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The Scoop: This week's previews
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The Scoop: DAYS previews, teasers, and spoilers for the Week of January 15, 2018
Murder in Salem!
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DAYS Scoop: Spoilers for the week of January 15, 2018 on Days of our Lives | Soap Central
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of January 15, 2018. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.

It's one farewell to remember as Theo bid's adieu to Salem -- and one murderous departure no one will soon forget...

Loved ones gather to say goodbye to Theo as he prepares to leave Salem for clinical trials in South Africa

With Theo leaving, Abe contemplates saying ta-ta to Salem, as well, and discusses the matter with a concerned Valerie

It's an emotional moment as Theo says a bittersweet goodbye to Claire, who suddenly must face life in Salem without him

Facing her unplanned pregnancy, Lani is ready to have an abortion, but J.J. begs her to reconsider

A family-focused J.J. assures Lani baby will make three, which makes Lani feel even more remorseful about the baby's questionable conception

Lani reaches a conclusion about the baby, and part of that is she asserts that J.J. keeps on trusting he's the father-to-be

While Lani deals with her complicated pregnancy, complications arise for Eli after he and Gabi make love...

In his bedroom, Eli has to think on the fly as Gabi discovers Lani's earring, but Gabi soon ends up having a more disturbing crisis to deal with

Business and pleasure might be mixed when Gabi's invited to share a meal with Stefan, though his attitude hardly attracts her

Though Stefan asked Gabi out, Abigail is more concerned about Chad's feelings for his ex when she spots them together

Stefan's assumed attraction for Abigail is on the table when Vivian questions her son about his feelings for his sister-in-law

An annoyed Abigail isn't exactly feeling Stefan, and she fully supports Chad's quest to take down his newfound brother

Abigail comes at Stefan with an accusation as Chad re-ups his interest in Andre, once again believing his brother is up to no good

Abigail once again defends Andre to Chad, but her words might quickly return to haunt her

A spooked Vivian listens in on Chad and John as they discuss the investigation into Stefan and Vivian

Feeling the boom could be lowered on their plan, Vivian advises acute actions against their enemies, which sickens Stefan

A heartsick Eric looks on as Jennifer's date with Dr. Shah seems like it's going swimmingly, but Roman assures Eric to remain firm in his feelings for Jennifer

Sickened by all that Andre has done and still missing Tony, Anna has had enough with Andre and can't contain her rage any longer

A well-meaning Roman rallies Marlena to casually bump into Anna, hoping Anna will talk through her lingering feelings with Marlena

Anna isn't in a talking mood, nor is she thrilled with Roman for attempting to have her head shrunk without her say-so

A puzzling message finds its way into Anna's hands, but Anna also has her hands full when she clashes with Kate over Andre

While Andre admits his love for Kate to her, Kate loves seeing that Lucas has finished his latest stint in rehab

Looking to get his love life back on track, Lucas asks former wife Chloe for a night out together, but she has her hesitations

A horrified Abigail finds more than she was looking for when she discovers Andre's dead body...and a murder mystery ensues

Casting scoops

Leann Hunley returns to DAYS for "meaty" storyline opposite Josh Taylor

Jamie Lyn Bauer returns to DAYS, says new material is juicy

Jen Lilley returns to DAYS

The Young and the Restless' Greg Rikaart joins Days of our Lives

Lisa Rinna returning to Days of our Lives

A sneak peek at next week

Hope and Rafe are a step closer to walking down the aisle when the pair finally set a wedding date

As Sonny returns from his trip across the pond, Paul crosses paths with his new neighbor

It's a murder mystery with many suspects having more than one reason for wanting the victim dead

Down the road previews

DAYS head writer teases a rather outrageous year ahead

Steve finds himself having a serious affliction, but the cause might be more sinister than expected

Vivian slithers into Salem with a shocking revelation that upsets an already disorderly dynasty forever

The murder of a well-known Salemite causes turmoil for the Salem PD as they search for the assailant, hopefully before they strike again

The new year brings new problems for a Salem couple who seemingly has it all, but some "happily ever afters" aren't meant to last

A murder mystery unfolds in Salem with a strong suspect list and many motives

More scoops, spoilers, and commentary

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The Scoop: This week's previews
B&B ScoopDAYS ScoopGH ScoopY&R Scoop
Two Scoops: This week's commentary
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