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Konstantin took Theresa hostage. Xander shot Konstantin before Konstantin could identify his accomplice. John struggled. Theresa moved into Alex's room. Steve promised to be truthful with Kayla. Bobby went to Bayview. Johnny and Chanel decided to move to L.A. Eric moved into the pub. E.J. refused to stop the mayoral recall. Leo asked Marlena for help. Lucas was freed. Clyde told Chad where to find proof that Abigail was alive. Kristen unwittingly directed Stefan to Jude's DNA test results. Paulina and Chanel made up. Kristen was named CEO.
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Xander shot Konstantin before Konstantin could identify his accomplice. Clyde told Chad where to find proof that Abigail was alive. Johnny and Chanel decided to move to L.A.
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Steve and Konstantin are shot

Steve and Konstantin are shot

Monday, June 10, 2024

At the wedding, Konstantin pleaded with Maggie to let him explain. Maggie silenced him and laid into Konstantin for using her grief to worm his way into her life. She calmly recited his plan back to him, from his attempt to cast himself as Victor's friend to becoming her "shoulder to cry on." Maggie then accused Konstantin of using Victoria in his scheme.

John, who held a gun on Konstantin, expressed outrage that the man had deliberately kidnapped a child. An equally angry Xander threatened to kill Konstantin and had to be held back by Justin. Maggie demanded to know the identity of Konstantin's accomplice in the kidnapping. Theresa, who was sweating profusely, piped up and proclaimed that the person's identity did not matter.

Konstantin derided the gathering as a "bunch of hypocrites" and railed against their love of Victor, who had taken Konstantin's daughter away from him. "I did get my revenge on your dearly beloved late husband," Konstantin sneered to Maggie. When she asked what he had meant, Konstantin declared: "I am the one who sabotaged his plane and sent him to a watery grave." Konstantin smirked with satisfaction as the group wore shocked expressions.

Sarah appeared and asked Xander what had happened. Maggie stepped closer to Konstantin and stated her disbelief in what he had claimed. Konstantin wondered if Maggie hadn't thought him smart or resourceful enough to sabotage a plane. Maggie knew Konstantin was capable, as he had ordered John to kill her after the wedding. Konstantin looked surprised that Maggie knew that detail.

Maggie clarified that she could not believe someone as strong as Victor could have been taken down "by someone as insubstantial and small-minded as you." Justin interrupted and urged Konstantin to stop for Maggie's sake, while Sarah moved to Maggie's side and glared at Konstantin. Maggie wanted to say her piece. She chastised herself for "rolling out the welcome mat for my husband's killer."

Maggie had wanted to make amends for what Victor had done to Konstantin. Konstantin retorted that she had tried to set him up for a crime he had not committed. Maggie responded that she had realized what had needed to be done after John and Steve had revealed the depth of Konstantin's duplicity. John and Steve affirmed that Konstantin would be stopped and grabbed him with the intention of taking him into custody.

Maggie asked John and Steve to wait. Konstantin had been the last person to see Victor alive, and he owed the people who had loved Victor the truth. Konstantin warned Maggie to "be careful what you wish for." Undeterred, Maggie asked Konstantin to explain why he had waited so long to exact his revenge against Victor. With a smug smile, Konstantin claimed it hadn't been about revenge but about giving Victor "one final shot at redemption."

In a flashback prior to Victor's death, Konstantin and Victor sat at a restaurant table. Konstantin needled Victor about Bo being in such a helpless state. Victor pushed away his food. Konstantin spoke of his financial difficulties, and Victor guessed Konstantin wanted to make another plea for cash. Konstantin reminded Victor that Konstantin's father had helped make Victor "the wealthiest man in the world." Victor stressed that his good fortune was due to Konstantin's father, not Konstantin.

Still in the flashback, Konstantin asked Victor to remember everything that had been taken from Konstantin because of Victor, including Konstantin's wife and child. Victor called the incident with Catharina "a terrible accident that I regret deeply." Konstantin stressed that words were meaningless. He wanted Victor to show the depth of Victor's regret. Victor sighed and proclaimed that it was Konstantin's "lucky day." After Victor's visit with Bo, he had decided to draft a new will and to include Konstantin.

Konstantine's flashback continued as a happy Konstantin commended Victor's "generosity." He cajoled Victor to "not leave things to chance" and to draft a new will immediately. Victor relented and pulled out a briefcase.

Back at the wedding, Konstantin halted his retelling and raged at Victor for only agreeing to reward Konstantin after Victor's death. "He left me no choice," Konstantin defended to the gathering. He then flashed back to making a call to someone after Victor had departed the table and saying he had a job for that person.

After Konstantin finished his story, Justin lambasted Konstantin for his inability to wait for a payoff. Konstantin hissed that Victor had reneged on his promise and had never intended to put Konstantin in the will. Theresa remembered when Konstantin had found the will and had expressed shock that he was not in it. Konstantin laughed maniacally as he mused about Victor's last thoughts and the terror the man had to have felt as he'd watched the ocean approach with the knowledge that "it was over." Maggie trembled and grew tearful as Konstantin continued his rant.

Konstantin chuckled and deemed Maggie a fool for believing in her and Victor's "true love" when Victor had only been concerned with his "real love, money." Maggie exclaimed that Konstantin did not know what was in Victor's heart. She became more agitated and collapsed in Justin's arms.

Sarah and Bonnie took Maggie to her bedroom. Maggie blamed herself for succumbing to Konstantin's charms. Both Bonnie and Sarah assured her that she had been grieving and that they, too, had fallen for Konstantin's act. Maggie continued to call herself "gullible" and "stupid," as she had ignored the warnings everyone had given her. She was sickened that she had invited "that killer into our home." Bonnie attributed Konstantin's ability to deceive Maggie to Maggie's kindness, generosity, and willingness to "see the best in everyone."

Maggie wanted to return downstairs and to witness Konstantin being taken away. She stumbled backward, and Sarah encouraged her to stay and rest. Justin arrived and confirmed that Steve and John had the situation under control. Maggie reluctantly agreed to Sarah's suggestion that Maggie take a sedative.

Meanwhile, downstairs, John once again promised that Konstantin would pay. When Konstantin scoffed about John's lack of involvement with the police, John clarified that Konstantin was also wanted by the ISA. While Steve and John tried to restrain Konstantin, he began coughing and asked for water. Theresa brought him a bottle, but he grabbed her in the process and pushed a gun into her side.

Konstantin declared he was leaving with his hostage. Before he left, he took a shot and then exchanged gunfire with Steve and John, while everyone else rushed for cover. Theresa shouted, "Uncle Steve!" in horror as Steve crumpled to the ground. John rushed to Steve, who had a gunshot wound in his right side.

The group upstairs heard the gunshots. A frightened Sarah called out for Xander. She was relieved and flew into his arms when he came through the door. Xander quickly explained what had transpired, lied that Konstantin was under control, and told Sarah that Steve would be okay but that he needed her help.

Justin and Bonnie convinced a concerned Maggie to stay and got her settled into bed. Maggie sobbed about how she felt that she had lost Victor all over again and bemoaned how much she missed him. Bonnie and Justin tried to soothe her and prodded her to get some sleep. After Maggie seemingly nodded off, Justin and Bonnie fretted over the day's events.

Justin admitted how difficult it had been for him since Victor had died and how Victor's betrayal of him had changed the relationships Justin had believed he had with both Victor and Alex. Bonnie comforted Justin by reminding him that Alex was still his son "in every way that counts." Justin lamented that while his feelings about Alex hadn't changed, Alex didn't see it the same way.

Justin turned the talk back to Maggie. Both he and Bonnie pledged they would help her in any way they could. Justin drew the line at Bonnie's well-intentioned offer to set Maggie up with Bonnie's dentist, though. Bonnie agreed it probably wasn't the best time and talked about Konstantin's "sci-fi" attempt to control John with a card. The couple decided to go downstairs and get an update while Maggie slept.

When Justin and Bonnie left the room, Maggie immediately opened her eyes. She thought about the time Konstantin had given her a photo album filled with old photographs of Victor. The memory brought fresh tears.

Downstairs, Brady rushed to get a compress, which John applied to Steve's wound. Alex went after Konstantin and Theresa, while John gave Steve's gun to Brady and instructed him to follow behind and provide Alex backup. As Steve groaned in pain, he attempted to joke with John about needing one of John's "ugly" shirts as a replacement and about John's old age derailing their plan. John reminded Steve it wasn't his "first rodeo" and assured his friend that help was on the way.

Steve wanted John to leave and help track down Konstantin, but John insisted he was staying with Steve, since Steve had always remained by John's side. Sarah came downstairs and went to work on Steve. As she treated his wound, John noticed Konstantin's card lying on the ground and picked it up. He remembered Konstantin activating the Pawn for the first time and then heard Konstantin's voice in his head, telling him to kill Steve. Sarah asked John to help her with Steve but noticed John's distraction.

John again heard Konstantin ordering him to kill Steve and then to turn the gun on himself. Steve tried to get John's attention, and John looked up with a seeming smirk. "Almost there," he said in a far-away tone. Steve and Sarah stared at him with puzzlement and alarm.

Konstantin ushered Theresa into the park. She lashed out at him for shooting her uncle. Konstantin was only sorry he couldn't have gotten John, too. Theresa claimed she would have never conspired with a murderer. Konstantin shot back that the entire "faux heir" scheme had been Theresa's idea. He commanded her to help him escape or face the repercussions. Just then, Alex arrived.

Konstantin snarled that the cavalry had arrived. He warned Alex to stay away. Theresa implored Alex to tell her that Steve was okay. Alex affirmed that Steve would be fine, unlike Alex's father. Konstantin made a remark that Alex shouldn't be so confident about what Alex had said. A confused Alex commanded Konstantin to clarify his statement. As he looked between Alex and an increasingly distressed Theresa, Konstantin said he would be blunt and informed Alex, "Victor is not your father."

Theresa desperately tried to deflect by claiming Konstantin had been referring to Victor's refusal to acknowledge Alex while Victor had been alive. Before Alex could inquire further, Brady arrived and aimed his gun. Konstantin responded by moving his own gun from Theresa's side to the back of her head. He promised to shoot unless Brady threw down the gun and kicked it toward Konstantin. But as Brady prepared to follow Konstantin's orders, Xander strode up and grabbed Brady's gun. He pointed the gun at Konstantin and coolly claimed the man would pay for what he had done to Maggie, to Victor, and to Victoria.

Konstantin demanded Xander drop the gun, but Xander was unfazed. Xander wanted to know who Konstantin had used as an accomplice in the kidnapping of Victoria. Konstantin agreed to tell Xander, until Theresa elbowed him and attempted to flee. Konstantin snatched at her neck, and the two fell to the ground. Konstantin called Theresa a "bitch" and vowed to kill her as he began strangling her. Then, a gunshot rang out, and Konstantin's face froze in shock.

Konstantin fell onto his back while Xander watched, the smoking gun in his grip. Theresa got up and raced into Alex's arms. She asked Brady, who was taking Konstantin's pulse, if the man was dead. Brady confirmed that Konstantin had a weak pulse.

Konstantin began speaking through ragged breaths. "You think this is over, but you are all so stupid. There is still an enemy in your midst," he uttered. Konstantin gasped once more and died, which left the group to ponder his final ominous words.

John struggles with his programming

John struggles with his programming

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

In the Brady Pub, Jada talked to Kayla about having watched Everett change into Bobby. "I have never seen that in real life. Only on TV," Jada said. Kayla shared that her niece Abigail and her sister Kimberly had both suffered from DID. Kayla mentioned the book that Kim had written, and she offered to loan Jada a copy.

"I appreciate that. I really want to understand what Bobby is going through," Jada said. "You sound like you still care about him," Kayla noted. Jada nodded yes. "And I guess I'll come to find out how much I meant to him," Jada said with a shrug. Jada's phone rang with a call from the station, and she explained to Kayla that she needed to leave to investigate a shooting at the Kiriakis estate. "My God, Steve is there!" Kayla said.

In the Kiriakis living room, John stared down at the gun in his right hand and the red card in his left. Sarah pleaded with John to help her care for Steve. "You okay there?" Steve asked. "Just securing your gun. I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt," John said in a monotone. Sarah reiterated that she needed John's help with Steve.

"Almost there," John said. Neither Steve nor Sarah saw John raise the gun and point it at Steve. Steve's phone rang, and John was startled as he realized that he was pointing a gun at Steve. John hurriedly shoved the gun and card into his coat, and he rushed over to assist Sarah.

While John sat with Steve, Sarah answered Steve's phone. "Why are you answering Steve's phone? Is he all right? I heard there was a shooting," Kayla said. Sarah confirmed that Steve had been shot but that he was stable. Sarah instructed Kayla to meet up with Steve at the hospital.

On the Kiriakis grounds outside the mausoleum, Alex comforted Theresa. "You could have shot Theresa," Alex complained to Xander. Xander noted that he was an excellent marksman. "Yeah, I've got the scar to prove it," Brady muttered. Brady reminded Xander that Xander had missed Eric and shot Marlena at her wedding.

"You have one off day, and it's all anyone remembers," Xander muttered. Frustrated, Xander asked Alex if he would have preferred that Konstantin continue to strangle Theresa rather than have let Xander shoot Konstantin. "I can't believe you shot him," Theresa said. Alex argued that the situation had been under control, but Xander disagreed. "You all know I did exactly what needed to be done," Xander yelled.

Worried, Theresa asked Brady if he was sure that Konstantin was dead. "He's a goner," Brady confirmed. "I can't stop thinking about his last words," Alex said. "There's still an enemy in your midst," Xander repeated. Alex asked Xander if he believed that Konstantin had been telling the truth. "Well, someone helped him kidnap [Xander's] kid," Brady said. Xander agreed that Konstantin had likely been talking about his accomplice in the kidnapping. "Who the hell was that?" Xander said.

Brady and Xander covered the body with a tarp. "We should probably let everyone know that Theresa is okay," Brady said. Xander was eager to return to Sarah, but Jada entered the clearing and ordered everyone to stay. Jada looked down at the tarp and frowned. "Especially if that is what I think it is," Jada said. Jada peeked under the tarp and sighed. "Xander killed him," Alex said. Xander scowled at Alex. Jada asked Xander if the gun in his hand had been the murder weapon. "Yes, but that's a bit harsh calling it murder," Xander protested. Xander handed the gun to Jada.

"Tell me everything. From the beginning," Jada said. Brady gave a brief explanation of Konstantin's nefarious designs on Maggie. "He also sabotaged my grandfather's plane," Brady added. "You're telling me that Meleounis killed Victor?" Jada asked. Alex confirmed that Konstantin had confessed to the murder in front of all the wedding guests. Brady informed Jada that Konstantin had then taken Theresa as a hostage.

"He opened fire on our way out, and he shot my Uncle Steve," Theresa stammered. "I followed them out, managed to catch up with them here. So did Brady with his dad's gun," Alex said. Xander explained that when he had arrived, there had been a standoff between Konstantin and Brady. Xander admitted that he had taken Brady's gun and shot Konstantin when Konstantin had started to strangle Theresa.

"Except moments before Xander shot the gun, [Xander] showed little or no regard for Theresa's safety," Brady said. Alex agreed, and he noted that Xander had responded, "I don't care [about Theresa's life]." Furious, Xander yelled, "I just saved Theresa's life, and instead of being grateful, you're trying to get me arrested?" "We're trying to get the record straight," Alex clarified. Xander asked Theresa to tell Jada what had happened.

"It's true. Konstantin did choke me. But it's also true that Xander refused to put down the gun, even though Konstantin doubled down on his threat to kill me," Theresa said. "I was all you had! These two were trying to prove who could be more useless, and Konstantin was bluffing, anyway," Xander argued. "You don't know that!" Theresa countered. Brady's phone beeped with a text from John, and he announced to Jada that he was going to respond that Theresa was okay. Jada nodded for Brady to proceed.

After a call to the coroner and a round of questions, Alex asked if they could return to the house. "I sure would like some distance from that dead body," Theresa said. Jada released everyone except Xander. "I need you to come with me to the station," Jada said. "It was totally justified," Xander argued. Jada noted that regardless, she needed to escort Xander to the precinct for an official statement. "Thanks for backing me up," Xander grumbled at Brady, Alex, and Theresa as he left with Jada.

Brady walked Theresa back to the house, and he offered to take her to hospital. "No. Honestly, I'm fine. My neck is just a little sore," Theresa said. Brady wrapped some ice in a napkin and placed it against Theresa's neck. "I'm surprised you're being so nice to me after this morning," Theresa said. "Are you talking about when you kicked me out of bed, only to let Alex in it a minute later?" Brady grumbled. Theresa admitted she had been insensitive, and she apologized.

"You're the mother of my boy. And although you make me crazy -- you really do sometimes -- I'm still gonna care about you," Brady admitted. Theresa was staring into Brady's eyes as Alex returned from upstairs. "Maggie is still sleeping," Alex confirmed. Alex noted that since he was back, he could take over Theresa's care. Alex put an arm around Theresa. "In other words, beat it," Alex told Brady. Theresa started to defend Brady, but Brady told her it was fine.

"Alex, I know you're in a committed relationship with Theresa, but she's not your personal property," Brady said. "No, but she is my girlfriend, and I know how to take care of her," Alex countered. With a nod, Brady asked Theresa if she wanted him to leave. "I think that might be best," Theresa said. Brady told Theresa to feel better, and he walked out.

"I didn't mean to be a jerk about it, I just wanted Brady to know where you and I stand," Alex explained. Theresa thanked Alex for having raced after her and Konstantin. "I would not admit this to Xander, but I think he did us all a favor by ridding the world of Konstantin Meleounis. In some ways, I wish I was the one who killed him," Alex admitted. Theresa agreed that Konstantin had been an evil man.

"[Konstantin] said how Victor was never really a father to me," Alex whispered. Before Theresa could respond, Alex said he understood that Konstantin had meant because Victor had allowed Justin to believe that Justin had been Alex's father. "I'm so sorry," Theresa said. With a rueful smirk, Alex said that he forgave Victor. "He did try to make up for it in the end. He left me half his fortune. And as his son, I'm going to do my very best to make him proud," Alex said. When Theresa noted that she wanted to nap in her room, Alex asked her to move into his room instead. Theresa agreed.

At the police station, Jada finished taking Xander's statement. Xander was eager to leave, but Jada noted that it would take time to talk to the D.A. Sarah rushed into the interrogation room. "I just got your message," Sarah said. After Jada walked out, Sarah asked Xander if he had shot Konstantin. Xander said yes. "We don't have to worry about that dirtbag anymore," Xander said. Sarah asked if the police planned to press charges.

"There's a question as to whether I shot Konstantin to protect Theresa or out of revenge," Xander said. "Which was it?" Sarah asked. With a sigh, Xander explained that it had been a chaotic scene, and when Konstantin had strangled Theresa, he had reacted.

"Honestly, I couldn't even tell you what was going through my head at the time. But I can tell you this now: I'm not at all sorry that I shot the bastard. After what he did to Victoria, to Maggie, to Uncle Vic, he got what he deserved," Xander grumbled. "I just wish you didn't have to be the one to pull the trigger," Sarah said. Xander admitted that his only regret was that he had not learned the identity of Konstantin's accomplice. "Whoever that was, they need to pay, as well," Xander said.

Marlena was working at the hospital when Stephanie approached her and asked about Everett. "I can't really give you any details," Marlena said. "I was just hoping that you could tell me if Everett is okay or not," Stephanie countered. Marlena admitted that she had only spoken to Bobby. "So, Bobby has followed through on his threat [not to let Everett reappear]," Stephanie whispered. With a nod, Marlena noted that Bobby was still the dominant personality.

"Doesn't Everett have to reemerge at some point?" Stephanie asked. Marlena admitted she could not answer the question. "Are you saying that Everett may be gone forever?" Stephanie asked. Marlena cautioned Stephanie not to give up so early in the process. Stephanie confessed that she felt guilty that she had lashed out at Everett when she had first learned about his double life.

"You have helped [Everett]. Jada, too. You did the intervention," Marlena argued. "I'm beginning to think that we made things worse," Stephanie said. Marlena noted that Abigail had struggled before her integration. "But Abigail had Chad by her side. Everett has no one," Stephanie countered. Marlena noted that Everett had Stephanie and Jada.

John exited the elevator, and he hurriedly noted that their plans for Maggie's wedding had "gone sideways." John informed Stephanie that Steve had been shot but that Sarah had tended to his minor wound. "I rode with [Steve] in the ambulance, and he made bad dad jokes the whole way here," John added. John directed Stephanie to Steve's trauma room, and she ran off.

Marlena escorted John back to her office, and John confirmed that Brady had texted that Theresa was okay. "And did Konstantin get away?" Marlena asked. "He's dead. Xander shot him," John said. With a nod, Marlena admitted that she was not upset about the news. "At least he can't hurt anybody anymore. And his reign of terror is now over," Marlena said. John sighed. "Not quite," John said. John showed Marlena the red card.

"I was able to resist [Konstantin's] suggestion completely," John said. "Then our deprogramming is working!" Marlena said. John shook his head to note that was not accurate. "After all the chaos, there was a moment where I looked over and I saw this card on the floor, and I was drawn to it. And all I could hear was Konstantin's orders pounding in my ears all over again. And then I picked up Steve's gun, and I pointed it at him," John confessed. John admitted that he had struggled to regain control.

"Luckily Kayla called Steve, and there must have been something about the ringing of that phone that just snapped me out of it. But what if it hadn't?" John said. Marlena noted that John had not been completely blacked out. "You would never hurt Steve. But we do have to work on getting you out from under Konstantin's spell," Marlena said. John worried aloud that he was still a ticking time bomb.

"I know this is so frustrating for you, but with a little bit more therapy, I'm sure we can free you from the residual effects of the brainwashing," Marlena said. Marlena asked John not to be too hard on himself. "How can I not feel overwhelming guilt for killing that innocent young woman. Especially after tonight, when everything was a result of that," John said. Marlena urged John not to frame things that way. John argued that he needed to go to Catharina's grave and pay his respects. Marlena wanted to join John, but he insisted he needed to go alone.

John agreed to a session of deprogramming before he left town, and he hugged Marlena tight. "I'm so grateful for you. I'm grateful that you're mine, and I love you, and you love me. You're my everything," John said. "I feel the same way," Marlena said. John looked over Marlena's shoulder at the red card on her desk.

In Steve's hospital room, Kayla rushed in. "It's nothing, baby," Steve said. "Well, it certainly doesn't look like nothing," Kayla objected. Stephanie ran into the room before Steve could explain what had happened. After a hug, Steve told Kayla and Stephanie about the shooting. "You always suspected that [Konstantin] had ulterior motives," Kayla said. Steve nodded yes, and he told Kayla and Stephanie that Konstantin had plotted to murder Maggie for her fortune. Steve explained all the details of the sordid affair, including Victor's murder.

"Where is Konstantin now?" Stephanie asked. Kayla's phone beeped with a text from Jada that confirmed that Theresa was safe. "What happened to [Theresa]?" Kayla asked. Steve explained that after the confrontation and Konstantin's confession, Konstantin had taken Theresa hostage. "Our plan just went off the rails," Steve said. Kayla set her jaw. "And what plan was that?" Kayla growled. Steve sighed. Kayla asked Stephanie to step outside so that she could speak to Steve privately.

Once Stephanie was gone, Steve reminded Kayla that he had told her he had a secret about Maggie. "You also promised that everything would work out. You didn't say that people's lives would be at stake," Kayla argued. "It wasn't supposed to go down like this," Steve said. Kayla asked what the plan had been. Steve told Kayla about the embezzling frame job. Kayla scoffed at the idea that Konstantin would have gone quietly after having been framed. With a shrug, Steve explained that Konstantin had taken advantage of the shock of his confession about Victor's plane.

"So, you and John put Maggie in danger," Kayla said. "She was already in danger. And for what it's worth, it was her idea," Steve argued. Frustrated, Kayla told Steve that she was angry that Steve had kept her in the dark about the plan. "I just didn't want you involved!" Steve said. "We just had that argument! How you make decisions for us without consulting me," Kayla countered. Kayla argued that Steve did not treat her like a partner, and she would no longer tolerate his secrets.

"You're right, Sweetness. I do have to try harder to be more open with you," Steve agreed. "I'm just so tired of all the secrecy," Kayla said. With a shake of his head, Steve reminded Kayla that in both their jobs, there were moments when they could not talk about their work. "Doctor-patient confidentiality doesn't put our life in danger," Kayla argued. Steve smiled at Kayla, and she grudgingly smiled back. "Let me look at your wound" Kayla muttered.

Jada met up with Stephanie at the hospital, and Stephanie told her all she knew about Everett's treatment. "[The doctors] decided to move him to Bayview because they haven't been making progress here," Stephanie said. "I hope that Bobby...Everett gets the help he needs," Jada said. Jada asked about Steve. Stephanie said Steve was physically fine, but emotionally, he would be in tatters when her mother was through with yelling at him.

After D.A. Trask declined to press charges against Xander, he returned home with Sarah. Sarah went upstairs to check on Maggie, while Xander stayed behind to talk to Victor's portrait. "Did you hear all that, Uncle Vic? Legally, I'm in the clear, but you and I both know why I shot Konstantin. I did it for you, old man. I hope now you can rest in peace," Xander said.

Marlena and E.J. acquire new clients

Marlena and E.J. acquire new clients

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

A dejected Eric entered the Brady Pub. As Eric approached the bar, Roman remarked that he didn't even need to ask how his son was doing. Eric filled Roman in on the search for Sloan, which had yielded no new leads. Roman expressed disbelief that Sloan could have "gotten the jump" on E.J. Eric agreed that it had been shocking to see E.J. on the ground, unconscious, but he attributed Sloan's successful escape to her desperation.

Roman tried to comfort Eric about the loss of Jude. Eric confided that he'd never felt a "greater pain" in his life. As he grew emotional, Eric further opened up about feeling as if Jude was still his son. Roman promised Eric that they would get through the hardship the same way they had always done, as a family. Eric thanked Roman and said he needed to get back home.

Roman wondered if Eric remaining at the apartment alone was only making things worse. He suggested Eric give himself a break and move back into the apartment above the pub. Eric thought it over and agreed. When Roman asked if Eric needed help moving, Eric claimed his father had given him an idea, and Eric left with a purpose.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. happily read aloud to Jude from a newspaper story concerning Paulina's woes. E.J. mused that the story would end with either Paulina stepping down or being "forcibly removed" as mayor. Chanel entered the room, overheard E.J., and asked, "Is that so?" as she scowled. Chanel derided E.J. for taking pleasure in her mother's suffering. E.J. claimed he was outraged on Chanel's behalf, since Paulina's actions had put Chanel's unborn child in danger.

Chanel admitted she was upset but defended Paulina's actions as those of a concerned mother. E.J. still believed Paulina needed to be held accountable. Chanel accused E.J. of wanting vengeance for his firing rather than justice for her. E.J. insisted he was only looking out for Johnny and Chanel. When Chanel mentioned her doctor's appointment, E.J. mentioned the "options" available if the results should reveal anything negative. Chanel grew agitated and sharply clarified to E.J. that she would be having the baby, no matter what.

E.J. backed off and assured Chanel that both he and Jude were looking forward to welcoming a new addition to the family. Chanel made an offhand comment about "Uncle Jude," and E.J.'s expression hardened. He confirmed that he would likely change the boy's name. Chanel understood but felt sorry for Eric. E.J. reminded her it had been a tough time for all of them, but Jude was where he belonged.

Later, E.J. was alone, talking with Jude. He worried that he had begun "protesting too much" about Jude being his son. E.J. simply wanted the world to know that Jude was his son "now and forever." He reassured himself that his secrets were safe and admitted he'd likely lose both Jude and Nicole if she ever discovered the truth. Just then, Eric entered the room.

E.J. made a motion for Eric to keep quiet because Jude had fallen asleep. Eric said he wouldn't be long. He had come to request E.J.'s legal services for divorce proceedings with Sloan. E.J. wondered why Eric hadn't sought out his sister or Justin for help, but Eric believed they already had too much on their plates. Besides, E.J. hated Sloan as much as Eric did and would be a strong advocate on Eric's behalf. E.J. acknowledged that the situation had made him and Eric "strange bedfellows," and E.J. seemed receptive to acting as Eric's lawyer.

Eric asked if Sloan would need to be located before divorce proceedings could begin. E.J. claimed he had a work-around. He explained the concept of a "publication divorce" to Eric. If Eric made a "good faith" effort to find Sloan by posting a notice in the newspaper every week for a few weeks, then the divorce could likely move forward in due time. Eric thanked E.J. for his assistance and admitted he hadn't been certain of E.J.'s willingness to help. E.J. believed they were all entitled to a fresh start, and Eric -- with a longing glance at Jude -- agreed.

Later, E.J. was alone with Jude and got a call from Rita. He was pleased after Rita told him that the recall petition had gone before the city council.

At Abe and Paulina's apartment, Abe hurried over to Paulina when she called out in her sleep. Paulina explained that she'd had a nightmare about the radiation transforming her into a 50-foot woman "rampaging through the streets of Salem" and wrecking Sweet Bits. Paulina also confessed to a shocked Abe that she'd had the dream nearly every night. Abe suggested they talk with Marlena. While Paulina thought the world of Marlena, Paulina didn't think it took "Dr. Freud" to understand why she had been dreaming about destroying the town and her daughter.

Abe guessed that Paulina still felt tremendous guilt, and he tried to assuage it. He reminded Paulina that she and Chanel had navigated difficult times before. Paulina agreed but expressed doubt that she'd ever be able to forgive herself if something happened to Chanel or the baby. They were interrupted by a call for Abe, who seemed concerned as he talked with a man named Reuben. After he hung up, Abe tried to assure Paulina that the call had been nothing to worry about.

Paulina wanted the truth from Abe. With a sigh, he admitted that Reuben was a city council member who had called to inform Abe about a petition to recall Paulina as mayor. Paulina was outraged, especially after Abe confirmed the petition had garnered enough signatures to be presented to the city council. She wanted to know who the "rats" were behind the effort. Abe called them the CCS, or Concerned Citizens of Salem.

Paulina vowed to uncover the identities of the organization's members. Abe began the investigation by making some calls. After a short time, he received a text that revealed the identity of the main petitioner. Paulina took one look at the screen and pronounced, "I should have known."

Eric returned to the pub and thanked Roman again for helping him take the necessary steps to move on. Eric said he could make one more gesture and slid off his wedding ring. He told Roman he'd seen Jude earlier. Eric said that every time he saw the boy, he felt as if he were losing Jude "all over again." Roman hugged his son.

In Horton Town Square, Leo smirked over a newspaper headline that declared, "Paying Price for Radioactive Ride." Leo made a crack about the return of sharp writing to the paper. Someone interrupted his snark and asked for a favor. Leo started to say that he didn't do favors, but when he looked up and saw a shirtless and sweaty man, he beamed and asked what he could do to help. Leo began to flirt and told the man that although he normally wouldn't do certain things with a stranger, for the man, Leo would be willing to make an exception.

The man asked for Leo's glass of water, which Leo eventually relinquished. Leo watched with glee as the man spilled some of the water on his chest. The man thanked Leo and prepared to continue his jog. Leo stopped him and asked the man if he would like to go out sometime. Leo rambled about his recent breakup and announced himself as "single and ready to twinkle." The man smiled and said that while he was flattered, he wasn't gay.

Leo asked the man if he was sure, as Leo could usually "suss these things out." The man reaffirmed he was straight, thanked Leo for the water, and ran off. Leo slumped back down to the table with a puzzled expression.

In her office, Marlena talked with John over the phone about his trip to Greece. When she ended the call, she mulled over the Pawn card until she heard a knock at the door. Johnny entered and asked if Marlena had time for him. Marlena assured her grandson that she did and asked what he wanted to discuss. "My whole future," Johnny said with a chuckle.

Johnny updated Marlena on his job offer and lamented how he didn't want to make Chanel choose between his dreams and her life in Salem. Marlena contested that Chanel might be more upset at being left out of the loop and also argued that Chanel might want to make the "sacrifice" for Johnny. After hearing Marlena out, Johnny agreed that he should give Chanel the option. He asked what Marlena thought about the opportunity. Marlena admitted that while she would miss Johnny, she believed he should seriously consider taking the offer.

Johnny turned the talk to the situation with Jude. Johnny was conflicted because although he was happy for his dad and Nicole, he also felt horrible for his Uncle Eric. Marlena agreed it was a difficult situation but reassured herself that Jude was where he was meant to be. Johnny said he was running late for his appointment and thanked his grandmother for her advice. Marlena wished him well and, before he left, secured a promise from him to discuss the potential job with Chanel.

Later, Marlena was busy with paperwork when Leo barged into the office and threw himself into her visitor's chair. He exclaimed that he needed Marlena's help. Before Marlena could say a word, Leo proclaimed that he needed help "with my head and my heart." Marlena reminded him that cardiology was on another floor, and she suggested he make an appointment if he wanted to talk with her. Leo protested that it couldn't wait and pronounced Marlena the "best shrink" in the world.

Leo realized Marlena probably hated him because of Will but also insinuated that Marlena owed him after Will had rolled Leo up in a "dusty old rug" and left him for dead. Marlena relented and agreed to listen to Leo. He launched into a rant about hitting on a straight man and about his excessive flirtation being attributable to his insecurity and his need to be loved. An impressed Marlena called the observation "psychologically astute." Leo linked his insight to his binging of self-help books and then handed his letter from Dimitri to Marlena; however, he started rambling about the letter's contents before she could read it.

Marlena guessed Leo was upset about a breakup. Leo listed off his good qualities of being handsome, smart, funny, and "tall," the latter of which garnered an amused reaction from Marlena. She agreed that he had many good qualities, which prompted Leo to ponder, "Then why am I so unlovable?" Leo told Marlena about his latest visit with his mother, who had dismissed Leo as a "worthless human being." Marlena called Diana "a very disturbed woman" and thought she contributed to Leo's lack of self-esteem. Leo quickly clarified that he thought himself to be "fabulous," and he was mainly concerned with other people's impressions of him.

Marlena challenged Leo that deep down, he might not like himself as much as he claimed. Leo brightened and gushed about Marlena and about her abilities as a "doc." Marlena chastised Leo about calling her "doc," and he corrected himself. He confessed that while he put on a smile, he felt "tortured and miserable 75 percent of the time." He asked Marlena if there was any hope for him.

Marlena assured Leo there was hope for everyone, and she agreed to help him, "heaven help me." Marlena clarified to a confused Leo that she was afraid she'd be distracted by his "funny stories and adorable take on things." Leo pledged to be as "unfunny" as possible and even agreed to "do the work" Marlena expected of him, despite him hating work. She gave her card to a relieved Leo, who promised to make "lots of appointments" so Marlena could "crack this nut wide open." When he left, Marlena wore an exasperated smile.

Johnny joined Chanel in a hospital examining room. When he inquired about her day, she relayed that she'd gotten into it with his father about the baby and about Chanel's mother. Johhny got upset after Chanel revealed that E.J. had wanted to discuss "options" concerning the baby. Chanel stated that she'd handled it and claimed she didn't want Johnny to say anything on her behalf. Johnny insisted he would be her backup when needed, and he also wondered what was keeping Kayla. He told Chanel that he wanted to talk with her while they waited.

Before Johnny could begin, the man who had been interacting with Leo earlier walked into the room. He introduced himself as Dr. Greene and explained that Kayla had been called away on an emergency. Chanel took note of the doctor's last name and asked if he was any relation to her customer Felicity Greene. Dr. Greene confirmed that Felicity was his sister. He'd heard great things about Chanel from Felicity. Chanel admitted her mutual admiration for Felicity.

Dr. Greene informed Johnny and Chanel that based on his exam, the pregnancy seemed to be proceeding smoothly. They would still need to confirm via the test results, though. The couple was happy at the news. Johnny was surprised when the doctor gave them his card, with the name "Mark Greene" on it. They made jokes about the name's association with a doctor character from the show ER. Dr. Greene exchanged further pleasantries with Johnny and Chanel then left them alone.

Chanel was curious as to what Johnny had wanted to discuss earlier. Johnny took a deep breath and asked Chanel how she would feel about leaving Salem.

Clyde tries to make some deals

Clyde tries to make some deals

Thursday, June 13, 2024

In an exam room at the hospital, Johnny told Chanel about the job offer he'd received to be a first assistant director on a Peyton Russo film. Chanel was thrilled for Johnny--until he told her that the job would be in Los Angeles and that his answer was due by the next day. Johnny admitted that he'd known about the offer for a couple of weeks. Chanel got angry.

Chanel asked if Johnny had planned to turn down the job and never tell her about it at all. Chanel got serious enough to use Johnny's full name. "John Roman DiMera! Do you think you know what's best for me? For us?" Johnny tried to claim that he hadn't wanted to add to Chanel's recent stress, but Chanel wasn't having that. She got even more upset when Johnny mentioned that he'd discussed the job offer with his grandmother Marlena.

Johnny apologized profusely to Chanel. He told his wife that he had initially been excited about the opportunity but then had panicked because Salem was their home. Johnny remarked that their lives were in Salem and that Chanel was happy there--and that making Chanel happy was Johnny's main job. Chanel's mood softened, but then she realized that if Johnny had wanted to turn down the job, he would have done it already. Johnny admitted to being conflicted. He told Chanel that she would have to make the decision.

Chanel reiterated that she and Johnny were a team. Johnny was hesitant to uproot Chanel for his dream. Chanel reminded him that she could bake cookies anywhere and that flour, milk, and chocolate chips were all available in California. "'Sweet Bits L.A.'? It sounds kinda nice, don't ya think?" Chanel mused. Chanel also figured putting some distance between her and her mother could be a good thing. Chanel told Johnny to take the job if he wanted it, but for reasons Johnny couldn't articulate, he wasn't sure he actually wanted the job. "Try," Chanel said.

Johnny talked about his lifelong dream to become the next Fellini, but he said that when he'd tried to really put something together -- his grandmother's life story -- the project "went to hell... literally." Chanel replied, "Well, maybe that's what sets you apart. I mean, how many directors can say that the actual devil interfered with a production?" Johnny had taken the experience as a sign that he'd been dabbling in something he wasn't supposed to be. He talked about how cutthroat Hollywood was and about the possibility that he was merely a delusional rich kid. "Where is all this self-doubt coming from?" Chanel asked. Johnny explained that everything had been happening so fast, and he had Chanel and the baby to consider. Failing alone was one thing, but Johnny did not want to fail the three of them.

Chanel expressed her confidence in Johnny's abilities as a writer and director. She told him that if things didn't work out, he would at least know he had tried, and they could always return to Salem. Chanel told Johnny she would follow him. "Your dreams are our dreams now," Chanel assured Johnny as she took his hand. Johnny thanked Chanel for supporting him. Chanel apologized for having gotten "salty." Johnny acknowledged that he should have told Chanel about the offer sooner. "So, what are you thinking now?" she asked.

Johnny called Peyton Russo and accepted the job. After the call, Chanel hugged Johnny excitedly and told him how proud of him she was. Chanel realized that it had been their first fight since they'd been married. Chanel wanted to hurry up and get home so that they could "make up."

At the Brady Pub, Roman told Kate that Eric would be moving into the vacant room upstairs. Kate was worried because she had not heard from Lucas in a while. Just as Kate said that she might never see her son again, Lucas appeared and replied, "Or... he could walk through that door right now." Kate hugged Lucas, relieved to see her son. Kate asked if Lucas was a free man, because he had fulfilled his deal with Harris and the FBI. When Lucas did not reply right away, Roman excused himself so that Kate and Lucas could talk.

Lucas explained that his situation was still unresolved because Harris was busy processing Clyde. Lucas told Kate that Chad had flown him home. Kate was angry with herself for trusting Harris. Lucas reminded her to keep her voice down, since Lucas was still technically a fugitive. Kate declared that they should get Lucas back into hiding. Lucas refused to go back to the monastery. He figured he would be okay with going back to Statesville if Clyde was being sent to supermax. Lucas had resigned himself to serving out the last year of his sentence. "I might as well pay full price for what I did to Sami," Lucas said.

After Lucas left the Brady Pub, Kate told Roman that Lucas had gone to say goodbye to Julie because he expected to be going back to prison. "I'm sorry to hear that," said Roman. Kate was skeptical. "Really?" she asked her husband. Roman assured Kate that he believed Lucas had learned his lesson and that Harris should not leave Lucas "out to dry."

Chad returned to the Horton house after having been in Montana. Julie was glad to see him. She asked Chad if Clyde had admitted to targeting Abigail. Chad thought back to Clyde having told him that Abigail was still alive. Chad and Julie sat down, and Chad related the details of his conversation with Clyde. Chad told Julie that Clyde had not denied having gone to the DiMera mansion specifically to kill Abigail. Chad told Julie that Clyde had claimed that Abigail was still alive.

Chad explained that he had been holding a gun to Clyde's head when Clyde had made his revelation, so Clyde might have said anything at the time. Julie asked if Chad thought Clyde had lied. Chad believed that it was probably a lie but that a small part of him hoped it was true. Julie hugged Chad. After recounting previous medical miracles, Julie wondered if Dr. Rolf might have had something to do with it. Chad wasn't sure what to think. He decided to go talk with Clyde again. Chad asked Julie not to mention any of it to Jack or Jennifer, so as not to get their hopes up. Julie agreed.

Later, Julie hugged Lucas upon seeing him. Lucas explained that his status was unclear, and visiting Julie was risky; however, there was no way he would go back to Statesville without having said goodbye to Julie. Julie asked Lucas if he believed that Abigail might still be alive. Lucas couldn't figure how that could be true. "Could you?" he asked Julie.

After Lucas left, Julie had a phone conversation with her aunt Marie Horton. Julie talked about having warned Maggie about Konstantin. Julie admitted to having made no progress with opening the time capsule but reiterated her determination to solve the mystery.

Lucas returned to the Brady Pub and informed Kate that he'd said goodbye to Julie. Lucas asked if Kate would hide him until they heard from Harris. At that moment, Roman returned. He told Kate and Lucas that he had pulled some ISA strings. Harris had been contacted, and the terms of the deal had been made official. The balance of Lucas' sentence had been commuted, and Lucas was a free man. Relief washed over Kate and Lucas. They grabbed each other in a joyous hug, as a smiling Roman looked on.

At the Salem Police Station, Rafe informed Clyde about all the new charges that were being filed against Clyde, including drug dealing, attempted murder, and breaking out of Statesville Prison. Rafe told Clyde that once all the charges had been dealt with, Rafe planned to send Clyde into solitary confinement at a supermax facility. Rafe got Clyde's attention when he asked what Clyde knew about Li Shin's murder.

Clyde said the name "Li Shin" didn't ring a bell for him. Rafe didn't believe that. He recounted that Clyde had had his goons break Gabi's leg and threaten her so that Stefan would do Clyde's bidding. Clyde claimed that Gabi had slipped in the shower -- then taunted Rafe by telling him that Clyde was picturing Gabi in the shower. Rafe told Clyde to shut up.

Clyde asked Rafe why Gabi had killed Li. Rafe replied, "She didn't. She had no motive. She's innocent." Clyde laughed. "The last thing your sister is is 'innocent.'" Rafe got angry. Rafe accused Clyde of knowing who had killed Li. Rafe told Clyde that Li's blood had been found on the little black book.

Clyde reminded Rafe that Clyde had been in prison when Li had been killed. Rafe told Clyde that Gil's bloody fingerprint had also been found on the book and that the book had been found at the Bistro, from where Clyde had run his drug operation. Rafe asked if Clyde could corroborate Gil's guilt. Clyde smiled smugly and replied, "Well, let's just say I could. What's in it for me?"

Rafe informed Clyde that he couldn't make such serious charges go away. Clyde asked Rafe why the bloody fingerprint hadn't been enough to overturn Gabi's conviction. "That's a good question," was Rafe's response. Clyde tried to make a deal. He claimed he would appreciate anything Rafe could do for him, even something outside the confines of the law.

Clyde reminded Rafe that when Hope had killed Stefano, Rafe had helped her to cover it up. Clyde expected Rafe would do no less for his sister. "What kind of brother are you?" Clyde asked. Rafe thought for a moment, stood, and said, "You hang tight. I'll be back." Clyde, with a wide, self-satisfied grin on his face, said, "Think about what I said." Rafe left the interrogation room.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen walked in on Stefan, who was just finishing a phone call. Stefan told her that he'd be "busting Gabi out of prison." Kristen found it amusing that Stefan planned to orchestrate a prison break. Stefan explained that attempts to free Gabi with Clyde's black book had failed, since Melinda Trask had decided that the book was not evidence enough. Stefan explained to Kristen that Gabi's escape was "imminent," and that soon, Stefan and Gabi would disappear together, never to be seen again. Kristen declared, "No, Stefan. I am afraid I can't let this happen."

Kristen reminded Stefan of their deal: she would help him free Gabi, and he would support Kristen as CEO of DiMera. Kristen asked Stefan to be patient, but Stefan was concerned that if Clyde was captured, he would go back to making Gabi's life "a living hell." Kristen gave her brother an ultimatum: "If you insist on going through with this idiotic jailbreak plan, I'm going to go tell your wife that you slept with Ava Vitali." Stefan asked if Kristen was declaring war. "With you? No, of course not. I'm at war with E.J." she replied. Kristen suggested that Stefan rethink his plan.

Rafe arrived and told Stefan and Kristen that he had news about Gabi. He updated them. Stefan was not surprised that Clyde wasn't talking. Kristen's phone rang. She excused herself and left to take the call. Rafe told Stefan not to give up hope. Rafe explained that he was convinced Clyde knew something. Stefan reckoned that whatever Clyde wanted would be worth getting Gabi released.

Rafe said his hands were tied. He explained to Stefan that if Rafe gave anything to Clyde, Rafe would be "sacrificing the safety of everyone in this town... and beyond." Rafe then prompted, "But maybe, if you had an idea..." Stefan asked what Rafe meant by that. "So, you're saying, um... if I chose to go 'the DiMera route,' you'd be willing to look the other way." Rafe shrugged his shoulders but said nothing. Rafe left to return to the station

Kristin reentered the room. Stefan told her that Rafe was unwilling to make any deal with Clyde. Stefan offered to shelve his jailbreak plan if Kristen would help him get more evidence. Kristen said, "Yeah, sorry. There's been a change of plans. I won't be helping you anymore."

Chad entered the interrogation room. Without saying a word, Chad moved the table and brought a chair over to sit face to face with Clyde. "You and I never finished our conversation. You need to start talking," Chad said. "Or else what?" Clyde replied.

Chad asked Clyde, "How could it be possible my wife is still alive, Clyde?" Chad related the details of the night he had found Abigail bleeding out in their room. Chad talked about how he had held out hope at the hospital and how Kayla had told him that Abigail was dead. Chad talked about having gone in to hold Abigail, to kiss her, and to say goodbye. Chad leaned forward and took Clyde's face in his hands. With gritted teeth and tears in his eyes, Chad demanded, "How is that possible, Clyde? Please, tell me! How is that possible?"

Clyde politely asked Chad to back up a little. Chad released Clyde's face and sat back in his chair. Clyde said he preferred when Chad "played the strong guy." He told Chad, "This is just sad, y'know. Takes all the fun out of it." "Answer me. Please," Chad pleaded, with a catch in his voice. Clyde said, "Before I do, you have to show me that you can do something for me." "Do what?" asked Chad. "Better my situation," Clyde said.

Clyde told Chad that, "as a DiMera," Chad would figure something out. Chad was reluctant. "I can't trust anything you say," Chad said. "Then, why are you here?" Clyde asked. Chad countered with, "Tell me this, then: if Abigail is still alive, why would you go down for her murder?" Clyde sighed and replied, "It's only the fool who goes for the quick return. A wise man plays the long game... with an ace up his sleeve, knowing the exact time he should play it."

Chad told Clyde that he had shown all his cards to Clyde, and it was Clyde's turn. Clyde leaned in and looked Chad square in the eye. "Now, listen up... 'cause I'm about to give you somethin' big."

Kristen gives Stefan an unexpected gift

Kristen gives Stefan an unexpected gift

Friday, June 14, 2024

At the hospital, Johnny and Chanel were excited to share the news that their baby was healthy and that they planned to move to Los Angeles for Johnny's new job. "I have to figure out how I am going to break the news to my mom," Chanel said.

While Chanel left to see Paulina, Johnny walked down the hall to inform Marlena about the news. Johnny thanked Marlena for her advice to talk to Chanel. "What did she say?" Marlena asked. Johnny told Marlena that he and Chanel had decided to move to LA. Marlena hugged Johnny, and she congratulated him on his new job.

"I doubt that [Paulina] will handle the news as well as you have," Johnny said. "Are things still strained between [Chanel and Paulina]?" Marlena asked. Johnny explained that he and Chanel understood why Paulina had left the hospital, but they also believed that Paulina had acted recklessly.

"I understand. But as a mother, I also understand the desire to protect your child," Marlena said. Johnny noted that ironically, Paulina's actions had endangered the lives of Chanel and the baby. "I hope the two of them find their way back together," Marlena said. Marlena asked about the baby's health, and Johnny told her that Dr. Greene had said that the baby had looked healthy.

"If I'm being honest, when we first found out that there might be problems, that our baby could be born with certain abnormalities, I wasn't sure if we should go through with the pregnancy. But after today, I know that we made the right decision," Johnny said. Marlena smiled, and she noted that she was excited to have a new grandchild to dote on. Johnny and Marlena shared a tearful hug goodbye.

Paulina seethed as she looked at E.J.'s website for the "Concerned Citizens of Salem" and talked on the phone to Abe. "These trolls are going to get me recalled. I could lose my job!" Paulina said. Abe vowed to put an end to the recall. Abe cautioned Paulina to stop looking at the internet, and she obliged. Chanel entered the apartment. Chanel told Paulina that the exam of the baby had gone well, but they were waiting on a few tests. "Dr. Greene says that the baby's heartbeat is really strong," Chanel said. Paulina gasped with relief.

"And I have some other news that you may not think is so wonderful," Chanel added. Chanel told Paulina about the move to California. "You said you needed space, I just didn't think you needed 2,000 miles of it," Paulina joked. Chanel assured Paulina that she was not the reason for the move. "Johnny was offered a job, a dream job, in California," Chanel explained. Chanel said that she planned to establish a new Sweet Bits location in LA.

"It seems a little impulsive," Paulina noted. "Who do you think I get that from?" Chanel said. Chanel noted that Paulina had a history of acting without thinking. Paulina apologized for having questioned Chanel's judgment. "I'm just so sad to see you leave," Paulina said. "I know. But Mama, it's only going to be a plane ride away. And it's not like we haven't lived apart before," Chanel said. Paulina nodded hesitantly.

"Maybe you won't miss me so much as you did in the past," Paulina said. "Why would you say that?" Chanel asked. Paulina explained that after what she had done during radiation treatment, she worried that she had ruined their relationship. "You didn't ruin everything," Chanel assured Paulina. "I worry that the distance will only drive us further apart," Paulina confessed. Paulina apologized again for her actions.

"I know I keep saying that. And I know words can't change the fact that I put other people's health in jeopardy including yours and Johnny's and that of that precious child that you're carrying," Paulina said. Paulina added that she wished she could turn back time and make a different decision. With a shake of her head, Chanel noted that if Paulina had not gone to the island, it was possible that Chanel and the baby could have died. Paulina sniffled back tears. "That makes some sense," Paulina said. "Is it possible that you made the right choice after all?" Chanel asked. Paulina asked Chanel if she meant that. Chanel noted that it was still too early to know if there was anything wrong with the baby, but she was optimistic.

"I think that it's time for you to stop beating yourself up. And I also think that it's time that I forgive you," Chanel said. "Really?" Paulina asked. When Chanel nodded yes, Paulina squealed and hugged her daughter. "You have no idea what this means to me that you don't hate me anymore," Paulina said. "I can never hate you! I was just upset," Chanel countered. Chanel told Paulina that she knew she had acted out of love. "My heart, well a part of it, will always be right here with you," Chanel said.

At the cafe in the town square, E.J. approached Abe's table. "Thank you for agreeing to meet me," Abe said. Abe asked E.J. about the recall group. "It seems that the primary so-called concerned citizen is you," Abe said. Abe asked E.J. if he was behind the recall. E.J. admitted that he was behind the movement. "I want you to stop this nonsense now," Abe growled. "It's not personal. I'm just trying to do the right thing here," E.J. said. Abe scowled.

"By attacking my wife? Tarnishing her good name? She made one, one impulsive decision. And aside from that, she has been an outstanding mayor, " Abe said. E.J. disagreed. Abe guessed that E.J.'s motivation was retribution. E.J. admitted that he had been furious that Paulina had fired him, but that it was not the reason for the recall. "[The firing] was a blessing in disguise," E.J. said. Confused, Abe asked E.J. to explain.

"Now that I've learned that Jude is in fact my son, I've had much more time to spend with him. Be a hands-on dad. Not to mention I can now devote more attention to my role as acting CEO of DiMera," E.J. said. With a smirk, E.J. noted that he believed he would soon be the official CEO. "You have a lot on your plate," Abe said. Abe encouraged E.J. to rescind the petition for a recall.

"No, It's too late for that. The petition is already in the hands of the city council," E.J. said. Abe asked E.J. to disavow the petition. E.J. refused. "I can't let [the people of Salem] down," E.J. argued. "You don't give a damn about the people of Salem," Abe grumbled. Abe argued that E.J. only cared about his ego. "Lexie may be gone, but you and I? We're still family. So let me ask you on a personal level to stop this attack on Paulina," Abe said. E.J. argued that it was not an attack but an attempt to hold a public official accountable.

"I should have known that appealing to your sense of family loyalty wouldn't work. Let me leave you with this one thing, E.J. For you to try to get rid of an outstanding mayor and human being out of spite, shows exactly what kind of man you are," Abe said. Abe walked away.

Johnny and Chanel met up at the Brady Pub. Johnny confirmed that he had already told Roman and Marlena the news about their move. "They weren't necessarily happy to see us leave, but they were, you know, supportive. How did it go with your mom?" Johnny asked. "It went way better than I imagined. We talked things through, and we're in a really good place now," Chanel said. Chanel told Johnny that Paulina understood that the move was what was best for Johnny and Chanel.

When Abe returned home, Paulina did not respond. "Something wrong?" Abe asked. "Chanel dropped by. And she and I, Abe, we had this amazing talk. We made a breakthrough. She forgave me," Paulina said. Abe chuckled, and he told Paulina that he was happy for her. "That's not all. Abe, she told me she and Johnny are moving to Los Angeles," Paulina said. Paulina told Abe about Johnny's new job. "We can always go out there to visit. And they'll be back here, I'm sure," Abe said. With a nod, Paulina noted that the important thing was that Chanel no longer hated her.

"What were you up to tonight?" Paulina asked. "I was trying to get E.J. to back off," Abe said. Abe explained that he had talked to E.J., but E.J. had refused to stop the recall. Paulina muttered a few derogatory names about E.J., and then she noted that karma would deal with him.

In the DiMera living room, a frustrated Stefan waited for Kristen to return from the kitchen. "Rafe is gone already?" Kristen asked. "[Rafe] said he is unwilling to make a deal with Weston," Stefan said. Stefan promised to call off the prison break if Kristen agreed to help him find more evidence. "Sorry, change of plans. I'm not going to be helping you any more," Kristen said. Confused, Stefan reminded Kristen that she needed his help to become CEO.

With a smirk, Kristen explained that the board had met in private and offered her the job. "Without my support?" Stefan said. "The board felt that it was high time that another woman was at the helm. I think it also helped that I sent them the presentation doc regarding my vision of the company," Kristen said. Stefan congratulated Kristen.

"Just because you're CEO doesn't mean you can't still help me with Gabi," Stefan said. Stefan asked Kristen to use the company resources to find more evidence, but she refused. Stefan argued that because Kristen was getting everything she wanted, she was no longer motivated to help her brother in need.

"I am sympathetic to you, to Gabi, and I would help if I could. But Shin? He would kick me to the curb if he found out that I was trying to free the woman that murdered his beloved son," Kristen said. "But she didn't!" Stefan countered. Kristen told Stefan that she believed Stefan, but Shin did not. "My hands are tied," Kristen said. Frustrated, Stefan muttered, "What the hell am I supposed to do now?" Kristen advised Stefan not to do anything until Rafe spoke to Clyde.

"[Clyde is not going to provide any evidence] unless he gets something major in return. Rafe has already made it clear he is not making a deal, not with Weston!" Stefan shouted. Kristen reminded Stefan that he could seduce Melinda. Stefan refused to dishonor his marriage further. "I'm sorry that you are going through this, but this is the best I've got," Kristen said. With a sigh, Stefan noted that his only choice was a prison break.

"Breaking Gabi out of prison is a terrible idea," Kristen argued. Kristen reminded Stefan that she had spent years on the run from the police. "Trust me, it is no way to live," Kristen said. "My wife is locked in prison for a crime that she didn't commit, thinking that we're going to spend the rest of our lives apart. That is no way to live!" Stefan countered. Stefan explained that he would do anything to free his wife, even if that meant a life as a fugitive.

"You need to focus on what happens after [the prison break]," Kristen said. Kristen told Stefan about her grab and go kit in the safe, and she told him to take it. Kristen explained that the kit included an envelope with a contact sheet for people that could help Stefan elude capture and disappear. "Consider it a parting gift for you and your beloved," Kristen said. Stefan thanked his sister. Stefan hugged Kristen tightly.

"I am eternally grateful to you, Kristen," Stefan said. Kristen wiped the tears from her eyes, and she announced that she was headed into the office. "I'm going to miss having an ally in this house," Kristen said. With a smirk, Stefan noted that they had not always been allies. Kristen reminded Stefan of the first time they had met when she had been on the run and Stefan had sheltered her because she had been family. "Until I eventually sold you out to Sami," Stefan countered. "Double-crossing, backstabbing, it is the DiMera way," Kristen said with a laugh. Kristen told Stefan that she was glad they had been on the same side again.

"You can thank E.J. for that," Stefan said. Kristen groaned. "Speaking of our charming brother, he is going to have a conniption when he finds out who is replacing him at the company," Kristen said. "I'm sorry I'm going to miss that," Stefan said. Kristen projected that after the vitriol, E.J. would eventually realize that her appointment as CEO was for the best.

At the police station, Chad exited the interrogation room and took a call from Julie. Julie asked about Abigail. "[Clyde] told me to check on a safe deposit box at a bank in Chicago. Inside of it is supposedly proof that Abby is alive," Chad said.

When Chad returned home, Julie told Chad that she would go with him to Chicago in the morning. "You can't go alone," Julie stressed. "I don't want you involved. This could be dangerous," Chad said. Julie scoffed. Julie told Chad that both she and Alice had faced criminals in their adventures over the years. "If [Alice can rescue Bo and Hope], I can go with you to a bank in Chicago in broad daylight," Julie argued. Chad chuckled.

"This could still be one wild goose chase," Chad said. "Still, we have to go," Julie countered. Chad agreed that they needed to pursue any lead if it meant Abigail might be alive. "Daddy?" Thomas said. Chad asked what was wrong. Thomas explained that he had been unable to sleep, and he had heard Chad's voice downstairs. Chad hugged his son, and he told Thomas that he had missed him. Thomas asked about the trip. Chad promised to tell Thomas and Charlotte about the trip in the morning.

"Why did you say mommy is alive?" Thomas asked. Chad fumbled for the right response, until Julie interrupted to say that Chad had meant that Abigail was still a part of their lives. "Her memory is alive in our hearts," Julie said. "Yeah. That's what I said. Does that make sense?" Chad asked. Thomas nodded yes, and Chad took him upstairs to bed.

When Chad returned to the living room, Julie noted that Chad had an inquisitive boy. "He gets that from his mother," Chad said. Chad said he could not believe that it was the two year anniversary of Abigail's death. "That little spark of hope that she might be alive has grown into this giant flame. And I don't know what I'm going to do if this all turns out not to be true," Chad confessed to Julie.

"I could throttle Clyde Weston with my bare hands for doing what he's done to you emotionally. It's so cruel," Julie said. Chad assured Julie that the wait would be over soon. "Tomorrow we will go to Chicago, we will walk into that bank, and we will open that safety deposit box, and we will know, without a shadow of a doubt, if our Abby is still alive," Chad said.

In the town square, E.J. was sipping a beer at the cafe when Kristen stopped by his table. "I know that you must be upset that things didn't go your way. And I hope that there's no hard feelings. After all, we are family, and we should support one another," Kristen said. Confused, E.J. asked Kristen, "What are you nattering on about?" Kristen informed E.J. that the board had appointed her CEO.

In the DiMera living room, Stefan opened the safe to grab the money and envelope that Kristen had directed him to take. When Stefan ripped open the envelope, it did not include a list of contacts for his escape as expected. Stefan laughed out loud. "These are DNA results. Turns out E.J., you are not Jude's father," Stefan said.

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