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Anne Milbauer
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Actor History
Meredith Scott Lynn
September 7, 2012 to Present

Head of HR at Salem U Hospital


Somewhere in Salem

Marital Status


Past Marriages





None (assumed)

Flings & Affairs


Crimes and Misdeeds

Conspired with Chloe to have Daniel find the number for Child Protective Services on Jennifer's desk (February 2013)

Conspired with Chloe to spike Jennifer's drink (February 2013)

Tried to bring Cameron fired to upset Abigail and Jennifer (April 2013)

Brought Daniel up on false charges with the hospital ethics board to upset Jennifer (December 2013)

Brief Character History

Anne was the head of HR at Salem U hospital who was very upset when Jennifer was hired as Director of Communications. Anne believed that she deserved the job. Anne frequently badmouthed Jennifer, much to the dismay of Dr. Daniel Jonas and Nurse Maxine.

Chloe returned to Salem in January 2013 and was determined to break-up Daniel and Jennifer. Anxious to see Jennifer suffer, Anne teamed up with Chloe and the two conspired to make Jennifer look horrible to Daniel. But when Chloe's schemes went too far, Chloe realized that Daniel was happy with Jennifer and left town. So, Anne had to look for another avenue to get to Jennifer.

In the summer of 2013, Jennifer's daughter Abigail was dating Dr. Cameron Davis. Anne learned that Cameron was moonlighting as a stripper. Thinking that getting Cameron fired would upset Abigail and in turn upset Jennifer, Anne set a plan into motion. She notified the president of the hospital board and brought him to the strip club. However, Abigail and Jennifer caught onto her plan and instead enlisted the help of Brady, Daniel, and Rafe to strip with Cameron and donate the money to the hospital. The president was so pleased with how much money they raised for charity that he dismissed Anne and told her not to waste his time.

Anne was still adamant to continue her grudge against Jennifer. In sumer 2013, Theresa Donovan came to town. Theresa was hired as Jennifer's assistant and the two immediately butted heads. When Anne over heard Theresa and Jen arguing, Anne quickly befriended Theresa. Anne and Theresa began scheming to spread gossip around the hospital that Daniel was sleeping with Theresa. Meanwhile, Theresa actually was spending time with J.J. Deveraux and overdosed one night. Panicked, J.J. called Daniel for help, who showed up and told J.J. to leave. Daniel rode with Theresa in the ambulance to the hospital. This fueled the gossip that Daniel and Theresa were sleeping together.

Anne immediately called for Daniel to be tested for drugs. When his test came back clean, she moved for him to be brought before the ethics committee, which she knew that Jennifer was a part of and would have to hear all of the details.

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Who's Who for other soaps

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