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The Scoop: DAYS previews, teasers, and spoilers for the Week of October 16, 2017
The search for a mad scientist begins
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DAYS Scoop: Spoilers for the week of October 16, 2017 on Days of our Lives
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of October 16, 2017. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.

Things in Salem are about to get shaken and stirred as Sami comes home with a vengeance...

John and Paul are in for an unpleasant surprise when Sami slays them for disturbing Will's resting place

Though it's Abigail who's in for an even more unpleasant surprise when she spots Sami smooching with Chad

The softer side of Sami surfaces when she has emotional reunions with Marlena, Eric, and other loved ones

Though Sami and Lucas also have an emotional moment or two, they also clash like only they can

Sami and Lucas discuss the possibility that Will may be alive after all, and she suggests Dr. Rolf may have revived their son

A tearful Sami swears to Lucas (and Will) that she will get to the bottom of Ben's claims and find Will

Whether or not Will is actually alive still plagues Sonny and Paul's relationship, which begins to deteriorate

While Paul and Sonny find themselves in different places, Rafe airs his grievances to Hope on her job performance as the new commissioner

Things remain tense for Hope and Rafe, but she has work to do and ends up face to face with Andre, who has a shocking story for the commissioner

Andre is a bit shocked when Chad condemns him for the crimes he committed against Hattie Adams

Gabi shocks Eli by rallying to his defense, but perhaps Eli is even more taken aback when Rafe agrees to be his partner

Theo is a bit defensive when he learns Claire and Tripp will be spending even more time together now that they work with one another

Kayla makes a step towards working things out with Tripp, but it's a suspicious Steve who seems one step behind Bonnie

Suspicions are raised when Victor scandalously states that he and Adrienne (Bonnie) are an item...and getting married

Reveling in an early victory she believes she's secured, Bonnie has a bonkers daydream about her vengeance on Maggie

Not believing what seems to be happening between Victor and Adrienne, Justin confronts Bonnie

Justin's unbelievable sordid tale is relayed to Steve and Kayla, who are shocked, appalled, and certain something shady is up

A suspicious Steve seeks an audience with Hattie at Statesville and won't back down until he gets the truth

While Steve seeks the truth, Victor and Bonnie begin their walk down the aisle in unholy matrimony

Brady raises holy hell as he's still reeling from Nicole's betrayal and is forcing her to make a choice, or else...

Nicole can either crush Eric and leave Salem, or face charges as Brady will turn her in for Deimos' murder

Brady is rather unyielding as Nicole attempts to plead her case to him, but he has already laid out the choices she has left

In order to be free and with Holly, Nicole accepts that she must end things with Eric and devastates him with a breakup

After many emotional moments, a heavy-hearted Nicole leaves Salem behind, as well as Eric and Brady's broken hearts

Casting scoops

The Young and the Restless' Greg Rikaart joins Days of our Lives

Kassie DePaiva returns to Days of our Lives this month

Whoa, mama! Alison Sweeney previews her DAYS return

Lisa Rinna returning to Days of our Lives

REPORT: Kyler Pettis exiting DAYS?

DAYS hires Victoria Konefal as the new Ciara

Tyler Christopher to play new -- and quite funny -- character on DAYS

GH fave Tyler Christopher joins DAYS

She's baaaaack: Louise Sorel returns to DAYS as iconic character Vivian Alamain

Martha Madison and Brandon Beemer return to DAYS

WHOA! Eileen Davidson returns to DAYS

A sneak peek at next week

While Bonnie feels the burn from her schemes gone awry, Shelia hopes that an unsure Eli will do her a solid

With Nicole gone from Salem, a sorrowful Eric is visited by friend (and former fling) Jennifer

The Salem police station is shaken up when Sami unleashes her special brand of chaos

Down the road previews

DAYS writer says "Salem on steroids" this fall

And a baby may make three for one young Salem couple

Someone sinister slithers into Salem with unfinished business for their foes and family alike

A not-so-dead Salemite's return will shock the town, but they might not be the only one resurrecting...

While more Salemites find themselves on the road to home, one beloved one mysteriously goes missing

There's no place like home for two wayward Salemites who return to town, perhaps with another former resident in tow

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