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The Scoop: DAYS previews, teasers, and spoilers for the Week of August 21, 2017
John becomes suspicious and visits "Hattie"
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DAYS Scoop: Spoilers for the week of August 21, 2017 on Days of our Lives
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of August 21, 2017. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.

Death becomes one Salemite without warning while Deimos' murder mystery takes a startling turn...

As Nicole converses with Brady, she has a flashback from the night she was high on Halo

Nicole is rocked by the news and wonders if she should lean on Eric, but Brady may share the shocker with Victor first

Joey must face his fate for killing Ava and leaves for Statesville after an emotional farewell with his loved ones

Emotions run high when Roman and Kate kiss, but it's Andre who has a major problem with his wife puckering up with another man

An emotionally charged Chad professes his undying love for Abigail and pops the big question -- again

While Abigail elates in her new engagement, Sonny and Paul have a passionate night leading to an engagement of their own

Both Abigail and Jennifer worry about Lucas' fall from the wagon, but Chloe might be the one to help him through

Still, a drunken Lucas ends up going all the way with Adrienne, only it's not Adrienne -- it's Bonnie

Bonnie makes a big blunder, causing Anjelica to read her the riot act, but things for the dastardly duo might take an even darker turn

A visit from Steve makes "Adrienne" (Bonnie) jumpier than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs

Salem's other double, Hattie, is a bit nervous when John won't let his breakup with "Marlena" go, which leads John to track down Hattie's whereabouts

Thanks to Hattie, John ends up in Bayview Sanitarium, too, and is in the room next to Marlena

John and Marlena are thrilled to have one another, despite their upsetting circumstances, and they start to brainstorm

Both John and Marlena believe that Hattie has to have a helper; more so, someone else must be the brains behind the operation

Abe racks his brain as to who would frame him for the crimes he's accused of, and he may just get some much-needed help

As a development may bring new light to Abe's case, Gabi is in a dark place when she learns of Chad and Abigail's engagement

Casting scoops

She's baaaaack: Louise Sorel returns to DAYS as iconic character Vivian Alamain

GH fave Tyler Christopher joins DAYS

Martha Madison and Brandon Beemer return to DAYS

REPORT: James Lastovic out at DAYS

Jordi Vilasuso confirms DAYS exit in heartfelt message to fans

WHOA! Eileen Davidson returns to DAYS

Hmm... Is GH's Michael Easton headed to DAYS?

Kassie DePaiva returning to Days of our Lives

Emmy winner Chandler Massey is returning to Days of our Lives

Alison Sweeney bringing Sami back to DAYS!

Days of our Lives shocker: Arianne Zucker to exit

A sneak peek at next week

Though life hasn't been easy for Nicole recently, she finally scores a major victory

While "Adrienne" (Bonnie) makes a big move, Steve and Tripp attempt to move on and rebuild their relationship

Since his tumble off the wagon, Lucas finds some comfort from his concerned former flame Chloe

Down the road previews

A marriage-minded couple may find that it's a rocky road to the altar as new challenges arise

While old enemies reluctantly find themselves working together, they may be in for a bigger shock when other ties are exposed

Someone sinister slithers into Salem with unfinished business for their foes and family alike

A tried-and-true Salem schemer returns home and has an explosive story to share (and a few scandalous secrets)

A not-so-dead Salemite's return will shock the town, but they might not be the only one resurrecting...

While more Salemites find themselves on the road to home, one beloved one mysteriously goes missing

There's no place like home for two wayward Salemites who return to town, perhaps with another former resident in tow

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