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Theresa caught Tate and Holly. Harris broke up with Ava and left town. E.J. confessed to Nicole that he had seen her kiss Eric. Alex and Theresa got engaged. Leo confronted Diana about his childhood. Lucas moved to Phoenix. Paulina declined to hire Abe. Theresa scrambled to keep Sarah from reaching out to Xander's mother. Brady theorized that Theresa had known about Victor's will in Greece. Chanel blamed Paulina for her miscarriage. Eric decided to move. Xander and Nicole had a heart-to-heart. E.J. gave Melinda immunity. Gabi was freed. Melinda threatened to tell Nicole about Eric.
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Harris broke up with Ava and left town. Alex and Theresa got engaged. Gabi was freed. Chanel blamed Paulina for her miscarriage.
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Harris and Ava say goodbye

Harris and Ava say goodbye

Monday, June 24, 2024

Harris entered his and Ava's room, and Ava awkwardly greeted him. She started to apologize for the way they had left things during the search for Clyde, but he stopped her. Harris understood that Ava had believed she'd had no other choice in dealing with Clyde. He informed her that he would be leaving town again, though -- not because of Ava but because of Hope.

Harris clarified that he had found a lead on Megan Hathaway and needed to pursue it. He had already told Rafe that he would be taking an indefinite leave of absence from the force. Harris admitted how strong his feelings for Ava were. While he wanted to work on their relationship, he could not commit to it until he found Megan. He didn't expect Ava to wait for him.

A tearful Ava asked if it was goodbye. Harris didn't answer, so she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. Later, the couple silently cuddled and kissed in bed. After they had finished making love, Harris gathered the rest of his belongings in his suitcase and prepared to leave. He wiped away Ava's tears and embraced her. Ava said she didn't believe in long goodbyes, but she wanted one last moment.

Ava caressed Harris' face and kissed him again. They both grew emotional as he parted from her and made his way to the door. They shared a final wistful look before Harris left.

At the Salem Inn, Tate and Holly sat on the bed and kissed. Theresa and Brady burst through the door, and Theresa exclaimed, "I knew it!" The teens jumped from the bed, and a startled Tate asked what his parents were doing there. Theresa turned the question around and demanded to know why Tate and Holly had dumped their dates and ended up in the room together. Theresa let Holly know that she had been watching Holly and had seen Holly "scurry" away shortly after Tate had left the dance.

Tate and Holly protested that nothing had happened between them. They had only wanted to spend time together, since their parents had forbidden them from attending prom together or even seeing each other. Theresa was unmoved and asked how long the teens had been lying to them. Tate and Holly confessed that they had been seeing each other secretly.

Theresa began to insult Holly, which angered Tate. He defended Holly and railed against his parents for overreacting and treating him and Holly like criminals. Brady reminded his son that Tate had broken their trust. Theresa insisted she would take Holly home. Tate relented after Brady affirmed that Theresa and he would not be leaving the teens alone together again.

At Marlena and John's place, Eric joked with Marlena about the subjects he had deemed "off-limits." He assured his mother that he was doing okay and was handling his pain. Eric asked about John, and Marlena said that John was on his own quest to make amends with his past. Mother and son shared a piece of cake from Sweet Bits, which prompted Marlena to lament how much she was going to miss Johnny and Chanel when they left for Los Angeles. Eric lightly suggested that he would get Chanel to send overnight deliveries of her cakes for Marlena.

Eric and Marlena were interrupted when Tate stormed through the door, followed closely behind by Brady. Before Marlena could ask Tate about prom, he launched into a rant about his father and mother ruining the night. Tate ended his update of the night's events by summarizing how Brady and Theresa had barged into the hotel room "like a SWAT team." Brady defended Theresa and wanted his son to remember that he had lied to both of them.

Tate asked for backup from Marlena and Eric. Marlena believed that if Tate wanted his parents to accept his and Holly's relationship, he needed to be honest with them. Eric -- still eating his cake -- agreed it was a "complicated" situation that he should stay out of. Brady told Tate they would talk about it the next day.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. and Nicole bantered about their choice of ice cream flavors. Nicole chided E.J. for turning down a bite of her "lowbrow" cookie dough dessert. Their talk turned to Jude, and Nicole jokingly asked E.J. if he was already preparing a briefcase for their son so that the boy could follow in his father's footsteps. E.J. grew serious and said he had something he needed to confess to Nicole.

E.J. admitted he had seen Nicole and Eric kiss on the night she had come home drunk. Nicole was sorry and wondered why E.J. hadn't told her before. He admitted his fears that Nicole would leave him one day. Nicole tried to reassure E.J. that he had nothing to worry about because she loved him and was committed to their family.

Nicole pulled out her phone to look for prom pictures Holly might have posted. As E.J. promised that Holly was likely having a good time, Theresa came through the door with Holly in tow. Nicole was surprised that Holly was home, and Theresa wasted no time in letting her know why Holly had made an early arrival. Nicole asked a guilty-looking Holly if Theresa's accusations were true, and Holly confessed that she had been with Tate.

When Nicole told Holly they would speak about it alone, an outraged Theresa attacked Nicole for going too easy on her "delinquent" daughter. Theresa claimed the entire incident was Nicole's fault, and Nicole angrily demanded that Theresa get out of her house. Just then, Jude began crying.

Nicole settled Jude after Theresa had left. Holly apologized for waking the boy but insisted her actions hadn't been as bad as Theresa had made them out to be. Nicole asked Holly if she had dumped her prom date to be with Tate. Holly admitted she had, but since her date had wanted to be with Tate's date, she believed things had worked out for the best. Holly also believed that Nicole should have understood what it was like to love someone that everyone believed was bad for her.

Nicole said they should call it a night, so Holly went upstairs. Nicole sighed, and E.J. comforted her. E.J. had a stricken expression as he gazed at Jude over Nicole's shoulder.

Upstairs, Holly texted with Tate. They confirmed they were both okay and expressed that they missed each other. Tate apologized for what had happened. Holly texted back, "Don't be. Even with all the drama, u gave me the perfect prom." Tate returned the sentiment, texting, "No matter what happens next, we'll always have tonight." Holly smiled at the message.

Outside the pub, Eric looked on longingly when a woman passed by with a baby stroller.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Alex talked to Victor's portrait. As he held the engagement ring box, Alex confessed his feelings for Theresa. While he knew that Victor would not approve of Theresa, Alex did believe that Victor would have wanted him to be happy. Maggie entered the room and asked what Alex was discussing with his father.

Alex admitted he liked talking with Victor because Victor was a good "listener." Maggie smiled and said she understood. Alex asked Maggie how she was doing, and Maggie said she was holding up. Alex still couldn't believe that Victor's murderer had been living under their roof. Maggie took the blame for being deceived, but Alex contended that Maggie had learned the truth and had devised a plan to make Konstantin pay. Alex was hurt that Maggie hadn't included him in the plan.

Maggie said she hadn't told Alex because their relationship was still in a fragile state. He agreed with Maggie that they'd had problems both professionally and personally. They were family, however, and would always be connected through Victor. Alex remembered Maggie's words about honoring Victor's legacy and making him proud. After Alex suggested they "bury the hatchet," Maggie declared they already had, and she hugged Alex.

Maggie asked about Theresa and noted how close she and Alex had gotten. Alex said he was beginning to figure out what and who he wanted. Maggie expressed her warm feelings for Theresa, and Alex assured her that Theresa felt the same way. Maggie was optimistic that Theresa was turning a corner.

Later, Alex greeted Theresa, who raged about the incident with Tate and Holly. After she calmed down, Alex said there was something he wanted to ask her. He pulled out the ring box, and Theresa gasped. Alex reminded Theresa that the last time she'd seen the box, she had expected something. Theresa started to tell Alex it was all right, but he interrupted her.

Alex opened up about how confused he had been regarding everything in his life since he'd discovered Victor was his father. Theresa asked him if he had begun to sort it out, and Alex confirmed he had as he opened the ring box. "Are you asking what I think you're asking?" Theresa questioned. Alex said that while they weren't at the Eiffel Tower or on a hot air balloon, he had realized how much Theresa meant to him. He wanted Theresa to know how much she meant.

Alex got on one knee and asked Theresa, "Would you do me the honor of becoming Mrs. Alex Kiriakis?" Theresa cried as she pulled Alex up and said "yes." He slid the ring onto her finger, and the newly engaged couple shared a kiss.

Leo confronts Diana about their abusive relationship

Leo confronts Diana about their abusive relationship

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

At the Brady Pub, a chipper Lucas greeted his mother. "Sleep well?" Kate asked. "So much better than Statesville. So much better than the monastery," Lucas said. When Lucas mentioned that he had heard crying during the night, Kate told him that Harris had broken up with Ava and left town. Lucas noted that he was disappointed that he had not had a chance to thank Harris for his help with the commutation. "He took long enough," Kate grumbled.

Lucas informed Kate that he wanted to move to Phoenix to be closer to Will and Ari. "And I have to make amends for what I did to Sami. I'm surprised that [Will and Ari] are even speaking to me at all," Lucas added. Kate was taken aback. "They know exactly what their mother did, how she tormented you. I mean, basically, she drove you to do what you did," Kate argued. "It doesn't justify my behavior," Lucas said. Kate reluctantly agreed.

"I can't just blame Sami, I guess. There's someone else I could blame," Kate said. When Lucas asked who, Kate said she was at fault, too. "How is it your fault that I went crazy and kidnapped my ex?" Lucas asked. Kate noted that Philip had also had issues with his ex. "You both could have inherited this particular form of madness from me," Kate said. Lucas noted that Kate had never been obsessed with an ex.

"Not for a man. But for my kids, I certainly did," Kate said. Lucas agreed that Kate was overly protective, but he admired that Kate was fiercely loyal and supportive to her children. "That's all that matters," Lucas said. "You've done the same for your kids," Kate noted. Lucas nodded in agreement. "That's why I have to see them now. I miss them very much," Lucas said. Kate noted that the kids felt the same way about Lucas.

"You know I'm going to give you my blessing to go to Arizona and see them, as long as you promise to come back," Kate said. Lucas agreed. "I am so grateful that you are free," Kate said. "I will never take my freedom for granted again," Lucas said.

Chad returned home to the Horton house, and Julie rushed to greet him. "You didn't come home last night! I was so worried about you," Julie said. Chad apologized. As Chad started to explain that he had driven to Clyde's new prison, Jack entered the room.

"Before we say goodbye, let's just back up a second. Why would you want to see Weston again? He's told you everything you want to know, hasn't he?" Jack asked. Jack warned Chad not to seek revenge. Chad admitted that he had tracked Clyde to Montana. "I was gonna pull the trigger, but I didn't ultimately, because you know, Abigail wouldn't have wanted that," Chad said. Jack agreed.

"[Abigail] would have wanted you to think of Thomas and Charlotte and how much they need their dad right now. So as much as I want Clyde to rot in hell, I'm really glad you didn't make that choice," Jack said. With a sigh, Jack hugged Chad and Julie goodbye. As Jack started to leave, a teary-eyed Julie called out to him. "What is it?" Jack asked. Julie asked Jack to take the time capsule box back to Jennifer. "[Jennifer] is a clever girl. So maybe she has the magic touch," Julie said. Jack took the box. "You mean so much to all of us. Please come back soon, will you?" Julie said. Jack promised to return with Jennifer.

After Jack left, Chad worried aloud to Julie, "I thought you were about to tell him." Julie noted there was nothing to tell Jack yet. Chad admitted that he was worried that they would never learn the truth about Abigail. "You're not giving up, are you?" Julie asked. Chad admitted he was frustrated that Clyde had been taken away.

"Do you think Rafe could intercede for you?" Julie asked. "The Feds already know that Clyde could have information on missing persons. They said no exceptions," Chad complained. Chad and Julie agreed that they needed to find answers with or without Clyde's help. Chad talked with Julie about the video, and he admitted that he did not know if it was proof that Abigail was alive or not.

Lucas stopped by for a visit, and Julie informed Chad that Lucas' sentence had been commuted. Elated, Chad gave Lucas a bear hug. "Congratulations!" Chad said. "I just came to say goodbye," Lucas said. Lucas explained that he was headed to Phoenix to stay with his family for an extended time. "What's going on here?" Lucas asked as he pointed at the laptop on the desk. "It's all right as long as he doesn't tell Jack or Jennifer," Julie said. Chad told Lucas about the video, and he played it for Lucas.

"I think Clyde's playing mind games with you," Lucas said. Lucas added that he understood that Chad wanted to search for the truth. Chad told Lucas that he planned to enhance the footage to find clues. "We all wish that this could be Abigail," Lucas said. "We all wish it. More than anything in the world," Julie agreed.

At the Carver-Price residence, Abe and Paulina boxed up items that the twins had left behind. With a chuckle, Abe suggested that they keep the items so that Eli and Lani would have a reason to visit again. "I just said goodbye to one daughter, and now I'm about to say goodbye to my Chanel, and yet another grandbaby growing up thousands of miles away," Paulina said. Abe noted that Johnny and Chanel would return home soon enough.

Abe showed Paulina a story in the paper about the failed mayoral recall. "Congratulations, Mrs. Mayor," Abe said. Paulina complained that the headline had called her the "Radioactive Mayor." Abe assured Paulina that everything would blow over, since E.J. had shut down the recall movement. "It still galls me that I had to reinstate that two-timing E.J. DiMera to make this go away," Paulina muttered. Paulina lamented that she had been forced to fire Melinda.

When Abe asked Paulina if she had any candidates to head up sanitation, she noted that there were none. Abe said he was interested in the job. Paulina was surprised. "I know the job. Town obviously has a need," Abe explained. "Here I thought you were enjoying retirement," Paulina said. Paulina asked Abe if he minded working for her. Abe told Paulina that he was eager to spend more time with her.

"Only thing I'd be concerned about is that it will be viewed as nepotism," Paulina said. Suspicious, Abe asked if that was Paulina's real concern. "I get the feeling that you really don't want me working for you," Abe said. Paulina told Abe that she did not want to be his boss but instead his equal. Abe said he understood.

In a hospital room, Chanel and Johnny waited to hear about the results of her ultrasound. When Dr. Mark Greene arrived, he confirmed, "The baby appears to be developing normally. But there is one concern I'd like to discuss." Mark explained that there were two markers for a possible congenital abnormality. "I'm going to refer you to a genetic counselor in Los Angeles, run some further tests," Mark said. Concerned, Chanel asked if the markers were related to radiation exposure.

"Your exposure was brief, and the levels were relatively low. But there is no way to know for sure," Mark said. Chanel gaped at Johnny, and he squeezed her hand. "I just want to say, as the older brother of someone with Down syndrome, I wouldn't be where I am today without my sister. She's brought so much into my life. She's the kindest person I know," Mark said.

"And she's also an excellent baker. I'm going to miss Felicity," Chanel added with a grin. When Mark noted that Felicity had wanted to say goodbye to Chanel, Chanel texted Felicity to meet up with her.

After Chanel and Johnny left the hospital, they walked over to the bakery. "I thought I was at peace with leaving everything behind," Chanel said. Chanel admitted that she was scared about her pregnancy and becoming a mother. When Felicity arrived, Chanel wiped away the tears from her eyes and said hello.

"Are you okay?" Felicity asked. Chanel admitted that she was emotional about her move. Felicity said that she would miss Chanel, and they hugged goodbye. Felicity gave Chanel her favorite stuffed cat. "I can't take that," Chanel said. "I want your baby to have it," Felicity insisted. Johnny promised they would take care of the cat. After Felicity left, Chanel confessed that she felt like she had forced the pregnancy on Johnny. Johnny disagreed.

"I will admit that it took me a little while to warm up to the idea, but now that I've seen those ultrasound pictures, I am completely on board," Johnny said. "The test results didn't change anything for you?" Chanel asked. Johnny said no. "A child can be born completely healthy, and you still never know what could happen down the road," Chanel said. Chanel noted that Theo and Felicity were blessings to their families. Johnny told Chanel that he felt the same way about her and their baby. "Whatever life throws at us, we will get through together," Johnny promised.

Abe went to the pub to pick up takeout for Johnny and Chanel, and he told Kate about the newlyweds' plans to fly out that night. Kate told Abe about Lucas' plan to move to Arizona. With a smirk, Kate joked that Lucas' departure was a sign from the universe that she needed to stop obsessing about her children. "Move on with my life. Maybe get a job," Kate said. With a chuckle, Abe said he had had a similar thought. Kate asked if Abe was interested in going into business with her. Abe told Kate to reach out to him when she had a business plan. "You can be sure I will," Kate said.

At the Carver-Price home, Paulina asked Chanel and Johnny about their doctor's appointment. Chanel hesitated, so Johnny said, "Everything's fine." Paulina smiled and hugged Johnny and Chanel. When Paulina mentioned that Abe was getting takeout, Chanel noted that her stomach was rumbling. Chanel's smile fell away, and she winced. "What's wrong?" Paulina asked. Chanel groaned and doubled over in pain.

At the prison, Leo waited in the visitors' center for his mother to arrive. "Leo. It's been a while. To what do I owe the, well, I won't say pleasure," Diana said when she walked in. Diana spotted the letter in front of Leo, and she reached for it. Leo snatched it away. "A script?" Diana asked. "Just some notes, Mom. You know, we can't all go through life unfiltered, just shooting from the hip like you," Leo said. Diana laughed.

"You're one to talk," Diana said. Diana recalled a time when Leo had been a child and had yelled at a woman on an amusement park ride. "I was just trying to take a stand," Leo said. "Is that why you're here? To take a stand?" Diana asked mockingly. Leo explained that he had started therapy and that Marlena had encouraged him to confront his childhood traumas.

"Oh, please. You don't have anything better to do than listen to that New Age quack?" Diana said. Defensive, Leo argued that Marlena was a great therapist. Diana scoffed. "Why don't you just man up for once in your life?" Diana started. Leo groaned. "You do cut sort of a sad, lonely figure, but you are not crazy. So, why on God's green earth do you need therapy?" Diana asked. "Because of you!" Leo countered.

"Sure, let's blame Mommy. That's original," Diana muttered. "I'm not blaming you," Leo said. Diana told Leo that if his purpose for the visit was to guilt-trip her, he had wasted his time. "The last time I was here, you told me I was an utterly worthless human being who no one could ever love," Leo said. "And you agreed with me," Diana countered. Leo argued that he had only agreed with his mother because she had gaslit him his whole life. Leo recounted a story of how Diana had called him an incredible singer, and he had signed up for a talent competition. The audience had thrown things at Leo on stage.

"I cannot sing worth a lick. You lied to me!" Leo yelled. Diana chuckled. "If that actually happened, and I'm highly skeptical, maybe it was good for you. You know, character building," Diana said. Diana pointed out that Gene Hackman had been mercilessly bullied as a child and had turned out well. "I am going to say what I came here to say, and you are going to listen to me," Leo said.

"You expect me to sit here and listen to your whining and moaning and blaming all your inadequacies on me?" Diana said. Diana asked Leo how many times he had visited her in prison. "Twice. Not even so much as a birthday card," Diana said. Diana called Leo a selfish ingrate. "And now you show up once in a blue moon, and of course, it's all about you and your imaginary childhood traumas," Diana said. Leo stressed that he had a right to his feelings.

"I have meaning!" Leo yelled. Diana screamed for the guard. Leo started to read his script aloud. "I am not worthless. I am not unlovable. I am Leo Stark. I am Matthew Cooper. I am whoever you wanted me to be. My whole life, I did as you said because all little Matty ever craved was your love," Leo read aloud. Leo added that he knew that nothing would have ever been enough for Diana.

"Nobody was ever enough for you. That's why you had no friends. The people you thought were your friends, you just used them and manipulated them to get what you wanted, just like you did with your own son!" Leo read aloud. Diana stared daggers at Leo, and she mocked his self-pitying. Leo wondered aloud if Diana had considered Leo's feelings before she had made him believe that he was John's son.

"[John] was the closest thing I ever had to a parent, to someone who loved me for who I was. And then, when all was said and done, he hated me, too," Leo said. Diana banged on the door. "Take me back to my cell, please!" Diana screamed. Leo recounted that he had learned from his mother how to lie, cheat, keep people at a distance, and betray anyone who actually cared about him. "But most of all, I learned that you never should have been a mother in the first place," Leo concluded. Diana turned and faced Leo.

"Not to a dead loss like you," Diana growled. Diana asked to see the script, and Leo reluctantly gave it to his mother. Diana ripped it to pieces. "What sanctimonious psychobabble. I am not to blame for your degenerate lifestyle. It is not my fault you are the way you are," Diana said. "What do you mean by that, mother? Gay?" Leo asked. "Single, friendless, disloyal, unloving, unloved. I miss anything?" Diana said. "That covers it," Leo whispered. Diana warned Leo that Marlena could not help him.

"I came here to get some things off my chest. This was for me. Not you," Leo said. Diana asked Leo if he felt any better. Leo noted that there had been only one other time in his life when he had poured his heart out to Diana. "Do you remember?" Leo asked. "Why would I want to," Diana muttered. Leo noted that it had been after his father had hit him.

"He hit me so hard. I begged you to make him stop. And do you remember what you said to me? You told me to suck it up. To be a man. So that's what I did. Nine years old. I didn't say a word. And when I finally killed him to protect both of us, you blamed me for all of it. He was the villain. You were the villain. You were my mother. You were supposed to protect me," Leo said through tears. When Diana did not respond, Leo asked her if she had anything to say.

"I'm at a loss, actually. And bored, if you must know," Diana said. Leo chuckled. "I guess it was expecting too much to hear you say, 'I'm sorry'," Leo said. Diana told Leo not to visit her again. "I won't," Leo said. Leo brushed past Diana and walked out. Tears welled in Diana's eyes.

When Leo returned to town, he made a beeline for the hospital. Leo called Marlena's office in the hopes that he could arrange an appointment to talk about his prison visit, but there were no openings until the next day. Leo booked an appointment then sat in the waiting area. "I won't come visit you again, Mother. In fact, I never want to see you again," Leo said. Leo fought back tears. "As sad as it is, I still want you to love me," Leo said. Leo broke down in tears. Mark put a hand on Leo's shoulder, and he asked if Leo was okay.

Chanel and Johnny receive devastating news

Chanel and Johnny receive devastating news

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

At Marlena and John's place, Marlena joined Brady as he waited for Tate to wake up. Brady believed Tate had been holed up in his room to avoid punishment. When Marlena made a comment about Theresa "dragging" Holly home, Brady reiterated that while he didn't agree with Theresa's approach, he and Theresa were "of one mind" when it came to Tate and Holly. Marlena responded with a "hmm," which prompted Brady to ask her what she really thought. Marlena suggested Brady's reaction had less to do with Tate and more to do with Brady's feelings about Tate's mother.

Brady insisted he and Theresa had agreed to be stable co-parents for Tate. He admitted to Marlena that he'd had "a moment" with Theresa, but she had ultimately chosen Alex. Marlena asked Brady what he wanted. Brady said what he wanted didn't matter, and Marlena assured him that his feelings always mattered. Brady thanked Marlena for her support but needed to change the subject.

Marlena backed off and reminded Brady that she was there for him whenever he needed her. Brady thanked her again, and Marlena left for work.

At Xander and Sarah's apartment, the couple snuggled on the couch. They briefly discussed Maggie's ordeal with "that miserable cretin" Konstantin, then turned to happier talk with their impending nuptials. They kissed and looked forward to the event as a positive moment for the family. Sarah said she was going over to Maggie's to prepare wedding invitations, which reminded Xander of the conversation he'd had with Maggie. He confided to Sarah that Maggie believed Victor had been "so hard" on Xander because he had seen so much of himself in Xander.

Sarah took Xander's hand and reassured him that Victor had loved him. "Way deep down," Xander mused. Sarah reminded Xander of the time Victor had made him CEO of Titan. "Only to replace me with Phillip," Xander retorted. Xander theorized that Victor had only used him to do the "dirty work" Victor didn't want to admit he was capable of doing, including taking Kristen's baby and passing her off as Sarah's child.

Xander expressed deep regret for his actions during the baby switch, and Sarah likewise regretted keeping the truth about Victoria from Xander initially. Sarah insisted Xander and Victor's relationship had evolved for the better. Xander wondered why, if Victor had cared for him, he hadn't included Xander in his will. Sarah clarified that Victor had snubbed most of the family, and Victor had only left Alex in the will to make amends for denying Alex as a son.

Sarah hoped that she and Victoria had helped fill the void for Xander. He kissed her and confirmed that she and Victoria were all he needed. Sarah hesitantly raised the subject of inviting Xander's mother to the wedding. Sarah didn't want Xander to have the same regrets about "mending fences" with his mother that he'd had with Victor. Xander thought it over then said there might be another way to reach his mother.

Later, Xander ended a call with someone and promised the person a forthcoming invitation in the mail. When he hung up, Xander told Sarah he'd talked with his aunt. Xander's mother had apparently contacted her sister to ask for money just a few months prior. While Xander's aunt didn't have a phone number, she was able to give Xander an address for his mother.

After Sarah had left, Xander smiled and talked to Victoria over her crib. He informed his daughter that she might soon be meeting her "Grandma Cook." Noting the little girl's seeming excitement, he sighed and said, "That makes one of us."

At the Kiriakis mansion, Bonnie asked Theresa how chaperoning the prom had gone. Theresa began ranting about catching Tate in a hotel room with "that neurotic little liar" Holly. Bonnie surmised that things hadn't gone well for anyone the previous night. Just then, Alex entered and kissed Theresa. She extended her hand with the engagement ring on it, and Alex corrected that one thing had gone "very right." Bonnie commented on the "huge rock," but otherwise held back her disapproval as the couple explained they had gotten engaged the night before.

Theresa excused herself, and Bonnie asked Alex if he had told his father the news. Alex looked back at Victor's portrait and confirmed that they'd had a "talk." Bonnie clarified that she meant Justin. Alex believed Justin wouldn't be receptive to the news, and he updated Bonnie on his fight with Justin about Theresa. Bonnie echoed Justin's concerns that Theresa was manipulating Alex and that she still had a strong connection with Brady.

Alex defended Theresa and dismissed her dalliance with Brady as an attempt to make him jealous. He reiterated that he was "a big boy" who didn't need Justin's protection. Bonnie reminded Alex that he had once been Justin's "little boy," and Justin still had immense love in his heart for Alex. She challenged Alex to admit that he could do better than Theresa, just as Theresa re-entered the room.

Bonnie tried to smooth things over by complimenting Theresa on how good she looked. "Have I told you how embarrassed you look right now?" Theresa shot back. She blasted Bonnie for "trash-talking" her behind her back, but Bonnie insisted that she and Justin were being protective of Alex. Bonnie awkwardly tried to change the subject by mentioning that wedding bells were in the air for Sarah and Xander, too. Theresa made a snide remark about Xander's side of the aisle being "light" on guests.

Bonnie mentioned that Sarah wanted to invite Xander's mother to the wedding, Theresa looked alarmed at the prospect. Bonnie explained that Sarah had wanted Victoria to meet her grandmother and had wanted to give Xander an opportunity to make amends with his mother. Theresa had heard the woman was "a raging alcoholic" and feigned concern about Victoria being around "someone like that." With a pointed look at Theresa, Bonnie suggested, "Maybe she's changed, like you."

Theresa then brought up the possibility of Xander's mother causing a scene at the wedding. Bonnie joked that their family was used to "big scenes," especially at weddings. Alex asked Theresa why she seemed so preoccupied with Xander's mother. Theresa attributed her concern to what had just happened with Konstantin and warned about the dangers of inviting "long-lost friends and family" into their home. Alex and Bonnie seemed to accept the explanation, and Alex lightly said that he'd already found his "long-lost relative."

Bonnie departed the room, and Alex kissed Theresa and also left. When alone, Theresa stared pensively at Victor's portrait. Later, Theresa was sitting in the living room and sipping coffee when Sarah arrived. Bonnie warmly greeted Sarah, and the two sat down across from Theresa to work on the wedding invitations. Sarah enthusiastically told Bonnie that they'd need one more invitation...for Xander's mother. Theresa choked on her coffee at the news.

At the Basic Black offices, Brady thought about his night with Theresa. Alex interrupted Brady's reverie, and they briefly discussed the events at the prom. Brady wondered why Theresa hadn't gotten back in touch with him. Alex said her lack of contact was Alex's fault. He smiled and announced his and Theresa's engagement to a shocked and perturbed Brady.

At Paulina's apartment, Chanel winced and cried out as she clutched her stomach. An alarmed Paulina and Johnny asked if she was okay. Chanel started to answer but doubled over in pain. She sat down and tried to brush off the pain as cramps.

Paulina suggested Chanel needed something to eat and made a move toward the kitchen. Chanel suddenly screamed in pain again, and Johnny insisted she go to the hospital with him.

At the hospital, Mark approached an upset Leo, who was still reeling from his confrontation with Diana. When Mark put a hand on Leo's shoulder, Leo flashed back to seeing Mark shirtless in Horton Town Square. Leo explained that he had been visiting with his mother, who was in prison. Mark said he was sorry, but Leo clarified that he and his mother didn't have the best relationship. Leo had wanted to have a "cathartic" moment of vindication with her, but she had managed to make him feel "utterly worthless and miserable."

Mark hugged an emotional Leo, who apologized for "slobbering" all over him. Mark smiled and said he'd been told he had a good bedside manner, and Leo realized that Mark was a doctor. The two introduced themselves to each other and joked about Mark's name being the same as a TV doctor. Leo said he'd dated a doctor once, who was older and married to a woman. He apologized for giving "TMI" and also let Mark know that he wouldn't be coming on to him anymore, since Mark had confirmed he wasn't gay.

Mark demurred, "Did I say that?" An intrigued Leo asked if Mark's claim hadn't been true. He pondered if Mark might be bi or if he had experienced "a crazy night in college." Before Mark could answer, Johnny and Paulina rushed in with Chanel. They frantically updated Mark on Chanel's symptoms, and Mark hurried them back to an examination room.

Leo sat back down but jumped up when he saw Marlena approach. Leo rambled about respecting Marlena's boundaries and waiting for the next day's appointment. He said he could "white-knuckle" it until then but gave Marlena a hopeful look. Marlena relented and said she could see Leo for a few minutes. He excitedly followed her to the office.

In Marlena's office, Leo sniffled while he brought Marlena up to speed on his visit with his mother, which he summarized as a "disaster, a calamity, and a Dumpster fire all rolled into one." Leo was confused when Marlena expressed concern about his visit, as he'd believed she had encouraged him to see his mother. Marlena clarified that she had intended to work on Leo's issues in therapy. She listened while Leo listed all the insults his mother had hurled at him. He confided how he'd secretly hoped his mother would have an epiphany, take him in her arms, and deem him "the greatest gift" she'd ever gotten.

Marlena insisted that the cruel things Diana had said to Leo weren't true. "Then why does it feel like they are?" Leo asked. Marlena talked about how children were dependent on their parents when they were small and believed everything the parents said. But Leo had grown up, and his mother didn't have that kind of power over him anymore. Marlena encouraged Leo to love and be proud of himself. Leo smiled and agreed that he was his own man.

Leo mentioned that there was a "hunky doctor" who believed Leo was worth talking to, and a curious Marlena asked who Leo meant. Leo happily rambled about meeting a hot doctor in the square and getting comfort from the same man just prior to Leo's meeting with Marlena. Leo told Marlena about Mark's assertion, then seeming walk-back, regarding his sexuality and asked Marlena if she thought the doctor might really be gay. Marlena hadn't personally met Mark and refused to speculate about him. She cautioned Leo not to get ahead of himself, as he had just met the man.

Leo was touched at Marlena's concern he'd be hurt. He was disappointed that he and Marlena had to end the session but promised to talk more about his quest to see himself as "a worthwhile person" during their next session. Marlena commended Leo for his determination to learn more about himself and assured Leo he was "worthwhile."

In the exam room, Chanel grimaced and explained that the pain was intermittent. Mark asked Paulina to wait outside, and she relented after Johnny promised he would stay by Chanel's side. Once Paulina left, Chanel confessed she was "really scared" that something was seriously wrong. She continued to moan in pain as Johnny looked on with concern. While Mark examined Chanel, Johnny comforted her and gave her Felicia's toy cat to hold.

Mark suddenly stopped the examination and looked with sadness at the ultrasound. When Johnny and Chanel asked what was wrong, Mark gave his condolences and informed the couple that Chanel had suffered a miscarriage. An upset Chanel asked if the flagged genetic markers had caused the miscarriage. Mark said they couldn't know for sure, but miscarriages were unfortunately common early in a pregnancy.

Mark expressed his condolences again and left to get a specialist. The devastated couple cried in each other's arms.

Later, Mark was on the phone with someone who comforted him about having to give bad news to a patient. Mark smiled and said the person always knew what to say then promised he'd see them later. Leo caught up with Mark so he could give the doctor his handkerchief back. Having overheard the end of Mark's call, Leo asked if Mark was talking to a friend or a significant other.

Mark confirmed the person on the call was his girlfriend. He told Leo he needed to get back to work. A dejected Leo watched him go.

Paulina entered the hospital room and found Chanel sobbing and a tearful Johnny holding her. She immediately asked what was wrong. Johnny looked up and told Paulina they'd lost the baby.

Paulina gasped and asked what had happened. Chanel grew enraged and yelled, "It happened because of what you did. It's all your fault!" Paulina was stricken, and she withered under the couple's glare.

Theresa finds Fiona's wedding invitation

Theresa finds Fiona's wedding invitation

Thursday, June 27, 2024

E.J. returned to the DiMera mansion and found an impatient Stefan waiting for him. E.J. told Stefan that Gabi would not be going home that day. Stefan was furious. He accused E.J. of having reneged on their deal: Stefan's silence about Jude's true paternity in exchange for Gabi's freedom.

E.J. explained that the judge had been receptive to E.J.'s argument that Clyde's little black book, with its bloody fingerprints, would suggest that Gil Carter, not Gabi, had killed Li Shin. The hitch had been that the judge wanted more than just photos of the book. Until the actual book was turned over, Gabi's conviction would not be vacated.

E.J. reminded Stefan that Melinda was illegally holding on to the book. E.J. told Stefan that Melinda was not at home, nor had she returned any of E.J.'s attempts to reach her. E.J. presumed it was because he had just stolen Melinda's job as D.A. -- at Stefan's behest. E.J. blamed Stefan for creating the whole mess. Stefan believed he had a way to get Melinda to cooperate.

Stefan told E.J. that Melinda was trying to use the book to get immunity, something Rafe couldn't give -- but E.J. could "So, give the woman what she wants!" Stefan demanded. E.J. had no idea how to fly the idea past Nicole. Stefan didn't care. He shouted at E.J. to "get Melinda, get the evidence, and get Gabi out of prison!" Stefan lowered his voice and said, "And then, we all live happily ever after, right? Today, E.J. Or I tell Nicole the truth."

At the Spectator office, Nicole was talking to Jude when she received a phone call from Eric, who was sitting at the bar in the Brady Pub. Eric was just checking up on Nicole. Nicole told Eric that she was more angry with Theresa's remarks about Holly than she was at Holly for sneaking away from the prom. Nicole told Eric that Holly had been grounded again. Nicole was upset with Holly for lying to her again. Eric assured Nicole that he would be there for Nicole, and he ended the call.

Xander walked in with Victoria. He congratulated Nicole for getting her son back. Nicole felt sorry for Eric, who, for a second time, had been forced to give up a child whom he loved. Nicole and Xander both commiserated about their own baby-switching pasts. Xander wondered why Nicole even wanted to work for him. Xander suggested that Nicole should quit, "or better yet, I could fire you." Nicole dared Xander to run that idea past Chad. Xander let it go after accepting the apology Nicole had not offered.

Xander went on about how he and Nicole had both come out ahead: Nicole was happily married and had her son back, while Xander and Sarah were about to be married with their daughter in attendance. Nicole was surprised that Sarah had agreed to marry Xander. Xander explained that Sarah was going all out to make the wedding special, and that included inviting Xander's mother.

Nicole recalled that Xander did not get along with his mother. Xander clarified that his problems with his mother had begun when Xander had started getting into trouble while he had been a teenager. Xander felt his mother had "flat-out given up" on Xander. Nicole believed it had to have been more complicated than that.

Xander told Nicole that his mother had not even shown up when Xander had been convicted of manslaughter. "Isn't that when Victor stepped in?" Nicole asked. Xander confirmed that Victor had gotten years shaved off Xander's sentence and had paid for Xander's education. Xander recalled that Fiona had not liked that one bit

Xander told Nicole that his mother had fallen apart following his dad's death. That was when Fiona had started drinking. Xander explained that he had tried to be there for his mother, but she had shut him out. Xander expressed gratitude to Victor for having stepped up to help Xander. Nicole was glad Xander had decided to share all that with her. Nicole shrugged and said with a smile, "It turns out, you're kinda human." Xander put his finger to his lips, as a "don't tell anyone" gesture.

Nicole confessed that she could relate to Xander's problems with his mother. Xander asked if Nicole had ever worked things out with her mother. Nicole told Xander that she and her mother had been on good terms when her mother had died. Nicole thought it was a good idea that Sarah had invited Fiona to the wedding, because "something good might happen."

Roman greeted Eric from behind the bar at the Brady Pub. He told Eric that Kate was upset because Lucas' first decision as a free man had been to go for an extended visit to see Allie and Will in Arizona. Roman griped about having had to say too many goodbyes lately. Eric told Roman that he might have to say another goodbye soon. "Who else is leaving town?" Roman asked. Eric replied, "Me."

Eric explained that he had been considering job opportunities in other cities. Roman suspected being so close to the child Eric had just lost was part of this decision. Eric admitted that Jude was part of it -- but so was Nicole. Roman asked if Eric still had feelings for Nicole. Eric reminded his father that Eric was still a married man, and that romance was not even on his radar. Eric told Roman that Nicole had brought Jude to the Spectator office. Eric admitted that being in the same town as Jude but not being able to be Jude's father could "be more than I could bear."

Eric told his father that he needed to put some distance between Eric and Jude. Roman admitted to having left Salem for Washington, DC, after he'd learned that Belle was not his daughter. Eric asked if moving away had helped. Roman reluctantly admitted that time away had helped him, so Roman would respect Eric's decision in the matter.

Alex told Brady that Theresa had accepted Alex's proposal. Alex could tell Brady was not feeling very congratulatory. Brady reminded Alex that the engagement would affect Tate. Brady felt that Alex and Theresa were moving too quickly. Alex explained that he had been holding on to the ring for a while and had planned to propose for Valentine's Day, but Alex's trust issues had caused him to wait.

Alex told Brady that he trusted Theresa completely. Brady replied, "Well, Alex, maybe you shouldn't." Brady asked if it had bothered Alex when he had found Brady and Theresa in bed together. Alex admitted that it had, but he couldn't hold it against Theresa, since he had been sleeping with Kristen at the time. Alex told Brady that those things were over, and Alex maintained that he and Theresa wanted to be with each other. Brady was skeptical. "Are you sure she wants you? Or your money?" Brady asked.

Alex felt insulted. Brady said that it wasn't about Alex, but Theresa. Brady told Alex that Theresa had a history of pursuing rich men, including Brady himself. Alex assured Brady that he had heard all about Theresa's past. Alex felt confident because Theresa had fallen for him before she'd had any idea that Alex would be inheriting half of Victor's fortune. Brady raised a finger and suggested, "What if she did have an idea?"

Brady reminded Alex of the trip to Greece the three of them had taken. Brady recalled that he and Alex had gone after Konstantin, but Theresa had stayed behind at the hotel. "While we were out, her father delivered Granddad's briefcase, which happened to be the only thing that contained evidence that you were Victor's son," Brady said.

Brady informed Alex that Theresa liked to snoop. Brady knew that Theresa had been curious about the events leading up to Victor's death. Brady said he could envision Theresa opening the briefcase. Alex considered it for a moment, then said, "No. I mean, if that were true, then she would have known the truth about the fortune before she and I even slept together." "Exactly," Brady remarked.

Brady laid out the scenario that Theresa had opened the briefcase and discovered its contents. He suggested that was the reason Theresa had gone so quickly "from casual flirtation all the way to wanting to seal the deal. The timing is too good!"

Alex reminded Brady that Theresa had tried to "seal the deal" with Brady first, but Brady had rejected her. Brady suggested that Theresa's devastation had been part of her plan. Alex couldn't believe that Theresa had been playing him all along. "Couldn't or wouldn't?" asked Brady. Alex replied, "Both. You're wrong, Brady. You're wrong."

At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa asked how Sarah had been able to track down an address for Xander's mother, Fiona. Sarah explained to Theresa and Bonnie that Xander had eventually realized that his mother's sister, Aunt Maisie, might have known his mother's whereabouts. It turned out that Fiona had recently reached out to her sister, so Sarah and Xander could send a wedding invitation to Fiona. "You can't do that!" Theresa protested.

Theresa offered several reasons why Fiona should not be invited, positing that Fiona was a raging alcoholic and might be a loose cannon -- or the next Konstantin. Theresa suggested that Fiona might "get bombed and ruin the wedding." Bonnie and Sarah wondered why Theresa cared so much. Theresa told them that if Fiona came to Salem, she might stir up trouble for everyone.

Sarah couldn't understand where Theresa's intense concern was coming from. Theresa apologized for overreacting "a bit" but then pointed out that when an alcoholic drank, they tended to say mean and destructive things. Sarah assured Theresa that Sarah and Xander had thought things through. When Sarah realized that they were in a bit of a time crunch to get the invitation envelopes stuffed and posted, Theresa put on a big smile and said, "Hey, I can help you with those."

Bonnie was surprised that Theresa had offered to help with the invitations. Theresa claimed that she wanted to help so that Sarah would return the favor for Theresa's wedding. Theresa showed Bonnie and Sarah the engagement ring. Sarah congratulated Theresa. Bonnie asked if Theresa and Alex had chosen a date. "Not yet, but the sooner the better," Theresa said. Bonnie suggested a double wedding. Both Sarah and Theresa were taken aback, their eyes wide.

Bonnie told Sarah and Theresa that a double wedding made a lot of sense because, as family, there would be a lot overlap in their guest lists. Theresa pointed out that she and Xander didn't like each other. Sarah countered that Xander wasn't Alex's biggest fan, either.

Bonnie wouldn't let the idea go. She even suggested that the Kiriakis men could reunite if Xander and Alex made a family vow to each other during the wedding. Neither bride-to-be was convinced it was a good idea at all. Bonnie insisted that, after all the recent tragedies, "a supersized wedding is just what the Kiriakis family needs!" Sarah and Theresa stared at each other in silence.

Bonnie offered to add Alex and Theresa's names to the invitations. Sarah quickly grabbed Bonnie's arm and said, "Bonnie. For the last time: Theresa and I will talk about this on our own time." Bonnie dropped the subject.

Bonnie asked Theresa about the prom. Theresa expressed ill will toward Holly. Sarah, Holly's aunt, spoke up. Sarah reminded Theresa that Holly was a kid and that Theresa had probably made big mistakes as a kid herself. Theresa defended herself by explaining that Holly and Tate had been seeing each other even after having been forbidden.

Theresa explained that as a teenager, she, too, had fallen into drugs and a bad crowd. Theresa told Bonnie and Sarah that Theresa didn't want Tate dating someone like herself. Sarah informed Theresa that, according to Maggie, Holly had been working hard to turn her life around and that Holly deserved a second chance. "Great. Just not with my son," Theresa said.

Bonnie chimed in. She informed Theresa that Bonnie, too, had been a "wild child." Bonnie reminded Theresa that they had all grown up. "You're not the lying, scheming, gold-digger woman you used to be, right?" Bonnie said. Theresa was silent.

As Bonnie related a story from her own teenage escapades, Theresa spotted Fiona's invitation on the table. Thinking quickly, Theresa distracted Bonnie and Sarah by asking about the stamps for the invitations. The second Bonnie and Sarah turned away, Theresa grabbed Fiona's invitation and hid it behind her back. Theresa then announced that she had found the stamps. With a smile of relief on her face, Theresa asked Bonnie to continue her story.

Later, Theresa arrived at Basic Black, just after Alex had warned Brady not to bring up his theory again, especially in front of Theresa. Theresa invited Alex to lunch. As Alex and Theresa moved to leave, Brady stopped them. Brady offered Theresa congratulations on her engagement to Alex. Alex and Theresa left. Brady looked concerned.

Sarah ran into Xander and Victoria in the Horton Town Square. Sarah informed Xander that she had just put the invitations in the post. Xander was surprised to learn that Theresa had helped. Sarah explained that Theresa had probably been laying the groundwork for a yet-to-be-asked favor.

Bonnie was cleaning up after the invitation session when she tripped over a wastebasket near the chair in which Theresa had been sitting. Bonnie picked up the spilled contents of the wastebasket and discovered that Fiona's invitation had been discarded. Bonnie assumed that Theresa had gotten into Sarah's head and that Sarah had thrown the invitation away.

Bonnie found a stamp in the desk drawer and decided to mail the invitation herself.

Eric went to the Spectator office and told Nicole, "There's something I need to tell you."

E.J. called Rafe. E.J. said that if Rafe wanted Gabi released, Rafe would have to find Melinda Trask immediately.

Stefan went to Statesville -- where he turned around and stood face to face with Gabi.

Gabi's freedom has consequences for E.J.

Gabi's freedom has consequences for E.J.

Friday, June 28, 2024

At the hospital, Paulina was pacing the waiting area when Abe arrived. "What happened?" Abe asked. Paulina told Abe that Chanel had suffered severe cramps and needed to be rushed to the hospital. "How is she? Is the baby okay?" Abe asked. After a moment, Paulina said, "No. The baby is not okay at all."

Johnny sat by Chanel's bedside in her hospital room. Chanel admitted, "I didn't know how much I loved having a little life growing inside me. A life that we made. I didn't realize until now how much [they] meant to me." Johnny held Chanel's hand. "I am so sorry," Johnny said. Johnny asked Chanel if she was in any pain, and she said she felt fine. "If it were up to me, I'd carry you out of here right now," Johnny said. Chanel smiled sadly. Since Chanel needed to stay overnight, Johnny offered to go pick up some items from home.

"If you see my mom on the way out, don't let her in here. I don't want to talk to her," Chanel said. With a nod yes, Johnny asked Chanel if he should pick up food at the pub. Chanel sighed. "No more cravings," Chanel whispered. Chanel clutched Felicity's stuffed cat close as Johnny walked out. After Chanel sniffled back tears, she pulled the ultrasound picture out of her purse and stared at it.

In the waiting area, Paulina told Abe everything that had happened with Chanel. "Chanel said the miscarriage was all my fault because I'd exposed her to radiation," Paulina said. Paulina cried on Abe's shoulder. Abe spotted Johnny across the hall, and he excused himself. "I'm so sorry," Abe told Johnny. Johnny explained that he was headed home to pick up items for Chanel's overnight stay.

"Maybe I should go and sit with her, you know, while you're gone," Paulina suggested. "That's not necessary," Johnny said. When Paulina argued that Chanel should not be alone, Johnny firmly announced that Chanel did not want to see Paulina. Paulina started to protest, but Johnny interrupted to ask Paulina to respect Chanel's wishes.

After Johnny left, Paulina lamented that Chanel was alone in a cold hospital room. "Johnny made her wishes quite clear," Abe said. Abe asked Paulina if the doctor had blamed the radiation as the cause of the miscarriage. "[Dr. Greene] said it wasn't likely," Paulina snapped. "Then you weren't to blame," Abe said. Paulina added that the doctor had also admitted that he could not rule out the radiation exposure as the cause.

"Whatever happened with the baby, you can't blame yourself, you know?" Abe said. Abe reminded Paulina that Chanel had plenty of time to start a family. "That's true, but that is not what she is thinking. Right now, all she's thinking is that if not for her impulsive, reckless mother, all would be well with that little one she was carrying. All she is thinking is that I am the reason she lost that baby," Paulina said. Paulina sobbed in Abe's arms.

In Chanel's room, she was staring at the ultrasound picture when there was a knock on the door. "Go away! I don't want to talk to you!" Chanel yelled. Abe walked into the room. "May I come in? Just for a few minutes," Abe said. Chanel apologized, and she invited Abe in. Abe put a comforting hand on Chanel's shoulder. "I heard about the baby. And my heart, it just breaks for you and Johnny," Abe said. Chanel broke down in tears, and Abe put his arm around her. When Chanel's sobs subsided, Abe asked her if she needed anything. Chanel said no.

"You know, your mom, she feels terrible about what happened," Abe said. "And she should," Chanel growled. With a nod, Abe noted that radiation might not have been the cause, and Chanel snapped. "Would you please just stop? Okay? I never want to hear the word radiation again. And I definitely don't want to talk about my mother!" Chanel yelled. Chanel pulled her hand away from Abe. "Okay. Let's just sit here. Okay then?" Abe said. Chanel nodded yes.

At the Spectator, Eric visited Nicole at the office. "I thought you weren't coming in today," Nicole said. Eric informed Nicole that he intended to leave Salem. "Why?" Nicole asked. "The truth is, I'm leaving for my own personal reasons," Eric said. Nicole asked Eric about his plans, and he said he was waiting to hear back from some job submissions. Nicole asked Eric if he was leaving town because of Jude. Eric stressed that he loved to see Jude.

"That's why I need some time apart. To accept that he's not my son. That I'm not Jude's father," Eric said. Jude started to cry. Eric asked if he could help, and Nicole nodded yes. Eric sang to Jude, who quieted down. "He's smiling," Nicole said. With Eric leaned over next to Nicole, she looked into his eyes. "That song usually does the trick," Eric whispered as he held Nicole's gaze. "I'm sure he misses you so much," Nicole said. Eric noted that Jude was lucky to have Nicole in his life. Nicole thanked Eric for his help with Jude.

"I don't want you to leave town. But I understand if you do. It doesn't mean I won't miss you," Nicole said. Eric reminded Nicole that he still did not have a job yet. "I'll let you know what happens," Eric said. With a nod, Eric left.

When Eric arrived at the Brady Pub, Paulina was sitting at a table alone. "Is everything okay?" Eric asked. "Not really," Paulina said. Eric asked if he could help. Paulina told Eric that Chanel had miscarried. "I'm so sorry," Eric said. Paulina gasped when she remembered Eric's history, and she apologized. Eric shook his head to tell Paulina not to worry.

"Chanel and Johnny, they must be heartbroken. "They are. Both. Chanel, well, she blames me. And I can't even be there to comfort her because she doesn't want me anywhere near her," Paulina said.

In the DiMera living room, E.J. called Rafe and informed him that he had talked to the judge, but they had refused to review Gabi's case without the black book. E.J. ordered Rafe to track down Melinda and recover the evidence. Rafe argued that the problem was that Melinda would not turn over the book until she secured an immunity deal. E.J. yelled in frustration.

"The judge has all but agreed to overturn Gabi's conviction, but only when he sees the new evidence and he holds it in his hot little hands," E.J. said. After E.J. ended the call, he turned to Stefano's portrait and muttered that he wished he was an only child. E.J. texted Stefan to let him know that Rafe was recovering the black book for the judge.

A visibly distraught Johnny returned home, and E.J. asked why Johnny was not at the airport. "Chanel lost the baby," Johnny said. E.J. poured Johnny a drink, and he expressed his sympathies for the loss. "Tell me about Chanel. How is she doing?" E.J. asked. "As well as can be expected," Johnny said. E.J. started to offer assistance, and Johnny bristled. "Why are you being so nice about this?" Johnny said. Johnny asked E.J. if his sympathy was real or if he was just relieved.

"Because from what I recall, you didn't think Chanel should even have this baby," Johnny yelled. "But you did. Johnny, you're my son. And I Iove you. Yes, this is real, my love for you, for Chanel. Because in the end, I want what you want," E.J. said. E.J. noted that when Johnny was in pain, E.J. was in pain. E.J. pulled Johnny into a hug.

When Johnny returned to the hospital, he was surprised to see Abe. "Abe was just keeping me company," Chanel said. Abe smiled at Chanel. "Now that you're here, I will leave the two of you alone," Abe said as he ceded his chair to Johnny. Abe kissed Chanel goodbye, and he offered Johnny an ear if needed. "I just saw my father. I talked to him. It helped," Johnny said. Chanel thanked Abe for having sat with her. "My heart goes out to both of you," Abe said.

After Abe left, Johnny asked Chanel if Abe had attempted to convince her to forgive Paulina. "He started to, but he backed off when I asked him to. Of course he's going to try to defend her. She's his wife. He's always gonna be on her side," Chanel said. "And I am always gonna be on yours," Johnny said. Chanel urged Johnny to go to the airport and catch his flight.

"This is your dream," Chanel said. "Chanel, you are my dream, okay?" Johnny said. Johnny told Chanel that she was his life. "The only place that I want to be is here with you," Johnny said. Johnny rested his head on Chanel's shoulder.

At the pub, Abe joined Paulina. "[Chanel] is going to be fine. Johnny's with her," Abe said. Paulina said she was relieved that Chanel was not alone. When Paulina went to the bathroom, Eric approached Abe to offer his condolences. "How are you doing? I hear you're suffering through a loss, as well," Abe countered. Eric said he was fine. Abe recounted the time he and Lexie had given up baby Isaac. "In time, I had to accept that he wasn't my child. In time," Abe said. Eric nodded knowingly.

Stefan went to Statesville to visit Gabi. "I'm so happy to see you," Gabi said as she rushed into her husband's arms. "How I've missed you," Stefan whispered. A guard stepped into the visitor's room to warn Stefan not to touch Gabi, or he would be thrown out. Stefan and Gabi moved to opposite sides of the table. Gabi noted that she was relieved to be out of solitary.

"Honestly, you'd think Clyde was still around, the way I've been getting beaten up. But I'm okay. They broke it up pretty fast this time," Gabi said. Worried, Stefan promised repercussions, but Gabi asked Stefan not to bother. "I just want to make the most of our visit. We only have an hour," Gabi said. Stefan smiled.

"We have a lot more time than that, because today, my sweet wife, is the day you go free," Stefan said. Gabi admitted that she was hesitant to believe Stefan. Stefan told Gabi that E.J. was working to secure an immunity deal for Melinda so that she would hand over the evidence to secure Gabi's release. Worried, Gabi asked Stefan why he trusted E.J. to help them.

"You have to trust me, Gabi. This plan to free you is well on its way to coming together," Stefan said. "But we screwed E.J. out of DiMera. And then he went after me with both barrels when I first got arrested. He did everything in his power to put me in prison for a crime I didn't commit," Gabi yelled. Stefan noted that it was E.J.'s opportunity to rectify his mistake. "He's on our side now," Stefan stressed. Suspicious, Gabi asked why.

"I managed to persuade E.J. to see the light," Stefan said. "You didn't brainwash him, did you?" Gabi joked. Stefan noted that E.J.'s brain was intact. "What about a double cross?" Gabi asked. "There won't be. And as to how I did it, let's just say I reminded E.J. how DiMeras value family loyalty," Stefan said. Stefan added that Gabi was part of the family. Gabi smirked.

"There's more. I know there is," Gabi said. Stefan's phone beeped with the text from E.J. Stefan assured Gabi that Rafe would not let E.J. double-cross them. Stefan promised to whisk Gabi away to a shower and then to Phoenix to see Ariana.

"It sounds like a dream. Which is honestly why it's hard to believe. What if it doesn't come true?" Gabi asked. "It will. You'll see," Stefan assured Gabi. Stefan talked to the warden, and he secured permission to stay past visiting hours while they waited to hear from the judge.

At the police station, Rafe dragged Melinda into the interrogation room. "Well, that wasn't humiliating or anything, having those cops pick me up off the street like I'm some common criminal," Melinda complained. Rafe asked for the black book, and he reminded Melinda that it was stolen evidence. "I already told you, I'm not turning anything over until I have immunity for that mess with E.J. and Nicole's kid," Melinda countered. Rafe told Melinda that she had her deal. Melinda scoffed.

"E.J. has already signed off on the deal," Rafe said. Incredulous, Melinda asked why E.J. would agree. Rafe shrugged. "But E.J. hates me for what I did. Allegedly did," Melinda said. Rafe noted that Stefan had persuaded E.J. "[E.J.] hates Gabi even more than he hates me," Melinda countered. Impatient, Rafe asked Melinda to accept the deal and give him the book. Melinda agreed, but not until the deal was signed.

Rafe walked into the bullpen area, and he called E.J. to update him. "I'll send [the immunity agreement] over to you now. Just get her to give you that book, and get it to the judge STAT," E.J. said. At the DiMera mansion, E.J. ended the phone call as Nicole returned home with Jude. "I am so lucky to be your father," E.J. said to Jude. Concerned, Nicole asked E.J. if he was okay. E.J. told Nicole about Chanel's miscarriage. Nicole gasped.

"She's all right. Physically that is," E.J. said. "Chanel was so looking forward to this baby. I mean, they both were. I'm just sorry they won't have the same happy ending as we did," Nicole said. E.J. looked over at Jude, and he agreed that they were lucky.

After Nicole went upstairs to put Jude to bed, Melinda walked into the DiMera living room. "I just wanted to thank you for that immunity deal," Melinda said. "That immunity deal you didn't deserve, you mean? Don't mention it," E.J. muttered. Melinda told E.J. that he had no leverage to prevent her from telling Nicole that Eric was Jude's father.

"Why would you do something like that?" E.J. asked. "Spite," Melinda said. Melinda argued that E.J. had blown up her life. "So now, I'm gonna blow up yours," Melinda said. Nicole walked into the room. "What is going on here?" Nicole asked.

At the prison, Rafe entered the visitors' room, and he smiled at Gabi. "You know, if you're not out of here before checkout time, they charge you for another day," Rafe joked. Gabi rushed into her brother's arms. Rafe told Gabi to grab her things so they could leave. "Thank you," Gabi said. The guard reminded Rafe not to touch the prisoner. "I'll show you touching," Stefan said. Stefan marched around the table and kissed Gabi passionately.

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