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Eric published a notice of divorce. Tate and Theresa argued about Brady. Stefan blackmailed E.J. E.J. dropped his recall in exchange for the D.A. job. Xander told Maggie he had intentionally killed Konstantin. Sarah's research hit a dead end. Marlena counseled Leo to love himself. Alex told Theresa he loved her. Eli and Lani visited for Juneteenth. Johnny and Chanel moved away. Chad and Julie found a possible video of Abigail. Steve planned to take a plea deal. Nicole sent Holly to prom. Sophia ratted out Tate. Brady and Theresa busted Tate and Holly.
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Stefan blackmailed E.J. Eli and Lani visited for Juneteenth. Chad and Julie found a possible video of Abigail. Xander told Maggie he had intentionally killed Konstantin.
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E.J. offers Paulina a deal

E.J. offers Paulina a deal

Monday, June 17, 2024

Upstairs at the Kirakis mansion, Theresa rubbed at sore spots from Konstantin's attack. Alex entered, clad in a towel, and asked how Theresa was doing. Theresa pointed out her sore areas, and Alex began kissing them. Things grew more passionate as Theresa removed Alex's towel. Afterwards, they lay in bed and cuddled.

Theresa confessed that her life -- and all of her mistakes -- had flashed before her eyes. She thanked Alex for saving her from Konstantin and rebuffed Alex's attempt to give Xander credit. Theresa grew uneasy when Alex mused about Konstantin's last words regarding her. Theresa tried to convince Alex that Konstantin had hated her, since she had argued with him about Alex. Alex eventually dropped the subject and agreed to get a hungry Theresa a Brady Pub burger.

Downstairs at the mansion, Brady cleaned up the wedding décor. Tate rushed in and wanted to know if what he'd heard on social medial was true. Brady confirmed that Konstantin had admitted to killing Victor. Brady assured Tate that Theresa was unharmed. Tate wanted to see his mother, but Brady stopped him and stated that Theresa already had company. Tate correctly surmised that Brady was talking about Alex.

Tate noted Brady's seeming discomfort with the topic of Theresa and Alex. Brady sighed and said Theresa had made her choice. Tate was shocked as he realized that his father and his mother had spent the previous night together. Tate also seemed upset at the thought his mother might be leading Brady on. Brady insisted he wasn't going to talk about it with Tate.

Tate noted that it had to be hard for Brady to be at the mansion. Brady agreed and invited Tate to join him at the pub for a burger. Tate accepted but stayed behind to write his mother a note. Holly entered after Brady had left, and she and Tate smiled at each other.

Tate explained that he had wanted to check on his mother, and Holly said she had wanted to do the same for her grandmother. They were happy to see each other and talked about prom. Holly thought it was for the best that she couldn't go, since she wouldn't be able to hang out with Tate. He claimed he had a plan that would allow them to spend time together. Tate also said he wanted to take advantage of their alone time, and he leaned in to kiss Holly.

Tate quickly pulled away from Holly when he heard his mother's voice demanding to know what was going on. Holly tried to explain that she and Tate had run into each other by accident, but Theresa was having none of it and lashed out at Holly. Tate attempted to intervene, but Holly said she should go and hurried out. Theresa and Tate exchanged words about Theresa's treatment of Holly.

Theresa claimed she was trying to protect Tate from someone who had hurt him. Tate snapped back "the way you hurt Dad," and he told his mother that he knew about what had happened with her, his father, and Alex. Theresa defended her actions and protested that she hadn't meant to hurt Brady, but Tate was unmoved. He told Theresa to go back to her "stupid boyfriend" and stormed out.

Later, in Horton Town Square, Tate and Holly walked hand in hand. Tate kept looking over his shoulder, afraid that someone like Lady Whistleblower would spot them together. Holly calmed him with a kiss. She wanted to know more about Tate's big plan for prom.

At the newspaper office, Eric arrived and was surprised to see Nicole and Jude. He happily smiled at Jude. Nicole explained that she'd needed to finish an article and hadn't wanted to leave Jude behind. Eric assured Nicole he understood and that being around Jude did not bother him. Eric looked adoringly at Jude and said that he had missed the boy. They talked about how big Jude had gotten.

Nicole was curious as to why Eric had stopped by the office. He explained that he needed to make a listing for the paper. Nicole offered her help and asked Eric if he was trying to get rid of something. "I'm trying to get rid of my wife," Eric deadpanned. Eric updated Nicole on the concept of a publication divorce. Nicole thought it was a clever idea, and Eric responded that he owed it to his lawyer. He revealed to a surprised Nicole that E.J. was acting as his lawyer.

Nicole wondered why E.J. had accepted the case and remarked that Eric and E.J. finally had something in common in their mutual hatred for Sloan. With a pointed look, Eric reminded Nicole that E.J. and he had never gotten along because of the more long-standing thing they had in common.

Later, Nicole and Eric volleyed ideas for his newspaper notice. Eric wanted to keep it simple and direct, but Nicole kept encouraging him to "spice" up the writing with insults directed at Sloan. Eric balked at Nicole's suggestions. "Once a priest, always a priest," she cracked.

At the pub, Alex ran into Brady and claimed he wanted to clear the air. The two sat at a table, and Alex apologized for the way things had unfolded between him, Brady, and Theresa. Brady said Theresa had gotten exactly the outcome she had wanted. Alex took the blame for Theresa's actions because he believed he had sent Theresa mixed signals. He assured Brady he was done with Kristen and that he was committed to Theresa.

Brady agreed to put the past behind them for the sake of the family; Alex thanked him and left. Later, Eric entered the pub and caught up with Brady. They talked about the wedding events before their discussion turned to Eric's loss of Jude. Eric admitted he still missed Jude every day, but he was determined to move on. Brady wondered how that would go with Eric's new job at the paper.

Eric reasoned that Nicole wouldn't be bringing Jude to the office often. Brady clarified that he was concerned about Eric's proximity to Nicole.

Theresa sat alone at the mansion and remembered her night with Brady. Alex returned, and she weakly assured him everything was fine.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan smirked and marveled at his good fortune. He was coolly sipping a drink when E.J. stormed into the room and demanded to know if Stefan had assisted Kristen in her takeover of DiMera. Stefan replied that Kristen had accomplished the task on her own, but he did admit Kristen had provided him funds and contacts for a job Stefan had needed done. With a big grin, Stefan told E.J. that he had retrieved the wrong envelope from the safe, and he handed an envelope to E.J. "I believe this belongs to you," Stefan said.

E.J. tried to play dumb, but an unrelenting Stefan gleefully told E.J. that the envelope contained DNA results. Stefan couldn't believe that E.J. would have been so careless with a secret as big as the revelation that Eric was Jude's father. E.J. admitted he'd forgotten the document was in the safe and flashed back to when Nicole had shown it to him. Stefan noted E.J.'s seeming lack of shock at the results.

E.J. again attempted deflection by claiming the results had been fabricated as a prank. Stefan took out his phone and offered to arrange a new test. E.J. grabbed the phone, and Stefan prodded him about Nicole leaving to be with her "true love." E.J. wanted Stefan to keep quiet, but Stefan said, "for a price." E.J. snarked at his brother's affinity for blackmail and asked Stefan what he wanted. When Stefan talked about freeing Gabi, E.J. reminded his brother that E.J. no longer had the district attorney's job, thanks to Stefan.

E.J. realized Stefan had been planning to break Gabi out of prison and made fun of his brother's plans. Stefan responded that he no longer needed to worry about a "life on the run" because he had E.J. where he wanted him. Stefan proclaimed, against E.J.'s protests, that he expected E.J. to get his job back as the D.A. Stefan wanted results with Gabi as soon as possible. He threatened E.J. with the envelope, and E.J. became enraged just as Nicole arrived with Jude.

E.J. composed himself and told Nicole he had an errand to run. He kissed her and left. After E.J.'s departure, Nicole urged Stefan to tell her what had happened. Stefan attributed E.J.'s bad mood to Kristen's takeover of the CEO position. Nicole worried about E.J., but Stefan reminded her that E.J. would stop at nothing to "protect his family."

At her apartment, Paulina ranted about the Concerned Citizens of Salem while she typed on her laptop. Abe arrived from the bedroom and chided Paulina for getting herself worked up. She told Abe she was taking a more proactive approach by writing an op-ed that she hoped the newspaper would publish. Abe expressed pride in Paulina for her actions but wanted his wife to relax for the night. He offered her wine and reminded her that their anniversary would be the next day.

Abe and Paulina reminisced about their wedding. Abe was grateful that he had remembered the beautiful day, but Paulina noted it hadn't all been wonderful because Lani had been arrested. Although the anniversary and Juneteenth itself would always be special to Paulina, she feared the upcoming festivities would be equally marred.

Paulina revealed her plans to throw a going-away party for Johnny and Chanel on Paulina and Abe's anniversary. Abe reassured her it was okay and comforted Paulina when she expressed sorrow about Chanel leaving. He believed that the most difficult part of being a parent was letting go.

A knock at the door ended Abe and Paulina's talk. When she answered, Paulina was unpleasantly surprised to find E.J. He informed her that he would be willing to drop the recall position. Before Paulina could celebrate, E.J. clarified that he wanted something in return.

Xander makes a confession to Maggie

Xander makes a confession to Maggie

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

In the Horton house living room, Chad read through an article about Clyde. "You son of a bitch. Abby's dead. It doesn't make any rational sense that she would still be alive," Chad muttered. Julie walked into the room, and she noted that not everything made sense. Chad asked Julie if Abigail could be alive. "I know you. You're not going to give up hope until you are sure she isn't out there somewhere," Julie said. Chad was eager to go to the bank in Chicago, but Julie reminded him that the bank was closed for Juneteenth.

"No, I called ahead. The manager is going to meet us there, even though the branch is closed," Chad said. Julie thanked Chad. "I don't think I could have waited one more day to see what's in that box," Julie admitted. When Julie noted that it had been difficult to keep the news a secret from Jack and Jennifer, Jack rounded the corner. "Did someone say my name?" Jack said cheerily. Jack hugged everyone hello.

"We weren't expecting you," Julie said. Jack apologized. "I just let myself in because I thought everybody would be at the Juneteenth celebration," Jack said. "You don't have to apologize. This is your home. It will always be your home," Julie said. Chad explained that Doug was taking the kids to the park.

"I'm just not really in a festive mood today," Chad admitted. "I hear you. I mean, anniversaries don't get much easier," Jack said. Chad asked about Jennifer, and Jack noted that he and Jennifer had struggled through the anniversary of Abigail's death. "But last night, I couldn't sleep. Two A.M. I just hopped in the car, started driving. And I just wanted to feel closer to Abigail is all," Jack explained. Jack added that he wanted to talk to Rafe about Clyde.

"I heard they upped the charge to murder one now that [Clyde's] finally admitted that Abigail's death was premeditated," Jack said. Jack asked Chad if Clyde had said anything else. Chad and Julie shared a look. "Are you keeping something from me?" Jack asked. "Why would you ask that?" Julie said. With a raised eyebrow, Jack said it was a reporter's instinct.

"Also, I happened to walk in and overheard you saying something about a secret that was almost impossible to keep from Jennifer and myself," Jack added. Chad shrugged. Jack asked about the box that Chad had said he was eager to open. Julie and Chad looked at one another. With a laugh, Julie picked up the time capsule from the table, and she told Jack about it.

"That's hardly a secret. Jennifer told me all about it," Jack said. "Gosh! Thomas and Charlotte wanted it to be a surprise. Aren't they going to be happy to see you!" Julie said. With a grin, Jack said he was eager to see his grandchildren. After Jack ran upstairs, Chad and Julie breathed a sigh of relief. "How are we going to explain going to Chicago? I can't wait another day," Chad said.

When Jack returned, Julie asked if he was okay. "[Thomas] said that you told him that Abigail was alive," Jack said. Chad started to stammer a response then fell silent. "Alive in our hearts. I know. I know. It's just that she feels so present to me right now. Right now in this house," Jack said. Chad and Julie agreed. With a nod, Jack announced that he was headed to see Rafe, and he left. "I really hate lying to him," Chad whispered. "So do I. But by the end of today, we'll know one way or the other," Julie said.

In the Kiriakis living room, Theresa stared at Victor's portrait. "Stop looking at me like that. Yes, I know what I did to Brady wasn't fair. And in a perfect world, we would be together, but how many times has that ended in disaster? So, I've decided to take the safer bet, and I'm going with your heir," Theresa said. With a sigh, Theresa told Victor that she knew Alex was not the real heir but that Xander deserved to be "screwed" because of what he had done to her.

"Is that a fact?" Bonnie said as she walked into the room. Theresa played dumb until Bonnie asked Theresa if she had been talking about the police. Theresa nodded yes. "You can't really want [Xander] to go down for killing the man who was attempting to strangle you, right?" Bonnie asked. With a shrug, Theresa noted that the police had declined to press charges. Theresa scurried out of the room, and Bonnie looked at Victor's portrait. "You get the feeling she's hiding something?" Bonnie asked.

Upstairs, Sarah sat on the bed next to Maggie as she stirred awake. "What time is it?" Maggie asked. Sarah confirmed that Maggie had slept through the night. Maggie gasped as she remembered what had happened with Konstantin. "That awful man. I knew he was a liar. I knew he was a con man. Please, would you please tell me he's locked in prison?" Maggie said. Sarah confirmed that Konstantin was dead.

"What happened?" Maggie asked. "I happened," Xander said as he poked his head into the room. Xander explained that he had used the gun that Konstantin had wanted John to use on Maggie. "I think there's a certain poetic justice in that, don't you?" Xander asked. Maggie nodded yes. Sarah explained that Konstantin had attempted to kill Theresa and that Xander had had no choice but to shoot.

While Sarah stepped out of the room to take a call from the hospital, Xander sat next to Maggie. "What happened with Theresa?" Maggie asked. Xander told Maggie that Konstantin had taken Theresa hostage after he had shot Steve. "Theresa is fine. So is Steve," Xander said. Xander explained that Alex and Brady had cornered Konstantin, and Konstantin had strangled Theresa. Xander told Maggie that he had grabbed the gun and shot Konstantin.

"It sounds like you didn't have any choice," Maggie said. "No, Maggie. I had a choice," Xander whispered. Xander confessed that although Theresa had been in danger, it was his rage over Victor's murder that had pushed Xander to pull the trigger. "He tried to kill you. He kidnapped Victoria," Xander added.

With a sigh, Xander noted that Konsantin had dropped his gun and been outnumbered. "We could have taken him down and held him there until the police arrived. I didn't have to shoot him. And I certainly didn't have to shoot to kill. I did," Xander said. With tears in her eyes, Maggie asked Xander if he felt any guilt. "No. I'm glad the bastard is dead," Xander admitted. Xander apologized, but Maggie confessed that she was glad that Konstantin was "rotting in hell."

"My only regret is that I'm not the one who pulled the trigger," Maggie said. With a shake of her head, Maggie chastised herself for feeling that way. "I'd be more concerned if you didn't feel that way about Konstantin after what he did to you and Victor," Xander said. Maggie asked Xander if he was in any legal trouble, but Xander confirmed that Melinda had declined to press charges. "I got away with it," Xander whispered. Maggie thanked Xander for his devotion to Victor.

"He didn't always treat you very kindly. But you know, I don't think he would have been as hard on you if you hadn't reminded him so much of himself," Maggie said. "Do you really think so?" Xander asked. Maggie nodded yes. Maggie noted that Victor had missed out on Bo, Philip, and Alex's childhoods. "But Xander, you were the one who never left. And he knew that. So, in many ways, you were closer to him than his own sons," Maggie said.

Downstairs, Sarah entered the Kiriakis living room, and Bonnie asked about Maggie. "[Maggie] is much better. Just broke the news that Konstantin is dead," Sarah said. Bonnie admitted that she was amazed that Maggie had been plotting against Konstantin for weeks. "Sometimes I forget that my mom is a certified badass," Sarah said. Bonnie changed the conversation to wedding plans, and she asked Sarah if Xander's mom had returned Sarah's call. As Sarah confirmed that she had not heard back, her phone rang. Sarah gasped.

"It's Xander's mother," Sarah said. Sarah answered the call, but the woman was not Xander's mother. "Who was it?" Bonnie asked. Sarah explained that the caller had confirmed that she was not Xander's mother and that she had had the phone number for years. "How long has it been since Xander talked to his mom?" Bonnie asked. "A long time," Sarah sighed. Sarah explained that Xander had no other information on his mother.

After Bonnie left, Xander rejoined Sarah in the living room. "I'm just glad this nightmare is over for [Maggie]. For all of us," Xander said. Xander noticed that Sarah appeared distracted, and he asked what was wrong. Sarah told Xander about the phone call. Xander said it was probably for the best that his mother did not attend the wedding. "As long as I'm marrying you, the love of my life, the day will be perfect. And Maggie has always been more a mom to me than my mum ever was," Xander said.

Upstairs, Maggie put on Victor's robe as she fought back tears. Maggie stared at her wedding photo, and she sighed. "Konstantin is dead, Victor. You can finally rest in peace, my love," Maggie said.

At the café in the square, Leo called Marlena in her office. "Leo, I gave you my card to make appointments, not to interpret your dreams," Marlena said. Marlena informed Leo that she could talk about his dreams in a session, and she asked him not to call the number unless there was an actual emergency. There was a knock on Marlena's office door, so she told Leo she would speak to him later. Frustrated, Leo called Marlena's office and snatched up an open session for that day.

As Theresa walked across the square, Leo jumped to his feet and intercepted her path. Leo introduced himself. "I have heard plenty about you," Theresa said with a chuckle. "Likewise," Leo said. Leo asked Theresa for an exclusive interview with her for the paper. "What is your special connection with Konstantin?" Leo asked. Defensive, Theresa said her only connection was when Konstantin had attempted to strangle her. Leo scoffed. "There has to be a reason that of all the people at the wedding that he did know, you're the one he chose to take hostage," Leo said. Theresa argued that she had been closest to Konstantin in the room.

"I also heard that his last words were something about an enemy in our midst," Leo said. Theresa stressed that she did not want to relive the traumatic experience. As Theresa started to walk away, Leo asked her if she preferred to talk about Alex. "What about him?" Theresa said. Leo asked Theresa if she had any advice for his readers about how to score an eligible bachelor like Alex.

"Are you somehow suggesting that I made Alex fall for me?" Theresa asked. "I didn't say that. Are you saying that?" Leo countered. Theresa informed Leo that she and Alex had started dating before Alex had learned that Victor was his father. "Are you willing to say on record that this thing between you and Alex K is a real love connection and has nothing to do with his oodles of money?" Leo asked. Theresa asked Leo if his love for Dimitri had been about money.

"For me, it was true love," Leo admitted. Leo redirected the interview back to Theresa. "You remind me of a friend who moved away recently," Leo said. Theresa rolled her eyes. Leo's alarm beeped, and he waved goodbye to Theresa as he walked away.

In Marlena's office, Alex arrived for his session. Alex confirmed that everyone was safe after the Konstantin hostage situation, and he noted that he did not want to talk about it. "What do you want to talk about?" Marlena asked. Alex informed Marlena that he had talked to Theresa about an open relationship.

"[Theresa] said that if she and I weren't gonna be exclusive, then she was going to rekindle things with Brady," Alex said. Marlena's eyes widened. "I see," Marlena whispered. "Then Kristen broke things off with me. And when I told Theresa that Kristen and I were through, she pretty much dropped Brady like a hot potato," Alex said. Alex told Marlena that he and Brady had talked about the situation.

"[Brady] said that it was probably for the best, that apparently him and Theresa had been toxic. And then after I saw her in danger like that, that fear of almost losing her, I just realized how much she means to me. And now I am fully committed," Alex said. Marlena asked Alex why he had not been fully committed before. Alex confessed that he had not felt like he could trust Theresa because of his inheritance.

"And now?" Marlena asked. Alex told Marlena about his talk with Theresa. Marlena asked Alex if he believed that Theresa had nothing to hide. "I know you've had a terrible history with Theresa yourself, and Brady warned me about her, too. I guess that's been in the back of my head this whole time," Alex said. With a nod, Marlena advised Alex to remember that trust was essential in any relationship.

"After staring death in the face yesterday, it just made me realize it's time to count my blessings. It is time for me to settle down with somebody I love. And I think Theresa could be the one," Alex confessed. Marlena smiled. "You are doing excellent work," Marlena said. Alex was surprised. "You've been expressing your thoughts, your feelings, and your needs. And I get the sense that you're doing the same thing with your partner," Marlena said. Alex asked Marlena if he should trust Theresa.

"What I think is irrelevant. And it would be inappropriate of me to say anything at all," Marlena said Marlena reminded Alex that the more important issue was for him to decide whether he trusted Theresa.

After Alex left, Leo arrived for his appointment. "Our last conversation made me realize something, Dr. Evans. That is that I am pathologically lonely, and I hate it," Leo said. Leo admitted that he only had superficial friendships. "Well, except for the best friend I've ever had, but talking about her is much too painful. And if I told you about how I betrayed her for Dimitri, I think you would hate me," Leo said. Marlena asked Leo if he thought of Dimitri as his true love.

"Only that wasn't real, either, obviously, since he broke up with me," Leo said. With a shake of his head, Leo wondered aloud if he deserved to be alone. "No one deserves to be alone," Marlena said. Leo asked Marlena how to get past his fear that no one would love him. "You have to begin by loving yourself. That comes before anybody loves you or you love anybody else," Marlena said. Leo asked Marlena if she could help him learn to love himself. Marlena agreed -- but only if Leo agreed to put in the work.

"I should remind you that your mother spent your entire life telling you that you were unlovable. So, we have to stop hearing her voice. We have to undo those words, and we have to understand and believe that you are imminently lovable," Marlena said. With a smirk, Leo noted that he wanted to say those words to his mother's face. While Marlena stepped outside to get her schedule, Leo called the prison.

In the town square, Alex met up with Theresa at the café. Alex told Theresa that he had talked about her in his session with Marlena. "I'm sure Marlena already got the negative spin from Brady," Theresa said. With a shake of his head, Alex noted that he had talked to Brady, and Brady was fine. "He is?" Theresa said. Alex told Theresa that Brady had said it was for the best that Brady and Theresa did not get back together because they were toxic for one another. "Of course, he would say that," Theresa muttered. Theresa asked Alex if Marlena had warned him away from her.

"Actually, she told me that I needed to be honest with myself and how I feel and to say what is," Alex said. "What is?" Theresa asked. Alex told Theresa that he loved her. "Do you really mean that?" Theresa asked. Alex said he did. Confused, Theresa pointed out that he had just broken up with Kristen. "And I know you were just with Brady," Alex countered. Alex said he meant it. "I love you, too, Alex. I really do," Theresa said.

At the Brady Pub, Jack ran into Bonnie, and they hugged. "I hear they captured Clyde. Must be a relief," Bonnie said. Jack said it was. "Rafe said [Clyde] will be in solitary for the rest of his life," Jack confirmed.

In Chicago, Chad and Julie waited in an office at the bank, and they wondered aloud about the contents of Clyde's safety deposit box. "Could be nothing, or it could be proof that Abby is alive," Chad said. "We're about to find out," Julie said.

Eli and Lani return for a celebration

Eli and Lani return for a celebration

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

In Horton Town Square, Chanel looked forlornly at the "closed" sign on Sweet Bits. She sniffled as Lani approached. Chanel hugged Lani, and the sisters exclaimed how much they had missed each other. Lani assured Chanel that Eli and the kids had come along, too, but she was curious why Chanel had seemingly been crying.

Chanel confessed that she would be closing the bakery. Lani guessed it couldn't be because of slow business, and Chanel admitted that she and Johnny would be leaving Salem. The sisters sat at a table as Chanel brought Lani up to speed on Johnny's job. Lani was happy she had arrived in time to say goodbye, and Chanel joked that Lani had timed her entrance so she didn't have to assist with the packing. Lani asked about Paulina and the baby, and Chanel told her sister that the baby was fine and that she hadn't been able to stay mad at Paulina.

Lani was glad that things seemed to be going well for the family, but she knew Paulina would miss her daughter. Chanel believed E.J. wouldn't take the news of Johnny's departure well, either.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. went to get a drink, with Stefan close behind. E.J. sarcastically asked Stefan if Stefan was trying to compensate for their childhood spent apart, since his brother had been following him like "an annoying child desperate for attention." Stefan wanted to know how E.J.'s meeting with Paulina had gone. E.J. was confident he had resecured his job, and Stefan remarked that E.J. had better be sure because Stefan was ready to expose his brother. As Stefan waved the envelope in E.J.'s face, Johnny entered the room.

Johnny took note of the tension but attributed it to E.J. having lost his job to Kristen. Stefan made a snarky comment about E.J. losing things that didn't belong to him and excused himself to go see Jude. Johnny said he was sorry for Kristen and Stefan's behavior, but E.J. claimed he was used to it. Johnny updated E.J. on Chanel's appointment with the doctor. After E.J. offered Johnny access to Nicole's library of baby books, Johnny hesitantly said he had some news.

Johnny explained that he'd accepted an offer to work with his favorite director in Los Angeles on a superhero movie. "If I wanted to watch men in tights, I'd go to the ballet and not the cinema," E.J. snarked. Johnny said he had not expected his father's blessing, but E.J. surprised him by giving it, anyway. E.J. stated that he admired Johnny's convictions and respected his son's determination to follow his dreams in spite of E.J.'s skepticism. Johnny was thankful for E.J.'s support. E.J. advised his son to hold the people he loved close or risk regretting it.

Jada caught up with Stefan outside the Brady Pub. She knew about Stefan's hopes that Clyde would turn over evidence to free Gabi. Stefan scoffed that there was no hope of that outcome happening. Jada revealed that she had an idea to get Clyde's cooperation. Jada suggested Stefan should go to Clyde and offer to help the convict restart his drug operation.

An incredulous Stefan wanted to know why a detective was encouraging him to commit illegal activities with a murderer. Jada reasoned that Clyde was greedy and desperate and would need someone who already knew how to run his drugs. Stefan didn't think Clyde would be "stupid" enough to fall for it, and he worried what Clyde would do to Gabi if the criminal discovered Stefan had betrayed him again. Jada warned Stefan that if he turned down the offer, he might be throwing away his only chance at securing Gabi's freedom. When Stefan implied that he had another option, Jada demanded he tell her what he had planned.

Stefan brushed off the comment and strongly reiterated that he wanted no further involvement with Clyde. Jada pressed him to reveal what scheme he had in mind. Stefan continued to hedge, so Jada assumed he was plotting to break Gabi out of prison. Stefan admitted he'd considered it but had ultimately deemed the idea unwise. He cautioned Jada that the less she knew, the better off she'd be.

Jada reminded Stefan that the police could help. He balked at the notion and shot back that the last time he had sought the cops' aid, his wife had ended up in prison for a crime she had not committed. He rebuffed Jada once again and left.

Paulina gushed over the decorations adorning her and Abe's apartment. While she was happy to be celebrating her anniversary as well as Juneteenth, she was less enthused about having to say goodbye to Chanel. Abe reminded Paulina that Chanel and Johnny would be embarking on a new adventure, with baby in tow. Someone knocked on the door, and Paulina -- who assumed it was Chanel and Johnny -- told them to come in. Paulina and Abe were ecstatic when Eli entered with Carver and Jules in his arms.

Eli, Paulina, Abe, and the grandkids exchanged smiles and hugs. Eli asked about the banner that proclaimed, "Goodbye and Good Luck," and Paulina said she'd tell him about it later. Eli explained that he and Lani had wanted to surprise Paulina and Abe, and he promised that Lani would arrive soon. When Eli mentioned Lani stopping by to see her sister, Paulina got a concerned look.

Paulina wondered why Lani had wanted to see Chanel separately. Eli admitted that Lani had known about the "friction" between Paulina and Chanel, but he quickly reassured Paulina that Lani had understood Paulina's actions. Eli was happy to hear that Paulina and Chanel had made amends. Paulina confided that she was still sad, though, because she would soon be losing her "baby."

Paulina ranted about the movie not being shot in Chicago, since the city had been "good enough for Oprah." Lani and Chanel arrived, and Lani corrected guessed that Paulina had wanted Johnny's movie relocated to Chicago. Paulina, Abe, and Eli exchanged more hugs with the new arrivals, and Eli explained to Chanel that the twins were settled for a nap. Lani mentioned the Concerned Citizens of Salem to Paulina just as Johnny arrived.

After Paulina chided Johnny about taking away her child and grandchild, Johnny confessed that someone from his family had wanted to attend the celebration: his dad. A beaming E.J. entered and asked Paulina if she had room for him at the table. Paulina scowled. As the rest of the group chatted, E.J. approached Paulina and Abe, commended Chanel's sacrifices for Johnny, and thanked Paulina and Abe for setting aside their differences and letting him stay.

Paulina glared at E.J. and asked if by "differences," he had been referring to her impending recall. E.J. smirked and commented that the Concerned Citizens were "growing restless," but he believed the loss of his job at DiMera gave Paulina the perfect opening to reinstate him as the district attorney. Paulina blasted E.J.'s attempts at blackmail, which he preferred to call a "quid pro quo." Abe clapped back that "I'd like to tell you where to stick your quid." As things got heated, Eli approached and asked if there was a problem.

E.J. assured Eli that everything was fine and announced that he was offering up the DiMera jet for anyone who wanted to take future trips to Los Angeles. Eli called the offer generous and informed Paulina that he was taking the twins to see Julie. After Eli left, E.J. reapproached Paulina and asked if they could settle the matter of his job for the sake of "family harmony." Or, E.J. wondered, would he need to resort to "tough love to get my way?"

Later, Stefan enjoyed a drink at the mansion. E.J. returned, and Stefan contemplated if he should call Nicole. E.J. declared to his brother that wouldn't be necessary and proclaimed he was once again the D.A. E.J. confirmed that his first order of business would be reopening Gabi's case. He toasted a pleased Stefan.

Back at the apartment, Paulina was on the phone. She told an angry Melinda that the D.A. served at the pleasure of the mayor and that there was no changing Paulina's mind. When she suggested another position for Melinda as head of sanitation, Melinda hung up.

Paulina rejoined her family, who were gathered around three cakes Chanel had baked. Abe wanted to commemorate the Juneteenth cake by reading a poem. He recited "We Rose" by Kristina Kay as everyone in attendance reflected on the words. Abe ended with the lines, "Dream we did; Act, we must." When he finished, the group collectively blew out the candles and celebrated.

In Chicago, Chad and Julie impatiently paced the bank office and speculated about what Clyde could have stored in the safe deposit box. The bank's vice president arrived and announced that he needed the code to open the box. Chad tried to explain that the box's owner had given him permission to access the contents. When Chad mentioned the owner as Clyde Weston, however, the bank official clarified that the box had been registered to Rebecca Goldman. Chad explained to Julie and the official that Goldman was Clyde's girlfriend and was incarcerated, but the man insisted he needed the code.

Julie attempted to reason with the official, but he remained steadfast. The man also revealed that he couldn't help Chad because only the owner of the box had access to the code. The official agreed to give Chad and Julie a moment alone. After he left, Julie lamented about their lack of options. Chad decided to call Rafe and request the commissioner's help.

Chad thanked Rafe for his assistance and ended the call. He told Julie that Rafe had convinced Goldman to give up the code. Chad wrote the number down and informed the bank vice president of his success when the man returned. The vice president excused himself again and left the box behind. Chad took a breath and began punching in the code numbers.

Chad pulled a flash drive from the box. Later, he plugged the drive into a computer. Chad and Julie watched in anticipation as a dark room appeared on the static-filled screen. They observed a blonde woman hugging herself and walking around the room. Julie gasped and inquired, "Could that be Abby?" Chad couldn't tell, since the woman's face was obscured. Julie instructed him to play the footage again.

Eli arrived at the Horton home, and Julie met him, as she had returned from Chicago. They exchanged warm greetings, and Eli marveled at the house's restoration. Julie was grateful that Jack had digitally preserved all the old photographs. She wanted to see her great-grandbabies, and Eli assured her they were in the kitchen, enjoying chocolate chip cookies with Doug.

Eli wanted to hear about Julie's trip to Chicago, which he'd heard about from Doug. He asked his grandmother if her trip had been successful. Julie sighed and said, "Honestly, I have no idea."

Chad strode into the police station with a purpose and asked Jada to see Clyde. She informed Chad that Clyde was en route to Statesville. A frustrated Chad eyed the flash drive he'd taken with him.

Nicole surprises Holly

Nicole surprises Holly

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Eric stopped by the hospital to visit Marlena in her office. Eric told Marlena that E.J. was representing him in his publication divorce of Sloane. Marlena wondered if Eric might be uncomfortable working with E.J., who was raising Jude. Eric told his mother that he held nothing against E.J. Marlena said that no one would blame Eric for feeling resentful or uncomfortable, but Eric maintained that he and E.J. would only be working together until the divorce was finalized.

Marlena asked about Eric working with Nicole at the newspaper. Marlena reminded Eric that he and Nicole had a history of "things happening" when they'd worked together at Titan, the church, and Basic Black. Marlena wondered if being close to Nicole again was "playing with fire."

Eric declared that "history will not repeat itself with Nicole." He told Marlena that Nicole had a family and that she had no more feelings for Eric. Marlena asked about Eric's feelings, but Eric didn't answer the question. "Mom, would you just stop?" Eric pleaded. Changing the subject, Marlena invited Eric to stop by for supper, since John was out of town. Eric accepted, on the condition that they would not discuss Nicole. "Nicole who?" Marlena replied with a smile.

At the hospital, Nicole thanked Dr. Mark Greene for having seen Jude on short notice. She apologized for having overreacted when Jude's temperature had been a little high. During the conversation, Nicole mentioned her daughter, Holly. Mark informed Nicole that his younger brother, Aaron, was in Holly's class, and that Holly had rescinded her offer to go with Aaron to the prom. Nicole winced as she informed Mark that the cancellation was not Holly's fault, but Nicole's.

Nicole told Mark that Holly had been grounded and was not allowed to go to prom. Mark told Nicole that Aaron, unable to find another date, would be going with a group of friends instead. Mark understood Nicole's position. He explained that he was in charge of his younger siblings. Nicole had an idea that she believed would score them both "brownie points" with the teenagers in their lives.

As Holly arrived home to the DiMera mansion, Tate called her from the Brady Pub. Their plan to see each other was for Holly to sneak out of the house and for Tate to make an excuse to leave the prom. Tate promised Holly "the perfect prom night." Tate told Holly that he would text her a meet-up address as he was leaving the prom. Holly was bothered about lying to Sophia, who was really into Tate. Tate and Holly knew that if they let Sophia in on the plan, Sophia would tell her mother, who, in turn, would tell Nicole.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. told Stefan about how he had maneuvered Paulina into reinstating E.J. as Salem's district attorney. Stefan threatened E.J. Stefan insisted, "My wife gets her conviction overturned and walks out of Statesville, or Nicole finds out that Eric Brady is her baby daddy."

E.J. told Stefan that he was tired of all Stefan's threats. Delayed due to Juneteenth court closings, Stefan doubled down on his threat. He told E.J. that he wanted Gabi out of prison the following day, "or I'm gonna tell Nicole." "Tell Nicole what?" asked Holly, who had just entered the room. Holly changed her mind. She said she didn't care what Stefan and E.J. were keeping from her mother. Stefan, self-satisfied, patted E.J. on the arm and said, "I'm gonna give you two a moment," as he left the room.

Holly complained about being grounded and unable to go to prom. "Ah, so that's why you're extra cranky," E.J. remarked. Holly told E.J. that she was still mad at her mother, and that was why her door would be closed that night. Holly added that she also had a final exam to study for. "No, you don't! You are going to prom!" announced Nicole, who had just arrived home with Jude. Nicole informed Holly that Nicole had changed her mind.

Holly thanked her mother but said that she was going to "stay in and study" instead. Holly tried to make the excuse of neither having a dress nor a date, but Nicole suggested there had to be something in Holly's closet to wear. Nicole also revealed that Mark had told her that Aaron did not have a date and that Mark had given Aaron's number to Nicole.

Brady arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, where Theresa told Brady that Alex had said "I love you" to her the previous night -- and that she had said it back. Brady congratulated Theresa but asked her why she had summoned him over to tell him about it. Theresa, upset, replied, "Because it's a lie. I don't love Alex. I love you!"

Theresa confessed that she was only with Alex for the money and that she needed to start following her heart. Brady compared Theresa to "Lucy, holding that football." Theresa asked Brady for another chance. Brady took Theresa's face in his hands and kissed her. Theresa woke up from her dream and found Brady seated next to her. Brady had received a message from Theresa, and he wanted to know what Theresa had wanted.

Theresa told Brady she wanted to discuss the prom. She didn't want their son anywhere near Holly. Brady said that Tate had been distancing himself from Holly, but Theresa informed Brady that she had just caught Tate and Holly "yesterday, this very room, in fact." Theresa admitted that Tate and Holly had only been "talking, but still." Theresa warned Brady, "You and I need to watch our son like a hawk tonight."

Brady tried to assuage Theresa's concerns by telling her that Holly had been grounded. Theresa expected that Holly was actively begging Nicole to go and that Nicole might cave. Brady realized time was getting short. He left to get dressed for the prom. Theresa berated herself as she realized that telling Brady how she felt about him was too big a risk.

Aaron joined Tate at the Brady Pub. Aaron complained about having just spent twelve hours decorating the school for the prom. Tate asked if Aaron was still willing to hang out with Sophia after Tate ditched the prom. Aaron was looking forward to spending time with "the goddess otherwise known as Sophia Choi." Tate explained that if Holly hadn't been grounded, he never would have asked Sophia to the dance--just as Sophia entered the pub, unnoticed. Sophia heard what Tate had said.

Sophia listened as Tate told Aaron that Tate felt bad about having hit Sophia in the face with a football. Tate reiterated the whole history of his plan to be with Holly and how things had gone south when Holly had gotten grounded and his parents had agreed to be chaperones at the prom. "I'm not gonna let that stop me from seeing her later," Tate declared. Sophia made her presence known. Sophia feigned ignorance as she approached the boys. "Hey, guys. How are my two dates?" Tate and Aaron maintained the ruse. Tate left to get changed. Sophia contemplated her next move.

Aaron eagerly thanked Sophia for saving him from "a fate worse than death." Sophia, very unenthusiastically, replied, "Yeah, sure." Aaron's phone rang. He didn't recognize the number but took the call. It was Nicole. She explained that Mark had given her Aaron's number, then she passed her phone to Holly. Holly asked Aaron to the prom. He accepted. Nicole was excited for Holly and hugged her. Holly's expression was not a happy one. Aaron told Sophia about the call but that he and Holly were "just friends." Sophia, hiding her anger, told Aaron that the prom "would be a night to remember."

Holly frantically phoned Tate. She told him about Nicole's change of heart and that Holly had awkwardly called Aaron as Nicole had stood right there. Tate suggested that they revert to the original plan for the four of them to hang out together. Holly reminded Tate that his parents would be there, so Tate and Holly wouldn't even be able to dance together. Tate said he would figure something out. As the call ended, Tate told Holly, "I'll see you at the dance." Brady had just entered the apartment. "Who was that?" Brady asked his son.

Tate lied and told Brady the call had been from Aaron, who had informed Tate that Aaron would be going to the prom with Holly, after all. When Brady started to object, Tate told his father that Holly and Sophia were friends, and they wanted to party together. Tate pleaded with Brady to be cool about it. As Tate excused himself to finish getting dressed, Brady shook his head and muttered to the empty room, "And this is gonna make your mother's head explode."

E.J. told Nicole that he was glad she had decided to let Holly go to prom. He felt that Holly had worked hard to regain their trust. Nicole agreed. E.J. told Nicole that he was proud of her. He kissed her, and Stefan walked into the room. "Celebrating hubby's new job? Suddenly, everything old is new again," Stefan said with a smile. Nicole was confused. E.J. explained that Paulina had reinstated him after the conflict of interest with DiMera Enterprises had been eliminated. Stefan was pleased to inform Nicole that E.J. had agreed to reopen Gabi's case.

Marlena and Eric returned to Marlena's apartment to take pictures before Tate left for the prom. Theresa arrived with a boutonniere for Brady. He gave her a wrist corsage. Brady informed Theresa that Nicole had decided to let Holly go to the prom. Meanwhile, Mark and Aaron had arrived at the DiMera mansion, where Mark introduced himself to E.J. Holly entered and said, "This is the best I could do on short notice." Nicole told her that she looked beautiful. Holly and Aaron put on fake smiles for the picture-taking session.

A short while later, back at Marlena's apartment, Theresa and Sophia complimented each other's dresses. Tate walked in. Theresa called Tate "so handsome," and Marlena agreed. Theresa prompted Tate, "And look at Sophia. Doesn't she look so lovely?" "Absolutely," Tate replied. Tate announced that Aaron had called to tell him that Holly's mother had changed her mind. Sophia said, "It looks like Holly and Aaron get to share a prom night together, after all. Such a surprise. I am so happy for them."

Theresa told Tate she was proud and happy to be experiencing the prom night with him. She also remarked that Tate and Sophia made a cute couple. Tate cringed a bit and told his mother not to get ahead of herself. Tate and Sophia posed for pictures with Tate's family. While Tate needed help with his boutonniere, Sophia asked to speak with Theresa. Sophia said, "I think there's something you should know."

Later, after the kids had left for the prom, Marlena and Eric looked at the photos, and Marlena remarked that the smile on Tate's face was not in his eyes, Meanwhile, Nicole and E.J. snuggled on the sofa. Nicole got a text alert. Stefan had sent her the prom photos. He told E.J. that the photos had also been sent to him, but when E.J. looked at his phone, the text read, "Clear Gabi tomorrow, or else..." E.J. gave his brother side-eye as Stefan smiled smugly. Nicole asked if that was everything. Stefan replied, "I think that it is, but if I come across anything that I think you should see, I'll send it right to you." E.J. glared at Stefan.

Tate and Sophia arrived at school. While they were taking selfies, Holly and Aaron arrived. Tate told Holly that he was glad she could make it. Sophia fumed for a moment, then put on a phony smile and beamed, "I am, too!" She hugged Holly as Brady and Theresa approached. Theresa told them that everything was happening in the gym. "So, why don't you get your lovely date some punch?" Theresa not-so-subtly suggested.

Once Tate and Sophia left, Theresa advised Holly, "Do yourself a favor and keep your distance from my son, or, as a chaperone, I will eject you from the prom." Holly agreed, and she and Aaron went into the gym. Brady asked Theresa, "Was that really necessary?" Theresa replied, "Yes, that was absolutely necessary. You know why? Because our son and Holly are up to something."

Theresa tracks Holly and Tate

Theresa tracks Holly and Tate

Friday, June 21, 2024

In the town square, Leo said aloud, "You better buckle up, Mom, because I have a lot to say to you. And you are going to sit there. And you're going to listen." Leo looked down at the script he had written for his conversation, and he continued. "What kind of mother leaves their eight-year-old son alone in a heart shaped jacuzzi with a pack of smokes and a flamingo pool float?" Leo muttered. Leo continued to rehearse his speech to his mother, and he stressed that he was not worthless or unlovable. Before Leo could finish, a shirtless Alex interrupted to ask if he could have Leo's water.

Leo informed Alex that Theresa had told him that she had been interested in Alex before she had learned that he was the Kiriakis heir. "Alex, you can never be too careful," Leo warned. When Alex asked Leo what he meant, Leo explained that unscrupulous people would pursue Alex for his fortune. "But Theresa, she seems legit," Leo said. Alex noted that he had had a similar conversation with Marlena.

"Are you in therapy with Dr. Evans? Samesies!" Leo said. When Leo asked Alex if Marlena was helping Alex, Alex said yes. "Dr. Evans is a great listener. She gets it," Alex said. "Maybe there's hope for me, after all," Leo said. Leo looked at the script for his conversation with his mother, and Alex asked about it. Leo explained that he planned to visit his mother in prison and enumerate all his complaints and grievances about his childhood.

"I wrote it all down, so I don't get flustered and go off script," Leo said. Alex wished Leo luck. With a nod, Leo noted that his parents had done their best. "It's not like you hit the parents scratch-off yourself with Victor. No offense," Leo said. "None taken. Victor was a complicated man," Alex agreed. Leo added that Alex had been lucky to have been raised by Justin. "Yeah," Alex whispered.

Steve was ending his call to Tripp when Justin entered the hospital room. "How's Tripp doing?" Justin asked. Steve said that Tripp and Wendy were planning a backpacking trip. Justin asked about Steve, and Steve insisted he was fine. Justin apologized for Steve's predicament.

"[Kayla] said you might be in need of a lawyer," Justin said. Justin asked Steve to explain the situation. "You're hired. Long story short, I broke Clyde Weston out of prison," Steve confirmed. "Why in the hell would you do that?" Justin asked. Steve explained that he had been forced to aid Clyde in order to save Tripp's life. "Now that [Clyde] has been captured, Kayla's worried that he might throw me under the bus," Steve said. Justin agreed that was a valid concern.

"I'm not going to live in fear. I'm going to turn myself in," Steve announced. Justin argued that he could broker a deal under the facts of the case. Steve thanked Justin for his help. When Justin asked Steve if anyone else had been involved in the prison break scheme, Steve said no.

In the Brady Pub, Kayla placed a large takeout order. "I'm guessing Steve's feeling a whole lot better," Roman said with a chuckle. Kayla confirmed that Steve was doing well but that she continued to be frustrated by his "hero complex." When Kayla mentioned Montana, Roman noted that Ava had missed a week's worth of work. With a groan, Kayla wished aloud that Ava was gone for good.

"So sorry to disappoint," Ava said as she rolled her luggage over to Kayla's table. Ava apologized to Roman for having been gone longer than expected. Ava explained that after Montana, she had gone to China to see Tripp and Wendy to tell them in person that Clyde was no longer a threat to them. "I figured that after all they'd been through, they deserved that much," Ava said. Roman told Ava that had been a good idea.

"I'm sure you're eager to get back to Steve at the hospital, so I'm gonna go put your order in," Roman said. As Roman walked away, a worried Ava asked why Steve was in the hospital. "He's been shot," Kayla said. Ava asked if the shooting had been Ava's fault. "No, this wasn't. But, you know, now that Clyde's been captured, I've hired Steve a lawyer," Kayla said. Kayla noted that she was surprised that Ava had returned to town. Ava asked why.

"[To avoid the consequences] when Clyde decides to share that you were the one who spearheaded the whole plan to break him out of prison," Kayla said. Kayla asked Ava why she wanted to stay in Salem, since Tripp was gone. Frustrated, Ava reiterated that she was over Steve. Before Kayla could respond, Roman interrupted to give Kayla her order. Through gritted teeth, Kayla wished Ava luck, and she walked out.

"I do agree with one thing [Kayla] said. I did think long and hard about staying in China, doing some solo traveling. The only reason I came back was because I need to know where I stand with Harris," Ava said. Roman confirmed that Harris had not returned to the pub since Clyde's arrest. "Is he moving out?" Ava asked. Roman admitted that he had no idea. "If Harris isn't coming back, then maybe I should just leave," Ava said. Roman cautioned Ava not to make any decisions when she was jet-lagged.

"Plus, I need you to help in the morning with the breakfast rush," Roman said. Ava smiled. Roman urged Ava to get some sleep, and he promised to get in touch with Harris for her. "And for the record, I do hope things work out between you two," Roman said. "So do I," Ava whispered. When Ava went upstairs, Harris was in the room.

When Kayla returned to Steve's hospital room, she asked about his meeting with Justin. Steve told Kayla about his plan to surrender. "I can't imagine you spending one day in prison or me losing you again, but I don't want us to live in fear," Kayla said. "Then we are on the same page," Steve said. Kayla asked if John and Ava planned to make a plea, as well. Steve confessed that he had told Justin that he had acted alone in the prison break. Kayla was frustrated that Steve wanted to help Ava. but she said she understood.

Alex walked into the Kiriakis living room, and Justin apologized to him about the Konstantin situation. "When I heard that you went running after Theresa unarmed? Alex, if anything had happened to you," Justin said with a shrug. Alex said he was fine. "Actually, something good came from it," Alex added. Alex told Justin that he had realized that he believed that Theresa was "the one."

"I think there's something you should know about Theresa," Justin said. Justin told Alex that Theresa had been with Brady, and Alex confirmed that he knew about their night together. Alex admitted that he had had a fling with Kristen to make Theresa jealous. "So, to that point, Theresa and I are even, in a way," Alex said. Justin pointed out that unlike Alex and Kristen, Theresa and Brady had a history together. "Most of it bad," Alex said.

With a shrug, Justin noted that Brady and Theresa shared a son, and he had witnessed their bond firsthand. "Frankly, I'm just concerned, as any father would be," Justin said. "But you're not really my father, are you?" Alex said. Alex added that even if Justin was his father, his relationship with Theresa was not Justin's business. With a nod of agreement, Justin walked out.

Alex turned to Victor's portrait. "For all your character flaws, you were decisive. You set your sights on something, and then it was yours. Well, it took me a while to figure it out. But I now know exactly what I want," Alex said. Alex opened an engagement ring box.

At the prom, Theresa explained to Brady that Sophia had told her about a conversation she had overheard between Tate and Aaron about a secret plan. "I am sure that was Holly's idea," Theresa growled. Theresa said she was certain that Tate and Holly planned to sneak out of the dance to be together.

By the refreshments, Holly, Aaron, and Tate complained about the music. Sophia rolled her eyes and dragged Tate onto the dance floor. Holly lingered by the punch bowl until Tate returned. "Where's Sophia?" Aaron asked eagerly. Tate shrugged, so Aaron went in search of his crush. "We having fun yet?" Tate asked Holly. As Tate got closer, Holly gently pushed him away and reminded him that his mother was watching. "She just warned me to stay the hell away from you," Holly said. Tate apologized. "I've decided we should go back to the OG plan," Tate said.

Theresa exited the bathroom, coughing and complaining about the vape smoke. "How many kids did you bust?" Brady asked. With a laugh, Theresa noted that the girl had pretended that her vape pen had been a flash drive. "Mostly I'm just really concerned about Sophia. She was bawling her eyes out in the bathroom. How can Holly do that to her best friend?" Theresa said. Brady looked out on the dance floor, and he noted that Sophia appeared to be fine.

"Well, maybe she's pulled it together since then," Theresa said. Brady argued that Theresa was likely overreacting to normal teen drama, but Theresa guaranteed that she would bust Holly and Tate that night. "Holly Jonas, she's not even gonna know what hit her," Theresa said.

Brady warned Theresa that they were there to chaperone and not embarrass their son. Tate walked over and rubbed his head. "I'm not feeling well all of a sudden," Tate said. Theresa stared pointedly at Brady. "You looked like you were feeling fine a minute ago," Brady said. Tate complained of a headache, and he said he wanted to go home. With a smirk, Theresa told Tate that she would drive him home.

"No, you have to chaperone, remember? The school is counting on you," Tate stressed. Tate said he wanted to walk and get some fresh air. "Get better!" Brady called out as Tate exited the building. "Told you so!" Theresa said. When Brady noted that Holly was still at the dance, Theresa argued that Holly would make a swift exit.

At the refreshments table, Aaron asked Sophia, "What it do?" Sophia stared daggers. "Cringe, Aaron," Sophia said. When Holly asked Sophia about Tate, Sophia noted that her date had left. "He said he had a headache," Sophia said sullenly. Holly pretended that she was surprised.

"What are you waiting for? Aren't you going to run after him?" Sophia asked. Holly played dumb, but Sophia explained that she knew that Tate had lied so that he could sneak away with Holly. "Tell me I'm wrong," Sophia challenged. Aaron attempted to help Holly, but Sophia interrupted to note that she had overheard Tate talking to Aaron at the pub.

"About how Tate only asked me to prom because his parents won't let him see [Holly]," Sophia said. Holly apologized, but Sophia did not believe her. "Because when I told you that I was interested in Tate, maybe you could have mentioned you two were a thing," Sophia complained. "I wanted to! Believe me, I did. I probably should have. I realize that now, but I just didn't want you to tell your mom, and then she would have told mine," Holly explained. With a furrowed brow, Sophia asked Holly why she had chosen to break Sophia's heart instead.

"I feel terrible for hurting you! I mean, you're my best friend. I love you so much, and things have just been such a nightmare at home. And I know that's not an excuse," Holly said. "No. it's not," Sophia agreed. Holly said that she understood why Sophia was mad. "But look at you. You're insanely gorgeous. You're popular. You can have any guy you want," Holly argued. "I wanted Tate," Sophia said. Sophia told Holly that she could have Tate. Holly asked Sophia if she planned to tell everyone the secret. Sophia shook her head no.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Go catch up with him," Sophia said. "Is there anything I could do or say to get you to forgive me?" Holly asked. Fighting back tears, Sophia told Holly again to run after Tate. Holly mumbled another apology, and she walked out.

As Holly passed by Brady and Theresa, Theresa asked about Holly's date. With a shrug, Holly said she did not know. "I'm just going to the little girls' room. BRB," Holly said. Theresa started to pursue Holly down the hallway, but Brady reminded Theresa that they had promised to serve as chaperones. "There are plenty of other chaperones here, and the only important thing is our son," Theresa argued. Theresa walked out of the room, and Brady reluctantly followed her.

On the dance floor, Sophia was eager to leave, but Aaron stopped her. "Let me at least take you home," Aaron said. "I'm not speaking to you anymore. You were a part of this whole scheme," Sophia yelled. Aaron apologized. "Tate's my best friend, and actually, I was looking forward to maybe us two spending time here tonight," Aaron stammered. When Sophia asked why, Aaron admitted that he had been too scared to ask her out. Aaron told Sophia that he hoped she could get to know him better at the dance.

"All I'm trying to say is, I get it. To like someone so much and to have them not like you back, it sucks. And I fully sympathize with how mad you are. That was really cool, you not telling anybody anything about Holly and Tate," Aaron said. A look of guilt crossed Sophia's face.

When Theresa and Brady got to the square, they had lost sight of Holly. "Theresa, my new friend!" Leo yelled out from the café. Curious, Leo asked Theresa if she was on a date with Brady. Brady confirmed that they had been chaperoning their son's prom, and he asked if Leo had seen a teenage boy in a tuxedo pass by. As Leo furrowed his brow, Theresa asked Leo if he had seen Holly.

Leo remembered that he had seen Holly approach the entrance to the Salem Inn. When Holly had noticed Leo, Leo had given her a thumbs-up. Holly had smiled and entered the hotel. "Do you know where she went?" Theresa asked. Leo thought about when he had promised Tate and Holly that he would keep their park meetup a secret. With a shake of his head, Leo said, "Wish I could help you, but I didn't see anything."

After Leo walked away, Theresa grumbled that she did not believe Leo. "We don't know where [Tate] is, so let's call it a night. We'll talk to Tate in the morning, okay?" Brady said. Theresa reminded Brady of Tate and Holly's last big night out, but Brady argued that things had changed.

"Holly didn't go to rehab. She's probably doing drugs with our son now as we speak," Theresa argued. Brady rolled his eyes. "Our son isn't a junkie. You know what he is? He's a red-blooded male, and he is hot for this girl that he has been forbidden to see," Brady countered. As Brady talked about Tate's need for privacy, he noticed the Salem Inn across the square.

When Holly arrived at Tate's hotel room, it was decorated in streamers and balloons. "It's our own private prom. Do you like it?" Tate asked. "I love it. I just didn't realize that the address you sent me was the Salem Inn," Holly said as she glanced at the bed. Tate advised Holly to ignore the bed. "The only reason that I got us this room is so we could be alone without anyone seeing us. There is seriously no pressure at all. There's no expectations," Tate explained. Holly smiled.

After some playful chitchat, Holly told Tate that Sophia had overheard him and Aaron at the pub. "She knows we're together," Holly said. Tate was taken aback. "How did she take it?" Tate asked. Holly noted that Sophia was upset. "It's my fault. I should have just told her from the start," Holly admitted. Concerned, Tate asked if Sophia intended to tell her mother.

"I don't know, I still feel pretty awful about it all," Holly said. With a grin, Tate noted, "Maybe her and Aaron will hook up." Holly said she was hopeful because Aaron and Sophia were cute together. "So are we," Tate whispered. Tate kissed Holly, then he grabbed his phone to show her a playlist he had made for her. Holly teased Tate about the music, then she played a song so that they could dance together. The teens slow-danced together.

Tate admitted he was not a great dancer, and Holly agreed. "You make up for it in a bunch of other ways," Holly said. Tate asked for examples. Holly told Tate that he was handsome and easy to talk to. "And kiss," Holly said. After a kiss, Holly noted that it felt weird to be alone together for more than a couple minutes. "I don't want it to end," Tate whispered. "Me neither," Holly said. Tate promised that they would find a way to be together forever.

"But until then, let's just enjoy this right here, right now," Tate said. Tate and Holly kissed, and they sat on the bed. As the lovers continued to kiss, Theresa and Brady opened the door. "Aha!" Theresa yelled.

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