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The Scoop: DAYS previews, teasers, and spoilers for the Week of January 20, 2020
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DAYS Spoilers for the week of January 20, 2020 on Days of our Lives | Soap Central
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of January 20, 2020. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.

Several Salemites reflect on the past, and their memories begin to bring the present into focus...

Mother's Day 2020 is a day marred with tragedy that changes the lives of nearly everyone in Salem

Maggie gets a stunning visit from Summer that day, and the reunion isn't one of merriment for Maggie, who becomes distraught

On that day, Adrienne's death and Sarah's delivery coincide, and their sad stories also run into Maggie's troubles

Adrienne's death is recalled by Justin and Sonny while Victor and Xander also recall that ominous night

Sarah goes into labor and ends up with Adrienne driving her to the hospital, only they don't make it there

A seemingly distracted Will is also on the road, and tragedy befalls all those on the highway that night

An accident occurs, and Will discovers Sarah and Adrienne, but they're in bad shape due to the collision

At the hospital, an emotional Will speaks with J.J. as Justin is informed by Kayla that Adrienne has died

A devastated Justin must break the news to Sonny, but neither of them is ready for Will's announcement

Having learned of Adrienne's accident, Jack must say goodbye to his beloved sister and nearly breaks down doing so

It's is learned that Adrienne was an organ donor, and due to her kindness, other lives were saved that night

Will's regret over taking Adrienne's life continues to take a toll on him, but Victor and Xander know he is innocent

Victor and Xander assure one another that, even though Will was falsely incarcerated, they did everything they did out of love for Maggie and Sarah

Still, Ciara now knows the truth and visits Will at Statesville Prison to make a shocking declaration of innocence

Justin learns that Will has signed the divorce papers, but Sonny also has another shocking offer for Will up his sleeve

Will's innocence means another Salemite is guilty, and Victor and Xander recall that decision and more...

An emotional Maggie and Sarah catch up with one another and have a frank conversation about what has happened

While Sarah's concern for Mickey is paramount, she can't help but remember the car crash and Mickey's scary first moments

Sarah finds herself and the baby in jeopardy due to the tragic events, but Xander steps in to help her with the delivery

When Sarah, the baby, and Xander finally arrive at University Hospital, the infant is taken away for treatment

Victor and Xander learn that Sarah and Eric's baby has died, but the story doesn't end there...

Victor demands that Xander swap Sarah's baby with Kristen's healthy baby girl, and, with a heavy heart, Xander does so, believing it's for the people they love

Sarah is overjoyed to be reunited with her baby girl, whom she nicknames Mickey, but Salem remains full of heartbreak

Hard times befall Tony and Anna as loyalty comes into question, and later, they leave Salem once more

Kristen convinces Brady to look back at that fateful Mother's Day in 2020, as it's the night that things fell apart for them and their baby, and the night of Haley's death

Tension hangs heavy in the air when Kristen arrives at John and Marlena's townhouse with Brady

Marlena's especially apprehensive to have Kristen in her home, but Kristen insists the past is the past and is eager to become a mother

Marlena's Mother's Day visit meanders on until Eric arrives, and the tension skyrockets due to the bad blood between him and Kristen

Brady attempts to defuse things with Eric, but, while Marlena and Kristen converse, Kristen's water breaks

Brady whisks Kristen to the hospital, where her labor isn't an easy one, and both she and the baby become distressed

Kristen and Brady's baby's life is in jeopardy when the umbilical cord wraps around its neck, but the doctors save the baby and Kristen

An ecstatic Brady and Kristen receive a brief moment with their baby girl, but things quickly take a dark turn

Due to Xander switching the babies, Haley is tasked with telling Brady and Kristen the doctors need to speak with them

Kristen believes this is a bad omen and follows Haley the entire way into the stairwell, demanding to know what happened to her baby girl

Haley finally relents and informs Kristen the baby is dead, which causes a catastrophic breakdown in Kristen

Upon learning about her baby's death, Kristen's snap causes her to shove Haley away, and Haley takes a deadly tumble down the stairs

Kristen reunites with Brady, and they attempt to make sense of what's going on before finally having so say goodbye to their baby

Brady can't believe what has transpired, and J.J. has a hard time believing that Haley is dead after Abigail breaks the tragic news to him

A broken J.J. has a moment with Haley's lifeless body while it looks like another not-so-dead villainous Salemite has returned from the grave

Casting scoops

Marie Wilson returns to Days of our Lives; Summer Townsend to stir up trouble for Maggie

Days of our Lives' George DelHoyo returns as Salem super villain Orpheus

Thaao Penghlis, Leann Hunley return to Days of our Lives

Louise Sorel returning to Days of our Lives?!

Alison Sweeney reveals she is returning to Days of our Lives in the summer of 2020

Days of our Lives brings former The Young and the Restless star Emily O'Brien to Salem

Multiple recasts come with Days of our Lives' time jump storyline

A sneak peek at next week

Though engaged to Gabi, Eli has fantasies about Lani, while Sonny and Evan spend more time together

Brady and Nicole might be playing make-believe to rile Kristen, but it doesn't sit well with an unknowing Eric, who feels deceived

As Princess Gina's reign over Salem is causing concern for Hope's loved one, Shawn-Douglas arrives to solve the mystery of his mother's strange behavior

Down the road previews

As we learn how several Salemites met their maker, don't expect some the dead not to rise again

One once-sweet Salemite child has certainly experienced growing pains (and might become a general pain)

The past comes back to haunt one Salemite while another will be freed by a revelation

More of Salem's missing year will play out and dramatically change the lives of residents

A father is finally revealed, but the paternity mystery continues to entangle several Salemites

Not all is what it seems and one seemingly sweet Salemite holds a deep, dark secret

You can never count out certain Salemites and a wicked one returns swinging this summer

The forecast for Salem's summer is that Hurricane Sami will return to stir things up

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The Scoop: This week's previews
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Two Scoops: This week's commentary
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