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The Scoop: DAYS previews, teasers, and spoilers for the Week of November 26, 2018
Sonny and Will get an unbe-Leo-vable surprise
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DAYS Spoilers for the week of November 26, 2018 on Days of our Lives | Soap Central
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of November 26, 2018. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.

Eric has his mind set on what to do about Holly, but others are willing to play hardball for the baby...

It seems that Eric has an ally in Sarah, but matters may get murky when her mother, Maggie, weighs in

Maggie isn't the only one who believes she should be Holly's primary caregiver, as Chloe has a notion, too

Believing the worst is behind them, Will and Sonny settle into relationship bliss but are blown away by a "resurrection" bombshell

Con man Leo emerges alive and well, shocking Will and Sonny, as they had believed Sonny had accidently killed him while protecting Will

A swaggering Leo enjoys making Will and Sonny squirm, and he has them just where he wants them -- and what he wants is shocking

Leo wants what was promised to him, and that is to walk down the aisle with Sonny to lawfully become his husband (and a Kiriakis)

In true fashion, Leo remains full of secrets and shares one with Will and Sonny that further blow them away

Discovering Kate was the woman behind Leo's ruse leaves Will and Sonny staggered and in crisis mode

Feeling betrayed, a seething Sonny has it out with the monstrous Kate and, later, with his best friend, Chad

Still, Kate is a woman with tricks (and secrets) up her sleeves and does her best to wiggle her way out of trouble

Sonny isn't the only one to snarl at Kate, but she also gets to bark back to Kayla for her hand in Stefan's plot against her

Kate and Kayla soon find they have a common enemy, and that is Stefan, whom they both want to bring down

Kayla rips into Stefan after he makes more demands of her, and she even calls him the traitor for framing Steve

Roman remains riled by what Stefan's been doing to his loved ones, especially Kayla and Kate, and is ready to act

While Roman vows to take down Stefan at all costs, a heated Kayla questions Gabi about her suspicions that Gabi drugged Abigail

Kayla isn't the only one to put Gabi in the hot seat, as her very own brother Rafe has a few questions for her, too

An agitated Abigail remains hot under the collar and lets Chad know just how she feels when he visits her at Bayview

Abigail also remains firm that Gabi will pay for what she's doing and just so happens to find an ally who hates Gabi just as much...

Julie does a little digging on Abigail's behalf, but when Gabi discovers Julie's meddling, madness ensues between the women

Sill maddened over Tripp setting him up, Ben bounces over to have a few words with his former roommate (and current foe)

Now that his name has been cleared, Ben decides to take on a new job and reaches out to an unlikely source for employment

Ben also decides to follow his heart to Ciara, and she seems to have the same idea in mind by following hers to him

Meanwhile, Hope hits the roof when she learns of Ciara's recent breakup as well as her daughter's renewed support of Ben

Hope's worst nightmare seems to come true when Rafe discovers Ben and Ciara sharing their first kiss and reports back to his wife

Ben and Ciara aren't the only ones having a romantic encounter as romance remains in the air for newlyweds John and Marlena

Seething and scared over Ciara's involvement with Ben, Hope hits another unexpected encounter when Ted Laurent slithers back into Salem

Ted believes that Hope just so happens to be the only one who can help him out of a life-or-death situation

Hope realizes that Ted could be the key to taking down an enemy and decides to work with the dubious lawyer

Hope doesn't exactly share her newfound plan with Rafe, which leads to a major misunderstanding

Casting scoops

Matthew Ashford teases DAYS return, says storyline ahead is "really good"

DAYS casts American Idol alum Thia Megia in the new role of Haley

Tyler Christopher takes leave from DAYS, NBC soap recasts Stefan

Chrishell Hartley's first Days of our Lives airdate announced

Kate Mansi reports back to work at DAYS

A sneak peek at next week

While a lovestruck John continues to woo Marlena, Eli and Lani are wowed by a moment between them

Hope's seemingly shady shenanigans remain on Rafe's radar, but he might not be ready for the truth after discovering his wife's secret

Brady hopes for some brotherly love as he extends an olive branch to Eric, who has his hands full with Holly

Down the road previews

For some, love blossoms as the new year approaches, but relationships are never easy in Salem

As explosive secrets begin to reveal, life becomes much more complicated for several Salemites

An already rocky romance is put through another test as a third party could create some friction (and sparks)

Baby Holly becomes a hot topic as several Salemites vie for custody of the tiny tot

Some Salemites believe monsters are among them, but the true monsters will reveal their ugly heads

Just as one sordid scheme seems to be coming to an end, a deadly twist changes everything

While some Salemites will be leaving town soon, other old faces will appear again (and some aren't as dead as once believed)

Friends and enemies alike align to fight a common foe, but that Salemite might be too powerful to stop

Two Salemites who lost loved ones set out on a journey, and their paths will cross in a shocking way

A certain Salemite might have some explaining to do when his jilted ex returns to town

New Year's Eve festivities are brought to a halt by a bombshell -- Jack is back and alive

More scoops, spoilers, and commentary

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The Scoop: This week's previews
B&B ScoopDAYS ScoopGH ScoopY&R Scoop
Two Scoops: This week's commentary
B&B Two ScoopsDAYS Two ScoopsGH Two ScoopsY&R Two Scoops
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