bed the morning after their night together. "So, against my better judgment, this happened, didn't it?" Brady said. "Any regrets?" Theresa asked. Brady said no, and Theresa agreed. Brady asked about Alex. With a laugh, Theresa said, "This will show him." Brady asked Theresa if their night together had only been about getting back at Alex.

"Yeah. We talked about this. Last night, we talked about how Alex doesn't want to be exclusive, and he doesn't want to commit to me, and he is still fooling around with Kristen," Theresa said. After a moment, Brady said he remembered. "And we also talked about our connection, Brady. Yours and mine," Theresa added. Brady told Theresa that he felt used. Alex knocked on the door.

"Come on in," Theresa said. Theresa smirked at Alex as he walked in, and Brady shrugged in resignation. Alex stammered that he would return later. As she smiled at Brady, Theresa playfully noted that she would need about an hour. With a roll of his eyes, Brady said, "Actually, there is somewhere else I'd rather be. Anywhere else, actually." Brady climbed out of bed, grabbed his clothes, and walked out of the bedroom.

"You're not upset because you found me in bed with Brady, are you?" Theresa asked with a coy smile. Theresa reminded Alex that he had been doing the same thing with Kristen. "Actually, I'm not seeing Kristen anymore," Alex admitted. Theresa was surprised by the news, and she asked if Kristen had broken things off.

"No, she just made me see what I really wanted," Alex said. "And what's that?" Theresa asked. Alex said he only wanted to be with Theresa. Theresa scoffed. "In fact, I am kind of crazy about you," Alex admitted. Theresa asked Alex why he had continued to push her away.

"I just have this feeling that you're keeping something from me," Alex confessed. Theresa's smile disappeared. "Why would I be keeping something from you?" Theresa asked. Alex shrugged and noted, "It's just a feeling I had." Alex told Theresa that he was sorry if it sounded like he did not trust her.

"Well, it does feel that way. I swear, I'm not keeping anything from you," Theresa promised. "Okay. I believe you," Alex said. Alex asked Theresa if she intended to keep sleeping with Brady. Theresa thought about Konstantin's demand for her to marry Alex. With a shake of her head, Theresa explained that she had slept with Brady to get back at Alex for his relationship with Kristen.

"It worked," Alex admitted. Theresa smiled, and she apologized. Alex confessed that he had been an idiot. "I understand why you would try and get back at me," Alex said. Theresa thanked Alex for his honesty. "I want to be with you, too. Only you," Theresa said. With a nod, Alex asked Theresa if they were ready for a commitment, and Theresa nodded yes.

After Alex left, Theresa's smile fell away. "Do you want to be the Kiriakis heiress? This is what you have to do," Theresa whispered. Brady knocked on the door, and Theresa waved him in. "Was [Alex] upset when you told him you didn't want to be exclusive with him?" Brady asked. "Actually, I do want that," Theresa clarified. Theresa explained that Brady had been right. "Open relationships are not my thing. I hope you understand," Theresa said. Brady shrugged. Theresa confirmed that Alex was no longer seeing Kristen.

"That was fast," Brady said. Brady asked if that meant that he and Theresa were over. "Not that it even began, because of what happened. It's just, we weren't thinking clearly, right? I mean, it shouldn't have happened," Brady stammered. Brady blamed himself, but Theresa argued that they had both been to blame. "Like you said, I think that it's best that we just keep things simple. For Tate's sake," Theresa said. Brady agreed.

"Now that you've used me to get exactly what you want, we're cool," Brady said bitterly. "Brady don't," Theresa countered. Annoyed, Brady raised his voice and yelled that he blamed himself for repeating the same mistakes. After a moment, Brady apologized, and he walked out. Tears welled up in Theresa's eyes. "Just keep your eyes on the prize. You had no choice. You had to let him go," Theresa said.

Steve paced his kitchen as he talked to Ava on the phone about Clyde's capture. "We'll all sleep a lot better knowing that Weston is locked up again. Keep me posted," Steve said. As Steve ended his call, John called to inform Steve about his planned meeting with Konstantin.

"Did he give you any idea why he wants to see you?" Steve asked. "I'm sure it has to do with his next move, which involves the Pawn," John said. As John ended his call, Konstantin entered the Kiriakis mausoleum clearing. "Why did you want to meet?" John asked. "To show you this," Konstantin said as he flashed the red card. John dramatically pretended to be affected by the card. Konstantin congratulated the Pawn on his successful theft of the prenuptial agreement.

"And now, I have a very important job for you to do," Konstantin said. Konstantin pulled a gun out of his pocket and held it out for John. "What do you want me to do with this?" "the Pawn" asked. Konstantin ordered John to kill Maggie after the wedding. "I will be a groom and a widower on the same day, and I will only have Maggie's millions to console me. So, you are clear, Pawn, on what you are to do?" Konstantin said. "I'm clear," John said as he tucked the gun under his coat.

In the town square, Bonnie complimented Maggie's newly styled hair as they walked past the café with Sarah and Victoria. "You're gonna make a beautiful bride," Bonnie gushed. Sarah thanked Bonnie for the day at the salon. "But you know that this is just a marriage of convenience, right?" Sarah asked. Bonnie noted that even at weddings where she knew the marriage was doomed, she still cried.

After Maggie left to run an errand, Bonnie reminded Sarah that Sarah was next to get married. "And speaking of my wedding, I would love it if you came," Sarah said. As Sarah started to mention Xander's rocky past with Bonnie, Bonnie noted that the past was forgotten. "Honestly, I was secretly rooting for you guys. Ever since I saw you in Chicago with that baby bump," Bonnie confessed. Bonnie told Sarah that she would be honored to attend the wedding.

With tears in her eyes, Sarah told Bonnie that it meant a lot to her and Xander. Bonnie asked about the guest list. "Just family. Which I hope includes Xander's mom," Sarah said. Sarah admitted that she did not know much other than that Xander's mother was an alcoholic and a difficult woman.

"And he wants her at your wedding?" Bonnie asked. Sarah admitted that it had been her idea. "He reluctantly agreed to it. I don't know, I think it would be nice to have her in our lives. And for Victoria to get to know her other grandmother," Sarah said. Bonnie raised her eyebrows as Sarah suggested that Maggie could help Xander's mother with her addiction. With a sigh, Sarah admitted that she had not called Xander's mother yet.

"I'm quite nervous about it. What do I say?" Sarah said. "I'm not scared about it," Bonnie said as she grabbed Sarah's phone. Before Sarah could stop her, Bonnie called the number for Xander's mother and started to leave a voicemail. Sarah took the phone and explained the situation.

At the Kiriakis mansion, the living room was set up for a wedding. As Xander continued to talk about food, an annoyed Justin told Xander that he was too busy to chat because he was helping Maggie with a favor. "What sort of favor?" Xander asked. Justin explained that Maggie had asked him to officiate the wedding.

"The man is scum. I mean, he swooped in on Maggie when she was vulnerable, when she was still in the throes of grieving Uncle Victor. And he's what, tricking her into marriage?" Xander said. Justin reminded Xander that he had written the prenup, and it was ironclad.

"You think a piece of paper is gonna stop this guy?" Xander said. Justin argued that Maggie had made up her mind, and they could not interfere. When Xander suggested that Justin refuse to officiate, Justin refused to disappoint Maggie.

Brady sullenly walked into the room and asked if there was coffee. "What are you doing here?" Xander asked. Brady noted that he was there for the wedding. "Someone's in a mood," Xander said. Xander asked Brady if his mood was related to Theresa. With a scowl, Brady walked out.

"Can you try and be just a bit positive about this?" Justin asked Xander. With a groan, Xander argued that Maggie deserved better. A cheerful Konstantin walked in and asked about his "lovely bride." "Your lovely bride whom you've been conning since the moment you first laid eyes on her? That lovely bride?" Xander countered. Konstantin beamed, and he noted that he and Maggie were excited for the wedding.

Xander argued that everyone else saw through Konstantin's machinations. When Xander asked Justin to back him up, a frustrated Konstantin yelled, "Do you think I care about what any of you think of me?" Xander argued that Konstantin was not fit to dust Maggie's figurines.

"And you sure as hell are a big step down from my Uncle Victor," Xander added. "You know, Xander, you are like a blind man in a cavern. You don't realize how in the dark you are," Konstanin said. Suspicious, Xander asked Konstantin what he had meant. A look of panic crossed Konstantin's face.

"Victor detested you, his own flesh and blood, and he treated you like dirt," Konstantin said. Xander growled at Konstantin to shut up. Konstantin continued to yell that Victor had thought of Xander as a "glorified gardener." "That's not true," Xander protested. Konstantin asked Xander why Victor had not mentioned Xander in the will. "Why are you defending a man who thought you so worthless that he didn't even leave you a single penny?" Konstantin yelled.

Maggie met up with Steve at his apartment. "So, you've initiated the transfer of funds from the Titan account?" Steve asked. Maggie confirmed she had. Worried, Steve asked Maggie if she was ready. "That man has lied to me from the moment he stepped into my house, thinking he could take my money. Now, he's the one that is going to pay," Maggie said with a grin. When John arrived, he asked if there was news.

"We have that snake right where we want him," Maggie said. "Now we can expose him and have him arrested before the wedding actually takes place," Steve said. John sighed with relief. John informed Steve and Maggie that Konstantin had ordered the Pawn to kill Maggie right after the wedding. "It's not a shock, but there was a part of me that was hoping that he wasn't capable of doing something so awful," Maggie admitted. John said that he had taped his conversation with Konstantin, but he was worried it would not be enough evidence against him.

"I'm thinking we just need to continue on with our plan here. Now, you're gonna be safe. Doc has successfully deprogrammed me," John said. Steve smiled and noted that Konstantin would never see them coming.

When John and Steve arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie and guests were milling about the living room. "Didn't I see you arriving with Maggie outside?" Brady asked John. John lied and said they had run into Maggie in town and had given her a ride home. Across the room, Bonnie asked a distracted Xander if he was okay. Xander said he was fine, and he asked about Sarah. Bonnie explained that Sarah had been called into the hospital. Bonnie noted that Victoria was asleep in the portable crib nearby.

"I don't think Sarah would mind me telling you this, but we called your mother," Bonnie said. "Did you speak to her?' Xander asked. Bonnie admitted that they had been forced to leave a voicemail. "I know it's none of my business, but just for my two cents' worth, I agree with Sarah. I think your daughter deserves to spend time with her other grandmother," Bonnie said.

"Well, we'll see if my mum actually calls back," Xander said. Bonnie asked Xander if he hoped that his mother would not return Sarah's call. "Sarah thinks it's very important for my mum to be at our wedding, so I'm not standing in the way. But if it were up to me, I'd be fine if I never saw that woman again," Xander said.

Theresa entered the living room, and Brady nodded at her. As Theresa started to approach Brady, Justin asked everyone to take their seats. "You think Konstantin is ready for what we have planned?" Steve whispered to John. "He has shown us his Pawn card, and he has no idea that we have already stacked the deck against him," John said.

Maggie and Konstantin stood in front of Justin as he started the ceremony. During the vows, Brady and Theresa looked across the room at one another. As Konstantin retrieved the rings from his pocket, Justin's phone beeped. "Really?" Konstantin grumbled. "I'm so sorry. I must have forgotten to silence it," Justin said. Justin read the text, and he muttered that something was wrong. Konstantin asked Justin to continue.

"No, I just received an alert from one of Titan's accountants. Apparently, a large sum of money is missing from Victor's charitable trust," Justin announced. "Well, how is that possible?" Maggie asked. Justin explained that there had been several withdrawals made over the last week. Maggie asked Konstantin if he knew about the withdrawals.

"Of course not!" Konstantin said. "But Konstantin, don't you have to authorize every transaction?" Justin asked. "Yes, he does. Konstantin, you had to know that this money was being moved," Maggie insisted. Konstantin swore that he had no knowledge of the money transfers. Xander shot to his feet.

"It's not enough for you to crawl out from under some rock and slime your way into my uncle's house. You had to steal his money, too?" Xander said. Justin asked Maggie if she was sure that only Konstantin had the authority to make the withdrawals, and she said yes.

"I'll call the police," Justin said. Konstantin swore that he was innocent. "I am being framed!" Konstantin said. When Maggie asked who had framed Konstantin, he pointed to Xander. "You have made no secret of hating me," Konstantin said. Xander admitted that he hated Konstantin, but he insisted that he did not have access to Titan accounts. Konstantin looked around the room until he saw Steve.

"It was him!" Konstantin yelled. "Really?" Steve said. Konstantin argued that Steve and John had murdered his daughter and were capable of fraud. Konstantin turned to Maggie, and he begged her to believe him. "You know what kind of man I am!" Konstantin shouted. "Apparently I was wrong about that," Maggie countered. Maggie argued that Konstantin had embezzled money from her family's company. "And you're going to prison for it," Maggie added. Konstantin gasped.

"You are in on this, too, aren't you?" Konstantin said to Maggie. Konstantin looked at Justin. "You are all conspiring against me. Well, you will all pay for it," Konstantin said. Konstantin pulled the red card out of his pocket, and he flashed it at John. "Pawn! I command you to take out your weapon," Konstantin said. John twitched the muscles on his face, he stood up, and he pulled the gun out from under his coat.

"Now shoot Steve Johnson and turn the gun on yourself," Konstantin said to John. Steve put his hand on John's shoulder to ground him. "They deserve it for killing my daughter!" Konstantin screamed at the guests. John stared at Konstantin. "Shoot, Pawn! Kill them! Kill them all!" Konstantin yelled. "I'm not your Pawn anymore. And the only person I'm going to kill is you if you do anything stupid," John growled. Konstantin's jaw dropped open.

"You should know that if I killed Maggie, as you just ordered me, you still would have wound up with nothing," John said. Maggie walked over to the desk, and she pulled the real prenup out of the drawer. Konstantin scowled. "You weren't expecting to see this ever again, were you?" Maggie asked. "I can explain," Konstantin started. Maggie warned Konstantin that she did not want to hear any more of his lies.

"You let me cry on your shoulder. You pretended to be my protector when my beautiful baby granddaughter was taken," Maggie said. "The kidnapping, you arranged that, too, didn't you?" Steve asked. "That's absurd," Konstantin lied. As John argued that Konstantin had coordinated the kidnapping in order to sway Sarah to Konstantin's side, Theresa cast her eyes to the floor.

Justin held Xander back from attacking Konstantin. "You better hope the cops get here before I kill you," Xander said. Maggie demanded to know who had been Konstantin's accomplice in the kidnapping.

"What does it matter who it was? He's already admitted responsibility for the crime," Theresa said. Frustrated, Konstantin yelled that everyone was a hypocrite. "I may not have gotten my revenge on you, but I did get my revenge on your dearly beloved late husband," Konstantin said. "What are you saying?" Maggie asked. With a smile, Konstantin confessed that he had sabotaged Victor's plane.

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