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The Scoop: DAYS previews, teasers, and spoilers for the Week of July 11, 2016
An explosive week in Salem!
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DAYS Scoop: Spoilers for the week of July 11, 2016 on Days of our Lives
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of July 11, 2016. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
To convince Chad that Abigail is dead, Andre plays the puppeteer and uses a recent tragedy to his advantage

A distraught Chad can barely cope with what has happened to Abigail and spirals out of control

Filled with grief and anger, Chad and Jennifer find themselves at odds over Thomas' future

Thomas' custody comes into play as Chad and Jennifer's disagreement becomes more heated

Jennifer turns to Doug and Julie as she remains convinced that Thomas would be better with her

Fearful that he'll lose custody of his son, Chad turns to Belle for help in fighting Jennifer's claims

Claire has concerns as Ciara remains in the front row of the feud between Jennifer and Chad

Claire has words of warning for Ciara when it comes to Chad and his dangerous downward spiral

Theo finds himself drawn to Claire as they share a tender time together; still, Ciara isn't far from his mind

Things get intense when Ciara finds herself face to face with Chase, whose state of mind rapidly deteriorates

Theresa and Brady find their relationship in a fragile state while dealing with Tate's abduction

As Summer skips Salem, Theresa can't help but accuse Brady for dragging Summer into their lives

Things go from really bad to worse for Theresa as accusations are made against her, but Brady may still believe in her

As John and his Black Patch agency attempt to find Tate, Victor relies on his own resources to find his great-grandson

While recording agent Philip tempts Chloe with a juicy offer, Dario decides working for Eduardo might have its perks

Agents are all ears when Deimos and Kate decide to tell the entire "truth" of his alleged death and Nicole's part in it

As they conclude, suspicions run high among the Salem police because of Deimos and Kate's twisted tale

Kate fears that Deimos isn't done with her yet and wonders if Andre can truly be a useful ally after all

Andre has his own secret agenda and wants to ensure that Hope -- and Rafe -- pay for what they did to Stefano

Armed with a bomb and a plan, Andre sets the wheels in motion to capture Rafe and lure Hope to him

Andre isn't Hope's only concern as she learns what she suspected -- that Aiden's truths were nothing but more lies

Hope is ready to take action against Aiden but quickly realizes that Rafe is in serious trouble and sets out to find him

Rafe finds himself chained and tethered with a bomb in the basement of Stefano's old safe house that Andre secured from Chad

Hope is desperate, and she reaches out to Shawn-Douglas after finding Rafe in such dire circumstances

While attempting to rescue Rafe, Hope grasps just how far in love she's fallen for Rafe, and she will do anything to save him

With few options left, Hope has a precarious plan to free Rafe, but it could also be a deadly one

Shawn-Douglas races to the safe house to save his mother and Rafe but is blindsided by an explosion when he arrives

Casting scoops
Having a hard time keeping up with all the DAYS comings and goings? We've put together a list of all the cast additions and returns in one easy-to-follow spot.

DAYS axes John-Paul Lavoisier; Philip to exit Salem this winter

Relative DAYS newcomer Jonathon McClendon is out

Drake Hogestyn written off DAYS

Martha Madison reveals her final DAYS airdate

Jen Lilley releases official statement regarding Days of our Lives exit

Alexander Bruszt wraps up his DAYS role

DAYS casting secretive doctor with tragic past

Is Kassie DePaiva making a return to DAYS?

Marci Miller cast as DAYS' new Abigail

DAYS' Marci Miller speaks out, says taking over for Kate Mansi is a "very big, very scary" step

Brandon Beemer returns to DAYS to finish out his contract

Freddie Smith signs DAYS contract; Sonny headed for "tough times" when he returns this July

DAYS seeking actors for new roles

DAYS hunting for actress to play "tough inmate"

DAYS' Bill and Susan Hayes promise more Doug and Julie ahead

DAYS bringing two vibrant characters to Salem

DAYS searching for young African American actress to play new role

A sneak peek at next week
One Salemite must search for answers in the aftermath of a deadly explosion

A kidnapper is confronted, but puzzling answers may lead to more questions

Two Salemites find themselves in close quarters, which may draw them even closer

It may be a fresh start for two strong-willed Salemites with a common enemy

Down the road previews
Secrets and lies come to a head as Salemites feel the summer heat

Old faces will return with new secrets to share -- or not share in certain cases

While some Salemites find themselves in a revenge match, others find themselves unlikely drawn to one another

As Salem scandals heat up, a new DAYSaster might be in the works for the summer

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