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Bobby told Jada that he had seen Li's real killer. Gabi exposed E.J.'s lies. Nicole asked for a divorce. E.J. vowed revenge. Nicole told Eric he was Jude's father. Stefan and Gabi butted heads. Tate and Holly set their summer plan in motion. Chad confirmed that Abigail's coffin was empty. Sarah and Theresa leaned toward a double wedding. Theresa signed a prenup. Leo turned down sex. Bobby made a deal with Connie to keep quiet, then pretended to be Everett. Connie stabbed Rafe.
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Bobby told Jada he'd seen Li's real killer. Gabi exposed E.J.'s lies. Nicole asked for a divorce. Abigail's coffin was empty. Leo turned down sex
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Bombshell truths are dropped about Jude and Li

Bombshell truths are dropped about Jude and Li

Monday, July 8, 2024

In Everett's hospital room, Jada demanded that Bobby "let me have it." Bobby smirked and said he loved it when Jada "talk[ed] dirty." She grew impatient and threatened to leave if he didn't talk. Bobby finally confessed that he knew about the murder of Li Shin. Jada doubted his claim, since Bobby hadn't known the man.

Jada also reminded Bobby that the police had identified Li's killer. Bobby smiled and assured Jada that the police had the wrong suspect. Bobby argued that all the evidence against Gil Carter had been circumstantial. Jada wanted Bobby to tell her who had killed Li if Gil had not. She asked if it had been Gabi, after all.

Bobby said that Gabi had been "rightfully" exonerated, and he chided Jada about the police misidentifying the murderer twice. Jada got angry and again demanded Bobby tell her how he knew about the murder. "Because I saw the person who killed Li," Bobby revealed. Jada scoffed at Bobby's claim, since Li had been murdered in his apartment. She insisted Bobby couldn't possibly have seen the murder...unless he had committed it.

Bobby grinned and assured Jada he was not confessing to the crime. He explained that when Everett had first moved to town, Everett had gotten upset. Bobby had taken over, and it was then that he had seen the murderer. "It's not often you come face to face with a killer," he mused. Jada wanted the name of the person.

When Bobby said he didn't know the person's name, Jada asked if he could recognize them. Bobby suddenly yawned and claimed he needed to get some sleep. He fell back on the bed, despite Jada's protests, and promised he would tell her more the following day. Jada tried to get his attention again, but he pretended to snore loudly. After a frustrated Jada left, Bobby opened his eyes, smiled, and pulled out his book.

Connie entered her apartment, which was Li's old apartment, and thought back to Li in the apartment. During the flashback, Li was preparing to make a call when someone raised a knife behind him and stabbed him in the back. He crumpled to the ground, revealing a blood-splattered Connie behind him. Connie emerged from her flashback and insisted it hadn't been her fault, but Gabi's instead. Suddenly, Li spoke from a nearby table and reminded Connie that Gabi hadn't stabbed him.

Connie rushed to Li and hugged him. She proclaimed it a miracle that he was alive. Li pushed Connie back and corrected that he was still "as dead as they come." Connie ought to know, he stated, because she had killed him. Connie contested that Gabi had been the one who had "tricked and humiliated" Li.

But Connie had killed him, Li's apparition persisted. Connie shouted at Li to stop saying that. She then grew eerily calm and placed her head against Li's shoulder. "What happened will stay between us forever," she said with a dreamy smile. Connie continued to cast blame on Gabi and then moved on to Melinda.

Connie reminisced about her and Li's first date. Li remembered that they had discussed "tigers and true crime and biscuits." Connie proclaimed it "magical." She asked why Li hadn't called her back. When he said he had thought her crazy, she exclaimed that she was "not crazy." She grew wistful again and claimed she had moved into the apartment to be closer to Li.

Connie vowed that she would make everyone responsible for Li's death pay. She got up to leave and promised Li they would "snuggle" together and watch a true crime show when she returned. "Won't that be grand?" she beamed.

Later, in his room, Bobby flashed back to himself walking through the park. He overheard a woman crying. The woman, Connie, claimed she had not meant to hurt Li.

At the press conference in Horton Town Square, Nicole inquired what role E.J. had played in Gabi's release. Gabi smiled and said she couldn't forget E.J., who had indeed been responsible for her release, even though he had been the one to wrongfully prosecute her. E.J. hissed at Gabi that she wasn't helping his cause, while Stefan looked on with consternation. An unfazed Gabi claimed that E.J. had freed her for love. "Not for me, of course," she added.

Gabi continued that E.J. had done it for Nicole. Upon a confused Nicole's questioning, Gabi clarified that E.J. had been afraid of losing Nicole to the man Nicole truly loved, Eric Brady. And then Gabi delivered the final blow by informing the gathering that Eric was Jude's father. As the reporters furiously scribbled in their notebooks and the photographers snapped pictures, Stefan asked Gabi what she was doing. Rafe also approached Gabi and told her it was not the time or place.

Gabi disagreed and said it was the "perfect place." E.J. called Gabi "confused" and tried to end the press conference, but Gabi stopped him. E.J. then rushed over to Nicole with claims that Gabi was lying. Gabi returned to the podium and announced that she had proof of Jude's true parentage. Nicole wanted to hear Gabi's "proof," so Gabi asked Nicole to think about Sloan's motives.

Gabi claimed that Sloan had felt less guilty about taking the baby because Sloan had been able to reassure herself that the child would remain with his true father. Nicole countered that they had run DNA tests, but Gabi said Sloan had switched the results. As Nicole processed the information, E.J. glared at Gabi.

E.J. insisted Gabi was lying for revenge. Gabi shot back that her motivation had been righting the "terrible wrong" that E.J. had committed. Nicole refused to "upend" her and E.J.'s lives without proof. Upon Nicole's persistent demand for Gabi's source, Gabi relented and said, "My husband told me." Stefan tried to slink away, but Nicole demanded Stefan tell her if what Gabi had claimed was true.

Stefan began stuttering out a response, and Gabi asked sweetly if he was going to call her a liar in front of everyone. Stefan assured her he would not. When Gabi prodded him to say it louder, Stefan reluctantly admitted that Gabi had told the truth. Nicole remained in denial and accused Gabi and Stefan of trying to hurt E.J. Gabi proclaimed that Stefan had seen the DNA test results personally.

Gabi again compelled a pained Stefan to tell the truth. He told E.J. he was sorry then confessed. E.J. angrily sputtered a "Damn you!" at Stefan then turned to Nicole, who began to say to E.J. that she was sorry. Gabi scornfully asked Nicole why she was apologizing to E.J., because E.J. had already known the truth. Gabi proceeded to fill Nicole in on Stefan having found the DNA results in E.J.'s safe.

After Stefan confirmed Gabi's recounting, Nicole spun around and asked E.J. if it was true. E.J. continued his insistence that Gabi and Stefan were acting out of revenge. Rafe wondered why Gabi would be seeking revenge when E.J. had freed her. Gabi claimed that while she hated E.J., she was telling the truth. She asked Nicole to think about why Melinda had been granted immunity and why Gabi herself had suddenly been released.

Gabi argued that E.J. had been trying to cover his bases by giving in to Stefan and Melinda's blackmail. "If you want proof, then I'm standing right here," Gabi declared. An irate E.J. called Gabi a "vindictive, ungrateful bitch" and rushed toward her. Rafe stopped him, but E.J. continued to verbally rage at Gabi. She got in his face and shouted that E.J. was the vindictive one, since he had prosecuted Gabi for a crime she had not committed. "After everything you've done in your miserable life, you deserved ten times the sentence you got," E.J. sneered.

The truth sunk in for Nicole, and she angrily asked what E.J. had to say to her. She wondered if she would even get a "sorry." Nicole roared, "Answer me," which caused E.J. to flinch and recoil. "You knew," she shouted, then she ran off. When E.J. tried to follow her, Rafe halted him and stated that E.J. wasn't going anywhere. Rafe wanted E.J. to go to the police station and make a statement about his alleged fraud. E.J. angrily told Rafe to take it up with the D.A.'s office and stormed off.

Rafe asked Gabi and Stefan to answer questions. Gabi pledged that she and Stefan would make statements at the station the next day. Stefan requested privacy so he could speak with his wife. Rafe complied. After Rafe left, Stefan commanded Gabi to tell him what she had been thinking.

Stefan reminded Gabi that they'd had an agreement with E.J. Gabi said she knew. "Then why did you blow it all to hell?" he asked.

Later, outside the pub, Jada met up with Rafe. She asked about the press conference, and he called it eventful but wouldn't go into details. He wanted to know about Jada's meeting with Bobby. Rafe expressed surprise and skepticism when Jada updated him on Bobby's claims. Jada felt that Bobby's story might actually have merit, and she wanted to see the case through. After Jada and Rafe entered the pub, Connie emerged from the shadows and looked inside the pub.

An upset Nicole arrived at the DiMera mansion, with E.J. close behind. He pleaded for a chance to explain. With tears in her eyes, she said that he'd known the truth the whole time. E.J. corrected that he hadn't known for months, but he had taken the actions he had for love. Nicole contended that it couldn't have been love because only hate could drive such a despicable action. "It was love; it will always be love," E.J. emotionally insisted.

Nicole said E.J. owed her the truth, so E.J. recounted how he had discovered the truth about Jude being alive from Leo. Sloan had then confirmed the news, but she had dealt E.J. another blow that had left him "devastated." When he'd learned that Jude was not his son, E.J. claimed that he hadn't been able to bear the thought of losing the boy all over again. Nicole cried as she pushed E.J. to continue.

E.J. admitted that he could not imagine Nicole raising a child with another man, especially a man whom Nicole had loved. It would have been "a stab in the heart to someone who has already given his whole heart to you," E.J. added. He explained that he hadn't wanted to lose her. "Now you have," Nicole tearfully replied. She went upstairs and left an upset E.J. to ponder his regret.

Later, Nicole returned downstairs with Jude in tow. E.J. begged her to stay and said they had weathered "rougher storms." Nicole grew enraged at E.J.'s seemingly flippant words. E.J. professed his love, and Nicole deemed the proclamation "empty words" that she never wanted to hear from him again. When E.J. inquired where Nicole was going, she stated it was none of his business and walked out the door.

Alone, E.J. poured himself a drink and turned to Stefano's portrait. He vowed revenge on Stefano's other son and hurled the glass against the wall. E.J. grabbed his head and let out a scream before composing himself.

Outside the Brady Pub, Eric phoned Holly and told her goodbye. He assured her that he would stay in touch and visit her. He also promised her that her bad situation would not last forever. After he ended the call, Eric went into the pub to tell Roman goodbye. Eric surmised that his father thought he was "running away."

Roman reminded Eric that he had once done something similar, so he understood. Eric had said his goodbyes to Marlena and at the paper. The mention of the paper prompted Roman to ask about Nicole. Eric said he'd shared a brief goodbye with Nicole, but she had needed to leave for a press conference. Roman wondered if Eric had told Jude goodbye.

Eric confided that seeing Jude before he left would be too difficult because he'd had a dream that Jude was his and Nicole's son. He attributed the dream to his imminent departure from Jude's life. Eric grew sad as he remembered having found out that E.J. was Jude's father. Roman emerged from behind the bar and offered to take Eric to the airport. Eric declined the invitation and said Brady was taking him.

Roman made Eric promise to stay in touch. He reminded Eric that he would always have a home in Salem. Father and son hugged, and both said, "I love you."

At the airport, Eric remembered bringing Jude to Nicole and E.J. He heard an intercom announcer call for final boarding on his flight. Eric was perplexed when he saw that Nicole was calling him. He prepared to leave, anyway, but before he could, Nicole rushed into the airport with Jude. "I had to stop you from getting on that plane," she breathlessly said.

A confused Eric asked what Nicole meant. "He's yours, Eric. Jude is your son," Nicole announced. Eric reacted with wide-eyed astonishment.

Tate sets his summer plan in motion

Tate sets his summer plan in motion

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

At the airport, Nicole told Eric that Jude was his son. "What are you talking about? That's impossible," Eric said. Nicole explained that the tests had been falsified by Sloan. "He's our son," Nicole said. "How do you even know about this?" Eric asked. Nicole told Eric the whole story and how Gabi had told the truth. With a smile, Nicole picked up Jude.

"I always thought of you [when I looked at Jude], because he has your smile," Nicole said. Nicole placed Jude in Eric's arms. With tears streaming down Eric's face, he kissed his son. "I can't believe it. My son," Eric whispered. The flight attendant made a final boarding announcement for Eric's plane. Nicole noted that Eric was going to miss his flight.

"[Jude] has missed you. I know he has because he's cried so much. And E.J. and I have had such a hard time comforting him because I just, I think he knew that he was taken away from his daddy," Nicole said. Nicole noted that Jude was happy in Eric's arms. "[Sloan] knew," Eric whispered. Nicole nodded yes. "I think maybe she felt less guilty knowing that you'd be raising your own son," Nicole said. "And letting you and E.J. believe that your son was dead? I can't imagine what [E.J.] must be going through right now," Eric said. Nicole scowled.

"I wouldn't feel so sorry for E.J.," Nicole muttered. Nicole told Eric that E.J. had known the truth about Jude. "And he let me believe that [Jude] was his?" Eric asked. "I think [E.J.] thought that if the truth came out, if you and I knew that Jude was our son, we would get back together," Nicole said. Eric blinked a couple times, and then he asked Nicole to leave town with him.

In the park, Tate met up with Aaron to talk about their plan to switch places at lacrosse camp. When Tate gave Aaron his license as proof of identity, Aaron noted that they looked nothing alike. "I doubt they are going to look too closely at it," Tate said. Tate explained that he had ordered a replacement license from the DMV.

As Alex jogged by, he stopped and said, "You guys up to no good?" Tate introduced Alex to Aaron. After a moment, Alex admitted he had overheard Tate and Aaron. "I know what you're doing," Alex said. Tate begged Alex not to tell his mother. "Relax, I'm not going to say anything. I had a fake ID once. I had a few of them, actually" Alex said. Tate visibly relaxed as he realized that Alex had not overheard his plan to skip lacrosse camp.

"Yes. That's what I'm doing," Tate said. Alex told Tate to be responsible, and not to drink and drive. "I will never do that ever," Aaron promised. Alex wished Tate a good time at camp, and he ran off. Tate and Aaron breathed huge sighs of relief. Tate handed Aaron a fresh plane ticket with Aaron's name on it for the trip. "In a couple hours, you'll be in New York. And I'll be free to spend my summer with Holly," Tate said. Tate thanked Aaron for his help.

Theresa stopped by the penthouse to deliver a bag of snacks to Tate for his flight to lacrosse camp, but only Brady was at home. "[Tate] had better not be with Holly," Theresa growled. Brady assured Theresa that Tate had likely gone out to run an errand. Theresa was certain that Tate had gone to see Holly. "You were supposed to be watching him, Brady!" Theresa shouted. Brady urged Theresa to calm down, and he reminded her that their son would be 1,000 miles from Holly by the end of the day.

After a moment, Theresa asked Brady why he had implied to Alex that Theresa was only interested in Alex's money. "Why do you even care? Because Alex doesn't think that way," Brady said. Theresa argued that Brady had crossed a line. "Why are you setting out to hurt me?" Theresa asked. Brady explained that he had been speculating about their time in Greece. Curious, Theresa pushed Brady to tell her about his speculations.

"I think there's a chance that you may have gone through my grandfather's briefcase. The one that your dad brought to the room," Brady said. Theresa was taken aback. "I thought you already knew that Alex was Victor's heir when you slept with him," Brady said. "That is absurd," Theresa stammered. Theresa said that it was insulting for Brady to accuse her of having rifled through a newly deceased person's belongings.

"So, you're saying you didn't do it, right?" Brady asked. "Yes, that is what I am saying. I mean, I was grieving Victor's death, too, you know," Theresa said. Brady admitted that he found that hard to believe. When Theresa said that she had loved Victor, Brady scoffed. Brady added that even if Theresa had loved Victor, it did not mean she would not have gone through his briefcase.

"I did not go through his briefcase!" Theresa shouted. Theresa said that she was hurt by Brady's accusations. "I'm not like that anymore. I've matured," Theresa argued. Theresa said that she wanted her son to be proud of her. With a nod, Brady apologized. "Besides, if you were only after Alex's money, you would have never agreed to sign the prenup," Brady said. Theresa paced nervously, then she complained that Tate would be late for his flight.

When Brady noted that Tate would be back in time, Theresa countered that Brady's lax attitude was why Tate felt he could get away with anything. "You never pay attention," Theresa grumbled. As Theresa started to leave to look for Tate, he returned home. "Where were you?" Theresa yelled. Tate explained he had been saying goodbye to Aaron. Brady offered to drive Tate to the airport, but Tate declined.

"I want to see you off," Brady said. "That's okay. Besides, Aaron offered to give me a ride," Tate said. Theresa narrowed her eyes with suspicion. "Aaron? Who you just said goodbye to?" Theresa asked. Tate explained that Aaron had left to run an errand and would return to pick him up. Theresa argued that Tate could not be trusted. "We are taking you to the airport," Theresa insisted.

Alex called Theresa's phone, and he asked her to meet him at the house to sign the prenup. "Can it wait? I'm just about to take Tate to the airport," Theresa asked. Alex insisted that they needed to sign the agreement before the end of business that day. With a sigh, Theresa promised to return home.

Theresa turned her attention to Tate, and she said she understood if Tate hated her for making him go away for the summer. "I'm just looking out for your best interests. And I hope that one day, you will see that," Theresa said. Theresa and Tate said "I love you" to one another.

In the DiMera living room, E.J. looked at the portrait of Stefano, and he vowed that Stefan and Gabi would pay for what they had done to him. E.J. threw his glass at the fireplace, and he screamed in frustration. "They are going to wish they were never born," E.J. growled. "Who is going to wish they were never born?" Holly asked as she entered the room. E.J. apologized. Holly asked E.J. if he had been talking about her and Tate, and E.J. said no.

E.J. told Holly that Gabi had talked about his personal business at the press conference. "That's really messed up of her," Holly said. With a sigh, E.J. informed Holly that Jude was Eric's son. "I'm really sorry," Holly said. "You're really kind, but I'm afraid your sympathy is misplaced," E.J. said. Holly and E.J. sat on the couch, and he told her that he had learned the truth before Eric had returned Jude.

"And you kept that to yourself?" Holly said. "Which was terribly wrong of me, obviously," E.J. admitted. Holly asked why. "Honestly? And I know this is going to sound heartless, but I wasn't thinking of Eric at all. I was thinking of your mother. I was afraid that if she learned the truth, if she knew that Eric was the father, it would drive her right back into his arms. And I'm quite certain I'm right, because as soon as she left here a little while ago with the baby, I think I know exactly where she went," E.J. said.

When Holly remained silent, E.J. noted that he could not imagine what Holly thought of him. "I'm pretty shook right now," Holly admitted. Holly told E.J. that she did not know how to feel about the situation. With a nod, E.J. noted that Holly clearly thought he was a villain. "You just admitted to doing a horrible thing. You not only hurt Eric, you also lied to my mom. You're supposed to be the one guy she trusts the most. So, can you really blame me for hating what you did to both of them?" Holly said. E.J. hung his head in shame.

"But if I'm being completely honest, I get why you did it," Holly confessed. "Do you?" E.J. asked. Holly said she understood what it felt like to believe that a lie was one's only option. Holly thought about her scheme to spend the summer with Tate. "Thank you for saying that, Holly," E.J. said. With a nod, Holly walked out to meet up with Tate and Aaron in the park.

Theresa returned to the Kiriakis mansion, and she asked Alex about the papers. "They should be here any minute," Alex said. Alex apologized for having interrupted Theresa's goodbye with her son. With a smirk, Theresa noted that Tate was probably happy that she had not gone with him to the airport. "I actually ran into [Tate] in the park earlier," Alex said. "That's weird. He didn't tell me that he ran into you," Theresa said. Alex noted that Tate likely had his mind on other things. "I'm sure he does," Theresa muttered.

At the airport, Tate and Holly walked Aaron to his gate. "As soon as I get on that plane, as far as the world is concerned, Tate Black is spending his summer at lacrosse camp. Which means you guys are free to do whatever it is you're gonna do," Aaron said. Tate thanked Aaron for his help. After Aaron walked away, Tate asked Holly where she wanted to spend her summer.

In the square, Stefan asked Gabi why she had gone back on her promise to him to keep E.J.'s secret. "For the record, I never promised anything," Gabi stressed. Gabi argued that Eric had had a right to know the truth about his son. "After all that time being kept away from my daughter, not knowing how she was doing or what she was feeling, wondering if she needed me, knowing that I couldn't be there for her -- I couldn't let another parent suffer that loss. I couldn't let Eric suffer that loss," Gabi said. Stefan questioned Gabi's motives.

"If this were about Eric, you would have told him privately. But you didn't do that, did you?" Stefan said. Stefan noted that Gabi had instead made a public announcement at a press conference. "You made the choice to embarrass E.J. in the most public way possible because you hate him for what he did to you," Stefan argued. "He sent me to prison!" Gabi countered. Gabi noted that E.J. would have let her remain in prison.

"So, as far as I'm concerned, he got off easy. And yet, for some reason, you're suddenly on his side," Gabi said. Stefan stressed that he hated E.J. for what he had done to Gabi. "Your brother got what he deserved. End of story. Now, can we just please go home and forget about this?" Gabi said. "No. We can't," Stefan whispered. Stefan told Gabi that he loved her, but he was furious with her.

"I'm furious with you, too. How can you side with E.J. over me?" Gabi growled. "For the last time, I am not on E.J.'s side," Stefan argued. Stefan reminded Gabi that he had given E.J. his word to keep silent about the secret, and Gabi's actions meant that Stefan was at war with his brother.

After Stefan stalked off, Gabi sat down in the café. Eric approached her with Jude's stroller. "I see you've been reunited with your son," Gabi said. "I understand I have you to thank for that," Eric said. Gabi smiled sheepishly. "Who knew even I could do the right thing? The honorable thing? I owed you one. Especially after I withheld my bone marrow from Rachel to get my immunity deal," Gabi said. Eric told Gabi he was grateful. "You did the right thing," Eric said. Gabi admitted she was glad she had, even though it had meant trouble with her husband.

After Eric's conversation with Gabi, a cheerful Eric went to the penthouse with baby Jude. "Why aren't you on a plane to Paris?" Brady asked. "Well, I thought you'd like to meet your nephew," Eric said. Brady stared in stunned silence.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. thought about when Nicole had grabbed Jude to leave the house. "We've weathered worse storms than this," E.J. had pleaded. "That's what you think this is?" Nicole had said. Nicole had told E.J. that he had caused their nightmare. "But I love you," E.J. had whispered. Nicole had sniffled back tears, and she'd told E.J. she had not wanted to hear those words from him ever again. Nicole had walked out.

As E.J. sipped a drink, Stefan returned home. "I've always been aware that trusting any member of my family would be a risky enterprise. Still, I overrode my instincts and made a deal with you. I let that despicable Melinda Trask walk so your wife could go free. And what did I ask in return? Your silence. You simply had to do nothing. And you couldn't even manage that," E.J. said.

"I don't expect this to mean much because the damage has already been done. But this was not some elaborate scheme that Gabi and I cooked up. I had every intention of taking your secret to the grave. Gabi had other ideas," Stefan said. With a nod, E.J. countered, "Thanks to your wife, I've lost my wife forever." Nicole walked into the room. Stefan quietly left.

"Thank God you came back. Now, we can finally talk," E.J. said. Nicole cut E.J. off, and she explained that she was only there to pack. As Nicole started to cry, she removed her wedding rings, and she handed them to E.J. "I want a divorce," Nicole said. E.J. shook his head no in disbelief.

Jack learns Abigail could be alive

Jack learns Abigail could be alive

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

In Horton Town Square, Leo typed an article about "the press conference from hell." He complimented the "diva-est of divas" Gabi in the article and gushed over his own writing. In the midst of Leo's writing, Xander jogged by and asked for Leo's glass of water, to Leo's delight and chagrin. While Leo ogled him, Xander thanked Leo and called him a "valued employee." He also asked if Leo wanted to join him for a work "write-off" drink at the pub.

Leo was puzzled at himself when he declined the invitation. As Leo finished his article, another man approached Leo, who grabbed his water and declared the table a "no-sharing zone." The confused man said he'd just wanted to know if Leo was Lady Whistleblower. Leo asked if the man wanted a retraction, but the man instead called himself a big fan. He raved about Leo's wit and charm and added that Leo was "easy on the eyes."

Leo brightened considerably at the compliments. The man introduced himself as Kerry and asked Leo if he'd be willing to share his secrets. Leo jokingly called himself discreet, and Kerry flirtatiously suggested they take the conversation somewhere more private.

Later, Leo and Kerry were in Leo's hotel room, talking about the show Beverly Hills, 90210. Kerry compared Leo to the character Dylan, while Leo fancied himself more of a Brenda. They suggestively agreed to share secrets "all night." Leo thought Kerry needed sustenance and gave him a menu to peruse. When Leo recommended ordering oysters, Kerry declared that he wanted to get to the "main course" and took off his shirt as he sidled up to Leo.

Leo commended Kerry for having "the second-best chest I've seen in the past hour" and asked Kerry if he was really a fan. At Kerry's affirmative response, Leo marveled that he had his "first groupie." He asked if "this is really happening," and Kerry replied that when he was attracted to someone, he didn't like to waste time. He kissed Leo, who responded with enthusiasm.

At the Brady Pub, Justin and Bonnie enjoyed a meal and bantered about what might go wrong at the upcoming weddings. Bonnie speculated that Xander might show up without a shirt, and she suggested she wouldn't mind if her "hubba-hubba-hubby" followed Xander's lead. Justin expressed relief that Theresa had agreed to sign a prenup, but Bonnie reminded him that Theresa could still be marrying Alex for Alex's money. Bonnie continued her skepticism of Theresa but backed off when she noticed how worried Justin was about Alex. She tried to reassure him that Theresa might be marrying Alex for the right reasons, then she excused herself to help Sarah with the wedding planning.

While alone at the table, Justin sadly reminisced about holding Alex in his arms when Alex had been a baby. Xander interrupted the reverie and asked if Justin would like to join him for a drink. Justin joked about Xander needing to "save [his] pennies" after Xander had turned down his part of Victor's fortune. Xander noted that Victor had not truly wanted him included in the will, and he took a shot at Alex and Alex's treatment of Justin.

Justin defended Alex, since Alex's entire life had been "upended." Xander countered that Justin's life had been affected, too, but Justin had not changed for the worse. Xander expressed empathy for Justin having been hurt the most in the aftermath of Victor's death. Justin recalled having dealt with the issue of Alex's paternity before, after Anjelica had claimed someone else had been Alex's father. However, Dr. Tom Horton had run a blood test and confirmed that Justin and Alex were father and son.

Justin attributed the result to Alex and Justin still being related by blood. He could not understand how Victor could have kept the secret for so long, though. Xander asked if Justin was having doubts about the assertion that Alex was not Justin's son. Justin admitted that the letter from Anjelica had validated the truth. Justin was still grappling with Victor having lied to him for Alex's entire life.

Xander conceded that Victor was "an ends justify the means type of guy." Justin lamented the questions he still had, which would never be answered, since both Victor and Angelica were dead.

Bonnie sat with Sarah in Sarah and Xander's place and browsed through bridal magazines. Bonnie encouraged Sarah to wear anything she wanted at her wedding. Bonnie excitedly suggested rhinestones but noted Sarah's expression and moved on from the idea. Bonnie also reintroduced the subject of a double wedding and mentioned that Theresa was in the process of signing a prenup. Sarah was still not receptive to the idea.

Sarah reminded Bonnie that Xander did not get along with either Alex or Theresa. Bonnie believed the double wedding could serve as the perfect opportunity to bring the family together for "a new beginning." Sarah relented and promised to discuss the idea with Xander. The talk moved to wedding RSVPs, and Bonnie remembered having retrieved the invitation for Xander's mother from the trash. She slyly asked Sarah if Sarah had received any unexpected RSVPs, to which Sarah responded in the negative.

Before Bonnie could clarify, Xander arrived. He and Bonnie exchanged greetings, and Xander offered to leave the women alone. Bonnie said she needed to leave, and she prodded Sarah to discuss the potential plan with Xander. When Bonnie left, Xander wondered what Bonnie had meant. Sarah reluctantly admitted that Bonnie had suggested a double wedding with Alex and Theresa. Xander scoffed and asked why he'd want to share his big day with "those two wankers."

Sarah believed Bonnie had made good points in favor of the double wedding, but she was willing to drop the idea if Xander had reservations about it. Xander reminded Sarah that his last double wedding had ended in disaster, but that was likely because he had been marrying the wrong woman. He could see that Sarah had taken to the idea, so he expressed openness to it. Sarah hesitantly asked if she should call Bonnie and confirm the double wedding.

In the Kiriakis mansion living room, Theresa and Alex made out on the sofa. He teasingly grabbed a brochure from her, and she confessed that she'd been scouting ideas for their honeymoon. Alex was surprised that the brochure detailed a super-yacht. Theresa made the case for Alex to buy one but stopped herself after she realized that she would be giving Brady and Justin more ammunition to think of her as a gold-digger. Alex assured her that the prenup would "silence all the doubters."

Theresa called the prenup "insulting." After he noted Theresa's reticence, Alex asked if she had been having second thoughts about signing the document. Maggie interrupted the inquiry with a delivery for Alex: the pre-nuptial agreement. Both Theresa and Alex defended their reasoning for getting the document to Maggie. Theresa turned to Alex and claimed she was ready to sign.

Later, Theresa sat with Alex and complained about the "legalese" of the document. She noted a clause that said she would get nothing if she committed adultery or fraud. Theresa snarked about what she would get if Alex did the same, and he jokingly suggested she could have a vase in the mansion she'd been "eyeing." Alex grew serious and affirmed his belief that neither he nor Theresa had anything to worry about with regard to the other. Theresa signed the prenup, and the couple sealed the deal with a kiss.

Maggie rejoined Alex and Theresa for snacks. They talked about potential conflicts between Theresa and Alex's wedding and Sarah and Xander's wedding. Theresa mentioned that Bonnie had broached the idea of a double wedding, which prompted Maggie to tell Alex and Theresa about her own double wedding that had included Maggie's daughter Melissa. Theresa was skeptical about the couples' styles clashing, and Alex doubted he could get along with Xander. Maggie suggested that combining the weddings could turn into a "bonding experience" for the entire family.

Alex was still unsure, so Maggie invoked Victor and what he would want from his heir. Namely, Victor would want the family to present a "united front." Maggie asked Theresa what she thought, and Theresa reasoned that her and Xander's mutual disdain "canceled each other out." Besides, she had wanted to get married as soon as possible, even it meant "hitching their wagon" to Xander and Sarah. As Theresa made the case, Alex gradually warmed to the prospect, as well.

Justin arrived; Alex handed the prenup to him and testily said Theresa had already signed it. Justin was pleased that the "protections" were in place. Theresa replied that it wouldn't be necessary because she planned on spending the rest of her life as "Mrs. Alex Kiriakis." As Theresa and Alex agreed to the double wedding, Bonnie received a call from Sarah. Bonnie beamed after Sarah stated that she and Xander were in, and she confirmed to the group that "Operation Double Wedding is a go!"

At the Horton House, Chad made a call to Kayla and updated her on his request to exhume Abigail's body. He was frustrated because he had not heard back from Paulina. Just then, Jack stormed into the room and demanded to know "what in the hell" Chad was doing. Chad ended the call with Kayla, and Jack informed him that a friend had contacted Jack and alerted him to the exhumation request. While Jack had initially thought it to be a mistake, he had learned that the request had come from Chad.

Jack asked Chad why Chad would want to "desecrate" Abigail's grave. Jack said he'd put a halt to the process until he'd had a chance to confront Chad. He again demanded answers. Chad blurted out that Clyde had claimed Abigail was alive. Jack was shocked at the claim and expressed doubts about the source. Chad compelled Jack to understand why he had kept quiet, but Jack angrily reminded Chad that Julie had known.

Chad said Julie had been helping him, and he insisted they all needed to know the truth. Jack cut Chad off and proclaimed that the exhumation was not happening. He chastised Chad for believing Clyde's lies. Chad shot back that he hadn't been relying only on Clyde's word because there was evidence. He pulled up the video of the mystery woman on his laptop.

As a shaken Jack watched the video, Chad confided that sometimes he'd convinced himself it was Abigail and that she was afraid and alone. Other times, he'd called himself an "idiot" for believing Clyde. He asked for Jack's opinion. Jack shakily reached out a hand to touch the screen but stopped himself and jumped up from the chair. He emotionally claimed that he couldn't be sure, but he wanted to know why Clyde would have needed to rely on a grainy video as proof.

Chad admitted he'd had the same questions, but Clyde had been transferred to supermax before Chad had been able to get answers. Jack asked if "it [was] the only way," and Chad pleaded with Jack to move forward with the exhumation. However, he offered to back down if Jack objected. Chad then received a call from Paulina informing him that the exhumation crew was ready.

Later, Chad and Jack anxiously waited while the crew dug up Abigail's grave. Chad thanked Jack for agreeing to the exhumation. Jack expressed revulsion and called the process "ghastly." The crew foreman announced that the coffin was ready to be opened. Jack and Chad braced themselves for the moment.

Abigail's coffin is opened

Abigail's coffin is opened

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Kayla stopped by the Horton house and saw Julie. Kayla said that she was worried about having been unable to contact Chad. Julie told Kayla that Chad was at Abigail's grave. Julie informed Kayla that she knew Kayla had been the one to suggest the exhumation. Kayla knew that Chad had taken his request to Paulina, so that, as mayor, Paulina could approve the exhumation. Kayla had also heard that Chad had hit a snag.

Julie explained that the "snag" had been Jack. Julie explained that Jack had been "horrified" and "furious" at the thought of exhuming Abigail's body. Kayla told Julie that, even though Kayla had been the one who had declared Abigail dead, with everything that had happened to herself and Steve, Kayla would be foolish to call Abigail still being alive "impossible." Julie pointed out that their family had had its share of losses but had had its miracles, too.

A bit later, Doug joined Kayla and Julie in the living room. Julie asked if Kayla wanted to stay and watch the season finale of Yellowstone with Doug and Julie. Kayla declined, informing them that she had promised to wait and watch it with Steve, when he returned to town.

Doug asked, "So, Kayla, what brought you here today?" Kayla didn't know how to respond. Julie spoke up. "Darling, there's something I haven't told you about, but now that Jack knows..." "Now that Jack knows what?" Doug asked. Julie replied, "Darling, there's something you have to hear." After Doug had been brought up to speed, he declared that if Abigail was alive, it would be "wonderful, wonderful news."

At the cemetery, Chad and Jack learned from one of the gravediggers that Abigail's coffin was ready to be opened. Chad asked if Jack was okay. Jack was upset that Clyde Weston had set the whole thing up just to inflict more pain on Abigail's family by forcing them to relive the horror of losing Abigail again. Chad and Jack steeled themselves. The worker opened the lid of the coffin -- and it was empty.

The head gravedigger asked what Chad wanted him to do. Chad said that he and Jack would take it from there. Chad dismissed the workers. Chad and Jack stared into the empty coffin. Jack wondered what it meant. "I don't know, Jack," Chad replied.

Rafe approached, saying, "I just got a call from City Serv -- oh, my God." Rafe realized what he was looking at. Rafe assumed that the grave had been desecrated. He swore to Chad and Jack that he would return Abigail to "her final resting place." Chad interrupted Rafe. "That's the thing. Neither one of us knows if this actually was her final resting place."

At Leo's hotel room, Leo and Kerry started making out. As they sat at the edge of Leo's bed, kissing, Leo pulled away from Kerry. Kerry told Leo that it was okay if Leo wanted to slow things down. "Actually, I don't know if I want us to sleep together at all," Leo said.

Leo told Kerry, "Excuse me while I have a complete mental break, but I think we should... I think we should... stop." Leo apologized, calling Kerry "incredibly hot" and "irresistible," but he admitted to having felt "no spark." Kerry said, "It happens," as he picked up his T-shirt and put it on. "That's a funny way to treat your first groupie, though," Kerry remarked. "Oh, God," Leo moaned.

Kerry turned to leave. Leo called him back for one last kiss. After the kiss, Leo thought about it for a brief moment then glumly said, "I just wanted to be sure." Kerry left. Leo sat back down on the edge of the bed, confused. "What is wrong with me?" Leo asked himself.

Jada showed up at Marlena's apartment. Marlena told Jada that Bobby had wanted another visit from Jada. Jada informed Marlena that she had visited Bobby but had been unsuccessful at getting Bobby to let Everett's persona come out. Marlena also reported an unsuccessful attempt. Jada told Marlena that Bobby had claimed to know who had killed Li Shin, because Bobby had seen the killer right after the murder had taken place.

Marlena opined that conversations with Bobby felt like a chess match. Jada agreed. She told Marlena that she had been reading up on DID. Jada asked if the Bobby persona could have his own motivations, apart from protecting Everett. Jada explained that it was obvious that Bobby was trying to restart his relationship with Jada. Jada asked Marlena, "In your professional opinion, do you think Bobby is telling the truth about Li Shin's murder case, or is he just stringing me along to give me a reason to keep coming back to Bayview?"

Marlena told Jada that there was no way to know if Bobby was telling the truth. Jada declared that if there was any chance that Bobby really had evidence, she would have to listen to him. Marlena offered to help in any way she could. Marlena expressed her wish for Li, her former patient, to get some justice. Jada thanked Marlena, and she left.

Later, as Marlena flipped through a book, Leo showed up at her door, uninvited. Leo started to frantically babble compliments at Marlena. When Marlena finally had gotten Leo calmed down enough to explain his presence, Leo declared that he needed to book an appointment with her as soon as possible. Leo explained that he thought he might be morphing into a different person. Marlena offered to let Leo sit and talk with her.

After Leo had told Marlena about what had happened with Kerry, he described it as a "scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers." Marlena asked Leo to consider the possibility that Leo's unusual behavior could really be about Dimitri. She reminded Leo that Dimitri had hurt him badly, so perhaps the encounter with Kerry had triggered Leo's fight-or-flight response.

Leo wondered if he was as over Dimitri as he had thought he was. He asked Marlena if it meant that Leo would never be attracted to another man. "Am I straight now?" Leo asked. "No!" Marlena immediately exclaimed. Marlena explained that she was not worried about that and that Leo would meet a nice man and fall in love again. She advised Leo to "be patient and let yourself heal from the breakup with Dimitri."

Leo agreed to try to be patient with himself. He thanked Marlena for having been helpful. Leo noticed the time and got agitated. He declared that he had to get home to watch RuPaul's Drag Race. Marlena offered to let him stay and watch it with her. "Yes!" Leo joyfully accepted. Leo and Marlena shared a bowl of popcorn as they watched the show.

After having been informed of the events leading up to the exhumation, Rafe declared that Abigail's gravesite was a crime scene. He suggested that Chad and Jack go home and "get a handle on [their] thoughts." Jada joined them. Rafe sent Jada to call in a forensics team.

Rafe told Chad and Jack that the first step would be to see if the coffin had been tampered with after Abigail's body had been put inside it. Rafe speculated, "Clyde could have just created all of this to support his story of Abigail still being alive." "Wouldn't put it past him," Chad remarked glumly. "I'll be in touch" Rafe said as Chad and Jack left the cemetery. Jada returned. She glanced into the empty coffin then asked Rafe, "So, what is going on?"

After Rafe had brought Jada up to speed, Jada asked if it was possible that Abigail could be alive. Rafe admitted that it was the most extreme of possibilities, but a possibility, nonetheless. Jada suggested that it was also possible that Clyde had perpetrated a hoax. Rafe told Jada that he could see that Chad was still holding out hope.

Rafe had figured that if Clyde had stolen Abigail's body, he would have to have found a secure location in which to keep it. Jada suggested that Clyde might have buried the body somewhere else. Rafe added the possibility that Abigail had never been in the coffin at all. Jada called the whole situation "strange and sad." Jada informed Rafe that she planned to go see Bobby at Bayview the next day.

At Bayview, Bobby was lying on his bed, reading a book. There was a knock on the door. Bobby called out, asking if it was Jada. "Sorry to disappoint," said Connie, as she stood in the doorway. "Well, aren't you going to say hello?" Connie asked. Bobby flashed back to having overheard Connie crying in the park on the night Li had been murdered.

Bobby decided to play dumb. He asked Connie, "Do we know each other?" "I'm Connie Vanitsky," Connie replied. Bobby said he'd never heard that name before. Connie closed the door and walked toward Bobby. Connie asked, "What about the name 'Li Shin'? Does that one ring any bells?" Bobby claimed that, as a journalist, stories ran together for him, though he might have heard the name. Connie asked him, "If you don't know anything about Li's murder, why did you tell the police you do?"

Connie sat at the edge of Bobby's bed and cheerfully told him that she had overheard Commissioner Hernandez and Detective Hunter talking about how Detective Hunters' ex-husband knew who had really killed Li Shin. Connie told Bobby that she and Li had been "very close" and that Connie had been "devastated by his death."

Connie claimed to have been happy that Gil Carter had been "zeroed in on by the police." She told Bobby, "But if you happen to have information that points to someone else, I'd really appreciate it if you could share it with me." Bobby replied, "Sorry, I'm afraid I can't help you." Connie told Bobby that she had suspected he would not be forthcoming and that he might need a hint. Connie moved a bit closer to Bobby and asked, "You wouldn't have been talking about me, by any chance, would you?"

Connie maintained her cheery demeanor as she wove a story about how she had just been taking in the night air in the park when she had heard someone behind her. When Connie had looked, however, she had not seen the face of the person who had been walking away. Connie claimed that once she'd heard the two cops talking, she had wondered if Bobby had been the one she'd seen.

Connie giggled as she remarked, "I don't know what could have given you the impression that I had anything to do with Li's death! It's silly!" "Totally! I don't know what could have given me that impression!" Everett said as he giggled back. In the next moment, Everett's expression and tone suddenly changed, and he got deadly serious. "You were covered in blood, and I heard you say, 'I'm so sorry, Li! I didn't mean to do it!'" Connie's smile dropped as she stared at Bobby.

Connie advised Bobby to mind his own business and to stop bringing up the subject with Detective Hunter. "Sorry, lady. No can do," Bobby replied. Bobby explained that he liked having Jada come around. Connie hinted that she could kill him because no one knew she was there. Bobby laughed that notion off. He pointed out that Bayview had security cameras everywhere and that if he was murdered, it would be easy to trace the crime back to Connie.

Bobby told Connie that soon, Jada would realize what she had been missing out on. "Man, what an ego!" Connie remarked. Connie told Bobby that everybody knew Jada was dating the police commissioner, so no matter how long Bobby waited "to name names," Jada would always be going back to Rafe's "warm bed," while Bobby would be stuck in his bed at Bayview.

Chad and Jack returned to the Horton house. Doug, Julie, and Kayla were shocked to learn that Abigail's coffin had been empty. Kayla declared that the hospital had done everything "by the book." She wondered if Clyde had stolen Abigail's body in order to create a hoax. Doug asked, "But are we sure it is a hoax?" "Or is it possible Abigail's alive?" Julie added.

Later, after everyone else had left, Julie talked with Doug about how Chad had never really stopped mourning Abigail. Julie lamented Chad's emotional dilemma: hoping that Abigail was alive and fearing that she wasn't. Julie also lamented all the time Abigail had been apart from her children. Julie remarked that Chad and Abigail had never had much time together, while Doug and Julie had had "years and years."

Julie smiled and asked Doug, "Have I ever told you how much I love you?" Doug chuckled and replied, "Nope. You never did." Julie took her husband's hands. She confessed, "Well, first time I set eyes on you... I was lost. Then, all those trials we had, all those missed connections... And then, I finally won the gold ring. And all your songs were for me. All your passionate kisses were mine." Doug explained, "Well, I had become a new man. I had to change to deserve you."

Doug and Julie agreed that they had made a good team, especially in how they had raised Hope. Julie praised Doug for being such a good family man, despite his having been raised in an orphanage. Julie reminisced about having seen the world with Doug. She told Doug, "Our love outlasted time."

"Now, you'd better give me another kiss," Doug said. "With pleasure," Julie said with a beaming smile. Julie leaned in, and they kissed.

At the Brady Pub, Chad and Jack reviewed the video of the captive woman. Chad reasoned that the only way to know if the woman in the video was Abigail was to find that woman.

Connie told Bobby that once Jada had solved the case, she would go back to Rafe. She offered Bobby an alternative. "What if there's an easier solution for both of us?" Connie asked. "Like what?" Bobby asked. Connie replied, "You keep my name out of this, and I'll take care of the commish."

[This episode marked the final performance of the late Bill Hayes as Doug Williams, a role he originated in 1970.]

Everett make a deal with Connie

Everett make a deal with Connie

Friday, July 5, 2024

Bobby was standing in his room at Bayview, reading a book, when Marlena walked in. "I've nothing to say to you. I'll speak to Jada. No one else," Bobby said. Marlena asked Bobby about his visit with Jada. "I think our conversation was quite productive," Bobby said. Marlena told Bobby that she was happy that his conversation had gone well.

"But shouldn't you consider Everett? I mean, couldn't you just briefly let him out?" Marlena asked. Bobby declined. "He's not ready to face his past," Bobby said. Marlena asked about the past. "I have a sense that you're more concerned about yourself," Marlena said. Bobby asked Marlena to leave, and she did.

At the Brady Pub, Jada told Rafe that she had talked to Bobby. "The doctors haven't been able to reach Everett," Jada said. "So, he made good on his threat," Rafe noted. Jada explained that Stephanie had asked her to talk to Bobby, but she had hit a wall with him. "So, it was a total waste of time," Rafe said. Jada disagreed.

When Jada mentioned that Bobby had told her he still wanted her back, Rafe smirked. "It must be so flattering to be hit on by someone who isn't even real," Rafe said. "He was real to me," Jada countered. Rafe apologized. Jada told Rafe about Bobby's offer to help her solve a murder case.

"[Bobby] didn't give me any details, but he said we could further discuss it if I go back and visit him today," Jada said. Rafe argued that Bobby was bluffing in order to spend more time with her. Jada was unsure. "It's pure manipulation," Rafe said. "Either way, I'm going back. I need to hear him out," Jada said. Rafe reminded Jada that Bobby was mentally unstable and that Rafe was concerned about Jada's welfare.

"I think that you should stay as far away from him as possible," Rafe said. "It's very rare for alters to be violent," Jada countered. Rafe argued that it was too risky. "My job is to investigate crimes," Jada said. Rafe insisted that he go with Jada, but Jada argued that Bobby would not open up if Rafe were there. "This is all about trust. And I just need to go there alone," Jada said. Rafe reiterated his objections, and he cautioned Jada to be careful.

When Jada arrived at Bayview, Bobby smiled. "I was hoping you'd come back," Bobby said. "I almost didn't. And just so we're clear, I won't let you keep me on the hook. I'm gonna need answers. You said you had information about a murder, so I need you to tell me what you know," Jada said. Bobby promised to tell Jada about the murder if she secured his release from Bayview.

"I knew you were just playing games," Jada muttered. "I do actually have the information you need to know," Bobby said. Jada rolled her eyes and noted that Rafe had been right. With a sigh, Bobby said he would give Jada the information. Jada warned Bobby to tell her something useful, or she would leave. "It's about the murder of Li Shin," Bobby said.

At the Spectator, Nicole was working when Eric stopped by the office. Nicole asked Eric to take pictures of E.J.'s press conference. "I don't work here anymore," Eric said. Eric explained that he had secured a job in Paris. Nicole was surprised. "I'm flying out today," Eric said. Eric explained that he was eager to start his new life as soon as possible.

"I need time. I need distance," Eric said. With a nod, Nicole told Eric she would miss him, and he said the same about Nicole. "Maybe this is for the best. For all of us. I mean, E.J. never did like us working together," Eric said. "He liked it even less when he saw us kissing," Nicole said with a chuckle. Eric's eyes bugged out. Nicole told Eric about her conversation with E.J.

"If we were together, I don't know what I'd do if I saw you kissing another man," Eric admitted. Unsure how to respond, Nicole stammered that she needed to prepare for the press conference. Nicole offered to let Eric visit Jude before he left, but Eric said no. "But thank you for the offer," Eric said. With tears in her eyes, Nicole whispered, "How about we just don't say [goodbye]." Eric nodded in agreement, and he hugged Nicole goodbye.

In the DiMera mansion, an annoyed E.J. stomped into the living room and asked about Gabi. Stefan explained that Gabi was flying back from Arizona. Curious, Stefan asked E.J. why he was so eager to see Gabi. "Mayor Price feels that my reinstatement isn't playing well with her constituents. I'm holding a press conference today to boost my image," E.J. explained. E.J. said he needed Gabi to talk about how he had fought for her release.

"It's not like you overturned Gabi's conviction because it was the right thing to do. You did it so I wouldn't tell Nicole the truth about Jude's paternity," Stefan said. E.J. reminded Stefan that he had secured Gabi's release as promised. "Hold up your end [of the bargain] and keep your mouth shut," E.J. said. Stefan informed E.J. that despite Gabi's questioning, he had not told her about Jude. When Stefan told E.J. not to worry, E.J. asked Stefan to stop phrasing "everything like a threat."

E.J. complained about Melinda, and he told Stefan that he had been forced to secure a job for Melinda to keep her quiet. When Stefan argued that E.J. could not make such a promise, E.J. countered that he had caught Kristen in a good mood. As E.J. and Stefan bickered about who was at fault for Melinda's threats, Gabi returned home. "What did I miss?" Gabi asked. Stefan greeted his wife, and he asked her about Arianna.

Impatient, E.J. interrupted Gabi's conversation with Stefan to ask Gabi to join him at his press conference. Gabi complained that she was exhausted. "You owe me, Gabriela. Stefan, you, too," E.J. said. "We'll be there," Stefan agreed. After E.J. left, Gabi asked Stefan if he really wanted her to help E.J., and Stefan said yes.

"Fine. But only if you tell me how you strongarmed E.J. into overturning my conviction," Gabi said. Stefan reiterated that he had appealed to E.J.'s family loyalty. "I don't buy it. Especially after I just overheard you talking about blackmailing him when I interrupted you two before," Gabi said. With a sigh, Stefan closed the doors to the living room. Stefan told Gabi that E.J. was not Jude's father, and he explained what had happened.

"In E.J.'s defense, he hasn't known about this since the very beginning," Stefan said. "When exactly did Sloan tell him the truth?" Gabi asked. Stefan admitted that it had been months, but E.J. had not told Nicole because he was afraid to lose her. "I bet he's right," Gabi whispered. Stefan explained that he had used the paternity test results as leverage to secure Gabi's freedom.

"And now Eric will get his child back," Gabi said. Stefan's smile disappeared. "What?" Stefan said. Gabi argued that they could not keep the truth from Eric. "It's the right thing to do. It's the only thing to do," Gabi said. "I can't believe you're even saying this," Stefan countered. Gabi was surprised that Stefan did not want to tell the truth. Gabi reminded Stefan that it had been painful to be separated from her daughter for so long.

"Do you expect me to stand by and let Eric miss out on his child's entire life?" Gabi asked. "I don't love it, either, but E.J. came through for us. You are free," Stefan said. Gabi argued that they had what they wanted, and there was no reason to keep the truth from Eric. "A very solemn promise. That's what's stopping us," Stefan argued. Stefan noted that he did not want to start another war with E.J., since they were at peace.

"I get that. But Eric's a really great guy. He's Arianna's great-uncle. What did he do to deserve this?" Gabi asked. Stefan pointed out that Gabi's recent imprisonment was a reminder that life was sometimes unfair. "Despite E.J.'s faults, he is also a very good father," Stefan argued. Stefan told Gabi that it was the price for her freedom, and he begged her to keep the secret. "I just got you back. I can't risk anything getting in the way of us living in harmony," Stefan pleaded. Gabi reluctantly agreed.

Melinda was waiting impatiently for Kristen at the café in the town square when Connie approached her. "You," Melinda growled. Melinda said she remembered when Connie had attacked her and blamed her for Li Shin's death. Connie apologized, and she explained that she had been jealous of Melinda. "I suppose we all have our moments," Melinda said. With a nod, Connie walked away.

When Kristen arrived, she asked Melinda why E.J. wanted her to hire Melinda as general counsel for DiMera. Melinda noted that E.J. felt guilty for having stolen the D.A. job. Kristen scoffed. "DiMeras are generally not wired for a guilty conscience," Kristen said. Melinda made a couple of arguments, but Kristen dismissed them.

"Why do you want to work for me? I assume that you still blame me for your daughter's death," Kristen said. "You did push her down a flight of stairs," Melinda muttered. Kristen reiterated that she had been lost in her grief, and she had been horrified by what had happened.

"Well, I've been out of my mind with grief since I lost her, my only child. And since you are responsible for her death, even if unintentionally, I am triggered just being in your presence. But nevertheless, I am a professional. So, for the sake of the job, I can put aside our personal differences," Melinda said. "Wonderful. I can't say the same," Kristen countered. Melinda gaped.

"And here I was thinking that I was the one with the very serious grievance with you. Not the other way around," Melinda snapped. With a shrug, Kristen explained that she did not want to worry about Melinda exacting revenge. "You can stop worrying. I plan to keep my head down and work my ass off. Period," Melinda said. Melinda added that she was an asset to the company. "I do owe you. I just don't think it's a smart move for me at this moment," Kristen said. E.J. plopped down in the chair between the two women.

"Hello, ladies. Settle on a starting salary, just negotiating the perks now?" E.J. asked. Melinda explained that Kristen refused to hire her. "Melinda is extremely qualified," E.J. argued. "What? To stab me in the back?" Kristen countered. Frustrated, Melinda yelled that she was no threat to Kristen. E.J. asked what Kristen wanted to "seal the deal." When Kristen started to say no again, E.J. offered her his DiMera shares.

"You have fought tooth and nail for those shares. And now you just want to hand them over to me?" Kristen asked. E.J. argued that the board had no interest in reinstating him, so he had no use for the shares. "Plus, I am completely content being D.A.," E.J. said. Suspicious, Kristen argued that E.J. was giving up a lot of money. E.J. clarified that although Kristen would have the voting power of the shares, he would still collect the dividends.

"Either there's something that you're not telling me, or being a new father has turned your brain into mush," Kristen said. E.J. shrugged. Kristen agreed to the deal, and she confirmed that she would get the paperwork for the shares and Melinda's contract initiated. After Kristen walked away, E.J. reminded Melinda that he had bought her silence forever.

"Nicole won't hear about it from me," Melinda said. "Won't hear what?" Nicole said as she walked over. Melinda explained that Kristen had hired her to work at DiMera. "And I guess you have now indeed heard it from me," Melinda said. Confused, Nicole asked why. E.J. explained that he had wanted to tell Nicole the news himself. With a smirk, Melinda walked away.

"I don't get it. Don't Melinda and Kristen have a terrible history?" Nicole asked. "My guess, Kristen hired her to spite me," E.J. said. Nicole groaned. E.J. changed the subject to his press conference, and Nicole admitted that she was there as a reporter. "Please have Eric take a rather flattering photo of me for the front page," E.J. said. Nicole informed E.J. that Eric was moving to Paris.

"[Eric] realized that living in the same town as Jude is too hard. He needs a clean break," Nicole said. "That makes sense. I know it's a big change, but I think that Eric has made the right decision. For everyone," E.J. said. When Nicole explained that Eric was flying out that night, E.J. said he was glad that Nicole had been able to say goodbye. "You're loving this, aren't you?" Nicole asked. E.J. explained that he felt bad for Eric because he had lost his wife and his child.

At the penthouse, Eric told Marlena about his new job and the move. Marlena was disappointed that Eric's new life was so far away from home. "Do you think I'm weak?" Eric asked. "Nobody blames you for needing space. You've got a lot of adjusting to do," Marlena said. Eric thanked Marlena for her support and for not mentioning that Nicole was the other reason he was leaving town.

"You asked me not to bring up Nicole. I respect that you don't want to talk about it," Marlena said. "Now that I'm leaving, I can be honest with you. Not just you, but myself, too. I tried to move on. But the one simple fact is that Nicole will always have a piece of my heart," Eric confessed.

Kristen summoned Melinda to the DiMera mansion, and she handed Melinda the contract for her new position. As Melinda looked over the contract and signed it, Kristen noted that Melinda answered to her. "Why did my brother push so hard to get you this job?" Kristen asked. "All I can say is your brother was doing what's best for him," Melinda said.

As everyone gathered for the press conference in the square, Gabi thanked Rafe for his show of support. As Gabi chatted with Stefan and Rafe, Connie walked over. "I just wanted you to know how happy I was to hear that you were exonerated," Connie said. Connie noted that Li would be able to rest in peace. Gabi thanked Connie for her kind words.

Connie returned home to her apartment, and she furrowed her brow. Connie thought back to the night of Li's death and how she had stabbed him in the back.

In the square, E.J. started the press conference, and he read a statement. "As the D.A., I hereby recommit myself to upholding the law and making sure justice prevails, no matter how hard the fight," E.J. said. Gabi looked at Stefan. E.J. talked about the Li Shin murder case and Gabi's false imprisonment. "The system works, because today she has her freedom," E.J. announced. E.J. ceded the podium to Gabi for her to speak.

Gabi spoke about the toll the previous eight months had taken on her. Gabi acknowledged her husband and how he had never doubted her innocence. Gabi next thanked Jada and Rafe for their pursuit of justice. "And finally, there is one more important person I need to acknowledge, the victim, Li Shin," Gabi said. Gabi noted that Li could rest in peace, since the real murderer had been identified.

Nicole shouted out a question to Gabi about how E.J. had helped overturn Gabi's case. "Of course. How could I forget? Much credit must go to your husband. He was the one who approved the immunity deal for Miss Trask, who then handed over the evidence needed to exonerate me. Even though D.A. DiMera was the one who wrongfully prosecuted me in the first place under the flimsiest of circumstances," Gabi said. E.J. whispered, "You're not helping."

Gabi noted that in the end, E.J. had admitted that he had been wrong. "[He admitted] that he let his personal animosity toward me cloud his judgment," Gabi said. Gabi looked at E.J., and she noted that they were similar. "Sometimes, we let our emotions guide our decisions. In your case, you sent me to prison out of hate. But you freed me out of love," Gabi said. E.J. appeared puzzled. Gabi clarified that she meant E.J.'s love for Nicole.

"Nicole has nothing to do with this," E.J. said. "Of course, she does. This is all about Nicole," Gabi said. Stefan furrowed his brow, concerned. "What are you talking about?" Nicole asked. "The only reason he exonerated me was because he was desperately afraid of losing his beloved wife to Eric Brady," Gabi said. Nicole asked why. "Because you're still in love with Eric. And he's the father of your baby," Gabi announced.



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